Dolly Parton's Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love (2016) - full transcript

An unexpected blizzard threatens the Parton family, while at the same time Dolly's father (and his kids) make sacrifices to raise enough money to finally buy his wife the wedding ring he could never afford to give her. Meanwhile, an important person in little Dolly's life begins to see that her amazing voice and musical gift might just be made for something bigger than rural Tennessee.

Hey, everybody,
don't you just love

my home away from home?

All decorated so beautifully
for the holidays.

You know, millions of you
joined us last Christmas

for "Coat Of Many Colors,"
and I love you for that

and tonight we're gonna see

another true story
of a Christmas miracle

that happened
during my childhood.

Now, I call this one,
"Circle Of Love."

That special circle has
guided me my whole life

including one unforgettable
painted angel

who touched my life in ways

that I could
never have imagined.

Angels and miracles
come in many forms

as you're gonna see
in "Circle Of Love."

♪ Circle of love ♪

♪ Halo of light ♪

♪ When Jesus was born ♪

♪ On that Christmas night ♪

It had been a hard summer
and fall at our mountain home

but even after facin'
both drought and loss

something beautiful
had happened.

Oh, come on,
mere minutes to town.

Mama's prayers
were finally answered

on the day that my daddy
first stepped foot

in my grandpa's church.

Lee Parton was a changed man.

And now with Christmas comin',
we were all full of hope.

- 'Okay.'
- 'Remember your books.'

'Hi, Lord. It's Dolly.
I'm back.'

So, Lord, I'm thinkin'

how them shiny,
red patent-leather shoes

would look
on my dainty little feet.

I like that dress.

- Where's Dolly?
- Oh. Dolly Rebecca Parton..

Gotta go,
but just one more thing, Lord.

Can I please play
the Virgin Mary

in the Birth of Baby Jesus

Annual Christmas Pageant
this year?

I know I ask every year.

But if I could
just play Mary once

I'll never ask
for anything else again.


Except for maybe
a white Christmas.

Thank you and Amen.

- Ow!
- Sorry.

Wait for me, I'm comin'!

Hey! Don't.. Wait, I'm comin'!

Wait for me!

- Up you go.
- Ugh!

- Uh, uh..
- Oh..

I almost had to walk!

Come in, come in.

Rudy, shut the door
before you let the heat out.

- Yes, Miss Moody.
- Oh, I love the wish book.

Everything you could
ever dream of is in here.

'I want these shiny,
red patent-leather shoes.'

Wouldn't they look
just too dandy with my coat?

You best be decidin'

'cause one store bought
present's all you're gettin'.

- I want a green farm truck.
- I want a Swiss Army knife.

I want a Betsy Wetsy.
She wets herself.

I have one of those.

I told Miss Moody we can use it
for the Baby Jesus this year.

We can't have a Baby Jesus that
wets the manger, Bessie Jean.

'What kind of mother are you?'

With all the practice you've had
playin' Mary every blessed year

you'd think you knew better.

Come on, y'all.

You think it's fair
that Bessie Jean

gets to play Mary every year?

She's perfect. Why?
Do you wanna?

Of course, I do.
She's the star of the show.

It's my destiny.
Why wouldn't I?

For one thing

Mary is kind of...holy.

I can be holy.

Girls, to your seats.

I know we are all excited
about Christmas and the pageant

but we have got to finish
this semester's work first.

Let's bow our heads and pray.
Who would like to lead us today?

Alright, Dolly.

Oh, Lord, thank you
for the Baby Jesus.

- But also for his mama, Mary.
- Mmm.

My mama says
Mary was just a plain old girl

with a heart for you.

I wanna believe

there's a little Mary
in all of us.

Some, maybe more than others.

But I have hope.

'Cause instead of a perfect girl

you picked a plain one
with a big heart

to change the world forever.


Why, Dolly,
what a lovely prayer.

Why don't you just hold up
a sign that says

"Give me the part of Mary,
Miss Moody, not Bessie Jean?"

You know your problem,
Rudy Sanders?

- You got no holiness in you.
- Neither do you, missy.

'Alright, class,
open your books to chapter two.'

Is your husband ever gonna
speak to me again, Avie Lee?

It's been months
since I spoke out of turn.

Oh, Corla, don't worry yourself.

You know how slow men can be
to turn the other cheek.

Especially Mr. Lee Parton.

And him a new Christian too.

Okay, I'm gonna
take 'em out for ya...

Oh, no, you don't have
to take 'em out.

No harm in lookin'.

- 'Miss Bass?'
- I'll be right back.

'Miss Bass?'

Hello, Miss Ann,
how can I help you?

'David's Swiss Army knife
is $3.95.'

'Bobby's farm truck, $3.98.'

Willadeene's poetry book
is $2.25.

Denver's Duncan
Super Tournament Yo-Yo

with trick book is $1.99.

Cassie's royal tea set, $3.98,
Dolly's red shoes $3.49

'and Stella's Betsy Wetsy
is $4.95.'

You know, with wet nappies
comin' out of her ears

why does she want a doll
that pees?

You don't get to pick
the present.

You just get
to have it here by Christmas

and that comes to exactly $24.59

and I think
we just might make it.

Yeah, if nothin' goes wrong.

You know, it's silly
gettin' Dolly these red shoes.

She's just gonna outgrow 'em.

I'll put my egg money
in the kitty.

Dolly gets her shiny red shoes.

- What does mama get?
- Nothin'.

I got everythin' I want,
my children and you.

A weddin' ring?

After eight kids

I'm just about as married
as I can get.

I don't think a ring is gonna
make it any more official.

Besides, like you say..'s just a piece of metal.

I said that?


Oh, I was just
after your egg money.

I knew you had some good layers.

Look at them.

Mary and Joseph.

Nobody's that happy.

Why should I be smelly old sheep

but Bessie Jean
gets to play Mary every year?

Maybe because
she's sweet as honey. Tsk.


Well, there must have been
dookie in that beehive.

She's a devil, alright.

Good thing you prayed
that humdinger yesterday.

There's nothin' wrong
with prayin' for what you want.

Don't you wanna be a star?


I like being the donkey.

Where no one can even see ya?

That don't make a lick of sense.

Class, I've got an announcement.

After much deliberation
and soul-searching

I have chosen the cast.

'The Parton boys
are going to play The Wise Men'

'and, Stella, you are going
to be The Star of Bethlehem.'

How about that, Dolly?

I'm the first in the family
to be a star.

'And this year'

the role of Mary
will be played by..

'...Miss Dolly Parton.'

Do it.
I double dog dare ya.

And the part of Joseph,
Mary's beloved husband

will be played
by Mr. Rudy Sanders.

- Eww!
- He's a keeper.

So are you over Rudy
playing Joseph?

I'll never get over it.

But I have to think past it,
to my future.

Good things are comin' out
of me bein' the star already.

But don't ask me,
I can't say a word.

- I promised Miss Moody.
- Like what?

