Dora and the Lost City of Gold (2019) - full transcript

Dora, a teenage explorer, leads her friends on an adventure to save her parents and solve the mystery behind a lost city of gold. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
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♪ D-D-D-D-D-Dora ♪

♪ D-D-D-D-D-
Dora ♪

♪ D-D-D-D-D-Dora ♪
All right!

♪ D-D-D-D-D-Dora ♪

♪ D-D-D-D-D-
Dora ♪

- ♪ D-D-D-D-D-Dora ♪
- ♪ Let's go! ♪

♪ Dora, Dora,
Dora the Explorer ♪

♪ Who's that
super cool exploradora? ♪

I'm a talking backpack!

And I'm a map with a mouth.

♪ Grab your backpacks
Let's go ♪

♪ Jump in, vámonos ♪

♪ You can lead the way ♪

Swiper, no swiping!

Swiper, no swiping!

Oh, man! Ooh!

Dora the Explorer!

Dora! Diego!
It's time for dinner.

But, Mami,
we're about to explore.

No. Now come on.

Diego has to be up early tomorrow.

He's moving to the city,

His mom has a new job.

Oh, yeah. I remember.

Dora, what did we say
about dressing up Boots?

He's a wild monkey, honey.
He's not meant to be in human clothes.

- This is delicious!
- Wow, this is good.

- Mmm!
- ¡Delicioso!

Can you say "delicioso"?

Say "delicioso"!

She'll grow out of it.



Don't start.
Just gotta let it go.

Tío, what is Parapata?

is a great Inca legend.

An ancient city...

now lost in time.

Explorers for hundreds of years

have been searching for it
in vain.

And, well, ever since
we moved here to the jungle,

we've been trying to find it.

Is there gold there?

Stories say
there's more gold there

than the rest of the world

So when we find it,
do we get to keep the gold?

- Um...
- No, no. Nobody keeps the gold.

We want to document Parapata
for archeological purposes.

See, we're explorers,
we're not treasure hunters.

And as explorers, well,
then the discovery of new places...

that's the treasure.

- What?
- I don't get it.

Okay, Cole, honey,
they're six.

Treasure hunting bad,
exploring good.

- Oh.
- Okay.

I just said that!

Eh. Not really.

I bet the lost city of Parapata

has golden statues
of jungle cats.

And monkeys.
Like Boots.

Monkeys are the best.

No way!
Jaguars are way cooler.

Monkeys can swing
and climb and talk to us.

No, they can't.

Boots isn't talking to you.

He can talk.

I know better!
I'm older than you.

I think
you're just yelling at me

because you're sad
you're leaving.

Of course that's why
I'm yelling at you.

Keep this.
Best friends forever.

Until our next
adventure, prima.

Till our next adventure,

- Come on, Diego.
- Vamos.

Adiós, Dora.


Hi! I'm Dora! And I'm being chased
by a herd of angry pygmy elephants.

Can you say,
"angry pygmy elephants"?

Better luck next
time, angry elephants.

Pardon me, black caiman...

largest predator in the Amazon.

Aw, babies.


And that's Boots!

Hi, Boots.

"Hi, Dora.
What's today's adventure?"

Today, we continue our
decades-long search for Parapata.

Ooh, look!

Golden poison frog.

Its skin is lethally toxic and
can cause full-body paralysis.

Can you say,
"severe neurotoxicity"?

Bye, deadly frog. Have a nice day.

Oh! A rockfall!

This cave wasn't here before.

Sorry, hairy-legged
vampire bat family.


Ancient Inca.


Come on, Boots.

If you just believe in yourself,
anything is possible.

I'm okay, Boots!

Uh... Could you maybe go and
get Mami and Papi for me?

Hey, now can I see the statue?

- Did you finish chopping the wood?
- Yeah.

Honey, you scared us to death today.
If Boots hadn't found us...

I'm sorry. It's just I'm pretty sure
it's from the reign of Pachacuti.

I mean, the markings,
they look like some sort of...

- Map.
- What?

A map!

This is it.

This is the missing piece.

We found Parapata!

Wait, why aren't you guys...
more excited?


- You guys figured it out, didn't you?
- What?

- You know where Parapata is.
- No.

You red-tacked it.

- We did?
- We never use the red tack.

- You know where it is!
- We should have waited on the red tack.

- Definitely, definitely bad call.
- Okay, we did figure it out.

- -The Inca
reached an area in Peru

that nobody thought
was possible.

And that's where your mother
and I are gonna find Parapata.

And me.

I'm sorry, sweetie, you're just not
ready, and you proved that to us today.

No, no, no,
I'm ready, Mami...

I'm sorry,
but we've made up our minds.

- Mami...
- No.


you do know the jungle.

It's a part of you.

But you're all alone
out there.

And why is that a bad thing?

Because we won't always be there
to pull you up.

Go to the city. Make friends.

Dora, hurry!
You have a flight to catch.

But I don't
want to go to the city.

- I won't know anyone there.
- You'll know your family.

Yeah, you used to be so close to Diego.
I'll bet he's missed you, too.

- -The point is,
I think it would be good...

for you to be in the world
around kids your own age.

- It might help.
- Help what?

Honey, you're wearing a boa
around your neck.

I know.

- It's a boa... as a boa.
- That's funny.

- Put the boa down.
- Honey, there's something else we gotta discuss.

- I can handle this.
- Okay.

Take a seat, young lady.

- What's happening?
- Come on.

We're gonna have a talk.

About the dangers
of the big city.

See, you're gonna be invited
to some parties.

And some of these parties,
they're called "raves."

The people there
are called ravers.

Yeah, and they love glow sticks

and candy necklaces
and Hacky Sacks.

The music, it sounds like this:

♪ Can't stop it ♪

♪ Go get it ♪

Yeah, it's very aggressive.
Very aggressive.



Well, be careful.
That's what we want to say.

- I should've just said that.
- I think it would've been easier.

Honey, here's your satellite phone.
Call us anytime.

And you can track
our coordinates on your map.

