Don't Say a Word (2001) - full transcript

A group of thieves steal a rare gem, but in the process, two of the men double cross the leader of the thieving group, Patrick, and take off with the precious stone. Ten years later, prominent psychiatrist Nathan Conrad is invited to examine a disturbed young woman named Elisabeth. Patrick immediately kidnaps Nathan's daughter, forcing Nathan to attempt to get Elisabeth to reveal a secret number which will ultimately lead Patrick to the whereabouts of the precious gem that has eluded him.

Leon put 'em on the same squad.
Don't get me wrong. I love the 49ers.

Montana and Rice?
They're Hall of Fame locks, baby.

But do they cover the spread?

Hell, no. Not like the Giants.

Let me tell you something.
You can give me Simms and Bavaro,

Meggett and LT, any damn day.

Those guys are your meat and potatoes.
They cover, baby.

And don't even bring up Miami.
Don't bring 'em up. There's nothin' in Miami.

Miami only has Marino with the
golden arm and some fat cheerleaders.

They have no running game. It's like
two virgins. Can't find the damn hole.

That's why they get blitzed
all the damn time. Understand?

I can't believe you guys.

I mean, yeah, they put up a ton of points,
but they only cover every other week.

Take the over, then bet
the fuckin' farm, you understand?

The pigs, the barn, the little chickens and
that raggedy-ass tractor. Bet all of that.

- Dallas, America's team? My sweet black ass.
- Come on.

Tried the bookie-fuckin' routine, right?

Everybody and their wrinkled
grandmother wanna bet the Cowboys.

Therefore, they gotta win by two touchdowns
just to cover. What are the odds on that?

So do me a favour. Take the points and run.

Come on, guys.

Unless you are a moron, retarded Saints fan,

therefore you deserve
to get cornholed on the 50-yard line.

- America's sport, baby. Football.
- I hate football.

You're talkin' about my sport.
I can do any bet.

One minute, fellas.

It's ShowTime.

OK. Let's do it.

It's a nasty habit.


Everybody down on the ground.

- Hands above your heads.
- Move.

You want me to use this thing?
What are you lookin' at?

- How long?
- Two minutes.

I see you, baby.
Get your ass out here.


- 1798.
- That was a bad year.

It's 90 seconds.

Got it.


- What is that?
- Nothing. It's estate junk.

One minute.

- It's not here.
- It's there.

All right, 45.

My God.

30 seconds.

OK. Come on.

Break out the diamond.
Let's see that $10 million red beauty.

Fuckin' right.

The Surgeon General was right.
Cigarettes can kill.

No. Go back.

- Is there a problem?
- Fucking go back!

The psychodynamics of compulsive stealing
are well established.

An act committed to relieve
a pre-existing state of guilt,

an attempt to harm an imagined enemy,

or a form of revenge against those who have
deprived the person of something significant,

or somehow inflicted a narcissistic injury.

But stealing panties
from the girls' locker room...

There's nothing in there.

I've never really been
a big fan of Freud's anyway.

I don't know if I should say this.
I'm a professional.

I won't say anything.

You promise to keep your word?

OK. Well, you know, that thing
that you were doing with the panties?

Everybody does it.
Your best friends do it.

The mailman does it.
Even the headmaster. They all whack off.

If anybody tells you they don't, they're lying.

My mom says I'm oversexed.

- Hi, Daddy.
- Excuse me. Who am I speaking to?

- This is me.
- No, my Jessie is eight years old.

The girl I am talking to is at least 11.

Can I speak to your mother, please?

- Don't forget the turkey.
- Why not have 'em deliver it?

It's Thanksgiving eve, Nathan.
Might as well get it to fly here.

OK. Fairway, right?
What's the cross street? 74th?

The man's a steel trap.

- I will be there in ten minutes.
- All right. Bye.

Go away.

Come on.


Louis, this better be a real emergency.

My hero. Look.

She's not one of your Dalton trust fund
waifs, but I think she needs your help.

I don't know, Louis. I don't talk to you for
days, and the night before Thanksgiving...

- Jesus Christ.
- Lucky guy. He's still alive.

She took a razor to an orderly in Rockland.

- 111 stitches to close him up.
- What was the trigger?

Good question.
Been in institutions for ten years.

Yeah, I see that. Selective mutism,
obsessive-compulsive behaviour...

- Post-traumatic symptoms...
- 20 different hospitals and 20 diagnoses.

An IQ off the charts. Saw her father
killed by a subway when she was eight.

- Dr Sachs?
- What?

The girl who was biting the heads
off pigeons has a med student in a headlock.

