Doraemon: Nobita and the Castle of the Undersea Devil (1983) - full transcript

Nobita and his friends are arguing about whether to go camping in the sea or the mountains so Doraemon proposes to them that we go to the mountains under the sea. When they gain abilities that be able to adapt themselves to every kind of environments by Doraemon's tool they drive the water buggy into the deep sea for adventure. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
The normal depth of a hundred feet

Air pressure and oxygen are normal

The normal depth of 200 feet

The normal depth of three hundred feet


Nobita and the Castle of the Undersea Devil
Subbed by : cr4y88

Depth of 500 feet

Ah what is that thing?

See anything?

Something like a boat

Depth of 800 feet

A wreckage boat is found

There are three masts

It seems like four or five hundred years ago

Do u know the name of the vessel?

I'll check a little to the left

Got it

O.K. Stop

It calls Santa Santa F


That ship is loaded with the Inca empire gold
And the ship is missing?

If it is true, then there will be a lot of gold

This is a discovery in this century

Investigate as soon as possible

It's so hot

I am not to hot
But the heat, I did not like it

Want to go to the beach or the mountain?

- To the sea
- To the Hill

- Sea
- Mountain


Choose one Doraemon

Choose Sea, Doraemon


What do you want?
I can not understand the situation

We would like to go camping for three days and two nights

Ah well let's go

But we have different idea

However, I think sea is the best place for summer

You simply can not swim

The mountain is so challenging

This is a man's world

But, I am a woman...

Doraemon, your vote can decide it

Choose Sea

Choose Mountain

Yes, Mountain

I say the sea


Both places opinions are really good

While swimming in the sea then we can go mountain climbing


Are we able to do this?

Of course

We can go undersea mountain climbing

Undersea mountain?



In the bottom of the sea is so dark

There are also very big pressure, we will be squashed

Camping should be something that carried out under the bright sun



Ok. I will not stop you

You climb Mount Fuji or the Himalayas Hill

We will do this

You are not going to take care of us, Doraemon. Let's go

Please wait

They did not understand the situation

There are many undersea mountain even higher than the land
And deeper valleys

But, it's very dark

And also the water pressure

Nobita-kun, you say such a thing

I consider of that

There is no such thing

Bright fresh pleasant

You will forget the time

I guarantee that there is such a camping

I have ice cream in various places ...

We can go tomorrow morning

If Dora-chan coming then you can go

I have to prepare

But be careful

I would not say no

But you did not do your summer homework

All parts need to be done before you can go

In this case the end of the summer

Then you need to work hard

You need to do that first

Then you can go to the mountain or the sea as you wish

What? The camping is delayed

Yes if I do not do that,I can't go

I see, there is nothing I can do

I'll wait for your message


She said that she is waiting for me

I had to do that

That's true

Well I would like to start now

That should do

Good to start

Usually this is the case
Do your best

Shall I get you a drink?

Nobita-kun Nobita-kun

Great ...

Previous plans there will be a problem

Get up


Nobita Nobita Do your best

Do your best ... Nobita

Do your best ... Nobita

Do not get lazy and do not look at other places

I shout from early in the morning, now my voice starting hoarse

What's the matter?

Nobita-kun, Do not you want to go camping?

My brain quickly ripped

I also know that it's very hard for you

However, the difficulties will be overcome with the joy of victory

You want to make Shizuka-chan dissapointed?

To make him do his work is not simple

A little of attention


I can't

I can't do it

This summer vacation I don't go anywhere


I want to discuss, is there any way else?

Can Nobita-kun do that after coming back from the camping?

Can not, I know I know ...

The Spanish ships loaded with gold was found

Starts to salvage immediately

But the strange thing is that the boat disappeared overnight

According to the expert
It's probably washed away by the ocean current

Perhaps there is a mistake about discovering place

They continue to look for it

Jaian Jaian did you just heard the news?

Treasure ship went disappeared, so?

We can look that treasure ship


How to look for it?

So that is a good idea

If we find it, a percent of that compensation are worth hundred million yen

Why did you all want to go with us?

We are really sorry for yesterday

I saw on television about Bermuda
That would be more fun than the mountain

Hill is no fun at all

But, we went to a place in the Pacific

The Bermuda is on Atlantic

Then we go to Atlantic

Wait.. that's ok. We can camp on that

You can not made him angry
Otherwise it's all over

You all come too?


We decided to go to sea

I see. But, if Nobita's homework not done
We can't go anywhere


That's true. There is no chance

Excuse me

I can help you


A sea mystery and adventure are waiting for us

Saying that is making my heart excited

Then do it quickly!!!!!

He is doing it

The answer lies in the....

You can have breakfast and swim with the dolphin

Don't stop writing

They cooperate for a target

That's a wonderful thing

You need three days do it all?

Everyone support me

You've worked very hard!

I know that if Nobi-chan do the best you can, you can get it

Then I can go camping?

Yes. You can enjoy your time

Yay. I got the permission

Then we go tomorrow morning

Yay. That's great.

We should focus on the radar

Captain... It seem we detect a ship near to us

I do not know what is it. Try to communicate with it

No answer

I repeat. It speeding so fast coming to us

Ring the bell

Captain. That is ...

The phantom boat is back

Today news

The phantom ship is spotted, but then disappered again



Everyone let's go quickly

Nobita, you are going to

Mama... we're leaving

I see. They left already

The morning air is so nice

If you shout Yahoo... you should do it on the mountain

Is that right? Hehehehhe

Now we want to go camping in the sea

Then the submarine?

