Doctor Sleep (2019) - full transcript

Years following the events of "The Shining," a now-adult Dan Torrance must protect a young girl with similar powers from a cult known as The True Knot, who prey on children with powers to remain immortal.

Where are you going, Violet?

Just to pick some flowers.

Don't wander too far.

♪ My wild Irish Rose ♪

♪ The sweetest flower that grows ♪

♪ You may search everywhere ♪

♪ But none can compare
with my wild Irish Rose ♪

Oh, hi there!

Do you want one?

You are wondering
why I'm wearing such a funny hat.

I always wear this hat.

So much, that it's a
part of my name now.

My friends, my very
very best friends.

They just call me
Rose the Hat.

It looks like a magicians hat.

It is.

It's a magic hat.

Do you wanna see?

Nothing up my sleeves.

Nothing in my hat.

Don't worry, that's my friend.

You're missing the trick.

Reach inside.

It's so pretty.

Because it's special.

And speaking of special.

You are a little magic too,
aren't you?

The flower in my hand,
what color is it?


Like you.

You don't eat flowers!

But you do.

But these are special.

Honey, it's the special ones
that taste best.

I should get back
to my mom.

No, stay, stay a while,
see more magic.

You are a special little thing,
aren't you?

No, please...

Hey, it's okay, Doc.

It's okay.

There, all dry.

What happened?

You have to talk
to me, Danny.

You haven't talked
since we left...

Please, Doc.



You ain't talking, huh, Doc?

Weren't talking much
the first time I met you neither.

You remember the first
time we really talked?

When I spoke up
inside your head.

Made you feel good, right?

Knowing you're not alone.

Someone did that for me too.

And someday, Danny Torrance,
you'll teach someone else.

I won't.

No, you won't, huh?

I won't shine, I mean.
No more, it's dangerous.

Very good it is.

She found me.

She'll come back and come back
until she gets me.

You're right.

The Overlook's condemned.

Boarded up, there are starving old
ghosts in there, reaching out for you.

Won't stop with her, either.

Pictures in the book.

You said they were just pictures
in the book, and they couldn't hurt me.

Some things, dark things.

The shining is like food.

The Overlook, it was always
just pictures to me.

But I didn't shine like you.

Nobody shines like you.

So you in that damn hotel,

you were like a million watt battery,
all plugged in.

And it ate it up.

World's a hungry place.

And the darkest things are the hungriest,
and they'll eat what shines.

Swarm in, like mosquitoes, leeches.
Can't do nothing about that.

What you can do

is turn what they come for
against them.

My grandfather.

He was a mean son of a bitch.

Dark inside.
Same type of dark as your dad.

Beat me senseless and my grandma too.
And when he died I danced.

But he came home coming back.

Standing in my room.

Suit all gray and stinking from whatever mold
was growing on him in that box.

So, grandma...

She taught me a trick.

Gave me a prison.

I want you to know this box.

Inside and out.

Don't just look at it, touch it.

Stick your nose inside,
see if there is a smell.


Because you gonna build one
just like it in your mind.

One even more special.

So next time
that bitch comes around.

You'll be ready.

Let's get you back to mama.




There you are!

Where did you go?!

You scared me half to death.

Don't you do that to me,
you hear?

Don't you ever do this to me.

Don't ever do this to me.

What's up, Doc?

What's cooking?

What's cooking little friend?
Well, you are!



Ouch, you are killing me!

You okay, Doc?

Yeah, Mom, I'm okay.

- What's your name again, cutie?
- Dan.


You gonna take that medicine.

Come on. Get out.

Shit, I think you killed him.

What if you killed him?

I hope you killed him.

You hear me?

Let me kiss it won't hurt.

No, no, no.

No, no.

What a...


- Mommy?
- Baby.

Here, here.

You can put
her money back, Doc.

You can do that much.

She took mine.

She probably bought
a coke with it.



That's right.

You're prettier than your picture.

And you're older than yours.

We're staying here,
or going somewhere?

Don't you wanna watch the movie?

I don't see what the fuss is about.

Chat-room romance,
little girls, not interesting.

Just watch,
see if there's thing I promised.

It better be,
'cause she's not all that steamy.

There she goes.

Aren't you tired?



Wait. This is the best part.

I watched her do it 3 times now,
and it never gets old.

Sleep deeper.
Deep as you can.

The pain you feel
is only a dream.

You can explain a lost wallet,
when your wife asks.

But you can't explain this?

This you'll see every day
when you look in the mirror.

And at every time you see it,
you'll say out loud -

"I like little girls".

And the next time you go looking
for a little girl online.

I want you to remember

that time you got bitten
by a rattle snake.

That is interesting.

Excuse me, Miss?


Miss, you left something
in the theater.

You wanna leave me alone.

Well, hi there.

You wanna let me go.

Oh, no sweetie.

No, I don't.

Mommy, I made this for you,
it's a secret card.

Thank you, Abadoo.

Does anyone know a magic word?



"Abracadabra", that's a great one.