Okay, just be
surprised tomorrow.

You get to play

the angel Gabriel
in the pageant.

You'll be beside me.

I just told her,
"Miss Moody, Judy is tall

"stronger than most of the boys
and got a fierce look

that could drop
a charging bear."

Yeah, like that!

That's great, Judy.
See, I knew you'd be good.

How could you do
somethin' like that

without even askin'?

Who'd wanna play a donkey butt

when they could be
an angel of God?

Me. I told you that.

Well, that's just
plum crazy, Judy.

Everybody wants to be a star.

You do. You want
to be the star.

Pardon me for carin'
that my best friend was stuck

in the back end of a donkey.

I just see you better
than that, that's all.

You know,
sometimes you don't see

past the nose on your face,
Dolly Parton.

I told you that
I wanted to be the donkey.

Front or back.

But that's just not
good enough for you, is it?

Maybe I'm just not
good enough for you.

You's acting
like a donkey's butt now.


Oh, thank God.

I thought you were a rat.

I was about to brain you
with this broom, girl.

Are you gettin' into
my preserves?

- Mnh-mnh.
- Oh, scoot over

and let me wipe off everything
you ain't been eatin'.

I'm real happy for you, Dolly,
get to play Mary.

You've had your heart
set on it for so long.

God hears your prayers.

Well, who prayed for him
to give me a bug-eatin' husband?

And turn my best friend
against me?

Now, was it God
that talked Miss Moody

into givin' Judy a speakin' part
she didn't want?

Or was that you?

You's the one always sayin'
love never fails.

So when you love someone

shouldn't you want
the best for them?

You should, and I know
you meant good, baby

but did you ever stop to think
about what Judy might want?

She wants to be the backside
of a donkey her whole life

I reckon.

Maybe, just maybe
what Judy wants

is for you to love and accept
her for just who she is.

I accepted her
as my best friend.

She turned on me
and hurt my feelings.

Friends don't do that.

Are we dead, mama?

They're gone!

Oh, God, they're gone!

- Avie Lee, what, what?
- Oh..

Avie Lee, you're dreamin',
wake up! Who's gone?

...tears were frozen
on their faces!

All our babies are dead!

Come here, honey. Honey,
let me show you somethin'.


Take a breath, take a breath.
Come here.

Avie Lee, Avie Lee,
it's alright.

- It's alright.
- No.

Easy, take a breath. It's okay.

Slow down, slow down.

Look. See, Avie Lee.
See, they're all sleepin'.

They're safe and warm
as can be.

- You just had a bad dream.
- No.

My dreams are not like yours.

Like anybody's.

I know it's horrible,
but please, Lee.

My dreams mean somethin'.
I need you to believe me.

- I need you to trust me, I ne...
- Fine, Avie Lee.

You want me to
put up more wood?

I will, so you don't
have to worry.

Food, I-I mean, we have plenty,
but I'll find more.

Water, I can dig another well.

But don't ask me to believe
in a crazy nightmare

about our kids dying...

I am not askin' you
to believe in a nightmare.

I'm askin' you to believe in me.

There is more to this world
than you see, Lee Parton.

Do not be afraid, Mary.

You are highly favored
by the Lord.

Well, who wouldn't be afraid?

Do you have to play it with fire
coming out of your eyeballs

like you hate me?

Well, you're the one who
wanted me to play the dang part.

Okay, well, Gabriel is scary
but also loving.

Let's pick it up
from the script.

'And speak clearly now. We want
the whole church to hear you.'


You are to have a baby, Mary

and he will be the son of God.

Well, how will this be, Gabriel,
since I am a virgin?

That's impossible.

Anybody who lives on a farm

'know where babies are born.'

And we all live on farms.

Well, you're not
in the barnyard now, Rudy.

Joseph was a carpenter, think
about buildin', not birthin'!

Miss Moody, you think
my wife should be

bad-mouthin' me like that?

It's Judy's fault!

It's hard to be holy
when you ain't getting no love

from an archangel.

Can somebody please tell me

where we are in this here play?

I've no idea, and I have lines.

Me too. I have lines too.

Class, class, I'm thinkin'

until we really understand
the material

that we should put it
in our own words.

Make it more natural.
Now, where were we?

Well, the fire-eyed
angel Gabriel

has come and scared me
half to death

tellin' me in the meanest way
that I'm havin' a baby.

Which Joseph can't understand

except in some
barnyard kind of way.

Hey, don't act
like I'm the fool.

We all know
where babies come from.

Right out the butts
in the barns.

'Ain't that right, Miss Moody?'

Well, uh..

The Immaculate Conception

was how, how..

The Holy Spirit came upon her,
you big galoot.

You got it?

I got that you are being
mean-eyed angel

who ain't got no business
tryin' to be holy.

- That's true.
- You either.

Why would God pick
a sawed-off little runt like you

to play the mama of Baby Jesus?

Speak of her betrothed

being the size
of two husbands, I reckon.

You don't even need to be Mary.

The only person
happier than mama

about daddy being saved
was Grandpa Jake.

He'd come over most mornings

with a thermos
full of hot coffee

and his beat-up old Bible

and he poured both liberally
into my daddy.

You want me to pray over it?

Yeah, then quietly
bury it somewhere.

Nah. You need a water pump,
not a funeral.

You know, Lee,
I have really enjoyed

these mornin' devotionals
that we've been havin'.

I don't know what's worse.

You lovin' me or hatin' me,


You think there's an answer for
everything in life in that book?

I do.

Well, does it say anything about
where a man earns his money?

Oh, the Bible says
a lot about money.

What's on your mind, Lee?

Well, a guy told me that
Cumberland Mines is hiring.


It's dangerous work, mines.

Isn't that a pretty steep risk
for a water pump?

- Yeah, there's more.
- Yeah, I figured.

I saw Avie Lee
holding a wedding ring

at Bass's store.

She looked like
a little girl dreaming.

I've never seen her
want something so badly.

Well, I seem to recollect
you saying that, uh

a wedding ring wasn't anything
more than a chunk of metal

and that you could get a lot
more use out of a keg of nails.

That's before I got religion,

Oh. Oh, oh.

I just don't want her
to give up on wanting things

because she married me.

Well, now, Avie Lee
tells her sisters everything

and bless their hearts,
they tell me.

And I hadn't heard a word

about her pining
for a wedding ring.

Hm. She buried it deep,

I just want
to see her smile again.

You know, not so full of fear
from the night terrors.

She been havin' visions?

She dreamt that all the kids
and her were in a circle.

Starvin', frozen to death.

Said it was a warnin'.

And then we got into a tussle on
whether it was a vision from God

or just a nightmare.

Avie Lee's had these visions

ever since
she was a little girl.

- It's a gift.
- More like a curse.

Can you help her
get rid of that?

Well, I'll tell you what
she wants more than that ring

is for you to trust her.

Trust that she can figure out
the sign with God's help.

