Don (2022) - full transcript

Follows the life of a youngster from college to his marriage.

Biju! Hey, Biju!

-What is it?


The weather in Cochin is bad,
so they canceled the early morning flight.

The weather should settle down
in a couple of days.

Shall I book a ticket for a later date?

I have to be at the college
tomorrow morning at all costs.

Do we have another option?

We can go by road.

Sir, but the condition of
the roads is very bad right now.

And you'll have to travel
through the forest.

Neither the road nor the weather
is suitable for traveling.

There's a danger of
elephants passing as well.

It's risky to travel at night.

I have taken many risks in my life.
I'll handle it, Shankar.

Sir, how about a driver?

Let's not put others at risk.
Don't worry.


is a place where you make
golden memories of your life.

When it comes to college,
all I can remember is…

my friends, my love,
and of course, Boomi!

But when it comes to life,
I can only think of my father.

Daughters always consider
their fathers as their first love.

Sons consider them as their first heroes.

But for me, my father…

was a remarkable and outstanding villain.


-Is it a girl?

it's a boy.



00:04:20,000 --> 00:04:21,666
Don't cry, dear.
Please go to the school.

-Stop hitting the child!

Off you go! Go!

-He's going.
-Stop mollycoddling him.

Keep moving!


00:04:31,541 --> 00:04:33,833
-Ma'am, please rub it well.
-Not bad. You didn't cry at all.

Doctor, when will his fever come down?

He'll be fine once he takes a good nap.

Then send him to school in the afternoon.

Mom, will you please buy me a bicycle?


For what? So that you can
dawdle away your time?

I'll bash you up!

Hey! What happened?

-Thank God.
-That day, I realized…

that my father had only one son…

and that was the bicycle.

-Here, put some oil on--

Not oiling your hair is in style nowadays.

Hey, what's this? You failed your exams?!



Listen, you can be successful
only if you're educated!

You'd better not forget this!

That day, I decided
to become a successful person.

Not because of my education,
but my sheer talent.

So, I began to look
for my calling in life.

Should I become a scientist?

Hey, you'd have to slog and study
to become a scientist.

Fine. I'll drop that idea, Senior.

Stop calling me Senior.
Call me by my name.

Let it go, Senior.


00:06:02,416 --> 00:06:03,291
Eighty percent?!

Write down 1000 times that
you'll never score below 80%.

During tenth grade exams,
I had chicken pox.

Deity Maariaatha saved me.

But for the 12th-grade exams,
I had no such excuse.


00:06:17,208 --> 00:06:19,125
But my father made me
take the exam anyway.

I was planning
to get into an Arts college.

-Where's he?
-Please hear me out.

-Where the hell he is?
-Please don't hurt him.

His hand was fractured,
that's why he couldn't score well.

He's already upset and crying because
he has no other option but to take Arts.

-He didn't even have the dessert--
-To hell with the dessert!

Listen, I've paid the fees
and got him an admission.

Ask him to sign this
education loan document.

He'd better go to college
and become an engineer.

Why did he get me enrolled
in an engineering college?

Which college?

The rocket broke down on Mars.

Who is going to save us now?

-I'm here to save you guys!

Oh, damn!

Who are you?

I am a BEC student!


Best Engineering College.



Advanced and air-conditioned
smart classes with WiFi.

Well-planned laboratories.

Sports and extra-curricular activities.

With hostel and swimming pool facilities.

At a distance
of 60 kilometers from Coimbatore.

Best Engineering College!
One of the world's finest colleges!



If you study here,
we guarantee you 100% placement.

Moreover, it's prestigious!

I got admission to this college.

-What about you?
-What about you?


Excuse me, could you please move
your feet? We need to go there.

Why did you join this college?

-To study.

-To get a good job.

I have no clue!

My parents asked me to join,
so I joined this college.

I joined this college
to impress this girl.

-Thank you.

Hey, the last row is not for nerds.

-Go to the first row.


Keep quiet.


Friends, please come.

I am Mani.

Go on.

-I am Bala.
-I am Chakaravarthi.

Please change your name.

Bala is a better name than Chakaravarthi.

Listen, stop bringing backpacks.

-Sounds like a good idea.

-We'll do as you say.

Why did you join this college?

I was told the food here is good.

Oh, really?

-Why did you join this college?
-Why did you join this college?

I'm here to discover my talent
and become a successful person.

-Oh God, no!
-Oh God, no!

Hey. Until then, I'll be fun.

Is this a college or a fish market?

Hey, I asked you to be quiet!

Can't you hear us screaming?
Bloody fools!

-No manners--
-Sir is here.



Why are you being harsh
to the students?

Sir, they have been too noisy since--

That's not right.

They're not listening to--

Please get out of my sight.

Okay, sir.

Good morning, students!

-Good morning, sir!
-Good morning, sir!

Good morning.

I'm very sensitive to cold.

May I switch off the AC for a while?

Only with your permission.

-Okay, sir!
-Go ahead, sir.

Thank you. Please.

-Such a wise person!

Students, when you were
studying in 12th grade,

they must've asked you
to slog for one year

and enjoy the following
four years in college.

-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir. They surely did.

Now, you are here on the first day
of your first year in college.

May I tell you all the truth?

-Yes, sir.
-Okay, sir.

They lied through their teeth.

You will have to slog
for the following four years.

You still don't get it?

Because this is an autonomous college!

There are a lot of rules
and regulations to be followed.

For example,

you should not remove your ID cards.

You should not wear jeans and T-shirts.
No mobile phones are allowed.

Seniors and juniors
should not form a gang.

And we have no extra-curricular
activities like sports and culturals.

Most importantly…

on the college campus, boys
and girls should not speak to each other.

That means we can't get married, dear.

We are trapped.

Even Thiruvalluvar…

has talked about education in
the 40th section of Thirukural.

But he has talked about discipline…

in the 14th section.


discipline comes first.

Studies come next.

Attend college, follow the rules,

take your exams,
get graduated, and be on your way.

If anyone dares to supersede my orders…

I won't let them graduate.

Got it?

Got it?

-We got it, sir!
-We got it!

Welcome to Best Engineering College.

I'm Boominathan…
your discipline committee head.

Boomi is the don of this college.

Why, senior?

It's because he has
the college under his control.

Then ask him to come
and meet us in the evening.

-Hey, stop!
-Oh, no. You guys are in trouble.

I'm leaving.

You don't have your ID cards.

You're not wearing formal pants.

You're not wearing shoes.

And you were speaking
to a senior female student.

-And you're carrying a cell phone.

Sir, don't tell Boomi.

Hey! To hell with Boomi!

We're superior to Boomi.

It may be Boomi's voice on the stage…

but those are our words.

If we decide to remove
someone from this college…

…even Boomi can't stop us.

200, 200, 200.

Three 200. Pay 1000 rupees and scram.

But its total is only 600, sir.

Hey, you spoke too much, so you'll
have to pay 2000 rupees more!

We won't pay.

-What did you just say?


Do you think a student can
supersede our orders?

Obviously not.
He looks like a young, innocent kid.

You got caught, son.


-How dare you call us by our names!

We didn't get caught.

To hell with Boomi!

We're superior to Boomi.

-He has recorded it all.
-I got everything on video.

Now, tell us, do we have to pay the fine?

-We'll find someone else.

The glasses suit you. Please go ahead.

I did everything I could to dodge
Boomi and my father

and have a fun-filled college life.

First, I changed my
father's number to mine.

-Next, I changed my results.
-Post, sir.

In the morning, I'd watch
Rajinikanth's films during the class.

And at nights,
without the warden's knowledge…

-Good morning, Miss Swetha.

Where are you guys headed?

-We forgot our hall tickets.
-Did you forget to have breakfast?

-Let's go and have breakfast.
-Let's have pongal.

Thank you, ma'am.

We thought we'd get through
college with our antics.

But one day…


you were asked to make
an engineering drawing.

But you made a sketch of this girl?!

You think you are Jack from Titanic?

Do you know what chocolate he got her?

I have no clue, sir.


Oh, no. Sorry, sir.


let's see who loves whom more
between the two of you.

You have to beg for her.

And she has to beg for you.


-Please, sir.
-Please, sir.

Sir, I won't repeat this mistake.

-Please, sir.
-Sorry, sir.

-Sir, I'm begging you.
-It's not enough!

-Sir… sorry.
-Sorry, sir.

-Please, sir.

-Please, sir.
-Please, sir.


-Please, sir.
-Forgive us, sir.


-Sir, this won't happen again.

-Please, sir. Sir, spare us this time.

-Sir, we'll never repeat this mistake.

-Please, sir.
-Please forgive us this one time, sir.

-Please, sir. Sir…

-Please, sir.
-Please, sir. Just this one time.

-Please, sir.
-Please, sir! I'm begging you!

-Please, sir--
-Shut up!

-You are suspended!

You too suspended!

Please don't do this, sir.

-Please, sir.
-Sir, I'm begging you!

If my parents find out that I'm in love,

they'll kill me.

-Then die.

How dare you romance in college!

Please, senior, don't cry.

Please, senior.
We'll beg for his forgiveness all day.

Please, senior, don't cry.

-Hot news!
-What is it?

Boomi left the college?!


How did this happen?

I used his credentials
and applied to St. Paul's University

to go as a visiting professor in Russia
and got approval for a year.

I expected something worse,
but you're sending him on a vacation.

Hey, it's -8 degrees in Russia.

It'll freeze your pee!

That's great, but he won't go.

If the right person asks,
he'd definitely go.

-It's asking for a password.
-What could it be?

-Type "Miss Swetha."

There are high chances.

Get lost!

-I logged in.
-What did you type?


I thought he was a genius.

