Doppel (2019) - full transcript

Recent empty nesters set out to shoot footage for a 25th anniversary video, when tragic past events begin to haunt them in ways they could not have imagined. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Nobody's gonna believe me.

I killed him.

I killed my husband.

But it wasn't him!

It wasn't him!

Sporting event, a
volunteer or church activity,

- I'm recording here.
- Hi honey, look!

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

But look, I'm so excited.

I got my new phone.


Isn't it great?

Yeah it's great.

So listen,
I have this great idea.

So our 25th anniversary's
coming up, right?

Uh huh.

And I'm gonna
take lots of footage

and your present to me is you're

string it together and put a

so that we can give it to the

Are you recording right now?


Okay, first lesson is

you want it to be,

there, so it's like landscape
instead of portrait.

That's better.

Second lesson is, why don't
you just use

the camera that I already
have that you know

how to use already?

I don't really
know how to use it.

It's big, it's very complicated.

I'm not gonna just

- do a
- Now honey look,

- this is portable!
- Video for you

for our anniversary.

I mean I'm gonna do
something more than that.

Look, this is all I
want, okay?

This is portable, I can
take it wherever we go,

I can just be spur of the

And I get to work for our

Oh come on
honey, please, for me?

- Fine, okay.
- Thank you.


No, I'm
serious, thank you honey.

Sorry I interrupted you.

You're thanking me

Wait until you're a client.

Oh come on.

You get two revisions!

Oh stop.

All right, it's on.



All right.

Hi kitty.

Oh my god!


You scared me.

Honey, what do
you want to put,

a trip to the emergency
room in this video?

Well don't sneak up

- on me like that.
- I wasn't sneaking up on you,

I was just watching you.

Well say something
next time.

All right.

Well, look, I just came
up to tell you

that I ordered your
webcam for you.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Hey hon!

Hi mom, how's it going?

This is so cool, I can
actually see you.

- Dad got me the webcam.
- I can see you too, mom, yeah.


I have a really cool idea.


I want to do a V log.

A V log?

Are you talking about a vlog,

Yeah, V log!

Hold on a second.

So anyway, I wanna do this thing

but I can't figure
out how to get it

you know, out there.

Are you talking about?

Because I can, I don't know,

like I want lots of people
to see me, you know?

Okay, so, were you thinking
about going,

Like can you hook it up?

I mean what do you hook
it up to, I'm not sure.

Did you want to just
post videos on the internet

or do you wanna stream
your vlogs or V logs?

I don't know.

Never mind.

How about this, mom?

Why don't I send you an
email with the instructions

on how to get all that set up?

And have dad help you out if

and yeah you
should be good to go.

You got a hip mom, hon.

All right, sweety, I'll
talk to you later, love you.

All right, I love you too,

Have a good one.

Hi, I'm here to do
my first V log.

This is kind of, let me
do it from the beginning

'cause I wasn't looking at the

Hi, my name is Vicky and
this is my very first V log.

Why am I doing a V log?

Well, you know my life is,

I've got a new
chapter in my life.

And I sort of wanna
document it, you know.

The changes that
I'm going through.

And I hope there's
somebody out there

that I can share this with.

That you know, we can sort
of do this journey together.

My kids left home

so I've got a new
chapter of my life,

I'm an empty nester.

And it's really, it's
kind of hard to adapt to.

It's exciting but it's

It's like, you have to
develop new habits, you know.

There was an ancient
Roman, his name was Seneca.

And he said count
each day as a lifetime.

All right, so all I
gotta figure out is how.

Joe, okay, show
me again, show me again.

Well I was just telling
you that, all right.

You want stable.

You want stable

so I put this together.

Why are you laughing?

I put this together.

Look, it's beautiful!

Why are you laughing?

Do you wanna do this right?

I'm not giving up.

You get this stable,

I guarantee you, what
you're shooting right now,

I don't know why
you're shooting this,

but what you're
shooting right now

is gonna be a lot less
stable than this is.

You got your camera here,
your phone

and then the light,
and you can adjust it.

Look, you wanted me to do this,

I'm gonna do it right.

All I need to do is figure out

how to get from the
XLR to the USB-C.


To put the audio into the

- Kevin.
- What?

I am not
carrying that thing around.

Vicky, this is what
I do for a living.

I am not walking
around with that thing.

It's really pretty light.

Look how stable this is.

You're married to a
professional video person.

You should use professional
gear if he's got it.

Kevin, look at me.


I am not
carrying that thing around.

I bought a phone.

You're complicating things,

Honey, I'm not
complicating stuff.

It's just the way, if you're
gonna do it,

you do it right.

I am not
carrying that thing around.

It's a lot
lighter than it looks.


Oh hey.

There, see?

This is ridiculous.

You probably have to
hold it up

just a little bit further

so you can see the screen

Why are you laughing?

I'm not carrying this around.

I'm blind.

I can't even see
if you're in focus.

Oh you're in focus here.

I am not carrying this around.

And that just tightens
that down like that.

Why are you recording this?

That's the whole
point of this.

Like doing behind the scenes?

Of the 10 minute anniversary

I am trying to capture
our everyday life.

Okay, okay, okay.

So still, I mean I picked
this up, like 20 bucks, right.

