Devil Girl from Mars (1954) - full transcript

An uptight, leather-clad female alien, armed with a ray gun and accompanied by a menacing robot, comes to Earth to collect Earth's men as breeding stock. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
This is the BBC home service.

Here is the news.

It was announced by
the Home Office today,

that the mysterious noise
heard over a lonely part

of Inverness-shire yesterday,

was caused by a supposed
meteor falling to Earth.

- What's a meteor?
- I don't know, Tommy.

It's a good job it didn't drop
on anyone if you ask me.

Oh, here's your auntie.

Many reports have since come in

regarding an
unidentified white aircraft.

Come on now,
Doris, turn that off.

You can read all about it
in the papers in the morning.

And it's long past
Tommy's bedtime.

Off you go, Tommy.

I'll be up to tuck
you in in 10 minutes.

All right, Auntie.

But Mrs. Jamieson, there's
a meteor dropped near here.


A bit of rock from the sky.

- Tommy.
- Yes, Auntie, I'm going.

I'll be real glad when his
parents come up from London

to take him off my hands.

It's sort of romantic, isn't it?

Coming all that way just
to drop in our back garden.

Oh, you're saying daft.

Mrs. Matthews, in the village,
said it dropped near Auchnahillin.

And that's nearly 40 miles away.

Now get on with your work.

Professor Arnold Hennessey,

the well-known astrophysicist,

has traveled north today to
investigate the mysterious object

and will give a detailed report
to the Home Office of its size...

Professor, if you can
tear yourself away

from your own hero
worship, for just a minute,

maybe you can make
something in this map huh?

I'm no good at reading maps.

Look, you plot stars millions
of miles apart in the heavens,

yet you can't even
read a map of Scotland.

You want to know
something professor?


We are lost.

Marooned in the highlands,
in the depths of winter.

You know, this whole
thing is a waste of time.

I don't believe it will
turn out to be a meteor.

More probably an engine
cowling of an airplane.

Anyway, we're seeing
bonnie Scotland.

Robert Justin, who earlier today

escaped from Sterling
Prison, is still at large.

His description is as follows.

Height, five feet
10 inches, fair hair...


- Yes, m'dear.
- And where are you going?

Just up to the mountains, dear.

Into the lounge bar you
mean, well, you'll stay here.

If you're thirsty, there's
plenty of water in the tap.

- And Doris.
- Yes, Mrs. Jamieson?

- Hurry up with those dishes.
- Yes, Mrs. Jamieson.


It isn't Robert now, Doris.

It's Albert, Albert Simpson.

- Have they let you out?
- With my luck?

What a chance.

You've escaped then?

They're after you?

What do you think?

And you came here, why?

I got your letter, Doris.

You said you took
this job to be near me.

That you'd been waiting
for me when I got out.

Well, I'm out.

What can I do?

Give me a bite to eat.

Somewhere to sleep.

You know what you're asking?

I know.

Well, if you'd rather not...

Heavens alive, who are you?

He's on the hiking
tour, Mrs. Jamieson.

Got lost on the moors,
and luckily saw our lights.

My name's Simpson,
Albert Simpson.

You want a room, and a bath?

Well, I don't see your luggage.

- You'll have to pay in advance.
- Oh, I'm sorry I...

Isn't it awful, Mrs. Jamieson?

He's lost his wallet.

He's just been
telling me about it.

There he was,
crossing the stream, and

and and he looks over to
see a fish that's in the water,

and next thing he
knows, his wallets gone.

I'd... I'd be willing to
work for my keep.

Very well, I can't
refuse you hospitality.

I'll find you plenty of
jobs to do, don't worry.

Thanks, thank you very much.

But I warn you, I'm
counting the spoons.

Thanks, Doris.

Like a drop of something?

Those things you wrote.

What were they?

Letters to a dead man?


I broke out of there 'cause
I couldn't stand it anymore.

- You're hurting me!
- Because I had to see you again.

- You killed her.
- It was an accident!

Was it an accident you
married her instead of me?

Don't, Doris, don't.

Take your drink, Albert.

And I'm sorry.

Let's talk of something else.

How've you been, Albert?

How did they treat you in there?

Did you read a lot?

- You used to like reading, Albert.
- Stop it!

Who's staying in this place?

Only Mr. And Mrs. Jamieson

and their little nephew, Tommy.

That was David, he works here.

Gives me the creeps.

Then there's Miss. Prestwick.

Who is she?

Model from London.
Real good looker.

What she's doing in a
place like this I don't know.

- Good evening, Mr. Jamieson.
- Good evening, Miss.

Looks as if we're
going to have a storm.

Indeed it does.

But storm or shine,

you're always
pretty as a picture.

The suit is man tailored
from wool blue grain.

The detail and pockets
being unusually interesting.

Their effects being
enhanced by the

classical simplicity
of the skirt.

You don't say, miss.

The suit may be used
for town or country wear.

Hey, hey, and what
about wear in the Scottish

hotel in the middle of winter.


Coming, my dear!

Mr. Simpson is a new
visitor, miss, just arrived.

What are you, a fisherman?

No, just a hiker.

Your face seems
awfully familiar to me.


Doris, where's the kitchen?

Through there.


Extraordinary man.

