Die Heiden von Kummerow und ihre lustigen Streiche (1967) - full transcript

Children reviving an old heathen ritual by standing in the frigid waters of the Baltic Sea; the one standing in the longest shall be referred to as the king of Kummerow.

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This is the story of
the Heathen of Kummerov.

A story of
bright and gloomy events.

Of acts of love
and good will.

Of weakness and malice.

It has contributed
to the First World War.

Away from the big world.

In Kummerow.

(Barking and growling)


(Barking and growling)

Did you have to wait for me?

Yes, old rascal, you.

That's fine.

(Orchestral music)

(Orchestral music)

Am I drunk,
or can I not see more?

The cowherd is back in the village.

It always comes in the spring.

Thou shalt not see thyself here!

Did you say, Muller Düker,
but the mayor said:

in spring you will come again."

You do not stay long here.

You may be right - until Michaelis,
that goes fast.

He is not afraid of you.
- You're flying out today! Come on.

Ah, come on.



Take a lot of paste so that
the potter can stick properly.

Yeah, yeah.

Be careful, he comes.

Away quickly.

Man, the Pastor and the Super.

What do they want here?

Here you go.

Sit down, children.

We have an important visitor.

The superintendent and the
pastor have come.

I wanted to wish you a happy
Easter and ask:

Who is the first one this year?

Martin Gambauer. - Aha.
Please take a seat. - Thank you.

Martin Grambauer, come forward.

A little bit faster, please.

You are the first in the class,
I congratulate. - Thank you.

Because you are the first, will you be a
church boy, will you enjoy it? - Yes.

Of course that pleases him.

You will be a good church boy,

you're the namesake of Saint Martin.

- That was a pious and mild-mannered man.

One day in winter Saint Martin

met in the forest a beggar who was
freezing, because the beggar was naked.

Completely naked?
-Surely not quite, but he froze tremendously.

With the sword, Saint Martin cut
his coat into two parts.

He gave one half to the beggar.
-How's that?

He should have given
him his cloak altogether.

He did not cut it in the middle.

So he smothered the beggar with his half.

He probably did not cut from top to bottom.

So cross?
- Well, maybe.

Who got the upper part, with the sleeves?

Surely the knight has kept him,
as a beautiful Joppa.

The beggar has got the snippet.


Krishan is here!

Yesss! Krischan!

Sit down! Rest, their bonds!

On your marks! Sit down!

Sit down!

Are you going to sit down?
Hurry up!

Where is that?

Excuse me, this is terribly embarrassing.

Who is this Krischan?
- The cowherd.

He has been coming every spring
for eleven years.

We can not compete, Mr. Kannegießer.

When I am blessed,
I will also be cowherd.

Not so loud.
- That's excellent.

Are you allowed?
- Please.

Tell me, what is your name, my boy?
- Bärensprung, Mr. Superintendent.

Well, you have a huge name.

Do you have a first name?
- I am called John.

Like the beloved disciple of our Lord.

Is your father John also?
- I do not know.

Forgive me...
- Let him think of it.

So your mother, how does your father call?

Not at all.

If you do not shut up,
I'll thump you one down.

My dear brother, goodness.

Come back here.

Mr. Superintendent ...
- Just leave.

You can not give up so quickly.

Well, did you think of your father?

He has no father.

Oh. Oh, now I understand.

I am sorry that I have stirred your pain.

He is illegitimate.
- The donkey has lost the gallop.

I say that to grandfather.

Calm down, my son.
- I'm not your son.

Stop, stay here!

Very unpleasant.

Why did you not tell me?

Yes I...
- So please.

School's out.

I wish you all a happy Easter.

Go now.


What is it? You can go.
- Wait a moment!

If I am caught by the heathen,
the merciful God.

- Yes, Pastor.

My wife has prepared something.

I hope your time allows it.
- With the greatest pleasure.

Mr. Kannegießer,
I congratulate your school children.

They make a good impression,
thank you very much.

My dear sir.

If you had the kindness and ...
- A moment!

Did I get dirty?

- What is it?

The attention was probably mine.

The gang has no respect.
- Give it to me.

Let's see what's going on.
But this sticks very much.

"Happy Easter Mr. Kannepisser".

I think you mean Kannegießer?

Actually yes, but not for the children.

We must find the perpetrators.
- But, sir, my dear brother.

Humor, Humor, Humor.

Always humor.


Today is Heidendöpen.

I know, that's why I'm here.
- Where were you in winter?

I went to my castle
to take care of everything.

Did you bring us something?
- Yes, a sack full of precious stones.

Show me!

That comes later, that will come later.

Hey, Strolch, do not go out
on the cow pasture.

I'll make sure you leave Kummerow today.

What has the miller got against you?
- He wants to razzle me.

Can he chase you out?
- He can try.

If he says something against me, I'll
say something against him.
- What?

I'm not saying that.

- Yes?

I became the first.

Are the others even more stupid than you.
- Maybe.

And I am also a church boy.

Is the food ready yet?
- Why so hurried?

He wants to be a pagan.
- Nothing will come of it.