And then we still got lights,
all right.

Look, I know you think it's

but you're gonna be glad that
the picture

isn't all grainy and that
stuff if it's low light.


And if we wanna
record both of us

you can just set it down there.

I like that.

- All right?
- Okay.

And then I also got a clip on

wide lens adapter.

It's just, it's gonna be
a nicer, larger picture

which will come in handy

especially if we do stuff
down at the park or something.

- Just to look nice.
- All right, Kevin?

Fine, I will use your new rig.

Are you happy?

I'm happy.

- I just want it to look nice.
- Okay.

I said I'd use it.

- Okay.
- All right.

So you
just started up.

You gotta light them both

but that's, now you can
do something at night.

Take it, take it, take this!

- Take it, take it!
- Oh god, what?


Here's something for your head.

I don't think I need,
I don't need this.


Really, I'm feeling,

I just don't want pills.

I actually think
we need to go see a doctor.

No we don't need
to see a doctor.

I feel fine now,
I feel fine now.

I don't know what it was.

I feel fine now.


I appreciate what you're doing.

Just, I don't need this.

I'm probably just gonna put
on a movie or something.

Yeah I mean,
that was pretty violent.

I'm worried about you.

Have you ever
had a migraine before?


I've never had one.

Maybe it was just a
migraine or something.

People have
migraines all the time.

Kevin, I don't think this is

All I can see is myself.

Like your
reflection in the screen

or something, or?

No, all I can see is my face.

Well it's probably
got the front camera.

You need to switch it around.

You need to turn it around.

You need to spin it around,

- the camera.
- Okay, okay, okay.

No, not like, all right well,

that's one way to do it

but now you can't see.

No, you need to,
there's a button.

There, now it's, you
had to flip it around.

- It's working now.
- Okay.

So this is the park.

You should be in there too.

Let's get you too.

It's about both of us, right?

So there.

I don't have any makeup on.

You look fine.

And our little
fake lighthouse here.

It's not fake.

Does it work?

Well I mean I'm sure
it could,

it's just what are
they gonna protect,

fishing boats from Myer's point?

Those lake pirates?

Do you miss it, Robin?

I miss you, baby.


I miss all my kids.


Yeah still, all of this

used to be underwater.

But summer's under way.

Oh, speaking of that,

remember when we
used to bring the kids

down here to swim?

Remember we used to bring
them down every summer?

I remember.

Yeah I kind
of miss that.

But things change.

Yeah, things change.

Are you still recording?


I just, can we just turn,

turn it off?

What's wrong?

Don't be so grumpy.

I'm not being grumpy,

I just wish you would,

all right, no keep rolling,
keep rolling.

Here's me getting into the car.

Oh come on, Kevin.

Here she is,
hard at work

on her clicky clicky keyboard

on her amazing 21 nine monitor.

I'm working.

Compliments of yours

I'm working.

Well I thought
this is what it was

supposed to be, is like
us in our daily lives

so that we can remember

back when we
were drooling in a cup.

Okay, no yes.

This is what we
used to do when we were

- of full facilities.
- That is what I want.

But right now I'm in
the middle of something.

Well maybe
I'm trying to get

in the middle of something.

Kevin, go away.

I thought we
were going to dinner.

'Cause I was in the middle
of something too and,

We are going to dinner.

- If you give me...
- I quit

'cause you told me that
I had to put on a shirt.

They usually appreciate
that at restaurants.

I had a shirt on.

Just give me 10
minutes and I'll be down.

Well then I'm gonna
get back to,

I'm gonna get back to
what I was working on.

10 minutes, I'm almost

'Cause it's not
gonna be 10 minutes, Vicky.

It's gonna be half an hour.

I'm almost down with
scene, give me 10 minutes.

I'll be down, I promise.

All right.

Now go away please.

Well then I'm
just gonna set this down.

You can do whatever
you want to do.



Find your way
out of that dark cloud

and then change your life

to find your way out of that
dark cloud

and then change your life

to find your way out of that
dark cloud.



Out of that dark cloud

and then change your life

to find your way out of that
dark cloud,

What are you doing?

To find your way
out of that dark cloud

and then change your life

to find your way...


Kevin, I'm ready.

To find your way
out of that dark cloud

and change your life


I wanted to ask you something.


I was looking at your

Uh huh?

My kids are finally gone, left
the house.

And so I'm a, talk about the
days without the kids around.

And if you empty nesters miss
the kids,

but it's kind of exciting too.

You keep talking
about like the kids gone

but you're just so
bubbly about it.

I mean is that,

it's my first V log,

I'm trying to be cheerful,

But you're cheerful
about the kids being gone.

My kids are
finally gone, left the house.

Finally gone?

Well that's a good
thing right?

Without the kids around.

The days without the kids

Miss the kids but
it's kind of exciting too.

Kind of exciting.

I mean really?

I mean it was really exciting.

I'll give you that, it
was really exciting,

really exciting.

Specially when one of them left,

it was really exciting.

I just, I don't get it.

I don't get how you can be so

just flippin' about it almost.

Kevin, you
know I didn't mean that.

Kids are gone!

Kids are gone, empty nesters.

I was talking
about Robin and Michelle.

