Division 19 (2017) - full transcript

2039. Jails have been turned into online portals where the public gets to choose what prisoners eat, wear, watch and who they fight. So successful is Panopticon TV, it is about to be rolled out to a whole town, providing subscribers even more choice.


- [Man] Look at you.

With your smartphones,
your flat whites,

your power shakes, your SUVs,

stuffing your faces
while the world burns.

[machines beeping]

Do you like what they gave you?

You fat enough yet?

Do you feel cheated?

You cheat yourself.

You go on cheating yourselves,

accepting their gifts
because you're stupid,

lazy, downtrodden, fearful.

Wake up.

They are not in charge.

- Without us, they have
no money, no labor,

no infrastructure.

You can't turn back the clock,

say here's your wine.

Well enough.

Stand the fuck up
and be counted!

Because this is the time!

This is the place!

And you.

You are the person.

[rock music]

- [Woman] The RFID chip is
painless and totally free.

- [Man] We'll empty banks,

interrupt the web,

encrypt satellites, GPS.

We're gonna bring down your
house and watch it burn.

- [Man] This kid hacked
into the federal reserve,

the world bank, and five multi,

he almost bankrupt the city.

- [Woman] Nash Jones.

Brother of Hardin.

Prisoner 4011787.
- He can get to anyone.

Including him.

- [Woman] And even
visit panopticon TV.

Drama has never been so real.

[tense music]

[radio chatter]

[keys clacking]

- Tell me about
your brother, Nash.

Burned fingerprints,
drugged eyeballs.

Even super recognizers
couldn't pick him up.

Don't worry, he's still alive.

Very much so in fact.

He and his little posse

hacked the Federal Reserve.

A lot of people are very upset.

It's election year,
they need a scalp.

You give Nash up and
all this goes away.

Every prior conviction.

Clean sheet, start over.

I'll see to it Nash
gets a fair trial.

Possibly just a
slap on the wrist,

public humiliation, maybe
five years in juvie at most.

I'm trying to help you, Hardin.

They can get to
anyone, including him.

- You said they needed
a scalp, one scalp.

You've got it, that's the deal.

- Don't make me do this!


[gate clacking]

If you go down for this, Hardin,

that's it for you.

Life over.

[men chattering]


[helicopter rotor chugging]

[somber music and singing]

[crowd shouting]


- [Man] Good job, big boy!

[radio chatter]

[siren sounding]

- Only we taught them
to feel, to empathize

and we just dumped them.

There's no social support
for the robot class

yet they have mental health
issues way beyond our spectrum.

- [Woman] Here at Panopticon TV,

you can share the
most intimate details

of Hardin's existence.

Read the books Hardin reads,

download his playlist
and films he likes.

[siren sounding]

Loyalty customers
qualify for felon app

which allows you to adopt
your very own felon,

watch him 24/7 and even
visit Panopticon TV.

Drama's never been so real.

- [Man] We have the
censors [mumbling]

because people are not
proud of themselves

but because they don't want to.

We'd rather have
someone to blame,

rather be a victim.

Masters or slaves,
educated or uneducated,

rich have dominated
poor, so good.

Every now and again someone
comes along to challenge

this democratic idea.

But very few [mumbling]

And that's why the
system will change.


[jazz music]

[crowd chattering]

- Welcome to the
conference, Mr. Green.

- Thank you.

- We also know that
Panopticon TV is a financial

and ratings success.

What if Prison TV
could be expanded

to a whole new town?

Where felons live, work,

and earn their way
back into society?

Newtown not only finances itself

via subscriptions
and advertising,

it provides thousands of jobs
for the long term unemployed.

tHe town is up and running

and Hardin Jones will be
the first felon to test it.

Welcome to Newtown.

[crowd applauding]

[siren sounding]

- [Nash] Why is he
being transferred?

- He's launching the new show,

Panopticon Interactive: Newtown.

It's cool, really.

You tune in, you can live there

and even interact
with the felons.

- And everybody gets to watch.

Like Panopticon TV.

- It's more
interactive than that.

