Deuraegon bol: Ssawora Son O-gong, igyeora Son O-gong (1990) - full transcript

The young warrior Son Goku goes on a outrageous quest to acquire seven magical orbs, along the way beating up evil persons who want to steal the orbs for their own ends.








The wood is now ready ... but now I'm hungry.

Grandpa, I'm looking for some food.

Are you swimming, eh?

One two Three ...

A fish! Yes sir!

You must be here somewhere. Estioy not safe.

Grilled fish or fried fish? How bout' a bit of everything!

What monster is this?

How ugly. I'll see if this monster has a face.

Oh, it does not.

What are you doing here? It's very dangerous.

You come to steal my fish!? Hey monster?

Who is this child? So strange...

Fight me monster. You're no match for me.

Watch this! Now you'll see.

So you use magic?

The bullets.. They ricochet? This can not be ...

Wait, I surrender ...

I am a person.

A person?

What are you doing?

But you're very rare ...

You're a little different ...

That's because you're a boy ... And a girl.

You're a girl?


It is the first time meeting a girl?

You're the first person and the first girl i have seen.

Girls are very rare, no?

Of course not! Just ones as pretty as me.

But what is this?

You! Thats wierd, a tail, you glued it on?

All girls have extra fat on their chests?

And this monster? You captured it yourself?

This is a car.

What people use to get around.

How? well you're a girl i guess.

My grandfather always told me that I would have to marry a girl.

Do you want to come to my place?

Follow me, quick.

It's a bit strange, but he may be useful to me.

My grandfather always told me that girls should be treated well.

For real?

Wow this house is old ...

Look, Grandpa, I caught a girl.

It's a Dragon Ball!

Hey you! Do not touch Grandpa!.

Girls can not touch it!


You really don't know anything do you? Look.

Oh! You also have a Grandpa too!

Ha ha. This is called Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball?

Yes, I have been researching them.

There are seven dragon balls from one to seven stars.

They say if you gather all seven a dragon appears and grants you one wish.

Any wish that you want.

Awesome! But are you sure that is not a lie?

Lie? Don't be silly. Your Granpa is the fourth

And my ball is the fifth. Look!

It's true! You've been looking for them huh?

Yup, I'm looking for the seven balls.

And what is your wish?

Fish? Meat? Or to be the strongest?

Do you want me to tell you my wish?

When i get the 7 balls I will ask the dragon for best boyfriend in the world.

Boyfriend? what is this?

You don't know? A boy, my future husband.

A boy? A boy like me?

Don't make me laugh! My boyfriend is the most handsome man in the world.

Will you give me your ball?

Nope! My grandpa gave me this ball.

Well, if you give me ...

I let you touch this.

Thanks, but I do not want to touch a dirty old fanny.

What do you say? My fanny is not old or dirty?

Hmm how could I convince ...


You? Don't call me you. My name is Goku.

Son Goku?

What a nice name.

My name is Bulma.

Bulma or Vulva?


Bulma, Vulva ... Confusing. Very Confusing.

All right. Would you like to join me to get the rest of the balls?

A search for the balls? Where?

Who cares! It will be a fantastic adventure!

But if you don't know where to start..

I've got this.

Captures the energy given off by the balls and tells me their position.

The closest is 1200 Kilometers away.

And were not Walking. Follow me.

This seems like a good place.

What number was it? Number eight right?

Hoi Poi Capsule!

Magic powers! You really are a witch!

What did you say? No, Hoi Poi capsules are most common in the city.

Careful! Watch where your hands im a lady!


Where are you going?

Be right back. Wait here!

Wait. I'm with you?

You have to understand the needs of a girl.

But how far do ya need to go just to pee? Jeez.

Ahh! Son Goku, help! please!

Vulva! Bulma!

My Dragon Ball.



Thank you very much!

Ugly! Moron!

How? You dare to fail me?

I'll steal all the dragon balls ...

And the whole world will kneel before me.

Bulma? Why are we heading into the woods?

We need to sleep somewhere.

But there are no beds..

I can make one! Now which one?

Hoi Poi Capsule!

It's a real house..

Come on, Goku, check it out!

I'm not dreaming. this is magic.

Definitely,thats it, yup. Bulma're a witch.

Hey! Whered he get that outfit?, who is this guy?

It is an ancient and very famous series.

I'm going to have a shower, I'm exhausted.

Your'e also going to have a shower too right?

Take a shower? What is that?

You are stinky! Those clothes! Do not touch them! I'm going to clean them.

That will take them off! I do not want em of!.

hmm, what to do?

-I have it!

Listen to me. Let me up!