To whom are you sending
an email from Boomi's ID?

Boomi, I'm going to make
you run in circles.

Why did you email the chairman
without my consent?

Are you trying to become
the next principal? With me around?

-Don't act innocent, Boominathan!

Do you think I don't know

that you applied to St. Paul's University
for the post of a visiting professor?

St. Paul's University?

-It should say, "Best!"

That is the best. Yes.

-Good morning, sir.
-Hold on a minute.

-Mr. Boominathan.

You've studied in this college

and have taught the students
of this college as well.

Now, as a visiting professor…

you're off to teach
some foreigners as well.

You're truly great.

And you suggested
putting it in our advertisement as well!

That's the best idea.

-So, that's your idea!
-The best.

Sir, please hear me--

I'll personally take care of
all the expenses for a year.

You should immediately leave.

All the best.

I've got the best idea
for our next advertisement.

Chairman has spoken!
Off you go to Russia!

It'll be cold out there.
Pack warm clothes.

Where is he?

Keep some for me.


Boomi had this college
under his control…

but now, for the first time,
you got it under your control.

Hereafter, you're not Chakaravarthi.

You're the don of this college.

Hereafter, the professors in
this college should stay quiet.

What's up, Don?

You're late once again!

Stop laughing! There's someone
else dancing to your song!

Hey, step aside! I said step aside!

Don, he's out there.

What's up, Don?

The king of thug life

The don setting

We are young

But we should soar high
You are fitting

Come on, friends, join us

You'll have absolute fun

Bad vibes will go off soon

There will be only peace, bro
There will be no tension

Stay cool
Even if we bunk college

You're the don
If you teach the dean

Be cool

You have many arrears

But if you win in life
You're the don

-What's up, Don?
-Stay cool

Fun is all around you

Embrace and enjoy it to the fullest

Be cool

You may sprain yourself

To all the staff, you'd better beware

The king of thug life

The don setting

We are young

But we should soar high
You are fitting

Don't talk discipline
Don't irritate us

Don't talk seriously
And make us laugh

Don't spin stories
Don't show off

Don't you dare frustrate the backbenchers!

Let us have our fun
What's your problem?

We will all come together with gusto

Don't glare at us
Or else, the consequences will be worse

Stay cool
Even if we bunk college

You're the don
If you teach the dean

Be cool

You have many arrears

But if you win in life
You're the don

-What's up, Don?
-Stay cool

Fun is all around you

Embrace and enjoy it to the fullest

Be cool

You may sprain yourself

To all the staff, you'd better beware

The king of thug life

The don setting

We are young

But we should soar high
You are fitting

Come on, friends, join us

Join us

-What's up, Don?
-Bad vibes will go off soon

They will go off

Why aren't your lips touching?

Are they in a feud?

Who is it?

Hey, if the groom isn't saying anything,

-why do you bother? You're just a seer.
-I'm not a seer.

I'm from Kandhan Arts Drama Company.

I can perform any
character you throw at me.

It's my visiting card.


-Hey, take off your hand.

He charged me 2000 rupees
for candid photography.

But he hasn't even clicked one picture.

Thank God.

This is unprofessional.

-Last week, when we went to a movie--

We won't cater to people
from Kandhan Arts. Get lost.

How dare you bring
rowdies to threaten me!

-I'll deal with you later!
-You think he's a rowdy?

I'll return with my colleagues!

-Are you going to perform a ritual?
-He got scared!

Senior, should I become…

a gangster?

-Your dad is here.
-Hey! I'm not scared of my dad!

-Why don't you say that to his face?
-Oh, no!

Who invited him?

-I invited him.
-I ought to…

Brother, let it go. It's a Sunday.

Sundays are off for
the college, not for studies.

Ask him about his grades.

Uncle, I scored 80% with distinction.

-That's a good score.

Students who study under
streetlights are scoring 90-100%.

Despite providing him with all
the luxuries, he still scores only 80%.

These grades won't help him.

Teach him how to become
a successful government engineer like you.

Sure, brother.

-Go ahead and give them their gift.
-Hey, don't forget to eat.

Don't worry, he's good at eating.

-Hey, Senior!

-Bring him along.
-Senior, I'll deal with you later.

Hey, how dare your family call me Senior!

-Let it go, Senior.
-Hey, what's happening?

Looks like your father won't let
you enjoy the function peacefully.

I'll be there for you
whenever you need my help.

-Thanks, Uncle.
-Thank you, Uncle.

Even someone who actually got
distinction won't say it out loud.

I wonder how many students were
fooled by the ad this year.

-You guys are doomed to fail.
-First, you pass your exams!

-Dude, why?
-The seniors were beautiful.

And the juniors are awesome.

I wonder why the girls in
our class are not pretty!

Don't you think the girls in our
class must be feeling the same about us?

-You shouldn't say that.
-You're right, Don.

The seniors have left the college,
so he's trying to impress the juniors.

Hey. I didn't say that for myself.
I said that for him.

Don, this year, there will be a girl
who will come looking for you.



I was trying to get my pen.

I bumped into you by mistake.

Sorry… I slapped you by mistake.

You shouldn't spare them.
Slap them right away.

Got it?


-Let it go.

I'm Lilly, a first-year EEE student. You?

I am also an EEE student.
Second year, lateral entry.

Oh. That's great, sister.

Before coming to this college, I made
a thorough inquiry. You must have heard.

Is it about placements?

No. It's about a gutsy
senior in this college.

-Sister, they call him Don!


If he sees a poor person,
he gives them money.

If he sees an elderly person on the road,
he drops them off at their house.

-Oh, okay.
-This is nothing, sister.

He attends the college but
never steps inside the class.


It's because he's the don!

Sister… it's Don!

Who the hell is that?

Are you serious?

You call him Don?!

Oh, no, she insulted him.


Maybe, she and Don have a history.


Show me your hand!
Come on, show me your hand!

You and your bloody scores!
Take away your paper!

-Come over here! Idiot!
-Sir, please don't.



Sir, how many times will
you take our attendance?

Hey, I'm calling you
to collect your paper!

-Yes, sir?
-Your scores are very low.

Don't your parents say
anything to you at all?

My parents feel that the teacher
is not capable of teaching.

But I said you're new to the job,
so you'll eventually pick up the pace.

Stop talking nonsense, or else,
you'll never succeed in life.

Tell me, what's your aim in life?

I'm still looking for my aim in life, sir.

You're still looking for it?!

How can you live without an aim in life?

Sir, during the last class,
I was told that we need oxygen to live.

But now you're saying
we need an aim to live!

I think you should
decide what it is first.

Show me your hand! Come on!

Oh, God! My hand hurts.

I am hitting you so hard,
but you don't seem to react.

Sir, if I scream in front of girls,
I'll lose my honor.

Get out!

Oh, God! It hurts.

-It hurts so bad.

Where can I find 10-C?

-New admission?

Where's your uniform?

It's not for me. It's for my daughter.

Where's your daughter?


What is your name?

Madura Veeran, Sub-Inspector of Police.

-Are you a police officer?

My father owns a furniture shop,

but he looks strict like a police officer.

Your father is a police officer,
but he looks so smiley.

-Is he comedy police?


Dear, don't make any issues,
at least, in this school. Come.

She's a rowdy in disguise.

For once, stop your rowdyism. Come on.

Watch out!

Your name is what?

Don't you understand English?

What is your name?

Why should I tell my name
to a stranger like you?

Is there a short version
of your name?

Chakaravarthi, what are you doing here?

Teacher, HM has summoned that girl.

You mean Angaiyarkanni? Why?

So, your name is Angaiyarkanni!

Is Kanni spelled with an "I" or "Y"?

Seems like you didn't hear my question!

-Life calculations, teacher.

Sorry, teacher. I came to the wrong class.

I'll get going.


Hey, girl, are you the moon?

-Why do you ask?
-'Cause you're a fair maiden.

-Should I become a poet?
-What do you want?

-Teacher, I'm here to take the duster.
-Take it.


-What is it?

I need chalk.

Take it.


What are you still doing here?

I need a pen, teacher.

If someone's got an extra pen,
please lend it to him.

Why someone?


Don't come near me.

I will.

-Good morning.
-Good morning.

If you work hard in 12th grade,
you'd be able to enjoy your college life.

-So, boys and girls,

forget playtime for a while
and focus on your studies.


I'll break your teeth if you keep
calling my name. What do you want?

I'm not here to take anything,
I'm here to give you something.

-Your pen.

I don't want it.

So, you're saying I can keep
this as a remembrance of you?

Do you wish to keep it
as a remembrance of me?

Remembrance, my foot!

So, you want to throw it away
as it could not be ours.

What exactly is your problem?


my feelings.

Feelings? What kind of feelings?

Your father sent you here to study!

Don't instigate me by talking
about my father and studies!

If you don't like me, say it to my face!

I don't like you.
I don't like to see your face.

If you reject a guy for his
face without knowing him well…

it's your loss, not his.

-You don't have to say anything.
-I didn't say anything.

Oh, no!

If she keeps behaving like this, I won't
be able to handle her in the future.

Why are you sitting over here?

It's the management's decision

to make the 12th-graders
and 10th-graders sit together.

If you have any doubts,
talk to the management.

Won't you look at me while talking?

It's not a good trait to trouble a girl
once she rejects your proposal.

I'm a good boy.

Oh, no. Don't turn.


-I'm at the examination hall.
-Don't turn.

What happened?
Are you down with a fever?

Did you take a tablet?
Did you have rasam rice?

I'm sure you didn't sleep well.
Did you study?

-What test is today?

Bot-- Had it been computer science,
I would've taught you.

What can we do now?

Hey. Give me your paper.

-I said give it to me.

I'll tear it. Sit down.

