Devour (2005) - full transcript

In Cheever Lake, the twenty-one years old Jake Gray has bloody nightmares while awake. His friends Conrad Dean and Dakota apply him in a weird game called "The Pathway". Jake begins to mix reality with daydreams, while his closest friends die. Jake blames the game, which might be connected to the devil, for the deaths of his friends and decides to investigate the mystery.

♪ What is it that you want?

♪ Writing on the wall

♪ Someone pointing you

♪ In the right direction

♪ Vanishing and disappearing

♪ Fading
Vanishing and disappearing ♪

♪ Falling
Vanish within, disappearing ♪

♪ Fading
Vanish within, disappearing ♪

♪ Falling

♪ What is that you want?

♪ A skin to protect you from

♪ Someone shading light

♪ From your reflection

♪ Vanishing and disappearing
Feeling ♪

♪ Vanishing and disappearing
Falling ♪

♪ Vanish within, disappearing
Fading ♪

♪ Vanish within, disappearing
Falling ♪

♪ This is not
what you want to fear ♪

♪ You're full of anger

♪ Full of hate

♪ Screaming for freedom ♪

[animal roaring]

[animal snarling]



[baby crying in distance]

[woman moaning]

[woman sobbing]

[sobbing continues]

- Miss. Are you OK?
- [sobbing]

- [screaming]
- [woman moans]



[man] I can't remember when I
had my first waking nightmare.

They're too disturbing
to call daydreams.

I never talked
about them with anyone.

They never made any sense to me.

Then I found The Pathway.

Now they're all clear.

Every one of them.

Breakfast of champions.

When was the
last time you slept?

I'm happy I can stand, man.
I'm on a three-day rage.

Your father's gonna
kick your ass if you flunk.

Ha! Since when did he
need an excuse to do that?

You're out of the house.

Hey, I'd trade places
with you any day.

- [rap music plays]
- What up, Jake?

- Darius.
- What's up?

So you playing ball next year?

- I don't know, man.
- [Darius laughs]

Get with it. That's what
you said last term, dawg.

Hey, man, the guys around the
gym tell me you're the real deal.

♪ But the real murderers
ain't never got no bounty ♪

- What are you staring at?
- It ain't your truck, homey.

♪ Think this blast is coming
from my residential district ♪

♪ It's the motherfucking Coup
we from the eastside O ♪

- Easy.
- What's he got there, Jake?

- Nothing, man.
- Bullshit!

- Yo!
- Keep your dog on a leash.

All right.

What the fuck you gonna do,
shoot him?

Chill. It only
told me to scare him.

"It?" What is "it?"

- Give me back the piece.
- No, man. No.

You crazy? You wanna get arrested?
Where'd you get this?

Oh, happy birthday.

Joseph Campbell believed
that the power of myth

related to certain
intrinsic, universal values

found in all cultures.
The need to worship God,

to protect family, to co-exist
in harmony with nature.

You know, from these very ideas,
stories were created,

and passed down from
one generation to another,

each having its own
central hero character.

Wanna see what you missed?

[teacher] ...travails
and sacrifice...

If I wanted to see it,
I wouldn't have missed it.

[teacher] Campbell termed
this ennobled path...

- Just trying to be helpful.
- What a shame.

I thought you wanted
to get in my pants.

It is my birthday.

Works for me.

[teacher] We are but little more
than stories we grow up hearing,

and the tradition
of telling them

binds together
even the most disparate.

[laughing] Happy birthday,


- How's it feel to be 21?
- Like I'm on the verge of nothing.

Mr. Gray.
Am I interrupting a celebration?

Sorry, Professor Hartney.

Tell me, Dakota. What are we to
make of this Dionysian offering?

- [sighs] Mimosas.
- [laughter]

All right. That's enough
for today. Thank you.


- We're drinking this tonight?
- We'll be doing a lot more than that.


In my office in 30 minutes.

Get me out of this town.


[phone ringing]

You must be Jake.

Yeah, how'd you know that?

Hey, Jake, this lady
needs help with her laptop.

[laughs] OK.
Uh, what's the problem?

[laughs] It just
stopped working.

- They do that.
- [phone rings]

OK, let's see.

Oh. That's what it
looks like in there.

- What'd you expect?
- Lots of little guys running around

- doing my errands for me.
- [chuckles]


- You got some red wax.
- [laughs] Wax.

