Discarded Things (2020) - full transcript

When the life of Grace Wyatt, an esteemed music professor, is disrupted by tragedy, she finds herself thrown out of her lavish academic world and into the harsh reality of teaching at-risk youth.

- And if God

won't turn a blind eye to sin,

why are we?


It's time, church.
[parishioners exclaiming]

It's time that we
examine our hearts.

'Cause I know that in that day,

when the Lord decides
to call me home,

I'll be standing at those
gates, Holy in his sight.

And he'll look at
me and say Solomon,

you called it what it was.

[parishioners exclaiming]

Come on in, my good
and faithful servant.

Now I don't know about you,

I don't know about you,
I don't know about you,

but I'll be runnin' into
the arms of my Lord.


Free and clean.
[parishioners exclaiming]

My sweet daughter Grace
is gonna come up and sing.

As the spirit leads.
[parishioners exclaiming]

[soft, tense music]


I announced you to
the congregation.

You should've already been
up there and ready to sing.

- I know, daddy.

I'm not feeling so good.

Do I need to
rehearse this time?

[tense piano music]

♪ Amazing grace

♪ How sweet the sound

♪ That saved a wretch like me

♪ I once was lost

[door slams]

[tense music]

- Powerful message
today, Pastor.

- God inspired,
brother, God inspired.

- It sure was, it sure was.

- Amen.

- So Pastor?

Why does God give
us these struggles

if he knows we
can't resist them?

- Oh.
- Why not just take 'em away?

- Deacon Henry,
it is inevitable

that stumbling
blocks will come.

But woe unto the man
to whom they come.

It would be better for
him if mill stone were

hung around his neck and
he be thrown into the sea.


- What about his
mercy and grace?

Your church need to
know they're forgiven.

That's what the
word of God teaches.

- Who is the, um,

called and God ordained
pastor here, Deacon Jones?

- You are, but I'm
just sayin' the way--

- Drink up, boys.

Let's drink up.



Where is that girl?

Go get her.

[tense music]

Just gotta know who's
in charge, boys.

[men chuckle]

You just gotta know.

- [Deacon Jones] They do
indeed. They do indeed.

[tense music]



- Gracie?
[soft music]

You all right?

You've been in there
for a long time.

[soft music]

- Mom?
- Oh my God.

[tense music]

Oh my...
[tense music]

- It's not my fault.
- What?

What happened?

Oh my god.

- I'm honored to
introduced one of our

highly esteemed colleagues in
the field of music therapy.

In the five and half
years she's been
with this department,

she has facilitated
an enriching

environment for our scholars.

In turn, they have gone out
and impacted their community

with the knowledge
she's imparted.

Today, that vision
is expanding.

Please welcome to the stage,
Professor Grace Wyatt.


- Thank you.

I'd like to first thank
you all for being here.

Without you, we really
couldn't do what we're doing.

Music therapy embraces the
creative and the concrete,

and not only are our
students versed in theory,

instrument, and voice,
but also act of listening

and sensitivity and
oh, monotonous hours
of clinical work.


You are amazing, and I am
so proud of you, Olivia.

- Thank you.

Thank you, professor.

- I adore you, Doctor Wyatt.

- And Mr. Wyatt, are the
wind beneath my wings.

- Oh.

- Hey, Eric, good to see you.

Glad you could make it.

- Well I wouldn't miss
the opportunity to see

my beautiful queen shine.
- Ah.

- Shine she does.

I'm not supposed to say
anything, but uh, we got it.

- What?

Are you?

How do you know?

- Well, they're still
counting numbers but I can

see it all over their faces.

You did it, Grace.
- Oh, this is so wonderful.

I'm going to have to
prepare my proposal,

get it ready before I
show it to the board-

- Yeah, I know, I know,
there'll be time for that.

For right now, you
gotta savor this moment.

And I wanna introduce you
to some more of the donors.

- Okay.
- Come on.

- Oh go ahead.

I'm gonna go back to the
office for a little bit.

- You sure?

- Yeah.

- But you'll be home
in time for dinner?

- Oh, with the most
beautiful woman on Earth.

Girl, you know I
wouldn't miss it.

- You're so full of it.
- Oh.

- I love you.
- Love you, babe.

[soft music]

♪ Could he possibly know

♪ Possibly know

♪ That my heart
belongs to him ♪

[door bell rings]

- [Officer] Hello ma'am,
are you Miss Wyatt?

- Yes, I am.

- Ma'am, I have some
really bad news.

Your husband was killed as
a result of a car crash,

and I am so sorry.

I'm so sorry.
[tense, dramatic music]

[glass shatters]

[tense, dramatic music]

- Why God?

- Who is he?
- Solomon, please.

Don't do this. Not here.

- Train up your child,
and the way he should go,

and when he is old, he
will not depart from it.

Do you not have any
fear of the Lord?

Any fear of your father?
- Please.

- This the last time I'm
gonna ask you, who is he?

- He raped me.

I tried to tell you--
- No!

- You lyin' jezebel!

Deacon Henry is one of
the finest men I know.

A true man of God!

Deacon Henry is the biggest
supporter of my ministry.

His checks keep the
church doors open.

Why would you lie on a
man of God like that?

Who you coverin' up for?

- Solomon, why would you
talk to her like this?

Our daughter is hurting.

- Well maybe if you would've
been a better mother,

your daughter wouldn't
be in this situation.


I have decided to
walk in the light.

[tense, dramatic music]

And light have no
fellowship with darkness.

- Daddy, I'm sorry.

It wasn't my fault.

- Stop the cryin'.

You got yourself
into this mess.

And I will be if I allow
it to take away my ministry.

Preacher's daughter
all knocked up.

How congregation will
look me in the eyes again?

- I'm sorry, daddy.

I didn't mean for it to happen.

- Yeah.

You girls never do.

- Please, please believe me.

- Mm-mm.

Uh uh, my congregation is
not gonna see my daughter

wearing her sin on her body

like a-
[Clea yells]


Do you even care what
this is gonna cost me?

- What are you saying, Solomon?

[tense, dramatic music]

- We gonna send her away,
to live with my sister.

She can have that uh, uh,
that baby of hers over there.

And nobody is to
know about her.

I mean nobody.

[tense, dramatic music]

[door slams]

[tense music]

- I uh...

I, I just wanna help.

- Can you bring my
Eric back to me?


Can you erase this nightmare?


- Look, Grace, I don't know
all that you're going through

or all that you're feeling-
- Oh no, no, you don't.

- I want you to know
that you've been in

my prayers every night since.

- Prayers?


I never knew you to pray.

- Yeah, I pray.

- Well I don't
need your prayers.

- Grace.

You need help.

Let God help you through this.

- God?

Don't, don't talk
to me about God.

God took everything away from
me that mattered. Everything!

My life was destroyed
in the church,

and after everything
that happened to me,

he took the only
thing that I had left.

- Grace, Eric wouldn't want
you to be like this now.

It's been six months.

You've gotta pull
yourself together.

Look, look, the
university wants you back.

I can't keep stalling
them for you.

That's been your life's work.

You could pick up right
where you left off.

It'll be good for you!

Grace, stop it!

You're not the only person
that's lost someone.

I've lost, too.

- I'm done.

I'm done.
[tense music]

- Well, please consider.

I uh, I know a lady there.

She's a good person.

I know she'd love to meet you.

