Disclosure (2020) - full transcript

When a 4-year-old girl makes an allegation against the son of a politician, an attempt by the children's parents to resolve the situation soon degenerates into a vicious confrontation.

You taste so good.

Oh my God, wait, wait.

It's not recording.


Oh, you taste so good.


Okay, fuck me.

- When?
- Now!

- When?
- Now!


Fuck me!


Oh, fuck.

Oh, God.

Fuck me harder.


Oh, fuck!


Oh, fuck.

Oh, God.

Oh, Mondays Ethan has
swimming after school.

What about Wednesday afternoons?

Yeah, sure.



Go outside!

How many times do
I have to tell you?

Hi, Sarah.

Leave the little ones alone.


Let me just check the
kid's calendar, one second.

Uh, 5:30.

Oh, perfect!


Okay, we'll see you then.


You okay?


Just gotta get my breath back.

I found Natasha asleep
on the sofa this morning.

She probably needed it.


I thought I'd leave her,

but then she woke
up and she said,

"It's all right, Mom.

"I'm not sleeping, I'm
practicing meditation."

I shouldn't of let
her go to ballet.

No, no.

I think it's good.

Keep a routine.

Your mom's there if
anything happens.

She's gonna be
okay, isn't she?

She's gonna be fine.

We'll find a good therapist.

Oh, I could kill
that little shit.


She's a tough little
egg, like her mom.

She's gonna be okay.

Can you get that?

That might be Mom.

No, it's Bek and Joel.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah, they're coming over.

What, now?


Oh, shit!

Aw, shit!


Just a sec, mate!

Oh, God.


We saw the cars
and just thought...

No, no, no.

We're here, come on down, yeah?

Oh, this is Steve, by the way.


Just give me a
sec, I'll explain.



Oh, shit.



Hey there!


We all clear?

- Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Come on down.

day for it, guys.


Sorry about that.

It's all right.

These are for you.

Oh, wow!

They are beautiful.

It's just dahlias
from our garden.

Thank you, Becca.

I really appreciate
it, they're really...

Hey, sorry to parachute
in on you like this.



It's fine.

Come on, take a seat.

- Thanks, mate.
- Sure.


Well, you look fabulous.

Oh, stop it!

Oh, no.

We're going to a
fundraiser later.

It's a sculpture gallery.

Yeah, Blue Rinse Brigade.

Kind of assumed it
wasn't your cup of tea.

Oh, I actually find them
endlessly fascinating.

Is your friend joining us?



Joel's received a threat.


Yeah, police
think it's credible,

so now we've got
Agent Smith in tow.

Oh, God.

Joel, I'm so sorry.

That's shocking.

Look, I'm sorry for bringing
this to your doorstep,

it wasn't exactly planned.

Is this to do
with your army days?

No, no.

Lunatic fringe getting lippy
about my stance on refugees.

No way.

Yeah, we're ruffling
feathers, mate.

Well, that'll teach
you to get in bed

with a lefty journo.

Bek did always
warn me about you.

So, do we get protection?

No, no, you're a hack, mate.

And a socialist at that.

As far as the state's
concerned, you're expendable.

What a surprise.

Oh, I wouldn't worry.

If that's the best they
can do for a state MP...

No, no, no, don't
underestimate Steve.

He's an experienced cop.

At the end of the day,

you just gotta get on
with your life, don't you?

Can I get you guys a drink?

Oh, no, no.

We can't stay very long.

Thank you.


Hey, is the launch
still happening?


Yeah, we just got the
word that the PM's

arriving first
thing in the morning

to give the keynote.

That is awesome.


It's huge.

Congratulations, Joel.

This is gonna make you.

Well, it's a step in
the right direction.

Yeah, he's worked
so hard for this, so.

Well, federal
parliament, here we come.

We'll see.

We will see, mate.


It's fresh made.

Oh, go on, then.

How can I resist?

Thank you.


Uh, sure.

Thank you.



You okay?


It's turning into a very
long weekend, that's all.


Um, where's Natasha?



Oh, my mom flew
down from Brisbane.


Yeah, just helping out while...

That's nice.


So, Natasha's okay then?

Um, I think it's
too early to tell.

Sure, sure, sure.

How are you guys doing?

We're okay.


Yeah, we're okay,
under the circumstances.


We're really feeling
for you at the moment.

Oh, we're really
feeling for you guys, too.

This whole thing,
what a nightmare.

And it's great that you
guys have been so supportive.

Yeah, well, we've always
found in this community

that support's there
if you need it.

We spoke to Ethan
and Ben this morning.

That's good.


We just feel really bad that
we accepted what you told us

without talking
to our boys first.

What do you mean?

