Dog Bite Dog (2006) - full transcript

A Cambodian assassin finds himself on the run from Hong Kong police after completing his assignment. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
[Castle Peak Wholesales Fish Market]

He's arrived.


Message opening: Sin Kong Restaurant, 2nd floor.

What tea would you like?

Pu erh tea? Shui sin tea?

Shui sin. OK?

What would you like to order?

Mr Lee, Mrs Lee.


Morning, Your Honour and Mrs Lee.
Your table is ready.

I'll make you some prawn dumplings.

Chief, the victim was a barrister.
Her husband is a judge.

Professional hitman, no doubt about it.

Any pictures?

CCTV only caught the top of his head.

Where's Wai?

He just called. He'll be here in half a minute.

What time is it?

Late again, you bastard!

A barrister was killed.

Professional hitman, no pictures yet.

Wake up.

Lock your gun.

Do some exercise.


He was in a hurry but he still ate so much.

Like a hungry dog.

Can you not smoke at work?

He's just trying to wake himself up.

Why bother coming in if you're half asleep?

Look at yourself!

Take your job seriously!

Drop the attitude with me, young man!

For his father's sake, calm down.

Piece of shit!

What did you see?

Come on. I've told you four times already!

I want to hear it again.

I'm questioning him.

I've told you four times.

Where did the hitman go? Where did he go?

How could I know?

What's he look like?

I didn't see anything!


Twenty-something, dark skin, well built.

I thought you saw nothing?

You're completely useless!

Get out!

Get out! Out!


Get out! Bastard, get out!

What's wrong with you?

I was just questioning the guy.

Cheung was doing it already.

Are you out of your mind?

How can we work together like this?

We're supposed to be a team.

Don't smoke so much.

Don't block the road!
Either go this way or that way!

What are you doing?

Can you hear me?

Stupid bitch!

I'm just trying to park, sir.

No parking here, Move on.


You in rush or something?

I have to pick up a customer.
He's waiting for me.


What is it?


Wai thinks he found him.
He's at an eatery nearby.

Chief. it's Fat Lam!
Wai might have found the suspect!

Calm down.

Too many people. Don't start a commotion.

Wait for backup. OK?.

Full yet?

Why don't you go to school?

It's not time yet.

Then go early.

Still betting on Man. U? You're not gonna win.

Go now.

No! No!

I am negotiator. Lam.

Fat Lam, You call me Fat Lam? OK?.
We can talk. I'll handle it!

We can talk. I'll handle it!

Stay there! (Cambodian)

Are you Thai? (Thai)
Stay there! (Cambodian)

How are you? (Thai)

Stay there! (Cambodian)

Calm down! (Thai)

Stay there! (Cambodian)

Exchange? Swap? (Thai)

Let go of him!

Hold your fire! He's giving himself up.
Don't shoot!

Don't move!

Hold your fire!
If you shoot him, we'll have nothing!

Put your gun down! Put your gun down!

Wai! Wai!

Stay here. Wai.

Sir! I'll keep an eye on him.

Fuck you!

Still looking?


Did you call Lam's wife?

I did.

No matter what, the investigation must go on.

Yes sir.

Who'd want to murder your wife?

Answer me!

Did she owe anyone money?

Or was she having an affair?

Was she really so annoying?

Leave him alone!

Think about it.

Mr Lee, we found this photo
in the killer's pocket.

It's of your wife.

We found on the photo...

Not just the killer's fingerprints
and his partner's.

but your fingerprints too.

You gave this photo to them, didn't you?

You hired someone to murder your wife.

Are any of you married yet?

We'd been married thirty-something years.

But she still wanted a divorce.

And she wanted to take all my money.

How could I survive?

This is the way to survive.

What's happening with
the suspect's fingerprints?

We're checking.
It takes longer if he's from overseas.

We're printing the sketch of his partner.

The killer can only escape by water.

Block all the wharfs.

Wai! Take the team and ask around.

Get as much info as you can.

Did you hear me? You want me to repeat it?