I know you were talking, well
you know,

but there's another one too.

So I looked up Dick in the

and there was a picture of me.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm working on this,
I have my good days

and my bad days, and I just
had a bad moment, that's all.

I'm sorry.

You have got to stop
taking this out on me.

I'm not taking
anything out on you.

Look, look.

I'm sorry.

Let's just put it behind us.

Let's go to dinner.

- We were gonna go to dinner.
- I'm making dinner.

I'm making dinner.

You're boiling water.

Look, you've gotten dressed
up, let's go to dinner.

I don't feel like going

You don't
feel like creme brulee?

'Cause I won't go buy
it for you this time.

You have to go to the
restaurant in order to get it.

Creme brulee, creme brulee.

You know what?

You are a dick.

And you need a haircut.

We're back.

I see that!

Oh Brian, did she like it?

She loved it.

I couldn't get her off the slot
machines, I gotta tell you.

I'd love to have seen that.

Yeah you would have liked it.

She had a good time.

We did a little bit of Lake
Mead and Mt. Charleston,

some driving around too,

but mostly Vegas.

And it was a blast.

Ah, I wish we could have come.

Yeah, you got good color there.

I wish we could have come but
you know, things, you know.

I get it.

But you know,
you guys were dealing,

it was a tough year this year.

You look good though.

You look like
you're coming along.

Thanks, thanks.

Yeah and this is awesome.

Welcome to the 21st century,
you with the webcam, huh?


I'm with it, right?

No, it's good.

Did Kevin set it all up for you?

Of course.

Yeah well, it's good
though, I like this.

This is really good.

So how's he doing?

He's better, you know.

The little recoup involved

but he's doing a lot better.


I think it's gonna be okay.

Good, glad to hear it.

Hey, I'm heading out.

I'm gonna attempt to
get a round of golf in,

- it's a little wet, but,
- How can you do that

with all this rain?

It's not as bad as you think.

I gotta start sometime.

Season's just starting to crack
open here

and I'm getting the bug.

But I'd like dinner.

Can we do dinner sometime?

Sure, let's do it at
our place this time.

Okay, sounds good.

Okay well tell Becky I
said hi, give her my love.

Okay, love you.

Love you too.

You know I hate doing this,

I'm not a hairdresser.

- It's not a big deal.
- All right.

Just do around the ears.

Well, be still.

- I'm being still.
- Okay.

Ow, don't kill me, god.

Hold on, I gotta fix

What do you have

- to fix?
- Just be still!

- What do you have?
- Be still!

- But you...
- Ah!

What do you have to fix?

You keep moving, it's like,

What are you laugh?

Look at me, honey.

Look at you, look at you?

How many hoops it's
gonna take to realize?

I tried to fix it,
and you...

How do you fix?

Fix it, how do you fix it?

You made it more.

Maybe you
can comb it over.

Comb it over?

What, like this?

Did you really just say comb it

Check out
his new look.

Oh, it looks nice.

I used to wear it almost
this short a while back.

It's just weird, it's like,

It's like somebody else
looking back at me.

Hi honey,

- how are you?
- Hey!

I got a new webcam,
we can talk now.

Yeah, it's like you're
here but you're not.

I'm gonna do a V log.

Are you gonna watch?

V log, a vlog?

Vlog, what's the difference?

Never mind, yeah,
that sounds good.

I will watch your V log.

Okay good, good, I'm just

You know, we'll get there.

By the way, I love your haircut.

Thank you.

I actually cut it
the other night.

How about this haircut, huh?

Look at baldy.

Your mother scalped me,
scalped me.

Can you believe that?

How many glasses of
wine did it take

to get to that?


He was being cheap
and he made me cut it

and I told him I couldn't.

Yeah so don't be
cheap around your mother

or she'll buzz your head.

Well, Dad, you get what you
pay for.

Well he moved.

I told him not to move.

Anyway honey, I won't keep you.

I just wanted to tell you about
my V log

and wanted you to be sure and
watch it.

All right, yeah no.

Send my love to baldy

and good luck with your V log.

More people in
the middle of their lives

find themselves without
a significant other.

All right, handsome.

Ready to go down?

Can you give me like an hour?

I can't, sorry.

I got that guy coming to give me

an estimate on the roof.

Told them I'd be here.

Okay look, don't worry about it.

I'll go down by myself.

Now I feel like a dick.

Don't, it's

Look, it's okay,
go back to work.

Oh, the cap's on.

I can't see anything.

Spring time!

Saw my first
Robin the other day,

I'm ridiculously happy.

Last time we were
here it was overcast

and windy and gross.

This is a beautiful day so
I wanted you to see the park

as it should be seen.

Over there is the creek,
and the basketball court

and of course
our beautiful lake.

So this is the southern end
of the lake, of Cayuga Lake.

And down at that
point is Ithaca.

And it's our Myer's Point

And this is the northern end of
the lake.

Around that point it
actually goes for 40 miles.

It's the longest one of the
finger lakes.

And it is such a beaut...



I thought you didn't wanna come.

Oh jeez.



When we have
beautiful days like this,

spring days like this,

you just gotta come down here.

The simple fact is

you have a lot to give
to the right person.

The simple solution is,
single over 40.

