Dope Fiend (2017) - full transcript

In a methodical scheme for gentrification in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, money, drugs and violence manipulate the lives of three warring families, forcing them to address their ills or face destruction. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
♪ If the sun burned out and
the stars fell from the sky ♪

Man in the full
knowledge of himself

is a superb and supreme
creature of creation.

When man becomes possessor
of the knowledge of himself,

he becomes master
of his environment,

the captain of his own ship,

the director of his own destiny,

the accomplisher
of his own ends.

There is another America.

Millions of starved men search
for jobs that don't exist.

...who were working
for the CIA's army

were responsible for
bringing all that cocaine

into Los Angeles that
sparked the crack epidemic.

The drug
war was launched in

response to racial politics,
not drug crime.

The economic jam we're in

has topped even the Great
Depression in one respect.

Never have we had a recession

this deep
with a recovery this flat.

detractors will tell you

that rising rents and increased
property values force out

locals and small businesses
from affected neighborhoods.

Proponents say the influx of new

residents and businesses
is worth celebrating.

What gentrification really is,

it is the increase
in the price of land.

It is a shortage of
neighborhoods and the thing

about Canada and the US is
that we stole this land fair

and square and we got a lot
of it, we don't have a shortage

of land, we have a shortage
of walkable urban land.

Federal guidelines allow

Public Housing authorities
to evict whole families

because of a family member's
alleged criminal activity.

God, God!


Please, somebody help.

Come on, let's get to the car.

He's gonna die before
the ambulance gets here.

I don't give a shit.

All right, yeah.

It's about time, man.

No, I never doubted you.

All right, I'll see
you when you get here.

Go on.


I'm a take over
all three projects,

Lindsey, Elliot and Benton

and I won't have to
use any force either.

It's just simple
supply and demand.

I'm gonna supply it at a lower

price and flood the block hard.

They gonna be comin' to me.

♪ Welcome to New York City

♪ Welcome to the New York City
housing projects ♪

♪ Welcome to New York City

♪ Welcome to the New York City
housing projects ♪

♪ Welcome to New York City

♪ Welcome to the New York City
housing projects ♪

No no no, I told you have
Harry send you a list.

We have a bunch of
people to fill them.

The police arrests every day,

cross-check the addresses
and get the process pushed.

Our people will have the first

crack at them if we act first.

Yes, under the non-profit.

Washington Street,
yes, send Hussein for

the renovations and take
out the bathroom first.

Now move, it's the third
floor that's the problem.

Don't be too aggressive
like that guy

and his jackass brother
who got arrested

for roughing up the
people in the apartment.

The authorities
have the DA looking

into every landlord-tenant
complaint now.


I've got to go.

Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Was he moving?

I told you, man, we hit him.

We just didn't stay
around 'cause they
started to bust back.

I hit that nigga,
best believe that.

It really doesn't
matter now, okay?

We're gonna find out
in a few if he is dead.

We move in manana,
okay, we waste no time.


Yeah, well...

I want that whole shit
locked down, two days okay?

Yeah, that's what
I'm talking about.

But what about Profit?

He's next, okay?

First we lock this shit down,

then we hit him
before he hits us.

Yo yo yo,
you buggin' right now.

You gettin' greedy and shit,
you want all three projects?

We gonna need some
shit for that, nigga.

Papi, we got some
shit for that nigga.

Nigga, burning some candles
ain't gonna work on him.

Hey, don't call me nigga okay?

I ain't black, I'm Dominican.

What, nigga?

Everybody up in here black, man.

We all come from Africa.

Your ass just got
dropped off in Haiti, is all.

Hey, I am not from
fucking Haiti, okay?

I told you I am from
the Dominican Republic.

That is Haiti.
Damn, nigga. What you think?

The fuckin' white man
couldn't beat the Haitians

so he divided the island in
half and left one side Haiti.

That's the original name
from the Taino Indians

and the other side
was Hispaniola,

which became
the Dominican Republic.

...stupid ass?

You know what? Fuck you!

What? You know it's true.


Damn, man.

Next time give me
a heads up, man.

I just bought this shit, man.

I told you, Papi,

that's why you don't
work with Puerto Ricans.

What's up
with your man, yo?

Shit, you know he always on
that sneaky in and out shit.

This nigga,
he gettin' that bread,
not like us, though.

Can't knock the hustle.

Gentlemen, gentlemen,
how y'all doing?

Turtle here, got exclusive
Cartier with the paperwork.

Hold that paper will you?
Check that out.

That's your tissue, bro.

Let me see that, man.

I got my hands on a DB9,
012 shit, know what I'm saying?

And for you little niggas,
some fresh.

Yo you hustle man for real,

Yes sir.

