Denzura (2019) - full transcript

CHAD (Neysser Swords) is a fighter who seeks to be the best without losing his principles. In the search for his dream, he meets VINCENT (Humberto Fuentes Gastelum), a millionaire ...

- violin music --

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-- gym original sound --

-- a door opens --

-- steps --

How you feel?

I feel strong !

today ..
you're going to fight a new fighter ...

I don't know him yet,
but they say he's good

im ready,
I'll break his face

I need you to lose the fight

Not ... not... not...
I'm not gonna lose

-- guitar arpeggios --
Understand ...

Mean while you cooperate with me,
the better your life and career will be.

-- guitar arpeggios --

-- action musics begin --

-- action musics --
-- fight punchs sfx --

-- action music --
-- fight sounds --

-- Action Music and Fight sounds --

-- action music --
-- fight sounds --

-- suffocated --

ha, ha...ha
you were right vincent

It was a good idea to bet on the new

You must make sure,
of always having the best cards

Did you manage to rescue my property?

Did they accept my offer?

I'm afraid not

Miss Lucia ...

he got ahead of us

she always wants to be
one step ahead of me

but I have the solution for that


Mr ??

sometimes you win and other times you lose

I never lose...
you should already know

--- steps ---

That is yours
Take it

that was fine but ...
you could make it more interesting

don't let me win

the important thing is that you lost

i have my money
you have your part
everyone happy

we'll talk

-- boxing bag sounds --

-- ambient sound --

-- blender sound --
--Voice Over -- (CARLOS) That Chad guy is gaining new followers huh

--Voice Over -- (CARLOS) you want me to go talk to that new fighter

--Voice Over --(VINCENT) No need, he is good

--Voice Over --(VINCENT) we already gave him the incentive

--Voice Over --(VINCENT)
Besides ...
confidence can do wonders

-- close door --

-- guitar arpeggios --

-- action musics --
-- fight punchs sfx --

-- Action Music and Fight sounds --

-- action musics --
-- fight punchs sfx --

ha ... ha ... ha
I don't know how he does it?

you have to know your cards well

go for my money


I hope you haven't made plans with that house

you stayed very down with your offer

don't make a habit of losing

It's not something I want to get used to

you can't always win at everything

or rather ...
you can't always buy everyone

let's say real estate is your specialty

but the stakes are mine

(voice phone Vincent)
what do you think
if we talk about it in person

No Vincent

that's no way to convince a lady

I have a new proposal to make you

come to my house tomorrow
and let's see if luck smiles on you

Okay ... see?
you are improving

tomorrow morning ...
make it fast

Do not worry
Will be fast

That fighter Chad, he's the new favorite

you started to think,
that the bets would tend to him

it's part of the plan

oh.. yes??

what do you have in mind today?

time to change the game

and I know very well how I will do it

I need you get me another fighter

one more aggressive ...
most beastly

I'm on it...
ha ha ha

it's time for the cards in my favor

increase my earnings

and take from Lucia what belongs to me

ok... I got this

----someone claps ----

good fight rookie


enjoy it

don't go away like this

ha. ha ...ha

-- fight sounds --

is he?...
we will have to see him fight

shhh, shhh

it's mr in white

mr in white?

yes, you are very famous
you are a legend


I did not know that I was a legend

but ... what about you?
Do you know how to fight?

I grew up in the rough neighborhood

But how good are you?

Quiet Dog

Get me in that ring
and tell me what to do

This fight will not be different from
the ones you are used to

You can do with your rival
what you want

Perfect (voice over Vincent) Just win the fight
No problem Mr

Just one condition
oh the dog wants more bones

Wants to do business

I don't want it to be the only time
I work for you Mr.

I like your ambition

you win ...
we will speak later

Yes sir

-- Fights sounds --

nice to see you

i'm sure yes

no hard feelings?
Do you want somthing to drink

I did not come to that
Ok let's get straight to the point

Have you heard of the private fights?

private fights?
Cock or Dog Fighting?

No, I mean professional fighters

Well ... some professionals
and others more beasts

Why? I would be interested
in a brutality like that ?

Because we speak the same language ...
the money

exorbitant amounts of money
are handled in these bets

You can increase your earnings by up to 400%

how about
mmm 400% sound good

what is the minimum bet?

one million dls

i dont know

I don't know ...
I would not like to be
related to this kind of thing

You have nothing to worry about

these fights are only allowed access to vip bettors

to observe them live

to others by private streaming

so that they can enjoy from wherever they like

ok sometimes you have to take
the time to experience new things

I guess watching them in streaming,
it won't be the same

no, live is more exciting

Look, I like to bet big

But how do you know who to bet on?

or is this not arranged in your favor?

I am a serious businessman

I'll show you the options myself

what do you think?


I see that you take good care of your business

You know i have a lot of businesses

but I'm passionate about betting

I want to bet on him

Good choice
is on the best

Do you think if we double the bet?

are you willing to lose double

are you afraid?

