Digimon Adventure Tri. 2: Decision (2016) - full transcript

The DigiDestined go to a nearby hot springs theme park and everyone has a good time, but Joe doesn't show up because he wants to study for his exams. Another infected Digimon, Ogremon, attacks Odaiba. Gomamon runs away from home while Mimi faces problems with the other DigiDestined and her classmates because of her selfish ideas. Would Joe accept his responsibilities as a DigiDestined before it's too late?

All were born out of
the scorching heat...

Beings that create and
those that destroy,

coexisting, yet mutually opposed...

Both created the entire universe...

Finally to return to
the scorching heat...

My wings are full of
images of holding back

They are still weak
but I'm sure I can fly

Oh My Love

Mei, Mei... still not ready?

Wait, wait!

This one? Or this one?

Mei-chan, which looks better on me?

How should I know?



I believe what we did was right.

If we hadn't gone into battle, things
would be much worse than they are.

If you don't eat fast,
Agumon'll gobble up everything.

Oh no!

You guys!

You're still here?

You're still eating?

I even had seconds.


I'm sorry! We'll be right down.

Hang on a sec!

What's with all the luggage?

Towels and stuff.

No, no! This hot spring has everything.

How many years has it been since
we went to a hot spring?

Our first time, we forgot to decide
when we'd get out of the baths.

I got out of the water so early!

But you, Hime-chan,
were in the bath for surprisingly long.

I know today we're going out of duty.

Nothing else.

I have the latest analysis.

By comparing the areas of distortion and
the Infected Digimons' movement patterns,

a hypothesis was reached.

"The Infected Digimons show up
to hunt someone in particular"?

They say "someone in particular"
as if they didn't know.

I know.

They're after one of them,
or one of their partner Digimons.

Hurry up, Mei!

Sorry we're so late.

Don't worry, you're right on time.


Good morning.

G... Good morning!

Th... Thank you for inviting us today.

You said it!

No need to be so formal.

Yeah, it's your welcome party!


See? We're last!

Hey, I'm sorry.

Good morning!

I should've called to wake you up.

Not like I overslept!

Is Joe senpai the only one left?

Joe's studying.

I guess Joe can't make it?

He does have exams.

One day hanging out
won't make a difference!

Oh well.
Anyway, shall we go?

Alright guys, jump on in here.

In turns, guys.

Why not bring them normally?

It's no fun hanging out
if they're in the computer.

Is it okay, Mimi?


Yes, especially with such good weather.

I want to go with Sora!

I'll be good, Hikari!


Being obvious might even
make us less conspicuous.


Behave yourself.

Of course!

Okay? Can you imitate a stuffed animal?

Sure, watch me!

It's decided.

Fine. Please be careful, everyone.

We'll be quiet. Don't worry, Koshiro!

Okay, to the hot spring! Let's go!


I planned to be sure to enjoy a big bath
when I came back to Japan.

Tachikawa-san, are you a returnee?

Call me Mimi!

I was living in America
because of my dad's work.

Meimei too? Is it your folks?

Changing schools.


Why did you call me "Meimei"?

Since you're Meiko, so Meimei!

Isn't it kind of long?

Sounds cute, like a sheep.

What? Wait, I...

you'd better watch out for Takeru-kun.

You're so mean.



Pick whichever you want.


I've got it!

I wonder if the pattern
on this yukata is too plain.


How about that one?

I'll take it!

Which yukata did you choose?

It's... it's number four.

Then how about this obi?
Same as mine.

Thank you.

Here we go!


We arrived safely.
Don't worry about anything.

Gomamon seems to be having fun too.

What... what about our underwear?

Just put the yukata on over it.

Hikari-chan! Hands up!

What? No way.

Come on, don't be a wet blanket!

"Hands up"?

Like this.

Let me strip you, girl!

Mei, I want to go round and round too!

Sora, I do too!

Palmon, you have to say "Noooo!

Noooo! Dooon't!


Round and round!

Hey! You guys!

I'm so excited!

Mimi, what's that?

What's what?

Mei, it smells great.

Ramen, yakisoba, takoyaki...

And shaved ice.


I know it's exciting.

Sorry, sorry.



Mr. Nishijima!
Why are you here?

Doesn't it feel wonderful, Yamato?

One, two! One, two!

