Detective Conan: The Fist of Blue Sapphire (2019) - full transcript

The world's greatest blue sapphire, the "blue lapis fist", said to have sunk in a pirate ship in the late 19th century, on the coasts of Singapore. A local millionaire plots to retrieve it,...


Secretary of good

I called people?

Already there


Sorry to keep you waiting, Friedrich

Aydin Inspector

Thank you for informing me

(Mark Eden Singapore Police Inspector)
scene in front of the shopping center

It seems that the case can be a bit tricky

Who Liu Lyon

Is the first discovery of human remains

Lyon teacher

You are his star pupil, right?

You can ask him not to interfere too much right?

I can not say such a thing

I say hello to play

Lyon teacher!

This is not Richy it? long time no see


We change say it in Japanese


I heard that you are now ready civil police officer?

(Ulrich Lamanasen)
succeed, ah

This is all thanks to your teachers Lyon

I taught psychology crime

Do not call my teacher what it

I am now ordinary people


Even prisoners can not think bombs are ready ah

The vehicle was destroyed

Miss Chen Xuelin all victims

She is a very good lawyer

There may therefore Zaoren disgruntled revenge

Or maybe there are dealings with dangerous objects ...

Inspectors in it?

Sorry, let me pass

What happened?

There are things on the wall of the elevator


what is this?


is blood!

Not work

Anyway also requested help u

I say no is no


The two of you is how the matter?

He wanted to use the drug, to restore the original appearance of the

Obviously campus teaching time

It tasted bitterness of ...

At that time I also managed to survive ah

So be sure no problem

U please give me drugs

Not ~ line

Where exactly are you going to go ah?


Doctor, is this

This contest, that person will appear Oh

400-fight winning streak is the ...

Oh, Beijing is really ah

Spectators said to go to the garden

My Uncle Kogoro to go with Betty

Although there invited me

But I like this, they can not go abroad

that's true

Since the passport is a new thing

So, Please, Haibara

Sick of it

I advise you to forget it this time

I want to go then

Do not be so frustrating thing

Well, I come out of a puzzle to help you convert feeling it

So early?

Asia - Puzzle

in Singapore

The most popular activities are the following, which one do?

1. sing the national anthem

2. Lunar New Year celebrations

3. fly the flag

4. Marina Bay fireworks

This is what it looks like

The answer is simple

Is the third, "flying the flag" of it

Because "center flagpole" Well
(sounds like the Japanese in Singapore)

You got it, really powerful

Well, then again out of a problem

Enough friends

Sure enough, the little group of children was deserted ah

Haibara that guy ...

(Road accidents the reduction diffuse lines)

Betty ...

Small 兰姊姊

How would u here ...

Betty ...


I've been waiting for you oh

What is this place?

- big oh - is the voice of Betty

Here is where?

I was locked up?


Well, to use this ...


Merlion ...

What ...

How I'm coming to Singapore!

Detective Conan: Prussian blue Fist

I am a high school detective, Shinichi

Day and childhood sweetheart and classmate of Mao Lilan

To the amusement park to play when

Black people witnessed the scene of suspicious transactions

I was seeking only to peek trading

But ignored the other accomplices came from behind

I was the man filling a strong poison

When I woke up ...

My body has narrowed

If they found
Shinichi alive

Not only my life is no guarantee

But also endanger their loved ones around me

In Hiroshi Bo advice
I conceal identity

When I asked Betty's name, so he under

I alias Conan Edogawa

In order to collect those guys intelligence

So the father admitted to detectives industry Xiaolan home

This to me, this man is one of the rival


He is the mystery of the monster straight face

Also known for dressing master

Somehow, he knew my real identity tribute

Is not the effect of guy

One day I have to personally catch him

Kidd's rival, Beijing is really

While a high school student

But it is a war unbeaten 400

This impressive record of karate master


He seems like Betty students at heart

Suzuki is also the daughter of the consortium, Suzuki garden

What are you looking ah?

Signature lines quickly say ah

Although smaller body, but the mind as good

Any problem can be solved in the detective

There is always only one truth

Hand ... my hand how the?

Dr. props are gone ...

Yes, Betty should have just here

- and so on, small Lan Zizi - oversized yeah

The new one, here ...

Sorry Sorry

It allows you waiting

Where you run go?

I was just looking for you, yeah

Because hot

I'll take uncle went under the shade of the shade

Thank you

Really, uncle still the same

Hey, Betty

I can go and buy water?

You can not really get

let's go together

Coming, hurry up

it is good…

What ah, can not stand

I feel very good thing

Brats ...


Huh? dad

Your neck hung what ah?

This ah? I put the passport into

So that it will not be lost or stolen

Not bad right?

You're a dad

Not such a big fuss, Singapore is safe ah

You wake up friends

You guys are really out of the ghost

Words, how do you leave the luggage?

This is the

With the pen tip insert

Even from the inside

Can easily open unexpectedly

I thought a mere atom does not get in the way

Really did not have the effect ah

This is what I have to say, Pirates of the blame Kidd

found it…

I will not speak of this

You guys in the end what attempts?

Really rhetorical

Is that ah

It was the garden ...

It is said that the late nineteenth century

With the pirate ship sunk offshore in Singapore together

Legend Mibao ...

The world's largest sapphire

Also known as

"Prussian blue Fist"

It was last year

Mr. Chen Zhonghan successfully salvaged

Large stones

Speaking Chenzhong Han

He has a head of Singapore's big man


Then the uncle very keen on martial arts

Decided to hold Karate Championships

And this gem set in a championship belt

Legendary gems to make winners ah

Rich pastime ah

That's it

I was going to disarray in the game

The gem accept just fine

But I can not bar entry to Kidd's identity

If your goal is just words gem

Even I did not need to bring it together

The situation is a bit special

I'll tell you the details of

You guys ...

Strange? The new one?

- Oh, call me
- how they see the shadows?

