Doraemon: Great Adventure in the Antarctic Kachi Kochi (2017) - full transcript

Unable to endure the midsummer heat, Doraemon transports Nobita and his friends to a huge iceberg floating in the South Pacific. While creating an amusement parks with the secret tool "... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Antarctica: 100,000 years ago

Is this...?



Blizzarga's skeleton.

That's it!

Be more careful!

That silhouette...

Carla, hurry!

Almost...I got it!

Let's go!


I'll use Noise Balls. Keep going.

Professor! Teck!

Oh no!


The ring!

Tokyo: 100,000 years later

The heat wave continues.

Many cities will see temperatures

rising over 35 degrees again today.

Some areas in central Tokyo have hit

a record high of 45 degrees.

A gadget for all-you-can-eat shaved ice?

At this rate, I'll die of heat.

I can't focus on homework either.

You never stop complaining.

It's from Dorami.

Are you okay, Brother?

Good. You look well.

I'm not well at all. It's so hot here.

Hot? That's strange.

According to robot fortune-telling

you're about to face an ice crisis this week.

Ice crisis?

It's supposed to be accurate.

See? Ice crisis.

You're going to face an icy cold danger.

Just be careful, okay? Stay away from ice.

Also beware of penguins.

Your lucky item is a star.

Dorami, you're too easily swept away by lies.

What?! Swept away by ice?!

If I don't eat shaved ice, I'll burn to death.

Shaved ice... Ice...

I know a place where there's plenty of ice!

It's in here somewhere...

Here. It made me curious so I kept it.

A giant iceberg?

Let's stuff ourselves with shaved ice.

Great idea.

But what about Dorami's prediction?

She said you should beware of an ice crisis.

Don't worry about it.

This is the giant iceberg?

It's over there.

I don't see anything.

The article was a month old.

Maybe it already melted.

Over here!

That wall of ice...


It's the giant iceberg!

Wow! Is this all ice?

All-you-can-eat shaved ice!

There's more ice than we can eat.

Get me Anywhere Door,
I'll go home for a table and some chairs.

I have a perfect gadget for that.

Ice Carving Iron!

What's that?

This is a table?

I made a mistake.

I have set it to plus.

Then I narrow the tip.

Like this.

Like this.

Wow! It's a sofa.

Looks good, Next.
Bouncy Spray!

It makes ice soft and bouncy

and prevents it from melting.

So how about a table?

I can make anything in any shape with this.

So nice and cool.

It's too hot in the summer these days.

I wish the whole earth was

covered in ice like this.

There you go again.

But long ago, the earth was covered in ice

just like your wish.

I know. The age when there were mammoths.

Many more years before that

the whole earth was covered

in a very thick layer of ice.


Even the seas and the mountains were frozen.

The landscape must have looked

like this all over the world.

It's called the Snowball Earth period

thought to have lasted dozens of million years.

It was long before the birth of humans on Earth.

We've cooled off enough.

Now go home and do your homework.

But it's so nice here.

Let's stay and hang out some more.

Why don't we build a frozen amusement park?

Doesn't that sound great?

A frozen ferris wheel and roller coaster!

What about your homework?

There's still time. Summer break isn't over yet.

Come on.

Okay but we can't stay very long.

Yes! That's my Doraemon!

Doraemon: Nobita's Great Adventure in the Antarctic Kachi Kochi

It stopped.

Nobita, what happened?!

How weird.

- Doraemon!
- Here it is.


We could've been hurt.

Make it properly.


Can we try it?

Yeah but...

I'll make one that's even better.

Did you hear that?

Hey, guys!

Doraemon made it go really deep.

Something's buried down there.

What is this?

The tunnel!

Uh-oh! The iceberg is starting to melt!

Where's Nobita?



Watch out!



Over there.


What's that frozen thing?

I found it at the bottom of the iceberg.

What is it?

One of Doraemon's gadgets?

It's not mine.

- Watch it.
- Sorry about that.

It looks like a bracelet.

Did someone lose it?

We should take it to the police.

But we were the only ones there.

If it was frozen,

It must have been there for a long time.

That iceberg came drifting from Antarctica, right?


So does this belong to someone in Antartica?

Do people actually live there?

Sure, they do.

This could be an amazing discovery.


What do you mean?

Ice Age Gauge!

This will tell us when something was frozen.


100,000 years ago. Just as I thought.

