Dolly Dearest (1991) - full transcript

A toy manufacturer buys the 'Dolly Dearest' factory in Mexico, where the malevolent spirit of Sanzia, a devil child, has taken refuge in one of the porcelain dolls, and eventually takes control of his daughter.

Ladies and gentlemen,

the captain has informed me

our estimated time of arrival

in hapalla, Mexico, is 1:15.

Did you say something to me?


That was the stewardess.

We're almost there.


You know, this is a lost art.

Her techniques haven't
been used for years,

and the results, magnificent.


This one goes to susie baker.

Her address is...

It's okay, honey.

I have all addresses right here.


I didn't know she
had so many friends.

She's written
most of them twice.

Look at this, sweetheart.

This is the doll

your daddy's going
to make in Mexico.

You see?

This is the factory where
we're going to make her

and sew her little dresses.

Isn't she beautiful?

And you are gonna be the
only little girl in the world

whose daddy makes
such beautiful dolls.

Won't we have fun?

We are going to
be such a success!

Can we go back to
Los Angeles then?

Sefior Wade.

Sefior Wade.

What a pleasure at last.

Welcome to Mexico


Senor Wade, here
are all your documents

and all your permits

and your escrow got
closed at nine A.M.

And this is a letter
from the city of hapalla

officially welcoming you
and wishing you prosperity

in the opening

of the Dolly dearest
manufacturing company.

Hurry up with the suitcases!


Senora Wade, we have
worked very hard

in making your home
comfortable for you.

I hope you'll be satisfied.

I'm sure we will be.



Prepare the green chilies.


Please take the suitcases!

Yes ma'am.

This is Camilla.

She will take very
good care of you.

Welcome, sefora Wade.


Welcome, senor Wade.

Thank you.

Hello little Wade children

your belongings
have arrived safely

and I'm unpacking
them for you now.

Come in.

Hey, it's a cool house.

I wasn't expecting this.

You like to read?

There is much history of
our country in these books.

No kidding?


Sefior Wade, you
want to go to the factory?

Let's go.


Can I please go with you?

Of course, honey, come on.

Come on, let's take a
look at our new business.

It's okay go on.

We're here.


Senora deluga make
the finest dolls

in the whole world.

She win many awards.

When I was a little
child, I would come here

just to watch them
paint the little faces,

and such a beautiful doll she
create just before she die.

It's a great pleasure

having handled this
for you, Mr. Wade.

It's my first sale.

Mr. Estrella, the
appraisal documents indicated

the factory had been kept up

after sefiora deluga's death.

Yes, sir.

We have been very careful

to keep everything
just as it was.

Why, no one ever
comes to the factory,

not for any reason.


I see.

Come, let me show you over here

where all the molding
equipment's been stored.

Mr. Estrella,

what's this big,
round mixing thing?

Oh, that is where

they combine all the ingredients

to make the deluga dolls.

The future
heartthrob of millions

of little girls.

Once in a lifetime opportunity.

Si, of course, seiior,

I understand that.

We need a little
cleaning, perhaps.

The market projections.

The assessments.

Who prepared that material?

1, 1 did that, sir.

I copy from American
business book.

Nice work.

Jessica, are you in here?

I'm up here, daddy.

Look what I found.

May I have one, daddy?

Oh, look at that.


Every little girl in the world

is going to want one of those.

I want

that one.

Well, you've got it.

My first sale.

Thank you, daddy.

I'm going to love her so much.


Uh, Mr. Estrella, what is that?

What's going on over there?

That is Mayan ruins.

They uncover much history
of Mayan civilization.

Very important find.

Mayan, huh?

We studied about
them last semester.

They were pretty cool dudes.

Cool or not,

I don't want you
going over there.

Yeah, last week they had
an unfortunate accident.

A man was crushed

by a stone underneath the earth.

Work's been suspended

until the archeologist

from the university arrives.

I'm going to

brush your hair.

So the end of a long day.

Tomorrow we'll all
start unpacking.

Now, won't that be fun?

Probably not.

Good night, sweetheart.

Don't forget
to say good night to Dolly.

Sweet dreams, Dolly.

Good night, Dolly.

You're going to be
my new playmate.

You're going to be
my only playmate.

Mmm, these
vegetables smell good.

These all come from
my brother's garden.

I get you good price, of course.

He uses fresh Turkey manure.

Turkey manure is the very best.

It gives you the best crop.



I didn't know that.

Now, my sister,

she makes us all very proud.

She gave her life to the church.

She belongs to the nuns of the
carmelitas, the carmelites.




Just leave it on the table

with the other letters, honey.

I wanted to tell
you I'll be in the back yard.

