Donna (2021) - full transcript

A young mother's "American Dream" turns into a living nightmare, until she finds the inner strength to listen to a voice she hadn't heard before: her own.

June 9th, 1966.

Hi, it's me, Donna.

I'm thankful for my family,

singing, and my teacher
at school.

It's gonna be a great day.

Bye, journal!

Hey, what are you doing, man?

Are you okay?

Sorry. So sorry.

- What are you doing?
- So sorry. So sorry.

You're the one who wanted
to move closer to Coney Island.

I don't know any husband
who keeps the hours you keep.

You still mad about
the ink smudge on my shirt?

I told you, that was just from
the printing machine at work.

I know the difference
between lipstick and ink.

I know all about the whore.

She's not a whore,
and I'm not seeing her!

- I'm home!
- Yes, she is, and yes, you are.

I've sacrificed my whole life
for this family.

I met my
guidance counselor today.

Now I'm watching it crumble
before my very eyes.

Mm. This is good, Mom.

Set the table,
Donna, please.

My counselor said
that if I keep my grades...

This family is crumbling.

It's not just
my fault, Winnie.

It's not only me.

Ma, Dad.

I met with my
guidance counselor today.

She said that
if I keep my grades up,

when I go to high school,

I should be able to
get into a good college.

College? Donna,
we can barely afford to

keep food on the table
as it is.

You're impossible, Winnie.

You just need to find
yourself a good husband.

Someone who will
take care of you

and help you
to start a family

that he won't abandon.

That's more important
than going to college.


This is delicious.

I'm sure your secretary's
cooking is just as delicious.

Hey, Don. What's going on?

Oh. Hey, Arleen.

Hi, Ang.


I convinced your ma
to babysit tonight.

That's nice, because
whenever I ask,

the answer's always no.

Uh-huh. Yeah, well,
hurry up and get ready.

We're meeting Lori in 20.


- Hey.
- You knockouts having the usual?

Why don't you
surprise us tonight?

Just a soda for me, please.

Aw, come on, Don.
You can have one drink.

- What? I'm serious. No booze for me.
- All right.

Plus, who's gonna
drive us home?

Special cocktail
for you two.

And a virgin
rum Coke for you.


- I have to know your name.
- Hello.

I have seen a lot of
beautiful women, sweetheart,

but you are something special.

I have to know your name.

Thanks. It's Donna.

Oh, well.
Donna, do you wanna?

Dance, Donna.
You wanna dance with me?

I don't dance much.

Perfect. Neither do I.

I have a feeling you won't
take no for an answer.

You're getting to know me
real fast.

And who are your friends?

This is Lori
and that's Arleen.

Lori, Arleen, I'm Nick,
this is my buddy Jimmy.

Do you mind
if I steal Donna away?

Oh, be our guest.

My God.

Those eyes.

So, tell me about yourself.

Not much to tell.

Those eyes say different.

Did you grow up here
on the island?

My family moved here just
after I started high school.

- From where?
- Brooklyn.

A city girl.

Yeah. A big piece of my heart
was left behind.

I forgot I even had a heart

until you walked through
that door.

You still miss the city life?

I miss the life we had
in the city.

So much has happened
since then.

Like what?

My parents got divorced.

I'm sorry.

And some other stuff
I don't really wanna talk about

on a dance floor
with a guy I hardly know.

I can understand that.

You know, life's thrown me
some curveballs.

Like what?

Like some stuff
I don't really wanna talk about

on a dance floor
with a girl I hardly know.

Like, I don't know.
Maybe my parents would've been happier

if they got divorced
a long time ago.

I'd love to see you again.

Take you out to dinner.

I like dinner.


Oh, hey, Don.
What's going on?

You never lock the door.

Shh. Come on,
come on, come on.

Yeah, well, this new landlord's

a little too nosy
for his own good.

You sure it ain't this stuff
messing with that brain?

Ooh, girl.

This stuff is the only thing
that keeps the brain going.




Oh, I know that look.

Nick's planned a date.

But he's only told me a time,

because he wants it
to be a surprise.

Oh, my God!

I hate surprises.

How the hell am I supposed to
pick out what you're gonna wear

when I don't even know
where the hell you're going?

Hmm. Okay.

Pull it together, Arleen.

All right. Hmm.

Let's see.


Don, now you know I'd give
you anything in this house,

but this is
my lucky blue, okay?

But I think it's worth it.
Try it on.

I love it.

Oh, yes. Ah.


Yes, that's the one. Um...

You like?

Now try it with that.
It'll match the buttons.

You know I got you, girl.
Every time.

Oh, my Gosh.

Yep. I am good.

♪ When we met My heart skipped
a beat for you Darling Donna

♪ I knew that we had to be two

♪ 'Cause the feeling was true

♪ No more cloudy skies

♪ The sun rises in your eyes
My darling Donna

♪ Darling Donna

♪ Darling Donna

♪ Darling Donna

♪ Darling Donna

♪ Darling Donna

♪ Darling Donna

♪ Darling Donna...

Thanks for
joining me tonight.

Thank you for inviting me.

I had a great time.

I've been working, saving my hard
earned pennies since day one,

so I could splurge
on a dinner

with a knockout like you.

And eventually open
my own business.

Tell me more
about this business.

I'm going to install
a high-end flooring

using exotic stones
and woods

imported from
around the world.

That what you do
for your dad?

He only installs carpeting.

It's lucrative,
but he's got it wrong.

Won't he be mad
if you leave?


I've been working for him
since I was a kid.

I have my own dream.

I'm sure
you'll make it happen.

No doubt in my mind.

I tend to get what I want.

All right, smooth talker.

What about you?
What are your dreams?

I always wanted
to go to college

and become a teacher.

That's great.
So, you're smart.

Yeah, well...

Yeah, well, what?

I had to put
that dream on hold.


It's never too late to dream.

I know, Nick.

I know.

- Easy. Watch your step.
- All right.


I'm spinning.
Are you spinning?

Not like you.

What time is it?

I've to go home.

Hey, hey, hey.

You can't be taking
the train at this hour.

I can't be spending the night
at your place.

My mother is...

Oh, I'm gonna be
in so much trouble.

