Die Liebe der Kinder (2009) - full transcript

Two single parents decide to move in together and their two teenage children fall in love.

Bad choice?

No. no. it's not bad.

It's too good actually.

I already have it.

Can I get you something?

A beer, please.
- Large, small?

Large, please.
- I'm fine.

Oh. wait. I'll have a small one.

You are exactly what...
exactly how I thought...

how I thought you'd be...

You really are.

And you want me to believe that?

Do you do this often?


Date people you've met on the internet?


I told you this was the first time.
I wrote you that.

Of course.

That's the huge... What do you call it...

entrance hall...
with the marble staircase.

Carrara marble.

And here the beautiful
ancestral portrait gallery.

And here. there's a couch.
This is our living room.


Very important.
Tiled stove.

A real one?
- Yes.

Here, there's a computer.

What's that?

This... is you.

On the internet, symbolically speaking.

Can I get you anything else?

Yes... do you rent rooms?

We don't. but there's a motel
across the street.

This is ridiculous.

I think I'd better go now.

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

Okay, let's go.

Can I kiss you?

Would you hold my bag for a minute?
- Sure.

Is that your truck?


You cut down trees? Is that what you do?

Yes. Someone has to.
otherwise things would get overgrown.

In your first e-mail you wrote

that you worked for an
environmental organization...

That you were a biologist.

Yes. Well... not exactly.

Oh, you know...

there's a couple of things
I'd like to tell you.

...better to just end it now

though I think you smell
really good and have beautiful hands.

I just think we're not really compatible.

So. I guess that's that.

Good luck. M.

I'm looking for Maren.

Maren Sellin?

You forgot something.



How do you even know where I live?

May I come in?

Yes. Please.

Well. I went to...
the library you told me about.

Would you like something to drink?
- Yes, please.

No, don't touch that. It's a first edition.
I shouldn't even have it here.

You can only touch it with gloves.
- I'm sorry.

I didn't know.
That's quite something.

You know...

I like you.

Is that your daughter there?


She's very pretty.

And she looks smart. Just like her mother.

You don't have to flatter me.

You don't like getting compliments.
I admire you for that.

Okay, let's start back there.

This is my bedroom.

It's a bit of a mess.

Mine is worse.

This is sort of a storage room.

I'll clean it out some day.
- Wait a minute.

It's a nice room, actually.
- It's okay.

I think it is.

And it's Daniel's cave over here.
- Do you iron?

Yes, occasionally.

That doesn't look much better.
- No. I'd rather wait till he's home.

I don't want to intrude.
- Well, you'll have a long wait.

He doesn't spend much time here.

Excuse me, I'll be right back.

Are the roses from your garden?

- They're beautiful.

Thank God. I was beginning to think
you had no books here at all.

The rest are in the attic.
Packed away in boxes.

- Yes.

Why's that?

I just thought I could clear some space.

I'll bring them back down here
again some time.

I see.

Oh, my dentist has the same one.
- Has he?

I was there the day before yesterday.

It was a present... From Italy, I think.

Funny place you've got here.
- It is?

Would you like a glass of wine?

Red wine?
- Red wine.

Was that the small guy?
Square jaw, Latin type?


With blue eyes.
- Yes. I remember him.

He was here the other day. He asked
how much a ticket to the library costs.

He did what?

Well, why not.

And what's the hurry?

I don't know.

It was one of those rare encounters in life.

He seems so...

refreshingly grown-up.

Be careful, you two.

So what does he do?
- What do you mean?

I mean professionally.

I don't know what you call it...

He designs gardens.

Landscape architect?
- Right.

Right, that's what they Cal it?



What about here?
- Don't even try.

And here?


No. Not a chance.


Let's call it a day.

I'll get us something to drink.

Come over here.

Hold this, please.

I'm sure they won't mind if we sample
a little bottle from their collection.

You know, I'm going to have a daughter.

I didn't even know you were seeing...

No, no. It's not what you think, but...

my daughter is already sixteen.


You see. I've met this woman...

She works at a library...

she has this daughter...

and we're moving in together.


That might be a bit heavy for you.
- It's all right.

Don't strain yourself.

Do you need help?
- No. I'm fine.

Where does this go?
- You know what?

Just throw it over here so I don't
have to see this damn thing any more.