And so on, Kidd

What to do if you dare to Betty

I can not forgive you

Do not ... I'm sorry, I can not guarantee it

In this case

I'm here now expose your true colors

Advise you to give up the idea better

The reason why you can come to Singapore

Thanks to all this suitcase

This is a special

Even hand-held baggage inspection with X-rays can not penetrate


There is also oxygen can be oxygen 12 hours

And there will not be a long stay in pain

Top cushion, very good

Do you know what this means?


Without my help

You do not even have passports

Simply can not leave the country

That is not to return to Japan

Found, a new

Do not pay attention you run gone forever ...

This is ... this is not the first kid you?

How did you here?


Ah, ran away

It is amazing

He seems to be a child here

Is that right?

- you cheated it is also great
- but really looks like, right?

Little brother

what is your name?

Speak, do you understand Japanese?

This one…

This child ...


I called Arthur Hirai

Arthur ... Hirai?

My mother is Japanese, so ...

I Suzuki garden

My name is Mao Lilan

Also, in yonder

My father is Maori Kogoro

Pleased to meet you Hello

Ah ... a lot of advice


Sorry, I'll be right back


Little brother

Your father and mother do it?

This one…

Go to Japan

Arthur, you are a person housekeeping ah?

Ah, but, no problem

I am used to it

This ah ...

In this case, we would join together ah?

May I?

Ah ... of course

Yes, I went to see my father about

it is good…

However, Hao Mana

If I send a newsletter to give me just fine

It should be about right here meet

- Hey, do not get in the way - out of the way

Get out ...

See what see

Those guys is what people?

In the middle that is rich in ceremony Jiro it

Nakatomi ...

Oh, that is rich in maritime president ...

Although notoriously shrewd

But it is negative rumors

Well, young lady

U yourself a man ran up Singapore ah?

Do not mind, I would join together ...

I'm not that spare time

do not bother me

U dare say such a thing ah

If I want it, you want this person to pull the car u

(It seems not yet to do? Waiting for you in front of the Merlion)
is easy Oh



Do not Mind your own business


She's with me


You ... you guys

A really, whatever the outcome, you look at the newsletter ah

Sorry, I'm not familiar with the machine ...

it hurts…

Remember me

Next time I may not forgive you

A true, people afraid Oh

I'm late, I'm sorry

Big brother handsome ah

I also?

Hey ... drink

Hey, Karate Kid

Hello brave ah

Do not be shy friends

Garden, u okay?

Ah, there are A really protect me

Kyogoku, long time no see

long time no see…

you are?

Nice to meet you, hello

I'm Kudou Shin'ichii

My name is Kyogoku really

A really, how do you?

Nothing, I just feel

Unlike with Kudo is the first time we met ...

Do not…

No, this is your illusion of it

- Well, also saw the Merlion
- Ice Cream

We go right hotel

Speaking of ...

You can not out of the race?

Ah, but we specifically look at the game you really yeah

Sorry, today's Championship

I was at the invitation of certain members who sign up

It is the sponsor?


Lawyer named Chen Xuelin

Said to me the full burden of travel costs, etc.

Asked if I was interested in race

However, the lady suddenly passed away

Today, other stakeholders

To me as no such thing

why is it like this

I heard this competition

Singapore is also known as the strongest players race

I had wanted to see him play against the ...

it is good!

I'll be on the

Your sponsor it

give it to me

- Suzuki indeed consortium Missy ...
- Church uncle, I do have a favor to know please ...

(Jiro uncle Ji Tong calls knot east)

Everything is resolved

A really, you can be invited to the identity of players

Sign up again

really? Garden

A really I arranged to live with us in the same hotel room

Such is the double dating yeah


If it was settled, then you go back to the hotel

I really want to drink beer ...

Mr. Mao Li?

Are you Mr Maori Kogoro it?


I found myself are ready police officers, Mingjiaolixi

To meet you today is really a great honor

Shucks ...

Uh ... preliminary police officer?


I am currently based on behavioral psychology experts criminal identity

In particular, assist in investigations

This ah ...


I heard Mori your entry

I have been waiting for you

I have been waiting for me?


Because a lot of tourists will come here

But why wait for me?

In fact, there are pieces of the case

I hope to use your abilities detective Maori

No, no, I'm on vacation

This time or go and see better


Although police officers are ready

He then lay a good relationship to begin with

Maybe will help us cheap good food shop

There casino ah ...

You know that, right?



Well, I'm Detective Kogoro Maori

This will help you find it an exception

- Hey ...
- It's my pleasure

Maori detective You are my father homeland, Japan's hero

I also adore your

Honestly, there was industrialist

Receive such a thing ...

- Kidd - Kidd adults

(Lyon Residence)

Some people say that I reported to

Suzuki Foundation became a patron of Kyogoku

Can you beat him?

no need to worry

(Preservation director of Hai Zili ·嘉玛鲁丁里昂)
regardless of the hype

I can hit a man down to the ground

To hear you say I feel relieved

Come in

excuse me

(Secretary Zhang Ruiqiu Lyon)
Mr. Lamanasen and she wanted to introduce people

Has come to

He came really early

They will bring trouble to the living room


So, how do the Kidd?

Sorry, it is currently still under investigation

There is also the matter Chen Xuelin

It seems information management seems to have problems ah

Who is guilty, I hear about

That this matter to you

Really impressive ah

Dad, athletic little friends

Also a pair of armor

- really - good handsome




Give me a little distance regulation

- Sorry, my father are not good
- I'm sorry

- then, Liu Lyon who is who?
- where, never mind

Lyon teacher

Originally known crime psychologist

Zeng and police cooperation

The arrest of several poor heinous criminals

Plus a new piece of detective Jane Hello

Two years ago, his own company

Now is the preservation of the company's president

Professional quite successful

Before I have to Lyon teacher

Learning criminal behavior psychology

So that

Notice letter was sent to

This person is called Lyon here?

