Doors Cut Down (2000) - full transcript

A school boy hangs around a mall in order to pick up older men and have sex in the public toilets. When his English tutor teaches him anal sex he is opened up to new experiences despite being caught by his disapproving father. When he meets a 18 year old he goes to the toilets only to be caught by security and charged. Despite his parent's disapproval he finds this makes him dedicated to one relationship but the sexual anonymity of the toilets is a constant lure for him. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Doors Cut Down

Every time I get into a restroom
I take someone with me.

The guys who hang out in there
are old or ugly.

Restrooms at the train or the bus
station are disgusting.

I prefer shopping malls,
or McDonald's.

or those cute new booths on the street.
For just a quarter...

you can get 15 minutes.
That's enough for a quickie.

I do the same thing every day.
School from 8 to 2.

I get home at 3, eat, take a nap...

and at 5 I always wake up
with a hard on.

I used to jerk myself off.

but now I'd rather find someone
to do it for me.

They just built a new shopping mall
in my neighborhood.

I wish I could win the lottery,

so I won't need to work.

Or I hope I'll get an easy job
with no demands...

where I get paid a lot of dough.

Chief who pays well
and doesn't want too much.

I'm not quite sure why it is
that men try to pick me up.

It might be the way I look back
when they look at me.

It's pretty easy, you just have
to try looking for something like...

Shit! He's ugly as hell.

I can't believe I looked at that.

I knew it. Another fag.

Well, not exactly the man of my dreams,
but he's got a cute little ass.

- Hi. I'm Guillermo, and you?
- I'm Ernesto.

A handshake!!!
What an asshole!

With idiots like this you have
to get to the point.

Follow me.

Easy there mate, keep an eye out...

Really, as if the cops didnt't know
what goes on.

- Get in.
- No, you first.

- No, you go on.
- No, you first.

Get in, dammit!

You must do this very often, don't you?
I don't.

I... I want a relationship.

What an asshole!

But there's a perfect way
to shut him up.

My afternoons are full of
Ernestos, Jaimes, Alfonsos.

They don't give their real names.
and I never see them again...

even if they try.

An old guy named Jose kept trying
to see me over and over.

so I had to stop going to the mall.

But the son of a bitch
followed me home.

Hey, pal! Hey, wait.

He was there every day.

I don't know how he got my number.



Who the hell is calling?

It's him, right?

Is that the guy who's molesting you?

- I'll kick his ass.
- Joaquin, what's going on?

What's going on?

There's too many fucking
fags out there.

Are you gonna tell me
what's going on?

Since then, my parents
kept an eye on me.

In the meantime I'm hanging out
with Laura.

She is in my class and we meet
every day after her English class.

You're showing your zip.

She is my girlfriend and
we're getting married... some day.

Guillermo, your English tutor.

Since I failed, my parents
hired me a tutor.

28, 6 feet tall, an book-worm looks.


Aren't you hot?

Well... Where was I? Ehh, right...

He took the bait.
But he'd never dare touch me.

One afternoon, I asked him
to teach me dirty words.

Why don't you teach me dirty words?

Dirty words? Ok.
It will be a like a break.

Yeah, a break.

We have asshole...

He will never make the first move,
so I tried something else...

How do you say fuck me up the ass.

Mom an Dad used to go for a ride
while I was taking my lessons.

- Forgot the keys!
- Don't worry, I'll look for them.

I never let anyone fuck me.

But he said I'd love it.
He said I just had to relax.

He put a lot of spit in there,
but it still was painful.

Then he had the bright idea
of pushing real hard, all the way in.

I'd never been through so much pain
in my whole life.

But after that I can fit
pretty much anything.

Son of a bitch!

I passed my English test.

I really liked the guy.

He was busy for some big test, Mom.

My father didn't say a word,
not even to mom.

How could he?

Everything stayed the same
for a few months.

All the queers were there
from 5 to 8.

But the security people
noticed something weird.

I tawd I taw a puddy tat.

So one day I saw this hot guy
from my neighborhood...

He was a mechanic...

...who used to drive chicks crazy
with scooters he built from scratch.

I have a theory.

If you stare at a guy's back
for a while eventually he will turn.

You're from around here. Right?

It's banana, wanna try?

What a bastard!

Wanna come?

He was the hottest guy
I'd ever met.

He was 21 but he looked
older than that.

I was having the best time ever.

Who's there?
Who's there? Goddammit!

Just a minute!

You two! Get out of there!
We know what you're doing!

- It's just me.
- Open that door or we'll tear it down!

Do you think this is a whorehouse?

You're fucked, you hear me?

Shame on you!

- How old are you?
- 18.

18? Do you think I'm stupid?

Show me your I.D.

I don't have any.


They phoned home and
my parents came over.

And that bastard told them
what happened.

He also said that I was a
regular in the restrooms.

My mother defended me
and got me out of there.

There's a weird silence at home... if someone had died...

I don't care.

It's just a matter of time.

My parents tried to make me think that
being queer was the worst thing...

but they didn't convince me.

They took me to a psychotherapist.

He said that I should be happy accepting
myself and meeting other gay men...

and that my parents were
the ones who needed therapy.

My father went berserk.

It was the first time
I felt proud of myself.

Laura took it very well.

She supports me in everything.

Asier went to pick me up at the school.

He apologized for leaving me alone.

I forgave him and now
we're really close.

Come on, I'll take you home.

I remember the toilets of the mall.

Sometimes I think that I should
go back and see who's still there.

I went back with Asier a few days ago.

We walked in the restrooms...

and found out that
they cut down the doors.

Back to the corridors I felt great.

I'm very happy with Asier.

I feel free.

But sometimes I feel like
hiring another tutor.

I'll be back.