Hey. Don't worry about it.

I'll take care of you.


Come on, Donna.

Almost there. Almost there.

All right? Let's go.

Easy, Donna.

Take a seat.

Let me grab your bag.

Let's get this jacket
off of ya.

You wanna lay back?

Come on.

Come here.

Here you go.

Oh, shit.


"Thank you for
a beautiful evening.

"Had to run out for work
and didn't want to wake you.

"There's coffee on the stove.

"Help yourself to anything
in the fridge.

Can't wait to see you again.

- You had us worried sick!
- Us?

I'm sorry.

This is not the type of girl
I raised you to be.

It got late,
I lost track of time,

and he slept on the couch.

Leave it alone, Win.

Leave it alone?

And just what kind of
impression is she making,

sleeping there at his place
on the first date,

couch or no couch?

Do you really think
he's gonna call you again?

And furthermore, I had things
I have to do today, Donna,

things that now
cannot get done,

because you didn't get home in
time to take care of your son.

I wanna hear all about it.

Good afternoon.

You must be Miss Moretti.
I'm Nick.

I can see where Donna
gets her good looks from.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you, too.

And, uh,
who's this little guy?

He's my son Angelo.

Oh. Well, it's nice
to meet you, Angelo.

You get my daughter
home tonight, Mr. Varga.

Yes, ma'am.

Bye, baby.


I was gonna tell you.

Hey, don't worry about it.

Everybody's got a past.


Is there a big Angelo?

Last I heard,
he moved to Florida.

Just picked up and left.

We don't talk.

Too bad for him.

You like kids?

I like kids.


Big house.


Yeah, it is.

I wonder what
this one's gonna be like.

- You remember the last one?
- Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

She looked like she was
literally born in a dumpster.

Oh, he has literally
the worst taste.

Oh! Look who's here.

She looks...

dressed up nice though.

All right, all right.

Put on all that makeup
just for dinner?

Girls, make sure
everything looks good.

- Everything's fine, Ma.
- Looks great.

You act like nobody's ever
been here for dinner before.

Come on.


Who's this?

Pops, this is Donna.
Donna, this is my dad.

Nice to meet you, Mr. Varga.

Well, come in.

Looks like you finally
did something right.

- Drink?
- No, thank you.


I miss you.

Hi, Ma. I know,
I miss you, too.

So, who's the beauty queen,
and is she staying for dinner?

Ma, this is Donna.

- Nice to meet you, Mrs. Varga.
- Mrs. Varga?

Call me Agnes.

Let me take your coats.

Introduce Donna to the girls.
That should be interesting.

Come with me.
We'll see you later.

Girls. This is Donna.

- Hi, I'm Sybil.
- Donna.

- Paula.
- Donna.

- I like your top.
- Thanks.

Before you start,
I just wanna say that

I'm trying to
make things right.

I'm saving my own money

to open up
my own storefront.

I found the perfect place.

I'm just waiting for
the business to go up for sale.

What money?

You quit any goddamn job
I get you

as soon as you find out
hard work is involved.

You should let me
do your hair sometime.


You look great.

- Where are you from?
- Uh, the city.

- Oh. That's nice.
- Oh.

Can we not talk about
any of that tonight? Please?


As long as you understand we're
not gonna keep blowing money

bailing you out of trouble.

Now you want more money
for some pipe dream business?

Not happening.
I swear, you could screw up a convent!

Are you excited
to meet the family?

Oh, don't worry.
They do that all the time.

Oh, you know Hungarian boys
with their hot tempers.

Maury? Nick?


Girls, take a seat.

Donna, you can sit right there.

Oh, thank you, sweetheart.

And what's this?

Ma, you always told me that diamonds
were the way to a girl's heart,

and you are my girl.

Oh, that they are,
my sweet angel, that they are.

Girls, look at how much your
brother loves his mother.

Look at this rock!

What a disgusting scene
this is.

There's no way
that he bought that.

We're ready.


♪ I've got sunshine
On a cloudy day

♪ When it's cold outside

♪ I've got the month of May

♪ I guess you'd say

♪ What can make me
Feel this way?

♪ My girl, my girl, my girl

♪ Talkin' 'bout my girl

♪ My girl

♪ I've got so much honey
The bees envy me

♪ I've got a sweeter song
Than the birds in the trees

♪ Well, I guess you'd say

♪ What can make me
Feel this way?

♪ My girl, my girl, my girl

♪ Talkin' 'bout my girl

♪ My girl

♪ Ooh, ooh

♪ Hey, hey, hey

♪ Hey, hey, hey

♪ Ooh, yeah

♪ I don't need no money
Fortune, or fame

♪ I've got all the riches, baby
One man can claim

♪ Well, I guess you'd say

♪ What can make me
Feel this way?

♪ My girl, my girl, my girl

♪ Talkin' 'bout my girl ♪

What are you doing?

Oh, what's this?

Open it.

Donna, will you marry me?


This is beautiful.

Let's put that bad boy on.

Now it's beautiful.


No thanks. I already
had three cups.


I was actually thinking maybe
we could go out for breakfast.

- Mm-hmm?
- And lunch.

Can you spend the day?

I can't. have to take Angelo
shopping for school supplies.

Well, can't your
mom take him?

She has plans
with Aunt Mary.

And Angelo can't
go with them?

A three-year-old hanging out
in casinos in Atlantic City?

Well, what
about your dad?


How about this? How about I go
shopping with you and Angelo,

and then we go
do something fun?

Whatever you
wanna do.

You, shopping for
nursery school supplies?

Okay, whatever
I wanna do?


Yeah, honey.

Angelo, watch me.

You gotta pump
your legs like this.


- Yeah, that's high, isn't it?
- Whoa!

You know what else I used
to do when I was a kid?


- You like that, huh?
- You wanna try it?

I want to do that

- Yeah, you do?
- Okay!

For some reason, it was a lot
more exciting when I was a kid.


One, two, three, go!

Okay, here we go.


Look at me!
You don't do that.

This is mine.

You know how long
this took me to do?

- You don't do that, Angelo!
- What's wrong with you?

Me? Ask him. He's the one
who drew all over my plans.

You know how long that's
gonna take me to fix?

