Doraemon: Nobita and the Haunts of Evil (1982) - full transcript

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The Earth has always been surrounded
by mystery.

Jungle areas that stretch wide and far...

...deep beyond the darkness...

...there are wild and poisonous animals
undiscovered by the humans.

The white peak mountain
which soars above the cloud.

The tundras which are surrounded by death.

What about now?

From the jungle, desert,
tundra, high mountain..

... even at the depth of the ocean..

... and in every Earth corner,

They all had been explored by the humans.

That's right! There aren't any mysteries
left for us to explore.

Yeah, this is what annoys me!

I don't think I can follow
this conversation.

That's why we discuss this with you,

because on this Earth,

there must be another mystical or
mysterious things left unsolved.....

Our sensei told us once that...

..Africa has so many mysterious stuffs.


That's right.

Africa was once been called as
the darkness continent.

So... If we use Doraemon's gadget,

it'll be easier for us to locate
those mystical and mysterious places.

Why don't you ask him to help us?

Starting this day, at the first day of
Spring Holiday,

we are deciding that today would be
the start of our great adventure.

There might be a case when
Doraemon may not be able to help.

That's why we're asking for
your cooperation.

I-I understand.

It's been decided then.

Hee.. How could they easily decide
such task to other people?

I'm not the one who came up with the idea.

But Doraemon might be able to do something.

Every corner of Earth has been explored.
That's why it's an impossible task.

I don't have any other choice.

So please do not disappoint me.

Why don't you find it yourself?

Heeii... I'm sorry.

- Please have pity on me..
- I already told you....

Ah! A coin!

What's that?

I wanted to buy Dorayaki with
this coin last year.

But since I lost the money, I'm unable to.

There.. You see.. Don't give up just yet,
if we carefully make the search..

..maybe there's another mysterious place
somewhere in this world.

Don't you think so, Doraemon?

Perhaps we can try.

Personal Satellite!

This Personal Satellite will
orbit the Earth..

... and capture photos which
will be printed to us, right?

Yeah, 4 seconds before the launch.

Three, two, one, zero, launch!

It's currently orienting 7 minutes
and 15 seconds to south.

..and 30 degrees into the east.

It's starting to take pictures of Africa
from 10,000 meters high.

Ah.. A picture's been captured.

Let's see.

All of the views really look similar.

This is Congo River.

It has the length of 4,640 kilometers.

What a long river.

I don't know how long it'll take
if we check this one by one.

I don't care even if I'm alone,
I'll do it.

Looking for an unexplored place seems fun.

I understand, I'll speed up the search.

I hope we can find something.

There's nothing around the river bank,
maybe there are some artifacts somewhere.

- Nobi-chan
- Yes!

- Can you go to the market?
- Yes.

When I'm doing some serious work,
this thing always happens.

What a dirty dog!
It's probably a stray.

Don't stare me like that,
I can't keep you on my house.

Here, for you.

Come on, grab this. Don't be shy.

Can you even grab this?

How about this?

Sigh.. This dog is unable to do it.
Here you go then.

Even though he looks dirty,

but when I take a closer look,
he looks more than a common mutt.

Don't follow me, OK?

Someone might be able to provide you a home.

Haven't I told you already?

Truth be told, I really want to keep a dog.

But Mama won't let me do it,
so please understand.

Ah.... What a good dog.

I'm home! Whoa! There are so many of them.

I'm turning off the receiver for now,
checking all of these will take time.

Can Africa really produce this much photos?

I already told you before.

Congo River alone has the area of
7,050,000 square kilometers.

In comparison, one photo covers
an area of 3 square kilometers.

so approximately it'll take
about 2,350,000 photos altogether.

2,350,000 photos!???

This is absurd.

It's you...

What's with this dog?

Didn't I clearly say it before?

You can't be here!
If mama sees you.

It'll be a disaster.


W-w-w-hat should we do?
Quick, hide inside the shelf.

Don't make any sound, will you?

I'm sorry. He came by here by himself.

I will get rid of him soon.

I don't understand what you're saying.

By the way, have you seen my bag?

How could I know where it is?

It must be have fallen
when I was coming out from the bank.

There are bank account book
and our family stamp inside.

It should fall somewhere around here.

This is strange.

Found it!!
Thank goodness! Thank you!~

Please don't tell dad about this incident!

Alright, Mama.

But in return, hear my request.

This dog is so cute,

can we keep him at our house?

Well, can't help it then..

Yay! We did it!

- I don't believe it,
- we can keep this dog.

Oh right...

Paper Dog House!

From this day, this is your house.

I'll name you Peko because you were hungry.

T.N: Peko means hungry in Japanese.

It seems like you're really dirty,
we need to wash you.