Single over 40
is a new service that...

How did you do that?

Do what?

How'd you
get back here so fast?

What are you talking about?

You were just down.

You were just down at the park.

No I wasn't.

Yes you were.

Honey we talked
about this, I got,

I saw you down there.

It wasn't me.

I swear to god.

You were wearing
a different shirt

but it looked just like you.

Okay so I changed my clothes,
raced you down to the park,

was down at the park

and then raced back home,
changed my clothes again

and now I'm here?

This for 40 miles.

The guy up on the
point there?

That's not
a guy, that's a buoy.

It's somebody
walking a dog.

That guy.


Am I that fat?

Oh stop, would you?

We're not here to talk
about your physique.

- Honey, it's,
- Kevin?

I thought

- you didn't wanna come.
- That's not me.

That's not me, look.

Wow, he went behind the thing.


- And I go looking for him.
- Right.

And watch.


Okay so he
walked back the other way.

Yeah of course he
jumped into the water.

I would have heard

Honey, he's gotta
be circling behind you.

Well look.

Do you see the shadow
of the lighthouse there?

Hold on.

I'd see his shadow.

I don't see a shadow of a

I know I saw somebody.

And I would hear
him if he were walking.

I didn't hear any footsteps.

Well he's gotta be on the
other side of the lighthouse.

He's messing with you.

He's messing with you!

That's undeniable
because he disappeared.

You don't see a
shadow, do you?


All right,
I'll give you it's weird

but there's an
explanation for it

because people don't just

But that was not me.

I was up there working
on that first video.

Well I
see you again later.

Now hold on.

Forward it or

Gotta come down here.

See, right there.

Just staring at me.

You were being so creepy!

I'm not that.

All right, zoom in.

It's just some guy
that was messing with you.

Zoom in.

You can't do that
like they do in the movies.

You can't just like zoom in

and see a crystal clear picture.

- From here,
- Zoom in.

Even at 4k it's gonna,

all right, hold on.

Well it's
not very clear, is it?

That's a bald guy

and it looks like he's got a

When have I ever worn a long
sleeve shirt

under a short sleeved shirt?

Okay, all right, all

And I'm not that fat.

I mean that's not me, Vicky.

Well it looked
like you, it really did.

Probably some motorcycle guy

like they get down
there hanging out.

It's a guy who's
messing with you.

All right.

It was weird though.

It's not me.

So spring came on a
Tuesday this year.

Come on.

Oh come on.

It's been raining and
cold and miserable

so it's still been winter
up until yesterday.

Tomorrow it'll be 95 degrees.

Stop being such a pessimist.

It's a beautiful day.

Can't you just enjoy it?

It is pretty.

It's gorgeous.

You know Kev, you need to
learn to live in the moment

a little bit more.

Why are you laughing?

I think you're
mugging for the kids

or whoever you think's
gonna be watching this,

this video of yours.

- Hey, come on!
- Hey look, it's hey,

- Look, look at it.
- It's upstate New York.

Look at it, it's beautiful.

It is beautiful.

I will give you that.

It's gorgeous, I mean
look at that sky.

I saw it.

It's like a painting.

You mean like
one of Andy's paintings.

It's time to talk about Andy.

Our son Andy died a little
less than a year ago.

He committed suicide.

He was at art school.

I remember that call
like it was yesterday.

Course Kevin and I
got down there

as fast as we could,

but there's nothing we could do.

Except the stuff you do
after somebody's died.

We talked to the boy who lived

in the room next to his.

And he said he thought that Andy

was talking to somebody the
night he killed himself.

And he thought it was Kevin.

It's not possible, Kevin was
in Philadelphia on a shoot.

So it couldn't have been him.

Always wonder what could
have gone through his mind

to make him do
something like that.

It's been really hard,

but I think it's been
especially hard on Kevin.

He just...

I guess I don't know.

We'll never get used to it,
either of us.

It just found a deep
place in Kevin's heart

and he just hasn't healed.

It's so weird.

Sometimes I catch myself
looking at the front door.

And thinking that Andy
will just come breezing in

like he used to.

But that's never
gonna happen again.

The thing that's
really cool about these lights

other than them being small

is that they match the
daylight temperature.

You know what?

Yeah I know what,
you got a cat on your head.

I don't feel like cooking.

We are going to dinner.

All right, we can
go to dinner, that's fine.

Okay great.

You know what, you take
that stupid hat off.

And I will go change.

Turn the lights off.

Okay, so I
thought I'd bring the camera

and film us on the way to the

Hey, how come you're not...

What is this?

What is this?

Why did you do this?

I didn't do anything.

Why did you do this, Vicky?

Why did you bring this back

I put this away for a reason,
all right?

I didn't.

Put it in my chair.

Look, I'll tell you something.

And I know what you're thinking.

That I just wanna forget him,
all right?

I don't wanna forget him, okay?

I'm going to deal with it the
way that I

need to deal with it, all right?

It's what I told you in the

and I'm trying.

But I can't just be surrounded
by this.

I can't be surrounded
by him and reminders

and you wanna turn this
whole place into a shrine!

I don't,
that's not fair.

This is mine.

He did it for me, and if I
wanna put it away for a while

or forever, that's my business.