- My tarot cards.
- Sorry?

I burn candles
when I read tarot.

They help you see
into the future, right?

Yeah. And the past.


It works.

- What do I owe you?
- Oh, no charge.

- Really?
- Yeah.

That's so nice.
Thank you.

[man] Uh, Jake.

You could have got 75 bucks
for that job.

- It's a piece of wax.
- Yeah? Well, I'm docking your salary.

- What the hell for?
- Because your time is my money.

And please,
watch your fucking language.

[clears throat]

Aren't you gonna blow it out?

You gonna sing me
Happy Birthday?

I stopped singing the day they
kicked me out of the church choir.

- Did you go see your mother?
- Uh, no, she wasn't feeling well today,

so I'll go see her tomorrow.

How are things going
at the mill?

Still got a job.

They'd have to close the place
down if they got rid of you.


You, uh, going out tonight
with Conrad and Dakota?

- I'm legal.
- They look up to you, Jake.

But they're still
caught in the rain.

What's that mean?

Don't get wet.

[indistinct chatter]

[industrial music plays]

♪ Candy cane sunrise
refracted in your eyes ♪



Ludes, X?
What's your poison, lover boy?

- Are you peaking or crying?
- I've had better days, Jake.

- So what happened?
- Hartney hit on me again.

- What'd he say?
- Fuck or fail!

- That's got a nice ring to it.
- I ran out of the office.

- Bought myself a few days.
- Report him. He does this all the time.

- Dean Glick won't do anything.
- Why not?

I'll give you one guess.


- Come on, huh?
- [grunting]

- Shit.
- [shouting]

- [boy] Oh!
- Fuck!

- Fuckin' asshole!
- I didn't call for backup.

You're welcome.

[Dakota laughs]

Valerie Gaines.
Behind the gym.

Senior prom.

You guys thought we
were powdering our noses.

[laughs] Her nose
was up my skirt.

- Oh!
- [Dakota laughs]


Jake, what's our zip code?


- Had you heard that one?
- Personally,

- I found it depressing.
- That's 'cause you weren't there.

Exactly. What year
were you born?

- Same as you, dumbass.
- [Dakota clears throat]

So what's your
weirdest family holiday?

Fuck that.
We'll be here all night.

What was your
weirdest family holiday?


couple of years ago.

I was building a ramp
for my mom's wheelchair.

And Father Moore
came by to visit.

And they were all inside
watching football.

Dallas-Tampa game.
Dallas lost.

That was your weirdest
family holiday?

So I had a hammer in my hand,
and I look up

and Father Moore
is smiling at me.

And all I can think about
is just bashing his head in.

Just over and over.
Then I smash my parents' heads in.

Then like half
the people I knew, just...

So I started thinking, like, "Wow,
what else would I like to do?"

All this crazy shit
came into my head.

So then what happened?

I finished the ramp.
We ate turkey.

[laughs] Dude, that's sick.

- Even for me.
- Dude, I've castrated my dad, like, 112 times.

- In my dreams. [Laughs]
- Three of a kind, huh?

Let's play
a real fucked-up game.

"Welcome to The Pathway."

[laughing] The Pathway!

Mmm. I've never
played this before.

- Dakota, it's a secret.
- Huh?

Well, it's not a very good
secret if you know about it.

- [laughs]
- Serious.

You give it your phone numbers
and stuff,

then it calls you and gives you
bizarre things to do.

- What kind of bizarre things?
- Well, you don't know

unless you play.

- How do you start?
- You already have.

- Happy birthday.
- [beeps]

Oh, shit. That's,
like, my entire life.

Wild or what?

Dude, you'll never be president.


Turn this off. Somebody
could be reading this.

Nobody cares about the $243 you
have left in your bank account.

[Dakota] I'm falling!

Fuck. [Laughs]

God, I'm so drunk.

[sighs] I need another drink.

- Whoa! Body shots!
- Whoo!

- [Dakota squealing]
- I'll be down in a minute.


Hey! What are you doing?




♪ Baby, candy cane sunrise
refracted in your eyes ♪

♪ Like snakes detecting infrared
exuded by some juicy prey ♪

♪ Slip the girl a little dust
it makes 'em more receptive ♪

♪ Feel the serpent
slipping up the spine ♪

♪ Feel the serpent
twisting up the spine ♪

Hey. Your charity case
dropped that off for you.