It's not a submarine

Let me introduce

A water buggy


Under the sea and we are using such a small car?

How can say that I am a small!?

A talking car


It is equipped with excellent computer

Then let's get going

Wait a minute. There is only 2 passenger permitted

Else, I can't move

Please... Buggy
We need to go. Please do you best

This guy is so real

Ah ... sink

Sorry sorry I forgot something

That's really painful

We need to use this thing first

This produced in the 22century

"An Adaption Light"

In the 22 century

Planets are full with human

Even in really hot planet

Or in a really freezing cold planet

In high gravity planet

In dark planet

But, using this light. No matter what the situation is.
People can live

Sea is also the same?


But it last only 24 hours. Got it?

Let's go

Wow... The sea is exactly the same as above


That's true. We can also hear our own sound

It's beautiful

It's amazing

So, do you like it?

We like it

It's now 200 meters or more generally
It's a gentle slope

This is called a "sea valley"

I'm surprised

When we are going deep into the sea
The colour change?

Yes, at first green and then gradually turned into the blue

In the depth of 400 meters
It's completely dark

But now such it's so bright?

It is because of the adaption light

Even if you dive under the 10000 meters
It's also the same

That's a really deep cliff

This cliff is like a invisible land

This is also like in the mountain

That's why I said

The sea also has mountains

Here is the continental slope

Up to several kilometers deep

We are going down now



It's like a really cool roller coaster

What is that?

It's a bonito fish

That's true

This is really scary too

It's slowing down

We will soon arrive in the bottom of it

What's is that? Above us is like a floating leaf

You say leaf?
That's actually several thousands of tons of cruise


We are now in the bottom of the sea

Current depth is 3400 meters

what? 3400-meter?

That's not logical

We should take a look in deep-sea fish

That's like a cactus

I see a lot of hills

Great plains. Ye silly

Stop Stop Doraemon

The cliff is about to end

No problem, buggy can float

This is the Japan Trench

It's amazing, but I was really afraid looking at it

It seems like the earth splitted


You should land carefully

It's so high a place, I'm so scared

I'm speechless

From here is the plain

Well, let's speed up

The current speed is 800 kilometers

What? 800 kilometers

But, we didn't get any problem

It's because of the adaption light

Doraemon, where are going?

To the place that we are able to see the mountains area

You say? We are able to see the mountains?

Yes. Its' around Hawaii

Wow... Hawaii?

Take a look of it

This is the central zone of the Pacific

It's near Hawaii

The sea floor rises about 1000 meters high

Because there is no cloud, we can see it clearly

True. It's actually dark

Because of the adaption light right?


It's so quiet. I can't hear any sound

This place is in depth of 4000 meters
It's a silent place

What is that sound?

Sorry Sorry

My stomach was calling

We almost forget to eat lunch

Let's find a good camping place


That one on the Peak

We can camp on that mountain

We arrive

Yahoo....What a beautiful place

A wonderful scenery

That is the Japanese trench

This is the world's first undersea camping sites

It feels a little lonely here

There is no fish or seaweed

In this such a deep-sea
There is no way the fish can live

True. But Shizuka-chan have a good argument

It's a nice place to have it some landscape

"A canned seagrass seeds and eggs"

This will improve this place

By the evening, it will be so nice

That's great

More importantly, we need to eat something

Before that this is something important

Tent Parts

Because a little bit dangerous
Stand a bit farther away from the site

It has six rooms

Please come in, so that I can explain more

This is my room

That's great

A beautiful room

That's great

I'm envy

This is my room!!!

Don't worry it's all the same decoration

There is one more thing I need to explain

You'd better go to bed

It's even more important things

Life under the sea

If you forget this, there will a bad accident

What is this?

Please let us know soon as possible

Here is a small room, please come in

Please come in then shut the door completely

And then press this button

The pump take out water

That's true. We are under the sea

After it finished, this will pop out

What? It turned out to be a toilet

Don't scare us

This is very important

If you forgot
Urin and water will be mixed

That's true

Then the next one

The gate pass to the central square

It's a place to eat and to play with everyone

It can access from any room

How about if we start to eat


Please say something you want to eat

I want a full meal for children

Baked muffins

I would like to beef steak

Katsudon (a large pork chop on the rice)

Put this card into the machine
Please wait for three minutes

How it taste?

This is a good meat

You are wrong. It is made with the plankton


A micro-organisms in the sea

It's a lot in the sea. There are also various kind

Is this?


Is that true?

Whatever. It's delicious


A really delicious plankton

I am really looking forward to have tasty dinner. heheheh

We are going to do now?



We ride full speed with buggy

Where to go?

We go west. Let's see it


Bermuda Atlantic

Ah I forgot about the Atlantic Ocean

It's only for three days you can not be a waste of time

What a waste of time?

No No. That's my responbility

Here in under the sea
We can not allow Doraemon angry

Let's play the game of Jellyfish

What kind of game is that?

Like jellyfish floating in the sea, like a nap

Where exactly floating until u wake up

Can we go see deep-sea fish?

We can only see in the illustrations

Even the aquarium we can not see

I would like to see it

Jellyfish nap?

You can do it at home right?

