Doppelganger (2003) - full transcript

Hayasaki is an inventor working on an Artificial Body. It is not going well and he is stressed out and on the verge of being fired from the research division of his company. His ... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Wow, impressive

Surprised I come in so handy?

Kimishima, my brother
hired you, right?

Guess that's right

You're so identical,
I can't remember who's who

How'd you like
to break that contract?


Let me hire you instead
What do you say?


In other words, I'd like to
make you part of my official team

Sure, why not

Let's do it, then

I promise it'll work out

Except, you can't ever
see my brother again

Even if he confronts you, ignore him
Got that?


- This means, we're partners. right?
- Yeah

From here on,
we're in this together


- Leave things to me
- Right


Here we go

Hayasaki san


I've looked for you everywhere

You never answer your phone

I'm sorry
I moved my workshop here

Ouch, I'm sorry, sorry

Sorry, sorry

I'm sorry


Is this the machine
you were talking about?

Oh, I'll make some coffee

Oh. about my brother
Thank you


Takashi's probably still
working on that novel...

In America

Well, it's nothing to me anymore


- Here you go
- Thank you

I quit my job

You did?

I wonder why

I guess it was because
I wanted to start a new life

I see
Well, that's good

You seem like you've changed, too

Yeah, I do?

Did you solve your problem?

Yeah, more or less

Did your phantom disappear?

I do things the way I want to
And I'm the only one who can

I finally figured it out

Can I... help you with that?


I'd like to help you

Um, I've been
thinking things over

And even starting things over,
I can't think of anything I can do alone

But I guess that's kind of sudden,
isn't it?

Another cup of coffee?


I guess it won't work...


Thank you
Thank you for saying that

I can't live without you either

I've just now realized it

Oh, no, OK, OK


No, I, um...

Oh, no...

No, it's not... It's just
a misunderstanding...

Please, wait

Hey, Kimishima
How's it going?

Shut up, don't talk to me
You're nobody to me now


I'm his official partner, now

You? His partner?
Great, that's wonderful

Oh, no...
She's got the wrong idea

Congratulations, Hayasaki

Want me to do him in?

Go somewhere

- Why?
- Just get lost for a while

This place is fantastic

Right on schedule
Now you can work even harder

Fuck, that hurt

How dare you
How could you have done that?


How can I explain to her?

Hey, you know her name's Yuka

That's not the point

But you never had
the guts to ask her

I just didn't want to drag her
into this mess

What mess?

Shut up
You are the absolute pits

Hey man, you've got it a I wrong

You're the one who
was making love to her

You wanted to as soon
as you met her

So your dream came true

What are you so pissed off about?
What is it with you?

Oh, that
Your favorite meal for lunch

And that MediCon information
you wanted

See, I got it for you

What's it for?

Oh, I know, time to go, right?
It's written all over your face

If you know it, then do it

Do you hate me that much?

Yeah, I hate you

I thought we could
enjoy that together

Hurry up and get out
I hate you

I told her not to come back

But she insisted

Shut up

- What the...
- Enough, Kimishima

I'm sorry about what happened
I got carried away

Couldn't be helped

Um. which Hayasaki san are you?

You're the real one, right?

Whichever one you want

This one here says she
wants to help with the research

Tel her it's not for amateurs


You said it was OK, before


The other... Hayasaki san


- I'll he p you
- You can't

I want to start a new life

- So fucking what
- And just who are you?

Who am I? I'm his partner

Wow impressive.

- What's that about?
- Kimishima

Well, let's see

Would you give this a try?

Good, good, good
That's the girl

Kimishima, the data

I guess it's time to go home

Right, good night

- I should go home
- Right

It's hard to tell

whether you're a warm person
or a cold one, isn't it?

But I do...

like the warm Hayasaki san

It final y arrived

It was tough getting this
part from Russia


- A receipt?
- No, thanks

Hey, it's been a while

So they fired you, too, huh

Well, yeah

I got involved with a bunch
of shady characters

Embezzled development funds?

I thought it would all work out

Life doesn't always
work out that way

You look like
you're sitting pretty

You think?

Yeah, I do, I can tell

Remember we go way back

Murakami, you think
I've changed from the old days?

Not a bit
You're the same old you

Arrogant, confident

I'm jealous

What do you say?
Team up again?

You're still doing the
same research, right?

I can take care of the money
Leave all that to me


Sorry, but I'm fine
on my own now

Oh, I see

Well, feel free to call me
if your money runs out


Hello, is this
MediCon Industries?

We've never spoken before
My name's Hayasaki

Can I speak to Takeda,
in Development?

Just tell him it's about
the Artificial Body

I'm sure he'll understand

Congratulations, it's done

You're going to take it to
MediCon Industries, now, right?

This assures your position
among the ranks

of the world's greatest investors

A Nobel Prize
wouldn't be bad, either

Money, fame, power
And women, too

All your dreams came true

As crude as ever

Hey, don't act that way

Do you know why
I made this thing?

I made it for me, for myself

That was... everything to me

This sense of accomplishment

That's what I was after

I'm sure you
wouldn't understand

Like I said...

Money, fame, power and women?
Man, you're pathetic

Is that all you think about?

I'd give that away in a heartbeat

Yeah, and that's what I'm taking


The money and the women
You can keep the rest

You've got no complaints, right?
That's what I was in it for

What are you talking about?
I've got nothing to give you!