No, I'll explain in sequence

Please look at this

Kidd's strange goal

Fengyun is called "Prussian blue Fist" gems

Everyone gem

Industrialist Mr. Chen Zhonghan

Kidd notice letter was sent to him

In this case

This should not be called to Chung Han people there?

Because the stones being stored in the basement of this house

Gem here?

Yes, this is the owner of such a hope

Because safe here is developed independently

The most advanced systems

Than the bank's safety deposit box is also safe

The most advanced yet ...

It seems this

Kidd guy have to do anything, ah

You dare to say ...

What are you talking nonsense

No matter how advanced safe

Kidd run for as long as an adult, it is Shoudaoqinlai

I said, garden

And u also very clear is not it?

Kidd adults gorgeous theft tactics

For all the girls in the world is

Once he shot

How much heart to steal all ...

Stop, garden


Oh, except I told Betty to friends

Right? Betty

Ah ... This is of course

I say you, ah, mess

Oh maybe will suffer

Ah Hey ...

What a beautiful atrium

So-so friends

Hello everyone

I found myself Liu Lyon

Please let my bodyguards and preservation director

Haizi Li Ka-do Rudin was also present together

Kyogoku teacher

I always hope to see you

Thank you

I also have in karate

I've always wanted a chance to talk to you fight

This mansion had my own gym

Your name is Maori Kogoro detective

Oh, hello ...

Foreigners can not think of even knows my name Yu


I do not feel the special atmosphere

what happened?

how is this possible?

And you who are high school detective, Shinichi

Pleased to meet you

Not so much a detective

You like a magician ah

Because your fingers ah

Both thin and soft

Although it is a detective, I'm not relying on wrist

But by winning here

So that


There's the one who

Miss Suzuki garden is right

This guy can not be taken lightly

You can not go in, please wait

It does not matter, do not bother

Maori Kogoro Masters

(Chenzhong Han Singapore an important figure in the financial world)
my wife and I are very admire your ah

You can take a picture of it?

-Photo ... Oh, photographs ah, well ...
- I'm sorry, he suddenly broke

- I am very happy - it does not matter

I want you to look at

Our company's treasury room

This is good

I have to go

I hope you must

Close glimpse of "Prussian blue Fist" wind Bian

This is the other side of the door

Our company is proud of the vault room


Only a few people can open

The wall is made of heat resistant alloys

Absolutely can not be destroyed

what's up?

- In addition, completely blocked the foreign radio
- Sorry ... nothing

The position of each of the inner box regularly change

The safe was full of my ideal

Unique in the world of specialty

What ... What?

Everyone, please backward point

This is

(King of karate)
proof is said to be the pirate king

Called "Prussian blue Fist" gems

- Fengyun sapphire really big ah
- see it? Arthur

Ah, thank you big sister

So that

As long as gem here

Even Kidd, surely it can not be shot

But it did not

During Karate Championships begin tomorrow

The court will determine the title belt on display

In other words, during the contest

Gem will be stored in a stadium in the room

Although that time is heavily guarded

But still not as here

So that

But the court also has to preserve ...

Yes, we will at all costs to hold gem

In case "Prussian blue Fist" What happened

The amount of compensation you want is a price

You just say the game is better safe here

That is, do you think

Kidd will be moved to the stadium and other sapphire was shot right


To start this risk is too high

Say is ah

Let me do a little humble

Help protect the gems it

Thank you

Was to totally waste of effort


I accept fingerprint

Too simple ah ...

I wait for you for a long time

Kidd ...

You will not think of the potential to come in here

Really deserved reputation ah

Well you confident

Sorry ah, precious stones can not give you

I do not want to pay any compensation to Chen Zhonghan

To steal such a treasure is my task

The goal more difficult to steal, I would ...

The more ignited a raging fight

So soon ended


Singapore hopes hydration to your taste


The other will use stun gun


real or fake?


What happened?


Do not worry, because I always ...

Leading human

At any time prepare for the worst and then action

One step ahead

Have to get out of here for the job

Where is he

Good amazing strength ...

Fortunately, I quickly retreat, otherwise dangerous

This is trespassing ... house ...


Words, how can you be here?

Someone asked me to come here to train

You can think of and fight

Do not ... I do not want ah

Without further ado!


Prepare yourself!


In the end come?

Thanks, Detective

This is really powerful stuff

No wind can fly freely

Get a good job thanks to Daddy


I did not expect the other party will be so thoughtful consideration

Is really a big help


I first returned to the equipment you're doing the right thing

I'm not at all want to help you

I will not speak of this

You tell me

The real reason I'm here with right

Lyon from several years ago in search Prussian blue Fist

When he was able to salvage one more step up

He was the first to give Chen Zhonghan

It seems that someone leaked to the wreck of his position

The prime suspect people

Is 陈雪琳

There was a time she served as the company's Lyon


But then the deterioration of relations between the two

According to rumors

The reason when she Kyogoku sponsors ...

In order to prevent Jiamaluding is to win ...

In other words, she wanted to get stones obstruct Lyon

If this news is true

Information leaked wreck

The rumor also adds authenticity

The parties Chen Xuelin murdered

She assumed that this rumor is true Leak

Lyon had a motive to kill her

Police What do you think?


Lyon has been excluded from the list of suspect


Because there are other more suspicious suspects


Although police have not yet disclosed information

But Chen Xuelin the murder scene

Leave a card

I notice that the letter

I understand, but ...

So beautiful scenery

I gotta world do not see this guy together

If it wants to enjoy together, then ...

You should change back to the Arthur Hirai


"Arthur" from Arthur Conan Doyle's Bar

However, "Hirai" is where the ah

Well ...

Edo Sichuan Rampo's real name

Hirai Taro come

So that

I will not speak of this

This whole incident is surely a trap

I know

So I will bring you


This aspect of the thing you're good at, right?

I understand the reason

I do not like your approach is

I Kidd adults

Can not just keep quiet about it?

You can also slow it

I've been waiting for you yeah

Sorry Sorry

The new one, you see

This night scene is really beautiful ...