What does it say?

Loch something that way

and the Bonnie Charlie this way.

- Sounds like a pub.
- We'll take the pub.

And a drink.

- Jamie, you're at it again.
- Yes, m'dear.

Put that down.

The minute my backs turned,
there he is taking a dram.

Jamie, did you hear what I said?

- I put it down dear.
- Aye, I can see you have.

My wife has the most
unpatriotic contempt

for our national beverage, miss.

You should see him when he has
a patriotic head in the morning.

I'll have no patience with you.

Here we are professor.
The Bonnie Charlie.

Look Carter, I'm a very busy man.
I think we should push on ahead.

We could get a good
deal further tonight.

Professor, I've been
driving since daylight.

I'm not moving out of
here until the morning.

All right, all right, but you
won't get much of a story here.

Well, I can always
dream, can't I?

Let's have a couple
of big scotch's.

All right?

We can lock 'em up.

Well, go and see
what they want, Jamie.

Maybe somebody's
come to buy a drink.

Yes, m'dear.

All right, all right, I'm coming.

- Ah, good evening.
- Good evening.

I wonder if you can fix us
up with rooms for tonight.

Oh, well, I don't know
about that, gentlemen...

- This is an inn, isn't it?
- Indeed, aye, it is that, sir.

But you see, were really
closed for the winter.

Except of course for the bar.

Ah, then by all means,
lead us to the bar, Mr...


- Well, thank you.
- Come in and warm yourself, gentlemen.

This way.

Ah, fire, good.

Yes, and a bar!

This is my wife, gentlemen.

- Oh, how do you do? - How do you do?
- Good evening gentlemen.

M'dear, they want
accommodation for the night.

We lost our way.

We had rooms booked
at Auchnahillin, but...

Well, that's 40 miles away.

You can't drive as
far at this time of night.

And most of my rooms are closed.

But, well, I'll see
what I can do.

Oh, thank you very much.

You won't find everything
as it should be, mind.

But the beds are good.

Well, I expect you'd both
like something to eat?

What I need most is a drink.

Of course, I'll serve
you myself, sir.

You'll do nothing
of the sort, Jamie.

I'll send Doris to
look after the bar.

You go and get the
bags out of the car.

Yes, m'dear.

- Why, hello.
- Good evening.

My name is Carter,
Michael Carter.

I'm a correspondent
on the Daily Messenger.

Oh, really?

I write a weekly article,
you probably read it.

Oh, probably not, I
don't read the Messenger.

Oh, well, such is fame.

You're not the landlord's
daughter, you're a guest.

But from where? And why
here, in the depths of winter?

Now there is an
interesting clue.

Mot many girls drink
tomato juice unless...

Unless what?

Unless they're afraid
of putting on weight.

I know, you're an air hostess.

So you're not an air hostess.

- Who are you?
- I'm Doris.

I'm Michael. I should like a very
large whiskey and a very small soda.

Possibly this lady
would like another of...

Oh, Miss Prestwick
only drinks tomato juice.

Hello there, Mr. Jamieson.

Professor, join me in a drink.

Miss Prestwick is avoiding me.

I'm not at all surprised.

How do you do? My name is
Hennessy, Professor Hennessy. - Hi.

The professor would like a scotch.
Mr. Jamieson, what about you?

Oh, thank you, I'll
have a wee scotch too.

Professor Hennessy,
that's it, the radio.

You were on the 9 o'clock news.

Something about you coming
up here to look for Thunderbolt.

Well, of course there's
no secret about it.

Thank you.

The Home Office has
asked me to investigate

a meteor that's evidently
fallen near Auchnahillin.

Mr. Carter here, he's covering
the newspaper side of it.

I'm sure I saw a
flash of light in the sky.


Just a shooting star to
give it its popular name.

Quite a common
phenomena, Miss. Prestwick.

Nothing to worry about.

I've seen them before professor

and this was a
much larger flash.

When a matter such as
the one I'm investigating

gets reported in
the newspapers well,

naturally people start
imagining all sorts of things.

You mean I thought I saw
something that wasn't there.

Well, you probably
exaggerated its size.

Come on, have a drink with me.

That's it.

Oh, welcome back
to the happy circle.

Well, let's all have
a drink, on me.

No! This time it's on the house.

It's not every day we have
a distinguished professor

from London, a writer
for the newspapers, and

a right bonnie
lassy staying with us.

Drinks on the house!

Jamie, what did you say?

It's a good thing
supper's ready.

Take your places, please?


I hope you won't
mind eating here,

but it's the only room
we're able to keep

properly heated in the winter.

- Professor, will you sit there?
- Oh, thank you.

- Mr. Carter.
- Thank you.

Now, I'm sure you're all
going to like my Scotch broth.

I'm sure we will.

You've come a long way just to see a
wee bit metal from the skies, Mr. Carter.

Mr. Carter's editor hopes it
will turn out to be a flying saucer.


Come now, professor,
don't be too hard on us.

Newspapers are published every day.
We've got to fill with something you know?

So, a couple of spaceships
would come in very useful.

Exclusive to the Messenger.

Crude, but correct.

Thank you.

Scotland of all places, the
home of the Loch Ness monster.

Ah, I won't hear a word
against that decent animal.

