Demonia Undertaker (2017) - full transcript

Aliens from another planet have sent there bounty hunters to stop Tanash ,a demonic possessed serial killer who comes to earth to take over the bodies of humans before he kills them. Staleth played by Geovanni Molina and Colinus played by Jay D Lee are sent e to stop him,they are the earths only hope .

- Our planet is
galaxies away from Earth.

We were a world of peace.

Surrounded by galactical planets.

With one sole mission.

To build great new worlds.

But after sending one of our probes

to a new planet similar to Earth.

Warning, airlock opening.

Warning, airlock opening.

Warning, airlock opening.

- We encountered something

that would change our way of living.

An evil alien called Demonia.

- Intruder alert, enemy.

- He forced
us into wars and chaos.

By his mind control over
us, he possessed our bodies.

We turned against each other.

Our God, which you humans call

President, assembled a new world order.

We were trained by our elders who

possess great powers and taught us

the way of enlightenment and how

to use our abilities for good.

We grew strong and
wiped out the dark lord.

But his spirit was strong
and he took one of our

greatest warriors and he
turned him against us.

By possessing his body.

We imprisoned him, but once again

he used his powers to escape.

Light years away was
a new colonized planet

with a population of 5.5 million citizens.

They were not aware that Tanash,

an escaped convict, was nearby.

The children were the most important

part of this planet to
survive, so they were

educated with the latest
technology and customs

to someday leave Zealous
to a better future.

- Intruder alert!

Intruder alert!

Unleash the Cavaliers!

Unleash the Cavaliers!

- Tanash's evil
plan started once again.

With no disregard for life itself.

- Emergency, alert!

To all federative planets,

this is space station Z-0103.

The planet Zealous is under attack.

- Yes, my name is Tanash,

and I have destroyed your planet.

And now I'm going to destroy you.

- Attention
all federative planets.

Shields up, red alert, we're under attack.

We need assistance!

I don't know how long we can hold out.

We desperately need your help.

Do you copy?


There's a meltdown in the engine core.

This is your Captain.

Shields are down.

I'm sorry, we tried.

Evacuate immediately.

- You did your best, Captain.

Oh my god.

Evacuation sequence activated.

Evacuation sequence activated.

Evacuation sequence activated.

Evacuation sequence activated.

- Commander, I sense Tanash
is on his way to Earth.

- So this is what I heard.

It seems Tanash used his powers to

persuade the guards to
let him out and took

one of the warships and
blasted his way out.

I feel sorry for those guards.

They never had a chance.

- Why don't they just kill
him and get it over with?

Too many lost lives for nothing.

- It's not that easy.

His spirit would find another vessel.

- Voltrix alert!

- Staleth, wake up!

This is priority one.

- Voltrix alert!

- Staleth, I need to speak to you now!

- What is it, sir?

- Tanash has destroyed Zealous
and all its inhabitants.

- What?

That can't be.

I thought he was locked up.

- He was, but you know he
has great powers and lured

one of the guards to the
dark side and escaped.

- What are my orders, sir?

- He's plot a course to Earth

and we want you to eliminate him.

- What?

That's not our law, sir.

- We understand this is not our way,

but the council has overturned the

law because he cannot be controlled.

I'm sorry.

I know you grew up with him.

- That was a long time ago sir,

and I understand he's a threat.

And he must be terminated.

- Good.

You are assigned to Colinus.

He will help you take down Tanash.

Be safe, Staleth.

- Earth, I'm gonna have so
much fun with these humans.

- I knew this was gonna

be one of my toughest jobs, but I

was trained and chosen by my god.

We were like brothers, but I was the only

one that had the abilities
to take him down.

- Please
login the information requested.

What is your password?

Your password has been accepted.

- Delisa.

So you're my co-pilot.

I feel safer already.

- Staleth.

Get serious.

Why didn't you tell you were going

to Earth to capture Tanash?

You know how dangerous he is.

Look, I just don't want
anything to happen to you.

- This is why I didn't tell you.

Because I knew you would worry.

And you'll try to stop me.

Honestly, I'm the only one who knows

him better than anyone else out there.

He must be stopped.

- That's the problem.

You may not be able to kill
him when you encounter him.

And I don't wanna lose you.

I love you, Staleth.

- Don't worry.

All the memories from the
past are long forgotten.

He is a criminal.

And he must be stopped.

- Hey mom, I'm sorry, just
came to visit you today.

I'm sorry, it's been a
while since I seen you.

Yeah mom, I know I had a little too

much to drink, but you want some?

I can pour a glass for you.

Mom, I got some great news.

I got a job.

As a stand-up comedian.

Imagine that, me as a stand-up comedian.

But I wanted you to
listen to one of my jokes.

This man dies and finds himself

in Hell, and wallowing in his despair,

the first person he meets is a demon.

The demon says why are you so glum?

And I said look where I am, I'm in Hell!

