Digimon Adventure tri: Reunion (2015) - full transcript

After years of inactivity, the DigiDestined regroup with their Digimon to save their world, but have the years changed their characters too much?

In the beginning...

There was the soulless creator,

Idea, the true figure of the world...

and only shapeless chaotic souls
had existed in the entire universe.

Demiurge does not know
of the existence that created him.

Nor the existence of the soul.

Nor even of Idea.

The world he created was merely
a shadow of the true world...

Investigations as to the cause of the mass
blackouts in Kawasaki Area are underway.

However the cause is still unknown.

Hey, Taichi.

Wake up.



Time to get up.

Come on.

You'll be late for
training in the morning.

Is that the time?

See you!

Take care.

My wings are full of
images of holding back

They are still weak
but I'm sure I can fly

Oh My Love

I become a happy butterfly
and fly on the shimmering wind

And I will go to
see you right away

Better you forget
about unnecessary things

There's no time
to joke anymore

I wonder what will reach the sky

But don't even have
a plan for tomorrow

Living in the world of nothing
after the infinite dream

My love to you
is growing weak

My wings are holding back

They are still weak
but I'm sure I can fly

Oh My Love

I become a merry butterfly
and fly on a swift breeze

And I will go to see you
anywhere in the world

"Ambiguous words
are actually handy"

The lyrics of a hit
song I'm listening to


Let's keep going!

You're lusty.

Let's just take a rest.

Oh, Hikari?

Taichi, you forgot your lunch.

Sorry about that. Thank you.

You owe me a convenience
store ice-cream.

Strawberry Choco Bomber Crash
seasonal Hyper Tropical Espresso.

Ah, okay, sure.


Next set!

You guys wanted to rest.

We've no time to rest!

Our only direction is forward,
right Hikari-san?


Well... Yes.
Good luck with your training.

This Sunday?


Oh, good morning.



Good morning, Yagami.

G... good morning, sir.

You still haven't brought it?

Yeah, well...
Sorry, sir.

You're the only one left.

You're unbelievable.
Come to my office at lunch time.


Yes sir, I understand.

What's that about?

My career planning form.

You still haven't handed it in?


You'd better get it soon.


We're playing a gig.
Wanna come?


We broke up
and changed the name.

To what?


Why did you split up?

I guess you could say
musical difference.

Oh, really? Musical...

You wanna make me vomit?
I'm having a gorgeous lunch.

I have a soccer game.

Okay then.

Pass it over.


This is a special treat for you.

Cut it out!

Stop being stupid.

You need the right amount of pepper.

I'm particular about my ramen...

That's just like you, KNIFE OF RAMEN.

Shut up!

Well, what's your plan, Yagami?

You must have some idea.

My future?

Nothing special...

Oh, sorry.
Sir, do you mind if I have this?

You've bitten into it!
Go ahead.

Thank you, sir!

Is there nothing you're interested in?
There must be something.

Not really, sir.

Just put anything down.

I like being with my friends.

But they live too
far away to see them.

I used to go there regularly.


Kind of like that, sir.

Then maybe you should
study languages.

There are many schools.

Then find your field once you're there.

Dream big, boy!



I appreciate it but that's my
parents' wedding anniversary.

So you can't come?

How about Yamato-san?

He has a concert that day.

And I can't really ask Joe
since he's studying for his exams.

I'm going to ask Hikari and Takeru,
but who knows...

It's hard to get everyone
together these days.

That's okay.

I just figured you might be free
so I asked.

Oh, I know.

I'll text Mimi-san,
just in case.

But she's over in America.

No way she can come. Never.

But it's Mimi. She could get
here with unexpected ease.

I wonder how she's doing over there?

She replied.
That was fast.


Thanks for the invite.
I'll come, so cover my airfare, okay?


What? She's coming?

Round-trip weekend airfares
from NY to Tokyo aren't cheap.

Full fare is 1.08 million yen.

Plus, all major airlines
slap on extra fees.

Things like fuel surcharges.

They're added to the base price.

Here's a comparative fare chart
of all the airlines.

But one thing.

It's Mimi, so we'd better
check business-class fares.

Forget it.

Sorry, I'm busy Sunday.

So you can't come?

I'm taking a friend
to my brother's concert.

You're taking a girl?


Oh, you're a real babe-magnet,

It's not that.
She's just a friend.

I bet.

What was that?