- She leave a number?
- What do I look like, a secretary?

[clears throat] Oh, uh,
by the way. You're fired.

Right, I was ten minutes late.

My nephew got out of rehab,
all right? He needs a job.

- So do I.
- I don't know.

Sell pot like my nephew did.
He made a killing before he got busted.

I need the keys.

Oh, you gotta be kidding me.

You owe me two weeks pay.

Sue me.

Son of a...

[phone rings]

- What?
- [man] Your boss fires you,

and all you do is hit a desk?

Who is this?

I know what the voices
in your head tell you to do.

I don't know who this is.
I don't have time to play games.

You wouldn't have let Conrad sign you on
if you weren't looking for a distraction

- from your dreary world.
- Happy birthday.

- This is The Pathway?
- Today we find a way to get even

with an asshole of your
choosing. Have anybody in mind?

- My boss.
- What would you like to do to him?

- Kill him.
- You'd only be doing him a favor.

Enjoy your first day off.
Then come back tomorrow

and see what The Pathway
does for you.

Somebody order an orchid?

Don't expect a tip.


So you been thinking about me?

Only between my dance classes.

[both chuckling]

- How are you doing?
- I'm good.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

How's your job going?

It's going great.

You and your dad getting along?

Yeah, like family.

That bad, huh?

Maybe I should move back home.

This place is breaking us.

Well, there'd be no one
to look after you all day.

Dad and I are fine.


You were always
such a terrible liar.

Where's your blanket?

I'll get you a blanket.
Hang on.

Excuse me, nurse.
Can we get a blanket for my...?

- Marisol.
- Jake!

- What are you doing here?
- Hey.

[mother] You two
know each other?

Yeah, she came into
the computer shop.

- Jake saved my life.
- It was just a circuit board.

Wow. Oh, so you're the one
that brings Kathy the orchids.


Wow. Um,
you wanted a blanket?

- I'll get you a blanket.
- Thanks for the cards.

- You're welcome.
- Small world, huh?

Yeah. I like it
that way, though.


Behave, Mom.

Why should I start now?


There he is.
That's the kid that robbed me.

- Arrest him!
- Take it easy...

No, no! I fired
this kid yesterday,

he comes back here last night
and he rips me off.

I just came by to get my money.
He owes me two weeks pay.

- Were you in here last night?
- No.

OK. All right.
You know what?

Check out the hidden surveillance cameras.
We'll see what we see.

Didn't know we had those,
did you, Jake?

Look, I'm just gonna start this
from when I left last night.

What the...?

That can't be me.

You doctored the tape.

You little prick.
Don't you see?

He's goddamn smart.
You screwed me, Gray!

How'd you do it, huh?
How'd you do it?

So then who were those guys
in the video tape?

I don't know. That's why I'm
trying to hack into the site.

Well, whoever they are,
I wouldn't piss them off.

Yeah. Shit.

Since when are you into voodoo?

They're spiritual interpretations
of universal ideas.

- What it said on the box.
- [laughs]

So what did it have to say
about these guys?



The figures suggest youth,
love and virginity

before they're corrupted
by desire.

Remember taking my virginity?

If I recall, I think
it was you that took mine.



Should we light
a candle or something?


So much for cuddling.

Well, Jake,

you got what you wanted,
and I get to keep playing The Pathway.

You just made love to me
because The Pathway told you to?

No, Jake, I fucked you
because The Pathway told me to.

When did you start
playing The Pathway?

Like you care.

Like you've ever really
given a shit about me, Jake.

Like any man ever has.

See you on campus.

[phone rings]

- Hello?
- [man] Feeling distracted?

Beats watching TV.

Are you ready for another test?

I thought that
was Dakota's test.

Besides, it's not
exactly our first time.

With her in control it was.

I thought the point
was to entertain me.

No. The point was to see
what's inside your head.

[voices muttering]



[baby crying]

[heart beating]


[distorted heartbeats]

- [father] Hey.
- [gasps]

Dinner's ready.

Trying to break my hand?

What's the matter?
You pull something?

Just throw the goddamn ball.


Let me see.

Let me see.

- Darius do that?
- With a little help.

Damn it, Conrad, I can't
baby-sit you day and night.