But it's not the same.

I'm an explorer, like you.

Oh, honey, you have
the whole world to explore!

Go see it.

Make friends.

That's real exploring.


I don't know how.

Yes, you do.

Just be yourself, Dora. Okay?

Come on.
You're gonna miss your flight.

Te quiero.


no monkeys in the city.

She knows, buddy.


Hi! I'm Dora! ¡Soy Dora!

I'm Dora! Hi!

It's nice to meet you. Hi!

- Do you see her?
- No.

What if
we don't recognize her?

Excuse me! Sorry!

- Excuse me! Sorry!
- Hey, watch it!

- I don't think that's gonna be a problem.
- Excuse me! Sorry!

Dora! Welcome to the city.

Tía Sabrina!

- And Tío Nico!
- Dora!

Hi! I missed you guys so much.

- And Diego!
- Uh, hi.


Wow! You're so skinny and tall!
Like a palmito tree.

You don't even look like you.

- Um... thank you?
- We're gonna have so much fun!

You are way more energetic than I remember.

Let's go!

- Ah, Dora.
- ¡Abuelita!

Oh, I missed you!

Look at you! Such a big girl!

And still with the bangs.


It's so pink.

And everything matches.

Yeah, my parents
thought you'd like it.

Hey, I brought you something.

What is that?

The candy bar that we split before
you left the jungle. Remember?

Where's yours?


Well, I...
probably ate it.

Like ten years ago.


Sorry. I'm...

I just thought
that we were gonna

mush them back together again.

It's cool.

This is gonna be great!

Okay. Well...

you should get some sleep.

Good night, prima.

Buenas noches, primo.


Mm? Mmm.

- -Step away from the vehicle!
Hands where we can see 'em!

♪ Backpack, backpack ♪

♪ Backpack,
backpack ♪

♪ On the backpack
loaded up with things ♪

♪ And knickknacks, too ♪

Um, what are you singing?

I always sing.
Helps me remember what to bring.



This is how we get to school?

Hold on. Do you mind?

Just take that off.

Do a little of that.

- Hm.
- Is this to fit in with the indigenous people?

- I just want you to have a good first day.
- Mm.

And if I don't talk to you,
don't take it personal, okay?

We're all just trying
to survive high school.

It's a horrible nightmare.

Just be yourself.

I'm new here!
What's your name?



Okay, young lady. Bag, table.

Hola, soy Dora.
And this is Backpack.


- What is this?
- A flare. In case of emergency.


It works!

Oh, and what are these?

Iodine pills to sanitize water.

Personal generator.

Two-way radio.

emergency food supply kit.

OneLink Shelter System
with DoubleNest Hammock.

You know, for cliff sleeping.

You can't bring any of this
in here.

Pick it up after school.

What's going on?

But I can bring my yo-yo?

You realize that a yo-yo
is by far my deadliest weapon.


I'm sorry. We're late.
Dora, let's go.

Come on, let's go!

Cupcakes for charity!

Save the rain forest!
Cupcakes for charity!

- What happened to the rain forest?
- It's being destroyed.

Oh, no! Which one?

Daintree? Yasuni? El Yunque?
Hoh? Tongass? Kakum?

Uh... all of them?

Ranching and agriculture
are some of the greatest threats

facing the Amazon today.

But I believe
that with focused conservation

and plant-based diets,

we can help the rain forest
thrive again.

Who are you?

Why are you smart?

And what are you doing
in my school?

Home-schooled by professors.

Parents misjudged me as irresponsible
and lacking in socialization.


Have a cupcake on the house.

Thank you!

- Have a great day.
- You, too. Bye!

- She seems nice.
- She's not.

That's Sammy Moore.

She's an honor roll student,

tri-varsity athlete
and class president.

Oh, so she must be
very admired by her peers.

What, her? No way.

Everyone hates her. She's literally,
like, the worst person on Earth.

Hi! I'm Dora! Cool shirt.


We're not there.

We're more like over... here.

Want me to correct it?



There we go.

You... into astronomy?

Of course I am. Who isn't?

- -What's that?
Is there a problem?

That's the morning bell.
We're late now. Thank you.

Oh, goodbye.
Here's a cupcake.

- Thank you!
- That's Randy Warren.

You don't want
to talk to him, either, okay?


That's why.

Okay, let's see who did
the reading last night.

Who is Moby Dick...

and why is this story
still significant today?


Thank God. Someone else.

You're new, yes?

Well, say hello.

Hola. I'm Dora.
I'm Diego's cousin.

And Moby Dick is a whale.

The novel exemplifies
the Western writer's

nostalgic appropriation of
colonized indigenous cultures,

which explains its reified
status in American fiction today.

Where did you transfer from,

The jungle.

My parents are both professors.
I do a lot of reading.


Thank you, Dora.

It looks like we have
a new star in the class.

Not sure
I made myself clear earlier.

But if you're going to take a shot
at the queen, you better not miss.

There is nothing more dangerous
than a wounded animal.

A lot of things are more
dangerous than a wounded animal.

- A healthy one, for a start.
- Stop! Just... stop.

I'm watching you.

Goodbye, everyone!
Great job today!

We did it!
We finished school!

♪ If there's a place
You gotta go ♪

♪ I'm the one you need to know
I'm the map ♪


Yeah. Great. Perfect.

- Okay.
- Hi, honey, how are you?

- -We're doing great.
But listen carefully.

- Okay.
- We're at coordinates 1.832.

We're making
really good progress.

Uh... Excuse me?

I'm kind of stuck!

I don't know if you can hear
me, but the coordinates are 2.3674.

I miss you!

Mmm. Have you tried this?
It's incredible!

- What's it called?
- Mac 'n' cheese.

Thank you! Great job!


Please record your message.

Mami, Papi, it's me again.

Where are you?
Please call me.

leave a message at the tone.

- -Hola, mami, papi.
Call me when you can.

We're going to the Natural
History Museum Friday.

Miss you, miss Boots.
Miss everything.