100,000 years?!

Such long time ago?

An iceberg is made from snow
piling up over thousand of years.

so the deeper the ice, the older it is.

This is that old?

There's more.

Antartica was discovered around 200 years ago.

Nobody shoud have been there before that.

Plus, it was the Old Stone Age 100,000 years ago.

There was no technology to make a
ring of this quality back then.

Antartica 100,000 years ago?!

If we find the owner...

A discovery...

of the century!

Weren't there other things in the ice?

Let's go back and look.

It's getting late so let's do it tomorrow.

We'll go back to the iceberg.

All right. Let's meet here tomorrow morning.

Wake up on time!

Of course!

Good night.

Good night.



Who's there?


So cold. Wait!


Ice crisis. Your lucky item is a star.

Beware of ice.

Does it belong to someone?

We should take it to the police.


See you later!

Where are you going so early in the morning?

Just to Antarctica.

Be home by dinner.



My cousin told me about it.

Legend says that there is an ancient
civilization beneath Antarctica.

Some people think it's the mystery
civilization of Atlantis.

Even if it was 100,000 years ago

the people of Atlantis could have made the ring.

I see. So where in Antarctica is this Atlantis?

It's Atlantis.

Nobody knows. That's why it's a mystery.

Is it true?

I don't know if it's Atlantis or not

but it's possible that something

is buried under Antarctica.

Look at this map.

This is the location of the yesterday's iceberg.

The current flows like this around here.

The iceberg must have been
carried by this current.

If we trace it back to its origin

it takes us west all the way
around the continent...

And we end up here.

That's where the iceberg was formed.

So that's where...

Tamalantis is?!

But the ring didn't freeze here.

What do you mean?

The iceberg originated here, right?

Look at this next.

It is said that ice began forming

on Antarctica 40 million years ago.

Snow turned to ice and the
ice got bigger and bigger

turning into ice sheet.

It started moving.

Ice flows downward like thick
syrup because of its weight.

When it's pushed out into the sea, the waves...

It broke off.

This is an iceberg.

I get it now.

So that ring was frozen...

Somewhere on the continent where the

ice formed and flowed down from.

We'll use this map...

and look under the ice.

I can't imagine ice flowing like thick syrup.

In any case

we should go to this location on the

map where the iceberg was formed.

- For sure!
- Let's go!

The great discovery of Hamalandis in Antarctica.

Let's find the ring's owner.

Okay then.

Are you guys ready?

This is Antarctica?

I see stars.

It's winter on the other side of the world.

Polar night, when the sun doesn't rise
for months, occurs during the winter.

It's always nighttime?

Be careful.

It's about 30 degrees here

but it's minus 40 degrees beyond the door.

We won't survive. We'll freeze to death.

Don't worry.

Everyone, wear this.

What is it?


Wear this?

Ta-da! Polar Exploration Suit.

You won't slip on the ice

and can stay comfortable even in Antarctica.

How do I look?

- Really pretty.
- Yes, yes, yes.

Don't forget anything.

Off we go!

The stars are so beautiful!

Look. There's a building.

The Showa Station. It's a research outpost.

Yeah! This is my hill.

That's not fair. Then this is mine.

I still can't see the ice moving.

Of course not.
It only moves a few centimeters a day.

Are you serious?

How are we going to look under the ice?

Hold on.

Dig Here Wire!

What's this?

It detects things that are buried.

Turn around and close your eyes.

Like this?

Do you have something I can bury?

How about lemon-flavored candy?

Don't look.

Open your eyes and rub the wire.

Like this?

When you rub the wire,

it looks for things buried nearby.

The more you rub it, the wider and

deeper the range of detection

Keep rubbing it as we move forward

and it'll detect things in the ice.

I see.

Alright. Let's get going.

How does this thing move?

Here. Charmed Rope and Polar Exploration Musical Charts.

First, the Shape Tune.

That was the Advance Tune.

It accelerates up to 200 km per hour.

You're too slow.

Shut up.

Come on, Gian! Do it properly!

Are you guys okay?!

There's no way we can keep going.

Let's set up a bivouac.

Oh no! The tent.

Are you sure we're on the right course?

I'm exhausted.

Does Kamawandes really exist?

Let's call it a day and go
home after the blizzard.

But we've come all this way.

You haven't done anything.

Yes I have. I'm even rubbing the wire now...