Yo, I need to get my
hand on some wine.

I only deal with
exclusive shit, man.

I don't deal with no
crackhead shit, man.

Talk to your man over there.

I'm talking about some
high-end exclusive shit.

You know Thomas Jefferson
used to collect

fine wines and now his
joints go for a grip.

I want to get one
for a gift for someone.

Okay, playboy,
I'm a get back to you on that.

Now y'all take care, all right?
- All right.

Hey what's up, man?
Lemme get a pass on that.

I got 20 for you right now.
- A pass?

Nigga, you can pass
me that 20, nigga,

you still owe me from
last time, appreciate you.

What are those?!

Come on nigga,
why you gonna knock on me, man?

Why you on that bullshit?
- Yo, fuck outta here, man.

Yo why you frontin', man?

Get the fuck
out of my face, nigga!

Yo, what the fuck, man? Chill.

You heard
what the fuck I said.

The only thing I respect
is that paper nigga,

so you go get it.

You got crack all day,
nigga, that's what you do.

Yo, chill man, chill.

Get the fuck outta here, man.

Nigga get the fuck outta here.

Get the fuck out my face.

Damn, P.

Man fuck that nigga,

he still owe me 20
from four days ago.

Nigga almost made me fuck
up my gear, though, for real.

Yo, nigga this shirt
cost 60, dig it?

That's a white tee.

You niggas ain't
up on this shit.

Nigga, feel the fuckin'
texture, nigga, feel it, nigga.

Nope, nigga.

Get the fuck outta here.

You know what, man?
I gotta be out, yo.

Yo, handle that shit, though.
All right, I got you.

All right, boy.

- Hey, Profit.
- What up, Black?

I got somewhere to be right now,

I ain't got time for all
that black man is God shit.

Talk to me, man,
I need some money.

Bro, I just broke you off with

a nice stack when you came home.

I know you ain't blew
through that shit already.

Nigga, is you smoking?

No, I'm starting an after
school program for the kids.

I just need some startup funds.


Look, think about
when we were young.

Things would've been different

if we had a little
bit of direction.

I mean, you got people down
here right now doing drugs,

turning into zombies
and forgetting their

true nature of being kings
and queens just like you.

All right,
I'll see what I can do,

but I ain't got time for
the speech right now.

- Hold on.
- Nigga, I ain't on that shit.

You are addicted to the money.

Just look how you act
when you gotta part

with just a little bit
of it and on top of that,

you smokin' that weed to numb

yourself to shit
you afraid to face.

Look man, I already told
you I'll see what I can do.

I don't need you to sit up
here and try to hustle me.

I got some things in the works.

Hey, I love you man,
you a king, not a fiend.

Yo, what up, Grandma?

Boy, why the hell you screamin'
my name out like that?

I ain't laughin' neither.

I don't want these
low ass people

to know when I'm
walking in the building.

Where you going?
Let me grab this bag--

No no no no,
that's all right, I got it.

Well, thank you, okay.

When you gonna let me buy
you that house down South?

I ain't moving, not until your
aunt gets outta that rehab.

But if you wanna spend your
money on something else,

I wanna go on one of those
cruises to the Caribbean.

I got me a bathing
suit I wanna wear,

I got it off QVC.

Nah, Grandma,
you too old for all that.

I ain't old, I just
had kids too early

and they dumbasses
had kids too early.

Be careful.

I don't want nothing
to happen to you.

Remember what happened
to your father?

I'm okay.

You let me know
if you need anything.

Love you.
Love ya, love ya, love ya.

♪ Why these niggas chatty patty? I don't know♪

♪ Why they all mad at daddy?
I don't know ♪

♪ What these niggas
talking about?
I don't know ♪

♪ Cause money all we talk about, that I know ♪

♪ I might breeze through
big boy no tint ♪

♪ Car full of bitches
looking like a little pimp ♪

♪ Got jewels on my neck,
strap on my lap ♪

♪ tank full of gas
and pocket full of trap ♪

♪ Get money with my niggers
and I pass them dap ♪

♪ I don't roll up in packs,
man, to me thats wack ♪

What the hell?

No wonder.

Girl, I had to stop by
'cause I needed to rest.

I can't walk up those 12
flights like I used to.

Yeah, they've been
moving' in and holding up

the elevator
all damn day long.

They look like white people.

They everywhere, ain't they?

My people can't even get in,

just on some waiting
list forever.

Sittin' in the shelter
with they kids.

Now look at 'em.

Where's the liquor?
I need a drink.

This is not the same
shit as last time.

Fuck is this?

This is all you
gettin' for that.

Niggas out here,
they coppin' Oxy and shit.

This is the only pills
I can get right now.