You get goose food.
- Can Anna go?

I have to sew on my confirmation pants.

Why the consecration?
You have nothing else.

The heathen is forbidden.
- Only the pastor's talking.

Father was there too.
- I want to see what's going on.

What is it?
- Do not ask. You're not going.

Father, tell me something.

Mother is always right.

I can not anymore. Can I go?
- Whatever.

Where are you going?
- To pick flowers.

But not at the mill stream.
- Father, I am not a heathen.

I have finally exterminated this heathen.

But tell me, Brother Breithaupt,

where does this sinful custom come from?

The Chronicle says that earlier
they had driven the last pagans

in the mill stream to be baptized.

Not voluntarily.
- No, no, by force.

In March, the day of Mary's Annunciation.
- Tell me more.

But the heathen remained in the water,

and said they were not yet pure enough.

That would have been something for my Caspar.

One of the priests perished in the water.

Thus the heathen remained unbaptized.
Still a little club?

Too kind, thank you.

Tell me more, Caspar.

The lords sent a bishop to Kummerow.

But he fell.
- Then came the prince personally.

He said, "I'll stand here until you're drowned,

if it's until the last day."

"No one holds more than I do."

"If you win, I will make you king of Kummerow."

That was very energetic and active...

...Mr Colleague.

The prince also fell.

But he kept his word.

This is highly interesting, is not it?

You do not eat.
Take another crepe.

No need.
- It's the last anyway.

Caspar, you have not told
the story to an end.

The pagan king had many children.

Their children, when they had long
been Christians, forced their children

to always be in the Mill Creek in March.

Until only one remained.
- So it has remained to this day.

Until last year.

I am convinced that the children
have become nonsensical.

Man, this is cold! I'm going out.

(Mighty Grandeur)


The First.

Peter shakes.
- Where he is the greatest.

Size has nothing to do with it.

I'll be right back, I just have to.


Who's out is out. That's shitty.

If I have time ...

Whoever is out of the mill has lost.

I've had enough.

(All) Three.

I'm going out, too.
- Four.

- Shut up!

(All) Five, six, seven.

You cowards!

I ate for two.

If it only gets you.

My dear brother, you are on the right track.

As for the pagan children:

They will educate you to good Christians.

Goodbye, until the autumn.
- Goodbye.

Safe journey home.
- Thank you.

Let's go, John!


Is there still a chicken?

No, are not you full yet?
- I have not got anything yet.

Do not go!

Friedrich sacked.

Come Friedrich, get out.

(All) Fifteen!


(All) Sixteen!

Hermann goes into the shallow water.

I was bitten by a crustacean.
- There are no crustaceans here.

Then it's not possible.

Martin, you promised to be king.

I will.
- Then I will be your bride.

Whoever becomes king gets me as a bride.

So it is settled.

I can not stand it.
- Me neither.

Whoever goes out gets 50 cents.

I do not need your money.

- At least one mark.

You're crazy.

Then you're no longer my friend.

I'm not even going out for three marks.

I'm going out.

(All) Seventeen!

You see, Herrmann?
- Be quiet.

Now it comes to it.

I go out, then you are king.

There is no friendship in the competition.

(Girl) Oh, stay here.

I am the last.

Am I now king?
- Yes.

John Bärensprung is king for a year.

Then Ulrike is my bride.
- Agreed.

I do not want a groom who
lives in the poorhouse.

You're mean.
- Even mean.

(All) Lump King, Lump King!

Old Lump kings!

Damn, my father!
- Quick, come on!

There I caught you!

You're the referee?

Somebody has to do it,
everything must have its order.

You are the winner?
- Yes, I am.

Do you pay.
- Yes, I'm a pagan king.

A boy, who lives in the poorhouse,

must be more Christian than any other child.

I do not understand.
Why is that, Father?

You must explain this to me.
- Only you can ask.

The roof, under which he sleeps,

he owes to the Christian charity.

The pagans had no workhouses.
- Because they did not need any.

Disappear, or you'll catch cold your ass.

You too, Martin! I am ashamed that
you are afraid of the pastor.

Come home!

Is that all you say to him?

Why do not you forbid him?

I've done it before.
I have something to say to you.

When you come to church, we can talk.

What I have to say is short:

They have made Martin a church boy,
but nothing will come of it.

He is the first in the class,
so he has duties.

My boy is not their errand boy.

You are the greatest pagan in Kummerow!

I still have a few apples.

The miller fills his stomach.

Why is that so mean to Krischan?

The baller I appel to Kopp.

T-t-that came through the window.
- I've seen it, idiot.

An apple, a bite.

Well, wait ...

Where is the pitcher you broke?

In the trash.
- What do you want with it?

Pull out the wet pants,
otherwise there's trouble.
- Yeah, yeah.

(Dramatic music)

Do not need to run away,
I'll find you inside.

Such a scoundrel!

There you are, you rascal!

Müller, what are you talking about?

Your bitch has thrown this
apple into my window.

Against this pitcher.

Does it have to be our boy?
- I saw him!

Besides, you only have those red apples.

Speak, or I'll smear you some!