You and I can go play
in the Dollhouse.

Jessie, is that you?

We're almost ready to go, honey.

Is anyone out there?

What is it?

Mom, what is it?




Tell me what's wrong.

What's wrong with her?


I want Dolly!




What is the priest doing here?

I called the priest
to bless the house.

It is custom.

Professor resnick.


The photos from
hapalla have arrived.

Ah, at last.

What do you think?
Could this be the tomb?

I'm not sure.

Have you ever seen
this symbol before?

No, sir.

I'm certain it's not Mayan.

They haven't disturbed

the sarcophagus, have they?

No, no one has touched a thing

since larabe's body was removed.

When are you leaving?

Bob larabe and I

were friends for over 30 years.

Did you know that?

No, sir.

I'm leaving right now.

How is she?

She seems all right.

We had a long talk about her
old playmates at school mostly.

I wish you would
have seen her, Elliot.

She scared me,

really scared me.

There's no reason for it.


I'm gonna take Jimmy with
me to the factory tomorrow

and give you two
some time together.


That, that would help.

The sewing machines arrive
next week. Did I tell you?

Oh, yes.

You told me.

It's a secret.

That's funny.

Why are you doing that?

Jessica, what are you doing?

Dolly says we're
going to like it here.

Oh, we are going to
like it here, honey.

Now, come on.

Let's go to bed.

Well, it looks like
you're enjoying your lunch.

What is that, honey?

I don't know.

Well, did you see it somewhere?

Dolly told me.

She says she's been
waiting for a little girl

just like me.



Jessica, I saw that!

Camilla, I am so sorry.

She, I, I don't know
what's gotten into her.

Kinta kintero.



Jessica, come back here!

Camilla, I am terribly sorry.

She's never had outbursts
like this before.

It is the sanzia.

She spoke the ancient
language of the sanzia.

Wait a minute, wait a minute,
what are you talking about?

I know of their language.

I know of these people.

Their spirits fly
with the evil one.



I know that you wouldn't lie.

I won't tell.

I can keep a secret.

What do you want?

Don't talk to me in
that tone, young lady.

Why did you push Camilla?

I saw you do it.


Camilla prays to the spirits,

and her spirits hate Dolly.


whatever it was you
said to Camilla,

did you hear it from her?

Dolly told me.

Stop saying that!

Now, where did you hear it?

Okay come on.

I want you to
apologize to Camilla.

Leave Dolly here.

I'm sorry I pushed your plate.

Camilla, I don't
want to interfere

with your religious
practices, but...

Sefora, there is evil here.

I can feel it.

I pray to protect us
from the evil spirit.

Right, right, right.

That's my point.

In the future, I
would appreciate it

if you could just, uh,

make your observances
more private.

If you could just...

I understand.

Today I spoke to my
sister in the convent.

I think it's best that
you find someone else

for your house.

Where are you going?

We're just going out
for a quick dinner.

Did you have a good
time with mommy today?

It was okay.

She's been acting
very funny lately.

Maybe you should
have a talk with her.

I don't think she likes it here.

Do you know what?

I think you're right,

and we're going to have to
be very patient with mommy.

Good night, honey.

Good night, daddy.

Good night, Dolly.



Dolly, where are you?

Dolly, don't hide
from me, please.



Dolly, where are you?

Jessie, follow me.



What are you doing?

Come back in the house.


Why aren't you listening to
me qirl?

I'm talking to you.

Jessica, you come
back in the house.

You sit down.

I'll go around the front.


Open the door!

Ay! This kid.

Jessica, is that you?

Jessie, now we can play.

No lights.

Camilla said there was a problem

with the fuse box.

I'll check.



You scared me.

What's with the candle?

The electricity is out.

Is your sister in here?


Maybe she's with Camilla.

I'll go.

Camilla's not there.

Well, then they
must be together.

I bet they're in your room.


Damn it.

Maybe they're downstairs.

She's so afraid
of the lightning.


She's not in there.

Oh, my god.

She's in the Dollhouse.

I'll get you all tucked in

and cozy and I'll read
you a bedtime story.

Would you like that?

I just spoke with her family.

They're making all
the arrangements.

Are you okay?

would you lock the door?

Lock the door now.

That's a good girl.

Ah, she's listening.

If she comes, don't open it.

No, no.

Jessica, don't open it.

Jessie, open up the door.


What did you do to your hair?

We cut it.

Don't I look like Dolly now?

Jessica, you were
holding the door.

Dolly locked the door.

She doesn't like
people coming in here.

This is our house.

Jessie, I want you
to leave Dolly here

and I want you to come with me.

No, thank you.