Natasha's story.


It just doesn't make sense.

It makes complete sense.

Look, Ethan swears that
he didn't touch Natasha.

Well, he would.

Wouldn't he?

Ethan doesn't lie.

Neither does Natasha.


I spoke to a child
psychologist friend...

Hey, mate, I thought
we talked about this.

She's a friend,
and it was anonymous.

She's in the U.S.

But she was very
clear, very adamant

that four year olds don't
make this kind of stuff up.

Oh no, we're not saying...

We're not saying that
Natasha hasn't been subject

to some kind of abuse...


Just that Ethan didn't do it.


Well, that's not right.


We'd really like to
support you and Natasha

in any way that we can.

And I've got the
number here for this

excellent child
therapist that I know.

Natasha names Ethan and Ben.

She describes the
layout of your house.

She describes the
toy sword which...

The toy sword, exactly.

The toy sword.

The boys don't own a
toy of that description.

It just doesn't add up.

She was struggling
to find the words.

I don't think that it's literal.


Last night, Ben told
me this story about how

in the middle of the night

he caught the bus to
his friend's house,

they had this magical feast,

and then he caught the bus home.

I mean, should we believe him?

Well no, because
that's his imagination.

We know that Natasha
is telling the truth,

that's why we're taking
this so seriously.


Well, we believe
Ben, who said that

Ethan never touched
him or Natasha.

And Ben is showing
zero signs of distress,

he's just his normal,
bubbly, mystical self.


Yeah, yes, bubbly.

Look, we appreciate
how difficult it must be

to hear what
Natasha's had to say.



Do you understand how upsetting

these allegations are?

But no one's making
any allegations.

The problem is, mate, you
don't have any evidence.

Well, Natasha's words are all

that child protection needs.

Oh, child protection.


We're talking hypothetically.

I am not talking

Where are the injuries?

Where's the hysterical child?

She's at ballet.

Okay, it was six
weeks ago, Bek.

Well, why has
it taken six weeks

for her to say something?

Well, apparently
that's very common

in kids that age.

They don't have the
language to communicate

an experience like that.

And her behavior
has clearly changed.

You know what I just find
completely heartbreaking, honey?

That both of you would accept

that my beautiful little boy

has done these horrific things.

All we've done is share our
daughter's words with you.

You, you of all people.

Excuse me?

I've spent nine years
making sure that my boys

had the childhood that
was taken away from me.

I have sheltered my
kids, maybe too much.

Ethan doesn't have the knowledge

to even imagine
such things, okay?

He's a little boy.

Okay, that's just naive...

I know my son!

He's probably just
acting out something

he saw on the internet.

Danny, he doesn't have
access to our computers, so.

The last time that I
was over babysitting,

he was playing games
on your desktop.

As I said, we've
just tried to tell you

what Natasha has told us.

I mean, did you want us
to keep it to ourselves?

No, of course not mate.

But it's what Bek just said,

that both of you just seem
ready to judge our boy.

Oh, no, no.

No one's making nay judgments.

We're just trying
to keep you informed

so that we can work
out what's best to do.

We appreciate that,
mate, your honesty.

But please, don't go threatening
us with child protection

over the basis of a
four year old's story.

It's not a story.

No one's making any threats.

Come on, you're our friends.

You haven't got any evidence.


What do you want?

Two male witnesses?


What was that?


Doesn't matter.

Excuse me.


Hey, buddy.

I can't talk right now.

Can I call you back
in a few minutes?

Half an hour max, yeah, okay.

All right, mate.

Thank you, bye.

Look, it's great
that you're taking

what Natasha said seriously.

We fully support you getting
professional help for her.

In fact, we're offering
to help out with that.

Bek knows some great people.


You just need to remove
the names of our kids.

That's all.

I'm not removing the names.

Please, Emily.

Please, please.

We're asking you
as your friends.

You know that
Natasha told us more

about what happened?


I've typed it up.

This is unbelievable.

When Natasha
started screaming,

Ethan put his hands
around her throat.

Do you know how
offensive that is?


Yeah, it is offensive.

And then he put his
hand across her mouth.


He was trying to stop
her from breathing.

I'm sorry.

These are the kind
of fucked up things

a pedophile would do.

Not a sweet little boy.

Okay, I'm not...


My son is not a monster, Emily.

I know that he
is not a monster,

he's just a little boy.

What do you want from us?


I just want you guys to
accept that this has happened,

and get some professional
help for your boys,

just like we're gonna
get help for Natasha.

I mean, what possible
harm can come from that?

Ethan didn't do it.

He didn't do it, he
didn't have time.

Oh my God.

I can't bare this, I'm going.