Like I said...

Listen, I made this on my own

That's right

I made it alone,
no help from anyone

Right, right
So what?

So I'll do
exactly as I please

What's wrong with that?

Exactly what I would do
What's wrong with that?

Oh, I get it

You're trying to trap me

Trap you?

This is what you're after

I don't want some dumb machine

This is an artificial body

Right, just some dumb machine

And you're just
some dumb doppelganger

You never really existed in this world,
did you?

You sure?

If I wish you to vanish
with all my heart

you'll disappear, right?

Let's try it

Go away

Get lost

It'll never work

Hayasaki, you're clever, right?

When are you gonna
start getting it?

The one way you can survive
is by recognizing me

I accept the you inside of me
so I've been cooperative

You have to accept
the me inside of you!

I know you can do it, Hayasaki

No! Vanish! Go away!

Just disappear!

- But you...
- Don't say it

Don't go any farther
I won't listen

Sooner or later, we'll merge
as one self again

Give up

Accept your fate

Hurry, hurry, over here

Stop, Kimishima!

Don't you want to get rid of him?

Just stop it

Here goes


One, two, OK


I figured this would happen

You guys sure didn't get along

I feel sick

What are you worried about,
Hayasaki san?

It just disappeared, that's all
It was only ever a phantom

You're taking that
machine to Niigata, right?

Let's just get it over with


Let's have a toast

Here's yours

And yours

All kinds of stuff happened
but it all worked out


C'mon. you, too



Oh, no


He looked after me once

Get off of that

Let's ignore him

I have no choice

Who the hell are they?

My new team


I brought 20 million yen
It's in the car. Be my partner

Murakami, I'm sorry,
but I don't need money anymore

- You don't?
- No

I see

Wow, you pulled it off

It's just,

I put a lot into it, too
You do remember

I've got some rights, after all

All right!
I buy your machine for 20 million yen


I never knew
you were so tough

I'm no longer the person I was


Don't you dare come back
Got that?

- Are you OK?
- Yeah

- Hayasaki san
- What?

Is the machine OK
with all these bumps?

OK, now

Need a hand?

OK, now

Hey, is this for real?

Screw him

- Take it slow
- I know

I said, slow down

The engine won't make it


Kimishima, let's go get some water

Listen, about what happens
when we get to Niigata

- You introduce me to them, right?
- Right

I'm thinking you should
present me as your manager


Not your partner, your manager

I'm actually more that type

What are you taking about?

You need someone like that

That way you can concentrate
on your next invention

You can leave me in charge
of that machine

Oh, no


Where's Kimishima?


sudden y started insisting
the machine was his

So I fired him

I see

What an idiot

There's an empty house over there
Found all kinds of stuff

Get it now?

I like my vengeance

I'm not the idiot you took me for

You underestimated me
Right, Hayasaki?

You'll regret it 'til you die
You're the idiot

I'm taking everything

I'm sorry...
I can't run any further

All right
Just keep walking toward the highway

Wait there
I promise I'll come for you

I swear
I promise


Kimishima, I'm sorry
Forgive me

But that machine is mine

I trusted you once

I'm sorry

It's too late

Hey, what do you say?
Sell me that machine for 5 million?

Oh, all right

There's 20 million here

You want it, right?
Let's make a deal

Take it truck and all

Hey, what's this?


I'm in a different league from Hayasaki
Don't underestimate me

Hayasaki san?

- Get in
- What... Oh...

The truck drove by
10 minutes ago

We can still catch up

- Yuka
- Yes?

Give up the past
No revenge, no memories


From here on out I'm doing
exactly as I p ease. You with me?


Hayasaki san, that...


Your nose

Oh, this? Does it bother you?

No, not at all

What, he got you, too?

Me, too, that punk
got me good

What's up? Hurry up and catch him
or he'll get away

Murakami, when did you
get to be like that?


I used to find you so refreshing

I wonder when...

You're not actually like this
I know better

Stop lying to yourself

Stop here


I'm going home


I'm sorry. Hayasaki

No big deal

Let's shake

I won't be seeing you again

You're really amazing

Well, we did
used to be friends, once

I couldn't help but take
an honest look at my own self

Wonder what's
going to happen next...

Take an honest look at myself...

There he is

I'll be right back

Kimishima's pretty tough

What's with that face, Hayasaki?

What the hell
resurrected you?

I'll just keep killing you


I ended up getting everything,
all on my own

I never needeed you
in the first place

Let's be friends, Kimishima

Shut the fuck up, asshole!

What did you end up getting?

What you wanted?
What was it you wanted?

Cut it out!

Hey, you sure you can keep firing?
You've only got one bullet left

What if you miss?

So this is all you were after?

No revenge, right, Hayasaki san?

Oh, right

I fell asleep

- Hayasaki san
- Yes

- Hello. I'm Takeda from Development
- Oh, hello

- Where's the machine?
- Oh, in there

I see, let's bring it in
through the parking lot

Excuse me
Where's the key?

What'll you do with it?

Isn't it obvious?

Market it and make a bundle

In the crudest terms, yes

Contribute to society by
helping the disabled?

Why, yes of course

Maybe even get yourself
a Nobel Prize

That just might be in the cards

All sounds great

Isn't that why...
you're here, too?

There's no time

Changed my mind

That's not why I made this thing

Let's go, Yuka




Yusuke Santamaria