Mama, look! He looks way better.

I'm home.

Ah, welcome home.

This dog is part of our household
starting today.

Has mama given you permission to do so?

It's OK.

I don't have a heart to
let the cute dog sleeps outside.

It's OK, as long as you agree to it.

Looking at Nobita and Doraemon's
happy face makes me feel happy.

You're so cute.

From this point on we will proceed into

the once prosperous city of
the sun and the moon.

It doesn't matter how challenging it is,

We, Nobita's explorer team,

will work together to deal with any

The jungle is so dense and terrifying.

It feels like a beast would jump out

I don't care! They all can come to me at

What's that?


Everybody, welcome to Africa Land.

What really happen here?

It looks like a dinosaur robot.

So this place is only an amusement park
for children.

Welcome to the place where we provide
challenging safe attraction.

This place is suitable for men, women,
and children.

The Holy Land Adventure Africa Land
is in front of your eyes.

Oi! Nobita

What mystery land?

W-w-wait a moment.

I think we got into the wrong place.

Shut your rambling!
How dare you to trick us!?

I'll show you my gratitude.

I don't intend to trick you guys.
It hurts.. It hurts!!

It's just a dream.

I really need to find that place.

Breakfast is ready!

Peko, the dining room is over here.

What a well-behaved dog!

Nobita-kun, you need to learn from him,
don't you feel ashamed.

The spring break has started but
he's just staying at home doing nothing.

It can't be helped as long as
he keeps studying.

Hey! Eat slowly just like Peko!

It's starting to take some pictures of

What's a savannah?

It's a grassy area.

It's usually span around Kenya and
East Africa.

Is there any wild animals over there?

We need to check on it first.

What are those thing that looks
like peanuts?

Let's enlarge them.

It's only a herd of elephants.



A pride of Lions!

Just how many have we seen so far?

Almost one third of them.

Seems like we need to be patient
before going for an adventure.

I think it's time to take Peko for a walk.

Right, let's go Peko!

Are you more interested in these photos?

Don't be like that.
Let's go outside.

A dog likes to see photos.
This must be the first.

We forgot about the time.

Let's check into those photos again.

You're right.

I'm pretty sure that I have stopped
the machine.

Looks like Peko's the one who turned it on.

What's this white dot?

I will enlarge it.

A rock?

Don't think so.
It looks like man-made.

Wait a moment.

Six Dimensional Camera!

It's a statue.

How can there be a statue deep
in the jungle?

Let's ask Dekisugi, he might know.

This is my first time seeing such things.

In which part of Africa is this taken?

Around eastern Africa.

It's around Congo near Zaire
among the dense jungle.

"Heavy Smoker Forest"

What's that?

It means "A forest that likes to smoke"

The NASA, an American space institute
gave that name.

In the part of Congo's forested area,

There's an area covered with thick cloud
all year around.

Even satellite can't take any picture.

So there aren't any ways
to search the area.

My satellite is not affected by clouds.

That means we have found the
mysterious place!

Yay!! We did it!


We're going soon.
Be patient.

I'm done!

Nobita! Don't forget to study!

What's with that hat?

I'm just making the adventurous ambient.

I see.

Adventure squad!
Start counting!

One, two, three, four, five.

Five! Five?
But aren't there only four of you?

This is weird.

I clearly heard someone shout "Five".


You're forgetting yourself.

Oh right..
Including me, there would be 5 people.

Giant forgot about himself.

It'll be boring if we use Everywhere Door
straight to our destination.

Hence we will walk about 100 kilometers
from our final destination.

Let's do it that way!

We mustn't use Bamboo Copter either.

It won't be called an adventure
if we use them.

March straight, everyone!

Sigh, this seems to be dangerous.

There hasn't been anyone able to explore
this huge place.

We're in Africa.

Well duh?

Goodbye city life.

Goodbye my city.

Shizuka-chan, let me help you.

Please be careful.

In Central Africa, there's a country
called Zaire.

Its size is approximately 4.5 times
of Japan.

On the southern part of Congo Valley
lies "Heavy Smokers" forest.

A really mysterious place.

It's been covered with thick cloud
since the ancient time.

Beneath the mist, there is
a great statue.

I wonder who made that great statue.

That's the purpose of our voyage, right?


After walking about 100 kilometers,

the statue will be waiting for us there.

There might be some hidden treasure there.

That's not important.

What's important is that we get
an epic adventure.

I agree.

Shizuka-chan is right.

Suneo, forget about those treasures.

Our purpose here is so that
we can have a thrilling adventure.

Starting now there might be
dangers lie ahead.

Lion, crocodile, leopard,
gorilla, tiger, polar bear.

Are there even tiger and polar bear
in this place?

