Dora... la frénésie du plaisir (1976) - full transcript - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

After a short story by

The outdoor scenes were filmed in Africa.

We thank the various countries
that received us.

Boss! Koutou is back.
He seems tired.

Something terrible has happened.
Nyangara was killed by an elephant!

Is Nyangara dead? What happened?

The white shot an elephant.
It got furious and set off ...

- ... and so it found Nyangara!
- Where's the client?

He and the village chief
carried Nyangara's body away.

We go and take care of it.

- Nothing new?
- Nothing new.

Let me be, Riccardo!
I will never sleep with you!

We shall see...

Beautiful bride. Is there anything to download?

Dora is a friend of the Swede Olivier.
He works as a guide for Joe Dupuis.

- Can you put in a shock?
- It's unprofitable. She's sold.

- On who?
- There he is.


- You did not wait for me.
- I was bored. But I take care of myself.

- Is not true, Maurice?
- I'm keeping an eye on her.

- Whiskey?
- No, I'm going to wash myself.

I would have been back sooner.
I will explain. Little trouble.

Hello, Maurice.

It was his fault that the tracker Nyangara
was trampled to death by an elephant.

I was at the inspection office when they
received the message. It's out with him.

It would all suit you.

I repaired the car when it happened.

Riccardo has his own version. He's
talking shit about you and bumps into me.

I'll deal with him.

Now we'm not talking about that anymore.

I'm completely done.

I'm already asleep.

You're really tired, honey.
Then we sleep.

Unbelievable! Here he is and I
have to jerk off! -I can not stand it!

- What are you not up to?
- Let me caress you a little at least.

Share a little! I'm hot too.

Did he not come back with you?

He met with the hunting inspector
and the police superintendent .

Olivier was not even there when it happened!
It's Riccardo who's been talking shit.

But Olivier will deal with him!

I already have worries so that's enough.
Nyangara is dead, new clients on the way

-and my guide risks prosecution.

Prosecution? Forget it.
I'm going to smash them all to pieces!

- Someone can hear!
- I do not care.

The chief said: "Do not shoot at elephants and
buffaloes. It is forbidden without me."

"Antelopes and pigs are allowed."

The rest of us went with the white gentleman,
but found no antelopes or pigs.

Nyangara found elephant droppings.
He poked it with his foot.

The white gentleman would do the same.

But he did not want that.
"It's crap," he said.

He wanted to kill an elephant. I said
that Monsieur Olivier would be angry.

He tried to bribe us with presents,
and Nyangara took a bite.

- He went away with the white gentleman.
- And what did you do?

I came along, but not because of the
gift, but to help.

Why did you defy the guide's order?

When the car left, I
thought it was goodbye to the safari.

But then I had the opportunity to try
my luck at hunting, and I shot the animal.

- But the bullet did not hit right.
- And see what happened.

The elephant killed the tracker.

There are things that insurance
can not replace.

Monsieur Savignac,
there will be no penalties for you.

And you, Monsieur van Strein, can take the
flight home when you have written your statement.

- Par i ess.
- Two couples, ladies and jacks.

And eight pairs of bangs!

Leave them alone!

Seså, Riccardo!

Do not eat everything.

- Maurice, I will compensate for the damage.
- Do not think about it.

Olivier is back with the clients.

I could not pick you up at the airport
because I arranged your permits.

But your hunting guide certainly
replaced me in the best way.

Everything is clear.
You can go out into the bush.

You have the best organization
and guide-

- and you know our slogan
"safety first".

One of your trackers was killed
by an elephant. "Security then."

- It was a hunter who was careless.
- Carry your luggage.

We can meet tonight
and talk through everything.

- Joe Dupuis offers a drink.
- Thanks.

Hurry up!

What are we going to shoot for the buffaloes?

We will probably continue west.
There are still nice elephants.

You mean the one who trampled
Nyangara to death . And as you want to shoot.

If anyone's gonna shoot it, it's me.
You must not help.

- It's in the contract.
- I know.

I understand you want to shoot alone,
but the elephant killed my tracker.

- It is damaged and very dangerous.
- I'm gonna shoot it.

He left me alone for a month
to hunt an animal with twisted horns.

- The species is called bongo.
- Not to be confused with bongo drum.

I would never have waited for anyone
so long.

You are not in love.
At least not in me.

I would have noticed that.

It is late. It's over twelve.

- We leave at seven tomorrow morning.
- It will be fine.

- Are you happy? Your client is good looking.
- Now she's up and running again.

I know you. Clients are sacred.
You have to sleep with them.