He didn't mean
it, Nick.

- It's okay.
- I'm sorry.

- I'm sorry.
- You tell him. You don't yell at him.

What's this song?

♪ I gotta go there right now

♪ Before you starts to fall

♪ You got me under your skin and
this will be behind the door ♪

♪ And now it's
crawling in deep...

♪ You gotta turn around
you gotta make this count ♪

Hold on one second.


Oh, hey, Arleen.

Hanging with Ang.

No, he's puttin' in
extra hours at work.

Nice and easy.
Now, pull it backwards through your hand.

No. She won't
pick up my calls.

She's still mad
we eloped.


She'll come back eventually.

Hey, let me
call you back.

All right, bye.

♪ Oh, I gotta turn around

♪ You gotta
make this count... ♪

Your mom called with some
more of your favorite recipes.

I hope you
don't mind.

Of course not. The way to a man's
heart is through his stomach right?

Oh, you already
got my heart.

What? Should I call her to ask how
you like your shirts ironed, too?

Well, you are supposed to iron
the cuffs and the collar first.

Morning, Ma.

Well, who else calls me
this early in the morning?

Yep, everything's perfect.

Couldn't be happier.


Ma, I gotta go.

What am I gonna
do with you, kid?

You just gotta make a
mess every time, huh?

Son of a bitch!

Yeah, aren't you a happy camper?
Jesus Christ.

Hey! Where you going?

I got meetings.
I'll be back as soon as I can.

Yeah, well, please don't let your meetings
turn into another all-nighter with the boys.

I won't. I promise.

I'll meet you at
the storage place.

I still don't understand why we
need to move in with your parents.

Or why we need
to move at all.

You're always working.
Where is that money?

The money is going to getting
the business off the ground.

Please, Donna. I don't need you adding
pressure to an already stressful situation.

I'm stressed, too!

In case you haven't noticed,
our baby is due any day.

And I'm doing
all of this for us.

The end justifies
the means, Dons.

You know what?

No, Nick. What?

Sometimes, you can
be a really ungrateful bitch.


Let go of me.

I love you.

I swear to God, I do.

It'll all work out.
You'll see.

♪ Bartender
Pour me a drink ♪

Shots, please, actually.

Let's get a round for the whole
bar, if you don't mind.

Oh, yeah!

Enjoying yourself too, huh?

You're still up?

That's not good
for the baby.

Or you. You need
your rest.

I'm fine, Agnes.
But, thank you.

He'll settle down once
the baby is here, Donna.

This is like
his last hurrah.

He's a married man.

He should be done
with his hurrahs.

Good night, Donna.

- Hey baby, congratulations.
- Oh, thank you, sweetheart.

Do you have
what I want?

- You know I do.
- Thank you, honey.

You having another kid already?
You just had one.

Would you shut up
with that shit?

There you are,
my sweetheart.

- Ooh, careful.
- Sometimes you talk too much, Jimmy.

I'll take one of those.

Congrats, man! Good to see you.
What's up, man?

I'm a father soon.
I might as well drink up.

Congrats, bro.

Thank you.
I'm a father, have a shot.

Let's party.

To my baby boy, huh?

To Christian!

And, and...

One to me.

- Thank you very much.
- Congratulations.


Oh, my God!

Oh, hello, little man. Hi.

Okay, you've had him long enough.
It's my turn.

No, I haven't.
I literally just got him.

Like, I literally
just got the baby.

I should take him upstairs to
feed him and put him to bed.

Okay, and then we'll eat
when you come back down.

She needs her rest.

Shouldn't we wait
for his father?

What? I'm just asking.

Yeah, and who knows
what time that will be.

What's going on here?

Oh, nothing, Nick.
Just celebrating the birth of your son.

Wow. Ten sheets
to the wind.

You must be
such proud parents.

Somebody pour me
a fucking drink.

Okay, well,
goodbye everyone.

We're gonna go.
He really is beautiful, Donna.

- Thank you Sybil.
- Bye.

Lori, would you mind taking
Ang and the baby upstairs?

I'll be up
in a minute.

Yeah. All right, come on.

- Will one of you please deal with him?
- Deal with me?

Nobody needs
to deal with me.

I'll be just fine.
Or at least I will be

as soon as everybody gets
the fuck out of my house.

Do not ever talk to my
family or friends like that!

Or what, Don?

You just stay the hell
away from my daughter.

Family and friends are the only
reason why your wife and kids

don't go without, Nick.

Hookers and gambling
cost a pretty penny, you know.

Now wait just a minute.
My son doesn't...

I should have kicked
your ass a long time ago.

Oh, yeah?

Well, you would have
died trying, old man.

- Get that fucking camera out of my face.
- Everybody stop!


This is supposed
to be a celebration.

I'm doing everything
I can for you and our kids,

and saving for our house and starting
my business all at the same time.

And these people
should be kissing my feet.

And who knows what that business is, Nick?
Huh? Who knows?

We don't!

All I see you doing is
driving around fancy new cars

- and staying out late every night drinking...
- Arleen, stop!

What are you still
even doing here, Arleen?

Get the fuck
out of my house!

- Your house?
- Trash.

- Piece of shit!
- Piece of shit rat bastard!

Get out!

If you know what's good for
you, you will get out.

So, is it getting
any better at the in-laws?

Don't ask.

Surprise, surprise.

Speaking of surprises,
you girls remember that one night?

Oh, which night, Arleen?
Spit it out already!

Tommy and I
are pregnant!

- What?
- No way!

- Yes.
- Congrats, Arleen!

So I guess this means you're gonna be
our designated driver Friday night?

Uh, yeah, I guess so.

Hey, maybe we can finally get Don
to loosen up a little bit, huh?

Well, I was gonna wait till
after my doctor's appointment

to tell you, but, uh...

- Oh!
- Oh, Don.

Well, Pops? Huh?
What do you think?

What a mess!

Maury, be quiet,
he just moved in.

Give him a break.

It's wonderful, Nick.
Just wonderful.

We are very proud.

Thank you, Ma.

- I told you our son was destined for great...
- Oh, my God.

Oh, it's the baby!

That's why I brought
my Diaphragm out tonight.

Here we are.
We look awesome!