Where are you?

Where the hell are you?

Wait for me.

Wai! What's wrong with you?

Are you tired or something?

135247. Here's $10,000 for Lam's funeral.

Can you add a dollar?
Never donate even numbers for funerals.

It'll bring bad luck.
I'll give you a dollar change.

As cops, we're all prepared to risk our lives.

But only when it's worth it.

You don't know what you're doing.

Don't die for nothing. That guy's mad.

We just want you to be safe. We're a team.

Are you finished?

We don't want you to die before your father.

Hey! Your dollar.

Inspector Ti.

I'm Ben. We're from internal affairs.

What do you want?

Do you visit your father every day?

What's it to you?

A year flew by so fast.

Your father is really a good cop.

But I wonder when he'll wake from his coma?

I've read your police statement again and again.

and I just don't understand one thing.

How could a good cop like
your dad be dealing drugs?

Wake up! Questioning you!

Why were you involved in drug dealing?

Answer them! Answer them!

Far from our affluent cities.

Cambodia's poorest children struggle...

We found an English documentary

shot in Cambodia a few years back.

All the kids have the same
neck tattoo as the hitman.

Their only money comes
from illegal boxing matches.

where they're just the pawns of gamblers.

If he was brought up this way, he's no human.

Killing means nothing to him.

The children are separated from their parents.

and barely get a decent meal for days on end.

They have no hope, no fear and no life ahead.

Their only chance of survival
is when another life ends.

Where's the lighter? Go out to cook!

Quick! Cook some food!

This is the mailbox for 92896167.

Please leave a message.

Any more?

No, sir! I swear!

Trust me!

No, sir! No!

Who was the driver this morning?


Who was it?

No! No! Don't hit me!

Damn you!

Hey! I want to ask you something.

Don't mess about! I've just been beaten up!

This morning. Sin Kong Restaurant.
Who was the driver?

I am asking! I am asking!

Thanks. sir!

Is he your friend?

Ignore him.

Call me when you know who the driver was.

We've found the taxi! Where's Wai?

I'm calling him!

Forget about him!

Chief lnspector Sum.

How can I help you?

It's already very late.

The chief is looking for you! Where are you?

Hold on. I have another call.

We found the driver. He's at Ping Shan Garage.

You'd better not be fooling me. Funny Eyes!

Hey, what have you done to my car again?

Don't worry about it.

Just hurry up and change the license plates. OK?

Get down!


Leaving? Run! Run!

Where'd the bastard go?

I was just the driver. How would I know?

Tell me!


Where'd he go?

He took the phone.

You have one new message.

Where the hell are you?

Do you know internal affairs
is investigating you, not your dad?

Come back quickly!



Wai took the phone number for checking.

They found the number's address.
It's a landfill.

Quick! Find him!


I came from far away to find my mother.

My mum is dead. My mum is dead.

My dad wouldn't let me go.

He wouldn't let me go. He wouldn't let me go.

He wouldn't let me go.

He wouldn't let me go.

He wouldn't let me go. He wouldn't let me go.

You have to rely on yourself to survive.

Help me!

How come you're here?

Where'd that bastard go? Where'd he go?

He took my car.

Wai! Wait here!

You're messing up everything!

Wai! Stay here! Wai!

Don't make things worse!

[San Ka Village Pier]

Where is he?

Chief, a fat guy inside

was shot dead.

I doubt that Wai did it.

But the hitman has no gun.

Where the hell is he now?

How come you guys are here?

Where's Wai?

So, something must have happened inside?

Don't bother. We'll take a look ourselves.

I'm in charge here. A man was shot inside.

The one who fired the gun could be Wai.

But unless you find evidence,
he's still on my team.

As their head,
I'll be responsible for what happens.

How well do you know your teammates?

You know what we're investigating, don't you?

Who knows if the cop in a coma is good or bad?

What are you implying?

Let's just say we're investigating everything.

I'd love to see a happy ending too.

Fine. I promise I'll bring Wai to you.