Swim with your fingers closed,
like your palms are gathering water.

Fill your lungs and you'll float.

Senpai, that's amazing!

Mei, I'm floating!

No swimming in the foot bath.

I'm sorry...



You and Meicoomon seem well.

We are!


Thanks for the other day.

Is she your older sister?

Well, she...

What is it?

She's the lady from the other day!

Ah! There she is. Hime-chan!


Are you on a date?
Is she your girlfriend?

Ex, actually.


That's too much information!

No need to be so self-conscious.

So you've met Himekawa-san before.

Hime-chan, I mean Himekawa-san...

...helped me out a lot when
I first came to Tokyo.

I think she worried about me
since I'm one of the DigiDestined.

Who knew? I had pegged her
as unapproachable.

So beautiful, you know?

So the Digimons have been safe being out
because you teachers were around?

No, this is the only area under patrol.

We are a small and elite unit.

I see.

Even though criticism
of the Digimons has gained steam...

...perhaps we have yet to see
a great effect on daily life.

Wait, you set up a patrol...


Too hot for you?


No need to worry, all has been calm.

We came to keep it that way.

Mei-chan, say "aah."


Like it?

I love it!

So cute. Is Meicoomon a child?

No, Mei-chan is an adult.

No way!

Just like Gatomon.

During evolution,
does Meicoomon sprout wings?

I don't know. It hasn't happened yet.

Really? Hey, after we eat,
why don't we play a game?

Throwing stars! A competition.


Cafe au lait? Caffe Latte?

I hear a festival!

Mei! It's so pretty!



It's okay. You're okay.


Don't run off alone.

I won't.

You okay?

Y... Yes.

This kind of place is new
to Mei-chan and me.

I see. We should have asked
where you wanted to go.


You shouldn't apologize.

I should. Making you all come together.

No. This trip is actually for
my brother and Taichi-san.


- Takaishi-kun...
- Call me Takeru.

Takeru-kun and Ishida-kun are brothers?

Didn't I tell you?

Our folks divorced when we were kids
so our last names are different.

It's not that we hide it.

But you guys are close, that's great.


Gabumon, you come too!

It feels great!

No way!

Oops, sorry, let me just
get my glasses case.

C'mon Mei-chan!

You said it!

I'm coming too!

Yes, go help out, Biyomon.

We're going in.

Oh, it's fabulous!

Isn't it?


Wait! Stop that!

Oops, I touched you!


What are you up to?

Hey! Sora-san, Sora-san!


You're next!

Stop it, Mimi-chan!

Round and round!

You'll get hurt.


It's all fluffy.

I want to go in too.

Nice and soft.

Soft and fluffy.

- Oh no! Pretend to be a stuffed animal!
- You said it!

Here it is.

Sorry to keep you waiting...

Meiko-san never came back, did she?

I wonder if she got lost.


Mei-chan and Biyomon...


I'm not that old yet.

Mr. Nishijima.

Tell us more about the Infected Digimons
and the Digital World.

I don't know much myself.

Even being "Mr. Incorporated..."?

I'm just a mid-level administrator.

You mean you're Himekawa-san's flunky?

Impertinent boy.

Excuse us!


Don't worry.


I bet we can get out through there.

Where are we?

Great. We made it back...



Meicoomon is with
Biyomon, so don't worry.

I thought they might put on a show.

Who ever heard of
animal suits in the bath?

I'll go see.

Wait, not on your own.

We'll just have to barge in.

Don't worry, leave it to me!

Ladies and gentlemen!

I, Mimi Tachikawa, will now sing!

I wish

Now's our chance.


Please tell me why we are here
right away

- Mei-chan!
- Biyomon!

- Sora!
- Mei!

What are you doing in here?!

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Don't worry. I can't see a thing.

See? Completely fogged up.

A total success, right Meimei?

Ta much.

Did you say that meant "thank you"?

It's so cute!

Get out of here now!

Himekawa-san, what do you think?

About what?

Are they happy or unhappy?

What do you think?

I want them to be happy.

Personal feelings only
hinder the mission.

You're sure cold.

You're too warm to them.

Mochizuki-san, are you
perhaps from Shimane?

I... I'm from Tottori.

I was close! My grandmother
says "ta much" too.

Which one is Tottori?