No, it did Scotland a
power of good, man.

I saw it with my own two eyes.

Aye, that was the time you
saw two monsters, Jamie.

Now where's the bread? I
told that young man to bring it.


Oh, there you are.
Well come in, come in.


What is it?

I know you.

I don't think so.

Doris, be careful
what you're doing, girl.

That's Albert
Simpson Mr. Carter.

He's... he's a guest here.

Is that so?

And very welcome too,
isn't he, Mrs. Jamieson?

Maybe he won't be so welcome

when you know who he really is.

Don't you read the papers?

Don't you listen to the radio?

- What is it?
- I don't know.

Come on, professor.

I'll go too, m'dear.

You and Miss
Prestwick best stay here.

We can't get any
closer, it's white hot.

- Where are you going Carter?
- I'm gonna telephone!

- What is it?
- I've got to get to the phone!

What's happened,
what's going on?!

- What is it Mr. Carter?
- Hello, hello!

- Mr. Carter what is it?
- Hello, hello!

What's the
matter with this thing?

Hello, hello!

Mr. Carter.

Hello, hello!

It's an aircraft, like nothing
I've ever seen before!

- Hello hello!
- What do you mean?

Hello hello!

It's like something
from another planet!

Professor, professor,
what do you make of it?

That-that thing out there.

I must confess, I'm
completely baffled.

Beyond the fact that
it's some kind of plane, or

high-velocity missile.

Or spaceship!

That I'm very
reluctant to believe.

But professor it looks
like a flying saucer!

Now, now, now,
now, we mustn't let our

imaginations run away with us.

I quite agree with
you, professor.

You'll see, the
proper authorities will

be here directly
to take it away.

I don't like it.
I don't like it at all.

- Where's Albert gone?
- Who?

- Albert Simpson.
- Oh, yes, I guess he's taking

the opportunity to get
out while the goings good.

What do you mean?

I mean that Simpsons'
real name is Robert Justin.

The murderer that
escaped Sterling Jail.

- He's not a murderer.
- Isn't he?

The jury thought so.


Hello, hello!

Here I am with a
flying saucer in my lap,

not to mention an
escaped convict,

and I can't get this
phone to work! Hello!

Professor, how do
you think it looks now?

It's red hot.

That means it'll be
at least two hours

before we can go near it.

Mr. Jamieson, how far
is the nearest phone?

Seven miles.

How far is the village?

Seven miles, that's where
the house with the phone is.

Well, I'm going right there.
You coming professor?

Yes, the Home Office should
be informed of this without delay.


- Mr. Carter!
- Yes.

Mr. Carter, I know
it sounds silly but

I don't like to be
left here on my own.

Oh, you'll be all right,
we won't be long.

All right, professor.

Who's there?

Anyone there?

- Anyone...
- Don't...

- Don't scream, please!
- It's you.

- Go away from me, go away.
- It's all right.

I don't want to harm
you, you or anyone else.

What are you doing out here?

I don't know, I just had to
get out of there while I could.

Please, don't give me away.

I must say you don't
look dangerous. - I'm not.

Believe me, I've never hurt
anyone in my whole life on purpose.

- Mr. Carter said that you...
- I know and he was right in a way,

but he doesn't know
what really happened.


It's none of my business, and

I'm far more frightened
of that thing out there.


You know,

when I first met you I thought
you were pretty stuck up, but

you're not.

You're a really nice person.

Well, I've got to
get out of here.

You poor thing.

You're really far more
frightened than I am.

Haven't you got any friends?

I've got one.

Well, you better
go now, and thanks.

Good luck.

We've spent a lot
of time together in

this kitchen, Jamie,
over the years.

Yes, m'dear.

It's all right,
m'dear, I'm with ye.

I know, and I'm glad of it.



I thought you'd gone.

Where is everyone?

The professor and Mr. Carter
have gone down to the village.

That reporter, did he say
what he's gonna do about me?

I don't know, but I'm sure he'd
turn you in if he got the chance.

- He won't get it.
- Why did you come back?

Why didn't you go
when you could?

Because, well,

because I couldn't
leave you just like that.

- Come on, I've got an idea.
- What is it?

Don't do that.

Someone might see it.

- What is this?
- You're staying here.

No, no, I can't do that.

- Why not?
- It's the risk you'd be taking.

If they found out
you've been hiding me

you know what it would mean.

Prison for you too.

But no one's gonna
look for you here.

That reporter
thinks you've gone.

They'll never give up
looking for me, Doris.

But you won't be you, silly.

We'll make you look different.

Maybe you could grow a mustache.

You'd look nice with
the mustache, Albert.

And then what?

Well, perhaps we
could go abroad.

Just the two of us.


You don't have to have
a passport for Ireland.

You know, when you
came back tonight,

I was frightened.

I didn't know.

But now I do know.

What do you know, Doris?

That I love you.

I've always loved you.

I've got to go now.

Is the tank full?

The tank is full. I've checked
the carburetor and ignition.

This car is perfect,
I can't understand it!

Just like the telephone.

Well, what's to be done now?
Do we walk to the village?

Professor, I think
we'll stick around here.

Yes, you may be right.

We otherwise we may
miss something important.

Come on, let's go inside and
not stand freezing out here.