Good! Decided

We are going to find deep-sea fish

Ridge along the plain
We go to the north Pacific Ocean

You'll figure it out

Slow down a little bit

Wow! There a fish with three feet

Buggy, what is that fish?

To see that called three-legged fish

Ah! It runs away

We need to follow him

He found food

And spiders, exactly the same

Buggy, What is that?

The sea spider. It can be called a sea spider

Ah it's bad

He would like to capture that thing

A light? What are that?

That is called the Lantern fish

It uses a light to lure the fish over

You should tell it earlier

That is called What fish?

(bump bump bump)

That one?

(bump bump bump)

I think. The computer is broken

The fishes are acting weird

Ah, An under volcano began to explode

It's better we go back

Grasp something thight

It's really bad fog
I can't see

We are able to go back


I can not see what is in the front

Let the computer take it

Is it ok with this computer?

I want you to drive

Don't underestimated me. I don't want to be broken too

There is an obstacle in front of. We need to jump

What is this?

Buggy go back, it's a great squid

Go back I saw that. It's true

I don't want it. I want you all safe

The fog is cleared

That's great

Our mountain is visible again

Although it was terrible, but it's a good trip


It's really big squid

It seems to be a beautiful underwater camping site

The beauty can't be painted

It's a really beautiful yard


With just sowing the seeds and the eggs

This evening we will have in this garden a barbecue

Wow! That's cool

If it's ready. I will tell you guys

But the days is still bright. But my stomach growling

It already 7 pm

However, you can't tell day or night in here


I would like also use toilet

Please be careful with the toilet

Doraemon, I would like to have shower

I have already said several times. We are in the water

Ah Yes

Plankton make the meat and green pepper as well

But it's too bright

Extinction lamp

Turn this on

Then around it will get darken

Campfire lit in the water is ready

It's amazing. It's really like fire

Suddenly around us is get darken


Shizuka-chan, What are you doing?

Wash your hands before you eat


There is a lot to eat

It's like dreaming

But it's all true

I'm finished. After eat...

You eat a little more

I'm full

You all listen to my voice

I remember. I have a story to tell about the sea

Please tell us

Do you know a scary bermuda triangle?

Ah. I've heard of that

A lot of aircrafts and ships are gone

In the past, there have been a thousand people who
disappeared in that triangle

That's scary

What is wrong is that disappearance?

There are many claims

Some said it the entrace of the other world
Some said it's alien

Where is that place ?

Florida Peninsula

Puerto Rico Islands


This triangle connected this three



It's up to us to solve the puzzle right?


So it's such a dangerous place

Because your parents trust me
I can't let you go

For tomorrow's trip. It's better you guys get some sleep

Suneo Why do you want to go to Bermuda?

What will we want to play tomorrow?

I'm looking forward for it

Good night Mom and Dad

I have to go to the Atlantic Ocean, mama

What a wonderful morning

I've slept well


I went to change clothes. Please wait

Good morning fish

Wait I'll feed you breakfast

It seems like I'm dreaming

Something bad happend

What is that?

Suneo and Jaian are gone

What you say?

Yesterday I think around midnight
I heard a buggy voice

That's true, they are going to the Atlantic Ocean

Leave them alone and they can go wherever they want

No, it's bad

This Adaptation Light
Last only 24 hours

Then in a few hour, the effect will be gone?

They are went for hours now. It's too late

Jaian, we are finally going to Bermuda

We are finally outwit Doraemon

We are not afraid about the risk


"No, because I am a responsible person"

After finding gold, I wonder what to buy

It seems a bit dark here


Jaian, what happened?

I have a good difficulty in breathing, why?

The effect of adaption light is almost gone


If when it's gone, what will happen?

You should be aware of that

Here is the sea, there is a great pressure

Then quickly go back to the tent

It was too late




It's no good we can't find them

It's no chance

We should try to find them

How many minutes left?

There are 30 minutes

We catch up them right?

The only hope is that
Buggy to stop moving


Please help us

Please relax

Soon we will reach the Panama Canal

Through this canal we can go to the Atlantic

We can go with that "A Courier Bag" right?

No, Buggy is running like the speed of a bullet

Oh yeah

Doraemon, then use "Anywhere Door"

I thought about that

However, "Anywhere Door" is on the surface. It takes hours to go to the surface

I see everything dark

Ah... the pain!!!!

It really hurts my ears

We have only five minutes

Two of you do your best

The remaining four minutes

Oh God please help them

No chance we can't catch up with three minutes remaining

No chance we can't catch up with three minutes remaining


You guys fall?

You guys dead?

It's really a normal human beings
They are very vigorous
It's really frustating


I did not expect this will happen

I have absolutely no hope for this

It's my responsibility!!

Let me be broken!!!!


Please do not persuade me!!! I've done something bad

Deep breath!!

Even a doraemon are broken,we can't do anything

That's right.
With "A Courier Bag" , we can take the "Anywhere Door"
Then use the anywhere door

Why don't you say that earlier?

Please wait!!!


Is it a undersea volcano?

Water are conduct the sound better than air

That sounds like a voice of cannon

We need to be quick to find them



"A Courier Bag"

"Anywhere Door"

Good. Let's take a look

What is this?

A broken rock?

It seems have to do with a powerful force



I went to see here

I see here

What has happened here?

It's Buggy

But the two of them are not there

Bucky where are they?


What's the matter? Nobita-kun

Suneo Jaian

Poor them

Poor them

If I become a good leader

We can no longer hear Jaian singing

Even his singing is bad

I'm sorry. You said my singing is bad?


