Desperate Obsession (1995) - full transcript

- We gotta get this thing off of me.

- No no, I'll take care of it.

You don't move.

You just lie back, and rest.

- Hey Laura,

what are you doing in there?

- I love you.

Neostigmine and
robinul Doctor Jackson.

2.5 milligrams neostigmine,

0.5 milligrams robinul.

How much
robinul is that per CC?

- 0.2 milligrams per CC.

- You did not mark your robinul syringe,

how much per CC?

- Sir, the ampules only
come in one concentration.

- If this patient was a neonate,

how would you calculate
the damn robinul dose,

without landing in a
malpractice suit, doctor?

- 0.1 milligrams per kilogram?

- Doctors tell, they don't ask.

You hit your books on dosages

if you expect to continue
your residency training here.

You're dealing with people,

real living, breathing, people

who want to stay real
living, breathing people.

Is that clear?

- Yes sir.

- Dammit, excuse me.


Whatever that pompous creep

always finds the one thing I don't know.

- Jackson's on your tail again.

- I swear to God, he's got it in for me.

- It's part of the game, relax.

Everyone says this is as
bad as it's going to get.

- Oh yeah, easy for you to say,

everyone thinks you're perfect.

- Hey, I'm on your side, remember?

You who friends, remember?

- Yeah, sorry.

- Look, you've got a free shift,

so why don't you go blow off some steam?

How about some exercise?

That always makes me feel better.

- Yeah.

You know, I'm gonna do just that.

Hey, thanks.

- What are friends for?

- Hey y'all, I'm floating over here.

Where the hell is my attendant?

I've been on this case for six
damn hours, I need a break.

I gotta take a piss.

- Still haven't learned how
to hold your water, huh Mark?

- Why couldn't they have
scheduled me for the biopsy,

but no, I get Doctor Macro here.

- We'll get you some nice
boot Pampers for little boys.

Then you can wee wee whenever you want to.

- Nice of you to say so, bladder of steel.

- Manors, what the hell
are you doing over there?

- What, you can't.

- Tell that to Jackson then.

- You don't seem to understand.

- Doctor Manor no, you
can't do that in here.

- If it bothers you, don't look.

You're not so blind, you know.

- Nothing wrong with my vision.

There's not much worth looking at.

I'm filing an incident report.

- Ain't no answering machine
for the call of nature.

- Doctor Manor!

You, come with me.


Just what is going on Manor?

- I'm sorry, sir, I couldn't help it.

- Well, of course I just couldn't help it.

Couldn't help it my ass!

Manor, you are a nincompoop.

I mean, I cannot, I cannot
believe you did this.

But don't you realize that this patient

could sue our pants off?

One, just one more stunt like this cowboy,

and you are out of here.

You got that Manor?

- Yes sir, I got it.

- Whoa, finally got some reprieve.

- You okay?

- Yeah, I'm fine.

- You okay?

- Yeah.

See you tomorrow.

- Hey, are you going
to Mark's bash tonight?

- I don't think so, I'm
feeling kind of sick.

- Is that why you missed class?

- Uh huh.

- Listen Viv, the secret to
success in this man's world

is schmoozing with your colleagues,

old boy network and all that.

Don't you think you should
start well, socializing more?

Good, see you tonight.

I hope you feel better.

- Doctor Garrison,

you realize these are serious charges

that have been brought against you?

The unnecessary touching
of a woman's breasts

is a very serious matter.

- I realize that sir, I made a mistake.

It won't happen again.

- A routine physical on a female

about to undergo anesthesia,

does not include a breast
examination, Doctor Garrison.

- Yes, not usually.

- Never, Doctor Garrison.

- Jesus, one mistake and I get
a Scarlet letter on my chest.

- You know, Jeffrey,

your father and I are good friends.

We were residents together.

We've written numerous books
and papers over the years.

I should hate to have to
call him about this behavior.

- Professor Vinograd,
it won't happen again.

- I hardly need to repeat the obvious

that any reoccurrence of this nature

will be considered sufficient
grounds for suspension.

- Yes, sir.

- Don't let me down, Doctor Garrison.

It would not be pleasant
for either one of us

if I have to contact your father.

- What are you in for now, doc?

Treating athlete's foot with a pap smear?

- Stuff at Manor.

- Must be pretty bad, huh?

When your daddy, the professor, finds out,

it sure is gonna be a son of a bitch.

- Don't go throwing stones, redneck.

Your turn next.

Doctor Manor.

- Uh oh.

- Just tell Vinograd you
were potty trained wrong.

Works every time.

What are we
supposed to do with these?

- Howdy, Doctor.

- Hey, my buddy from lab.

- Yee haw.

Hats are on me, folks.

Texas hospitality.

Now let's load up these Stetsons,

'cause we've got a lot
of booze to get through

before this evening is done.

Buck, do you have
any of these.

- Hey, what's the matter with you, Pepe?

Doc Manor's brew isn't
good enough for you?

Come on, y'all take a swig,

now you ain't in France no more.

- It's the weekend.