[tense music]

- [Clea] Gracie, is that you?

- [Grace] Yes, mama, it's me.

- Gracie. Have you been
gettin' all of my messages?

We used to talk
every Sunday night

and you know I look
forward to that.

- [Grace] I know mama.

- Are you mad at me again?

Because I didn't
protect you the way that

I should have when
you were young?

- Mama, I told you
that that is the past,

and there's no reason to-

- 'Cause I don't know
what else I can do.

And if I could
change things, I-

- Mama.

Just stop. Please stop.

[kettle whistling]

- [Clea] Your father.

- [Grace] What about him?

- Oh, he's been
askin' about you.

- [Grace] No.

- He asks about
you all the time.

- [Grace] I said no.
I don't think so.

- He's really not
doin' all that well.

It would mean a lot.

- I said no.

- How is Eric?

- Eric, Eric is gone.

- Gone?

Gone where?

When is he comin' back?

- Look, I should go.
It's getting late.

I'll call you back soon.

- [Clea] Okay, honey.

You take care now.
[melancholy music]

[door dings]

[soft music]

- Excuse me.

Grace Grant.

Uh, no, no, that's my um...

- I know who you
are, and I'm sorry,

but I told you the other
day that you have to have

your doctor call in
a new prescription.

- He did.

Look, look, you haven't
even checked yet.

[pharmacist sighs]

[soft music]

- [Pharmacist]
There's nothing here.

- But, He gets busy.

Uh, look, all I need
is enough to hold me

until we clear this up.

- No, that's
against our policy.

- You know me.

I'm a professor at a
university and you are

treating me like I'm
some bum off the street.

- I am not doing that at all.

I actually refilled two
prescriptions early for you,

but this is, just nothing
else I can do about this

until your doctor
says something.

I'm sorry.

There's nothing I can do.
- You are withhold-

You are withholding necessary
medication from someone.


- I'm sorry.

[heavy breathing]

[tense music]
[heavy breathing]

- God, I need your help.

I need your help.


[man humming]

♪ Amazing grace

♪ How sweet

- Mm, mm mm mm.


♪ The sound

I told your father
that I'd take you home

when we was finished
since I'd be heading

in that direction anyway.

- Thanks, Deacon Henry.

- My absolute pleasure.

You need some help with that?
[tense music]

Do you even know what a
beautiful girl you are?

I think about you
all the time, Grace.

I can't believe how
you make me feel.

[Grace whimpers]
Now I've been good, Grace.

But, shh, shh, shh, shh.

Don't scream.

Think about your
father and what it

would do to his ministry.

I keep these church doors open.

You know that this
church means everything

to that daddy of yours.

And all the money I
put into this church,

you better believe I'ma take
back a little something for me.

- Please.
- Shh.

- Please don't.
- Ah, ah, don't.

Shh shh shh.

Don't scream, shh.

[tense music]

[birds chirping]

[Grace sobbing]

[phone ringing]

- Clarion Call Rehab
Center, can I help you?


All right, I have
someone coming in.

I can call you right back.

All right, thank you.

Hi, can I help you?

- I'm Grace Wyatt,
and I need some help.

[soft music]

- Oh.
[soft music]

♪ When the storm clouds
rise and the sky is dark ♪

♪ And I'm pressed with
anxious care ♪


♪ A safe retreat in your
strong, high tower ♪

[Grace groaning] ♪ For no
ill can harm me there ♪

♪ I'll hide in Your
safe retreat ♪

♪ When the storm clouds fly
'Til they pass me by ♪

♪ I will hide in
Your safe retreat ♪

♪ When the lightnings flash

♪ And the thunders roar

♪ And the storms
in fury be ♪

♪ When they seem so sure
to engulf my soul ♪

♪ Then I'll hide in
Your safe retreat ♪

♪ Soon the storms
will pass ♪

♪ And the sky
will clear ♪

♪ And my rest be
calm and sweet ♪

♪ I will trust and wait
with no anxious fear ♪

♪ For I'll hide in
Your safe retreat ♪

♪ I'll hide in
Your safe retreat ♪

♪ Hide in Your
safe retreat ♪

[Grace sighs]

- Grace.

Amends is not about
the other person

deserving our forgiveness.

It's to set us
free so that we can

love and forgive ourselves
and move forward.


Have you considered
their offer?

- No.

Random drug tests?

Weekly reports on my

[chuckles] my behavior?

I'm a grown woman and
these people are my peers.

No, absolutely not.

- I think the trial basis
is to protect themselves.

- I have been on trial
my entire life, doctor.

Anyway, I've been looking
into some opportunities.

- You know, Grace, your past,
what you perceive is failure,

is not the sum of who you are.

You can let it define
you, or you can take

it as a irregular piece of a
puzzle amidst a masterpiece.

I believe once day you'll
see that masterpiece,

and you'll understand that
without all the pieces,

it would have never
been completed.

[insects buzzing]

[soft music]

♪ Subtle lies are
shaking me down ♪

♪ To the hardest, to
the heart of it ♪

♪ Subtle lies are
breaking me down ♪

♪ To the waters

♪ I don't know how
to move on ♪

♪ I don't know how to
move on ♪

♪ I don't know how
to move on ♪

♪ All I know is
that I miss you ♪

♪ I don't know how
to move on ♪

♪ I don't know
how to move on ♪

♪ I don't know how
to move on ♪

♪ All I know is that
I love you, yeah ♪

[soft rock music]

♪ We were walking through
the wake of the storm ♪

♪ We were martyrs when
we fell in love ♪

♪ But in our hearts we were
delivered and strong ♪

♪ There's no wonder
we couldn't hold on ♪

♪ I don't know
how to move on ♪

♪ I don't know how
to move on ♪

♪ I don't know
how to move on ♪

♪ All I know is that
I miss you ♪

♪ I don't know
how to move on ♪

♪ I don't know how
to move on ♪

♪ I don't know
how to move on ♪

♪ All I know is that
I love you, yeah ♪

[soft rock music]

[soft rock music]

♪ All my failures,
all my mistakes ♪

♪ How they haunt me,
how can I forget ♪

♪ The way you loved me,
the way we were ♪

♪ Broken prophets,
strong but ... ♪

- Yeah, no.

Okay, I get it I'm just say-

Yeah, just-

Uh huh.

What I'm saying is...


[boy sighs]

Thank you.

Second time this week, Jay.

- Look, I know, I
know, I'm sorry,

but you gotta hear me out.

Have you been in
the girl's bathroom?


No, I mean our girl's
bathroom, on the second floor.

I don't know what
they're doing in there,

but it is a straight nightmare.

- You're on bathroom duty.
You still gotta do it.

And you just cut right in
front of this lady, didn't you?

- Oh, my bad.

Look, I don't know, you
just can't convince me

that guys are
dirtier than girls.

Like, they have enough hair
on that floor to make a wig.

You know what, scratch that,
I think I could do two.

One for my mom,
one for my grandma.

And if I wanna-
- Bring it up at group.

And stop eatin' all my candy.

I'm sorry.

Can I help you?

- I'm Grace Wyatt.
- Oh.

So you found us.
- I did.


And this is a
beautiful old house.

- Oh, thank you.

We inherited it from
a beautiful old woman

who believed in our mission.

It can be a lot to
keep up with, but,

so grateful to have it.

