Dharmaprabhu (2019) - full transcript

Lord Shiva accuses Yama for saving the life of a criminal-politician when the latter tries to stop a little girl from dying. Yama is given a few days' time to rectify his action.

People's investigation wing has
released a report stating that

the firing of 13 people in ***
is a malicious murder.

13 were gunned down in a police firing in a
protest against the functioning of ***.

Retired Judges

The press and other media
are blowing the issue.

It will result in anti incumbency.

I ordered this shootout

to make sure that people
wouldn't protest again.

I'm familiar with the people of Tamil Nadu.

Now they have grouped
for this issue...

If we cause hindrance for
a star's movie release...

they will protest for that too

This is their limitation

Hence... go fetch me the nuts

- Aye!
- Scoot


Where shall I keep
these statues?

Stock them in madam's room.

The statues are exquisite

Where did you get it?

I was invited as a chief guest
for a ceremony in museum...

these statues were cast aside

So I bailed them out here.

I love you

What's it?


I ordered the shoot out.

You are talking about the news?

People may take me for a clown

But as long our allies are in power

No one...

For that matter...

Even the Yama (God of death)
will not dare to touch me.

First of the three monarchs...

Emperor of the 14 worlds...

Justice who weighs the deeds

Head of 'Siva Gotra'

Our beloved Yama Dharma Raja

Here he strides!!!

Greetings, leader.


- What's it?

We are dead...

and are brought to the world of lord Yama

What happens when they die?

To which world will they be taken to?

I'm totally scared about
the sentence for my sins...

But here you are tormenting my soul...

Our souls have already been liberated.
Why worry now?

What's your earthly sin?

that's making you so
scared of the judgment?

I was the Judge who had
passed many judgments.

I wanted to ask this, my lord.

You were dragging the mace

- Why?
- Senility

I could not carry it over my shoulders

So I dragged it along

This is too trivial, Chitragupta

Forgive me, my lord.

Today's death count on earth is 22, 237.

List out their virtuousness and sins.

I shall pass the judgment

Dare you not.
I'm the minister of law.

I know the technicalities as well.

Greetings, leader.

He has outlawed and
committed innumerable sins

despite being a minister of law

His acts have cost many lives


I've told you this oftentimes

Politicians are our
uncrowned representatives

Alike the tsunami and earthquakes,
they are responsible for mass deaths.

They are making our jobs easier.

But, my lord even the
innocents are the victims here.

- Who are innocents?
- You hit the nail.

Lured by the money and position

they trade votes for money.
How can you call them innocents?


They are the offenders.

It's because of the
people who never intend to

be rational in understanding things,

such people get appointed
as the ministers.


I like your propaganda

Let me be your voice of propaganda.

I work to the fullest.

One with no policy needs
a voice of propaganda


Where do you wish to go?
Heaven or hell?

Petals or thorns?

Petals, my lord.

Oh angels...

Escort him.

I will make sure that no
water body in heaven gets drained

I will cover them
up with thermocol

Wait for me in the street corner.
I shall pick you up.

Please take a break if
you are feeling unwell

We shall postpone the
cases for tomorrow

I got addicted to the tobacco after
getting used to the human behaviour.

That's the reason for the cough.
Nothing serious.

Or can we adjourn the
court for a short period.

Not necessary, Chitragupta

The human cycle of life and death

shouldn't halt

That's the law of the nature

The court proceedings shouldn't
be interrupted for my cause

I'll make announcement
in this regards

- Regarding?
- What do you presume?

It's about my permanent retirement


Permanent retirement?


The booze party is very luring

What's the occasion?

Is it mandatory that
former should follow the latter?

What I meant is...

We are curious because
you are serving it.

Hence we are asking.

This feast is for the victory.

I don't get it.

- I got it.
- And what's that?

Lord Yama will announce his
successor with your counsel.

That's why he was making
an eye contact with you.

Isn't it?

If you talk rubbish,
I'll thrash you hard.

- It's picture perfect for me.
- And what do you see?

The thing is...

You are to be...

Tomorrow.... announced in the court


My yearning of thousand years...

My dream is going to be true..
And just that thought is

making me feel 'I'm on cloud nine.'

You are supposed to feel


As a part of the acting committee

When asked for your opinion,
you must bring my traits to the table

and vouch for me.

You are uttering non sense.

There is no one here to
challenge your stature.

Let the truth speaks for itself.

Hail tomorrow's lord Yama.

Long live the lord

The king of generosity.

Hail tomorrow's lord Yama.

Long live the lord

- Hail eternal lord Yama.
- Long live the lord

What's it, my lord?

Seems that you are
lost in your thoughts.

Indeed, Ayyo.

Who would be the ideal
successor for my position?

I'm scrutinizing every person in the court.

What's this new twist to the tale?

When we have our son

why worry about others?

The only thing that doesn't
match you, is your outfits

He is on par with you on everything else

Your son?

No, someone else's son.

What sort of question is this?

Indeed our son.

What qualities and traits does
he have to make the claim?

Isn't the rightful heir not
enough to make the claim?

Is being my son a merit?

Are the people of merit
holding the positions here?

The lucky ones and the slaves
are holding the position

I fear that you will land
me in troubled waters.

Isn't this your unfamiliar territory?

My lord!

If you are worried about
the wise successor...

Who else other than your blood?

Mark my words.

No matter who dies...

- We shall be the executioner.
- Great!

No matter who dies...
We shall be the executioner.

How benevolent?

But is the nepotism right?

Only until out heir holds the reign

we can have the authority.


I shall be either the wife of the lord...


The mother of the lord Yama.

Make a wiser decision

I have ruled this world of Yama
for more than 0.15 million years

This throne demands a fresh blood

That's me.

I have decided to step aside
and make a way for the youth

As per the decision of working
and decision making committee

My son

will be my successor

I'm gladfully announcing
this sweet news to the court

You feasted on my drinks

and voted for his son?


It's not the decision of the committee
but his family's

Dear ministers

I presume you are happy about it.

Indeed delighted, my lord

If not your charming son

none in this world is best
qualified to sit on the throne

You were showering praises
for me the last night

Chitragupta, what's the small talk?

Since the ages

we are relying on you

Don't we have a promotion


You have a permanent place in my heart.

You are the apple of my eye.

- Yes, my lord!

- Escort my handsome son from world of Indra.
- Aye

(Reciting Kural)

Desire the Almighty, the desire-less

In order to renounce other desires...

desire that desire.

Sathi, wake Mr. Ingenious.


Don't act filmy!
What's it?

Master is calling you.

Answer his call.

He is calling you.

Why is he calling me?

Greetings, master.

Your father is tormenting human souls.

Here you are tormenting me.

You are dozing off in my class.

Which is your favourite verse?

My favorite one is of actor T.Rajender's

- Rajender?
- Indeed, bro.

Who is that?

You don't know him?

He is known for his
dialogues in the planet earth

He is equally good in songs

He can't keep talking for
the whole day void any breaks

There is a tribute song as well.

(Sings a Tamil song)

Stop it, moron.

- I wasn't talking about that.
- What?

Recite any Kural.

Better you contact the writer.
I have absolutely no idea.

I'm the writer.

Did he crack a joke?

Zip up, plastic face.

Humans beautifully recite
all the 1330 verses.

Here you are tormenting just
you have the backing of lord Yama

I agree that humans
recite your verses

But they don't stick to the ideology.

If you don't trust me,
I will persuade my father

to send you to earth and
you can examine yourself.

Your linguistic love irks me

People of other languages are
making attempts to uproot Tamil

You are not upset with them,
but bothered about my sleep.

Your are too witty

My grand father's influence

Quite obvious

Greetings Poet Vaali.


Isn't he Vaali?

Can't you spot the difference
between Vaali and Valluvan?

None from this world seem to using brains.

Don't humiliate my family.

What's makes you different from Vaali?

Vaali has penned 10,000 verses.

You have inked just 1500.

But you are shaming my family.

Why did you come to the class, messy hair?

The lord has summoned you.

Why did my father summon?

It's your crowning ceremony tomorrow.

Tell him that I'll have
the feast the next day.


Is he the next lord?

I thought crowning ceremony
was a feast fiesta.

It's natural on earth

for unfits were chosen
to sit on the throne.

Its trending in the world of Yama too.

Seems the eligibility
criteria for a position is

to be the least eligible person

Please take him.


Don't presume that I'll
settle down there forever.

I'll go meet my dad...

(Sings) 'Party and
position seldom lures me'

I'll make a quick comeback.

The one who batted for that ideology is
keen on starting a political outfit.

Had you said it on the earth,
it would have left you clean shaven.

Let's go.

Dear boys...

What's wrong with your dance?

There is no grace in your postures.

Follow the steps of your father.

- Is that clear?
- Aye!

Father.. Father!

This is folk dance.

Not Bharatanatyam.

Smart boy.

You are quite vigilant.

I'm the father of all form of dances.

So, follow my lead.

- Clear?
- Aye, father.

Oh heavenly Father!
lord of the abode!

Androgynous lord!
lord Aadhikeshava!

Lord Eshwara!

Welcome, Chitragupta

Give me some time.
I shall pass some instructions to my kids.

- Muruga!
- Dad?

You gallop on the peacock.

your mom Goddess is going to bathe

- Guard her.
- Aye, father.

Why are you looking tensed, Chitragupta?

You are showing symptoms
of hypertension.

Justice must prevail.
Nepotism must be curbed.

You seem to have forgotten you are
reaping the benefits of nepotism.

Your heirs are performing
rituals in all my temples

That's the cycle of heirs.

Can both these positions
weighed on one scale?

I'm talking of good governance.
But you are talking about casteism.

Cool, Chitragupta.

It's wrong to judge some one
before he takes up the job.

When a new Yama is appointed

He is given a free look
period of ' one mandalam"

i.,e 48 days.

If he still doesn't meet
the job requirements

He will be dethroned.

- What if he fulfills his duty?
- None can question his authority.


Not a chance

I need to pursue my studies, father.

I don't want the throne.

I have my exams tomorrow.

- But it seldom reflects in the results.
- It's your genes.

Is it orange?

Since 1000 years...

you are spending in a single class


Kabilar, Avvayaar...

Valluvar, Bharathi, Bharathidasan...

Kannadasan and Karunanidhi too...

I brought them here to teach you.

You scores never improved

Listen to me.

The throne is not an easy offering.

Humans fight in families
for the sake of the power.

And that's the reason that we
shouldn't follow their lead here

and that the reason for my restrain.

- What makes you laugh?
- That's not the scenario here.

Because I have only
one wife and one son.

Don't give lame reasons.

- Dear son!
- Yes, mom.

You have to accept the offer.

People will address me
as 'The mother of King'

Else they will call by name, 'Ayyo'

You have the option to choose.

I'm least about how
they address you.