Why the long face?

- Not now Jeffrey, you're
drunk and I have a headache.

- Give me a break baby,

it's bad enough Vino
was after my butt again.

- Oh, you start pinching boobs?

- Hi Jeff.

- Oh no, just watch me.

- Wanna dance?

- Excuse me for a moment.

- Hi, girl.

- Hey.

- How you doin' there, Miss Vivian?


- And I brought you a present.

So what's up with you tonight?

For once, Irish eyes aren't smiling.

- I'm sorry, I don't know.

I don't want to be a party pooper but,

I had kind of a rough night last night.

- Okay, sorry to hear it.

- So, how's it going?

- Can't complain.

I probably should say
I shouldn't complain.

- What could you possibly complain about?

You have a PhD in astrophysics.

You're the star of all
the anesthesia residents.

You could write your own ticket.

- Yeah.

- You know something?

I'll bet deep inside that
doctor seriousness facade,

there's this adventurous little boy,

just aching to bust out and go wild.

- Oh yeah?

- Yeah.

- Why thank you, Miss Vivian
for warming up my man.

- Hello, Laura.

- Much obliged to your show of kindness.

May I have?

- A what?


Oh God, I'm sorry, excuse me.

- It's okay.

Vivian what's the matter?

- I don't know.

- It might be food poisoning.

Maybe you had too much to drink?

- Everything okay?

- It's under control, Mark.

I think you're gonna be just fine.

- It's incredible.

The Ring Nebula, Lyra
in the Andromeda galaxy.

Its vastness is almost
beyond comprehension.

It's awesome.

- You sure are.

I am crazy about you.

- Yeah?

- I can't stop thinking
about you and me together.

You know tonight we-

- Look I'm flattered,

but I just need a little air, all right?

- No you don't, come on.

- You're overdosing, right?

Just cut me a little slack here, okay?

That's all.

- Ed, what's wrong, is
something the matter?

- Not a thing, I just need
a little rest, that's all.

- Something's happened,
I don't know what it is,

but something's happened.

- Will you stop being so melodramatic?

Nothing's happened.

- I don't take consolation kisses.

- Will you just stop it please?

For one night is it okay
if I look at the stars

instead of the inside of your underwear?

I mean it's just for one night,

is that the end of the world, Laura?

- I think you'd better go.

- Okay.

- Oh,

damn mosquitoes.

Bet you fed your entire
family on that one.

- Vivian?

Vivian, you should not
push yourself so hard.

- Yeah babe, take a few days off.

Let this thing run its course.

- I would take your exploratory.

Monsieur Garrison, could you
escort her to the cafeteria?

- Nothing would make me happier.

- Everything's set, Doctor Jackson.

- I've been set for 20 minutes.

- Good, let's get started.

- Viv, I'll be seeing you later?

Guys, take care of her?

- Sure.

- What's up, Viv?

- I wish I knew.

- Look, you look terrible.

Let me get you some nourishment.

Uh no, I can't keep anything down.

Are you sure?

- Yeah.

Interplanetary sex?

- Yeah, no conversations about emotion,

no stockings in the shower.

- Except you have to figure
out which one the female is.

Sorry Viv, no offense.

- We're here on the
outskirts of Pandora Heights

where a large black bear is
roaming the city streets,

terrorizing many of the local residents.

The bear is just down the street.

Standing over here to my left,
is Doctor William McBride.

- Hey hey hey, look who's on TV.

Hey, look who's on TV.

- A veterinary anesthesiologist

who was called in by the city police.

I sure hope the shot works, doctor.

The dart worked, folks.

Proceed to induce the patient.

- What's the problem?

- Can't see the vocal chords.

- Have you seen the arytenoid?

- No, the larynx is way anterior.

- All right girls, let's
adjust the position of the head

and switch to a smaller chew.

Lecarbon, get him a number
six endotracheal tube.

Come on.

- One second.

- Faster, you frog idiot.

Now put your hand on
the arytenoid cartilage

and try to move the cords into a position

where you can see them.

Do it.

- I still can't see anything.

I can't see anything.

- Wait, hold it.

Give me the tube.

- I'll do it.

- Ventilate the patient
a few times, first.

- Can't ventilate.

Be positive.

So far so good.

- Chest isn't moving,

end tidal CO2 is zero, you're not in.

Now pull out and ventilate the patient.

- Still can't ventilate.

- Well you'd better let me take a look.

Wait, hold it, give me the tube.

- Wait, just hold on a second.

I think I see the arytenoids.

Patient's oxygen
saturation is dropping at 88%,



- Move aside doctor,
I'll do the intubation.

- No, I think I can do it.

- Oxygen saturation 75% doctor.

- Dammit cowboy, get out of my way!

- You're in.

Breast sounds in.

Okay so far.

- End tidal CO2 is positive.

Oxygen side is coming up.

We're okay.

- I think I could have done
the intubation, Doctor Jackson.

- Doctor Manor, when a senior physician

tells you to move aside
during a difficult intubation,

you move your fat ass out of
the way, do you understand?