We go to the Shower now.

Be quiet! You do not want to stop smelling?

I do not want to take a shower.

For real? I do nto want to.

Your underpants are on wrong i can see everything.

Do please wash up now!

I don't want to.

Woah! You have wierd fat on your chest.

What? No.

Im a lady. Ladylike body see.

How old are you?

My age? Fourteen.


But if your only 4 years younger than me! Get out!

I Definitely don't understand girls.

Where is he?

Where have you been?

I was gone getting us dinner!

This crazy!

I let you hit me because you're a girl, doesnt hurt...

That soft.

What? Not as comfy as grandpa, you dont have balls?

The dragon ball!

What kind of stone is this?

No no! I am not a stone, i ma turtle im a turtle!

Bulma, that you?

You've become turtle, right?

Bulma, Bulma!

What can i do?


I am imagining.

A sea turtle?

I do not know anything.

Can you give me some salt water, please?

And if you have algae too.


You shouldnt be here your a sea turtle?

I was looking for mushrooms, but I got lost

A year ago I'm looking for the sea.

Here. Eat.

If you are looking the sea, it is hundreds of kilometers to the north.

But I can not go that far ...

Do not worry. We'll take you.

For real?

Do not worry turtle.

Do not say such foolishness. We will lose a lot of time.

Don't then, and I'll go. I will not abandon Mr. turtle.

Come, caught lets go.

Thank you.

You said you would help. What about me.

Goku! Son of a monkeys uncle! Such an idiot.

Wait. If I don't go with Goku.

i wont get the fourth ball.

I can not waste time.

This sea turtle is mine. Leave now.

And the dragon balls, too.

I'm dead. They'll kill me and eat me.

Goku, give him the turtle!

No. Blehh! I've faced stronger. Bleh!

How dare you talk to me like that?

Heed, child, or i will destroy you!

Bulma! Rock-paper-scissors.

Rock-Paper and scissors?

Let's play.

Rock-Paper and scissors.

I won!

You'll see how I'll win with rock-paper, scissors.

How? I have a sword to win with? Do not make me laugh.

Now you'll see!

Rock Paper Scissors!

Now I'll show you.

I can not believe he's so strong.

I've never been beaten by such a simple attack.

Look how beautiful the sea is!

Is that right?

Finally my beloved home.

Im so happy!

You found your home, you missed it?

Yes. Thank you very much, really. Wait here a moment, i'llreturn.

Be careful. Do not get lost this time.

Do not be long. Yes Yes.

All goes well!

Too bad i had not brought a suit. If I had known ...

Listen. What is that?


Old guy wearin a wierd top?

Go, go, hurry!

Good boy!

I have a fart for you.

Nice to meet you. It was you who helped Turtle?

And who are you?


I am the Turtle Hermet Master Roshi and I thank you.

I also..

I want to give a gift to show my gratitude.

A gift?

Come phoenix!

That is how you call it?

The pheonix is great it can grant eternal life.

But the phoenix died many years ago ...

True, how did i forget. What little memory I have.

But if the phoenix gives eternal?

Very good. You want a flying cloud?

What? Theres really a flying cloud?

There is

Kinto-un appear!

Why would i want a cloud though?

If flying it will take you where you want.

Wow! I can really fly through the sky?

Only those with pure of heart, those who have a pure soul.

Now I will give a demonstration. Pay attention.

Let me try!

Thanks, wee!!

Master, I want one.

I also help the turtle.

Huh? This girl also helped you?

Not really no. How can you say that! I gave you salt water!

Ah! That's true!

Well I have just the one cloud.

Let's see how about this. I picked her up from the sea bed some time ago.

Wow. What a pearl, but larger.

it's a dragon ball!

You want this? Yes?

Has three stars, it will be the third ball.

Very good very good. It's all yours.

Thank you very much.

This must be the house.

Hello? Is there someone there?

Come out where you are!

Hello? Anyone there? It's very quiet.

I will eliminate all!

I'm really sorry!

Oolong Lord, do not kill me, please.


You're not Oolong?

Here tplease, you need to eat.

Oolong is a monster who lives near here.

No one knows what its real form is.

He said he would come for my daughter today at twelve o'clock.

He wants to take her why?

Because he wants to marry her.

He wants a wife?

You must defend yourselves?

Yes we tried. We are very afraid.

It is a terrible monster. We can not do anything against him.

You must fight. No, he would kill us all.

Thats weird ...

Hey, old man. By chance, do not you have a ball like this?

Yes i have.

For real?

Look, it is equal to the ball that I have.

It is the first ball! Can i have it?