♪ Without you
Without you ♪

You're the sun. I get it.

And you're hydrogen!

- Oh.
- That's what stars are made of.

I love this song!

You want to dance?

Sorry, Dora,
I can't really dance.

- Okay.
- But...

I can hold my breath
for seven minutes, though.

My parents left me unsupervised
at the community pool a lot.

Pretending to drown
is a good way to get attention.

Wanna... Wanna see?

I love dancing.

I'm really good at it.

- The Peacock!
- ♪ Everybody gather round now ♪

Turn around, turn around.

Oh, oh.
Oh, oh, oh.

♪ It's the rhythm ♪

♪ Of the island ♪

♪ And like sugar cane
So sweet ♪

Hey, look!
It's Disco Dork-a!

The Elephant!

Ooh! Ooh!

- Look, look, look.
- Oh, my gosh. She's going to have to transfer schools.

Come on, primo.

You know this one. Dance!

- The Gorilla!
- Dance, Diego, dance!

Dance, Diego, dance!
Dance, Diego, dance!

Dance, Diego, dance!

Diego, wait!

At least I got people
dancing and clapping.

They were mocking you.

They were laughing
at you and me!

You've been here for weeks.
How do you not see that?

I see it. I'm not stupid.

But I have to be myself.
That's all I know how to do.

Well, just stop doing it.

For, like, one day
just stop being you

and just be normal.

Diego, we used to be so close.
Why are things so different now?

Because, Dora,
this isn't the jungle,

where you can
just do whatever you want

and be best friends
with a monkey.

This is high school.
It's life or death.

And it was hard enough already without
having to take care of the class weirdo.




we all need to hide. No?

I guess...
I never felt lonely

when I was by myself
in the jungle.

But now that
I'm surrounded by kids,

I feel alone all the time.

- I think Diego hates me.
- Ah.


You are familia, mi amor.

- Abuelita.
- Hm?

Am I a weirdo?


no more than the rest of us.

That's not a "no."

Let's get you
some frijolitos, okay?

Okay, here's
the scavenger hunt list.

You know the drill.

Team up in groups of four
and go get some photos.

Oh, and if anybody needs me,
I'll be in the cafeteria...

questioning my life choices.

- Can I be on your team?
- Do you guys need a fourth person?

Hey, guys, us four?

Can I be on your team?

- Hey, guys.
- Can I be on your team?

You've got to be kidding me.


Of course this is happening.

There's something really icy
happening between you two.

- Was it the Disco Dork-a dance?
- Well, I'm glad you brought it up...

I'm just kidding,
I don't actually care.

Okay. "Find something that's
more than 1,000 years old.

Oldest relic gets two
extra points." Come on!

Oh, my gosh.
Could you be any bossier?

- Excuse me? "Bossier." Really?
- Yeah.

What's next? "Shrill?" Or am I
being too "difficult" for you?

You left that out of your Misogyny 101 class.

Do you have something to say?

I'm just so scared right now.

What about
this Egyptian exhibit?

Anything Egyptian would be
the oldest relic by far.

- Guys?
- Psst.

I think I may be able
to help you.

about your scavenger hunt.

You were looking
at the Egyptian posters.

- When does it open?
- Oh, that's the problem, two weeks.

They're unloading it today in the basement.

If it means that much to you,

there may be
a way for you to get down there.

This best not be
some wild goose chase.

I sure hope it is.
I love chasing wild geese.

Until you catch one.
Then it is not fun.

A caught goose
is just the meanest!

Well, it's grouped by origin, so the Ancient
Egyptian stuff should be in this aisle.

- Whoa.
- Oh.

- Hi.
- Oh, no, she's been caught!

And I can totally explain
why I'm here.

- Someone's coming.
- Come with me, miss.

Hide! Hide!

- Where?
- There, there, there!

Look what I found
sneaking around.

Ah. An interloper.

A thief.

Or maybe an explorer.

- Hola, Dora.
- Hi, I'm Dora, and...

Wait, you already knew my name?

Hey. You gotta help me.

I guess we win
the scavenger hunt.

What? Hey, no.

Let me go!

- Hey, no!
- Wait, wait, wait.

- What's going on?
- Is this a scavenger hunt?

What are you guys doing in here?

Sleep tight, Dora,
and when you wake up,

you will help us find your
parents, and then... Parapata.

What's happening?

Where are we?

I think... we're being unloaded
from a plane.

We're not on a plane.
We can't...

Oh, my God, we're on a plane!

We've left the country
without ID.

We need to alert
the US consulate.

Dora, what happened?

They're treasure hunters?

Why did I take Mandarin?

What are you guys saying?

We gotta get out of here.

Oh, look, Dora brought a knife
on the field trip, everybody.

I see three mercenaries. Armed.

Wait, there's a fourth.

I think he saw me.

- He's coming for us.
- Ah!

- Okay. I am not here.
- I'm an avatar.

Dora! It is you!

- Who are you?
- I'm a friend of your parents.

I'm rescuing you, Dora!

Come with me
if you want to live...

Where did he go?

Did... Did he die?

I'm okay! I'm okay.
I need your help.

But we have to run. Now!


Get them!

My parents did not sign
a permission slip for the jungle!

Why are we here?

Where's the museum?
Why, why, why?

- How do we get out of here?
- I don't know!

- Getting you out of the box was as far as my plan went.
- Huh?

Swiper at the ready!

Whatever happens,
get that map.

Swiper, yes, swiping.

What kind of rescue is this?

It's the only one you've got.

Here. Let me try.

- Hola.
- What the...

That fox just swiped my map!

Where is it?
Where is it? Where is it?

What part of, "The fox just swiped my map"
don't you understand? Come on, help me!

There you are, my little friend.

No swiping, you...
you... swiper!

Yeah, oh!


She's amazing.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Oh, shoot!

Man! I'm stuck upside-down.

Swiper, no...

- Good job, Swiper.
- I know, man.

Get her!


- Now what do we do?
- Come on, come on!

- Where did our rescuer go?
- He ran away!