- Yes, sir.

But I thought this was
a teaching hospital.

- I don't care what you thought.

You're a half-baked hick,

who pisses in the operating room

as if it were some back alley.

And just now you endangered
a patient's life.

Your bloated behind his mine doctor.

One more screw up,

and I'll see to it that you
get no further in medicine

than checking cow shit for parasites.

- It was so damn real, "Rosemary's Baby,"

the whole thing, real scary.

- Yeah, I know how dreams are.

- You know, I'm not so
sure it was a dream.

It's really freaking me out,

like passing out in the
park a few weeks ago.

- Passing out in the park?

What'd you do, get drunk?

- No, you remember that
day I went running?

Well, I must have seriously blacked out

because I woke up sore as hell.

I didn't remember a thing.

I still don't.

- Geez honey, you're worrying me.

- Oh, don't worry.

It's probably just the stress.

- I think you need some time
away from this pressure cooker.

- Yeah, I guess you're right.

I feel better already.

Right over there.

I was running through the park.

And I can't figure it.

And last night I had the same
hideous dream that I had here.

- The beast with the horns?

- Mm-mm, it was more
like a mummy this time.

There was something wrapped over its head.

- That's bizarre.

- I don't know what's happening.

In these dreams I keep
straining to see a face,

but I can never make one out.

- I don't know how to say this but,

have you considered seeing someone.

- Do you think I might be crazy?

- No, of course not, don't be silly.

I'm sure there's nothing wrong with you

that won't be better after
a little time passes.

Come on, let's go.

- Bite in my hip.

I mean, you think that they could,

oh God, I don't know, I am so tired.

- No I'm telling you what
the rush was, it was amazing.

What really was amazing
is the adrenaline rush,

I mean it is a rush.

I think the adrenaline is running through,

pumping through a pissed off
big piece of game like that.

It took two darts to bring him down.

Had to dig into the private stuff.

- We saw it on the news.

- Mark, call emergency, stat.

- I don't know, she
just kind of fell over.

- Run a full battery of tests on her,

including a drug screen.

- It's okay, it's okay, it's
me Laura, I'm right here.

Right here, calm down.

- What happened?

- Right after the group
showed up, you just fell over.

- What?

Great, right in front of McBride?

Oh, great.


Just great.

Did he say anything?

- No, he just wanted to make
sure you were taken care of.

Vivian, is there anything we
should know about your health?

- What do you mean?

No, just the stuff I already
told you about, nightmares.


Did they find something terrible?

- No.

- Hi, I'm Doctor Frazier, I'm
in charge of your care here.

Everything seems to be
checking out just fine.

I just have a few questions I need to ask.

- Okay.

- First of all, how are you feeling?

- Tired, just tired.

- That's the plight of every
pregnant mother, it'll pass.

- Pregnant mothers.

Excuse me?

- Surely you must know by
now that you're pregnant.

- That's impossible, there's
no way I can be pregnant.

Doctor Frazier,

you know what the social life

of a first year resident is like.

It doesn't exist.

Right, Laura?

You think I'm some damn
raving lunatic, don't you?

Quit looking at me like that.

I'm not crazy, and I'm not pregnant.

- Could you excuse us please?

- Of course.

Who's this ultrasonogram for?

- Doctor Vivian Keith.

There's gotta be some mistake here.

- Your beta HCG test
result was also positive.

- Is this some kind of joke?

- No, we also found traces

of a drug similar to PCP in your blood.

Are you sure you're not
shooting or snorting anything?

- Of course not, don't be ridiculous.

- If I remember correctly,

don't you anesthesiologists
use a drug similar to PCP?

- There's Ketamine.

Ketamine is very similar to PCP.

Wait a minute, this is
starting to make some sense.

- Oh really?

You might want to tell
Doctor McBride that.

You don't want him to
think the wrong thing.

I have to go now.

Well, we'll talk about this later, okay?

- Wait a minute, Doctor Frazier?

- Yes?

Ketamine, it causes flashback
nightmares doesn't it?

Like the ones I've been having?

- Could well be.

It's not my specialty,

but I have heard that vets and hunters

use it to sometimes put out animals.

- Maybe you had too
much to drink one night,

and you don't remember.

Have you been dating?

- No, I haven't had any dates.

- Viv honey, I know this is tough but,

it does take two, well, you know.

- Yes, thank you so much for the review

of first year anatomy.

We are so used to looking
at our bodies clinically,


like they're living
chemistry labs or something.

I never knew it would feel like this.

I mean, have another
human being inside of me,

growing, and depending on
me, just there, being there,

without any of my consent.

- I remember my first marriage.

Three months and I was pregnant.

God, my dad was totally ecstatic.

He told me,

if there is anything in this
life that I've given you,

now is your chance to repay me.

With a grandchild of course.

- What happened?

- I lost it.

I lost the baby, I lost the marriage.

Came to med school to start over.

I guess I like the idea of

having the power to make people sleep,

to make them forget, even
though I can't myself.

- I'm sorry, Laura, I'm really sorry.