I do not want to. The ball is mine and I really like it.

If you give us the ball, I promise you the end of Oolong.

A boy like you? But your'e a weakling!

I do not like being called a child.

I can not stand it.

But a child you are young man.

Miss, look, please.

Come on, look.

Right now I have to pee?

To tremble? It is that my appearance frightens you?

I can not take anymore.

I'm crazy about her.

My love.

Pees standing, what?

You're not the girl i asked for yesterday!

What a relief!

What do you say? I really had to pee.

Who you are? How dare you fool me?

You've become a robot!

Oh! Ahh it hurts! Oh! My chest! My legs!

What? It's a pig!

Do not hit me, it hurts!

Definitely do not try to run away!

I Give up.

Thanks a lot young man. As promised, here you have the ball.

Thank you!

So I do the work and you get the goods?

You did to brag no?

Goku? Yeah? This is great!

Theres only three balls we need.

But? Why is Oolong coming with us?

Because he can transform. He will be useful during the trip.

I do not wanna go! I get tired a lot of traveling!

Where is it that were going anyway?

Still a long way to go. Were going to Mount Fry Pan.

What? Mount Fry Pan?

What is it, Oolong? Are you afraid?

Mount Fry Pan has Gyuma the most powerful monster alive.

Don't worry. An Oolong or a Gyuma, I, Son Goku, Will defeat them all.

I don't wanna go! I'm afraid!

It's my chance to escape!

Goku! Oolong has escaped looking like a fish!

Oolong, Oolong!

Somebody save me! Help!

Goku, look. He's attacked by a monster.

Don't worry. I will save him.

Oolong, come on!

No and I don't wanna go!

Come on! I have candies for you.

Candies? I love candies!

So? You're coming with us?

-I also want candies! No, you do not.

-How good. Come on.

How good.


Here this is it.

I have to hide.

SO nice here!

Where is Oolong?

Being Oolong? Hes surely escaped.

How? We just left Oollong? Where did he go?

Ah, poop-poop candy, laxatives he ate.

They make fora mess.

It is well deserved.

One two Three ...! poo poo!

Oh my belly, my belly.

Oolong, Oollong!

Now, Oolong. We have to leave.

I do not wanna.

Oh, my tummy. Okay, I'm coming.

I won't run away. I am sorry.

Now we will see!

As we now see ...

My stomach ... belly ...

Mr. Yamcha, strangers approach.


Paur, come on!

I have a bad feeling about this!

It hurts my legs!

I can't walk anymore!

So, tired ...

Where did they go?


Your gonna ride yourself?

You can't. You do not have as pure a soul.

Don't make me laugh!

We just have to pass this mountain and we will have reached Mount Fry Pan. Come on!

I can not anymore! Im tired and hungry.

Do you think you could turn into a plane and fly us there?

No i can't What else do you want! We have to go. Get up!

Oh! What is this?

What a piece of useless junk.

This car is junk.

And who are you?

I am the terror of these lands. My name Yamcha.

I'm Son Goku!

My name is Puar!

Yamcha and Puar.

What ridiculous names you guys have.

What did you say?

If you want to live, give me all your money and Hoi-Poi capsules.

The Hoi-Poi Capsules!

Yamcha huh? No way? I'll kick your but first!

You're a child.

I'll finish you easily.

Boy! Where did you get that from?

I got it from my grandpa.

Your grandpa?

Your grandpa wouldn't happen to be Master Son Gohan?

Shut up!

I did not know that the great master had a grandson.

I had not found a decent opponent in ages

I'll show you my special technique.

What technique?

It's my special technique.

Your special technique?

You're strong, but you're no match against the wolf's fang.

Wolf Fang is worthless against my technique Rock-Paper, Scissors.

That was a good nap...

How can one be so pretty?

Mr. Yamcha, do please wake up.

I am dreaming! Of the prettiest girl!

Look, this is a dragon ball.

Owe my toes are so sore.

But it looks like an egg.

We just need to find three.

Look, a ball dragon.

A Dragon Ball ...

And what is so important about these balls?

If you gather the seven Dragon Balls a dragon will grant you a wish.

It seems like a lie.

No, what he says is true. When they go to sleep we will steal the Dragon Balls. Hey?

Do not leave me here!

Yamcha? What's wrong? Your'e in pain?

Paur, I just saw something wonderful.

I want to see it too. Paur!

You can not see it.

Once they have gathered all 7 we will steal the Dragon Balls.

Help! Someone help me!

Mr Yamcha im scared! Masenko!

Puar? How? You can say that you are scared? I was scared.

Here we go.

