Dominick and Eugene (1988) - full transcript

Dominick and Eugene are twins, but Dominick is a little bit slow due do an accident in his youth. They live together, with Dominick working as garbage man to put Eugene through medical school. Their relationship becomes strained when Eugene must decide between his devotion to his brother, or his need to go away to complete his training. Things are also not helped by Dominick's co-worker, or Eugene's budding romance.

Watch the chest tube.
Don't let it pull out.

Keep the CPR going.
We got a good seal on the bag.

Keep it going. Steady.

Here we go.
Got a chest wound here.

OK, let's set him up.


What are you trying to do?

You trying to give me
some kind of disease?

Sometimes I wonder
who's stupider... you or me.


I'm Jennifer Reston.

I'm a fourth-year
just coming on to surgery.

Sorry to get you there.

Little hard to pin down.

Is he gonna make it?

I don't think so.

I need some help
in clinical pharmacology.

I get fifteen an hour.

Oh, that's fine.
Could you start today?

I've been working
for twenty-two hours.

I got to get some rest, but...

why don't you meet me
in the day room at 3:00?

- Luciano.
- Oh, hi, Dr. Levinson.

You got what you wanted.

I talked with Meyerson,
and you got into Stanford.

Keep it under your hat
until the lists are posted.


They will never get the Hulk.


Hi, Gino!

- How's the hospital?
- Good.

People still sick, huh?

Yeah. Still sick.
What are you doing?

What are you drinking?

Oh, I... I gargle in Listerine.
Fred licked my mouth...

so I figured
I'd better do a good gargle.

Well, don't worry.

A dog's mouth
is cleaner than a human's.

Maybe I should make Fred gargle.

Fred'll be fine.

I don't want him
to get black plague.


What's black plague?

Could I get it?

Did you eat your breakfast?

No. I was waiting.

Did you pack your lunch?

Baloney and chopped egg.

You take fruit?

Pear. And a shazoom bar.

Good boy.

Do you take good care
of yourself, Nicky?

Sure, Eugene.

And you could
take care of yourself...

no matter what, couldn't you?

I guess so.

- What do you... Oh, jeez!
- That's OK. It's OK.

It's all right.
Here, here, here.

What's this
about the black plague?

Larry's always telling me
about it on the rat patrol.

I told you
not to pay attention to him.

I always believe him...

'cause I never know if he's
lying or not and that way...

if he ever tells me the truth,
then I'll be ready.

Sometimes you say
some amazing things, Nicky.

But what... what was you
saying before about...

about my taking care of myself?

Don't make a big thing of that.

I was just asking,
that's all, OK?

It's no big deal.

Fred wants out.

Didn't you walk him?

Oh, jeez. I forgot.

You have to walk him, Nicky.

How many times
do I have to tell you that?

Come on now.
You're running late.

You gotta get down
to the corner.

You listen to that freak Larry,
you didn't walk Fred.

How can I count on you, Nicky?
Don't worry about that.

- I'm sorry.
- Come on, let's go.

Where's Fred's leash?

Fred, get your leash.
You gotta make doody.

Get the box off the burner.
It'll burn!

Jeez. Sorry.
Are you mad at me, Eugene?

Where's his leash?
I got it. Here.

- What'd I do?
- Nothing. I'm tired.

I've been working
for twenty-two hours.

- Do you have your lunch?
- I got my lunch, Gino.

OK, come on, let's go.
Get your hat. Come on, Fred.

Medical school
sure makes you tired.

When I'm a rich doctor...

we'll relax in style
by a lake in the country.

Yeah, by a lake in the country.

Hey, come on!

Eugene, I was thinking maybe
we could fix this place up.

You know, get a new fridge...

We're gonna do a lot better
than this place. Let's go.

- What's... what's...
- Come on! Let's go!

- I like this place.
- Let's go!

I got extra for cleaning out
Mr. Johnson's truck.

Good, good.
It'll help us pay our bills.

Listen, don't forget
to put some in the box.

In the box for our savings.
I got it covered.

Walk faster, Nicky.
I don't like you being late.

You think we got enough saved up
to get tickets to Wrestlemania?

- Yeah. Come on.
- My birthday's coming up.

I know. Come on.

- Hi, Larry.
- Hey, Hulk.

- Hey, Mr. Johnson.
- Hiya, Dominick.

How you doing, Mr. Johnson?

- How's the doctor?
- Tired.

OK, you be a good boy,
today, OK?

Fred has a cleaner mouth
than we do.

- Be good, Nicky.
- Don't worry about him.

I told you, I don't want you
trying to scare him.

What's with you?

He doesn't need the black plague
from you, you understand?

Lay off me.

Come on, Fred.

Buon giorno, Gino.

Good morning, Mrs. Gianelli.

You know, you look so tired.

Come on, I'll give you...

a nice cup of coffee
and a piece of pie...

and you'll feel better
right away.

Mrs. Gianelli...

is Nicky a good boy?


A responsible boy?

You should be so responsible.
He's a beautiful boy, Gino.

He's God's boy.