- Yeah, thanks.

Now you, on the other hand,

have problems because
you've gained something.

I don't know how.

- Well, maybe this is final
proof of the proverbial stork.

- You still suspect McBride?

- Who else?

- Good, I have an idea.

- You checking the EKG monitor?

- Yes, sir.

- Now, I want you to tell me,

what you're gonna see on that EKG,

in the case of

major potassium, really?

- The first thing you'll see
are tall, peaked, T waves.

- McBride's in OR with Ed,

so just stay cool, we'll hurry up,

and we'll get this done quickly.

- How would you detect the
patient was in cardiac arrest?

- I'd check the EKG for defib,

and then I'd listen
carefully to my earpiece

for heart sounds.

- Would you indeed?


- Well, Doctor Tanner,

I've been distracting you
for about a minute now,

and you haven't even noticed

that your patient right
now has no heart sounds.

No breath sounds.

Oh Doctor Tanner,

what does that say about
your level of vigilance?

- Well, you were talking to me doctor.

- Well, surgeons are gonna
talk to you during surgery.

Nurses are gonna talk to you.

A good anesthesiologist always listens

to the patient's heart
sounds and breath sounds

regardless of what he or she is doing.

And you were not listening, Doctor Tanner.

That is all.

- I found it, piece of cake.

- Hey, McBride?

You got a minute for a quick consult?

Just a quick one, all right?

- Promise.

Come on, it's a new case.

I think you'll find it interesting.

Okay okay, let's go.

Wait a minute.

Put the box over there.

That bastard.

Let's call the police.

- No, let's wait.

See if he reveals himself.

- Doctor Keith, you have a job to do.

Cut out the nightlife or you are history.

- Yes, sir.

I have a touch of the flu, I guess.

- No time for that shit in surgery.

Give me the readings.

- You wanted to see me, sir.

- What the hell did you
go and get pregnant for?

- Boy, doctor-patient confidentiality

isn't worth much around here, is it?

- That's beside the point.

News is news, facts are facts.

Speaking of facts,

evaluation forms submitted
by two attending physicians

regarding your clinical performance
have not been favorable.

- What? Who, Jackson?


- That should not concern
you, Doctor Keith.

They've expressed serious concern

over your slow responses
to emergency situations,

and have observed that your overall level

of concentration is low.

- I'm sorry Doctor Vinograd,

but this is nobody's business, but mine.

- If there are any circumstances

which prevent the
individual from performing

to his or her fullest,

than it is incumbent upon
the departmental chairman

to consider putting that
individual on probation,

or consider that the individual
withdraw from the program,

promising career or no.

- I'm not a quitter.

- I know you're not my dear.

So here's what I'm willing to do for you.

You are still early in
your first trimester,

so we have time, yes?

I give you one month to decide what to do.

Should you choose not to have this child,

then all black marks on
your record will be erased.

- Or?

- Or, if you choose to have this baby,

in that case, depending on the quality

of your performance at this hospital,

you will either take a leave of absence

to get your life together,

or you will be asked to leave
this program, permanently.

Do we have a deal?

- Do I have a choice?

- My dear, of course you don't.

Now run along and take care of yourself.

And do stop sleeping around if you please.

It's not the kind of behavior
we encourage in our doctors.

- So Vinograd knows, huh?

- Yeah.

Well I've been thinking,
maybe it would just be better

if I withdrew from the program.

- Don't you dare.

- I don't know, with all that's happening.

- I can't believe you would
even consider withdrawing.

Do you know what they'd do to you?

They'd ruin you, that's what.

You would never be able
to get into any program.

Not here, not anywhere.

- Are you sure about that?

Vinograd promised that
he'd let me back later.

- Don't you believe
him, not for one second.

Once you leave,

it's easy for him to
write you a nice letter

explaining why they'd never
be able to take you back.

I'm telling you he'll screw you royally.

- But I thought that-

- Vivian, I'm your friend.

You don't withdraw, is that clear?

You don't withdraw.

- All right, all right, I hear
you, I get the point, okay?

- Good, okay.

- Please God, help me.

Jesus, help me.

I know what I believe,
I have committed no sin.

But someone has done something evil to me.

I'm not asking for much.

Please God, help me decide what to do,

what to do with this child.

And Lord,

forgive me for saying this,

but could you find whoever did this to me

and send him straight to hell.

- Surgery, Doctor Green.

Laura? Hi, it's Viv.

- You sound awful.

- Could you please cover
for me today at work?

'Cause I don't feel good at all.

- No problem, okay.

- Thanks a lot, bye bye.

- Hey, could I speak with you a second?

- Sorry Laura, I'm in
a hurry, I can't talk.

- You've been ignoring
me for the last week.

You don't answer my calls,
you hardly even speak to me.

- Could we please talk
about this another time?

- I see.

It's over, isn't it?

- I'll talk to you some
other time, all right,

I have to go.

- What are you looking at?

- Everybody freeze!

Shut up!

All right, nobody move.

Which one of you bastards
put my wife and baby

on a slab in the basement?