It's reacting.

It's going outside.

Look over there!

This reaction...

Right below us.

All right!
Probe Mole!

First, we'll use this and...


What's wrong?

It's frozen.



An entire town must be buried below.

In that case...


Be more careful, will you?


Get me down.

This is Subglacial Explorer.

It can dig a few thousand meters down ice.

Take your seats and strap yourselves in.

Let's see...

Activate engine, gyro control, and radar.

Is everybody ready?


We're ready.

Here we go.

Angle, good. Subglacial Explorer, take off.

Horizontal axis, check. Depth finder, check.

X axis, 2% positive, Y axis, 3% negative.

Look, Nobita.

The ice...

They're like stars.

Light is reflecting off air
bubbles trapped in the ice.

I can't believe how thick Antarctic ice is.

It's 4,000-meters at its thickest point.

Wow! It's more than Mount Fuji's elevation.

Why? We're not that deep yet.

Where are we?

We should be under the ice of Antarctica.

What is that?

What happened?!


Oh my gosh!

What is that?

Let's go look.

Wait, Gian!

A discovery of the century!

Nobita, that shape...

It's the same.

The ring definitely must have frozen here.

How do we go inside?

I don't see an entrance.

The wire must have reacted to this tower.

But I thought it was something bigger.

Hey, wait.

Are you okay?

You never change, do you?

Look, Doraemon.

The town is frozen.

This is what the wire reacted to.


The wall of the tower.

There's a hole.

It's probably an entrance.

Let me handle it.

Here you go.

It's not frozen inside.

Hey! Is anybody here?!

I see something.

Maybe a treasure of Atlantis?

It's ice.

Something's frozen.

I'll take care of it.

What is this furry thing?

It doesn't look like a treasure.

It's moving.

A mammoth?

I don't think so...

Are you from Atlantis?

We're looking for the owner of a ring.

Are you its...

You're tickling me.

What is it?

He's seems so fond of him.

A bag? You're giving it to me?

What is this?

Do you know what it is?

It looks really familiar...

You're tickling me.

Now he seems really fond of Doraemon.

Nobita, do you know him?

No, I don't think we've met before.

Guys, over here! It goes even deeper.

It's pitch black.

How far does it go?

Let's use this. Dispensable Artificial Sun.

It illuminates for 10 minutes.

I see something.

Let's check it out.


Whoa! Hey!

Look, Gian.

Something else is frozen.

This one doesn't look like a mammoth.

Could this be...?

What is it?

You're kidding...

I'm frozen.

It's definitely Doraemon, isn't it?

It was frozen 100,000 years ago

just like the ring.

An ice crisis...

Dorami's prediction was right.

Wait a second. I'm not frozen yet.

Let's melt it.

Maybe he'll start moving too.


He's made of stone.

Why is a stone Doraemon here?

What's wrong, shoat?

A shoat is a baby hog.

So how do you call a baby mammoth?

Uh...Little mammoth?

Doraemon turned into a penguin.

I'm not a penguin.

What is he doing?!


Um...Here it is.

Instant Ice Light!


We're safe.

Doraemon the penguin attacked us.

He was saying something.

He sounded really angry.

What happened here 100,000 years ago?

Let's use the time machine and
travel back 100,000 years.

We can see what happened.

Good idea.

Okay. Let's go back to Nobita's room and...

I left Anywhere Door behind!

What are we gonna do?

Don't worry, I have something.

Time Belt!

I'll set it to 100,000 years ago.

Everybody, grab on.

We can't change locations

but we can travel through time any way we want.

45,000 years ago.

50,000 years ago. 55,000 years ago.

60,000 years ago. 65,000 years ago.

70,000 years ago .. 75,000 years ago.

80,000 years ago .. 85,000 years ago.

90,000 years ago. 95,000 years ago.

100,000 years ago!

This is 100,000 years ago?


The ice is gone.

That penguin is gone too.

Something is about to happen here.

Battery level: 20%.

The battery is running out quickly

since there were many of us.

Are we gonna be okay?

Yeah. I have spare batteries for emergencies.

Look over there.

There's light inside.

Maybe we can open it.


Let me try.

Come on, you guys. Help me.

Where are we?

It's a town. It's not frozen yet.


It's an era before Antarctica was frozen.

That's weird.

Antarctica was already frozen 100,000 years ago.

Is this the tower we climbed down?