Who asked you to?

Don't give me that. Been covering
your back since we were nine.

Why don't you stop already?


Sorry, man.

I think I'm building up a
resistance to my medication.

Yeah, we're both losing it.
Listen to this shit.

The other night,
in the basement,

I get a phone call
from The Pathway.

I turn around, there's
a big creature staring at me.

- A creature.
- Half-man, half-woman.

So I have this dream
where I go upstairs,

and I shoot my dad
in the back of the head.

Has trippy stuff like that
been happening to you?

Every goddamn day.


- I'll take it easy on you.
- Right.

[phone rings]

- Hello?
- [Conrad] Jakey.

Got, uh, two girls in my room.

- I can't get them to leave.
- Nice, man.

- Why didn't you give a shout?
- Like I'm gonna have you by.

They would have taken one look at
you and kicked my ass out of bed.

[Jake laughs]

- Is something wrong?
- I don't know. I'm spent.

- You know.
- Be careful.

Um, why don't we get breakfast
in the morning.

OK. I'll call you
in the morning.

- Hey, Jake.
- Yeah.

Fuck you.

[phone rings]

Dude, what the fuck
do you want now?

[man] Nobody knows how
fucked up you really are.

And nobody really
gives a fuck, do they?



[industrial music playing]


- Fuck!
- [girl screams]


Connie, let's go
get some breakfast, bud.

More like lunch.

Connie! Wake up!

[police radio chatter]

Uncle Ross.

He didn't sound good.
I should have come over.

No. You could have
wound up dead too.

- Conrad wasn't a psychopath.
- He was always on the edge.

This thing with Darius
just pushed him over it.

All those guys would fight
one day and get high the next.

I'm sure their parents
will be comforted to hear that.

Did you help Conrad
steal that gun?

- What?
- The serial numbers match a .38

stolen from Sid's
Sporting Goods last week.

- That's impossible.
- Why's that?

Because I threw
that gun into Cove Lake.

- You what?
- I took a gun from Connie.

I didn't want him to get in
trouble, so I threw it in the lake.

How would Conrad
have gotten the gun back?

- He couldn't have.
- This is a bad time to lie.

I'm not lying to you! You think I don't
wanna find out what went on in there?

You gonna tell
my sister or am I?


Yeah, I wanna go
to the hospital now if I can.

I'm your uncle. You...

You could've brought
the gun to me.

- You OK?
- It's the worst day of my life.

You wanna talk about it?

- Not here.
- Meet me in front in five minutes, OK?

- OK.
- OK.

[Jake] I just don't wanna
end up like my father.

Go to work at six, come home at
eight, do it all again the next day.

What do you wanna do?

- I wish I knew.
- Ever thought about leaving here?

- Who'd bring my mom orchids?
- I'm sure she'd love postcards.


Looks like you like to travel.


I like collecting things.

- How'd you end up here?
- A man.

- Sorry, didn't mean to pry.
- [laughs] No, it's OK.

- I'm just enjoying this one too much.
- [laughs]


So how about you?
You seeing anybody?

Took you long enough to ask.

[laughs] I take that as a no.


But who knows?
I could always

run into someone
when I'm not expecting it.

That never happens.

What timing. All I wanna do is leave
this town, and you just got here.

We just have to meet
somewhere in the middle.


Well, you were right.
The day did get better..

I'm sorry about your friend.

So I'm gonna try and play it cool and
not call you for at least an hour, OK?

[laughs] OK.

- Bye, Jake.
- Bye.

[laughs] I remember
when you and Connie

first met in Sunday school.

- You're drinking?
- Well, I'm not praying.

You're gonna throw away
five years just like that?

You think I don't know what you and
Conrad have been doing to yourselves, son?

- You think I don't know?
- What Conrad did has nothing to do with me.

He's gone to hell.

I don't have to listen to this.

Wait just a minute, Jake.

Wait a minute.
Wait, wait.

We're not... We're not gonna
be able to save you now.

Don't preach to me with
a drink in your hand, Dad.

You ungrateful punk.

Do you realize that we have
sacrificed everything for you here?

You sacrificed?

I could have gone anywhere,
done anything,

but I stayed here for you,
I stayed here for Mom.

What did you ever
give up for me?

- My beautiful wife.
- What does that mean?