The one with the sand dunes.

Shimane's the one with no computers.

That was a million years ago. Watch it.


Only true friends fight.

We're not fighting!

I hope we can be good friends.

And then,

Mimi said...


Joe, are you listening?


He's studying now.

Floating is fun!

I had a great time.

Me too.

Everyone made it home safely.

No, nothing out of the ordinary.

So, guess we can go home too.

I guess so.

An intense radio disturbance
has occurred at Point Tango.

Warning signs put the chances
of extraordinary disaster at 95%.

Grade 1 Management Officers
are requested to take measures.

I repeat...

It's a distortion.

Shall we call the DigiDestined?

No, they're our trump card.
And look at how huge it is.

This is ideal for
testing the new weapon.

We've confirmed it's
an extraordinary electronic disaster.

Due to the emergency,

I request immediate action
from the Disaster Reponses Force.

We recognize the call for mobilization
of government-designated personnel.

Commencing disaster countermeasures.

Troops, ready arms!

Your mark!
The electronic disaster ahead.


It's working!

Ready second volley!

Mr. Nishijima.

Ah, you're here.

Late again today?

It must be rough for you
wearing so many hats.

Well, not as bad as you guys.

Want some?

No, thank you.

Looks great!

Have some manners.

Aren't you having any, Sora?

Well, it would also
be impolite to refuse.

I heard that another distortion
appeared the night before last...

Yes, we took care of it.

What? The Infected Digimon?

You mean it was small enough that your
organization handled it? Or do you mean...

Okay, calm down.

Thanks for the donuts.

Using data of where the distortions
have occurred until now,

we can speculate the places they may
appear in the future.

Our plan is to reinforce security
in those locations.

You're saying we're not
needed anymore?


The Infected Digimons are very likely
to continue to appear around here.

Please be ever vigilant.

Especially you guys.

Thank you, sir.

Yamato didn't come.

Band practice, right?

Especially us?

I wonder what he meant.

Could the Infected Digimons be after us?

To prevent potential enemies
of the Infected Digimons,

they might try to eliminate the
DigiDestined and our partner Digimons.

What for?

I don't know.

If it's true, why are they
trying to conceal it as well?

Either way, it pays to watch out.

To keep the partner Digimons
safe while we're out,

I'll increase security
in the server room.



I didn't know you were
on the planning committee too.

We drew lots...

The School Festival Planning Committee
will run a temporary cafe...

...to host our guests.

Please refer to the materials we handed
out with details of last year's cafe.

Isn't this a drag?

And now, would anyone like to nominate
themselves as person in charge?

I would!

If there's no one else...

I'm Mimi Tachikawa, 1st year, Class C.

I want to make it a cafe like "DATERS"!

What is that?

You don't know? It's popular in America.

I'll put it on the monitor.

That's it!

Staff dress like cheerleaders and
sometimes put on a dance show.

It's so much fun!

Eating there is a blast,
so I'm sure it's fun to work there too.

I want to make it a cafe
where everyone is happy!

I'd never...

Me neither.

No problem!

It'll make everyone happy! Okay, okay!

Well... if there are no other
candidates or proposals...

Great! I'll do my very best.

Thanks so much, everyone!

This one's so cute.

I love it.

Mimi-san, you're amazing.

Huh? How come?

A 1st year volunteering,
doing and saying as you please.

I can't do any of that.

How come? You should!

Most girls can't.



Honestly I don't like holding
myself back for the sake of others.

Being quiet in front of people
means you're just complaining later.

I detest it.

When people have something to say
they should just speak up.

Hey, how about this one?

Is it a belly warmer?

It's a skirt!

Meimei, try it on!

No! I mean, I...

It's too short.

That's the best part.

I found Mimi!

I found Mei!

Mei-chan, why...?

Palmon, you're late.

We made a date to meet here
'cause they wanted to eat french fries.

Costume's perfect, no?

I'm a edo-girl!

Fries! Fries!

Mei-chan, don't act spoiled!

What are you drawing?

Costumes for the cafe.

There's no budget, so we have to
make them ourselves.

Are they worms?

It's the cafe outfit!

I'm sorry!


It'll be okay.

The early bird sits on the worm.

Sits on?

You want to make something like
what we just looked at, right?


Something like...


Whoa! A genius in our midst!