We'd rather stay here.

I'm sorry, mommy.

It's just that Dolly's

the only friend I have,

and I don't want to lose her.

Can I stay for just
a little while?

I'll leave the door open.

I love you, mommy.

I love you, too.

I love you so much.

Are you okay?

I'm okay, mommy.

I am.




Come on! Get
the hell out of there!


Uh, you're the archeologist
from the university?


I'm Jimmy Wade. My dad owns
the factory over there.

Son, the sign up
there says "no pase."

That means this entire
area is off limits,

so please, take a hike.

Okay, but you're
going to need my help

when you get down in there.

Further down, you'll
see the top is caved in,

the opening's too small.

You won't be able
to squeeze through.

I'll take my chances.

I'll wait.

How far back have
you been in there?

Uh, only about halfway,

but I can squeeze
through to the end.

I can do it.

I can be like your
eyes and ears for you.

What do you think?

Does your father
know you're down here?

Sure, he does.

My father's always
looking for ways

to further my education,

so let me crawl on top
and take a look for you.

I've done it before,

but it's getting
kinda dark in there,

if you know what I mean.

Look, I appreciate your
fondness for exploration,

but we'll both just have to wait

to see what's inside the crypt.

A crypt.

I knew it was a crypt!


Come back here.



Neat hat.

What do you see?


I don't know.

It's real small.

It's a coffin, I guess.

But it's made out
of stone maybe?

All right, that's enough.

Come out of there now!


What a rush.

Now what?



Don't you ever do that again.

I won't.

You hear?

You know, I've been reading
up you know, on the Mayans

because I wanted to be prepared

for when you got here.

I mean, you being
from the university

and me only being
in seventh grade.

I just didn't want you to think

that I couldn't handle the job,

because I can.

I can handle the job.

What job?

Your assistant.

Does your dad's
factory have a phone?

Oh, sure.

Come on.

He'll let you use it.

So, uh, who's buried in there?

A Maya king?

He must be a short guy.

This is like king tut, right?

Are you coming?

I'll go get my dad.

Put the boxes over here.

This is my father, Elliot Wade.

Karl resnick.

I hope this isn't an imposition.

You can use my phone anytime.

These creatures are beautiful.

Very haunting.

Yes, they are.

The more I'm with them,

the more they take on
a life of their own.

I'm sorry about the
accident at your excavation.

Thank you.

Bob larabe was a
very dedicated man.

If his theory is correct,

this excavation will
answer many questions

about a bizarre tribe of people

called the sanzia.

What do you mean, it's not Maya?

Oh, no.

Not Maya.

The sanzias occupied this
area about 900 years ago.

Sanzia means Satan on earth.

Sounds fascinating.

When do you start?

I'll start tonight.

My men will arrive tomorrow.

The pipe! The pipe!
There's water all over!

Okay water main.

Excuse me.

The phone is in the corner.

Help yourself.

Give me a hand.

Tonight, huh?

When the sun disappears,

I expect your face
to go with it.




"Cult of the dead."


It's may the third.

1900 hours.

I'm in the tunnel.

I have already observed

these inscriptions
on the photographs

sent to me by larabe.

They appear to be sanzia.

I'm going to remove
the earth by hand.

No, we already finished.

When will you be home?

In about an hour.

The fridge again?

No, it's not that.

It's, uh,

it's Jessica.

What's wrong with her?

I don't know what's wrong.

I'm worried about her.

I don't know, uh,

I don't know what to do

about this fixation
she has on the doll.

Let me finish
here, and I'll be home soon.

All right.

Okay sure.

We'll talk about it
when you get back.


I love you.

I love you, too.

Mr. Wade, you join
me in a burrito?

Sounds good, Luis,
but no, thanks.

I'm going to be getting
out of here soon.

Well, I think I
better go to bed.

So early?

Good night!

That's it.

I've had it.

Luis, it's all yours.

Lock up for me.

Good night.

Good night, Mr. Wade.

I can now see
additional inscriptions

on the left side of the crypt.

Larabe was right.

They're sanzia.

They are warnings,

warnings not to cross the
threshold of the tomb.


I say you join me
for dinner, eh?

You look very
lovely tonight, huh?

Heh heh heh heh!

Of course

you look lovely every night.

You want to lambada, no?


You come up to my
room later, eh?


You women, you're
all alike, you know?

Well, let me tell you something.

You're ugly,

and your nose is shiny, too.

Heh heh heh heh!

You got a big head.

All women have big heads.

You wait here.

I'll be right back.

Hey, hey, give me a hand.


We got you.

We got you.

The interior of the crypt

is three meters

by three by 2.5 in height.