The sky is on the ceiling.

We really are underneath the ice of Antarctica.

Hey! Yoo hoo! Anybody there?!

People of Atlandes! Can you hear me?!

Be careful.

It looks really old.

Is anybody here?

Let's go down.


Watch out! Take it easy.

Guys, wait up!

I don't think anybody's here.

Where did the residents go?

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Moffy got too excited.


I named him Moffy because he keeps going "mof"

What is this place?

It looks like it collapsed not too long ago.

What's that black thing?


What is it?

There's water flowing.

Maybe there's fish.

Did you hear something?

An explosion!


Where's my Hopter?!

Where are you going?

Moffy's friend? A girl?

Excuse me!

Was that Atlantean? What did she say?

What? What's going on?

Something's coming.

It spit something out.

So cold.

Your leg!

He can't move.


She saved us.

What's that octopus?

I think it's a squid.



What was that?

Get me Translation Gummy.

Hey, wait! What's going on?

I'll tell you later.

It's frozen.

Did you see that? My do-do-do attack!

My do-do-do attack was more effective.

What did you say?

Hurry up, Doraemon.

Here. Eat it.

Thanks for your help. Are you okay?

You can speak my language?

It crushed my do-do-do!

It takes more than that to beat Octogon.

Octogon? Doesn't he have a weakness?

I used up my Noise Balls.

Noise Balls? He doesn't like noise?


Okay! Supersonic Monster Buster!

We're no match for him.

Gian, sing into this.

Sing? Why?


You're a superstar!

You think so? All right, if you insist...

It stopped moving.

It's working.


Why did he flee during my song?

He was probably so moved that he almost passed out.

Oh...I see.


Who are you guys?


The Pao-Pao welcome dance.

If the Pao-Paos like you, you can't be bad people.

They're called Pao Paos, huh?

I think he's lost. Do you know him?

Lost? He looks like Yucatan's little brother.

But his ear has a different shape.



Let me introduce myself. I'm Nobita.

This is Doraemon and Shizuka.

I'm Suneo.

You can call me Gian.

I'm Carla. This is Yucatan.

We came from Ice-Ice Planet to study these ruins.

Ice-Ice Planet?

So you're not from Kamawandes.

And that monster?

That was Octogon, a statue that protects these ruins.

It found me when I was looking

for something I lost yesterday.

Something you lost?


We're looking for the owner of this ring.

Where did you find that?

It's yours then! Great!

It was frozen in ice 100,000 years from now.

100,000 years? Frozen in ice?

We're from 100,000 years in the future.

What's the matter?

Be quiet. We're surrounded by Stone Bats.




Let go of my backpack!

Give back my instant noodles and my snacks!

My luxury chocolate and potato chips!

They're attracted to food and shiny objects.

Everybody, in here!

Is everyone safe?

Oh no! The ring!

It's up there.

All right! Bring It Bag!

With this, I can bring things from far away.


What's wrong?

Ouch! Ow! Ow!

They're flying away.

It's okay. I have something else.

Tracer Badge!

This signal tells us where it is.

They're flying to the tower.

- Let's chase them.
- Yeah.


It's almost night. It's too dangerous.


Carla, are you okay? What's happening?

I found the ring but the Stone Bats took it.

I see. But it's almost night.
You better come back.

That map indicated the ring's location, right?

It sure does.

I have some guests.


You'll be safe in our shelter during the night.

Let's resume our search in the morning.

May I borrow that map?

Yeah, sure...

In this town, there's only 3 hours

of daylight when the sky appears on the dome ceiling.

Otherwise, it's night.

3 hours?

It gets really cold at night,

below minus 100 degrees.

You'll freeze to death in those coats.


100 degrees?! What kind of place is this?

This is a city built by our ancestors.

The ancient people of the Ice-Ice Planet.

Nobody lives here anymore.

It's catching up.

Don't worry.

Hang on tight. Don't fall off.

This car is amphibious.



We're here. I welcome you.

Lots of Moffy's friends.

We're all traveling together.

I'm back.

He's adorable.

Come with me.

They're frozen.

They're hibernating.

Pao-Paos can sleep for years in ice.

They're asleep?

So that's why Moffy was in ice.

When they're hibernating, they don't age.

They live long lives.

One Pao-Pao was discovered in ice

in a comet wondering through
space for million of years.

Up here.

Welcome to our shelter.