I don't want to take up this.

I want to study.

Don't answer back!

What do you want me to do?

Fine. Just for your sake

I will be the Thu.Dha.pi.

What's Thu.Dha.pi?

I shall act as Thunai Dharma
Prabhu ( Deputy of the lord)


That's not a powerful one.
It's the role of a substitute.

Even the street vendor won't respect us.

The current ministers...

If you don't heed to our obligation...

Your dad and I will end our lives.

Go ahead.

This is the millionth threat.

What do you want me to do?
Crying without shedding tears.

I shall adorn the throne.

- I'm Delighted!
- One liners?

- Son!
- Yes dad.

Note down this in your memory.

What's that?

At any cost...

Don't irk lord Shiva.

Is he known for his temper?

Why not ask him to take up this duty?

Harness this wittiness.

If he gets the info

our family will put to shame.

I have a question.

lord Shiva had shaved his head, didn't He?

Has his hair grown back?

- Speaking of hair...
- Yes...

We need to work on
your facial attributes

You look like a child.

Change in face?

The son of lord Justice.

The savior of justice.

The bachelor degree holder
who will save this world

The savior of the race.

The walking history.

lord of Justice...

Here he treads...

Who are you?


Why did he slip off?

This is quite usual in politics.

Initially they will on your feet

once reaping the benefits

they will shrug you off.

You can verify the same with
the late leader in heaven.

I have never come cross
this sort of greeting


He is trying to bite me.

Greetings, lord.

- What?
- Why are they stooping so low?

Only the leader has changed...

The cabinet remains the same

Father, lord Shiva...

Bless me, lord Shiva.


- He is the head priest of this world.
- Greetings.

I'm least bothered of you.

He looks like a rodent hunter.

He is attempting to harm me.

I did warn you that he is a fool.

Mind your leg.

I asked you to go back.

Seek apologies from the head priest.

and seek his blessings.

As my mother insists...

I will seek his blessings.

Greetings, dude.

Act with wisdom,
victory shall be yours.

I shall turn victorious
with honesty.

In the witness of lord Shiva,
the lord of 14 worlds...

I pledge the following

I shall accept the duty of...

I shall accept the duty of...

lord of Yamalogam...

lord of Yamalogam...

I shall...

I shall...

discharge my duties...

discharge my duties...

with out any prejudice...

with out any prejudice...

Without any...

Without any...



Account of human lives...

Account of human lives...

which have expired...

which have expired...

shall be...

shall be...

- Worry not... I'm here.
- Haven't you washed it?

Those lives...

Are you staging a family drama?

I shall use the noose...

I shall use the noose...

- The lord of...
- The lord of...

- 14 worlds...

- 14 worlds...

- I shall swear on lord Shiva...
- I shall swear on lord Shiva...

- I take this oath of office...
- I take this oath of office...

What's this, father?

Bless me, lord Shiva.

Wish you prosperity.

Height of Himalayas,
sorrow of the enemies,

Timely savior, God of the modern world.

- Our philanthropist...
- Hey!

I'm just 5'5" tall.

- Heights of personification!
- Greetings.

Stop it!

Stop your groaning.

- Chitragupta!
- Yes, my lord.

Come here.

- What kind of music is this?
- This is divine music, my lord.

- It soothes your mind.
- Not to me.

Is this heaven or hell?

Take them to the court.

How can we send them back
if they are destined to come here?

I know what's in your mind.

You've brought them
here to quench your desires

You've brought Silk Smitha too.

I feel remorsed to see the humans' suffer.

And you've brought a foreign
lady model from California.

You monger.

Human's are spending sleepless
nights lost in her thoughts.

My lord.

Even though many are dead,

why are you particularly
worried about Silk Smitha?

I'm her fan.

It's not of your concern.

- Do as I say.
- My lord, you are twisting your words.

I will speak as I would like to...

Because I'm Yaman.

Ok, my lord.
But we have to play music now.

King or beggar

he finally listens
only to our music.

Come on, Velmuruga.

My lord, this is not music.
This is noise.

Not even a human has come to
us without listening to this.

- Ain't I right?
- Yes, my lord.

Velmuruga. Play the beats.

Yes, shuffle the tempo.

Gupta, why is he dancing so wild?

A day is done from 48 days.

- What did he say?
- He told us to keep calm.

- Chitragupta.
- My lord.

Did you listen? This is our music.

- Do you understand?
- Yes, my lord.

I'm feeling sleepy.
Let me sleep. Fans on.

They have curtailed my freedom

- in the pretext of responsibilities.
- My lord.

Shall we start the proceedings?

Why're you torturing me, Chitragupta?

I just had good food
and wanted to take a nap.

You always aim to make me work.

- Give me a break.
- You never work.

- Ain't I right, baby?
- You order, my lord.

- Fan on. What is it?
- My lord!

The Yaman of U.S.A is
here to meet you.

I can't meet anyone right now.

He's the Yaman of foreign country.
We are obliged.

Please meet him
without any further delay.

- A foreigner? Of which country?
- U.S.A

U.S.A. Chitragupta.
Let him in immediately.

Hi. I'm Donald Trump,
Yaman of U.S.A.

I'm Tamil Yaman
known for hospitality.

- Sit down.
- Ok.

Shabby fellow.

He's too fair complexioned.

- Don't cross your legs.
- Sorry.

Are you the devil in India?

Are you the Yaman of usa?

- Usa?
- What do you mean Usha?

U.S.A sounds 'ush'.

You're a funny guy.

How dare you call me a pig!
I'll break your face with the mace.


Don't talk unnecessarily, Ok?

- Come to the point.
- Ok, I'll get to the point.

Coming to the topic,

What did he say?

He says that he's
coming to the point.

- What?
- My lord.

Chitragupta. This is a prohibited
language. What is he saying?

Nothing much, My lord.

Two people from his
country came here dead

He's here to take them back.

I disagree.

Those two were the prey of my noose.

I'm not giving them.
You may leave.

Daemons, chase him away.

Do you have a demand?

What is it, Chitragupta?

He's ready to agree any of
your demands for them two.

- Anything.
- Anything?

- Yes, buddy.
- Buddy.

Shall we?

One for two? Let me accompany them.

Let's see what he's capable of...

Long live our king who chased
away the foreigner in his undies.

- Chitragupta.
- My lord.

How do I look in his suit?

Stop riding in your
mouth and speak out.

- How does it look?
- My lord.

He's the Yaman of a developed nation.

He shall wear it.

You're the Yaman of
a developing nation.

A waste of 1.5 million rupees.

Does this suit cost
1.5 million rupees?

Yes, my lord.

This means no one in
yamalogam can afford it.

Not just yamalogam,
none on earth could afford it too.

Except one.

Did you notice the crowd?

These are the unsolved cases
from his father's time.

It takes days to pass a judgment

I wonder what he's gonna do.

Why bother about him?

- Yes.
- We should safe guard our jobs.

- He's here.
- Move away.

Is this the court
of Yama or a market?

So much crowd. Move away.

First son of King Justice.

- Savior of our society.
- Shut up.

Unable to clear the
crowd, but you praise.


Should I bow down to proceed?

- Sorry, my lord.
- Take it away.

You are the one who killed your husband
by smashing his head with a rock?

No, my lord.

- I fell on him.
- It was a metaphor.

It's so funny for you
to kill your husband.

- Ministers.
- Greeting, my lord.

You like criminals.

Everyone, take your seats.

Why is it so crowded?
Did my father announce any freebies?

Why is our court crowded with humans?

- Tell me.
- My lord...

Including the ones died today

and the pending cases
from your father are here.

- His job is on me now.
- That's the reason for the crowd.

There should be no more
pending cases in our court.

Humans! Unlike my father,

I'm a fun lover.

Didn't you notice
when I arrived here?

Yes, we did our lord.

My lord,
since the day of your posting

you never did anything funny.

You guys weren't funny either.

You've been here since ages.
Shut up.

Shooting out dumb questions.

I've a good news for you, humans.

I'm gonna send sinners to heaven.

What about the righteous souls?

I'll direct them to hell.

What rustling is this?

Stupid judgment.

Do you understand?

Yes, we do understand.

Speak out from the heart.
People who accept their sins come to this side.


- Don't rush.
- Don't push.

Come on.

You're the ones who harmed
others on earth. Isn't it?


Tell me about your sins.

I poisoned my mother-in-law
by trapping her with sweet words.

She suffered to death.
Will I go to heaven?

You will be escorted to heaven.


My lord.

- What is it?
- I gave loan to people

with high interest rate.
Many families committed suicide.

Will I go to heaven?

You deserve it.

I've eaten people's money.
Never let people live.

- Send me to heaven, my lord.
- Sure. Next.

I had an affair with his wife.

- Is it so?
- He doesn’t know yet.

- Will I go to heaven?
- Yes.

I've earned people assets by
threatening and beating them up.

I've even murdered three people.

Are you sure you want heaven?

Yes, sure.

None of you want any punishment?

No, we don't.

You commit sins and
refuse punishment.

Who else would punish you?

What does he mean?

- Chitragupta.
- My lord.

Take them to the hell.

- Fry them in a grill.
- Daemons.

Take them away.

Move fast. Move.

Desire is the luring trap for humans.

- Chitragupta.
- My lord.

Who are these six? Check them.

What sins did you all commit?

Hell or heaven?

Tell me.

Tell me, man.

My lord, he's deaf.

So he was deaf to my jokes?

No, my lord.

You shut up.

Sir, we followed the path
of righteousness on earth

But we still suffer.

Hell doesn't bother us.
we shall go to hell.

You didn't commit any sin.

Creator Lord Brahma
was unfair to you.

- Chitragupta.
- My lord.

Send them to heaven.

Stop strolling.
Pace up.

Take them there.

Faster. Aren’t you getting paid?

- Sullen faced, Chitragupta.
- My lord.

How is my way of ruling?

- Excellent.
- Stop riding and start working.

Where was the one who
was asking for fun?

Hey, you idiot.

- Come here.
- My lord.

Yes, my lord.

Go back.

- He's crazy.
- Isn't it funny, Chitragupta?

I thought he's illiterate fool.
He proved me wrong.

This shouldn't continue.

Where did Mr.Gupta go?

Mr. Chitragupta.

You're sad and drinking alone.

What to do?

No use of trusting you guys.

Hence I'm struggling alone.

May I suggest you a plan?

Tell me.

There is a person here from earth.

He's very smart.

Prime Ministers to Chief
Ministers seek his advise.

He's known for his statesmanship.

His name is Ko. Rangasamy.

People call him Rangu.

How do you know him?

Why're you doing this?

I listened to his advice
for claiming your position.

For my position?

No Mr. Gupta.
Somehow you will claim the throne

Your post would be vacant then.

Ain't it right for me
to wish for your post?

