Dünya Hali (2018) - full transcript

Have you ever felt worthless?

Like a tiny light seen from far away.

Have you ever felt so small
it was as if you had disappeared?

I have.

Don't worry. It's not as sad as it sounds.

Because if you have the courage
to see yourself for who you really are...

you can see the world inside you.

Of course, like many people,
I used to lack that courage.

I was that kind of a student
whose absence is not recognizable,

whose name is forgotten
immediately upon introduction.

And life never hesitated to smash
that reality right into my face.

Look at what I'll do to him.

For example, this is Batu, my flatmate.

Making omelets is the only thing
I'm successful at, if you ask him.

Who did that?

He's right. Not everyone can finish
ITU mechanical engineering in nine years.

This is Masal.

To her, it is a miracle
that I am still alive at the age of 29.

-And this is...
-Don't go.

I am not going to talk about Turkan now.
You will get to know her anyway.

And here comes Gizem,
the woman of my life.

Honestly, she did not even know
that I existed at that time.

This is Arda...

God forgive me.

He was always on her tail.

This dog is me.

There's a saying, "If you can't
do anything, you'll be an underdog."

My brother!

I'm starting to understand now
what they tried to say.

After engineering I couldn't settle down,

and started working where
I feel most comfortable, in a costume.

You never know what life brings.
I was exactly like that at first.

But after Gizem...

I guess I am skipping far too ahead
into the story.

You better take your seats,
lend me your ears,

and I'll tell you the whole story
from the very beginning.

You only had to entertain 20 kids
for two hours.

One was hospitalized
and the other one fainted.

Guys, please!
This client is very important for us.

Serdar, ask Batu for money.

He broke the client's vase
that costs 2,000 liras.

I don't know whether to lose
a permanent client

or the vase money. Guys, please!

I saw Gizem in my dream again.

Brother, the omelet is
spicy and delicious. Thank you.

-Meadows and flowers...
-You have gone too far again.

Listen to me! Oh, my head.

-At least pretend to be listening.

-Every day it's the same dream.
-And every night, the same tension!

-What tension?
-Don't you remember last night in the pub?

Don't say don't worry
To those who have worries

Don't say don't go to those who have to go

You were smashed when you arrived.
You messed with everyone.

You wouldn't sit still. You would have
been beaten up if we weren't there.

As soon as you started recovering,
Gizem and Arda walked in.

Gizem didn't see, right?

Please say she didn't see it. Say it!
She won't even look at my face.

She already doesn't.

I agree.

A friend should be at least
a little supportive

and should say something like,
"Don't worry, man, you deserve better."

Serdar, sorry, but you don't deserve any.

Tell your mother to find you a girl from
Mudanya so that both of us can be happy.

Batu, I'm gonna...

I'm gonna kiss you, Batu!

-Yes, Mom. What happened?
-Good things are happening, my petite.

-Mom, I'm 30 years old. What is "petite"?
-That is what I'm saying!

You are 30
and still hanging around in Istanbul.

-Isn't it time to get your life in order?
-My life is in order, Mom.

Your clothes are scattered
on the floor, right?

No! Well...

-in the laundry.
-And your socks are under the bed.

You should see my flat.
Everything is in order.

You have no idea.

I bet it is! Look, my boy, I decided
to find you a girl that can tidy you up.

Mom, I don't want a housekeeper
or something.

I'm really good.

What charlady are you talking about?
I mean a wife! Her name is Neriman.

Well, I mean, where are these ideas
coming from at this hour?

Okay, I will call you in the afternoon.
Are you kidding me? I found you a girl!

I'm telling you that I found you a girl.

And her parents are here as well.

Thank you, Halime.

Hello! Serdar, how are you?

I'm Gulsum.

-Yasar, say hello to Serdar.
-Hello, boy, how are you?

Well, I'm really great, thanks.
What about you?

-Yes, my boy.
-Mom, I'm little bit busy right now.

Okay. Call me when you are free.
Have a good day!

Thank you.

-What is he saying?
-It is done. We have a wedding soon.

Oh, God, I hope so!


Our magazine's topic
for this month is philophobia,

which means fear of falling in love.


To explain it briefly,

people who have experienced
bad relationships all the time

lose their faith in love.

Disappointments from the past

creates the thought that the same thing
will happen again.

This thought winds the person up
after a while and makes them sad.

These individuals have philophobia.

I hope none of us suffer from it.

Thank you.

Well, thank you, Gizem.
It was an amazing presentation.

You are welcome.

My sweet Gizem, my precious.
I think it would have been better

if I made the presentation.
You were a little weak at narrating.

Mrs. Ayten slept, Mr. Omer yawned--


I wish your mother had philophobia
and didn't give birth in such a world.

Same goes for you.


Guys, can we get back to the meeting?

-Of course, sir.
-Am I the only one who finds it absurd?

Why didn't they call it love phobia?
Now, it sounds like the fear of philology.

Guys, the meeting is over.

I'm gonna get going
and start with the search, sir.



-What is this?
-Congratulations on your first year.

Thank you so much. You are so kind.

Honey, I've eaten too much.

-Dude, what's wrong?
-You are the prophet of doom, Batu!

Is it...

Enough! Sit down! You are totally crazy.
Do you really think I'd marry her?

This guy needs to start taking medication.
He refuses the only girl he can marry!

Pull yourself together.

You can still be in love
in your free time.

"Free time"?

Yes. Your love for Gizem
can only be explained by schizophrenia.

-Or masochism.
-Darling, or...

It's love!

I'll succeed... but slowly.

-But you have no chance with her anyway.
-Why not?

Because she is a journalist
and they focus on their careers.

You are a man who wears animal costumes.
A little logic is all I'm asking for.

We can help you, but...