Call security. Make sure
the student documents the attack.

Louis, I don't know
what the hell you want from me.

- Look, I got a family at home, waiting.
- Nathan, spend 15 minutes with her.

She's an 18-year-old girl
who never hurt a fly until last week.

You and I are between her
and a lifetime on Thorazine. Or worse.

What do you mean, ''you and I''?
She's your patient. Your case.

You're a big asshole for making me say this.

You're better at this stuff than I am.

Everybody knows
Nathan Conrad's touch with the teens.

Elisabeth Burrows is the kind of case you and
I lived for before you went uptown on me.

Just kidding. I didn't mean it that way.

- She needs you.
- All right.

But why the emergency? Why tonight?

If we don't make progress by Monday,

they're gonna ship her to Creedmore
and chain her to a bed for the rest of her life.

That's why she needs you now. Five minutes.

- Arnie, Frankie, good evening.
- Dr Conrad. Slumming tonight?

- Afraid so.
- You guys up for a cavity search?

I'll pass, but you know Dr Sachs.
He's always ready for one.

Mind the gate.

What's the new cocktail?

Haldol, Droperidol and Ativan.

- And she's awake?
- Yes, my friend.

- He told me to stay. You're making a mistake.
- Come on.

- She eating?
- Not eating, drinking, sleeping, bathing,

letting anybody touch her, or saying a word.

- You're making a mistake.
- No, sweetheart.

Dr Sachs, he told me to stay.

I will have a word with him, Louise.
I promise.

What's with the heavy artillery?

It took about five guys
to get her off the poor fella up in Rockland.

Louis, is there
anything else you wanna tell me?


Could you open the door, please?

- You OK?
- Am I OK?

- Yeah.
- I'm OK.


Elisabeth, my name is Dr Conrad.

I'm a psychiatrist.

Word has it
that you haven't eaten for days.

I can understand that.

I used to work in this hospital.
I know what the food's like.

Elisabeth, would you mind
if I took your pulse?

That means I'm gonna have to touch you.

Now, that's not supposed to happen.

True catatonics have what's called
a ''waxy flexibility'' of their limbs.

It means they stay
exactly where they're posed.

There's more to you
than meets the eye, Elisabeth.

You're very good at what you do.

So, is there anything you wanna talk about?

That's OK. We hardly know each other.

I know you must have been very frightened
to do what you did to that guy.

I know that you were angry,
because I saw those photos.

But I also know that you were in a lot of pain,

because nobody is
in this place without a reason.

So maybe we'll talk next week.

You want what they want.

Don't you?

What who wants?

Elisabeth. What who wants?

I'll never tell.

Any of you.


Who are you?

Five to three this old bag doesn't have cable.
I need my sports.

Dinner's over.

- How you doin', Tony?
- Good. Nice to see you, Doctor.


This certainly looks like
the Conrad residence.

It smells like the Conrad residence.

And it's definitely overheated,
like the Conrad residence.

But it doesn't sound
like the Conrad residence.

Hi, honey. I'm looking for a little girl.

About four feet two, light brown hair.

Where did she go?

If I don't find that little girl,

I'm gonna have to go downstairs
and find myself another little girl.

I'll be back in ten minutes.

- Hi, Daddy.
- How are you?

- Look what I did in art class today.
- That's beautiful. Look at the colours.

- You've got such a unique vision.
- It's my vision, I swear.

- Aren't you supposed to be in bed?
- I can't sleep. I have mental problems.

- I see. What kind of mental problems?
- I'm highly neurotic.

- I think you've been in my study again.
- I needed the stapler.

- Go say good night to Mom.
- You're late.

- Good night, Mommy.
- Night, baby. You brush your teeth?

- Yeah.
- Can I smell?


I'll put Monkey right over here
by you on that side.

And I'll put Sally over here
to keep you company.

You had a bad day.

- Why do you say that?
- Frown-face.

I have a ''frown-face'' because it's
after ten o'clock and you're still awake.

Where were you tonight?

I was working.


Because I was helping a young girl.

All right. But that's gonna cost ya.

All right. What's it gonna be?

One hug, two kisses.

You cut a tough deal.
OK, here's one hug.

And one kiss.

And two kisses.

Will they put Bart Simpson in the parade?

They will put Bart Simpson
in the parade ifyou go to sleep right now.

OK. But I don't think they'll care
if I go to sleep or not.

- Good night, sweetheart. I love you.
- Love you too.

- Let me give you a hand, Detective.
- Thanks.

That's beautiful.

What exactly is beautiful?