It's not a ghost

They are still alive

Although I can't believe it

That's great

Ah that guy

Yes Yes

Because of you, we are like this

No!!! You told me where to go. I need to go where you say

What is it you say that scrap metal?

Ah it really hurts

I think I lost my teeth

What you make me angry

Take this

How about this

Doraemon save us

Nobita together

Anyway, I am a scrap metal!!!! I'm better broken

Bad Attitude!!!

It's really new computer?

I've no idea about that

I think the computer on this car is still not finished

Don't say that

A Machine can not afford to distinguish between good and bad

They just do whatever they are programmed

That's true

I hope you guys learn the leason

We are sorry

Ok. Let's go to the Mariana Trench Adventure


You are wonderful Buggy

A cute buggy

Strange car

But, why we are saved?

I don't know. It's maybe the adaption light
Last longer with you guys

It 's also perhaps the sound of explosions

But it doesn't matter. As long as you guys are ok

Good Afternoon

I'm sorry if Suneo troubled you

I'm sorry for Jaian too

Ah it's ok

At first we want to go to Canada

But then Suneo said, and it's more fun camping with Dora-chan

That's true. Children are better having fun with other

I believe those guys
They are now very happy in the camp

And with the Dora-chan words

It makes me no worry

Bye, we are going


But really I'm worry about that

Next Message

Yesterday around 6:00

In the eastern Pacific Ocean near the island of Maccas

There was a serious undersea volcanic eruption

The most recent undersea volcanic activity

It's very frequent in the Atlantic Ocean

Perhaps the Earth's crust make this new activity
It's still a guess

They are going to swim in the beach right?

They are not going to worry about undersea

But it's also sea

Don't worry about it. I'm busy anyway


Hope something bad not happen

Trench is an undersea ridge

The Marianas Trench is deepest of all

I feel no risk of falling down to the trench

How deep is this?

11034 meters

What? it's more than 11,000 meters?
Tokyo Tower is only 330 meters, so ...

33 of them are still not deep enough

Mount Everest and Mount Fuji together
It's about that deep

It's over the past record of human dive

The deepest record is 10916 meters

In this situation we are deeper that it

Here is bottomest of the earth

Above it's hazy to see

Let's take a picture
For reaching this new record

This is a sea cucumber

There are also such a thing

For tens of thousands or maybe a millions years

Even the light can't go this deep

They are all survived

You see there are starfish

There are still creatures of this place

We're here not to harvest the sea creatures

If there are remains of the ancient city here. It's better

That's stupid. How would that exist in this deep

But, if we are able to find Atlantis
That's cool

Let's go somewhere

That's better than do nothing

Let's go

I want to take the soil back

Starfish, can I bring this back?

If it's taken to the land
It will be dead because of the pressure

That's right. Where is Suneo?

Suneo Jaian

They went to other place. Hmpf

Ja Ja Jaian!!

What's a matter? What do you found?
What's a matter Suneo?

Ja Jaian

That's voice of Jaian

What happened with those two?

What's it? You two?

A... Ghost Ship

It is.. it's not right

This is not Bermuda Sea Lane
Santa F, No way...

But inside there are a lot of gold

Hey ... Doraemon
We can become a billionaire

Could it be ...

Well, let's take a look at it to investigate

We will wait here

This kind of thing is not fun

I would like also to see inside

Ah! Shizuka-chan ...


Hey, I don't like it

Can we go?

Hello ...

I am going too

It's dirty

Old ...

Four, five hundred years ago, boat

Here is the entrance

I know that

Since we know. How about go inside?

Please enter

No ... no ... you first call

You are afraid of this?

I am not afraid

Then you go first

Then, together. Jaian you go in front of me

Don't push me

Do not ... Do not ...

Let's go inside

Then we stay here

Shizuka-chan that is very boring

I definitely do not want to go in

I don't want something bad happen


Nothing in here

Well, let's take a look inside

I'm afraid to go inside

Doraemon What is this?

It was a piece of a gold

Is it a duck?

Sea duck then how would there be?

That's coming from the other side

Jaian Suneo-kun


Skeleton crew

It looks like the captain

He write a log

"Translation Jelly"

Sorry about that

March 1531
The ship had set sail with Inca Gold

After the departure, we suffered a big typhoon

That's true. They are gold here

However, the warehouse is empty

Why it come from Bermuda to here?

Diary is over here

Quick, everyone

Let's go back to tent

Then I go back by my self

What? Is it a fish?

Help me

What is that?


I'm hiding




That's true. We are here for camping

Not for treasure hunt

This is the reason why you both go the Bermuda


But we have given up


But the gold is no where to see?

Another question why is this rotten boat
in the Pacific deep sea?

To think about it is no use

Let's go back to the camping site

Nobita-kun is lonely now

We all should be together

He was afraid to go inside

He is a terrible man, right? Hahahhahaha




Is something went wrong?

What is it?

A broken mast

It's a rooten boat. Maybe it's rooten by itself





He had no way to go

Maybe he was afraid with the phantom boat and run away




Come out whereever you are


If you did not answer, then you stay here alone

Nobita-san quick answer

Over there, let's go
Nobita-kun are you ok?

Nobita-kun ... Oh


Where are you?


Where exactly is here?


This is not the time to play hide and seek

We are all worry about you

I'm not

Some huge fish was following me

From his mouth come out a fire!!!