How am I supposed to trust that
that is a sign from God?

Well, I believe if I was you
that I would reconsider the mine

and make up with my wife.
It'll be safer.

I'm gettin' her that wedding
ring, come hell or high water.

Don't let the sun go down
on your anger.

You remind her,
that's Biblical.

- Oh. You can't be mad at me!
- Whoa!

Lee, get off me, you big lug.

Look at me, woman.
You can't be mad at me.

Lee, I've been foldin'
these clothes for a half hour

and you come in, you're
covered in grease from head.. toe.

Bible says, "Don't let the sun
go down on your anger"

Avie Lee, and it's gettin' dark.

So you can't be mad at me
just 'cause I ain't perfect yet.

- Did daddy send you in here?
- No. Maybe so.

You know I never do things
unless I want to.

So just to show you
that I'm a changed man

and that I do trust you,
I'll do anything you want.


Sure, as long as it's Biblical.


It is very...Biblical.

Could we get this show
on the road?

You know I could die from this?

I think this water is beginning
to freeze around me.

You know,
summer is good bap...

- Lee is gettin' baptized.
- And then hospitalized?

Unless the spirit is movin' you

it ain't nothin'
but a freezing bath.

'It's up to you, I can't
help you on this one, hon.'

But make a decision.

Oh, hell, take me.

♪ Love and forgiveness ♪

♪ Ain't that what
God's love's all about? ♪

♪ 'Tis a season
He's the reason ♪

♪ He cleanses us
inside and out ♪

Lee Parton..

♪ And clean up this mess.. ♪

...I baptize you

in the name of the Father

and of the Son

and of the Holy Ghost.


♪ Now we're only human
we all make mistakes ♪

♪ Asking in earnest
is all that it takes ♪

♪ 'Cause He knows our secrets
our hopes and our needs.. ♪♪

Uncle Billy, it's Uncle Billy!

- Hey, Uncle Billy!
- Uncle Billy!

- Uncle Billy!
- 'Uncle Billy!'

- 'Uncle Billy!'
- Hi, Uncle Billy.

- Hi, Uncle Billy!
- Hey..

Uncle Billy, I still got
that guitar you gave me.

- Want to hear me sing?
- Yeah.

Hey, come on, kids.
You'll give him some space.

- Okay.
- Lee! You're squeaky clean.

Well, I'm not too old to still
whip you like a bad pup.

How you doin'?
Good to see ya.

Yeah, better late than never,
I reckon.

My number-one job
is to disappoint you, daddy.

- Y'all see my new car?
- Yeah, I see it.

Between the juke joints
and the pool halls

how you plannin'
on paying for it?

Well, I'll see you later, son.


Haven't seen you in ages.

- Better for you, darling.
- Just say yes, Billy.

- Yes, Billy.
- Alright, alright.

Y'all quit peckin' at him
like a bunch of hens.

You get in the car.
It's gonna be dark pretty soon.

Well, you're never gettin' out

of this Bible-beating
family now.

Billy, you're the only reason
I'd want to.

Hey, come see me
when you're done.


I'm not disappointed
in you, Billy.

I'm scared for you.

Day and night.

And it's a full-time job.

♪ Go tell it on the mountain ♪

♪ Over the hills
and everywhere ♪

♪ Go tell it on the mountain ♪

♪ That Jesus Christ is born ♪

♪ Go tell it on the mountain ♪

♪ Over the hills
and everywhere ♪

- Oh, dang!
- Ain't she darn good?


♪ That Jesus Christ is born ♪♪

'Yee-hoo-hoo-hoo. Yeah!'

Mm. Mince meat.

Ain't the pantry about full?

- Yes, it is.
- Avie Lee.

But ain't gonna be enough
for pies come Christmas Eve

if you don't stay out of it.

Look, I may be a new man.

But I ain't ever been
a patient one

and I ain't anymore here.

Shh. He's sleepin'.


He ain't a baby.

I mean, what kind of man sleeps
past 6 a.m. in the morning?

One that's on city time.
He's a musician.

He works most of the nights
and sleeps in the day.

You call that work?
He can't support a family.

Ain't got to.

He's young,
good-looking and talented.

He can do whatever he wants to.

Which is sleep in my chair,
I reckon.

You don't think he's in
some kind of trouble, do you?


He just feels comfortable
really. He's my baby brother.

Well, that doesn't mean
you gotta treat him like a baby.

I mean, Billy's a man now.

- Well, look who's jealous now.
- What, m-me? Jealous?

Feel that, woman.

- That's what a man feels like.
- Yeah. Okay.

Well, why don't you..

...take that big axe of yours..


...and go cut me
a Christmas tree? Go on.


Phew! I thought
he'd never leave.

Oh, me, neither.

Dolly Rebecca,
why ain't you in school?

Because me and Uncle Billy
sat up all night

playin' and singin'
and dreamin'.

Which Uncle Billy says is
more important than anything.

Ain't that right, Uncle Billy?

Yes, ma'am. You bet
your bottom dollar it is.

Your mama used to know that.

Back when she had the prettiest
voice in the whole county.

'Before she had kids.'

- 'Oh, yeah.'
- It's not true.

You had more talent than
the whole family put together.

Mama, did you wanna be a star?

- Mm-hmm.
- No. Now get on to school.


You ought not be fillin' her
head full of foolishness, Billy.

What, like you did me?

And why do you think
I am in the music business?

'Cause you believed in me.

I'm just returnin' the favor.

She's got somethin',
and you know it.

- Hey.
- Hot damn!

Shh. You'll give me away!

Ain't you supposed to be
at school?

Mm-hmm, but I had to talk to you
before you gone back

to Knoxville
and forgot about me.

I want you to make me a star,
Uncle Billy.

You do, do you?

And why should I do that?

'Cause I write songs,
I sing, I dance

and I pick that guitar
you give me most every day.

It's my destiny
to be a big star one day.

Every day I wake up
and it's like

"Is it gonna be today?"

I got me a big dream,
Uncle Billy.

And I think you're a part of it.

Is that a fact?

Well, how about you tell me all
about it on the way to school?

And when I get back
from Knoxville

we'll all have us a little talk
about your destiny.


Alright, is my Baby Jesus ready?

Can we get some help up
over here?

She's dry, Dolly,
and very clean.

Thank you, Bessie Jean.

That's real...proper.

Wise Men? Where are my Wise Men?

We're right here, Miss Moody.
Loaded up and ready to go.

Thank you. Alright,
I need my donkey in position.

Gloria, Claude.

See, you could've been
under there right now.

Nobody even know it.

A real friend
would understand that.

A real friend wouldn't be
so mean.

A real friend
wouldn't make me something

I don't want to be.

Judy? Judy, honey,
where you going?

You want me to fetch
the Goody's Powder, Miss Moody?

Hey, if we was huntin',
we'd be starvin'.

Every deer in the woods
can hear that racket.

What's in your pocket?