I thought you were a sure man

always bluffing

wait for me

-- training shots sound --

you must lose the fight

Why do that?

where are you now, it's because i wanted you to get there

now it's your turn to return the favor

what a stupid thing
you make me want to fight more

lose the fight or you will lose much more

if you still have a mind

I went to wish the boy luck

mmm, I will do the same

I bet big money on you ...
don't disappoint me

-- training shots sound --

you said yourself that the conditions
of the fight are different

i know, but... i can`t refuse the fight

you can,
but don`t you want

I do not have a choice

What do you mean


are you hiding something from me?

it's just a mean

tell me the true

I have a bad feeling

you always have them

this time is different

you won't change your mind right?

I have to do that fight

I do not try,
that you change your mind

but I don't know how much I will bear,
to see that they hit you

hey, hey
don`t say that

i love you, and this is my job

you can do, another jobs
you are not a beast

-- suspire --

promise me nothing will happen to you

nothing , I'll be fine

i need the job

I know it's not fair that
I ask you to give up on your dreams

but I would like your dreams to be,
in something where they don't hurt you

go win that fight

and come back healthy
to be calm

I`ll be back soon

-- sad music piano --

-- action music --

-- sound of glasses --

-- fight sounds --

-- piano music --

(VO remembering)
-- nothing will happen to me --

-- action music --

-- fight sounds --

You were right,
it was a good choice to bet

that idiot made me lose

What do you want us to do him, sir?

i don`t know
let me think

for now lock him in the cage

right sir

it would be better that you
disappear from my sight

that's not my fault

You assured me that I would not lose

and now i lost a lot of money

it's the customer's fault
It is not mine

if I didn't appreciate you
you would already be dead

so go away
before I change my mind

get out!

-- sofocate --

-- lattice sound --

-- restaurant ambience --

what is this place?
why did you lock me up

you really thought
you were going to get away with it

Chad warned you

i never lose

we are already 2

not only, you didn't lose the fight,
besides you killed one of my best fighters

You have an idea of ​​the fortune
that you cost me, you idiot

The deal was to lose the fight,
but he tried to kill me

and that was not the deal

for your misfortune, look where you are,
kept in my kennel

but don't worry, I'm not going to kill you

so fast

also ... I want your stay here to be fun

Five, you got a Five

-- sad music --

-- knocking the door sound --

wanted to see me , Sir

so is

We have a special guest,
and we must give him the best stay

we take care, sir

but not one, make his life miserable

but... don`t kill

not yet

we will take care of him

we will take care of him

that is the least

we are loyal

you can retire

-- sounds chains and lattice --

-- sofocate --

-- sound fight--

Why did you let them hit you?

I do not have a choice

why didn't you defend yourself?

it would be of no use

once in here ...
that won't stop

no matter i deserve it

there are people who never
get what they deserve

and others who receive what they never deserve

whats your name?


what kind of name is Chad?

just a name

and you are?


what kind of name is Vasco?

is a nickname

but is better than Chad

better go to sleep

-- sad music --


they all are

tell me about your nightmare

I do not want to talk about that

dreams represent longings

the nightmares that we fear

but also of our demons

how to run from your demons?

You live with them

you contradict them

you try to confuse them

but they will always be there

if you allow it

I did something I am not proud of

why do you think i lock myself up vincent

we all have our demons

how long have you been locked up

more than i remember

enough to forget

have you tried to escape?

nothing awaits me outside

the more time you spend here,
the further you get from the real world

things change
people forget you

and in here I don't hurt anyone

you prefer to live in the shadows

If you look for the light,
maybe you will find it

but if you look for the darkness
is all you will see

I guess you didn't find your light

there was no light to look for

but I can see a little light in you

How can you see something
that you don't even believe

you are injured

and that doesn't allow you
to see through yourself

what hurts you?

Did you ever love someone you shouldn't?

Someone who could be too much for you?

you always love the wrong person

never think you don't deserve it

can you live with that?

I hope you can tell me some day

I risked everything for the person I love the most,
to protect her

no matter how hard we try,
we can't help other people's pain

why are you here?

I made a mistake

presumably, but ...

why do i lock you up vincent?

I should lose a fight

but the intention of my opponent
was to kill me

I promised someone
that nothing would happen to me...

so i kept fighting

but things got out of control

I killed him

accidents happen

they both knew the risk

yes, but now I'm here

and all because of me

that's why you let them hit you

you think that will make you feel better

I don't even know how I feel

physical pain is the most insignificant of pain

you can take hundreds of blows,
or let them kill you but ...

that won't make you feel better

I don't know if that pain will go away,
but you must learn to forgive yourself

I can never forgive myself for what I did

guilt is thicker than blood

the more you think about it

his DENZURA will consume you

-- relaxing music --

I adore your tousled hair in the morning

What else do you like about me?

your eyes

your lips

your teeth

hee hee

my teeth?

you're crazy

yes, for you

you know that I like you?

my personality?

your smile

come in Baby

-- music -

Get up

Do not bother me

sorry, i didn't know you were so busy

come on, get up

what the hell do you want?

to train

train, if you are fun

get up asshole

don`t fuck me


I have no mood to train now

what do you want of me

I want you to be prepared

prepared for what?