There's subscribers
who can choose

who passes and who fails.

And if you pass, you
get to rejoin society.

- And that's a prize?

- What if you fail?

When's he being transferred?

- Why not spring him?

- Armed guards,
soldiers, trucks.

This isn't our battle.

We hit them where it hurts.

Commerce, communication,
power grid,

the workforce.
- Down the system

and mute the citizens.

They love him, they'll do
whatever he tells them.

- He's your brother,
and you want him out.

All right, I get that.

But we don't have the
firepower or the numbers.

- But we have other weapons.

Think about it, B.

They gotta take him
out of the city,

desert, straight shot.

I say we hit the convoy.

- I could access the
dashboard functions.

Steering, brakes, transmission.

You just tell me where
you want the convoy

and I'll send it.

- Two billion subscribers.

How long you think
it's gonna take

to find access like that?

When Hardin wears a
particular brand of jeans,

they sell out in two hours.

- Gotta show 'em
we mean business.

- They'll know we mean business.


All right.

But I want that fit sorted.

And I want that fucker
Lyndon to know what's coming.

Your brother better
come through.

- He hates those
fuckers more than we do.

- He better.

- Showtime.

[tense music]

- [Woman] Here at Newtown,

we offer a more
fulfilled existence.

One where you can realize your
dreams while getting paid.

Newtown is safe, clean and
currently accepting residents.

[ominous music]

[radio chatter]



- Wakey wakey.

[men shouting]

[chains clinking]

- [Woman] You're going to
be transferred, Hardin.

No more fights.

A kind of halfway house.

Shops, bars, girls.

This is a big
opportunity for you.

[cars starting]



[siren blaring]

[radio chatter]

- [Man] Going west on six.

- [Man] You got another
assignment there, Central?

- [Woman] We have a redirection
order, just confirming.

- Redirection confirmed.

[siren blaring]

- [Woman] Drama's
never been so real.

[siren sounding]

- Go, go, go go!

[tense music]

- Take off the traffic lights.

Take them out.

- Jam, goddamit.

- Go, go, go, go!

- Hardin!


[siren blaring]

- [Barca] Why did he run?

- [Nash] He wouldn't
have known who we are.

- What, your own brother
doesn't recognize you?

Does he even know who he is?

We lost three good
men today, three.

And for what?

A fucking brain dead messiah?

- [Nash] We need to find him.

- No.

We stick to the plan,

the one we've been
preparing for.

He's chipped up to the eyeballs.

They follow him, they follow us.

- He's my brother.

- Was.

Harvesters, organ
buses, crazed fans.

He's already gone.

From now on, we stick
to the fucking plan.

- [Charles] 10 prisoners,
each with an IQ over 160,

all under 25.

- [Alexandra] Harden
Jones isn't under 25.

- Now why would you be transferring
your biggest attraction?

- Newtown.

The prison overflow is a
fantastic opportunity for felons.

We're talking
about a controlled,

rehabilitative environment
where they learn

a new trade, mix
with regular citizens

and earn their way
back into society.

- You know a lot of regular
citizens who like to hang out

with murderers and pedophiles?

- I believe you refer to
them as the unemployed.

- You're not thinking of
opening this up to subscribers.

- Crime's down,
consumerism's up,

what's not to like?

They're all chipped.

We've already found
three of them.

- Was Jones one of the three?

- It's only a matter of time.

- And what if he gets
online and starts

instructing the faithful?

- His brain's mush.

He's had more drugs
pumped into him

than Central America.

- Has he?

And what happens when
he finds that out,

because you know, if that was me

and I suddenly
discovered that I was

the world's biggest
brand, I think I'd be

really, really pissed.

- [Woman] Here at Panopticon TV,

you could share the
most intimate details

of Hardin's existence.

Read the books Hardin reads,
download his playlists

and the films he likes.

Loyalty customers
qualify for felon app.

- Hardin may be on
the loose right now,

but in the city where the
online betting community

never sleeps, it's surely
only a matter of time

until odds on his recapture
become pretty attractive.


[tense music]

- [Machine] Welcome
back, Mr. Goodwin.