- Get in!
- Open this door, man!

- Get in!
- I'm not joking, man!

Viper, get the truck!
Don't let them escape!

- Hold on!
- Ohh!


Are they following?

Where have they gone?

This is the only road for miles.
Keep your eyes peeled.

Not anymore.

Are you kids okay?


- Not really.
- "Not really"?

Understatement of the century.

I was just kidnapped
and chased by bad guys!

And a fox with a mask!
Everyone saw that, right?

Like, why does that fox
need to remain anonymous?

Who is gonna recognize
one specific fox?

- Mm.
- How did you know my name?

You were an infant
the last time I saw you.

My name is Alejandro Gutierrez.
I'm a professor of ancient languages

at San Marcos University
in Lima, Peru.

Your parents and I were in constant
contact during their time here.

Then two weeks ago,
your parents' calls stopped.

Since then... silencio.

- That means silence.
- Yeah. I got that one.

They haven't answered any of my
sat phone call for weeks, either.

Your father sent me this just a
week before, in case I could help.

Ah, Papi's journal!

So I came here
to make sure they were okay.

Tracked them this far.

I've been staking it out,
hoping for a sign from them.

And then I saw you poke your head out of
that crate and I said to myself, "Dora!"

Dora the...
kidnapped teenager!

But how did you recognize me?

Well, you look
sort of exactly the same.

But... I'm afraid I have no idea
where to find your parents.

Don't worry. I can track
my parents in the jungle.

Let's go!

Hold up.

Or we could call
the local police

and have them come rescue us
with, like, a SWAT team.

Hmm. Yeah, that sounds like
another solid option.

Of course!

Hello? 911?
Can you please come and get us?

We're at the corner
of Rain and Forest.

Okay, I get it!
I just want to go home.

We're gonna die out here.

Look around you.

This is the kind of place
where people die.

I mean, in a way, every place is
the kind of place where people die.

- Okay, well, that's a bummer notion.
- Guys, guys.

Listen, finding Dora's parents is
our best chance of getting home.

My aunt and uncle
will know what to do.

Dora's my cousin, I can't
just let her go off with some...

strange and anxious man
we just met.

Thank you, Diego.

Now let's go
find Dora's parents.

Look! In there!
That's their car!

Here. This is it.
Our family symbol.

- This is where they started hiking.
- Are we there?

Where are your parents?
I don't see your parents.

We can't go any further by car.

- The jungle gets too dense.
- So how do we...

We must enter the jungle
on foot.

Luckily, I prepared
for this possibility.

Okay, I may have gone
a little overboard on supplies.

Be my guest.

This is a legit nightmare!

I'm not going in first, though.

You go first, Dora.
It feels right.

You all
have nothing to worry about.

The jungle is perfectly safe!

Just don't touch anything.
Or breathe too deeply.


Are you sure
your parents went this way?

Okay, what are these?

Warning signs.


Legend tells
of a deadly ancient militia

dedicated to protecting Parapata
from outside eyes.

No one has seen
Los Guardianes Perdidos...

The Lost Guardians,
for centuries.

What was that?


Ancient Inca. Impressive.

What does it mean?

"All those that seek Parapata...

shall surely perish."

Okay, I am ready for my parents
to come and get me now.

You have nothing to worry about.

I promise. I mean,
there's no need to overreact.

Get it off! Get it off!
Get it off!

And that was just an example
of the dangers of overreacting.

You okay?

Fine. Totally fine.

Hey. I found one of
those red loops.

My parents' symbol.

- We must be getting close.
- Oh, thank you, thank you!

We're going home.

This is my parents' camp.

Or was.
I mean, this is their stuff.

Someone's watching.

I can feel it.


Kill it! Quickly, kill it!

Boots! Oh!

Oh, Boots,
I'm so happy to see you!

She knows this monkey?

Of course she knows this monkey.

Thank goodness.

He saw them.

Oh, sorry. This is Boots.
Boots, these are my friends.

They're here to help me.

No. We're here to get saved.

Oh, and FYI,
we are not friends.

They did this quickly.

- See how they rushed it?
- Yeah.

Still, I can track my parents
better than any mercenaries.

We just have to
get to them first.

Uh, may we stop for a moment?
I need to do a thing.

- What?
- Just a thing.

What thing?

I know what this is.

- You have to poo.
- No. That isn't it.

Of course I have to poo!
I haven't pooed in 48 hours!

I'm sweating,
and every step is agony!

Well, don't look at me
cover your ears!

Probably should've said
"cover your ears"

before you said "poo"
like, 47 times.

There's no need to be afraid.

I have an idea.

- Let's turn this into a song.
- Let's not.

You know what?
I think it's passed.

Why don't we just go back
to the group, and we can just...

Seriously? You had that
in your backpack, too?

A poo shovel.

♪ It's time to dig
The poo hole ♪

♪ Dig, dig, dig ♪

♪ Just grab a shovel
It's a piece of cake ♪

♪ Make sure the hole is deep
And there isn't a snake ♪

♪ I'm telling you this
So you will be wiser ♪

♪ And don't forget
It's a natural fertilizer ♪

I believe in you, Sammy.
I believe that you can do this.

Also, medically,
you have to do this.

Okay, bye! Come on, Boots.


She's good.

There's nothing to be afraid of.

Not good. Not good at all.

Go, go, go!

Real arrows flying at us!
Real arrows flying at us!

♪ Dig the poo hole ♪

♪ Dig, dig, dig ♪


- Run!
- Look away! Look away!

- Sorry, no time!
- We saw nothing!

- Run for your life!
- We gotta go!


- What is happening?
- It's the curse!

The curse is gonna perish us.
We're gonna perish all over the place!

There, there! Follow me!

This way!

I'm hit! They hit me!
I'm bleeding out!

I am losing life force!

Oh, no, no, no! No, it's a juice box.
It's just a juice box.

I think we're safe. For now.

Not safe. Not safe! Not safe!

I want to go home!
I want to go home!

I'm okay! I'm okay!