This way.

I'll try that phone again.

Doris, fix us up a couple
of big scotches, will ya?


Hello, hello.



Doris, what's the matter, girl?


- Come over here a minute.
- Huh?

What's the matter?

What do you make of this?

She can't see us.

She can't hear us.

Doris. Doris!

- What's wrong with her?
- Her pulse is racing.

She's had some
kind of severe shock.

What's the explanation?

Hypnosis perhaps, or...

Or what?

Something to do with
that thing out there?

No, that's absurd.

I tell you that's absurd.


Who are you?

My name is Nyah.

Where do you come from?



But that's preposterous.

You men on Earth are
much as we expected.

We scientists were
always skeptical

about the possibility
of life from Mars, but

certainly nothing so human.

- You are a scientist?
- Yes.

You are a very poor
physical specimen.

- You speak English.
- Of course.

You are English, aren't you?

What other language
should I speak?

- You speak other languages?
- I speak them all.

- You pick up our radio?
- Of course.

Is this the first time
any of your spaceships

have landed on this Earth?

Yes, this is the first landing.

- Why did you land here?
- A miscalculation.

The course was set for London,

but the planet's atmosphere
was thicker than expected.

A part of the ship was torn off.

- The supposed meteor, professor.
- Yes.

Repairs will take
about four Earth hours.

- Are you alone in the ship?
- Johnny is with me.

- Johnny?
- Johnny is a mechanical man.

A robot, with many of the
characteristics of a human.

But improved by
an electronic brain.

The metal from which the
spaceship is constructed

can reproduce itself.

The metal reproduces itself?

Do you realize what she said?

They've turned the
inorganic into the organic.

Just why are
you going to London?

Many of your Earth years ago,

our women were
similar to yours today.

Our emancipation took
several hundred years,

and ended in a
bitter devastating war

between the sexes.

The last war we ever had.

So you've had wars too?

All inhabited planets
have had wars.

Some have ended by
wiping themselves out.


For every new weapon
invented, a defense was perfected.

Until the ultimate
weapon was developed.

A perpetual motion
chain reactor beam.


What form did it take?

As fast as matter was created,

it was changed by
its molecular structure

into the next dimension
and so destroyed itself.

So there is a fourth dimension.

After the War of the Sexes,

women became the rulers of Mars.

But now the male is
fallen into a decline.

The birth rate is
dropping tremendously.

For despite our
advanced science,

we have still found
no way of creating life.

So you've come
here for new blood.

In a way.

But also to test a newly
invented organic metal,

of which my ship is built.

On Mars, some
think I will not return,

that the metal is too unstable.

But when I get back we
will build more spaceships.

Meanwhile, I will select
some of your strongest men

to return with me to Mars.

And if I don't want
to go with you?

There is no, if.

Your philosophy may
not be appreciated.

How do you propose
to subdue London,

or anywhere else
for that matter,

once you to take
your pick of the men?

A simple matter.

The nuclear ship contains
a paralyzer ray mechanism

capable of freezing
all life over a wide area.

- Like you froze me just now?
- Yes.

Michael! Professor!

Don't you understand that
this, this thing from Mars

can destroy all life?

But we must look objectively
on what's happening.

Mars offers the
scientific millennium, now.

This is the turning point
in the history of the world.

Oh, you're back.

Mrs. Jamieson, may I
introduce your latest guest.

Miss Nyah.

She comes from Mars.

Oh, well, that'll
mean another bed.

She's come from where?

From Mars.

Oh, Jamie!


Mr. Jamieson. Where is he?

I'll go after her.

Mrs. Jamieson!

Mrs. Jamieson!

Mrs. Jamieson, what happened?!

It's David, I can't
find him anywhere!

- David, he's vanished!
- Aye, where can he be!?

- Do you think he's gone with Simpson?!
- No.

The lass is right, he'd never
go with Albert Simpson.


- Have you?
- Of course.

- Is he alive?
- No, he was superfluous,

a hopeless specimen.

Do you know what
they do on this Earth

to women just like you?
- Professor, professor, stop him!

Do not try to follow
me, you cannot get help.

Around this house I've
drawn an invisible wall

through which no one
may pass, in or out.

An invisible wall,
I don't believe it.

Well I do. When she went out of
here just now she just vanished!

But that's
absolutely ridiculous!

I'm a scientist. I believe what
my brain tells me to believe.

What I can see with my own eyes.

Even when it's there
and you can't see it professor?

And that explains the car
and the telephone not working.

I'm going to try and
find this invisible wall.

No, professor, no!

Come back, man, come back!

Oh, Mrs. Jamieson,
what's to happen to us?!

To all of us everywhere.

I don't know.

But whatever comes
must be met with courage.

Remember that, and
put your trust in the Lord.

Come on, Jamie,
while we're still alive

we might as well
have a cup of tea.

Oh, it's you.

What are you doing
up here all by yourself?

Well, you can see that
thing better from up here.

Tomato juice girl
wouldn't by any chance

have a scotch around would she?

No, but I've got some brandy.

Here, help yourself.

Oh, thank you.

Why do you do it, Michael?

Do what?

Drink so much.

The girl is as good,
as she is beautiful.

Don't try and be too
clever about things, Michael.

