Doctor Mordrid (1992) - full transcript

An unspeakable evil has come into our dimension and wants to rule over Earth, and only a mysterious sorceror known as Doctor Mordrid can stop him.

The Death's Head
will seek you out.

Do you know when?

No, and if I did I would not stop it.

I understand, Monitor.

I wish you well.

I took an oath, and
when the time comes

I'll meet the Death's
Head and beat it back.

That spirit is why I chose you
for this mission, Mordrid,...

... but courage alone won't be enough.

Do you have a cigarette?

Beyond the barrier
of Heaven and Earth,

let it go free into
a closed dwelling.

May it cause it to enter.

Prima materialis.

Release this blood of the earth.

May it find its place with
the philosopher's stone.

You are no longer needed.

... about that barking horse!

The lease says we can have pets!

That horse barks all night long.

At three o'clock in the morning, he
wakes up the whole neighborhood!

He needs to go for a walk,
the night air does him good!

The only one who wakes up
the neighborhood is you!

If I don't sleep, nobody sleeps!

I checked with my doctor,
he said I could sue you

and that rotten dog
for keeping me up!

Oh, you're threatening me?

You're some kind of a big deal lawyer?

No, but my nephew Morris is gonna
start law school in two years.

Why wait?

Come on, Baby.


Baby, sit!


Ms. Hunt, you're a policewoman,

Mrs. Golden has threatened
to sue me because

Baby barks when he wants
to go out at night.

But my lease says
I can have pets,

and my dog is my
pet and dogs bark!

Mr. Berstein, I'm not a policewoman.

I'm just a research consultant
to the Police Department.

Then consult and tell her
the law's on my side.

Missy, if you're so connected,

will you tell this man
to keep his dog quiet

or you'll throw him in jail?

Mr. Berstein, you're gonna have to
figure out a way to keep Baby quiet

otherwise she can call
the police about it.


And Mrs. Golden, if you call the
police I'm gonna have to tell them

how I can hear your television
through my bedroom wall

and then everybody will
be in jail except Baby.

Come on, Baby, let's
enjoy the night air,...

... or what's left of it!

And I'm still gonna talk
to my nephew Morris!

And I'm gonna talk to
the building manager!

You mean the invisible man?

And I'm gonna
write to the owner!

We don't know who that is yet.

And I'm gonna tell him how you
cause trouble between the tenants!

You and your horse!

Goodnight, Mrs. Golden.


They say 100 years ago New
York was a nice place to live.

It was.

It was?

I mean...

It looks like it was.

Oh, yeah.

You know I've been here since
Christmas and this is only

the second time I've ever seen you.

I work a lot.

Yeah, me too.

Sorry about all the commotion.

Ah, that's okay.

Oh listen, I'm curious about...

She's right, Edgar.

100 years ago, this was
a nice place to live.

Authorities are baffled
by this turn of events.

Montoya never gave any
indication something was amiss.

He had been a loyal bank employee for many
years and no one can explain his actions.

Police as yet have no clue as to the
motive behind this shocking incident.

At this time, the shipment of
platinum has not been found.


Time and place check.

This could be...

... coincidence, Edgar?

Or the first sign.

Come on, Tony.

All right, look, I admit it, if you
hadn't translated that Egyptian garbage

that nut wrote on the victim's bedroom
wall we would have never nailed him.

Wasn't Egyptian, it was Urdu,
the death curse of the Sect.

Yeah, which gave this yahoo
the great idea to stuff

his grandmother in a
trash compactor, I know.

You guys didn't have a clue.

Hey, a lot of good detectives
broke their asses on this case.

Yeah, that's right, including me.

No no, I mean real detectives.

Look, we would've stumbled
on it eventually.

Well I'm glad I
saved you some time.

What do you want me to say?
You did a great job on this case?

Okay, you did.

Thank you so much, but I
know I did a good job.

Hey, why you making this tough, huh?

Why don't you let me show you
the city's appreciation?