Hey come on, let introduce
you to my husband, Michael.

It's right this way.
- Okay.

- All right.

Right this way.



Music teacher's here.

- Hey, nice to meet you.
[Kimberly chuckles]

- Take a seat.

I'll get you a cup of coffee.

- Thank you, very much.

- Uh, Q's getting out today.

Reggie's gonna pick him up.

- Perfect.

[Michael sighs]

- So a music teacher?

- Yes.

And here is my resume.

There you are.

- So what's your experience
working with troubled teens?

- Define troubled teens.

- I mean I'm assuming you
know what we do, right?

- Well I viewed your website.

Thank you.
- You're welcome.

- And I've read your reviews.

- You read reviews?

And what was it exactly
that attracted you

to our humble place? [chuckles]

- Well I was under
the impression that

your school needed my services.

- We do.

- I mean, it's not a school.

Not in a traditional sense.

Most of these kids
are repeat offenders.

We're just trying to
teach 'em the right thing.

It's about survival,
not academics.

They need basic life skills.

If we can give 'em that,
keep 'em off the streets,

that's a win for us.

That's the goal.


- Sam.


Yep, come on, let's
get you cleaned up.

Mhm, mhm.

All right, right here.

- Come on, man.

- Here, here.

Yep, keep puttin'
that pressure on it.

You got it.

- Like I said, life
skills. [chuckles]

I mean, I'ma be
honest with you.

Kimberly thought we
could use your help.

Said we'd be blessed
to have you. [chuckles]

- Oh, so you're saying that...

- When can you start?

- When would you
like me to start?

- Today works.

- Mr. Devlin, don't
you think that it would

be better if I met the
kids then sat in on

one of your classes first?

I mean, I don't
know your curriculum

or your schedule or...

- Curriculum? Schedule?

Not what you're expecting, huh?

- That stock image on your
website was a nice touch.

When can I meet the kids?

- Stop.

[speaks in Spanish]

- Man.

So somebody speak a
little bit of Spanish,

think she the mom of us.

- Oh my gosh, shut up.
[Jaylen laughs]

- Guys.

- [Jalen] All I'm sayin' is-

- Guys.

This is Ms. Grace.

- That's the lady I saw.

- She's here to
teach you music.

- Uh uh, this is our
free time Miss K.

- Yeah.

[phone rings]

- Excuse me, I gotta take
this. I'll be right back.

- I aint sign up
for no music class.

- Good, because this
is music therapy.

- We got counselors already.

- Music therapy is
a way for you to

express yourselves creatively,
with all kinds of music.

- Like you want us to sing?

[sucks teeth]

- Nobody asked
you to sing.


- [Jalen] You so rude.

- There aren't really any
rules to this kind of music.

- Sounds like a waste of time.

- Well could you please
hold your opinion

until you find out
what it's all about?


- Yo.


King of Devlin. I'm
back, what's up?

- My boy, welcome back.
- What's up, what's up?

What's good, dog?



- That's not funny, bro.

- Yo, I'm not cleaning that up.

Y'all got me messed up.

- Bro, she been here
for two seconds.

- You act like you
don't know me now?

What's up, you not gonna
give me no love or nothin'?

- Nah, bruh, what's
good with it?

You got coffee in
your hair and junk.

Let's see that
bling, let's see it.

- Run it, run it.

- [Jalen] My god,
yeah, I like it bro.

Does it itch?

- [Kimberly] All
right, thank you.

- How do you do this?


- Okay, look.

It takes some getting used to.

But I promise you
that if you just--

- This was a mistake.

- The kids mean well, you just-

- And you call this helping me.

- Grace, please,
what can we do?

- Nothing. I'm fine, thank you.

- What? She said she's fine.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Is it the schedule?

- And you think this is funny?

I have taught ambassador's
kids, and one time a prince.

- Look, Jalen's
dad used to run one

of the hardest
gangs on this block,

so for real, for
real, we royalty too.

You know my wife can make
a bad cup of coffee,

but you aint have
to do all that.

You could've just
thrown it away.

They're kids, they're
gonna act out.

I think someone from
where you're from,

what is it, music
therapy, or whatever,

would be more in tune with
how these at risk teens act.

- My students have taught
kids from all over the world

because of the skills
I knew to teach them,

and you don't think I'm
qualified enough for you?

- Paper says you qualified,
but it take way more

than that to last.
- You don't have a schedule,

you don't have curriculum.

You, I'm assuming, don't
have money for supplies.

- All the money goes to
the fancy universities

like the one you came from.

Look, we got a
saying around here:

meet them where they are at.

- And then?

Because I'm pretty sure
I've already done that.

- And that's it.

Anything past
that is a calling.

So where we goin'?

[Grace scoffs]

[birds chirping]

Uh, hello?

I'll get these.

[birds chirping]

- So we don't
usually have guests.

Oh wow.

I thought the kids had
it cleaned in here.

[Grace coughs]
You know what,

I could send some of them over.

- No, that's fine. That's okay.

- You sure?
- Mhm.

- I really don't mind.

I mean, they could clean up
some more, really, honestly.

[Clears throat]


Grace, I'm really
glad you're here.

I think you'll be good
for us. [chuckles]


All right.

Well, get some rest.
Tomorrow's a new day.

And again, thanks for
give us another shot.

All right.

[door closes]

[soft music]

- Just meet them
where they're at.

- [Selina] 'Cause little
miss thing over there

wouldn't let me
sleep last night.

- Are you serious?
- Come on.

- Good afternoon.

- [Q] You know it is.

- No coffee today?

- I can't get with this.

- Run that.

- It's trash.

- What?
- It's trash.

- That is not trash.

Trash is-

- So, um, what is
good music to you?

- I don't know.

You just know.

It's definitely not that.

- What about you?

- What about me what?

- What do you
consider good music?

Is it the song or the artist?

Do the lyrics move
you in a certain way?

What do you get from it?

- It's not about what we get,

it's about what we
don't have to get.

Some of us don't wanna be
in our feelings all day.

- So, music is the escape?

- There's a lot worse
things than music.

Uh, the people
you use to escape.

- True.

It's a healthy distraction.

But on the other side of that,

music can help us feel or
make sense of our emotions.

- Like, for me, I,
I like listening to

my favorite songs because
it makes me feel less alone.

- So loneliness.

What else?

- Um, music is one of
the only things that

doesn't ask for anything we
don't wanna give, I guess.

- [Grace] How so?

- We can listen to
it when we want to,

turn it off when we don't
wanna hear it anymore.

We can either get
something from it,

or get nothing at
all, it just is.

It lets us choose
how we wanna respond

without telling
us how we should.

I guess, I don't know.

- That's pretty insightful.


Do you disagree?

- Just don't care.

Just wondering
if there's a point

to all of this or what?

- Yo, chill.
- Please.

Like y'all aint
wondering the same thing.

This supposed to be
our time to kick back

and not deal with somebody
else talking at us.

- Well you know there have
been studies that suggest

that babies in their
mother's wombs can hear

and even recognize
the music that

their mothers play for them.

It can be a song, it
can be humming a song--

- Don't talk to
me about my baby.

- Look, I was just trying-
- That's your problem.

Stop. Like, are you
even a real teacher?

'Cause I aint heard
nothin' yet that matters.

- [Grace] What
does matter to you?

- Not this.

- Well maybe not today,
but what about the future?