Nothing special.

Come on.

Are you jealous, Hikari?

Not a chance.

If no one turns up,
he'll be disappointed.

My brother is actually hoping that
they can attend his concert.


He'd never admit to it, though.

We sure have our hands full with them.

Some other time.

Sure, bye bye.


Seating will be based on your
results from the recent test.

Top marks start from the front.

Here, 4th row back is for
D grade students.

Those at the back
need to work harder.

I'm in the 4th row...

"Sorry can't go.
Have to study for entrance exams."

Yes, witnesses are starting to appear.

I understand.

No attacks so far,
but not for long.

Be careful.



Reports of recent widespread
blackouts in the Kanto region...

Sorry I can't make it.

Don't worry about it.

Someone's birthday, right?


It's also been suggested that
there could be a connection between...

...the close emergence times and locations
of the frequent electrical interferences.


Forget it. I know you're all
too busy to come see me play.

So, you do mind.

No way!

You do. There's no mistake.

Or rather, maybe you're disappointed?

Not over something like
that, no way.


Wait! Look...

Beaming freshness!
You must try!


Nothing. Forget it.

Good luck with the game.

"To: Sora Takenouchi"

"Sub: Today"
"Are you going to Yamato's concert?"

why ask?"

"I have a soccer game."

"Kickoff is 2pm at the
Daibacho Ground."

"Come if you have time..."

Sorry, we'll soon be out of your way.

Taichi should've asked me earlier.

Then I'd have time to get ready.

Soccer is from 2pm,
so even if I rush...

It'll take 30 mins to
get to the concert venue.

Oh no!

What do I do?
Leave right after the game and...

When does Yamato's band
play their set?

If they're first,
I'll never make it in time.

What if I go see them first?

What's wrong with me?
Get it together!

Why do they put me
on the spot like this?

Enough. I won't go to
either of them. I won't!

I'm running late!


What's going on?

That must be a good sign!

No it's not!

Where's my cell phone?

Excuse me.

It's me, Sora.


Is this a good time to talk?

Forget that.
Is this an emergency?

Yes, it really is.

Yes, okay.
I've got that.

Onion soup, please.

My phone is acting weird.
That sounded like English.

Maybe crossed lines.
The same thing's happened before.

It starts with communications
in the digital realm.

Duck Breast in Orange Sauce
and oolong tea for her.


It's no good.

I don't get it.
I'll call you back.

Hey, Sora-san?


Tickets are selling well.

They all look excited
about seeing your new band.

What do you call yourselves?



That's weird.

"#%% Y gtr'DX$"

What's going on?

I told you to bring your sister
no matter what.

What was I supposed to do?
She has plans.


What's that?

Hey, Taichi!


Hey, are you there?

Why? I can't get through.

Mom, it's acting weird.

What's going on here?

Why is Kuwagamon here?!

It will be open until
the end of the month.

We've just received breaking news.

An unidentified creature
was spotted flying over Odaiba, Tokyo.

That area also reports
major electrical interference.

Issues with traffic lights and trains
are causing major delays and confusion.

No way, could it be...

I think so.

Look, about today's concert.

It may get canceled.

Sorry about that.

Catch you later.

Your girlfriend?

Don't worry.

I still love you the most.

What are you talking about?
Don't be stupid.

I can't get through to Taichi.

I guess he's playing soccer now.


Look, about the concert.

Excuse me,
may I have another Oolong tea?

Why now?

How come?


"DyY gtr'DXM"

"Y gtr'DXM"

I'm ruined.



I don't believe this.

No chance.

Alone, I'm powerless.


Long time no see!

Taichi, you have grown up.

And you've shrunk.

No time to talk!

Agumon, we must stop this rampage.

Got it!

Agumon evolution!


Taichi! It's much stronger than
the last time we fought.

How come?

I'll stop him anyway.

We're counting on you, Greymon!

They disappeared!


Where are you?


Big problems here.

According to the news, Digimons
were seen at Haneda Airport.


But, how can I get to Haneda?

Listen Hikari, you need to...

Need to what?

No, forget it.

Thanks, that helps.

Don't hang...


Mr. Nishijima?

Get in!

Miss Hikari Yagami?

What's going on?

What's the problem?

Control, this is Benten Bridge.

Control, roger. Over.

The site is blocked.
Call for the special unit.

What exactly are you...?

Th... thank you sir.