Bek, come here.

Bek, just wait!

We're all adults, we can
figure something out.

All right?

I agree.
Come on, we're friends.

Let's work this out
amicably, please.

I'm gonna get dressed.

Look, maybe I'll put
some snacks together.

That'll be great, mate.

Thank you.

You guys just make
yourselves at home.

There's some beers in the eski.

It's a bit early
for me, but...

That went down like a
fat kid on a see-saw.

Why are they doing this?

Oh, fuck if I know.

They're the ones that
need to be in therapy.

I mean, you were there.

If Ethan had been sticking his
grubby fingers up Natasha...


Did you hear her scream?

I mean, did you?

It was six weeks ago.


You okay?

Did you
invite them in here

to watch me piss as well?

I'm sorry, I just got a
shock, I wasn't thinking.

That fucking bitch!

I want to just smash
her fucking face in.



Come on.

Come on.


Come on.

They're trying to gag us.

They're not trying to gag us.

They're in denial.

That's not an excuse.

It's hard for them to process.

What about Natasha?

And us?


Natasha's resilient.

And so are we.

They implied that you
are abusing our daughter.

No they didn't.

They didn't.

They agreed that
Natasha has been abused,

but they won't admit
that Ethan did it,

so who do you think
that they have in mind?

I have no idea.

And I don't think
that they know.

Oh God.

So, what are we gonna do?

Uh, we just have
to persuade them.

I'll talk to Danny,
he's a reasonable man.

You know, I thought Emily
was a compassionate person.

She is, you just need
to reach out to her.

Let's be smart about
this, all right?

Is that really necessary, babe?

Yes, it is.

It just looks...

It looks what?

It looks ridiculous.

Well, you look ridiculous.

Hey, mate.

Yeah, no, it reads
really really well.

I've got a few suggestions.

Just hang on a
sec, just let me...

Bek's all over it.

Just give me a sec, mate.

Here we go.


Yeah, page three.

"We know that
effective intervention,

"change that to early intervention
is crucial, et cetera."

And "after stopping
family violence, comma,

"we're determined to set young
people on the right path."



First thing tomorrow
I am going to go

and call child protection.


I don't think that we
can do that to them.

Well, it's the
right thing to do.

If we call child protection,
the police will get involved,

social services, I mean,
that's just too much.

I mean, do we want
that for Natasha?

They won't even admit
that Ethan did it!

I know, I know.

Bek of all people!

Look, Bek is...

She's damaged.

I mean, God knows how she's
processing all of this.

It's completely
unforgivable what she's doing.

I'm sure it is not malicious.

If Bek and Joel won't
admit what's happened,

if they can't admit it then

we have a responsibility
to intervene

for the children's sake.

Why are you so trusting
that social services

will get it right?

I mean, you are
usually such a skeptic.

Well, it is the only
way that we're gonna

get anything done now!


Despite everything that
they've been saying,

they're gonna be watching
Ethan's every move

like a hawk from now on.


He needs therapy,
not more policing.

They're a decent family.

We have to trust that
they'll do the right thing.

Okay, like Bek trusted her dad

to sort her step-brother out.

Come on, that's a completely
different situation.

Oh yeah?

What about Ben?

I don't know.


What about Ethan?

I don't know.

What about
Ethan's next victim?

You know, every
child at that school

is at risk now.

I don't know.

Well, those are
the consequences

if they don't do anything!

Well, we don't know that!

Oh yeah?

"My beautiful little boy."

She makes me want to puke.

Maybe taking the
kids' names off

is not such a bad idea.

At least in the short term.

Trust Joel to
come up with that.

Redact the children's
names of a politician.

Hear me out, Em.

It means that we
can refer Natasha

to a therapist immediately.

We can sort out all
this other stuff later.

It's not like we're dealing with

a couple of ice addicts, is it?

They are damaged
though, Danny.

You just said so yourself.

God, I was warned about
Bek two years ago.

I've never warmed to her,

that dark energy that she has.

Should've trusted my instincts.

They've treated us
very well up until now.

Joel's a good man.

He's sound.


That friendship or
whatever it is, is over.

Oh, come on.

Do you need more of a reason?

Well, listen, I'll
decide when my friendship

with someone is over, okay?

Oh, okay.

He is a bully, Danny.

Just like his son.


You are sounding like
a complete zealot.

Don't say my name like that.

Like what?

Like you're patronizing me,

and I fuckin' hate it!

I'm not calling
child protection.

Well, it's not about you.

I never said it was.

Why are you defending Joel?

I am not def...

I think his heart's
in the right place.

Choose a fucking side, Daniel!

Yeah, mate.

Just give us another
half an hour, okay?