That maybe later, one
day, what you learn

here can impact your life.

What you gonna do when
you leave this place,

who you're going to be.

A life outside of anything
you've ever known.

Doing big things that you
never thought you could do.


- Big?

That aint us.

We just trying to make
it through every day.

- I can't even leave the house.

- Look, Ms. Grace, was
it? We know our options.

- Yup, and they suck.

- Well then I've got
an important assignment

for you to do tonight.
[Jaylen scoffs]

- Wait, hold up, now she's
talking about assignment.

Can someone please
tell this lady

that we don't do homework here?

- Facts.
- Yeah.

- Are you telling me that
if I give you an assignment,

you're not-
- No, no one would do it.

I'm not trying to
be mean, but...

- Not one of you
even wants to try?

- I'm good.
- No.

- You're just happy
doing nothing?

- We do what we gotta
do to stay here.

Why would we do
something we aint gotta?

- Why indeed.

[birds chirping]

I did what you said.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

But where they're
at is a problem.

- Huh?

- You told me to meet them
where they're at. I did.

But where they're
at is a problem.

- Oh, I see. See, I
thought we hired a teacher.

But it seems like we
just hired a judge.

- No, what you did
was hire the sitter.

That's what this is.

- Look, I don't have
time to give you

a pep talk every time
something happens.

It's the job.

First it was too hard for you,
now it's too easy for you.

What do you want?

- I want to help.
- Well then help.

- I mean I'll trade you this-
- Look, I'm just saying,

then keep your door closed.

- Hey, if I wanna leave
my door open, it's open.


- Hey.

- Are we having a sleep over?

- [Q] Come on with
your big head.

- You can't talk
for nobody, dog.

Have you seen that
thing you carry around?

- Will you be joining us?

Is everyone comfortable?

- Of course.
- I could use another pillow.

- Shut up.
- Yeah.

Yeah. [laughs]

- I'll catch one.


- Yes, this is really nice.


And to think, I was
worried about what

you all thought about me.

[Grace chuckles]

Racking my brain with what
I could do to help you,

or where I would go
if I decided to leave.

And then it finally
occurred to me:

I don't have to think about
any of this stuff. [laughs]

- She's loosing it.

- Not if I have one
of those passes.

Oh, you know what
I'm talking about?

Because you all have
them, the passes.

- We don't have any passes?

- Oh, I'm not
gonna tell anybody.

Just tell me where
you got the passes.

- We stole 'em.

- Um, passes for what?

- The passes on life.

The free passes that
say that all you

have to do is show up
and that's good enough.

The passes that say you
don't have to do the work.

You talk a tough game.

And you almost had
me for a minute.

You intimidate and
you make your threats

and you demand respect.

But when it comes time to
stand up for yourselves,

you throw up your
hands and you back into

the corner and you cry
and you oh, I'm scared,

I can't do this, it's too hard.

- We know how to fight.
- Yeah.

- No you don't.

Not for yourselves.

Now, you may have
been victimized.

No fault of your own.

And you may not have family,
friends, a $1.50 to your name.

But you do have something,
something so powerful

that no one can ever
take away from you.

- What's that? Our
court records, right?


- [Grace] Choice.

- Most of us were sent
here. It wasn't our choice.

- That's not how it
is for most of us.

Even if we wanna move on,

the world doesn't
just let you forget.

- But you still have a choice,

to not let it define one
more moment of your lives.

Just stop believing
the lies that this

is all that there is.

You stand up and fight. Stand
up and fight for yourselves!



You, you, you can just give up.

You can let the world, and
all of the bad people in it,

determine your
future, and this class

will be your nap time.

But if you decide to
stand up for yourselves,

stand up and fight
for yourselves

and do something positive
with all of that negativity,

all of that pain,
you just let me know.

Now my future is good, no
matter what you decide.

[soft music]

You just let me know.
[soft music]


This is good.

- You said what?
- Michael.

- If we only expect
the minimum from them,

that is all we're going to get.

And then they will never,
ever know that they

are capable of so much more.

- Now she's telling
me how to do my job.


You don't just walk up
in somebody house, Grace,

and start telling
them how to clean it.

- I didn't just walk in.
I was invited to stay.

- Exactly. Key word:

I should've let
you walk that day.

- Michael!
- Then why didn't you?

[Michael sighs]

- Look.

I know these kids.

I know what it's like
to be one of these kids.

They don't call 'em
at risk for nothin'.

Last thing they need is
somebody coming in here

sellin' 'em dreams,
tellin' 'em more lies,

leading to more disappointment.

- Everybody's at risk of
something, Mr. Devlin.

That's life.

But we just can't, we
can't grow complacent

and not try to do better.

- Oh, I get it.

This some of that old
recovery talk, aint it?

What are you, 90
days clean now?

- Okay, Michael,
that is enough.

What has gotten into you?

You of all people
should know better.

Okay, this house would
not be in existence

if you just settled
for less and stopped

fighting for more, for
yourself and the kids.

Now I wanna show
Grace their files.

- No.

- At least she'd know
where we started from.

- They're private. No!

- So, she could just-
- Mr. Devlin.

You, you've have a
problem with me from the

moment I stepped inside your
door and I don't know why,

but honestly, I don't care.

Because at this
point in my life,

I am done with trying
to please people.

And 115 days sober,
if you must know.

And you're my boss.

And I can respect and accept
that this is your house.

- Well?
- But you gave me those kids.

You stuck me in
the room with them,

and as long as I'm living here,

I refuse to let
my room be a mess.

- Look, you two work this out.

But when it all
comes falling apart,

and these kids end
up spittin' bullets,

you better hope to God you got
something real to give 'em.



- Come in.

- This aint me backin' down.

- So you trust me, then?
- Trust might be pushin' it,

but I respect your

It's not everyday I come across
someone as aggressive as me.

[Grace chuckles]

- Look, I don't wanna hurt
these kids, Mr. Devlin.

[soft music]

- Two years ago, they
sent us a 13-year-old boy.

He couldn't speak,
he stared at walls,

he wet the bed, he
couldn't even feed himself.


And it's not like he couldn't.

You look at his
early school records,

it shows that he
was a smart kid.

But whatever happened to
him at his parent's house?

Completely checked out.

The therapists and
all their credentials,

they told us to keep pushin'
him, keep pushin' him,

don't go easy on him.

They said if we did,
he'd never recover.

You can't argue with these
doctors, so that's what we did.

For a year straight, all we
did was focus on results.

No visible sign of success.

You know what they
told us to do?

Just get rid of him.

Just like that,
just get rid of him.

Couldn't do it.
Couldn't do it.

I don't care if he
decided to check out

the rest of his life, all we
were called to do was love him.

Dirty, smelly,
exhausting, whatever.

Just love him.

- And what happened?
[soft music]

You've got a good heart.

- Just bring me these
back in the morning.

[soft music]

[soft music]

♪ I've been searching
my entire life ♪

♪ To be seen and
to be recognized ♪

♪ And after all I
put myself through ♪

♪ The only thing I had
to do to find you ♪

♪ Was open up my eyes

♪ You see who I am

♪ Even when I don't see it

♪ You see what I can't

♪ And I always
know you mean it ♪

♪ When you speak to
my heart, to my soul ♪

♪ And I know you love
me right where I stand ♪

♪ You see who I am

♪ You see who

- If this is what you
want me to do, God,

please give me the strength.