That's your biggest problem,

- What?
- You like everybody.

- No, I don't.
- Yes, you do.

Also, you believe anything
anybody tells you.

- I do not.
- No?

How about the time I told you...

that there was nitroglycerin
in the middle of golf balls?

I didn't believe you that time.

No? So how come you ducked
when I tossed one at you?

- 'Cause... 'cause...
- Look, you can't trust nobody.

- Hey, Mike!
- Hi, Nicky.

- How you doing?
- Pretty good.

- Gonna help me with the garbage?
- It's over there.

Come on.

What happened to your chin?
Fall down again?

I fall down sometimes, too.

Oh, hey, Mike.
Look what I found today.

Spellbinder, huh?

Yeah, look.
Spellbinder's gonna fight...

this weird monster
made of electricity.

See? That's electricity.
That's what Zigzag is.

And when you see Zigzag
up in the sky...

then you gotta pray to Jesus...

so that the Zigzag
don't hurt you.

Does the Spellbinder
pray to Jesus?

Yeah, that's his secret weapon.

Yo, Nick nut,
you gonna help me out, or what?

I gotta go, Mike.
See ya next week.

See ya, Nick.

- You can keep it.
- Thanks.

Come on,
this thing weighs a ton.

I need the Hulk.

Find someone with your own IQ?

Ha ha. Very funny, Mr. Wise Guy.

You know,
if we were with the union...

we'd never have to lift stuff
this heavy.

You get your teeth fixed
for free, too.

We're not conducting
a union meeting here.

We're picking up trash.
We're running late.

Don't blame me.
He's the one over there...

discussing literature
with the professor.

Nigger's always blaming me.

It ain't nice
to call him that name.

Oh, wise up, kid.
What's he ever done for you?

He give me this pirates hat.

Exactly... instead
of all kinds of good shit...

we should be getting,
like free dental.

Remember that time that can
slipped out of my hands...

broke your tooth off?

That was an accident, Larry.
Not your fault.

Right. Well, you should've
got it fixed for free.

Instead, you had
a hole in your mouth...

you could drive a jeep through.

Well, I don't know.

He give me a job
when nobody else would.

Why do you gotta stick up
for assholes like that?

'Cause he gives you
a stupid hat?

'Cause he calls you Dominick
or what?

He's not that bad word,
and this ain't a stupid hat!

You're right.

It's the idiot under the hat
that's stupid.

I ain't stupid. I'm slow.

You're not slow.
You're in reverse.

I am not. I am in forward drive!

It's three o'clock.

I went out.

Got your book?

Did you read it?

- Did I snore?
- Mm-hmm.


I'm gonna give you
five topic headings.

I think maybe you better get
your notebook.

Notebook and a pen.

I'm gonna give you
five topic headings...

and then we're gonna work
off of those.

And if you work hard...

you should know this stuff
in a month, no problem.

I'm a good worker.
I have a strong constitution.

The schedule just got
out of hand for me, that's all.

But I'm ready now.

Then you shouldn't have
any trouble.

Well, I don't always succeed
at first...

but I don't give in to
disappointment easily, either.

Although it can overcome me,
but usually only for a minute.

Not that I don't suffer.

Heading one is "preparation. "

I'm not into this today,
are you?

Well, I'll be glad to have you
rattle on for an hour...

if you're willing to pay me
the fifteen dollars.

I'm just warming up, that's all.

I'm on top of the world!

You know what time it is?

My favorite time...
quittin' time!

Wrong, birdbrain.

That's what Mr. Johnson
always says.

It's time for the rat patrol.
I'm borrowing Jesse's. 22.

Those little suckers
better watch out.

Sometimes you do
some weird stuff, Larry.

What, just 'cause
you're chickenshit...

to kill the little
disease-infested suckers...

you call it weird?

No, I ain't.

- Chickenshit Nicky!
- I ain't!

Yeah? Prove it.

I'll show you
I ain't a-scared to kill a rat.

Hey, Nicky, I don't hear no rats
buying it up there!

What a day for the rat patrol!

I got three
of the little suckers.

Shot their freakin' brains out.

Jesus, please watch over
my mother, my father...

and my brother Gino.

And help me to be on time
so that I don't lose my job.


And don't let anybody
hurt anybody.

How's my boy?

Good, Father T.

How's Gino?

I never see him
around here anymore.

- Yeah.
- What?

He's really busy.

Stand up for him.

Listen, tell him if he don't
start coming to church...

I'm gonna kick his butt
from here to heaven.

Tell him that, Nicky.


Fame and fortune...
the final frontier.

Your host is Robin Leach,
who circles this world...

to uncover the stories America
will never stop talking about.

Television show's over now,
Mrs. Gianelli.

You want me to help you
with the dishes?

No. I do it. You go.

Where are you?

But we got pie
from Mrs. Gianelli.

It's apple.

But I was waiting.

Well, I'll wait up for you.

Operation "X" to Hulk.

Come in, Hulk.

Hulk reporting for duty.

Prepare for rescue mission.