The Mayor sends me a
Christmas card every year.

I can do better than that.


So why don't you talk to your chief about
giving his special consultants a raise?

I was thinking more about dinner.

I know what you were
thinking, it shows.

Gotta go, I'm late.

In San Francisco,...

... a killer who claimed that his actions
were dictated by the signs of the Zodiac,

... terrorized that city for months.

Now of course such a defense
wouldn't hold up in court,...

... but there is medical
precedent for such acclaim.

The cycles of the moon...

... have been proven to
affect the tides,...

... magnetic polarity
and human behavior.

The word "lunatic" comes from the
Latin "lunas" which means moon.

We all know that when thing get a
little crazy someone always remarks...

"There must be a
full moon tonight."

Which explains what
you're all doing here.

The basis of Criminology...

... is the understanding of the
mysteries of the human mind.

Psychological motivations,
thought patterns, so on.

But what is all too often rejected

completely by the so called
"experts" is the fact...

... that our thoughts,
our beliefs, actions,...

... are influenced by much more than what
we experience here on the mortal plane.


The supernatural.

The supernormal.

Have been a part of man's experience from
the beginning and they cannot be ignored.

And if a criminal embraces the fantastic
as his motivation for violent behavior,

can we afford to ignore that motivation
simply because it doesn't fit

into our limited notion
of the order of things?

I think not.

Thank you so much for coming.

"Shot himself before startled
Bolivia police officers today."

Moments before the incident,...

... Castez had hijacked
one of his own lorries

loaded with industrial
stones worth a million rand.

Castez surrendered
to the officers,...

... then took his own life.

Whereabouts of the
diamonds remains a mystery.

Doctor, it's Samantha
Hunt from down the hall!


... contact me!

I am here.

The first and second
signs have come to past.

Great quantities of
basic alchemic elements

have been stolen at the
times and places predicted.

What does this tell you, Mordrid?

That the death's head has escaped.

This is so.

But how?

You must cross over.

You know my ability
is limited, Monitor.

You must and learn for yourself.

Is it not part of your duty?

Move and you're dead.

Breathe and you'll
be ripped to pieces.

Gunner, it's me!


Well I'll be damned.

A friendly voice.

I never thought I'd hear
another as long as I lived.

How the hell are you, son?!

Still standing guard at my
post on Earth, Gunner,...

... what happened?

We let our guard down.


See for yourself.

He killed 'em.

I don't know how many
during his escape.

The last thing I saw was a
fire storm he conjured up.

He would have been
kinder to kill me.

Instead, he melted my
eyes from their sockets...

... and left me here as an example of
what a cosmic son of a bitch he is.

What about his followers?

He tried to take the
hellspawn with him,...

... but I beat 'em back with the
last bit of magic I had in me.


... all I can do is try and keep
a lid on those ugly bastards!

He's coming for you.

He'll journey across to the world
of three dimensions and kill you.

He's already there.

Gathering great quantities
of alchemic elements.

Then we're too late, aren't we?
- No!

Don't sell Kabal short,
he's a tricky son of a bitch.

And a powerful alchemist.

I'm powerful too.

You look good, old friend.

By God, I bet I do!

There's nothing left
here for me to give you.

Thank you isn't good enough.
- Forget it.

Besides, you can't stand
guard if you can't see.

Well Monitor's had you standing
guard over Earth for 100 man years.

Do you see?

Kabal could end it all.

I'm losing Earth time.

Already days have passed
since I arrived here.

Then get back and nail
that son of a sorcerer!

Goodbye, old friend.

Good luck.

I wouldn't bother.

I haven't seen him in a week.

I tried to invite him to
join the tenant's committee

and he never even answered my note.

Well I'll tell him all about
it for you, Mrs. Golden.

Thank you.
- Goodnight.


Down here!

Oh my God, what's happening,
the building's on fire!

Stand back, everybody stand back!


What's all this?

Well this young lady
called in an alarm.

There's no fire.


I thought you were
burning up in there!