Now listen, son, my man
just called me, he said

he got the sweet package
right now on your mother, son.

So listen,
we gonna get that shit,

we gonna hug the blocks, son,

you niggas gonna grind
like crazy,
know what I'm saying?

You already know.

Yeah exactly, son,
gonna get this money.

Who the fuck is calling me?

Bring me some of that
shit from before.

That shit you get
from your grandmother,

I don't know where you
get that shit from.

Just bring me that shit.


There are some other ways
you can work it off too.

Somebody got shot?

Somebody got hit up in Benton?

Yo, son, y'all niggas watch it,
man, keep your eyes open, son.

Niggas poppin' off right now.


That's crazy, I told you.

Just let me know.

Yo, Sandra!

No shit.

That looked like my cousin,
Sandra, son.

Yo, stay right there,
we comin' right now.

Come on, come on, son,
these niggas, man.

Only coffee for me.

Well, gentlemen, most of
the laws are in place.

Now it's just to
get them enforced.

And Williamsburg is
bursting at the seams,

all of the land and
people are gone.



Bed-Stuy is the next
area to start on now.

That's where Prince comes in.

We need to escalate our efforts.

I don't want to know what
or how you do what you do.

I just need you to hurry it up

and start to get
them out one by one.

What about the new
people coming in?

We are going to need people to

fill those units
until we are ready.

I'm taking care of that.

Well, I can speed it up
on a few fronts.

I've already started on one.

How much time do I have?

Two years, the new mayor
will be in by then.

Hey, hey.

Wait a minute,
you finish your homework?

Who finished their homework?

So get in there and finish it.

My goodness,
what's wrong with ya?



Bobby, Bobby, where is Sandra?

- She went to the store.
- For what?

I don't know.


when she gets back,

you tell her I want her
to put Instagram on my phone.

My whole life.

My whole life...

I've been watching kids.

It is really simple.

Williamsburg is the
only area in the whole

country that was not affected
by the housing crash.

In fact,

during that time,
it actually grew.

So, the area around it...

Bedstuy is next in line.

Soon all five
boroughs will be gone.

We are sitting on ground zero.

My associate has a
large share in Brooklyn

and is willing to team
up with us for a price.

Ultimately gentlemen,
what we get

is a huge slice of Brooklyn.

So, if we bring in
100 ki's a week,

we'll be able to destabilize
the neighborhood.

What we do is we flood it
hard, then we pull out.

After that we call the police
with the help of our friend.

Now we have the cash
and the property

is ready for us to
take at a lower price.

I'm not
worried about the niggas,

I'm worried about
the Jews and if they

gonna do what they
say they gonna do.

As long as the money is right,
we are all right with them.

That's what it all boils
down to anyway, right?

My gosh.

My gosh.

You're so good.

♪ You know
that I ain't perfect ♪

♪ In a room
filled with bad bitches ♪

♪ trying to keep my eyes
on you ♪

♪ And it's not that I don't
want you ♪

♪ I'm not saying don't trust me but these things happen... ♪

Can I have some?

You know you're gonna
pay for new weed, right?


I ain't playing with you.

What you thinking about, baby?

I had a dream
last night that...

my whole family was
together for Thanksgiving.

We were all down South at one of

those big houses
my grandmother grew up in.

Well, that was
definitely that, a dream,

'cause you know your family
all over the damn place.

You got this one here in rehab,

this one here on probation,
this one here in jail.

I'm just playing,
I'm just playing,
make it happen.

You could start
with buying a house.

Yeah, whatever.

So, am I gonna get
to see you later?

I don't know, I gotta take
my wife shopping later.

I need my weed money.

All right.

Yo, calm the fuck down.

This is not gonna be enough.

I need to save up money
to get that house, remember?

No, I don't know.

I've been waiting and
waiting and I'm just trying--


Why you not
answering your phone?


he just came in.

You come over now.

All right, I'm gonna see
you in a little bit, okay?

All right, bye.

Yo, who the fuck
is coming over?
What happened?

Well, we got
a serious problem.

Well, that shit gonna have to

wait 'til after my show go off.

Yo, I'm not
playing with you.

I ain't playing neither,
this is my nigga Kramer.

- Yo.
- Stop playing.

Yo, you stop playing.

This nigga Kramer--

Stop watching this
white people bullshit.

We got some serious
shit about to pop off.

No come on, son, I ain't
even seen this one yet.

At least let me record it.

No, I'm not playing with you.

Yo, stop playing, yo,
I'm not playing with you.

Yo, Oscar just got shot.

- Say word?
- Yeah.


He okay?
- I don't even know.

Isis is coming over now
to tell me everything.

- For what?
- What you mean for what?

We don't need to get
mixed up in that shit.

War is bad for business

and business doin'
damn good right now.