That's strange.
The CD worked fine yesterday.

I'm such an idiot.
I can't even connect a simple CD player.

Why don't you try my player?
Maybe the CD isn't the problem.

That'd be great. I'll be over in a minute.

Okay, see you soon.

Great. It works.

Yeah. I can burn you a copy
that'll work on your player, too.

Listen to that.

Would you draw my picture some time?


I'd like to give it to a friend.

Yeah. sure.

Ouch! My foot!

Oh, you're kidding.

Can you carry my bag?

I always have to carry your bag.

Is this one Euro or one fifty?

Wow. unbelievable.

You're ruining us.

Here you go.

Do you smoke?


That was bad.

I'm a bit tired.

Could you do a job for me next Thursday?

Thursday is good.
- It's because of the tree.

Robert said you're writing a book.

What's it about?

Well it's sort of complicated.

It's a scientific subject.
You can't really give a quick synopsis.

It's your turn.

I don't feel like it.

Then I'll play for you.

It's about a 19th century
evolutionary scientist.

Almost no one's ever heard of him.

That's really interesting.

I think biology is really interesting.
I watch all the biology programs on TV.

I don't mean animal films.

I mean those films where it's really
about the origin of life and everything.

I think that's great.

Come on. Let's dance.
- I don't know.

I'll show you.

We dance and leave them alone
with their stupid darts.

I'm going dancing.

Oh. no.

Oh. shit! Shit! Shit!

What's the matter?
- That's Mira's favourite yoghurt.

We're in big trouble.

No. not in the ass.

I think a small publishing house
would be more suitable for you.

A big science publishing company might
pay a better advance than a small firm.

But they might sit on your book
for a while.

Okay, got it. Understood.

So, you're at home these days.

And what are you planning on doing
when the book is finished?

I haven't thought about that yet.

But I'm enjoying it. I'm doing fine.

Well, let me just say:
We could use someone like you.

You'd be a real asset for us.

A real asset? How do you mean?

I'll think about it.

Yes, please think about it.

I'm sorry. I just wanted to e-mail...

Inga, sweetheart! How are you?
- What're you doing here?

Long time no see.
- Well, I've been busy.

So I've heard.

How about a drink sometime?

- How 'bout tonight?

Not tonight. Next week?
- Yeah, sure. I'm busy now anyway.

How's your parents' elm tree?
- I don't know ask them yourself.

Give me a call. Bye.
- Okay. Next week, for sure.


I hate cell phones.
Especially these idiotic ring tones.

Who needs them anyway?

Did you really throw it out?


Okay. Once more from the top.

Good evening.

Maren Sellin. hello.

Nice to meet you.


Hello. I'm Mira.

This is for you.

Thank you very much.

Please come in and sit down.

What do you think of all this commotion
about Iran having an atomic bomb?

Their uranium enrichment facility?

I haven't really been following
the news much lately.

No? Well, I think it's outrageous.

In my opinion it's like this:

Of course they're going to say, "If you have
a nuclear weapon, we want one, too."

Don't you think?

And you can't really argue with that.

On the other hand...

just imagine they had one,
an atomic bomb.

That's a much less pleasant prospect.
Don't you think, Robert?

I think that has to be said.

And what sort of work do you do, Maren?

At this moment, professionally...
- Maren is writing a book.

That's not definite yet, Robert.

But you met with that publisher...

No, he isn't a publisher.
just someone for advice.

I'm going to bed.

Me too.


Sleep well, in your bed...

That's quite something,
off to bed so early.

Those two must take
their school work seriously.

You would never have done that.


You don't take a whole lot of interest
in your son, do you?

I do. Why?

Don't you have any idea
what's going on here?


You haven't noticed that your son
is having a relationship with my daughter?


There's nothing wrong with that, is there?

They're practically adults.
- It doesn't bother you?

They must be in love.

Just like us.

There's a big bang, and an enormous
amount of energy is released.

But the energy level of the
two fused particles is much lower...

than the energy of each particle
on its own. You get it?

The energy is released in the form of light.

Yeah... No.

That's not what I mean.

I think it's the same with human beings.

They meet, there's a big explosion...

they're both radiant...

but then at some point
it just goes, 'phhh'.

And they just let themselves go,
and then they just shuffle around.

'that fifty percent or more
of American marriages go bust...

because most of us
no longer have extended families.