I'm not sure if I'm
laying a trap for him...

But you are doing a good job.

Ko. Rangasamy.

He's my descendent too.

But earthians are known for
their dishonesty. That's stopping me.

We can trust anyone
in the current situation.

We should accomplish our mission.

I've been noticing you
since you came here

Why do you keep one
of your arm hidden? Any problem?

- No Mr. Gupta... that's...
- Then bring it front.

- No. It's...
- Bring it.

You came for the drink and
pretend to give me idea.

It's true that I came for the drink.

It's my long term wish

that you should become Dharmaprabu.

This is an honest intention.

Ok. Let's try out your idea.


One more...


Is he Ko. Rangasamy?

Yes, Mr. Gupta.


Sending me to hell with my deeds

now it looks like you're
waiting to meet me.

How dare you insult me?


- Should we listen to his advise?
- We have no choice.

- We should listen to him.
- Why not?

He may be powerful on earth.

Here I'm good as I can kill a
thousand with my single sign.

- Don't forget.
- We don't have time for it.

We are the one's who decide
fate of people to see God.

Hence people fear us next to God.

Muscle power is of no use

Being smart is important.

Despite of being afraid
on Karate black belt,

people are scared of this....

Ok. Come to the point.

Whose life should be
spoiled for whose benefit?

Accompany me and destroy Yaman.

Chasing away Dharmaprabu
from his post

I should get the throne.

Tell me if you have
any plans for that.

Fight for throne in Yamalogam too?

There is no soul who hates
thrones in the universe.

List our family members...
Especially female siblings

I've got one sister. Why?

Is she married?

- No. Why?
- It's fine, even if she's married.

Even that's fine?

What are you gonna do with her?

What could I do?

Ask her what can she
do for Dharmaprabu.

He should be ready to
pay her back anything.

That's important.



They told you're great statesman,
but you ask me to be a pimp.

I didn't. You thought cheap.

Since I'm smart

Prime Ministers and Chief
Ministers were queuing up to meet me.

Try to understand.

Smartness achieves things that
can't be done by blood and blades.

You tell me. In this world,

is there any man who doesn't
fall for woman's beauty?

Check any ministers in the world.

their brother-in-laws are
placed better than them.

You won't understand.
Give it a thought.

Do you want the post or your pride?

The post.

You scared me for a second.

I've given an idea
for you to claim the post.

What's my reward?

What wish could you have after death?

You shouldn't ask this to a corpse?

Human desires doesn't end.

Assure me a place in heaven for me.

- Minister, what is this?
- Let's send him there.

Bring the angels.

Hurry up, angels.

Chitragupta, all the best.

Let him be on waiting list.

Let's confirm later.

- Minister?
- Yes, sir.

- Will this work out?
- Yes.

Go and make your sister ready.

- My sister?
- Dharmaprabu of the future!

Long live the Dharmaprabu
of the future.

Remember my words, sister.

What are you doing?

Look. I'm not that kind of a person.

You get out.


Dork? Get out.

You go, dear.


Summon here, bean pole.

Come here.

- My lord.
- Your honesty saved your sister.

- I don't understand, my lord.
- What don't you understand?

Humans desire for
land, gold and women.

I'm Yaman.

- Tell her this, you idiot.
- Ok, my lord.

Oh my God. My family and
sister's reputation is spoiled.

I can't face her anymore.


Are you anxious about the
arrangements for your oath ceremony?

I would have been fired
because of your advise.

What happened?

He spit on my face.
Didn't you have better ideas?

Didn't you have any other sisters?

What did he say?

Your sister is not fit for the job.

Do you have

any women relatives
who are beautiful?

He says that such girls will fit the job.

- You're the one who brought him here.
- Yes.

Run away.

Gupta. You don't understand him.

Let me explain.

He's fine with your distant
relatives too. Am I right?

- Yes.
- Yes, he's right.

- Get out.
- Oh God.

- Gupta. Very distant relatives...
- Go to hell.

It's not your fault.

It's my fate.

It's my fate not to rule
but to assist till my death.

It's my fate.

- My fate.
- Chitragupta. Relax.

Don't depend on fate
when you are frustrated.

This lie called fate was created by
us to avoid others from prospering.

We shouldn't fall for it.

This is not just your defeat.
Mine too.

The failure of smartest
statesman of earth.

I've confused you just
like I do to laymen.

You're Chitragupta.
You're a winner.

I'll definitely will give you a
new idea that makes sure you win.

Go away.


Don't worry

- I've a brilliant plan for you
- Not needed!

This is my designation

I can think on my own.

Please don't interfere.

Chitragupta, you've to put
efforts if you need a position

An elephant's strength
is in its trunk.

A crocodile's
strength is in water.

Likewise Yaman's
strength is Yamalogam

So, you expel Yaman
from his Yamalogam

- Where to expel?
- To Earth.

To Earth? Why?

Earth will induce
desires in him.

His mind will baffle.

A baffled mind will
commit mistakes.

He can be cornered
for his mistakes.

That is fine.

How can we reason him
to take him to Earth?

You've asked the intelligent
question of your life.

You rewrite the 'Book of life and death' in
such a way that no deaths occur.

Then Yamalogam becomes idle.

If Yaman asks you the reason,

reply that he can find
the answer only on the Earth.

If he doesn't accept, scare him that
he will be answerable to Lord Shiva.

Threaten him that Lord Siva would sentence
him to death, if he fails to answer...

Then Yaman's position
will become vacant.

You can get his spot for sure.

- But, how can I do a scam by rewriting?
- Haven't you done a scam?

I've done petty stuffs.

Visit Earth,
you will become a master of scam.

What! It looks like a maths classroom.
Everyone has absconded.

Just these two morons are here.

Watch out for performance...


Be alert.
Yaman has arrived.

Where did everyone go?

Hey! Useless Ministers!

Where are the Ministers
and the demons of our fort.

Chitraguptan is also missing!

What should I tell?

Hey! Answer me!

Lord! We too are looking out for
him, since morning.

We couldn't find him anywhere.

Couldn't find?

Idiots! Go! Find him.

We searched the entire Yamalogam already.

Don't talk a word.
Just search for him.

- Get lost!
- Yes! My lord!

- Where the hell are you going?

Don't over perform! Get out!

He won't go anywhere
without informing me.

- Have you met Chitraguptan?
- No, my Lord!

How come he left without
informing even you?

Where would he have gone?

Dear! Should I tell you personally?

Won't you search? Go!

I want to tell you
something personally.

- To me?
- Yes.

- What is the matter?
- Actually...

It is highly confidential

Hmm. Maids,
you can leave this place.

Get lost!

You should keep it a secret.

You mustn't spill the beans.

The maids have gone.
Spit it out!

No dead people from earth have come
to Yamalogam, for the past two days.

- Hmm...
- It has been a layoff for two days.

-If Lord Shiva, comes to know about it...

If he shows up His anger

Then, it will be a threat for
your position or even your life

My father used to tell that
He is nagging guy!

Tell me a way out!

There could be an Anti-Yama revolution
or rebellion against you on earth.

That could be the reason why
none has died to come up here.

Chitraguptan speculated this and
to verify, he has gone to the earth.

My foot! Who can revolt
against me on earth?

For investigating that matter,
he left all alone risking his life.

Hey! Even here he used to roam
like his life was threatened.

But, I can't trust him.

He loves you in
leaps and bounds!

I can believe everything
you've told so far.

But, I'll never
believe the last one.

- Minister!
- Hmm.

I know him.

I swear my Lord! You can call the maids.

I can touch them
and swear on them.

What? You gonna touch
maids for a promise!

Are they a holy book
to touch and swear on?

-You touch elsewhere to swear on.
- Okay, I swear on your vehicle!

My vehicle itself has
accepted it as fact!



For my sake you've risked
your life and gone to earth!

I will come and rescue you.

Here I come!

My Lord! Please don't do this!

He will complete the job and return.
You be patient.

Are you asking me to be a
couch potato, till he returns?

- I'm leaving.
- Lord! Please!

- Wait, he'll be back.
- He is not letting me go.

- Maids!
- Yes, Lord!

Play with him, till I return!

You can leave now. Go! Go!

For identifying this, I lied.
Gotcha scoundrel!

Till I return you stay at Devalogam!

You prove that you're
a Koovathur Minister.

I would slap you.

Move aside.

Your Yamadharman is coming for you!

Please do leave, my Lord!
Please don't leave!

Hey! You Drunkard!

Dance a bit closer.

- Who's that?
- Yaman!

My Lord! How come you're here?

How did they permit you in?

Hey! I opened the door and walked in.

They told I needed something
called shoe to get in.

I showed them the Shoe
they allowed me in.

Have the moron
ministers informed you?

I haven't asked.
They voluntarily spilled the beans.

That's okay.

They informed that you've risked
your life by visiting earth.

But here, you are
with girls in mini-skirts!

And celebrating a
booze-up party with them!

What! Is it a Goa trip?

Oh Lord!
This is called modern culture!

Girls can go anywhere, as they like.

This is how they prove
that they are no lesser than men.

That's why they released
150 video scandals!

Look at her! Nothing's there.
Just dancing!

Did you come to see this? Hmm!

- I'm swearing on you...
- Just a minute.

- Hey you, dumb dace...

- How long he has been here?
- Since the pub is open, he's with us.

Scoundrel! How dare you fake
a promise on me? Come out!

- Come out!
- My Lord!

Chitragupta! Have you noticed
the equality you told about?

- Turn around...
- Hmm.

- Hey Lady!
- What?

Won't your husband question
about your night boozes?

- He won't mind.
- Why?

He is the one
pouring my glasses!

- Darling, one more large?
- Large! My foot!

Look. Is he listening to me?

Take a look, Chitragupta.
The earth is tilted.

- Hmmm.
- Now it is not tilted.

- Hmm..
- Hi.

My Lord! No wonder,
you aptly reached the earth.

But, how did you find me?

Huh! Are you a drowned aircraft,
to make finding you so difficult?

Hey! You won't deal with work
past 6 O'clock in Yamalogam

you deal with maids and get beaten

- Don't I know?
- No my Lord...

Here, pubs are more in
number than schools.

Well said, Chitragupta.

I've been searching for you
since morning and exhausted.

We must investigate
why no deaths occur. Come!

have a look at my vehicle.

- My Lord!
- Hmm.

What vehicle is this?

This vehicle is our family's asset.
Come, I'll explain you.


- Shall we go?
- Yes

- Go. Go.
- Hmm.

- Chitragupta! How is our Vehicle?
- Good, but...

Does it have fuel?

For my quarterly examinations,
Satyananda did...

- Hmm
- What a bad-mouth you are!

Push the Vehicle.

♫ Our bodies are temporary,
just like air filled bags, ♫

♫ Yet we ogle at women with lust. ♫

Stop your folk song!