CODE-01, dispatched,
sent under escort.

We're counting on you,
the DigiDestined.




You're all here.

You don't get it, right?

Neither do we.

They suddenly grabbed me.

We just got here.

You too, Patamon?

Before we knew it, we were here.

Are you okay, Taichi?

We'll help you.

We need to confront the enemy first.

Right, let's do it.

Wait a minute.
Where's Mimi?

Joe isn't here, either.

Oh no!

Why won't Taichi-san take my call?

I flew all the way from America.


There's no signal here.

Mimi, where are you?


No way.
Three of them?


Damn it!


Gabumon evolution!


Are you okay, Agumon?


No, they're splitting up.

Let's do the same.

Damn! That was close.

We can't let them get away.

- Biyomon!
- Let's go.

Biyomon evolution!



Let's go help.

It's showtime!

Tentomon evolution!


We must catch them.

Stop them here.

Okay, Takeru!

Leave it to me, Hikari!

Patamon evolution!


Mimi, hurry up.
I can't evolve by myself.

I'll go get Joe.

Passengers and crew have
begun evacuating Haneda Airport.

So this must be it...

You're blocking the TV.

The news from Haneda?

No need to watch it.

I'm taking you there now.


Welcome back,
Miss Mimi Tachikawa.

They did it!

Are all of them there?

How many?
Is Palmon there, too?

'Cause I have to give souvenirs
to all of them.

This is good! I was wondering
how to hand them out.

It's disappeared.

There's one left.

Get up Garurumon!

What was that?

No idea.

Is it over?

I'm glad we managed to beat them.

Yes, but look.

There's so much damage.

Who are those guys?

The way they escorted us and
their post-handling is too professional.

I asked,
but they wouldn't answer.

So much has happened,
I don't know what's going on.

We're totally lacking information.

Actually, Mr. Nishijima is the one
who brought me here.

From our school?

He must be with them.

Then maybe we can get
some answers from him.



Hello, everybody!

It's Mimi!

Long time no see! It's lovely!

- Mimi!
- Mimi-san!

Did you miss me?

You're back?

You came back for this battle?

No, that's not it.

I was planning to return

Then I heard about
Taichi's soccer match.

Yes, that reminds me.

Souvenirs for all! The gummi
candy I'm addicted to recently.

Weird colors but you can't stop
eating them. Mimi's choice!

Here, Agumon.

That'll cheer you up.


Me, too.

One for me.

Eat your fill, I have plenty.

I will!

One for me, too.

Me, too!

There's plenty for everyone.

Thank you.

But how do we get back home?

My driver is waiting over there.

Who is she, anyway?

She looks scary.

I'm glad we're all
going home safely, anyway.

Where are Joe senpai and Gomamon?

We don't know.

Maybe something stopped him
from coming?

Yeah, maybe.
He's in his final year after all.

His final year, huh.

What is it, Koshiro-kun?

No, it's nothing.

What? Have I gotten so cute
that your heart is racing?

No, that's not it.

I was kidding.

You came back to watch
Taichi-san's soccer game, right?

Oh, I remember!
Give me the airfare.

I'm just kidding.

I'll be back for a while
because of my dad's work.

So take good care of me.

"Unidentified creatures seen
at Haneda Airport"


I'm here!

Yesterday's unidentified creatures...

...caused major damage
in Odaiba and at Haneda Airport.

Although miraculously there were no reports
of anyone being seriously injured,

all Haneda Airport flights were suspended
and transportation was seriously affected.

Action needs to be taken
as quickly as possible.

This same creature has appeared
a few times in the past.

Each time it's caused
serious damage.

Yesterday's outburst of several monsters
all at once created even more damage,

and served as a reminder of
their menace and destructive power.

Here's some public reactions.

I'm really worried
that they'll come back.

They're treating our friends
just like the enemy.

Even though we fought against Kuwagamon.

The children were terrified.
I hope they never come back.

The government has called
an emergency cabinet meeting,

while the police and Self-Defense Forces
are working together on a response.

Oh my, there's nothing scary
about you little guys, right?


They just don't understand, right?


Now the weather.

The rainy season will soon end.


Did you see the news?

Tanaka-kun's dad was
at Haneda.


He got injured and was hospitalized.

Let's go, Taichi.

Mr. Nishijima is not here today.

We have so many
questions for him.

Excuse us.


How come you're here?