I know magic too.



Has anyone seen my spoons?

I can do that.

That's nice, sweetie.

- They are on you!
- Oh, they are on me?

What the hell?




Oh, hi there sleepy-head.


I had to sleep you
pretty hard.

You are a tough one.


You know I checked.

Six men in 3 months with those
little snake bite tattoos on their cheeks?

My, you've been busy.

Snakebite Andi - that's who you are.

So, who am I?

You're some crazy bitch,
who kidnapped me.

Just the truth from now on.

You will only speak the truth.

You're the most beautiful woman
I've ever seen.

Oh my God, works a little
too well, doesn't it?

Here's the deal
Snakebite Andi.

You are pusher, hm?
You can push people.

We haven't had a pusher
around here for a little while.

So, I'm gonna offer you a deal I haven't
offered anyone in almost 40 years.

How old are you, darling?



Oh, God, what an age.

Springtime of your womanhood,
isn't it?

You are not a girl anymore
but you don't have a single dent yet either.

Gravity hasn't even noticed you.

Not in 15.

Men though...

No, no. no. No shame.

You paid that back, didn't you?

That's what I'm offering you.

Springtime forever.

Ten years from now
you are still 15.

A hundred?
Maybe 17.

Eat well.

Stay young. Live long.

You like it?

Sorry I was just...

That's okay,
people love to look at it.

We used to set this up
in the library.

Community project just
taken a life on its own.

We started with a
clock town there.

- Oh yeah.
- Just keeps growing.

Kids call it "Tiny Town".

The kids built this?

With some help, oh yeah.

Keep it up.
Built the whole Town square.

Are you off the bus,
or riding near town?

Yeah, the bus.

Not many ride bus
this far North.

Unless, they are looking
for work.


Change of scenery, or...

You're running away
from something?

Don't mind me hop on.

- New face, that's all.
- Yeah.

So I'm running away
from myself, I guess.

Running away from yourself,
that is a pickle.

You take yourself with you
wherever you go.

Isn't that the bitch?

Rent's $85 a week,
payable upfront.

Billy paid your first two,
rest's on you.

No pets. No parties.
No noise.

I am a quiet time.

Last guy said the same.

Math student.

Even let him paint the wall
all blackboard,

so he could scribble
his little puzzles up there.

Wasn't quiet, no so.

Didn't even paint over this when he left.
But I'm glad I didn't.

'Cause I can make this easy
for you.

So you see it every morning
when you wake.

- You sure you wanna vouch for this pup?
- Pretty sure.

It's your ass, Billy.

Bleeding heart this one.

I'm downstairs, ground floor,
if you need anything.

Find me tomorrow,
we'll talk about some work.

Why are you doing this?

You don't know me.

No I don't.

But I know the look,
like I said.

And sometimes I...

get this feeling about people,
hard to understand, I guess.

Easier than you think.

- Thanks.
- All right.

You ready?

She's ready.

Who are these people?

You'll find out after.

Right over there is Grampa Flick,
and he'll lead us.

Lie down.


No fear, you understand?

We are the True Knot,
and we endure.

We are the chosen ones.

We are the fortunate ones.

What is tied, cannot be untied.

Here is a woman.

Would she join us?

Would she tie her life
to our life?



Say "yes".


This one's special.

Her name's Violet.

There is not much of her left.

And she tastes

like flowers.

Breathe deep.

There, embrace it.

Embrace it.



They haven't found us yet.

They were used
to hearing him cry.

'Cause I left him alone
for so much.

So they didn't do anything.

And they haven't found us yet.



You said that you knew my look.

What did you mean?

You're sick.

You're tired.
I can see that much.

I need help.

Come on in.
We'll talk about it.

God, grant me the serenity to accept
the things that I cannot change,

the courage to change
the things that I can,

and the wisdom
to know the difference.

Bobby's got a big birthday today.

Three years, three years sober.

Thanks, John.

Now for the most important person
in the room.

Is anybody here a newbie?

Somebody's got 24 hours?


New to town, huh?

Yeah, I...

Nothing personal I delivered
half of the people in that room.

- So it's new faces part, that's all.
- This is Dan Torrance.

He's fresh off the bus.

Fresh off the ground,
by the look?

There's no judgment here, brother.

I mean, we've all been there,
and worse, trust me.

Oh yeah.

If you are looking for a wing
to climb under.

I can't say you do any better
than Billy Freeman here.

Well, thank you for your hospitality.

I'm a little...

I guess I'm not used to it.

Well, you know what we say.

You can't judge someone
till you know the whole story.

You might think you understand, but...

- You don't.
- You don't.

How are you today, all right?

Our train is still running.

That's good to hear.

You good?


- Well, good to know you, Dan.
- Yeah.

- Come again.
- Thanks.

- Hope to see you again soon.
- I'll come back, yeah.

Really good man,
he's got a gift.

Hey, Billy, hang on.

Hey, Doc?

Your watch.

You lost your watch, you were worried
about the kid with...