I can't say for sure...

because I'm fairly confident I just
sustained a... serious brain injury,

but I do believe...

we may have just met
Los Guardianes Perdidos.

The Lost Guardians.

I thought you said
they were just legends.

These are the same Inca sun
symbols that were on those totems.

So these are like,
legit arrows?

Like, kill-people arrows?

The markings
are quite authentic.

Hey, you okay?



No, I'm not okay, okay?

I want to go home!

I want to be staring at my
phone, in an ice-cold room,

a frozen coffee beverage!

And I know that makes me sound real
basic, but that is what I want!

Oh, and by the way,
the poo song lied.

Yeah, it was totally dangerous,
arrows rained down on me.

I hate it here!

Uh! Uh!

And I can't even storm off
'cause this jungle will eat me!

Maybe a song will help.

♪ It's okay
To freak out sometimes ♪

♪ It's really okay... ♪

No more songs!


Are you here
to yell at me, too?

Nah. Actually, I'm here
to avoid getting yelled at.

It's scary to be responsible
for other people.

It's easier when you're alone.

Is it?

Look, I know she can be like,
a real pain in the butt sometimes, but...

she's not all bad, I guess.

You have an attraction for her.

What? No.

No, I definitely
never said that.

You know,
a life-threatening situation

can often accelerate the
mating process in many species!

Okay, no.
Just slow your roll.

And please don't ever
say the word "mating" again.

- Ever.
- Mm. Mm-hmm.

Let's just get out of here.

Are we even going the right way?


Fox tracks.

I scouted the area.
There's a freshly-cut path to the north,

some ruins to the east.

- Did you find any more of their markings?
- No.

- Okay, then we head north.
- That's the path they took.

- Hi, guys!
- Shh!

What was that?

Oh. Ah.


What, you're scared
of monkeys now?

Monkeys can carry
three times their body weight.

So that's a yes?
Viper's scared of monkeys.

It's just a monkey fact.

That's all it is.

Where are those guys?

They're definitely dead.
It's just you and me now.

Of course...
we'll have to start a family.

We are not starting a family.

Eh, give it a few days.

Uh! Hey!
Where have you guys been?

- Hi, guys.
- Look, I'm really sorry, Dora.

It's fine.
It's fine, Sammy.

We saw the mercenaries.
They're ahead of us.

We'll have to follow the
mercenaries from a safe distance.

No. We're not following them.
My parents didn't go that way.

My father says that the way to
Parapata passes through an opera house.

The opera house was built
hundreds of years ago

by Europeans
during the rubber boom.

There'll be nothing
but ruins by now.

This is the way they went.

This must be it.

Or was it.

It doesn't look like any opera
singers have been here for a while.


The Europeans
may have built it, but...

the jungle has taken it back.

Ew, my feet.

Why does the ground
feel like chocolate pudding?

Excuse me.

Wait, wait, wait!

I ate a lot of frijoles
and chimichangas.

I ate chile con carne.

I ate mucho pozole.


Wait. Anyone else notice
the walls are getting higher?


You got to be kidding me!

Quicksand really exists?

I thought it was just
a video game thing.

Like Pitfall!

It's a classic.

How do we get out
of this stuff?

Okay, rule number one
of quicksand: don't panic.

You'll only
get sucked in further.

Lie down flat on your back.

You have to
distribute your weight.

Okay. All right.

No, no, no.
I'm not doing that.

No, this feels super wrong.

Now make little
movements with your legs

to make space for the water
to get between the sand.

And once your legs are free,
simply backstroke out of the quicksand.

Oh, give me a break.
We're gonna die in here.

Look, look! It's working!
It's working!

Come on.


- Help me!
- Alejandro, you have to stop moving.

Stay sti...

Why have you all gone quiet?

It's bad, isn't it?

Oh, no! Shoo!

No, no no! Not on the face.

Not on the face. Ahh!

It's another male.
They will now fight.

No, no!


I'm not sure
those guys are fighting.

Oh, it's a female.

They are not fighting.
They are mating!

- Get it off!
- Quick, someone go get a branch.

- I'm sinking!
- No, no, wait!

Guys, come back!

It's a jungle full of
trees and I can't find a branch.

Oh, oh, no!

Alejandro! Alejandro!

I see feet. Human feet!

Over here!

Okay, everyone.
One, two, three! Ahh!

- I'm alive?
- Yes!

- I'm alive! I'm alive!
- Yes!

- I'm alive! I'm alive!
- Yes!

I'm alive, I'm alive...

I thought I was gonna die.

I thought I was gonna die.

It's so awkward
when adults cry.

You just don't know
where to look.

And I was stupid!

And then a scorpion went...

mating on my head.

I'm so sorry.

My whole life is a lie.

I'm a fraud.

- No! No.
- Yes.

Everyone thinks that sometimes,

I'm a bad guy.

- No.
- Yes.

- No. No. No.
- No, yes, I am. Yes.

I'm a... I'm a bad guy!

No, you are not a bad guy.
No one is, deep down inside.

- Thank you, Dora.
- Come on.

Where are we?

Someone lives here.

And that someone's coming.

She hasn't seen my parents.

And she doesn't seem very
interested in helping me find them.

Perhaps she knows
how to get to Parapata.


She seemed
pretty interested in that.

Are they supposed to be us?


That seemed bad, right?

- Everyone thinks that was bad?
- Yeah, a little bit.

What? What did she say?

She said anyone
seeking Parapata is cursed.

Well, that's great.

But she also said she knows how
to get you guys back downriver.

She can take you home.

All of you.

Yes. Yes! I am saved!

I... mean,

only if you are cool
without us, obviously.

You got me into this mess,
but I guess you're getting me out of it,

so we'll call it even.

I'm coming with you.
I can't let you go alone.

I mean, plus you're my cousin.
There's, like, rules about that.

This is where we split up.

Oh, my...

I... I hope you don't die
or anything.

You, too.

Is she staring at us?

- Yeah.
- Okay, time to go.

Diego, Dora, let's go.