Yeah, we're just
solving a problem

with some friends, that's all.

Okay, call me anytime.

Thanks mate, bye.

What is taking these guys?

How does Ethan know the
password to your desktop?

I didn't know he did.

Emily just said that when
she was over babysitting,

he was playing games
on your computer.

Don't be naive, babe.

He's a nine year old boy.

Little shit probably
knows more about computers

than we do.

All right, so he's
probably found...

bring that up again.

After all the protections
that I put in place.

Can we just
stay our message, please?

Did you really
just say that to me?

You can't protect
him from the real world, babe.

He's a little boy.

We have a duty of care
to protect him from that.

It's not
a fucking crime.

Exposing him to that
stuff, those images.

You're okay with that?

Keep your fucking
voice down, keep your...


Mate, can we just get
some privacy please?

A little bit further?

Thank you.


Boys throughout the
ages, for all time,

in all countries, look at porn.

It's everywhere.

My old man, he hid his under
the bed, now it's online.

It's natural.

What did our little
boy find, Joel?

Do you know, I
read the other day

that Peppa Pig is three
clicks away from porn.

It doesn't matter what
preventions we put in place,

Ethan's gonna find it on
his own or with his friends,

but it doesn't mean that
every primary school boy

who sees a bit of bonking

is gonna go out and
abuse his neighbor's

four year old daughter.

Ethan knows the difference,

that's what we're teaching him.

And how do you define
a bit of bonking, Joel?

Fuck, don't be prudish.


- Yeah, prudish.
- Prudish?


Grown men having anal sex
with barely legal girls!

Keep your voice down.

Oh, what?

I thought you said
it was natural.

Ethan didn't touch Natasha,

so don't make a link
because there isn't one.

But you're happy for
that to be his introduction

to making love?

Well, he's not gonna learn
anything from us now, is he?


You're an asshole.

These guys are into
some weird, kinky shit.

Natasha probably saw them at it,

mixed it up in her little head,

put it onto Ethan
in her nightmares

and coughed it up as
some fanciful disclosure.

Look, I don't give a shit

how you jerk yourself
off in your spare time,

but after everything
that I've done for you,

after all the
sacrifices I've made,

I do not want you taking my
little boy's childhood away.

You have made sure
that Ethan and Ben

have an upbringing
that you never had,

and I salute you for that.

You are doing everything
in your power.

Hell, they know that
underpants rule inside out.

They are living in a
loving, safe household.

They are.


Ethan didn't touch Natasha.

- I know he didn't.
- Oh, God!

I know he didn't, all right?

That's all that matters.

We're doing everything right,

we're doing everything right.


Yeah, mate.

It's reading great.

I just think it needs
to be punchier, chief.

We just need to focus on
some of the key things,

you know, just get some
bullet points in there,

strengthening communities,
delivering early support,

securing futures, you
know, that kind of thing.

I'm sorry.

Look, whatever your
feelings are on Joel,

he's doing a lot of good work.

I know.

He's got the children
and families portfolio,

for fuck's sake.

I'm sorry, Danny.

But I don't think that's
a good enough reason

for us to not do anything.

Look, Joel's out
on a limb here.

I mean, forget about some
nutter making a death threat.

He's got mainstream enemies

queuing up to take him down.

I mean, all it would
take is one cop,

one social worker, one
bloody admin person

at child protection to
leak Natasha's statement

and it would ruin
him, guaranteed.

It would discredit
everything that he's done.

If Joel can't
take responsibility

for the actions of his son,

I don't think he has a
right to be in government.

Come on, Emily.

You know it's not
that black and white.

What about his work
with the refugees?

Are you defending
Joel now or your book?

I am not gonna
prioritize a book

over the needs of my daughter.

Or the needs of
Bek and Joel's kids?

Please, do not
conflate the two.

No, I think you're
conflating the two.

It's not about
the fucking book!


Then what?

I'm sorry.

I'm just worried about all
of this getting out of hand.

I mean, Joel and Bek,
they're their parents.

Can we please keep some
perspective on this?


If this were some
friend of yours

that had raped his
wife and then raped me,

would you be talking like this?

My God.

That is a ridiculous comparison.

Is it?

Yes, it is!

Because we're talking
about children, not adults.

Because children
aren't adults.

Yeah, but they
are human beings.

And just because they can't
express things like adults can

doesn't mean that they
haven't been traumatized

in the same way.

I know.

I know.

It's just if we pick a
fight with these guys,

you've gotta think through
the consequences for Natasha

and for us.

I'm not picking a fight.

Em, these guys are powerful.

They know everyone
in this community.

You know, the same community

that we moved here
to be a part of.


Oh, Christ.