- We're not doctors.

- You're a liar.

All of you are liars.

You told me everything was gonna be okay.

Damn you!

- That sure is some
shooting there, partner.

Where'd you learn that?

- Which one of you is McBride?

Cool it, or you'll be
down joining my wife.

- The bloody wanker winged me.

- Well, look at this.

It seems like Doctor
McBride has saved the day.

- And don't you worry, that dart,

that dart will hold him for a while.

And don't worry, I called
security from the lounge.

- It's okay, he's down, come in, come in.

- Are you okay?

We'll get you a doctor.

- I am a doctor, you retard.

Now for Christ's sakes,

why don't you do your job

and take care of this lunatic here?

- That his, too?

- This, no, no, no, no.


this brought him down.

- Nice piece of equipment.

- Wanna hold it?


Yeah, yeah, come on.

No, no, great, take a look at it.



- Sir.

- No, no, no, no.

not to worry, not to worry.

Just a trophy for my collection.

Yeah, my first human, see?

Yeah, all right.

- I don't know what it's from.

I figured a mosquito or something.

- Hmm, looks like a small hematoma.

Probably not anything to worry about.

- Well, I hope so.

- You can get dressed now.

Mother and baby are just fine.

Here's your ultrasonogram.

- Oh, thanks.

- You're welcome.

- Doctor Frazier, can I ask you something?

- Yes, of course.

- I don't know what to do.

I know it's wrong to kill a child,

but I've worked so hard to be a doctor.

And I'm afraid if I have this
baby, I'll lose everything.

- You want my advice?

- Yes.

- You're smart, and you're young.

If anything's gonna change,
it's gotta be you who changes.

Hear my advice.

Do what you have to do to make it,

and if that means giving up this kid.

- All right, okay, who is this?

It's Doctor Keith.

I guess I'm gonna have to
remind you, you're on probation.

What's the matter?

- I'm sorry sir, I had a
rough night last night.

- Oh, had a rough night last night.

You think that's what the
patients want to hear?

I'm sorry.

Lost your husband because I
had a rough night last night.

I had a rough night last night.

I'm telling you what?

I don't care, when you're
in here, I want you in here.

I want you on your toes,
on your God damn toes!

Is that clear?

- Have some mercy upon the lady, please.

This has not been easy for her.

- She should have thought about that

before she started screwing around.


- Pierre.

Have a seat.

Stop calling me mademoiselle.

- So good to be your friend.

Are you feeling better?

- Oh yes, I'm fine.

So, tell me Pierre, where are you from?

- Me? Paris, of course.

I thought you knew.

- I'm sorry.

Yeah, I just, that you don't really look.

- I grew up in Paris, but.

- Yes?

- I was born in Algiers.

- Oh, I see.

So, you went to med school in
Paris, and then you came here?

- Oui.

Cafe au lait, please.

- Yes, sir.

- I'm a doctor, but my
English is not so good.

English exams, most difficult.

I take it soon.

- And then if you pass it,

you can practice here in the States?

- Oui, I study every night.

- Would you like some help?

- I could not.

- No no, it's no big deal.

You know, I could quiz you
on your grammar or something.

- Thanks, I accept.

Now, I must ask you something.

Could you be so kind to go with me

to the ball of the resident's.

- The ball of the resident's?

Oh, the resident's ball.

- Oui.

- That's a costume ball, isn't it?

- What do you say, Vivian?

- I don't know.

I think that in my present condition.

- Your coffee, sir.

- Merci.
- Enjoy.

- I know about your present condition.

- Yeah, I'm sure everyone knows.

And you still want to go with me?

Are you sure?

- Very sure.

- Oh, I don't know Pierre,

I'm gonna have to think about it, okay?

- I hope you say yes, Vivian.

- All right, well, I'll let you know.

- Very well.

My shift starts soon.

- Bye.

- Hello, Pierre.

What was that all about?

- A French Romeo making his move.

- He's got a thing for you.

One of those fast and furious encounters.

- Laura, he's nice, really.

- Kinda gives me the creeps though.

Something strange about him.

- I don't know.

Maybe it's your problem, not his.

- Hey Viv,

what's wrong?

I'm sorry, I'm under a lot.

I'm thinking of putting
up the baby for adoption.

I can't seem to find out where
it would fit into my life.

Not to mention, I don't
even know who the father is.

- Oh, Viv, this is an awful big decision.

Are you sure this is what you want to do?

- It's not my choice.

It's hard to explain.

Although it's going to kill me

to farm it off on some stranger.

Probably someone I'll never even know.

- You really are serious about this?

- Yes, I am.

I've thought a lot about it.

This whole thing won't work for me.

- How bout if I adopt it?

- You?

- Sure, yes, me.

There are a lot of single
parents today, they do fine.

Besides, I might get
married in the near future.

- Oh, Laura.

I feel like my fairy
godmother just landed.

- Mine too.

Guess what?

I have some great news for you.

You might be a grandfather soon.

Isn't that wonderful?

- Hello?