[soft music]

- Hey, wake her up.

- You wake her up.

- Okay.

- Um, Ms. Grace?

Get the pillows.

- Yeah, let's go.
[soft music]


- Ay yo, Quentin?

Take this.

Give me the chair.


[soft music]

- What?

Y'all can do what y'all want.
It's your choice, remember?

[soft music]

- Well?

- Um, before we
like, start and all,

we just had a quick
question first.


You're not gonna
make us like, sing,

like we're in a choir
or anything, right?

- Do you wanna start a choir?

- [Jalen] I'm good, bruh, no.

- I've heard Selina
sing in the shower--

- No.
- You can't sing.

- Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.

It's okay, it's
okay, no, no choir.

No choir.

- [Jalen] All right.

[soft vocalizing]
[insects buzzing]

♪ Lullaby

♪ Lullaby

♪ Lullaby, lullaby

♪ Lullaby, mama's baby

♪ Lullaby, lullaby

♪ Lullaby and good night

♪ Lullaby, lullaby

♪ Lullaby mama's baby

♪ Lullaby, lullaby, lullaby

♪ Sleep tight

[soft music]
[insects buzzing]

- [Jalen] And that, my
friends, is a solid jam.

Personal opinion.
- That was good.

- Thank you.

I think anything
before 2010 is solid.

- Facts.
- They're throwbacks, yeah.

- All right, so who is next?

- [Sam] I, actually?

- Really?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, come on.

- [Jalen] All right,
let's get it, man.

- [Tay] This is
gonna be interesting.

- [Jalen] No, it's not trash.

- That's why your phone
felt it was trash.

- [Jalen] You know
what? You're trash.

- Okay.

[girl vocalizing]

♪ Lullaby, lullaby

- Turn it off.
♪ Lullaby, lullaby

What the is
wrong with you?

- Daniella!

- Yo.

- You asked us to play a song.

It's a great song,
I don't know why-

- Can't you ever just stay
out of people's business?

- Daniella, I have tried to be
tolerant with your attitude,

but the moment you put
your hands on someone else,

that is enough!

Now, you wanna be left alone?

You wanna sit in your misery?

Fine, but you're gonna
do it somewhere else.

Go, go, get out.

We're perfectly fine
here without you. Go.

- I'll deal with you later.

- Sam?
- Yeah, no, mm-mm.

- Sweetie.

Come on, come on, come on.

- [Kimberly] We knew
this could end up

causing problems for us.

- [Michael] I don't
even know why they care.

[Kimberly sighs]

- [Kimberly] What should we do?

- [Michael] They
don't want her here.

They don't want her anywhere.

- [Kimberly] So should
we say something now?

- [Michael] I'll figure it out.

- I'm sorry, but today she
really crossed the line.

If you would've seen the
look on Sam's face...

- What is she talking about?

You two figure it out.

[Kimberly sighs]

- Grace.

[Kimberly sighs]

We're having problems
with our organization.

Daniella's case worker
is harassing her.

They think they
should send Daniella

to another facility
to have her baby.

- And that's a bad thing?
- Yes.

The place they're
trying to send her to

only cares about the funding.

The kids? They don't matter.

And I hate to say this,
but, she'd be better off

at home than at that place.

Conditions alone are
just, they're horrible.

- Well don't you have a say?

- Majority of our funding
comes from the organization.

We do what we love,
or what they say goes.

- And if you refuse?
[Kimberly sighs]

- We lose everything.

I mean, we went against
them once before with Sam

and they're still
holding it against us.

Lucky for everyone, Sam
recovered, but had he not...

- Does Daniella know?

- Michael will be telling her.
[melancholy music]

[beat boxing]

♪ Got a bowl of fruit,
got a bowl of fruit ♪

- Hey, how come
you didn't tell me

you could write like that?

- Um, I was just
following directions.

- Oh, it was poetry, Jalen.

Now you've got a real talent.

Do you ever read what
you write for people?

- Last time I read

something I wrote for
somebody, um, was my mom.

And she slapped
me across the face

and told me to get the
out of her room,

so that tells you how
that went. [chuckles]

- Well if I promise
you that that

won't happen in my class,
would you consider it?

- You really think
it's that good, huh?

- Oh, it is that good.

- I guess.

Nah. Not really, I don't know.

- So you will, or
you won't, or you...

- Probably not.
Yeah, I don't know.

Excuse me.

- "Lift up your eyes
and look around.

"All your children
gather and come to you."

- "As surely as I live,
declares the Lord,

"you will wear them
all as ornaments.

"You will put them
on like a bride."

I never realized
until this moment

the significance of that
scripture and how it's

playing out right
here in our own lives.

Michael and I have
been trying to have

a child of our
own for years now,

and uh, for whatever reason,
it just hasn't happened.

I went through a phase
where I blamed God,

where I doubted he
cared and I was angry.

I was angry at him,
at Michael, at myself,

for daring to hope.

But uh, these verses
really hit me today.

So maybe I don't have
a child of my own.

I've got something
just as powerful.

All of you.
[soft piano music]


- [Man] That's right-

- You're not listening to me.

- [Man] Your baby,
keep your baby.

- No.
- Keep it.

I don't even care if
you're gonna be trash,

just like your mother.

I hope you don't
end up homeless.

If you do, it's
not my problem.

That's your--
[Hung up call]

[Daniella sighs]

- Figures.


You always got
somethin' to say.

Let's hear it.

What wisdom do you have
for us today, Ms. Grace?

- Are you okay?
[soft music]

Is he the father?

- It's between him
and four others.

It's a joke.

He just doesn't wanna
be the father, but,

I know I shouldn't
call him.

I just thought maybe...

I don't know.

It doesn't matter.

You hear that they're
making me leave?

I'm not going to that place.

I don't care if I end up in a
box behind a gas station, bro,

I'm not lettin' them
do this to me again.

- Kimberly and Michael,
they're doing everything

that they can to keep you here.

- My mom keeps hitting me up,
telling me I can come home,

that she'll help me
take care of the baby.

- Help is good.

- I know what kind
of help she is.

I won't let my daughter
grow up around that woman.

- A daughter.

- Yeah, it's kind of
crazy what she's gonna

have to go through just
'cause of who she is.

What I'm gonna have
to protect her from,

as if I don't have
my own problems.

- You're not worthless,
and you're not crazy,

and you are not trash.

- What if I am?

You don't know me.

Look, I don't need
you to pretend.

I keep it straight and I expect
other people to do the same.

- You're rude, and
you don't have respect

for anyone I've seen so far,

because you don't have
respect for yourself.

Crazy? No.

Trash? No.

And certainly not worthless.

- I won't bother you again.

I can take care of myself.

[soft piano music]

- Yes.


Thank you.

[soft piano music]

[soft piano music]

♪ You're all I need

♪ To make this life
of mine ♪

♪ More than complete

♪ Oh

- Well there you have it.

All right.

- Girl just take us to church.

[Selina speaks in

- No, no, no, no, no.

You shouldn't sneak
up on me like that.

Come on in, come on in.
- What's all this, Ms. Grace?

- Just come on in.
- Ms. Grace,

you promised us no choir.
- Hey, no choir.

Just instruments.

Come on in, come come,
come see what we have.

See what we have.
- Are you serious?

- Yes I am serious.
I am very serious.