Don't tail us ever again!

I'll find him as soon as possible.

I lost a teammate today.

And I don't want to lose my friend's son!



Did Wai come to see you?


Did Wai come to see you?


Did Wai come to see you?


Did you wake up?

Where's Wai? Where?

Tell me!

I didn't say anything about you.

I wasn't thinking clearly
but I didn't mention you.

Let's go to see the chief.

Thank you. Thank you.

You're so nice to me.

How do we find the hitman?


Where did he go?

Where is he?

Speak up!

Bastard, tell me!

Tell me!

Where is he?

Tell us!


Tell us! No. No.

Tell us!

Tell us!

Who are you looking for exactly?

So many people.
How do I know who you're looking for?

Stop it!

How can I do this?

Don't hit me. If you wanna find him, stop!

Get out! Out!

Get out! All of you!

Out of my sight!

We're cops. What are we doing?

Our informer is looking for that guy.

If you can't wait, you're free to go.

We'll get a reply soon.

You believe in him? You seriously believe in him?

Give back my phone!

Don't be silly, okay?

Let's go!

I don't know what's right.

but I trust him.

So how long do we have to wait?

How long must we wait? When do we know?

You keep saying you're looking for other people.

Looking for so many people.

Find yourselves first!

Not me! Answer the bloody phone!



Your phone is off, right?

Your father woke up.

Do you want to talk to him?

Not now.

We've got plenty of time.

(24 hours Clinic)

Damn! I'm in pain!

What the hell are you looking at? Come and help!

What are you staring at? Help him!

What is it?

Come here!

[Dentist Lee Ka-lun. Wong Lam-kong]

Hello? Speaking.

We found him!

Convulsions and breathing trouble.

Looks like tetanus infection.

(Cambodian) Save her! Save her!

Candy, do we have any medicine in here?


Get some tetanus toxoid from next door.


Inject! Inject! Inject!


Save her!

Save her!

When was she hurt?

None of my business.

Boat! Boat!

What is it? What's happening?

Put your guns down! Put your guns down!

We're police!

So? You needn't do that to workmates!

We're after a killer.

What's happening here?

We just received a report.

We found an illegal immigrant in the surgery.

She could be an important witness.

Carry on investigating.

Hey! Wake up!

Where is he? Where is he?

Answer me! Where is he?

I want an answer!

What on earth are you two doing?


She's a patient!

We just want to ask her something. That's all.

Where's he gone?

Where's he gone?

Open the door! She's a patient! Don't be rough.

Please come out! Come out!

Tell them to leave.

We'll take over. You can go.

Yes, sir.

Tell me where he is!


Answer me!

Wai! Open the door!

You must know where he is!

Tell me! Tell me!

Let go of her! Let go! She's sick!

Come outside! Come outside!

Relax. Relax. OK?.

I am bloody working here!

Did you kill the fat guy at the landfill?


You needn't do anything. Take him to the station.

Chief, calm down!

If you take him back now, he's finished!

If we don't, he's really finished!

Let go of me!

Leave me alone! Let go!

Let go of me!

You bastard!

I'd have shot you long ago
if your dad wasn't my friend!

Why can't you act decently?

As soon as your father woke up, he asked for you.

If he sees you in this shape.

he's going to be upset!

You're just a piece of shit!

You're calling me a piece of shit?

Then what about him?

Do you know how much he hurt me?

Your dear friend.

the big hero, my dearest father...

He's none of these!

I tell you, he's just a bastard!

What did you say?

He's no good. I'm telling you!

How dare you!

I wish he were a good cop too.

I only wish he were.

But he wasn't.

He really wasn't at all.


Inspector Ti!

Constable No. 3721 reporting!

You wanna be a cop?


You're not allowed to be a cop.

I wasn't a good policeman at all.

I hated people calling me a good cop.

It made me feel ashamed.

When did you become a cop?

Calm down! People are watching!

How many times have I told you?

Don't be a cop. Find another job.

You didn't even tell me.