It's like drinking, you know.

Doesn't do any good.

All right, who was it?


Not important, it isn't a story.

It's a very old story.

He was a dress
designer, very handsome,

very sophisticated...

And very married.

He's the artist and
you're the model.

You better talk about it.

After tonight you may
never have another chance.

If you're so much
in love with him,

why are you hiding from him?

Because it's no good.

Never was and it never will be.

This isn't the first I've run away.

Only he always found me.

As you always hoped he would.

And now I've come
here, to a Scottish inn.

Where he won't find you.

And you know it.

My dear girl, you're
on the way to recovery.

As your friend and
advisor, I tell you,

you may now safely take a drink.

You know, I don't really
like to taste of alcohol.


Well, it is an acquired taste.

I've acquired it.

Did it take you a long time?

To acquire it, I mean.

Long enough.

There was the Spanish war,

the invasion of
Italy, D-day, [??],

a spell in Czechoslovakia,

a few atomic explosions,
which I did not see.

And now this,

a Martian ship, a flying saucer.

But for me it's not
so much a landmark,

as journey's end.

Now I'm letting my hair down.

It's that thing out there.

And it is there, Michael.

Good Lord!

- What is it?
- Come on!

What's happened?!

What if she wasn't,
she wasn't lying?

- It's there.
- What is?

The invisible wall.

I walked down the garden,

down the end where the slope is,

I crashed into it.

It was just like crashing
into a brick wall.

- Professor, good gracious.
- I'm just a little shaken.

Mrs. Jamieson we'd
better get him inside.

Take it easy.


Put him on that chair.

Thank you.

I'm all right.

Give me a handkerchief.

Give him a little brandy.

- Here, you poor man, drink this.
- Thank you.

What does one do about
something one can't even see?

I don't know.

- I honestly don't know.
- I do.

She's got guns of
sorts, then so have I!

Jamie, give that
thing to me at once.

I'll have no one paying
with firearms around here,

someone might get hurt.

That, Mrs. Jamieson,
is the general idea.

- You mean you want to shoot her?
- We have no choice unless...

Unless what?

Unless we take her prisoner.

Or even for that money, the gun.

It isn't just for us,

there's enough destructive
power in that ship

to wreck the whole country.

You better let me
have that, Mr. Jamieson.

I'm used to things like this.

It's kind of ancient, isn't it?

How many shells have you got?

Just the five.

Mind you, I don't
know if it'll work.

It hasn't been fired
these 20 years.

Oh, boy.

Mr. Jamieson,
go behind that bar,

pretend to be busy, will you?

Professor, stay right here.

Mrs. Jamieson, Ellen, I
think you better go outside.

I'm not leaving Jamie.

And I'm staying right here.

All right, if that's
the way you want it.

Michael, listen.

You're all very quiet.

No doubt you're
resigned to the inevitable.

That is wise.

Professor, I observed
your encounter

with the electronic wall.

Today, it is you who learn
learn the power of Mars.

Tomorrow, it will
be the whole world.

Put up your hands.

And why should I
put up my hands?

Because if you
don't, I'll shoot you.

Get back or I'll fire.

Get back!

You fool.

Get back!

Shoot man shoot!

You poor demented humans.

To imagine you can destroy
me with your old-fashioned toy.

What do you know of force?

Forces that we use on Mars.

But you shall know.

You and the rest who
dwell on this planet.

I can control power
beyond your wildest dreams.


Come and you shall see!


Hey, what do you
think you're doing?

- Who are you?
- Hang on a minute, kid.

You can't go down there.

Sure I can.

I've done it a often.

Maybe, but not at night.

Kids like you shouldn't
be around at this time.

I wanna see the airplane.

Did you see come down?

Come on.

Now look kid, I'm in enough
trouble without looking after you.

What sort of trouble?

Oh, trouble.

Are you a Secret Service agent?


Gee, maybe you're a killer.

No, kid, but you shouldn't
say things like that.

Come on, mister,

Auntie will see us if
she comes outside.

Let's get into the trees
and look at the airplane.

Come on.

Gee, that's something!

Now, Earth men, look.

Watch the power
of another world!

Quick, run!

Gee, was that a bomb?

I don't know.

It was too close,
whatever it was.

Professor, professor!

Come on, we need
to get out of here.

Get up.

Gee, you're just
like the black spider.

Dans is always having
trouble with her.

You speak in riddles.

What is your name?

Don't talk to him like
that, he's only a kid.

Leave him alone.

You should plead for
your own life and not for his.

He will be safe with me.

Who are you?

What's going on?
Where do you come from?

You ask a lot of questions.

I will deal with you later.

Come, we will
return to the ship.

Good aye.

You aren't taking him anywhere.

You speak unwisely.

Just try taking him.

You can't play any
of your tricks with me.



I will show you wonders
you have never seen before.

I don't know whether
I'm awake or dreaming?!

My mind just won't accept it!

If only we could get in
contact with someone.

I'd give anything to see a squadron
of heavy bombers right now!

That wouldn't help at all, there's
probably enough power out there

to repel any bombs
before they explode.

That horrible robot.

That machine.

Michael, I'm frightened.

Don't worry dear, I suppose
worse things have happened.

Aye, but not much worse.