You and Gizem goes against
the laws of physics.

-Let's place a bet.
-Go with all we have, darling.

We are in. Otherwise you're not going
to see the truth.

We are in
and we're going to help you as well.

He deserves all the tomatoes.
Here, dear. Eat all of them.

Eat all of them.

Okay. Let's make
our hotel bookings now, right?

Dude, you have one week.

You should get this thing done or
the bet won't be the only thing you lost.

And that's how things started.

They say, "Earth was created in six days."

I had exactly six days to create mine.

On the first day,
they said, "Let there be light."


Hey, here is a question.

What is essential on a first date?

A, clothing. B, oxygen. C, shark. D, none.

Shark, sister. Because you know that
I don't go anywhere without my shark.

I can't find the other pair
of green earrings. Did you see them?

Which song would you choose
for your first dance?

A, door creaking. B, Antep's Baths.
C, Fire of the Dark.

Are you kidding me?
I'm already late for my interview.

-These questions are mocking us.
-Figen prepares them. Don't you know?

All she knows is mocking.


-Do you enjoy giving me a hard time?
-Easy, girl.

I'm not sure,
but I like it from time to time.

-Do you want to hear the big news?


Today, I'm seeing a guy that I met online.

You can borrow my shark, sister.

Why not?

You scared the hell out of me, Turkan.

You reek of cheap perfume,
fried eggs with sucuk and anxiety.

-Yes. You smell of anxiety.
-What are you saying?

-Where are you going?

-It's none of your business.
-You are going to pick up girls, right?

Turkan, I thought you live alone
with your parrot. Why do you care?

I wish you good luck. Run, Forrest, run!

I certainly need luck
with these kind of people around me.

Enjoy your meal.

How are you doing?
See what I brought for you.

I'm okay, dear.

What good news! I'm very happy for you.

-Didn't you meet him recently?
-It was love at first sight.

Why don't you think of marriage?

I need to get back. I'm so happy for you.
I wish you happiness.

-Look, Ayse is getting married, too.
-That's foolish, sweetheart.

Do I need to get approval from someone
to love you?

You are right, but at some point...

-Why do you even get married? Why?
-I've got an amazing idea.

The more I thought over it,
the more likely it seemed!

You and an amazing idea?

-The end of the world is coming soon.
-Darling, wait.

-Tell me, brother.
-I'm going directly to the magazine

where Gizem works
to declare my love in front of everyone.

It's a good idea, right?

Thank God. If you do that,
the end of the world is not coming soon.

-Darling, shall we go to Bodrum?
-Of course, sweetheart, why not?

We had promised to help him
so that he gets on the right path.

What kind of support is that? I thought
women like men with confidence.


there is a thin line
between confidence and stupidity.

Don't get on the wrong side.
What kind of plan is that, stupid?

Hello, God, it is me again, Serdar.
I bothered you about not getting fired

because of a water fight with children.
One more wish, to see Gizem soon.


Vodka, please.

-Hello, Mr. Ihsan. How are you?
-I'm not well, Ms. Gizem!

Are you aware of the time? I've been
waiting for three minutes, 27 seconds.

-How dare you ask me such a question?
-Sorry, Mr. Ihsan.

-You know the traffic in Istanbul...

All you women are the same.
You are never to be trusted.


Gizem is here! She is here!

Oh, shit! Calm down. Easy.
Sweetheart, give me some water.

I wasn't expecting it that fast,
thank you, God.

Drink water.

Listen to me carefully. You will look
into her eyes and say, "Hi! I'm Serdar."

She's so beautiful!

Gizem, how are you doing, baby?

Excuse me?

Girl, I guess I'm in love with you.
Come to my place, we'll watch a movie.

Okay. What do you want me to wear?

Damn, man!

Is that what you say first?
Stay calm and don't be a fool.

What should I say, dude?

-What? What do you want?
-I want to marry you to make love.

I mean, to love each other.
What could it have to do with sex?

I mean, of course I would have sex...

Three, two, one, go!

In the civilization war...

What are you talking about?
Get the hell out of here!

-Be calm and composed. Just be yourself.
-No! That's it.

You better go to Bodrum for the weekend
as Masal said. The case is closed.

Serdar, brother,
you still have a chance...

even if it is just one percent.
Come on, just try it.

I wish my tongue didn't exist
so that I didn't get into this bet.

-I was born a loser, I will die a loser.

-He said hello.

No. I was doing voice training.

I'm Gizem. You are Serdar, right?

-Yes, I am.
-Nice to meet you.

I work at Ah Güzel Istanbul Magazine.
I just spoke to the waitress

and I need an interview
from someone with philophobia.

You have philophobia, right?

-Do I? Yes, I do.
-Yes, he does. You know what,

we also sought professional help
for Serdar.

But he's still the same. What a pity.
And I wouldn't wish it on my enemy.

I thought that it is only
a psychological reaction.

No, it's not, Ms. Gizem. It's not.

Serdar's philophobia
comes from his grandfather.

Nobody has seen him fall in love

with any woman so far.
That's why you are so lucky.

Well, great!

Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm a little tactless.

-No problem at all.
-Let me give you my business card then.

This interview is really important for me.

If you can spare your time,
I'd be very happy.

Here's my number.

Thank you very much.

Thank you. Nice to meet you.

-See you later.

Well done, darling!


We made a promise,
but is it a good decision, Yasar?

What if the boy isn't as nice
as Halime said?

God forbid. What if he has bad habits?

Say something!

Is it a good decision
to give away Neriman?

Quiet! We're doing good, of course.
Don't you know she's my oldest friend?

-I'm trying to calm you, my love.

-Halime, why did you bother?
-What bother?

We are almost relatives.
After we marry our children,

everyone will be jealous of us.