-I don't need it.
-Copy the answers from this paper.

-There is no need for that.
-I said, copy the answers.

-No, I'll get caught.
-Don't be scared--

-He's helping you. Go ahead.

-Sir, please don't hit me.
-You want to help her cheat?!

-How dare you!
-Sir, please don't hit me!

Sir, please! Please, sir!


Did he beat you a lot?

He skinned me alive.

Does it hurt too much?

-It happened because of me--
-No. This is just to show off.

But the beatings were real.

Don't cry.

When you cry, you look very beautiful.

I lied.

When you blush, you look pretty.

Once again, I lied.

You look the prettiest
when you smile while blushing.

What do you mean when you
do this with your fingers?

That's my little heart.

Those are the feelings that
come straight from my heart.

Don't you have any feelings
in your little heart?

Maybe after I know you well.

Let's get to know each other.

-That's okay.

Sir, duster.

Go ahead and take it.

Hey, it's so cute.

I'm going to adopt it.

-Good idea.

No, I can't.
My father already considers me a dog.

So, he'll chase you away saying
we don't need another dog.

Will you adopt him for me?

I only have fritters left.

What do you expect?


The Taj Mahal must be
great to look at in real life.

It'll look exactly like the Taj Mahal.


Hey, girl, what are you doing?

-Listen, your lips--

-Don't mess with me.
-He's very sharp.

Should I become a model?

They'll hire you for an underwear ad.
Are you okay with it?

-Don't waste any food.

Don't worry, I'll finish it.

Where is your mother?

I don't have a mother.

My father is my mother.

-Sit down, son.

Why are you still carrying your bags?
Remove them and go to play.

What is the procedure to change the dad?

It's Parasakthi hero!

-Feeling tremors on hearing my name?

What are you going to do?

Get me two fritters!


Thalaivar's skin tone is his charm…

but they made him fair.

His hairstyle is his swag,
but they made him bald.

Isn't that great?

Look, the movie is over.
Now stop talking about it.

Thank you.
What else should we talk about?

On my way, I saw a card.

You keep talking about feelings.

I'm okay with it.

I love you.

Won't you say it back?

I… oh, no.

Dear, do you love him?

What about you?

She's just a friend.

Be friendly with your son.

Okay, sir.

Only then will he share
everything with you.

I found your daughter proposing
to my son on the road.

But my son said they're just friends.

These things are affecting his studies.

Make sure your daughter
doesn't repeat this mistake.

I believe I don't have to teach a police
officer how to raise his daughter.

-Present, teacher.


-Present, teacher.
-You didn't take Angaiyarkanni's name.

She quit school. Sit down.

-What do you want?

-Present, teacher.


That girl went to Chennai
for higher studies.

He chickened out when he had
to profess his love, and you call him Don?

I wanted to live with her forever
that's why I didn't profess my love.

I tried a lot to make her understand.

-I never responded to him.
-Why, sister?


-Forget it. Why are you crying?

I was not crying for that.

Once again, they served rotis.

Fine, don't eat it.

-Stop it!
-Turn around quickly.

Get up and leave.

That's why I don't sit
with you guys to eat.

Don, don't mind him.

She has joined this college just for you.

I'm sure she must be
thinking only about you.

Why do you have these feelings for an ex?

Hey… she never said that we broke up.

Girls never inform us before breaking up.

They make a point
without saying it out loud.

Hey, what do you know about relationships?

You'd better stop talking!

Nowadays, no girl is single.

Either they're with their boyfriends
or with their boy-besties.

I can make my peace with boyfriends,

but these boy-besties are…

-What do they do?
-They act like they're helping the couple

but they break them up
and enjoy their time with the girl.

Don, don't get emotional.

Shut up, you idiot!

Don, wait and watch!
I'm going to turn things around!

After that, she'll come looking for you.

And she will propose!

Now, eat.

Oh, it's a lovers' reunion!

Did you guys miss me a lot?

Me too!

-Good morning, sir!
-Good morning, sir!

Good morning, Arivu.

Give it to me.

-Take the camera to the office.
-Okay, sir.

-Ask his father to meet me.
-Yes, sir.

Sir. Please, sir.


I have missed this
for the past two months!



Collect it when you're done with college.

Not at 04:00 p.m.
Collect it after four years.


Why are culturals being
conducted on the premises?

They have the principal's permission, sir.

Yes, sir. They use this as an excuse
twice a month and raise a ruckus.

Today, they're going to have fun
in the name of Teachers' Day.

-Sir, shall we inform the chairman?

We've got a more serious issue
on our hands.

Sir, by the way…

how was your journey, sir?

-Are you still not well?

I'm alright, sir.

-I'm alright, sir.
-Boomi, that's enough.

You'd better come back.

It'll be embarrassing if someone
finds out why I came back.

No one would find out.
You'd better come back to India.

-Hang up.
-No, sir--

Check the answer sheets
of the last examination.

Find out whose handwriting
matches this one.

Sir, no handwriting
matches with this one.

The students who didn't attend
the exams this semester…

check their papers from
the previous semester.

-Okay, sir.
-Okay, sir.

You might get it.

-Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir!

You will get it!

-Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir!

Hey, who are you, man?

Women can be classified in
terms of physical appearance.

Number one!

A hottie!

Number two!

So-so looking.

Number three!

Not good-looking!

There's also one last quality.

And that is… skinny!

I like you a lot, dear!

I only want you.

I don't like.

There isn't a fair-skinned girl in
India for me to marry. I am well aware.

Where do you think you could find one?

I've picked up a girl at a club in France.
I'm going to marry her.


Here comes your darling!

You're uneducated,
you're no match for me!

Do you even know who he is?

Rascal, how dare you wish to marry me!

Get out! Get lost!

Don't get worked up, brother!

Less tension, more work!

More work, less tension!

This is nothing. We have a special
performance for all of you.

Brother, please replay the song.

Should I become a dancer?

Don, what we did wasn't a dance.

Then, should I become a choreographer?

Oh God, no!

Over here.

Wow! You look great
in this attire as well!

Sir, the handwriting matches this one.

Roll No. 091CE106

Let me check.

It's Don!

He goes by that name in the college.

His name is Chakaravarthi.
Final year, Civil Engineering.

He has the support of all the students.

How dare you slap my friend!
And what did you say?

That you slapped him by mistake?

Now see how we touch you on purpose!

Where can I find him?

-Hey, come on, let's run!
-Step aside!

Run! Keep running!

Come on, run!

My hand hurts!

How dare you lay your hands on her!

-Don, Boomi is here!

I think they found out
about what you did.

Sir, they were fighting with each other.

No, sir. We were just
giving him birthday bumps.

It was you who sent me to Russia, right?

Yes, sir.


I thought the students
would be happy then.

If you wish to do something in return…

you'd have to tell
everyone why you did it.

Until today,
I haven't spoken a word about it.

Shall I tell them, sir?

I'm speaking to you with true grit.

But only you know
that I'm putting up a class act.

Before I graduate,

I want to discover my talent
and become a successful person.

So, hereafter, please don't cross my path.

But you've already crossed my path.

"To punish wrong with kindly
benefits, the doers ply.

Thus shame their souls
but pass the ill unheeded by."

I'll do it.

I'll do something unimaginable for you.

Thank you, sir.

Very soon…

everyone will see your
face on the noticeboard.

As a proud alumnus, right, sir?

-Good one.
-Thank you, sir.

-Immediately cancel this event.
-Okay, sir!

-Ask his dad to meet me on Monday.
-Okay, sir.



they have summoned you to the college.


-I have no clue.

They want to meet you in person.

I got a call on our son's phone.

Brother, you paid the exact interest.

Good morning, sir.
Chakaravarthi's father has arrived.


Sir, I'm calling from
the chairman's office.

I have to unofficially
convey official news.

What is it?

Sir, Boomi went on a yearlong trip…

-but returned within two months.

He returned to become the next principal.

-What?! What are you saying?
-You heard it right.

He's summoned the parents for a general
meeting for no fault of the students.

And he's been spreading
the news that he's the reason

for the development of this college.

The news has reached the chairman, sir.

Are you serious?

If you don't believe me, see for yourself.
He'll be in a meeting with the parents.

-Boominathan, where are you?

-On my way to meet a parent.

What did the student do wrong?

He didn't do anything wrong.
It's just a general meeting.

Hand over that task to someone else
and get to my office right away!

-I said come here, Boominathan!

Talk to him. I'll join you later.

Sir. Please, sir, don't do it.

Sir, let it go.

-Then delete the video.
-We'll spare you.

Your son is the worst student in college.

Your son is the best student in college.

He doesn't study, and he doesn't
let other students study either.

Not only is he studious…

but also very helpful
to the students who are not bright.

He doesn't respect the professors!

Is this how you raise a child?

He showers his professors
with unconditional love.

You should be proud
to have a son like him.

He has 30 arrears to clear.

There's no chance of him graduating.

We're discussing this because we
value the academics of the college.

He wears a stud.
He doesn't even groom himself.

If he gets caught
flouting any more rules…

we'll definitely send him home!
Later, don't complain!

Is this why I sent you to college?

Dad, I'm sorry I didn't mean to do this.

What do you mean?

I toiled away at work to provide you with
education, but you don't seem to value it!

-Don't sass me!

Your food comes from my blood and sweat.

But I just eat my tiffin, Dad.

Still, I'm paying for it!

-You guys shut up!


-Don't show me your face again!

-Don't you dare come home!

-Get lost!

Why did you guys do that?



-What was that?


I think we should've learned Hindi.

I don't think it's Hindi.

It must be Telugu.

I'm sure he'll turn out
to be a successful engineer.

I wanted to meet his father.
That's why I summoned you.