If only we could get
inside that spaceship.

I wonder...

Have you any ideas, professor?

I was, what's that?



No doubt you are
having a council of war.

It amuses me to
watch your puny efforts.

The wise man always
seeks to discover the truth.

Even (if) his means of
doing so are limited.

It would take you
1,000 years to learn

a fragment of what
we have achieved.

Perhaps not, if I had
you for my teacher.

What do you mean?

As a scientist, I can only believe
the evidence of my own senses.

So far, the only thing I know
about you is that you can kill.

That is also a human

You say your spaceship
is very powerful,

we also have powerful machines.

None to equal those of Mars.


You say you believe the
evidence of your senses.

Very well then, you shall see.

Perhaps then you will
realize your helplessness.


Professor, professor, don't go!

I must.

Now you shall see.

But it's quite cool.

Yet, two hours
ago, it was quite hot.

Only the outside.

That was caused by the friction

as we entered the
atmosphere of the Earth

at over 6,000 semantics.

The interior is insulated
against heat or cold.

But how did the
outside cool so quickly?

You have no wisdom.

The entire structure
of a nuclear ship

is made of a new organic metal.

Therefore each
molecular cell can absorb

its own amount of heat or cold.

It could have absorbed all
the heat in a matter of seconds.

Fill your eyes Earth man.

See such powers as you
never dreamed existed.

Now, look again.

The evidence of your
own eyes, professor.

Can you still see?

There is a enough
power there to drive

this ship anywhere
in the universe.

Enough power to obliterate
this speck of matter

you call Earth.

What is the power?

Something you scientists
have not yet dreamed of.

A form of nuclear fission on
a static negative condensity.

A negative condensity?


Your atomic bomb is positive.

Causing the explosion to
expand upwards and evaporate.

Our force is negative

and explodes the atomic
forces into each other,

thereby magnifying the
power a thousand fold.

And the fuel?


The excess reaction
of each drive expands

and it causes the same motion
to happen again and again.

This is what you
call perpetual motion.

Perpetual motion?


You talk like a
primitive savage.

Because your science has
not discovered these things

does not mean
they're impossible.

Even inventions as
radio and television

you would have considered
impossible 100 years ago.

But enough.

Now, we shall
return to the others.

- Do you think it'll work?
- Kill that switch.

We tried bullets, let
me have that knife.


What happens if the
professor comes first?

Then we've failed.

I'm gonna stand by that switch.

Let me know who
comes first right, right?


They're coming!

The professor's coming first.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

No! No, they've changed places.

- Now, Michael, now!
- Right!

You fools.

Do you think you
can hurt me with this?

Even your limited intelligence
should convince you by now

that you cannot harm me.

Perhaps your scientists
will help to convince you.

Now you must cease
your stupid tricks,

or I will destroy the child.

The child? You haven't?

You can't have...

Oh, dear.

The child is safe, so far.

You have seen some of my power.

Perhaps this will help
to show the others.

You devil, if you
harm that child!


Look, she's going all blurry.

It can't be.

You still doubt?

The transfers of men into the
fourth dimension is simple.

Michael, I can't
stand it anymore.

I never thought I'd live
to see the day that...

How did she get him?
How did she know he was here?!

He's not there.

The poor lad's in
that devil's hands.

I'll never forgive myself.

Oh, now, m'dear, you
mustn't blame yourself.

We're just simple
folk up against a

a strange power.

We can only trust in the Lord.

But we must have
sinned something terrible.

Michael, Michael, no.

We've done enough
talking, Ellen.


What's it like in
there professor?

Will he come out alive?

Will he come out at all?

What is it?

- You have taken the child.
- So?

- Why did you take him?
- He is a young creature.

His mind is free from your
stupid emotions and fears.

If I take him, he will
make a willing subject.

But a weak one.

Why not exchange him
for someone who would

suit your purpose better?

Exchange him?

For whom?

For me.

For you?

Release the child and
I'll follow you willingly.

It's a fair bargain.

But I must go back, I can't leave
Michael alone in that. - Don't!

Either Michael can achieve
what he set out to do, or

or he's past any help from us.

Poor wee Tommy, I'll
never forgive myself.

You can't blame yourself, if
that devil wanted to take him

there's nothing any of
us could do to stop her!

How will I ever
face my sister with

the life of her son
on my conscience?

No, I, I'm going out there and
I'll fetch him back even if I...


There's someone outside.

She's back, she'll kill us all!

I'll bet that scared you.


Thank God!

Oh, dear.


Wonderful to see you.

Sit on my knee.

Tell me sonny, what happened?

I saw the airplane come down

from my window.

I wanted to have a look.

I put my trousers on, see.

So it was all right.



I climbed on the
roof with a nice man.

What nice man?

He was up in the attic.

He came with me.

What's gotten into her?

Go on son, go on.

Then we went across to the barn

and we saw the big
machine come over.

Then we turned and ran and ran.

And then we met the
lady in the black flying suit.

Mercy me, you poor laddy.

Oh, it was fun.

Then she took me back
with her, to the airplane.

But she didn't show me much.

I waited for a long time.

And brought a sort of food.

Then she came and
told me to come back.

Gee, wait till I tell
the fellas at school.