Nope, no, I'm fine as you can see.

Everything's fine.

I'm glad you're safe, sir.

I'm sorry, guys.

Haven't I seen you at the station?

It's Ms. Hunt, right?

That's right.

Overworked and underpaid by the
10th Precinct just like you guys.

I just wanna make sure
I got the name right.

Calling in a false alarm's
against the law, lady.

You'll be hearing from us.

Thank you, gentlemen.

I'm so sorry, God, you must be so tired of
me, I'm like your typical nosey neighbor.

Oh no, you're not nosey, you're...

... Interested.

Goodnight, Mrs. Golden.


You live here?

Please, make yourself comfortable.

God, this is incredible!

How do you like your coffee?
- Black's fine.


These volumes are amazing.

Oh thank you, I've been
collecting them for...

... a long time.

This book is 200 years old.

Did it go through a fire?

Oh I, I had a fire once.

Just not tonight.

Who's this?

Oh, that's Edgar Allen.

He's my bodyguard.

I bet he's good at his job.

I can count on him.

So are all these books
on the black arts?

And demonology,

... sorcery.



This pendant is great.



Not druid.


Something I had made privately.

Now let me ask you,...

... why'd you come to my lecture?

It's part of my job.

I'm a special consultant
to the NYPD involving

cults and satanism,
mostly on homicide cases.

So you are a policewoman.

Well not exactly.

Are you doing grant research?

I have a regular stipend, but...

... I'm...

... focused on just one subject.



... a man.

If you resist now,

I can be your...
- Would you come on?!

It's almost time.

Babe, did you really speak to him, or
are you just, are you bullshitting?

The dude spoke to me!

I heard him right in here.

It's gonna be fucking great!

Kabal could've picked anybody in the
world to help him and he picked us!

It's a real honor, babe.

Like being Jagger backstage.

Is there a spell to conjure him?

I don't know.

He just said to have
everything ready by midnight

and he'd give us a sign
of what to do next.

Well then we just gotta trust.


Jesus Christ.

I'd love to meet anybody who thought
they were actually a sorcerer.

I don't think you wanna meet Kabal.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to
sound pushy, I just meant

that I can't wait to read
your book about him.

I hope you get your chance.

Any plans after you finish your book?

A long vacation.

I should probably be going.

All right.

Now that I've made it into the inner
sanctum, I hope I see you again.

Listen, if you need any
professional advice,...

... or you wanna look at
the library, feel free.

Okay, thanks.

This is my rent check,
how did you get it?

You own the building, don't you?

Well no wonder you keep such a low
profile, you're the landlord.

Now you won't spread it
around, will you, Miss Hunt?

Will you get somebody to come
fix my garbage disposal?


Your secret's safe with me.


Watch over the landlord, Edgar.


A house of worship in ruins.


... appropriate, Adrian.

Hey, we were cast out
of Heaven, right?

That we were.

You see, everything's
just as you wanted it.

It appeared right out of the sky!



The wonders I can create
from this primitive earth.

What about Concord Labs?

I guess you can
go anytime you want.

We'd have to drive and that place
is almost in fucking Jersey.

That can wait.

Did you find out about
the Cosmopolitan Museum?

As I asked?

I drew the map myself.

Irene can draw great.

The medieval exhibit's in the west
wing, all the way in the back.

What about sentries?

For in the west wing day and night.

Does that bug you?

It's important to know the
numbers of your enemies.

I'll kill 'em all for you, man!

You don't have to tell us what
you're gonna do or anything.

But are you gonna finance an army
to slaughter these ignorant pigs?

Something like that.

I feel as though I've been blessed.

Of all the women you could've had...

And you chose me.

Yes, I chose you.

It's late.

Hey Hunt, you're queen of the freak
squad, what do you make of these?

Dead woman.

Dead runaway.

Completely drained of blood.

Her folks filed an MJ report
on her six months ago.

I was talking about
the mark on her face.

The killer made it with his ring.

What do you think?