It doesn't appear that
it's been entered.

It's beautiful.

It's at least 900 years old.

The detail is amazing.

It is the story of creation.

It is the story

of the birth of evil on earth.

Oh, god, larabe.

It is the crypt.

This is where the sanzia

have entombed the devil child.

Oh, man.

What a screw up.

Now we'll have some fun.

Is anybody here?

Who are you?

Are you crazy?

What are you doing?

You must stop this.

Everybody will be killed
if you do not stop this.

What are you talking
about? Who are you?

You brought their evil back,

with your picks
and your shovels.

Close the tomb now and leave.

The sanzias are dead.

All of them are dead.

He opened up the gate to hell,

and the killings began.

There will be others.

The soul of the
sanzia child is alive.

It has returned.

All of the children
are in danger.

Close the tomb now

and maybe god will spare us.




Wait for me!

What was that about?


There's frequent opposition

to dredging up the past,

a past descendants
of the sanzias

would prefer we left in secrecy.

I'm looking for my son.

He snuck out of the house.

I thought he might
be here with you.

Jimmy, my assistant,
the explorer?

No, I haven't seen him, ha, yet.

What's going on here?

That's it.

I'm getting out of here.

Dad, there's a man in there.

He's dead!

I saw him!

Jimmy, stop it.

Calm down.

Calm down.

Stay here.






It's an emergency.

We need an ambulance...

At camino El Rey

Looks like it was
a heart attack.

Under the circumstances
with Luis,

I'm not going to punish you,

but what you did was
totally irresponsible.

Just what did you think you
were gonna do out there?

I don't know.

Mr. resnick mentioned
that old tribe,

and I read all about them,

how they were like
really weird dudes.

They tried to make, like,

an evil kid or something,

you know, a devil
child, they called it.

Sanzias were into
really scary stuff.

It just got me going, I guess.

What did you say the
name of that tribe was?


From now on, you
can forget about

some of the more exotic
goings-on around here,

such as Mr. resnick and
the archeological digs.


Dad, come on.

The digs are a cool place.

What does that have
to do with anything?

It has to do with your ability

to separate what's
real and what's not.

What are you doing?

I thought that you'd
be more comfortable

if Dolly slept over
there in the chair.

Don't touch her.

Jessica, I'm taking the doll

out of the bed

and I don't want hear
another word about it.

I'll kill you!

I'll kill you if you
try to separate us!

I'll kill you!

She's mine!

She's mine!


Neat trick with your voice.

Daddy, mommy's trying to
take Dolly away from me.

Don't take her, daddy!

Calm down.

I want my Dolly.

It's okay.

We keep each other company.

Come on.

Get under the covers now.

Jimmy, go to your room.

She said she'd kill me.

If you'd heard
her voice, Elliot.

Elliot, she's changing.

She's, she's changing.


it's the doll.

It's controlling her somehow.

It's doing something to her.

Don't you see it?

No, I don't see it.

I see that you've changed.

What you're saying is
completely irrational.

I want to get her out of here.

I'm afraid for her.

I want to take her back to la.

Marilyn, we've
invested everything

into this factory.

We can't just pack up

because our seven-year-old
is having a tantrum.


we'll work with her, okay?

She'll be all right.

Just let her go
through some changes.

You're not hearing
a word I'm saying.

That man, that man Karl resnick,

what do you know about the crypt

in the field?

Why is he so interested in it?

He's interested because
he's an archeologist.

What are you suggesting?

I don't know.

I don't know.

I'm trying to make sense of it.

Camilla was frightened
of the sanzia.

She said that Jessica

spoke to her in their language.

You told me yourself
Camilla spent half the day

mumbling over burning candles.

If Jessica said anything,
she heard it from her.

No, she didn't, Elliot.

She heard it from someone,

but it wasn't her.

Okay I'm sorry.

I'm tired, I'm hungry,

it's the middle of the night,

and I don't want to
hear this right now.

Mr. resnick, I'm Marilyn Wade.

Oh, happy to meet
you, sefora Wade.

I see your beauty
in your son's face.

How is he?

He had a rough night.

It was an unfortunate

Yes, it was.

I wonder if I could talk to you

about these carvings down here.

Oh, please.


These were removed
from the tomb?


Well, actually, they're
portions of the damaged door.

See, the details are exquisite.

These are very old.

Sanzia, right?


Our son tells us

these people have
a grisly history.

What is it that
you're looking for?

We're looking for the remains

of the sanzia devil child.

The legends say

the sanzia prepared a place

for the birth of Satan's child.

They suckled a child

that was neither man nor beast.

It had the body of an infant

and the head of a goat.