Tommy, Tommy, did you
see a tall dark man in there?

No, there's nobody there.

Jamie, take him upstairs.

Aye, come on, son, come on.

There's a boy. Such
a big heavy boy.

Come my dear and
help me put him to bed.

The Lord be praised,
he's safe back with us.



Albert, you all right?

What were you
doing in the garden?

Foolish woman.

Running like a frightened
rabbit in the night.

What's the matter, Robert?

You're talking all funny.

We are all the slaves of a great

and powerful civilization.

Let us prepare for our rulers.

Have you gone daft, Albert?

I thought you'd gone away.


There is not much time.

Thank goodness for that.

But what do you suppose
has happened to Mr. Carter?

I don't know.

Still, if she let
the child go...


Where's Ellen?

She's upstairs with
the wee boy, but...

Michael, what
happened out there?

I've gotta say goodbye to
Ellen first, then I'll tell you.

Mr. Carter.

Oh, Mr. Carter,
it's Albert, sir.


Albert, Albert
Simpson, he's upstairs.

But the, I thought the
chap was miles away!

No, he didn't go.

He came back, he
came back to me.

But something's happened.

He's talking all funny and
he doesn't seem to know me.

Oh, quick sir, come upstairs.

All right.

Wait a minute!

Go downstairs.

- But Mr. Carter...
- Go downstairs.


Mr. Carter, Mr. Carter!

- Michael, whatever's happened?
- Get him downstairs, clean him up, then.

Mr. Carter, why did you
have to knock him out?

If I hadn't, he'd of
knocked me out.

What's going on?

It's this convict, Mrs.
Jamieson, he was upstairs.

So he didn't get away?

What's got into you, girl?

Doris, what do you
know about him?

Did you know he was up there?

- Yes, I helped him to hide.
- What?!

Mr. Carter says he's a murderer.

What can a man
like that be to you?

Mrs. Jamieson, it really
isn't any of our business.

And we have other
things to think about.

Michael. Professor.
What's it like in there?

Oh, Ellen...

This spaceship
must be destroyed.

Destroyed, but how?

Professor, what
did you see in there?

I saw the source of power.

A mere globule of energy.

But mighty enough to take the
ship here for Mars and back again.

- This source of power, it's small?
- Incredibly small!

Probably a self
propagating atomic pile.

Exactly in the
center of the ship.

Perhaps one determined
blow, delivered,

might release this power

in the form of a
terrific explosion.

A blow delivered
by the right person.

Given the right opportunity.

But, that will be suicide.

Certain death to whoever
delivered the blow.

One life in
exchange for millions.



What are you trying
to say to Michael?

What is it that I don't know?



It is time, Earth man.


Michael, what does she mean?


I've gotta go now.

But... with her?


Because he made a bargain.

He is returning with me to Mars

of his own free will.


Why do you weep?

Because I love him.


I don't understand.

What is it she's saying?

What bargain has
she made with him?

Can't you guess, Miss Prestwick?

The bargain was
over Tommy, the child.

You made your
bargain, do not regret it.

I am not regretting it.

It is better for you and
your people to know

how helpless they are.

The tricks they tried.

How childish they were.

Nothing can resist this power.

That was the last
trick, Earth man.

They're coming back.

- Maybe she's changed her mind.
- I doubt it.



He tried to gain
control of the robot.

Because of his
trickery you will all die.


Do you hear, Earth man?

You have brought death
upon all in this room.

In a few minutes, as
you calculate time,

the nuclear ship will
have repaired itself.

When I leave, this house,

and everyone in it,
will be destroyed.

Take me with you.

Another trick?

Why should I take you?

Because when you get to
London you will need a guide.

A guide?

In spite of your
great knowledge,

many things there
will be strange to you.

Why should I take you?

Since you've been here last,

I've been thinking deeply.

It is only right that Mars,
with it's superior knowledge

should triumph over Earth.

Mars will triumph.

I am a scientist,
take me with you.

Let me share in that triumph.

But Professor you
said that you would...

Never mind what I
said a moment ago,

I've changed my mind.
Why should I die?

I'm willing to go with
you on one condition.


That you spare the others.

I will spare no one.

But in saying that I need
a guide, you speak sense.

I will take one of you.

The rest will die.

Then, you will take me?

I do not know.

Three times already during this
Earth night you've tried to trick me.

That will not happen again!

No one will into the
nuclear ship till it is ready.

I will return soon.

One of you will come with me.

The rest will die.

Professor, I can't understand
it, I can't believe that...

That I was trying to
save my own skin?

Thank you, Miss Prestwick.

You had me fooled, you
sounded sincere enough.

I am sincere.

I am sincere in my efforts to
try and get on board that ship.

Do you realize that
soon it'll be on its way

to paralyze London and we...

What's to be done?

Whoever gets on board that
ship must try to destroy it!

But who, who will do it?

There's very little
time left to decide that.

I have one little job to do.

If we can't save ourselves,

perhaps we can save others.

I'm going to write down
what has happened.

You mean someone may find it?


What little I have learned
may help the authorities

while there is yet time.

I'll go to my room and try and
write it down as simply as I can.

The atomic
structure of the metal

from which the ship is
constructed is apparently organic.

Molecules can
reproduce themselves.