Who is this man?

He is heftier than me.

- Him?
- Hmm.

He is E.V.Ramasamy.

Humans call him by the name Periyar.

- Periyar?
- Hmm

What did he do so wise to
be called as Periyar (Wise man)

He voiced against alcoholism,
women slavery and superstitions.

Being a God, you got drunk.
How can humans refrain?

Let's have a closer look.

What's written on it?

Forget God.
Think of Human.

- Which means...
- Damn you.

Gods like us should be forgotten.

Humans should be
respected humanely.

He advised righteously.


- Let us meet him
- Hmm.

- And discuss with him.
- Not possible, my Lord!

- Why?
- Your father took his life long ago.

That's right, when did my
father let good people live!

-That's why humans have erected a statue his memory
- Oh!

Still, many are waiting
to break the statue.

- Are they expecting or you?
- No, My Lord.


Love is God!

Why did you say this?

This words needs to oblige
by just this one liner.

- I'll inform Lord Shiva about you.
- Lord! No, please.

Come. Push.

Continue that song.


Who is that man with book in his hands?
A school teacher?

- Yes, My lord. He's a teacher.
- Oh.

- His name is Ambedkar.
- Is it?

He studied law,
when casteism had barred clothing.


He framed the constitution
of this country.


All humans are equal.

He advised to give up castes
and live united.

nobody listened to his words.

If they had listen, why would they
fight for religion and castes?

- That's why they labelled
him as a caste leader. - Hmm.

And made him stand as a statue.
This is people's achievement!

God forsaken people!

How pity they turned a Law
genius into a caste leader!

These humans are incorrigible.

- Chitragupta!
- My Lord!

Who is this gentleman?

He looks so majestic like me.

- Not even the looks...
- Hmm...

- His life is heroic.
- Is it?

- He chased away the Britishers,
single handedly. - Wow!

Many foreign leaders had supported him.

He became a victim of tricks
played by national leaders.

- Nature too was against him.
- Why?

He was last seen flying in an aircraft.

What happened after that is
known only to your father!

He'll tell it is confidential
and won't reveal.

He is the inspiration
for today's gallant youth

He is the reason why the
young men join the army.

Then he should be the real
'Father of the Nation'

- Keep quiet and ride the Vehicle.
- Hmm.

What a majestic man!

- Who is this shirtless gentleman?
- Father of the nation.

I feel sleepy.

There you can see
St.Thomas Church.

Let us sleep on it's steps.

Did you say St.Thomas Church?

Why? Can't you get
sleep, near a church?

- Be quiet and follow.
- Lord! How can I come there?

Go and get my vehicle. Go!

♫ Jesus calls me... ♫

These homeless men are sleeping
in standing posture on road side.

Hey! Whom did you call homeless?

Do you know? My dad is a VIP.

He is a landlord.

I am the God who provides the
land for your dad's grave.

Which group do you belong? SV or YG?

- What group is he talking about?
- I know them very well, Lord!

You shut up. I know.

Hey! Don't you belong to drama troop?

Your jewels are imitation, right?

- Hey.
- Imitation?

These are 24 Carat Gold!

We'll rob all the jewels.

Hey. Snatch them.

- No! I warn you. He is an insane guy.
- What?

Sorry my Lord. He'll take all your lives.

Are you God Yaman, to take our lives?

- Stop there! Chitragupta.
- Yes, Lord.

A guy hits a famous shot in cricket.
What do they call it?

He is Dhoni. It's Helicopter shot.

You'll see the Helicopter shot now!

Hey, God of Rains.
Eat him alive!

Who called me a theater artist?

- You rascals!
- My lord!

- The same drink that I had drink earlier!
- No! He sipped it!


Hey! Chitragupta!

- He is stealing my vehicle.
- Let it go, my Lord!

Anyhow we don't have money to refuel it.
Let's walk.

Hey! You poker-face!

My father gifted it to me
for clearing 5th grade.

He ceases my vehicle
like a pawnbroker. Stop him!

Not only vehicle, they will kidnap even
you, if you don't change your attire.

How to evade it?

Kumaran Stores

- Chitragupta!
- My Lord!

Why these humans are
disrespecting us?

Because they have
depicted us differently.

- Dude, where did you stage show today?
- Show?

Get away before,
I beat you to a pulp.

Chitragupta! How is it?


What is this?

You look like "Nikhil Murugan"

Hey! You are complaining
every costume I wear!

Hey, you Hanuman face!

- How is it?
- Hmm!

Then what?

- However, something is missing!
- Mustache, what else!

The costumer advised, mustache
won't suit this. So I removed it.

(humming a song)

- What, lord?
- Hmm.

You brought me to
church just as you said.

I'll do what I say
and tell what I do.

I won't sleep here.
I'll sleep in our shrine.


One faith is
not just for humans.

It's applicable for
us; Gods as well. Come.

- Leave me. I won't come.
- Come.

Chitragupta, use every moment
in earth in your favour.

Even now,
the opportunity knocks your door.

Use it and kill Yamadharma.

God! I'm caught!

- Chitragupta!
- Lord!

What are you doing?

There was a mosquito
on your neck.

I came to kill it.

- Hmm?
- Yes, my Lord!

Understand a fact.

It is me, God of death,
who will decide your end as well as mine!


Please forgive me, Lord.

I'm not Jesus to forgive. I am Yaman

Go and ask Jesus
for forgiveness.

- Lord!
- Hmm.

-Did you notice this?
- Hmm.

- Life style of human beings
- Yes. Yes.

It is three times
larger than ours'.

- Yes, Lord!
- Hmm.

-Earthly beings live a wealthier life than us.
- Yes.

To be precise,
they enjoy heaven in earth.


- Chitragupta!
- Lord!

This is the only thing I
don't like about Lord Brahma.

What is that, Lord?

He created his legs on the
top and head on the bottom.

How will he walk, eat and live? Huh?

Are you talking like a Yaman?

- You are intimidating me?
- This is called Yoga, Lord.


Lifespan will increase
if practiced daily.

They will remain young.

If everyone's lifespan
increases, how will I do my job?

Take me to the place
where the poor lives.

I want to meet them.

- Do you want to go there?
- Yes. You filthy cockroach! Let's go.

- Lord!
- Take me.

- Lord!
- Hmm.

This is the poor's
place, you've asked for.

- But it doesn't seem so.
- Looks deceive.

You've to live their life to understand.
Let us drink tea.

Hey! They adulterate it with tamarind
seeds, I don't want it.

- Don't argue. Come, sit.
- Please listen to me.

- Two tea, please.
- Okay.

Sir, what is your name?

- Ponmani.
- Your final bell will ring in 2 days.

- What 2 minutes?
- You come up there and ask.

- Nothing. You keep reading.
- Hmm.

- What is he blabbering about?
- Hey!

- Go away, you Bug!

Lord! How is the tea?


- Who is this baby?
- Okay, Mom.

- Give chocolate to everyone!
- Uncle, take.

- Is it your birthday?
- Yes.

- Happy birthday to you.
- Thank you.

Drink fast, we don't have money.
Let's leave.

Happy Birthday.
- Happy returns of the day.

Tell me what you want, I shall gift you.

I like my dad's bike.

I can't give bike to your dad.
Ask me what you want.

I love puppy a lot.

Just a Puppy.

I'll give it now.
Om Kalabairava!

Have it.

You can play with it as like you want.

- Chitragupta, convey thanks to Bairavar.
- Hmm.


- Mom!
- Honey!



The job of bringing him
to earth is done at last.

Senseless idiot!

Won't you watch the baby down there.
I'll teach you lesson when you come to me.

Your act was marvelous

You stopped the lorry
just like that. Wow!

- How did you do that?
- I am Yaman.

- Hey Chitragupta, Yamadharma.
- Who is that?

Gosh! Lord Shiva. Hi uncle.

Come up here!

Up there?

- Why is he calling us, standing on a leg?
- Lets go.

I am coming uncle.

I summon my salutation to
the God of the universe.

I'm not here for your salute.
I'm here for taking your soul.

Oh! Lord!

What crime did my son commit
as to deserve death?

What crime?

He gave life those
who are supposed to die.

- Did I give life?
- What did you do? Is it true?

Don't ask him. Ask me. I will tell.

Brahma, Vishnu and myself.

He falsified the book of
deaths written by three of us.

There is no other way than killing
him, for his heinous crime.

My lord! Shiva!
Please do not do like that!

Lord Shiva, I just saved
the life of a little girl!

- Damn it!
- What?

You don't know
anything than to eat.

- I can wash hands after eating.
- That's the only thing you know.

You have not saved just the
child, whose time is over.

You saved the life of demon
who is supposed to die along.


Look at their destined fate!

This junkie has saved the life of demon
along with the child's life. Understood?

Hey! You have got the post of
Yaman to take lives. Not to save.

Because of his foolishness, many
innocent souls will become his victims

Look at the cost of your
mistake you've committed.

Is he Lord Shiva or theater operator?
playing the movies alternatively!

- Hey!
- Boss.

You've been driving for a long time.
Rest for a while.

okay sir.

Hey! I sent you out for job,
because you're educated.

Please leave me sir.

In the pretext of working in IT company,
are you roaming with other caste guys?

No sir.

On what grounds are we inferior to you?
In education? earning?

She loves me.
I love her.

- What else do you want?
- Please leave him, sir.


Sir, please. Aravind is a good guy.
Please leave him

What sort of person
murders like this?

- Chitragupta, we are caught.
- Yes, Lord!

Lord Shiva is doing a direct inquiry.
Look he is doing something


I'm not born to achieve.
I'm born for my caste.


- Did we save this Demon?
- That's what he said.

How can I leave him unpunished?

Just shut your mouth.

You are talking too much
just for saving a kid.

94 school kids died were not belong
to your book. Where did you go then?

- What?
- Are you blaming me for your negligence?

Evading the question
just like humans

If you aren't capable forfeit
your snake and trident to sour sons

And perform a penance in Himalayas.

Why are you tormenting us?

I'm not sure about your
governing skills...

But sure you are witty.

Its my survival skill, My Lord.

Are you mocking me,
when you are supposed to answer?

Lord Eshwara!

We will give second thought
to hit our beloved son...

Who gave the authority to hit him?

Are you questioning the authority
of the sole authoritarian?

You are the one who made this dumbo

to sit on the throne.

- You have to pay the penalty.
- Lord!

I accept it, my Lord!

- Turn into ashes.
- Dad... - My Lord!

Oh my God!

- My Lord?
- Yes?

Why did you punish him for my mistakes?

It will not end with your father.

If you don't fix up your errors

and seize his soul in six days...

I will destroy this Yamalogam
and construct a new one.

I swear!!!

Om namah Shivaya!

- Om namah shivaya!
- Excuse me.

Lord, My daughter got saved from
a great mishap by a whisker.