- We're going out.
- Make sure you're home on time.

Mm-hmm. Probably not.

Could someone please do
something about that crying baby?

Maury, be quiet!
She's trying to put the baby down.

Don't start with me, Agi!
Don't make me come in there!

Just keep drinking, Maury.
That will make it all go away.

Go ahead and kill yourself.
That's what you're gonna do.

You're gonna kill yourself.

You are not the man
that I fell in love with.

I don't even know
who you are anymore!

Get out of my face!
You hear me?

- Well, pleasure doing business with you.
- Yes, sir.

That's for you. And, uh, when you
get done with the business location,

I will have you come
and renovate the private home.

- Sound good?
- It sounds like a plan.

- Shake on that.
- All right, you got it.

Come here. I want
you to meet somebody.

Donna, this is Mr. Emilio.
This is my beautiful wife.

- Nice to meet you, Mr. Emilio.
- Nice to meet you, Donna.

It's been great.
I gotta run.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Have a wonderful day.
- You, too.

We did it, babe.
What are you scared of?

What, did you think I'm gonna
come over and tackle you?

I might. I'm so excited.
Our first big commercial client.

That's great, Nick.
I'm really happy for you.

For us, baby. For us.

First thing, we're gonna
get out of my parent's place.

I'm worried
about your mom.

Can we not talk about
any of that right now?

Right now, I'm trying to tell you
that I've found our dream home.


I was just waiting for this deal
to be finalized and surprise you.

- Mm!
- Yeah, there we go!

Well, it's official.

- I'm a cosmetologist, Don!
- You passed!


And I already got a great
job down at Big Eddie D's!

- Eddie "the bigger the better" D!
- Uh-huh.

That's the one. He's letting
me work at his apprentice shop.

Ma and Aunt Mary
love him.

Oh, I'm sure they do.

All right, now,
let's get to work.

I'm so happy
for you, Arleen.

You've been dreaming about
this since you were a kid.

Yeah, and look at you living
every girl's fairy tale.

It's not exactly
what I had in mind.

Yeah, I know, bookworm.

You you wanted
to be a teacher

just like Mrs. Stevens
in the second grade.

Minus the whole
nun part.


You wanna take
a look?

You like it?

You have kids?

God damn it.

Nick! Nick!


No! No!

Don, what happened?

Hey, is everything
okay with your family?

Yeah, they're okay.

Was Nick out
again all night?

He promised you he was gonna
stop with this bullshit.

you don't even know the half of it.

What do you mean?

I don't know
what's happening.

I never know what
mood he's gonna be in.

I feel like it's all my fault,
because he always says he loves me.

Is he hitting you, Donna?

He just came home
with another woman.

Why have you
stayed so long?

I feel stuck.

He told me he'd
find me and kill me

- if I ever leave him.
- That motherfucker.

When I yell back,
that's when it gets worse.

One time he ripped the phone out of
the wall when I tried to call the cops.

We've got to get you
out of there, Don.

Where am I supposed
to go with three kids?

I don't have
a job, Arleen.

We'll figure that out.
You can't settle for that shit, okay?

Hey, I'm here for you.

It's not your fault.

Listen, Donna.

This is not your fault.

We're gonna figure
out a game plan, okay?


He hadn't been home
for a bunch of days again.

So Mom had grandpa come
over to change the locks.

And Grandpa slept over.

And then,
what happened?

And then my little
sister was crying.

And I didn't know whether to help
her, or stay with my mom.

And that's when my grandpa
had the heart attack.

How is he?

He's okay.

I haven't really talked to
him since that day, though.

I miss him.
Mom does, too.

And your stepfather?

I don't know.

He says he's sorry.

How many more times does
he get to say he's sorry?

She keeps letting
him come back.

Let me see what you got.

I gotta run out.

I'll be back fast,
I promise.

Hey, why don't you put the
kids to bed early tonight

and let's just the
two of us have a nice,

quiet, romantic
dinner together?


Love you.
See you later.

- So that's what I wanted to talk to you about.
- Mm.

I can't be dealing
for you anymore.

What? What do you mean?

I just got a new delivery
that needs to go out. Fast.

Yeah, well,
I got a business now and a family.

I can't be fucking
around anymore.


I'm not good with people.

You're the salesman.
I supply, you sell.

Can't you just help me out,
this one last deal.

All right, Jimbo.
Just this one last time.

Fuck yes.
That's the Nick Varga I know.

Your Honor,
I simply ask that you set

a reasonable bail
for my client.

Mr. Varga is a local business
owner and a family man.

He is also a member
of the Kiwanis Club

and sits on
the Chamber of Commerce

in Northport Village.

Mr. Mencher, your client
has numerous prior arrests,

is charged with possession
of a large amount of cocaine,

and driving without a license
while intoxicated.

Bail is set at 150,000.

But, your Honor, that's a lot...

His next court appearance
is set two weeks from today.

We are prepared to post
bail today, your Honor.


I'm gonna make this right.

You sound like a broken record.

I really need you
on my side right now, Don.

If the business
is gonna survive...

Stop it, Nick.

Enough with the damn business.
What about us?

I'm not your mother.


What does she have to do
with this?

She's always bailing you out.

She's always fixing things
for you.

Well, I'm not gonna do that.
I already have three kids.

I'm sorry. I... I fucked up.

What are you
running from, Nick?

Me, Don.

I'm running from me.

I try so hard not to be
like my dad

that I do worse
than he ever would.

I love you.

I just wanna
give you everything.

You never needed
to buy my love.

I don't wanna lose you.

Can we please figure this
mess out together?

Please, Don. Please.

What about
good behavior?

Don't you get a discount
or something if you're good?

My lawyer said 18 months
is the shortest I can get.

So, what're you gonna do
about your business?

I'm gonna run it
from the inside.

- From the inside?
- That's right.

I'm gonna tell them
my business partner,

whom I trust with my life,
will handle business

while I'm overseas handling
our distribution

for our overseas market.

I can't... I can't...

Grab your fucking balls, Jimmy.

You owe me big time.

Let's not forget
whose drugs those were.

Okay, okay.
I'll do my best.

Your best?

This isn't up for negotiation,
you stupid fuck.