Should you choose to accept it.

Do you accept?

To the death?

Prepare engines.

Preparing engines.

Engine number one, fire.

Fire engine two.

Prepare for blastoff.

Blast off into space.

I have to sleep, Nicky.

Easter's comin', Eugene.

Why do you think the Hulk
is so mad?

I don't know.
Go to sleep.

Maybe somebody did something bad
to him once.

Maybe somebody hurt him, and...

Why are you doing this, Nicky?

Like you was mad at me
this morning.

Don't make a big deal of that.

People get mad at people

I love you, Eugene.

I love you, too.
Now just go to sleep.

I love Freddy, and I love
Mrs. Gianelli, and I love Jesus.

Good boy.

They were so bad to Jesus.

Nicky, come on!

Tell me about when we was born.

And then will you go to bed?

You were born first.

And twelve minutes later,
I was born.

You're the big brother.

And our mother died
when we were born.


And our father
worked in a steel mill.


And he's big and strong.

And you and me
was always together.

To the death, huh?

To the death. Yeah.

Now go to bed.

And our father had to go away.

And... and...

then I fell down.

Then you fell down,
and you hurt your head.

And that's why I can't remember
when I was little.


Come on. Go to bed.

Father T. Said that
you should come to church more.

Good! Good night!

Glad you're not mad at me.

Paid 129,000 for it,
which is 1,200 a month.

Actually, no,
it's six hundred a month...

'cause they write it off
as a second home.

And any decent off-campus
housing is easily that.

- You want some coffee?
- Sure.

- Cream and sugar?
- Great.

And I hate roommates.

And best of all, they stand
to make twenty grand on it...

when they sell it
after I graduate.

You know,
that's the only time...

I can ever remember us
all being together.

My dad's a surgeon,
my mom's a pathologist...

my uncle's a cardiologist,
my grandfather's a G. P...

my brother's a neurotic.

Hey, Guido.

Hey, it's my main man
and his wonder dog.

Those are nice clothes.
You better not get 'em dirty.

You're looking pretty good
yourself, there.

Hey, you up for a little
delivery like last time?

You know,
my leg is hurting me again.

Oh, jeez.

I got a little something
for you.



Get the paper
and give it to the kid.

Good to see you, Nicky.
Good to see you.

- Your dog, what's his name?
- Fred.

Hey, I like those sneakers, too.

Yeah, they're still good...

except that
I got a snag in this one...

and I'm trying to hold on
to them, because I put these...

It's OK.
Listen, Remember the gig.

You take the paper
over to my main man Sal.

You know where he hangs out?


You tell Sal there's a story
he's gonna like on page fifteen.

Now, listen, remember, Nicky,
this is a very special edition.

I don't want
nothing to happen to it.

I'd take it over myself...

but I'm in trouble
with the paper boy's union.

- You know what I mean?
- Yeah, I do.

Listen, you know,
you should go on strike...

and then you could get
your teeth fixed free. You know?

That's not a bad idea.
All right, listen, get going.

Come on, Fred. Come on, Freddy.

Tell Sal
I said for him to tip you.

OK. Come on, Fred.

Hey, listen, we got to do this
again some time.

Which way?

Just keep going over
the bridge...

and then we'll make a right
onto Carson on the south side.

You decided where
you're gonna do your residency?

I think Stanford. You?


- Got a scholarship?
- Partial.

Me, too. Parental.

Mine's fraternal.

Rich older brother, huh?

He's twelve minutes older.

Really? Identical?

What's he do?

He works for the city.

I will.

Hey, save me
two of them tickets...

to see the Hulk, will you, Leon?

Gino and me
are having a birthday.

Come on, Fred.
We'll be twenty-six.

That's fine, Nicky.

Hey, Nicky,
how's it going today?

You want to do me a favor
and pick my nose for me?

Come on, pick it for me.

I like your hat.

You know, I don't get down
to this neighborhood very often.

You can just drop me off
on the next corner up there.

Wait, pull over the car! Stop!

- What?
- Stop the car!

Come on, you guys!

Hey, you better run, you punks!
You all right?

- I bit my lip.
- Let me see.

- It's OK.
- Is it bleeding?

Yeah. We'll put some ice on it.

I was just walking along,
and those boys...

they started bothering me
and calling me names.

Well, you have to learn
to keep out of their way, Nicky.

You've got eyes.
Excuse me.

There you go, Jennifer.
Right through there.

It's over here.

Come on, Fred.

Nicky, make some coffee.
Do we have any?

L... I just bought some.

I got it. I picked it up.

I'm just gonna get changed
and washed up.

I'll be right back.

Nicky, I'm going
to be helping Jennifer...

with her studies for a while.

It's a job. I'm her tutor.

Gene is really smart.
Top of the class.


You OK? All right.

Find Jennifer
a place to sit down, Nicky.

Your brother has a temper.

Your brother has some temper.

One time when Frankie
the Squirrel was bothering me...

Gino came after him.

You should have seen
Frankie's face.

His nose was bleeding,
and his lips was bleeding...

and even his eyes was bleeding.