I’m pretty much scared
to sent her out !

That's why I thought of meeting
you and getting blessings from you

so that I can feel relieved.

Who saved your daughter
from that accident?

I'm not sure of that.

But he came like a Lord
himself and saved my daughter.

But as per your daughter’s destiny

she died in the accident.

As you said...

the one who saved
your daughter is

none any other one
but the God Himself.

That too by the Lord Yamadharma,
the one who never fails the righteousness.

Lord Yama?
- Yes.

The Lord of yamalogam vested with
the power of seizing humanly lives.

The one who is supposed
to end the lives

has saved a life...

That supposedly means that
Anbazhagi defies destiny.

Lord Yama is to be pitied.

As he failed to end the life of Anbazhagi

he is answerable to Lord Shiva.

What is this, my Lord?

Instead of sitting on the throne,
you are seated down here?

I'm unable to shoulder this
burden of responsibility

I'm afraid that I'll succumb
to the situational pressure.

I'm not eligible to sit
on the throne anymore.

You are indeed eligible, my Lord.

You lost owing to my conspiracy.

How could have you conspired

when it was me who saved the kid.

What's your role?

In an attempt to make you
descend down to the earth

I manipulated the Book of life and death...

and stopped the loss of lives.

Why did you stoop so low?

To get to the throne

I heeded to the advice of

the human and a fellow from my
caste, Ko. Rangasamy

My desire for the throne

may end up in the
devastation of Yamalogam.

You trifle!

You stooped as low as the earthly beings.

Had you shared your
desire for the throne with me

I'd have passed it to you.

- Go take the throne.
- Forgive me, my Lord.

What do you mean?

Forgive me, my Lord.

Chitragupta, you are worshipped by humans.

But here you are
pleading guilty to me.

Indeed people presume us
to be slap stick comedians.

Why should we be so formal?

Forget that.

I'm just concerned about the threat of Lord Shiva
who is determined to destroy this Yamalogam.

We have to stop it any cost.

Our primary task is to rat out the demon.

Broadcast his bio.

Your wish, my Lord.

RTO is obliged to
scrutinize the vehicles.

Will you desert the vehicles in fear?

You should have rammed him down,

You dared to stop it despite
knowing that it's my truck.

This sapling will yield better.


Stop it!!

Why is he so brutal?

What shall we do with him?

With him?

I will prey him tonight with my noose.

It has tired me out.

Shall we have two pitchers of...

Aye, my Lord

- Shall we go to your quarters?
- Yes, my Lord.

Hold on Chitu...

- Yes, my Lord.
- While you conspired against me...

Who were your accomplices?

These fellows...

Had you made efforts on your own,
you could have captured the throne.

Why did you trust these guys?

Descend down to Marina beach
and carry loads of sand.

That's your sentence.

We don't know to swim, my Lord.

It adds up to my convenience.

I order you to drown till death.

Get lost.
Or I shall whip you to death.

What's it?

The foreign liquor...

- I shall console my mom...
- Fine...

- And grab some complementary dishes.
- Fine

My Lord...

How can you let me
sob in solitude?

Why did you leave me?

Lord Eshwara,
burn me to ashes and swallow me.


Why are you gazing at me?

I can spot a change in you.

It's the mustache.
It's was too itchy.

That's for the court,
not for the home.

You need not worry, mother.

I will bail out father at any cost

and will bring him to you.

- I swear on you.
- Son..

He is not imprisoned
in a prison to bail out

It's not possible.

Lord Shiva turned your father
to ashes and swallowed him up.

I'm not bothered about
his place of imprisonment.

I'll bail him out at any cost.

I swear on you.

- Son...
- Yes, mom...

Why are you using the unchaste language?

My bad...

This is the easily dialect to pick up.

So I hooked on to it.

Forget this.
Sleep peacefully.

I shall bail out father.

I shall leave.

How can I talk about this to a mother?

Let's give it a try.

- Mom...
- Yes, son...

Please don't take me wrong.

Not at all.
Speak out.

You are saddened by the loss of father.

Are you sure that you won't take it wrong.

I won't.
Tell me.

Drink some liquor from dad's inventory...

Doze off after having it.

You will have a good sleep.

- Son!!
- It's not a crime, mom. Have it.


As I was mourning for father...

- I was in the course of second drink...
- What?

In the pretext of mourning...

You were having a blast?

Drink to the max and throw up.

I will send the maid to clean

Will I make it to the last drink?

Forgive me my Lord.

You habituated this after the
demise of my father or prior to that?

You presumption isn't right.
It's because of the solitude.

The empty bottle gives a testament.

- I shall thrash him.
- Look at this, my Lord...

He is batting for the
liquor prohibition in public

Where as he is having a sound
sleep after having foreign liquor.

They voice out in favor
of liquor prohibition

and have foreign brews to
cancel out the tiredness.

It doesn't matter now.

Watch out how my noose
preys on his soul.

Bless me Lord Shiva.

- Chitragupta...
- What's is it, my Lord?

- What's wrong?
- Is it the noose of death or a lame thread?

It's not able to hold on to his body.

Are you mocking me?

He may cheat my noose...

But he can't duck my mace

Bless me my Lord.

I'll crack up his bones.

Massage a bit lower.

- Massage?
- Lord

- He is mocking at your blows.
- Yes.

Seems Lord Shiva was right
about his demonic traits.

How shall we drag him to Yamalogam?

That's upto your skills.



Watch out this!
I will beat him to a pulp.

I did say 'the lower part'

Who are you?

Are you trying to
snatch my boss' chain?

Get him off my sight.

I'm just the accomplice.

You can't touch even touch his
shadow as long as I'm with him.

Vanish before the humans gang up.

He has caught hold of me.

Shall I serve you
horse gram saute?

It will boost my stamina.

That's the sole purpose.

Get the phone.

Someone fetch him some water.

Hold your breath.

No one is gonna grab your water

Take small gulps

Silly fellow

Greetings, sir!!

Fall on his feet and seek his blessings.

He has come.

He has arrived.

- Sir!!!
- Welcome!

The opposition parties are condemning
you blaming the Virudhunagar clash.

But you are seldom
commenting on it.

Shall we publish with the headlines,
' Atrocities of Ayya in Virudhunagar?

If that's your wish go ahead.

Is that true that you have
a mistress in Chennai?

Are you a reporter or something else?

Please answer my question.

'Just to evade the corruption and criminals
charges against you and your son...

you are running this political outfit'
This is public opinion.

What's your view on this?

I never comment on rumors.

I believe in universal brotherhood
void any caste or faith.

Your employees are hired
only from your caste.

How can you claim you
as a man for everyone?

- Bala!
- Sir!

Here you are.

Come closer.

He is Bala.

He is my car driver.

He travels most of the time alongside me
in my personal and professional life.

If I were a caste obsessed
person as per your allegation

Don't we have any
drivers in our caste?

You are mocking me as you are from a
pro political party channel...

don't spoil the ethics of
the press for TRP ratings

- Thanks... I'm done for the day.
- Sir!!!


Summon the three reporters
to our party office

How dare you ask such questions?
I'll thrash you.


Greetings, sir!

Greetings to all!

- Sir!
- I asked you to meet me at the orchard.

- We shall discuss over there.
- Fine, sir.

- Thiru!
- Sir?

Are the arrangements done for the feast?

- Greetings, sir.
- How are you?

- Greetings, sir
- Welcome TPS.

- How are you?
- I'm here to make sure we're fine.

Why do you need my aid?

We don't have a
strong leadership.

If we don't form an ally,
we may even lose the deposit.

So we are here before the
opposition party makes a move.

So you have assessed your
party's situation correctly.

Else I would be knocking your doors.


50 seats...

5 billion rupees.

Ministerial positions.

We will have a word with CM...

- and will get back to you.
- Definitely.

Please have a thorough discussion

Mr. TPS! The opposition
party is also queuing up.

They are void of leadership as well.

Hurry up.

Expecting a fruitful reply.

- Welcome.

Would your meeting just before the elections
lay a foundation for political ally?

We can't comment on it now.

Party's high commission
will discuss about it

and come with a
fruitful decision.

A council meeting for nothing.

One on one dialogues is
itself a boring affair.

This is council meeting is a dull affair.


Dear ministers...

To save Yamaloga...

Come up with new ideas.

Do you know something?

If this Yamalogam
is not fixed back and restored

in a span of six days...

We will have to face
the wrath of Lord Shiva.

Don't beat about the bush.

You are summoned for
the very purpose.

Come with some innovative ideas.

I think its better to have a
discussion after 6 in the evening

rather discussing it now.

No.. after 8.

Best thoughts surface
after eight at night.

How? To get me high

and sleep kicking my face.

Next morning you'd be proud that
you slept kicking Yamadharma's face

Then they'd ask for the same.
So shut up.

My lord. Which accent of
Tamil are you speaking?

- We are unable to decipher it.
- I was in Chennai for few days.

Hence the Rayapuram accent.

- Give me idea in this meeting.
- My lord.

I've a good idea.

Say it before you take the fruit.

I'll decide if your idea is good.

In that case,
shall I take a half an hour more?

I can see that you think only about
the fruit. I don't want your idea.

I've a good idea.

Chitragupta. Who is he?
What language is he speaking?

- The prime language of India.
- This should be the last time.

- My lord.
- What is it?

- I've a nice idea.
- Wow.

In 2nd century...

My father was spoiled
because of such ideas.

- For past one hour...
- My lord, I've an excellent idea.

What is it?

Picking every individual soul and
catching it with the noose and escorting

to the court and punish them
within six days is not possible.

How about taking out the person
responsible for this entire issue?

- Who?
- Lord Shiva.

- Let's take him out and party.
- Shut up you, idiot.

Do you think it's possible
to take Lord Shiva out?

Welcome. Hail Lord Shiva!

- Do you want to take me out?
- Lord Shiva. I did not.

I'll destroy you.
Mind your business, dumbo.

You scold me instead of them.

He's already angry on me.
And you guys adding fuel to the fire. Get out.


They made Lord Shiva scold me.

I feel bad.

Nobody left.

- Ragavendra.
- Sir.

Take that fruit.

- He's in mood. Here it is.
- I can't reach it. Give it to him.

- Not for me?
- Now you give it to me.

I'll kill you all with the fruit.

Is it yamalogam or a bar?


- My lord.
- What?

Why don't you reconsider my idea?

- Chitragupta.
- My lord.

I thought you've changed for good.

But you never will.
Take this and stand back.

He's advising.
Crown slips too.

You are the one
spoiling everyone here.

Whom shall I ask then?

They're the right people.

- Kesava.
- My lord.

- Summon that four here.
- Yes, my lord.

First of all I thank you
four for accepting my invite.

Who's that monster?

Leader of a Pro caste political
party, Kumaradasan.