Very romantic, right

Do not be shy

We are in a relationship, right?


Hey, is that right?

Damn, that guy Xiaolan

He had never noticed it was fake?

But if there is noticed

I can not return to Japan

(Raffles Hotel)

When it comes to Singapore

Think of the Singapore Sling cocktail bar

Continued Cup

Mr. Mao Li?

You are…

Can I sit here?

Please ... sit down ...

Take a drink

Honestly, I ...

Oops, I how could this

I'm really sorry

Nothing you do not mind ...

Mr. Gross profit ... have your phone


Seems to have your phone

Find me?


Mr. Gross profit

I have to tell you some words anyway

Go to this place tomorrow

Do what, how to hang up

Start drinking again!

(Singapore Indoor Stadium)

Who do you think wins?

Kyogoku players 啊

Because she never lost thing

Is that right?

I first heard the teacher

Place with the right direction

Made sufficient efforts

White will then bear fruit, right?

You are aware of it?


Exactly who will win the "Prussian blue Fist"?

The man who called Jiamaluding

Looks like a very strong

Combines the power of a heavyweight

As well as speed and skill ...

Tricky look ah

Indeed Di Dan high school karate club Lord

The focus is not the same

I said

If the stones to the hands of Kyogoku

You can no longer sell it?


I think as far away from that guy

A really come

You see, we are also very supportive of him


Why kid here will follow you ah?

He seems to like me


Game start

- fantastic - really terrible

A stay so cool

Really want to immediately find him

(Call dad dad)
is calling my dad

I did not say anything suspicious person


What happened?

Betty, with these people explain

I put him out of all the metal objects


Prohibited from entering

Already, right?

Not work


This is not to get in yet?

Mori, are you all right?

Mr. Friedrich

He is related personnel, please let him in.

Yes, sir, sir.

Thank you, Mr. Friedrich

Fortunately, we were joined by

Belt after public appearance at the opening ceremony

Now closed in the underground vault

Convenient, I will get with your past

But having said that, you were just in the wrong?

Oops ... I went to tour a bit

You stay in bed because of a hangover in it

Password will change every ten minutes

Managed by computer, will send SMS notification

The inspectors will be sent to Eden, I

Lyon also responsible for managing the treasury teacher

A total of only three people

This room really is empty ah

not like this

Has weight sensors on the floor

Monitor is equipped with ceiling

Further, around the arena

There are police officers surrounded

This way, the monster has failed the bar

Mr. Maori, where smoking is prohibited

Oops, sorry

(Zhang Ruiqiu)

Drunk, have forgotten the

Last night at the bar for me

I say there is something to tell

This is the business card of Mr. Lyon secretary oh

Huh? Is that right?

In fact, I was drunk, do not remember clearly

How would you know?

Mr. Lyons above the company's logo ah

Flag ah

Hand writing say, three in the afternoon

I'm behind the National Stadium

Three front door waiting for you

He wrote, please do not tell anyone

So that

Three in the afternoon, so ...

Time is not just around the corner yet?

Mr. Mao Li?

Ms. wait for a man to let the shame

The game play nice

Tomorrow's semi-final with Final Highlights can be expected ah

Thank you

Your extraordinary strength

how about it?

Would you be my bodyguard ah?

Excuse me


I said of course, is a joke

In fact, I have a question for you

Yan told me

Your fist thing for what exists?

What better end there?

What is something drives you?

You do not answer?

No purpose, no fist full of danger

Not only yourself

The people around will be so fortunate

People around? unfortunately?

Yes, for example, your loved one

You have such a person, right?

Your fists will lead to dangerous

Maybe the people you love will be injured

In case such a thing really happen

How would you do?

I am looking forward to tomorrow's game Oh

What I do for you?


Garden ...

Oh, because you have been does not appear

I'll come to you

Sorry, putting you waiting

So, we went for lunch it

I'd love to go there and see shop

Sorry, garden

The two of you eat it


I'm really sorry

But the need to take a new gem

No way should withdraw the

Oh ... on

Then there's no way

The two of us eat it, A true


See you Hello, small garden


We go first

A really, you have to oh well fed

Thank you

We listen, stay alert

Do not miss any place

If you notice anything unusual situation

Informed immediately


and also…

U okay?

I'm very sorry

I just want to apologize to you

Aydin Inspector

Sorry, I could not help but pay attention

I'm sorry for ..., 妳說 what?


Continue to maintain Oh

Yes, Miss

Treasury room there is no problem, right?

Yes, sir, everything is normal

I'm sorry, I'm sorry

what happened?

Aydin inspector to hurry past two

But ... can ...

I will care for you here


We'll be right back, thank you

Next ...

I received treasures

Hello I want to accept

There's something stuck in it?

Corpse? But also ...

Rachel ...

Not good, hurry slipped job

As if what is written word ...



Immediately throw the gun away

Kidd, you are under arrest


Can not stand

Miss Rachel in the end I want to wait until when ah

Wait ten minutes ...

what happened?

This will not be the Kidd appeared?

Hey, etc.

He's here

Erupted in the worst of times


If you can get out of here

You can not do nothing to me

So much fuss ah

Hey, wait!


I gave chase, caught him anyway be

Yes, sir

Hey, no problem, right

Found, Mori

I've been looking for you to

Oh, incredible

Kidd actually think there will be in broad daylight

But, do not worry

I'm Detective Kogoro Maori

Will immediately begin tracking his whereabouts ...

Now is not the empty tube Kidd

Event occurred

Please immediately went to the vault room trip


There is a large bird sky

Come here then ...

This is ... this is ...

The victim is a teacher secretary Lyon

Miss Rachel

Miss Rachel?

This ah ...

Over the monitor?

Does not work

Monitor is a hack

Has been repeated empty screen

Well, who made this ...

Of course, there are already clues

We are currently working out effort in looking for prisoners

You say "in his hunting" ...

That ...