Never mind me.

Ah this must be a rare flower.

That's an okapi!

Velvet monkeys.

There's even a bird with big beak.

This is fun.

We won't get bored walking
in this situation.

I'm so tired. We must have walked for
at least ten km already.

It's not even three km.

One hundred minus three
Ninety seven km more! I can't do it..

Of course when we're walking through
the jungle, there are trees.

But there aren't any wild animals.
This isn't fun and thrilling at all.

You guys talk too much.

Peko even has more spirit than you guys.

You should be like him.
Let's go.

Wait! I forgot something important.

Can I use Everywhere Door?

Is something wrong?

That thing that must not be seen.
I just placed it on top of the table.

I need to take care of it.

You're ruining our adventure.

This is disappointing.

It can't be helped.

I'm really sorry, it's my fault.

Found it.

Where are you going?

I'm just going to Africa for a bit.

You should come back before dinner.

Eh, Africa!?

I'm sorry.

Let's proceed.

Nobita, what are you doing?

So that's it.

I'm also holding it for a while.

I also forgot to do it earlier.

Can I use Everywhere Door please?

Shizuka-chan, are you gonna....?

Don't use Everywhere Door!

Yeah, don't use it.

But I....

Shizuka-chan really needs to pee.

I'm sorry~.

I've never heard someone going back home
because they need to pee in an adventure.

It's ruining our adventure.

What adventure? If this goes on,
it's pointless to continue.

I'm sorry to make you all wait.

Hey, Takeshi-kun.


Whatever happens, Doraemon.

You must not take out
Everywhere Door again.

Listen you all! If you dare to go home,
I'll teach you guys a lesson.

I don't care whatever reasons you have.

Ehm.. Takeshi-kun..
I need to talk about something.

My mother is piss off?
She wants me to go home soon?

Doraemon, can I use
Everywhere Door just for a bit?

How can there be someone going back home
just to see his mom?

Shut up!

He's late..

Let's go.

I'm getting so tired.

Peko's the only one still going strong.

Isn't this lunch time?


But we don't have our bento.

Leave it to me.

Call and Order Phone!

I want french food,
crab fried rice.

Curry Rice.

Don't use that, it will definitely ruin
the ambient!

You're right.

If that's the case..

Extract Plant Production!

Tell me what do you guys want to eat.

Curry rice.

Crab fried rice.

Ramen and jumbo sized Gyoza.


This is curry rice extract.

I think this tree will do.

The flower will bloom and become fruit.

How can you call this curry rice?

Why don't you open it?

It really is.

That one is Hotcake fruit.

Crab rice is that one.

and this one is Ramen with
jumbo sized gyoza.

We even have
dorayaki and dog food.

Waa! This looks delicious.

Let's find a nice place to eat.

I think this tree is fine.

Emergency Elevator!

The view over here is superb.

I'll create a place to eat over here.

Extract Plant Morphing!

I'm scared.

Nothing to worry about.

Hmm.. Delicious.

Is that delicious, Peko?

What's that?

Looks like smokes are covering that area.

Could that be...?

Heavy Smokers Forest

We really find the place.

If we walk faster, we can reach
our destination faster.

Let's just say, if some wild beast appear.
It'll make things more interesting.


Can you attract some wild animals
to make things more epic?

Well if you say so.

Cape to Call Wild Animals!

This cape will emit rays and make
any wild animals furious upon seeing them.

Is there something wrong?

Something's coming.

A leopard!


Help me!

I need to get something...

Momotaro Dango!

Eat this!

Mom. I can't do it in the end..

We're saved.

- He looks like a domestic cat.
- How cute.

Don't intercept me!

I was trying to take it down
by myself.

Is that so?

You're all just talking.

I'm saying the truth. See this big trunk?
I'm gonna lift this....

help me!

Small Light!

Give it to me.

It becomes this small.

You're intercepting me again.

It's a rhino!

Why are they always after me?

Shock Gun!

We'll use this to stun it.

Can you leave it to me this time?

It works!

Great work!

That's easy.

You're so cool..
Where's Takeshi?

Why me...?

Super Glove!

Shizuka-chan, do you want to try it?

I don't think I can.

Come on, it'll be fine.


Shizuka-chan, fight on!

Give it your punch!


What a mighty girl!

Gori-chan, I'm sorry.

It's OK. His consciousness will
return soon.

Where did Giant go?


Giant. . .

Where are you?

Come on, get down. It's safe now.

We already chased out those wild animals.

Let's continue tomorrow.

That's the first time I throw a punch.

It's really thrilling.. this adventure.

That's Africa for you.

What kind of adventure is that?

What Africa?

It's boring.

This adventure game is over!

But, Giant....

Don't you want to solve the mystery?