What the hell are you talking about?

He is crazy and his
people follow him.

Don't they have brains?

- How do I know?
- We four struggled for people.

You commit the mistake and
why do you ask for our advise?


- Chitragupta.
- My lord.

- Why does he scold so badly?
- This is the reason I refused.

He talks a lot.

Let's settle this issue
within the cabinet table.

- Them?
- What is outsider suggesting?

I'm talking to my king.

- Chitragupta.
- My lord.

You talk too much. Get out.

Listen to me. Get out.

Is Kumaradasan the problem?

Or any more problems?

There are many problems here.

There are more pending cases here.

If I don't finish it up in six days

I would have to face
the music of Lord Shiva

I can manage other cases.

But Kumaradasan's case
is bugging me a lot.

Fate has saved him from my hands.

- Please give a solution.
- Give us a little time.

We shall discuss and
provide a good solution.


Wait. We've discussed
and come to a conclusion.

We shall share it.
Take what you need and forget the rest.

I'll definitely use your advise.

Beloved sir,
you tell him.

In my opinion, there is only one
reason for all earthly problems.

Strong people decides
the life of the weak.

This should change.

If weaker ones decide the life of
strong, good people live good.

Numbers of evil people will dwindle.

Population will decrease.
This is my only conclusion.

Sir. Please explain.
I just have the basic education

People who think that they have
authority, wealth, caste etc...

should be controlled by public.
That will change everything.

Do you understand?

This is our solution.
This will definitely succeed.

I favour non-violence.

But at the current situation

Towards our efforts in
building an utopian society

I agree with our
beloved sir's advise

and the principles of Netaji.

Thank you so much for your advise.

Hey Ram.

- Isn't it actor Kamal's movie?
- Talkativeness is the reason for your sufferings.

Sorry, sir.

My lord.
Your style has changed a lot.

Great change.

I've listened to the advise
of four best wise men.

That lead me to a plan.

If the plan succeeds,

Earth and Yamalogam will be restored

What is that plan, my lord?

One plus one.

One plus one? What does that mean?

When a person's death is unfair

if he wishes, he can summon his
slayer and get him sentenced

Sounds like a very good plan.

Does this plan help us to kill him?

Will earth be restored?

If he kills even one person on earth

I'll kill him through his victim.

Not just that, Chitragupta.

They don't commit
crime individually.

They do it as a gang.

If we kill all these culprits

Earth will be restored back

Concluding that good people
live and bad guys don't.

Won't there be confusions
due to this plan, my lord?

- Yes.
- Won't it lead to anything catastrophic?

We are already in catastrophic
situation, you idiot.

This is our last hope.
Let's try it out.

It's good if it succeeds.
Else I don't care.

- What say?
- Let's do it, my lord.

- Let's do it.
- Sure?

Let's do it.

I'm coming.

My lord.

You wanted to spread the
one plus one plan on earth.

Why did you take us here?

Sathyanadha was my classmate.

Devotee of Lord Shiva.
Not just that.

Some things should be spread
through particular people.

That's why I seek his help. Come.

- Him?
- Come, my lord.

- Greetings friend.
- My ashram is cleansed with your visit.

- Buddy.
- Yes, dude.

I want to talk to you in private.

Send them out.

I have never taken up any
task without their presence.

You always end in up trouble
when you are left with them.

Ask them to leave.

Go. Not so far.

- I've never been alone.
- Shut up.

Let them go.

- Dude.
- Yes, buddy.

It's so good to meet
you after a long time.

But I need your help.

Why is he thrusting his chest?


One plus one plan should be spread.

- Nice.
- How did you know?

Not just that.
When you were walking

I know that you were ogling
at the lady in the middle.

- What is it?
- That's Sathyanandha.

Whoever it is.

I scan them first for any
cameras with divine eyes

- Enough of your tale.
- Not just that.

I've reached this stature only
after learning all the arts.

Let the learning be aside.

Do you practice them correctly?

I've experimented the
64 arts in 68 positions.

- Don't you know that?
- I do.

How can I be of help?

- Tell me mate.
- Mate...

You should spread the one plus
one plan to all in this world.

- Will you do it for me?
- Sure.

- I'll do as you said.
- Thanks dude.

I need your help likewise.

What is it?

Don't take my soul if anyone
summons me under one plus one plan.

If your deeds and devotion

are useful to the
people, I won't harm you.

If it ends up harming them,

I will end your life with your trident.

Ok, my lord.

I'm leaving.

Today's breaking news.

One plus one plan is spreading
fast because of St. Sathyanandha.

Let's watch a special segment about it.

One plus one is nothing but

when a person, for his selfishness

kills others,

victim after reaching yamalogam

shall have the soul of his murderer.
That is one plus one plan.

This special plan was
introduced by King Yamadharma.

- Did you see this dude?

- Who's it?
- That's a rumor.

What do you think of
Yamadharma's one plus one plan?

Judgment day has arrived.
God has descended on his white horse.

None shall escape.

Lord Yama, if you are real.

Forgive the neighbor military
who killed our fishermen.

But please kill the politicians who
play politics with their corpse.

It would be good if it's true.

I would take the
bribing cops if I die.


- Nobody home?
- I'm here.

- Where is he?
- He went to the farm.

Ok then.
I'll see meet him there.

You stupid.

Youngsters long to spend
lonely time with their girlfriends.

But you wish to leave
like a kid on vacation.

No. I'm scared.

Ok. Go.

Your sight impregnates
my soul for a scrutiny...

It kindles the desire in me

Your words are rhythmic as anklets...

Sings a lullaby...

I'm dumbstruck.

Like the eternally active wind...

As an inseparable shadow,
stay along side me.

I shall fill your life with happiness

Your sight impregnates
my soul for a scrutiny...

It kindles the desire in me

Your words are rhythmic as anklets...

Sings a lullaby...

I'm dumbstruck.

- Why are you serving 8 idlis?
- Really?

Won't I see if you stack them?

I know no math.

My son should have
plate full and eat full.

My mom bore me in her womb...

Here you are to bore in your heart.

When you play the drums, my lady...

We get closer to the Almighty.

I feel the motherly love in you

- As it sings the lullaby
- I turned handsome

Your absence gives
me sleepless nights

I act weird at your proximity.

I can't stop admiring you.

Not sure why

Your sight impregnates
my soul for a scrutiny...

It kindles the desire in me

Your words are rhythmic as anklets...

Sings a lullaby...

I'm dumbstruck.

I feel like this is
wrong, Vaishnavi.

We didn't do anything wrong
yet, driver.

We wish to get married.

As an inseparable shadow,
stay along side me.

I shall fill your life with happiness

Greetings, sir.

I've come to get the payback for
loan you got from the bank.

We have serious water shortage, sir.

Government failed to help us too.

I plough trusting the rain.

Please wait.
I'll pay the loan back soon, sir.

You won't be able to pay back ever.

Seize the vehicle.

Sir, please don't.
I beg you.

Sir, please spare it

Sir, this is like God to me.

- This is my only source of food.
- What happened, uncle?

- Sir, give me a chance.
- You don't pay but talk of pride.

Sir, please forgive
us for this month.

We'll definitely pay it next month.

Your husband can never pay the loan back.

Can you satisfy me for a month?

I'll pay your husband's entire loan.

Mom, please don't cry.

My Lord, he's our first customer
under our one plus one plan.

- What's your name?
- Ramasamy.

Do you know about this plan?

This was already proposed to
us by our MP's and M.L.A's.

We've been already cheated.
Please refer us another plan.

Another plan?

Should I order for snacks and tea?

Please add up for dinner
too, my Lord. It's late.

Do I look like Yaman
or a street food vendor.

- Chitragupta.
- My Lord.

- Take and punish him in the hell.
- Drag him out.


Even I don't get dinner here. Next.

You look like Bijili Ramesh.

- How did you die?
- Suicide.

Good but why?

Financial problems.
I died due to lack of money.

No money. You should've
died during demonetization.

- Isn't it?
- Yes, my Lord.

Where to send him?

Let him be here to assist us.
We can use him as a helper.

Greetings, sir.

My Lord. He's merely a human.

Why do you respect him so much?

He's not a mere human.

He's a farmer.

He feeds the souls created by Lord Brammah.

He's a Demi-God on earth.

But he's dead as he
couldn't repay the loan.

Farmers are known for such deaths.

Shall we bring the person
responsible for your death here?

Oh no. Killing is sin.

You say so.

But he was never concerned
about your family.

They may destroy thousand of
families if we let them live.

Please decide.
Let him be the first and last one.

What do you say?

Kill him, my Lord.

- Chitragupta.
- Ok, my Lord.

Under our one plus one plan,
the bank officer is the primary accused.


You sisters always
interchange your places

I'm coming there. Hang up.

My Lord. He's on his way
to his mistress' home.

Is that so?

- Ram him with a container truck.
- Ok, my Lord.

Job done, my Lord.

Please wait. He'll be here
shortly after his autopsy.

Did you bring me
here because of him?

You have raged Him enough.
Better be calm.

Isn't it a rumor about
one plus one plan?

You stand witness to it

What did I do? I did my duty.

He didn't pay his loan back.

Is it my mistake to demand it back?

Ok. How much does he owe you?

500,000 rupees.

- How much did he pay you?
- 700,000 rupees.

He had paid 200,000 extra.

He turns to a bigger cheat than you.

In our Chitragupta descendants

we've seen a lot of accounts.

But I couldn't understand the
accounts on this interest rate.

There of lot of categories
in interest rates on earth.

I tried to get back legally.

But it's to unjust to being me here.

Are we unjust?

You are.

You destroy the nation's
natural resources.

You pollute the air.

You trade water with the companies
when there is a demand for it.

You engage in illegal sand mining.

And you kill the investigating
officer in public.

Destroying all the resources
required for farming

you demand justice that he
didn't pay you the interest.

Soft spoken words don't yield money.
But insulting them does.

- This is our bank rules.
- Rules.

He seems to be legal.

Why didn't you take legal actions
on the one who looted 100 billion?

He stays in air conditioned
prison cell.

Even I, the Yaman stayed in normal
room at Chennai for 10 days.

How did we manage at
Rayapuram Mansion?

- Non air conditioned.
- Yes.

We lit the candles due to power cut.
No water in the bathrooms.

Whose money are you
spending for your luxury?

Yamadharma. A small deal.

- Chitragupta.
- My Lord.

He wants to deal with me.

Drag him to hell, daemons.

Come sir.

He's not a guest.
Drag him to hell and thrash him up.

Scramble his face.

My Lord, shall we send him to heaven?

- Chitragupta.
- Yes, my Lord.

He's a God who fed the world.

Shall we sing to refresh him up?

Poet Vaali, T.M.S and M.S.V.

Summon those three.

Farmer who caters to the
needy world is incomparable

But to keep him hunger free...