You think that I lie???

Fire-breathing fish?

What I said is true

It's huge. It's like a footbal stadium

Last time was a big suid

Nobita-kun might have forgotten here in the deep sea

It spit a fire
I was almost dead by it

I know I know

Listen to the princess talking

That's not the case

I was running and running. Then I'm hiding under the sand

I believe you

Anyway let's go back to the camping site

The exploration was thrilling right?

There a lot of fun place

Buggy should come too

He must have been angry

No, no

We are back to apoligize

He is angry

Sorry, you are lonely right?

Buggy is cool



We eat dinner right?


We are up the sea surface

Nobita is about to get sick because of deep-sea

That's good

You can say that I nag

But the big squid and large fish are real

We know. Hahhahaha

The sunset above the sea is so nice

I can't describe this beauty

It seems we haven't see this for a long time

The dinner is ready

We are waiting for it

My stomach is growling

Please wait me to prepare for it

Waves on the water will not shake this blanket

Tonight's menu is
Yakitori Tricholoma matsutake mushroom rice soup


It's delicious

There are so many matsutake

I've never eat this delicious matsutake

This is also plankton?

Yup. It's the same

Everyone see that moon


Wow! So many of them

It seems like dreaming

So how's the adventure under the sea?

It's really great. I'm happy

One after another strange thing happened. I'm never get bored

It's really something

You are saying again that thing
That's ok. Doraemon will save us

However, Who saved Suneo and Jaian then?

I don't know. Is it possible to people live deep in the sea?


If that people exist

Though it's a bit frightening, but I would like to see

Data Information
(Translate and annotate: and "out" of the Japanese homonym)

Stop it!!! You said data data
The moon came out, I know that


He seems angry again

He is like a child who like cry

What he want to say?

That doesn't matter what he said

It's ok. Let's finish then go to bed

Goodnight everyone

Good night

Good night!

This fun camping will end tomorrow

Hey! Who's that?





Who is that?

Shizuka-san. Please open the door

That voice is Buggy

Wait a minute I'll come ...

Buggy what's a matter?

I have something to say to you. Please come with me

To where?

That rock seems pretty good

That rock. What's a matter?


You want to know the people who save Takeshi-san?

Yes. That's right

I know

I saw it

I see things from start to finish
It's filmed

I want to see it. Let me see

Then, please come to me

Put this wire to both sides of the rock

And this wire below that rock

This one?

Yes. Please look from here

This lay a secret that nobody know it

Save us ... Doraemon ...

We were running to Bermuda
Soon both of them fall

It's painful?

You guys fall?

You guys dead?

It's really a normal human beings
They are very vigorous
It's really frustating

And you just stay there watching?

I can't do anything
Please continue to look at the screen bar

What is that?

I didn't know that. Eventhough I got a whole information of the sea


It seems like a land people

How come they are here?

They speak Japanese?

Note the screen

It's unbelievable. But it's true

They are dying

Anyway let's equip them with the "Adaption Light"

I didn't see Shizuka-chan

Buggy is not there too

It's really annoying. She went without permission


In this side

What are you doing ah?

It's really annoying

Let's give him medical treatment

I don't know that land people have "Adaption Light"

A undersea man?

Wait a minute is it?

Let's leave them here

Ah! That is our..

That's it

You see what I see. That's that big fish I saw

You look at that

What is it that thing?

It's a Frankenfish Boat

They are attacking undersea man
Then I got flip down

End of the video

So that's interesting right?

This is a huge thing. Why don't u say it?

Because you didn't ask me nicely

Because you didn't ask me nicely

The same thing. She didn't ask too.
Then why you tell her?

Do not make him angry. It's ok

Yes ... yes ...

This way we have two things to understand

There are the undersea man
Other is the enemy undersea man

The other thing too. The big squid!!!

That again

You still do not believe me?

Perhaps in that place
We are being spied

What's wrong Nobita-san?

You see

I'm correct. Right???

Open the door!!!

I have heard of big squid

The largest is 18 meters

But this one is like 30 meters

Please relax

The tent is really strong
It will not be torn

But, if there is a greater power, then try to tear it

Then it will be torn

This is not a small force

It's coming in



Save me please



Release Nobita!!!


Where is the "Small Light"?

In this important situation



Save me please!!!!

Here you go "Small Light"

Smaller ...

We are all being grabbed....

Pocket can not be used

What happen?

Squid seems dying


Nobita-kun are you ok?

Nobita-kun please be strong




That's great

What is that?


What end?

You are useless. I put you in my pocket


The undersea man

It was the undersea man who saves us

Thank you, Thank you for saving us from the crisis

I'm Doraemon

What you want to do? We're not bad people


Escape quickly

I want to go back

You said go back, where?

To my home of course

The camping is only three days and two nights only

Why? This is your home

Home? A black undersea?

You are joking, right?

I am not kidding

Not only the home of sea creatures, but also you

A thousand years ago

The earliest organisms are born in the sea

They are all new

Ocean is a good place to breed

After a period of time

Some left the oceans

Then started life on land

At the same time they breed and evoluted

To survive the fierce competition, this is repeated all the time

But ...

The survival of life on land, only the some of it

However, there is still a life in the oceans

But some of them from the land back to the ocean

Back to the oceans from land-based? What is it?

For example, whales

To look at its pectoral fin skeleton
It was not as forefoot

It's a proof that it was used in the land

Others include dolphins, seals

There are ...