Is incredible.

They say that Mountain Fry Pan has a monster called Gyuma.

It will be hard to find the ball.

Gyuma could appear at any time.

How? What is this Gyuma monster?

They say it is terrifying. The devil himself.

So? This is the castle of the Gyuma?

Yes. We coul die at any time now.

For real?

The Radar says a ball is close, I'm sure we'll find a dragon ball there.

But how do we get there?

Wait here. I'll get my Kinto-un! Kinto-Un!

Yamcha, I also wanna see.

The fifth Dragon Ball must be in the Mountain Fry Pan. Sure.

It's the monster! Were gonna die!

Theives! What are you doing here?

We were just taking a walk.

Yeah, that, that.

Heave you seen a young girl in a bikini and a helmet?

We have not seen anything.

Do not tell lies!

I am sure that you kidnapped her!

We are dead. We are lost.

Look, it's Goku!

What is this? A flying boy?!

Fight, you coward! You're scared of me huh?

You want to fight me?

Come try my kung fu.

I'm sorry, sorry!

Haha! Look at silly Oolong.

Who are you? Where did you get that cloud?

The Turtle Hermit gave me it to me!

The Turtle Hermit? No. Master Roshi?

This same.

Master Roshi was my teacher. You know where Master Roshi lives now?

On the island of turtles.

How good! If Master Roshi came here he could easily put out these flames.

SO you assume that the old Roshi can put this fire?

Do me a favor please.

Go with your cloud and and go bring me Master Roshi.

Wait? do you have anything like this here?

Its similar to a ball with stars i have.

If you bring me the master, it is yours.

Another thing. This is my daughter Chi-Chi. L-Look, please.

Perfect. Goku, go find them.

You're the Chi-Chi. Right?

How do you know my name?

Your father is looking for you.

You do not want to kidnap me?

To kidnap? That means hijack right?

Come on, we can go to my cloud.

On a cloud?

yeah look, follow me.

Come on up.

How do you want to ride on a marshmallow? Is it not something to eat?

We have to leave, if you can ride Kinto-un. Are you a good girl?

Of course. I'm better than an angel.

Then, lets go.

Come Up.

Ughh. I have no strength.

What's wrong?

If someone pulls my tail I lose my strength.

So.. Gokus weak point is his tail.

I want to go from here.

We will die like rats. I wanna leave.


Oh! It's you kid?

Sure is Master!

And who is the girl back there?

It is the monster Gyuma's daughter.

What? Gyuma daughter? For real?

It's called Chi-Chi.

Chi-Chi? Thats a funny name isnt it?

That happens to be my name? Hey?

And why have you come?

Master? You can put out big flames right?

Flames? I can with my magic fan.

If you use one time causes a strong wind, if you use it twice causes rays.

And if you use it three times, it rains, but, as you know of its existence?

Theres a big fire on Mount Fry Pan that coudl get rid of the flames.

Big fire huh?

If you do not put out the fire, Gyuma can not go get the dragon ball we need.

Tell us where you left the fan.


Crazy old man! What you hit me for?

You've bitten my balls!

Hey. Where is the magic fan?

The wind took it the last time you used it.

This is true.

Goku sorry i forgot i dont have it anymore.

What happens now to my? Damnit.

Now we can't collect all the dragon balls.

If I don't get the fan, Bulma and Oolong die.

For real? Do not worry.

I myself will put out the fire of Mount Fry Pan.

-You? Yes!

There is nothing I can not do!

Thank you, Master. Come on.

Goku, come here a moment.

Of course there is also Bulma.

Then we can go.

But you already know you can not go up to the cloud.

Do not joke.

Turtle, you want to come, but I'll go with the other turtle.


But you ate the other turtle ...

The Master is crazy.

Come on, fly! Come on!

Come on come on!

Go Go! Master, is too heavy.

I'll just wait five minutes! If not i will eat you for dinner!

My daughter! Father!


Ouch. What you hit me for?

Cause you are too slow turtle?


Shut up.

Don't bother me.

Come here a moment.

You sit.

Sit down, please.

I do to want to. You will like.

We had a deal.

Hey, Master. I do not means to bother?

Master, is in top form yes?

You shut up!

Can you extinguish the fire ?

Wait your turn. I'm busy.

Yes, quiet, please.

If you can put out the fire I can get my castle I will be good and return everthign i stole.

You smell good ...

Quiet you there.

Wow what a ride?

What an old man.

Master Roshi is a pervert.

Okay, I'll put out the fire. Yes!

Holy moly.

That was amazing. To have so much power at that age?

Lets go before they see us.