- Let me be.
- Nevermind.

You're free. I'm free too.

As soon as you're gone
, everyone runs after me.

- Even Riccardo.
- Nothing to brag about.

- And your boss. I can tell.
- Do not do it.

- An accident happens so easily.
- In that case, it's your own fault.

You talk lubrication.

- I love you, but you're still gone.
- It's my job.

- Accept it, or change.
- I can not.

Madame can shower.

- Carry this in!
- It's going away!

Koloko, put on a charcoal!
Do not be lazy, hurry up!

I'm feeling really good.

I have not thought about the business

Last year I had a well-known author
as a client. He did not write a single line.

During the hike in the bush
you will forget everything.

The concept of time and of money,
everyday worries - everything like that fades.

I found my truth in the bush.

While waiting to find mine,
I'm going to take a shower.

Tell the monsieur
that the filling is in progress.

They're going to dance tonight.

A wedding dance for the chief's son
who takes a second wife.

We are welcome,
but we are not allowed to film or take photos.

I'm not coming, I'm tired.

- But go, Barbara.
- I do not want to miss something like that.

The refill is complete.

- Where's Momba and Koutou?
- The shooter, sir.

- You can serve the filling.
- Yes, sir!

- What is the refill?
- For them, it means dinner.


- Shall we go?
- We go.

- Did you see? Did you like it?
- Yes.

- And you?
- Very much.

No, do not shower. Come on.

Come on.

Soon we will see the first antelopes.
You can shoot a nice rooster.

That's good, boss.
Koutou needs meat!

- That species is called Buffon's cob.
- Do you want to shoot, Barbara?

- No.
- Shoot, Jacques.

Prepare the 338.

Approach carefully and aim at the male
standing straight ahead.

- Kiss Me.
- Your husband and the others can come.

No one is coming yet.

- Turn so I see where I met.
- Well shot.

Fine. Good shot.
Carry it to the car.

You have been walking for ten hours.
You must be tired.

The hardest thing is to walk with your eyes
fixed in front of your feet, in silence.

You forget where you are and what
to do. The head becomes completely empty.

For me, it is the opposite.
I'm starting to ponder.

- A sign that you have a problem.
- Who does not have it?

- The rifles are like new.
- Put them in my tent.

Koutou, you who are a witch doctor -
will Madame have any hunting luck tomorrow?

- Touch it, and you'll be lucky tomorrow.
- You certainly know nice songs too.

I only sing when it's full moon.

You would get a stomach ache from my song.

You laugh instead of working!

Koloko, Bibi!
Get Madame's refills ready!

Damn lazy worms!

He is wonderful. Genuine.
But a poetic side.

We have worked together for five years.
He's something really special.

- Every town has a Madame Koutou.
- And Koutou little ones!


He and Nyangara had
long discussions. They shared everything.

They kept arguing about who was the father
of the children. Now it's over.

- You liked Nyangara.
- Yes.

He was young and happy.
He laughed constantly.

- He was a skilled tracker.
- How did it happen when he was killed?

We're not talking about it. I have a little
to do, so you can start eating without me.

- He's sympathetic.
- Yes, a lot.

You do not shoot into a herd.

Shoot it in the heart.

- You shot a little low.
- I was shaking my hand.

- The bullet hit the tip of the lung.
- The animal is injured and has hidden.

- What do we do?
- It will soon be dark.

I'll run out of buffalo tomorrow morning.

- I'm looking for it right.
- Remember what happened to Nyangara.

- Here it is I who decides.
- We'll be back tomorrow.

- Not me.
- We can do without you.

You will be alone with him
all day.

- You must be happy.
- Overjoyed, you mean.

See you tonight.

He knew he was playing
a dangerous game.

He thought of his first wife
and some unforgettable details ...

- We arrive before dark.
- Who's waiting for us?

- None.
- Wonderful.

He may well drive again.

Drive again, then. He is not wise!

He drives like a madman!

Now he's slowing down too!

Do not move and be quiet.

So you are newlyweds?

Get out!

Leave me alone!

Take it easy, girl.

Let me be!

You're very beautiful, but if you scream
I'll turn your neck on you.

I recognize the Chanel nº-5.

Swine. You turn it on.

I do too.

Take his money, then we'll pull.

Here with the wallet.

- Can't I have some fun too?
- No. Let's go.

Shit too!

Irène, so awful.

It needs to be erased - and quickly.


- You know what you promised me.
- No, I never do!

- Come here.
- No, let me go!


No! No!

Stop! Let me go!

No! No!

Stop! That's enough!