Diagnosis, syphilis.

Your medication will be
dispensed in three seconds.

Have a great day.

- [Robot] Parking violation 313.

Lethal disruption initiated.

- [Woman] Prisoner 4110787.

[machine gun firing]

- [Announcer] Behavioral alert.

Grid H25673, please
remain in your rotation.

Please remain in your rotation.

- And the donut.

- I need the donut.

- So do I.

- [Announcer] Behavioral alert.

Grid H25673, please
remain in your rotation.

Please remain in your rotation.

- Hey, you wouldn't
be taking my good coat

down into that sewer
now, would you?

- [Announcer] Smoking is
not permitted in the street.

It is a federal offense.

Please extinguish your cigarette

in the cans provided
or face a minimum fine

of 50,000 won.

You have 10 seconds.

Nine, eight, seven.


- [Man] Facefirst, the
only 10 key biometric

face recognition solution

with revolutionary flexibility

in inquisition,
identification and alerting.

Live hi-definition video

enables Facefirst
to track, isolate,

[siren sounding]

- We want an end to
mandatory fingerprinting

and prison TV.

We want an independent
corruption trial

for all successive governments
up to the present day

and a reintroduction of
the Glass-Steagall act.

Should you fail to
comply, we will empty

two international
banks of all currency

and distribute the money.

We will set up our own
courts live and online,

interrupt web transmissions,
release prisoners,

plunge the city into darkness.

Our demands are reasonable.

We ask only the same of you.

Four demands, seven
days, no negotiation.

[phone ringing]

- Is this for real?

They sound like kids.

- They are kids.

- Well, these kids have names?

- It's their group.

- But they have profiles, right?

- Can't arrest
every border aspect

under 20 who lives at home.

- Why not?

- You'd look like Herod.

- Well infiltrate
their chatrooms.

Find addresses.

I mean they're online 24-7.

- We're dealing with a
sophisticated hive mind here.

You can't just go in
and pretend to be a bee.

- Can they do it?

- Yeah banks have been
emptied remotely before.

They also sent a
37 plate memorandum

to accompany their video
and it's pretty inclusive.

They've done their research.

Taxes reduced from
60 to 20 percent

for all citizens
living in the suburbs.

28 percent for those in cities.

And corporations pay 100 percent

as the fine for the first year

and then 26.7
percent thereafter.

These kids sound
pretty organized.

- Let's just hope
they're bluffing.

- I can't access
the data warehouses.

Nielsen runs too tight a ship.

Robotics 916 who
makes the chips,

they're much less secure.

Here's a list of all
the RFID serial numbers

allocated to each jail.

There's currently
eight active chips

outside the jail with
two within the same host.

I'm assuming that's Hardin.

I'm guessing it's
one from the jail

and one from the advertisers.

He's worth a lot
of money to them.

- Well, you can hack
and check on this?

How many other people
can access this?

- They'd have to
be as good as me.

- Well but if he knows he's
chipped, he'll lose them.

- Well so long as they're
not second generation.

Those'll burn out if
you tamper with them.

- Where is he now?

- He looks around grid six.

- Yeah.

- Near the old train tracks.

[rat squeaking]


- [Robot] I need to find a home.

I can live with
children and animals

and my battery
condition is excellent.

- Next.



Remove your shades.

How long have you been
in the penal system?

- 10 years.

- Kidneys okay?

Kidneys and corneas,
there's a shortage.

- [Hardin] Just
need the food stamps.

- Can you fight?

Mm-mm honey, that's not for you.

That's for real people.

Ex cons are the entertainment.


- [Woman] Here at Newtown,

we offer a more
fulfilled existence.

One where you can
realize your dreams

while getting paid.

[cashier beeping]

- According to this,
he's in division 14

but his chip is in division 12.

- [Alexandra] Try
the second chip.

- [Woman] He'd have removed
that as well, wouldn't he?

- If he knew he had it.

- That's not very citizenly.

- We need an NC
unit immediately.

Jones is at the corner of
Mission and Gate heading west.