The demon says it's not so bad

down here, we have a lot of fun.

Demon says you look like a drinker.

The demon says Monday
night is drinking night,

we drink all the whiskey,
tequila, vodka you want.

'Till you puke, then you can drink more.

The guy says that sounds pretty good.

He says you like to smoke?

The guys says yeah, demon says well

Tuesday's smoking night, you get to smoke

all the cigarettes and
all the cigars you want.

Smoke your lungs out 'till you get

cancer because you're already dead.

The guy goes this ain't a bad deal

at all, sounds pretty fun down here.

Then the demon says are you a gambler?

Guys says I love to gamble.

We got blackjack, horse
races, slot machines.

You can gamble a house away
'cause you got nothing to lose.

The guy's like wow, this
is looking good after all.

So the demon goes you do drugs?

The guy says yeah, I love drugs.

He goes Thursday night is drug night,

we have marijuana, pills, cocaine,

heroin, you can do all
you want 'till you OD.

Because you're already dead.

Mom, you're gonna love
this, the punchline.

The demon asks the guy are you gay?

The guy's like no, I'm not gay.

'Cause well, I don't think you're

gonna like Fridays too much.

Up the ass.

Don't you find that funny, ma?

Well here's to me and you, ma.

My new career as a stand-up comedian.


I'm gonna be all right, mom.

- I loved it.

- Hey I don't want no trouble, man.

- Too late for that.

Look into my eyes, what do you see?

What do you see?

What do you see?

What do you see?

What do you see?

What do you see?

What do you see?

What do you see?

- So who's going
to help you fight Tanash?

Are you going in like a lone
warrior with no backup again?

- See, that's funny.

Of course not.

I'm meeting up with Colinus.

What's our status?

- All instruments check, Captain.

We are a go.

- This is V-929 on Pad Seven.

Ready to launch.

Remove clamps.

- Zone unlocked.

- Staleth?

Why don't you let me come with you?

- Come on, we've gone
over this so many times.

Because I don't want
anything to happen to you.

- I understand.

Please be careful.

I don't know what I'll do if I lose you.

- Come on, don't you have any faith in me?

I know Tanash.

I know him better than
anyone else out there.

He thinks he's invincible,
and that will be his downfall.

- I do have faith in you.

- Okay, we're here.

This is a little something
so you don't forget about me.

I didn't know if I was ever gonna see her,

and I hope she understood that

I couldn't afford to lose her.

As I beamed into the mothership, I knew

this mission wasn't gonna be easy.

On my way to a launchpad
to Earth, I thought

of all the great memories me and

Tanash had growing up together.

Both of us were gonna help
build great new worlds.

We were like brothers.

And now it was my job to take him down.

This wasn't gonna be easy, but I

knew there was no way to save him now.

My destiny was chosen by the gods.

I had two choices.

To kill him...

Or let him be.

Colinus, how have you been?

- Good, my friend.

- Is everything ready?

- Have I ever let you down, Staleth?

I got everything we need.

- You outdid yourself this time.

- So I heard this is priority red.

- Yes.

This bounty's not like any other.

His name is Tanash.

They call him The Undertaker.

He's killed more species in the

galaxy than anyone we've ever encountered.

- So we bring him back to be judged.

- No.

Not this one, he's a threat.

He must be exterminated here on Earth.

- Have you got a vision on him yet?

- Yes.

Evergreen Cemetery.

Just head east, it's not so far away.

- Hey man, did you catch
that game last night?

How awesome was that?

- Yeah man, great game.

- Hey, any of you guys
got a phone I can borrow?

My car broke down about
a mile up the road.

- Yeah man, you can use my phone, man.

- Hey, what planet am I on?

- What's going on over here?

You on drugs or something?

You're on Earth.

- Oh, you guys are humans.

- Get this guy out of here,
he's on crack or something.

- He's crazy.

- What is that over there?

- That's my bat.

- Looks kinda primitive.

- Hey what the fuck are you doing?

- Hey man, put my bat down
before I kick your fucking ass.

- Chill out man, chill out.

- I can't fucking move.

I can't fucking move.

- I can't move, what's he doing?

- I can't move!

- We gotta get out of here.

We gotta get out of here!

- What are you doing man, come on!

- Fuck man, come on man, no!

- Don't do this, man!

- Arriving at the cemetery, I
knew we were already too late.

Seems we were one step behind him,

and I felt the dark spirit.

I sense his presence.

He landed right here.

- What are you feeling, Staleth?

- There was a man.

He was about 45 years old.

That was his first toast.

- Do you know where he's going?

- Yes.

I feel something tragic.

He killed three young men.

In that house.

Blows to the head and the back.

He knows we're onto him.

We need to move fast.

- So tell me the truth.

How can he read us?

You know more than what you're telling me.

- I could never fool you.

15 years ago me and Tanash
entered the academy together.