I didn't do anything.

Well what do you think,
I did it?

I didn't do it.

You had to have done it!

I didn't.

Somebody put this in my chair!

It was in the trunk
with the rest of his things!

I know it was!

Where I put it, where
it should have stayed

until I decided to bring it out.

Not you.

Not you because you don't agree

with the way that
I'm processing this,

the way I'm dealing with this.

Drinking myself half to
death and all that stuff

and whatever, okay fine.

Fine, that was a mistake.

But I still need to process it

the way that I
need to process it.

And I just sit there and just

flagrantly put this...

I didn't do that!

I would never do that!

Who did it then?!

I don't know.

Oh jeez.

You know.

You know I'm right about this.

You can't let this go.

Just different for me.

But you can't let it go either.

And this is horseshit.

God, I really miss him.

I so miss him every day.

Kevin, he just,

I know he feels the same way

but he just wants to,

it's like he just wants to get
rid of him.

I can't do that, he was my baby.

I still need him around

even if it's just the
picture or an old shirt.

And I can't even
bring up his name!

But I also understand.

I still have two children
here and they need us.

And we have to go on for them.

It's not fair to them otherwise.

When things like this happen,

I don't know what to do.

I have nobody to talk to.

Oh god, I miss him so much.

I miss him.

Looks really good.

Thank you.

Look, Vic.

I know I'm not always
very good at

demonstrating how
much you mean to me.

But you are very
important to me.

I just don't show it the
way I should all the time.

While you were making dinner,

this is the footage of that
party from last summer of him.

I'm sorry I made you cry.

Whatcha doin'?

I just wanted to mow

but it's still so wet.

It's cold too.

Hey listen, you know,

it just feels like things are

a little tense
around here, you know?

I'm not tense.

Look, I think, we've
been in the house too much.

I know we've been working

but I think we should just
get out of here for a while.

Let's go to dinner or

No, I mean get
out of here for a while,

just get in the car,

No, I don't wanna do that.

Kevin, it would be
good for us.

- I got things to do.
- Let's just get out

of here for a while.

I don't wanna go anywhere.


You're between jobs

- right now.
- I'm not going anywhere.

I think it'll be

- good for...
- I'm not going anywhere.


It's beautiful.

Yes, it is.

Part of having a dog.

Best part of this, for sure.


Reminds me of when we,

I don't think I
ever told you this.

The boys and I were out here

walking along the tracks one
time and

we got to the bridge.

And there's this loaded
diaper on the bridge.

And of course Andy doesn't
pay it any attention.

Robin goes and
investigates it then

being Robin, he's like,

"Dad, do you think
there's a baby?

"I mean, were they
changing a baby

"on the bridge,
on the train bridge?"

and then turned into like,

"Is there a homeless
family out here

"or is there a
baby lost out here?"

I mean just all of that

and then quiet for a minute or
so and then

Andy all of a sudden
turns around and he says,

"Bro, sometimes shit
just happens."

Sounds like him.

You think the dead ever think
about us?

What are you doing?

I'm putting on a cover for the

No, we don't need

Why are you taping this?

You're not gonna film us
playing cards, are you?


Honey, nobody,

this is for us and I don't care

about watching us
and Jody and Lonnie

- playing cards together.
- I care.

- First of all,
- Could you help me here?

No, I don't want that

That's stupid-looking.

It's a top for,
it's a gaming top.

It's so it protects
your table top.

It's stupid.

It's not stupid.

Right, laugh, that's
fine, that's just funny.

Could you help me here?

- It's going on.
- No!

I don't want it there.



Oh my god.

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin.

What's wrong?

Honey, what's wrong?

It's just that
headache again.

Oh my god.

Kevin, we've gotta
go see a doctor.

I'm not going
to see a doctor.

Then let's go

- to the hospital.
- People get headaches.

- This might be serious!
- Like I told you,

it's just probably a
migraine or something.

It's not a big deal.

Migraines don't work
like this.

The other one went away,

this one will go away.

Just stop.

Kevin, this is important.

You need to see somebody.


Stop it!

Kevin, cut it out!

Dammit Kevin, this is
pissing me off, quit it.

What's wrong with you?

He has been really behaving

And you know what, it's
not the first time.

When Andy died,

Kevin buried
himself in a bottle.

Many bottles.

He went on a drinking bender
like you couldn't believe.

And you know what, he
ended up in the hospital.

His behavior was just so
erratic during that time.

And he's starting to remind me,

I'm starting to see some
of those same behaviors

coming up again.

And it's really scaring me a
little bit.

I don't think he's drinking

I don't think that he
would ever go back there.

He knows he'd die if he did.

I don't think he's there yet.

But he's behaving like that.

He's reminding me of those days.

And I really don't
know what to do.

I thought you said dinner
was gonna be special tonight.

Well what do you want?




Honey, you don't eat beef.

You haven't had beef for months.

Since it's special,
I thought steak.

Steak is usually pretty special.

I didn't know that.

I mean, okay, we can have
steak tomorrow night then.

This is fine.


Steak tomorrow.

I gotta talk to you about


Well, it's about Kevin.

He's been behaving really weird.

He's been doing some
bizarre things lately.