What's the matter?

You must be the guests. Welcome to our shelter.

Professor, you're in a Survival Suit.

You left the island, didn't you?

You need to be resting.

Oh, this...Sorry.

Don't be so angry.

I was just examining the ruins.

You broke your leg. It's not healed yet.


It doesn't hurt anymore.

We haven't had guests in a while.

We'll open the pantry tonight.


We've only had potatoes lately.

We're having a feast tonight.

You can try the Bomb Puddings.



Take a shower first and get
the dust off your bodies.


I promised Mother I'll be back for dinner.

Yeah. My mom's gonna yell at me.

Don't worry. We'll use the time machine

and go back to the day we left.

Something smells good.


It'll be ready when it's done steaming.


I'm ready.

Let's eat!



It's like cheese and marshmallows.

It reminds me of a 5 star restaurant in Paris.


You came from 100,000 years in

the future to deliver the ring?

What kind of place is Ice-Ice Planet?

It's 100,000 years away from here.

Look at that photo.

A white planet.

It used to be rich in nature

but now it's covered in ice.

The planet froze?

Because of Blizzarga.


It's a long story.

Our ancestors, the ancient Ice-Ice people

had scientific technology advanced enough

to travel all over the galaxy.

But the technology was lost.

It wasn't passed on to us.

We caught this insect in the ruins here.

The ancient people created it with the

same technology used for the statue.

Same as the octopus monster?

By studying the ruins of the ancient people

we've made scientific progress.

But we discovered a door

that we shouldn't have opened.

Blizzarga, powerful statues that move.

Their power was too great for us to control.

Everybody abandoned the planet.

But I set out on a journey

in search of ways to seal the Blizzarga again.

It has turned out to be a long journey

but finally on this planet,

we found a ring that encaptures their power.

We didn't realize it was so special.

We have to get it back.


But why did the ancient people
create something so terrible?


Why is there one on Earth?

When they discovered an inhabitable planet,

they used Blizzarga to freeze it.


But you can't live on frozen planets.

Yes, you can.

When the ice melts,

the planet makes an explosive transformation.

Snowball Earth.

What was that again?

Something about the earth being
covered in ice long ago...


I don't get it.

The same thing happened on Earth.

About 600 million years ago,

Earth was also covered in ice.

They say it continued for dozens of million years.

Some time after the ice melted,

organisms on Earth made a huge evolution.

It's called the Cambrian Explosion

which led to the emergence of

most present-day animal species.

So we exist today thanks to the ancient people?

But all the Blizzargas here

were incomplete and abandoned.

Maybe the ancient people had nothing

to do with why this planet froze.

Sumo goggles and bulldozer...

I see.

You're so clueless.

Don't worry about a thing.

I'll kick the monster's butt.

Did the ancient people make this too?

That's a warrior robot I bought on Dorodoro-meda.

Push the button on its back.

Neat, isn't it?

The eyes also used to glow.

Here's another one.

This one's eyes still glow.

Let's have dessert.

Bomb Puddings.

At the moment,
I was in a battle against a space monster.

I was attacked again and again

but I didn't give up

and delivered the final blow...

I'm squashed.

We can't all fit in the Explorer

but I didn't want to leave them behind.

It hasn't moved since yesterday.

It's probably where their nest is.

The Stone Bats' nest...

This could be interesting.

See what I mean?

You can't go with that leg.

Please wait here.

But I have to record important
research material on camera.

Let me down! Hey!

We won't be long.

I'll take care of the camera.

Oh boy...

What's happening?

The Blizzarga hangar...

Snow Fireflies are gathering
even though it's still daytime.


We have to climb this?

It seems like it.

Let's go.

Hold on.

If anything happens,

protect yourselves with those gadgets.

Here we go!

Suneo, don't fall behind.

What is it?

I thought someone was there.

We're close.

Where's Nobita and the others?

Oh yeah...

Oh no...I think we got separated.

Okay then. Let's use this.

Find It Cane!

It tells us where something is.

Where's the ring?

It's thinking.

That way!

It has 70% accuracy.

Not very reliable.

Don't say that. It got depressed.

Anyway, let's go.

We have to climb more stairs?

We sure do. Come on.

Shaved Ice? You eat ice?

This way.

With flavored syrup. It's really good.

Oh yeah? You eat everything.

Not everything.

I bet you guys can even eat Blizzarga.