-Did you speak to Serdar?
-Well, yes, I did. He says...

he is very happy, you can't even imagine.

He said,
"Mom, I can't find better than Neriman."

-Is that true?
-Yes, of course it is true.

After he found out that Neriman
is your daughter, he was okay with it.

He said, "There'd not be a better match

than the one who's been raised
by Yasar and Gulsum."

Yasar, did you hear
what our groom said about us?

-God bless him.
-Don't worry at all.

Serdar listens to me. This is a done deal.
In a couple of years,

-we'll have our grandchildren.
-I hope so.

Hello, Gizem.
I was just going to call you.

-How was the interview?
-The man was a psycho. I couldn't do it.

Don't let it bother you.
I know what to do to him.

Arda, don't be ridiculous.
I found a new one, anyway.

New one? What do you mean?

A friend of the barmaid, Serdar,
from Ağaç Ev where we often go.

I don't like that place at all.
It's full of strange people.

-Let me come as well.
-Arda, don't pile it on. I can handle it.

I called you to let you know that
I'm heading home to update the questions.

-Okay, Gizem, we'll talk later.
-Okay, see you.


You're looking for trouble, brother.
Pull yourself together.

-I love Gizem. How can I be philophobic?
-It was my fault, doing you a favor.

You'll have to be a good actor
until you win her heart.

Look how I tricked Masal
and won her heart.

Sorry? How did you trick me?

You came to the pub
and asked for beer for three months.

-I won you over by just asking for beer.
-I spoke with you first!

Because I had mercy on you
so you don't get lost in the streets.

Could you please focus on me right now?

Forget about Masal. You are in
the right place. I wrote the playbook.

Dude! I have an idea!


Is there anyone who knows about love?

I watched 5,738 movies so far
and the one thing I learned is love!

Love is just bullshit.

-Does anyone want daisy tea?

-Shut up! You are bullshit!

-I told you we should do it by ourselves.
-He said "bullshit!"

-Whatever, let's go!
-Let's go!

And only bullshit makes life a good thing.

Love is on the top of these things.

If you started an affair with a lie,
you should stand for it.

If you stand small,
you can't see the future, right?

She is talking about height, dude.
You're fucked.

-You're fucked as well.
-You're short.

I'm so tired. What's up, sister?


Meeting didn't go well, did it?


What happened?

What happened?

-Why are you crying?
-Back off!

Tell me why you are crying?
Was the man crazy?

The meeting was like chemistry lessons
in high school.

What does that mean?

We couldn't meet. He didn't show up.
Actually, he couldn't.

How is this related to chemistry lessons?

That's what I'm saying. Our chemistry
teacher wouldn't show up as well.

Just be calm now and tell me
why he didn't come to the meeting.

Listen, he lives in Beylikduzu.

He started waiting for the metrobus
at 9:00 a.m.,

but then it came at noon

and I was drinking my 28th tea
at that moment. He was still really far.

-You're kidding, right?
-Don't laugh! I'm so mad.

You know, luck is not on my side. I found
a man from the other side of the city.

It would be faster if he came from Ankara.

Well, what will you do now?

I don't know.
Perhaps we'll meet in one year.

Turn your head!

Don't make hand gestures,
you ugly, shapeless weirdo.


"You're done"! Too funny!

-Listen, I've got a mission for you.
-Yes, sir. Of course.

Figen, go check the printing house
for our paper stock.

I've checked and it's enough.

Then go check the ink level
on the printing machines.

-They are enough as well.
-Are they?

Figen, get the hell out of here!
We're going to go have a private talk.

Mr. Arda says go! We don't want you.
Leave us alone!

Okay. I'm leaving. Be cool.
I don't like myself either.

But don't smash it right into my face.
God won't like you.

Go on.

What kind of a person are you?

I want you to investigate someone.

His name is Serdar.
He is hanging around at Ağaç Ev.

A close friend of the barmaid.
Follow him and find out about him, okay?

-Investigate properly.
-Don't worry. It is done. Even his mom's

-maiden name will be on your desk.
-Well done, man!

You're awesome!

What the hell, sister?

-Come on, I made you Turkish coffee.
-I don't want it.

I won't even drink it if you push me
in a pool full of Turkish coffee.

-Hello, Gizem. It's Serdar. What's up?

We met at Ağaç Ev, a philophobic.

Yes, I was waiting for your call.
What's up?

Fine. Well, I want to tell you that

I'm available tomorrow. Shall we meet?
If you're not available, forget it.

-No, we should definitely meet.
-Okay. Tomorrow is quite okay for me.

Then let's meet at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow.

Or you tell me the time.

-2:00 p.m. is okay.
-Then I will... I know a great place.

-I'll send you the location from there.
-All right!

Okay. Goodbye. See you.

-Why the fuck did you hit me?
-Everybody did!

Whatever, it's not important. We completed
step two, perfect. What more do we want?


-you're a very holy woman.
-Yes. As Rita Hayworth said,

"When stars are falling,
it is amazing to eat plums."

Well said.

Yes. You got the point.
Come on, it's time to get ready!

My heart was pounding.
There were butterflies in my stomach.

All of my organs were full of excitement.

While some aim to finish school,
others wants to be rich. I was like that.


On the morning of the second day,

the roof of my world
was created just as the sky was.

Come on in!

Have a good day.

-I present the information you had asked.
-Come on.

-Serdar, he is 29.


He studied mechanical engineering,
but he is an entertainer.

Batu and Masal are his closest friends.
They're flatmates in Kadikoy.

She's the barmaid at Ağaç Ev.
Serdar is a Capricorn.

Only child. And his father is dead.

