Der Mann, der seinen Mörder sucht (1931) - full transcript

Jim, the man with the scar
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What's going on?

- Please don't shoot.
- Whom?


Ah, well.

Call the police at once!

Hands up!

Hands up...

or I'll shoot!


Shoot me!

Shoot me now!

I can't do it.

So that's it.

So that's it!

A suicidal, right?

That's not of my business.

- Listen.
- Leave me alone!

I thought you wanted to make money?

Of course I want!

But not like this.


5000... 7000.


- 10.000...
- Okay, deal.


It's murder!

Not if I ask you.


If you could do it otherwise.

Wait a minute.

North 0648.

With? Yes.

Please, get me North 0...

- Who are you calling?
- My organization.

Hello? Please
with the Law Department.

Hello, Mr. Doctor?

Yes, I'm the member 474.

Yes, Mr. Doctor,
is this...

Here, here's someone...
who wants...

who wants me to shoot him.

Yes, a suicidal.
He can't do it by himself.

Yes, what can we do?

Fine, a moment Mr. Doctor,
I'll write down.

Yes, how did you say?


and at his own...


How much will it cost?

3 years?

We'll write everything down,
of course. Thank you.

We can do it!


But 10,000
for 3 years isn't a good deal.

I would say... 5000 per year.

Yeah? That makes 15.000...

and everything will be alright.


- Yes, it's a deal.
- Yes?

then we'll write it down.


- Here.
- Thank you.

Please, write...

Better, duplicated.

Oh, yes.

- Well, yes...
- Well...

- Write...
- Yes.

One moment, please.


- ... the undersigned.
- "The undersigned."

- What's your name?
- Hans Herfort.

I'm Otto Kuttlapp.

A pleasure.


The insurance company...

- will pay the bearer...
- "The bearer..."

- from this...
- "This..."

- ... who...
- Who...

- ... after death...
- "Death."

- ... the entire sum...
- "The entire sum..."

- amount of 15.000...
- "For the amount of... "

- " 15... "
- Thousand...

- In lettering...
- "Lettering..."

- Reich's Mark...
- "Reich's Mark..."

- 15.000.
- "15.000."

I don't want to fail.

If you don't mind, play something.

As you wish.

Not so sad.

Play something cheerful.


This is ridiculous!
Where triggered?

I didn't shoot!

I can't do it on demand.

Can't be true!

I don't understand it.

Mr. Herfort,

you have no reason to die.

Cuttlapp, I'm serious...

A contract is a contract.

Please, Mr. Herfort.

- Give me 24 hours.
- No way.

Give me at least 12 hours.

Until tomorrow noon.


Cuttlapp, right?
I hope I can trust you.

- I promise.
- Well, you promise.

May I stay here waiting for you?

No, why?

You can go wherever you want.

Have fun tonight.

I'll find you where and when I want.

It's the more pleasant...
for both parts.

Come, my friend,
sit with us.

- No, I can't.
- What about tomorrow night?

- No, I can't.
- And on Monday?

Monday isn't possible.

- Tuesday?
- Not possible.

On Wednesday... maybe it's possible.

- Thursday.
- Not possible.

- Friday.
- It's also not possible.

On Saturday, just for a kiss.

But on Sunday...

- Monday.
- Not possible.

- On Tuesday.
- Not possible.

And it will remain until eternity.

Miss Kitty, what do you think
about this place?

- I actually thought it would be worst.
- Yes? The night is not over yet.

Aren't you afraid to come alone
to a nightclub?

Afraid? Of what?
Of you?

What could happen to me?

I allowed you to accompany me...

- And nothing else.
- That's all?

Valentin, where were you?

- I've looked everywhere.
- Me?

You must been mistaken.

- Come, let's dance.
- What?

Don't be angry,
I didn't know what to do.

He's a nasty guy,
didn't know how to get rid of it.


Do you know Mr. Herfort?

Yes, he's inside,
want me to look?

No thanks,
is not necessary.

Don't want to bother.

I just want to ask you...


you can put...
this in the pocket of his coat.

A clock?

Yes! Mr. Herfort
sleeps away tonight.

And he has to get up early tomorrow.

He's planning a trip...

A very distant voyage.

- Well, give it to me and...
- Please, one more thing.

Before Mr. Herfort's leave...

wind the clock.