- Why is he so important to you?

- The audience likes him.

- Right.

- [Woman] Prisoner
4110787 has been located.

All reported sightings
of Hardin Jones

can qualify for
community action rewards.

[siren sounding]

Please remain at your location.

- [Man] Central control,
we've lost visual.

[reporters talking
over each other]

- [Reporter] Hardin may
be on the loose right now

but in the city where the
online betting community

never sleeps, it's surely
only a matter of time

until odds of his
recapture become pretty.

- [Woman] Curfew,
this is curfew.

- [Woman] Intimate details
of Hardin's existence.

Read the books Hardin reads,

download his playlists,
and the films he likes.

Loyalty customers
qualify for felon app

which allows you to adopt
your very own felon.

Watch him 24-7 and even
visit Panopticon TV.

Drama's never been so real.

[chaotic echoing]

[intense music]

[bell tolling]

[pensive music]

- The fighting man.

You know what you're
worth right now?

[bell dinging]





- [Nash] Hardin.

[Hardin groaning]

- Going blonde?

Platinum really.

Think this is gonna get
you past face recognition,

gate recognition, iris scanners,
barcodes, tattoos, chips.

Nielsen, the woman
who runs the jails

is planning on
rolling the system out

to a whole new town.

Officially the prison overflow.

Unofficially, it's the
expansion of Prison TV.

Only more interactive.

You're her prize draw.

People listen to you.

If you told them to stop
working, they would.

If you told them not to tune
in to the town, they would.

You can't hide, Hardin.

You know that much at least.

We gotta go, good luck.

- [Woman] Curfew, curfew.

- [Woman] Download his playlist
and the films he likes.

Loyalty customers get
access to the felon app

which allows you to adopt
your very own felon.

Watch him 24-7.


- Hey, it's me, it's Nash.


- Quick, day of birth!

- 7/7/2029.

- Our day of birth!

- 7/7/2019.

- Birthmark.

- Red line inner thigh.

An octopus has three hearts.

A man and a dog are
always faithful.

Then one will come in handy.

Jesus Christ, well you know

if you let me visit you
every once in a while

you might fucking recognize me.

Parker wanted you
up on the screens

instructing the masses.

I wasn't gonna let that happen.

Just went along with
it to get you out.

You ever wonder why
you didn't make parole?

Why you did more
than your 10 years?

These bastards were
never gonna let you out.

So we cut you out.

Right under her nose.

But this, bruv.

I think these will be more use.

They're lenses.

They can get you
past the sensors.

First thing is to lift
those fingerprints,

lose your tattoo,
anything identifiable.

Yeah, you should change
the way you walk too.

But once that's all sorted,
you'll finally be free.

You know, you can
do what you like.

You know there
was a time when I,

I thought you'd
never make it out.

I didn't know what to do.

- They get to me,
they get to you.

- [Nash] They're not
gonna get to you,

that's what I'm saying.

We can protect you.

- I'm on every screen.

- You'll be safe with us.

We got a lot of catching
up to do, you know?

- What's beyond this city?

- Favela town.

You'll never make it
past the perimeter.

It's where they burn the trash.

- I can't stay here.

- You got no place else to go.

The places with symbols,

that means that
surveillance has been cut.

And follow the hobo
code, lead you to food.

If you get stuck out there,

there's a guy named Perelman.

He's the closest
thing you'll find

to somebody you can trust.

He moves around the
outskirts of Favela town.

Don't fuck up.

[tense music]

- ID, sir.

- Oh dang.

- [Woman] The RFID chip is
painless and totally free.

Imagine an end to those fines

for forgetting your card.

No more debt and with
less to remember,

you can spend more
time with your.

[somber music]



[tense music]

[machinery whirring and beeping]


[light piano music]

[garbled echoing
voice in background]

- Hi.

I'm Mathison.

We're not gonna hurt you.

We just want you to answer
a few questions truthfully.

When you're done, you can go.

Now if you don't answer
these questions truthfully

then you can't go.

Are you Mallory Burnham,

leader of the Central
Authority from 2014 to 2019?