Make it happen.

I'm gonna be the one
doin' all the work.

Copies will be mailed
to you in a few weeks.

It takes a little bit of time
with processing and whatnot.

I strongly suggest
you be out of the house

before his release date.

Can you stay with any family
or friends?

Yeah. Sure. Okay.

If he finds you,
if you sense any danger at all,

call the cops immediately.

How is it I feel bad ripping
my kids away from their father?

You're a good person
and a good mother, Donna.

The man you've described
can't be your concern anymore.

You're making the best choice
for yourself and your kids.

So, did Brianne get into
that class?

Yep. We went shopping
for a tutu last week.

That's great.
What about Christian?

He's really excited
about baseball.

I need to see my kids, Donna.

This isn't exactly a family
friendly place, Nick.

I know. Please, Don,
before I go crazy in here.

I mean, my own parents
haven't even come to see me.

Can you blame them?

So, how are you?

I'm tired, Nick.

What happened to
our fresh start?

Oh, you messed that up.


we agreed to get
through this together.

I mean,
you got it made right now.

I set that up for you.

You would think that.

And how long do you think

you can run your business
from this place, Nick?

I've got it all figured out.
Trust me.

I need to start
trusting myself.

Hey, Don.
What's goin' on?

Hey. Isn't this a surprise.

Well, I brought Francesco's.

- Whoa. Fancy.
- Mm.


You always know just how
to brighten up a dull day.

Hey, well we're celebrating.
You're a free woman now, Don.

- Jimmy's in the back.
- Ugh.

Now I just have to find a job
and a place for us to live.

Well, what about
your old job?

Anything that lets me be done
with this bullshit.

I just wanna be happy,

and I'm gonna do whatever
it takes to make that happen.


Okay, give me some of that.

Mm, that is good.

Varga! Varga!

Fuck off. What is it?

Lights out, man.
Put that shit away.

Bro, this is important shit.

I don't need you
bothering me right now.

I don't care what it is.
I said put it away.

Just give me
a fucking minute.

You don't got a minute.
I said now.

Dude. It's just a pencil.

I don't care what it is.
Put that away now!

You got a problem, Varga?

Jesus Christ!
It's a fucking pencil!

You got a problem
with guard instructions?

Yeah, yeah, I do,
you fucking pig.

You're my fucking problem.

Oh, I'm your problem?

Yeah, you're
my fucking problem.

Currently, in this moment,
you are my fucking problem.

You think it's funny, huh? Huh?

You fucking...

Don't spit
at me again, you son of a bitch!

Two more months.
You were almost out, man.

I don't know if I can keep
the clients in the dark anymore.

They're starting
to get suspicious.

Really suspicious.

Then make them get
un-suspicious, Jimmy.

Let's not forget
whose time I'm serving here.

I don't have Emilio's
final cash deposit.

He wants to go over the plans.
With you.

Fine. I'll give him a call

as soon as my phone privileges
are restored.


And the final set of plans?
I need those.

Hire a freelance draftsman.

Make sure we don't go
in the red.

Anything that's left goes
to Donna to cover her expenses.

Nick, Donna signs the check.

She'll see if the numbers
don't add up.

You're a smart guy, Jimmy.
Figure it out.

Good morning. May I help you?

Yes, good morning.
Is Joe here?

How do you know Joe?

I used to be his office manager
when I worked here.

Oh, right. That Joe.

No, my husband and I bought
the business from him.

Oh, okay. Are you hiring?

What's the hold up?

Oh, hello.

Hi. I was just looking for Joe,

- Were you his patient?
- No, she worked for him.

I have a long day of job hunting
ahead of me.

Thanks for your time.

- What kind of job did you do...
- No, Joe, we're not hiring.

Hey, Donna.

Why did my mortgage payment
get returned?

- Returned?
- Don't try to bullshit me.

- I'm not. I...
- Are you messing with the money?

No. No, no, no. No. Um, no.

Uh, things just got
a little tied up is all.

What's that mean? What things?

Donna, look.
Um, when we get the check

from the last job we just did,
everything will be fine, okay?

Trust me.

And what're you gonna say next?

- The end justifies the means?
- What?



Ah, see,
they're riding again.

Look at that.
Would you like to do that, guys?

What do you think?

You like horses? Yeah, you do.
Huh? They're nice.

They're nice, huh?
Look at those horses, huh?

Aren't they pretty?

Be right back.

You're filing for divorce?

What am I supposed to do, Nick?
What more do you expect of me?

I will kill you
before you ever leave me.

And you will never take
my kids away from me. Ever.

Where are my kids?

They're okay.
They're all right.

They're at your mother's, okay?

Where's Ang and Christian
and Brianne?

- Arleen, where are my kids?
- Hey, Don, Don.

Where are my kids?

- Where's Brianne?
- Your kids are okay, all right?

Lori picked them up, okay?
She took them to your mom.

Okay? It's okay.

We're gonna take you
to the hospital.

We're gonna file a report
this time, okay?

- Okay.
- Okay. It's all right.

- Okay. Okay.
- It's all right.

You're all right.

I'm right here, Donna.
I'm right here, okay?

Are you okay?

Are the kids okay?
Where are they?

They're fine.
How'd you find out I was here?

I called around. Nick showed up
at the house very upset.

Oh, he's upset?

Well, he's worried
about the kids and you.

You filed for divorce?

Look at my face, Agnes.

He overreacted.

It's what Varga men do.
They have hot tempers.

Once, Maury overreacted so bad,

my face
was almost unrecognizable,

but I knew he didn't mean it,
and I forgave him.

Do you even hear yourself?

Look, Donna.

Nick loves you and the kids.
You know that.

He's got a sad way
of showing it.

You can't take his kids away
from him. He'll go crazy.

He needs them and you!

And they need
both of you together.

What they don't need is a father
who does this to their mother.

That's not fair.

Nick has always tried
to make sure

that you and the kids never went
without no matter what.

Well, maybe there wouldn't be
so many "no matter what's",

if you and Maury didn't
bail him out every time.

Donna, please.

He swears it's the last time.
He swears.

It is the last time, Agnes.

Well, how you gonna raise
three kids

with no job, no money
and no husband?