- Your leatherjacket. It's beautiful.
- Right.

- Did you read about the Manhattan Bridge?
- No.

It was built wrong. It moves ten feet.

- Syd Simon.
- I'll see you later.

- Detective Cassidy, what can I do for you?
- What do we got?

Floater. Female, no ID.

She's maybe in her twenties.

Sloughing of her skin tells me
she's been in the water two, three days.

This time of year,
with the water cold, could be longer.

A couple to three days tops.

Her hands have been tied.
They recover any rope or anything?

They're still lookin'.

Another body was found
a couple of days ago.

- Battery Park area?
- Yeah.

The victim was male, middle-aged.
Day before yesterday.

- I need preliminary findings by tonight.
- Dream on, Detective. I got cases piled up.

C'mon, Syd. I got plans for
Thanksgiving. Do me right, all right?

- Tomorrow's the best I can do.
- Thank you.

First thing, though.

Cars have now been towed,
the roads ploughed to the pavements,

so the annual Turkey Trot,
the 8,000-metre race...

8,000-metre race? That doesn't sound right.

You can't be distracted.

Here you are, immobile,

totally exposed,

and quite vulnerable.

I think you need a bath.

Guess what, sweetie.
I already had a bath today.

You did?

You didn't have Nathan Conrad's
fantastic special bath, did you?

- No.
- No, you didn't do that.

I didn't get that one yet.

Pretty hot. Not too hot, is it?

- No. It's nice.
- Good.

- We should keep it down.
- You're the one that makes the noise.

Prepare to die of delight.

Jessie, c'mon. Let's join the downhill racer.

I heard that about the downhill racer.

Honey, you were dreaming.
I didn't say anything.

- It was icy, you know?
- I know it was, baby.

- And very windy, too.
- It was a hell-ride.

- Good morning.
- Morning. You think she's still sleeping?

I don't know.

Jessie? Come on.
The parade's gonna start soon.

All right. I'm gonna go there all by myself.

See all those floats alone.

Jessie, come on. Breakfast is getting cold.

Does she have a new hiding place
I don't know?

Probably. She's been running round
the house like a wildcat all week.

Jessie. Get in here right now.

Eat it up before it gets cold.

Nathan? She wouldn't
go out on the balcony, right?

She's not there. She knows better than
to go outside without asking, doesn't she?

Jessie. Get in here right now.

- She lost one of her socks.
- What?

- She's gone.
- What do you mean?

- Wait. Where is she?
- Somebody came in.

- No. She's in the hallway...
- Somebody took her.

- Nobody took her, Nathan.
- Aggie, they cut the chain on the door.

What? Nathan, call the police.

I can't get a dial tone. Hello?

Get off the line. This is an emergency.
Something's wrong with the phone.

- There is nothing wrong with it, Nathan.
- This is an emergency.

Yeah, I know.

- Who is this?
- We have your daughter.

- What?
- Who is it?

What's your worst fear, Nathan?

- My what?
- The first shock can buckle the knees. True?

- Where is she?
- She's unharmed. I don't want to hurther.

- Give it to me.
- I want something from you.

- No.
- What?

Not until I talk to my daughter
and I know that she's OK.

Rule number one. You do not make demands.
You listen to what I tell you.

You call me back
when I can talk to my daughter.

- What the hell were you doing?
- Aggie.

- Listen to me, Aggie.
- No. Are you crazy?

Aggie. I have to make sure she's all right.

What if they don't call back?

- Hello?
- Daddy?

- Jessie, are you OK, sweetie?
- Honey, have they hurt you?

No. Daddy, can I come home now? Daddy?

That was very brave, Nathan.

- Tell me how much money you want.
- I don't want your money.

Pick up your wife
before she breaks the other leg.

I'm fine.


Nathan, what is it?

Don't close the curtains. I like the view.

Good. Now, on the bureau
by the door is a cellphone.

I know what you're thinking. Don't.

By the time you hit
the one in ''911'' Jessie will be dead.

Rule number two. Do not try to call or signal
anyone. If you do, I will kill your daughter.

Not because I want to, but because
those are the rules. Do you understand?

- Yes.
- What?

I can see you. I can hear you.

Wherever you go, you will be watched.

- What are they saying?
- If you want to see her alive,

don't say a word.

- Now, tell me you understand.
- I understand.

Good. You have a pro bono patient.
Her name is Elisabeth Burrows.

A very disturbed girl.

She has a six-digit number in her head.

Locked away in her troubled mind.
She guards it with her life.

- What kind of number?
- That needn't concern you.