Gauche, Guchers...


The kid with Guchers,
or Gauchers, the bone thing...

- Gaucher's disease.
- Right.

You were washing your hands
in the hospital bathroom and

you left it on the soap dispenser.

Well, just check
on the soap dispenser.

- It was good to meet you.
- Yeah.

How did you know?

I wish I could say.

Lucky guess.

My ass.

Intuition I suppose.
Like a feeling in my gut, maybe...

A lucky guess.

What do you wanna do here?

What do you mean?

I mean here in Frazier.
Why are you here?

I don't know.
I don't know.

Something different
than I've been doing...

Something better.

You go to church?

Does it matter?

Do you believe in something,

bigger than you?

Our beliefs don't make us
better people.

Our actions make us better people.

So Billy says you have
orderly experience?

That's right.

You're working right now?

Few shifts at Tiny Town,
helping with the train.

'Cause I do 3 days a week
at Rivington House hospice.

Good orderly is tough to find.

Tougher to keep.

Do dying people bother you?


We're all dying.

We're all just
one big hospice with fresh air.

Oh, hi there.

You said it didn't hurt.

Doesn't now, does it?

It felt like I was dying.

I know.

You did.

You'll feel better when you eat.

Am I still human?

Do you care?


Let it be.

Azrael, leave him be.


Azzie, come on.

Come on, Azzie.


Is that you, Doc?

No, I'm not a doctor.

Do you want me
to get you a doctor?

The cat's on my bed.

- Oh, I'll move her.
- No.

I knew she would be.

That cat always seems to know

when it's time.

I guess it's time.

No, it's just Azzie being
a silly old cat.


Been that way
ever since I got here.

The cat knows

when it's time to go to sleep.

Everybody knows that.

I'm gonna die.


- Let me get you someone.
- No.

I've known it was coming.

Doesn't make it less scary.


Maybe it's just like you say.

Just going to sleep.

I mean there's nothing scary,
it's just sleeping.

You are a strange type of doctor.

I told you I'm not a doctor.

I think you are.

Doctor Sleep.

Doc, I am so scared
it's gonna hurt or be dark,

or be nothing at all,
and I don't wanna...

Nothing to be scared of.

Just going to sleep.

Finally true, restful sleep.

Thank you.

Thank you, doc.

Look, I shouldn't be here.

- Let me go get you some...
- No, no, no.

You're exactly
where you should be.


I see my wife.

Dan, alcoholic.

Hi, Dan.

I'm not much of a speech guy.

Just thought I'll hold
the chip and

talk about whatever popped up.

I'm thinking about my dad.

He died when I was 5,
so the only way I got to know him,

I really got to know him
was when I went dark.

When I drank.

To dull the...


Whenever I wanted to break
someone's face.

'Cause the drinking
and the temper and the anger.

Those things in me were his.

And they were all
I could know of him.

But now.

Well, now I get to know
him a little different, 'cause

he also stood
in a room like this once.

Wanting to get well
for me, my mom.

And he has a chip in his hand,
and chip said "5 months".

And on that day he...

Before it all.

Well, on that day all he wanted in the world
was to stand where I'm standing now.

And here I am, so...

So, thank you for us both,
I guess.

This is for Jack Torrance.

Hey, Charlie.


Guess I don't need to ask
why you are here this hour.

You have pain?

Do you want me to get
Claudette to bring you a pill?

Pill won't matter.

I'm not scared of Hell, Doc.

I lived a decent life.

Don't think there is
such a place anyway.

I guess I'm scared

there's nothing.

We don't end, Charlie.

I know that for certain.

I don't know much else, but

I know that we don't end.


I can taste blueberries
my mother used to grow.

Can you taste them?

Yeah, I can.

And I can hear Frank over radio.

One used to have a new work bench
next to your tools.

♪ Come fly with me ♪

♪ Let's fly, let's fly away ♪

♪ If you can use
some exotic booze ♪

♪ There's a bar in far Bombay ♪

♪ Come fly with me ♪

♪ Let's fly, let's fly ♪

♪ Away ♪

In a minute, little pen pal.

Abra, school.

Fine, I know.

Hey gramps,
have you seen Rosie?


You feeling okay?

Peach okay.


Sorry to interrupt.

Any luck?

Getting closer.

He's somewhere in Iowa, I think.

We'll all take a nice long road trip
once I'm sure I found him.

But until I do...

You gotta open the canister, Rosie.

We took steam 6 months ago, Crow,
6 months is nothing.

That kid in Delaware wasn't so steamy
and it's already showing.

- You see Grandpa Flick's hair, yeah?
- Yeah.

I don't think he's well.

Grandpa Flick hasn't been well
since Nixon was in office.

I know, but...

We need to eat, all of us.

Or the canisters just low?

Of course not.

Just no need to waste one
if you are close to a kill.


I might need it
just to find him.

We used to be more steamy.

Don't be daft, come on.

That's like a root say:

in 50 years I grow,
people used to be more neighborly.