When you marry somebody these days,
all you get is one person.

I say when couples fight,
it isn't about money or sex or power.

What they're really saying is:
You're not enough people!'

Yes, I fell asleep, didn't I?

I'm sorry.

I'm really tired.

Okay: 'What the spouses...'
- Can't we pick it up again tomorrow?

Yes, okay.

Are you coming?

No, I'll stay and read for a while.

Do you want to start your
birthday party the night before?

I don't know why we're leaving
early the next morning.

I'm driving.

Is Simone coming, too?

I've told you three times already.
Yes, she's coming.


- Night.

So, you didn't get much sleep
last night, did you?

Be careful. She's a crafty one.

But I can understand you.

She's got a twinkle in her eye.

Can't you just shut up for once?

Pardon me. sir.

You could have told me earlier.

Yes. I could have.

I ran into Mr. Sartori yesterday.

You haven't been to your
music lesson for five weeks.

So what?

What's that supposed to mean?
- That's none of your business, is it?

Come on.

I'm sorry.

Did they play all four acts?

How do you mean?

Oh. I see... Because he kills himself...

Excuse me.
- Hello, gorgeous.

Hello. Stefan!

What are you doing here?

Hello. I'm Maren.
- Marie.

I'm sorry, this is my best friend Simone.

So how did you like it?

Marie did the set design.

Really? The set was great.

How did you keep the fog from
drifting into the auditorium?

You kept thinking it would come
floating towards you. It stinks...

Weren't we going to go for a drink?

Marie. hello.

Stefan. Pleased to meet you.

We'll talk next week.

Why don't you join us?

I don't know. Where are you going?

Just around the corner. To The Belfast.

I just wanted to...
- What's that?

An Irish pub.
- Oh, why not.

Sounds like an exotic location.
I'm up for it.

If it's okay with you...

Okay, come along then.

Your coat.

I want to sing something
from Robbie Williams.

Go for it.

Here! 'Son of a Preacherman',
Dusty Springfield.

I know that one.

No practising... You'll spoil it for later.

I'll sing Lilly Love, 'Waiting for Tonight'.

I don't sing.
- Neither do I.

Then I'll sing twice.
- What are you singing?

It's a surprise.

We go and sign up, okay?

It's a birthday present.

Okay. What are you going to sing?

It was the only kibbutz in Germany.
In the fifties and into the sixties.

Really? I've never ever heard of that.
- Because it's total rubbish.

Oh, you're twisted.
- I read a book about it.

Can I have a sip?

You're crazy.

No, but I really do pick wild mushrooms.

Oh well. excuse me. but so do I.

- Yes.

Strange coincidence.

Shall we go together some time?

Collecting mushrooms?

Of course, collecting mushrooms.
- I'd love to.

So. how did we do?

When did you start drinking whisky?

I just took a sip of Stefan's.

I've really missed this.


The sea?

You could at least try.

I don't speak Dutch.

Then speak English.

This isn't a German colony, you know.

It's not an English colony, either.

At best I could speak Spanish.

After all, this was Spanish territory
in the 17th century.

That's not funny.

It's ignorant.

I think it's ignorant.

Bacon pancake.
- Thank you.

And an apple pancake. Here you go.

Excuse me. May I ask you a question?

Is it a problem for you
that I ordered in German?

No. not at all.

It's better than the crap Dutch
that most Germans speak around here.

Thank you. That's all I wanted to know.
- You're welcome.

I'm sorry. That wasn't nice.

This is your day.

Is there anything I can do
to make you happy?

Yes. Get me a nice drink.
- Okay.

What about you two?
Would you like a drink?

I'd love to.

What gave you the idea
to write a book about Wallace?

I think it's unjust that
Wallace has been forgotten.

Everyone thinks it was Darwin's
discovery alone.

It wasn't always like that.

It's because of the way Wallace was.

He didn't mince his words.
So he ruffled a lot of feathers.

The church. medicine. the state.
the establishment... everyone.

If you subtract everything someone's
done to offend other people...

pushing things too far...

What remains defines
what is actually remembered of him.

Do you understand?
- Yes, I understand.


But soon your book will be out
and will change all that.


That looks good.

Here's where I used to find...
This isn't a bad spot.

Let's go that way. I think the year
before last I found, sort of...