I need that number. You need your daughter
back. That is why this is happening.

You're a professional, Nathan. So am I.

If we do our jobs
to the best of our abilities,

by this time tomorrow it'll be like
we never even knew each other.

Now, go back to Bridgeview. Take the Rover.

No police, no detours.
And Nathan? Aggie will be fine.

Rule number three.
You have until 5pm today.

Let's do exactly what he says.

- Nathan, why don't we call the police?
- Because we can't.

Because I believe him.

Happy Thanksgiving.


- Aren't you and Jessie hittin' the parade?
- She's got a cold, Danny.

No signs of sexual assault.

I see evidence of injury in her neck.

Signs of bleeding in the
strap muscles overlying her larynx.

I don't know, Syd. This girl
does not match any of my missing persons.

Also evidence of a fracture
on the left tip of her hyoid bone.

Syd. How'd she die?

No blunt instrument here.

- Her neck was snapped in two.
- By what?

By two hands.

Syd. Same technique used
on this Battery Park floater?

Same dislocation of the skull.

And the splotches on the body?

Cigarette burns. He was tortured.

And he had prison tats? OK.

I'm also gonna need fingerprints
and dental x-rays on our Jane Doe, pronto.

You know this is Thanksgiving?

You're right.

Hope her family isn't waiting on her
to carve the turkey.

Cassidy, I'm not susceptible
to your guilty-me bullshit.

She probably helped
her mom with the dishes.

Fingerprints and dentals. Then I'm outta here.

Thank you, Syd.

Slow it down.

Come on.

Roll down your window, sir.

- Officer, I'm a doctor.
- Congratulations.

- See that tuba player rolling off your hood?
- I need to get through this parade.

I need an escort to
the Bridgeview Psychiatric Hospital.

Do I look like a freakin' helicopter?
Use 57th Street like everyone else.

- He's talking to the cops. What do we do?
- Be patient.

There's a young girl who could die.

So, Officer, you can either
help me save this girl...

Or not.

Get outta here. Move on.
Can I have two of you?

Let's go. Right over there.

Hold the band right there.

Open those gates for me, guys.

The son of a bitch. He just picked up
a police escort and cut through the parade.

I like that.

- What?
- The police escort. I like it a lot.

- You didn't tell me the context of the number.
- She knows.

This girl has a decade
of pathology to unravel.

Even if she knows,
your five o'clock deadline is absurd.

In my experience, people are at their best
facing unreasonable deadlines.

You can't just flick a switch in her head.

Trust me. It does not
work that way in these cases.

The money's bad, I know.
But you have family obligations right now.

And Nathan? Don't lose the phone.

- The doctor has landed.
- Did he double-alarm the car?

- Nope.
- Good. We gothim focused.

- Do you have the key to Dr Sachs's office?
- Yeah.

- Open it, please.
- But Dr Sachs isn't here.

Open it.

I thought Nathan explained the rules
very clearly. Put the cell phone back.

There's no percentage
in breaking those rules.

You sick son of a bitch.

- You hurt my little girl and I'll...
- You'll do what?

You were about to say something personal.

I think.

- No.
- That's good.

If your husband is on his game today,
you've nothing to worry about.

There's a good side, Aggie. This will bring
you much closer than the occasional ski trip.

Orsponge bath.

The remote is to your left. Pick it up.

Pick it up.

Good. Now turn it on.

Try HBO.

No. I've seen this. A bit too violent.

Try a nice family drama.

- Nathan. What are you doin' here?
- You're not supposed to be here.

- How'd you get in? Who let you in?
- You're supposed to be in Greenwich.

Why are you here on Thanksgiving?

Why am I here? I gotta testify
in a double homicide on Monday.

I thought I'd come to my office
to do a little research.

You broke into my files.
Those are my pers...

- I would a given you the key, man.
- Have you gone through all of this?

No, it just got here. But I've been through the
master file. It's a swamp of misdiagnosis...

- I think she's overlaying.
- Overlaying?

She is a brilliant mimic.
That's why Rockland couldn't figure her out.

She's highly adaptive. She takes on
the symptoms of other patients.

She's like a counterfeit schizophrenic, maybe.

I can't believe it's all smoke and mirrors.

That would place her
in the malingerers' hall offame.

I gotta believe there's
some genuine pathology beneath it.

She has classic post-traumatic
stress symptoms. Her PTSD is real.

Seeing her father die, that was ground zero.

And she also believes that
something or somebody is after her.

That is why she stayed institutionalised these
past ten years. She wants to stay inside.