- Yeah.

What, what are you doing?

- [Mathison] Just thought
I'd do some of the questions

from the citizens
that you fucked over.

Don't bother trying to escape.

There's no stairs.

- Jesus Christ.

- Just an elevator
shaft with no elevator.

- I'm hungry.

- Most people can last five days

on just their fatty deposits.

I'll say you're good
for at least two weeks.

- I am swift.

You let me go immediately,

I can make this a whole
lot easier on you.

- It's easy now.

- How many hits?

- Um, it's not about hits
so much as conversions.

- Just give me a number.

- 77 million.

- Take it down, can't
you just take it down?

- It just gets posted again.

- Are we any closer to bringing
these fuckers in or what?

- We've narrowed down
the location of the court

to Division 17 near
district six, and if we--

- Court, this isn't a court.

This is a bunch
of veggie hackers

with a misplaced sense
of their own importance.

- [Man] They have
some influence.

- Well, you can call them
influences if you want

but I'm gonna stick to
domestic terrorists.

What more do you guys need?

We have kidnap, vandalism,
robbery, extortion.

- We can't get them on robbery.

They didn't empty the banks.

- No, they only
announced which banks

were going to be emptied.

The customers took
their own money out.

- Plus they're only
collapsing the grid

from 1700 to 1800 hours

so people get to
leave work early

which is proving to
be pretty popular.

- Oh good, well I'm
glad that's popular.

- At a cost of 11
billion wan a day.

- I want every kid
on every building

and anyone with a
mask, a spray can

or a tool belt
under the age of 30,

I want them rounded up
and I want them databased.

And make up a clause
if you have to!

And bring their mothers in too.


[tense music]

[intense music]

[siren sounding]

[birds chirping]

- Hey!

Who are you?

Go ahead, I'm not greedy.

- It's big of you, it's
a fucking trash can.

- What's your name?

Make one up, so I don't
have to call you bum.


- Hardin.

- I think I like bum better.


One thing I love about
the river, never changes.

Doesn't matter who
fucks you over,

the river stays the same.

I used to be a teacher.

Now, all the kids learn online.

What was your line?

- Advertising.

- Hmm, Hardin your real name?

- Yep.

- You from the orphanages?

Yeah, sounds like
an orphanage name.

There are rules, okay?

No phones, no chips.

Nothing that can pick up GPS.

That means no TVs,
radios or I-anythings.

And no swearing.

Beyond that, I don't
care what you've done

or who you've done it to.

You hurt anyone
here, I'll hurt you.

You got it?

- Got it.

- Everybody.

This is Hardin.

I pulled him out from the trash.

[light music]


- No doubt you must have noticed

a small flicker of excitement
when you turned up.

We don't get a lot of entertainment
around here, you know.

You know, life expectancy
on this street is 37.

Gotta make the most out of
your time on earth, right?

What do you think?

[somber music]


- Want me to take a watch?

- You?

- Yeah.

- We're watching for you.

It'll get around
that you're here

and then people will come.

So we'll have to move you.

And if more come, we'll
have to move you again.

We'll keep you safe.

You're family now.

But it's best if you
stay out of sight.


- Okay, assuming our
own research is accurate

that over a third of this
country's most successful

businesses pay zero
tax, and 98 percent

have offshore resources,

this figure here is how much tax

is owed at any one time.

The goal is to find
some nut figure

at which they won't--

- 96.7 percent?

The Laffer curve.

- How'd you know about that?

- Because when I was your age,

you were being born.

He has a point.

- [Michelle] Okay, don't tell
me you're actually thinking

of listening to them.

That would be political suicide.

- [Charles] These kids
are 15, 16, 22 tops.

We were born in
the last century.

We don't have a hope
of thinking like them.

- [Michelle] Are
you smoking weed?

- [Charles] All I'm saying
is they're not idiots.

- [Michelle] And
neither I hope, are we.

- Prisoner Barca, sir.

[door shutting]

- So you read our manifesto.

- My people did.

They said the spelling
was atrocious.

- Well it was about
communication, not education.