I couldn't find his mother's
maiden name yet. Moreover,

his shoe size is 10.5, favorite color
is black and there are serious

speculations that his omelets
are very spicy, sir.


-Do you like spicy omelets as well?
-Yes, very much.

-Then I'll make one with my own hands.
-Keep your hands away from me!

-Coffee. Let me get you coffee.
-You have to get something, right?

Then, get me cag kebab.

-Yes, sir!
-But bring it from Erzurum.

Of course, I'll bring it from Erzurum.
Real cag kebab is from Erzurum.

Very good choice!
How do you think of such stuff?


You can do this, Serdar, my boy.
You passed differential equations,

talking with a girl shouldn't be
that hard. Come on, man.



-I hope you didn't wait too long.
-No, I just arrived.

Let me kiss you.

Are you excited?

It's our first date...

-for the interview.
-You can relax as we're chatting.

-Sure, ask me.

What? I'm saying that
we can start the interview.

Will you marry me?

Okay. I'll start off then.

How do you know you're philophobic?

Is it a doctor's diagnosis
or your inference?

It is my inference.
Putting childhood aside,

I've never fallen in love
in high school as well.

Thereafter, I gave up
chasing love completely.

Until I saw you.

How does it feel
not being able to fall in love?

-Do you really want to know?
-I want to know the truth.


Like a dessert without sugar.

I mean, you eat a meal without salt,
but you never mind. Something like that.


You seem very happy.

-Be my children's mother.

Yes, absolutely. Who knows,

maybe philophobia
is the remedy for such a world?

Right? Yes.

This is good. A very modern design.

What's good about it? It seems like
a track suit, not a wedding dress.


-That's it! Yes.

Well, I'd agree with you
if this was 50 years ago, Turkan.

You minx, this is retro.


Any news from Serdar?

I'm fine, Batu. How are you?

I'm fine, darling, but I'm very excited.
Will he be able to do it?

I don't think so. However, this is life.
There might be a miracle.

What do you mean?

Like Moses parting the Red Sea.
Baby Jesus starts to talk. I mean miracle.

Come on, Batu! Don't get carried away.
Our main aim was to show him reality.

I know, but...

-I'm afraid to see him sad.
-It's better than schizophrenia.

Okay. Let's arrange a dinner
and drink raki tonight.

And we'll get this over with. All right?

You never arrange a dinner for me, Batu.

-Is she on her period?
-I don't know how to say it.

You're so stupid. So stupid.

Last question.

-Would you ever want to love someone?
-Full of adrenalin like bungee jumping?

Of course, I would.
Because both take away your heart.

I'm madly in love with you, Gizem.

And we're done.

Thank you for everything.
I hope I didn't trouble you too much.

No worries. It was my pleasure.
But can I ask you a question?


Do you think anyone can love me?

Hold my hand and run with me, Gizem.
Let's put our heads...

-Am I interrupting?

No, we just finished.
I was getting ready to leave.

This is Serdar, our philophobic friend,
and this is Arda.

I'm Arda. Very close friend of Gizem.


Well, thanks for everything.

Thank you.

-Shall we go?

-Dude, you're early. Girls don't like it.

So? How bad is it?

What happened? If not the Red Sea,
you should've crossed the street, right?

-Nothing fucking happened.
-Are you serious?

We drank tea, did the interview.

Then dickhead Arda showed up.

I'm sure he is hitting on her.

Well, I knew you were going to lose,
but I thought in a more funny way.

Tell me, I couldn't score again, right?

Right? No score?

-Dude, don't dramatize too much.

-I couldn't score again, could I?
-I'm sorry.

-No score?
-He's lost his mind.

What's bothering you?

The guy I interviewed, Serdar...

-Let me be honest, I didn't like that guy.
-Arda, are you listening?

-If you're not, don't ask any questions!

I'm listening.


What I'm going to tell you
may not make sense to you,

but I can't stand it anymore.

I mean, I go and listen
to other people's problems.

Boom! That's it. Nobody helps anybody.

That's nonsense. It's your job.

Arda, are you really happy?

I had dreams before. I was going to change
the world and help people as a journalist.

What I do now is emotional abuse,
nothing else.

I just live without helping anybody.

That's why I decided...

to help Serdar.

Arda, if I can help Serdar,
his life will change.

-We can only change the world by helping.
-So you'll change the world...

by helping that guy, right?

Don't make me laugh!

Thank you, my love!

You use that word so much that I don't
believe it anymore. See, he is in love.

Why do you say that, honey?
We're lovers already.

Gizem doesn't even look at him.

Thanks for reminding me. Don't worry,
I'm buying tickets for the weekend.

I wish I didn't care for you as well.
Perhaps then you'd be aware of my worth.

What did I say?

Key words are, weekend, tickets,
I'm buying, Bodrum.

I'm not going. He's going by himself.

-What the hell are you doing?
-I can go if you don't.

You shut up! You already promised
and we're going to Bodrum.

-Buy me a ticket!
-Shut up!

Bro, I just wanted you to get worked up.
I don't want the ticket.

-Buy me a ticket!
-Will you shut up?

Fuck. Gizem is calling.

-Gizem is calling.
-Stay calm.

Stay calm.

-Hello, Serdar.

I called to talk to you about something.

-Sure, Gizem.
-Are you available tomorrow?

-Big time.

Well, I mean, yes. Of course.
Why don't we meet again? People are--

-Sure, let's meet tomorrow.
-Okay, I'll call you tomorrow then.

Goodbye! Thank you.


My love!

His love!

-Serdar, give me your card number.
-Shut up!

Yes! This time I scored
just when I accepted defeat.

Everything was going well like a dream.
Although, despite being

just an insect flying around Gizem,
I should find a way to make her hear me.

Maybe that's why flowers were created
on the third day.