So, 20 different hospitalisations,

20 different diagnoses.

All overlaying. Nathan, that would make her
a very talented young lady, wouldn't it?

Or desperate.

- Louis?
- Yeah?

Does anybody know I'm treating
Elisabeth Burrows besides you?

Everybody. I put it up last night after you left.

Figured you might be back.
Wanted you to have clearance.

I also reinstated your password. Gate, please.

Elisabeth, good morning.

Are you feeling better?

I brought you something.

A chocolate turkey.

The sugar'll help you metabolise
all those meds they've been giving you.

Do you like Thanksgiving?
It's my favourite holiday.

Wanna touch?

- Sorry?
- I saw you looking.

I know what you're trying to do.
You want to embarrass me. It won't work.

The other doctor?

- Dr Sachs.
- Yeah.

- I don't like him.
- I can understand that.

Very fucking funny.

Elisabeth, there's something
important that I have to ask you.

But first I wanna show you something.

I have a daughter. She's eight.

Going on 18.

Her name's Jessie.

I have some of her favourite things here.

This is Horton Hears a Who!

I've read it to her so many times,
it's pretty worn by now.

And this...
She loves to draw weird pictures of me.

And this.

This is Sally.

Would you like one of those?

I'll make sure the hospital lets you keep it.

But you can only choose one.

- What the hell is this? Toys ''R'' Us?
- Want me to choose for you?

- Dr Conrad?
- Yes?

Get out.


I want you to leave.

No. We're not finished talking, Elisabeth.

I know what you're trying to do.

You wanna embarrass me. It won't work.

What's your name?

Your hair's really long.

My hair used to be that long
but my mom made me cut it.

What's that thing on your neck?

It's kind of impolite
not to answer someone's question.

It's a symbol.

- What's it mean?
- Don't talk.

Elisabeth, there's something I need to know.


Jessie? That's my little girl's name.

Wanna see a picture that Jessie drew?

I'll make you a deal. I'll show you
the picture if you answer my question.

Is it worth just one answer?
I don't mean a yes or no answer.


I'm gonna ask my question now, Elisabeth.

Is the man that you hurt in Rockland...

Did that have anything to do with the terrible
thing that happened to you in the subway?

Come on, run.

Come on, honey, run.

- I didn't know what you were talking about.
- Run.

I didn't know who ''they'' were
or what ''they'' wanted.

- Now I do. I know how bad they wanted it.
- Leave.

I know how important it was
for you to hold onto it.

I'm just asking...

Elizabeth, you have to...

I'm sorry.

You lost her.

She's still got the doll, doesn't she?

- Yeah?
- That went well.

I can gain her trust. But without
more information, I'm shooting in the dark.

- The answer's right in front of you.
- I have gone through her files.

- Then look closer.
- You tell...

Nathan. lt's 12.22.

I'm sure of one thing. They would have
encountered quite a few venomous species.

Like this. Check this out.

See how he's got his tail up, poised?
He is grumpy.

He gets his stinger back over the top
Of his head, ready to grab and sting.

Trying to recuperate.


Sofia, why are you here?

I broke it. Mr Conrad will fix it.


Turkey? No. No tacchino.

No telephone. Just give it to me.


Get rid of her.

Sofia, no tacchino.

- Anymore visitors?
- No.

Come on. Yeah, baby, take it off.

All right. Suit yourself.

I have to go. You have to call me back.

Have you seen this?

What's this?
''Girl found wandering on Hart lsland''?

- Where'd you find this?
- In her file in your office.

''A young girl was found
among the coffins on Hart Island.''

This is around the time her father died.
I should run this by Child Services.

Could she have been lost or unattended?
That's bizarre.

On an island in the East River?

I saw Sarah. Two days ago. She was
meeting her boyfriend in the Village.

- Maybe she's still with him.
- She could be. Just wait one second.

Jake. Tray 57, and just her face.

- It stinks in here.
- I know. Just breathe through your mouth.

- I've never seen anyone dead before.
- You'll do fine.

- I'm gonna get sick.
- No one in here's gonna mind.

Come on.

I've gotta take this.
But I'm gonna be right here.

Cassidy. Hey, baby.

Yeah. You should take the one o'clock,
because I'll be at Penn Station by two.

- Make it seven.
- I promise.

Don't promise.

What? Yeah, I'm almost done here.

Yeah. I'm at the city morgue. Bye.

- Your NCIC on the guy with the busted neck.
- I got a hit.

Leon Edwards Croft.

- Jesus, what does he have, 15, 20 arrests?
- A busy little bad guy that won't be missed.