Didn't I tell you?

I'm enrolling in 1st year
as of today.

Same class as you, Koshiro-kun.

Your friend?

No, she recently transferred here, too.

In 2nd year.
Maybe she'll be in your class, Sora-san.


Can you escort me to
class, Koshiro-kun?

Yes, sure.
Of course.

See you, Mimi-chan.


Oh yeah, I heard both the concert
and game were postponed. I'm sorry.

Until things settle down.



M... my name is
Meiko Mochizuki.

I transferred here from Tottori.
N... nice to meet you.

Let's begin the class.

So anyway,

what exactly were those
unidentified creatures?

I dunno. Two monsters showed up
and had a wild fight.

It's for real irritating.

I hope they all just hurry up and die.


But Taichi...

No, it's nothing.

There's no point in us getting upset.


What's going on?

It's nothing.

This morning's news?


Let's all meet up after school.

Here he is.

Hey, Joe senpai.

Sorry I'm late.

It's been ages!

A souvenir for you.
I'm so happy to see you.

You haven't changed, Mimi-kun.

Sorry to drag you away from studying.

That's okay.

I also have something to say.

First, let's sort out
the current situation.

I made a summary of
six recent, strange events.


The gate to the Digital World
has been closed off for at least a year.

For some reason,
Digivice was malfunctioning.

That's the second event.


Regional radio disturbance
occurred mainly around Odaiba.

Right after, we had that
mystery blackout.

The 4th was...

Radio disturbance brought down
the networks, except for wired ones.

There was poor reception for cell
phones, radiophones and TV broadcasts.


The 5th event.

For unknown reasons,
space has been distorted...

...which created a new, non-gate
connection to Digital World.

That's how the Digimons
got to this world.

Like yesterday's Kuwagamon.

The 6th event.

The Digimons emerging through these
distortions in space are all new to us.

They went through some unknown mutation.

I suspect all events were caused by the
distortions in the curvature of space.

Distortions in space...

Initially, I didn't know why
the first two happened.

But now I'm sure it was
the same cause.

It's clear that the radio disturbance
was due to the distortions in space.

Most likely caused when
Digital World connected to our world.

When Digital World...

Did you talk to Mr. Nishijima?

No, he didn't come to school.

Did you see the news?

Isn't it terrible?

Poor Patamon and the others.

I'll ask my dad to make
a complaint against the media.

They're whipping up attention
by using scare tactics.

But some of the reporting is true.

The airport and Odaiba were
totally destroyed by Kuwagamon.

I saw the site, so I cannot...

It would've been worse if Agumon
hadn't tried to stop them.

She's right.

It's wrong to blame our Digimon friends.
I can't accept that.

Taichi, what do you want to say?

No need to hesitate.

As Koshiro said, something
very bad is already happening.

There's something that only we can do.

- But...
- But what?

Have you forgotten, Taichi?

All we experienced in the Digital World,
the battles we fought to save the world.

I'd never forget that!

Then why?

Come on Taichi!

Calm down, Yamato.


If you are so vulnerable, then...
I've had enough.

There's no point in
having this meeting.

Yamato, wait!


I may as well
go back myself.

It's okay,
I'll talk to my brother later.

Me, too.

Shall we all go home, then?

I'm so hungry.

Will someone grab a bite with me?

I have to study.

A break would do you good.

Not me. I don't even have
time for my girlfriend.


You have a girlfriend, Joe senpai?

No way!
I don't believe it!

Is she human?

That's a nasty thing to say.

You all think I'm lying.

I'm the oldest one here.

So I have the first right
to be happy.

Let's all believe him.

We believe you.

No you don't!

Mimi, I'm here.


Biyomon and Gatomon
are here, too.


- Biyomon
- Gatomon?

"MONJA Tonkichi"

You have some
unusual friends.

Enjoy the meal.

Let's eat!

This is delicious!

I always wanted to eat this
when I came back to Japan.


The taste and melting texture
are amazing.

That is so true.

What were we talking about?

Taichi and Yamato's fight.

Just leave them be.

But... Can't do it?

They've both grown to be
very handsome.

What're you gonna do, Sora-san?

What does "handsome" mean?

I don't get it.

Alright then,
what type do you prefer?

The thing is...

You prefer head-some?

I like the foot-some.

Isn't that Mochizuki-san?

Another helping, please.

Me too, please.

Alright, just a minute.

