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Don Bosco (1936) - full transcript

The Italian Film Company LUX Turin Presents

In Piedmont, at Montferrat (Northern Italy)

A day of Winter of 1825

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

Come here. What's your name?

Bosco, John

Bosco Bosco ... ...

Are you the son of Margarite?

Yes, sir

Oh! I would never recognize you!

Sure you don't remember me

You were so small when I used to visit your home

Before the dead of your poor dad

Great, little John

Sure that small birth is grateful to you

What are you reading?

Oh, the Catechism.

Good, good...

So you are going to school.

No sir

No? How is it possible?


Because my brother Antony doesn't want

How can he say he doesn't want?

He says I have to work at the fields with him

What a man

But you would like to study?

Yes, sure

Are you sure?

Yes, yes

Ok, now listen

Anytime come to meet me at the Parish

In Murialdo

Ask for Fr. Calosso

We will see immediately if you really want to study

If it is true, I will speak myself with your brother

Did you understand?

Then, let it in my hands



Don't forget... I wait for you


Hi, Margaret

Hi, Michael

Let's go to the fair on Sunday?

Yes, let's go

I'll pick you at 6

It's okay?

Is it too early?

No, it's okay

Bye, Michael

Okay, take care. Bye, Margaret.

Any meal?

It is almost ready

Take a sit

Enjoy your meal

When you have to work as I do

Joseph! Ask Johnny to hurry up

Maybe he's not hungry

For what he is doing

Good evening, mom

Good evening, mom

Good evening, Johnny

Grandma, come also you


I told him that I don't want to see books at the table


They were three magicians

One night observing the sky they realized

there was a new star

They said: This Star means that it has been born

the Savior of the World

Let's go to look for Him

They took gifts to bring with them

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

(All shouting)

Stop! Let me do it

Listen: You did it to anger me

and it's not the first time coming to disturb

and it will not be the last time too

Maybe. But this time I want to give you a lesson

What lesson? You're good only for preaching


Listen: If you were talking like this some days ago

I would put you in your place with this

But today I want to do differently

What's up?

Like this...

I will show you that preaching made me good

and my legs are better than yours

I don't have time to loss

Look... do you see that path over there?

Let us do a good deal

If you win, you can call me a good for nothing

If I win...

What would you do to me?

If I win, you will come to read the preaching

Okay! Let's do it

(All shearing "Johnny, Johnny"



They left, they did a long travel

While the walk, the Star was always behind them

as it was showing the way

First arriving Bethlehem, where Baby Jesus was

they passed through the big city of Jerusalem

(Reading in Latin: non scholæ sed vitæ discimus - "We do not learn for school, but for life")

Heaven does not change the run across the sea (They change their sky, not their soul, who rush across the sea)

Very good, really good.

Have you seen it?

We have done in 5 months

what others do in 2 years

I told you

other 5 months and you are ready for preparatory

But there is a cost to enter the preparatory?

Sure, there is a cost

But don't worry... any saint will provide for it

Forget it for now and get to the present

Eh... for tomorrow you will translate

from here to here

It's ok

Did you understand?

It's clear

like this, the young gentleman would become a great man

and so we are so burst farmers, right?

Can you stop your story with that boy?

What he did to you?


but if this time goes like this

we will not have bread this winter

and the little left would be for those who won it

that's what I have

Look at that

maybe I exaggerate

... from the bad time of that fall came a strong winter

and the famine affected even worse the farms

already proven by political and economical events

John... John!

Fr. Calosso is sick

he wants to see you

go to the Parish

Fr. Calosso

Fr. Calosso

Are you better?

What's about?


In a short

I will be done

you women

leave for a moment

let's go, come out


listen... take it

take this key

of that furniture there

use everything you will find inside

it's for you

there are 6 thousand lire

6 thousand read

for you

to continue your studies

Fr. Calosso... I...

Keep quiet

keep quiet

Did you study the lesson for today?


Now get to my desk

take my book




Reading in Latin: Non Nobis Sed Patriae (Not for ourselves but for our country."

Today many master name "Many Masters"

Lord (correcting)



The human mind is no different fronts ( "Do not judge a man by his face but by his deeds").

Pity that boy... he loved him, as a father

Did you see his relatives? how they came in hurry after 10 years of absence?

Hey, Johnny

Come a moment there

Tell me, Johnny

did Fr. Calosso give you anything before his death?

Did he talk to you about me?

of his nephews?

He gave me this key

It was right what I was looking for

Thank you

Well, he is for the vocation

Yes, there is not doubt about it

So let us send him to Chiere... there is a school there, a seminar

but who will pay?

well, any saint will provide

Let us wait for it... because with the work I have done

I have not possibilities

Can I?