Understand, we will not be beaten.

- Strangers have nothing to say to you.

What now?

Are you paying me at least
a dollar for that pitcher?

Have your old clothes paid by strangers ...

If you do not replace the damage,
I will go to the police.

Then there is proof against proof.

My boy was in the room all the time.

We will see.

But you can lie!
- (laughs) You ...

Mother, I am a pagan king.

If the pastor sees that!
- He already has.

Then he gives me the theater.

Soon grandfather can no longer
make the night watchman.

Then they must feed me without work.

I belong to the church.

- Hm?

Why do I not have a father?

What makes you think about that?
- I'm just wondering.

Everyone has a father,
it can not be otherwise.

I do not mean that up there.

But a real one,
which takes care of me.

You have a father.
- At one time? Where is he?

Show him the cap, he is big enough.

Oh, I've known it for a long time.
- The cap belongs to your father.

Do you think you have one?

There is no one called "Germany".

On the ship, your father was a sailor.

He wanted to marry your mother.

But the captain left with
him before it happened.

Why did not he come back?

Perhaps the ship has perished.

For sailors, anything is possible.

Shit, I had a father!

If not for you, I would
not have to dig in the dirt.

Is it my fault that I am in the world?

It's nothing.

Where are you going?

To catch frogs.

- And tadpoles.

I knew you did not dare.

Sure, he dares.

You must take a sip of water with your mouth.

Otherwise it is animal cruelty.

(Drum roll)

He already has two.

Give him ten pennies, you promised.
- I have not.

You would give him ten pennies

if he put a tadpole in his mouth.

I did not say I'd give it to him!

He has swallowed them!

Will I die now?
- Nonsense.

No fear.

In Africa, I've swallowed
quite different animals alive.

My father said you were not in Africa.

(All) It was clear!
- He was not!

I'll prove it to you.

And you can tell the pastor quietly.

On the shoulder I have a scar
from a poisoned black pike.

Where is the scar?
- Here.

That's nice, was that your wife?
- Look at the scar!

Is this a ship?

We caught sharks at the equator.

On the back is also something.
- This is nothing to you.

Why did you paint on your back?

So that they slide down my hump.

The most beautiful thing you have on your chest.

This was the one that has
eaten my inner from the breast.

And then she has another verjucheididelt.

Wipe them out.
- You will not get away.

They always carry around with you.

You lazy dog, take care of your cows!

One is already on my lawn.

What you have there?

Old pig!

You should be ashamed to show the children.


Well finally!

Are you leaving?
- Yes, go to bed.

Are you staying long?
- I may be late.

May I sleep in your bed?

Grandfather is not there,
you sleep in his bed.

Yours smells so beautiful, of violet water.


This is Joseph.

He is standing at the window
and sneaking through a slot.

"Miss Luise, you have a beautiful stature."

I'll stick you one.

I did not say Joseph.

The other day, when you stood
with him in front of the window.

Did you obey?
- The window was indeed open.

So goodbye.
- Bye.

(Fierce Music)

You look pretty.

Where are we going?
- We're going to t-t-the edge opening.

In the crown is dancing.

On the way back, when you have a seat,

we land again in the ditch.

N-n-no, this time we land in the hay.

♪ Listen to the people, let's say ♪

♪ Our clock has struck one ♪

(Dogs whine)

(Happy music)

That's enough Joseph, we are a small family.

The rest please give me in cash.

That would be 111.30 marks.

No more?
How much grain did I get?

I would say...
- So let's round up and say 115.

All right.

While we're alone together, Pastor.

I do not want to say anything bad to anyone.

But have you seen the Krischan naked?

No, when should that have been?
- He's tattooed all over his body.

Naked women.

And what kind of...

He must show me.
- Stop talking!

Uh, do not mix up, I say.

Perhaps there is nothing to be done among men.

But that he shows that to the children ...
- The children?

Such a man does not belong to the
village, who spoils our youth.

Good thing you told me that.

I'll take care. Thank you very much.

Olle Petze.

And you fucked the priest,
it was a hundred more.

You are my servant.

If you do not like it, you can go.

Where do you want to go?
- We bring Mother Harms her soup.

Is she still alive?
- She'll be 100 years old.

Do you see something?

She is lying in bed and does not move.

Maybe she died.
- Then we'll eat the soup.

She has her eyes open.
- Even the dead have their eyes open.

We can start them.

I do not go to the dead,
the spirit still haunts.

Why do you not go in?
- She's dead.

Are you afraid of a dead man?

If you do not need, the
dead will do you nothing more.

Hosanna, the heavenly light shines.

I ... I'm coming.

Does Mother Harms dream?


This is going to die.

Get a pastor.

Mr. Pastor!
- Mr. Pastor!

Mr. Pastor!

Mr. Pastor, Mother Harms is dying

and needs the Holy Last Supper.


Just now.
- We were already at the rectory.

Mrs. Pastor has done everything.

Hopefully the weather will
keep me off the ground.

(Fierce Music)

The holy wine.
- The blood.

But it is still wine.

Kieke, he did not even have sundays.

No one will see.
- The long shafts, full of dirt.