It's just some lame rock statue
that looks like god.

If you mention this adventure again,
I'll hit you.

He's a real pain, isn't he?

Well at least we had fun today.

Seems so.

Giant!! Wake up!

Who's there in the middle of the night?

The big statue!

I'm that big statue from your adventure.

How can you give up so easily?

Can I even call you real man?

But it's getting boring!

I promise you, it won't.

You won't regret it.

I have a treasure cove underneath my legs.


I'll entrust this map to you.
So go now!

Be a brave man,

and find the treasure.


Everyone, look at this.

Yesterday evening, this map was entrusted
to me by that mysterious statue

I believe the god has entrusted me with
the task to finish this adventure.

Didn't you say you're so done with the

I need to do my piano lesson.

I also have lesson to attend to.

The map looks like a fake.

Shut up!

Are you going to disobey me as your leader?

if you bail now, how can you be called
a real man?

But I'm a girl.

But I understand that.

Let's go then.

We also want to continue our journey.
Can I hold this map?

Let's start from when we left off.

Before that, Doraemon.

Can you give me Momotaro Dango,
Small Light, Bamboo Copter..

..Shock Gun, Super Glove.

- Here you go.
- Alright.

I'll stash those gadgets here.

Hee? Why?

What should we do when we encounter danger?

Shut up!
We can't spoil our self with these gadgets.

We need to use our bare fist to overcome
every dangers.

Is this alright?

Aren't you boys?

Let's go!

It sounds like a drum being played.

Maybe there are some natives over there.

Are they gonna attack us?

I don't think so.

The drum stopped.

It's a river.

It's just like the one from the map.

If we follow this river,
we will find the great statue.

Let's go!

We're over here, right?

- What?
- What happened?

Is something happened?

I'm scared.

Don't worry. This ship is safe.

Why don't you see this?

You're so great, Giant.

The steer?

Ah.. right..

The hull has been breached.

This is dangerous.

Doraemon, use Momotaro Dango!

I don't have it.

Small Light, Bamboo Copter, Super Glove.

We don't have it.
We left them before, remember?

- Just use Everywhere Door!
- Take it out.

You're right.

Why don't I think about that before?

Everywhere Door!

The Everywhere Door is...!

They eat it.

This is not food.


How could it end up like this?

We're done for.

Peko, run!

You save us from great peril.

Not only that, you even serve us
with such feast.

For that we're really thankful.

Maruka baie banita kose daborga.

Dabor... Daborga?

What is he saying?

It's no good.

We won't understand him without
Translation Konyaku, do I have that?

I have it.
Please eat this.

He said today is god's worshiping ceremony.

We can feel at home and do whatever we want.

So this feast is not for us then..

Isn't that?

The statue from the picture..

The one from my dream.

It's almost an exact replica.
They must have seen the real Bauwanko.

The real statue should be close by.

We're getting there!

To meet God Bauwanko.

Three sacrifices must be made.

After Temu Waterfall,
there would be a great savannah.

That's where the lion's dens are.

There are seven times seven times
seven lions in that place.

You need to sacrifice one life.

After the savannah, you'll reach
Odorondo Valley,

with a very deep chasm.

Can't climb, can't pass.

The valley is also known as
the land of the death,

Bizarre white lights, bizarre sounds.
You also need to sacrifice one life.

After passing the valley,

you will arrive in a country of God
surrounded by thick smokes.

After you enter, you won't be able
to go back.

You will sacrifice the last life.

It seems like those place are scary.

Can we go home now?

Why are you getting scared for?

I'm not scared with some random myth.

We'll find that mysterious place.

We're certainly gonna find Bauwanko God,

along with the treasure.

Why don't you tell him.

I understand.

Bara Erukirema

What, what's wrong?

Why are they angry?

He said if there is someone
who's not afraid of god...

... living in this village...

...God will curse this village.

You all need to leave this village... or..

Even though they saved us earlier,

I never thought it would end up like this.

Anyway, we need to spend the night
in this place.

Camping Hat.

Overall there are five rooms,
five beds, and five toilets.

Don't you have ofuro as well?

I'm so hungry~
Can I have some ramen?

Don't!! Getting outside would be dangerous.

I really wish to be at home and
enjoying hot soup and beef steak..

Is mama worried about me?

How's our future gonna be?

I regret leaving those
important gadgets behind.

Why did we even think about
having this kind of adventure?

I'm sorry.

Shut up!!
Are you blaming me for all of this?

N-n-n-o.. Nobody said that.

Even you don't said it blatantly,
your face already says so.

"This is your fault"!

"You want this adventure."

"You tell us to leave those
gadgets behind."

"You're also the one who left the steer and
getting us chased out from the village".