Yeesh, we give better service
at Big Eddie D's and...

Watch me.

Oh, my God, we just saw.

- Aww. The nose! Watch the nose!
- Oh!

- You're gonna rebreak it.
- I'm so sorry.

Hi, Miss Brown.
Thank you.

What's the matter, sweetie?

Some of her classmates
were being mean to her.

Read a book
about families today,

and some of the kids asked
why Brianne was the only one

whose father didn't show up
for the father-daughter dance.


Oh, sweetie. Don't worry
about what those kids think.

We looked cute in our matching
dresses, like twins.

I took the opportunity to try
to explain how some families

are different,
but they're still families.

Exactly, Miss Brown. Thank you.
See you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.
Bye, Mrs. Varga.

Sometimes life doesn't go
how we planned.

And sometimes parents
are better off apart.

Sometimes mommies have to be
mommies and daddies.

And daddies have to be
mommies, too, sometimes.

That's not what
my friends said.

It doesn't matter
what they say.

All that matters is
what's in your heart.

Yeah, like remember that time
they were making fun of you

'cause you wanted
to play soccer?

And did you let that stop you
from playing soccer?


You wanna know why?

Why, Mommy?

Because we're Morettis.

And Morettis don't let anyone
stop us

from doing
what's in our hearts.

Or tell us who we are,
or how we can be.

- Check out this muscle.
- I wanna feel.

You wanna know how Mommy
got to be so strong?

- How?
- Through a lot of tears.

Because it's okay to be sad.
It's a secret weapon.

Mommy, you're like
a super hero.

Hop on board.

Let's go watch your brother
play some baseball.

Brianne, isn't Mommy like a super hero?

Here we go. Let's go.


What do you mean "broke"?

That's what his attorney claims.

Doesn't the court recognize
the fact that he owns a business

and just hired
one of the top attorneys

to keep him out of jail?

He's claiming bankruptcy.

You've got to be kidding me!

Please, Ma! If I keep talking
about it, I'm gonna be sick.


I found someone
for you to talk to.

Someone who could maybe help.

I have a lawyer.

A therapist.

- Ma.
- Look, Donna,

you've never been the same since
your father and I broke up.

It's like we broke you, too,
and we're both sorry for that.

And maybe...

Maybe I steered you wrong
along the way.

But, Ma...

No, let me finish.
This has to be said.

I feel like...

I let you down.

I just...

I was so caught up
in everything

that was going on
with your father,

and I was so hurt by the divorce
and all our... everything.

I just didn't do my job
as a mother.

You did fine, Ma.

You made sure
I never went without.

But I could've done better.

I should've encouraged you

to follow your own dreams
for you,

not my dreams for you.

Just give the therapist
a try.

Things have been very difficult
for you for a long, long time,

and you need justice
and to get your life back.

There's no justice for me.

I'm raising three kids
on my own,

making sure
they don't go without.

But the fact is you're doing it.

It's hard,
but you're doing it.

Thanks, Ma.

Call the therapist, Donna.

Okay, I will.

Good. All right,
now let's get this over with.

Mr. Varga is
granted visitations

every Sunday
from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Child support will total
$50 per month per child.

Your Honor, Mrs. Varga
has an order of protection

against Mr. Varga
in place for another six months.

As soon as that's lifted,

Mr. Varga's visitations
will begin.

This court is adjourned.

Oh, my God.

I'm so sorry, Donna.

Nick's team really covered
all the bases.

That bastard could get away
with murder,

and that's what
really scares me.

What'd I miss, beautiful?

Mr. Varga, it's a busy day
with lots to review.

Let me see that. Oh, my God.

When are we having
dinner together?

Domino Construction called.

They want to know if
you've reviewed the proposal.

That's really cute.
I love how professional you are.

I was thinking something
a little bit different.

Would you look at this?

24 karat gold, diamond face,
lined with diamond baguettes.

It's very nice.

Gold is a great investment.
It's timeless.

Are you finished?

Shoot, sweetheart.

Do you have to smoke?

I don't have to smoke if we have
dinner together after work.

I'm busy after work.

You have the floor.

Thank you.

Bye, have a great day.

Okay. Hold hands.

We're gonna say
what we're all grateful for.

what are you grateful for?

I'm thankful for this
amazing family.


I'm thankful for this house.

That's great. Ang?

I'm thankful for this
awesome dinner, Ma.

And I'm thankful for you guys.
I love you very much.

- We love you, too.
- Now, let's eat!

- Hey, Ma.
- Hey. Everything go okay?

Yeah. Gonna take a shower.

Thanks, Ang. I'll drop this off
at the bank today.

- Okay.
- Love you.

Love you too, Ma.

Hi. Can I help you?

I'm here about the job.

Sorry, we already hired
two secretaries.

The ad said you were looking
for a flagger.

Listen, this is not a place
for a woman.

This is hard working place.

- Man's work.
- Really?

Really. Plus, good Lord,
that's all we need.

A bunch of wives coming around
and making sure.

I wish had something
more suitable for you.

You are pretty.

You get him.

Yeah, you got him.

What are you,
a mole in the hole over here?

There's my bundles of joy.

Come over here
and give your dad a hug.

Where are you taking them?

Figured we'd just go
for a drive.

See where the wind takes us.

That's not a part
of the agreement.

I need to know
where you'll be.

Fine, Don.
I figured we'd go to the park.

There's a new toy museum.
Have some dinner.

It'd be a nice thing to do
as a family.

You and Angelo
wanna come with?

Have them back no later than
9:00 p.m. Court order.

I heard the judge
loud and clear.

Come on, you two.
We got a fun day ahead of us.


You know,
I will never not love you.

What are you...
What am I going to do with you, huh?

Before we hit the road,
you want a little music?

- Yeah, sure.
- Yes.


This song is dedicated
to your mother.

♪ Wild thing

♪ You make my heart sing

All right, you two.
We're here.

Dad, it says
you can't park here.

What are you? The parking police?

- Lighten up, kid.
- Okay.

Look at this stuff, guys.

Some of this stuff is
more than 100 years old.

Like Grandma?

She might be older.

I'm gonna capture it.

What're you two
doing in there?