- But be very careful.
- Ok, ok.

And for God's sake,
don't let it fall to the ground.

Don't say nonsense, what could happen?

Imagine it, this shameless man...

dared to offer me money,
what would you do?

I would slap him!

For God's sake, no fuss!

- If I could get my stuff...
- One moment.

My coat, please.

Such a hurry is horrible.

Here it is.

- Here's your coat.
- Yes, thank you... Yes

Well, be back safe and sound.

- From where?
- From your long journey.

Stop, don't move!

- It's awful.
- What?

Haven't you heard?

- A tire bursted.
- Yes... no, no.

It has been my murderer.

If it is a joke, it's a bad one.

Sorry, but the best part comes now.

Pay attention,
I can tell you exactly.

In 9 hours and...

43 minutes... I'll be dead.


Yes, yes.


Now we'll take a coffee...

and then you go home.

What kind of sign is that...

on his jacket?

Oh, that. It's a cross.

So he won't fail.

What you're doing is crazy!

Do you really want to be killed?

Yes, and on own request.

I don't understand.

Read it.

I haven't it. Ah, yes.
I put it here.

May I?



Oh, sorry!
A lady standing and I sitting.

Please Miss, have a seat.

Here is another one, please.

Read it calmly, you know.

Why turned you the light off?

- You'll be safer in the dark.
- This is ridiculous.

Stop behaving like a child!

- He could shoot from anywhere.
- That's ridiculous.

I won't allow it.

We lower the blinds at least.

This is nonsense.

Why do you want to do it now?
Leave them up.

The best for you...
is to sit there.


If I weren't so patient...

God, what a stress!
I shouldn't let you come.

It's better that you go home.

No, I won't let you alone
under any circumstances.

Wow, who can it be...
at 3 in the morning?

- In the night.
- Your murderer!

You see, there he is.

Now you can go home with no worry.

- It's awful!
- Awful, why?

He is very kind for ring the bell.

- Please!
- Let me!

For God's sake,
stay away from the door!

No, I want to do it.

A man... with a rifle!


Who throwed this rifle?


Probably my murderer.

- Nonsense!
- No.

- Officer, I have to say...
- Please Miss,

don't tell me any stories.

- This is...
- Yes!

This is a great imprudence.

Tomorrow, between 12 and 1...

you'll come along at the station.

- Got it?
- Between 12 and 1.

- Yes.
- Mr. Officer, can't be earlier?

Before 12.


No, it can't be earlier.


Why are you so worry about me?

When a person wants to die
should be left alone.

I can't help?


"I let know my friends and acquaintances,
that I, HANS HERFORT, died last night."

Are you alive?

Dear Hans,

- I thought we already knew you...
- But this!

We spend a lot of money.
And, what do you do?!

You're Alive!

Oh God, not so loud!

You have a guest, right?

You died together?

You know Hans,
don't misunderstand us, but...

Guys, don't be angry with me.

You don't know what happened
shortly before my death.

Just tonight I've fallen in love...

for the very first time,
when it's too late.

Too Late?

Why is it too late?


- How was it?
- Hans Herfort.

Budapester Street, 167.

- Floor?
- 5th floor.


- It has to be here!
- Wait. Yes, he phoned!

Sure, it's over here.
Where? Here it is!

- Write down.
- North 0648, exact.

- He called that number.
- To that number.

Please, I need information
of the North area.

Please, I want the address
of North 0648.


Thanks. Balizaden street, 43.


The murderer could be here
in the building.

Then, what do we do?

- Stop! I have an idea!
- What idea?

Only one person can help me.

Medical Service, Cuttlapp.

One, two...

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

- They're asking for you.
- Who?

- Some men.
- What kind of men?

They know a certain Mr. Herfort.


I'm not here.

Mr. Cuttlapp isn't here.

- We have to find Cuttlapp!
- Yes!

- You two go to the entrance.
- Got it.

And we'll talk to the people
in there, come on!

- The ambulance has disappeared!
- Mr. Herfort has been kidnapped!

He's a true hero.

I always was.

Where is the contract?

- Where is the contract?
- Where is the contract?

- And the contract?
- The contract!

Where is it?


- Here it is.
- Where? No, that's not.

Where is it?
That's horrible.

My God, where is it!