Yes, that's it, exactly it!

You're incredible, Meimei. Thanks!

Hug me too!

Me too!

What's going on?

From Koshiro-kun.

The Infected Digimon has appeared!

What should we do?

It seems they appeared close by.
Let's go, Palmon!




We're going too, right?

Hurry up, you two!

I saw the email! I'm on my way!

I leave it to you guys.
Agumon is waiting in the server.

Find a nearby monitor you can use.

Taichi-san, Mimi-san and Meiko-san
are on their way.


Witnesses reported a mysterious space
in the sky, like a distortion,

out of which appeared
unidentified creatures.

Access to the area has been restricted.

Awful, those unrecognizable
things again.

What are they? This is scary.


It's okay.

What was that?

Let's go see!


It's infected!

Mimi, watch out!

Mei-chan! Come this way!




Mei-chan, thanks.

- Thanks.
- Thanks.

Koshiro-kun. It's Orgemon!

I saw from here.

Taichi and the others will be there
soon, so just hold tight.

What? Hold tight?!

Leave it to me.

What? Mimi-san?

Later now.

Mimi, you plan to fight Orgemon?

No, just push it back
into the distortion.

Even infected,
it's still Orgemon, right?


But he told us to hold tight...

It'll be fine.

And the live broadcast means
lots of people are watching.

We'll make it perfectly clear
there are good Digimons too.



I'm sorry. I promise it won't hurt.

Palmon evolution!


"From: Hikari Yagami"
"I'm on my way too."

"From: Takeru Takaishi"
"Please send the Digimons, Koshiro-san."

"From: Koshiro Izumi"
"Sub: Joe-san"

"Where are you?"


Joe? I just heard from Koshiro.

He says everyone's going to Odaiba.

Yeah, I heard.

I said you were at prep school.

But if you're going to go to Odaiba,
I'm right behind you!

Sorry. I'm busy.

"Let's do our best on the next test."

"We got to buckle down."

As you can see,

the two unidentified creatures
that appeared in Odaiba...

...are fiercely battling each other.

Don't miss anything, cameras!

Now, Togemon!

Needle Spray!



Wait, you guys came together?

Can't make it from here.

No. It's completely secured.







Stay strong, Palmon!


I'm sorry...

It wasn't you guys.
That helicopter got too close.

It's not Meimei's fault.

I said to do it.

Didn't I tell you to hold tight?

I'm sick of Palmon and the others
being criticized.

Aren't you too?

Yes, but...

So you acted out of good intentions.

Now look at the result.

It's a very serious
and delicate problem.

Mimi-san, you have...

...a very egocentric side.


That was uncalled for.

I'm going home.



No, wait!

Leave her alone for a while.

What happened to Joe?

I texted him.

I couldn't get him on the phone.

All this going on, and still
studying is more important?

Lay off.

No question, Joe might be very logical
and overly cautious about everything,

but he also used to know what's
important and what we should do.

And yet...

I said, lay off.

I'm sure Joe knew he should have come.

Even so he must have been unable to.

I know that.

Hey Joe, sure we don't have to go?
I hear everyone else is there.

I know what would happen if I went.

I'd be berated for not going.

Then someone would take my side.

And I'd be left unable...

...to say anything.

As you can see, we were attacked by the
unidentified creatures,

crashing our helicopter.


What a mess.

Apparently this calamity
has closed Joe's school as well.

How is Joe these days?

Well, despite all his studying...

I see. I want him to try his best.

Th... Thank you very much.

I think you guys did great, Meiko.

Yeah! And without any help!

Please come in.




He said he has something to tell us.

There are mutations
occurring in the Digital World.

I came to tell you about them.

We first realized it when Orgemon
started acting strange.

The cause is unknown.

But apparently there are the Digimons
acting the same strange way.

Yes. We call them "Infected Digimons."

ls one of those mutations
the distortions in space,

that's connecting the Digital World
and our world?

Indeed. It is how I came here.

I had my eye on Orgemon to keep him
in check but I was too late.

You don't seem infected. Why?

I don't know.

I remember, though, that
when Orgemon was infected,

it was like something within him
became deranged.

May I ask you something?

Which came first in the Digital World,
the distortions or...

...the Infected Digimons?

First came the infection.