This is a private conversation.


If you're worried about
being the bad guy,

I'll take it out of your hands.

That is not what I'm saying.

Okay, then what?

I don't know, Em!

This just feels a
little like revenge.



I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm just trying to make
sense of this too, I'm sorry.

I'm just doing
this for the kids.

I know.

I know.

I know.

But, please, can we just
try to just talk it out

with Bek and Joel?

Just see if we can bring
them around amicably.

Please, can we?




But if that doesn't work,

I am taking Natasha
to a psychologist,

and I'm giving them
the transcripts,

and I'm not taking
the names off.

And you need to
support me on that.


Of course I support you.

Of course.

Of course.

Look, if it comes to that,

I think we'll regret it.



Come on.

Come on.

What are you doing?

Printing out the transcripts.


Transcripts of
Natasha's disclosures.

It's all verbatim.


He should have that
phone grafted to his ear.

Should I take it down to him?


I mean, it'll get
cold otherwise.

See you in a sec.

See you in a sec.

I'm sorry I got angry.

It's really difficult
for Joel and I, honey.

I can understand that.

Bek, I really don't want this

to impact on Natasha
and Ben's friendship.

I don't want this to impact
on Ben or Ethan period.

Well, have we decided on the
wording of the communicate?

We have?

Well, it all sounds...

Oh, fuck.

Hang on a sec, mate.

Can I just call
you back in a bit?

Yeah, I've just gotta
sort something out.

All right, thanks mate.


I'm sorry, mate.

I think you
just killed a fairy.

I might've.


I'm sorry.

Em's pretty upset.

Ah, it's all right.

It's shitty for us all.

Maybe we should head up?

No, no, no, no.

Bek's got a healing candle out,

we should give them some space.

There is some of that
circular talking.

I'm a little bit scared to
leave them alone up there.

Yeah, it'll be all right.

Oh, thanks for bringing
the chainsaw by the way.

Oh, it's all right,
it's all right.


Why don't you show
me the damage?

Well, I fixed the
pool fence already.

Oh, wow.

I didn't even notice.

That was pretty crooked.

Yeah, insurance paid.

Broken pool fence is
a priority, it seems.


And that is the
remains of the tree.

Fuck me.

Lucky that didn't come
down on your house.

Tell me about it.

Wait 'til you see the creek.

It's like something
out of a psalm.

Listen, I forgot to say
with all this going on,

congratulations on
your nomination.

Thank you.

Ah, it's very exciting.

When's the ceremony?

Middle of the year.

I'll have to get you
all dressed up then.

You're so brave, making that.

Mm, no.

What do you mean?

You risked your life
to make that film.

Just glad that the
story's out there now.

You risked your life.

They were
calculated risks.

Oh, it was a war zone.

I didn't know it
was all gonna kick off

when we started filming.

Oh, of course.

Silly me.

How long were you gone?

Was it three months?


Tashy must of
missed you so much.

Yeah, it felt like
a really long time.


You're going again, right?


I owe it to Nas.

She risked a lot
more than I did.


I'm sorry, I just
can't understand that.

Mm, mm.

Come on, Bek.

You're not gonna give me that
bad mother bullshit, are you?

Natasha's four
years old, honey.

I didn't know that you were so

conservative about this.

I don't think
there's anything wrong

with being conservative
when it comes to your kids.

I just...

I can't understand
how you can be

so ambivalent about this.

And if I was a man?

Men aren't mothers.

They have very different

They're much freer
than us to indulge

in their stupid desires.

I don't think that
this is a great time

for us to talk about this.

Well, actually, I
was hoping that this

could be a safe space
for us to be open

and honest with each other
about difficult things.


Well, then, honestly...

Why can't you believe that
Ethan may have done this?

Well, first of all,

Ethan didn't have
time to groom Natasha.

There's no suggestion
that he groomed her.

He doesn't take any
notice of her at all.

Well, he's a child.


Let me explain something to you.

With my step-brother, we'd
known each other for 10 years.

I had a crush on him.

I trusted him completely.

And that is why I let him.

That's why he could...

Even when it ha...

Even when it went bad,

I still wanted him to love me.

That's how these
things happen, okay?

Maybe because he was
a teenager, I mean...

I was a child.

I know.

And that's why I'm
asking you, Bek,

as a survivor.

Believe Natasha, I
mean, listen to her.


Like I said, Ethan's too young

to even know any of this stuff.

It's just impossible.

It doesn't make sense.

But maybe he's
acting out something

that he saw.


Because the only
place that he's been

out of our sight for
any length of time

is at school, or
with my sister-in-law

or my aunt, both of
whom I trust implicitly.