Undersea man

Undersea man!

I've a strange dream

Me too

Me too

Where is Jaian and Suneo-kun?

Where is here?

How is it? Educational dream?

We want you to know something

Want to know? You was shooting at us



We don't know what kind person you

There are a lot dangerous land people

Why do you suspect us like that person?

In our history
We often use the "Adaption Light" to the land

We have observed the history of land-based people

A bloody history

There is a war repeated for a thousand years

Therefore, we suspect that you are one of them

You have two friends that after forensic psychiatric evaluation

Detected with a violent and lying habits

We put them into the dungeon

Is that Jaian and Suneo?

Although a bit rude, they are actually good kids

Yes you have misunderstood them

Please release them

Ermm..... I think I can...


I would take you to the dungeon

At the same time you are going to meet with the Prime Minister

I'm El. I'm a Nu federal soldiers

Ah! Amazing

This is undersea right?

It's the federal Prime Minister Nuri mansion

The bottom of the Mariana Trench

Ghost Ship is located not far from here

But that phantom ship. What is it?

It's just an ordinary wreck

It's not in the good place

That ship sank in what areas?

Bermuda Triangle

What is that place?

Ghost Rock City!

Ghost Rock City?

Don't get even close to the sea devil

If you insist on going broke in

The world will be destroyed

Land people want search for the gold
They often sank in that place

Therefore, it will move over here

Although I did not really understand, but it looks terrible

It's not the best place for that

How dare you put me in this place???

Open the door quickly!!!!

Such a person like that can be considered as a good man?

This is bad

They are temporary locked


El you've worked hard

"Welcome to the land people"

And thank you very much
However, you are uninvited guests

Since there is no way out

You guys are need to live in this country

What is it that? Is that mandatory?

We are a members of the human right
We also need to go back tomorrow

You are not allowed to do so

You can not leave this place

We don't want the land people know about us

We will absolutely not tell other people

I can promise you that

Let us go home

No! If you cross the border. The punishment is death

Here is your home

It's best to not run away

Other thing
You will have a lack of freedoom

Press the bell, people will come to handle you

I believe you can immediately used to live in here

Goodbye. Until next time

We can't go back?

If we are not back and our mother worry about us

That's true
We can not let the undersea people around us know.
They are eager people

What do we do?

We have this kind of thing

"A Wallthrough Ring"

We can not go back?


Both of you hurry up


My true friend

Right I forgot one more thing to say

This evening you can come to my house for dinner ...

Doraemon Where are you?

Nobita-kun ...


They will suspect us. Act naturally

Good afternoon

How come the people run away?

No one to go out

It's bad! They are escaped

Do not be afraid to leave the city

Let's pass the kelp forest quickly

But, how do they escaped?

Good. Let's go

We are not out yet

What is that red line?

Let me use the telescope to see

Those are like red seaweed

Yes there is the borderq


Stupid!. They think they can cross the border

With this situation
We will be seem immediately

It's finally time to use the captain hat

Come quickly

Press the button

I remember they are around here

It seems strange that they are dissolving into the underground

Where are they disappear?

The above may seem like the crowns on the ground
But it follow the surface


Undersea man...

It's no problem
It's the same like looking a mirror on the wall

From outside, we just look like a rock

Proceed forward!

Going you said?

Everyone let's walk

Walk? Inside?

What will happen to such a walk

As we move forward

The deformations of crowns will follow

We have crossed the broder


Well, we can't let them escape

You seem confident

Do not forget
This is the bottom of the sea

Their destination is the ground in the world

They will absolutely appear

All detectors to look for them

Even a fish, It does not miss

Trench at the end of this place

We can't move vertical with the captain-hat

They are also monitoring us

They don't want let us go

Ok then. It's settled. Who have a better patience?

Unless we go out
They absolutely can not find us

Everyone let's take a nap

Will they give up?

A franken fish

It will attack El's ship

And El don't realize it

It hits them


That's wrong

Attacking from behind

We lost control

Start an emergency landing

He's back

He seems want to give a final blow



Come on I'll deal with you


I will take you down

"Small light" "Small light"

I found it only time

"Small light"

It become so small


I want to keep in my goldfish tank

You guys

You guys saved us


That's great

That's great

Thank you ...

Do not move. You all on the land

Because they became so intelligence
El.. It's too dangerous

We saved El in the woods right?

How can such a thing

If we continue to hide
We can run away

In order to save El
You see! Somebody is coming out

Who's that stupid?

Ah I

I am the fool ...

Their hearts as cold as ice

What will happen to us?

Because we crossed the border
The punishment is death

But we did save him

I believe El will certainly appreciate that

Regardless of the danger of their own saved me

They are courageous and compassionate young people

Please acquitted

With allowing them to go back on land

Forget that he was chasing the identity

Not so much courage
Better to say that they are inattentive guy

They want to express what

You can say that. If you see them

To see the other person in danger
They didn't stop and do nothing

That's an act of compassion
And you see this as ...

Something trash??? I feel shame about undersea


In order to disgrace the court. The charges is that you get arrested

What's with you people

Be quiet, please

Judge should be fair and

5 juveniles bravery should be recognized



They are contrary to their agreement
Having crossed the border as the fact

Under criminal law
Provides for the death penalty to those who across the border

Ten thousand years ago
That law is moldy

In that case the land people want to catch the fish

Water pollution
They throw radioactive waste into the sea

They didn't respect deep-sea resources

Prime Minister! The future of the Federation in order to Nu
I asked to sentence them to death

How so?