- Uncle Billy gave 'em to me.
- What for?

For being his favorite
nephew, I expect.

Hm. What about you?
You're not popular?

I was gonna buy mom
a Christmas present with it

but you can have it.

No, you boys hold on to it.

It's probably the only money
you'll get in this life

you don't have to sweat for.

And I got my own plans for mama
come Christmas.

Hey, Willadeene, Willadeene.

I've only got, like,
$28, no more.

So don't let her snooker you.

Just let me do
the talking, daddy.

We'll be in and out. No fuss.

Well, will wonders never cease?

Mornin', Mrs. Bass.

We're here looking
for a present for mama.

Well, what can I show you

for the woman
who has everything?

I want one of these rings.

Well, she certainly
doesn't have that.

Here, this is the one
she always looks at.

Oh. Wow!

This engraving.

No wonder
mama loves this ring.

- It is so...
- So Avie Lee.


- We'll take it.
- And pure gold.

How much?

$69.95, plus tax.

'Shall I ring it up?'

- ...comin' tonight.
- Oh, me too.

I've been waitin'..

I told her to hold it.


Look, Willadeene, I want
to get your mama that ring

for Christmas
more than anything.

But I don't know how to come up
with that money in a year

let alone two weeks.

I do.

But it'll take hard work
and sacrifice.

Mama's never had anything.

So now, it's our turn to do
something special for her.

She needs to know
she's worth some sacrifice too.

I know they'll do it.

I don't want to ask 'em that.

It's the only way, daddy.
Trust me.

I can never afford to buy
your mama a wedding ring.

And I want to get her
the wedding ring

that she's always wanted
this Christmas.

- It's great, daddy!
- She'll love it.

- It's so perfect.
- You got the money now?

No, not even close.

You're going to steal it, daddy?

No! How do you think
of things like that?

She don't know.

So how are you gonna get
the ring, daddy?

It's our turn to sacrifice.

Oh, no.

No, not my shiny red shoes.

We ain't gettin' no presents
for Christmas, daddy?

No store bought?

- No toy truck?
- No Betsy Wetsy?

We gotta choose.

'Us or mama?'

Show of hands
for gettin' mama the ring.

Oh, shoot fire.

Come here, Dolly.

Why does Dolly get
all the lovin'

when she's the last little one
to raise her hand?

'Cause I know
how hard it was for Dolly

to give up
those shiny red shoes.

I've never been more proud
of y'all than right now.

But givin' up our store bought
presents wasn't enough.

While mama thought we were
rehearsing for the pageant

we were plannin' ways
to make extra money

including selling
mama's canned goods.

♪ I used to stand on the corner
when I was a child ♪

♪ And I'd play my guitar
and sing as the people went by ♪

♪ The sidewalks were crowded ♪

♪ But I'd just sing louder ♪

♪ 'Cause I didn't mind ♪

♪ Spending my time
just spinning my rhymes ♪

♪ And singing
for nickels and dimes ♪

♪ Nickels and dimes ♪

♪ A song at a time
for nickels and dimes ♪

♪ A sidewalk rehearsal ♪

♪ For dreams
that I held in my mind ♪

♪ So if you remember
a child on the corner of time ♪

♪ You'll know
that I wrote this ♪

♪ To repay your nickels
and dimes ♪

♪ Oh nickels and dimes ♪

♪ A song at a time
for nickels and dimes ♪

♪ A sidewalk rehearsal ♪

♪ For dreams
that I held in my mind ♪

♪ The sidewalks were crowded ♪

♪ But I'd just sing louder
'cause I didn't mind ♪

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

♪ Just spinning my rhymes ♪

♪ And singing
for nickels and dimes ♪♪

Are you a dream?

Some women say
I'm their worst nightmare.

- Are you real?
- Am I real?

Well, let me hold
that money can

and you pinch me
and see for yourself.

Come on, pinch me.

You see? I'm real as rain.

I wanna look exactly like you
when I grow up.

Well, maybe you will,

Just maybe you will.

Look at that. Looks like you're
making more money than me.

You want me
to help you count this?

- Yeah.
- Okay. Let's do it.

Uncle Billy's comin'
and mama wants pickled okra.

This.. It's picked clean.

You know we didn't have
enough money for the ring

so Stella and Bobby
sold it all.

The okra was
a very popular item.

And how are we supposed to say

no pickled okra
for Uncle Billy?

Leave it to me.

Dolly Rebecca,
you are slow as molasses!

What is takin' you so long?

'Don't come down here, mama!
We got an Armageddon of rats!'

Oh, my God! Rats!

Uncle Billy,
you didn't forget me.

You are why I'm here, darlin'.

I'm gonna make you a star.

'And my mama made me pick out
the switch'

that she used on my legs
all the way home

and it burned like fire.

You look so tired, Lee.

He cut more than
six cords of wood stack.

- Dang, Lee.
- Lee.

Got chores to do.
Billy, you wanna come?

I will directly.

But I got a dime

for every kid who helps.

- Eeh! Really?
- Yeah. Yeah.

Billy, Billy, why don't you
hold on to your money?

There might be
a lot of disappointed girls

if you can't take 'em
to the picture show.

- Go to bed, kids.
- 'Goodnight, babies.'

- Goodnight, mama.
- I love you.

- Night, y'all.
- Goodnight.

- Thank you, Willadeene.
- 'Welcome, mama.'

Come on.

- Now, talk.
- 'Stella, get in bed.'

- 'Come on, Dolly.'
- I'm comin'.

You know, ever since
I heard Dolly sing..

...out at Lee's baptism

I've been thinking about
taking Dolly on the road.

I mean, she would be just right

for Cas Walker's radio show.

I think that would be
a great start for her.

I got some ideas about her,
Avie Lee. Whoof!

She's just a little girl

and this world
is such a big old place.

I know, I know.

But I'll be there
to look after her.

Better me
than some stranger, sis.

'Cause it is gonna happen,
Avie Lee.

And you know that, don't you?

I want her to be my little girl
for one more Christmas.

- Promise me.
- Sure, sis.

Yeah. Will he agree?

- No way. Never gonna happen.
- Yes, it can.

Listen, I, I got connections
in Nashville, okay.

'That can be very helpful.'

'People are drawn to her, Lee.'

I mean, when she sings

when she flashes
that little smile of hers, Lee

when she talks
her little talk, people stop...

Hear me, Billy.
Dolly ain't goin' to work.

Daddy, please, I love to sing.
It's all I want to do.

I know I could do a good job
on that radio show.

You don't need a job, Dolly.

Well, she's already got a job.

What, you just want her workin'
for you for free? Is that it?

Hey, Billy,
it's best you be leavin'.

Please don't fight.
I'll work all the jobs.

I love to work.

I hate school. I do, daddy.
You know I do.

I hope you're proud of yourself.

You got a nine-year-old
ready to quit school.

You want her to be uneducated
her whole life?