Prisoner is Kidd, this absolutely can not go wrong

Anyway, you did not previously released security system

Is your negligence, Kidd

Hey, I said

In fact, this time

Miss Rachel had an appointment with the uncle

Should come to the stadium, right?

Why is it in the vault room?

To Oh, that's also ah

According to former police officer said the vault room

He is the messenger of inspectors to back Eden

It may seem to be in a hurry to see him

It was a priority to help the messenger

after that

That confusion will soon happen, so ...

However, I never heard Kidd would kill

Hey, can not be allowed to go broke

This guy is so

Uncle, there Scarlet ...


Flash receded a little devil

This is completely in a trap ah



Something ... something ...

More and more interesting, ah ...

Indeed the garden of the restaurant to pick u

Chicken rice with watermelon juice is delicious.

I would say?

what happened?

Well, fill the stomach

A really, I want to go to a place

I want to go to Peinai


Well, young lady

Erupted how whom you want to pay me?

Is ... you hit me, right?

I do not know what u talking about it

Come here


Maybe they have other associates in

Garden, do not leave me


Your fists will lead to dangerous

Maybe the people you love will be injured


found it…

Save us!


Is she all right?

I called an ambulance

She is a foreigner it?

Garden ...

Garden ... garden!

Garden ...

She was injured, the doctor how to say?

The doctor said she was not hurt

Said she was asleep, the first live tonight?

Tomorrow will do check

Really unfortunate the great fortune

But, too bad hit and run

- unforgivable - This is all my fault

I killed her garden are ... ...

To keep you waiting

I'm sorry, I'm so late


How about the status of the investigation?


Scene in the alley rare vehicles

No witnesses ...

Is not correct to say that although it was present

But before the patrol car was robbed

Suddenly was attacked, fainted

I bothering you yet?

Lyon teacher

How would you here?

I heard that car accident, rushed to the scene came

Garden not wake up ...

So, help me turn to her?

Thank you

It seems that I worried about came true

Mars or testing you

You have not seen enough fists

Heart and technique body ...

Yes, I'll give you a talisman bar

This is a bit like a lucky bracelet

It is then broken

God acknowledged it means you have the kind of heart and technique body

But if you throw a punch in before it cut off ...

You know, right?

it hurts

Suffered a great deal, ah

What these injuries is not it

Can not stand, no shot in concerns ...

This is really into the trap

Miss Rachel's murder case puts the blame on you.

Everything trap

To give you a scapegoat

Just like in magic

I obviously was not there

But it seems that the audience, as if I was a murderer

Was really the presence of the same

In other words, look at it from another angle

Clues will emerge one ah

Yes ah, trick

People think that what really fist

Is the work of a magician

The former opened the fist

Said the detective stuff inside job, right?

What you say in there yes ah, detectives

Fist mystery of what's called murder


Little brother, you did not go back ah?

Will ... let me borrow it for one night?

To live in my home?

Anyway, I go home and only one person

Just the kind of thing happen, I am afraid ...

Mr. Dietrich said I was with the words

I think my dad that they would feel comfortable

And for two consecutive days with the guy with rooms

A terrible one

Amazing Oh

These are Mr. Friedrich was the father of award it?

Yes ah, because my dad is an oceanographer

But he died five years ago

During the study, he

Also found the remains of the sinking in the sea

You must be very proud of him now


I still have work to do, Arthur, you first go to sleep

it is good

Mr. Dietrich, I ask you oh

What this red mark on the maps are?

These are the places the ship attacked by pirates

Now there are also pirate?

There ah

In the past a lot Oh nearby Singapore

However, the current trouble

Not a pirate, but homicide ah ...

There Kidd

I borrowed material with supervision to Eden

Tonight was the night Ao

(carried out)

Although sorry for Mr. Dietrich

However, please get some sleep now

what is that?

Before you wear it?

Garden, u wake up now?

In fact, I woke up a long time

That's great…

I ask you, that

What is magic?

Yes, ah ... something similar like that

No, whom you want a good resting

I do not sleep

Are rare in Singapore, so bored

Taimian Jiang poor health

Tonight obediently rest

Yes, I would have to ask before you

OK on your left eyebrow stretch

Why has been close?

this is…

Why not, really ...

I thought we said OK

And so after the end of the meeting all

You're good, say your plan foolproof

But you sure?

You look very tough loss, the results so timid

Well, be careful talking points ...

I am the person has always been to keep its promise


Tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye

This is my style

We want to announce something

The second semi-final field

Because Beijing is true players have abstained

Lee Tan players will automatically qualify for the finals


Why did he do


Why? Because I do with it?

Prior to that group of people attacked us

Maybe would then shot

So I can not leave your side

Really is my victims ah

Rights to the competition

There is not the object you want to fight it?



I feel like I can not even protect the one person u

What seems lacking ...

What it should be is lacking

A really you hide a bunch of things


Fortunately, there are things bracelet OK stretched things

You did not tell me is not it?

No, it's really nothing ...


I do not want to be like you

Boys bear false protection

Yesterday, I really worry about oh

Later on you not been contacted

Sorry Sorry

I only care to chase Kidd ...

He is indeed a magician under the moonlight ah

Even I Kudo new

There is no way to catch him

Oh, Arthur ah

Good big sister

Big sister's friend, who sister garden


Ah, I just have to go to doctors?

The doctor said the test results no problem

Like the afternoon will be discharged back to the hotel

That's great

Thank you worried for her

Well, almost back to the hotel bar

I want to go back and sort out before the luggage

They do not matter sister garden?


I think, let them hush

Both of them seemed to quarrel

And also abstained Kyogoku

Strange, the new one?

(Fountain of Wealth)

Saying that last night, what did you learn it? Detective

According to the investigation data to see Mr. Friedrich family

Is this

Was based on eyewitness testimony

Miss Xue Lin's assassination site

He was not lying in a shopping center

Three may be in the tower elevator

Why should we specifically chose the attack in the elevator ...