-Is that all?

I thought he did something wrong
and you wanted me to beat him.

Oh, no!

I don't get it.
He always scores only 80%.

At least, in the next semester,
make him score 90-100%.

If not, I'll question you.

Are you planning to become
the next principal?

No, sir.

Then, tell me, who's the next principal?

Don't think about it!

That'll be me.

Focus on catching
the students who do wrong.

I don't want you holding general
meetings with the parents. Got it?

Did you understand?

-Okay, sir.
-You may leave!

Oh, no!

Can you tell me the way to exit?

I didn't realize where it was
when I came in.

Go straight and take a left--


-And you are?
-I'm Chakaravarthi's father.


-He's in the final year.

What are you doing here?

He's a parent…

I told you not to meet any parent, right?

-But sir--
-Sir, what do you want?

-The way to exit.
-Go straight and take a left.

-You go and arrange a HOD meeting

right away!

Go, sir! I said go!

Thank God.

Had you got caught,
you would've been dead meat.

Great escape!

We're from Don Charity Fund.

You can contribute as much as you can.

Don Charity Fund?! For what?

If you want, I'll lend you ten bucks,
but please don't ask them for a reason.

Shut up, sister. Don wouldn't
do anything without a reason.

Yeah, tell me.

Don got many internal bruises
because of the war that broke out

for the girl during the culturals.

Bruises that are not
even visible in X-ray.

Next to his bed was
a wailing engineer in pain.

Looking at him, Don asked,
"What happened, buddy?"

And he said, "I have arrears, Don."

He was not able to pay reexamination fees,
and instead of taking sleeping pills…

he took a laxative.

-Oh my God!
-That day, Don made a decision!

To deposit ten lakh rupees in every
student's account who has arrears!

That's absurd!

But the girl for whom he went to war…

never reciprocated his feelings.


In fact, she never even thanked Don.

The world has become ungrateful.

I thought of patching them up,
but she's pissed now.


You can neither resolve your problem

nor the problem caused by you.

Stop doing these cheap antics.

Get lost!

Sister, my book!


Why did your sister yell at me?

What exactly is her problem?

-I don't know how to tell you.
-Please go ahead.

I always tried to be your friend.

You could've told me about it.

But you put me in a position
where a person pointed fingers at me.

-Dad, I didn't mean to.
-Don't talk to me.

Since that day, her dad has not
been on good terms with her.

Hey, I'm going to pee.

Hold on, I'll also join you.

-It was a good film.

Sorry, dear.

I overreacted.

It's okay, Dad.

Lilly, you're such a brat.

Is this why you brought me to the theater?

I'll go and get popcorn.

Someone from the crowd
is applauding for you.

Should I become a meme creator?

Why do you keep talking nonsense?

-Tell me, what's a meme creator?
-Hey, pay attention to your girl.

He's very sharp.

Who is it?

Bae, don't chide me with your eyes

You know why, bae?
Bygones are long gone

Bae, don't stop smiling

You know why, bae?
That'll be my job henceforth

From now on, I'll safeguard you
Like my own eyes

I am going to bring rain along
To take care of you

I am going to learn everything you like

I am going to announce to the world
That you are my bae

Oh love, you are my bae

You are my only love

If you are my bae
You are above everything

My bae, you are the one
You are my strength

You are my bae
Who came to me first

From now on, I'll safeguard you
Like my own eyes

I am going to bring rain along
To take care of you

I am going to learn everything you like

I am going to announce to the world
That you are my bae

If you go away
I will come in search of you

I'll hold your hand at the right time

When no one is around

You can come close to me once

At a good time
Fresh experience of falling in love

Why should there be miles
Of distance between us?

Even the symbol of love
Requested to see you

So, I brought you here to meet

Oh dear, you are my bae

You are my only love

If you are my bae
You are above everything

My bae, you are the one

You are my strength

You are my bae
Who came to me first

From now on, I'll safeguard you
Like my own eyes

I am going to bring rain along
To take care of you

I am going to learn everything you like

I am going to announce to the world
That you are my bae




Similarly, now…


This picture is the evidence.

The film you played in the theater…

Someone from the crowd
is applauding for you.

I also saw that film.

I knew you'd do anything for her,

but I never expected that
you'd go to the Taj Mahal.

Now, let's see who loves whom
more between the two of you.



Please, sir. Don't do this.
Let it go. Sorry, sir.

Please, sir. Please forgive us, sir.

Please spare us. Sir, please forgive us.

Please, sir. Don't do it. Sorry, sir.

-Sir, please--
-Dear, you got cheated.

He's not even pleading for you.

Please, sir.

I think he doesn't love you as he claims.

Don't you love her?

So, are you in love?


He doesn't have the guts
to express his love.

I wonder why you people call him Don!



-Yes, sir. I love her. What now?

So, now, it's my responsibility
to get you both married.

-Miss Swetha.

Tomorrow, 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
is an inauspicious time.

Call their parents.

We'll discuss this…

and sort it out!

Sir, please don't do it. Please, sir.

You are suspended!

Sir, we're sorry. Please, sir.

Please spare us. Please, sir.

-Please, sir, forgive us--
-You too suspended!

There is no point in blaming you.

He's to be blamed who kept
driving you to fall in love.

Don, did you hear that?
It's our fate that even he's talking.

When Boomi asked,
you should've said you didn't love her!

I've done that before
and I'm still regretting it.

How can I repeat the same mistake?

Forget about it.
Boomi has met your father.

Now, what should we do?

Hey, listen, don't cry.

They won't dismiss Don.

That's not why I am crying.

Once again, they're serving rotis.

We're discussing something important!
Thrash this bugger!

Beat him to a pulp!
Don't spare him!

Punch him in the stomach!
He doesn't like rotis, it seems!

-What else do you want?
-Hey, stop beating him.

Come to me, buddy.

Buddy, you've given me an amazing idea.

Shall we begin?

-This is unacceptable!
-This is unacceptable!

-Food is not edible!
-Food is not edible!

-Don't instigate the students!
-Don't instigate the students!

-Hail Lord Parasakthi!
-Hail Lord Parasakthi!

Boomi is an evil force.

-Boomi is an evil force!
-Boomi is an evil force!

-Good morning, sir!
-Good morning, sir!

Hey, put that down.

Boomi is here, Don.

-"Don't listen to the teacher."

Can't even write a book in peace!


Sir, the spelling of "protest" is wrong.


You can deduct two marks for that.

Hey, you score only two marks.

Thank you, sir.

End the strike respectfully right away.

Sir, this is not my personal problem.

This problem concerns all the students.

What is their problem?

Obviously, food!

Bharathiyar quotes, "Only
a well-fed mind can absorb knowledge."

No, sir. He's making it up.

Now, what do you want?

Hot news!

Give them the menu.

Such a long list!

Hey, where are you going?
The list looks long.

Tiger prawns, scrambled shark, and whale?!

Crab fry, leg piece,
head meat, mutton leg soup…

and octopus soup?!

Octopus soup?


They've decided to eat the food
worth the entire fee they've paid.

Who asked you to study engineering?

Sir, don't underestimate
an engineering student.

"If you study, you'll make only 10,000.

But if you fry fritters at my shop, I'll
pay you 18,000," said the tea shop owner.

But we're the martyrs who chose
to serve the people with our knowledge!

Hey, enough! Stop it!

They'll immediately start cheering
if someone speaks enthusiastically!

But all the colleges
cheat the mighty martyrs!

You claim the college is in the city,
but it's in the jungle, far away.

In an emergency, we're not able
to go to a park or a theater. In fact…

when students want to drink,

they have to travel a long distance.


I thought the girl in this ad
studied at this college.

But when I arrived here,
I was told she's not from this college.

I was told that she's a model.

They fooled us with an advertisement.

We've been deceived a lot.

So, hereafter, you should
conduct classes only for an hour.

You should only cast girls
from the college in the ad.

You should allow us to date them.

You should serve the items
from the menu I gave you.

Hey, shut up!

And you should get permission from the
backbenchers before conducting an exam.

Mark my words!

You will never become an engineer.


Does that mean I'd become a doctor, sir?

To divert attention from this matter,
he made the students go on a strike.

What is he saying?

Two straws in a bottle?!

Oh, no!

Sir, please don't fall.

What is this, Boominathan?

Sir, this is photoshopped!

Don't believe him.
He has photoshopped it.

Then how can we believe
that my picture is real?

Did you see that?

What is the real problem?

Sir, he's always trying
to remove me from the college.

Why would he want to remove
you from the college?

Because I demanded justice.

I don't understand.

Sir, in a college, students should
be given the freedom to study.

But they've imposed rules like,
wear shoes, wear ID cards,

don't use cell phones,
don't speak to girls.

If we don't follow them,
they give us a penalty or suspend us.

If we question them,
they mess with our grades.

You never take exams.
How can we mess with your grades?

Because of this,
students' mental pressure shoots up.

So, that reflects in the results.

You see--

Because of this,
even I have a few arrears, sir.

Damn you!

You were talking about food.

Sir, it's fine if you
don't change the menu.

But please, ease the rules
and let us study with a free mind.

Sir, we need to study.

Oh my God!

Sir, please, forgive me.

I didn't know how to meet you
because of all their restrictions,

that's why I had to go on a strike.


feel free to punish me.

But I want this college
and its students to be the best.

The best!

To be the best!

Sir, look at him acting like a pro!

He made the chairman upset.

Sir, he's imitating you.

-Sir, look at him!

Sir, he changed his expression.
He changed it.

Sir, he's planning to change everything.

Sir, all these years,
I had the college under control--

Shut up, Boominathan!

Sir, I'm the reason this
college is under control.

-Go back to thinking, sir.
-First, I have to fire you.