Don't make me ask again.
Let's go.

Look at those trucks.

You wanna sit down?

I got you a poetry book.

Oh, nice. Let me read...
Let me read this book.

Hello? Brianne? Are you there?
Brianne? Are you there

- Which one's your favorite?
- The Range Finder.

Why is that
one your favorite?

It just looks really cool.

We still have the whole rest of the day.
What do you guys wanna do?

Take a nap. I'm tired.

You can sleep
when you're dead, kid.

Daddy, you're crazy.

Crazy? I'll show you crazy, huh? I'll show you crazy.

And for the cuties?

All right, you two.
Tell her what you'd like.

We have the best
Shirley Temples on the Island.

We'll take two of those.

Also, bring the,
uh, shrimp cocktail,

the, uh,
clam on the half shell,

and your, uh, lobster special.

The kids havin' anything?

They can have some of that.

Okay, but we have
a kid's menu right there. It...

Yeah, I just said they can have
some of what I ordered.

Yes, sir.

So, are you two
always this quiet?

Christian said
you were mean to Mommy.

That was an accident,

and it's all behind us now.

We're starting over. Fresh start, okay?
Sundays are our days.

- Whatever you wanna do. Sky's the limit, all right?
- All right.

- Okay.
- What do you guys like to do for fun?

We go see shows
and movies sometimes.

- And we go to Adventureland.
- Okay. Okay, we can do some of that, too.

Here you go.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

You wanna come
give your dad a hug?

Oh, yeah, that's
what I'm talkin' about.

Mm, delicious.

You want some shrimp?

Ew, gross.

What? What, your mom
doesn't feed you fish?

Ew. No way.
Barf in my mouth.

All right, you two, easy.
We're at a restaurant. People are eating.

Figured that would happen.
These are on the house.

Thanks. I guess
I'm a little out of practice.

Aw, they'll get you up to speed
real quick.

We have to go.

Yeah, yeah. Okay.

It's getting late.
Mom said...

Don't worry about your mother.
You'll be fine.

- But she...
- All right, all right.

I'm bored.

I'm bored.

Where's Dad?


- Baby! Oh, okay. Are you all right?
- Mm-hmm.

- Mommy!
- Come here, honey!

Is there a problem?

The agreement

was that the children would be
home by 9:00 p.m.


so what happened?

We hit a lot of traffic.

Where were you coming from?

What difference does it make?

I just drove all over creation
to have a nice day with my kids.

Is that a crime?

- Ang, get them ready for bed. I'll be in in a minute.
- Okay.

Mom, what does
V-O-D-K-A spell?

Why, honey?
Where'd you see that?

Daddy was drinking it.
It was on a blue label with letters.

- Okay.
- What do you want?

- To the moon and back.
- To the moon and back.

- Too many times.
- You bastard!

Take it easy.

You're lucky
I called the cops.

This son of a bitch was out
drinking with my children all day.

I'm not gonna sit here
and be falsely accused, Officer.

I told you what happened.

Why would my seven-year-old son
wanna know what vodka was? Why, Nick?

I don't know, Don. Maybe because
we sat at a table near the bar.

- Huh, you...
- I'm out of here. I don't need to listen to this shit.

You con artist fuck should be arrested.
Add another DUI to the list.

What? Wait a minute.

You put that in my report. I refuse to let
this piece of shit see my children again.

Why don't you hire your legal
aid attorney to come fight me?

I don't care what you do.

You will never be alone
with my children again.

Get off this property,
you good for nothing.

Fine with me. I can't get away
from you quick enough.

Mr. Varga.

I strongly suggest
you either walk, or call a taxi.

Wish I didn't have to know his piece of
crap car was parked out here all night.

Yeah. It's one phone call away.


These damn people are slower
than molasses going up a hill.

This is my third trip here
trying to sort this mess out.

Like we don't have jobs.

- Third?
- Third.

Oh, I hope I won't have to come back.
I'm working three jobs right now.

I'm just trying to get
my son's last name changed.

Three jobs?

Damn, I only got two.

Did their father pass and leave
you penniless or something?

Life would be a lot
easier if that was the case.

I heard that.

- The night our daughter's born, he was nowhere to be found.
- Hmm.

I was so mad that I checked into
the hospital with my maiden name.

- Aw!
- Okay, girl, now that's how you do it!


Later on, he thought he was signing to
change her name legally back to his,

but he was really signing to
change our son's back to my name.

Aw! Good for you!
Good for you!


Yes, how may I help you?

I need to complete
a name change request.

Picture ID, please.

You should receive your paperwork
in four to six weeks in the mail.

- Thank you.
- Next.

- Have a good day.
- You, too.

And don't stop fighting
for your kids, okay?

Or for yourself.

Women gotta be stronger than pretty.
We gotta exchange those glass slip...


We gotta exchange those glass
slippers for some warrior boots.

That's right. None of that Cinderella waiting
around for her Prince Charming bullshit.

I know exactly what you mean.

I bet you do.

You look like
a warrior to me.


Oh, now you all of sudden
in a hurry. All right.

- Photo ID, please.
- It's all in there.

- Uh-huh.
- Yeah. There's a lot of it. Take care of business.

Okay, are there
any easy notes you can do first?


That one right there.

All right, let me check 'em.

♪ I wanna hold you
Oh, I know that it's true

♪ Oh, that I fell For you
forever And every night

♪ I wanna hold you
Oh, I know that it's true

♪ Oh, that I fell For you
forever And every night ♪

- Hi, Gino! Sorry I'm late.
- Hey, Donna.

I got mixed up
on our schedule today.

Angelo usually watches Christian,
but he has a football game and...

Take it easy, Donna.

All right. I got to bring him
into work just this one time.

No worries. Perfectly fine.
You hungry?

Good, go take a booth there
while I talk to your mom.

- Thanks, Gino.
- No problem. No problem.

You know what? How about
I take your shift today?

- What?
- It's lunchtime, it's slow,

it's quiet.
I can use the exercise.

That's the sweetest thing anyone's
offered us in a long time.

No worries.

But I have to work my shift.
Rent's due, and...

Donna, listen.

- Oh, I couldn't.
- Take this.