They fed it with the warm blood

of slaughtered children.

A child so evil that
its reign of terror

almost caused their extinction

before they put the creature

to its howling death.

And you knew this before
you opened the crypt?

Sefora, whatever
made the sanzia afraid,

this child was not supernatural.

- How do you know it wasn't?
- Because I'm a man of reason.

It's not possible.

Mr. resnick, my daughter
has been drawing these symbols

since we arrived here.

Our housekeeper Camilla

told me that Jessica
spoke sanzia to her.

She tried to warn me,
and now she's dead

and so is the night watchman,

and so is your archeologist,

and my daughter is being
touched by something,

by some outside force.

Sefior resnick!
We need help with the machine!

How much time?

Sefiora, where are you going?

Camilla said she has a sister

in the convent.

I want to speak with her.

Uh, mom said you
should take a nap.

Um, but that's okay,

you don't have to if
you don't want to.

Do you speak english?

Yes, I do.

I'm looking for sister alva.

Sister alva is ill.

A member of her family
has passed away.

Yes, I know.

Please, it's very
important that I see her.

She's in seclusion.


My daughter's life is in danger.

I'm Marilyn Wade.

I know who you are.

I'm very sorry
about your sister.

Did Camilla tell you
about my daughter?

You of the modern world.

You put your faith
in your machines,

your science.

You ignore the powers
of heaven and hell.

My sister tried to warn you.

Yes, I know she did.

But, please, tell me now.

What is happening
to my daughter?

How can I stop it?

It's too late.

The spirit of the
sanzia devil child

has been set free.

It's too late.

Listen to me, I'm
not losing my daughter

to a goddamn
900-year-old goat head!

Tell me what you know.

How does this thing,

this spirit work?

Could it, could it
go into something

other than a human?

Could it go into a doll?

The devil takes
any form it desires.

It can be one,

or it can be many.

The sanzia devil
child wants children.

It will do anything

to spread its word
to the children.

Through the dolls?

I don't know what
course Satan will travel.

All I can do is pray
for their salvation.

You see?

It has begun.

There will be no end
to its reign of fear.

It's fear that
keeps them ignorant.

To believe that
malarkey is insanity.

Maybe it is, maybe it is.

I have a husband who
thinks it's insanity,

and I'm inclined
to agree with him,

but I have a daughter at home

who's being controlled
by a fucking doll.

Now, you tell me what
the hell that is.


Are you in there?


What are you doing in there?

I'm hiding.

Where's Jessica?

They're in their room.

Ma, ya gotta go look.

The doll talks.

I saw it.

It moves and everything.

The door's locked.

I need a...



Where is she?

What have you done with her?

She's in here with me.

She belongs to me.

You'll never get her back now.

We're together forever!

Ha ha hal

she'll always be mine!

Mommy, mommy, help me!

Help me!


I want my daughter!

Call your father at the factory.

I'm going to get
her out of there.

Mom, it's busy.

I can't get through.

Keep trying.

Jimmy, I want you
to stay downstairs.

Suppose you need me?

Do as I say for once!



Uh, emergencia.






Never, nevermind.

Oh, sweetheart.

Oh, sweetheart.

Jimmy, get in the car!

Jimmy, where are you?

Oh, goody.

We're going for a ride.

Get out of my way.

Jessica, let's play with mommy.

Hold her down!

Don't let her go!

We'll fix mommy!

Get her!

Get her!

Let's kill her!

I hate you!

Kill her!

Play with this, bitch.

Uhh, uhh.



It's time to play.

Oh, my god.

It's true.

What have I done?

Pull it!

We've got you now!

This is fun!


Ready to go in the mixer?












You want to be next?


Where do you kill the power?

On the wall!

Are you all right?

I got to get home.

There's another
one at the house.

Thank god you're all right.


it was alive.

It was alive.

I know.

They're all alive.

How is this happening?

I don't know.


Oh, my god. What
are you going to do?

We're going back inside.

Take the kids down the hill.

Elliot, no.

Let's just get out
of here, please.

I don't know how this happened,

but we're going to destroy them.

All of them.

Elliot, we can get
help from someone.

Don't go in there,
please, Elliot!

We don't have
time to run a wire.

The longest fuse is a minute.

Place it and move
on to the next.

We'll line the inside perimeter.

Take the right.

I'll go to the left,

we'll come down the
center to the door.


Can I go?

Can I set one?

No. Jimmy, I want
you down the hill

with your mother.

I don't want you anywhere
near this factory.


Get down.



I'm going to blow up the pit.

Hey, come here!


Mom, get back!

The pit's going to blow!


Honey, it's over.