- Dolly, go to bed.
- Don't tell my kid what to do.

Dolly, go to bed. Now!

- Just remember, we're family.
- Now!

Everybody needs a dream, daddy!

This is mine!

Don't take it away from me!

You know, Billy, you show up
and you throw your money around

you get these kids all fired up.

But you're gonna be gone
come tomorrow

and all they're gonna have
is a couple of shiny nickels

and a stinkin' feelin'
in their gut

that they're never gonna
amount to nothin'.

Don't you know dissatisfaction
can ruin a person, Billy?

Yes, I do.

And when did you get
so comfortable with it, Lee?

Dolly was made to perform.
That's who she is.

She has a gift.

Avie Lee had it too.

Now, you want the same life
for Dolly?

You can't keep chopping wood
like this, Lee.

You're gonna do damage.

- I mean it.
- I'm done anyway.

Truck won't start,
and no one left to sell wood to.

We're okay. No need to worry.

Well, Billy's right. I can't
even provide for my family.

- He said that?
- He didn't say it, Avie Lee

- but he thinks it.
- He better not say that.

What kinda man can't
give his family a Christmas?

That's not true.
They get a present every year.

Oh, stop, Avie Lee. One present?

You think
that's all I want for them?

They are happy.
That's what matters.

- Dolly ain't.
- Dolly's different.

Any presents
would make her happy.

Yeah, tell that to
the shiny red shoes she wants.

Dolly's like a bird.
If it's shiny, she wants it.

But it ain't gettin' that makes
Dolly happy, it's givin'.

When she sings,
she gives everything she has.

Even if nobody's watching.
That's what makes Dolly happy.

Makin' other people happy,
that's her gift.

Hm. I see Billy's
convinced you too, huh?

Look, Avie Lee,
sometimes you gotta do things

you never thought you would do

'cause you can't see
any way around it

to get where you wanna go
when you're a man.

What kind of crazy talk is that?

I'm leavin' tonight.

- I can't abide this. I won't.
- Mind's made up.

You promised me
when Willadeene was a baby

that you would not go
to these mines.

And now we got seven more
in there and you mean to tell me

you wanna go to
the most dangerous job on Earth?

Look, they pay in two weeks

what it takes me three months
to earn out here.

We are doin' just fine.

I'm tired of doin' just fine.

- Don't you want anything...
- I have everything I need.

I am tired of seein' them
be without. It's killin' me.

This is about your pride,
Lee Parton, not about us.

Well, I'm doin' what I think
is best for this family.

'Kids, get up.
Your daddy's leavin'.'

Are you gonna die?

Oh, Stella, no one's dyin'.

Are you gonna be home
for Christmas, daddy?

Of course,
I'll be home for Christmas.

- Yeah, are you?
- I promise.

I'll miss you.

Where's Dolly?

She didn't wanna say goodbye.

- Watch after all of them now.
- You know I will.

Come home safe, daddy.

You're my angel now.

Hey, uh, now, David.

You're the man of the house
while I'm gone, right?

- Yes, sir.
- Alright. You protect them.

Yes, sir. Don't get hurt.

Not planning to.

I love you, daddy.

You're gonna be okay,
right, daddy?

I promise.

There you go.

Avie Lee,
I'll be back real soon.

But in my vision.. weren't here.

It was just me and
these babies dyin' alone.

And now you're leaving.

Them's just nightmares,
Avie Lee, nothin' more.

Back before you know it.

Christmas was only
a week and a half away.

Uncle Billy had left

and now with daddy leavin'

my little heart was breaking.

And mama felt it too.

Nice day, mate? First day?

It shows, huh?

I wouldn't play poker
if I were you.

I seen a lot of men
come through this line

about to lose their lunch.

Been working these mines
since I was sixteen.

Tried to find other work

but always end up
back in the hole.

Expect they'll bury me here.

Well, better get in there.
No one pays to talk.

Wish they did though.

I'd be a rich man!

'Might want to turn
that light on.'

'Gets a little dark in here.'

Here I am, Miss Moody,
ready to clean.

- Thank you for hiring me.
- You're welcome, Dolly.

I can sure use the help.

So much to do
to get ready for Christmas.





- What's she doin' here?
- I was thinkin' the same thing.

- Well, I ain't leavin'.
- Me neither.

Well, then maybe I'll just have
to reconsider this job.

Ring or no ring for my mama.

Well, then maybe I'll just
have to let Judy

go through my movie magazines
and put them in order.

Oh, I better do that,
Miss Moody.

She wouldn't know
Marilyn Monroe

from Carmen Miranda.

Good. Well, girls,
I've got some errands to run

but I've left some lunch
on the table.

I believe you two have
some things to work out?

What kind of contraption's that?

Dirt sucker.

Sweeps it up and traps the dirt
right inside this box.

Look at that.



Miss Moody must be
the richest woman in the world!

Do you believe this?

'She got her own
private foot washer!'

That's not a foot washer.

It's an outhouse,
only inside of the house.

Oh, no!

For someone who's smart,
you sure do some dumb things.

I'm smart enough to know
who my best friend is.

You was right.
I weren't thinking about you.

I was thinking about me.

But not like you think.

Truth is, it wasn't at all
about me looking down on you

being a donkey.

What was it?

It was about me
not wanting to be alone.

Not wanting to stand up there
with Rudy

without you by my side.

I wanted you to shine too.

You shine enough
for the both of us, Dolly.

But why don't you
wanna be seen, Judy?

Fixed up,
you'd be right pretty.

And you're smarter than anybody.

I just don't understand.

I know you don't.

You've been padded
your whole life.

But where I'm from..

...being invisible..'s a survival skill.

I-I, I got to go, Dolly.

Take my share
of the cleaning money

for Miss Avie Lee's ring.

But, uh..


- Hey, daddy.
- Hey.

I come bearing gifts.

You spring cleaning
in the winter?

No, just getting ready
for the big Christmas pageant.

No rest for the wicked then.

I made your favorite.

My special molasses cake.

What's wrong?

Now, can't I come
to my daddy's church

without it being
a special event?

Why are you here?

I don't know
what's wrong with me, daddy.

- You miss your husband.
- Somethin' terrible.

When he's here,
I feel like everything's fine.

But without him,
I'm just scared all the time.

Lee told me that
you were having dreams.

You still having 'em?

- Most nights.
- Yeah?

But Lee don't know.

What is God saying to me, daddy?

Why would He give me
such terrible visions?

Is He testing me?

Or preparing you for something.

That is what I'm afraid of.

There are some things
I can't face

with or without God, daddy.
I can't.

Avie Lee, people think
that the Bible says

that God won't give us
anymore than we can bear.

That isn't what it says.

People face the unbearable
every day.

But He gives us a way
to face anything.

You still believe that,
baby girl?

- Oh, well, I'm trying.
- Yeah.