They send this for Johnny

Is it grain?

I know that neighbors will send gifts

See that you need a lot things to become a good priest

now let's go because we need to be in Chiere this evening


Bye Johnny

Sorry if I have done wrong... be good, eh

Here it is your way

Bye Johnny


This is only 5 lire

so, here we have grain... 2,50

then everything comes to 6 points, okay?

1 shield, 10, 20, 30, 40, 45, 50 ...

This is one book

This is geography

The dictionary

and this is the Latin grammar

When you will learn all this, you will become a professor


It was the beginning of a long period of study

In order to sustain himself

Johnny dedicated to different jobs

the advance of his future ministry of work

Hey, Johnny, still working at this time?

Are you mad?

I am not working... and tomorrow it's the exam

You will damage your health

Good, good

Well... Bosco, John

The Standard better than his best time (Excellent)

Good, Bosco

The teachers' council

gives you the license with the certification of "Plus quam optime"


Now... what are you going to do?

Are you going back home?

No, I would like to enter the Seminary

The Seminary?

All philosophers accept the veracity of this thesis

that is

the will of happiness provided in us by nature

the alpha and omega of all our desires

it is the beginning and the end of all human activity

Now, for next lesson, prepare the 1st article of the 4th chapter

and you, Bosco

get the notes made on the notebooks

yes sir

And now, dear Comollo, aren't you going to study right now?

Come with me at the yard for some sport

No, I don't want to run

But, don't you understand that it is the only way to recover from your weakness? let's go

The great spiritual friendship that joint the son of Montferrat to his companion Comollo

would give way to a extraordinary episode in the life of young cleric Bosco

Saint Bernard of Sienna

demonstrates courage and devotion to the Blessed Virgin

the minor frays that practiced their rule

under some clauses gotten from the Holy See

brought the Pontificate of Innocence IV

in name of monastic frays

(Continue reading in background)

(Praying in Latin)

Sir, Comollo is sick

...I will come to tell you if I will get the salvation...

the dying promised to his friend...

Bosco! I am saved!

Two years after, on June 5, 1841, Cleric Bosco was ordained priest

(Singing in Latin)

(Ordination rite in Latin)

This stole of innocence represents the Lord

Do you promise to me, successor of the apostles,

reverence and obedience?

I promise

The peace of the Lord will be always with you


...the already Don Bosco celebrated the Mass with great commotion before to Whom he had prayed too much

Is any feast today?

Sure, there's a feast... it's the first Mass of Don Bosco

the son of Margaret

End of the First Part

second Part

From the long economical crisis

people from rural areas came to the citties

with the hope to get something

they were welcome by those who made

the pain of the poor even harder

You... how is it that you are here?

are you homeless?

Yes, but...

Well, what's up?

I understand

you have done something wrong

and you are shy to go back home

Is it true?

Tell me, what's your name?


Where do you live?

Tell me where do you live?

Tell me, is this the place where Carin lives?

Over there


(A woman is singing very strong in the neighborhood)

Good morning

Are you the mother of Carlin?

Yes, why?

I came to meet him... is he at home?

No, he isn't.

He is never here

Maybe he is at the tavern

But please come in, Father

(People around cheering)

What's up with you, idiot?

You are cheating!

Pug! Pug!

It is he! Carlin!



Do not! Do not!

Do not! Do not! Do not!

Don't hit him!

Please help him

(People try to calm the mother saying he is okay)

Well, did you realize that he did not plan it?

If you did not provoke him, now you wouldn't be here

Eh? Tell me

Did you realize?

Yes, but he should not...

Yes, but...

I repeat you that he is very much repentant

and you should not deny him the pardon

Now I go to meet him at the jail

and I will tell him that when you two meet, you will shake hands

Prison for minors

Hey! You!

Stand up!

Don Bosco, I will tell the others that you have arrived


I have a good news for you

(Inmates singing)

Shut up!

Where do you think you are? At the tavern?

Who wants to get confession?

Shut up!

What about you?

Hey you

So none

All of you go to hell

But it is Don Bosco the confessor




What's up?

Call Don Bosco! Don Bosco! Don Bosco!

Did you hear?

Remember what I told you. As soon as you are free, come to meet me

bye Luciano

Don Bosco ...

Yes, I heard

He has the death penalty

Let me alone with him

Don Bosco

My son

Put your hands inside mine

Do you feel better?

Now say with me

Ave Maria

Ave Maria

Full of Grace

Full of Grace

The Lord is with you

The Lord is with you

Blessed are you...