I thought I could do this,
but I can't do this.

Thought you could do what, huh?
What are you trying to tell me?

You trying to blame me for the
way Mom is? For the accident?

Wanna blame me for that? The day
after my best friend kills himself,

you're gonna blame me for that?

It's not very much,
though, Jake.

You know, the day I need you
the most, the day I need help,

the day I need my father,
you do this?

Shame on you.


[Dakota] I don't know
whether to cry or scream.

I know what you mean.

You know, I called you
like six times.

I'm really sorry about what
happened the other night.

- Don't worry about it.
- [sighs]

So why didn't you call me back?

I was hanging out with a friend.

Who is she?

Her name is Marisol.

- Sounds exotic.
- It's just different.

- I'm super late.
- Dakota. Hey.

You heard what Conrad
did to himself, right?

I can't stop thinking about it.

The other night, after I got
off the phone with The Pathway,

I had a dream where I did
the same thing to myself.

You think that The Pathway has something
to do with what Conrad did to himself?

Yeah, maybe.
Are you still playing?

It hasn't asked me to corrupt anyone
else, if that's what you're asking.

- All right, do me a favor.
- Anything.



Come by The Tomahawk tonight.
Dinner's on me.

And bring your friend.

You're sure you
want company tonight?

No, but I like being with you.


OK. Now I'm jealous.

- Marisol, this is Dakota.
- Nice to meet you.

God, Marisol. That's such
a beautiful name.

- Thank you.
- What does it mean?

It's Spanish
for "sun and sea."

Oh, my parents named me
for where I was conceived.

You know, I would really love
to stay here and chat with you,

but my boss
is totally riding my ass.

It's OK. We're just
gonna do takeout.

So two burgers, two fries
and two beers.

- We're not staying?
- No. I got a surprise for you.


Now this would be
the part where I get ill.

Sorry, just looking
for the men's room.

You know where
the men's room is, Professor.

- You eat here twice a week.
- So have you thought about

our little conversation
after class?

Professor, you twist
that ring any harder,

and your finger's
gonna come off.

I got plenty more.

- Oh!
- Asshole!

[phone rings]

Tomahawk. - [Woman] Even
Hartney knows you're weak.

Every man does.

Why do you think Jake
would never be with you

for more than one night?

He knows you fucked
all his friends.

Who wants a girl like that?

I know, it wasn't your fault.

Daddy was a monster.

But then, let's face it.
Lots of girls have bad fathers

and they don't end up like you.

Get used to it.
You let Hartney fuck you over,

and you're gonna
be working in dumps like this

for the rest
of your miserable life.

- Is that what you want?
- Fuck you!

Fuck all of you!

That's my girl.
Didn't that feel good?

Don't you understand
that I wanna help you?

Make you feel better?

Help you get even with Hartney
before it's too late?


Don't be afraid.
It's time to play.


When I was nine months old,
my folks moved here from Seattle

to be near my uncle,
my mother's brother.

There was a blizzard and my dad
lost control of the car.

It was a miracle
any of us survived.

There's a higher power
looking out for you.

Is she OK?

I'll call her later.
We're late.

- Late for what?
- [buzzing]

[industrial music plays]


It's so worth the pain.
I promise.

I need some more
medicine, nurse.

- Ready?
- Yeah.

One, two, three, go.

♪ I've this sinking fascination
with the neon light ♪

♪ And inside

- Oh!
- I hope you can fight.

I never put an orchid
on a guy before.

It's for my mother, Walt.

OK. Now you're
breaking my heart.

♪ Desire's a violent
jackhammer of the heart ♪


♪ The world descends

I quit smoking yesterday.

♪ Into a helter skelter


♪ And the girls
crawl in for shelter ♪

- [buzzing]
- [roaring]

♪ Come together over me

♪ And I don't know what I want ♪

♪ A wife or a lover?


[sirens wailing]


What have you and
your friends gotten into?

- Nothing.
- First Conrad, now Dakota kills your professor

and mutilates herself.
This is no coincidence.

You could be next.
I am not gonna let that happen.

All right, can you...
Can you take him home?

Make sure he gets some sleep.

Jake, listen to me.
First thing tomorrow morning,

you meet me at my cabin.
No one will disturb us there.

But we're not leaving until
you tell me everything you know.

Uncle Ross?