I thought maybe it was some kind of
a letter from a foreign alphabet.

No, it was especially designed.

Look, I know someone who's a real
authority on this sort of stuff,

he's kind of a recluse, but I'm
sure he'd be glad to help us.

I'll give him a call.


The crystals of Endor.

It will take more than that.

I have more.

I should think so, you've had over
100 Earth years to prepare for this.

Why don't you use some of your
legendary powers against me now?

I can transport my spirit as well,...

... remember?

Why do you persist?

Why care you what happens
to these vermin?

What difference does it make
if I want this dying planet?

That's not what our power is for.

For what then?

For 10 of their centuries we've lived
on the other side waiting,...

... waiting for our chance to take our
rightful place as Gods in a Godless world!

A sorcerer is not a God.

He is if he chooses to be.

If he teaches these animals
the real meaning of fear

by bringing forth their
worst nightmares.

Nightmares I can control.

A world of slaves just for us
if you choose not to fight me.

I still guard the pathway.

Like you guarded me?

Then I'll have use of the pathway.

The fabric of the third
dimension will rip,

the demons will be loose and all you'll be
able to do is hear their mortal screams!

It's not their screams
I'll be hearing.

You are a fool, Anton!

If the people of Earth knew what you
really were they would kill you.

Yet you choose to protect them.

They are primitive in many ways,
but I took an oath to help them.

That's exactly what
I'm going to do.

Before this is over...

I'll drink your blood
and feed on your flesh.

And it will taste sweet.

Anton Mordrid, open up,
this is the police!

You don't know what
you're doing, Detective!

You are making a big mistake!

Hey, what the hell's going on here?!

Questioning your neighbor
on suspicion of homicide.


I'm afraid they won't
listen to me, Ms. Hunt.

I'll listen to you all you want
in the interrogation room.

What are you, I need that!

You don't need nothing,
get him outta here.

I'm sorry Anton. Are you crazy?

No, but you must be hanging
around with a nut like that!

Anton Mordrid is a respected
researcher of the black arts,

now I sent you to him so he could
help you solve this case, damn it!

Yeah, which he did.

As soon as I saw this, you see this matches
the burn marks on the dead girl's face.

Then I started to question
him, he started talking about

blood spells and all
kinds of cult shit.

He did not kill that girl, Tony!

Then he's an accomplice,
or it's a cult thing!

He's connected to it somehow.

Are you telling me you're holding
him on a murder charge?!

Hey don't get pissed off, I'm gonna put
in good word with you with the Captain.

This was a good lead.

You did real good.

A philosopher's what?


What is that, like a blarney stone?

It's a vessel, a cup that an
alchemist uses to mix his

elements, there's one on display
in the Cosmopolitan Museum.

Okay, so if I were a wizard, then...

- Whatever!

What would I mix in this cup?

Eye of newt?

Dried spiders?

Human blood maybe, you see that girl we
found didn't have a drop of blood in her.

You might use blood, Detective,

the other end of the spectrum
would be a radioactive element,

it depends upon the spell that you
want to cast and that depends upon

the sorcerer's intentions
whether it's good or evil.

I guarantee you, Detective, Kabal's
intentions are worse than evil.

You know Doctor, I'm trying very hard
to believe what you're telling me.

See, I know all about divine
good and ultimate evil.

I was an alter boy for five years.

My cousin Angelo,
he's from Jersey,...

... he took his vows
for the priesthood.

But my police training is telling
me that you're full of shit.

Until you start to make a little bit more
sense, I'm just gonna keep you here.

Here, try this.


Which is exactly what I'm getting
out of your fruitcake friend.

He talks in riddles.

Why don't you let me speak to him?

Forget it.

Come on, Tony, I understand this
stuff, it might clear some things up.

I'll be a son of a bitch.

You like this guy.

I just wanna talk to him.

No chance.

He might tell me something
he wouldn't tell you, okay?!

You wanna link him to this murder?

You're gonna need a lot more
on him than you have now.