- I couldn't.
- I insist. I insist.

Consider it vacation pay. Really. You've
been working long, hard hours, long days.

Enjoy yourself with your family,
with your boy.

Take the day off and enjoy.
I wanna help you out as much as I can.

Just until you get on your feet.

Go ahead and grab some sodas
for you and the guy.

I'm gonna get a pizza going, buddy.
All right? All right, buddy.

Can you stop with the doom and gloom,
Christian? You don't have to go.

I'm going for you.

Okay, and the money that's
still sitting in that business.

I still don't understand
why you agreed to do this.

I feel bad for him.

He sounded really sad.


He must have a new girlfriend
named karma.

Heard she's a real bitch.

Hello, my beautiful baby girl.

Hi, Dad.
I'm not a baby anymore.

Hello, Christian.


- See you later, Mom.
- See you later.

- Love you.
- Love you, too.

Make sure they get home safe.

Don't worry, Don. I'm just
taking them to a nice dinner.

Listen, Don, I was wondering.

Can the kids come down to a special event
I'm having in the showroom next week?

I'm expanding to the building next door,
and I'd love to have them both there.

Next Sunday is graduation day.

They're busy.


Who's graduating?

I am. Goodbye, Nick.

Hey, Nick.

Hey, Veronica.
Remember my kids?

Of course.
Who could forget these faces?

You havin' the usual?
Vodka neat?

That sounds good.

We'll have water.

You should probably be
drinking water, too.

They adopted?

Thank you, Veronica.

Okay, then.

You know, you are starting
to look just like your mother.

Isn't she beautiful, Christian?

She is.

She is a Moretti.

You, on the other hand,
are starting to sound like your mother.

Could be.
She did raise me all by herself.

- Christian.
- I don't need to hear your remarks, Mr. Wise Ass.

Maybe we are adopted. You know,
that would explain a lot.

You know what? I put my money into
building this business for the both of you.

Is that the truth
you try to tell yourself?

A lot of sacrifice and time went
into keeping that business going.

Maybe we should move on
from this topic because

we have way different definitions
of what sacrifice means.

Okay, stop it. Both of you.
Let's just eat.

How about that, Mom?

You graduating from college the same
year I graduate from high school.


Congratulations, Donna, you are officially
the strongest woman that I know.

You make us all so proud.

- Thanks, Ma.
- You did it, Don. You made your dreams come true.

Love you, Ma.

Me too, Ma. Just don't think about
teaching at my school, all right?

Don't worry,
I won't embarrass you, diva.

- Time to celebrate!
- Yes!

It's my recipe, Mary.

It's Ma's recipe.
She taught it to both of us.


- Set these.
- Let me get the forks.


And let's get this
party started, shall we?

♪ Let's fight the feeling now

♪ The world is turning
Upside down

♪ Let's turn this train around

Oh, okay.

♪ Until we hear the sweet
Sweet sounds

♪ I'm all over it now

♪ Hoo-ooh, hoo-ooh

♪ And there's not a thing
I miss

♪ Hoo-ooh, hoo-ooh... ♪

I'd like to make a quick toast.

To Donna.

First of all, I love this house.

And even more,

I love you

and everyone and
everything in it.

So, cheers to you, Don.

Determination looks real
good on you, girl.

Oh, my goodness,
and Angie,

my little handsome honey,

you are the definition
of what a real man is.

So, cheers to you, too, baby.

Cheers! Cheers!

Cheers to my baby girl.

Mm, that's good.

Thank you, Arleen.

Thank you, all of you.

This is the best
I've felt in a long time.

It only looks up from here

Yeah, up at 5:30 in
the morning to be in my own classroom.

- All right, let's eat!
- Yes!

Would you go get some pasta
for the kids?

Do you want a meatball?

Okay, boys and girls.
As you know,

Mrs. Jones is taking some
time off to have a baby.

This is your new teacher,
Ms. Moretti.

What do we say?

Good morning,
Ms. Moretti.

Thank you.

Good morning, boys and girls.

Who knows what day
of the week it is?


Good. Who's gonna be the first to tell
me their name? Don't forget the...


Donna. That's my name.

It's a good, strong name.

All right, then.

Shall we get started?

Hi, my name is Donna.

The film that you just watched was based
on true events that occurred in my life.

I hope you walk away feeling empowered.
Thank you so much.

Home should mean that it's a safe
haven for yourself and your children.

Ours was a broken home.

Whether or not I
could survive that day,

and was he going to be out for three days?
Was he going to come home drunk?

Was he going to hit me?
Was he going to be yelling, screaming?

Being in that situation
when the kids were young,

uh, I knew that that wasn't
supposed to be the way you felt

being at home,
but that's the way it was.

As hollow as the house was,
it was as hollow as my body felt

I didn't feel any life
in my body.

What's happening to you? Who are you? Where
are you? What, what is happening to you?

Don't you... If you're not going to get strong
for you, why, why not do it for the kids?

What are you doing?
Do I want to put them in that situation?

Did I want to put my kids
in a shelter?

I realized that I was causing a
lot of pain to everyone around me.

Seeing this and feeling this
and hearing all of this

just made me
start to realize

I need to do something,
and I need to do it fast.

Go to school at night and have, you
know, uh, prepare meals during the day.

I waitressed,
I cleaned houses.

A lot of physical,
physical labor.

Their father wasn't physically
in the house.

We were moving forward and everything
was getting better with every, you know,

day that passed by.

Be better and achieve

and become a strong woman.

It was always inside of me.

I feel better about myself as a
person, as a woman, as a mother.

And, uh, I just wanna be,
you know,

the best mother and grandmother and...
that I could possibly be.

- Good to see you!
- You, too.

- How you doin'?
- Ah, well, I was doing okay earlier.

Oh, yeah?

Ah, I look like you.

Oh, my God.

What would you say to your
daughter about what you went through

and advice
that you would have for her?

My advice would be that, uh,

of course that she needs to hold
herself as being number one and...

not letting anyone or
anything get in her way.

Uh, and to
believe in herself.

It took a lifetime of struggle
and, um, and pain.

Although, I always had the desire
and the drive, I just let it die.

And not to let anyone
ever have your dreams die.

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