Prime Minister!

There is a meeting inside...

Ghost Rock City, it ...

Ghost Rock City, started its activities


Ghost Rock City ...

Oh God

The great God

Finally the end of the world to come

In the past two or three days

Atlantic undersea volcano will be like the big bang

It located near the town of Ghost Rock

At this time
Ghost Rock City, will wake up from sleep from seven thousand years

Radioactive dust would be terrible
Our world is doomed

The great ocean Oh God
We have no option

Prime Minister, we should do something

If we go inside the Ghost Rock City and destroy Poseidon


We all know that

Eternal Darkness was sealed
A wall surrounded by death

Guardian of death will come

They are hiding in the depths of Poseidon

In order to destroy that
There will be a thousands death warriors

But all in pain

What we can do now is only one

Just pray to God

There is a chance

Who's that?

It's me El

To sneak into a ghost town, there is a chance

However, people need the help of land people

It's El. The result is there

It's an emergency

You have the incredible power

Please lend us the power

In order to save the planet

Save the Earth?

More than the number of my capacity

It's a chaos to take six people

Another arguing I'm going to throw you. You trash metal

If you dare to try to do so

Then you all will be walking

Buggy please

Now the Earth is in danger

In order to prevent this happening we have to hurry

You are the only way to take us there

That's awesome the efforts of Buggy
It took us only one day to ran across the Pacific Ocean

Tomorrow, we can reach the magic sea-Delta

Buggy every time they do something too much
I'm very sorry

It's ok about it Shizuka-chan

You didn't treat me as scrap metal

However, we are all good people

I know my information is increasingly

As long as it's Shizuka-chan
I want to do anything to you

Thank you Bucky brother
This is a gift to you

It's pretty good for you

I am touched ... even Buggy...

Ah! Tears

No. It's a leak

Shizuka-chan let's eat


Goodbye. Tomorrow do you best


That's great

This is my first time eating something delicious like this

Land people often eat lots of good stuff?

Doraemon is really good

It taste more delicious than my mother cooking

But tomorrow night
Can we have a safe dinner too?

To let you guys in dangerous adventure
I am very sorry

That's ok

If the Earth demise
We also finished

But we are going to do?

Let me explain this to you guys

In several years ago

You guys were still in the Stone Age

There is a lot beast roaming around

We have already established in undersea
A high degree of civil society

There are several hundred countries undersea

However, it's all devided in two federal side

The Pacific Ocean's "Nu"

As well as the Atlantic's "Atlantis"

I know about that demise of the capital

It was only legend

Atlantis undersea was actually the capital

People say they are also Atlantis

Why did they die?

Two federal military competition

Accelerate the development of new weapons

Last Atlantis created a nuclear

To claim the country with the nuclear bomb

Then the Federal Nu know that
If you do not surrender, the pacific will disappear

This is not the only threat

They are numerous nuclear threat

It can fly to every corner of the world

They have configured it

This strange

This is to say that Atlantis is the bad right?

Of course, they have preventive measures

In the Atlantis around them
In the triangle there is a Bermuda Shield

Although the eye can not see

However, this is a protective cover
From the sea floor has been extended to the sky above

The same time, this protective cover
Absolutely will not allow radiation to penetrate

It become a curse because it was contrary
Atlantis perished thus



Since the nuclear test was a failure

Radiation can be extended to all parts of the country

Because of the protective cover
Therefore, the outside world has not been affected

That's great

But this not the case

Country is shattered
However, Poseidon-based nuclear bombs are still there


It encountered an enemy attack
Once the automated system will fight back

Poseidon is a computer

Seven thousand years before they do already have a computer in here


However, this computer is bad

So now ...

There is a vicinity in Bermuda
There are a lot of undersea volcanic eruption

Poseidon is likely to think that attacking the enemy
And thus to fight back


It will launch nuclear bombs to all around the world

Even plants and trees are not left behind
It will becoming the death of the world

In that case we had to fight

There are a lot of them

Because this is their territorial

That is also the manipulation of Poseidon?

It's not! It was only the enemy's searching machine

They are also wandering all in the sea

Everyone take a look at that

That dark place is the place
Even with "Adaption Light". It's worthless.


Devil Triangle

The proctective shield extends to the sky

I'll try this to go in


It about to reach the shield


Oh no

The franken fish

At this time
This hat will come handy

We need to hurry

This device was the one?

This is called a captain hat

We can see outside from the inside
But from the outside can't see us

Good! We proceed towards a Ghost Rock City

We are near the protective shield

Hopefully it works

If the shield extends to the underground, we...

We'll hit a big bang
Then there is nothing to do

We did it

We have successfully infiltrated Atlantis

El where is the Temple of Poseidon

I do not know

How do I know anything about it

I've never see people who came back from the Temple alive

Then how can we find it

We can't walk around

To walk outside is not an option

That's impossible

Bermuda Triangle
It's bigger than 2Japan Island

That's right. We can use buggy

We can not use Buggy

Diji team heard the sounds of the engine
Then soon they will attack

Diji team? What is that?

The knight of the temple of Poisedon

It's best to avoid the battle

Then we had to walk

It's impossible. I'm tired

It's uselees

What was that?