Well you know, I mean,

he's just processing things

I'm sure still with Andy.

You cope with it differently.

You talked it out

and he's internalizing
a lot of stuff, so.

I know.

I know but Brian, last night,

he shoved a bowl
of pasta in my lap.

I mean, it's weird behavior

but I'm starting to
detect a little more anger

than is normal for him.

I've known Kevin
almost 30 years.

I mean that just doesn't
seem like him at all.

Why don't you guys
get away from things?

You know, maybe take an

go up to the falls or something?

Thing is, I tried that.

I tried to get him to
go away for a weekend

and he was adamant.

He refuses to leave.

It's like he's attached
to the house

and won't leave it.

I can barely get him to
go to the store with me.

All right, well.

I don't know.

I think it would be good
to get away from there.

I think there's reminders.

I just think he needs a fresh,

maybe start smaller, you know.

Go down the lake or something.

Try again.

But let me know if this

'cause I mean,
this is atypical for him.

So I don't know.

Well maybe you're right.

Maybe since he's
so opposed to it,

instead of going away for
a weekend or something,

we can just take, I
don't know, an afternoon,

go to the falls or something

It's a good idea.


I know, I'm kind
of dumping stuff.

No, no, no I get it, I get it.

It's good, you can.

Hey, I still like this
communication with the webcam

so feel free to reach out to me

Okay thank you, I appreciate

All right.

Love you, sis.

Love you too.

Hey, Kevin, listen.


Hey hon, I wanted,



How does he keep?


Would you stop?


You're freaking me out here.

What are you doing
in the dark basement?


Would you please answer me?

This isn't funny anymore.

How'd you do that?

Dammit Kevin, I have been
chasing you

all over this house.

Why didn't you answer me?

Honey, I've been here for
quite a while.

Wait a minute.

Hey, look at me.



Nothing, never mind.


What are you doing?



Oh god.

What are you doing?

Watching TV.

The TV's not on.

Kevin, the TV is not on.

Look, it's late.

Come on, let's go to bed.


I've got your water.

Come on.

Here, here's the water.

Hey you, let's go to the park.

I don't feel
like going to the park.

What's wrong?

Just my
shoulder's hurting again.

That knot of yours?


All right, sit down.

Sit down.

I'll rub your shoulder.

It's not gonna hurt.

It won't hurt.

Come on, it'll might make you
feel better.

There, right?

Yeah, now it's the same.

It's the same thing that I had

right before we got married

where I couldn't even
move my neck for two days.

Oh god, I remember that.

I also remember that's
when you started drinking.

Why would you say that?

Because that's what happened?

Why would you suggest
that I have a drink?

- I didn't!
- You were there

when the doctor said I
could never drink again.

Remember my whole
new list of nevers

that I have to deal with?

Kevin, I wasn't suggesting...

I'm serious though,
why would you do that?

I didn't!

You know how
sensitive that is for me.

I didn't suggest

- you have a drink!
- I can never drink again,

- why would you say.
- I know that.

You just sat here,
you just sat here

and said that I had.

I am not
doing this with you.

You suggested that
I have a drink!

Like I did back then,
yes you did!

I did not.

You know what, what does
the doctor know, right?

Fine, fine.

The hell with him.

- Make me a drink.
- No.

Make me a drink,
is that what you want?

Make me a drink.


Make me a drink!

Make me a drink right now!

Make me a drink!

Like one of those big tall ones

that you sucked down every

Five or six of them!

- I do not.
- While you're making dinner!

You exaggerate.

Make me a drink!

And while you're at it, while
you're checking things off,

my list of nevers,
why don't you give me

five more minutes
with my dead kid?


Conjure that one up!

Let's just take care of the
whole list

of nevers all at once.

Can't believe you just
said I should have a drink.

I can't believe
you just said what you did.

I mean look at him.

He just, he doesn't do this.

He doesn't garden, he never
does this kind of thing.

Maybe he's just
getting some exercise

and you know,
wants to garden now.

Brian, no,

this is really out of character
for him.

Is he drinking again?

No, no, I know that.

Well I mean,

after Andy passed, did
he get some medication

that he started to take?

No, no they
didn't give him anything.

Is he taking anything though,

- something else?
- No, I don't think so.

I really don't.

Hmm, I mean
could be work, you know?

A lot of stress from.

Nothing unusual's
going on.

I don't know, I mean.

It's still maybe just a process.

Okay well, look.

Do me a favor,
would you go talk to him?

Yeah, yeah.

I mean
he's not just really

with me these days.

I don't know what's going on.

Maybe he'll talk to you.

All right, I'll go out.

Do me another favor,

would you take the camera,
I would like to have this.

You mean, and record him?

Yeah, just
film the whole thing.

Yeah, it won't hurt, all

- Hey Kevin.
- Hey.

What you doin', man?

Not a whole lot.

She's got you
doing that too, huh?

Yeah, I.

It's like you gotta have it.

If you're related to me
you gotta have a camera

before you can talk to me
anymore, it feels like.

She's always got
that thing on me.

Ah, she's into it,
I don't know

Like a neat little hobby or
something for her to do, right?

Yeah I guess so.

What are you putting
a flower bed in?

No I'm just,

I'm gonna plant something,
I'm just not sure.