I thought the distortions caused it all,
but could the opposite perhaps be true?

There could be something else
causing the infection.

For example, data or some program.

Or some kind of creature.

If the distortions too were a phenomenon
born from infection, it would add up.

What a scary conversation.

What if we get infected too?

Should we put on bug repellent?

Will it really work?

What about sun block?

Maybe we should put on surgical masks.

Roger, senpai.

Don't worry. You're safe as long as
you're in the server in this room.

It's kept as a stand alone ordinarily.

But when connecting to the outside,

it has a robust anti-intruder system of
my own design with threefold security.

And you need my personal authentication.

If the infection has an origin...

Ring any bells?

Hey, I heard that girl was on TV.

No way.

You mean... The news about
the helicopter in Odaiba?

I saw it too!

Say it to my face.

Are you alright? That was really loud.

I'm okay.

Careful! There're all kinds of dangerous
things like needles and scissors.


I pricked myself everywhere
while I was basting.

Good thing I came to help you.

Where's Mimi-chan?

Tachikawa-san, have a minute?

It's about this.

There's no way we'll do it.

Wear this kind of
outfit to serve guests.

You never asked, just told us
what to wear. We won't stand for it.

You're Jikochu.


You don't know? It means
self-centered and annoying!

It's done!

It's so lovely!

If you want kimono scraps, there are
tons in the back. Use whatever you want.

Thank you.


How was the meeting?

Mimi-san! Sora-san put the outfits
together so beautifully!

If it's like this, I might even...

Sorry, we decided not to wear them.

I shouldn't have worked on the design.

Um... did something happen?

Not especially.

But we already made...

I'm telling you to forget them!

I'm sorry.

- Mimi-san!
- Mimi-chan!

Joe senpai...

Are you skipping prep school?

Is that okay, even with your exams?

What about you? Aren't you busy
preparing for the school festival?

Mimi-san and... Joe senpai?

Am I Jikochu?


You don't refute it.


It's fine.

I did know on some level.

These past couple days
I was made painfully aware.

When something feels right
or I think something is good,

I act like it's good
for everyone else too.

But ultimately... I'm not
seeing those around me.

It ends up making them feel bad.

I hurt Palmon too.

I even lost my temper with Meimei.

I'm sick of myself.

If you're doing something,
Jikochu is still better.

I'm disgusted with myself.

I'm a worthless coward.

Joe senpai...

Why is it us, again, that has
to take care of things?

Because we're the DigiDestined?
Why is that destiny ours?

You still have that question, even now?

I know. I was over it.

But even though you get over it once,
the same questions return.

How long must we be the DigiDestined?

There's so much I have to do
at this point in my life.

In order to join society,
to become an adult.

I have to choose my own way to
adulthood, not to the DigiDestined.

That's why I've been studying.

And so you're skipping prep school?

You got me there.

I'm off to prep school.

Joe senpai.

It's better to be Jikochu...

...than a coward.

Saying that you have to be an adult?

You coward!

I saw you in a new light.

What now?

Because of Joe-san.

Not that he didn't come,
you said he was "unable" to.

Joe-san might be seeking a solution.

Taichi, why not talk to Joe-san?

Leave it be.


There are some things
he doesn't want to face now.

Doesn't want to face? Like that
he's one of the DigiDestined?

If I talk to him, then he might
have to face that.

- You too?
- What?

There's something you
don't want to face?

Is that why you can't
talk to Yamato-san?

Just go to sleep already.


You want something?

Here you go, your midnight snack!
I put an egg in it!

You're always so kind.

There's so little I can do.

I'm here whenever you need me,
whatever I can do to...


I'm sorry.

Joe, don't let your ramen get cold!


"From: Gomamon"

"Thanks for everything."

Is that so?

Well then, Gomamon
should live here a while.

Huh? It's really okay?

When Koshiro hears the situation,
he's sure to say the same thing.

There are more meetings here recently,

so if you assist preparing snacks
and tea, it would be a real help.

I'll do it!

Hey, I'm here!

What are you so worked up
about, Koshiro?

There's something urgent
I need to investigate.

What is it?

An email.

It came to my address last night,
sender unknown.

I thought it might be spam, but it was
clean of viruses. When I checked...


How come?

Somehow, it's the same text as
in the traces of the Digital World.

Could it be some prank?