We don't need this shit.

That nigga don't listen no ways,

ain't no telling what
he got himself into.

Look that's her.
Listen to what she has to say,
all right?

She's my best friend
and you know that.

Listen to what she has to say.

Come on, now.

- Hey.
- Hi.

All right, come on in.

I heard what happened.
Y'all know who did it?

The baby all right.

Them push me down
on my belly, but we all right

and it look like Oscar
going to be okay too.

The bullet miss everything.
- That's great.

I thought he was dead
the way you was tellin' it.

See, he cool.
I'm glad he doin' good.

Y'all got a baby
to take care of.

So maybe he should just go
somewhere and chill for a while.

Him don't listen,
him is too tough.


The reason I'm here
is I need your help.

Y'all been together
for a long time.

A few years after us and
he comes home every night.

Yeah, whatever.

So what you need?

Y'all know...

me's a peaceful person.

Nah nah nah, come on, man.

I don't want those problems,
I don't need those problems.

I'm a businessman
and I got a family.

I ain't out there wiling like
I was when I was younger.

I know, I know,
and I'm really sorry

to ask you to get involved
in all of this but...

me love him...

so much and I don't wanna see
anything else happen to him.

I would kill...


for that man.

Nah, why don't y'all just go
somewhere, just disappear?

I know he got mad money stashed.

As soon as the baby born but

I can't leave and go
anywhere right now.

Suppose I have some
kind of medical issue.

The best hospitals are here,
you know that.

You thirsty? Let me get you
something to drink.

You know what,
if him uncle kill him...

me, I'm gonna kill off
all of them blood clots

and he who don't stand with me,
stand against me.

Yo, you need to
calm your ass down.

Yo, come.

Did I act like that
when I was pregnant?

She's bugging.

I can't fuckin'
save the world.

I know sir, you always
have the key.

Please, let me know when
it's my nephew's funeral.

I would like to pay my respects.

Thank you, I love my shirt.

I should've had on a better bra.

My favorite color.
Don't forget, that's my fan.

That shirt'll look real
good on you in New Orleans.

Why is everybody trying
to get rid of me?

Ain't nobody trying
to get rid of you.

You the one that said you wanted

to move down to
New Orleans, right?

I'm just telling you that
right about now is a good time.

Where the hell am
I going to live?

I ain't got no money for rent,

much less to move.

Plus Peaches ain't
finished that rehab yet

and the kids,
they still in school.

- What's up, baby girl?
- Can you play a song?

Have you been practicing?

No, no you haven't been.

Hold on.

How about we sing something
for your grandmamma.

♪ Gloria want to
go to New Orleans ♪

Y'all fast.

♪ Why you actin'

♪ so, so mean?

♪ Can't have nothing
in between ♪

♪ I'm talking about Gloria

That was good.
You been practicing, man,
Good job, good job.

Y'all get on outta here.

What I tell you about
when grown folks' talking?

Go ahead y'all, go and practice,
man, go on.

- Go on, now.
- Stop hypin' 'em up.

You know you ain't
gonna be here to help

when I can't get them
to do their homework.

Miss Gloria, listen to me,

one thing we will help
with is that money.

You ain't gotta
worry about that.

Between me and Profit, we
got that covered, all right?

Y'all niggas must
think I'm stupid.


the police don't
play in the South

and I ain't got
no time for y'all.

I'm gonna go see a lawyer

about this eviction
notice tomorrow.

Grandma, what's up?
I came as soon as I heard.

No, no, no, no,
you can't be here

because I don't want no trouble.

What, I ain't even do nothing?

Still, I don't care.

These people just need
a little hint, and then bam.

Are you serious?

You already got an
eviction notice for what?

- I wanna know.
- Exactly.

So why would I want to give
them a reason, a real reason?


make Paul a plate to take home

and Crystal, make sure
you take that plate home

because you can't stay here.

Come on, man, I need
to talk to you--

Go on.

Gloria, I'm gonna talk
to you later, all right?

Talk to you tomorrow.

So you workin' out of
your grandma's apartment?

Hell no, I don't
even go in there.

That was my first time
in there in years.

I don't know why they
fuckin' with her then.

She paying her rent, right?

Yeah she paying, hell, I give
her the money every month.

Anyway, she need to get
the fuck outta here, man.

Shit is gettin'
hot right now, too.

You know they touched
your boy Oscar.

Yeah, I know.

- He all right though.
- What?

Shit, if you trying
to be hamburger meat.

What the hell you talking about?

Santiago lit that ass up, man,

chopped him up
12 different ways.

What, yo, when this happen?

'Cause I just talked to Isis.

Man, you need to keep
your ear to the street.

The shit just happened
a couple hours ago.