You all hate me, just say it!

I don't like hysterical guy like him.

Just let him be.

Let's get some sleep.

Have a good rest, so we can have
the energy to continue our journey.

Peko, let's sleep together.

Where did he go?


Peko, Peko...
What should I do?

Going down slowly...


Be careful, Shizuka-chan...
Stay still and keep your balance.

We need to sacrifice one life in here.

Don't say something like that!

Let's go! We don't have any other way.

Don't stray from the group!

Before we proceed,
we should check on the orientation.

It looks like he knows the way.

What a weird dog.

I don't see any lions.

This place is too wide.

Maybe there's a way to pass this savannah
without encountering them.

You are really clueless.

Lions don't make a front attack.

They will make a sudden ambush.

Staying low, observing,
and get closer to its prey.

and suddenly from behind the bushes...


In that meadow and bushes around us..

...there might be lions hiding.

Don't scare me like that, Suneo.

Let's climb that rock, we might be able
to see something.


Be brave everyone.
We will fight those lions!

Are you say we fight?

We don't even have any weapons.
How can we fight them?

Don't come any closer!

Go!! Shoo Shoo!

Peko, where are you going?

That dog!


Stay away from us!

AH! They passed through.

The passage toward the kingdom
has been opened.

Brave children, go forward!


Does the kingdom lie ahead of us?

What kind of kingdom is it?

The people? How many of them?

Is it still far?

What about the treasure?

Eh! Peko disappeared..


Where is he?

Peko.... Where are you~?

Ah! There he is....


Where did you run to earlier?
I'm so scared.

- Ah!
- What's wrong?

I get the feeling that Peko
looks way too similar with the statue.

Well now that you mentioned it,

maybe there's a connection.

How could that be?

It's just pure coincident.

By the way, we should continue on our voyage
the lion might come back.

It doesn't matter what country lies ahead of us.
Let's go.

I don't believe in god.

So who saved us just earlier then?

There must be a three dimensional projector.

It uses laser light to project a hologram.

How could there be hologram in Africa?

What about the laser light?

I can't explain to that extent!

What do you think, Shizuka-chan?

I'm just wondering if...

... there's an ofuro in the kingdom.

What's your opinion on this, Giant?

You haven't said any words since...

What a weird guy!

What is he thinking about?

He hasn't talked since the attack.

Takeshi-kun feels somewhat different.

What's that?

The sounds feels eerie.

It seems like the sound is coming
from our destination.

It must be coming from Odorondo Valley.

It's so cold.

I can't stand the cold.
we didn't bring any mantle with us too.

It's very slippery over here.
Please be careful.

This is what's gonna happen
if we're not careful.

Train Rope!

This is embarrassing.

Only kindergarten children would use this.

We're not playing around in this place.

This is the equivalent to cliffhanger's rope,
we have no other choice.

Don't you have any other gadgets
we can use?

Even though it looks embarrassing,
it has the speed of the real locomotive.

Increasing the speed!

The sky is covered with mist.

This place must be...

Heavy Smoker Forest

Oh yeah!! We finally arrived!

After passing this valley,
we'll arrive at the kingdom.

Don't get your hopes up just yet.

How do we descend the chasm?

Bizarre light, bizarre sound.

They are coming after us from
the land of the death.

It can't be helped.

We'll use this,
Emergency Elevator.

There's no other way.
Who wants to get down first?

Suneo-kun, you go first~

Nobita-kun why don't you.... go?

Please don't mind me.

- You don't need to tell me....
- Hey! Giant...!!

- Let me go first!
- OK...

- Giant is awesome..
- He's really brave.


The rock crumbles!
I can't climb this.

- You need to think quick, Doraemon!
- We need to get Giant quickly..

How could I think fast?
Most of the tools were left behind.

Hang on..

This might be useful.

Gravity Paint!

Every medium's painted with this paint
will have gravity...

- ...kinda like being able walk on the ceiling.
- We don't have time for explanation.

If we fail to step on this paint trail,
we will die.

I think the height is about 500 meters.

Isn't that taller than Tokyo Tower?

We ran out of the paint
right at the bottom.

Is this place really the land of the death?

The surrounding area feels horrifying.

Let's climb that rock over there.

I feel like something's
gonna appear in front of us.

There should be no monster in this place.

What happened?

The light comes out!

It's better that we don't get close to it.

The devil is calling on us.

It's really the devil!

Nothing can ever beat Giant
in a brawl.

I caught a few of those devil-like-thing.

It turns out this is only
some bacteria which emit lights.

There's nothing
to be afraid about.

I'm telling you.. there is
no such thing as ghost.

That eerie sounds can also be explained
in scientific way.

It's hot!

I understand now.