Hey Don Bosco, these are utopias... the world is done like this

There are poor people and there are rich

However my dear, something should be done

Still I don't see it clear, but I am sure

that with the help of God, something I can do

What do you do? What do you want?

Have you come to help in the Mass?

No, I cannot do

Then... what you have come to do here?

Now, get away, get away, who told you to enter the Sacristy

Tony, Tony

Listen, don't send away that boy

Come back

Come back

Come here, come here

Hey Tony, is this the way to deal with my friends?

Is he your friend?

Of course

He is my friend

Sorry Don Bosco, I didn't know it

Oh, Tony

They wanted to send you away, eh?

What's your name?

Bartholomew Garelli

Do you have dad and mom?

Are you working?


What do you do?

Construction worker

Oh, construction worker

and what do you do in Sundays?


Bad deal... now I will get you something for Sundays

Do you know how to read and write?


Do you know the catechism?

Well, you must know to do something?

Do you know how to sing?


Yes, finally!

The 1st Oratory was born on December 8 that year

from that meeting with that boy sent by the Providence... in few months...

(Boys singing)

Wonderful! Now, let us go out to play

Just a moment


It is now six months since we opened the Oratory

and I don't tell you the situations that your happiness have given to me

Especially those football players

but let us agree something: I don't want to see sad faces

but also broken glasses, eh

are we agree now?

Now go to play, go

See Borel, this is a new thing for you

since some years ago I thought about it

I understand, Don Bosco

Will you help me for now? You will need a lot of patience and good lungs

Just look that... Hey

I told you not to enter that place

that's not our yard

How can I tell you?

Blessed boys

Sorry Reverend, are you Don Bosco?

The inspector of Palace Gate would like to talk to you immediately, if it is possible

The inspector?


In order to understand the fact

to justify the gathering of 500 or 600 boys

I have here denounces of honorable citizens

that feel disturbed by the behavior of your boys

or those guys, as you prefer to call them

I will read you any

here this one

I inform you His Excellence that the current day

a group of boys led by a priest

have invaded and ruined a field of my property

for a lost of 245 lire

another one

I inform Your Excellency

that a garden.... a garden

has been invaded by the boys as far as 100 meters

still another one very dear

where is it? Here it is

I have demonstrated that the harvesting in my property

has been completed

it is supported by all these accusations

Dear Father

I am ready to the highest indulgence, but I guess that

all these peoples and complains will create tensions

with the municipality

This municipality has demonstrated to now

how to care with so much commitment

the civil order and social discipline

It is not hate that promotes me

but the defense of immortal principles

that are the foundations of a modern nation

nothing avoids us to think that this priest

loyal to the politics of the temporary powers

has all the intentions to transform at the first opportunity

these homeless boys into conspirators

For this reason I propose formally

to proceed

to make a search at the house of Theologian John Bosco

Just look how they reduced my room

and you said nothing?

What should I say?

When I saw the more compromising letters

that are debts, I proposed them to help me pay, but they did not accept

Come on

What is up now?

Come here

Oh, the Filippi brothers

Rev. Fr. John Bosco

It has been a very difficult day for our Oratory

(The letter says that the owner of the land gives to Don Bosco 15 days to leave the yard, because the neighbors are complaining.)

A moment


No, no... I don't want to disturb you

Come on

A moment

Reverend, they told me that you were looking for a new place for your boys

Yes, true, why?

Because I have my land here nearby

with a canopy... maybe could be your house


It is right near here

we could pay a look

Thanks, I go immediately

Here Don Bosco, your boys would be protected from sun and raining

My land is until there

Then to that line

then it is this wall

it is big, right?

yes, the land is okay

but this canopy here... it needs to be repair

I understand the good will

It is an occasion for the boys, carpenters, to do something

But the house was not enough... the boys would need a mother.

Don Bosco brought Mamma Margaret, who left her native house

Come on, mom

here we are

look, mom, what do you think?

Is it big, right?

Yes, big, but it lacks everything here

lacks everything?

it lacks comfort, but...

the essential is here

and then look at here... here She is

look how beautiful she is

with Her help and your help

you will look how all here will be transformed

Get up and let me do

look how it is done

do you see?

From that modest workshop more rich in Faith than in resources

comes the origin of that poem of the Professional and Agricultural Schools for the world

Salesian School of Agriculture

Salesian Printing Press - Turin

It was enough the means of the first printing press to spread the thinking of the Founder for the youth expressed in the PREVENTIVE SYSTEM

I read your book, Don Bosco and I appreciate your theory

but I have my doubts on its practice

Your Excellency, I am here to give you a demonstration

the proposal to lead 300 inmates from prison

has produced fear in the authorities

have you thought in the kind of responsibility it takes?