Excuse me.

How come you're here?

That's my line.

I came to see again
if Mr. Nishijima is here.


What a long job description!

Incorporated Administrative Agency,
National Data Processing Bureau...

Information Strategy Section,
Information Management Office...

Grade 2 Management Officer,
Daigo Nishijima.

So you're not a teacher?

Being an agent is
my main job.

Recently, the distortions have emerged
between the Digital World and our world.

Digital monsters are using
those distortions to come through.

So far we've handled them,
but more powerful ones are turning up.

That's why we asked for your help.

We call them
"Infected Digimons."

Infected Digimons?

Some powerful force
has infected them.

They lose control
and start running wild.

So we call them
Infected Digimons...

What force?

Sorry, we still don't know that.

Is there a way to turn them
back to what they were?

Perhaps, but we haven't
found a way to do it yet.

There's so much
we don't know.

Anyway for now, in order to prevent
any further damage to our world.

All we can do is drive them back
as soon as possible.

How do you know
so much about them?

You even know our secret.

After the Hikarigaoka and
Odaiba incidents,

more people know about Digimon.

A walk-in, named Gennai,
gave us information.

It allows us to make an organized study
of these digital monsters.

So you know Mr. Gennai?

Only from his information. But he
seems to know all about your group.

He was very helpful to us
in the past.

If any more powerful Infected
Digimons do turn up,

we may need to
ask for your help again.

We'd appreciate it.

Yes, of course.

Foreign countries are demanding
information about the digital monsters.

We still don't have
all the facts, sir.

Can the walk-in, Gennai,
give us any more details?

We're unable to contact him.

Anyway, gather up whatever
data you have at hand.

Certainly sir.


I passed "it" on to the children.


Koshiro-san, I thought you came out to
buy clothes, didn't you?

Online shopping proves to be a much
stronger ally than going to a store.

Online shopping?

I'm ashamed to admit it but
my mother always bought my clothes.

Now that I'm in high school,
I figure I want to try choosing my own.

That's good.

But dealing with the sales clerks
was too much for me.

No doubt.

Doing it online is easier for me.

No special reason,

For this sudden interest
in fashion.

Of course.
Because of Mimi-san?

I've developed dress-up software
which accurately mimics my body size.

I just enter the size
and the colors in here.


I never imagained I'd see you
looking for fashionable clothes.

Don't cry, Tentomon.


What are you doing?


What's wrong, Yamato?


I wonder if we'll all change?


Yamato hasn't changed.

I can understand why
he's mad at me.

Maybe I am wrong.

What do you think?

I don't know.

I'm scared.

I've destroyed so much
without even knowing it.

Not just buildings.

People, too.

Maybe I'll end up
killing someone.

Why am I rambling at this stage?


You brought Agumon along, Taichi?


Gatomon and the others
are all waiting at home.

Yamato has something on.

Joe senpai called to say
he can't make it.

Is this your famous place?

Yes, my much-vaunted office.

It really is fantastic.

Yes, who is it?

It's me.

What a fantastic place!

It's Koshiro-san's office.


It's our first time here, too.

I'm helping out a firm
my American friend started.

I'm impressed.

That's everything we heard
from Mr. Nishijima.

So they're Infected Digimons.

And maybe they'll come back again.
How annoying.

I'm so glad you guys
came to help us, Biyomon.

Koshiro, maybe it's time to
show them what you've made.

Yes, I should.

Do me a favor, guys.

There you go!

- Agumon?
- Biyomon?

Don't worry.
They're there.

I created a virtual cyberspace
within the server here.

It's an evacuation strategy
for Digimons in an emergency.

Text message from Biyomon.

How do I read them?

Agumon sent one to you, too.

We can communicate with them
by text, or the monitor.

That's really useful.

Can they get out?

No problem.

That's a relief.

Can we call them on cell phones?

No, phone processing speeds
are too slow.

But if I use my laptop to access large
monitors connected to the network,

they can slip in and out of

So can we call them anytime?

Yes, they'll either be in my office,
or in virtual cyberspace.

Look at the time!

I have to leave.

Oh, I'm relieved
you and Taichi-san made up.

You didn't come today,
so I thought you're still sulking.

I'm not sulking.

We're all meeting up again
on Saturday.

Make sure you come this time.

You worked all night, Koshiro-san?

You need to sleep.

I got about 3 hours sleep.
I finally finished making them.