Look, according to you he's got nothing
to do with the killings anyway.

That's right, I don't think he does!

But he might still trust
me and maybe he'll...

I'll keep the statement
recorder running, okay?

You're goddamn right you will.

Thank you.

Hey, if he's such a
great magician,...

... why don't you see if he can
get my money out of this machine?

Doctor, I am so sorry about
all this, it's all my fault.

I sent Gaudio to you to advise
him on this case, not bust you.

Your detective friend
isn't too bright is he?

Listen, is there somebody I
can call for you, a lawyer?

They took my amulet.

Can you get it back?

It's in the lab.


... Kindergarten stuff, don't be a fool,
picking locks, walking out of here,

that's the least of our problems.

The problem is my mortal form.

Your mortal form?

I can be killed in this state and there's
something vitally important I have to do.

Anton, for your own good you
really should have some council.

That kind of formality would
just delay everything.

Delay, these guys can figure out
ways of keeping you here forever!

Yeah, I was wrong.

I thought that the police
would help me prevent

the next murder, that
they would understand.

The way you do.

Kabal is a demon who uses
mortals to do his bidding.

This guy that you're writing the book
about, is he involved in all this?

Sam, I'm not writing a book.

And I'm not doing any
research about some abnormal

person who thinks he has
magical powers either.

I have to tell you something.

Show you something.

So that you'll comprehend the magnitude
of why I cannot be held here any longer.

Everything we say is being recorded.

Just so long as you hear me.

Hey Morrie, how's it going?

Shitty, I gained 12
pounds on my new diet.

I don't know what the
hell you brought me here!

I can't tell you what kind
of metal it is 'cause I can't

even scratch it to get a
sample to analyze it.

The diamond bit doesn't
even make a mark.

I told you the guy's
some kind of magician.

Maybe it's something
he made up himself.

Then he's a goddamn genius.

I want you to see...

... two young boys.


Born in another world
of magic and sorcery.

A dimension away from the one that
you know here of the planet Earth.

The boys competed in everything.

Sometimes one would win.

Sometimes the other.

And the source of their power...

... was in the amulet that
each wore about his neck.

As they grew older, their
magical skills were honed,...

... their strength increased
almost identically.

But the boys were
on separate paths.

Harnessing their powers together,

they could have changed the course
of this world for the better.

But while one focused on assuming
his place as a great sorcerer...

and command the worlds of light
with understanding of beneficence.


... the other student, the ambitious one,
found a home with the children of Belial.

His goal was to control
the powers of darkness.

And one day enslave mankind.

So the war between them began.

Their amulets gave them
even greater power.

One good and kind and generous.

One malevolent.

The sorcerers' battle raged
for over one Earth century.

But evil has great arrogance and...

... Kabal let down his guard for just
a moment and was taken prisoner.

Kabal vowed his revenge,...

... so the sorcerer of light traveled
to Earth to stand guard,...

... protect mankind should Kabal's
power ever be unleashed again.

- Now, after 150 of your years,...

... the worst has happened.

Kabal has escaped,...

... and come to Earth to turn this
planet into a burning ash heap.

He will literally rip a hole
into the fourth dimension

and release the demons who are
trapped there onto your world.

Let them feed.

It will be beyond
the apocalypse.

What did you do, hypnotize me?

I just wanted you to see why I
can't be held here any longer

and why I have to
have my amulet.

Sam, if you use it correctly, we canwalk
right out of here, no one will be harmed.

Look, I am no magician, I wouldn't
know how to use that thing.

You don't have to be a magician.

When you have the amulet in
hand, feel around the rim.

You'll find a stud.

Shield your eyes, press it.

There'll be a flash of light.

Anyone who sees the flash of light will
be frozen momentarily in time,...

... then released as
if nothing happened.

I don't know if I can do this.

It's the only way.

Hey Tony!

Didn't your prisoner say something about
the theft of radioactive materials?

Yeah, why?