I thought Eugene
was gonna kill him.

We're getting a house together,
Gino and me, by a lake.

That's nice.

Gino loves me.


You know, I have one of those
at my house, too.

I got it at work.

- What kind of work do you do?
- Garbage.

Nicky, I thought you were gonna
find Jennifer a place to sit.

We're getting a house together,
you and me, Gino, huh?

Yeah, that's right.

Eugene, we gotta go.

We gotta be at Mrs. Gianelli's
for tortellini.

No, I have to study.
You go by yourself.

Gino has to study now.

Nicky, we're gonna have
the coffee you started to make.

You go on.

Here, I'll make it.

You want me to save you some?

No, thanks.

Nice to meet you, Jennifer.

It was nice
to meet you, too, Nicky.

Come on, Fred.

You're losing your paper.
Back pocket.

Oh, jeez. I forgot.

Guido gave me it
to deliver for him.

He gave me a ten-dollar tip.

Ten dollars
to deliver a newspaper?

What's that?

Who's this Guido?

Where does he hang out?

At the scrapyard
by the railroad.

Nicky, stay here!

Wait up!

What are you gonna do?

- Are you Guido?
- What?

- Are you Guido?
- Who wants to know?

I'm his brother.

- Are you retarded, too?
- Come here!

Come on.

What did I do?

Don't be mad at me.
I didn't know he was...

What do you do?
You have a life!

I can only take
so much care of you, Nicky!

You know he's shit!
You can see he's shit!

He's a drug dealer!
You have a responsibility!

Do you understand me?

I can't watch you every minute.
I'm not God.

Go upstairs.

- What happened?
- It's nothing.

Are you OK?

I'm sorry.

I was just worried about you.

Just one of those days.

You sure you're OK?

Get some sleep.

Let's go get washed up.

Gotta go to Mrs. Gianelli's
for dinner.

I'm not hungry.

She's expecting you.

Maybe I'm not just slow.

Maybe I am stupid.

I don't want you feeling
sorry for yourself, Nicky.

Tell me again...

why I'm like this.

You fell...

and you struck your head...

and it did something
to your mind.

You couldn't think
as fast as some.

You grew a little slower.

But you're still able
to think...

and you're able
to see and hear...

and keep yourself strong.

And you have to believe
in your strength, Nicky.

You understand me, Nicky?

Your hand's bleeding.

Do you understand me?

I do.

Excuse me.

Dr. Levinson.

I need to talk to you.

This is as good a time as any.

I'm having second thoughts
about Stanford.

Well, there's nothing you can do
about Stanford now.

You wanted to study
with Meyerson.

I don't know
if it's going to be possible.

We worked hard
to get you into Stanford.

It's about Nicky.

I thought you said
he could manage here.

I know I did,
but I'm not so sure.

Then take him with you.
What does he say about it?

I don't know
if he could make the change.

Did you tell him?

No, not yet.

You want to be a doctor.
Doctors make decisions.

You better get used to that.

All right,
so she's got this great bod...

like Dolly Parton.

Skinnier, like Charlie's Angels.


Great bod, long legs, cool car.

I'm telling you, Nick,
the writing's on the wall.

What wall?

Two's company, three's a crowd.

You put him
through medical school.

He's dumping you like a rock.

Don't be dumb, Nick.

He's making her, right?

Making her what?

Come on, he's doing it to her.

Doing what?

He's helping her to study
is all.

Yeah, sure, and
I'm the Pope's long lost son.

Time for a coffee break, fellas.

At least the old fart's
right on time.

It won't be long...

before you get a postcard
from Atlantic City.

"Having a wonderful time.
Glad you're not here. "

Naw, Eugene would never do that.

I don't read so good, anyways.

What's in Atlantic City?


Could you give me a hand?

Sure thing, Mrs. Vinson.

Time for the weekly plumbing
problem over at Mrs. Vinson's.

Snake Higgins to the rescue.
You gonna come this time, Nick?

- No.
- Aw, why not, man?

She's giving it away for free.

You don't even have to pay
sales tax.

How's my best friend doing?

I got a new comic book, Nicky.

- It's really outerspaced.
- Yeah? Let's see.

Want some raisins?

this lady's in her underwear.

"But later that night...

"long after
the brotherhood had departed...

"Farcus began a special
experiment of his own. "

What does it say down here?

"Don't worry, my dear.
I'd never freeze anything...

"as warm and as lovely
as you are. "

Now she's getting tied up.

"When the voltage hit,
it triggered the acid...

"and her brain
kicked into high gear. "

Now she's sitting on a dragon.


Told you to stay in the yard.

Get back in the house.

What are you looking at, goofy?

What's your problem?

What are you doing,
playing with your dick out here?

Keep away from my kid,
you hear me?

All right?
Now get out of here.

Go on, get out of here.

He's a scavenger.

He's an artist.

Well, whatever he is,
he doesn't know he is.

He just is.

- "Is" is nice.
- Yeah, "is" is great.

Try moving "is"
from Pittsburgh to Stanford.