Sister? Are you going camping?

-Something like that.
-Why didn't you tell me?

-To Canakkale?
-Not Canakkale. I'm going to Beylikduzu.

Well, where did this idea come from?

I thought it over and I'm very determined
to meet Cetin.

So you're saying,
"If he can't come, I'll go."

-Good, but don't use the metrobus.
-It's too late.

I've prepared very well.
I also stocked food for one week.

You see, I'll show everyone
how to travel on the metrobus.

Take care of yourself.

-You're scaring me.
-Don't be scared, little girl.

I'll succeed. An Argentinean doctor said,
"Be realistic, demand the impossible."

-Hasta la victoria siempre, sister.

-See you.
-Take care!

-Don't get too close.
-You were smiling all along.

I'm feeling alive again, Batu.
I'm about to go to work and have fun.

After that, I'll meet the girl I love.
What more is there?

You learned fancy words as well. Good.
So, what is the plan for the evening?

I'm so excited, dude. You can't imagine.

-As you say her name, a shiver goes up.
-Champion, keep your words.

Look, dude, remember you're philophobic.

If you forget that, it'll be a disaster.

Never ever never think about this.

-On the contrary, get this off your mind.
-Stop talking and answer.

Did you give my suit to the dry cleaner?

I did.

After we get rid of these, I'll handle
everything, don't worry. Let's go.

I can't walk with them anymore.

Yes, Mom.

I have a disloyal son who hangs up
without saying anything every time I call.

Listen, Serdar. If you don't call Neriman,
I'll be mad as hell.

Mom, it is not the right time.
Leave me alone, I'm busy.

What is prearranged marriage anyway?

-Which century do we live in?
-21st. That's how it goes.

-When will you call Neriman?
-Are you still going on about this?

Mom, I'm really busy.

My phone is about to die.

You'll think that I hung up on your face.

Hello? As I said.

I know what to do, Serdar.

And what would you like to order?


I hope you hit your toe.

I hope you get cherry juice stains on your
favorite shirt, I hope you drink hot raki!

And there is... I hope he misses
the lottery by one number. That's scary.

Not that much. Money is good.

You don't get it, Masal.

If he's not marrying now,
he won't marry when he's rich.

You'll just stay mad at him.

Damn it, Turkan. I spent my youth for him.
All of my friends got married but me.

Damn it! I can't even look at Instagram.

I think he doesn't love you.

I mean, he thinks that he can do better.
He can, by the way.

Then he'll kick you out of the house,
then with that girl, till the morning...

Yeah, baby.


He'll fight!
They'll fight until the morning.

Scary. They can't even come through.

So scary.

I was being so kind to you.

You'll see the real Arda.

I give you cag kebab.

Don't even ask
what happened to me in Erzurum.

Okay, I won't!
Now, go directly to Ağaç Ev.

Gizem should be around there.

If she meets that asshole Serdar,
let me know immediately.

Your cag kebab?

-Are you still here?
-Yes. I'm going.

Bug off!

Can I do that?

Hi, Masal. What's up?


-I'm fine. What about you?
-I'm fine as well.

Actually, I'll be meeting Serdar today,
but I wanted to talk to you first.

With me? Of course we can talk.

I decided to help Serdar.

I think we can save him
from philophobia together.

What happened, are you okay?

I'm okay. Good idea.

Yes, very good.
How do you think we can help?

You know Serdar. What are his hobbies?

-Or what kind of girls does he like?
-I'll tell you that.

He likes tanned skin,
long hair exactly like yours.

How could I know, right?
He needs a helpful, friendly girl.

What can we do? Can we find such a girl?

No. Because Serdar doesn't like
that kind of stuff.

No, he doesn't.

-You'll see after spending time with him.
-You'll see.


Can you give me the house keys?
Why are you making that face?

I forgot to go to the dry cleaners
to pick up Serdar's suit.

What? His show ends in one hour,
then he'll meet Gizem...


-Gizem! Welcome! How are you?
-I'm fine. Wait a minute.

-Serdar has a show? I'm so curious. Where?
-Darling, where is Serdar's show?

-Where? Tell me now!
-I'm at Baba Theater.


Gizem came to watch Serdar's show.


He hung up.

The world is going to be a better place!

I see it in everyone's eyes.

I strongly believe it
despite all the problems we face.

The world is going to be
a better place! I swear!

We'll get through this together
by helping each other.

Talking with each other... and smiling
at each other.

People, I call you!

For books, trees, and fish.

For wheat, rice, and sunny streets.

For black and long,
curly and blond hairs...

and for children.

Our future is waiting its turn
inside the palms of our children.

Our future is the seeds
that will blossom...

inside the palms of our children.

The world is going to be
a better place! I swear!

Do you know what an amazing thing
you are doing there?

-Did you like it?
-I loved it!

Happiness inside the children's eyes...

It is so difficult to portray.


Children made it themselves, Gizem.

They're bound to that happiness...

during all the challenges of life.

Well, I'm just an actor in here.

No. You remind us of the thing
all of us forget.

How precious love is.

I want to ask you a question.
Aren't you a mechanical engineer?

Fake engineer.

Throughout my life,
I was never successful at anything.

Actually, I mean luck was not by my side.

And I'm disguised by these masks
to escape realities.

Whatever. It's a long story.

I have the time.


Let me start from scratch.


One day, a clown came...

to our school.

I was very young.

Of course, I took
a front seat ticket immediately.

That big man rolled on the floor for us
and we laughed our asses off.

When I got home, I thought...

"How free was that man?"

You do all you want to do,
nobody says anything to you.

They just laugh.

After that day, I decided to do the same.

I've studied engineering for my mom,
to make her happy.

So, I chased that clown.

I'm still chasing him.