Me and Tanash trained
like warriors because

we were set to become great kings.

But there was something different

about Tanash right from the beginning.

But I placed my soul and
my spirit within myself.

But Tanash never did.

That was his weakness.

He was arrogant.

Nothing was ever good for him.

I think that's the reason why the

dark lord easily possessed him.

I remember as our god was escorted

by our mighty warriors, the laws of

our forefathers and
protectors of this universe

were our mantle to carry
into a new century.

- Halt!

Tanash, Staleth, you are
both ready to receive my

powers and do great
things in this universe.

But first, you must keep your hearts pure.

Do you understand?

- Yes master.
- Yes master.

- Otherwise, great evil will come upon you

and you will slip over to the dark side.

- We were given unique powers.

But he was obsessed and
turned to the evil within him.

- What are the powers that
he has that I should know?

- He can possess your body.

He holds electrical
powers within his spirit.

- Great, so basically he's indestructible.

- Not if we kill him
while he's in the host.

♪ This old man, he came home ♪

♪ He played knick-knack on my bone ♪

♪ Knick-knack paddywhack,
give a dog a bone ♪

♪ This old man keeps coming home ♪

- Great time for this piece
of shit car to break down!

- Calm down Betty, it's not so bad.

- What are you talking about?


We're fucked.

We already lost money in this.

How the fuck are we gonna pay the rent?

- Let me call someone for help.

We'll make it on time.

I'm sorry, I can't get any signal.

Can you try your phone?

- Me neither.

- Oh, someone's coming.

- Hey, seems like you
girls need some help.

- Oh yes sir, thank you for stopping.

- So what seems to be the problem?

- The car just turned off.

- Maybe you need a jump, I'll see

if I have some jumper cables.

All right, try to crank it now.

- Shit!

- Nothing?

You didn't get anything?


- Fuck!

- Hey, I'm sorry to say, but your

battery and alternator's dead.

I can give you a ride to
the closest gas station,

and then I can get you home
from there if you like.

- We can't ask you to do that.

- Of course we can.

He's gonna save our ass.

- So where are you girls heading to?

- We have a modeling gig.

- And we're fucked.

- A lot of big words, but
it's good to express yourself.

You know, you're very pretty.

- Thank you, sir.

- So were you and Tanash close?

- Yes.

He was like a brother to me.

He was my best friend.

- So Staleth, soon we will be able to

travel the universe
together and be like gods.

- Tanash, we're not gods, we're
protectors of the universe.

- I know, I know, I'm just kidding.

- So how's testing so far?

- Pretty good, but sometimes I

feel like it's a waste of time.

Come on, I'll race you.

- We need to move fast.

He has the two girls.

I'll try to reach him now.

- So are you girls
pretty good at modeling?

- Yeah, we're pretty good,
but it's a tough business.

- Yeah.

You never know what to expect.

- Yeah, you're right.

- Sir, can you hurry up?

We really need to make this gig.

- Are you giving me orders, girl?

Sounds like you are.

That doesn't sit right with me.

- No sir, she didn't
mean anything by that.

We don't know what to do, we
don't wanna lose that money.

- Tanash, I was sent to stop you.

- What?

- You must let these two girls go.

- You can never stop me, Staleth.

- Who are you talking to?

- Why have you turned to the dark side?

- Because I don't wanna be controlled.

- Sir, are you okay?

- I have orders to kill you.

If you don't turn yourself in.

- Get out!

Leave me alone now!

- What?

- Hey girls, I was just practicing

for a play, did I scare you?

I'm sorry.

- Yeah, you scared the
shit out of me, okay?

- Oh yeah, me too.

- Did you reach him?

- Yes, but he's too far gone now.

We're gonna have to kill him.

- Will that be hard for you?

- Yes.

Very hard.

- This car's running pretty rough.

I'm gonna have to pull over.

I'm sorry, my car's broken down too now.

- Fucking great.

Now his car's broken down too.

Come here, you little bitch!

These human balls suck!

Come, little baby, here I come!

You can run, but you can't
hide, you stupid bitch!

I see you.

There you are!

- No, no, no!

- You missed me?

- Don't kill me!



No, please don't!

Stop, don't kill me!

- Come on, don't fight it.

Stop moving.

I got you.

- Where am I?

- Quiet or I'll kill you now.

- Why are you doing this?

- So stupid, this is fun.

- Why are you taking me?

- Ignorant human, because this is fun.

- Pull over.

- What's wrong?

- One of the girls is here.


- So what did you find out?

- He's pure evil.

And he's getting stronger.

He's trying to find a motel.

To kill and rape the other girl.

Just head east.

I sense that he's close by.

- All right, listen up.

I promise not to kill you, but if you

scream I'll break every bone in your body.

You understand?

- Yes.

Please, please, please don't.

No, no!


- Oh you're gonna like
what I'm gonna do to you.

- Stop, stop!

- I'm gonna torture you.