- Hm?
- She says stick to the path.

Oh. Let's go.
Bye, guys.

Good luck, Dora.

- -Why is she in
such a hurry to get us out of here?

Randy, wait, stop.

Oh, no. Oh, no!

No, no, no, come on!
We've got to warn them!

Not something you see every day.

Are you sure about this?

Well, she said this
was the way we had to go.

Don't touch anything.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

We did it!


It spat in my face!

- We're in a spore field!
- Don't breathe it in!

- Let's get out of here!
- It's okay. It's okay.

If these were poisonous spores,
we'd all be dead by now.

Come on, Diego...
Oh, whoa.


- What?
- Oh, boy.

What's happening?

- You... You look weird.
- You look weird.

- No, you look weird.
- You... No, you.

- No, you! You!
- You! You! Him!

I don't need these clothes



I'm sure this will pass.
It's fine!

Fine? Are you kidding me?

This is incredible!

Hi, Dora!

Hi there, Map!
Oh, I thought I lost you.

You can never lose me.
I'm always with you!

Hi, Dora.


My mouth is a zipper!

- Hi, Dora.
- Hm.

- I don't know you, small rock.
- Oh.

- But it's nice to make your acquaintance.
- Ah.

Everyone is here!


Look! Papi's journal!



- Ooh.
- You okay, Dora?

I can't. I'm not ready.

Take my hand.
Let's try this together.


Sammy! Randy!

We've got you, Dora.

Thanks, guys!

- What do we do?
- Oh, we should sing her a song.

She likes songs.

♪ Please be alive, Dora ♪

♪ Don't be dead ♪

♪ That sounds like something ♪

♪ That you would have said ♪

- Oh, I'm not very good at this.
- It worked!

She's waking up.


- Randy?
- Oh, thank goodness.




- Hi.
- You came back.

- You have a nice voice.
- Well...

a song's the best idea.


But not often.

Oh, and don't tell anyone
I did that.

You're going to be okay.

You know, Dora, I...

I never forgot
about the jungle.

And you...

you were my best friend...

and my first friend.

I'm glad
I'm here with you, Dora.

I mean, this...

this is our next adventure,

Our next adventure, primo.

I... I had the weirdest dream.

Ah! Ah!

The entrance to Parapata should
be somewhere in these mountains.

Oh, that's great.
For the first time,

I'm actually feeling really good
about how things are...

Ignore what I just said.


This was all hidden down here?

Well, great.
Now we're stuck in a hole.



It's a star map.

Classic us.

But the stars
aren't in the correct place.


It's a jungle puzzle!

I don't think
this is a jungle puzzle.

Mainly because there's no
such thing as a jungle puzzle.

Listen, I've seen several movies
about the jungle.

To solve this, we have to get
the stars in the right place.

And when we do,
these big stone wheels will turn

and the treasure
will be revealed.

It's gonna be awesome.

I just need to figure out

how to move the first piece.


Are you sure
you should be touching that?

What is that?

That does not sound
like a good noise.

Oh, wait. The stars
are in the right position.

It's the southern hemisphere.

I was just looking at it
the wrong way.

It's still
a jungle puzzle, right?

Oh! Oh! I don't think
this is a jungle puzzle.

- This is a puquio.
- What the flip is a puquio?

It's an ancient
underground aqueduct.

Inca engineers built some of the most
elaborate irrigation systems ever devised.

Water, from above, using gravity.

- Oh!
- Ah, ah!

- Oh, oh!
- Stop pulling levers, Randy!

Ahh! I'm trying to find
the off switch!

Okay, if this is an aqueduct, we just
need to somehow open the sluice gate.

How do you know
so much about aqueducts?

We learned about them
last year in history class.

You were there. It was the week
you wore a lot of red and pink.

I look at you a lot, okay?

We need to find the sluice gate.
Where is the sluice gate?

Please stop saying
"sluice gate."

That must be the mechanism
that controls the sluice gate.

That's what it's called, okay? We have
bigger thing to deal with right now!

Everyone give me a hand.
It's gonna take all of us.

One, two, three!

This is our last chance.
It's now or never.

Who here can hold their breath
for seven minutes?

It's hard to tell
with all of this water,

but I'm assuming none
of your hands are raised.

This one's mine.


Whoa, ah!

Ah! Ahh!

Ah! Whoa!


- Dora!
- What?

- Oh, honey. Oh, honey!
- Dora!

- Mami!
- Oh!

- My baby girl.
- Honey! Honey!

Hey! Ohh!

Randy did it! We're alive!

- Tía, tío.
- Okay, can somebody please tell me what's going on?

We were kidnapped by mercenaries
who were after Parapata.

Oh, I did something epic!
I'm basically a superhero!


Hi, Dora's parents.

Okay, honey,
who are all these people?

We're Dora's friends.
From school.


It's fine. Fine.

We're on a field trip.

And where are the mercenaries?

Alejandro saved us from them.
And he's with us!

- Who?
- Your old friend.

Alejandro, from the university.
You... You sent him your journal.

My journal was stolen
days before the expedition.

Bravo team...

this is Alpha leader.

You don't know him, do you?

Ohh. Miércoles.

- We found them.
- Honey, come here.

- Get back, kids.
- Delta rendezvous point.

You have my location.

- You lied to me.
- No, no, no, no, no.

- No, I outwitted you...
- That's the same thing. I have outwitted every
adversary that came before you.


Who would have believed

that my greatest achievement,

the final act

in a prosperous
treasure-hunting career

would find me squaring off against
a socially inept jungle nerd...

- Hey, hey, hey!
- ...and three high school losers.

I don't know them,
so whatever.

Now, if you please...

you will lead me to Parapata.

But you can't get inside.
It's impenetrable.

- "Impenetrable!" -That
means you can't get inside.

- I know!
- Okay.

Shut up!

You wouldn't want anything
to happen to her...

now, would you?

- Of course not.
- Good.

Good, good.

So, if everyone just plays nice,
I'll get my gold,

and you'll be on your way home
safe and sound.