But it's true, Rosie.

There's less steam out there
and it's weaker too.

Don't know if it's their cell phones,
or diets or Netflix or what,

but I am not picking up
any sense these days,

and once that I do, Rosie,
they are just...

I'll open the canister tonight
to tight everyone up.

Thank you.

- You know what, Rosie?
- I know what?

It's why you up here every day.

It's why you are always up here,
no matter what you tell the others.

The world's not as steamy,
and you are looking for a whale.

Watch this kid.
Number 19.

That kid is a natural.

He hits the ball every time.

Like he can read
the pitcher's mind.

Is that right?

See, you watch.

One of these days
one of those talent scouts

is gonna give win
to Brad there, you watch.

Hey, 19.

Just saw your game.

You are ready for the majors.

- Well played.
- Thanks.

Hey, you're heading home?

You wanna hop in,
I'll give you a ride.

No, it's real close.

I'm good.

It's okay.

We're friends, you wanna hop in.
We'll take you right home.

You can take me right home.

You trust me.

I trust you.

No, no please!

No! Please let me go!

Please I won't tell, please!

Number 19.

Kid you were good.


No, please let me go!

I won't tell, I won't tell!

It's okay.


Are you gonna hurt me?



Pain purifies steam.

Fear too, so, you understand.




Stop, monster!

Stop, stop.

Who is it?

Stop, stop!



No, no!

Stop it!

- Abra.
- Stop it!





Okay, ready?

They killed him.

They killed him.

- It's okay.
- It's all right.

We had a looker.



Big steam?

Oh, honey, it was huge.


East Coast, I think.

You are saying someone looked in
from 1500 miles away?

Maybe farther.

Boy or girl?

Girl, I think.

She was out of there so fast.

But I swear, Crow Daddy.

I haven't felt power like that.

Raw power like that in so long.

Do we need to look into it?

Sooner the better.

Kid's parents freak out.

Send her to a psychiatrist.

And they get her on pills.
Could ruin the steam.

No, giving back,
so this kid it's like

turning a piece of
saran wrap over searchlight.

I don't know where she is.

But when she comes back,
and she'll be back.

Oh, I'll be ready, honey.

I'll be ready.



Guess what?

I made a new friend.

His name is Dan.

Abbs, are you okay?

Last night, I...

I'm okay.

Sorry about that.

I know that head of yours
is like a radio sometimes.

And you pick up
some weird stations.

Nothing weird like that.

Not anymore.

All right...

I gotta study,
if I don't study...

Running place, hand off to 11, and...

Coach is gonna kill me if I'm...

Why doesn't he like me?

My hair?
Should I change my haircut?

The freak is staring at me again.

What is she staring at?


- Hey, Abadoo.
- Hey, dad.

Is school okay?

How is the book?


Yeah, going good.

I'm writing about Charleston
and Black Bottom.

And it's, you know like...

I'm going to start my homework.

Okay. Good.

That's good, sweetie.

Think Harvard in 3 years.

- Will see
- Yeah, we will see.

Well, hi there.

Get out!

Get out!
Get out off my head!

Get out!

- Ma'am, are you okay?
- No! Don't!

Yeah, I'm fine.

I'm fine.




Get up.

Come on, Dan.

- What happened?
- You just dropped.

I thought you were having a stroke.

Who's Tony?


You kept saying
"Please help me, Tony".

I'm sorry about that.


We've got a problem.

- Talk to me.
- The looker.

Yeah, she found me again.


I don't know,
I don't care.

We have to have her, Crow.
We have to!

Does she know who you are?
Where we are?

No. I don't know, I don't, I don't think.
That's not the important, look...

I said she's huge steam, right?

Yeah, it's even bigger than that.

I tried to turn around on her

and she blew me out of her
like I was nothing.

- Bullshit.
- No, never happened to me, ever.

I would've said
that was impossible.

Is she food
or do we turn her?

We don't turn her.

Rosie, are you sure?

If she's what you say she is...

Then we don't want anyone
with that power than us.

Jeez, think about it.

Have a great day.

You too.



You can hear me?

Let's use our outside voices,
all right?

You tracked me down?

It was easier than I thought.

Like, GPS, but in my head.

Look, I don't mean any offense, but

this day and age, a grow man sitting
with a teenage girl on a park bench...

I'm Abra Stone, and if anyone asks -
you are my uncle.

Uncle Dan.

And that's not even a lie,
not totally.

You magic, like me.

I don't know about magic.

I've always called it "the shining".

And yeah, we both shine.

Do your parents know?

About my shine?

They don't talk about it.

Or if I use it,
they look at me different.

When I was a kid
I didn't understand the shining.

I called it "Tony".

Thought it was my
imaginary friend.

I thought you were
my imaginary friend

for a long time.

How many of us are out there?

There are a lot of people
who have a little bit of shine,

they don't even know it.

They always seem to come home
with flowers when their wives are sad,

or they do well in the school test
they didn't study for.

But I only met 2 or 3 people
in my whole life who knew they shined.