The same principle
as a tree or vegetable.

And like any living thing,
it must have a weak spot.

A vital spot, at
which one can strike.

I'm 26, Michael.

And in all those
years I haven't done

a single thing I
really wanted to do.

And what would you do if you

could start all over again?

Spend more time in the country.

Find the right man.

Have children.

What's the use, Michael?

Ellen, those things
you said downstairs.

You must have
thought me an awful fool.


Why did you say them?

I had a sense of loss.


Well, I don't know
how to say it, but,

I felt I'd found the
right man at last and

I was going to lose him.


did you,

did you really mean...

Yes, Michael, yes.

Oh, I'd have made
a no-good husband.

I'm not particularly
fond of the country.

- And as for...
- Oh, Michael,

you'd have made me very happy.

Why didn't we meet years ago?

This business of people meeting
and falling in love.

You know, if that thing
hadn't landed out there,

we'd still have met.

We'd have been
indifferent to each other.

Privately, you'd have
thought me just a

self-opinionated newspaperman.

What about me?

Just a stupid girl
from the big city

dazzling the natives
with clothes she kept

for next to nothing.

We wouldn't have known
what the other was really like.

Oh, Michael.


Let's go downstairs

and join the natives.

- What happened?
- You all right, Albert?

I think so.

What-what hit me, that woman?

Never mind about
that now, Albert.

She must have hypnotized you.

Then Mr. Carter came
upstairs, and you had a fight.

These ropes, who-who tied me up?

He did.

He thought you might...

I see, he thought I
might be dangerous.

I see you've recovered, have you?

Remember what happened?

Sort of.

Nothing like a good
cup of tea in a crisis.

How's Tommy, Mrs. Jamieson?

I've just been up to him.

He's sleeping in
my room tonight.

The poor we soul's sound asleep.

We must all be
prepared for her return.

One of us must be inside that
spaceship before it takes off.

If one of us is not inside it,

we may all die seconds
within it's taking off.

Or she made kill us
before it leaves at all.

Either way we all die.

Or, one of us dies so that
the others may be saved.

As I've explained,
I'm the logical choice.


- Jamie!
- It's all right, dear.

I'm only a useless old man.

You can't, Jamie,
I couldn't bear it!

This whole
argument is ridiculous.

There's only one
logical person to go, me!

I made a bargain, remember?

Michael, you...

Ellen, I'm not really
a very nice person.

Hasn't it ever occurred
you that I might have

an ulterior motive for
going, selfish reasons?

Selfish reasons?

Yes, the person who
goes on that spaceship

is under no
compulsion to wreck it.

He can go to Mars
and keep his life.

- You wouldn't.
- Wouldn't I?

Well, the best thing to do
is just wait and see, isn't it?

We're wasting time, if we
cannot decide who is to go,

there's only one thing for it,
let's draw a lots. - Right!

I'll get the cards.

I'll take them, Mr. Jamieson.


- Highest goes.
- Very well. Yes.

Professor, you first.

10 of Spades.

Mr. Jamieson.

What is it Jamie?

The three of clubs.

The three of clubs.

- The king of spades.
- I go!


Now, there's very
little time to lose.

You've got to work
as fast as you can.

Listen, when you get
inside the spaceship,

you will see the power
crucible in a kind of shaft.

Then, it's up to yourself.

I understand.

As for the rest of us,
have you got a cellar?

Aye, there's one
below this very room.

Well, it might not
afford much protection

but perhaps it's the best we
have in the circumstances.

It'll be right now, come on.

But Albert, what about Albert?

Never mind him, we'll
get him down in a minute.

- Come on, Doris.
- Doris, you must come!

All right, Miss Prestwick.

In a moment, I'll come.

Albert, are we
really going to die?

Perhaps, Doris.

Perhaps we are.

Albert, I'm scared.

Nothing like this has
happened to me before.

Nothing like this has
ever happened before.

But why to us?

Well, it, it had to happen
sometime, somewhere.

There's no reason
for believing that we

on Earth are the only
living people in the universe.

I've been reading about it.

There are thousands of
stars and planets up there.

We'll reach them someday.

Probably the moon first,
and then, out into space.

Will she, will she really kill us?

Maybe not.

- But she said she...
- She probably didn't mean it.

People have to have
a reason for killing.

You've got to forget that,

you had a reason.

No one has the
right to kill, not even...

She was bad.

I should never
have sent you away.

I'm just realizing what a
fool I've been all my life.

Oh, Albert.


Come on now, you must
go or they'll miss you.

Go and hide yourself somewhere.

Be seeing you.

Goodbye, Doris.

So you are coming?


Where are the others?

They are hiding.

They are afraid.

Do you go with me,
of your own free will?

Of my own free will.

Mr. Carter! Mr. Carter!

Later, Doris, I've gotta
get Albert down first.

Mr. Carter, please.

Give him a chance,
Mr. Carter, give him a chance!

Albert! Albert!

Don't look, Doris!
Too late! Down!


Albert did it.

Mr. Carter!

Oh, Mr. Carter.

Michael, oh!


Oh, the phone.

Hello. Yes.

Yes, this is the Bonnie Charlie.


They want to know if there's been
something the matter with the line.

Now we'll all have a drink.

On the house!