♪ Away in a manger ♪

♪ No crib for His bed ♪

♪ The little Lord Jesus ♪

♪ Lay down His sweet head ♪

♪ The stars in the sky ♪

♪ Looked down where He lay ♪

♪ The little Lord Jesus ♪

♪ Asleep on the.. ♪♪



You know,
if I ever had a little girl

I'd want her to be
just like you.

Oh, ma'am.

I have never even seen
a $20 bill in my whole life.

Well, with that voice
and that spunk of yours

you're gonna be seeing
a lot of them in your lifetime.

Oh, thank you, thank you.

You don't know what this means.

Oh, I can still remember
when a $20 changed my life.

What are you doing out here
alone in this cold?

Where's your daddy?

He's gone off to work
at the mines

to get mama a wedding ring
for Christmas.

And I give up
my shiny red shoes

and all my brothers and sisters
gave up their ones

to buy a present too.

'Cause mom has had nine of us

excepting old Eddie who died.

And she never even got
so much as a new dress

or a pair of shoes since.

Well, if you was
to put that to music

you'd have yourself
a country hit.

That's what I want to do!

But my daddy won't let me.
He just wants me to be...

What? His little girl?

All daddies want that

no matter how big you get.

That's why
this $20 means so much.

If I can get that ring for mama

Daddy can come home
for Christmas.

Oh, wouldn't that be nice?

You get away from her!

Why, this is a child of God.

She don't want your dirty money.

Yes, I do.
That's my money! I earned it!

Look, I don't want no trouble,
but she's right. She earned it.

But you didn't.

Coming around decent folks
all painted up

sticking out everywhere,
up to no good!

So git and don't come back!

Oh, you and that broom
make a good team, you old witch.

It's prudish old biddies
like you

that keep me in business.

- Now git!
- I'm sorry, darlin'.

How can you do that?
That lady was my friend.

That was no lady.

And the pretty lady
with the fancy car was so nice

just swept her away like trash.

You know, Uncle Billy
sees my destiny.

Now he's gone back
to Knoxville forever.

Daddy's gone, and it looks like

now mama won't ever get
a ring for Christmas.

The world just seems
so confusing, Miss Moody.

Like there's no beauty anymore

and no answers in sight.

Before I take you home,
I have something to show you.

Oh, a treasure chest of jewels!

You sure is rich,
ain't you, Miss Moody?

Oh, Lord, no, far from it.

When my mother and father died,
they left me with a few things.

Like this house,
a little bit of money and..


'It belonged to my
great-great-great grandmother'

from Scotland.

She had Viking blood.

It's been worn
on the wedding dress

of every woman in my family
for five generations.

You'll be next, Miss Moody.

I wear it every Christmas

to honor the women in my family.

But whenever
I feel confused or sad..

...and I want to feel better

I hold it in my hand
just like you are now.

Because that brooch

holds all of the hopes
and dreams

of the women in my family.

And then I feel better.


That's how I want you
to feel, Dolly

because that is what you are

to your family.

Their strong little jewel,
shining bright.

So don't ever give up..

...even when things get hard.

Is that why you chose me
for Mary, Miss Moody?

I'd like to think so.

But in a lot
of recent rehearsals

I'd say it was more a case
of temporary insanity.

I used to think you was
a big meanie, Miss Moody.

Now I know

you is more
with heart like Mary.

Accepting and full of love.

And I'm not gonna give up.

On daddy, on Judy

on the ring for mama.


And I'm never gonna give up
on my dream.

That's my girl.

Get your coat. Go on.

'You do time, Lee?'

Got a sick mama?
Nah, nah, nah.

Don't tell me, don't tell me,
don't tell me.

- Ten kids and a shack.
- Eight and a farm.

I knew it. What the hell
you doing down here?

Saw a girl see a ring.
I want to get it for her.

- 'Well, I hope she's worth it.'
- Yeah, she's worth it.

Count it again, please.

And this time,
add back my $20 you took.

I've counted it already.

I'm sorry, honey.
You just don't have enough.

Please understand, Dolly.

This is not personal,
it's business.

I'm sure when your daddy returns

he'll make up the difference.

Does that cover it, Mrs. Bass?

More than cover it.

But you can't do that,
Miss Moody.

You have to wear it
at your wedding.

Oh, Dolly, I'm 26 years old.

Already an old maid.
I'll never marry.

Besides, Mrs. Bass
has always admired it so.

But the women in your family.

The Vikings,
your comfort when you're sad.

What will you do
without your beautiful brooch?

I'll have you, darling.

You and the other children
are like my sons and daughters.

What else would this be for
but to share with my family?

So what's it worth, Mrs. Bass?

Well, uh..

It's priceless, that's what.

So let's just start where you've
done gone wrong, Mrs. Bass.

First off, that was my $20.

I earned it singing,
fair and square.

Now, you say
you'd make that right

by subtracting it
from the total.

So don't be adding it back in

now that you got
Miss Moody's priceless jewel.

Besides that, it still don't fix
the snatching-it-from-me part.

Second off,
you've been charging too much

for that ring from the get go.

And third off.

Miss Moody's brooch
is a pure gift

from her heart.

Her sacrifice, it's valuable.

So here's what
I'm about to offer.

You give me mama's ring
and a second ring for daddy..

- Second ring?
- 'Oh, yes.'

By my figuring

this money, the $20 you stole

the priceless jewel
of Miss Moody

the pain and suffering

all the extra business
I brung in here from my singing

plus this here sack of money
from my brothers and sisters

why, that's good for
two rings and then some.

Now I'm guessing you wanna be
on the right side of things.

So there's one last thing
I need to know.

Do you have a pair
of shiny red shoes?

Red shiny shoes?

No. No, I don't.

Hm. That is
mighty disappointing.

Well, I'll take mama's ring

and this big one for daddy

and we'll just settle up
on the rest another time then.

The rest? Wait!

I owe you money?

Mrs. Bass,
Miss Moody has taught me

the true meaning of Christmas

her brooch being a pure gift
from her heart.

So in honor of the Lord

this season and Miss Moody

I won't be charging
any interest.

Oh, and, Mrs. Bass,
please understand.

It's not personal,
it's just business.


Let me get you Goody's Powder.

It helps.

ot two?
- Is the other one... - For daddy.

Didn't I tell you this is
going to be the best Christmas?

You know what this means,
don't you?

That you're going to jail,
most likely.

Oh, grandpa, we did it.

We got mama her ring
and daddy one too

with help from Miss Moody.

Miss Moody, thank you.

Thank you for all you do
for my daughter's family.

Pastor Jake, I don't believe
I'd ever be able to teach

what I have learned from
your grandchildren's sacrifice.

They are the purest embodiment
of the Christmas spirit.

Well, we all say that it's more
blessed to give than receive

but...y'all are living it.

And your daddy
is gonna be so proud.

And look at this!

Your mama is gonna be
so, so happy.

Grandpa, mama won't be happy..

...unless daddy's home
for Christmas

to put this ring
on her finger.