I just came up a couple of
hours ago from Philly.

We gonna need to double up.
I need some more cash.

Look, the labor
about to jump off.

You think Jay gonna
walk us into his boy?

Shit, I don't know.

I mean I can ask him, but shit.

Yo, what we gonna
do about her, though?

Don't worry about her,

I got a realtor
down in New Orleans.

See if I can get her that crib,

you know, the joint she
always talkin' about.

Now, I got a way to
get it clean. We good.

How much we talking?

Buying the house and the move,
it's gonna be about a half.

I can't help you with
that right now either.

Look, son, I can do it later.
I got you, alright?

Yo, I definitely
can't afford to go

to war with that
nigga Santiago now.

Nah, you do not need to
go to war with Santiago.

Just let that shit ride.

There's gonna be news
and the cops and...

I get our stuff from the
same guys he gets his from.

I'm gonna talk to him
and make sure
he don't do nothing stupid.

Come on, look,
I'm gonna take the steps.

I need to get uptown
and check out my spot,
all right?

Stay up.

First we move in and
then we cut him off.

Why you waiting?

You gotta move quick.

Oscar's gone, you need
to get all three projects

and if that fucker can deliver
what he says, then do it.

Who do you think
you're talking to?


I'm not telling you what to do.

I just hate to see
people play you.

It's Shango who is
saying this, not me.


What up boy, what I told you?

You gotta be nice
with them hands.

Get them hands up, keep 'em up.

- All right, that's better.
- What up, boss?

- What's good with you?
- Hey, man, can't call it.

- How's business?
- It's all right.

You know the Jakes out here
lurking like always.

- Man, yo, that's fly man.
- What, this old thing?

- Yeah.
- Nah, it's nothing.

You can cop one too if you
keep doing what you doing.

Yeah, but man, they ain't
even let me step up.

You know I can do a
lot more than this.

Nah, we see you.

Don't even worry about that.

I got something special
in mind for you.

You's a hard worker
and I fucks with that

but you gotta pay
them dues first, son.

Yeah, I feel you.

So just, you know,
slow it down a little bit.

Shit, I'm trying
to be like you, man.

Gettin' that money,
chains, watches,

chicks, all that.

Except they're trying to take
my family up outta here, man.

I can't do this no more.

Nah, I'm cool.

Yo, I'm a get up outta here

but you keep your
eyes open for Jake.

I think I see one right now.

Nah, I seen him.

All right, peace.

Listen, he won't find out.

Let's get this easy money,
then clean house.

You think we are making as
much money on this as he is?

Come on, we already
talked about this, okay?

I'm going to finish up now.

I'm sorry I can't
hold my liquor.

So, we have a deal right?

I'll start you off with 50.

You're making 1500 on each one

but I need you to keep
your orders at 50 a week.

Once I've got Lindsey,
I'll be able to do
more than that.

I can help you with that one.


Yo, chill out, little man,
I just wanna talk business.

Nah, I'm good big man.

Hey, man, how about I
get you a promotion?

Put some money in your pocket,
get you up off this bench.

I'm not into scamming, big man.

Yo, how about
I front you a brick?

Hey, I got an eye
for identifying

some talent with some
real promise, man.

I just want to grow
as you grow, that's all.

You still here?

I told you I'm not
into all that, man.

I'm good, I work with somebody.

Look man, there's a war
going on out here.

You don't wanna get caught up
on the wrong side.

Now look, I got a
real sweet connect.

Now look, life's
all about changes,

it's how you ride that wave.

Now, that's wisdom.

This shit could be yours,
Lindsey could be yours.

Get your mama up outta there,
get yourself some new gear.

Put some money in your pocket,
get you an Xbox,

whatever you little niggas do.

Who the fuck are you, bro?

How I know you ain't the
Feds or some shit like that?

I'm Big G...

and I'm a businessman.

I'm like a scout for
like the NBA, you know?

I've got an eye for talent.

Now my team, we heavily
invested in Santiago

and I know you heard about
what happened, right?


Now look,

I'm gonna leave you with this
last gem before I step off.

Any time a man is given
a business opportunity,

it should only take him
one minute to decide.

Now, my team is moving fast

and every day shit
is changing around here.

So you don't wanna get caught up

out there in the cold,
you feel me?

Don't take too long.



Them chop him up...

into 12 pieces.

I had to wrap him up...

like a mummy.

What a evil man.

I can't--

You sure you don't wanna
wait before we hit Profit?

He might not even take her side.

I don't care.

It's nothing personal, okay?

I just have to send a
message to the others.

I'm a professional,
I take pride in what I do.

I'm gonna have to
add on to the rate.

I'm a military style man,

this is some street shit
which always ends messy, man.