And the masks saved my life.

You don't need these masks to be free.

Do you know why?

Those children in there
can already see your heart.

Let the others think whatever they think.

The world could be a better place
only because people like you exist.

You just don't lose the beauty
inside your heart.

Look at yourself.

Mr. Arda!

Ms. Gizem is here, sir. First of all,
welcome! I did my duty very well.


Arda, what are you doing in here?

I'm the one who should be asking this.
You're following a strange man.

I'm trying to keep my silence,
but it is enough!

Pull yourself together!
Forget these childish dreams.

You are a journalist on your career path.
Forget about him.

It is none of your business, Arda!
You don't have the right to interfere!

Is that so? Okay.

I'll tell you everything. Let's go!

-Arda, what are you doing?
-Let's go!

-Let go of me!
-I said, let's go!


I was slowly climbing the ladders
that lead to Gizem's heart.

There is nirvana...

and eternal peace at the end of it.

It was as if the fourth day,
was created to make me patient. Time.


The thrill was separated
into days and months.

I was so close to being with her.

My love, why don't you let me sleep
with you in the bed?

Tell me what I did wrong. I don't get it.

You don't get it! That's the problem.

-On fire, dude!

I can say that this Johnny Depp guy...

-isn't as...

-He is...

-Not that.


Not that at all.

Okay, got it. Never mind.

Whatever. Come on, let's go over this.

Yeah, man. I even forgot my name
with excitement.

Just like what Bruce Lee said,

"If you forget your name,
you only need two dogs."

Serdar, just get this over with
so people can draw inspiration.

Who are those people?

Okay, I'll take care of this.
Arda is out of the picture now.

I'll look her in the eye and say,
"I overcame philophobia and I love you."

That's it, man. That is it.

But don't get too comfortable with it
afterwards like some people.

Who are "some people"? God.

Okay, don't worry. I'll succeed.
You will see.

Now, you will.

-The door.


Yes, I am.

Sister, what happened to you?

-You've been in an accident?

I don't know that much. I left this place
and went to Sogutlucesme.

You should have seen how crowded it was.
I waited for five hours there.

Then comes a metrobus.

It was empty and nice.

Just as the door opens,
people start flocking in.

No more metrobus for you.

-I couldn't!
-You won't even get on the bus.

-I tried, but I couldn't succeed.
-Cetin can come here if he wants.

-Forget about me. What did you do?

I met Charlie Chaplin.

The funny guy?

Yes, exactly.

I'm leaving. Take care.

Yes, Serdar. I found you Neriman,
a proper girl, right?

-What did you do?
-What did I do?

Nothing! You should have met her
for a tea at least.

-Mom, I don't like tea. Otherwise--
-Shut up! Bullshit!

You're doing whatever you can to avoid it.
That's why I came here.

Since you're not going on you own,
we'll go together.

-Like I'm a little kid--
-No objections, Serdar.

My son...

I've been a mother and a father
to you for years.

I'm doing my best
so you don't miss your dad.

And this is what you do?

Your mom is right, Serdar.

Your mom says she's proper for you.
That's important.


Halime, get him married to the girl
so we all get some peace of mind.

What are you talking about, Masal?

-Mom, I'm in love with another girl.

Gizem and I are just starting out.

I hope we will, but you'll like her.
She is worthy of you.

She is? Okay, let's meet.

-Are you serious?
-But on one condition.

You'll drink tea with Neriman
and we'll pick the best one.

Like picking sheep in a livestock market?

Okay, Halime. We will do it
the way you like. I promise.

-Just say okay and get it over with, man.

That's better.

-Bring the girl to meet me tonight.

Damn! I'm so unlucky!

I'm always in trouble.

What will we do now?

Dude, Halime looks very determined,

and it seems like there is no other way
to get out of this prearrangement.

I think they should meet right away.

-What do you think, Turkan?
-It's impossible to dodge your mom.

That's what I think, too.
She's gonna end everything for us.

How can I tell Gizem that?

-She's had it in for me since day one.
-Guess what I did today?

-What to do, Gizem?
-What does that mean?

Just that...

Just like what Boris Karloff said,

"No one likes cartoons
as much as the old hunter does."


Wait. She didn't finish.
What happened, Gizem?

Just now...

-I quit from the magazine.
-Great news!

I also kissed you.

I made up my mind.
I will do proper journalism.

Serdar, brother,
you can celebrate this together, right?

Yeah, I have a great plan.

Really? That's great. Where are we going?

You're so thin.
I guess you don't like to eat.

No. I'm just trying to stay in shape.

I usually eat salads--

I hope you won't be feeding
salads to Serdar.

-My son likes to eat.

You know, I like sautéed chicken.

She just wanted to make a joke.
My mom likes to joke around.

She loves joking and that was one of them.
Right, Mom? You'll kill me.

-How many children do you want?

-Who? Us?
-She is asking us separately.

She is asking how many children
we want, separately.

I haven't thought about this yet.
Why do you ask?

What do you mean?

-Aren't you getting--
-Mom, your food is getting cold.

You still have your dessert. Come on.

-What do you do for a living?
-I am--

-I am asking Gizem.

I was working at a magazine.

-I was.
-No need to work.

-Who is going to take care of the house?
-The house?

Until when can you work?

Mom's right. I'll give it to her.
What she's trying to say is--

Am I speaking a foreign language?
You're explaining everything I'm saying.

You know why I came here, right, sweetie?

-I wonder what they're doing now.
-I'm sure Halime is giving them hell.

And he sends a text,
"I'm getting killed here.

For God's sake, save me.
I can't handle it anymore."

She is like Frankenstein.
I am genuinely scared, guys.

-What do we do?
-We need to get him out of there, but how?