We were communicating.

So I'm sure your people
report on your ratings.

You know what Newtown is?

See Nielsen puts a
chip that controls

your electronical
impulses off your brain.

Maybe you have one.

Maybe that's why you go along

with everything she suggests.

Or maybe you're just fucking--

- There can't just be anarchy.

- And it can't just
be social control.

I mean where is it gonna stop?

You can keep rounding us up

but we'll keep coming
out of the woodwork.

'Cause we've got
nothing to lose.

We are the future.

[machine beeping]

- [Alexandra] Any luck?

- No.

He'll have changed
his appearance by now.

The amount of fights he's had,

he'd easily have reset
his nose, his cheekbones.

Face checkers won't
find him that easily.

And maybe he's been used enough.

- Meaning?

- Maybe he's entitled
to a bit of R and R.

- And who do you think
is going to tune in

to Newtown if Hardin
Jones fails to show?

What do you think
I'm doing this for?

Because I like watching felons?

- Some felons.

- George, we're
overrun with criminals.

Someone has to take
responsibility, I did.

I found a way to fund the jails

and the voters like that.

- I'm just saying, maybe
he doesn't want that.

- What do you know
about what he wants?

- I don't.

But how do you think
he's gonna feel

when he finds out what
you've done to him?

- He killed someone.

- Someone who
attacked his brother.

- Did he get the
death penalty, no.

He got famous.

- Right.

So maybe you could do
it to someone else.

- Now that's a good idea.

- [Reporter] Nash,
what kind of things

can a felon expect
here in Newtown?

- Give you money.

- [Reporter] They give
you a house, right?

- Play in the casino.

- [Reporter] Oh my god,
I should commit a crime.

- I want a car.

- [Reporter] You've
become a big star

like your brother Hardin.

How does that make you feel?

- [Reporter] Nash Jones,
brother of Hardin.

Will he pass or will he fail?

Join the 70 million
already signed up

for the world's fastest
growing online community

and enjoy drama that's
never been so real.

Where you can
interact with felons.

Nash Jones, brother of Harden.

Will he pass or will he fail?

Join the 70 million
already signed up

for the world's fastest
growing online community

and enjoy drama that's
never been so real.

Nash Jones, the fastest
growing online community

and enjoy drama that's
never been so real.

Panopticon TV interactive

takes you right into Newtown

where you can
interact with felons.

Nash Jones, brother of Hardin.

Will he pass or will he fail?

Join the 70 million
already signed up

for the world's fastest
growing online community

and enjoy drama that's
never been so real.

Brother of Harden, will
he pass or will he fail?

Joint the 70 million
already signed up

for the world's fastest
growing online community

in drama that's
never been so real.

[tense music]

[fire crackling]

[gas hissing]

♪ Take my hand

♪ I'm a stranger in paradise

- I'm gonna have
to cut your throat.

It'll be like a pin prick.

Do you want me to
slice an artery?

They always put in two.

That way when you think
you got one chip out,

there's always another one.

All those kids have
their chip taken out,

they're still chipped.

You'd think somebody would
have worked that out by now.

Their brains fried
on social networking.

There you go.

Only two seconds to take it out.

Two way emitter tracker chip.

First edition, luckily for you.

Now I'm taking considerable
risk taking you to my place

because you're arrogant
enough to think

you can get through Favela Town.

There's no cameras
in the favelas.

If there were, it'd be
a video game by now.


You like fresh pasta?

[light whistling music]

♪ A stranger in paradise

♪ If you should decide

♪ Oh there's a
danger in paradise ♪

♪ For mortals might
near stand beside ♪

♪ Hmm an angel like you

Funny thing is, the only
people that want to be free

are those that
committed a crime.

The rest of us
incarcerate ourselves.

In marriage, nine to five jobs,

organized religion,
loyalty cards.

Do you think they would
have had to comb the deserts

for Terrorist 47 if
he had a loyalty card?

[chuckling] Do you
know what this is?

Fresh, no additives,
no artificial sun,

you can't buy these in
the city or the suburb.