Oh man, I like this ass.

- No!

- You smell like candy,
I'm gonna eat you up.

I'm not letting you go, I'm gonna

torture you and you're
gonna actually love it.

- Stop.

- Oh I'm gonna enjoy this so much.

- Please don't.

- You dropped your
shoe, you dumbass whore.

- You're hurting me!


- You female species are
only good for pleasuring us.

- No, stop!

Stop, let go of me!

- Oh you're a fighter aren't you?

- Help!

Let go!

- Move your ass and stop
screaming, you little hoe.

Daddy's gonna have some fun with you.

What sick things I'm gonna do to you.

Wait 'till I get you upstairs.

- Stop, stop please.

- You're whining like
the dog that you are.

Bark, little doggie.

Ruff ruff.

- Somebody help!


- You should be privileged
that I'm even touching you.

I am a god.

Little fucker, look at you
whining, you little bitch.

I'm gonna love this.

I'm gonna enjoy this.

- No, no!

No, no!

- Get on the bed and stay right here.

And stop your whining, you little hoe.

- What's your name, sir?

- Tom Walkins, sir.

- So Tom, you run this hotel?

- I most certainly do, sir.

- There have been some
killings around here.

- Well I'm not too concerned about that,

I got my Winchester in the back.

- You got what?

- Don't worry, I got a damn permit for it.

- By the way, will you mind if I knock

on some doors, see if
I hear or see anything?

- Nah, you go right ahead, but if anything

suspicious happens around here,

we usually put a bullet in it.

- Whoa, hold on sir, let
us please do our job here.

You know, we'll take care
of everything from here.

Here's my card, call
me if you see anything.

- Yes sir, I most certainly will.

You sure you don't want a
cold beer before you go?

I got some Miller Lite on ice.

- Real funny, Tom.

No thanks.

- What do you want?

- How you doing?

I'm officer John Thomas.

Can I ask you a couple questions?

- Yeah, but it's my honeymoon.

Me and my girl are gonna get busy.

- I understand, sir.

It'll just take a second.

Can I come in?

- All right, sir.

But make it quick because
I don't have all day.

Just give me a minute, let me
tell my wife you're coming in.

Come on, gotta get up now, all right?

Come on.

Take your clothes off.

Put on a towel, get in the shower,

and don't make a sound, or I'm

gonna fucking kill you, understand?

All right, come on, let's
go now, in the shower.

Come on in now, officer.

- Sir, where's your wife?

- She's just taking a shower.

- Ma'am, this is Officer
John Thomas, are you okay?

- Yes, I'm okay.

- Sorry to bother you, ma'am.

You have a nice day, sir.

- You too, officer.

I told you she'd be all right.

- Help!


- Look into my eyes.

- Thank you, officer.

Thank you.

- Shut up, bitch.

All I wanted was a piece of ass.

Stupid bitch.

I told you to shut the fuck up.

- So what do you want me to do?

- Stay in the car.

If you see him, shoot to kill.

- You sure you don't
want me to back you up?

- Yes.

He can see a mile away, his
powers are getting stronger.

- I understand.

- Tanash, stop!

I don't wanna kill you.

Just turn yourself in.

- Staleth, leave me alone or
it's gonna end badly for you.

- I can't do that.

- I know.

- Colinus, the trooper's Tanash.

He's coming your way.

- I got it.

Stop Tanash, there's nowhere to go.

- Colinus.

You're his partner now?

You haven't learned anything yet.

- Yes, you need to die.

- Oh shit!

Hey, are you okay?

Sir, I'm so sorry, I didn't see you.

I'm gonna call help right now.

Shit, hello?


I just hit someone on the road.

I'm at Oakachobee.

I don't know if he's
dead, I didn't see him.

He came out of nowhere.

Shit, he's bleeding.

I'm so sorry.

- What's your name, son?

- Sam.

Thank god.

Sam's my name, what's your name?

- Tanash.

- It's good to be me.

- No!


I will not let you die, my friend.

Master, I must speak to you!


Colinus is dead.

- I know, my son.

- I need to save him.

- Staleth, you know this
is not permitted and

very dangerous and can
change the outcome on Earth.

- I understand, master.

But he is my friend.

Please give me the power to save him.

- It has been given, my son.

- What happened?

- I almost lost you, buddy.

- What did you do to me?

- I asked Themus to save you.

- You did what?

You know you're not supposed to do that.

You jeopardize the whole Earth.

But I wanna thank you.

Nothing personal Staleth, but it's

hard to believe he was ever good.

- He was, but greed and pride
is the worst temptation.

It led him to believe he was a god.

We need to take him down
before he kills anyone else.

- Agreed.

I won't be so easy next time.

- There.

There he is.

- I'll catch up.

You just make sure you kill that psycho.

- I will.

- Okay, I see him now.

- Tanash's powers were growing

stronger and he was out of control.