You've got a problem.

I know I got a problem...

and I can't figure out
what to do.

Levinson says I'm a doctor.
Solve it.

I can't just solve it.
It's not a simple matter.

It's quite a thing, though.

A boy like that putting a boy
like you through medical school.

What, do you think
I'm not appreciative?

- Don't get defensive.
- I'm not being defensive.

It wasn't an accusation.

It sounded like it.

Maybe you're too sensitive.

Did you ever have the feeling
that you wanted to go...

and then you had the feeling
that you wanted to stay?

Go, stay, go, stay.

That's nice. You look better
with your cheeks up.

Don't try to rescue me.


I won't.

Won't even try.

Hi, boy.
You been a good boy today?

Look what I found for you.
Yeah, there you go.

You cooking?

No. Jennifer's cooking.

You hungry?

- Yeah. I guess so.
- Good.

- Eugene.
- What?

Can I talk to you?

Yeah, what?

I got to talk to you.

What is it, Nicky?




Leon said that we got to buy
our tickets to Wrestlemania...

they're going really fast...

so I'm gonna take some money
out of the box, OK?

Just you and me, OK?

Yeah, of course just you and me.

- Hey, guys?
- Yeah.

This dinner's getting cold.

Can she cook good?

I don't know. We'll find out.

Look, try to remember
to eat with your mouth closed.

But sometimes it's hard
to breathe without my mouth.

Well, then breathe
through your nose.

But it's always stuffed up.

Well, then breathe
through your ears.

Come on.

How was your day?

It was good.


Leon's saving us two tickets
to Wrestlemania.

Our birthday's coming up.

Oh, really?

Me and Eugene
are gonna see it together.

The best seats.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- Good.
- Nicky?

Do you like cheese?

- I love it.
- Great.

- I'm starving.
- Yeah, me, too.

- Want some more wine, Jennifer?
- Yes, please.

Here we go.

Lots, yeah.

How's your lip?

Much better.

What happened to your tooth?

My friend Larry dropped
a garbage can off the truck...

and it hit me in the mouth.

Oh, one time,
Eugene got me this fake tooth...

but it kept falling off,
and I'd swallow it.

And Eugene would have to stick
his finger down my throat...

to make me throw up.

Nicky, we're eating here.

Yeah, I know. It's real good.

See, this finger
is the one that works best.

Sort of like this.

We get the picture.

My mom did the same thing.

I was really lucky today.

I found just what I needed...

to see if this toaster oven's
going to work.

I found this cord
down at Hudson Street.

They throw a lot of 'lectrical
stuff away down there.

Nicky, don't touch it!
No, don't touch that!

Are you all right?

Boy, that was a close one.

Jennifer thinks
you're very special.

You like her, I like her.

She's just somebody
I'm helping out.

Mrs. Gianelli cooks better.

Oh, you can say that again.

Mrs. Gianelli cooks better.

What'd you say?

What are you,
some kind of wise guy, huh?

Give me some of that.
Give me some of that.

Oh, that feels good.

Only two more days
till our birthday, Nicky.

Hey, Nicky Luciano. What are you
doing, catchin' flies?

Hi, Vince.
Hey, Tony.

I'll have...

three... three slices
with pepper and sausage...

and... and... and a large pepsi.

Where's Gino?
We ain't seen him lately.

Yeah, that's 'cause
he's got a luscious nurse...

on the operating table.

You're a wisenheimer, Larry.

He told me to say hi.
It's our birthday.

Hey, it's on the house.
My best customer.

Thanks, Tony.

- Hey, Nicky, how they hangin'?
- Hi, Lew.

It's our birthday today.

- Happy birthday, kid.
- Hey, thanks, Perry.

Hey, how's your brother?

He's studying.
I'll tell him you said hi.


So what are you gonna do
for your birthday?

You gonna get laid?

No. Gino and me
are gonna see Hulk Hogan.

Hey, Abe. How you doing?

I got a hot new recruit for you.

Oh, yeah? Who's he with?

He's with me.
He's with Johnson.

He thinks Johnson's his friend.

Tell him
what's good for him, Abe.

What's good for you is a 26%
wage increase over 3 years.

Johnson won't give you shit.

He gave me this hat.

The city's gonna be buried
in garbage, my friend.

I love it!

Nicky, listen, it's me.

I'm not gonna be able
to make it tonight.

Something came up here
at the hospital.

We don't have enough people
to take care of everything...

so I have to stay.

But, Eugene, it's our birthday.

Nicky, I understand that,
but it's an emergency...

and I have to take care of it...

and I have to stay here,
I told you.

But it's our birthday.

We... we already got the tickets.

Look, try to understand, please.

- Come on, Luciano, we got to go.
- OK, I got to go.

Take Mr. Johnson or Larry, OK?

Please try to understand, Nicky.

- Trauma team to emergency, stat.
- I got to go. Say OK.

I don't want to go without you.

OK, I'll be right there.
I'm coming.

Nicky, please?

All right. I'll see you later.