- If you say so. [laughs]

- Let me try this one.

- Now, just pick it up.

- Oh my gosh, it's so heavy.
- Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

And just-
- And I hold it like this?

- Absolutely. Absolutely.
[soft guitar strumming]

- Hey.

- You look really
dumb with that.

- Thanks. I appreciate
it. [chuckles]

You know, I bet you have
a really nice smile.

Too bad nobody gets to see it.

- Yeah, well you
don't have to put

up with me for much longer.

- Yeah, and why is that?
- They're sending me away.

- Wait, seriously?

Who? Michael
and Kimberly?

- Social workers.

- I mean, where
are you going? Why?

Did they at least
tell you when?

- I don't know.

Could be any day, I guess.


- Nah, if it was
me, I'd be trippin'.

I mean like, we bump heads, I
mean, but this is your home.

Your family.

- People are the same
no matter where you go.

- I mean, how would you know?

You never gave any
of us a chance.

- Yeah, and now
I don't have to.

Why you always gotta make
everything so personal?

- It' snot even like that.

- I shouldn't even
have told you.

- Aye, wait a second,
we could talk this out.

It's not that..


[teenagers chattering]

[soft music]
[birds chirping]

- Listen y'all, we've
been noticing a lot of

holes in the walls around here.

Anybody wanna own up to that?

- It was the lizard?

- Aye, no snitchin'.
- Yeah, that's what I thought.

Anyway, Daniella?

Any thoughts or concerns
over the pregnancy?

- I mean, I'm not
exactly looking forward

to pushing a head out of-
- No, I think we got it.

- So we're just not gonna
talk about the situation?

What are y'all doin'
to stop this, huh?

How is she supposed
to prepare for a baby

if she doesn't know
where she's gonna be?

- You're right.

We're all family, and if
anything has the potential

to affect one of us, it
should affect all of us.

But we're doing everything
we can to make sure

Daniella does not
leave this house.

- That's right.

- What does she do?

Mike, I've been locked
up how many times?

I literally broke
into someone's house.

- Q.
- No, I'm on house arrest.

- Okay.
- No one's kicking me out.

- Q, listen. She
didn't do anything.

It's her case workers,

They just, they-

They just want what's
best for her and the baby.

[Jaylen scoffs]

- By sending me to Heflin Hall?

- Look, I don't
even like Daniella.

But I wouldn't want
her to go there.

The place is bad.

- I thought we were safe here.

And now you're
telling me that we

can get thrown out just
by doing nothin' wrong?

- See that's why I
aint wanna say nothin'.

Aint no point of
getting all worked up

over something that's probably
not even gonna happen.

Listen, Daniella will not
be leaving this house.

You have my word.

And if you know anything about
me, you know my word is good.

Now let's pray.

[soft music fades]

[insects buzzing]

- Mind if I sit out
here with you for a bit?

- Can't sleep?

- Nope.

- There you go.
- Thanks.

[insects buzzing]

- What do you wanna
do with your life?

There must be something.

- I want my mom
to wanna see me.

- She doesn't wanna see you?

- She told me the only reason

she kept me around
was for the check.

Said if it wasn't
for the check,

she would've got
rid of me a long...

long time ago.
[soft music]

- So why do you wanna see her?

- She's still my
mother, you know?

I still want her
to be straight.

Anyways, enough about
me. How about you?

I mean, I see you
leaving the house

every Sunday afternoon
around the same time.

Not that I'm a creep or a
stalker or nothin' like that.

It's just, I see you
leave and come back.

- I go to AA meetings. I'm
a recovering alcoholic.

I go on Thursdays, too.

[Jaylen scoffs]

- You, Ms. Grace?

Wow, I don't know.

You just to have it all
so together, you know?

- [Grace] Everybody's
got struggles.

- You know, I stopped
dreaming a long time ago.

But since you've been here,
I mean, I'm dreaming again.

And I don't know
what that means yet.

But I hope it's something good.

- Me, too.

- Thanks. For the candy.

You have a good
night, Ms. Grace.

[soft music]

- You too, Jalen.

[soft music fades]
[insects buzzing]


- I am really tired
of you waking me up

in the middle of
the night, God.

I mean, because
you don't sleep,

I shouldn't sleep either?


Couldn't we do this
in the morning,

after I've had my coffee?



"For if you forgive
men their trespasses,

"your Heavenly Father
will also forgive you.

"But if you not forgive
men their trespasses,

"neither will your father
forgive your trespasses."

Who have I not forgiven?

I like the kids,
I like Michael.

And I like Kimberly.

Oh no.

No, no, no, no, no.

No, no, no, no, no.

No, not him!

I mean, I was really
starting to feel good again.

I was really starting to
get my foot hold again.

[soft music]


[soft music]

- He is such a
beautiful baby, Gracie.

I'm sorry, but this is
what your father wanted.

My brother can be
so mean sometimes-

- But he was my baby.
- I know, Gracie.

- Mine.
- I know.

It was nice of that nurse to
let you have that picture.


Whatever you do, don't let
your daddy find it, okay?

You keep it well hidden.
[car starts up]

[Michael mumbling]

- You don't just
give false promises

when you can't come through.

Givin' people hope.
Can't even deliver.

- So they won't let her stay?

- They don't care.

- There's gotta be another way.

- We've exhausted
every option, Grace.

Other than going
out on our own,

that's the only thing left.

- Well then do that, Michael.

Go off on your own.

- With what, exactly?

If we do that, we run the
risk of losing everything,

maybe even the house.

- They can't take your house.

- We still got the mortgage.

If we lose our funding, for
my salary, Kimberly's salary,

and our medical insurance...

- What about grants?

I know that there are grants
for communities like this.

I mean, the house is beautiful,

but maybe you should...

- You remember Sam's situation.

That's why we stayed
under their umbrella.

- So you're not gonna give up?

- Not on all of 'em.

- What does that mean?

- It means I broke my word.

[Grace sighs]

[soft piano music]

- Here.

- What is that?

- I wrote it.

For you.

- And you're giving
it to me because?

- It's for you. [laughs]

Thought that was implied.

- You're not scared
I'm gonna slap

you in the face like
your mom or whatever?

- You know what? Forget it.

Look, one of these
days, you're gonna need

somebody in your corner,
and if it's not me,

fine, that's whatever.

But you're gonna need
a friend, a true one.

- So you find out I'm
leaving and all of a sudden,

you wanna be my friend?

Feels a little convenient,
don't you think?

- You just don't
get it, do you?

I'm done.

[melancholy music]

- Langston, if you
just hear me out,

you'll see that the
Devlin House is everything

that we used to dream
about being a part of.

- The projects
that we've chosen

have large-scale,
global impact.

That was your idea
from the beginning.

You want us to just
set those aside

and focus on a house
with a handful of kids

from a dying community?

- Just come.
- Grace.

- Just come. Come
meet the kids.

See the kids, listen.

- This house is just
one of thousands

of programs that need our help.

We can't save them all.

[Langston sighs]

Look, I'm worried
about you burning out.

That's the last thing you
need during a recovery.

- Langston, I've
never felt so alive.

Nice catching up.

[soft music]

- Can't we do like a bake
sale or a raffle or somethin'?

Isn't that what people
do when they need money?

- I vote bake sale.

I could get with some edibles.

- Okay, dude, those
kind of edibles

will get you locked up again.