-I have an idea, but...
-Tell me, love.


Don't move! Hands up!

-Serdar, what's this?
-Yes, they got us!

Get up!

It was an awful idea.
They made things worse.

It couldn't be any worse.

They told the cops that I'm a drug lord.
They called the fire department.

They told the medical services
that there are many dead and injured.

But it worked anyway.

My mom showed up
just as I got rid of Arda,

but I couldn't give up on my plan.

I got away from my mom, but got arrested.

Cops understood that it was a hoax call
and they let us walk away.

Mom... let's go.



On the fifth day, animals were created

and the wild one within me
was being tamed as I got to know Gizem.

What is this?

The girl I found for you. Neriman.

-You're trying to put me in jail?
-That's her childhood photo.

She is the same age as you.
Gulsum was only able to find this photo.

No way, Mom. It's no use. Don't stress me.

Is that what we agreed on?

I met Gizem, and now it's your turn.
You'll meet Neriman. That's it.

-Didn't you like Gizem?
-Don't beat around the bush.

You'll see Neriman. Here's her number.

You'll never give up, will you?

Mom, I'll make us Turkish coffee.

-We'll talk, okay?

My sultan.

-I love Gizem!

Serdar! Come here now!

Mom, you're being rude.

You can't get away from me. Come here!

For God's sake, I'm your mother!

-Hello, Gulsum.
-Hello, Halime.

Is this happening?

-Listen to me.

I'm becoming more and more suspicious.
It's not hard to find another man.

No way! Well, Serdar said
that he can meet her,

but her family should be here, too.

"We're going to ask for her hand anyway,
they better get on the road," he said.

Are you serious, Halime?
Yasar, the groom wants us there.

Halime, you raised a good son.

Yeah. I don't know who he takes it after.

Then we should hit the road.

-Where to?
-Okay, Yasar is happy too, Halime.

See you.

If my name is Halime, you can't
escape this, Serdar. You'll marry Neriman.

That's a cute boy.
He doesn't look like Charlie Chaplin.

Because he doesn't hide
behind his costume anymore.

-Wait a minute. Are you in love?
-He is philophobic.

So that is impossible.

Well, it did happen.
Look at yourself in the mirror.

Let me tell you something.

I actually...

feel very free when I'm with Serdar.

I mean...

I feel like I'm alive.

-Don't start if you're gonna say "but."

That's not what love is. Love can make you
go on the metrobus or give up philophobia.

Just make a decision first.

You're right.

-Cetin sent me a text.
-What did he say?

Come to Moda shore today.
I'll be there if it's the last thing I do.

That's what love is, sister.

He says that he'll come.
I need to get ready now.

Stop, calm down.

-Get it off.

Sir, did you ask for me?

Do you wanna double
your salary this month?

Whatever you see fit, sir.

This time it's really important.
Listen to me carefully.

I don't want you to make any mistakes.

Or... I'll have no pity on you,
and I'll fire you.

-You can trust me, sir.

-With everything.

There is nothing I won't do for you.

Who knows?


"I am sorry for what happened yesterday.
Fresh air could be good for both of us.

I'll be waiting for you
at 4:00 p.m. Serdar."

My mom is digging in her heels.
That's all she does.

I don't know why, but she's so stubborn.

Dude, calm down.
We'll handle it, don't worry.

You handled everything except this, right?

My love, please tell me what it is.
I am begging you.

I have to tell you that
and find a solution, too.

-You just stay put, Batu.
-Guys, can we get back to the subject?

We're here.

-The phone.

-Gizem, how are you?
-I'm so happy.

I wasn't expecting this, I'm shocked.

Is that so? That's great.

You know, I love nature.

Serdar, thank you very much.
I'll be there at 4:00 p.m. See you.

She was talking about nature.

We wanted to do you a favor
after what happened yesterday.

Turkan sent an invitation to Gizem.

And you'll have fun together with Gizem...

somewhere out of the city.

You're the best! Come here.

I'll kiss you on your forehead
and you on your neck.

Forget that now.

If we don't see you
holding hands tomorrow,

we're going to Bodrum for a vacation.

I wouldn't have met Gizem
if it weren't for you guys.

I promise I'll get my first kiss today.

I'll hold her hand
and bring her here tomorrow.

-Then I'll win the bet.
-Because you're the man!

I'm the man!

But there's a problem.

You have to keep my mom away from me.

The person you've called is not available
at the moment. Please try again later.

I already said the person isn't available.
Didn't you hear me?

-His phone is turned off. Geez.
-What a moron. Geez.

Thanks, Beylikduzu!

I've never done this before.

-But I love it. I'm so happy right now.
-We come here often.

Your happiness matters, after all.

-What about you?

How are you feeling?

If I'm gonna see you at 4:00 p.m...

I start feeling happy at 3:00 p.m.

My happiness grows and grows.

When I see you at 4:00 p.m...

I become infatuated
with curiosity and joy.

And you'll see how happy I am.

But when you show up unexpectedly,

my heart skips a beat.

-People should have certain habits.
-People should have certain habits.

Even more so...

Like living.

-Serdar, where are you?
-Halime, please stop this nonsense!

Shut your mouth.

Millions of people live in this city.
We can't find him like this.

You tell me what to do then.

Wait a minute.

Nope. He might be too far away.
I can't smell him.

I think we should give up.
Anyone fancy some daisy tea?

You're working with him!
It's my fault for asking you.

-Halime, are we going to walk the streets?
-Whatever you want. I didn't call you.

Halime, let's catch our breath
for ten minutes. Then we'll carry on.

-Yeah! I'm so tired.
-We're tired.

-Okay, ten minutes.
-Won't be longer than that, don't worry.

-This way.
-Come on.




-I did it, Ayla!

