Dora or The Sexual Neuroses of Our Parents (2015) - full transcript

After her mother decides that eighteen-year-old mentally disabled Dora no longer has to take sedating drugs, the young woman begins to blossom. But when pleasure-loving Dora discovers her sexuality her strive for independence becomes increasingly risky. Her mother struggles to protect her: the family is threatened to fall apart. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
And swallow.

That's it.

And another.


Eat this, love.

Daddy's off to the airport.


How are you?

Fine, thanks.

We could...

...add some Methylphenidate... liven her up a bit.

What if we stop all the meds?

You're the mother.

I'll be right back.

or The Sexual Neuroses of Our Parents

Happy birthday, darling.
Happiness and good health!

Come on, open it.

Gently, gently.

Come on, I'll help you.


Thank you, thank you!

You're the best Godmother ever!

- Bon app?tit.
- Thank you.

Mummy! Mess!

Don't worry!

Give me your plate. Give it.

Maria, look!

- Throw it away.
- Okay.

Tell me...

Have you stopped her meds?

All of them?

What about consulting me?

You weren't there.

It seems a bit risky.

Mummy, I want to go alone.

Where are the apples from?

They're local.

- And what about you?
- What do you think?

- Local, too?
- Yes, I'm local, too.

50 cents.


- What's your name?
- Maria.

- I'll take another one.
- Sure, take both.

- We all smelled last time...
- True.

Well done!

What's that?!

Dora, I'm dead tired.

You're 18-
sleep in your own bed.

You know...

...when two are in love...

When they make love...

...the man puts his penis
into the woman's vagina.


That's "front-bum-willy".

As you wish: "front-bum-willy".

People do it for pleasure.

And to procreate.

For the preservation of species.

Preservation of species?!

To make babies.

That's it! To make babies.

Good night!

Mrs. Anderson, everything's ready.


And the pregnancy test.

- Good luck.
- Thanks.




It belongs to Sarah.


Max and Sarah are a couple.

I want to be a couple too.

Some day, darling.

Dora! Don't run off.

Dora. Come on, get out.

When two people like each other...

...they want to be alone,
and you must let them.

As long as you like me!

Do you like me?

Of course. I'm your dad
and you're my daughter.

Dora, no! Stop! Stop!

The president of the country
often invited him to dinner...

to discuss his problems with him.

Later, they drank...

spirits and told each other jokes.

He owned the nicest suitcase
of the country.

A frog lived in this suitcase.

The frog was as big as a child...

and brought the lord good luck.

...his love affairs...

...everything was a success
due to his wonderful frog.

The frog also made the lord
loved by all the people.

He was easy to please, drank from
time to time a glass of cider...

Shall I go on?

But it's your favourite.

Good night, sweetie.


What's up?

What's a mong?

Who said that?

On the bus.

Am I a mong?

No, you're not.

But he said so.


Nobody's allowed to say that to you.

Do you hear? Nobody!

What am I then?

You're Dora.

Am I handicapped?

You're just... different.

I don't want to be different.

I want to be like Maria.

Everything Maria does,
you can do too.

Even if you are different.

I don't want to be handicapped.

I don't want to be handicapped!

- These on top?
- On all of them.

Come along...!

- Are they really edible?
- Sure!

Do you think
I want to poison you?



- It looks beautiful!
- You like it?

For decoration.

You're still trying?

Why the pressure?

I really want another child.

Look at this beautiful color...

Anton, tell me...

Kristin will bake
eccentric cakes...

...for someone to jump out of?

Ideally, yes.

What's the occasion?

It's a burlesque party.

I might make marzipan squares... pistachio and white.
It would go nicely.

That's perfect- but why squares?

Try something more sensual.


Parties are your profession?

I organise parties.


What do you do?

I'm associate professor
of economic mathematics.

Wow, super.


So you're doing the catering
for a burlesque party?

Does it bother you?

Not at all.

That looks great.

You? Here?

It was a spontaneous idea.

- Was it a bad idea?
- A shit idea.

I'm at work.

I don't want to go.

It's nearly over.

Mum has to work.

One fifty!


Come on: lick my lolly.

I'll get you an ice-cream.

For you!

Come here.

Your pomegranate!

Please, describe the man!

Dora. What did he look like?

Then we can find him and then...

...then we'll get him!

He's a stranger.

He's got my pomegranate.

What did he look like?

He's got a willy...

...with two apricots.

Where is she?

She's having a check-up.
We have to wait.

We've found sperm and lesions
in the vaginal area.

There are no anal wounds.

There's a hematoma on her hip.

That's for the report, right?

How are you?

Fine, thank you.

Tell us exactly what happened.

"Front-bum-willy" is nice!

Does she have a legal guardian?


She's legally responsible.

You'll probably need more evidence.

We have a "sex and violence"

I'll make an appointment.


When was your last period?

A fortnight ago.

I suggest an HIV test...

...and the morning-after pill.

Mummy said, "no more pills".

It's an exception, I promise.

Do I know you?

You promised me ice-cream!

You've mistaken me.

But you... took my pomegranate.

Get lost!

Look, a bruise.

Get in!

What's your name?


Mrs. Anderson,
do you want to wait outside?

It's fine, thanks.

What do you like best about sex?

All holes are open.

Which holes?



And your bum-hole?


But in the car park!

They've met again!

Who with?

- With the stranger.
- What's he called?

Don't know.

Whose idea was it?

It was his.

Who started the sex?

He did!

Then what?

Then I was on top...

...and he panted
and I laughed!

I think I will wait outside.