Okay, okay,
how much do you want?

You got it, all right?

But first we do it
my way, all right?

I am the customer.

Rule number one, you gotta
keep the customer happy, right?

Rule number one in my book
is to protect my life.

I don't go in shit
blind without a plan.

It never ends well.

Trust and believe man,
I'm a handle mines.

If we do it your way
and if it don't work,

we go back and do it my way
and I gotta clean everybody's

bullshit up, I'm a add 40
stacks on the rate, man.

And one more thing, you
gonna pay for cleaning up

my truck that you fucked up
with Jose's blood in there.

Okay, okay that's enough,
let's go, he's here.

- Too much talking.
- Let's go, let's go.


Hello, hello?

Santiago, Santiago!


I can't hear you. Hello?

Call back.

So what you think?

This one...

- or the other one?
- It's the same thing.

No, that one was
a different color.

You don't pay
attention to nothing.

Yo, come on,
man, I'm hungry.

Velo's coming through,
we gonna leave when he get here.

Yo, where's your boys at?

- Everybody, man, everybody.
- What happened?

The cops just rolled up,
had a crazy shootout.

- When?
- Right now, man.

Look, we gotta
get you outta town

until we find out
what's going on.

All right.


- Yo come on, Crystal, let's go.
- What?

Bring your ass, now!

All right, what happened?




Wait, wait where is she?

- Okay, I'll be right there.
- What happened now?

It's your grandmother,
she's in the hospital.

- She got hit by a car.
- Fuck!

What's good, nigga?

Tell-tell your little
sister I said what's good.

Let me get some of that,
you know what I'm saying?

- Yo, Bam, what up man?
- Yo.

- What up, man?
- What's good?

- How the count lookin', man?
- Shit it's good, it's steady.

The boys in blue
playin' us close, though.

Or you know our
buddy over there?

Yeah yeah yeah,
we cool and shit.

Where Profit at, though?


Nah, he was talking about

bumpin' me up,
something like that.

Wanted to talk a
little more about it.

- Bumpin' you up?
- Yeah.

Listen, man, yo, slow your
roll little, nigga, all right?

Learn to motherfuckin'
count first.

Shit ain't sweet out here,

get your fuckin'
wig pushed back, man.

Listen, consider it a privilege
to work with us, all right?

See them niggas up the block?

Them niggas gettin'
merc'd for stupid shit.

We out here gettin' money.

Just 'cause you see me
on this fly shit,

that don't mean we
ain't working all right?

- You smell me?
- Yeah, I hear you.

Matter of fact,

yo, get back to your
fuckin' post right now, man.

Get back to your post, man.
Yo, we out.

I'll be back man, come on.


You can hear me?

Yo, how much I'm a
get and when, man?

No, I need that money first.

Nah, he ain't around.

And when do I get my
first run too, man?

All right, cool,
cool, cool, cool.

Man, two?

Yo, Isis, please don't
worry about all of that

because I'm gonna
take care of my uncle.


No, let off of me now.

My God.
Gloria, you really scared us.

I mean what the hell?
You can't cross the street now?

I'm okay. Look like I broke
my hip, but I'm okay, though.

Crystal, take my picture.

I want to put it on Instagram.

Grandma, what happened?

Damn dope fiend took my bag,
he lucky I didn't cut him.

What he look like?

I don't know,
I couldn't see him.

Sorry, we need to take
her down for more x-rays.

You all can wait in the
waiting area if you like.

Okay, I'm gonna go get some
food and come back okay?

Come on.

Let me talk to Grandma
real quick.
Give me a second.

Okay, I'll come
back in five minutes.

- Thank you.
- What's wrong?

I told you I didn't see him.

I just wanted to say thank you.

I thought I lost you
on the ride over here.

It was the longest 20
minutes of my life.

I appreciate everything
that you've done for me,

for us, the whole family.

I'm grateful.

So I just...

I just had to say thank you.

I know you do.

I want all y'all to
make it in this world,

I don't judge you.

We always find a way to live.

You know I was thinking...

do you ever think about the fact

that your daddy died from drugs,

your mama died...

from drugs and the
whole family is either...

on drugs or selling them?

My daddy was killed by the cops.

Because he was on drugs.

What do you think will happen if

you go around stealing

just like that
boy with them ugly

orange sneakers who
tried to rob me?

The police gonna
catch up with him too.

I'm not trying to run your life

or tell you what to
do with your life.

I stopped believing
in God a long time ago

right after your grandaddy
was killed by the police.

I came to New York...

to be someone...

to buy my mother a house.

But when I got up here...

and had kids...

life happened.

Come on Grandma,

you can't just sit up
here and play the victim.

You got seven kids and you
tellin' me life just happened?