- Pierre, what are you doing here?

- Mon cheri, I have bought
you all kinds of food.

This food is splendid.

- That's very thoughtful of you.

- And would you allow me
to cook it for you, no?

- Oh, Pierre.

It was really nice for you to do it.

I mean it, I really do,

but I'm afraid I can't let you in.

- But why be afraid of poor little Pierre?

Only to cook, please, please.

- Oh Pierre, you're so sweet.

I don't want to hurt you,

but everything is so
complicated right now.

- Oh, very well.

I will put these here on the floor.

Is that to your
satisfaction, mademoiselle?

- Thank you Pierre, for understanding.

- Au revoir, mon cheri.

- Bye.

- Pop.

- I can't believe she's keeping that kid.

Hell, I thought everybody practiced

birth control these days.

- Oh, not to worry.

Just one less resident.

Makes weeding out the bad
eggs a lot easier next year.



One less.

Oh no!

Mon cheri.

- Hi.

I'm sorry I'm late.

- That's okay.

- Oh.

God, isn't it pretty out here?

So nice to be out of that place.

It's all white and
scrubbed and disinfected.

- Oui.

- A franc for your thoughts.

- Vivian, I know we must,
how you say, go slow.

- Yes.

- I just want you to know

that you do not have to give up the baby.

- Pierre, my decision has no-

- I'll just say this once.

But if you don't want to give up the baby,

I will be there for you.

- What are you trying to say?

- I need you.

I love you.

- Mom?


I'm not calling too late am I?


Yeah, we're fine.

Mom, I know he's worried about me.

Mom, don't ask me again.

No, I can't decide to tell you

who the father is because I don't know.

Oh, okay.

Oh, okay.

Mom, I don't want to fight,
that's not why I called.

Well, I wanted to tell
you that I met someone.

Mom, mom, mom.

Don't send out the invitations yet.

He's just a nice guy.

Uh huh, yeah thanks.

Oh, good.

Okay, I gotta go.

Okay, okay, I gotta go, all right.

I love you too.


Hi, little baby.

- Hey.

How are you doing?

You look great.

How's my little girl?

- She is just great.

She's such a little doll.

In fact, she looks a lot like my mother.

- She's gorgeous.

- I'm calling her Rose.

She has such a soft.

- Oh Vivian, I am so excited
about having this baby.

- Laura, I've decided to keep her.

- You what?

- Don't be so upset.

You can still adopt a baby,
it's not that difficult.

And besides, there's certainly
plenty of children out there.

- I can't go through
all the damn paperwork.

This was a simple agreement between us.

This is all Pierre's fault, isn't it?

Everything would have been
fine if it wasn't for him.

Why the hell did he come
out of the woodwork now?

- Pierre is a decent man.

I may finally have a
life going for me now.

- You with Pierre?

That loser?

- Would you knock it off?

I have the right to a choice.

She is mine.

I don't care what you say.

And I don't care if the old boys

kick me out of the hospital, she is mine.

- What about my father?

- Any history of hepatitis, ulcers,

heartburn, bleeding
tendencies, convulsions,

kidney disease?

- No.

- Any loose teeth or dentures?

- No.

- No, okay.

Sit up for me, please.

Take a deep breath.

Very nice.

Very very nice.

- As we suspected.

- Jeffrey, come with me.

- Sir?

- Come with me now.

- Young lady, you may
put your gown back on.

- You are a disgrace to
the medical profession.

Pack up your things and get out.

I'm dismissing you from the program.

- What? Wait a minute, wait a minute, sir.

Let me explain.

- I'm not interested in your explanation.

Clean out your locker,
I've had enough of you.

- Are you serious?

What do I tell my father?

- Tell him the truth,

because that is what I
am going to tell him.

- Sir, I know I made a mistake.

But let's not rush into hasty action.


- You still don't get it do you, Jeffery?

You're not just out of my
program, you're out of medicine.

You are finished.

You won't be able to practice medicine

anywhere in the USA.

- This won't stand up in
court, what about due process?

- So sue me!

- My father has got the connections,

in Europe, other places.

You can't stop me.

I'll practice, I'll
practice somewhere better.

Better than this place.

- Jeffrey, wherever you
go, even if it's Timbuktu,

I'll find you, and I'll ruin you.

Now get the hell out of here.

- My God, that looks so delicious.

- Come, let us dance, mon cheri.

- But the baby.

- Do not worry about the baby.

Vivian, listen to me, I'm sorry.

- I think you'd better go, now.

I have to take care of my baby.

- But-

- I think you should go now.


- Hi, Vivian.

- It's been a while.

It's good to see you again.

- I think we need to talk.

- Well, come on in.

Oh she's so cute.

- Do you want to watch
her for me for a while?

I have to take a shower.

- Boy, would I?

There's something I wanted
to discuss with you.

- Well can it wait?

- I guess so, okay.

Oh, little baby.


- Vivian?





- Hello, Pierre.

Oh my little baby, my little sweetheart.

She's not your baby, Laura.

- Pierre, why are you here?