So what is Blizzarga like?

A giant with a frozen body.

Once, I saw one close up.

He gets bigger and bigger by eating ice.


I'll go tell everyone.

Our town was frozen that day.

But that ring is going to save us.

It'll turn Blizzarga into shaved ice.

Then I'll bring you some syrup.

What flavor should I get you?


Where's Doraemon?

Over there.

Nobita, this way!


Go on ahead.

The Stone Bats' nest.

The Stone Bats' collection of junk.

Gian's and Suneo's backpacks.

Is that...?

I found the ring.

Who entered my tower without permission?

Who are you?

This is incredible.

Blizzarga's body is forming with ice.


It should be close by.

You guys took so long.


Oh no.

Big trouble!

Where's everyone?

What's here?

This way.

I found the badge.

You're right.

But why?

It probably fell from above.

The ring must be up there.

Did you hear that noise?

What noise?

Hey! Nobita!

Where is he taking them?

It's a trap! They'll get skewed!

Hey! Nobita!

I have to warn them.

You don't need the gadgets anymore.


Don't let him fool you!

He's an imposter!

Two Doraemons?

What's going on?

Come on, you guys.

I'm the real Doraemon.

No! I am!

Who's the imposter?

Tell me or I'll punch you.

Look at that Doraemon.

His bell and pocket are made of ice.

That's it!

If you're the real Doraemon,

take something out from your pocket.

- Okay.
- Okay.


They're real.

Doraemon's gadgets.

Which means...

That's the imposter.


He switched them!

I see.

That's possible.

Then what's my name?

And what's mine?

That's easy.


What happened?

He can't say it.

Gian and Suneo.

So we were right.

He's the imposter.

You imposter!

I'm going to punish you.


Who is he?

I think it's the statue that protects this tower.

What should we do?

Let's freeze him with Instant Ice Light.

He looks angry.

Show us who you are, imposter!

I kind of feel sorry for him.

He might not be the imposter.

Don't be stupid.

His bell and pocket are ice

and he doesn't know our names.


Fine then.

You decide.


You know Doraemon better than any of us.


Nobita, be careful.

What if they're both real?

Huh? Are you crazy? That's impossible.

Carla, freeze him.


Get out of the way.


He looks real to me

even if his bell and pocket are ice.

Even if he can't say your names,

Doraemon is Doraemon!


I've heard enough.

That's totally ridiculous!

Give it to me!




You saved me.

Thank you.

You scared me.

If he saved Nobita...

That's the imposter!

He froze.

I can talk.



He was going to skewer us.

Doraemon saved us.

Isn't this place...

where we arrived after our time slip?

It is.

That penguin was pretending to be Doraemon.

Stay there and be frozen forever!

You might be the one to melt
him 100,000 years from now.

You think so?

Then I'll beat him up right now.

If you do that, it'll change history.

Let's leave him like this.

You saved me.

Doraemon, sorry about earlier.

It was our fault.

Forget about it.

So, where's the ring?

That way.

It's pointing at Doraemon.

Could it be...?

This is...

The ring!

He put it in the pocket.


Here you go.

Thank you, everyone!

What is it?

Oh no. It'll be night soon.

Professor, we got the ring.

Good job.

But we have to return the ring to Blizzarga.

Return it?

This Blizzarga wasn't incomplete.

It was completed and sealed

right before it was given life.

We released it.

What does that mean?

At this rate, the planet will get covered in ice.


Look over there!

Blizzarga is about to wake up.


It may not be too late.

Return the ring!

What happens to the ring then?

I don't know. But for now...

Without this ring,

we can't unfreeze Ice-Ice Planet.

What's the problem?!

Earth is going to freeze!



Give me that ring.

It's too late!

Big holes in the ceiling!



That's him?

He woke up!

I'm not gonna let him freeze Earth!

Stop! He'll see us.

Everyone, in the tower! Now!

That was close.

His ear...

There's medicine in the bag.

Don't worry. It'll heal right away.


I'm back in the shelter. The Pao-Paos are safe.

We'll meet you there.

Stay where you are. It's too dangerous here.

The town is freezing.

Stand back!

What should we do? It'll be night soon.

Let's use Time Belt. Everybody, climb up!

What are we doing?

Evacuating to 100,000 years in the future.

Everybody, grab on!







This is 100,000 years in the future?