- That's it.

- Really?

- Okay, Selina does
have a point, though.

I can't be caught
with anything.

- Uh-uh, no Q, no.

I'm talking about a fundraiser.

A concert.

- Yeah, no disrespect, but
that's a terrible idea.

- Yeah, Ms. Grace, and
you promised us no choir.

- A showcase, then.

You don't have to sing.

Jalen, you'll write.

It's time for you to
show this community

the power of your words.

And Tay, I've seen
your paintings.

You are amazing.

We can sell your artwork.

And I'm sure that
there's at least someone

here who can sing.

- Okay wait, let me
get this straight.

You want us to do all of
this for Daniella, right?

- [Grace] Yes.

- Think about it, you guys.

Would she do that for us?

- No.

- No.
- Nope.

- Look, you all
want to be safe.

We can raise enough money
to go out on our own

so that we're no longer
underneath this organization

that doesn't care about you
the way that the Devlin's do.

And, at the very
least, we can gain some

support from the community.

This thing that's
happening with Daniella,

this is only a small part
of a big, big problem.

Now, you wanna take
your power back?

This is your chance
to stand up and fight.

- [Jalen] I've got you.

- We really gonna do
this, Mr. Michael?

- For real.

- All right, everybody.

The photographer's
gonna be here in an hour

and they wanna do a story on
the house and the showcase.

- [Jalen] That's right.

- Are you kidding?
- Newspaper bro.

We're gonna be famous,
my guy, famous.

- We're gonna be famous.

- [Jalen] You'll be famous-ish.

I mean...

- Whoa, bro, yo.

You kidding me right now?

- Hold up, Sam.

It's all right, it's all right.

- On the posters, like-
- He can't help it.

You guys know he can't help it.

- I'm sorry.
- It's okay, baby.

It's all right. It's all right.

How long has this
been going on?

- It happens mostly when
I'm distressed or excited.

I don't know. It's
just, I guess I'm weird.

It does wonders for my clout.

- There's something
special about you.

- Right.
- Something rare,

and people, you're
gonna change people.

- Right.
- Yes.

- Trailer trash with
meth head parents.

- That's not who you are and
your future, your family,

it doesn't define who you are
or where you're going, baby.

- Ms. Grace,

I don't wanna make posters.

- What?

- I don't wanna make posters.
- Okay.

So what would you
like to do, Sam?

- I wanna play.


- [Tay] Ms. Grace,
what are you doing?

You know he has-
- Shh.

[soft piano music]

Okay, so he knows how
to make a few chords.

[soft piano music]

♪ There's so many days that I
Feel that familiar ♪

♪ Ache in my soul

♪ Thrown away so carelessly

♪ A forgotten memory

♪ Guess I didn't
suit how you roll ♪

♪ How could I ever be whole

♪ You took me from my
fantasy of a family ♪

♪ Abandoned me
along with my name ♪

♪ Oh, no, finding my heart

♪ In the darkness

♪ Alone before I could fly

♪ And searching for you,
oh I found the truth ♪

♪ In the life painted
with the lies ♪

♪ No, life is a tapestry

♪ Beautifully woven
from discarded things ♪

♪ Like me

[soft piano music]

- [Jalen] Are you kidding me?


- Oh my gosh. Okay,
so Sam can sing, too?

No, I take that
back. Sam can sang.


- I heard what you
guys are doing.

I don't get it, I wouldn't
do the same for any of you.

[Jalen chuckles]

- [All] We know.

- Face it, Daniella,
we got you.

That's what family does.
- Yeah.

- Sam.

- Thank you, Langston.

Well, I really appreciate
you taking the time to call.

- [Langston] Well they
must really need you there.

- I need them.

[phone beeps]

Langston, listen I've gotta go.

I've gotta another call. I
call you back later, okay?

- Oh yeah, sure,
sure, sure. Sure.

- Mom?

- Um, where are you going?

- Oh, I'm going to
visit my family.

- Oh, for a minute I
thought you might be...

That's besides the point.

Yeah, that's great. [chuckles]

Oh, um, you know,
my mom called.

They told me she wanted to see
me, so, I'm gonna go do that.

- I'm happy for you, Jay.

And I know it's
something that you've

been wanting for quite a while.

- Yeah.
- I'm happy.

- Well um...

Be safe.

- I will.

You too, sweetheart.
- Yes, ma'am.

See you soon?
- See you soon.

- [Jalen] Have fun.

[soft music]
[insects buzzing]

- I wish you had
told me about Eric.

- Mama, you've got enough
to deal with right now.

- Here, I'ma give you
some more of this cake.

- Oh mama.
- Come on, you can do it.

- But mama.

It is so, ooh, so good.

Oh, goodness gracious.

You know, I can't even
remember the last time

I got to enjoy
your cooking, mm.

- Oh.

It was a beautiful
Sunday morning.

It was just a little
piece of spring in tHe air

and I made apple sauce.

I cut the apples up myself.

And bacon.

And scrambled eggs,
the way you like it.

I made, uh, hash browns.

And ooh, my famous gravy.

Oh yeah, it was beautiful,
a beautiful day.

- Mama, you know
I had no choice.

He pushed me out.

And my only regret is that
you wouldn't come with me.

- He needs to see you.

[soft music]

[tense music]

- Where is it?

What did you do?

Answer me!
Where is my picture?

- I'll take some more juice.

[glass shatters]

- It's not enough that
you took him away?

You have to take
everything from me?


[tense music]

- Clean this mess up.

Gotta get ready for church.

- Mama.

- Get ready for church.

[melancholy music]

- Grace.

It is you.

Come a little closer.

I knew you'd come
back before...

- What did you do with him?

I don't have time to pretend.

What did you do with my baby?

You know. You tell
me who took him.

Just give me that.

- I don't, I don't know.

- You are the most
selfish man I've ever met.

- [Solomon] Grace.

- What did you do with my baby?

- I don't know.

I signed papers.

It said you were
to give him away.

I'm sorry, Grace.

I'm sorry, Grace.

I'm sorry for everything.

- I'm sorry?

You can destroy
a person's life,

your only child.
your daughter,

just like that,

and then what, one
day you see the light

and you think that I
am sorry is enough?

- I don't deserve to be
forgiven for what I've done.

I deserve this.

- I forgive you,
Pastor Solomon Grant.

I forgive you.

[staggered breathing]

[Jalen yelling]

- You can't leave me
in this house, man.

- Listen, bro, we love you bro.

- Get out
of my face, man!

- We're here for you.
[Jalen yelling]

It's okay.

- You can't keep me
in this house!

- It's okay, I
understand, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.
[Jalen yelling]

- What, sweetie?
- Ms. Grace.

- What, what, what?

- You can't keep me
in this house.

Get out
of my face, man.

- Jalen. Jalen, what's wrong?

What's wrong,
honey? What's wrong?

[Jalen sobbing]

- She's dead.

My mom is dead.
- Oh, baby.

Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry.

I am so sorry.

- They told me that
she wanted to see me,

but she just, she just
wanted another fix.

She got what she wanted,
and it killed her.

- Oh, sweetie.

No, no. No, no,
no, no, sweetheart.

It's not your fault.

It is not your fault,
and as hard as it is,

as hard as it is, you're
gonna have to forgive her.

It's all right.

I've got you.