Well, I must say, [sighing]

sure is nice to
have some company.

Even somebody as
monosyllabic as you.

- Where's my brother?

- Nash won at the
casino, bought a car.

Passes all around.

- Passes?

- He's got to pass
a series of tests

in order to re-enter society.

- What kind of tests?

- Standard stuff.

Will he take the money,
will he steal the car,

will he rape the girl?

Will he rape the girl?

- [Hardin] No.

- Then he'll fail.

In order to pass, you have
to conform to the will

of the group.

Conformists are
easiest to control.

Nash has a chip in his throat.

- [Hardin] How are you
getting me in there?

- If you go into Newtown,
the subscribers will follow.

Consumerism will
go through the roof

and Nielsen will get
the hit that she needs.

- So?

- So you have to be sure
you care more about Nash

than you do your
newfound anonymity.

- How long you been watching me?

- Since I needed you.

- Needed me for what?

- To bring down Newtown.

If Newtown's a success,

Nielsen will roll
it out even bigger.

The whole city maybe.

10 million cameras, 20 million
consumers, all trackable.

And eventually, controllable.

Panopticon3, interactive,
just hit return.

Society forgives a
criminal, never a dreamer.

That's what happens when
you take on the system.

- You built this.

- I built Newtown
for rehabilitation.

Nielsen has turned it
into something else.

- Where can I find her?

- Should be in a
bunker somewhere.

The bunker might be underground

but it can be
spotted from the air.

Even she can't hide.

The town must destroy itself.

The attraction that
is you need to be seen

to be eliminated.

Do you want your anonymity back?

Come on, that's gotta
be worth dying for.


Card for the door.

And you know what the
rest of the stuff is.

Nash is on the run.

First place he'll come
to will be a motel

at the edge of the town.

Will he stop?

- [Hardin] They don't
want him to stop.

- [Pelerman] Now
then he'll stop.

- Here's a stop.

- [Hardin] How do you know that?

- [Pelerman] Because they
need you to catch up with him.

- [Hardin] Pick him
up in the casino then.

- You're a criminal.

Steal a car.

[tires screeching]

[light music]

- [Reporter] Nash Jones,
brother of Hardin,

robbed a gas station and
allegedly kidnapped a girl.

will qualify for
community action reward.


- [Attendant] Gentleman sir.


[dramatic music]

- [Reporter] Tried to
drive their way through.

And the crowd and then
triggered enormous panic here.

[alarms beeping in distance]


- Our demands were fair
and still you fail.

You thought you could close
Panopticon and open Newtown.

- [Woman] Panopticon
II Interactive

takes you right into Newtown

where you can interact
with [buzzing]

- [Driver] Is it just
back to the base, sir?

- [Charles] Take
me to Favela town.

- Sir?

- You know where it is?

- We can't go
there, sir, I mean,

they'll take the
wheels, the car.

We might not even make
it back ourselves.

- Fine.

I'll drive myself.


[fire crackling]

- Where the hell have you been?

We haven't been able
to reach you for hours!

I mean you need to inform
us where you're going.

In case you hadn't
noticed, this place

has been going tits up.

We've got to give
them something.

I've got 200 people
working 24-7 on the grid.

Every time we get it up,

it's up for 30 minutes
and then it gets hacked.

So I say what we need
to do is if you have

to turn the lights on.

[high pitched chime music]

- What are we gonna do?

We've got citizens
living in trash cans

on toxic dumps,

bums being zapped by drones,

organs ordered online,

[sighing] I'm the
leader of the free world

and the only thing I
have any control over

is what I'm gonna
have for dinner.

[muffled voice talking]

- [Alexandra] You
want anything, George?

- A girlfriend.

- Why?

You wouldn't know
what to do with her.

[alarm beeping]

How dare you.

- Terrible, isn't it, when your
personal space gets defiled?

Sorry about that Nielsen, can't
be too careful these days.

A lot of enemies out there.

Most of them mine.

So, how many people
are watching right now?

- [Alexandra] 17 million.

- Oh, is that good?

- Not quite a
cause to celebrate.