That's right, my son.

Blessings are given by the
Lord to the industrious.

You fit the horses.
- Yes.

When I come back, bring
the things to the parsonage.

From a distance he looks quite solemn.
- Hm-m.

Let's see what his oil has been.

Sausage with thick butter!
- And one with ham!

You can not eat his sandwich!

Why not?
I give him my laps.

He does not know what his old man has packed.
- If you say so.



He remembers this when we are
drinking the bottle.
- I'll do it.

(Happy music)

Hmm, looks real.

Now we plow the field.
Maybe he'll give us something.

That's right, my son.
Blessings the Lord sends to the industrious.

You take the plow and I take the horses.
- Good.

(Cheerful Music)


What are you doing?
- Brrrr.

What did I say?
- We should take care of the horses.

You have ruined the field!

As if an ox had peed at a gallop.

We just wanted to ...
- Oh, come to the devil.



Did you find the way to the church, Gottlieb?

For you still the Grambauer, Pastor.

Well, Grambauer.
Are you looking for my spiritual advice?

I do not know what.

I would like to give you some advice.
- I'm curious.

If you beat my son again, I'll leave the church.

I did not realize you're in there.

We are not beaten.

What would you have done if the villains had messed up your field?

I'd have thought about why.

Because your boy has learned to play the pastor's joke.

Perhaps he did not want to make a joke,

but to give you joy.
- You do not believe that yourself.

You put me down at every opportunity in front of the children.

Why are you doing this?
- You know why.

The world is not beautiful, and you make sure it stays that way.

You're a socialist and want to change the world.

But I want to change people and you have to start with children.

But who is against me? You!

With slaps you achieve nothing.

The slap was for the sandwiches, which he has eaten.

He has eaten your sandwiches?
- That's not what I'm doing.

It is about keeping the children's respect for the pastor.

If that's true with the sandwiches, his ass can be happy.

I think you will not be beaten?

Do you think there's something to do?

Go to the Kopp, you creep your ears.

When Düker's best cow dies, the miller will kill me.

Let's see what is with the calf.

Bring straw, Joseph.

But clean and fast.
- Good, Krischan.

Who brought you?

Buzz off!

And children have no business here, disappear!

The remainder, I need.

I have brought Krishan;
the calf is upside down.

Would have rather to bring Schiebergott to the slaughter.

Will it soon?

Shut up! When the cow hears you, she gets scared.

So Lise, now you've got it.

Is it dead?
- Bring her straw.

Now we want to clean our noses so that you can breathe better.

Then that has its order again.

Come here.

Here, you can rub it dry.
- Oh yeah. - But carefully.

It is enough.
The other we can do alone.

I'll go when I'm done.

Lise needs water - and not too cold.

- Hmm.

Just do it.

Why are you afraid of me?
- What's happening? I fear you?

You are totally crazy.
- Sure you're afraid.

Otherwise you would not want me out of the village.

When you see me, you think I saw you back then.

No one believes that when he says something against me.

This is not yet out.
- Hey, hey, hey!

She probably weighs ten pounds.
Maybe even more.

It is not fat, but the meat is certainly tender.

Thank your father.
- From me, too.

Are you ready?
- In a moment. Do you have a beauty?

Something very special.

Where did you get that from?
Which weighs more than six pounds.

Not quite. It is guaranteed to be five years old.

Was not easy to find.

I have paid a lot of money for.

You want to wipe out the pastor one.

He may request a goose for the consecration.

There is nowhere, what a.
- He's cutting Anne's ears.

I'm not going with that.
This is a sin against God.

Who eats the goose, god or the pastor?

A blessing is sacred, you can not kill anyone.

Then Martin goes.

Me? What's the matter with Anna's blessing?

Stop, you bring the goose to the pastor.

I'm not letting the pastor in the ass.

First, it's not ass, but butt.

And secondly, you go now.


- Hm?

Will you do me a favor?
Bring Anna's goose to the pastor.

What then?
- What should it be?

If you do not bring it yourself, you have to be something.

You think I am stupid.
I'll bring it our myself.

Who did not. Rather, I make them dead and forgive them in the forest.

Perhaps Krischan falls into a trap.


What are you doing? Let's see.

Well, she seems to be healthy.

We still have to feed them.

Say thank you to the parents.
- Thank you, Pastor.

They are coming.

Open the door, Ulrike.
- Yes mom.


Now they are gone.

Give me the goose.
Come on, take the head.

Hold on!

Do not get caught, Krischan.

I did quite different things in America.


Krischan, the theft?

Pastor's geese have not become less.

Oh, lovely, Lieschen! Glorious!

There comes Grambauer's goose.

Good day.
- Your goose is the last one, Martin.

Well, let's see.

Well, so what!

That's a splendid goose!

Would you expect that from Grambauer, Hermione?

I knew Grambauer had a good heart.

What does the weight weigh?
At least twelve pounds!

I think 13.
- Hmm!

13 pounds! Tell your father,

that I have been so happy about no goose.

Because of the conversion, for which it bears witness.