- You run him for known associates?
- Of course. Am I not a paid professional?

It's OK.

Why would someone do this to Sarah?

The guy with the cigarette burns, Croft?
He was the driver for this crew.

Robbery said they hit banks.
Here, Jersey, Delaware, Virginia.

No convictions till '91.

And three of his friends just
capped off a ten-year jolt in Attica.

Patrick Barry Koster.
He's the last one that got out. November 4th.

November 4th.

Did Croft rat these guys out?

I don't know. Could be payback.

He has no priors. There is nothing on him.
He just came out of nowhere.

I know. It's the only thing
he ever got popped for. The guy's a ghost.

I guess that's who I need to talk to.
Thank you.

- Watch your back.
- Yeah.

You picked Jessie's
absolutely favourite thing.

She and Sally were
inseparable since they were two.

Where is she?

Where's Jessie?

They took her.

Now she's really scared. As scared as you
were when you went for that guy at Rockland,

but she's only eight years old, Elisabeth.

She's not as strong as you are. She can't
protect herself as well as you can.

I am not just here to help you.

- Me help you.
- I need you to help me.

Otherwise, I'm not getting my little girl back.

Today's Thanksgiving.

Do you remember Thanksgiving?

Yes, I remember.

Who were you with?

My dad.

Just me and my dad.

Being strong isn't only
About protecting yourself.

It's also having the strength to let go,

especially if you're holding
onto something so tightly

that you don't even know
that you could have a better life.

The only way that you can
help yourself is if you go back.

You have to go back
to that day on the subway.

I can't. Can't do it. No.

Here we go. The main event.

You can't help my little girl
unless you go back.

No, please.

Listen to me. The men that have Jessie

are the same men you're frightened of,
the men that sent the orderly after you.

- I don't wanna hear this.
- All they want is a number.

- You want what they want.
- They know you know it.

- They'll kill my little girl if you don't tell me.
- Stop it.


- Is it a telephone number?
- No.

- An address? An account?
- I don't know.

- A bank account? A code? A place?
- No.

What is it?

What's wrong? We lost the feed?

No, we're good.

You leave him alone.

Your father is gone.

And no one is gonna hurt him any more.

My little girl is still alive.

Jessie is alive.

Dr Conrad...

I'm scared.

I know. I'm sorry.

- Shit.
- It's OK.

- Elisabeth...
- I'll try.

You're OK.

Long time since breakfast.

- Yeah.
- I wish we had some cheeseburgers.

The best turkey you ever had.

Careful, or I'll put you in the oven with it.

I love you, Daddy.

- What's that?
- This is a 5cc syringe,

with a 10-gauge needle
and 500mg of sodium amytal.

500mg? Why not give her a quart of Jack
Daniel's and stick a shotgun in her mouth?

The event is obviously
right beneath the surface.

She should respond beautifully to Amytal.

Answer it.

You answer the phone.

Tell them everything's OK,

and that you're going to plan B.

Everything's OK, and we're going to plan B.

It's a drug.

You knew all about the numbers,
and you set me up, Louis.

- I swear to God...
- You tell me why or l'm gonna shove this...

They got my fucking girlfriend.
He's keeping Sarah hostage.

- He'll kill her if I don't get him this number.
- Your girlfriend, Louis?

He's got my daughter.

- He's got my little girl.
- Nathan, I didn't know that.

I'm sorry. I didn't know.

You gotta get the number for this guy.
He'll go away. It's that simple.

Dr Sachs?

- Yes?
- There's a cop here to see you.

- A cop? What kind of cop?
- I don't know.

- What does he want?
- She. She didn't say. She's in your office.


- Tell her I'll be right there.
- OK.

- He said no cops under any circumstances.
- You have got to go down to your office.

You have to be cool,
and you make her go away.

If we don't have it by 4.30, we go to plan...

Peanut butter and jelly.
What kind of jelly is it?

Hello there.

- I'm Louis Sachs.
- Hi. Detective Cassidy.

- Pretty girl. Is that your daughter?
- This?

No. This is not my daughter.
How can I help you today, Detective?

- I'm here about this woman.
- What about her?

- You don't know her?
- Nope.

She worked in the hospital for five months.
She was a resident.

Really? We have dozens and dozens
of residents, I will tell you that.

She worked in the department you oversee.

That's strange. I should know who she is.

And I don't. So there's gotta be a mistake.

- When did you last see Sarah?
- Detective.

I just told you, and I'll tell you again,
I do not know who that is.

Where are we going?

- Do you have a lawyer, sir?
- What?