You ever stop and think
that at some point maybe

you had something to do
with the fact that all

seven of your kids turned
out the exact same way?

My mother was a
sharecropper down South.

She wasn't educated...

I wasn't educated much...

and I ain't had no daddy.

By the time
I learned about life...

I was a grandmother.

You damn right.

Don't let life happen to you.

Make life happen...

for you.

Yo I was fuckin' with
these bitches last night.

Bitch talkin'
about she wanted to

blow on a Tootsie-Roll
and shit, man.

Who the fuck
is these niggas, man?

- Come on. You don't fuck up.
- What?


Tell Profit we're
looking for him.

Yo, Herb, man, I gotta
get outta here, man.

All right,
I got you right now.

Hey Profit,
I'm glad I ran into you.

Check this out,

I just printed out the
proposal for the Center.

Damn Black, you serious
about this?


You gonna have a
basketball team too?

Yeah, yes.

But more importantly,

we're gonna teach the
little ones about us.

You know Marcus Garvey once
said that God and nature

made us into who we are
but then we in our own

creative genius made ourselves
into who we gonna be.

That's deep.

Yo but I gotta go, though,
my girl's in the car.

Before you leave,

I want you to check out
the last page of this.

I mean I really want
to know what you think.

All right man, I'll
get you the money,

I'll go in with you.

But I gotta go, man,
my girl's gonna kill me.

- I'll hit you tomorrow.
- That's dope.

All right, all right,
all right, okay, all right.

Come on, man.

So what you was
talkin' to Black about?

He want me to help him start
this after school program.

I think I'm a do it.

How you gonna start an after

school program
if you can't even read?

I don't need to fuckin' read,
I can count.

You know what,
maybe that is a good idea.

You know, it's about
time you put your money

behind something
worthwhile instead of

putting it behind
rappers and other BS.

You know what,
and now maybe you can go

back to school
and get your GED.
That's dope.

Yo, I wanna talk to you
a little bit more about

me gettin' bumped up,
because I was talkin' to a man

about that shit and he
was buggin' out on me.

Yo, but yo, you said
you was gonna--

All right, all right, cool.

- What's good, niggas?
- What's popping, what's up?

All money down's a bet.

$200 or better, come on, nigga.

- Shoot that shit.
- What the fuck is you
talking about?

Hold on, hold on,
what's up?

Y'all trying to intimidate
my bitch?

Hold up man, yo,
I get money, nigga.

Y'all niggas shoot this,
here baby.

I'm like the cool
older brother, nigga.

I get money and I let
that hammer go, nigga.

Yo, man ,what up, nigga,
what you doin' over here?

Y'all niggas know
what's up, feel me?

I don't know nothing.

Yo, what's up man?

I don't know, man.
I just wanted to you
a little bit, son.

Yo, son, just found a connect,

they're offering bricks,
heavy shit.

So what you gonna do?
You're takin' it, right?

It ain't that easy, fam,
you know that.

Profit had me around
since I was knee high.

Listen man, ain't no
pitchin' in this shit, man,

only opportunity.
Get the money, get the bricks.

Yo, what's good?

Y'all talkin' about some
big money over here.

- Listen, listen, listen.
- What's good, bro?

Listen man, get the bricks,
get the money.

Wait wait wait wait,

Profit takin' good care
of you on that bench, man.

You sure you ready
for the big leagues?


Look man, get the bricks,
you got them hitters.

If it come to it with Profit,
anybody, man,

I got you, I'm gonna
hold you down, baby.

Shit, that's all I need
to hear, bro, all right.

Be easy, man.

- What's up with you?
- What you mean?

♪ Always better
to have more than less ♪

Yo, where they at?

♪ Handle it on the streets,
we never call police ♪

Against the wall, motherfucker.

♪ Stand up, nigger,
haters want me on my knees ♪

♪ Hoe, you want me gone
then pull your pistol out
and squeeze ♪

♪ Hurry up and shoot
or forever hold your peace ♪

Fuckin' cops rolled up.

Yo, what you doin'
over here, son?

Fuck is that?

Get you outta here
before something happens.

I got a job for you.

How many?

We'll be there tomorrow,

but right now I got
something I gotta handle.

Looks like we got
another job in New York.

Well, right here,
this one's yours.

Looks like another job
for the police's finest.

Breaking news this morning.

There has been a major
gang roundup by the NYPD.

Organized Crime Control B--

Bureau, Narcotics Division
and also the Public

Housing Police were very
familiar with many of

these suspects and had been
aware of their activities.

Yeah that first body's hard
to do but you did your thing,

you did real good.

When do I get my money?

In due time,
little man, in due time.

- Auntie!
- Auntie!

Y'all stop yelling like that.