And! And!

Come on, baby!

Irène left him.

He married Barbara
and tried to stay in the skin.

But he could not restrain his desires,
and Barbara was carried away.

But with a man like Olivier
, things could get more serious.

But Olivier had Dora,
and that calmed him down.

She began to think clearly.

She wanted to start anew with Olivier.

But first she must
tell him the truth.

Then it would be up to Olivier.

- Cut the meat for the villagers.
- Give me the lunch bag.

Madame and I are going to take a dip.
Why are you laughing?

Madame gets eaten by the crocodiles!

And do you think that's fun?

- Are you sleeping?
- Yes.

- Olivier?
- I'm here.

- Can I talk to you?
- Of course.

You said I would stay with you
in Africa. Did you mean it?


I need to tell you a few things about myself
that may make you change.

- Do not tell, then.
- I must.

Olivier, my husband knows
what we do.

He saw us during the dance and he
listened when I was in your tent.

- Is that all?
- No, that's not all.

Some time after our wedding
we went to Courchevel ...

- Where are you going?
- I'll park the car in the garage.

He will be back anytime!

Then we start dancing again.

Yes, so!

As the British say:
"Quality first."

Your wine is delicious! What's it in?

I do not want to reveal that,
but you are a friend.

Peel of an eggplant, finely chopped.

Banana peel, a splash of picric acid

- and so little carbon tetrachloride
for the sake of fermentation.

It does the trick! Body, bouquet-
I sell the wine all over the world.

But there is a downside.
Envy, jealousy ...

Everything that comes with success.

Then I had big problems with plagiarism.
All my competitors wanted to imitate me.

In addition to the composition,
which I revealed to you in broad strokes

- it is also about touch,
and while the wine is stored

-add a secret powder.

That's what makes the wine so delicious.

My customers are delighted,
especially the Americans.

Yes, especially the Americans.
They love it.

Isn't that right, dear friend?


Baron, I forgot to congratulate you
on the double hit during the hunt.

You yourself succeeded with a top shot!


It happens to me sometimes.

Enough talking about hunting.
Now we're talking about other things.

Oh, how nice ...

I am coming now! Oh, how nice!

And now? How do you want to do it?

I'm shocked,
but that does not change anything.

- You have to forget all that.
- That's what I want.

I want to start a new life with you.

Already back? Where's Barbara?

Barbara is in my tent. Sit still.

The nocturnal adventures are over.

Forget the bedroom play
with the girl in high heels.

Barbara has told me everything.
She's going to leave you. Is that understood?

- Where's the client?
- He went to the hotel without his wife.

- Does Dora know about this?
- Olivier wrote a letter to her.

My Land Rover, my equipment ...
He's going to get it.

Now he no longer has a guide license.
What do you think about this?

Me, the boss? I have no opinions.

He's done!
I'm not going to get into that.

I'll kill both!

There is a better way.

I'll tell you
if you promise to keep quiet.

The witch doctor Bafongo lives
an hour's drive from here.

He rules over life and death.
In exchange for money and obedience

- he gives you a power
that makes Monsieur Olivier return.

- Are you sure about that?
- Of course, mademoiselle Dora.

What does it cost?

2000 to him
and a gift to me -500.

The driver Antoine will drive you there tonight.

- Do you agree with that?
- Yes!

Do you have the money?

- You have to keep the secret.
- I will.

Come on.


Bafongo ...

Listen now. I have given you my strength
and your husband will return.

Otherwise, I'll make sure he dies.

He slept with all his clients
while I waited for him here.

Do you accept this?
I would have killed them both.

- I do not like melodramas.
- You should act.

But you'll get your wife back.

- Why do you say that?
- I have my reasons.

And I paid dearly for it.

I can say no more.
Joe Dupuis lends the car.

Riccardo guesses where they are
and drives us there.

Your wife will give me my husband back.

Why not? I have to take the risk ...

... if you agree that I will follow.

Pack your things.
It must have already been done!

- Maurice, cancel the flight ticket.
- Will stay.

They went towards Nagoumou-

- where Olivier would track down the elephant
that killed Nyangara.

Barbara had revealed her past,
and nothing would be as it was before.

The boss has to get meat.

He's going to shoot the elephant that killed
Nyangara, but it's hard to find.

We only have rice to eat!

They had been looking for a week.

He took her on arduous
hikes in search of the elephant.

As she walked in silence,
she pondered her problems.

The divorce, the uncertain future
and Dora's reaction.

It would not be easy.

Our elephant is not among them.

We continue.

- Olivier!
- Are you tired?