I want to personally
thank the brain surgeon...

for dumping on you again.

I didn't have much to do tonight

He's hard-workin'.
Don't say no more.

Don't get pissed.

I'm just saying I appreciate
the invitation is all.

I'm trying to help you learn
to take care of yourself.

Row thirty-eight, huh?

That's not bad.

What'd they set you back?

I don't want to go
to Wrestlemania.

You don't?

No. You can have the tickets.

I don't want to go.

Keep 'em.

I got a better idea.

Nicky, I am gonna give you
a real birthday party.


my head onto another body.

Fly me to the moon, honey!

Oh, ride 'em, cowgirl!

And you stayed with him...

helping him
in his grotesque work...

that he claims is for science.

Is there a place for me
on the outside of this?

A world where...

eyes would look upon me
with pity...

people wouldn't turn away
from me in disgust?

The alcoholic has his bottle,
but don't panic.

- I have my research.
- What?

I was just watching this movie.

I know this one. It's damn good.

"The Brain That Wouldn't Die. "

The lady with the big eyes.
Her head's on a tray.

And the best part's
just coming up.

Could you open this for me?

My nails, I...

bring my baby back up here!

We can party,
prove yourself to be a man.

I am a man!

Of course you're a man.


you can join in the fun
if you want to.

I don't really care. I just
enjoy the company, that's all.

Happy birthday, Nicky.

Thank you.

- You want a sip?
- No.

Oh, come on,
you have to have a sip.

It's your birthday.

Oh, I love this.

Come on, let's dance. Come on.

Oh, come on, now.

You must never let a lady
dance by herself.

Come on.

That's it.

That's right.
You got it now, yeah.

That's right. You got it.

And here we go!

Hey, cutie.

All right.
Look at you go, yeah.

Whoo! Here we go.

Oh, you are so good.

What the hell
are you doing down here?

- Whoo! All right!
- All right!

Get in there!

Now you're cookin'!

This is what I call a party.

What you doing out here
so late, huh?

Bedbugs after you?

It's pretty late
for you to be out, you know?

A lot of weirdos out.

Your mom and dad.

Joey's crying again.

Little babies
are supposed to cry.

It's their job.

Michael, you better get in here.

My daddy gets really mad.

what happened to your face?

I fell down.

Where the hell is he?

Get in here now!

- What's he doing outside?
- He's talking.

Get in here!

What are you doing outside?
Where the hell you been?

Up in your room.

Come on, Nicky.
We're out of here.

Happy birthday, kid.

Eugene Luciano, please.

OK, give me a minute,
I'll check for you.

Thank you.

But he's got to be there.

Apparently, he left the hospital
about fifteen minutes ago.

Who did he... who did he go with?

Um, hold on.

But... Hello?

He's stiffin' you
for what's-her-name, right?

He's not there.

Life sucks, pal.

You're the moneymaker,
and he's out playing around.

Bust your ass hauling garbage...

and he dumped you like a rock.

On our birthday.

Me and Eugene.

I don't believe it.

It's your birthday, Nicky.
Have a drink.

It's bullshit, man.

He's out banging
what's-her-name's brains out.

He tutors her one minute,
he bangs her the next...

then it's "So long, bro," and
a postcard from Atlantic City.

Damn right.

You've got to fight
for your rights, Nicky.

Nobody else is gonna.

Don't trust nobody.
Don't let nobody bullshit you.

It's like...

It's like playing...

playing Russian roulette
with a machine gun.

You know what I'm saying?

It's suicide, man.

Come on.

Tomorrow, we strike!

I got to go home.

- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Hey, what?

My buddy!



Come here, Fred.

Nicky, where have you been?

You're drunk.

I've been standing up
for my rights...

'cause... 'cause
it's like Russian rolaids.

Nicky, you know
you're not supposed to drink.

What have you been up to, Nicky?

You're covered with perfume.
What's going on?

Hi, Nicky. Happy birthday.

You said you was workin'.

I was working.

Jennifer gave me a ride home
so I could see you.

I don't believe you.

I just brought Gino home.

Come here.


- See? I brought you a cake.
- I don't want cake.

I had... I had brownies
at Mrs. Vinson's.

Who's Mrs. Vinsons?

She's my girlfriend.

You didn't even care
about our birthday, Eugene...

and it only comes once a year.

I told you
I was tied up at the hospital.

I wanted to see you
before the night was over.

Now I have to go back
to the hospital.

Yeah, so's you can
bang out her brains.

Oh, Jesus, Nicky.
I'm sorry, Jennifer.

It's OK.

You think I don't know
what's going on?

You think I don't know...

you're gonna go 'lantic City
and leave me behind?


Atlantic City?

Oh, Larry.
I'm gonna strangle him.

- Bullshit!
- I'm putting you to bed.

Come on!

Get in there. Where you going?

- I shouldn't be here.
- No. Don't you go.

No. No. She goes.

I'm staying,
'cause this is my home!

- Get in there!
- You have to work this out!

I'll be downstairs, OK?

I put you through
medical school...

and now you dump me.