'Pastor Jake, do you think
you'll still have time'

'to stay for
the rehearsal today?'

No, I reckon not.

I'm afraid I'm gonna have
to pass up

seeing it today, Miss Moody,
'cause today I

I'm gonna have
to go get Lee Parton

and bring him home to his family
for Christmas, isn't that right?

Uh, Miss Moody,
you just carry on.

Yes, sir.

I believe this is gonna be
a most blessed Christmas.

- Yes, sir.
- Eeh!

Alright, let's see
about these costumes.

Come on, Denver.


An early Christmas present.

Something you always wanted.

But I don't have
nothing for you.

They're.. They're..

Shiny red shoes.

Do you like 'em?

Oh, sure. Sure, I do.

'They were my grandma's.'

I got the red paint
from a man painting stop signs

on Locust Ridge Road.

'Grandma might have had
the biggest feet in the county.'

In the country.

Don't you think these will
make you stand out as Mary?


If Mary was a circus clown.

I thought standing out
was important to you.

That's all.

I get it. I do.

I finagled you
into playing chief angel

instead of donkey heinie, okay.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry too.

That you don't love
these red shoes.

I'm sorry your grandma had
the biggest feet in the world.

I think she was too.

You want me
to read that for you?

I've been down here so long,
I got eyes like an owl.

Yeah, thanks.

From your wife?


"My husband.

"I know that whoever
is reading this letter

"is probably a stranger.

"I pray my husband is safe.

"I can tell you that
my husband has befriended you

"and trusted you enough
to read this letter

because you must be someone
very special."

So I wanna say, Lee

you are the finest man
I've ever known.

Fine on the outside,
which Lord knows you know

but also on the inside

which sometimes I know
you don't.

But I do.

I know you can be
stubborn and proud.

I know it takes a lot for you
to bend, Lee Parton

but when you recognize
the truth

you always bend toward it.

I know that's what
makes you beautiful.

I know I love you

and you know I always will.

I know that you would
die for me

but I want you to live for me.

Come home to me, husband.

"Come home.

Your wife."


You wanna write her back?

Oh, she knows
what's in my heart.

Hey, mama.

It's snowin'.

Maybe we'll have
a white Christmas after all.

David, why don't you go on
outside and board up the windows

to keep the heat in, okay?

The rest of y'all, come on,
it's time for bed.

Christmas was only
four days away

and we were so excited
to finally get some snow.

But we had no idea

how this storm would affect
all our lives.

Y'all wake up.

Babies, y'all wake up.

Hey, wake up. Listen to me.


While we were sleeping

a snowstorm
like we have never seen

has come through
and covered the house.

So I need y'all to get up
and help me, okay?

Yeah, come on.

It's frozen shut, won't budge.

We can't get to the well
or to the wood pile.

Mama, wh-what are we
gonna do for heat?

Dolly, go get all the blankets

and every stitch
of clothes we have

and bring them
in the living room.

- All of them?
- Even your daddy's.

Boys, help her.

Willadeene, go get the baby.

We're gonna close off this room
and keep the heat in.

We might be cold,
but we ain't gonna starve.

We got enough food for months.

Dolly, go down to the cellar
and get me a jar of okra, baby.

You have to tell her.

Dolly, are you listening to me?

Get your little rear downstairs.

It's all gone.


- They sold it all.
- Why would you do that?

- We didn't know, mama.
- We're sorry.

They didn't mean to, mama.

They just wanted
to get you a present.


Why all this?

What glory do You get
from us dying out here alone?

I have nothing, except You.

And You say
You're all I need.

Well, I need You now.

I need You now.

- Hey, you got a pencil?
- Mm-hmm.

I was thinking
to write my wife a letter.

Oh, this is a good place for it.

A lot of truth
gets spoken here.

Man don't lie in the dark,
not down here.

Just put it on
the back side of hers.

Dear Avie Lee,
I'm going crazy missing you.

I'm trying to be the man
that you deserve.

The one I see in your eyes.

The one that you gave
your heart to.

Uh, what kind of vermin
eats pine needles?

We will, if we get hungry enough
and be thankful for 'em.


Randy's sick.

'He's on fire.'

Don't worry, mama.
Daddy'll be coming home today.

He'll save us.

Daddy's not coming home, Dolly.

He is.

It's your surprise Christmas
present from Grandpa Jake.

But daddy didn't
come home that day.

Grandpa Jake held vigil

while the other miners
pulled the survivors

from the aftermath
of the explosion.

Need some help over here.

His heart sank
every time he realized

my daddy was not among them.

You Lee's daddy?

Yeah, he's my boy.

I've been waiting for him.

Name's Floyd.

Uh, can you give this
to his wife?

His, uh, his last words
before the explosion.. to her.

Thank you.

Baby Randy was so sick

and mama was starting
to show the strain.

David, get me some water.

Mum, we, we ran out of water.

Okay, you and Denver
go in my bedroom

and see if you can break through
a window and get us some snow.

'Yes, mama.'

As the fallen snow
continued to bury our cabin

the boys tried unsuccessfully

to gather snow
from our boarded windows.

With no help inside,
daddy did what he could

to free himself
from the mine's grasp.

But he desperately needed help.



I'm alright, I'm alright.

Pre-preacher? Preacher.

We thought you were lost.

Of course, I knew better.

I figured I was
a dead man, preacher.

Then a guy come in and
pull me out, man named Floyd.

- Where'd he go?
- Weren't me.

I blew clear, walked out alone.

I was feelin' terrible
I left you

but I had to get out of there.

Sorry, brother.

It's alright.

Somebody grabbed a hold of me
in there, preacher

and they pulled on me.

Somebody grabbed..

God has had his hands
on you all along.

What are you even
doing here, preacher?

Oh, yeah.

Dolly said I had to give
this to you, personally.

- Dolly sent you to get me?
- Yes, sir, she did.

She said that

nobody to give that to her mama
on Christmas except you.

I agreed with her.

I do like Dolly.

No, no, no.
Lee, there's more.

It's been on the radio.

The worst blizzard
we've ever seen

is just burying Sevier County.

Just like Avie Lee's vision.

Yes, it is.

I gotta get home now, preacher.

Alright, let's go.


Oh, hey, Willadeene.


I need you to stay strong
for me, okay?

There are some things
I need to tell you

about what's to come.

Ain't nobody
coming to save us.

This is just us,
and this is the worst of it.

We ain't gonna make it,
are we, mama?

I don't know.

I don't know.


I need you to promise me..

...that if I'm not here
when the time comes..

...will you hold
those babies close

so they won't be afraid?

I will.

I will, mama.

Thank you.

Thank you, baby.

But who will hold me?

Oh, angel.
You're not alone.

Mama's here.

Daddy and Grandpa Jake
drove all night

from the coal mines
to our Smoky Mountain cabin.

They were worried sick
about mama's visions

and how those visions
just might be coming true.