Nine points, huh?

Oh, hey.

Didn't hear you drive in.

So how you holding up?

- Fine.
- Yeah?

- What's in the ground?
- Oh.

After a hunt, we bury
the animal's remains.

Native American ritual
I taught Jake when he was a kid.

Returns the animal's soul
to the Earth.

Well, come on in.

When we started, The Pathway
was a game that had the ability

of knowing what
we were thinking.

But then Conrad used the gun
that I threw into the lake,

and then cuts his tongue off

the way that I did after a beast
in a dream tells me to.

So I'm thinking
maybe it wasn't a dream.

Maybe it isn't just a game.

I feel like I'm going insane.

No. No, I think you're just
looking for an answer

for something so horrible,
it has none.

I like it here.

It's peaceful.


Well, I have to meet the FBI in
my office in a couple of hours.

I'll ask them to check on
this computer game of yours.

Why don't you spend
the night here?

It might do you some good.

[phone rings]

Sheriff North.


What is it?

Something's wrong.

I'm sorry. I think...
we ought to go.


- Jake, talk to me.
- Oh, shit.

[screams] Oh, my God!

Come on!


Come on!


[priest] Give rest, O Christ,
to your servant with your saints.

Where sorrow and pain
are no more.

Neither sighing,
but life everlasting.

You only are immortal,

the creator and maker of all.

We are mortal,
formed of the Earth.

And to the Earth
we shall return.

For so did you ordain
when you created us,

saying, "You are dust
and to dust you shall return."

All of us go down to the dust.

Yet even at the grave,
we make our song.



You... You know, you say there's
a higher power looking out for me.

Well, I need him now.
He's not here.

Come here.

- [sniffles]
- Mmm.

Jake, what is it?

I have to go see an old friend.

[man] Jacob, why this
sudden interest in Satan?

Do you think he really exists?

Many in the Church

take the devil
quite literally, but, uh,

I think of him as a symbol
of temptation, not as a beast

with a pitchfork and horns.

- [growling]
- [buzzing]

What does it say in the Bible about
possession or self-mutilation?

You think your two friends
were possessed?


In Mark, uh,

nine... 25.

"When Jesus saw that a crowd
was running to the scene,"

he rebuked the evil spirit.

'You deaf and mute spirit, '
he said.

"'I command you
to come out of him.'"

[Walt sighs]

Again, sorry about your friend.


So when did you stop
worshipping Satan?

Ten years ago.
I'm a Christian now.

It's more forgiving.

Why'd you even start?

Some folks want what God
ain't giving them.

Money, power.
Me? I wanted to get laid.

[laughs] There's more
pussy at a black mass

than there is
at a Metallica concert.

- What happens at a black mass?
- People get naked.

Then they sacrifice something.
A cat or a dog.

Satan rewards you
for killing a dog?

The more you give,
the more you get.

What happens
if you kill a human?

Hey, my group was more
bankers and housewives

looking for a different
kind of picnic.

Do you know any people
that are more devoted?

You don't cross people who are
willing to give up their souls.

Walt, please.

Yeah, I know a guy.

Just do me a favor.

Don't tell him I sent ya.

- [dog barking]
- [man] Coming. Samuel.

Mr. Reisz, I'm Jake Gray.

I called about an hour ago,
said I was coming by.



I get $50 an hour
for consultations.


I should charge more.

The guy who fixes
my car gets 80.

Barely knows where the spark plugs are,
much less how to conjure up Beelzebub.

I ever sell books to you before?


You say it's called The Pathway.

Yes, why?

That's what we call the
connection between the devil

- and the possessed.
- So how did I resist?

We're often unaware of our
strength until we're tested.

Why does the devil need
to use computers or games?

Think about it.

It's a very effective way
to spread a message.

I mean, imagine if Hitler
had had the Internet.

Maybe Satan's found someone
to do his bidding again.

I've seen this man.

- In my head.
- So have I.

What makes you think
he can conjure Satan?

Because I taught him to.

When Aiden Kater came to me
to learn the black arts,

he was a geek living
out of the back of his van.

I stopped teaching
a few years later,

but by then,
he was very skilled.

- Why did you stop?
- I was going to be a father.


[Reisz] Anne Kilton was a student
of mine before we were married.

The pregnancy was hard on her.