- Do you have a lawyer?
- What are you talking about?

- You don't know Sarah?
- No. Why are we talking about lawyers?

A week ago, in Central Park, with you.
She told her roommate Vanessa about it.

- You know Vanessa? She knows you.
- I don't know Vanessa either.

I'm about to read you your rights.

- My rights?
- Yeah, but first...

- What did I do?
- I want you to do me a favour.

This is last weekend, with you,
by the fountain in Central Park.

You took this picture. And this is her now.

This one you did, this one I took.
Who do you think did better, me or you?

- That's not Sarah.
- That's Sarah, laid out in the morgue.

- No, it's not Sarah in the fucking morgue.
- I work Homicide, Dr Sachs. That's Sarah.

The morgue?

- It can't be Sarah. That's not the deal.
- That's not the deal?

Why don't you tell me
what the fuck the deal is?

Who is part of the deal?
Is he part of it? How about him?

Tell me who is part of the deal.

He said we had until five today.
That's a mistake.

It's no mistake. Who's ''we''?

We are so fuckin' close.
All we need is a half hour.

- Dr Sachs, who is ''we''?
- That's not Sarah.

Why don't you quit wasting
my fucking time and tell me, who's ''we''?

You like country music?

What did I say about noise?

Daddy's smart little girl, aren't you?

Better hope your mother didn't hear that.

Go full screen on her.


- She heard.
- How do you know?

She's stopped breathing.

So what can I do for you, Doc?

Arnie, I need to ask you a favour.

Were you takin' Burrows for a stroll?

- We're out of here. Bring her.
- Mommy, Daddy, I'm up here!

Take care of her.

I need you to open the gates.

- On whose authorisation?
- This is between you and me.

That's why they call this place
the nuthouse, Doc.

Cos I'd have to be, basically,
fuckin' nuts to let you do that.

OK. Well, I just had to ask you...

It's OK, Arnie. It's just a sedative.

It's all right. You'll be fine in about an hour.

Dr Conrad?


Excuse me.

Security breach. Start emergency procedures.

Security personnel, officer down. We have a
Security breach. Start emergency procedures.

A gold Land Rover just left Bridgeview,
heading east.

- They're leaving.
- The driver is a Dr Conrad.

Wanted for questioning
in connection with a homicide.

Have an RMP respond
to his residence immediately.

Oh, my God.

- What's on your mind, Nathan?
- Field trip.

Wait a second. Where are you taking Jessie?

- Why are you moving her?
- You have 44 minutes.

Why are you moving her?

All right, I will get you the number.

- Just don't hurt her.
- 43 minutes.

You have reached New York City's
Emergency services. Please stay on the line.

Your call will be answered in
the order in which it was received.

You crippled bitch.

- Are you all right?
- Yeah.


- This is where it happened, isn't it?
- No.

When we left home, my dad and me...

Big car, dark.

I'd never seen my dad so scared.

He grabbed my arm. He kept running.

And I tried to keep up.

- You can do it.
- OK.

You can do it. Let's go.

It's OK.


There were lots of people.

But my dad just pulled me through them.

I looked back.

They were so fast.

They're still behind us.

There were only two men. We lost one.

My dad took me around the corner.

He made me hide over here.

Listen to me carefully.
You and Mishka, you gotta wait here.

It's gonna be fine.

Russel, where've you been?

What's in the fuckin'bag?

They could see my dad's face
and he tried to talk to them.

There's nothing in the fuckin'bag.

Where is it, Russel?

What's happening now? Elisabeth?

I don't believe a fuckin' word.

Elisabeth, what do you see?

Where is it?

The one in the red coat kept on kicking him

and asking him
''Where is it? Tell me where it is.''

- Let me up and I'll tell you where it is.
- Elisabeth.

- Where is it?
- Come on, help me up.

And everybody was watching
and no one would help.

Elisabeth, what did the man want?

- I can almost reach him.
- Elisabeth.

- Daddy!
- No!

Turn around. Hands up.

- Down on your knees.
- What did the man want, Elisabeth?

Did he want a number?

I need to know what the man wanted.

He wants Mishka. My doll.

- And where is Mishka? Where is your doll?
- Hang onto that, baby.

- Yeah.
- You're cutting it rather close.

All right. I have what you want.

Good. I'm listening.

I've decided I'm gonna deliver
the number to you in person.

No time.

- No choice.
- Being brave again, Nathan.

That's the best way
to get your daughter killed.

Other than missing the deadline,
which is less than three minutes away.

Rule number one. No more clock.

- What?
- You heard me.