- I want to be close to Vivian.

- You?

- You object?

But why?

You know why.

What are you talking about?

I think you should put
the baby down, Laura.

- What's the matter Pierre,
afraid I might tell on you?

- What?

Come on, give her to me.

- Don't you touch me.

Get away from the baby, Pierre.

What do you want from me, huh?

You want to rape me Pierre,
like you raped Vivian?

shit in her pants

if Vivian were to find out

that her new boyfriend is a rapist.

- This is crazy!

Nobody would believe you.

- I found the darts in your locker,

plus the ketamine vials,
I have the evidence.

You're lying.

Am I?

November 15th, that was
the day you raped Vivian.

- No no, not so.

- Come on, rape me like you raped Vivian.

Who knows how many other innocent women?

Don't worry.

She's not gonna hear you,

I'm the one you have to worry about now.

You think I'll rape you?

Don't you understand, you stupid American.

There's only one woman that I ever wanted.

All I ever wanted was one, one woman.

And I would not let you
take her away from me.

- Did you think that
means you could rape her

and metal hoop in her?

- I would never hurt Vivian.

- Let's get one thing
straight here, Frenchy.

You have no right to be around this baby.

- But Vivian does.

- Vivian, Vivian's a fool.

She's so stupid, she couldn't
even figure out you raped her.

She's as unfit to be a mother
as she was to be a doctor.

- That is a very wrong
thing to say, Doctor Green.

Don't you understand? I need her.

- What happened?

They here?

- Yes, over there.

- I love her.

- All right, you heard the lady.

Come on, up against the wall.

- I'll do whatever you say.

- Oh ho ho ho.

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say,

can and will be used against
you in a court of law.

You have to right to an attorney.

If you can't afford one, whoa whoa whoa,

one will be appointed to you.

You understand your rights, scumbag?

You understand your rights?

I suppose that means yes?

- What's this?

- A dart filled with the
anesthetic drug, ketamine.

He uses them to rape women.

- Officer, it's not mine.

- Yeah, sure.

- It's not mine.

- Let's go pal.

Let's go.

You okay, Doctor Keith?

- Yes, I'm fine.

- Come on, let's go.

- Bitch!

- Yeah, and damn proud of it.

We got him, that son of a bitch.

- Laura, I can't believe it.

And all this time that I thought.

It's so much better now.

And the way you talked to
him, it was so unbelievable.

I don't know what to say.

Laura, I need to talk
to you about something.

- Look, if this is about Pierre,

I feel so bad.

- Oh no, you shouldn't feel bad.

I was totally blind.

I am so grateful to you,

for all you've done for me.

You made me stay in school.

The Pierre thing.

Without you, I never could have made it.

- It's nothing.

My mother brought me up
to always help my friends.

- Laura,

I've been doing a lot of thinking,

since well, you know,

since Pierre.

And I've thinking that,

well now there's no one to
help me raise this baby.

But that kind of life
wouldn't be fair to Rose.

I now realize I'm not ready
to raise a child, but you are.

Laura, I want you to have Rose after all.

- Vivian, you can't mean this.

I can't.

- Please, please, you're my best friend.

Please help me.

- I love you, Vivian.

I promise I will be the best mother to her

in the whole world.

- Thank you.


- Perfect.

- Thank you.

- Could you bring us some chips and salsa?

- Sure.

- Thanks.

- Ed, I have something to tell you.

- I'm all ears.

- It's a long story.

- I'm not going anywhere.

- I know you love kids, right?

- Look, Laura, I've always
been up front with you, okay,

but I don't know if I could handle this.

Yeah, I've always loved kids,

but it's different when
they're not your own.

- I see.

- I'm sorry, Laura.

But I mean, you didn't
discuss any of this with me,

and frankly, I wouldn't want
to raise somebody else's child.

- Ed, please.

Look, I'll be finished with
this program in a year.

We can be a family Ed, you and me.

Just think.

- Would you please stop?

My answer is no.

- Ed, come on.

Give it a chance, for us.

- What's the matter with you, Laura?

There is no us.

They never really was an us.

I mean, we had some fun
together and that was it.

I mean, it was obvious
it was time to move on.

Now please just stop trying
to plan my life for me.

- I think it's time to leave.

- Yeah, I definitely think so.

- Safe to come in?

- Maybe, maybe not.

Just try not to step on
anything breakable or alive.

- Surprise!

- Vivian.

You're really doing it.

- Oh my baby, my baby.

Welcome home.

You're so cute.

Oh, I'm so sorry, here I am.

No one's gonna leave you,
I'm not gonna leave you.

- Can I help you with anything, Laura?

- Yes, this child has no father.

Wanna join forces?

- I meant with the packing.

- Sit down, you two.

I'll get you something to drink.

Have to hurry, the moving
guy will be here any minute.

- Oh, I'll help.

- You sit down.

You've done enough for one day.

- I'll just have a water please.


yes you are.

Look at me.

- I'll put these in the fridge for you.

I'll take care of it.

- Don't be silly.