But there's no harm in checking.

And even if it is a prank,

we need to ascertain
who sent it and why.

Yes. The Digimon in question is
under control through its partner.

Nonetheless, someone might try to take
advantage of the opportunity.

We must continue to be vigilant.



Here's the latest data from the research
lab on predicted locations of distortion.

It shows that...

...we need to increase our security
level in this area beginning tomorrow.

I see. Request headquarters
to increase security.

Especially in crowded areas.

In fact...

...unfortunately, tomorrow
is the school festival.


Security personnel have been increased.

They have permission to evacuate
the school in an emergency.

What about those kids?

How could I tell them?
I want them to have fun today.

Before the Digimon partners,
they're first kids.



You came!

Meimei! Your outfit!

Well since we already made it.

That's no reason to...

Just... I wanted to wear it!

Since we went to dress stores
and worked on the design together...

I mean, the design was really yours!

Finding fabric, sewing it...
it was Sora-san at the sewing machine.

As you said, I felt "happy"!

I thought about your cafe
making everyone happy...

...would be possible in this outfit.


Thank you!

M... Mimi-san!

I was right. You look so cute!

I shouldn't have said
I wouldn't wear it.

About that...

We're here!

I know we'd be the only ones.

M... maybe we should...

Yes! We dress as we please.
People can say what they want.

"Those who desire true power
must know the darkness, and go beyond."

"Go beyond the darkness"?
What on earth could it mean?


Palmon, are your wounds okay?

I'm fine, I'm fine.

You did really great. Try this too.

Much obliged!

And this too.

Much obliged!

Senpai, you're a marvel!

Mei-chan was amazing too!

Yeah! You really went at Orgemon.

I hear you did great.


Yeah! What awesome courage.

Thank you, guys-

"From: Joe Kido"
"ls Gomamon with any of you?"



It's Joe senpai, asking if you're here.


You came without telling him?


Okay, I'll let him know you're here.

Don't tell him!

Joe senpai will worry.



Just let it be, Koshiro.
Gomamon has a lot going on himself.

Can we let him have his way for now?


Is it really okay?


"From: Hikari Yagami" "Gomamon's
not here. Is everything okay?"

"From: Yamato Ishida"
"Not here. What happened?"

"From: Koshiro Izumi"
"Not here. But I'm sure Gomamon's okay."

Where the heck is he?

I... I can't. I can't do it!

What are you saying?
You want to make everyone happy, right?

Opening time!

Good morning!

C'mon, you say it too!

Good ahchoo!

What a cool greeting!

I said, I can't do it!

You'll be fine!

Good morning!

Want some yakisoba?

I'm fine.

They have crepes too.

I don't want any.

I wrote the sign by the school gate.

Why should I care?

I just can't take the atmosphere
of school festivals.

You said the same in high school.

Even though you loved lively events
like festivals in elementary school.

We can't always stay children.

That's what I learned.

I thought so much. But no matter
how much I thought, I had no answer.

I really struggled.
That was high school.

You mean you were struggling to grow up?

But there was nothing
childish about you.

Ken Ichijouji?

Something wrong?

It's nothing.

Here you are!

Hi, is there room for us?


Table for two!

I... I'll lead you to y... your seats.

I... I'm sorry!

But her bashful style is actually
getting her lots of fans!

3-“ Stop it!

Where's Meicoomon?

At Koshiro's office
with the other Digimons.

I see.

Just the Digimons there?

Koshiro-san is there too.

Izumi didn't come either?

No, apparently he's
researching something.

Even though today's the school festival!

It's started!

- Started?
- What has?

C'mon Meimei, showtime!

I... I can't! I told you, I just can't!

No chance!

Just give in to it!

Got to love those two.

. I... I... can't!

They're good together.

I wish Izumi could see this.

"From: Himekawa-san"
"Sub: Extremely Urgent"


"This message has no content"

Koshiro, did you get
another important email?


Koshiro-kun says he's on his way.

Himekawa-san, what did you do?

You said it earlier.

You want them to be kids
rather than the Digimon partners...

...at least today.

I simply agreed.

But what will Mei-chan
and the others do?

They'll just stay at Koshiro's office.

Maybe I'll go check, just in case?

You are an employee here,
so you stay here and watch.

I'll go have a look.