Fulfill their demands.


Oh, no. Sorry, sir.

There's not enough evidence
to suspend Don!

Our college is going to be liberal!

Should we get into politics?

We may have to lie.

-Never mind then.
-Even I have a wish.

I want to see what you become in life.

Mr. Boominathan!

Hereafter, you should
remain quiet in the college.


Sir, I'm not wearing an ID.
Do I have to pay a fine?


She's coming to propose to you.

Don't say yes immediately.
Take time to reply.

-Take a while.

I'm okay with it.

What okay?

Am I your scapegoat so that
you can show off as Don?

No. Had I said I didn't love you,
you would've got hurt.

If you really care about my feelings…

then say you love me in
front of your dad, not Boomi.

Will you do it?

Get lost!

Hey, Angu, please hear me out.

Hey, everything is in Hindi and English.

Why can't you print forms in Tamil?

How do you expect people like me
who don't know English to fill up forms?


you're done!

I hope you remember everything I told you.

What's all this?

They're saying your name is
not Chakaravarthi but Don.

Is it true?

When you were in school,
you said she's your friend.

Then what's she doing here?

I'm alive, but you took a stranger to the
meeting and claimed him to be your father.

To top it all…

you made me believe that
you always scored 80%.

You deceived me!

You deceived me!


Liar! Liar!


Bloody rascal!


I have to get to the college at all costs.

At all costs!

Listen, why aren't you
returning your mom's calls?

Your mom has been calling me
to know what happened.

I'll speak to her later.

To hell with you!

I brought you to the shoot
to distract you.

But you're still grumpy.

Listen, your father let you off easy.

-Is the shot ready?
-Ready, sir!

-We're all ready!
-Hold it.

Don't shake it.

Come on, ready!

-I hope you remember the dialogues.
-Okay, sir.



Students studying under
streetlights are scoring 90-100%.

Despite providing you
with all the luxuries,

you've failed your exams!

If you don't pursue education,
you will never succeed in life!

Got it?

Got it, Dad.

I'll study hard and become
a successful engineer.

-Stop it!
-We're doomed!

What nonsense!

Your concept is wrong.

Only those who want to become engineers
should pursue engineering.

But you're forcing engineering on them
and making a joke out of them!

So, you're saying that
my concept is wrong?

-He didn't mean that--
-That's what I meant!

Hey, shut your mouth!

Hey, move!

Fine. I agree that my concept was wrong.

Why don't you rectify it?

It's easy to find faults in a story,
but not everyone can write a story.

So, just shut up
and mind your own business.

He's trying to teach me!




Enough with your education rant!

How can a fish race a deer?

Everyone in the world lives
someone else's life…

until they discover themselves.

Only after they discover themselves
do they truly start living their lives.

Until they do that,
it seems like they're fit for nothing.

But they know that

the minute they realize their potential,
their lives will change forever.

The young generation doesn't
need their parents' guidance.

All they need is their parents' support.

Then they'll succeed.


Should I become a scientist?

Should I become a poet?

Should I become a gangster?

Should I become a meme creator?

Awesome, brother.

You spoke my mind.

It was great.
Now, I'll go and talk to my dad.

I've been in this field for 30 years.

But no one taught me the way you did.

I think you should become a director.

You heard me.

I am telling you the same
thing you just wrote.

Everyone out here is living
someone else's life…

until they discover themselves.

Once they discover themselves,
they start living their lives.

But not everyone is lucky
enough to experience

that moment when they
realize their potential.

You heard them applaud you.

This is your moment.

Films are always magical.

And for you to create the same magic…

Sun TV is offering a great chance.

All you have to do is make
a five-minute short film.

And I'll be the judge,
who'll select the short film…

that'll be made into a feature film.

So, go out there
and make some magical films.

And all the best to all the
future feature filmmakers.

The clothes aren't dry yet.

-I'll dry them at the hostel.
-Hold on!

The food is ready.
Have it and then leave.

Come on, sit down.

-It's okay, I don't want it.
-I said sit down!

Ask him to sit down.

-Here you go!
-First, serve him.

Is this how you serve food?

Ask him to eat. Eat well.

Where is your ear stud?

Why aren't you wearing it?

You wanted to know what
happened at the college, right?

He's given himself
a different name at the college.

He's been changing his grades all along.

In fact…

he even changed his father.

To top it all off, it's very hard for him
to graduate as an engineer.

Oh, God!

I was so delighted to hear it all.

Ask him to eat. Come on, eat well.

He has never been honest with us.

He has always lied to us.

All this while, he was deceiving us.


Okay, Mom, I won't lie to you
or deceive you guys anymore.

Boys like me don't get
to choose their destiny.

In fact, destiny makes the choice for us.

But I got a chance to choose my destiny.

I don't understand engineering.

But I've watched quite a few films.

All these years,
I was trying to discover my talent.

Only now have I discovered…

that I can write.

I'm going to become a film director.

Listen, please don't hurt him!

-Please don't!
-What does he think of himself!


it'll be better if you go ahead
and graduate as an engineer.

I'll kill you if you talk about films!

Please listen to your dad!

-Please don't be stubborn.
-Okay, Mom.

-I'm going back to the hostel.

you'll be right in front of my eyes.

Tell him that he'll be going
to college every day from home.

Hey, don't bore me by showing empathy.

There's nothing wrong with me.
I'm doing fine.

Everyone, sit down.


It's okay.

Sister, he used to smile all the time.

Please go and talk to him.

-Isn't he your boyfriend?

-Who said that?

The entire town knows
that I'm your boyfriend.

If not your boyfriend, who am I?


A friend doesn't take
you to the Taj Mahal.

I got beaten up for taking
you to the Taj Mahal.

I don't care. I consider you my friend.

Sister, are you sure
that he's your friend?

Yeah. Why do you ask?

You see… I have always had a crush on him.


-Oh… crush?!

What is a crush?

More than a friend and less than a lover.


I hope you don't mind.

Not at all.


Shall we take a selfie?

Why just one selfie?
Let's take a thousand of them.

Because you're my crush, you see!

Damn, she's turned me into a joker!


Why is your sister always angry?

Ask her to smile.

Please smile.

-Shall I give you happy news?

The old principal quit the college.

Very good!

Boomi is the new principal.

Sir, congrats on becoming
the new principal.

Let us be friends, sir.

I have a goal in my life now.


He has a goal, it seems!

Sir, I have a few
important things to finish.

So, in the meanwhile,
I've decided to graduate as an engineer.



Welcome, our BEC students and staff!

I'm sure everyone knows me.

Still, let me reintroduce myself.

I'm Boominathan, your new principal.

I'm not sure how many of you know him.

Still, let me introduce him as well.

Final year, Civil.

The name is Chakara--




Hey, everyone, sit down.


-Sit down!
-Everyone, sit down.

Sit down.

Sir, sorry. It's a mistake.

It's okay.

Our BEC staff…

hereafter, you should not compel
students to attend classes or exams,

and you should not ask them
to follow the dress code.

What changed his mind?

Hereafter, in this college,
the students can have all the fun.

-What's happening?

Sister! Did you hear that?

Except for him!

There he hit a home run.
I knew it.

He should attend college without fail.

He should attend classes,
follow the dress code, and take exams.

To be precise, he should perfectly
follow all the rules and regulations.

Our staff…

all of you must keep an eye on him!

Even if he makes a small mistake…

I'll dismiss him from the college.


After seeing the treatment he receives…

I believe all the backbenchers will
reform. In fact, I'm sure they'll reform.

If not, I will make them reform.


Everyone, leave.

But you're not someone who follows rules.

What are you going to do?

You have only two options.

Either you change, or I'll chase you away.

I'll make sure you don't graduate.

All this while,
you showed me what a backbencher can do.

Now, I'll show you what
a backbencher does…

when he becomes the principal.

There's more.

Hereafter, in this college,

you should stay quiet!

Don, we have to plan
something to defeat Boomi.

You'd better behave and graduate.

Hey, shut up.

Don, don't give up on your grit.

Don, what's wrong with them?

Why is everyone staring at us?

Why did you bump into us?

Sir, I didn't mean to--

You'll bump into us knowingly?!

Close your top button.

Hurry up!

Take out your ID.


Why are you staring at me?

Why is your hair undone? Tell me!


If you maintain this course…

you have a chance to get through college.

But you can only graduate
if you pass all your exams.

Degree, you see!

We couldn't bear to see you get tortured.

Don, do something about it!

Gather all the students.

-Hello to all.

Boomi didn't spin this web only for me…

but for each and every one
of you who is just like me.

The entire college knows what I can do.

But they don't know what
every backbencher can do.

It's time we show them.

Don, how can we do that?

By studying.

Don, you know we're not capable of it.

Did anyone tell you that you can't do it?

Every hour, every professor
says that we're not capable.

Just as professors are responsible
for a student scoring 100%,

they're responsible for
a student having arrears.

Why do students have arrears?

Is it because you didn't study
or didn't understand what you studied?

Don! No matter how much we tried,
we couldn't understand!

That's why we don't study at all.

Then question them until you understand.

The professors are getting
paid to make us understand.

When someone says that we're
not capable of doing something,

-what will we do?
-We'll make it happen!

We'll prove them wrong!

Even God should know what could happen
if the backbenchers start studying.

And Boomi should know that first.

Will you guys do it?

-We will do it!
-We will do it!

-How come everyone wants to study?!

Come on, tell me!

-Hey, slow down! Watch it!
-Sir, solve my doubt.

I came here first. Teach me.

My name starts with "A,"
so you have to teach me first.

-Hey, just--
-Hey, everyone, calm down!

Sir, you should give first
preference to Madurai folks!