I've got one.

Oh. there are four of them... Five!

That has lamellae. They're inedible.

Yes, right. Now that you mention it...

Are there ticks around here?

Of course there are ticks.
- Really?


Watch out!

Let me see.

You really want to keep this one?


That's an old rotten bay bolete.

- You can't eat that, it's full of maggots.

Then just leave it there.
- Yes, I certainly will.

Stefan, could it be
that you're clueless about mushrooms?

I don't know if our relationship
is ready to bear the truth.

I go traipsing through the woods with you

and you don't have a clue...
I mean, we could just go for a walk.

I'll call you.

Do you remember the first time we met?
At Peter's birthday party?

You also said you'd call.
But you never did.

That wasn't the first time we met.
- Yes. it was.

Think about it. I'll call you.



But you don't like classic?

Was that Beethoven?


Don't you want to know where I was?


That's gross, isn't it? How tacky.

The man from behind and the woman
crouched down like a toilet bowl.

Nude except for boots.
Pure male fantasy, don't you think?

Why do men go to brothels, anyway?
What's the big attraction?

What do I know? Ask them.

But Robert used to go out with a prostitute,
or something like that.

What do you mean, 'something like that'?

He says some of them are really nice.


Well, you know, just normal...

Of course they're nice.
They're insanely well paid to be nice.

Why did he tell you about it, anyway?

I felt a bit strange, too.

A bit?

It wasn't dirty or something.

So you'd go to a brothel, too,
just because daddy did?

No. I didn't say that.

Why not? They're so nice
and your father dated one.

No, I wouldn't go to a brothel.
- But it's really not so bad as they're so nice.

Besides, it's much too expensive.

Oh, but if you had the money, no problem!


I don't care if everyone hears that
my boyfriend would go to a brothel.

It's perfectly normal, isn't it?
You don't see anything wrong with it.

After we met for the first time
at the rest stop...

were you ever with another woman?

What, what do you mean,
'with another woman'?

If you were with another woman?

If I was with another woman?

It's not so difficult to understand. is it?

You mean, right at the beginning?

What gave you that idea?

It doesn't matter. I'd just like to know.

Now you'd like to...

We're not teenagers any more.

That's bullshit.

That was ages ago.

German hip hop, techno...

I'm talking about real music,
something like...

Madonna or The Beatles.
Robbie Williams or...

flamenco, something like that.

Something like that doesn't exist here,
because of the War.

Oh, no! The War is always
your big excuse.

What do you mean, 'your'?
You're German too.


You have a German passport, don't you?

Yes, but a passport doesn't
define a person's identity.

It's also the first time I'm together
with someone who isn't my best friend.

He's my lover.

It's great with him in bed, it's really great.


It's just so uncomplicated.

I think, I could...
if he were to cheat on me...

or I were to cheat on him...

you wouldn't have to tell each other.
But I think it wouldn't be so terrible.

When you're not so close, then...


I don't know.
You just feel more free somehow.

It's easier to see the humour in things,
your always hungry for more.

You're less attached.
less glued to each other.

You have a little more distance and...

You haven't said anything.
- What I think...

I can't imagine living with someone...

I couldn't talk to about everything.

Do you want children?
- Who?

You and Robert.

I'm forty.


I always have the feeling
you need a different woman.

I can't give you what you need.

Something is missing in our relationship.

There's always something missing.

I have to go now. See you later.


'see you later'?
- See you tonight.

- Bye.

Is that my Anna Karenina?

Look what it look's like?

You may borrow my things, but only...

Books are for reading,
not for sitting on shelves.

I know that.

You and your book fetish.
You'd rather no one ever touched them.

At least this one looks like it's
actually been read.

Good, you buy me a new one with your money.

And my blouse you wear, take it off,
I didn't gave you permission.

You're just jealous.
- What?

Of us.
- I beg your pardon?

The way you met says it all:

Educated woman seeks
man with humble background.

That's totally embarrassing.

Give me this book.

You're way out of your depth.

Have you ever thought you've met
Daniel because I live with Robert?

Here, please...
you don't understand it anyway.

Will you marry me?

Yes, I'll marry you.

But I don't want to live like our parents.

So un-political and ignorant.

I just want to live a normal life.

Maybe with some land, and animals.

We can go somewhere where it's warm.

Somewhere way down south.