You, know, just felt like

digging and planting something.

But not, I said not
sure what I'm gonna do.

I mean, I just felt like

four of something here'll
probably work.

Just to fill this in
'cause this is all,

can't dig over there 'cause

I mean there's about six or
seven pets

buried over there, but.

Over here is just sort of dead.

Just thought I'd plant

Four seemed like the right

I mean I've got room for a fifth
one here

if I decide to depending
on what I wanna plant.

So you're staying for dinner?



Let me know if I can
help you.

I think I'm good.


Oh god.

Where are you going?


Oh jeez.

He doesn't even have his keys.

Hey Kevin.

How do you
start this thing?

How'd you do that?

Do what?!

You were
just in the car!

No I wasn't.

How do you start this thing?

What is the big deal, what?

The big deal is
that you were in two places

at once, Kevin.

This again.

Vickie, I wasn't in two places
at once.

You were there
and then you were over there.

Where is there?

Here in the kitchen?

You were in the car

and all of a sudden
you're by the tree.

Vickie, I was just in the

and I was trying to get,

Okay, we're gonna
look at this footage

and I'm gonna

- prove it to you.
- I'm not looking.

I want to get the lawn mowed.

We're looking at this


You know it's the first day in
three weeks

that it hasn't been raining

and I'm in here doing this crap

instead of out there
mowing like I should be.

Okay so I'm in the side yard.

You've got the camera on
me all the time these days

so what's the big deal?

All right,
go to the end.

I'm in the side yard!

Go to the end.


Look, maybe your app
has a stitch feature to it.

This is a different day.

That's today.

- I'd give you that.
- No, it's all the same day.

- Vicky.
- Go back and fast forward.

All right, I
don't remember doing this

- but still, it doesn't mean...
- Fast forward.




Oh jeez, he doesn't have keys.

Now watch.

Hey Kevin.

How do you start this


Explain that please.

Hey Brian.

Hey Vickie.

I have to talk to you about

very, very strange that

The other day I
was taping Kevin.

He was in the driveway,

gesticulating wildly
and talking to nobody.

And then suddenly he was there.

And almost no time elapsed.

He was here and
then he was there.

It was like he was in
two places at one time.

Right, well I mean,

we know somebody can't be
two places at one time.

And I'll grant you, I've
seen him acting strange.

He's almost doing a little bit

of a bipolar thing.

I mean you look a
little worried though.

Well, what I
really would like to do here

is show you the footage.

But he went in and
he got my phone

and he took it off.

So that I don't even
have any proof anymore.

I don't know where
he keeps his stuff

so I can't even show it to you.

And I know you're not gonna
take my word for it Brian

but this really happened.

And it's scaring me!

No I believe
something's happening.

I see that.

Just, I mean you still
have your camera

and all your gear, right?

Why don't you document some

I don't know if you remember
Tim, he's my neighbor.

He's a psychiatrist.

You do some documentation

and then we'll meet up

and maybe we'll show it to him

and just see what his
professional opinion is.

'Cause I still think this is
some sort

of a bipolar episode.

Maybe something to
do with the loss

and the coping he's
still going through.

You know what,
I get that.

And I thought that.

I thought that maybe
he should see somebody.

But Brian, I'm telling you

this is just really hard to
describe, but

there's something
more going on here.

Something really weird.

Vickie, you're
worrying me.

I mean do we want to call the

No, you mean
like the pol-, no.

I mean,
I'll come over.

Let me come over.

No, I don't think so.

Honestly I don't think
that would help right now.

I appreciate it.

All right, well look.

I'm 20 minutes away.

If you ever feel
like you need me,

you call me and I'll be over.

In the meantime, just document

that's going on.

Hide it so I can take
a look at it this time.

Well I have to hide
my phone

but I'll do that.

- Thank you.
- Well yeah, yeah.

- Okay.
- Thank you.

All right, be safe.

Nobody's gonna believe me.

Well I'm here now, right?

Who knows where else
I am right now.

I am trying really
hard to figure this out.

I mean two places at
once, it just, it doesn't.

I went online and I've
been doing some research.

I keep looking at it.

I'm in the side yard and I
don't remember that at all.

Don't remember out there
carrying on like that.

Kevin mentioned once to me
this kind of

off the cuff remark
about maybe at the park

I saw his doppelgänger.

Looking it up, it also means
evil twin.

That's me.

I came across
this medieval legend,

the legend of Gwenyd.

And she lost her lover in

And it says heart broken,
she longed

to escape this world.

Her double from another world

was drawn by Gwenyd's grief.

For that sorrow was the key

that could unlock the
door between their worlds.

She called to Gwenyd,
and she said

"I'll change places with you."

Thinking that she would be
reunited with her lover,

Gwenyd happily agreed.

She opened that door.

I mean it's been
six months ago

when I was drinking for

Yeah, that's me and I don't
remember it

but sure that's me.

But I remember everything now.

I remember everything now.

And that I don't remember.

But once there she
decided it was very evil.

It wasn't what
she thought at all

and her twin was truly evil.

You know, the lighthouse,
I looked at that again

and maybe that
could be me or not me,

but I just know I was up here.

I know I wasn't down there.