Where your grandmamma at?


where Gloria?

She's in the hospital.

What, what happened to her?

She got hit by a car.

Ho, she about to get paid!

Is she okay?

Yeah, she says
she'll be home tomorrow.

Where's Sandra?

Why you here?
Ain't you supposed to be
in rehab?

When they let you out?

What it look like?

Sandra got a cell phone?

Call her for me.

You ain't using my cell phone,

you can use the house phone.

- Baby.
- Hey, mama.

Come give Mama a hug.
I missed you.

When's your next court date?

Come on, I wanna go
to the store real quick.

I've been trying to call you

and tell you to bring
me something back.

Your grandmamma know
what happened to me?

Mama, I told grandma what
you said about the rehab.

But we got an eviction notice.

Where the stuff at?

Mama, did you just
hear what I said?

We're gonna be out.

We're gettin' evicted
because you got arrested.

I ain't sell no drugs,
that was you sellin' them drugs.

Mama, you the one that told me

to take grandma's
pills and sell 'em.

Don't worry, baby.

I'm a gonna take
care of everything.

Just give me a second.

♪ Let the seas roll,
let the thunder sound ♪

♪ Let the plates
shake beneath the ground ♪

♪ Let fire fall from the sky,
I don't mind ♪

♪ I don't care
if it's the UV rays
or the ice age ♪

♪ or the clashing
of Orion's belt
in the Milky Way ♪

♪ I'll sing the
love song of the robin
or the blue jay ♪

♪ My love would meet you
beyond this Earth
at heaven's door ♪

♪ If I never see the beauty

♪ or smell the fragrance
of a rose again ♪

♪ or have the gentle breeze
caressing my skin ♪

♪ or if my house, car and money went up in blazing flames ♪

♪ Someone ask me,
will my answer be the same? ♪

♪ So, listen closely,
cause ain't nothing changed ♪

♪ I would still want to spend
my last moment with you ♪

♪ Listen girl,
let the seas roll ♪

♪ let the thunder sound,
let the plates shake... ♪


Isis, you're gonna make me late.

We have 30 minutes
to get to the airport.

It will only take
me two minutes.

- Two minutes, two minutes.
- Airport in 30 minutes.

♪ Or the clashing of Orion's
belt in the Milky Way ♪

♪ I'll sing the love song of
the robin and the blue jay ♪

♪ My love will meet you beyond
this Earth at heaven's door ♪

♪ My love, whoa whoa,
is bordering on insanity ♪

♪ Is what they told me, yeah

Why you ain't playing
with everybody else?

I'm waiting on my dad,

he said he taking
me fishing today.

It's too late to go fishing.

Y'all should've left
by this morning.

Well I've been here
since this morning

but maybe we're leaving
tonight to sleep over

and start early
in the morning.

Besides it is Bear Mountain,
and it is a long ride.

You know me and your dad
are like brothers, right?

Your grandmother and my
mother are like sisters.

In fact, I'm the one that
gave you that name, Profit.

You know why?

'Cause I ain't never seen a
boy that can add like you.

I always did go to the
store for everybody

and some people would tell
me to keep the change.

So when you goin' for everybody,
I had to know how much

change I could keep and how
much change I could give back.

I guess so.

It's gettin' kinda late.

I don't think your
dad is coming, son.

Besides, you ain't hungry?

It's dinnertime.

He said he was coming.

He promised.

He gave me his word,
he swore to God.

Look, Profit, I'm gonna
have to tell you something.

You may not understand this,
but I hope

when you get older,
you remember it.

Your father is no
longer your father.

He done got hooked on them drugs

and all he knows is those drugs.

The man...

who was your father...

he died a long time ago.

Only God can bring him back.

So now I need you to be a man
and take care of your family...

your grandmother, your sister,
your cousins, they need you.

You do what you gotta do
to take care of your family.

You choose to live
and die by your terms.

They need you to lead them.

God needs you...

to keep your word.

♪ Dope dealer, capital letters

♪ DEA got a vendetta

♪ Smith and Wesson,
a couple of Berettas ♪

♪ Ain't seen or heard shit,
Helen Keller ♪

♪ Pull on my coat,
background stellar ♪

♪ Pussy niggas in the background tellin' you ♪

♪ Today wasn't a good day

♪ I had to use my fuckin' AK

♪ Well all I know is yay-o

♪ America's Most Wanted,
shit ♪

♪ Shit change when the
warrant got your name on it ♪

♪ Married to this life,
all I got was pain from it ♪

♪ in the flesh

♪ Sex, money and murder
engraved in my chest ♪

♪ I plead the fifth,
I'm not speaking ♪

♪ These fucks will bury
me whole, no leaks, capiche ♪