Thank you, ma'am.

The school festival is the one
at Taichi's school, right?

Yamato's band is playing at it too.

Sounds fun. I wish we could go.

We should go too!

But Koshiro isn't even here.

Leomon! Take us there!



Please! Please!

Take us! Take us!

Pretty please!


Take us there!

The band is just for the school festival
but aren't they cool?

What were they called?


Oh! Koshiro-kun.


What's with the outfit?

I... ls something wrong with it?

I guess it's fine. Table for one?

For three, please.

Takeru-kun. Hikari-chan.

May we sit with you?

- Absolutely.
- Come on in!

Table for three!
Meimei, show them to their seats.

Y... Yes. This way, please.

Who's that girl?

She's so cute!

Mochizuki-san, that outfit
really suits you.

Wha? I... I'm not... That's...

Let me take your picture.

So cute!

Takeru-kun! What about me, huh? Me!

- It's cute on you too!
- Too? What do you mean, "too"!?

We're here, guys.

Just stay still and don't move...

So many great smells!

I want to go to Mimi's cafe!

We must behave.


I want to go!


Don't go around on your own!

Where did they go?

What smells!

Looks so good!

I want to eat!

You can't, not without money.

Do you have money?

No money. Flat broke.

And with all this food!

Step right up for
the Creepy-Cute Costume Contest!

The winner can eat anything served
at the school festival for free!

"For free"?

It means you don't need money.

That's it!

Thank you for a great performance.

Please give them
another round of applause!

Wow, so many people...

Now for entry number 20, Gama-chin!

I'm Goma, Go-ma-chin!


The next entry is
the very cute Meicoo-chan!

I'm Meicoo!

"From: Taichi Yagami" "Gomamon's here!
At our school festival!"

Yamato, glad I found you.
Agumon and the others seem to be here.

The Digimons?

Seems like they entered
the Creepy-Cute Costume Contest.

I have a practice game. Do you think
you could go check on them?

Got it.

You still haven't answered.

Why Omegamon's fusion was broken up.

Isn't it enough
that Alphamon was defeated?

I don't care when Omegamon broke up,
I want to know why.

At that time, between us two,

within you, there were doubts.
Isn't that why?


Now, after a hard-fought battle,

we announce the Creepy-Cute costume
that seized the top prize!

Hey guys! Is it true
that Biyomon's here too?

Apparently so.

Oh no!

And the winner is...


What about Gabumon?

Meicoo-chan, congratulations!

I'm so happy!

How cute!

I told you to keep sleeping!

But it seemed like such fun.

Congratulations! Mei-chan.

You said it!

Mei-chan! I want to eat yakisoba.

Right! It's free if we're
with Meicoomon, isn't it?

Hey, you guys.

People think you're kids in animal
costumes, so act a bit more unnatural.

Instead of natural?

Don't confuse us.



Why did you leave all of a sudden?

Did something make you unhappy?

It's not that.

Then what? You can't
have left for no reason.

Just leave me alone.

That's what you were saying to me,
wasn't it? To leave you alone.

That made you angry.

I'm not angry.

Then what? If you have
something to say, spit it out!

You're the one holding something in!


You can't say you don't want
to fight together anymore, can you?

I'm a hindrance to you.

It is a hindrance, yes.

I knew it.

But not you!

Why do we have to fight again?

Why is it always us?

Because you're the DigiDestined, right?

But why are we?

Why me!?

If there's fighting to be done,
people who want to fight should do it!

It's not like I want to fight.

Nor do I.
There are so many things I have to do!

That's why it's better
for me to keep away from you.

If I'm with you, then you have to fight.
That's what you think, isn't it?

I won't run away.

So you think I'm running away?

Do whatever you want.

Don't worry, I'll leave you alone.

I'll leave you...


Hey! Mei-chan, you can't talk.

I want to eat flan!

We should have gone with Agumon
and the others.

Sorry. Hang on a second.


Meimei! Showtime!

I can't dance any more!
I'm sorry!



Ah, well.

Give me a flan!
Mei, you're being mean!

Mei's so mean.

I did it!

Nice goal, Taichi!

Joe senpai?

Joe senpai!
Where's Gomamon?

I'm going home.

I have to study.

Why me? Why?

Someone give me a
reason that makes sense!