- Do I look like I
want to celebrate?

Only I don't remember signing
up for X-fucking-con Factor.

This thing have behavioral
recognition on it?

- Of course it does.

- [Charles] So it will pick
someone up talking directly

to a camera?

- They don't know
they're on camera.

- No?

- Taxes will be
reduced from 60 percent

to 20 percent.

- [Alexandra] They're
not gonna listen to him.

- Hardin's cute younger
brother recruiting online?

You don't think so?

- [Alexandra] I have insurance.

- You fitted him
with a control chip?

- [Alexandra] People died
building the pyramids.

It's the price of progress.

- This has to stop.

- Or what?

I've got more on you than
you'll ever have on me.

- Oh, I really hope that
that wasn't a threat.

[alarm buzzing]
- What happened?

- [George] There are no
cameras in the bathroom.

[light music]

- [Hardin] You feel it?

- Fine.
- Yeah?

- [Nash] Yeah, just do it.

- [Hardin] Here we go.

- Ah, god, you make
a shitty surgeon.

- You make a shitty patient.



- [Charles] Cut
the transmission.

- It's already on the cloud.

We can't cut the signal.

- Okay, okay, okay,
move your hand.

Move your hand.

Nash, Nash.

Move your hand, move your hand!


Hey, stay with me, stay with me.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!




Hey, hey.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.





[tense electronic music]

- [Announcer] Security
breach, security breach,

security breach, security breach

security breach,
security breach.

[keyboards clacking]



- [Computer] Code accepted.

- [Machine] Episode three
is now ready to stream.

- [Announcer] Hardin
Jones escaped.

Hardin found love,
but will it last?

Maybe he'll join his
brother Nash in Newtown,

play at the casinos,
win the cool car.

Meet beautiful girls,
you can help him decide

and one day, the
choice will be yours.

Panopticon TV, drama's
never been so real.

[crowd faintly shouting]

- Hardin.

There's no way I would
ever have hurt you

or your brother.

I was trying to
improve things for you.

Newtown would have
given you a way out,

give you back your
freedom for good.

It was the advertisers that
didn't want to let you go.

Because you're different.

Why do you think
everyone tuned in,

it was because of you.

I'm only trying to
make things better

for people who have nothing.

People like you, me and Nash.

What hope have they got?

And you, you never have
to worry about money.

That's freedom.

I gave you that.

- You gave me that?

- I made you a star.

Isn't that what everyone wants?

We could make a great
difference together, you and me.

We could make a great team.

We're not that
dissimilar, are we?

- We couldn't be any more
different, you and I.

Do you know what it is
to really love someone,

someone you'd kill for,

someone to go on living for?

- [Alexandra] Yes I do.

You can have anything you want.



- Hmm. [sighing]


[bell dinging]

[horn sounding]




[somber chill music]

- [Woman] Thanks for
waking up with us.

- [Man] Don't walk, don't walk.

- Though there were no
witnesses to the accident,

train cam found a wrecked car

believed to be the one
stolen from Newtown

crashing over the
side of a goods train

carrying electronic
equipment to the city.

Desert police continue
to search for debris

scattered across the desert.

At this time it is
unknown if any body

has been identified.

Following the
success of Prison TV,

Jones became the world's
most downloaded felon

used to advertise anything
from t-shirts to jeans.

It's estimated his loss
could cost the prison service

as much as 15 trillion.

- Any chance of
putting her in jail?

- [Charles] They'd
rip her to pieces.

- Christmas special.

- [Charles] You want a drink?

- Ah, rain check.

My son's gotten
himself into the finals

of some video game championship

and tonight's my night, so.

- [Charles] I hope he wins.

- He always wins.

See you on Monday?

[tense music]

- [Woman] Curfew,
curfew, curfew,

this is curfew.

Please vacate the streets.

Curfew, curfew, curfew,

this is curfew.

Please vacate.

Please vacate the streets.

Curfew, this is curfew.

[siren sounding]

Please vacate the
streets, curfew.

Please vacate the
streets, curfew.

This is curfew.

[tense dramatic music]