I'm gonna go back and get Yucatan and Doraemon.

Battery level: 0%

No more power.


It turned off.

We're under the ice of Antarctica, aren't we?

Are we trapped in here?

You guys shouldn't have come here, Carla!

Yeah! It's your fault that
we're in so much trouble!


Do something, Carla!

Wait a minute.

Carla only wanted to save her planet.

Don't blame her.


Yeah, you two. Knock it off.

Darn it!

Why did you hit me?



It's too cold for this.

Dorami's prediction came true.

Time belt must've run out of power.

I'm going to be frozen here.

You're right. I shouldn't give up.

Nobita needs me.

How I can send this spare battery
to 100,000 years in the future?

I saw this somewhere...

It's coming. Let's go up.

You can hibernate in ice.

You can at least save yourself.

I'm a high-spec robot but I can't hibernate.

Hibernate? Wait a second. This battery...

Your lucky item is a star.

Okay! I know!

These are the only gadgets we have.

Subglacial Explorer should be
above us, although it's broken.

Can we call for help with these?

This is the battery?

I think I saw this somewhere...

Moffy. Your bag was here?

Where did you get that bag?

It was frozen with Moffy.

That's Professor's bag.

It should be with Yucatan.

To think about it,

why was Moffy hibernating here?

Do you know something?

Moffy...Yucatan...Wait a second...

For me?

I saw it somewhere...

I named him Moffy because he keeps going "mof"



Okay, I understand.

You guys, we can go save Doraemon.

But how?

You'll be safe in ice.

Yucatan, give that bag to Nobita.

Why was the battery in the bag?

Doraemon gave it to Moffy.

It's working.

Then where did Moffy come from?

Moffy is Yucatan that Doraemon put
to hibernation 100,000 years ago.

Moffy was Yucatan?

No. Yucatan was Moffy.

But their colors are different.

He probably turned blue while he was hibernating.

Let's go to 100,000 years ago.

What about that monster?

That's right. We have to knock him out.


We have the ring.

I'll seal him with this.

Are you sure?

I can't save Ice-Ice Planet

knowing your planet got frozen.


Okay, let's go!

How will we get close to that monster?

Leave it to me. I have an idea.

Okay, okay, I'll go.

Are you guys ready?

Here we go.

Let's save the Earth!

My Hopter!

Oh no!



He's big but slow.

Come on.

Over here.

He got the battery.

Nobita! You too, Shizuka!

You came for me!

Let's go while Gian and Suneo
are distracting Blizzarga.

Remember our plan. Let's do it.

Hey there.

This way.

Bouncy Spray.

He won't get away so easily.

Good job.

What's that?

He's growing wings.

I didn't know he could do that.

Bouncy Spray...

He's going to fly to the surface
through a hole in the ceiling.

You guys, stay behind me.


The cape!

It's useless now!


It's slowing down.



I brought lake water with Bring-It-Bag.

Nice move.

He's made of ice so water is his weakness.

Nobita, now!

Let's go, Carla!


The light is disappearing.

We did it!

- That way!
- Let's go.

There they are.

My instant noodles.

My luxury chocolate.

Look, Gian. Are they...?

I'm sorry, Carla.

It's okay.

We'll look for another planet.


It's a big universe.

There must be others.

Where are Gian and Suneo?

Now that you mention it...

Where were you?

Look at this.

We found them in the Stone Bats' nest.

They were collecting them.


This is definitely worth examining.

We may be able to save Ice-Ice Planet.

That'll be great, Carla!

Thanks, Nobita.

You guys too.

We'll take you to the surface.

Get on the shelter.

What's going to happen to Yucatan?

You guys will wake him up 100,000 years from now.

100,000 years...

To them, it's like taking a nap.

100,000 years and a week later.

Crispy and juicy. On campaign right now.

Yes, I agree.

Exercise for your health.

The long heat wave is finally over.

Temperatures will drop tomorrow.


What are you doing?

Star gazing.

I set it to the coordinates of
Ice-Ice Planet Professor gave me.

It's 100,000 light years away

so its appearance is of 100,000 years ago.

This is Ice-Ice Planet?

It's white. Is it frozen?

Look closely.

I see it.

The ice is melting.

I bet Professor's research was a success.

I'm so happy for you, Carla.

It's gotten a lot cooler.

Summer is almost over.

Nobita! Doraemon!

Dinner's ready!