Farmer who caters to the
needy world is incomparable

But none on this earth is bothered
to keep him hunger free

None on this earth...

The nature too fails
to shower mercy on him

Politicians feed on the poor
and exploit them to the core.

Next case..

Please let me go!

Praise Lord Aiyappa.

Done, my Lord.

You finish it in a jiffy.

We accept your punishment, my Lord.

Can women in this world be
safe if we get punished?

Or is it possible to stop the crimes?

Do you know why were men
created, you idiot?

To protect women from wild animals.

A man was created for every woman.

Wild animals always
stay as animals.

But you humans are turning wild


The punishments from my books
won't be sufficient for them.

You decide their punishment
balancing your sufferings.

It will be done here.

My Lord.

They consider their masculinity and
casteism as pride and bravery.

Let their genitals
be cut and fed to dogs.

- Feed it to dogs.
- As you wish.

- Chitragupta.
- My Lord.

Take the four of them
and with the blade...

With the blade...?

Cut it off!

Daemons. Drag them out.

Throw them into the pit of misery.

You go to the heaven.

Who're these two kids?

They were killed by
parents for extra biriyani.

Oh. The Kundrathoor children.
Come here.

- What are your names?
- Abilashini.

- And yours?
- Kavin.

- Which grade are you?
- Second grade.

- And you?
- First grade.

I'm fifth grade.

I'm better educated than you.
How did you come here?

Someone killed us when
we were asleep, uncle.

Poor mom, should be looking for us.

Shall we bring her here?

Please do it soon.

When will she be here?

- Chitragupta.
- My Lord.

What is she doing?

I've been waiting since
long time for you, Sundaram.

I'm buying biriyani for
you, darling.

Did you buy leg piece?

I've bought a lot
of it just for you.

What will you do giving
everything to me?

I have an alternate plan.

Stop tempting on phone
and come home soon.

My Lord.

She's on tik tok after getting ready
for her next biriyani with Sundaram.

- On tik tok?
- Yes, my Lord.

Let her come and dance here.

Bring her.

3, 2, 1.

Sleep alone during our fight.

Kill me for some time, dear.


Kill me for some time...

Done, my Lord.

- Mom, are you here?
- Mommy.

Hell with you.

- Angels...
- No.

Call Mother Theresa,
who was called as the Mother of the world.

Come children.

You've killed your
children for your affair.

Don't you feel bad for it?

It's not fried. It's boiled.

Shut up. Without knowing
that you're the murderer,

Those poor children came running
and hugged you when they saw you.

Didn't you feel pity
on seeing their face?

- Yes. But I remembered Sundaram.
- When?

I'll thrash that Sundaram.

Why would a husband suffer
in a foreign country?

Did he do it to lead a
luxury life for himself?

No. He suffers for the well being
of his children, wife and family.

But you have affairs here.

- Don't you feel ashamed?
- This is women empowerment.

You shouldn't involve.
Men and women are equal.

You idiot.

That rule is on earth.
Not here in yamalogam.

They won't forgive me
if I don't punish you.

- Shall I?
- Yes, my Lord.

Don't whine. Take it.

Ask him not to beat me up.

- You're looking him already!
- He's beating me up for real.

- I don't want Sundaram.
- Who else do you want?

Can you keep me as your lady?

Hands off you shameless woman.

My mom's looking for bride. What?

I've been already punished.

Bring Sundaram and get us
married under one plus one plan.

Sundaram again?


- My Lord.
- Not him.

Not him? Chitragupta.
She's wishing for another affair.

Drag her to hell and poke her.

- Where?
- Wherever you wish for.

Daemons. Drag her to hell.

- I want Sundaram.
- Go away.

She wants Sundaram even after
killing her own children.

My Lord,
why do you want her to spiked?

Send her to me. I'll shall...

Am I Yaman, or a pimp?

- Hey...are you free?
- Yes, my Lord.

- Do you know to beat?
- Yes.

Thrash him up.

- How did my father manage them?
- You naughty idiot.

What is it?

- This was roaming alone when it was a calf.
- Ok.

I've been raising it
for past 20 years.

I feed it three times
even though I starved.

But yet it smashed me to death.

Isn't it a sin to kill your owner?

My Lord, I'm a mammoth creature.

Yes, you're bigger than me. And?

He made me to beg for
money at temple gates.

- You idiot. Did you?
- It blessings. Not begging.

Devotees donate for blessings.
It is lying here.

You made it beg instead and earn
through it. Don't you feel ashamed?

He never feeds me with that money.
He drinks and eat for himself.

You drink and eat
without feeding it?

My Lord, I don't booze..

When did animals lie?

I've bought him rotten bananas,
plantain and coconut leaves.

Rotten bananas?
Is it an elephant or a dustbin?

Let him go back to earth.

Let him beg for alms
until his death.

Let him eat rotten fruits and die.

Before that, pluck his both
eyes out. Daemons.

- Come.
- Throw him down.

- Go on.
- Gajendra.

Thiruvannamalai Temple,

Lord Shiva's temple.

You go there to replace
elephant Kalyani.

- You may leave.
- Thank you, my Lord.

Greetings, Nagarani.
What's the problem?

This lady prayed and fed Nagarani
with eggs and milk, daily.

But Nagarani killed the lady.

Why did you kill those who fed
you, Nagarani?

What's the reason?

I lived happily with my 10
babies inside the snake pit.

- Ok.
- Because she poured milk inside

all my 10 kids died of suffocation.

- She poured too much.
- That's forgivable.

- But her prayers after it...
- What's her request?

She wants her mother-in-law dead.

Her sister-in-law to be destroyed.
Neighbor lady to be burnt to death.

She wants Nayanthara model sarees.
But never let others to live.

She hates when I get a
new skin after shedding

That's the reason I killed her.

You did right. How to punish her?

Excellent punishment.
Koushik, come here.

My Lord.

Drag her here.

He's your husband henceforth.

- Him?
- Yes.

You shall stay as couples forever.

I've never had even the company of a girl.
Thank you, my Lord.

- Please no, my Lord.
- Take her away.

Did I arrange?

- Shall we start our first night?
- Please no, my Lord.

- Please change the judgment.
- Prompt punishment.

I don't understand
what you've done now.

Shut up. You know I behaved like a pimp.

Don't dig it.

Reasoning with the government
rules meant to save us

they killed us like a criminal.

Government didn't punish them too.

They killed my child before
it was born, my Lord.

I didn't get justice there.

Will I get justice here, at least?

Yamadharman is bound to justice.

- Chitragupta.
- My Lord.

- Take him out.
- Yes, my Lord.

- Greetings, sir.
- Why do you greet so cheap?

What have you done?

This couple didn't stop on my
signal, riding without helmet.

So I did my duty.

Would've you kicked them if it
was your mother or your sister?

Why should my family
ride in two wheelers?

I own a car?

- You've got a car?
- Yes.

What's your monthly salary?

- 57,000 rupees.
- And the car's cost?

3.5 million rupees.

How does it tally, Chitragupta?

Nothing much, my Lord.

They earn well by stealing
bikes with the help of kids.

That's how he bought the car.

Is it so?

Apart from it,

he kissed his women colleagues
during night patrol duty.

Did he kiss them?

My Lord, he's a liar.
I respect women.

- I'm under devotional yatra.
- Is it so?

Do you respect women?

- Yes.
- Won't you ogle at women?

- Yes.
- Do you swear?

- I swear.
- Wait a minute.

Pooja. Stand here for a second.

Look at him.

Senthil. You see her too.


Why do you peep?

Look at her directly.

Look at him.
How is she?

She's so beautiful.

So you want her after your yatra.

Don't be shy.
Say whatever you feel.

I'm ok if you're fine with it.

- Idiot. Chitragupta.
- My Lord.

Place him in hell.

I'll come to finalize
his punishment.

Tell the punishment.

Some punishment details can't
be revealed in Yamalogam.

It may result in
censor board problems.

Take him away.

- Come.
- You're abusing a cop.

- Leave me.
- Get in.

I recommend Lord Brammah for you
to give birth to the same baby.

Yes, my Lord.

Until she gives birth to the child

assist her with four maids.

- Ok, my Lord.
- Consider this your mother's home.

Thank you so much, sir.

Shouldn't you know the person
before you question him?

Smack you!



- Sir...
- Hmm.

Will you talk anything if
you have a mic in hand?

What did you ask?

Sir, Is it true that you have a
mistress in Chennai?

Yes I maintain mistress, you scoundrel!

What's your problem with that?

This is not a mere party office.

It's a temple we build
over the corpses of other caste guys

whom we murdered for
speaking against us.

What did you ask? Am I a caste extremist?
Nope. I am not.

I'm am a maniac! A caste maniac!

Do you know what
will happen when I go mad?

Who are they,
resembling Friends movie characters?

Welcome! So, you were the
ones murdered by Kumaradasan?

Yes, Sir!

- What happened? Tell me.
- What should we tell?

All of you knew him
as a political leader.

No one knows about his sand mafia,
kidnapping, honor killings and scams.

When we were about to expose this
to public, you killed us unjustifiably.

Hey! Am I Yaman or the
writer of a police station?

- Why are they complaining to me?
- Lord...

Listen to them patiently,
completely and then decide.

What should I listen and decide?

Even if we expose his criminal
side and imprison him,

He will bail out on the 10th day.

He can't be punished
while he is on earth.

But, shall we punish
him here at Yamalogam?

Kill him

- Chitragupta?
- Lord!

- I am unable to find him.
- What are you saying?

This mustache is pricking.

He is playing hide and
seek this time too.

- My lord
- Hmm.

Try to do something!

You can't kill him, my lord.

Who is that?
Come forward.

Greetings! Yama Guru!

you arrived at the right time.

- You can kill him.
- He had killed not one but three lives.

Why can't I take his life?

- Lord!
- Hmm.

You rewrote the fate
written by Brahma.

Hereafter you can't use your
right to kill against him.

I asked a way to kill him,
instead he is killing me with his talks.

Can you explain it clearly?

Don't you know the universal rules?
Birth and death are decided at once.

Souls are related to one another.

For someone to die,
thousands die along with him in chaos,

For the survival of a butterfly,
millions of species go extinct...

Why? This is Justice! This is fate!
This is Lord Shiva's rule!

Okay! Tell me,
who holds control over his fate?

You forgot the mistake
you've committed.

- You saved the life of a girl, didn't you?
- Yes!

The girl is the key to the demon's death.

What? Chitragupta...

How can we kill him then?

You have to kill the girl,
in order to kill the demon.

I won't sacrifice the
girl's life for killing him!

The fate of the earth and yamalogam,
is not in the control of you or Lord Shiva.

The girl holds the fate.

Rest is up to you.

You are in command.
I'll see you later!

Please go away.