I thought I might be able to
reach him inside his spirit.

Demonia had full control of him.

The dark side was strong within him.

We had to stop him before he
built his forces once again.

Or our world will become
like it was before.

Get closer!

I'll wipe that smirk off your face!

Tanash knew that using our
human bodies as vessels

would be easy for him to build
a bigger army than before.

Humans were easily persuaded since

they have yet mastered their minds.

- Bring that dirtbag down!

- His laser blasts
were very powerful weapons,

but we used our force field to protect us.

Our guns were imitation of human firearms,

but they held limitless firepower with

special bullets that
will take Tanash down.

- Come on Staleth, put him down.

We need to stop him here before he can

run into the train tracks and lose him.

- Get a little closer!

- This is as close as I can get.

- Okay, I got a shot!

- Where'd he go?

- I don't see him, he's not up here.

You all right?

- Yeah.

He just barely got me.

- You need to be careful.

I won't be able to save you next time.

- I understand.

- Okay, this is the game plan.

You back me up 20 yards.

I can resist hits with
my body, but you can't.

If he sees you coming
you're an easy target.

- All right, I'll go back to the

car and get some supplies and water.

It's getting dark.

Are you sure you're gonna be okay?

- Don't worry about me.

I was called for this.

- Okay, it's settled.

Just meet me in a couple hours.

Just call me.

You know how to reach me.

- I knew how Tanash thought and

how he might try to use
my feelings against me.

I had to be strong-minded and
not let the darkness in me.

At the same time, I was fighting myself.

Yes, he destroyed lots of
planets, but it wasn't really him.

That's what I was telling myself.

- You said we were brothers 'till the end.

- Yeah I did!

You chose the wrong path!

- Oh Staleth, you were always such a baby.

- I was acting like his savior,

but that wasn't my role to play.

I'm a bounty hunter, and it
was my job to take him down.

- Remember when we were young?

And we played hide and seek?

- He kept
tempting me to remember our

friendship and try to use that against me.

He was like a snake,
cunning and ready to strike.

Every time I had a shot, he'd use

his powers to shield himself.

Yeah, why?

I thought to myself I could use

the same manipulation to bring him down.

- I'm having so much fun with you.

- As I was shooting him, I had

to be careful I was not too close to him.

He could use my body as a vessel and

the spirit of Demonia would possess me,

but it seemed like none of the

bullets I shot were even hurting him.

His power seemed unstoppable.

I knew now that I had to get close enough

that his guard would be down so I could

overpower him, but that
was easier said than done.

- Oh Staleth, this is so much fun.

- It's over, Tanash!

Don't take one more step.

I got my chance, I thought to myself.

But what could go wrong went wrong.

My gun jammed, and I couldn't
believe what I saw next.

Yes, he'd perfected the
oblivion energy bomb.

Without our god's help.

Tanash, how can you continue
killing innocent human lives?

- Get out of my head, Staleth!

- We were meant to do great things in this

universe and follow the
path of enlightenment.

And be a beacon of strength and truth.

Lead others to the light.

It wasn't so long ago, my friend,

that you shared the same beliefs.

- Today you will learn
why a grain of sand...

Is as important as Vortex, our planet.

- How could this be, master?

- Yeah, that sounds a little way off.

- Our planet consists of two moons.

There is no darkness,
but light day and night.

But there is darkness when
all the light is covered.

- I don't understand.

- Do you understand, Staleth?

- I believe I say the grain
of sand is as important

to our planet because
it's all part of one?

- Yes.

If you and Tanash are
separate in heart and

spirit, only destruction
and chaos will come of it.

- I understand now.

If we both die or live, then
in a sense we are together.

- Use the wisdom for good, not for evil.

- I am doing great things, Staleth.

Who do you think went back through time?

And I was called Jack the Ripper.

- Your reign of killing humans
and other species will end.

I will not allow you to continue.

- You don't even have half
the power I possess, Staleth.

- Power, without responsibility,

will only destroy you at the end, Tanash.

- Let the games begin.

You haven't changed, Staleth.

You know I'm playing with you.

I can easily destroy you.

- The darkness has filled
your heart, Tanash.

Just turn yourself in.

I don't wanna kill you.

- The only one who will be killed is you.

Stop talking so much
and let's end this now.

Staleth, join me.

It's not too late.

Together we're invincible.

I'm giving you one more chance.

- No.

There's nothing else to talk about.

I'm taking you down.

- Staleth!

Where are you?


Are you okay?

- Yeah.

- What happened?

- I didn't know he
perfected the shockwave.

- Staleth, be honest with me.

Do we even have a chance to stop him?

- Yes.

Have faith.

- I'm trying.

- He will slip up, and
then we'll stop him.

- Anymore readings on him?

- Yes.

He's looking for a family to kill.

- Staleth, let me die
for what I believe in.

Don't jeopardize saving lives for me

if we get into that situation.