I'm finally here!



Don't die on me!

It's so hot. I'm done for today.


I came here on a boat
because of the traffic. Just to see you.

It was so windy.

-How are you?


-Thank you.
-You're welcome. What do you want to do?

We'll do whatever you want.

Come with me.

Are you ready for the free fall?

I am ready for anything
as long as you're here.

A different life
is waiting for us down there.

I wonder whether
I should be speaking about my thoughts.


-Gizem, I--
-Love you.

-I love you!
-I love you!

I'm falling!

-Do you really love me?
-I thought you were a philophobic.

I've changed. I can't tell you
how good you are to me.

Don't then.

My love!

They did it.

You're in the best stage of love.
Enjoy it. Then you'll look like us.

-What's the matter with us?
-Nothing, dear. That's what I'm saying.

Stop talking nonsense
and let's enjoy this.

God bless you guys!

-You actually spat.
-All right. Let the good times roll!

-Thank you. All right.


-My love, don't hold me back.
-Don't go too far.

Don't hold me back, I'll dance.

Enjoy your meal, guys.
Why didn't you tell me?

-None of your business!

-Arda, what are you doing here?
-Since you're curious, I'll tell you.

This man has been tricking you
since the beginning with his friends.


Can you go away
and take your lies with you?

This guy is not philophobic.

He made a bet with his friends
to steal your heart!

-For a shitty vacation!

I am so sorry.

This became a matter of pride for Arda,
so he is talking nonsense.

-Get the fuck out of here!

-Ask him. Go ahead, ask him.
-Arda, for the last time, go away!

You're scared of facing the truth, right?

What truth?

-What truth are you talking about?
-Why don't you ask him?

-Serdar, what is he talking about?
-Just nonsense.

Is that so?

He... is lying, right?

You can't be a bad person.


Tell me he is lying. Tell me
you wouldn't trick me and lie to me.

Why are you not speaking?

He is right, but that's not the case.

That's not the case.

-Don't even...
-It's not...

Gizem, that's not it.




And God created men on the sixth day.
Men created evil.

Because men were a disappointment.

Men were selfish.

Cheer up. Don't speak of death.
We'll make it.

Sonny, I know you're suffering.

But they say that diamonds cut diamonds.
Listen to me and marry Neriman, huh?

Mom, how can I get to know
a person over tea?

If she's crazy, I'll have to deal with it.

No way, son. Neriman
is the most beautiful girl in the world.

That's what they said.
Also that her character matches yours.

Okay, Mom. If I don't like her,
you'll never bring this up again.

I'm not going to like her anyway,
but I'll go just to make you happy. Okay?

I promise. Mom's promise.


-Masal, letter for you.
-For me?

See you.

What is this letter?

Batu, you can't fool me like that.

God, give me patience.

Who is this? Yeah?

Hi. I'm calling from
the Lovers Preservation Society.

Batu loves you.

What is he trying to do?

Excuse me, can you help me
with an address?

There is a street called "Batu Loves You."
Where is it?

I'll tell you. Use a time machine
and go back five years.

Anyone can show you there.
That street is no more.

Batu, what is all this nonsense?
What do you want?

I want you... Masal.

Open it up.

Batu, are you joking?

Will you marry me?



Yes, man!

Give me your hand.

-My love!
-My love!

Mom, why did you bring me here
in such hot weather?

The sun is beating down on me
and you've made me dress like this.

You've been complaining all morning.
That's enough!

They're coming. If you say something
out of line, I'll smash your head in!


-How are you?

I'm fine. Welcome, Mr. Yasar.

-Have a seat.

Dear Serdar.

-Mom, how old is this woman? Wow!
-That's Gulsum, moron.

The girl's mother. So, where is Neriman?

She is with Ayla.
She asked me to order some tea.

After that, she will come over.

Yasar! Yasar likes to joke around.

Neriman is on her way.

So, Serdar? How are you, son?

Not bad.

Yasar, why don't you say something to him?

What do you do, son?

I'm unemployed. I was just fired,
and now I'm just bumming around.

I drink alcohol,
and I'm gonna start gambling soon.

Son! It's because
he is too excited, Gulsum.

He was in a lather coming over here.

Listen, son. I like to talk frankly,
and Halime knows that.

Marriage is serious business. Do you think
you can handle the responsibility?

No, I don't.

Wait, Mom. We're talking. I don't want
to go down that path with Neriman.

I don't know your daughter.
It wouldn't make a difference if I did.

-Halime, you didn't tell me all this.
-Gulsum, I love another girl.

I lost her just as I got close to her.
Do you know how much I'm suffering?

I tricked her into meeting me
and she dumped me. She's right.

I couldn't find a better way
to approach her

or I simply couldn't dare.

But I loved her more than anything.

-Mom, wait, I'm not done.

-Son, look--

I won't marry your daughter
or any other girl

even if I have to be alone my whole life.

You know, I won't be able
to see anyone else for years

because of my love for Gizem.

Even if she's not here,
she's in my dreams with me.

-Take care of yourself.
-But I'm here.


She is not Gizem. She is Neriman.


Really? Is this real?

They're in love.


Happiness is like a glass of water.

It's like newly washed bedspreads.

It's a few words that come out
of your lover's mouth.

And those words lift you off to the sky.

And that moment is your rebirth.

Who says...

Everyone, come to the honeymoon bus!
We're leaving now! Come on! Honeymoon!

Come on, let's go.


Go on!

Bye, son.

Have a good one.

If there's something I learned
out of all this drama,

it's that all happiness, sorrow,
big fortunes, and wars

are happening in this tiny light you see.

Never mind the excuses. Life is too short.

Go there right now
and tell them that you love them. Now.

Subtitle translation by İlkim Sezen