You're a smart family, right?

So make the smart choice. Hm?

We're moving out! Let's go!

I'm so sorry.
This is all my fault.

If we do what he says,
we'll be okay.

Sorry, I'm so sorry.

No, we're sorry.

- We love you so much!
- It's our fault.

Can you all shut up back there?

I've had to listen to your
mindless positivity for three days!

Your relentless good-natured
spirit is a holy nightmare!

So just shut up! Shut up!

- I'm so sorry about that.
- Shut up!

No more talking.

And definitely no more singing.

Why have you stopped here?

This is it, isn't it?

- No, no, no. It, uh...
- No, no, no.

- Hey, wait.
- No, please, wait!



It's real!

We make camp
tonight by those gates.

Come on.


No, Boots, quit it! No!

Papi wants us
to do what they say.

♪ These boots are made
for walkin' ♪

What's going on back here?

- Oops.
- Kids!


Wow, it really is
the deadliest weapon.

What's going on back there?

Put that down.

What happened?

Viper got yo-yoed.

- Again?
- Again.

Take the professors
to the gate.

I spent days
with these brats.

I know what they'll do next.

Diego! Sammy!

Randy! Where are you guys?


You shouldn't have done that!

So what if he's a double-crossing
mercenary treasure hunter?

My parents are gonna show him the
treasure and he's gonna let us all go.

He's gonna kill them,
isn't he?

He's gonna kill all of us.

Oh, no.

I can't save them.

Not by myself.

I'm just a kid.

You're not a kid.

But you're not
a grownup either, Dora.

You're a teenager.

It's a super confusing time.

But the fact is, you're right...
you can't do it by yourself.

Good news
is you have friends now.

And together,
anything is possible.

Boots, you can talk?

Boots. Hey, Boots.
Boots, come on. Boots.

Ooh, ooh, ah, ah.
Ooh, ooh...

- Hey, did you guys hear that?
- Uh, you talking to a monkey?

No, no,
Boots was talking to me.

Maybe she hit her head.

Come on, guys,
we have to save my parents.

How? We are teenagers
armed with yo-yos.

All Alejandro wants
is the gold.

And if we can
get inside Parapata,

we can trade the treasure
for my parents.

But how are we going
to get into Parapata?

We're gonna figure it out.


♪ Guarding the gate
I'm guarding the gate ♪

♪ Swiper is guarding
the gate ♪

♪ Guarding the gate
I'm guarding the gate ♪

Would you stop singing?
It's unprofessional.

How are we gonna get past him?

♪ Guarding the gate
I'm guarding the gate ♪


Whatcha got there?

It's just a little frog.

Huh? Hmm.

Oh. Oh, man...

Good job, golden poison frog.

There must be a way to open
the gates from the outside.

Hey, guys, look at these.

Each one has a lever.

I was wrong
about jungle puzzles, okay?

There is no such thing
as a jungle puzzle.

Wait, don't do that!
Look. Traps.

Could be arrows, or poison.

It looks like
there's traps everywhere.

This is
one heavy security system.

So, how do we know
which levers to pull?

There are so many

What the...

Guys, look down.

Looks like constellations.

Classic us. Again.

This is Yawar
Mayu, the Inca night sky.

Ah. Look. Some of the stones
retain the light longer.

This is anka, the eagle.


And that's atuq, the fox.

That's... right there.

This one looks like a serpent.

- Are there any more?
- This one's otorongo, the jaguar.

This must be the fourth lever.

Okay, but...
which one should we pull first?

Maybe we pull 'em all at once?

Well, that's a pretty big maybe.

At least if we die,
we all get to die together, right?

On three, we pull.





Okay. It's official.
Movies lie.

It's a jungle puzzle.

It's a real... freaking...
jungle puzzle.

That is so awesome!
I'm sorry I doubted you, movies.

I've never
seen anything like it.

This is the discovery
of a lifetime!

I guess
this must be the temple.

The gold, right?

This is totally
where the gold's hidden.

Everything the Inca treasured
will be in here.

But remember...

we're explorers,
not treasure hunters.

We're not treasure hunters,
but Alejandro sure is.

So let's be quick.

Come on. I don't do last.

It's empty.

I don't get it.

I don't see any doors.

This can't be all that there is.

I don't see any treasure.

It was probably cleaned
out by Spanish conquistadores.

Or the British.
Or the French.

Or the Americans
and the United Fruit Company.

Oh! Ah!

I found this bowl.
It could be treasure.

That's a sun bowl.

You tilt the bowls
to reflect the sunlight.

So that must mean there's...

Look! There's an opening in the
wall for the sun to shine in.

this flashlight can be our sun.

Here, Boots.


Huh. Now what?

We have to angle the bowl
to the right place in the room.

- Clearly they loved geometry.
- They fit together symmetrically.

- The golden ratio!
- 51 degrees.

Okay, Randy,
angle your bowl 51 degrees to Diego.


Okay, Diego... to me.



Now I'll turn mine 51 degrees

and we'll see where it lands.

A door!
It's opening a door, guys.

- Ah!
- Ha!

Just hold the beam
until the doors are fully open.

What is that? Some sort
of Ancient Inca group hug?

It slipped. I'm sorry.

Oh, guys...

- you might want to look up.
- Huh?

The jungle puzzles
are turning on us!

The door's closing!
Everyone run!

Come on, Boots!

Dora, Dora!
Try and pull it open.

It isn't enough!

Thank you! Thank you!

Oh, Boots.
Good job, buddy!

Whoa. That's some hallway.

It's like it goes on forever.

- At the end, is that...
- ...a giant golden monkey?

We did it, guys.
We found the treasure.

Wait, these skulls,
they look like a...


Oh, come on!

Ahh! Spears!

Okay! Okay, I know
what we have to do.

When we get to the bottom of the hallway,
we have to jump at the same time.

- It's too far!
- What? We will never make it!

No, it's an illusion, okay?
Trust me.

It's okay, Sammy.
Just let go. It's okay.


Three, two, one. Go!