The baseball boy shined.

His name was Bradley Trevor.

These people.

They look like people anyway,
they took him

And they ate him.

They ate his shine.

You could feel it?

And he could feel me.

If you could get something of his.

If you could go to Iowa.

- No, hang on...
- I can help you find him.

That way his parents
would know where he was.

They could bury him right
at least.

We could also get his glove.

- If I can touch that glove I can track them.
- Easy, easy.

Because Barry the Chunk,
I think that was his name.

For a while, before they killed him.

He was wearing it.

Abra, go home.

Don't chase these people.

Don't aggravate them.

Whatever you do,
don't attract their attention.

Find something, anything.

Well, almost anything to stop
that shine of yours.

Keep your head down
and hope to God that these people

and anything like them that they...

That they don't see you.

If they see you
they come back.

Abra, do you hear me?

They come back.

Keep your head down, stay safe.

I'm sorry.

Hey, Azzie.

You got your wires crossed tonight.

That room's empty, Azzie.

There's no one in that room.

Hang on, Doc.


I'm so sorry.

- I thought it was...
- Thought I was from the Overlook.

Almost locked me up.

Still getting business
from them old ghosts?

No, not for years.

Horace Derwent was the last one,
confetti on his suit.

Said: "Great party, isn't it?"

Shit, he did a grin on his face
till I pulled out box for him.

That grin went fast.

It never occurred me
to ask you back then.

What happens to them
in those boxes?

Do they die in there?

Do you care?

I missed you.

Has it been a long time?

Can't tell.

This world is a dream
of a dream to me now.

Eight years, little more.

Why are you here?

I'm here because
it all comes round.

Ka is a wheel, Doc.

If these empty devils
ever found you when you were a tank.

If they'd even sniffed you

you'd be long dead.

They eat screams
and drink pain.

And they've noticed
that little girl.

They might kill her.

Might turn her.

Or might keep her, till she's all used up
and that'd be worst of all.

You can't let them.

Why me?

Because she found you.

Because she showed up.
Hell, Doc, why me?

You just rocked on into my kitchen
one day and I'm still on the hook.

What the hell
am I supposed to do?

Get her what she asked for.

You won't see me again, Doc.

This is my last dream.

It seems to me
you grew up fine, son.

But you still owe a debt.

Pay it.


Hey, Mom.

You're feeling okay?

We missed you at dinner.

I'm okay,
just had a rough day.

I'm flying out
to see MoMo in the morning.

I'll be back as soon as I can.

Abbs, does she...

She's gonna pull through this time?

I don't know.

But I hope so.

Tell her I love her.

Keep sleeping, princess.

You hobs.

You spend your whole lives,
making little boxes.

Little memories.

You think they make you so rich?

You should see mine, kiddo.

My mind's a cathedral.

Well, hi there.

He said you'd come back.

And you did.


Get back, get back!

You are just a fucking child.

Where did you?


Where did you go?

Where did you...


Get out!
Get out!

Get out!




What the hell happened?

- Little bitch set a trap for me.
- Oh, your hand.

Rose, calm down.
Calm down.

We know where she is now, right?
Now we know.

She was in my head.

- What?
- Stealing.

- What does she know?
- I don't know, I don't know.

- How much did she see?
- I don't know!

There's a problem.

Not now!

Grandpa Flick.

I think he's cycling.

Uncle Dan, Uncle Dan!

I hurt her.
I really hurt her.

I hurt her, and she deserved it,
but that's not the best part.

The best part is
I got in her head.

I got in her head.

- Uncle Dan?
- Oh, God, Abra.

What have you done?

Just talk to the kid.

If we gonna do this,
then let's do this.

Hi, Abra.

I can hear you.

I don't understand.

You will.

I thought we'll live forever.

Did someone promise
you that, Andi?

Did someone say
you're immortal?

I said: "live long, eat well".

We can live long, very long.

And we do, most of us.

But we haven't been eating well.

Not for a long time.

Rosie, he's going.


Yes, love?

- I am scared.
- No, you are not.

You watched
empires rise and fall.

Cheered the gladiators in Rome.

Sailed across oceans
to new worlds.

Fed on kings
and princes, and popes.

They wrote myths of you.

And made statues.

And they trembled in their villages
and beds and skyscrapers.

So no.

You are not scared.

You're a king.

And you eat fear.

Hey, bro.

It's 4 AM.

You've always seen me Billy.

You have a good sense
about people, is that fair to say?

Yeah, but why?

You think I'm an honest man,
a good man?

I do, I do, Dan.

I need your help.

But first thing I need
is for you to listen to a story

and try harder than
you've ever tried to believe me.

How is it going?

Hi, shouldn't you
be getting ready for school?

Yeah, but I wanted to tag along.

How long have you been driving?

For few hours or so.

We should get there tonight late.

Who's that?

That's my friend.

Maybe my best friend.

You should've seen her face.

She was scared, Uncle Dan.

Scared like
all those kids were scared.