[soft piano music]

- My father was king of the
streets, so I'm royalty.

My mother was his queen,
but she fell hard.

It's crazy how you change
and substances get involved.

She said she loved me
with her whole heart

but the love never got to me.

I guess it got clogged behind
the drugs in her arteries.

She left me low
while she got high,

'til I was at a make
shift grave saying goodbye

with her ashes in a can.

My dad was in jail,
then he was free,

then he was shot
like the next day,

so what's that say to me?

By the time I was eight, I
was with a foster family,

by nine, it was another,
until I was put in a house

that turned into a home
and became a family,

so now I'm not alone.

To let go of the pain, I
put my heart into my writing

and I let my soul explain.

Now this boy's no longer
a child and this man,

he will proclaim.

I just proclaim someone out
there hears what I'm sayin'

and they can see the old me
is gone and now I'm changin'.

Step by step, I
strive to maintain it.

And that's the story
of Harris-comma-Jalen.


- I want you to know that
we are not asking you

to give what you don't have.

But we are asking
that you pray,

and that you give
what you can give.

That you will volunteer.

That you will make this
community the community

that you want it to be.

We're asking you
to take it back.

Because when we do
invest in each other,

then we determine our future.


- Grace.
- Langston.

I, I didn't know you were here.

- You think I'd miss this?

A long time ago, I was
just like these kids.

- Well thank you for
all of your help.

- Thank you.

You've been a real inspiration.

You've inspired
me to do better.

To be better.

[people chattering]
[soft synth music]

[floorboards creaking]

- You go.

- What's wrong?

- It's past 12. [laughs]

You gonna sleep all day?

- Michael wants to see you.

- Oh.


Go ahead, I'll be out.

I'm coming.

Ooh. [sighs]

- Listen.

I know you and
the kids put a lot

of effort into the showcase,

but sometimes God
has other plans,

and wants to denounce
our affiliation with

the organization.

- You know what, no.
No, we won't give up.

- Do you know a man by
the name of Langston?

- Yes.

- Well, he called this morning,

and he wants to award
us a large grant.

This grant is gonna
last the entire lifespan

of the university
and the Devlin House.

[Kimberly chuckles]
You did it.

Bring it in, Grace.
- Really?


- We did it.

[upbeat music]

[Kimberly sighs]

- God's got the
strangest timing.

- What do you mean?

- Three and a half
months. [chuckles]

- What?

- Three and a half months.
- Oh, congratulations.

- Oh, I just found
out this afternoon.

I mean, I don't know,
I guess all the stress

took my mind off
wanting a baby so God,

he just felt the
need to remind me.

- Oh, sweetie,
that's wonderful.

- [Kimberly] Thank you.

- I can't think of two people
better equipped to be parents.

- Oh, thank you. [laughs]

Thank you. [laughs]

Oh, you hear 'em?

All that noise.
- I do.

- Mhm.

Better get over there and
see what they're up to.

A little bit too
much noise. [laughs]

- I am so happy for you.
- Thank you.

You comin', right?

- I am.

I'm just gonna do a few things
and then I'll be right over.

- All right, sounds good.


Oh, Grace.


Woo! Havin' a baby!

[door shuts]

[upbeat music]

♪ I could not fly

♪ I'm a sparrow
with broken wings ♪

♪ I could not climb

♪ The mountain right
in front of me ♪

♪ 10 feet under, the
waves of a raging sea ♪

♪ I dug a grave, the
same still left in me ♪

♪ I tried to win the
battles all around me ♪

♪ I tried to find the
life that I was missing ♪

♪ Yet somehow still you
never left my side ♪

♪ I saw you there, where
grace and guilt collide ♪

♪ I saw you there, where
grace and guild collide ♪


- Come in.

- Hey. Are you coming
over to celebrate?

Can you believe I'm
gonna be a father?

- Come in.

I sure can.

Congratulations, Michael.

You're going to be
a wonderful father.

- I mean, look, I mean
I know that I can be

an opinionated pain in the
butt, and we bump heads a lot.

But, Kimberly loves
you, the kids love you,

and we're a family and even...

How did you get that?

- What?
- Did Kimberly-

- Oh, this is mine.

This is uh, a picture
of me and my son.

- Your son?

- Yeah.

That is my son.

I had him when I was 16, and
he was taken away from me.

I wanted him.

He was taken away from
me without my consent.

Adopted, I assume.

But I looked for him.

I could never find him.

This box is full of birthday
cards that I made for my son.

- Wow.

- There are 37
birthday cards in here.

I made one for
my son for every,

every year of his life.

- I'm, I'm sorry but this
isn't making any sense to me.

I wanna show you something.
[soft music]

You see this?

This is the same picture I've
been carrying for 37 years.

You know what this means?



- Oh.

[soft music]

[Grace chuckles]

- Wow.


- You.
♪ Amazing grace

♪ How sweet the sound

♪ That Saved a wretch like me

♪ I once was lost

♪ But now I'm found

♪ Was blind

- Okay Grace, make a wish.

- I wanna give my wish to you.

- Well I already got my wish.



- All right, let's
cut this thing.

- [Kimberly] All right.

- You ready, Grace?

Here we go.
[soft music]

♪ 'Twas grace that
taught my heart to fear ♪

♪ And grace my fears relieved

♪ How precious did
that grace appear ♪

♪ The hour I first believed

[soft music]

♪ Through many dangers,
toils and snares ♪

♪ We have already come

♪ 'Twas grace that
brought us safe thus far ♪

♪ And grace will lead us home

[soft vocalizing]
[soft music]

♪ And grace will lead us home
[soft music]

[soft piano music]

♪ There's so many days
that I feel that familiar ♪

♪ Ache in my soul

♪ Thrown away so carelessly

♪ A forgotten memory

♪ Guess I didn't
suit how you roll ♪

♪ How could I ever be whole

♪ You took my from
me my fantasy ♪

♪ Of a family

♪ Abandoned me
along with my name ♪

♪ Oh, no

♪ Finding my heart
in the darkness ♪

♪ Alone before I could fly

♪ And searching for you,
oh I found the truth ♪

♪ In the life
painted with lies ♪

♪ No, life is a tapestry

♪ Beautifully woven
from discarded things ♪

♪ Like me

[soft piano music]

♪ Wonder what was
wrong with me ♪

♪ What was I missing

♪ And what I did wrong

♪ 'Til the day
she spoke to me ♪

♪ Sweet was her melody

♪ Gave me the
words to my song ♪

♪ Turns out she was
there all along ♪

♪ She saw in a potpourri
of my hopes and dreams ♪

♪ Gave me a chance
to be free, oh ♪

♪ Finding my heart
in the darkness ♪

♪ Alone before I could fly

♪ In searching for you,
oh I found the truth ♪

♪ In the life painted
with the lies ♪

♪ No, life is a tapestry

♪ Beautiful woven from
discarded things ♪

♪ Like me

♪ Life finally started
off on my knees ♪

♪ And forgotten

♪ But the gift in return
in the fire never burned ♪

♪ But I learn,
I learn to be heard ♪

♪ Oh, no

♪ Finding my heart
in the darkness ♪

♪ Alone before I could fly

♪ In searching for you,
oh I found the truth ♪

♪ In the life
painting with lies ♪

♪ Though life is a tapestry

♪ Beautifully woven
from discarded things ♪

♪ Like me
[soft piano music]

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