So, it doesn't
add up, I'm sorry.

Something on the computer.

He plays video games.

He likes guns, and
explosions, and Minecraft.

He's a little boy, he's not
interested in anything else.

Is Joel still
downloading porn?

That was a one off.

Bek, you told me
that he was an addict.


That was the Chardonnay talking.

It was a one off,
and you promised me

that you would never
mention that again.



Can I be honest for a moment?


I think you're a hypocrite.

We have parental
controls on our computers.

We know that it's
not just kids' brains

that get re-wired
watching that shit.

We're not addicts.

But you do act
out what you watch, yeah?

There's nothing
wrong with that,

we're consenting adults.

Don't you think
it's more likely

that Natasha's seen something?

No, that doesn't follow.

The psychiatrist that
Jenny spoke to says that...

She still sleeps
in your room, honey.

We do have other rooms, Bek.

Well, I hope they've
got locks on them.

Fuck me.

You're gonna need more
than a chainsaw, mate.

That's rooted.

No shit.

You don't have any
access down here.

I'm afraid you're stuck
with that until it drops.

Nothing I can do then?

Widow makers.


It's what the
early timber cutters

called the gumtrees up here.


Oh, well.

Maybe I was never meant
to have a boardwalk.

What, you think some
vengeful spirit did this?

Fuckin' hippy.

You know what the headline
is for our briefing tomorrow?


Hasn't been leaked?

Not to me.

Strong Families,
Safe Children.


So you see, I need
these allegations

like a fucking hole in the head.

Well, I can't help the timing.

All I'm asking is
that we keep this

private between us.

I'm asking you this as a friend.



Minimize the disclosure.

If you weren't a politician
and I wasn't a journalist,

would we be even having
this conversation?

You're killing
me, you know that?

Look, I'm sure
we can work it out,

but I have to put
my daughter first.

What, by parading
my son in public?

No, if we're discreet...

Fuck off, mate.

Don't treat me like a muppet.

You know damn well
that if this story

gets out to a therapist

and that triggers
a mandatory report,

it's just a matter of
time before it leaks.

It's not inevitable.

Does Emily hate Bek?



No, of course not.

I mean, it felt like a
fucking blame game up there.

Look, I told you, Em's upset.

Don't take it personally.

Telling me what to
do with my own son.

That's my Emily.

Bek, I know you
believe in therapy,

I mean you said it
saved your life.

So, I don't understand why
you're being so resistant

about the idea of
the kids just going

to speak to someone.

Because I don't
want Ethan to feel

like he's done something
wrong when he hasn't.

You're making out that
my son's a criminal.

No, he's not a criminal,

he's just a little boy.

I actually prefer
it if we didn't use

this kind of emotive language.

You're making assumptions
that he's guilty.

I am not criminalizing anyone.

This is just about making sure

that the kids are safe and well.


Natasha's story is make believe.

Was your story make believe?

Absolutely not.

12 year olds aren't
capable of lying?

That's a completely
different situation.


It's exactly the same situation.

You should've been believed.

Natasha should be believed.

That's how it should be.

We are the victims here.

Don't you see that?

Ethan is my son.

He's my flesh and blood,

and that is why I know in here,

I know he did not do this.

Do you understand me?

Did I tell you that
my great grandparents

were some of the
first settlers here?


Pitched their tent just to
the east of the post office.

Four kids.


1890's depression.

People in the city
were starving,

so the state
government started off

loaning crammed
land to save lives.


I didn't know that.


You wouldn't know to look at it,

but this land is
littered with the graves

of families that didn't make it.

My great grandmother, she
had this little Bible.

And she wrote on
the inside cover how

despite all the horrors,
they stayed strong.

Our family started looking
out for one another.

When one of her neighbors died,

my great grandfather
brought the block next door

so his widow and
kids could survive.


The point is, Danny, this
is the community I represent.

It's a community whose
codes of civil conduct

were forged by the
need to survive.

By the need to trust
your neighbors.

In this community, you fly
out those codes at your peril.

Save the speeches
for Parliament, mate.

I know my rights in
21st century Australia,

and I don't need a
history lesson about

the morals of the
early European settlers

whose values also included

rape, and genocide.

Okay, well, if there
is a vengeful spirit

staring in your creek,
don't say I didn't warn ya.

Are you threatening me?


If I can't trust
you on this, mate,

then all deals are off.

You understand?

And that includes
our fuckin' book.

No, see.

You're not talking
about trust, Joel,

you're talking about loyalty.

Fuck loyalty!

This is about our kids.

All those documents,
the refugee statements,

the classified files of
Afghanistan, they're all gone.

Fuck you!

They're all gone.

All right?