No! It's going to explode

We don't have a time. Let's ride with buggy

Well ... it seems there is nothing here

Wow! An awful scenery


I think hell will be something like this

Ah! That is?

I see

It encountered the shield

It seems to be the same as ships and aircraft graveyard

Devil Triangle victim are all in here

Ah! That is?

Atlantis ruins !

Here was a Metropolitan. 7000 years ago

I think that Ghost Town are not far from here

That light. What is that?

Perhaps it's the Ghost Town

Let's take a look

It's not the ghost town

It's Diji Team

They are coming to us



When I look at

They found us

We can't be found

Let's take advantage of this opportunity and move it slowly


Found it?

"A Hamster Jet Driller"

They are very sensitive to sound

I used that as a bai

It's not work as expected

With this we know the direction of the Temple

Our direction to them to go back to the Temple

Let's go

I do not want
I do not want to run such a dangerous place

This guys doesn't want to listen

Buggy Please

No No

Buggy.. You are corward ... Come out!!

It really hurts

It bit me

If we are flying too high, we will be found

If we are flying too low, we can't see anything

We can not see the temple

Perhaps we have gone through

There is no such thing

We are looking at it so pay attention

It's an important shrine
Maybe it's underground


What are you doing?
Keep up with us

It's out the battery

We all need to rest

We want to find the temple
But even a single clue,we haven't found yet

Oh sea god

The world is almost end

Please give us the power god

There is a way to find the Temple

What? How do we do that?

We need to allow a person to be arrested

Then it will be taken to the temple

Then we all can follow him

That's true

A very good idea

Then allow me to get arrested

If you have been arrested, there is no way we can defeat it

I think I need to take this responsibility


No. I think I can do that

No let me

No Me!!!

It's better a girl to be arrested

But please come and save me quickly


In this case, we can actually find it

We need to do that quickly


There's they are


No, we can't not go out



You can not kill her

Back to the Temple
We can offer her as sacrifice

It's Poseidon

Good! Take this opportunity to keep up with them


It's on the other side of the cliff

They seems really good in hiding it



This is the Ghost Rock City

It's not easy to get inside the Ghost Rock City

There is the entrance

We need to save Shizuka-chan quickly
At the same time to take down the Poseidon

As long as only one person can get to Poseidon

Throw this bomb inside him
Then the earth will be saved

We need to save Shizuka-chan quickly
Throw this bomb inside him
Then the earth will be saved

Throw this bomb inside him
Then the earth will be saved

Then let's go. Quick


They have been shot by my shock gun

Let's go

Doraemon faster

We should go inside

Wow! Amazing

This is Poseidon?

No, it's not
This is their total energy source

Poseidon must be deeper inside

Well, let's go


It's not good, we are found

Don't think too much. Let's go!

We need to take him down


Let's go

Let's do this

"Small Light"

"Reflection Cloak"

"Reflection Cloak"

This is my turn

Take that!!!

It's Nu Federation. You guys are stupid

You all dare to attack Atlantis
It's a suicide

Nobody is attacking Atlantis

Atlantis is already dead for seven thousand years

Shut up I am the vengeance of God Poseidon

I will not be deceived by the human

I can see that

Soon the earth will be splitted

Surrounded by the flame of death

That is why I say that it was volcano...

Shut up Shut up!

I'm so angry now

This base will fire a nuclear bomb in every corner of the world

The Earth will become a Death Star

You guys. This is not unreasonable

We can not let you to blast the world

There seems a five mice outisde

You will wait for nothin





Where do they go?

Hello... You all?

I'm really worry about you all

"Small Light" "Small Light"

It's out energy

There is energy in shock gun

My sword is also broken

The enemy is too much

My "Shock Blaster" is not working
Because of the water pressure

You can see my "Reflection Cloak"

Let me go


What you want to do?

We all have been arrested

You are so mean!

This is the time!!!

Let the world know about God's anger to human

Before you need to be sacrificed


And so on ... wait a minute!

We can not let you do that

I.. I will take you downnn.....


Dora-chan it's all finished

Even the grass will be not left behind

The world will be

Please don't cry

Who's that?

Please do not cry

If for Shizuka-san
I am willing to do everything

Who is talking?

It's I


What is this guy doing?

You are the guy who let Shizuka-san cry

Do not near me!!!... Don't come near to me!!!



What are you doing???


Shizuka-chan it's dangerous

Poseidon was going to explode. Let's run quickly

You did it Shizuka-chan


We free? How?

It's like a bronze statue now



We are safe and sound. That's great

No! it's explode

We are all here

Doraemon Shizuka-chan

It's flaming

This really perished the Atlantis

The six brave young people
And Buggy who suicide himself to save the world

We are so proud of you

Buggy? Did you hear?

Thank you to you

What is that Shizuka-chan?

This? This is my baby


I will never forget you

I will not too

Thank you, Buggy
This is a gift to you


I am so touched ... even Buggy..

Ah! Tears

No. It's a leak

Goodbye El

Goodbye Doraemon

It's really pleased to you meet you all land people

Thank you


Goodbye El




Goodbye you all, until next time

See you

I believe that one day we will meet again

Undersea and Land people
One day will be able to get along

That's all

It seems

If we take care of the sea better
I believe people will like the sea

Goodbye hope that one day we will meet again

How's the undersea adventure? fun, right?

Of course
How's the undersea adventure? fun, right?

Of course

Then let's go home