Please, promise me you will.

- I promise you, my friend.

I will.

- Okay.

- Now who else should I kill?

A nice American family would be nice.



I'm thirsty for the blood.

Staleth, if you can hear me,
come and save them if you can.

- Colinus, let's rest here.

We'll follow him in the morning.

He's too dangerous at night.

- Okay.

What's wrong?

- He hungers to kill.

He's looking for a family.

- What do we do?

- Let's just rest here tonight.

And tomorrow we'll stop him
from hurting anyone else.

- I don't know how someone
can turn out to be so evil.

- You can't change
someone's heart or mind.

If they choose power or greed,
they'll destroy themselves.

And they'll kill a lot of
innocent people in their path.

- Well right now he can die.

Next time I see him, I'm putting

a bullet right between his eyes.

See how tough he is then.

- Colinus, don't underestimate him.

He's well trained.

That's all I ask.

- Sure.

- Mama?


- Baby, what is it?

- I, I, I had a bad dream that some

monster was gonna come and kill us all.

- Oh my gosh honey, don't think like that.

- But it's so scary.

- I know baby, it was a dream.

- Just get to bed.

- Come on, get in bed.

Come on, baby.

- It seemed so real.

- I know.

I'll hold you all night long.

- What's going on?

- We need to move fast.

He's getting close to the family.


- Thanks.

You have a vision on him yet?

- Yeah, he's going west.

Don't take chances with him okay?

You know how he is.

Are you listening to me, Colinus?

- Yeah.

I can't believe how good a shot you are.

And you still didn't kill him yet.

- You think I didn't shoot him?

Aw come on.

You didn't think I hit him?

He's definitely wounded.

His powers are getting stronger.

Keep up with me, okay?

Don't make any desperate moves.

He's gonna be tough to catch.

He's not gonna be so easy, this guy.

We'll take him down no
matter what the cost is.

Here, this is my lucky one.

You have to make sure you're focused

'cause you might only have one shot.

Okay, let's go.

- I'm not going down this time, Staleth.

- Yo Charlie, let me show you how

a real country boy shoots his cans.

- All right.

- Hold my beer.

- Well that wasn't that
bad, little brother.

- Let's see what you got, shrimp.

- Come on now, you know I
taught you how to shoot.

Let's bet some money on this.

- Let's make it $20.

- All right, how about 40?

- How about 50?

- 50 it is, all right.

And I'm $50 richer.

- Goddamn, I owe you 50 bucks, Charlie!

- Nice shot.

- Hey sir, this is private property,

you ain't allowed to be here.

- I understand son,
but my car broke down a

mile away, and I need to
use your phone if I could.

Just one phone call.

Do you mind?

- Come on Charlie, give the guy a break.

There's nowhere to go around here.

Let the poor fella use the phone.

- Okay, take him around the back by

the pool, I'll clean up
everything over here.

- Thank you, thank you, man.

- You're not from around
here are you, sir?

You from Italy or something?

- No I'm not.

- Where are you exactly from, sir?

'Cause I've never seen someone
like you from these parts.

- I'm really from far, far away.

- I got a granny in Louisiana.

How far are you from?

You all right, sir?

- Yes.

I need your phone please.

- Just wait here for a minute.

- Okay, I'll sit here.

Thank you, son.

Sit down.

- Sure, I'll
pop a squat right here.

- Hello?

Hello, yes, I'm Tanash.

What's your address, son?

- 3240 Mac Road.

- Look into my eyes.

- Wow.

- Where am I?

- I told you you were gonna die, sir!

I told you you were gonna die, sir.

Let's make you nice and pretty.

I told you you were gonna die, sir.

I told you you were gonna die!

Now you're dead, right?

Nice and easy.

Hands of death.

Nice and easy.

The good ones always die young.

- I'd been with
Colinus for over five years now.

We're a good team.

Between both of us, we've brought in

over a hundred convicts around the galaxy.

But none as deadly as Tanash.

I know what Colinus thinks.

I've been soft-handling him.

Maybe he's right, but I was taught

by our gods to forgive and not hold hate.

That can lead to the
darkness within and destroy

my soul and energy, which
is my essence of life.

My power is not as developed as Tanash's,

and I knew that one more encounter with

Tanash could literally
destroy me and Colinus.

We had to make sure he was
not aware we knew where

he was and to get him by
surprise would not be easy.

Earth's hope was in our hands and we

could not let one more
planet be destroyed.

And millions and millions
of innocent people die.

Me and Colinus were ready to give

up our lives for these people because

we knew that every lifeform deserves

to live and evolve like we did.

Someday Earth would join us and

become part of our new world order.

- Hey mom, please please please

please please just get me a new bike.

Julie, she got one last week.

- Where are those boys?

- Please please please please?

Julie got one yesterday and she's

been bragging about it at school.

- Okay, let me ask your daddy okay?

It's not up to me.