All those kids she's killed.

She was so mad
and so scared that I got in.

That was a new trick.

I've never done that before.

Yeah, me neither.
What was it like?

Like a library.

I guess we're all libraries inside.

Who did you do it?

Like this, just a little push.


Sorry, sorry.

- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.
- It's okay.

What were all those boxes?



When I was a kid,

younger than you I bumped into
something like these things,

that ate like they do.

But it wasn't a person,
it was a place.

They closed it downafter
and let it rot.

But the things
that lived there, these...

Don't go poking around there again.

Okay. I won't, I promise.

We are almost ready,
we are just, loading up.


We got the caravan on the road,
and we'll have her in a day or two.

I don't think
you should come, Rosie.

The fuck did you just say?

She attacked you,
she got in your head.

Yeah, it won't happen again.

And who knows how much
she got to before you kicked her out?

She's mine, Crow.

Right now as far as we know
you are the only of us she could track.

Now, she sees you coming...

She could run,

or set another trap.

You know I'm right about this.

If she pulls a trick on you.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

But I got some tricks on my own.

Yeah, I think we're here.


Will see if I can get her.


That's the sign.

Pull around back.

She says to pull around back.

- And I'll tell you when to stop.
- She'll tell us when to stop.

How do I tell you, I don't know.

I don't know whether I hope
you're right or wrong about this.

I mean if you are wrong -
my friend is crazy.

I mean full-blown

mental breakdown imaginary monsters
killing imaginary kids


But, you know.
I can work with that.

- If you're right though.
- I know.

So much worse.

You should go home.


No, not you.

I can handle it.


We'll take it from here.

Okay, it's just us.

You smell that?

I used to hunt,
did I ever tell you that?



This one summer.

I clicked this buck.

I was tracking him for 2 days.

I got the shot.

Clicked him, he ran off,
I went after.

Figured, he wasn't gonna last long.

And he vanished.

Just open, evaporated.

Without a trace, truly baffling.

Five days later.

I'm trying a different spot,
miles away.

I come around,
looking for a spot for the blind.

Then I smelled him.

Smelled him.

Found that buck.

Held up to a hollow trunk.

Dead for days.

The smell.

Never hunted a day since.

This is the same smell.


Oh, my God!

What the fuck?


Fuck, Daniel!
What the fuck?!

They didn't even bury him deeply.
They buried him shallow.

I'm sorry, Billy.

What did you get us into?

The people who did that.

They are not people.

No, no they ain't.

Who would wanna
do that to a little boy.

They ain't people.

Did you get it?

Yeah, we got it.

Is she back?

We're heading back to you.
We'll be back in the morning.

We got a stop to make.

I need you to show
your parents what's happening.


- Yeah.
- No.

They almost think I'm normal.

If I tell them, they'll...

Rose will go through them
to get to you.

You know that, don't you?

She'll cut them down
without a second thought.

And she's coming, Abra.

They need to know.

So what's the stop
we gotta make?

You still got
those old deer rifles?

You Uncle Dan?

- Who the fuck do you think you are?
- Sir.

She's 13 years old.

Abra, I told you to show him.

- I told him.
- That's not the same.

I'm gonna kick your ass
before I call the police, huh?

- Hey.
- No, no, Abra.

Don't you say her name!


I'm sorry, Mr. Stone,
I am a friend.

Everything she told you is true.

- No thanks.
- No.

Those people.

They know about my daughter?

They do.

And sooner or later they're coming.

I gotta do something.

I will call the police, the FBI.

Those people have been around
a long long time, sir.

They're rich, connected.

I don't think
they're worried about the police.

Where are they?

When are they coming?
Where can we go?

Abra can answer that.

If she's ready.

I'm ready.

You sure you wanna do this?

I have to.


Barry, the Crow,
the Snake and a few others.

The trees haven't changed
that much so...

Maybe Massachusetts, but...

- They are close.
- Rose?

Didn't see her.

But they're coming.

This is the only room she saw?

That's right.

And I made a few changes.
Hid a few things.

All right.

Well, they'll be trying
to track you.

Try to catch on.

And you gonna let them.

Are you crazy?

Possibly, but you gonna let them.

And then I need you
to try and do a little trick.

A magic trick?

They're following us.

Concentrate, you gotta
keep it up until they land.

I know.

This should work.

Good blinds over and there.

They still close?

Getting closer, I think.

This is tough.

I know, I know,
how much longer?

Okay, Crow Daddy.

Go get her.

You look relaxed.

You feel relaxed,
don't you, Abra?

I guess.

You should.

Just relax.

We're friends.

You're friends.

That's right.

Just friends.

And we wanna take you
to meet more friends.

Good friends.

Oh, shit.

They way they talked you up,

I was thinking maybe
a little harder than that.

What the fuck?

Parlor tricks,
just fucking parlor tricks!

Get out of there!

Get out of there!



You deserve it.

You deserve it, all of you.




I just got one question
for you, sweetie.

Aren't you sleepy?

