Die in One Day (2018) - full transcript

After a failed marriage, Richard is in search of his daughter Mindy. He meets Sasha, an aspiring actress who promises to help him. But the hope to get some quick cash by performing in a 24 hours play soon turns out to be a bloody game.

- Hey.

Are you okay?

Are you okay?

- What the fu...

♪ Ha, ha, ha ha, haa

- I know.

I know.

I start my new job in a week.

You'll get your money back.


Do you remember me?

I've missed you so much.

So much.

Hey, slow down.

I brought you a whole packet.

It's okay.

- Stay here, I'll be right back.


- Paige.

- Spit that out!

I'm not going to waste
my money on medicine

if you get a stomach ache.

- You make me sick.

Eight years, eight years ago
you took her away from me

and for what?

So she can live in this dump?

And if that wasn't enough, she
still doesn't say a word.

Now that's all going to change.

- What's this?

- It explains just how bad
a mother you actually are.

You do realize they're
coming to pick her up.

- I've never seen a social
worker around here.

- I will not allow my daughter
to be taken into care.

Come on, Mindy.

- What do you think
you're doing?

- She's coming with me!

- She's not going anywhere!

- Why the fuck are you
pissing off my woman?

- I just want my daughter back.

I can give her a future.

Next week I'm starting
a new job, a good job.

- Just leave.

- Paige, just listen to me.

- Are you deaf?

Get the fuck out of here.

- You've tattooed her name.

Well I hope for you,
it's not permanent.

- You talk too much.

I am going to count to three.




- Okay.

Okay, I'm leaving.

I'll be back, sweetheart.

I promise.

Another one.

- Make it a double and
I'll have a beer.

Bad day?

It's on me.

- I'm Richard.

- To Richard and
Sasha, the strangers.

- Is it that obvious?

- Nobody here goes around
on a rented bicycle.

So, what brings you here?

- Family matters.

Unpleasant family matters.

- Well, if it's any consolation,

who doesn't have them?

- Yeah, life shits on everybody,

but with me, it had diarrhea.

I've made so many
mistakes in my life,

now I want to put things right.

I don't know where to begin.

- Are we talking about
a broken heart?

- No, the end of my
relationship was

one of the few good things
that happened to me.

Today my heart beats
for just one person.

And I'm happy to say, she
feels the same way too.

- Oh, she's beautiful.

Is this your daughter?

- Her name is Mindy.

And I need to get her
back at all costs.

- Do you want to talk about it?

Come on, I can help
you take your mind

off things for a while.

- You're not one of those...

- No, of course I'm not.

- Okay.

- To Mindy.

- To Mindy.

I haven't enjoyed
myself this much since,

I can't even remember
the last time.

Perhaps this is what
we really need,

the simple things in life,

without ulterior motives.

Like tonight.

Thank you.

- Why don't you hire a lawyer?

A good one.

You are her father.

A lawyer could help
to get her back.

- Sasha, I'm still paying back
the debts my ex-wife ran up.

I don't know when I'll be
able to afford a lawyer.

What an idiot.

- I can help.

I can help to get
the money you need.

- Yeah, right.

- 25,000.

- What?

- 25,000 euro.

Is that enough?

- What are you talking about?

- Tomorrow there is a new
theatrical format nearby,

where a group of
aspiring actors will be

closed inside a
theater for 24 hours,

a whole day of pure
improvisation with no script.

It's incredible and
the best part is,

the actor who gives
the best performance

wins the cash prize.

- That sounds too
good to be true.

- But it is.

I've been chosen
to take part and

you could come with
me tomorrow morning.

- Why would they
let me take part?

I mean, I don't even
know how to act.

- Come on, I'm sure they'll
give you a chance because

well, I don't think
it's actually legal

seeing as I found it looking for
easy money in the deep web.

- If it's illegal, how do
you know they'll pay you?

- I think there must be
some clandestine gambling.

I'd have more doubts
if it was legal.

Just give it a try.

When will you get another
occasion like this?

What do you have to lose?

- Morning.

- Good morning.

- Well, are you coming with me?

This should be the place.

Sorry, it's my fault, but
he's perfect for the show.

He's an outsider too, he's...


- I can see him.

We need to make a change.

- Listen, are you
sure about this?

And I didn't like the
look of that guy.

- Be a little more
optimistic and

everything will work out fine.

It's called the law
of attraction.

- Yeah, if you say so.

- I told you that...

Ah right, the rules.

See? Not that bad.

- Well, certainly better
than the outside.

- Hey guys, come over here.

I'm Debbie.

- I'm Richard.

- Sasha, pleased to meet you.

And you?

- Kurt.

- Uh, where are you from?

- It's not important
where I'm from,

but where I'm headed.

And you?

Where are you from?

- I'm English.

- And you?

- Ukraine.

- That's not a joint, is it?

- It's not important what
it is, but how it smokes.

Why don't you get a life.

- Uh, calm down.

- Move, get down!

Everybody goes to the
center of the stage.

You, on your knees.

I said on your knees!

- What's going on?

- Shut the fuck up!

Look at me.

Look at me!

- No, no, please.

- This is a fucking farce.