I will tell you in due course

So what do I train for?

so you can get out of here

and get rid of them

why are you helping me?

because I want action in my life

But first I want to see those bastards fall

do you want your life back?

-- Guitars action music --

-- Guitars action music --

-- Guitars sad Music --

-- Guitars sad Music continues --

-- Guitars sad Music ending --

-- steps sounds --

-- exalted breath --

another nightmare

I was not dreaming

I was remembering

sometimes we live on memories

but that is not living



it's toilet water

and where else from?

how long did you wait for my hazing?

More than I should have,
but it was worth it, right?

have brothers?


she is pretty?

a lot

and your Mom?

wait , withouts Mom of this

Don`t be stupid, is a seriuos question

The question is if she is affectionate, if she frequents you

yes, she is a good mother

but it didn't agree with my work either

but I always received their support

mine never showed her affection

but i miss her

what else do you miss?


the food

the food here not even a dog
would be worthy of it

they eat better,
they give them meat and croquette

I miss bacon

you are enigmatic

since I arrived, you haven't stopped giving me advice

And when I ask you what you miss,
you tell me that the bacon

i am sophisticated

and do you know sewing?

do you think I repair the shirts?


I'm going to try to rest for a while

try to do the same


Why did I lock you up, Vincent?

Long time ,

I worked for Vincent

it was not an honest job

recruited fighters for him

why did you do it?

for my family

I had one

but one day...
I wanted to get out of all this

Vincent did not allow it


I sabotaged one of their fights

It would be good, you will hydrate

-- suspense music --

I wanted to run away
with all the money and my family

Not Please Not

-- sad & suspense music --

-- sad & suspense music --

but when i get home

it was too late

Dying is easy,
but living with pain and regret

is the hell

-- chains a lattice sounds --

-- suspense music --

-- action music--
& -- fight sound--

-- action music--
& -- fight sound--

-- action music--
& -- fight sound--

-- action music--
& -- fight sound--

-- action music--
& -- fight sound--

-- action music ending -

-- chains sound --

you said the physical pain was insignificant

this time we made them flee

but they will come back

we will be prepared

there is no going back

-- kitchen sounds --

-- no music --

-- kitchen sounds --

-- no music --

-- no music --

has a special delivery

yes, and who sends them?

a secret admirer

tell him they are beautiful

I will never get used to this

does it hurt a lot?

is nothing

I made the other mush

I'm not interested in the other

I am interested in you

The next time someone hits you,
they'll deal with me

the same my mother said

because we care about you

well, I just wanted to give you this present

I loved the surprise

are you hungry

come on

-- knocking the door --

-- sad music continued --

time to go

is your girlfriend ?

its handsome

i know

-- dramatic music --

it's not personal

-- sad music continued --

-- cryng laments --

Do you know what we are made of?


of stars


everything we know
comes from the stars

we are star beings

and why don't we shine?

we do

they just don't always perceive it

and how does that work?

we are connected with the universe

don't go so far

the world is a great tree
and we are its roots

roots that extend throughout and through

each root, connects with something

each root, creates new roots

but there are roots
that affect that great tree

what kind of root do you want to be?

we are part of the same being

yes it is

but what makes you
so special or so different?


we all have something

you just have to find out

then your life will have meaning

you think you can make someone happy
at the cost of your happiness

Whenever I reply, you give it a twist
and make me look bad

give me answers

no, i can`t

yes, you can

will be worth

what do you want?

now you know

perhaps they were your thugs,
crying to ask you to come

you do not mess

Do you want to know
what I'm made of?

come in and find out

Why did you come?

you have already caused me a lot of problems

and I start to stress

and I don't know how to live under pressure

because I make extreme decisions

In fact, I'm not going to worry
about you anymore

I just came to say goodbye

Well, you already did

the important thing is that
I have a present for you

-- dramatic music --

I hope and you enjoy it

-- dramatic music --

-- sad music continued --

I'm sorry

you knew this would happen

so sorry

You feel it

All of this is your fault

if i hadn't listened to you
none of this would happen

look at the consequences

there was no way this wouldn't happen

you did what you had to do

I did what you asked me

you wanna hit me, do it

It's not cowards to cry,
it's cowards not to

I lost everything, nothing was left

I couldn't protect her

sometimes we break promises,
due to circumstances
that are not in our hands

I don't want to hear your stupid things

You know what I saw the day
that Vincent locked you up

a young man seeking redemption

there is a lot of will in you
but you have made bad decisions

I know how you feel, I already lived it

I know what it's like to lose everything
I promise not to leave you alone

when you decide to get up
I will be fighting by your side

I have nothing to fight for anymore

you're wrong

we have nothing to lose

What do you mean

that is the perfect time
to avenge what we lost

you to Karen and I
to my wife and my daughter

you are with me?
-- shot gun sound --

-- action music --
-- fight sounds --

-- action music --
-- fight sounds --

-- action music --
-- fight sounds --


don`t go

it's late for me

you promised to fight by my side

I will, but not how I thought

i`m sorry

not, not... not

-- music --

Why you did?
she has nothing to do

Businnes are Businnes

-- shot gun sound --

I will not leave you alone again

the important thing is that you are already here

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