It's okay.

What don't you like?

Tongue in my ear is "yuck".

What do you do?

I say, "no!"


What does he do?

He licks down there.

- She met him again.
- Let's have a seat.

You have to wee on this stick.

Okay, you've brushed enough.

But that's great...'s wonderful!


Now think hard!

Who was the man who assaulted...

I mean...

Who did "front-bum-willy" with you?

- Peter.
- Peter who?

You're pregnant.

- There's a baby in your tummy.
- Yes mum, I have to go.

Say something!

Nowadays it's not a big deal.

- You have no idea!
- True. I have no idea.

But I have the answer,
and so do you.

Dora, you forgot something.

I'll do it.

We just want you to be safe.


For you.

Will there be another baby?


Mummy said there's a
baby in there.


Get dressed!

I'm calling the police.

Tell us, do you like fucking me?

She's disabled.

You could say that
about a lot of people.

You've got her pregnant.

We'll get rid of it.

You're not in charge
of her body.

Then look after her better.

Ever heard of the pill?

Ever heard of condoms?
Dora, get dressed!

Why? I'm HIV negative.

Get dressed, Dora!

Oh yeah...

...brilliant plan.


Here's the evaluation.

Mrs. Anderson,
you want an abortion?


Oh, so you're pregnant?


Mrs. Anderson?

Do you want to abort this child?

I'm Dora.

Don't you want the child?

No. I mean yes.

No. I mean yes.

One moment.

Please can you leave?

I'll be right back.

Don't you want the child?


It's gone now.

Not this nonsense again.

Pills are "yuck"!

This is different:

It's so you don't get pregnant
and we have to abort again.


Ok. No more pills.

We'll ask for something else.

Stop it, I don't want to.

Stop it!

Show me.

You should consult a geneticist.

Can we buy jeans now?

Why are we with the professor?

To see what kind
of child you'll have.

Then we can choose.

We can choose!

The results are normal.

- It's a girl.
- A girl!

With blue eyes, please!

And long hair...

...that I can plait!

This isn't a restaurant
with a menu.

But not a mong like Sarah.

Dora... We have to talk.

What will you do?

Who'll look after it?

I will.


You're good at it!

You're the best mum
in the world.

I've got my own life.

You're here.

So I'm going to be a grandad
and you a dad.

Yes. And?

Any thoughts?

I fuck your daughter, that's all.

Watch it!

You don't know
who else she's fucking.

We'll do a paternity test.

Then grab a hair!

Go on, pluck one out.

I don't fancy in-laws.

Certainly not ones like you.

Next time, I'll kill him.

I'll be dead soon.

I'm sorry.

Is there ever a moment... don't long for a healthy child?

A moment without the pain.

To see her grasp
a complex thought...

One moment
without being envious...

...of all those other families.

If I could go back,
I'd abort, "bam"...

...and bare a healthy child.

You know what I think?

Nothing is uglier
than a jealous mother.

Where's that?

Las Vegas.

What can you do there?


...and marry.

I want to marry!

Can we go to Las Vegas?


I need a ring!

That's a big one.

Who are you cooking for?

For Peter.

And my new family.

You're doing really well.

Now you have to look after the baby.

Take her!

I'll leave you alone.

Back in a minute.

That's third degree burns!

Who'll take her to hospital? You?!

It takes practice.


She'll learn.

Not with me.


Stop it!

Let's go.


Do we live here now?

You live here.


I'll visit you.

- Welcome, Dora!
- Welcome, Dora!

We'll be back.

I want to stay with you.

Take good care of yourself...

...and of the baby in your tummy.

I'll visit whenever I can.

I promise.

Head up.



Dinner's ready. Spaghetti!

Clear that away, please.


If it's not for the table,
it goes into the bin!

It's the rules.

I'm getting married.

- You can't!
- Can!

- Can't!
- Can!

- I can get married!
- Stop struggling!

Stop! Stop!

I can do everything.

But you can't!

I brought you something.

I lost it.

I'm so sorry.

Come back home!


Go away.


I just wanted to say that I...

...I don't want her
to be alone, Dora.

Be nice to her.



Come on...

...just piss off, okay?


- That's Mark.
- Hello Mark.

And so punctual!

Can you tell the time?

Three thirty.

Clever girl!


Here Peter, for you.

It's actually Peter's.


Are you a pregnant retard,
or a retarded mother-to-be?

Come here.



What's up?

I don't want that.

I don't want that!

What's wrong?

Hey, stop it.

Are you in a bad mood?

Calm down.

Just leave her.

Just leave her!

Have you lost your nerve?


It's love!

Then have fun!

You'll make a cute little...

...retard family.


Can we go to Las Vegas now?

Eat up!

They're so beautiful!

You're so beautiful!

Do they have ice-cream in Las Vegas?

It's the best in the world.

You can sit in a jacuzzi
eating ice-cream all day.

That'll be nice!

I'll wear white tennis shorts...

...and a white polo-shirt
with a green wreath. legs are tanned... serves are all in.

The green wreath will be nice.

It'll be nice.

We'll leave tomorrow!

We'll leave tomorrow.

At this time.

At this time.

Give me a kiss!

What's wrong?

you're getting carried away.

She's in good hands.

Have some faith in her!

You can't tie her up!


...I'll call her.

Fine, thank you, daddy.


Yes, Peter!

But not today.

It's getting late.
Go to bed now, okay?

Sleep tight.

I love you too, bye.

Come on.

Let's go home.


I'm coming!

I'm sorry.

She said she
doesn't want to see you.

Go away!