We're in the volcanic area
The hole will occasionally spew some steam.

When the steam got spewed, it will make
sound just like a flute would do.

I see.

You're doing great.
I'm not wrong in trusting you guys.

Peko can talk!?

I don't intend to surprise you guys,

but it was better if I don't talk.

It's mainly because I don't think
any humans would believe me,

so it's better to just invite you
guys and see it for yourself.

Who are you, really?

I'm Bauwanko the 108th,
Prince Kuntaq.

A Prince? Bauwanko's bloodline?

In some reasons, I
ended up in Japan.

It's because of you all that I
can come back to this place.

What about the great statue?

The first bloodline of Bauwanko made it.

Only by pressing this gem,

I can make a hologram
with some abilities.

This gem can control all movement of
the statue by my mind projection.

It can also produce electric jolt.

So that's what happened on the savannah.

There's only one way to reach the kingdom.

This is an underground river.

- It's so high.
- Are you sure it's fine?

This underground current comes from
the kingdom's lake.

It's flowing from below the ground
into Congo River.

I was drifted by the river into the ocean.

I was the first dog to ever coming out of
the kingdom.

I can't believe there's a dog kingdom.

This is quite shocking indeed.

I feel the same.

Before I really see a human,
I never thought human world was real.

Around several thousand or perhaps
some millions years ago.

An earthquake occurred which created
the current Congo Valley.

And isolated the place from
the outside world.

It made the creature that was
trapped inside this place...

... evolved differently from
the one on the outside.

On the outside world the monkeys evolved
into humans,

while we were evolved from dogs.

We reach a dead end.

It seems that way.

Even our guide doesn't know where to go.

It's because I was drifted by the current.

Are there any gadgets we can use?

Why are you asking me?

Well, why do we rely our self on
those gadgets again?

It's fine now.

Koi Boat!

This boat is like a koi fish,
it can swim against the current.

Let's go.

As you can see, the faster the current
the faster this boat will get.

I see.

Hey prince, are you excited?

You can finally go home now
after all this time.

Of course I'm excited.

Despite that, some evil force is
waiting for me there.

Some enemies of yours?

No matter what world we live in,
bad guys are everywhere.

This place is...

... your kingdom?


Why do we need to hide?

Danburanda rules over the kingdom
at the moment.

He's sneaky and dangerous.

So we need to be very careful.

Who is this Daburanda?

He used to be a minister before
he seized the throne.

Where do we go now?

To Bruce's house.

His house might be a great place to hide.


He's one of my father's captain.

The strongest and the most dependable dog
in this kingdom.

This time, I just fell.

I can't believe it.

Daburanda already caught him.

I don't know where they are keeping him.

Aren't there some else you can trust?

I don't know.
They are all probably gotten caught already.

He's really sneaky that Daburanda.

I'm so tired.

I'm hungry.

I want to take a bath.

No! No!

Stop! You stop right there!

Let me go!

Dogs like you should be leashed.

How dare you defying us!

It's the prince!


They are after me because
I stole their bento.

But I'm so dead hungry.

What about your mom and dad?

They are all captured along with
most of the villagers.

I heard they are in labor to
create some weapons.

Flame chariot, airplanes, and
some other things.

What did you say?

Daburanda, he's finally making
his obsession comes true.

What kind of obsession?

To conquer the world.

That obsession will cause mayhem
and destruction upon this kingdom.

My father was against it.

Professor Koss, you really did
an amazing job.

With these weapons, the people from
outside world are nothing before us.

Of course.

In order to mass produce these weapons...

... we are gathering all of the citizens of
this country to be made into labors.

Your grace, Daburanda will soon become
the king of the whole world.

What? The prince?

It's not possible.
He was supposed to be dead.

But we just saw him with our own eyes.

He must be the prince.

There are also five freaks
who accompany him.

They look like some kind of monkeys.

.. umm no, one of them actually
looks like a tanuki.

We can't let this happen.

Arrest them all.
Also be alert to any unusual activity.

If he's really the prince..

.. his sword skill should not be

Captain Saber might be able to handle him.

The security is getting tighter.
Thankfully, we have left the place.

The great statue...

... was built around 5,000 years ago.

Bauwanko built it as a symbol of peace
for the kingdom.

The prototype of the flamethrower
and the airplane...

.... was made a long time ago.

In order to protect the world,
King Bauwanko put a stop...

... to the creation because
it may destroy the world.

Our country was surrounded and veiled with
high mountain and enveloping mist.

For about 5,000 years,
we live in harmony and peace.

But the peace began to crumble when
my father appointed a minister called....

... Daburanda,who has an evil ambition.

He worked together with Professor Koss
to research those ancient weapons,

in order to invade the outside world
so he can rule over it.