I protect my
sources, you know that.

But you won't anonymize a
four year old kid's disclosure?

My daughter has a name.

Widow makers.

Listen, Joel.

You seriously underestimate me

if you think that threats
are gonna force me

to compromise my daughter.

I'm not threatening you, mate.

Well, you could've fooled me.

Look, can we...

When it's cooled down
over a couple of days,

just until the other side
of this launch, that's all.

No, no.

I won't delay getting help for...

Well, there must be some way.

Well, I'm all ears, mate!

All right.

All right, how about this.

You remove the names
off the statement,

and we'll get our kids
assessed privately somehow,

we'll come up with some story.

Including Ethan?

Yeah, sure.

For whatever it's worth,

you need to remove those names.


All right.

Well, that could be workable.

All right.

I don't want us to fall
out over this, mate.


Me either.


Let's go sell this to the girls.

Stop being a
fucking politician.

It's a solution.

No, it's not a solution.

You're just trying
to fix things.

Ethan didn't do anything,
so he doesn't need help.

Ben has not been
abused by anybody,

let alone his own brother,

so he doesn't need any help.

It's a compromise.

I thought we came
here to tell these guys

that Ethan didn't do it.

Wasn't that the bottom line?


No, don't "Bek" me.

Why are men so fucking shit?

Oh, here we go.

Not all men.

Thank you.

I wasn't talking about you.

Bek, please, if you're
worried about this getting out

beyond the four of us,

this is a solution.

How do we justify
getting Ethan assessed?

For what?

By making up another
bullshit story?

I'm sure that there's a way

that we can communicate
truthfully what's happened.


The truth according to whom?


I will not put my kids
in therapy, end of story.

I think you're
making a real mistake...

Do you understand
that if my son

had done any of these
things, I could never...

Do what, Bek?

Just leave my children alone.

Ethan needs help.

Ethan didn't do anything.

I think
that in your heart...

He didn't do it, and
that is my final word

on this disgusting allegation!

Okay, I think we're done here.

Wait, wait,
don't go, don't go.


I need to use the bathroom.


But you're coming back?

Fine, but we are
not making any deals.

Okay, fine, please.

Please, please?


Well, that's dead in the ass.

I think I might have
that beer, mate.

IPA or lager?



Yes, please.

Oh, fuck.

Oh, shut up.

It's good.

Local microbrewery.

It's crisp.

I came across a pool just
like this outside Teracott.

We'd been tasked to retake
a police checkpoint.

And there was this
villa, this ruin.

The pool was bone dry, and...

I found this man
lying on the bottom,

hugging the body of his wife.

I remember he was stroking
her hair like a lover.

He wouldn't let her go.

Later, much, much later,

the translator
managed to tease out

a story for his sobs.

I never heard a
man wail like that.

The Taliban had forced
him to watch as they

gang-raped his wife,
cut off her hands,

and then shot her in the head.

All 'cause he was a policeman.

The only reason they
didn't behead him

was because we got
there just in time.

Don't think he knew
whether to thank us

or hate us for that.


Okay, fuck me.






Fuck me.


Oh, fuck.

Fuck me harder.



Oh, fuck.


Oh, fuck!

Oh, God.

Oh, God.

Oh, fuck yeah.



Oh, fuck.

Oh, fuck!


Oh, fuck!

I'm gonna cum.

Oh, God!

You okay?

We're almost done here.

I'm feeling a bit uneasy.

Could you please
get the car ready?


Okay, okay.

Pete, finally.

I need to resolve this.

Who's Pete?

My lawyer.

Hi, mate.

10 years old, that's
what I thought.



Hang on a sec, mate.

Hold on.

Slow down.


Veracity of the
allegation, sure.

Yep, all right.


That is a relief, thank you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

All right, mate.

Send my love to
Carol and the kids.

Thank you for taking
the call on the weekend.


There's no case to enter.


As Ethan is under 10,

he's not able to commit
an offense by law,

therefore the
police have no basis

to take the matter
further, case closed.

That's bullshit.

Straight for
the horse's mouth.

I mean, I'm paraphrasing here,

but the police have
no cause to determine

the veracity of the allegation,

it remains an allegation,

there will be no investigation.

Did he actually say that?

You could start
with an apology.

So you're gonna
use some legal loophole

to let your son rape other kids?

Emily, they're kids.

Kids explore, it's

I mean, you're blowing
this all out of proportion.

The bottom line is,
your allegation...

My daughter
has been sexually abused.

And your son did it.


What we have is a
nine year old who

didn't know he would
be in the same room,

and two four year olds
who can't even agree

on the simplest of detail...

Just because
Ethan is under 10,

it doesn't absolve him
of responsibility...