Ulrike, give Martin a piece of cake. A big one!
- Thank you.

Can I have one too?
- You did not bring a goose.

Of course John gets one!
Just as big!

Children, I remember something.

You're together a lot with Krischan, the cowherd.

They told me he had such pictures...should be tattooed.

Did you see anything about it?

Yes, once. Ulrike was there too.

Ulrike? Tell me, child, that interests me.

The pictures on his skin?
- Yes, what are these pictures?

I do not know how it's called.
Since there is front there ...

A little angel!
- A little angel?

Yes, a real little angel.

Like the picture in your study.

Oh, that's right.

Is there something wrong with that?

Not if you tell the truth ...
- You have forbidden to lie.

Why do you not want to marry me?
- Döskopp, you have no money.

I tell the miller, t-t-that he must give me more pay!

Coughing you something!
- No! I k-k-know something about him.

The poaching? That's long been settled.

There comes a carriage.

Miller Joseph and still who.
What are they doing, Papa?

They play hide, do not look!

Well, that's the pastor.
- Yay, we have seen you!

Let's go somewhere else.
- Yes.

There comes the pastor!
- As good as you see me long!

Wait, Grambauer!

I must thank you for your beautiful goose.

Unfortunately, it is not always in hand.

The geese are not always the same.

No false modesty.

That was the best goose I've got!

I always think to myself: Tit for tat.

One hand washes the other, Pastor!

So we want to keep it. Go!


Boy, boy, this is a clever dog the pastor.

It's over me.


Dad, stop, I want to get off!


Where are you going?
- To pick flowers.

But do not stay so long! Quick!

- What are you doing here?

I saw you bring duckweed.
- I'll get it, too.

Martin? Do you like me?
- Sometimes.

Father says: "Martin Grambauer is a bright boy."

Hmm, what he already knows. Ow!

Man, crabs!

The bitch pinched me!
Since I caught some!

Oh yeah, me too!

(Romantic music)

Here! Under the stones they lie!

It's cold!
- Coward, stay outside!

You do not dare to touch that beast.

You will see!

I got one, I got one!

One? I already have four!
A very big one!

Will you marry me when I grow up?

Now I catch crabs.

I have one again!
- Me too. - Give it to me!

Here's another one!
- Where? - Here.

What is that?

Are not you ashamed of running around naked?

Ulrike, you come out and get dressed!
- Yes Dad.

We just caught crabs.
- There are no crustaceans here!

Are these rabbits?

Indeed! Crabs!

And beautiful size!

We caught her for you, Papa.

But you do not need to undress!

Should I put the dress into the water?

You could have kept the shirt - and Martin's underpants.

I have no underpants.

The crabs sit only at the deep places.

So then are our crustaceans?
Good Martin, then start again!

Come, Ulrike!
Mother will be pleased.

I'll come right away!

Where are you going?
- I'll get my ball!

(Loud scream)

What is it?

There's a man in there!
A leg, a leg of a dead man!


Stay here.

(Powerful Music)

Come out of there!

Ouch, damn it!
Oh, Mr. Pastor!

Joseph? There's still someone!

Should I go alone into the hay?

Who is this?

I, Pastor.

Louise, in broad daylight!
Are you not ashamed?


This is the only pleasure that poor people have.

Do you think?

And I want to marry her.

This mitigates the incident, of course.
But then order your squad!
This naturally alleviates the incident.
But then order your offer!

Is the man dead?


No, he's very much alive.





It is break now until they enter the church.

I'm already numb!
- Me too!

Kannegießer goes to an abbot.
- For real?

Yes, that's right!

First? He always needs half an hour!

I can see up to Stralsund!
- It's not!

Stralsund - this is Randemünde!

I see Stralsund!
My eyes are better than yours!

You're the one!

Kiek, the pastor!
- Where?

Down there in the garden!
- Oh yes!

He gazes in the bible.

My father learns the sermon!

Hunt, eat the cake!
- Yes!

There he can learn!

What are you doing here? Girls are not allowed in the belfry.

I saw you!

He could spit on his head.
- If you do that ...


I've already done it.
- Do not come down.

Peeing you have to, that falls better.
- You're a pig!

He does not dare to pee.

Do you think I'm a coward?


Hermann, he does.

No, it does not.

You're mean, I'm telling Papa!

Then you must also say that you were here.

Kannepisser is still on the abode!

Should I make him come out?

How would you do that?
- You will see.

(Loud ringing)

(Organ music)


Why, Düker?
- Come!

Wobble your head, your new fox!

Is that your horse or my horse?
- I just mean it.

There they have shoved you - this is not a single-horse.

What do you know about horses, you night owl?

I got my sick leg at the cavalry!

"No one-handed"!
If I hear that!

But he does make bitches.
- I'll drive him out!

(Dramatic music)

Such vulgarity!

Now he lets out his anger at the poor animal.


(Dramatic music)


Just you wait, you fucking beast.

You old pig, stop beating the horse!

See that you get away!

Otherwise you'll get yourself one, you poor hypocrite!

- Stop it!

That's a mess to you!
- The horse has had enough.

That's my horse!
- Stop it!