My father found out about his evil scheme
and put a stop on Daburanda's research.

But Daburanda was really a persistent dog.

He killed my father

and locked me inside a coffin.

Then he told the public that
we died from sickness.

On my way to the graveyard...

... my coffin accidentally
fell into the water.

I was dragged by the current
until I reached Congo River.

I didn't know what to do until a Japanese
sailor found me.

He brought me to Japan.

I live in Japan thereafter,
hence why I can understand Japanese.

It was my first time in the human world.

I felt like it was safer for me
to act like an ordinary dog.

So I can patiently wait for a moment
where I can finally go home.

And then I met Nobita and you guys.

So that's the story behind this.

I think our meeting was fated.

Daburanda seems to be a really bad dog.

Anyway, we need to find Bruce.

I'm sure Bruce is kept in the
underground prison beneath the castle.

Alright, thank you.

Wait a moment.

Pass Loop!

Bruce! Bruce!

It's me, Bruce!

That voice, can it be?

Is it really...

... the prince!?


I'm not dreaming, right?
It's far from reality.

Talk about this later, we need
to leave this place fast.

Use this Loop Pass.

Who's there?


What's wrong?

Run, fast!


Stop! Don't run away!

After them!


The rumor was right,
the prince is back.

I don't believe it at first,
I thought he died.

Of course he's not dead.
It was only a lie.

Prince, I really want to meet you.

Don't you believe on that rumor, princess.

That prince is a fake.

He will be apprehended soon.

After they are apprehended,
we will execute them.

No one is to leave this city.

They must be hiding in this city.

They must be caught no matter what.

Search every corner!

Wanted! Fake prince and four monkeys!

and a tanuki.

If you find them, you will be rewarded.

If you hide them, you will be executed.

I'm not a tanuki!
How dare....

Don't shout, they may find us.


Seeing the current situation,
Bauwanko's prophecy may come true.

What prophecy? Is there such thing?

It's an old prophecy.

In 5,000 years, this country will be in great peril.

At that time, there will be ten outsiders
which will move the god's heart.

Are those ten people referring us?

But there are only five of us.

How can we find this other 5 people?

Do you think that we should wait
for these people?

No idea.

We don't have much time.
We must act quickly.

Bruce, when you said "move the god's heart"
What's the meaning of that?

I don't understand either.

I heard there is a room inside the
stone statue.

If we can enter the statue...

.... we might be able to find some clue.

I haven't eaten anything in the
longest time.

We haven't either.

We haven't eaten anything for a long time.

It's nice enough we can still stand.

We can use this gadget.

Receiving Promise in Advance!

We're making promises
about things we're gonna do

but we're getting the result now.

Let me try it first.

I promise that I will eat tomorrow.

so please make our stomach be full.

The smell is so appetizing.

My mouth is full with delicious food.

My stomach is getting
full little by little.

What a pleasant feeling.

A really useful gadget.

I feel like I'm eating a month
worth of food.

I'm totally full.
I can't eat any more.

Is everyone full?

We need to keep the promise that tomorrow
we are going to eat what we just ate.

We're gonna wait until it gets dark,
then we're gonna sneak in into the statue.

Until then, let's take a rest.

I'm worried about one thing.

Is Princess Spina doing well?

Yes, don't worry about it.

The princess is fine, she's just locked
inside the castle.

I'm relieved.

I really want to meet her.

Can I do something important with
that gadget?

What do you want to do with it?

Hehe... something..

Tomorrow I will take a bath.

How can this be?

We assign this many soldiers but
you are unable to get them.

We searched everywhere,
they might be fled using some magic.

Shut up! They are just ordinary people.
It's not the time to imagining stuffs.

Do not panic!

I still have a way to deal with them.

I think they will come out at night
and sneak into the great statue.

The great statue?
Why do you think so?

It might be related to an old prophecy.

When the kingdom is in great peril...

... ten strangers will come and move
the statue's heart to save the kingdom.

I think they might be related
to those people.

We're almost there.

I think they won't find us.

I almost thought we're gonna be found out.

I thought so too.

With that many soldiers,
I don't think we could even run

We're making people worry about us.

Stop right there!









It's not good, we fall into a trap.

Crap, we almost reach the great statue.

Leave this to me!
Prince, you better go to the great statue.


No one shall pass this place.

Prince, quick!

We're counting on you, Bruce.

After we reached the great statue,

I'll come back for you.

You'll wait for me, Bruce.

You're surrounded!
Surrender yourself!

Come on out.

If you do not come out,
we will start bombarding this place.

Fake prince and co, you have no way out.

Surrender now!

It looks like we're losing this.

It's all my fault to involve you guys.

I don't know how could I ever
apologize myself.