L... I... I bust my friggin' ass...

and now you're screwin'
her brains out!

Get into that bedroom!

My money!

I make it on a garbage truck!

You go to school, I work!

I make money,
'cause I'm a moneymaker!

- Shut your mouth!
- I'm a moneymaker!

Shut up! What do you think
my life's about?

You don't think
it has something to do with you?

Huh? You fuckin' idiot!

My Angelo
used to take me riding.

Oh, we had so much fun.

We'd laugh, and we'd talk,
and we'd sing.

Good dog.

Good, good.

Look, about what happened
last night...

I didn't mean to get you so mad.

It wasn't your fault.

I got angry, very angry...

and I don't want to get angry
like that again.

You wanted to hurt me,
didn't you?

I'd never hurt you, Nicky.

I'd rather die than hurt you.

I should have never got drunk
like that.

It wasn't your fault.

It wasn't anything that you did.

See, I've had something
on my mind for a while...

and I've been
all angry inside...

because I don't know
how to deal with the problem.

You mean like how
you're always workin' so hard...

and you're always tired
and stuff?

The problem is...

is I want to be a doctor...

and I can't finish being
a doctor here in Pittsburgh.

I have to go away to finish.

And I have to go alone.

I'd rather be with you...

but it just seems like
it's better for both of us...

- You're mad at me.
- No, Nicky.

It's better for both of us
if I go by... What?

- Where'd he come from?
- I don't know. He just ran out.

- I didn't see him.
- Is he all right?

Mrs. Gianelli
told me about Fred.

I'm sorry.

They go to heaven, too,
you know.

If I was God...

I wouldn't let that happen
to my boy.

Hello, mother.

It's Dominick.

All right,
you go down in the cellar.

- You hear me?
- Daddy! Aah!

God damn it!
You do what I say!

I'm only askin' one more time.
Go on.

You stupid little bastard.
Go on. Get down in the cellar.

I'm afraid.

I told you,
go on down in the cellar.

- I'm afraid.
- Afraid of what? Huh?

- Go on.
- Daddy, please.

- Go on. Get down in the cellar!
- Daddy, please!

Get down in the goddamn cellar!

Oh, my...


Uh, hello.
My boy's had an accident.

It looks real bad,
and I need an ambulance.

Come on, man,
I got to do all the work?

Let's go.
We ain't got all day.

You OK?

What's wrong?

Hey, come on, talk to me, buddy.

Mr. Johnson!

What's the matter?

What the devil's the hold up?

Something's wrong with Nicky.
Come here.

What's the matter?

Hey, sit down.

Something happened.
I don't know what.

What's the matter, boy?

Come on, son. Talk to me.

In here?

Help me!
Somebody. Could you please...

What's going on, Nicky?

My boy just fell down the steps.

It was an accident,
but he hit his head real bad.

- Did you call an ambulance?
- Mikey?

Oh, hey, Nick, he's gonna be OK.

Come on, now,
you're scaring me, OK?

Listen, will you trust me?
Everything's OK.

Well, hurry up, will ya?

I'm not kiddin' now.
It's all right.

You stay here.
Keep your eye on him.

What's going on?

Your little boy
is hurt in there.

It's OK, Nick. There's his mom.
It's going to be OK.

Guys, what's going on over here?
What's happening? Nicky?

You know Mikey, little Mikey?
He fell down a flight of stairs.


Stay there!

Did you call an ambulance?

Over there!

House over there!

All right, here we go.

Yeah, you want to get that door
for me, sir?

It's gonna be all right.
They're going down to get him.

They'll take care of him,
all right?

It's not good.

Can you grab that blanket,

Mikey, mommy's right here.

Mommy's driving with you, honey.

It's gonna be all right.

Watch... watch that step.
Mikey, mommy's right here, OK?

Easy down.

She's right here, Mikey.

Watch around the corner there.
Watch your step.

mommy's still here, honey.

It's OK, honey. He's OK.

He'll be all right once
they get him to the hospital.

- Wait. I wanna... I wanna... OK.
- Here you go, ma'am.

You go in front.

It's gonna be OK.

Mom, what happened to Mikey?

Is he gonna be OK?

Where you going, boy?

You didn't see nothin'.

You say you saw anything,
and I'll kill you.

I swear I will.

You don't know nothing.

He's dead.

Memorial hospital.
Can I help you?

I just don't understand it.

I'm glad you came.
There's some coffee.

Would you like some coffee
over here?

- Who's the young man?
- Thank you.

Real, real good friend
of Mikey's.

He was here
when the accident happened.

Make sure
he gets the vegetables.

I know.

- Here you go, boy.
- He didn't eat his...

didn't eat his lunch again.

Oh, God.
It's the third time this week...

he didn't have his lunch.

- Don't think about that.
- But he...

Oh, my God, my poor baby.

let's sit down and take a rest.

- Oh, my baby.
- Don't think about it now.

Oh, God!

Joey's crying!

Joey, baby!

I'm sorry, Joe!

Joey, daddy'll be right there.