If I want, I'll kill the bitch!

Leave the horse alone!
- I crush you like a bug!

You skunk, you bastard!


Hold him tight!
- The whip.

Go away you, you lousy guys!

Take away the whip, you cowards!

I can do with my horse what I want!


And if I kill it!

Give me my whip!
Whip her, you dog!

Düker, if you do not stop ...

Lick my ass, you beast!


(Quiet Wind Tones)

The righteous pities his cattle.

Why are you standing around?
The service is not over.

(Worn organ music and singing)

Cheers, Pastor.

You gave it to him.

But my loved ones, I do not deserve.

There is no reason to celebrate.

I should have convinced him with words - like Christ.

Now he is sorry.
Too bad you were like me.

I do not regret that.

But it is not right to call his lambs to order.

Let me tell you the language the culprit understands.

Entirely my opinion.


Good day, Krishan.

Krishan was the bravest of all.
- Come, sit down with us.

Nah, already has its order.
Just want my food.

You have to report against Düker.

Report? Why?
- Because of bodily harm.

I will not have anything to do with court.

Krishan, what did you say to the righteous?

It was just that way.

"The righteous shall have pity on his cattle."

From the bible.
- Donnerlüttchen, you know that.

You should preach about this.
- You're welcome to come to church.

Another round, then we drink.

Not for me, I don't drink.

Right now, when we all want to be pious?

This looks similar to Kummerow, you even baptize the bible.

No, no, only a small one.

I've already had three.
- Then you'll have another.

I'd like to know why I'm torn off with you.

Should have left you, the whole village would have laughed.


Mrs. Pastor!
- Yes?

Did something happen?
- Nothing special.

Is he ill?

No, he is full of the victory celebration.

(Cheerful music)


Good Mr. Grambauer, you do not tell anyone a dying word, do you?

It would be a nuisance in the community.

Rely on me.
He helped me, I help him.

We're even.
- Thank you.

- Good night.

(Serious brass band)

I would like to speak to the district councilor.

Good Morning.
- Good Morning.

I would like to speak to the district councilor.
- Why?

Do not worry, Niemeier.

Then the councilor is not concerned.

Did you tell the district councilor that I am here?

If I know what's the matter.


Yes, so hot.

If you scream, I'll throw out you.

So, what do you want?

I want to make a report.

What kind of report?
- I'll tell the district council.

So no report.

Yes, with the authorities.
- For you I am the authority.

You're not the district councilor.
- For you I am.

You're a guard, nothing else.

One more word and I'll show you who I am.

All right, Niemeier.

I will file a complaint against the commune-pastor Krishan.

For assault.

Did the cowherd have polished your visage?

That was the pastor, I also show.

Do you know what you are drying up with?

Let's see if heavenly powers help him.

But certainly the earthly ones.

The pastor is an official!

Think about that.

Good, leave the pastor away.

But I am ready for the cowherds.

Go inside, Krischan, they have summoned you.

I'm here.
- You must give evidence you were there.

I'm not pushing myself.

Krischan, come on in.

Take this.

You have to say exactly

how the miller beat the horse.
- Mhm.

Go away.

Be careful not to catch you.

Stand there, Krischan.

Krischan, the miller has indicated you.

For assault.

- The district administration demanded the punishment of the guilty.

Is there a report?

No, Pastor, I have turned away.

The authorities hold together.
- Ah.

The pastor and his "righteousness of the lord ..."

The pastor has to submit to the authorities.

He does not sit down for Krischan.

Let's stay with Krischan.
- Um ...

So: What's your name, Krischan?

You know.
- Not "Krischan", the other name.

I do not remember that.
- You must have papers.

Papers. Is this necessary?

Yes! Everyone has papers.

I probably lost them.

Did he never show you papers?

I am eight years Schulze here,

but has set him my predecessor.

You did not stick any stamps for it?

How, without papers?

It is not that easy.

Krischan, how old are you?
- I have not counted the years.

You must know when you were born.
- Why?

But where were you born, you know?

I suppose, in...

...a bed.

I tell you something: With the tour you can not go through with me.

If someone does not want to say anything, what is dark.

But Niemeier, Krischan was never to be blamed.

What is going to be dark?

We'll find out, Mr. Pastor.

Take off your rags, Krischan, I want to see your body.

Come on, start!

Otherwise the authorities will pull the fur over their ears.

Now you have to do it yourself.

I heard the old stroller is carrying pictures on himself.

Is this punishable?

No, no, but it could be a signalement.

We want to find out, as you say, Krischan.

Well, start.


In the military, you must undress.

He's just afraid we might laugh at him.

The children have told what he has on his chest.

A little angel.

If all the angels look like, I want to go to heaven.

You old pig!

I did not want to undress.

Did you know the ladies?
- Partly.

You showed that to the children?

They did not want me to believe I was in Africa.

You were in Africa?
- Yes.

And in America I was too.

Among the Indians.

He did not show us the Indians on the ass cheeks.

And we said it was only angels, oh dear.

What's this?
Have you served with the cuirassiers?

No, this is Bismarck.
- Bismarck?