I'd help you at harvest time.

Being here just makes you sick.

Everyone just thinks of their career.

That has nothing to do with love.

Will we try these?


Here you go.
- Thank you.

Left. The engagement finger is
on your left hand.

Is this okay?

What's the matter now?

I'm not going.

I hate couples' evenings.

And I don't like darts. either.
- Yes.

Yvonne and Mark aren't a couple.

Maybe they will be.

Okay, see you later.

See you later.

I'm sorry I'm a little late.

Have you ordered already?
- Yes. starters.

So, what are you having?
- Goat cheese.

I'll have the 'Assiette Orientale'...

and a glass of 'Entre-Deux-Mers'.

All right then, spit it out.

The suspense is killing me.

What's the big occasion?

We're going to get married.

And we're going abroad.

Where to?

The Ukraine.
- Near Odessa.


And how do you plan to earn a living?

I'll get a job.
- A job?

Oh, right. They're just waiting for you.

They've got jobs en masse down there.

I'll give German lessons.

German lessons, nice. For one Euro an hour?

We don't need much to live.

And a lot of things we can ourselves.

Sure. And what's all this?
Who's paying for all this?

You've got to be kidding.

Thanks for the invitation.
- What about finishing school?

You've completely lost your marbles.

We love each other.

Unlike you two.

Elsewhere is everything green...

and... peculiar.


I think they even have antlers.

- At least I think so.

You okay?

Just fine.

You know that feeling, that...

that you long for a simple life?

For common people?

You just live... you get up, go to work...

and you have a husband, a common guy...

Completely irrelevant.
- children, a car, taking vacations together.

Mentally, you're choosing for this.

That's irrelevant.

And you're waiting
for your life to begin, tomorrow.

Tomorrow, your real life will begin.

And then you're meeting with men...

wearing big glasses...
- Okay, okay.

I don't need to graduate.
- We'll see about that.

Whose idea was Odessa anyway?


I can hardly imagine that you came up
with the idea on your own.

Some people make
their decisions together.

Yes, for me as an outsider...

it looks as though Mira plays
the pipe and you follow along.

Do you even know why she wants
to go to Odessa?

It doesn't matter.
She wants and so do I.

Yes, you're totally obedient to her.

You just don't get it.

You just do your mindless work day in
and day out with people like Jurgen.

You're easily hurt.

But just remember:
the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Can you turn off that noise.

I have just as much right
to listen to music as you do.

Now that you're earning your own money
you can move out.

Then you can listen to that whining
as much as you like.

- What?

- You don't talk to your father like that!

You fucking idiot.
What the hell are you doing?

What's wrong with you?
- Are you nuts, man!?

Hey. calm down.
- Fucking idiot.

Haven't scored recently, have you?

Are you mental?
- What's wrong with you, Robert?

Piss off, tree faggot!
- Get lost! Stop it!

Kiss my ass, moron!

Have you ever trusted me?

Yes, I always trust you.
- When?

I always trust you.
- When?

I trust you, but that's not the point.

Do you now?
- I trust you.

No you don't. You're just like your mother.

She always tried to talk you out of things.
That's why you're still alone at forty.

You know what my mother wanted to talk me out?

You she wanted to talk me out of you.
And I didn't let her.

It's the best decision I ever made
and of course I trust you.

That's not what it's all about.

And why should I listen to you then?
- Because...

Because you're...
- You didn't let your mother influence you.

Let me live my own life.

I was much older than you, I had my
studies. I had options to choose from.

I wasn't sixteen or seventeen.
I had a choice.

You don't understand everything yet.

You don't understand everything, Mira.

Believe me. All I want is that
you to take some time.

Marry Daniel, in one, two, three, four,
five years time. You can still marry him.

I'm sorry I'm not there.

I have a meeting with Mr Hagen.

He suggested that I...
- That's not really the issue here, is it?

So what would you like to talk about?

About how you've been cheating on me?

That you've been screwing around
with your publisher behind my back?

You want to talk about that?

Yes, perhaps.
- Okay, fire away.

So. what does he then?

Does he take his glasses off to fuck?

Does he practise theory of evolution. or what?

What? Now I want to know.

Come on.

Okay, I need another woman,
you need a different man.

What do you want me to do now?

Should I play the jealous lover,
or slap you, or what?