- Honey, where are the boys?

- I don't know, but I was gonna say

do you think that she can get a new bike?

- We talked about this last week.

We don't have the money,
they're gonna repossess

the truck, and our dinner's getting cold.

Where are our boys, 6:30 is dinnertime!

- You need to stop yelling at me!

- Boy, where have you been?
- Where have you been?

- Y'all know
we eat dinner at 6:30.

- We were outside shooting cans and some

man's car broke down right next to

us and now he's helping him out.

- Helping somebody?

When has Tommy ever helped somebody?

- I don't know, that
doesn't sound like him.

- Boy, where have you been?

- What?

- Have you been drinking again?

- What?

- Oh I know you didn't
just yell at your daddy!

- What are you gonna do, huh?

- Stop disrespecting your daddy!

- Don't you talk to me like that, boy.

- Best stop disrespecting your daddy.

- You been in my White
Lightning, haven't you boy?

- Oh I'm sorry, your majesty.

- What has gotten into this boy?

- Humans.

- Humans?

- You on drugs?

- You been smoking that wacky tobaccy?

- Tom, relax.

Have you been on that weed again?

- No, no.

- Tommy's scaring me.

- It's okay, honey.

I'm sorry, we all got a little upset.

- What's going on with you today?

- Tommy, what happened
to that man's truck anyway?

- He went running like
he went straight to Hell.

- What is so funny?

- Do you sense something?

- Yeah, I do.

It's not clear, but I
feel this is the house.

You go around the back,
I'll go around this way.

I sense this is the house.

- Are you sure?

- Yeah, put your gun away.

He knows we're coming.

- Charlie, get the door.

Tommy, you done pissed me off, you made

me look like a fool in front of my boss!

- Can I help you, sir?

- Yes, my name is
Staleth, this is Colinus.

We're bounty hunters, we're looking for

a man, he's about 30 years old,

medium build, short hair, any man

matching that description
even pass by here?

- Yeah, this man came by,
he used the phone and left.

- Really, is he still here?

- Yeah, my brother saw him leave.

- Are you sure?

- Yes sir.

- Well he's extremely dangerous, you need

to warn your family about this man.

- Yeah, he was pretty
weird, something about him.

- All right, keep your eyes open.

- Well thank you sir, I'm
gonna warn my family right now.

Be safe, guys.

- He is acting crazy!

- What has gotten into this boy?

- What is going on?

- That's the same thing your pa was doing.

- I know, we need to take him to a shrink.

- You really think he's not in there?

- Yeah, he's there, but
his power's a lot stronger.

But that was definitely not him.

- So you don't know where he is.

- No, but we have to wait
out here 'till it gets dark.

- How long should we wait?

- About three or four hours, but he'll

play with the family first.

But if we don't get him, he is

gonna kill every single one in there.

- Okay Staleth, let's make
sure we're on the same page.

- Good.

- What are you doing?

- Hey, so who was at the door Charlie?

- You won't believe this, but that man

that came use the phone
earlier, he's a killer

and there are some
bounty hunters after him.

- Steven, I'm scared for our family.

- Honey, he's gone.

But look, just to be safe, we'll have

the boys lock up the windows real good.

They got their guns, I'll have mine

just in case he comes
back, don't you worry.

- Mom.

I told you someone was coming to kill us.

- Don't talk like that, honey.

We are safe here.

We are gonna be okay, don't worry.

Mommy loves you.

- It's gonna be okay.

- What's Tommy's doing?

- Look, you are scaring your sister!

- Tommy, stop that now, boy!

- Take that knife away from him!

- We're gonna kill that
son of a bitch right?

- Hey, we don't use that foul language!

- Oh I'm sorry, dad!

- Tommy, what is wrong with you?

- I'm bored.

This is gonna be so much fun.

- Hey, everything's gonna be all right.

We're gonna have a nice dinner.

Let's everybody bow our
heads to say grace now.

- Can I say grace, dad?

- Tommy, I'd like that, boy.

- Hello God.

You know who I am.

I've been having so much
fun with all Your children.

And I can't wait to have
more fun with all of them.

- Boy, what kind of grace is that?

Get your ass in the room!

- Okay.

- Damn devil.

- I got a bad feeling about this.

It means his powers are getting stronger.

I can't even read him right now.

- What are you saying?

- What I'm saying is I
sense his presence here.

It can be any of these family members.

- So how do we stop him?

- It's not gonna be easy.

- Staleth, come here!

- What'd you find?

- I think I found him.

What do you see?

- I saw when he choked a man,
but I can't see his face.

- So what do we do?

- We gotta warn the family.

- Come on, they're
gonna think we're crazy.

What are we gonna tell them?

That one of their family
members is possessed?

- What we gotta do is wait
'till they go to sleep.

Okay, you go around the back, I'll go

around the front, but
you can't trust anyone.

Are you with me?

Come on, let's search the grounds.