Some doc at a lab on Long Island
went nuts, stole an isotope,...

... handed it off to an accomplice
just before the MPs gunned him down.

They just brought his
body into the morgue.

What about the accomplice?

Nada, an empty sack.

Here's a copy of the report.

Kind of a coincidence, ain't it?


Okay Ms. Hunt, you're out of here.

We need to question the prison
about the second death.

I'll tell you.

Radioactive material of some kind stolen
from a facility by a trusted employee.

Goddamn right.

There's a lot more going on here,
Gaudio, than you understand.

I'm charging you, pal.

You can't do that!

Will you get the hell out of here?!

Sam, my amulet.

I need it!

What you need is a good attorney.

And a psychiatrist.

You don't have to put a spell on
me, I'll do anything you want.

You're my master.

Mordrid's been arrested.

But that's no guarantee that he won't
interfere with what I have to do.

You need an advantage if
you are to serve me well.

For the next 12 hours, no
physical harm can come to you.

Well fucking a!

Just tell me what to do.

Bring me those diamonds.

The surgeon has his lasers, scalpels.

The alchemist has the essense
of the elements as his tools.

Give me love, give nothing, ow,...

Hey, officer.

How's it going, dude?

Fine, what are
you doing there?

Giving you a taste of
the fires of Hell!

Better than the fourth of
fucking July, man, huh?

Hold it right there,
don't move a muscle!

Go ahead, man, I don't give a shit!

All right, you've had your
fun now, motherfucker.

Go ahead, arrest me.

Oh Ms. Hunt!?

Just so you know, I'm formally charging
this man with withholding evidence

and conspiracy to commit murder.

You get partial credit for the call.

Gee, thanks.

Didn't know she turned
you in, did you?

You played right into our hands!

The master will let loose the demons
that will rip your hearts out!

What is this, night
of the living wackos?

Kabal rules, baby!
- Shut up!

This guy threw a molotov cocktail
in my patrol car out back.

Just giving you a taste of the hellfire
Kabal's gonna make you eat, man!

He's begging to get busted.

It's a goddamn epidemic.

Take him to interrogation.

We know every move you make.

Take him now!

You can't stop us!

What do you wanna do
with Doctor Freak?

Book him and stay with him until I can
figure out what the hell is going on.

Hey Morrie.

Have some dinner with me, Sam?

That's it, that's all
you're gonna have?

That's all I ever have.

Breakfast, lunch and
dinner all in one.

Guaranteed to take off
20 pounds in one month.

Well you're looking great.


... Gaudio sent me in here to look at that
amulet thing that the psycho downstairs

said it was wearing, might have some
writing on it I might be able to identify?

No writing.

Just a stone in the damnedest
setting I've ever seen.

Pretty, huh?

Yeah, very pretty.

The longer you keep me here,
the worse it's going to be.

We know, we know.

I don't wanna hear your mouth.

Sam, I'm sorry, but I had to
book him on at least suspicion.

You understand?

Sure Tony, you were
just doing your job.

Now, Sam!

Jesus Christ, Frank, what the
hell is wrong with you?!

He's gone.

Hey, wait a minute.

Put the gun down, friend.

Well you're a criminal
now, that's for sure.

What's the noise?
- It's the fuck you buzzer, shut up.

Lock him up and stay with him
until I tell you different.

Yes, sir.

Which way?
- They went towards Central Park.

Be careful, he's armed.

I'll send out an APB.

Yeah, hey Frank, nobody shoots, this
guy panics he'll kill Sam in a second.

What the hell happened here?

You okay?

Why did you do that to that cop?

I didn't want the police to
think that you were involved.

It's better for you.

Where'd you get that gun anyway?

All right, now Kabal has to get to the
philosopher's stone, last piece he needs.

Okay, but it's in "The Cosmopolitan
Museum" on the other side of town.

That's gonna take an
hour in this traffic.

What are you gonna do, fly?

I'm gonna leave my body, Sam.


I'm going to leave my body...