I won't let you outsiders being
involved anymore.

You can go south from this forest,
you will meet the lake...

... once there, you can use the
underground current to escape.

I'll hold down the enemies.

Thank you for all your kindness.

Cippo, I hope you will meet
your dad someday.




Peko can't do this alone.

I'll go help him.
You guys go to the lake without me.

Don't do it, Giant!

You're giving away your life for nothing.

I don't care. Let me go.

Be careful, don't get burned.

It's dangerous.
You should come back, Giant.

He's gone.

Takeshi-kun was guided by Peko,
that's why he wants to feel responsible.

He wants to prove himself as a man.

I don't care if he's real or fake,
he sure has some guts coming here.

Run after you can get close to the
great statue.

Even if one of us made it,
we may be able to turn the table.

According to the prophecy, there should be another 5 people.

They still haven't come.

Those prophecies are nothing but bogus stories.

I promised.. so...

Should I arrest him?

Just execute them right away.


Yes, sir!

Go forward!


I won't let you get near to
the great statue.

Aah ..They come!


Who are those people?

How can this be?

I don't understand.

Are they illusion?

Thank goodness they come.

Don't worry.

We came from the future with
the time machine.

So that's how.

T-t-ten Strangers!

How can this happen?

Talk about this later!

We should go to the great statue quickly.


We brought the gadgets with us.

Leave those soldiers to us.

Let's get inside the great statue!

This is unbelievable.

Those children shall not enter the
great statue.

Don't worry.

I'll apprehend them all.

It's tightly locked.

Use that pendant of yours.

I never thought of that.

Don't let those children get inside
the great statue!

Take this!

Wait you little brats.

The god heart is on top of the statue.

How could you know, even I don't know this.

I can't explain now.
You'll understand it later. Let's go.


Take this!

You can't even fight children!?

- Get the flamethrower ready!
- Yes, Sir!

Are you OK?

I'm fine.
You guys go ahead.

Is this the door?


No, that's the treasure room.

We're not interested in this place.

Load the weapon!
All of them, hurry!

This is no joke..

It feels like... climbing...
Tokyo Tower....

They are coming!

Nobita, be careful!

Saber, I come to challenge you!

I'm inferior to your highness.

But clashing sword with the prince
is an honor to me.

Give the prince a sword!

Are you gonna be alright?

Let's start!

Nobita-kun! You go to the top.

You guys get that little boy!

Everyone, save me!


Use this gadget!

Legendary Sword Denkoumaru!

This sword is moving on its own.

It's automatically dodge attacks and
at the same time parry the attack.

They are getting near.

Can you open the door quicker?

It's rusty.

It's no good, all of our tools
are useless against them.

This is the heart of the great statue.

We need to spin it now.

Leave this to me.

Come on, spin!

You lost the battle.

Any last word?

The great statue is moving now.

Prince, look out!

Everybody, pay attention to your standing.

Ah it's moving.


I can't believe it, the statue is moving.

Those children may be up to no good.
Shoot them!

I'm using great power to punish the evil.


The weakness may lie on its eye,
target its eyes.

- Help me!
- They will launch the next attack!

I'll destroy you all.
Get them!

Aim at the statue's heart!

Great statue! Fight on!

Go forward!

Oh, great statue! Please fight for us!

Run, quickly!


We beat them by using the
great statue's power.

I'm happy that you're doing fine.

Bruce! Thank goodness you're fine!


Wait a moment, I can't find Daburanda.

We forgot about him.

If the prince don't go, the princess will.

I will let those little brats
have the kingdom.

But the princess shall be mine!

No, let me go!


Princess Spina!


You did it!

Do you remember your promise?

After we arrived in Japan,
don't forget to bring those gadgets.

and save our other self
by using time machine.

If you say so, Doraemon.

OK. This is new Everywhere Door for you.

So long, I'll leave the rest to you guys.

Goodbye and take care.

Thank you.

I used this Receiving Promise In Advance

I promised that when we get back to Japan.

We're gonna save our other self.

So the mystery of ten strangers
are finally solved.

Too confusing.
Perhaps it's too complicated.

Hurray! Hurray!

I will never forget about you guys.

Bye Bye!

Be a good king!

Take care!

- Take care!
- Bye Bye

Come to Japan someday.

Good bye.

Thank you!

Goodbye, Peko.

Good luck, Peko!

What an adventure this turn out to be!

This is the greatest spring break ever!

But we're not done yet.

We must fulfill our promise.

We need to get it done!

Show your spirit!
We need to help our other self!

Don't you start complaining!

Let's go!

Yeah! Let's go!

Get the gadgets!

and use the time machine
in my room.

Go to the Dog Kingdom in Africa.

Let's go.