The fix will be nowhere to run

In a state stuck on the back of a commercially available knife

Move to the mall

Then, shortly after she fell down

She parked in the underground car park the car exploded

Thus caught between the entire hotel and blackout

So the monitor screen inside the hotel

Will all disappear?

I care about is that Lyon at the scene this point

In addition to his own room

He also arranged a room for Miss Xue Lin

But when she was killed

Many people have witnessed in Lyon do not ride elevators

Police have since confirmed his alibi

Yet he will be excluded from the investigation on the list of objects?



Lyon then why do with the trunk?

Police also checked the inside of course, but ...

Within the box is empty

He just went to the repair of luggage and had to get back

This is also near to the hotel shop police confirmed the

Alibi impeccable it?

Another point again

This is it

Why this thing will stay on the scene?

In the end what is necessary to involve me come in?

Moreover, even the trouble stained with fake blood plasma


But also let the killing of Miss Rachel issue

You also made a scapegoat by the

Crime with fierce knife

When used with the killing of Miss Xue Lin is the same

Miss Rachel from my vault into the top chamber

It was put in the dock

However, to go there

Was first with several anti-theft device by security guards

This series of hurdles

Can not pay attention to take advantage of preservation

And invasion without touch sensor people ...

No, not my friends

Really is the most suspicious Liu Lyon

When managing treasury room Lyon

Of the security system will be its hand

Moreover, the belt is moved into the stadium

Yesterday morning thing

Miss Rachel until the night before

Are determined still alive

In other words, time is likely to commit crimes

After that night before being moved to the belt

But for what?

Why it is necessary to kill his secretary

Perhaps because of that motivation

Miss Rachel she

Want to tell his uncle what?

She left a trail of blood that is the word

She ... "she"?

In the finger Who?

Can not be done

Feel any big was going to happen

But thoughts are disorderly

Detective Mozhe dignified yet?

Then take a break now

Guess what way I have it inside the right-hand man

The left hand is coconut water


How would you know?

This is you just buy it?

Are you see ah

Magic do ...


People think that what really fist

Is the work of a magician

The former opened the fist

Said the detective stuff inside job, right?

So that ah

By the way, the eldest garden

In the Karate Kid quarrel with it?

It seems

Travel abroad was hit by melee fighting, but also a car accident

Emotional instability will inevitably ah

Is that right?

Let the garden injured

Will shake the will of Kyogoku

After all, let Jiamaluding win, the biggest obstacle

Beijing is extremely

I understand

So That accident also Lyon out of the ghost, right?

Her middle of play into the hands, Kyogoku abstained

This way

Championship belt will certainly belong to Jiamaluding


Will be handed his employer, Lyon hands

With "Prussian blue Fist" together


Why would Lyons "Prussian blue fist" so persistent

Which I already have a clue

Am meeting with this man Lyon

You can find out his identity?

Well ... it is not impossible to check


I say you ah

Suddenly called to says Dr.

"I went to Hokkaido right" no news

what are you doing?

Sorry, Haibara

Long story ...

I say to you, a little bit quiet

it is good…

Can not stand

Anyway, yes and get involved in the event where the bar

Honestly, for the 妳說

I have just sent a photo shoot Kidd files for you

Kidd? You just say, "Kidd"

Oh, no, Kidd appeared?

Conan call, right?

Conan just said, right now in Hokkaido?

Kidd to steal what ah?

Wood carving bears and the like?

The bar is Sapporo Ramen

He would steal what this ah

Little sad

I was talking on the phone exchange

I also want

Sorry, but the kids just come to play

This ah

I'll wait for the situation in detail after they go back to say

I would like to ask u to help investigate

Photo on the man's identity

Well, you know

You really no problem, right?

Ah, barely

Although I have to say also say white

But still I want you to Freeze


But until then we have to go to uncle

Hey, etc.

Chung Han Karate Cup Competition

The winner was Jiamaluding players!


I like how you think of urban planning?

We can not accept your proposal

Why is that?

Using this program you have nothing to lose

Also allows countries to benefit

Too hasty

Suddenly develop so fast the words

Some people may be forced to leave the residence

In addition we can provide places for them

My plan is perfect

You also too tender

A lot of experience of it and try again

Hateful old and confused ...

Your era has come to an end

I will build new city

Hands up

it is good…

We really are destined

Once this scheme is successful

We are a partner

It please you

You really helped me a lot

I was in the police suspected theft

When soon to be taken away, lend a helping hand

This is the first time you help me

After that you help too many times by

Because I know who you are rich in ceremony Jiro

Japan is known as the king of the sea

Zhongfu thirteen son ...

Do not mention the name of my father

Rude anyway ...

Tonight everything will change

Up close to see that moment, how should feel like?

Come, let's go together

This page is about to witness history left in Singapore

Sorry, Uncle

How ... how suddenly ...

Stop, satyr

This is it

Nakatomi ...

You say the rich ...

Refers to the rich sea it?

should be

Uncle, lend me this

He was not just call me 'uncle'?

That kid ...

Why do you suddenly want to leave Japan do?

Go on holiday, vacation

You've been to Singapore five years ago, right

Yes, ah, I did not go for five years

So what?

Nakatomi President now

- Before the Merlion Plaza that guy do?
- are suspected of bribing politicians ...

Karate Kid is that the repair is badly

Haibara it?

Know the man's identity yet?

Ah, finally found the

He called LIN You-Jin

Amazing Oh, a pirate


I heard recently someone saw him appear in Singapore

Indeed Haibara, I'll rely on the u

You flatter me this is ...

What else I can investigate it?


U heard in rich ritual times this name?

Is rich in sea ...

I know

I want to know the boat's hold rich maritime situation

As long as the ship around like a check in Singapore

Singapore has around two cargo ships with oil tanker


The tanker out of the predetermined route

This is it

Trouble u send that information to me tankers

Well, I will contact you again


The oil tanker was how it?

Rachel is leaving, "She" word

She can also be used to refer to "ship"


You said on the phone is that true?

Now all this

Lyon are the teacher's trick or something ...