You got to get
ahold of yourself, OK?

There's nothing
we can do about it now.

Everything's gonna be OK.

Hey, what are you doing?

I got a gun. I got a gun.

Please, don't! Don't!

Stay away.

I'll get the baby.

Call the police!

Theresa, go back inside.


Baby, what are we gonna do?

It's OK.

Stay right where you are.

Halt! Come back out in the open
with your hands in plain sight!

- You got to let me talk to him.
- Not now.

Stay invisible.

We have a baby involved here.

The man is armed. I want you
to use extreme caution.

I don't want any hotheads.

He's not gonna use any gun.

You don't need that.

Lieutenant, are we dealing
with a child molester here?

Not now.

Let me go in and talk to him.

I know I could reason with him.
I could bring him out...

and the baby
won't get harmed or anything.

Come on, I'm his brother.
Let me talk to him.

Give him a flashlight.

Bring an engine
around the rear exposure.

Where are you?

Nicky, they... they told me
that you have a gun.

If that's true, put it down.

Do you hear me?

Answer me, Nicky.

There's an army out there,

I don't want you to get hurt.

Tell me why you're doing this.

Why don't we take the baby home
and talk about this, OK?

Nicky, God damn it!

- I got to protect him.
- Protect him from what, Nicky?


His... his dad's gonna hurt him...

just like...

You've been lying to me, Eugene.

I never fell in no accident.

Our dad hurt me.

Ain't that right, Eugene?

- Let me talk to you.
- Why didn't you tell me?

Why did you lie?

Why can't you tell things
like they are?

Why are you so mad at me?

Why is everybody
so mad at everybody?

Well, I ain't gonna let
nobody be mad at baby Joey.

Nicky! Nicky, wait a minute!

He hit me, didn't he?

Why, Eugene?

Was I bad?

Oh, God, no, Nicky.

You were good.

You were brave.

You were always
standing up to him.

I was always scared.

Like the day that it happened.

He... he was out of his mind...


I thought
he was going to kill me.

And you stood in front of me
to protect me.


He hit you...

and he hit you...

and he hit you...

and I've hated him
every day of my life...

for what he did to you.

And I'm afraid
that I'm just like him.

You're not.

I swore that I'd never
let anyone hurt you again.

I didn't tell you the truth.

I'm sorry.

You're good to me.

You always give me everything...

every day.

I love you, Eugene.

And you can go away.

I won't be mad.

I'm... I'm staying here...

and I'm waitin' for you
to be a doctor.

Don't you worry about me.
I'll be OK.

I don't even mind if you cry.

You cry better than this baby,

Oh, the baby. Oh.

He's... he's
a really good baby, Gino.

He... he hardly cries
or nothin'...

except I think he might have
made a mess in his diapers.

I promise you, nothing's gonna
happen to this baby, Nicky, OK?

Coming down now!

Keep everyone away
from the building, OK?

Coming out now.

Don't shoot.
Everything's fine.

The baby's fine.
Everything's OK.

Here's the gun.
Everything's fine.

It's OK.

Come on.

It's OK.

Stay here.

Son of a bitch stole my kid!

- It's OK.
- Eugene, you OK?

Hey, hey, hey, hey, come on.

He pushed Mikey down the stairs!

He pushed him!

He beated him,
and... and then he pushed him...

and... and that's why Mikey died.

- No. You're lyin'.
- I seen it!

He's lyin'!

Oh, my God.

Terri, he's lyin'.
It's not true.

Oh, my God.

You're lyin'!

It's not true! It's not true!

Hey, Jimmy, here they come.

Stay back. Stay back.

You can all go home now.

Can we talk to you?

Yo, Nicky! You OK?

Nobody's hurt.

Him? Yeah.
He's my best buddy.

Uh, we haul garbage together.

I'll tell you one thing, man...

that baby
was as safe as a kitten.

He wouldn't hurt nobody.

This gonna be on tonight?

I'm proud of you.

Take care.

When I get a number...

I'll call
and leave it with Nicky, OK?

OK, great.

L... I fixed you something to eat.

I put it in the front seat, OK?


Don't worry, OK?

- I got you something.
- You did?

Yeah. L... I... I... I thought
you could remember it by me.

Larry took it with his kodak.

I'll take good care of it.

I'll keep it
right next to my bed.

I made the frame
with pipe cleaners.

I got to go.

Hope your car don't fall apart.

It won't.

Don't get a flat tire.

No. No flat tire.

I'll see you at Christmas.

See you Christmas.

I love you.

I love you, Eugene.

Go ahead!

Come on.


Oh, jeez.

Come on, we need the Hulk.

Come on, Hulk!

Go! Go! Go! Go!

Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Put it down.

Wait a minute, wait a minute.

Don't try to do this
by yourself.

All right, come on, now.

OK, I got it.

Take it easy, take it easy.

- Yo, Mr. J!
- All right, slow it down.

What the hell with your eye?
Come on.

Anytime now, Einstein.

One, two, three.

- Up!
- Up!

High ten! High ten!

Oh, well.