She had a bad premonition.
Asked me to perform a sacrifice

for the health of the baby.
A human sacrifice.

- I refused.
- So Kater took your place.

I came home one night and
found a pentagram in my yard.

There was blood everywhere.

I thought, at first, Anne must
have sacrificed some animal.

But Anne was gone too.

When they found her bloody clothes
in a ditch two days later, I knew...

...Aiden Kater had sacrificed
my wife and unborn child.

- I'm sorry.
- [sighs]

What did the police say?

Police were very helpful.

They made me
their prime suspect.

I spent the next five years
trying to prove I didn't do it.

And that's what I have left
to remember them by.

An empty grave.

The devil uses The Pathway
to possess people.

And then forces them
to kill and commit suicide?

She seduces them.

- The devil's a woman?
- I don't know. It can be whatever it needs to be.

Or what you want it to be?

I didn't want it to be a woman.

You think Conrad and Dakota
wanted to die like that?

- Some part of them did.
- You don't even know them!

I'm not saying it's your fault.
I just think you're angry...

Yes, I'm angry!

My friends are dead!
I'm angry!

But I'm not crazy.
This Kater guy is behind this,

and I gotta do something.
I can't stand here!

What are you gonna do?
Throw holy water on him?

- Burn him at the stake?
- You believed I saw something.

I did! I believed that you had a
vision, maybe, or an apparition.

The bitch was in my basement!

OK. You know what?

This is getting a little bit
too heavy for me right now.

It's... It's... I adore you,
but this is too much.

I guess I shouldn't
have come here.

- I'm sorry.
- Fucking shit.

I'm not gonna be able
to save you now.

[priest] You are dust,

and to dust you shall return.

He's gone to hell.

Where you going
with those, Jake?

To your mother and father?

You can't do that, man.

You'll ruin everything.



I didn't have a choice.

Neither of us do.

- Are we in hell?
- No.

But hell ain't so bad.

You'll see.

[faint roaring]

[echoing screams]

You know, you remind me of
myself when I was your age.

Smart, angry,

trying desperately to pretend
that I was something good,

but somehow deep down inside,
knowing you're not.

I'm nothing like you.
I don't kill people.

No, you just dream about it.

Is this how you got
to Conrad and Dakota?

Mess with their minds until
they do what you tell them?

It was a test.

They failed. You passed.

You stared the devil
directly in the face,

and you never looked away.

But when you finally did,
we knew that we'd found you.

You used The Pathway to find me?


- Why?
- Because you were stolen from us.

And we needed a way
to get you back.


- By who?
- Those people you call your parents.

They found your mother where she was
hiding on the night you were born.

She was too weak to fight them.

- You're insane.
- You were taken from your real mother

- on the night you were born.
- My real mother?

Anne Kilton.


Anne never had a child.
You made sure of that.

Every son wants
to believe his father.

Faking Anne's death
kept Ivan from the truth.

You belong to us.
You always have.

Anne had a plan. When
Paul and Kathy interfered,

you went from being a prince of
darkness to just another fucked-up kid.



[grunts] - Your
whole life is a lie.

Why are you doing this to me?


[woman humming]

Don't be afraid.

She'll explain everything.

- Where is she?
- [baby crying]


[engine sputtering]

[engine sputtering]

[woman sobbing]

[sobbing continues]

[grunts] Ah!

I know who you are now.

[indistinct whispering]


- [screaming]
- [roaring]


[echoing screams]


- Oh!
- [indistinct whispering]


There's a higher power
looking out for you.


I had to make sure my son
still belonged to me.

- Oh, God.
- You had to kill before I could show myself to you.

They took you from me.

But I'm sorry I
had to do this to you.

That isn't your blood.

Drink this.

Accept who you were born to be,

or go back
to the life that you hate.

Will you be with me?

I'll be whatever
you need me to be.


[screaming, gasping]

- [sobbing]
- [grunting]





[baby crying]


- [gagging]
- [whimpering]

[birds chirping]

You're a monster.

[Jake] My God,
they think I killed them?

The devil couldn't
kill her child,

so this is how she makes me pay
for wanting to be human?

[sirens wailing]

But maybe they're right.
Maybe there is no Pathway,

and this is all a fantasy
I've created to live with

the horrible things I've done.

Wake me from this nightmare.

Please, help me.