Hey, it's been years since you graduated.

Who is going to teach
me for arrears exams?

Listen, I'm your junior!

I'm in this state because
I was your senior!

-Hold on!
-Give me the book.

-Let me first tend to my senior.
-Hey, move! Now, teach me!

You guys have still not
completed the first semester?!

To hell with your doubts! Get lost!

Bloody… I dare you to come to Madurai!
I'll tear you apart!

So what if you're from Madurai?
I'm from Coimbatore!

Come on, get lost!
I can't clear your doubts!

Hey, I'm not from your department!

This is out of the syllabus, damn it!

Please let me go to the bathroom!

Ma'am, I don't get it.
Please make me understand.

Dear, no matter what I teach you,
you don't seem to understand!


The college hours have ended.

We have an hour until we reach our homes.

Why should we even waste an hour?

You can teach me one
16-mark question until then.

Damn you, girl!

Hello, sir.


Could you please explain to me
the Pythagoras theorem formula?

-It's midnight.

You always said that we should
give answers even in our sleep.

Did you say that or not?


What brings all of you to my office?

-We want ten days off.
-We want ten days off.

All of you? Why?

Sir, students keep asking us doubts.
They're not letting us conduct classes.

Even if we teach them,
they don't understand, sir.

Sir, if we continue
teaching them like this,

we fear that we might
forget what we've studied.

Sir, we are not able to eat peacefully.

We are not able to sleep either.

Sir, to be honest…

we're not able to even go to the bathroom.

Technically, it's the professors who
create problems for the students.

But in this case, this one student is
creating problems for all the professors.

I don't understand.

Sir, you ordered Don to study,

but Don has asked all
the backbenchers to study.

He has asked everyone to study…

but what is he up to?

Sir, why are you not teaching
me this particular subject?

-I can't teach you this subject!
-Why, sir?

-It's impossible!
-But why?

Because you're a civil
engineering student,

and this is a mechanical
engineering subject!

Is it wrong for a student to gain
knowledge beyond his department?




-Sir, shall I change my department?
-Please spare me!


You asked us to study, but seems
like you too have started studying.

Don never studies.
He only acts like he's studying.

Take a look over there, Lilly!


Why am I here with a camera
in this ridiculous attire?

-We have a job to do, Senior.
-Is it the 100-day job?

We're going to shoot a short film
and win this Kollywood competition.

Do you have any idea
about this competition?

No, I don't.

Film institute students,
assistant directors, directors,

and even successful directors
might participate in this.

It's a big company
and it's a huge opportunity.

The entries will be on par
with the industry standards.

There will be, at least, 2000 entries.

Let alone winning,

just getting shortlisted under
the top ten is difficult.

Is that all?
I thought it'll be more complicated.

Oh, God!

Okay, come on,
let's go outside and shoot.

No way.

I don't want to get tortured
by my father once again.

It hurts, right?

I just imagined your plight.

It looks bad!

That's why I centered the story
around the college.

-Don, what is the story?
-Now you're talking!

Students come to college with
the hope of becoming an engineer.

But when they graduate…

they're not sure if they've
truly become an engineer.

-Ask me why.

It's because the engineering
college's system is not right.

As a topper,
I'm going to question the system.

Yeah, right!
For that, you need to be a topper!

Of course. In this story, I'm a topper.

Boomi is waiting for an opportunity
to kick you out of the college.

If you shoot a short film,
you'll definitely get caught.

You can't escape then.

Don makes the impossible possible!

Wait and watch how I shoot
the short film without getting caught.

Hey, where are our children?

I think he's asking you.

Hey, I meant, where are the students?

Then question them until you understand.

The professors are getting
paid to make us understand.

Will you do it?

-We will do it!
-We will do it!

Awesome, Don! You're a genius!

Oh, no.

Hello, sir. You'd promised
to teach me yesterday--

-Don't run, stop right there.

-Sir, that's the PT professor.
-Yes, sir.

He's not studying.

He's up to something.

I will find out what it is.

Bhavani, come out.
Look who is here.

Who is he?

Bring him food. I'll explain.

-Hey, sit down.
-No, it's okay.

Sit down.

Serve him some gravy.

Who is this?

Hey, she's asking you. Introduce yourself.

Director! I'm a film director!

I have two stories that
are worth one crore

and four stories that
are worth two crore rupees!

Fine, why don't you change your clothes?

-I'll change them once I direct a film.

He's Kumar's son.

Around 8-10 years ago,
he went to Madras to direct a film.

He lost his sanity and became crazy.

He was seen standing on
the road begging for a glass of tea.

People from our village identified
him and brought him back.

I'll have this later at home.

I think your father finds new
ways to make you feel guilty.

You're right.

Before we graduate college,
I want to break his bones.


who is that?

-No idea.
-I never saw him at the college.

He's wearing a professor's uniform
but carrying a conductor's bag.

Hey, get lost!

-They're up to something.

I think they've become suspicious
that I'm not a professor.

Why don't I…

dress up as a student!

-Senior, you're going overboard.
-Hey, call me by my name.

-Senior, let's shoot the next scene here.


Did you write off your placements?

Anyway, I won't get a job.

I didn't want to waste my time
on all of that. So, I rejected it.

So, have you decided not to do any job?

Why should I work?
I'll be offering others jobs.

-By making films?

How long do you think it'll last?

Four days?

One week? One month?

What next?

You'll look at the airplane
and wish to become a pilot. Am I right?

What's your plan to settle down in life?

You know…

this competition…


Do you know how uncertain
the film industry is?

-Okay. What if you don't win--
-Stop it.

I seriously don't have
answers to your questions.

I was as happy when someone
applauded me for my writing

as I was when I saw
you for the first time.

I'm not sure for how long… but even
40 years down the line, it won't change.

Both, the tortoise
and the rabbit, will win.

Effortlessness won't win.

You asked me what I'm going
to do if I lose, right?

I'm going to keep trying until I win.

My father never understood me.

That's not new to me.

But even you have not understood me.

-I didn't mean to--
-No, I'm not mad at you.

I'm just upset.

Senior, bring the camera.
Come on, let's go.

I miscalculated.

I thought of torturing him first
and then changing you all.

Now, I realized that I should
torture you guys to change him.

You guys are eager to study, right?

Let's make your wish come true.

Hereafter, the college timings will
be from 06:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Conduct exams every day.

If they fail,
then there will be a re-exam.

If they fail once again,
then there will be re-re-exam!

If they fail that too, then re-re-re-re--

Keep conducting re-exams
until you wear them out.

Hey, why are you shaking your legs?

I'm not shaking my legs.
They're shaking in fear.

The torture shouldn't end at the college.

It should follow them to their homes.

Every hour's attendance report,
everyday exam's report…

keep sending me reports as they're done.

Not only that, ask the parents

-to meet me once every week.

-What the hell is it?

The parents are already here.

Why are the parents here?

I don't know, sir.

All this while, I blamed my son
for not scoring good marks!

Only now have I realized that you're
not teaching the students properly!

-Boomi, what do you have to say?
-That's not the case, sir.

How come other students
understand but they don't?

Sir, it's your job to identify
the weak students and teach them!

We can't assign
60 professors for 60 students!


it's not like you charge 1.5 lakh rupees
as a fee for the entire class.

You charge 1.5 lakh rupees
individually for every student.

-He's absolutely right!
-Do you have an answer for this?

Sir, someone has instigated them.

It's the duty of qualified professors
to create qualified engineers.

Does this college have
qualified professors?

Sir, all our professors
are highly qualified.

-Professor Azhagu.
-What is it?

What is the secret behind
the strong structure of the Taj Mahal?


Bloody idiot!

Dear, is he really a professor?

Sir, that was the question
for the civil department.

I'm from the IT department.

-Did you see that?

Candidates don't pursue M.E.
to become a teacher.

The candidates who are left with no option
after completing M.E. become teachers.

Sir, he's on to something.

Even to teach the 10th and 12th grades,
you need to pass the B.Ed examination.

But when it comes to engineering…

Are you suggesting that we should
conduct an exam for the professors?

You're right, sir.

Those who correctly solve
the question papers set by the students

can be identified as qualified professors.

We'll make sure to learn
from those professors.

Moreover, my dream to get
a gold medal will come true.

Sounds like a good idea.
What do you say?

He has a point.

Teachers should stay updated.


Sir, if we succeed in this plan…

we can advertise it as,
"In Best Engineering College,

we have the best students
as well the best professors."

Go ahead. Be sportive.

Those who pass the exam
will get an increment.

And what about those who
don't pass the exam, sir?

I'll fire them.

There's so much commotion out here.

Is this a classroom or a fish market?

Sir, why is he calling
the library a classroom?

Everyone should keep quiet.

Let's not invite more trouble.
Let's continue studying.

I used to read these
books when I was young.

-Hey, who is it?
-Oh, no!


Which department are you from?

-Come on, tell me.

Camera department.

When did they start this department?

Arivu, did they add
a new camera department?

-Stop annoying me.

I'm not sure what to study
and what to skip.

-What about you?
-Sir, please study.

Fine, let me continue studying.

Well, this--

I feel pity for you people.

Of course, you do.

Shall I tell you all the
important questions?

Now you're talking!

-Go ahead.
-Tell me.

All the questions are important.

So, keep studying.

Make sure girls and boys study separately.

Teacher, where are you going?

-Where's your hall ticket?

I forgot it.

Did you forget to have your breakfast?

Go and bring your parents.

But they're with my brother.
They're in Dubai.

I don't want any silly reasons.

Your parents should be here in an hour.

Please step aside.

Listen, I swear I'm not going to cheat.

It's okay. Keep writing.

I might forget everything I studied.

Now, do you realize how it feels?
Do you understand?