Damn, where's the contract?

It's not here.
Give me the contract!

Where is the contract?

I sold it.

For God's sake!

Who will kill me?!

- What do you want to know?
- Who is my murderer?

The Best one!

Our pride!


the man with the scar.

Jim! Jim!

The man...

with the scar!



- Help.
- Go out!

Go out!

Watch out!

Well, look who it is.

Did you pay the fine?


You were the one
that dropped the rifle, right?


I threw it.

- Yes?
- I threw it intentionally...

and premeditated!

- Don't exaggerate.
- No, I'm not exaggerating.

I still regret that I missed your head.


- You're threatening to injure him?
- Yes!

- You're under arrest!
- Yes.

Jim, the man with the scar,
wins with this issue,

a maximum of 15.000 Mark.

If you offer him 5.000 Mark more,

he will step back for sure.

Who has 20.000 Mark?

For whom is Mr. Herfort
20.000 Mark worth?

I know to whom!

For the insurance company.

This girl is absolutely right!


Good afternoon.

Did you say something?

- Very long here?
- Me?


I came this morning.

I... you know, I had a
small disagreement at Schutzman.

This is very cool.

Solid walls...

This is a fence, eh!

Not a word...

or I'll break you every bone!

You offered me money yesterday.

Come on, you misunderstood me.

I want your money now!

Not aha!

Is for a person
whose life is in danger.

- For someone you love.
- It doesn't matter,

he is a person who has
a high value insurance in your company.


My dear Miss,
that's very different.


In 15 minutes,
when the guard changes,

we escape.

What? Very kind, but I
stay here till after 12.

Wow, it's very strange.

I have to kill someone...

before 12.

What? What?

Before what time?


Who are you?


I'm Jim.

Jim, the man with the scar.

But Miss Kitty,
not be so upset.

You see I'm very calm.

Nevertheless, it's my money.

Come on, stop weeping.
Miss Kitty...

Don't make any noise.

That's good.

All clear.

- Damn!
- What?

- What?
- May I help you?

- What?
- May I help you?

- Yes, help me.
- Yes, one moment.

Oh, thanks God!

- This has been great.
- Listen to me.

You'll come with me,

- so you can't betray me.
- No! No!

No way, don't think
you can escape from me.

Come on... you come with me!

Now you'll see
how a professional works.

Listen. Don't move.

And I'll go and finish him.

Is he in the house?

This is very interesting.


He's kissing her before he dies.

Who kisses?
And with who?

But girl, calm down.

I have the money with me.

Mr. Jim will appear before 12.



Hans Herfort.

You're silly.

- Look.
- I have a fake ID as well.

Jim, it's true.

I'm Hans Herfort!

Nothing will happen to Hans.

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny!

I'm sorry, believe me.

I could cry wholeheartedly.

You're a good guy.

A deal...

is a deal.

And a woman, is a woman.

I'll count to 10...

and I'll shoot.

Nothing will happen to Hans.

I have a presentiment.

- What is it?
- Jim!

There are still five minutes left.

I'll have a word with that guy.

I understand.

- Here.
- No thanks, I don't need it.

Look who it is!



Well, and now you, young lady!

Before I die,
I have time to tell you...

That of all my disappointments,
you were the greatest and most horrible.

- But...
- I wanted to live just because of you.

- And, what do you do?!
- But...

You're with the world's most
despicable man. Leave me alone!

Persuade me not yet!

No! No! No!

I won't hear or speak with you.

Now I'll end with my life!

But let me say something!

- Wait. Come and talk.
- But I...

Damn it!


Sir, you are a businessman!

Don't disturb.

No, no.
Oh, women!

Always lying and just lying.

- Stop! Don't move!
- Wait, don't bother now.

- Oh, women!
- But Hans...

- Oh, women!
- It's not true, he's not my lover!

You expect that I believe you?

Mr. Jim, I make you an offer.

No! I...

Oh, women!
Always lying...


Is it possible?

- My heaven, my treasure.
- My child!

Baby, baby, baby!

Stop making nonsense!

I said, stop making nonsense!

Leave me alone!

Damn you, leave me alone!

Remove it!

I'll give you 15.000
if you remove it.

15.000... 19.000...


23.000, help!


25.000 Mark!


Cratosxp 13/12/2012