He does not lack special marks.

We'll find out who he is.

You all stare at the women and say nothing about his rags.

You steer clear of the essentials.

There is no sinner,

but a miserable monument of Christian philosophy.

What does it matter?

Nothing, when he flies to heaven, he has to leave both:

Pictures and rags.
- And you'll change that.

Can I get dressed again?

What? Yes.

Yes, yes.

Stoch not so in the food rum.

He is afraid that his friend will be chased away.

In the end, we get rid of Krischan and keep the culprit.

Why does Krischan have to leave?

The culprit hates him, and there is no place for them in the village.

Then the culprit can go.
- Tell him that.

Make the culprit ready!

Shall we kill him?
- No, just spank.

Maybe he takes off then.
- That would not be bad.

And we end up in prison, that is with justice.

Run, quickly, we have an hour.

When the miller catches us, he beats us.

Do not be cowardly, we want him to disappear.

The adults do not do anything, so we have to.

So, get set, hurry up.





What knocks there?
- I do not know. - That's scary.

Go to bed!

What's this?
- Someone wants to annoy me.

This is a spirit.
- When I catch the ...




Come here, you cowardly dog!

I'll break your bones!

Go on.


(Several dull pops)

You see, it's a ghost.



I'm already there.

Do you hear that?
- I'm not deaf.

There is no one on the property, no one on the street.

You look behind, I'll look in front, understood?
- What else?


There, again. Come!

What should I...

Go back.
- Yes.



Now down.


Here, take.

Miller Düker, get out of Kummerow!

Otherwise you will no longer be glad of your life.

Otherwise you will no longer be glad of your life.

Martha, bring light, I have him!

Ah, the bitch also bites.

Joseph! - What, Joseph?
For heaven's sake, Joseph!

You killed my brother!

Are you hurt?
- I'm just dizzy.

Düker, get out of Kummerow!

Otherwise you will no longer be glad of your life.

You should leave.
- At the mill must be one.

He can experience something.



Pull me out.
- You are sitting in the be ...

Someone has uncovered the c-c-cesspool.

Krishan was not a criminal.

If he was in jail because of a stupid thing, did he?

If everyone came into the prison, who belong, gentlemen...

I'll be fine.
- Me too. - 18.

Good evening.

Well, who wins?


A double.

For the night owl also.

I've had enough.
- You're still drinking!

Give it to me.

I drink to Krischan and the horse you have beaten.

Take care, I'm sitting on the town council.

Who knows how long?

You want to get rid of me, but I will not go.

I still have a five year lease on the mill.

And if you do something every night:
I will not be deceived.

I have a complaint for disturbing the peace.

Against unknown.

You will all be interrogated and will have to testify under oath.

And I have applied for police protection.

The policeman remains in the village.

Hey there.

You're still crawling around here.

Where else?
- You belong in jail.

That will be the day of my life when they pick you up.

You'll thank me for it.

He comes.
- Hide!

Come on, go!

(Cracking and screaming)

Your dogs, you cursed ...

Just you wait, I'll get you!

Come on, go!

Ulrike, what are you doing in the barn?

We play a bit. - Who's "we"?
- Martin, John and a few others.

What are you playing?
- Just so. We're playing.

I will look at that.

That will be good.
- What are you doing?

What's that supposed to be?

Out with it!

We make a ghost.

Will it be a heathen?
- No, a scarecrow.

That's reasonable.
Where is her jacket?

From my father.
- The pants and the hat too.

She still has eyes and mouth.

I'll try to see if I can still paint.

Give it here, my boy.

I was very good at school.

What is it?

A red nose?

No, not like a clown, like a real man.

This is harder, but will work out.

I never thought you would help with something like that.

I was once young.

I'm going to bed.
- You say "good night". - Good night.

I'm going up.
- I'll come right after.


(Mysterious Music)



(Loud rattling)

What's this?

There is someone. - Watch out.
- He's got a bludgeon.

This is the pig from the other day.

Stay here. - I'll do it!
- Henry!

Leave the rifle here, do not be silly.

When the rifle ...
- Shut up!

Down from the yard, or I'll shoot.
- Do not make yourself unhappy.

He got it.

You shot him.

It was just a warning shot.
- But you hit him.

That was self-defense, you are a witnesses.

He raised the stick against me, you must swear to it.

L-l-let's see if we know him.
- Hold on, do not touch.

Do not change anything.

Come on, off into the house.

You too.

I'll get Niemeier.

- Yes, but...

Well, now.


Stick with.

They are coming. Away!

...leaked right out of the village inn...

We thought...

You shot the burglar?

It was self-defense, he's got a bludgeon on me.

Where is the corpse? - Here.
- But there is none.

Here he fell over.
- Maybe he was just shot.

Here's a cap.

Does anyone know the cap?

In the dark you can not see that.
- I do not know you.

Neither do I.

How come?

Here is one! - What's happening?
- Here's one.

- Where?

Heaven sacrament, that is a scarecrow.

(Scornful laughter)

You were lucky.
- Can you say.

He looks like a man.

Well done.
- Do you think? - Yes.