Explained to me clearly now

It began sapphire Chenzhong Han found

"Prussian blue Fist"

After he decided to salvage gems

Fitted in a karate championship belt

Dedicated to champions

Mr. Lyon let Mr. Jiamaluding race

In order to get the real stone

But encountered unexpected obstacles

Is karate game winning streak of 400 games

Beijing is really competed

Who invited him to race

Miss Chen Xuelin the killings

Even if this is a good motivation

The teacher has an alibi Lyon

When she was assassinated

The teacher is not in the elevators

The truth is this

After she met with Lyon in the pool

Because going back to his room, to catch the elevator

However, she stayed

Three tower room on the 16th floor

Because the construction of the hotel

Be sure to change the other take the elevator to the 34th floor in the back room

She was on his way back to the room

Was taken to another room

That man was secretary Rachel

Rachel is the accomplice? how come…

In order to be able to use that day Lyon

Private poolside restaurant tenant

Specially booked a room at the 34th floor


Lyon came downstairs in the room

The assassination of Miss Xue Lin

The corpse stuffed into the trunk

After that, Rachel with Lyon

Then were different lifts catch

They spend the trick

Should it be a magic knife

However, the stick blade blood Miss Xue Lin I

Rachel pretended assassination lying on the ground

Soon after…

It all caused a power outage in Explosion

Were secretly

how come…

After Rachel real plan that Lyon

Driven by fear

Intends to come clean on all the Maori detective

This was found to Lyon

Miss Rachel came to the vault room

Kidd is posing

Mr. Lyons plan

Kidd also be utilized

Then the real Miss Rachel had killed

Was stuffed inside the base

Mr. Lyon is expected to
Kidd pretends to Miss Rachel appears

In order to produce an alibi

And puts the blame Kidd, so the only cloth Yi Zhen

How the teacher will know ...

Otherwise, Mr. Friedrich

Who do you think you want to dress up before the insurance?

Well ...

Bah, no matter how lifelike

If the encounter with the deity in the positive with

No sense ...

Some will know in advance where people

Is the best candidate, right?

Oh for

Rachel-afternoon appointment with Mr. Gross profit

and so…


Kidd will pretend to not worry about the vault room of people

The results will be the middle of the play into the hands of Mr. Lyon

Completely fooled

tell me

The teacher in the end he going to do?

Everything is planned to stupid

Lyon and Mingjiaolinyou gold pirate leader contacts

Rachel was killed on the spot base

Left "She" word

And before the victim Rachel

Secretly rich in sea detective badge to Maori

All related with the ship

Have anything to do with the boat?

Mr. Friedrich

This is detective brother dignitaries from Tokyo sent

Zhongfu in the ship's route around this analysis oh

There are far removed from the tanker predetermined route

Continue this progress, it would reach the Marina Bay

Mr. Lyons intends to use pirate

Let tanker burst into urban areas

I will not speak anything else

What teachers need to do?

what is the reason?

We do not know how Mr. Lyon would say

The only certainty is

After the destruction of the urban area to rebuild words

There will be a huge flow of funds

Mr. Lyon reason to get bent Prussian blue Fist

Is to use it as a bargaining chip, good casual handling Pirates

But ... but ...

In order to avoid the eyes and ears of the police Pirate

Scattered around

He is on how to contact?

With Merlion ah

Before there Merlion red spray water to do it?

Since all over the world reported the matter

It should also be noted that the pirates

That must be the signal to action

However, it is imperative ...

Yes, do not hurry, it would be too late

Even if you say so


With my own opinion too ...

Let the police out, they have to have more evidence for the job

This will too late

There is no other way?

Yes, I went to Mr. Chen Zhonghan discuss it

His words, in the military be popular with the police force are

He should be willing to help

Mr. Dietrich, I would ask a question like

what is the problem?

If the tanker program according to Mr. Lyon

Rushed to downtown

Do you think then where can he be?

let me see…

Because the teacher is a very cautious person

It should be allowed to gaze longingly

Maybe then he would have gone abroad

I have to hurry to go

I understand ... thank you

Really, Dad where ah

Water dance show started almost yeah

The new one does not know where to run ...

Can not stand, this incident

Why should I roll come ah?

Miss Xue Lin murder scene

Leave my card was indeed Lyon do?


Attached to the elevator card is found

On-site verification after the start, after a while things

Why do you think this is?


The latest analysis tanker way forward out

(Marina Bay)



If this continues, will hit the tanker Hotel

Betty ...

Pick up the phone ah

North Korea came here

Hey, Betty, also play happy?

dad? where are you?

Although not really know

Oh I see a lot of boats

I said, dad

You're not in the restaurant on the top floor, right?

Hey? Hey?


it should be OK

Garden, garden

what's up?

What seemed to happen outside the

Maybe better to leave the hotel


Ah, I know

Who called?

Police fight

Said that if just out

Maybe will be eyeing

I want to stay in the room obediently

Would like to send people to guard

But ... but ...

It does not matter, I want to stay here

I know

Good, great crush

Simply can not close Hotel

No way, can only be a gamble

Look, are Kaito Jide Ye

Kidd, Kidd appeared

I erupted at the all-inclusive

What ... what ah?


Sleeping Kogoro!

I do not understand why is he

No, could not get through


Really, Dad Where ah


The city will be in my hands


How you will ...

wait wait wait

I was surprised

Not believe you actually have the ability to do it all

I did not fully expect ...


By now, I'll just admit it

Yes, this is all my plans

We talk about it

This dangerous thing to come away

Teacher Lyon will it all wrong

do not move

No one here

We now want the boat stopped

Tanker stopped, Kidd

Here it on to the police


The oil tanker ...

What happened?

I will not tamper with

Please do not shoot!

Help ah

Do not kill me ah!

Dietrich, think you will shoot


wait wait wait

Jiamaluding, what are you thinking

The reason I hired you

Just to keep up the fight Kyogoku

I do not need you again for doing our job


Lyon teacher

With all due respect, you are not a little step backward?