If there is any fugitive, for example?

Don't worry, His Excellence, there will not be a fugitive

I request you not to send also guards

I want to assume myself the responsibility

trust in me, His Excellency

Okay, I will please you

Hey boys, today myself and the guards take a rest

Don Bosco got from the Ministry the permission for you

a full day of freedom

Order, order

but let us be clear

day of freedom that will end exactly at 5

5... is it clear?

I want to give you only one recommendation

think on the great responsibility

the great responsibility that he assumes

Is it okay?

Now well, bye Don Bosco and may the Heaven help you


No, thanks

Come here with me

with joy

As you see, still 5 missing

you are too optimistic, Reverend

you see in this fact a simple late

Instead I see a real escape

I remind you that I know those young men

I can't get that they would like to escape

for me, it is useless to wait now

my inmates, that I know better than you, I am sure will not come back

Instead I am sure they will be back

That's okay, so wait for them here

Good evening and good luck

I have a lot experience for many years

but the day you will miss

what would become your works?

Yes, I would like to form a group of persons following my style

living now with me at the Oratory

but if the government is suppressing many religious orders

and it is thinking to suppress even more

how could we think to create another one?

let me do... I know very well the law of suppression

it does not let any opportunity

but it is enough that you form a society where every member keeps his civil rights

be submissive to the laws of the State

pay the taxes and...

it's over

The Oratory of Saint Francis of Sales

In the room of Fr. John Bosco

called by him and he is present

in meeting with Fr. Lazonati Vittorio

Angelo Savio, Deacon

Rua Michael, Sub-Deacon

Cagliero John

French Johan Battist

Rovera Francis

Livarello Carlo

laser Joseph

John Bonneti

Cerrutti Francis

Celestino Durando, Cleric

with the goal to keep the real charity required to run the Oratory

for the abandoned youth and in danger

for this reason, they agreed to live in society

On December 18 of the Year of the Lord

01:10:33,613 --> 01:10:42,873
1859: 22 Salesians, 1 house

1935: 20,000 Salesians, 200 houses

millions of students and past pupils

18 years after the foundation of the Salesian Order, in 1972 Don Bosco completed his educational program founded the Daughters of Mary Help

As in

Oh, it is you

Oh, Don Bosco, another travel?

Yes, but this time I will not going to do it

do you remember that dream I had long time ago?

of those wild people, in far and mysterious lands

that at the presence of our priests, they through away the guns

they knelt and prayed with them

at the foot of a great Cross?

Yes, I remember it very well

It is many months already I was asking to the Providence for enlighten.

about the meaning of that vision

now my prayers have been answered

look at it... read

The consul of Argentina invited me to send our priests

in Patagonia

In Patagonia?

There the Word of Christ still to arrive

but it will be our mission to send it there

We need courageous young men

with enthusiasm and full of Faith

I have said that it is neccesary couraoug young men

full of enthusiasm and full of Faith

for this reason I have chosen you

that I have chosen you, Cagliero

You, Fagnano, Catini, Tomatti and Aladena

and you, lay brothers and masters of song

you, even if you are few

you will be as a small seed of the Bible that will produce a big tree

Go... still I recommend you one thing with special attention

the painful situation of many Italian families

living dispersed in that land

for those that the misfortune or misery

have brought them to a foreign land

be as brothers

On the path of those first missionaries and sisters, came many others, bringing civilization and Faith

To the program of the organization, miracles came

Many foreign cities disputed the honor to welcome the Italian Salesians, welcoming Don Bosco as a saint

See... now even to walk I have to make it with you

Dear Street

soon you will have to do things alone

I am already tired

but take a little rest


my real vacations are near to start

Oh, Don Bosco, what are you saying?

To Don Bosco still to make a good conclusion

sit down, Street

and don't get afraid

the fatigue and the sacrifices will be many

but think that here we are on the small Pinardi's house

where 40 years ago my mom entering the door

and looking around very worry said

here lacks everything

she was right

but She was already there ready to welcome us

to Her I have spoken morning and evening

and everything done it's Her work

even what it is to be done

and what you will do and the others after you

will be Her work

the Oratory, the workshops, the school, the missions

will be multiplied

and you will be thousands

and moving cities and land, your good works will come

you look at me as 40 years ago

when some persons thought I was mad

but you know that I was right

believe me... the key of the secret

it's always this one...

work and pray

work and pray

From all serenity of the "good conclusion" all sons in the world knelt down in humble prayer.

On January 31, 1888, at the first hours of the morning...

40 years after, on April 1, 1934, Pope Pious XI, canonized Don Bosco.