Forget it. He just wants to be like you.

Be like me?

You think cops are heroes?

I just want to be a crime fighter!

Can you fight crime?

You get hurt all over just chasing a junkie.

Young men like you will be corrupted
and end up as gangsters.

I won't!

You won't? Shut up!

Unless you quit now!

Why should I quit? Quiet!

I'll be a good cop for you to see!

In your bloody dreams!

What cop doesn't want to crack a big case?

But the first serious criminal my son caught...

was me, Me.

You know him?

Ignore him.

Check the stuff.

Give me your gun!

You're a disgrace to the force!

Let go of me!

Let go! Let go!

You really hate me, don't you?

The world is like that.

You used to always think I'm a hero.

I'm telling you now.

your father is a thief.

Catch me. Then you'll be a hero yourself.

Look at me clearly, won't you?

If you don't catch me now.

then you'd better go and write a good report.

Then you'll have an easier road ahead.

This is the way to survive.

People's hero, sacrifices for others.

Police role model shot by
drug dealer, falls into coma.

I won't tell this lie for him.

How can he be a hero?

Do you know my pain when I fired the gun?

I felt so relieved

It's just a kind of relief.

Why didn't he die?

Why did I have to bear this lie for so long?

It hurts. I'm really sick and tired.

His dad was really a selfish bastard.

But now he doesn't have to lie anymore.


Long time no see.

You're welcome.

He's my friend's son.
Of course I'll look after him.

Don't say this.

Do you want to speak to Wai?

Maybe later.

We've got plenty of time.

Let's meet up for a drink later.

It was your father.

He just finished his statement
to internal affairs.

He turned himself in.

I'll go with you to visit him tomorrow.

How is she?

I think her wound is badly infected.

We need to send her to hospital now.

No way!

That bastard must come back for her.

She'll die if we don't send her to hospital.


You take her to hospital.

We'll wait for the mad dog here.

You can go.


Chief, that guy has been following me.

I'm at Tai Kok Tsui Old Market now. Come quickly!

Hold on! We'll be right there!

Wai. Kei.

Hurry! The mad dog is chasing Cheung!

Don't move!

Hands up!

Don't move! Hands up!

Hands up!

Face the wall! Face the wall!

Kei. watch the girl!

Cheung! Hold on!

Get up! Get up!

Scumbag! Let him go!

Calm down!

Let him go! Let him go!

Put her down!

If he doesn't let go of Cheung, I'll shoot her!

Calm down!

Bastard! Let him go!

Don't be a fool! Drop your gun!

Put your gun down first! Calm down!

Let him go! Let him go!

Don't be a fool! We're the police!
We don't do things like this!

No way!

Let go of Cheung! Let go of Cheung!


He has no bullets!


Come here!

Bastard! Come out!

Come out!

Come out!

How are they?

All dead.

I want to talk with my father.

He committed suicide last night.



Don't call me that.

Who's she?

My wife.

Your wife? Take her and leave! Don't stay here.

You want to get rid of me?

The police want to arrest you.

You're useless!

Go away!

You're just a stray dog.

You're all just trash I picked up.

I am the master here.

Boot him out.

Go back to your dog hole and never come back!

You're her husband?

Your wife has a serious complication.

I suggest she have an operation
to take the baby out.

It'd be better for both of them.

How much?

Five million riel.

Even if I don't charge for the operation.

the anesthetic alone

costs at least three million riel.

Wait here.

Why are you here?

My wife is pregnant.

I need money. Give me assignments.

I know you're still in danger.

but I don't have a gun to give you. Take this.

Wait for me here. I'll give you a job.

He's back.

2... 4... 7

I can help you find him. but you mustwork for me.

Fight. Win money.

I want to get cash. You want to get him.

I've earned enough. That guy's trouble.

I don't want to see him again.

I came from far away to find my mother.

But my mum was dead. Dad wouldn't let me go.

Dad died, you came to take me away.

If I die, you can go. Right?

"Creatures live at the expense
of other creatures"