You heard her.

"I wouldn't be able
to look at my son."

She didn't say that.

You know damn well
that's what she meant.

It puts her in an
impossible position!

Em, your pop psychology
may help your films,

but it doesn't work here, okay?

Fuck off!


It's them.


Have a look, play it.

Oh, fuck yeah.


What the fuck?

Oh, shit.


Where the fuck
did you get this?

You just left it lying around,

anyone could've found it.


It's very irresponsible, Emily.

Give me my phone.


We have this now, there's
nothing you can do about it.

It's blackmail.


Why are you doing this?

I'm doing this to
protect my children

against your daughter's lies.

You're sick.

Her lies.

This is sick.

Maybe we're the
ones who should be

calling child protection.

Oh my God, that is private.

I can't believe you
would put that out there.

It's nasty, mate, and it
really doesn't look that good.

Okay, this has
nothing to do with

what has happened to Natasha.

I think we're
done here, right?

Give me my phone, Emily.

No, take that
footage down now.

Or what?

Okay, you know what?

Yeah, we enjoy fucking.

And we enjoy filming
ourselves fucking.

And we enjoy watching
films of ourselves fucking!

Yeah, well, that's not a crime.

This actually has nothing to do

with what has
happened to Natasha.

Please, guys,
this is too much.


Emily, give me my phone.

- No.
- Give it to me.

Fuck your phone!

That is criminal damage.

I feel violated.

Oh, do you feel violated?

Do you?

Do you?

You don't even know the
meaning of the word.

I feel, I know!

You think you've
got so much insight,

winning your stupid awards,

leeching off other
people's pain.

And me, I'm just this
poor little housewife

whose dreams of being an artist

are all dried up.

That's what you think, isn't it?

I have never said that.

You can't see inside my head.

Inside here.

I have experienced
things that you couldn't

possibly imagine in your
deepest, darkest nightmares.

You are the hypocrite.


Who cares?

This is about our children.

After everything that
we've done for you guys,

and this is how you repay us?

Oh, you're insane.

This is insane.

This is a beautiful community
full of lovely people...

You're fucking insane.

Who trust each other.


The way you're behaving
is not conducive

to a community spirit.


What is this?

Is this the Catholic
church circa 1950?

This community.

Nobody makes these
kind of allegations

in this community, Emily.

No, they're
slanderous, in fact.

Slander, you've
lost your mind, mate.

You haven't got any proof.

Natasha's words are the proof.

If you talk to anyone
about these allegations,

I will sue you.

Oh yeah, there it is.

Lawyer time.

You are a
pathetic, little man.


Yeah, with your
porn addiction,

and your sham marriage.

And you take it out on your son.

You know?

No wonder Ethan is fucked up.

You two, you're the
worst kind of parents.

Are you done?


No, I haven't even started.

First thing on Monday morning,

I'm gonna call child protection,

and I'm gonna give them
Natasha's statement,

and I'm gonna include
all of the names.

You vindictive little cunt.

Keep your nose out of
other people's business.

What was that?

You need to control
your wife, mate.

This is a joke, right?

No, it's not a joke.

No, it's not a joke, no,
it's a threat, you mongrel.

I'm gonna fuck both of
you up with that footage.

Get off my property.

Name and shame thy...


You threaten me
with child protection?

You threaten me?

Look at your pool fence!

What are you talking about?

It's completely illegal,
it's a fucking child killer.

I mean, look at your block!

It's a bushfire hazard.

And your creek's a disgrace,
your gutters need clearing.

You have a legal responsibility
to this community.

You just don't get
it, do you, mate?

You have had two fucking years

to sort this place out.

This community doesn't
need pretenders like you.

Go and prance around the city
where you fucking belong.

You're a loony!

You're a loony!

I'm calling the police!


Oh, you fucking idiot.

We're the ones with
police protection.

You know, this
actually could've been

a really lovely,
caring conversation.

You guys could've
said, "Oh, I'm so sorry

"about what has
happened to Natasha.

"God, this must be really
distressing for you guys.

"You know, let's all work
together to sort out the kids."

But then, instead, we just
got denial and threats.

And now the legal speak
about slander and blackmail.

And it's upsetting, you know?

It's upsetting,
and it's attacking,

and it's just nasty.

The whole thing.

I actually thought you
guys were our friends.

It's waterproof.

Fucking hell.

And mine's been
recording this travesty

for the last hour.



I fucking love you.


Give me the phone.

Give me the God damn phone!

Give me the God damn phone!

Look at what you've done!

You're a bad girl!

You're a bad girl!

Come on, darling.

We're going.

Nobody believes me!

Nobody believes me!