... in a trance-like state and
transport my form to where he is.

I need you to guard over my body.

Wait a second.

Otherwise, I might not
be able to come back.

Okay, I guess since I'm your hostage
I have to do as you say, right?


Beautiful day, isn't it?

Might be the last one
for a long, long time.

Inside, punk.

What the hell?!

Stop him!

Come on!


Sorry, Adrian.

Now you're like every
other human being.


Man, they sure were giants.

I remember them being much bigger.


Alex, you can't say that.

I'm sorry folks,
the museum is closing.

Six o'clock.

Excuse me, sir,
it's closing time.

You'll have to leave.

At last.

Minions of darkness,
I summon your power.

Demons, hear me!

I command you!

Use your strength!

Set yourselves free!

The gateway to Earth
will be opened to you.

It won't be quite that easy.

Why do you persist?

My children are waiting
on the other side.


You'll be joining them soon.

I think not.

Their fate is well sealed.

I thought as much.

You realize you have no power
over me in this state.

No, but I can cast a spell.

God, our powers can be amusing.

My friend, we eat your charges.

The ones you sworn to protect, right?!

How's it feel to be so helpless?

You are just a whisper of smoke.

Not quite.

All the elements are in place, Anton.

The raw diamonds of Earth,
platinum, the sister of gold,...

... and now touch the element that mankind
has twisted into his ultimate weapon.


The blood of their future king.

Man's last days on Earth are here.

Children of the night,
prepare yourselves for war!

Give me your powers!

I command it!

It's no good, Mordrid!

You're too late!

At least I'm gonna go out fighting!

They're loose!

My children are
loose on your world!

You didn't win!

Well I'll be damned.

I did it.

- Don't fuck with me, lady!

I'm on a mission
from the master!

And this man's gotta die!
- You don't wanna do this!

Yeah I do!

- I'm gonna kill him!


Sam, cover your eyes!

I thought you'd never get back,

this guy says he's on a mission
from his master to kill you?

His master's dead.

In that case...

Mordrid, hear my voice.

You've done well, Mordrid,
but you must cross over now.


You have revealed too
much to the mortals,

your capture will jeopardize
all future missions.

I command you to the other side.


I'm sorry, but...

Anton, who are you talking to?

Mordrid, I command you.

You must obey.
- I know, just let me explain.

Sam, I have to leave.

We'll go together.

Where I'm going, you can't come.

Just tell me what kind of weirdness
to expect and I'll handle it,

I think I've done
pretty good so far.

You've done a lot more than that.

I'll see you again.

I promise.

Take care of Edgar
for me, will you?

Ah, what the fuck?!
- You okay, Sam?

I'm fine, the son of a bitch
just tried to kill me.

Look, dude, the master protects me from
your puny weapons, you ain't got shit!

Put it down, put it down!

Jesus Christ!

It hurts!
- Yeah, no shit, Sherlock.

Call him an ambulance.

All right, Sam, where's Mordrid?
- I don't know.

The guy kidnaps you at gunpoint, you
didn't even see what direction he went in?

I'm sorry Tony, I just turned
my head and he was gone, okay?

Yeah, like magic, huh?

In a way, yeah.

Come on, I'll give you a ride home.
- No thanks.

Think I'll just walk
for a little while.

Look, I want you in my
office tomorrow morning.

I want a statement from you.

I'm gonna find him, Sam.

You probably will, Tony.

You're a dedicated cop.

No offense, Edgar,...

... but there are other people I'd
rather be spending my Christmas with.

You'll have your bird seeds,
I'll have some egg nog, and...

... we'll watch "It's A Wonderful
Life" for the 100th time.

Guess it could be worse.

It could be better.

Much better.

Thanks for taking
care of Edgar for me.

Well you here to stay for awhile, or
are you gonna vanish on me again?

Well wherever they send me, I'll need
some help, somebody I can trust.

I'll do my best.


But first...

We have to have
a little egg nog.

And watch our movie.

For the first time.