- Well done.

A wonderful performance,

but let me introduce myself.

I'm the director and my
audience greatly appreciated

this little introduction
and they want to see more,

so please, continue.

- Did you hear that?

They're giving me compliments.

Did you see my performance?

- Performance?

You nearly shit yourself.

Oh no, please.

Eh, fuck this bullshit.

I'm leaving.

- Come on, let's go.

- You have just met
mask number one

and mask number two, who
together with three other masks

will form the team of hunters.

So please, accept my apologies
for not having been

completely sincere with you.

But then again, without
a little deception,

there would have been no
fun for our audience.

- What the fuck's going on?

- I don't know.

- Ladies and gentlemen,

you are the actors of future.

I am pleased to inform you,

that thanks to this
opening performance,

the winner's prize has
increased to 100,000 euros,

which will be divided
by those who manage

to stay alive until
tomorrow morning.

However, in order to win
the money, you, the prey,

have to eliminate the
team of hunters.

But the hunters will
share the money

if they manage to
eliminate all of you.

On one condition, they
have to take their time

and be creative in order to make
the show more entertaining.

And you as their prey,

should know that we have
cameras everywhere.

- We're not safe here.

- So searching for a
hiding place is pointless.

- We need to get out.

- Wait.


Didn't you hear him?

- Welcome to the one, the only,

theatrical team death match.

Die in one day.

Let the massacre begin.

- Jesus, you're frightening.

- If you think about it,
we have an advantage.

- Which is?

- Like he said, they can't
kill us right away.

- Your definition of advantage
leaves a lot to be desired.

- I know it's brutal, but...

- Listen.

I have no intention of getting
killed, not now nor later.

- Fuck, fuck.
- Hey.

- Hey, over there.

What I was trying to tell you is

we have a chance
to win the money.

- Shit.



- Richard, I'm being serious.

- So am I.

I was always told to
keep out of trouble.

- It's a lot of money.

Think about Mindy.

- What's happening?

- Come on.


- Do you think we
should help her?

- Look.


- Run, Sasha, run!

- Fuck.

- Communication to the hunters,

a bonus will be awarded
if you manage to

eliminate one of the two
remaining contestants

in the next few minutes.

But remember, it has
to be done with style.

- You've tattooed her name.

Why him?

Tell me.

Why him?

What the fuck does
all this mean?



- Fuck.

- Come on you fucking freak.

Bring it on!

- Richard?

- Don't touch me.

Stay away from me.

This, what does it mean?

- It's...

- You knew about this from
the start and you set me up.

- I can explain.

- What?

What can you explain?

- It's not what you think.

I mean, yes, I
knew who you were,

and I did everything to
get you to take part,

but I swear, I didn't know
that this would happen.

I thought it was just a game.

I know, I made a mistake.

With the letter too.

I did it for Mindy.

- Leave my daughter out of this!

- She may be your daughter,
but she's also my sister.

My name is Sasha,
short for Alexandra.

Paige is my mother.

I'm her first child.

- I knew she'd been married
before in Russia...

- Ukraine.

- I didn't know she
had a daughter.

- Of course you didn't.

When I was 13, she sold
me to start a new life.

When I finally found
her six months ago,

I discovered that
I had a sister.

We immediately became close.

I go to visit her every
time she's alone.

And she is also so
sweet, so innocent.

I swore to myself that
what happened to me

would never happen to her.

And I tried everything to
get her away from Paige,

but it was useless.


forgive me.

I just wanted to improve
our chances of winning.

- Sasha...

- Richard!


- Me.

We are not that different.

I do it for the money too.

- You're nothing but
a sick bastard.

- Yeah, I'm a sick fuck.

And you know what I'm
going to do when I win?

I will sell that little bitch
to the first pedo I can find.

But, your mother was
wrong about one thing.

She said you weren't a worth
shit compared to your sister,

but today, you are
worth a fortune.

- For you two, money
is never enough.

- Shh,



Now it's your turn.

- Stop.

If there is one thing
I can not stand,

it is seeing my simple
rules being broken.

You can not eliminate
one of your teammates.

My audience isn't
paying for this.

They are paying to
enjoy the show.

- Fuck you and fuck your rules!

I want my...

- Run.


- I bet you are thinking
about Mindy right now.

So am I.

- Go to fucking hell.

- Sasha.

- I don't want to die.

I don't want to die.

- Finally alone, eh?

Eh bitch?!

- Debbie!


Did you like the show,
mother fuckers?

The day we give them
back to each other again

will be the day I take
you away from here.

I'm here to report
a missing person.

- When?

- When?

When she went missing?

Uh, this morning or
perhaps yesterday.

I'm not sure.

- Fill this in.

- You should be ashamed
of yourselves.

Forget it.

I'll go elsewhere, assholes.

- Hello?

- I served her up
to you on a plate

and you didn't
manage to kill her.

I also lost Vinnie.

I want compensation now.

- You will receive much more
than you can possibly imagine.

We are taking the show
to the next level.

- And what makes you
think she'll come back?

- Oh, she'll come back.

Because she is the best
player we ever met.

And you, you are going to sell
me what she is looking for.