Is the camp far from here?

- Four hours of hiking.
- We can rest a little, can we?

- Then it's probably better.
- We'm taking a break.

Three more days, then we turn around and
return the car and equipment.

- Where are we going then?
- To the Central African Republic.

You follow the hunts and make sure
that everything works in the camps.

- You will not get bored.
- And Dora?

She knew I would leave
sooner or later.

- Does it feel difficult?
- No, because now I have you.

They have not been here.

They must have taken the road
that runs along the wetlands.

- We've been looking for them for three days!
- We can try that way.

- Chop off some branches and make a stretcher.
- Speed ​​up! Move it!

Madame has a high fever.
Go and see if you can find the elephant.

Then you come back
and tell me. Roger?

- Madame needs a lot of lemon juice!
- Of course.

There you are. You let him in,
you let him stay.

Bafongo has fucked me again!

What are you waiting for?
Get started and fuck me!

You are not even tough! You are impotent!

Slack pits! Slack pits!
Take the banana! Here you are!

Real men would fuck me!
Slack pits!

I'm not a slacker! You will get!

What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

Bellemont? Riccardo?

Are you crazy? Disappear, you pig!


I have to ask you
something very important.

Rest now instead.
We have all the time in the world.

No, I want to know.

If you could turn back the clock,
now that you've had time to think ...

What had you done that night
when it was dancing?

You women are all the same.

You should always bother about it.
But for me it's easy.

We will have problems, but if
it is good between us, it does not matter.

We'll do this together.

It is pointless
to ponder what has happened.

What would you answer
if I asked you the same question?

That I do not regret anything.

Vila nu. You will soon feel better.

Come on.

I saw the elephant. I went to M'Bali.

The chief told me
that it was in the wetlands.

I went with the villagers
and saw the elephant. It has a wound here.

It is covered with dried blood.

- And the grazers?
- They are huge. Bigger than you!

- What should we do?
- Eat and sleep for a while.

- Then we leave at dawn.
- We will wait until the storm has passed.

It comes from the Noumou side.
Take cover.

- How are you?
- I have a terrible headache.

- Are you not injured?
- What are you saying?

You stood in front of the animals.
Elephants, buffaloes, lions!

They wanted to kill you because you had
hurt them. You were covered in blood!

- You see I'm here.
- Yes, you're here.

Koutou has found
the injured elephant.

Are you leaving?

- Please, do not go!
- I must.

It killed Nyangara.
It is damaged and life-threatening.

I would not forgive myself
or you if I did not look for it.

- You understand?
- Yes I understand.

- I put down bread and chicken.
- Bibi, pack some whiskey.

- You have to go.
- I know.

Sleep now. When you wake up, I'm back.

- Monsieur Olivier went out into the bush.
- The other lady is sick in the tent.

Let me talk to her alone.

Is there any whiskey?
Take it out.

She is sick and worried. She will accompany
you provided you leave immediately.

- What will you do?
- I'll stay. He probably understands.

I know Olivier. He wants to stay
in the bush where he feels free-

-and visit me from time to time.

- Are you satisfied, Jacques?
- Yes.

Everything was my fault.
I'll try to put everything right.

You are a decent person.

I'm going to get my things.

Do you leave without eating? Joe Dupuis
wants his equipment back.

- Monsieur Savignac will take care of it himself.
- I ignore which.

- These are Olivier's women's things.
- The other woman is also Oliviers.

He returned her
to the client. Do you understand?

No I do not understand. Now I understand!
That's how the whites do.

- That's him.
- Yes, that's him.

Stay here. I want to go there alone.

- Barbara!
- Did you hear? He said Barbara.

Barbara is gone. She
ran to be fucked elsewhere.

Bafongo got you everything!
He is the strongest!

Now you have to fuck me all the time!
Night and day! Love machine!

Otherwise, he's making sure you die!
What are you waiting for?

You are crazy! Or you're drunk!
Who is Bafongo?

- And where's Barbara?
- I'm telling you when you fucked me!

Stop! Stop right away!

- I will not let you go!
- Let me go, you slut!

Let me be, you slut!

Let me go! Here you are!

- Let me go!
- Beat harder so I get horny!

Just hit me!
There you go! You can not deny me anything!

The great witch doctor
gave me his power!

He gave me a furious appetite for
pleasure! And I'll give it to you!

I'll give it to you!

Smells ... Smells, Smells!


Bafongo! Bafongo!


Stop believing! Sleep now!
Koloko, Bibi!

It's not for you! Sleep now!

That's how the whites are doing.