Now! Jump!

It was a forced perspective.
A trick to fool thieves and trespassers!

Good job, Diego.

Ancient Inca group hug
for the win, guys.

The monkey looked a
lot more impressive back there.

Looks pretty impressive to me.

- Is that an emerald?
- It's bigger than a basketball!

I think we found
the treasure, guys.


This is the last puzzle.


This is a quipu.

Inca written language.

"Make an offering to the Gods...

of that which is most revered."

What did the Inca
revere the most?

That's easy!

The same as me:


Oh, crud.

Thanks for getting through
the tough stuff for me.

Once again, I only had
to follow Miss Know-It-All,

and she led me straight to the gold.

Gold. Gold!

Lots and lots of gold!

The answer to the puzzle
is obvious.

The Incas built monuments
to their gods with it.

Gold is as close to touching
the sun as the Incas could get.

It's happening!

It's happening!

It's happening!

I beat you! I won!

I beat you, I won!
I beat you, I won! Ha!

The treasure
is going to be mine!

You were wrong about me,

I'm not a know-it-all.

But by now, I do know you.

I knew that you would
follow us in here.

And I knew that you would let us
take all the risk for you.

I knew the final Inca test would carry dire
consequences for those who should fail it.

Which is why we...

are over here, and you...

Well, you're standing
right there.

Ah! Ahh!


I'm still alive!

Powell! Viper!

Help me!
Get in here! Now!

My mercenaries
are on their way.

This isn't over yet!

- Dora!
- Oh, honey!

Mami! Papi!
I'm so sorry.

It's fine.
How cool is this?

Look at these guys,
that's a real crossbow.

That's a real crossbow, yep.

It's the Lost Guardians
of Parapata.

Ridiculous! There are no Lost Guardians.
I made them up.

No, they're super real, bro.

I think this is when we perish.


- Be strong, honey, okay?
- You choose the right thing.


She did it.

- Thank you. Yeah.
- Thank you.


It's like nothing I've...

Ever imagined.

It's breathtaking.


Really big gold monkey.

Say goodbye
to your little friend.

What is happening?

- Swiper!
- Adiós, losers!

Everyone get out of here!

- What about the gold?
- It doesn't matter!

Wait, guys! What about me?

You can't leave me here!

Dora! Randy! Help me!

We're a team! Guys!

Dora, come on!

I knew the answer was water!

Can you give me another go?

I was joking about the gold!
Of course not gold!

Water is precious!

Honey, let's go!

And you'll never
find it now, man!

We gotta go!
I love Parapata,

but I don't want
to be stuck here forever.


- Boots!
- Get off me, monkey!


Ow! Ow, ow, ow!

Oh, man. The indignity!

That's it.

- Dora, no!
- Dora, wait!

What are you doing?

- Oh, wow.
- Ah!

Dora! You did it!

Should we put up a sign saying,
"Choose the water"?

No? Okay.



Look, I know we weren't exactly friends
when this trip started, but I...

I like you, too.

- Dora's staring at us again, isn't she?
- Yeah.


Mom, Dad!

We have some exciting news.

We're going back
into the jungle in a few weeks.

We'll be gone for a few months, no
contact, just us against the elements.


Me and your mom.

And you.

We're onto something big, Dora.

About that.

Someone pulled a
lever, not sure who, but...

- You. You!
- You know who it was.

I think...

I think I want to go back
to the city.

I know the jungle pretty well.


But high school...

I think I need more time
to study that culture.

- Mm.
- Mm-hmm.

And its indigenous people.

- Right. Yeah, sure.
- Yeah. Yeah. Uh-huh.

- That's good.
- I love you guys.

- We love you, too.
- We love you, sweetheart.

Oh, God, what is happening?

- She has a life of her own now.
- I'm so happy for her.

I'm so happy.

It's gonna be okay, babe.
It's gonna be okay.

It's not gonna be okay!

But I'm so happy for her.

Hey, look.
The Dork-as multiplied.

♪ Oh, hooray, we did it ♪

♪ We found the gold
in Parapata ♪

♪ Oh, hooray, we did it ♪

♪ Deep in South America ♪

♪ Oh, hooray, we did it ♪

♪ We survived
the Amazon jungle ♪

♪ Oh, hooray, we did it ♪

♪ I developed a rash
I think it's fungal ♪

♪ Whoa, oh ♪

♪ We came together
That's the real treasure ♪

♪ Whoa, oh ♪

♪ Lo hicimos, amigos ♪

♪ We'll be best friends
forever ♪

♪ Oh, hooray, we did it ♪

♪ There were times
when it was scary ♪

♪ Oh, hooray, we did it ♪

♪ I think I may have
dysentery ♪

♪ Oh, hooray, we did it ♪

♪ Stopped Alejandro
and all his crew ♪

♪ Oh, hooray, we did it ♪

♪ And everyone saw me
do a number two ♪

♪ Whoa, oh ♪

♪ We came together
That's the real treasure ♪

♪ Whoa, oh ♪

♪ Lo hicimos, amigos ♪

♪ We'll be best friends
forever ♪



♪ Oh, hooray, we did it ♪

♪ Can someone
get me out of here? ♪

♪ Oh, hooray, we did it ♪

♪ Oh, hooray, we did it ♪

♪ There were times
when it was frightening ♪

♪ Oh, hooray, we did it ♪

Swiper, no swiping!

Oh, man!

♪ Ohh ♪

♪ Whoa, oh ♪

♪ We came together
That's the real treasure ♪

♪ Whoa, oh ♪

♪ Lo hicimos, amigos ♪

♪ We'll be best friends
forever ♪

♪ Whoa, oh ♪

♪ Llegamos juntos
y ese es el gran premio ♪

♪ Whoa, oh ♪

♪ Como buenos amigos
nuevamente lo logramos ♪

♪ Whoa, oh ♪

♪ We came together
That's the real treasure ♪

♪ Whoa, oh ♪

♪ Lo hicimos, amigos ♪

♪ We'll be best friends
forever ♪