Ain't no car getting
through there.

I'm not too sure
about a foot either.

Look, I know the woods
pretty well.

I should be able to pick
my way through.

I shouldn't have left
Avie Lee alone.

She's not alone..

...anymore than you were.

Wait a minute.

Here, take this with you.

Preacher, you know
I can't read, right?

Lord don't care about that.

I don't need the book.

I've got him in here now.

God bless you, son.

We ran out of wood
the first day.

Then the boys broke up
what furniture they could

to rekindle the fire,
but it just wasn't enough.

We were so cold
that our tears were freezing

on our little faces.

Are we dead, mama?

But no one in the outside world

knew that we were slowly
but surely gonna die

unless someone came to save us.

Mama tried to be brave,
but we knew mama well enough

to know that we were
in real trouble.

We are not dead.

Mama knew that she was
losing her children.

Oh, Lord.

We are here, I don't know
what Your plan is for me

and these children.

But I choose to believe
that You're gonna save us.

I choose to believe that, baby.

I do.

You know what?

You know what I wanna do?

Y'all wake up.
I wanna get y'all close-close.

Come in, baby.

Oh, come up.

Yes, come in, darling.

- Is this a game, mama?
- No.

No. You know what I wanna do?

I wanna sing y'all..

...a song about a special story.

♪ Circle of love ♪

♪ Halo of light ♪

♪ When Jesus was born ♪

♪ On that Christmas night ♪

♪ And oh what a night ♪

♪ That holy night was ♪

♪ When Bethlehem glowed ♪

♪ In the circle of love ♪♪

Oh, mama.

It's warm.

Are we in heaven?

Mama, look.


Randy's fever, it's broken.

Oh, thank you. Thank you.

Look, Willadeene.

It's a circle!

The snow is melting
in the circle.

It was as if a guardian angel
had stood over our house

and blown
his life-giving warm breath

over all of us.

Was this food here
the whole time? Mama?

- 'Mama!'
- Can you see it?

Guys, can you see it?

It's just the wind
twirling and snow.

Well, I don't see anything.

- I do. Look, it's right there!
- 'Yeah.'

Hm, what do you,
what do you see, mama?


All around.

♪ The magic of being together ♪

♪ A miracle simple and sweet ♪

♪ To cling to each other ♪

♪ Through good times and bad ♪

♪ Make memories
we want to repeat ♪

♪ The magic of being together ♪

♪ Mere mortal words
can't describe ♪

♪ Lest from above.. ♪

But we haven't even messed up
yet, Miss Moody.


♪ And friends by your side ♪

Miss Bass.

Um, can I have
a word with you?

- Oh, sure.
- Ahem.

Um, uh, I'd like to ask
for your forgiveness.

Oh, my!

I-I believe it's me that needs
to ask you to forgive me.

Oh, okay. Um..

I forgive you.

And, um, I heard about,
um, Miss Moody's brooch there

and, um, I made some money
in the mines

and I'd like to pay you for it
so I can give it back to her.

It's already taken care of.

You look so handsome, daddy.

Thank you for bringing
my husband home

and for never
giving up on us.

I'm just glad we could
all be together.

Me too.

I gave it to you for Dolly.

Please, Mrs. Bass.

One thing I've learned, girlie.

It's never too late
for a second chance.

This is the proper place
for it.

- Right above your heart.
- Thank you.

♪ Circle of love ♪

This is the story
of the first Christmas.

'We celebrate this to remember
the hope and joy..'

♪ When Jesus was born ♪

♪ On that Christmas night ♪

♪ And oh what a night ♪

You're a great Joseph, Rudy.

♪ That holy night was ♪

♪ When Bethlehem glowed ♪

♪ In a circle of love ♪

♪ God sent his son ♪

♪ His great gift to us ♪

♪ Salvation for all ♪

♪ He loved us that much ♪

♪ We honor and praise ♪

♪ That gift from above ♪

♪ He holds all of us ♪♪

Glory to God
in the highest heaven.

'And on earth, peace to those
on who his favor rests.'

Think they can see me now?

Merry Christmas, darling.

Merry Christmas.




These little children know
more about the true meaning

of Christmas than the rest
of us ever will.

Did you hear their message?


And this little baby Jesus..

...didn't come
into the world to judge it

but to save it.

'Let us all come together
on this most sacred of nights'

and celebrate His gift to us.

His love.


He is wet.

♪ Joy to the world ♪

♪ The Lord is come ♪

♪ Let Earth receive her king ♪

♪ Let every heart ♪

♪ Prepare Him room ♪

♪ And heaven and nature sing ♪

♪ And heaven and nature sing ♪♪

Having daddy home for Christmas
made everything perfect.

He hid mama's ring at the top

of our little makeshift
Christmas tree

and he asked us kids
to try and find it.

Well, of course,
I spotted that ring

the only Christmas present

we'd receive that year.

A big ol' box
of chocolate candy.

But I shared it
with the whole family.

She's comin'.

Okay, close your eyes.

- Okay.
- Okay, just step here.

Okay, right this way.

Oh, what is all
this fuss about, Dolly?

- Just come on.
- Okay.

- Okay.
- Okay.

You can open them now.


Didn't I say this would be
the best Christmas ever?


Avie Lee, you're
the love of my life.

And you are mine,
Lee Parton.

Mama, do you like it?
Ain't it pretty, mommy?

I love it. I love it.

Thank you.

Well, I got a present
for you too.

Who told mama
about the other ring?

- Not me.
- Not me.

- What ring?
- I didn't.

What ring?

That's for daddy..

...from all of us.

I've never had
anything so fine.

Well, are you ready
for your other present then?

What other present, mama?

Mama made daddy
some thumb warmers?

Mama, are you having a baby?

- Avie Lee?
- 'Mama's gonna have a baby!'

'This is amazing!'

The shiny red shoe!

I'd never seen a painted angel
up-close before.

Especially not one driving
a red Thunderbird.

But I never stopped dreaming
of looking just like her.

And that's one Christmas
present I've given myself

every single day of my life.

Store bought.

Now, some might say that
before that blizzard hit

a good Samaritan left that
basket of food on our porch

hay for the animals,
and firewood to keep us warm.

Well, if they did,
they never owned up to it.

But I believe I saw
our guardian angel

hovering over
the barn that day.

Now, some might
call that crazy

but I truly believed
it was a real Christmas miracle.

Please hold your families close
this Christmas.

Love and accept each other

and always be kind.

So Jesus was born

wore his crown of thorns

and he gave it all up

to save all of us.

♪ Circle of love ♪

♪ Halo of light ♪

♪ When Jesus was born ♪

♪ Jesus was born ♪

♪ On that Christmas night ♪

♪ Christmas night ♪

♪ And oh what a night ♪

♪ That holy night was ♪

♪ When Bethlehem glowed ♪
♪ Ooh ♪

♪ In a circle of love ♪♪

Merry Christmas, everybody!

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