Come on, Puar!

Master, I want you to show me that attack.

You could not perform it. You have to train for at least 50 years.

50 years?

It can be done without training!

What the, impossible.

Now I think it's Gohan's grandson.

What? Son Gohan's grandson?

I still have much to assemlbe the last few grandpas.

I had heard that he adopted a child and trained him.

-Goku! Yes?

Goku, you wanna come to my island. I'll teach you everything I know.
58701:17:51,000 --> 01:17:54,600
For real? Yes! Well come when we have found all the balls.

Wait! Just a moment.

Can not be.

innocent creatures.

My reign is approaching.

Move, fast.

Yes sir.

-Murasaki. Yes sir.

They are approaching the other Dragon Balls.

Murasaki, I trust you will do your job.

Leave it in my hands.

You can go. Yes.

I wanted to see my grandpa. Come on in.

I do not wanna go. I'm not going to enter.

Come inside!

Not long till we have the dragon balls.

It's here!

But here it is where the monster lives. I not want to become grilled meat.

Now we can not leave, we lack only two balls.

Let's go in. i dont wanna.

Come on, I do not wanna. Hey, you!

Out of here, fast.

Come on, hurry!

What can we do?

It is Yamcha.

Yamcha, we meet again.

I heard someone was having problems and i came to protect with my sword.

How nice! I can already feels safe with you.

Bulma, wait up!

Is there someone.

Look out for us here hahaha!

Give me all the Dragon Balls!

Who are you to give me orders? Silence!

Do me not yell at me!

The true owner of the Dragon Balls is the powerful Emperor Pilaf. Take head!

What? The powerful Pilaf?

Go get the ball!

Okay, Goku! great!

They are truly lucky.

What happened? I think they used a spell.

Where are we?

And what is that? A monster?

This is not a monster. It is a robot.

You seem silly!

You silly fools?

Give me all the Dragon Balls! Come on!

This is a real fight!

Attention Bulma, you're about to see something magnificent.

Watch out my cars cominh?

Poor little children. Leave it in my hands.

I'll take care of it all.

There is no way. Nothing works. Do you think we can still win Bulma?

I have no idea.

By the way? Where are the dragon balls?

What a beautiful face.

Bulma, you're the best!

Lets get those Dragon Balls!

Come on, let's go!

Bulma, be careful.

I think we've fallen into a trap.

Emperor Pilaf, we could not find anything in the car.

This means that one of them have them.

And now we need to get out of here! Think of something!

Hear! I am the great Emperor Pilaf.

Stop hiding! Let us see you, do not be a coward!

Give me the dragon balls and I'll let you live!

We have no balls. Get us out of here and go look for yourself!

I have warned you!

What is this? It's gas!

Finally the world will be all mine!

So hungry so tired! If i had eaten could make bigger holes.

And now what do we do?

This Pilaf is trying to summon the dragon balls!

So, what do we do now?

Oolong. Why don't you become a bat? So you can fly out.

I dont wanna!

For me please, do me this one thing?

Oh, dragon Shenron come out and grant me my wish.

Im running out of time. And now what?

This is amazing!

Oh dragon Shenron!

Yes? what is your wish?

He has invoked the dragon. What do we do now?

Let me see!

Grant me my great Emperor Pilaf ...

Oh no! What do I do now?

How can it be! This will not end well!


The dragon is so big! How big?

Goku do something! Or well all die.

To me ... all for me!

Wait, if I ask for my wish before he finishes..

Everyone Shen-!

I want a lot of panties!

... What!!

I will grant your wish!

A shower of panties! What?

They are, panties!


Panties have rained.

Screw you!

Because of this pig I could not fulfill my wish.

He will feal my wrath!

What? But he is saying. \ I want to eat.

Someone help me!

Goku, I'll die!

Oolong, do not worry. I will save you from this crazy guy.

You are funny!.

Look at Pilaf! Totally stupid!

I will make you my slaves!

What is a slave? You do not know what a slave is?

Ah, a slave is a slave.

You will be my slaves.


Well done!

Wait wait ...

atch out for the fire!

Take that? Dont Pig Power!

We cant do this. Hey we can?

Do not even dream about it.

Look, it's the turtle!

A turtle?

Goku, I have come to help.

How good!

Here take this, Turtle-Fu!

Oolong, attack together!

Hey Goku, we're here!

What a pair of useless...

Indeed, Oolong? What did you wish for from the dragon?

The truth is that yesterday i stole Bulma's panties.

I just wanted to return with new ones.

I wanted to ask for a boyfriend.

The turtle does not have boobs, this means that it is also a boy.

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