That's not definitive, but
it's me in the side yard.

That's me in that side yard.

She wanted to come
back to her own world

but it was too late.

You see, Gwenyd's
sorrow was the key

but only the doppelgänger
could control the door.

I can't.

I can't explain it.

The reason I just keep
thinking about Kevin

being in two places at once.

You know, like this made me
think of him.

But I know you can't
be in two places at once.

It just, that doesn't happen.

That just doesn't happen.

Brian's right.

People can't be in two places at
one time.

I know that.

You can't be in two places.

You can't.

You physically cannot be in two

At once.


So when I got up this morning,

Kevin sent me two
emails last night

after three in the morning.

Here's the first one.

And it makes no sense.


And then, right after
he sent that one

he sent this.

I don't even know
what to make of this.

What did you want me to film?

Okay so I actually want you
to film for the first time.


So this is gonna be part of
our video

and it's an introduction
to an amazing weekend.


I figured it all out, look.

I've had a difficult year,
you've had a difficult year,

we've all had a difficult year.

- Right.
- And so,

I finally figured out
a really special thing

that we can all do together.

And we're gonna do it this

Both of the kids are gonna be

- What?
- Robin's coming.

Robin's coming from out of town.

You didn't tell me.

- How come you didn't
- And Michelle's got

- tell me?
- the day off.

Well because I want it to be a

I didn't wanna tell you until I
got it

all figured out.

And I've got it all figured out.

I've got it all arranged.

Well what is it?

It's something that's
just gonna bring us

all together again.

- What?
- I really think,

I really think that the
kind of year that we've had,

specially me, and so I'm trying
to make up for, you know,

for not always being there for

Just bring the five of us

and have an amazing weekend

and it's really gonna turn
things around for this family.

It's gonna be amazing.

What is it though?

Honey, it's a surprise.

I'm telling you that we're
gonna have a surprise

but it's just gonna be
really, really special.

Really amazing.

You're gonna love it.

It's gonna be incredible.


Oh shit.

You reached
Kevin, I'm not available.

Please leave a message.


Where are you?

You didn't even tell
me you were leaving.

Kevin, please call me back.

I really need to talk to you

about your special weekend.

I was in your office and I saw,

where did you go?

You didn't even tell
me you were leaving.

I really need to talk to you.

In fact, what I really want
is I want you to come home

wherever you are.

Call me and then I want you to
come home.

Kevin, please call me.

Hey mom, how's it going today?

Hi honey.

Listen, the reason I called,

we have to cancel this weekend.

Really, 'cause I
just talked to Dad

a couple of hours ago.

I know.

Did something come up?

- Is everything okay?
- Yes.

Yeah, no everything's fine,
we just,

just we can't do it this

What's going on?

You're acting weird.


Dad ate something weird,
I don't know,

he's got a stomach thing.

So let's reschedule.

All right.

And you're all right,
everything's good?

Is there anything you
need me to do?

No, no, no, no, no.


Just stay there, I'll
take care of things.

Just promise me,
you're not gonna come

anywhere around
here this weekend.

Promise me that, okay?

Are you sure there's
nothing else wrong, mom?

'Cause I can come
home even if Dad's sick.

It's not a problem for me.

No, no, please don't.

I want you to stay there.

I'll handle it.

Mom, you're kind
of freaking me out.

I don't mean to freak
you out, I'm sorry.

This is just a terrible time.

And you know,
we'd love to see you but,

Yeah I'd love to see you...

Not this weekend, okay?

I will call you later.

I need to get...

Definitely call me later.

I will.

And we'll reschedule
for some other weekend.


I love you.

Love you too.

Tell Dad I love him as well.

I'll do that.

All right.


I'm documenting everything now.

He says the five of us
have to be together.

It's funny I didn't catch
that the first time.

But then I saw he
was looking up poison.

Who does that?

I mean, we just,

we lost a kid.

And now you wanna take away
my remaining kids, are you?

I obviously can't trust him

At least my kids are safe.

But I gotta do something.

Call the police...


He's not home.


Just what I need.

I don't know what to do.

Brian can be here in 20 minutes.

I just made a mistake,
no big deal.

See you soon.


Who are you talking to?


About what?

About this weekend.

I canceled this

Well, change of plans.

After all,

a mother can be very persuasive

when she wants to be.

Oh Jesus.

Oh god.


Oh god.

Oh god, oh god.

Oh god, oh.

Oh god, oh god.

Oh gosh.

No, no.



Help me!


- Mom!
- Michelle!


Don't you love us?


Oh gosh.


No, no.


Vickie, are you down there?

It's not you.

No, no.

No, no.


Get away!

What are you?!


Stay away!


Vickie, are you down here?

The lights aren't working.

It's not you.

It's not you.

- It's not you.
- Vic?

- Vic?
- Get out, get out!

Ouch, ouch!

Vickie, wait!

The eyes.


The eyes!

Oh my god,
no, no, no, no, no, no!


Oh my god, Kevin, Kevin.

Oh my god, Kevin.

I killed him.

I killed my husband.

But it wasn't him.

It wasn't him.

Nobody's gonna believe me.

Oh god.

Nobody's gonna believe me.

Oh god, help.

Death doesn't
close the door.