Keep writing.

-Five more minutes.

Time's up!

It's not 1:00 p.m. yet.

It's 1:00 p.m. on my watch.
Now I won't accept your paper.

But your watch is ten minutes ahead!

-As if ten minutes will make a difference!
-My leg is stuck!

He's in a romantic mood.
Here you go. Thank God!


Time's up.
Everyone, submit your papers.

Thank God. That was a narrow escape.

I'm not sure if he saw me or not.

If you're not sure, then how do
you know if you're really safe?

Why did you bring me here?

Hey, I come to see you without any
questions whenever you call me.

Now, even you'll have
to come whenever I call you.

Fine, I'll come. But I have a request.

-Tell me.
-I'm fine with your hairstyle…

but please don't dress up like this.

Hey, successful cameramen
dress up like this.

Haven't you seen it before?

You stay right here.
I'll be back.


After you asked me that question,
I thought about it a lot.

I believe that I'll win.

But I'm not sure when.

You don't have to suffer with me.

Love is also when you go separate
ways for each other's happiness.

Are you showing off your writing skills
because you've become a director?

More than falling in
love with the winners…

women love to help
their partners win in life.

I had 100 colleges to choose from
after finishing my diploma.

Why do you think I picked this college?

For you.

You were the same in college
as you were in the school.

I got scared thinking that this
would affect your life badly.

But now, I've understood that
you're very serious about it.

I'm not sure about you…

but I like you a lot.

Then, now, and forever.

I can't just leave you.

How long do we have to stand like this?

Hold on. They've started
their romance just now.

Don't cry.

You look handsome when you cry.

I lied.

You look handsome when you smile.

I'll always make you smile.

I love you.

Do you love me?

Hey girl, shall I pick you up?

Shall I show you
A new spot, you walking river?

On the way, shall I invite our friends?

Shall I dance too in my fun-filled mood?

Join happily
This is a private party

We will have a DJ
And dance with full vigor

No need for Jazz
Play our local beats

We'll attract little hearts
Despite the bouncers

Oh, she came

And gave me love

She has killed me with her cute dance

Oh, my darling
You won my heart

With his touch
He made me sizzle

Darling prince
Shall I pick you up?

Shall I play love songs
And pump up the volume?

Shall I charm you with my beautiful eyes?

As I walk
Should I take your hand too?

I'll join happily
As it's a private party

We will dance with full vigor
On the dance floor

No need for disco
We'll dance to folk

A song dedicated to all our fans

My darling put his hands on me

He sparked love with his charming eyes

Our eyes met

The arrow has been shot

We have become a couple

Our touch is a sure hit

I'm flying high, I'm lost

I walked with my eyes closed
I fell for your smile

I lost myself 'cause of you
And I searched for myself in you

I found myself in your kiss
I long to lose myself again

Join happily
This is a private party

We will have a DJ
And dance with full vigor

No need for Jazz
Play our local beats

We'll attract little hearts
Despite the bouncers

Oh, she came

And gave me love

She has killed me with her cute dance

Oh, my darling
You won my heart

With his touch
He made me sizzle

Hey, put that prop gun inside your pocket.

Yeah, alright.

Ask the guys from Kandhan Arts
to come here.

We have to shoot the climax.

I've been calling him.
He's not answering my calls.

Hey, get the camera.

Yeah, I'll do that in a bit.

Hey, why is there blood on your head?


-I fell in the bathroom, Don.
-Hey, what happened?

What's he blabbering about?

He's can't use a bloody bathroom!

Don't worry, Don.

Hot news!

-Hey, shut up! Don't say anything!
-Stop talking!

Don, Raghu and Teja attacked them.

They took your camera
and are gonna rat on you!

-Please don't listen to his nonsense!

-Don, please listen to us!
-Let him speak!

-Don, please don't go!
-Let me go!

-Don, stop!
-Hey, hold on!

Be alert. Let's not spare him this time.

Hey, don't hurt me.

-Where's the camera?

Now, I have the evidence of you fighting.

I also have evidence of your acting.

It's a film by Boominathan.

Well, does your father know about the film

that you're shooting?

Sir, please. Please, sir.

Sir, please, sir. Please, sir.

That's not enough.

Sir, please, sir!

Not enough!

Sir, please, sir.

Still not enough.

Sir, please, sir. Please, sir.

Sir… please.

No matter how much you plead,
I won't spare you.

-Why, sir?
-It's 'cause I don't like your face.

Sir, please, sir.


How does he say it?

-Sir. Please, sir.

Ask his father to come
and meet me in the morning.

I'll show him the proof, and…

He'll be destroyed, sir.

Sir, that was a masterstroke!

Now, it's certain that
I'm leaving college.

Before I leave, let me relieve you too.


To heaven.

Are you trying to threaten
me with a toy gun?

You're right, sir.

-Oh God, no!
-Damn it!




Don sir!

Don sir!

Don sir!


-Not enough.


Don sir!

-Not enough!

-Hey! Sir!
-Not enough!


No matter how much you plead,
I'll still shoot you.

Why, sir?

-Because I don't like your nose.

-Senior, shoot everything.
-There's been a mix-up.

Yes, I'm shooting.

-What happened?
-He asked us to keep that gun safe.


This one…

The guns got mixed up.

Sir, please don't shoot!




-Don, the guns got mixed up!


Oh, no!






Hey, I have a family! Don't shoot!

-You'll hand me over to the police!
-I won't!

Sir, I'm sure you'll get me arrested!

-I won't, I swear!
-You should also die, sir!

In the morning,
you check students' IDs and shoes…

but have you ever checked if
they understood engineering

when they return home in the evening?

You're neither making
a willing student understand…

nor encouraging an unwilling student
to focus on sports or culturals.

What do you expect of that student?

This has to change.

Only educated officials like
you can make this happen.

Until there's a change,
Don will keep questioning!

Jai Hind!


That was overacting, dude!

Look, even Boomi got scared.

I know I'll be ripped apart
in the morning.

You'll suspend me,
and my father will kick me.

So, I decided to shoot the climax
with a grand setup like this.


This is a prop gun, sir.

Everything was a drama.


Hey, I have a family! Don't shoot!

I won't hand you over to the police!

You should also die, sir!

Hello, sir.

I believe you got scared
looking at the fake blood.

"Please don't shoot me!
I have a family!

Please don't shoot me!
I have a family!"

You saw that, right?

-I have a family!
-How? Do it!

-I have a family!
-I have a family!

I have a family!

It's a film by Chakaravarthi.

-Shall we announce the title?

Sir, please look into the camera.

-Please smile.
-Yes, please.

You'll look handsome.

"Mess with the backbenchers,
and you'll be destroyed!"

Come on, say it.

-Say it, or else, I'll shoot you!


-He's bleeding!


I just checked the MRI scan.

There's no danger to the brain.

It's a minor collar fracture.

He's very safe.

He needs some rest.
He'll be alright.

-Thank you, sir.
-Thank God.

Sir, it was not intentional.

-I was just kidding--

It was intentional because
you wanted to shoot a film.

If he had died,
how would I have faced his family?

The video went viral and brought
bad publicity to the college.

Dismiss everyone who was with him!

-With the black mark!
-Okay, sir.

Sir, please, sir.

Sir, it's not their fault.

It was completely my fault. Please, sir.

Sir. Please, sir.

-Suspend everyone.
-Okay, sir.

But dismiss him
and file a complaint against him.

Yes, sir.

You've destroyed your life and career!

Films are responsible for this!

Hey, only one in a million
becomes successful in this field!

The others end up begging!

All these years, you deceived us.

But today, you almost killed
your professor to shoot a film.


How could you call me a murderer?
Did you see me killing someone?

Agreed that I'm a fraud,
but ask me why!

It's because of your foolish strict rules!

When I was little, you dragged
me to the school against my will.

Until now, you've been dragging me
up and down in the name of education!

You made me go to school
even when I had a fever.

You shaved my head
whenever I failed exams!

Your beatings were tolerable.

But I used to get teased in school,
"math-bald, science-bald."

That pain is still fresh in my heart.

You cared about the bicycle
more than you cared about me!

Have you ever loved me even one percent
of how much you loved your bicycle?

Thank goodness,
you don't have another child!

Or else, you would've killed it too
with your torture!

I never wanted to study engineering.

That's why I broke my hand.

But that didn't stop you.

You made me write
the exam with a broken arm.

You never bothered
to ask me if I was in pain.

I went to the hostel
to escape your torture at home.

The food over there is inedible.

That's why I used to come home
to have delicious food made by Mom.

Even then, you used to inquire
only about scores and exams.

But not once did you ask
if I had something to eat.

I came straight to you when I decided
to switch my career to films.

Had you supported me
and asked me to give it a try…

I wouldn't have been in this situation.

Instead, you brought a madman home
and said I'll turn into him one day.

How could you be so cold?

Tell me, what have you done for me?

Even if the world ends…

you'd want me to become an engineer
and repay the education loan. Am I right?

Don't worry, I'll repay the loan.

You only see…

the people who fail in
the film industry…

but I see that one person
who wins against all odds.

I've always yearned for a friendly dad…

who'd treat me with love.


you could never be that for me.

You know what?

You're a bloody sadist!

Hey… forget about it.

I've inquired at all the service centers.

The hard disk can't be recovered.

A sensational update on
the Kollywood Film Competition.


We never expected so many entries.

We have more than 1000 entries to date.

The entries are on par
with the feature film quality.

From them, my team and I
will shortlist ten films.

And Mr. Gautham will
decide the title winner.

-Thank you, sir.
-Thank you.

Only 15 days are left
to send in your entries.

We're eager to see who is
going to grab this opportunity.

How much would it cost
to shoot a film like that?