Promote the world who is not you

......... how you would ...

And so on ... and so on, please wait

This is for you, right

The jewel in it

Transaction good deal, right? Dietrich


What ...

Arthur, how did you come here?

I'm going to see the top floor ...

Gaida else was in the elevator on the 34th floor, right?


and many more


Marina Bay Sands going to do?

What are you doing ah?

I want these two mastermind arrested

Do not play a bad play, Ulrich Lamanasen

I know you're behind

I started to get suspicious

Because Kidd notice letter is left at the scene

Notice the presence of police officers noticed the letter

Dietrich, is after you arrived at the scene a bar

Also, just

I ask you, Mr. Lyons Where will the

I suspect that you became convinced


Like Mr. Lyon so conceited person

Seeing the success of planned soon

How could flee abroad

Would have been the best place to find a vision

Good witness fishes ...

You can not notice this point

It was amazing that it turned out I was tempted ah

All this from five years ago ...

Since the entire plan due to your father's accident, right

Oceanographer murder case

Had denied committing crimes suspects

Suddenly instead pleaded guilty

I remember that…

Mr. Zhongfu before coming to Singapore

Also five years ago, right

I ... do not ...

Mr. Lyon prisoner caught

Miss Xue Lin served as defense counsel

The last prisoner to plead guilty

This is how not just by chance

what happened?

This is to get hold of the rich sea

Tanker and set a trap

The whole incident is a good design

And there is another trap ...

That you find it?

I initially thought it was an accident


I noticed that when my dad sort of relic

My dad in the process of investigating the remains of the seabed

Stumbled upon a likely hiding

Proof of the Pirate King, "Prussian blue Fist" shipwreck

So you did it to kill my dad

In order to let him be the first step stones salvaged

Help ah

Someone pushed me from behind

Rescue saved is coming

- coming - save him

Must have spotted my dad very strong sense of justice

Upon seeing it will join the ranks of the rescue


How is this going? Lyon

You guys ...

let me go


you misunderstood

Killing your father's murderer was locked up ...

I suspect that the cause of death is not simply my dad

Will worship you as a teacher in this country

Ready to become police officers

After the accident since it began investigating

I approached responsible for the defense of Chen Xuelin

Proposal to take the matter to Lesuoliang ceremony Jiro

She welcomed me very kindly told the

Rachel again

Yes, through her

All your information leaked to me

In this case

And why should you believe Kidd notice posted in the elevator?

Said to listen to it

"Prussian blue Fist"

Plus they have no recollection of the crime of murder

When the bait with two, a monster will lead to

That he will hinder your plans

While the high school detective appeared to my surprise

He did play a role

Nakatomi teacher

I heard that when you are suspected of stealing police

Lyon was saved

But that really is a chance it?

You think about it

Maybe all that ...

You bastard!

You have to really thorough investigation, Friedrich

Here is where?

I remember that…




This is what ah?



Earlier withdrawal

Re the whole team, also notice the helicopter

What are you people?

Well, Friedrich

Unfortunately, the situation reversed

Eugene, although the plan seems to have failed

Fengyun real stone or give you

They put everyone gave me to get rid of


You ... what are you doing ah?

do not move

Help ah

Since stones at hand, you have a useless


I do not have to listen to your nonsense

We all know that I have gone back

More profitable simply is nothing else

Your goal ...

Little brother, you really keen


Suzuki Foundation's daughter in this restaurant

Kidnap her, but the ransom price

Missy had gone to take refuge, right?

She should still suite

Because I called told her do not leave the room

I ... I said, Ah really

excuse me

Elevator stopped all

We get out of here

There, fast chase

Do not shoot! Will hit the girl

Ah ... Ah really

This is how the same thing?


In the end everything will be the same with my imagination

The city will be reborn from the ashes

Unfortunately, you can not see the

what? They want to launch missiles against us?


Look at me!

Catch them

A true


I give chase

- Open the door, smelly kid
- come

what on earth is it?

I do not know either

Those pirates are now mostly in restaurants

Which in the end what happened?

There is also very dangerous, please leave



Go on like this, really urban areas to be destroyed

Damn, it really is no good way to do?

With that, then ...



Are you serious

Of course

That guy is just

He beat down

Boss, hit ah

Really annoying bird

Hey, before the implementation of that plan

Have to try to deal with the pirates it

Poker gun also left out of ...

There is not it?

The situation got reversed ace ah

I understand

I am a hub

and many more

Ah really?

Catch them

Do not you

His opponent ...

it's me


Take me to the other side of the bow

I know

Betty, go back


How is this going?

I just heard a new sound

Big sister, u okay?

Arthur ... how did you come here?

I worry about big sister ...

thank you

Really, where is that guy ah?

Safe and sound just fine


A true

Kidd stole the stones

Can you beat him down?

Yes, boss

Damn, do not fly ah

Subject to go die

Did you make it?

Okay, garden



Kidd, this guy ...


and many more


To fall down

A really, you bleed

Garden, rude

And so on, what are you doing?

In this place, A really?

No matter ...


This is carrying conveyance junction


The absolute

Do not leave me

So even if I wanted to leave and would not have ah

where is he?

Kyogoku brother

Quick grasp

You all right?

Also you

That one

I was not looking for gems


Please sit down here

I'm sorry ... I tied too tightly


It was the ...

Amulet it be ...?

This ... you have been close to it?

Yes, ah ... I fear that they will lose the man's face

So unspeakable

What Well, I thought I had been protected

I turned out to be true ah Ah protection

This ah ...

OK stretched also my friends

Not work


- I want to treasure for a lifetime
- so sweet ah

You in the end is what people?

No ordinary child, right?

My name is Conan Edogawa

A detective


Determined to uncover the truth (answer)

(How brilliant)

That the hands Hidden Fantasy (mystery)

Night emerging Sapphire


Attracted fate

(How brilliant)

Every encounter in shine

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