Try them on, Taichi-san.


Theoretically, you should be able to
see the distortions in space.

Hey, Taichi.

We'll head back to the cyberspace
Koshiro made for us.

Your computer's their
gateway, isn't it?

Any monitor connected
to the internet will do it.

That one should work.

Call us if you need us.


So what do we do now?

According to my research...

...the distortions seem to occur
where mass data concentrates.

With those goggles,
we should be able to see the data flow.

Colors mark the difference
in data format and strength.

For example,
when I connect to my sewer...

Yes, the light gets stronger.

The red spots are the concentrations
related to the distortions.

It's highly possible Infected Digimons
could appear from large distorted areas.

Oh, I see.

Let's check for distortions
in this area...

...to see in advance whether
there are any dangerous spots here.


What's wrong?

Did something happen?

Well, you see...

I was looking for something
but I ended up getting lost.

Shall we show you around?


It's okay, we're also
searching for something.

So it's alright.


You guys come, too.

Anyway, what are you looking for,

Well... it's a kind of a cat.

Kind of?

How's this area, Taichi-san?

It looks safe.

You think it might be here?

No, sorry.
I was just hungry.

Those beyond the 4th row need to work
much harder, or you'll fail.

Ah, no good...

Thanks for this.

I'll keep looking by myself.

Will you be okay?

Yes, thank you for your help.

Listen, Koshiro.

What is it?

These goggles can't see very far.

I wonder if there's a way to
check everywhere at once.

Maybe from a high place?

What's tall around here?

That's it.

Go on.


Don't push me.

You're too complicated.
I'll go join Agumon and the others.

Why ride the Ferris wheel?

Taichi can explain everything.



Are you for real?

Look, we've put Taichi-san
and Yamato-san together.

I hope they can make up.

Are they fighting?

They're still a bit touchy
after that last encounter.

Perhaps both of them.

I bet they're like caged lions.

They sure are.



About the other day.

I shouldn't have got angry, but
you need to pull yourself together, too.

Infected Digimons could
appear at any time.

Still hanging up? It's not like you.
Not like you used to be.

I can't help it.

I'm not what I was.

Now I see more
and understand less.

I'm not sure if what
we're doing is right.

Or maybe...

We're doing wrong.

I know only we can do it.

But it's not that simple.

That's just running away.

What are those two
talking about?

I'd love to eavesdrop.

Why are we up here?

Right, I forgot.

What's that?

I saw the distortion over there!

Attention all visitors.

An abnormal climatic event
is centered on Odaiba.

To avoid injuries, an evacuation
warning has been issued.

Please leave the area
in a safe, orderly manner.

This is an emergency.
Evacuate immediately.

What's happening?

What about the children?

I can't get through to them.

Mei-chan, come here Mei-chan.

What is that?

Never seen that before.

Got it.
That's Alphamon.


Sorry, that's all the
information I have.

We must do something.

Koshiro-kun, summon
Palmon and the others.

Right away.


The precious one.

Where are you, Mei-chan?




I'm so happy now.

It's okay.
You're safe now.


What are you doing, Taichi?

This way.

Are you okay?



Leave this to us.

Come on, Gabumon.

- Birdramon!
- Kabuterimon!



It's your turn, Palmon!


Palmon evolution!


Let's join them.

Needle Spray!


What should I do?


I'll never let you have Mei-chan!

I must fight.


If you won't do anything...

If you won't do anything,

you're just running away!

At this rate, everything
will be destroyed after all.

Not just the city,
the people, too!

Only we can save them.

Let's go, Agumon.

Leave it to me, Taichi.


They did it.

It got away.



Is that who you were
looking for?

Yes, my friend.

Is her name Mei-chan?

Her real name is


Mei's my partner Digimon.

So you're
the DigiDestined, too?

Yes, I guess so.

That's wonderful.

Sorry I didn't tell you.

Our band is growing bigger.


Mei-chan, these kind people
all helped to save you.

How good you are safe.

Ta much.

Ta much


It's dialect for thank you.

Wishing on the stars
throwing my pride to the wind

I will see tomorrow
no matter how hard today

I bet

I wish

Please tell me why we are here
right away

That which you can see
isn't everything

I'm freezing
so that I'll wear my jacket

Finding it becomes transparent
and turns into my desire

Have you decided?

I appreciate that at least
you didn't run away.