Lord, yamaguru gives the
final advise here at Yamalogam

If we have to fix this,
we must heed to his advise.

How can I kill an innocent girl for
the sake of this position and throne?

I am not a dirty
politician to do that.

Hey, Chitragupta!

You are the reason for all this chaos.
Come, take this throne.

- I'm leaving.
- Lord. Please wait.

I committed that mistake long ago.
Why do you remind it now?

Impulsive decisions aren't helpful.
Let us think of something effective.

I want to be alone.
You may leave.

You too. Get lost!

Come. Come.

Why you urged me to come?
Ayya's meeting will be over in 10 mins.

- Tell fast. I need to go.
- We must leave this place soon.

Are you crazy? Can you imagine the
consequences if Ayya comes to know this?

- He knew it already.
- He has learnt about your love affair.

I'm aware of my father's caste-ism. If you
don't come with me, I'll commit suicide.


- Lord!
- Hmm.

We have only 48 hrs to complete
the orders of Lord Shiva.

- If we delay further...
- Hmm...

- Chitragupta!
- Lord!

We will do our duty!

- Let us claim the life.
- As you say, my Lord!



- Uncle!
- Come here.

How are you, Anbazhagi?

I'm fine uncle.
Why did you abscond then?

My boss called me.
So I went out of town to meet him.

No. You are lying.
I am aware that you're the God Yaman.

Who told you that, dear?

A sage briefed it to my mother,

It was God Yama,
who did save the life of you daughter.

He also told that she need not
worry about my life any more.

I've a doubt. How should I call you, uncle?
or God Yama?

- You can call me 'uncle!'
- Thanks uncle.

- Anbazhagi, can you come with me?
- I'll come with you wherever you ask me to

When you are with me
why should I be scared?

Now a days you are the only God I pray.
Do you know that, uncle?

I'm not a God.
I'm Yaman, came to claim your life!

It's ok uncle. You've the rights
to take the live you gave me.

Anbazhagi, are you angry with
me for claiming your soul?

I know that all your actions
are for a good cause.

uncle, can I tell you something?

As I am a little girl,
please kill me without any pain, uncle.

Please, uncle!

Anbazhagi, I just played a prank with
you for a while. You can go home now.

- Okay, uncle.
- Fine. Leave.

Lord. Why do you spare her life?

Chitragupta! Didn't you listen to her
words? Her words melted my heart.

I will deal with lord Shiva.
Lets go.

The demon's can be
killed only by the one

who's lifetime is not
ended but killed by Ayya

Lord Siva. I'm unable kill the girl.
You can claim my soul for her.

You have to save Yamalogam
I've no other option, Lord Siva!

My Lord! One soul is about to leave which
is not in our Book of life and death.

With this we can use 1+1
scheme to kill the demon!

- Is it so?
- Yes. My Lord!

Lord Siva,
Thank you for your grace.


Bala! Where are you, son?

- I'm hearing stories about you.
- Please forgive me, mom.

Vaishnavi, told she would die without me!
I had no other option.

Hey! Hey!

Hey Scumbag! if you don't come
here with my daughter in an hour,

I'll make your mother parade
*** around the town.

- Hey!
- What happened?

You... ***

- Dear!
- Mom! I'm on the way.

You need not come.
I will take care of things.

- You better leave somewhere.
- Mom, I won't leave you alone.

Are you scared that I'll be shamed
if you don't come?

If you come here, he will even kill you.

Kill them both.

You go somewhere and live happily with her.

- My blessings will always be with you.
- Mom!

- Lord!
- Huh?

Here is the soul,
not mentioned in our book of life and death,

whose lifetime is not over,
but killed by Ayya.

We were just waiting for this soul!

- Chitragupta!
- Lord!

Your sin is tallied.
But not the lifetime of the mother.

Mother. Why did you kill yourself?

My son wished her.
I had no other choice.

If my son has to live peaceful,
then the man shouldn't be alive there.

Can we use your 1+1 scheme
to bring the demon here?

We are awaiting that moment.
Shall we kill him?

- Please kill him, Lord.
- Chitragupta!

- At your service!
- Smack that demon to death!

- Hey... Hey...
- Daddy, please.

Harm me. But not him, dad.
He is innocent!

You shameful creature!

You think I would forgive
you out of daughter love?

You heartless crook. Is you caste's
bravery lies in laying hands on women?

My caste is not a drainage
to mingle with any blood!

Hey Thiru! Give it.

-Ayya, She's our girl.
- Are you advising me?

- Please leave me dad!
- Kill her!

- Leave me dad!
- Lift her up.

- Dad, please leave me.
- Lift and hold her head up.

Ayya!, Ayya!!

There he comes!

Good Morning! Brother!

Greetings! My foot!
Stop there!

Hey lady! If I die,
can you son lead a peaceful life?

I have millions of followers
They will kill him.

Hey! what are you discussing there?
Do you think this place is your office?

Sorry! Sorry!

This is Yama's Fort!
I'm the one who can voice out. Got it?

You have already
enraged me enough

You should not spill a word
unless I order you. Stay quiet!

So much rage on me?
Brother, my crimes are so petty.

Why sentence me so hard?

You're corrupted to the core due to
caste-ism and you belittle you crimes!

That makes your hefty
crimes look dwarfed.

You're calling me, Yama,
as a brother, as if I'm a boy!

Am I looking like you boy next door?

Brother, you're so innocent.

Can you name that's
void of discrimination?

Flowers, fruits,
vegetables differ in breeds

Skip everything. Even the dogs
that scrap for foods have caste!

- Bairava!
- Even the trees have different breeds, Brother.

- How can say no to castes among humans?
- Hey! What's so special about your caste?

- What are you talking, brother?
- Hmm?!

- That means?
- People's votes.

- Majority of people in Tamil
Nadu belongs to my caste - huh?!

- Do you know another fact? You to
belong to our community!

What!! Am I your caste?

Chitragupta! What's he blabbering?

Lord! He's playing the same trick he played
in earth and diverting you. Be careful!

Watch, how I am gonna divert him now.

Hey! As you said flowers,
trees and fruits differ.

But the differences are created by nature.
Who invented the so called human caste?

Why should we dig into it?
Some X found it. We are just relishing it!

What! Enjoying?!!
Aren't you ashamed of it?

- Shameless!
- Brother...

- You took it wrong!
- Hmm?

Am I the only one who ran a
party, committed honor killings

and acquired disproportionate
assets in the name of caste?

This is the happening
across the nation.

Its too bad you single out
me for a collective offense!

You hold the majority of
shares in the total sins!

- Wait! Wait! Just a minute!
- He is halting me like a bus.

I'll accept any punishment.

But allocate offer as per my
caste's reservation quota.

- Reservation means?
- Allocation of special privilege.

You seek reservation here in Yamalogam!

- Why do you need it?
- For heaven, what else!

Heaven! Huh?

- People of my caste belongs to heaven.
- All you need is heaven, right?

If you repeat what I tell,
I'll send you to the heaven.

- What?
- My Caste is...

- My Caste is...
- Down to earth...

- Caste down! down!
- Stop! Stop!

- I meant to say your caste be united
- Down! down! Caste Down!

- Chitragupta!
- Caste Down! Down!

Shut up! In minutes you turned
Yamalogam into a legislative assembly!

- What sort of creature he is?
- Lord, he's changing colors faster than chameleon

He has no morals and principles.
He deserves hell.

Give him a deserving punishment!

I sentence him to receive all the
punishments applicable in Yamalogam

- As you say, lord!
- Marinate him in spices...

Grind him using a
stone and spike him.

Take him away.
What are you laughing at?

- You proved you belong to our caste.
- How come?

- Without any doubt, you're my caste.
- How can you say that?

Because only people of our community,
never do a good deed for us.

I rested all my hope on you.
But you stabbed on my back.

Long live, brother!
Thanks. Bye.

- Lord...
- Hmm.

What if you belong to
his caste as he claims?

I will hit you with the mace!

- Hey, you belong to our caste. Isn't it?
- Come in, I'll let you know.

All beings are equal in my perspective!

- Lord, what about that Lady?
- Oh, I forgot.

Lady, I thank you for sacrificing
you life to save me and my Yamalogam.

- Chitragupta.
- Yes. Lord!

- Angels! Please take her along.
- Hmm. Hmm.

Take her along!

I can smell tiger's skin.

Here he comes! Lord Siva!

Thanks uncle,
I can smell you from miles.

- Mother is coming.
- Look at the time she arrives.

When did you arrive my lord?

- Thanks a lot, Lord Siva.
- Why is your mother unusually sobbing today?

She can't booze hereafter as
my dad returned. That's why!

- Shut your mouth, son!
- Better you do it, before dad smells booze

What a horrific family!

- Welcome, uncle Siva.
- I bless you to get married soon.

My mom is not seeking
suitable bride for me!

I've to find a girl for me.
Please be seated. Be careful.

What are you staring at? Remove it!

Your son rules better than you.

- You proved you are my blood.
- No, not all.

Look how he escapes!

Yama, I'm seeing you
since you were a child.

You cemented a place in our
hearts with your wise ruling.

Is your heart a town bus,
to confirm a seat with towel?

I like your obedience!
I bless you to rule Yamalogam forever!

- Thank you, uncle!
- Don't mention.

- Thanks Lord Siva.
- Uncle Siva

- I've a small request.
- Tell me, Son.

I want to send 4 people
from here to the Earth.

Hey! Are you Yaman or junior artist agent.
Always nagging me for devouring people.

- I'll explain, uncle.
- Tell.

You are happy with my seven
days' rule here, aren't you?

A little.

If we resend the 4 to
earth, they'll rule wisely.

People will also begin to live in harmony.
That's why I insist, uncle.

Oh! I see!
Who are the four persons?

The four people are Ambedkar, Periyar,
Gandhi and Netaji Subash Chandra Bose.

Awesome selection. But, are you aware
of the present government there?

Can the four tackle them?

They'll be in trouble if
the four go there now!

The four will chase away
those who cheat people.

- That's why I insist you to send them.
- He makes me to think deep.

Don't think too deep,
you will lose hairs and become bald again.

- I'll send the four to earth, as you wish.
- Hmm.

Enough, we can end it here.

- Hmm... Lord Siva!
- Seems he won't finish!

You have to save this world.

Just like your bald head and smile
the world should shine forever.

Bless our people with you pleasant voice!

Long live as long as
Tamizh language thrives.

We will meet again in Dharmaprabhu Part 2.
Thank you, all.

Today's headlines. Periyar began his nation
wide campaign against castes and religions.

A new law on women and
common people protection,

will be passed tomorrow
by Dr.Ambedkar.

Netaji Subash Chandra Bose
is all set to strengthen

the Indian border with
his new INA forces.

As usual, Gandhiji began his
Satyagraha at Nehru stadium.

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