Yeah, slap me.
- But I don't want to.

Go on, get out of here!
And take your lunatic daughter with you.

My daughter has nothing to do with this.

Do you think my son came up
with the idea of going to Odessa?

What is he supposed to do there?

What are you thinking, what are you thinking?

Go on, get out of here!

And you shouldn't come back.

It's me.

I just wanted to say
I'll be at Simone's place.

And I'll stay here until I found something.

And If there's anything important
or something...

about Mira or school or anything...
you can reach me there.

Okay. See you later.

Is it clear that your inheritance...

was meant to be spent
on a sound investment?

Yes. but I'm sure Grandma
wouldn't have minded.

Your grandma had good
reason for insisting...

that until you're eighteen you need
a signature of one of us.

You don't have to sign it. I'm just asking...

Dass is spelled with ss.

Not anymore.

For God's sake, go ahead.
Be happy.

And when did you decide?

A few days ago.

But why?

So what now?

I'll share a flat in town
with Claudia and Antje.

Hello, Jurgen.
- Hey, boss.

How are you?

Good. thanks.

I'm sorry about last week.

That's all right.

You can finish for today?

I'm making good progress
and so I don't need an extra day tomorrow.

See you later, then.

See you tomorrow.

It's been a long time.

Yes. Almost a year?
- I wouldn't know.

I think it's been more than a year.

I heard about your book.
I'm sorry we couldn't make it. We...

We were just talking about it.
I can send you one, signed.

I'd better get back to work.

You look great.

You do too.

So, where are you staying
while you're in town?

At Simone's. I couldn't bear
staying with my mother.

Is Mira with you?

No... difficult age, she doesn't
travel with me any more.

Difficult age.
- Difficult age.

We can look forward to that.

Oh, yes, you can.

So, the new guy... What's his name?

Robert's his name.

Robert. We've been meaning to visit you,
but it's so hard to get organized...

Do you actually know...

that I never used to be in love like that?

You were the love of my life, in a way.

Did you know that?

It was really bad that summer.


Wouldn't you like to sleep
with me just once?


I'll just go ask.

I'm sorry.

When you stand in front of it, it's so...
majestic, and she was our tour guide.

A delightful woman. So helpful and friendly,
she always smiled.

But over there, they're all like that.

They always smile,
don't have a thing but smile.

Of course the weather's always nice.

I've even considered staying over there.

And these are two from our group.
This one's an architect and this one...

a molecular biologist, with him
you could've nice conversations.

And that's...

here... that's Antje.

I was staying in a private home...

I kinda helped them financially,
you know, support.

Their little baby was born during my stay,
and they made me its godmother.

At first I said no, but then I thought:
Oh no, I've offended them...

so now there's a little black girl
named Antje.

Here, these are the parents.


Were you ever really in love?



I mean I loved your father... at first.

And before that?

I was shy, it's not like today.

You can't even imagine,
now with cell phones and internet...

and zip zap, and then after a nice therapy
you're ready to start all over again.

After 22 years.
- 22?

You're right. They got together
in high-school. Oh God, that's ages...

At the prom, right?
- Yes.


I'll call her tomorrow.

Oh, God! I have to get up at seven...

take the kids away. Damn!

Can I help?
- No, go ahead and sleep.

Let's go.

I'm always happy having you here again.

And you're welcome to stay
until you've found a new place.

Do you need fresh bed linen?

No. I'm fine.
- Okay.

Sleep well.
- Yes, sleep well.

Tell me...
- Yes?

Did you like his smell?

I mean...


But that's great, isn't it?



Will you join me for a drink?

So you really wanna go to the Ukraine?


By the way...
Mark has a buddy down there...

He's got some kind of a farm.
I could call him.

Maybe he can fix you up with something.

You've got school break anyway.

So you can decide if you wanna stay there
or come back and finish school.


I like you much better like this.

We should catch a movie together
before you leave.

Now that we're both single.

Do you still miss your mother sometimes?

Me too.

Take care, good luck.

If you decide to stay longer,
I'll come visit you.

Don't think you can
get rid of me so easily.


Good luck!


They're renovating.
- Yes, or tearing it down.

Could be.

What does it say?

Under construction.

I guess we can't go in then.

Why, we could try in the back.

This way?

Over there, I think.
- Of course, that way.