You're sleepy.



Wake up, Uncle Dan!

Wake up!

Wake up!

Fucking men.

Fucking men.

Stay back, Billy.

Kill yourself.



There is one missing.

I didn't see the Crow,
where is the Crow?

Hello, Abra.


Good, you're awake.


Don't bother.

What's wrong with me?

You've been dosed, Missy.

More than
I've ever used before.

I let you wake up
here and there, but

that steam of
yours is fast asleep.

My dad.

What happened to my dad?

A lot of good people killed today.

A lot of good people.

I'd love to tell you
someone will pay.

Some kind of justice, raining down on
the sad events today, but

doesn't work like that.

We were always gonna have you.

Some of my people are dead.

Some of yours are dead.

Outcome didn't change still.

Think on that a minute.

The outcome didn't change,

so their deaths,

all of them -

just a waste.

The waste you brought
on to us all, young lady.

For what?

Please, hear me.

Ain't nobody hearing you.

May as well calm down
and enjoy the ride.

Like I said.

Outcome hasn't changed.



Oh, please, please.





Help me, please, Tony.


Okay, okay.

Okay, okay.

Okay, he always said your...

Your brain was like a radio.

No one's answering when you call,
so stop calling

and just listen.

Dan, Dan.




Did he drug you?

I'm so sorry.

I'm gonna try something, okay?

But you're weak,
he's blocking you.

I barely hear you.

You gotta trust me, okay?


Wake again, huh?

May have to dose you
at the next rest stop.

Where are we going?

You know where.

Fuck, I feel hangover.

Told you, it's good shit.

Haven't had hangover in years,
and you know I don't miss it.

Not even a little.

West, huh?

Stand off the major roads. Smart.

Crownville, New York.

Who are you?

I'm the guy
that killed your friends.

It's nice to meet you.

Neat trick.

Haven't seen this one before.

Wanna see one more?

Don't imagine Rose would be
too happy if you shoot the prize?

I don't suppose Rose would be
happy about any of this.

And when that woman gets mad.


Seems to me you know enough
to know you might wanna sit this one out.

Count your blessings,
go on your way.

What's so funny, friend?

Well, it's just arrogance.

It's arrogance, really.

But, makes sense if you think
you gonna live forever.

Stands to reason.

Of course, you wouldn't
wear your seat belt.




I hope that hurts.


A lot!

You little bitch.

What have you done?

All right, bitch-child.

All right.

Sorry, dosed up.

No, you earned it.

Where are we?


- Where are we going?
- Colorado.

Why Colorado?

She's gonna keep coming.

- I know.
- Always.

This only ends if we end her
and I don't think we can beat her.

Not by ourselves.

There's a place.

Place, that's dangerous
for people like us.

The place you told me about?

- Hungry place?
- Yes, that's right.

If it's so dangerous,
why would we go there?

If it's dangerous for people like us,

I expect it's dangerous
for people like her.

Maybe even more so.


She's following, you know.

Yeah, good, let her.

I'm sorry about your father.

Sorry about your friend.

That's my mom.

What do I say to her?

Hi, Mom.

Oh, thank God!

Abra, are you okay?
Where are you?

I love you.

When we are safe
you call her and tell where to find us.

I will.


Not too much farther.
Up in mountain.

Here's what we gonna do.

You gonna stay in the car,
keep the heat running.

I don't want you spending
a minute inside there if you don't have to.

She can only come from here.

You'll see her mile out, easy.

You see lights on the
mountain over there

you blast me, okay?

But I don't want you going in,
not until she's here.

You're waiting with me?

- I can't
- Why not?

I have to wake it up.


Slow night, Mr. Torrance.

Not for long, I imagine.

You are a whiskey man,
are you not?

I was.
Most of the time.

On the house.

This was your brand.

Jack Daniels.

I used to see the bottles in our home.

Our real home before all this.

I smelled one once,
it smelled like something on fire, which

I suppose it was.

I'm afraid you've confused
me with someone else.

It's Lloyd.


I apologize, Mr. Torrance.

I don't know where everyone is,
but it will pick up.

Oh, I know where they are.

And you are right.

It'll pick up.

If you don't mind my saying,
Mr. Torrance, you seem

put upon.

Put upon?

Pulled into other people's problems.

I see it all the time,
if you don't mind my saying.

So we lived in Florida.

I'm sorry?

Mom and I.

We never wanted
to see snow again.

So we lived in Florida.

Tiny place, but it was comfortable
and we were happy.

I was 20 when she died.

And back then,

I saw when someone
was gonna die I saw flies,

black flies, death
flies I called them,

circling people's faces.

And in those last wakes
she was covered.

Her whole face.
I could barely see her eyes.

And I tried to comfort her,
but I could hardly look at her.

And she saw that.

Maybe something more
to push away such unpleasantries?

Don't you wanna hear about it?
She was your wife.

I think you've mistaken me
for someone else.

- I'm just a bartender.
- Oh, yeah?