- Can you help me with these boxes?

- Absolutely.

What should I do with this one?

- Put that one over there.

- Okay.

Just close these up.

- The tape is right there on the floor.

- I think I can do that.

Everything okay?

- Yeah, I'm fine.

Not much to choose from is there?

We can order
a pizza if you like.

No, I'm not hungry.

- Ed, sure you won't reconsider?

- Laura, I don't even think

we should have this conversation.

Okay, we're just gonna
be friends, all right?

- I meant the pizza silly.

- Well I feel stupid.

- But there is something serious

that I have to discuss with you.

- Well, now's as good a time as any.

- No, not now, when Vivian's gone.

- Shit, he's here, and
I'm not even ready yet.

- Just stall him, I'll
tape the rest of the boxes.

- Hi, I'm here to pick up the boxes.

- Hi, yes well, they're
not quite ready yet.

- Ed, come here.

Come here, quickly.

- What?

Meet you alone in the bathroom?


- Ed, this is serious.

Look at this.

- Chemical analysis coming up.

What the hell's this?

Where did you get this?

- Laura's freezer.

- Laura's freezer?

Jesus Christ.

- Okay, now just consider this,

Doctor Frazier said I became
pregnant about October 15th,

two days after this
specimen was collected.

- Oh my God.

Okay, let's not jump to
any conclusions, let's.

- Bye.



Jesus Ed, what about these boxes?

Damn it Ed, this is no time for games.

- Let's just give this
some thought for a minute,

and come up with some kind of strategy.

- Okay, but think fast
because she is leaving.

- Hey you two, no hanky
panky and my bathroom.

- We'll be out in a sec.

- Ed, what about these boxes?

I can't keep this guy waiting forever.

- Just a minute Laura,
we'll be right there.

- What's the problem?

We'll be there in one minute.

- What's the strategy?

- It's about time.

What the hell took you two so long?

- Laura, I've changed my mind about Rose.

- Ed, this is enough.

I told you before Ed,
I'm not giving her back.

No way.

- Well Vivian has the right
to change her mind, Laura.

I mean, after all, she's
the child's natural mother.

- She's the mother

and she doesn't even
know who the father is.

- Yeah, that's true.

That's true.

But I bet whoever the natural father is,

I would venture to guess

wouldn't think this was very nice.

I mean, after all the
baby's quite beautiful.

- What is that supposed to mean?

- Look at this.

- What?

- The mole on my neck.

And Rose has the same exact
mole, in the same exact spot.

But I guess that's just
a coincidence, right?

- So, so what?

It means nothing.

- I suppose this means nothing also.

- I can explain it.

That's what I was gonna talk to you about.

- And can you explain this?

- Neither one of you move.

- Be careful with that thing
Laura, you could kill someone.

- So you figured it all out.

- No, as a matter of fact, I didn't.

- How could you do this to me?

Laura, you're supposed
to be my best friend,

and you raped me.

- Sit down and don't move.

- Fine, come on.

What are you gonna do now, Laura?

You just gonna kill us both?

- What are you so upset about, huh?

Did you ever stop for a
second to think about me, huh?

- Why, Laura?


- Because I can't have babies, that's why.

Christ, so I used your body,
is that such a bad thing?

I mean try and see it
from my point of view,

what could be more wonderful
than having the child

who is the offspring of your
lover and your best friend?

- Because, because you have to ask.

All you had to do was ask.

- You never would have agreed, Vivian.

I know you, I know how ambitious you are.

You never would have had a child

if it meant getting in the
way of your damn career.

I know you Vivian.

- You nearly ruined my career

just that you could have your baby.

You are so evil.

- In my family, you want
someone to be a father

you ask him if he wants
to be a father, Laura.

- Who asked you?

- You're crazy.

- Maybe I am.

Some other time.

My baby, no.

You bitch!

- And damn proud of it.

- Well, Doctor Keith.

You made it through the residency.

- I sure did.

- I think there's even a
little justice in this world.

I heard Vinograd's finally
gonna fire jackass Jackson.

- Well, it's about time.

What about poor Pierre?

You don't think he got justice, do you?

- Pierre's gonna be okay.

Apparently when everything
went down with Laura,

Vinograd cleaned up Pierre's record,

and Pierre's gonna finish over in France.

I think he's better off there.

This should optimize his potential.

- What about you?

Are you still going back to Cambridge?

- Yeah.

- It's awfully cold up there.

- Yeah, I know.

It's cold.

And it's gonna be lonely.

It's gonna be very lonely.

- Ed, I can't go with you.

- Yeah, I guess I knew that.

- I've changed, Ed.

I mean this nightmare made me realize

how everything else is just so
unimportant compared to Rose.

- You decided you still want
to bring her up yourself?

- Oh, I'll find a father someday.

When I'm ready.

When he's ready.

- Who knows, maybe his father

will have a strong family resemblance.

- Yeah, maybe.

I have an idea.

Why don't you and I forget
about leaving.

- Yes daddy, the baby and I are fine.

I'll call you tomorrow, bye.