- Now, I'll meet you there.
- Where?

I think you know where. And rule number
two, I want to speak to my daughter now.

Do you hear me?
I want to speak to my daughter now.

- Daddy?
- Pumpkin, are you all right?

Yeah. Daddy, please come get me now.

I'm on my way, sweetheart.

- Anything else?
- Rule number three. No more phone.

I got a medical emergency.
I'll get this phone back to you.

- Aggie?
- Is she alive?

- She's fine.
- Where is she?

Aggie, listen to me.

What is that? Did you call the police?


No. But somebody did.

Do they know what's going on?

- Not yet. Listen.
- I'm here.

Just get her back.

What you doin' down there?

That's my boat. Where you goin', asshole?

What you doin'? Bring that back.

Dr Conrad.

You're a committed man.

I wanna see her.

I wanna see her now.

Grim place for a holiday, isn't it?

Hello, Elisabeth.

I've thought about you
every day for the last ten years.

I bet you've thought about me, too.

I know you've been through a lot.
But so have I.

Your father let us both down.

- Where's my daughter?
- She hasn't given it to you.

- Where is she?
- She won't give it to you.

- I wanna see Jessie.
- Where's my number?

You're not getting anything until I see...

We talked about bravery today.

It's not good.

You need to know how to use these.

I wanna see my daughter.

Yeah, I think you've earned it.

- Max.
- Daddy?

- Jessie?
- Daddy.

It's all right, honey. You're gonna be fine.

You guessed the number
is a grave. Very good.

Now what?

I finish my job.

Come on, Nathan. Up the stairs.

Over there, by the table.

And Elisabeth. Not her.

Take her back outside.

- Daddy?
- Jessie, you're gonna be all right, honey.

Now, let's see what 200 an hour can do.

Officer Peterson. Nice work.
You found my car. Where is it?

- It's over there.
- OK. Now, where's my guy?

He smashed through a steel fence
on the Corrections pier.

Then he jacked a boat from that individual.

He and some girl. Sounds a little hinky.

- A boat to where?
- That's the coastguard's problem.

It is not the coastguard's problem. It is my problem.
It is your problem. What is over there?

- Where's the music coming from, Elisabeth?
- The radio.

- Where?
- It's playing on the boat.

On the boat that brought
you here the first time?


It was cold. It was wet.

My eyes were burning,
but I was with my dad.

How did you know which one was your dad?

They gave him a number.

Where was this number?

It's on his box.
They carved the number on top of his box.

I tried to get it open,
but my fingers were numb.

I couldn't lift it, it was too heavy.

I couldn't put Mishka inside.

Better pray she's lying, Nathan.

Where did Mishka go?
What happened to Mishka?

- They saw me.
- Who saw you?

The men with the music.

They were working. They said my lips
were blue. They gave me a blanket.

I told them ''My dad's inside.''

''And I need to put her inside with him.''

''I need to put Mishka in the box,'' I told them.

What did they do?

They helped me.

They helped me put Mishka
inside the box with him.

They let me stay with him.


So what's gonna happen
if you dig this thing up?

He's gonna have you
kill me and my little girl.

You like her. I can tell that.

And when you're done with us,
he'll be done with you.

Just keep walkin'.

This boat's for charter, not runnin'
around the Sound on Thanksgiving.

Like I said, sir, it's police business. Do me a
favour, Captain Bligh. Drive the friggin' boat.

Go on, Max. Open it up.

Get her out.

The girl. Out.

- Sit down.
- Daddy.

Let me go.

I am going to put a bullet through your knee.
Then you'll give me the right number.


No. Get off.

Get her off.

Sit down.

Forget the fuckin' number.
Just say hi to your dad from me.

- She gave it to you - in reverse.
- She gave me nothing.

- It's reversed in her mind.
- Shut up. I've got nothing, you lying bitch.

Cognitive distortion.

She wrote it right to left.


She sees it in a mirror.

Can you imagine
what'll happen if this is bullshit?

Central, this is
Detective Cassidy from Homicide.

Shots fired
on the northeast shore of Hart island.

I'm en route. I need Harbor and Aviation.

Ten years of my life.

Bought and fuckin' paid for.

Take care of that.

You're not like me, Nathan.

I would have killed
a man who took my little girl.

Police. Don't move.

Drop your weapon.

Go on.

I never got your name.


Are you sure I'm not like you?

Are you sure?

Was this really worth it?


Your life.


It's mine.

Then you go get it.

I'll be right back, sweetie.

- How are you holdin' up?
- I've been better.

Thank you.

Let's go. Come on.