Just Lloyd the Bartender,
pouring joy at the Overlook hotel?

I'll pour whatever you like,
Mr. Torrance.

Man takes a drink.

A drink takes the drink.

And then the drink takes a man.

Isn't it so, Dad?


Medicine is what it is.

Bona fide cura.

The mind is a blackboard,

and this

is the eraser.

A man tries.

He provides.

But he's surrounded my mouths.

And has family.

A wife, a kid.

Those mouths eat time.

They eat your days on Earth.

It is gobbled him up.

It's enough to make a man sick.

And this

is the medicine.

So tell me, pup.

Are you gonna take your medicine?

I'm not.


She's here.


This place is sick.

Sick like my MoMo was sick.

It's cancer.

Only worse.

What do we do now?

We'll get inside, she'll find us.

Well, well, well.

Hi there.

When it starts - run.

Yes, you run, dear.

And then I will find you,

and you will scream
for years until you die.

We'll see who does
the screaming.

We'll see indeed.

She's right, you know.

You should be afraid.

Why is that?

Because you don't know
where you're standing.

I'm sorry, who are you,

You are the one
who killed my Crow, aren't you?



You've made some improvements,
haven't you?

Since the last time
I was in your mind.

How do you know
we are not in yours?

Where are you, pup?

You gonna die here.

Brave words, dear.

Is that what you really think?

You gonna hurt me?


You know,
you remind me of myself.

I can really see it now.

You've got a darkness in you, dear.

But I think the only difference
between you and me is time.

You don't know yet

what you do

for more time.

But promise you, dear.
Oh, you'd be surprised.

Pain purifies steam.

Fear too, so...
You understand.

I was just like you
when I was younger.

So special

and alone.

But I met someone who gave me the gift -
the purpose of community.

And I might've given you such a gift,

if things would've gone differently.


Defying, aren't you?

So much like me,
your mind it's so...

This isn't your mind, is it?

This isn't you at all.

You're just the bait?



How the hell did we miss you?

You and I
should've met years ago.


That's your name, isn't it?

Well, something happens to the steam
when your lubes get older.

It gets polluted,


You knew that?

I see the grease all over you.

You don't shine quite the same.

Growing up spoils that, I guess.

Seriously, handsome.

Where have you been hiding?

I can make you an offer.

An offer I rarely make.

Oh, yeah? I can't wait.

Such a gifted boy,

hiding his light under bushwa
for so long.

You can live a long long time,
live well too.

Indulge yourself.

No consequences.

No hangovers.

Eat well, live long.

You must be lonely,
being the last one.

I mean the last one in the world.

Sweetie, I'm not the last,
far from it.

I'm just the prettiest.

I assume you know my answer.


So, are we doing this or not?

Oh, sweetie.

Oh, look at that, huh?

I seem to have nicked
your Femoral artery there.

You gonna bleed to death, huh?

My my, what a temper you have.

So much fire.

Such a waste!

Or maybe not.

Oh, damn.

Even at your age.

It's so good.

You taste like whiskey.


Danny boy!

So much terror.

All your life, huh?


Don't hurt me!

Oh, damn.

What, are not alone in there?

What are you hiding, huh?

What's in those?

Something special, huh?

They are not special.

They are starving.



Hello, Danny.

Come and play with us.


and ever,

and ever.

Uncle Dan?

Uncle Dan, is it done?

Is she dead?

Great party, isn't it?





Try it.

There you are.


You've been very very bad.

You are not Uncle Dan.

You are a mask,
a false face.

Who else could I be?

You're The Hotel,
but he's still in there.

Mask off then.

Why are you smiling?

Because you don't know
where you're standing.

I know these halls
like my own face, child.

I mean the body
you're standing in.

The face you're wearing.

That's Dan Torrance,
and you don't know him.

Dan Torrance?

Dan Torrance.

Made one stop
as soon as he got here -

to the boiler room.

There you are.

You were supposed to run.

I didn't wanna leave you.

I'm exactly
where I'm supposed to be.

I can't hold it off for much longer,
Abra, you need to run.


I'm not going anywhere without you.

I have to close the door
behind us, right?

Run, run!

Come on, Uncle Dan.

Get out of there.

Come on.

The fire spread fast,

destroying the hotel.

Purifying it.

I could almost hear it


I could hear it dying,

and deep inside I knew.

I knew you were okay.

I'm sorry I put you in danger.

It was the only way.

I know.

Do you think she was right,

when she said
she wasn't the last one?

The world's the hungry place.

A dark place.

Maybe there're more of them,
or things like them or worse, but...

There are more people like you too.

People who stand.

I told you,
when I first met you

I told you
that you should hide.

That you should
keep your head down.

Keep your shine out of sight.

But I was wrong.

Shine on, Abra Stone.

You shine on.

Dinner's ready.

Who were you talking to?

No one.

That's not true.

I was talking to Dan.

We go on, after.

We go on.

And he's okay.

So is Daddy.

He really is.


You're coming, sweetheart?

In a minute.