Wait here. I'll get you
a crepe or something.

You said it!

Meicoomon is gone?


"From: Koshiro Izumi"
"New distortion appeared."

Thank you very much!

What's wrong?

A distortion appeared.
Behind the school.

Oh no!

It's my fault. I let my guard down.

I made a mistake
leaving Meicoomon's side.





Let Meicoomon go!


What's wrong, Leomon?




Mei-chan! Mei-chan!

Mei-chan! Mei-chan!


What should we do?



I made it in. Mimi, I'll go.

Palmon, Wait!

I want to save Meicoomon.
You feel the same, right?

It'll be fine this time.


I'm going too.

- Gomamon!
- Gomamon!

- Leomon!
- Don't worry. Leave it to me.




Meicoomon's been taken by Ichijouji-kun!

Him again...? Why?

- It's...!
- Imperialdramon!

Something is wrong.

Let's go too!

But Gomamon and Palmon went through!

Why can't we?

The distortion's shut tight.

Some extraordinary force might be shutting
out penetration from the outside.

The distortion!

The distortion vanished.

We have to go it alone.


What the heck is happening, Koshiro?

Please wait. I'm trying to monitor
what's happening inside.

Here we go.


Hang on Meicoomon!
I promise I'll save you...


- It happened again!
- Again?

The same thing happened just now.

Could Leomon be infected?


Palmon evolution!


Needle Spray!

Togemon can't do it alone!

Damn! Can't we plunge in there somehow?

Is there no way to
go through this computer?

How about it, Koshiro?

I'm afraid not.


C'mon Gomamon, you can do it!

It's too much for Gomamon.

Gomamon has to evolve.

How embarrassing.


Drat! Why does this have to happen?

Joe senpai.

It's Gomamon.

Gomamon is fighting.

Joe senpai, you said
you wanted a reason, right?

A reason for what? For fighting?

Or a reason why we're the DigiDestined?

Joe senpai, you've forgotten
something important.

You and Gomamon were chosen
together as partners.

Do you need a reason for that?

Who cares about being an adult
or a child? You two are partners.



I think I'm done for.

Run, Gomamon!





I'm here now.

I was waiting.

Go, Gomamon!

Here I go.

Go, Gomamon!

Gomamon evolution!


Harpoon Vulcan!

Ikkakumon super evolution!


Hammer Spark!

Zudomon ultimate evolution!


Arctic Blizzard!

What's that one?
I never saw that evolution before.

Joe senpai.

I didn't need a reason.

Yet I made Gomamon wait forever
and kept putting him off.

Jikochu, I guess?

I think you're fine
that way too, Mimi-kun.

- Togemon!
- Mimi?

Give it all you've got!

Togemon super evolution!


Flow' Cannon!

Not done yet!

Lilymon ultimate evolution!


Forbidden Temptation!


They did it!

Here I come, Meicoomon!




Ichijouji. Why did he appear?

And Imperialdramon too?

Pukamon, you were amazing.


You both went into ultimate evolution.
What would cause that to happen?

Wait, could it be...?

"Know the darkness, and go beyond."

Could it be a prophecy
of ultimate evolution?


Is there something on my face?

It's nothing.

What's wrong, Meicoomon?
Everything's okay now.

Chin up!

C'mon, there's nothing to be afraid of.


What's happening?

What can be wrong.

It's... fine now...



Wait, Meicoomon!

What in the world?

What was that?

What the heck just happened?


You're fine with just leaving things
as they are now?

The distortion has closed
and we can do no more.

We must consider
our next course of action.

Why in the world did this happen?

The distortions began and the Infected
Digimons appeared for the same reason.

It is all due to...


♪ Something's slightly changed ♪

♪ within the scenery ♪

♪ I found ♪

♪ an ordinary power ♪

♪ A dream I once had ♪

♪ A voice I once heard ♪

♪ It's not a lie ♪

♪ I accept everything as it is ♪

♪ I guess things will
continue as they are ♪

♪ Although I feel
like going back ♪

♪ Even if you cry or smile ♪

♪ there are things
that won't change ♪

♪ So I'll join hands
with the ones ♪

♪ I trust and keep pressing on ♪

♪ In time, ♪

♪ anything is possible ♪

♪ So I'll join hands with those
I trust and keep pressing on ♪