- Charlie, what's going on
with your brother Tommy?

- I don't know, he's
been fine all dad, pops.

I just don't really know
what got into him right now.

- Is he doing drugs?

- No ma'am, I don't think he is.

- He's doing something.

- What the hell's going on?

- Could it be that killer?

He said there's a killer on the loose!

- Everybody calm down!

It's just the breaker, listen,
it's just the breaker, y'all.

I'll get it, where's that flashlight?

- It's in the pantry.

- Gotta grab your gun too.

- All right.

- You be careful.

- Here dad, take this.

- All right.

All right, you take of your
mom and your sister okay?

- I will.

- I know, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry,

I didn't mean to get you scared.

Mommy's just silly sometimes, I'm sorry.

Everything's fine, the
lights have gone out before.

It's no big deal, I love you.

- Feels different.

- No, it's okay baby.

It's okay.

- It'll be fine, dad will take
care of everybody all right?

- You sure?

- Yes, I promise.

- It'll be okay, baby.

- Listen guys, everything's
gonna be fine all right?

Daddy's out there taking care of business,

we got enough guns, we got ammo.

Everything's gonna be fine all right?

You just stop being so emotional.

- But we're scared.

- I understand, daddy's
gonna take care of this.

- I know, but well, you
be careful with that gun.

- Everything's fine.

Dad, where are you?

- It's okay, darling.

- Dad!

- Stop there, you son of a bitch!

You cut my electricity?

What you doing on my property?

- You got it all wrong.

You got it all wrong,
I'm here to help you.

- Get back, what are you doing here?

- I'm not the killer, but someone

in your family is the killer.

I'm here to help, you need to calm

yourself down, put that gun down.

Put that gun down!

- You're on my property,
you're on my property!

- Put that gun down.

- No, I'm gonna get the sheriff out here.

- You got two boys?

You got two boys in there?

- Yeah I got two boys, how
do you know I got two boys?

- Your daughter, is she acting crazy?

- You talking about my daughter?

Get back, man!

Get back, what you
talking about my daughter?

- What about your wife?

- Turn around!

Turn around.

Move up there.

- Sir, you got it all wrong.

- Maybe you're right.

Maybe you're right, turn around.

- I'm here to help you!

- Turn around!

- I'm here to help--

- Lights out!

- It's gonna be fine guys, it's all right.


- Shut up, listen.

- What?

- I found a man outside
creeping around, okay?

I need you to call the police, listen.

- You kill him?

- Call the, I don't know, call the police

right now, I'm going to get your brother.

You stay here with Tania.

I love you, baby girl.

Just stay here.

- Staleth.




What happened?

- You were right.

They didn't believe us.

They were wrong.

You need to watch your back.

- Here.

- Come on, phone.

Think they cut the line.

- Tommy, let's go, boy!

I found a crazy man running around

outside, I got him tied up!

Your brother's calling the police!

Come on, we gotta get out of here!

- That's not gonna help.

You're all gonna die.

- Boy, stop talking crazy!

Let's go, come on, I need you!

- Go get my gun over
there in the closet, pa.

- It's in the closet?

All right, where's it at?

- It's to the left side.

- This phone working?

Tommy, what is that?

Is that blood on there?

Is that, what's going on?

- Dad is dead.

I found this knife in the hall.

- Tania, come here.

- What?

- What are you talking about?

- I found this knife in the hall.

- What are you talking about?

- They killed dad.

Dad is dead, mama.

They killed him.

- Steven!


- What are we gonna do?

We're all gonna die here.

- No we won't, we're all
gonna get out of here.

- Just killed another one.

We're gonna have to get inside right now.

Hello there!

You need to keep your hands up in the air!

We mean you no harm, but
there's a killer in there!

- Don't listen to them, Charlie.

They're trying to kill us.

- Tommy, how do you know that?

- Dressing all black?

Come on, Charlie.

They're definitely the killers.

- How do you know when they came by?

I opened the door, not you.

- I saw them through the
window walk around the house!

- Why didn't you say anything, Tommy?

- Why you asking me a
million questions, Charlie?

I'm your brother.

- I'm sorry Tommy, it's just been

so crazy, I don't know what to do.

Come here, man.

- He's dead, mama!

- What are you doing?

- He awful dead, everyone's dead!

- No, baby!

- It's over, Tanash.

- I let y'all find me.

You know why?

- Why?

- Because these humans
on Earth are so weak.

- Let's end this!

- Miss, please take your
child out right now and leave!

- Come on mom, come on, let's go!

- No!

- Bye, mama.

- Mom, we have to go!


Come on mom, we have to go, mom!

- Bye, son.

- Mom, come on!

- Let's do it.

- We gonna be all right, mama?

- It's not Tanash.

- We're gonna be just fine.

- I know.

- I was close.

- The important thing
is that you are alive.

- He'll come after us.

I know him.

Let's finish this.