It'll easily cost us two lakh rupees.

Only a few days are left
for the competition.

I have no idea what to do.

Listen, start writing a new story.

Meanwhile, we'll try to arrange funds.

What about this story?

It's not good.

How can I lend you money
without any collateral?

When will you become successful
and return my money?

You're asking for money to make a film.

Rather, you could do something useful.

We're planning to take up
a building contract.

Would you lend us money now?

Nice look.

Relatives will speak volumes…

but never help us when we're in need.

We'll have to take care of ourselves.

Let's go.

What happened to you?

I've never seen you so low.

What else do you expect?

My father burned down
the entire film I shot.

Now I don't have time,
money, or a story to shoot.

Everyone would've submitted their entries.
I don't know what to do

and how to win this competition anymore.

What I like about you the most…

is that you always handle
things with a positive attitude.

Stop thinking about winning.

Think about how to begin.

Look over there.

The second stone will reach
farther than the first stone.

Because the first stone
doesn't have a target.

But the second stone's target
is to go farther than the first stone.

Shoot a new film.

It'll be better than the first film.

-You can't do it.
-Stop trying, dude.

Here you go.

Something to start with.

Later, we'll figure out the rest.

Did you watch the film
Thalapathy on your way here?

See, this is you.
Now, put that on the paper.

-That was an awesome throw!
-I told you, right?

Do not lose yourself

Don't give up

Your path will not be clear
Your eyes will be blurred

Do not shed tears

There could be a hundred reasons
For you to fall

But who other than you can lift you?

Even if others encourage you

It's your heart that should crave for it

Never lose yourself

If you lose trust in yourself

-The world will look down on you

Whoever talks ill of you
Will praise you when you win

Everyone gets hurt
We will have to put up a fight

-Wherever you go
-Why don't you act?

Victory should follow you

Go on, ask her.

Can we shoot the film here?

Dad, please let them shoot
the film in our house.

Okay, dear.

When you fall, you sweat

When you live
The sweat will be your sheath

Have a fiery vision
That would bring in a solution

There could be a hundred reasons
For you to fall

But who other than you can lift you?

Even if others encourage you

It's your heart
That should crave for it

Never lose yourself

So, tell me, Don,

how are you?

-How are you, sir?
-I'm fine.

So, did you complete
your revolutionary film?

No, sir. I wrote a new story
and completed the shoot.


Become a successful filmmaker.

All the best.

I called you here to inform you that…

I spoke to the chairman.

You can just clear your arrears
and get your degree.

-What happened?
-Nothing, sir.

You always used to say
that you won't let me graduate.

Yes, I know, but I will never do that.

If we do that, not many would graduate.

They asked me to file a case against you.

But I said no.


I can't ruin your life.

Students may make mistakes…

but there are professors who forgive
their mistakes and value their lives.

I'm here because of one such professor.

So, clear your arrears,
get your degree, and graduate.

You may leave.


Reach out to me if you wish
to shoot in the college.

I'll give you permission to shoot.

Sir. Sorry, sir.

Hey, get going.

Are you serious?

I can't believe it.

If you lose trust in yourself
The world will look down on you

Whoever talks ill of you
Will praise you when you win

Everyone gets hurt
We will have to put up a fight

Wherever you go
Victory should follow you

Do not lose yourself

Don't give up

Your path will not be clear
Your eyes will be blurred

Do not shed tears

To preside over
the Kollywood Film Competition

presented by Sun TV,
a special guest has arrived.

Let's welcome Mr. Gautham Menon on stage!

Welcome, sir.

-A few words, sir.
-Yeah, sure!


I'm happy to see that Sun Pictures

has taken such
an initiative to scout talents.

Let's see who wins
the Golden Ticket to Kollywood.

All the best.

Here is the first contestant
in this competition.

Let's welcome Vel Murugan on stage!


I'm very happy to speak
about my short film.

My short film will be good.

Let's welcome Chakaravarthi on stage!

-A few words.
-Thank you.

Gautham sir.

I was inspired by you
to become a filmmaker.

-Thanks for inspiring us, sir.
-Thank you.

I looked everywhere
for a story to shoot this film.

This story is based on a true event…

that changed my life.

Why are you looking at me like that?

I'm not mad at you.

I'm only mad at him.

I heard you.

I heard you loud and clear.

Until you were four years old…

you couldn't speak well.

Your father went to all the temples
and shrines to pray for you.


Now, you spoke like a sharp knife!

What do you know about your father?

Even now, he wanted you to hold
your head high among our relatives.

He didn't want you to taste
the hardship of loans.

He was shattered when you went
to borrow money from them.

He wanted to end
the series of loans with him.

He wanted you to do
everything as you wish…

so he sent this for you.

Here you go.
Return this to that girl.

What did he say?

-He was a little pissed.

I gave him an earful.

Kids fall off their bicycles
while learning to ride.

Similarly, parents learn from their
mistakes while raising their children.

I always behaved just
like any other father.

But we realized later that he's
not like the other children.

Bhavani, when someone is ready
to struggle to achieve their dreams,

they'll definitely emerge a winner.

My son is one in a million.

People will call me…

the director's father, right?

No matter what you say…

I'm still furious at the way
he disrespected you.

Hey… he's still a child.


Listen, wake up.


Oh God, no!

Please wake up!

You're my first hero
You're the protector of my life

You're the dawn of my life
My heart yearns for you

Wake up!

I need cradle-like shoulders
That swing me

I need the mustache
That pricks me as he kisses me again

I'll wake up believing it's all a dream

You will have to appear
In front of my eyes

Oh, my sky, you left me
Just like God does

If I do not see you near me
My world would stop

It's enough even if you just
Carry me once on your shoulders

When he took you in his
arms for the first time…

do you know what he prayed for?

Bless him with my share of happiness.

And give his share of sorrows to me.

You cried on the first day of school.

And after a while, you stopped crying.

But your father was worried about you…

so he stayed outside your
class with bare feet.

Then he returned home along with you.

The bicycle was very dear to him
because it put food on our table.

He wanted to shower you
with unconditional love.

That's why he refused
to have a second child.

He was scared that his affection
might spoil your studies.

That's why he controlled his emotions
and behaved strictly with you.

You'd always ask us to buy you things.


He'd chide you,
but later during the day…

I wish to buy the world for him.

But I don't have money.

When I saw a strong person
like your father cry…

I could feel his pain.
I could feel it when I'd pacify him.

You say that he never asked
you about your well-being.

Who do you think brought meat
whenever you came home?

It's your father.

Please add liver.
It's my son's favorite.

He didn't want to burden you with debts.

So he paid off all the loans in advance.

I don't mind taking the burden of loans.

But I don't want to burden
my son with debts.

He always dreamed of seeing you
graduate on the stage in college.

When you suddenly shifted
your career to films,

he thought you'd end up
like him and panicked.

He didn't know how to express it
and burned down everything.

You asked if your father
has done anything for you, right?

He never thought of himself
and did everything only for you.

You accused him of not
being a good father to you.

But he has always been…

the best father to you.

Have you ever seen your father's feet?

Had you seen them, you wouldn't
have hurt him with your words.





Dad, I'll listen to everything you say.

Dad, please get up.

Oh, God!

Oh, God! No!

Dad, I've never hugged you in my life.

Is this how I would have to hug you now?


Hey… he's still a child.

You're a bloody sadist!

My debut film was released
in the same theater…

where my short film won the competition.

Your father's faith in you
didn't go in vain.

The people will call me
the director's father, right?

It was awesome.
It'll be a hit for sure.

Thank you, Senior.

-Welcome, sir.
-For me?

-Yes, sir.
-Thank you.

-I'll park it.

Hey, come over here.

Why is there no one
to receive the chief guest?

The director has already arrived.

He's not the chief guest.

Are we going to honor him
with a doctorate?


Your director is here to get his degree!

-Sir, speech!
-Sir, speech!

They seem to be your fans.

-Sir, they're a family.

-Give a speech.

Come on!

Go ahead.

Students, you all know him as a director.

But I…

know him as the don of the college.

I've always worried about the studious
80% of students in the college.

But he made me think about the rest
20% of students who were like him.

The students of our college…

have ventured into sports, arts,
photography, etc. after graduation.

He's the torchbearer of the lot.

I kept inviting him to attend
events as the chief guest,

but he always used to make an excuse.

That's why I had to tell him that…

if he doesn't turn up this time,
I won't give him his degree.

But I have to say…

he's the worst student
I've met in my life.

-Go ahead. Give your speech.

Sir, this is the best intro
I've ever got in my life.

When I was in college…

I always used to sit on the last bench.
I was notorious.

I used to bunk classes.

I used to manipulate
grades, and tease girls.

I used to think of myself as
a don because I did all of it.

But the person who discovers their
talent and emerges a winner in life…

we should call them "Don".

As sir mentioned, everyone used
to call me Don when I was in college.

But only today do I feel that
I'm worthy of the title "Don."

If you ask me who's the most
blessed person in the world,

I'll say the person who has
good friends and family.

In that regard, I'm very blessed.

When we were students,
we thought mocking professors…

made us look like a hero.

But at some point, they'd forgive us…

and become our heroes.

One such hero of mine is Boomi sir.


thank you so much.

Above all,

if I'm successful today,
it's because of my father.

He dreamed of seeing me
on the stage with a degree in my hand.

That's the reason I cleared my arrears
whenever I could…

and now, I'm holding my degree.

To make their children heroes,

fathers end up becoming villains
till their last breath.

My father, who made me a superhero…

is the best and most classic villain
one could ask for.

Please try to understand your parents
when they're with you.

Make them happy and proud.

Because when you finally
understand them…

they may not be with you.

Thank you.