You must drink one with me.

Come into the house.

Joseph, get some bottles out of the cellar.

No, no, no. - Leave it, Düker.
- I'm tired, I'm going home.

What? - I want to go to bed.
- So what needs to be celebrated!

Come on, boys.
- I have to get up early...

Then it's not possible!

One of the peasants played a trick on me.

You have little friends in Kummerow.

We'll have a drink.
- Not me, I'm on duty.

Nobody sees that.

Why do you have a rifle?


Can I have none?
- I'm just wondering.

Because you told me you did not have a gun.

So what?
- You have sworn to that.

Do you want to give me an act of perjury?

Can not buy it now?

Then you can also tell by whom.


There was one who needed money.

I do not know the name anymore.

You, Joseph? You were there.

I was not there.
- But I told you.

I forgot that.

This does not look good.

Why not? I have an oath.
- In any case.

I take the rifle with me.
- That's mine.

I have to investigate whether the ranger was shot at the time.

This can be ascertained exactly.

Good night everybody.

What is perjury?
- Do not ask a stupid question!

You want them to get me.
- It was just a question.

Where are you from?
- From Randemünde.

I'll get Oberknecht and get twice as much as with Düker.

You want to leave Kummerow?

I've had enough of my brother-in-law.
Will you take me now?

Wait a minute, you do not stutter anymore.

Will you take me, yes or no?

Well - I have to say yes.

Stuttering Joseph is my father.
- I do not want to hear that.

How else?

Tell Pa ... Pa ... Papa to me.
- Pa ... Pa ... Papa.

The cowherd's personalities were determined.

It is Christian Klapproth, born on 27.09.1861 in Stralsund.

In 1882, he was sentenced to manslaughter by

the Lübeck County Court for eight years.

After serving the sentence, he was released in 1890.

The Royal District Councilor...
And so on.

I would not have thought that -
Krischan a breeder.

And he tells us he forgot his name.

In prison you would have forgotten your name.

The comparison is inappropriate.

No matter, that's over eleven years ago, he's served his punishment.

We do not find a better cowherd.

We can not employ a dismissed convict.

Let's push him over the community front,

even before he gets his papers.
- Therefore the wind blows.

You do not care about the prison.

You do not want to pay for his work.

This is nonsense.

I know you.

If you do that, I step out of the council.

Do not talk rubbish.
- Be reasonable, stay there.

Is Krischan really a killer?
- A homicide is not murder.

A manslaughter can happen in anger, in a just cause.

Imagine the miller culprit did not get up again.

Then the pastor would be a killer.
- Gottlieb! If someone hears you ...

And now he can no longer be a cowherd in Kummerow?

He can come to us as a servant.
- You're mall.

I do not believe it.

Can not be.

You are to be brought over the border this evening.

Now it has reached the miller.
- No, we could have gotten stuck.

But you killed one.

But I've repented, for eight years.

Was that an evil man?
- White, not long ago.

Is it evil if someone takes the woman away from the other?

We can hide you.
We'll bring food to you too.

No, you leave, go home, that has everything its order so.

No one needs to take me away, I'll go by myself.

Take this.

You can have the pipe, Hermann.


I got the tooth in Africa, the chief pulled it out.

Who wants it?

Get John.

This is a golden button from my captain's jacket.

For you.

I told you to go home.

(Sad harmonica music)

I'm leaving, I do not know who is taking care of you now.

But will find one.

So, bye.

(High flip sound)

No, you must not.

You have to take care alone until the new one comes.

Let one, everything has its order.

Go back to the cows.


Tomorrow together.


Here are the papers from the cowherd.

What should I do with it? - Sign him in.
You have to put everything in order.

I'm supposed to sign someone who is no longer here?

When did he leave?
- At least 24 hours ago.

They threw him out.

Your Kummerower, your bloody brute.

Write down the personal details.

The eleven years he was here, he had to be glued to her.
- Glued?

You're right.

And another village gets a good cowherd.

With papers takes him every.

I'd get him back.

Dad, shall we get him?

You know where he is?
- We'll find him already.

You got reinforcements.

Yes, I have another official to do.
- Aha.

Mr. Düker?

I must take you with me.

Has Krischan ratted me yet.
- What are you talking about?

Why are you bringing me?

The forester was shot with your rifle.

Get ready.

Look for the master, look.

(Cheerful music)

(Cheerful music)

Where did you come from?


Well, yes.

Now they have him.





Good to see you, the cows are already waiting.

Now that I have papers, I have conditions.

Well done, Krischan.

Pay, as it is customary.
- Well, you should have.

A room with a bed and a stove.
- Wages and a room?

And for Christmas shoes.
- Is that all? - Yes. No.

Wood for the winter and potatoes.

And the dog stays with me.

And for the service that you do, you get food money.

All right, now is the end.
- I've also said it all.

Krischan makes conditions.

It transforms man,

when his relation to authority comes in order.

Nope, I've kicked Martin off, what Krischan is supposed to ask.

You're behind it? It was clear.

Until you manage to change people,

he can not wait so long.

(Music and happy giggles)