Delirium (1987) - full transcript

This spaghetti horror's storyline revolves around a former hooker (Grandi) running a successful men's magazine. An obsessed admirer systematically slaughters her models (occasionally increasing the magazine's output) and supplies the mistress with pictures of their disfigured corpses taken in front of her semi-nude posters visible in the background. Is she going to be the psycho's next victim?

Kim, put your head back slowly.


That's it.

Now move it forward again.

OK, good.

Caress her, girls.

Act like you love it, Kim, come on.

It's like you're feeling pleasure

you've never felt before.

That's it, enjoy it, yeah like that.

Caress her legs now,
Christine, that's good.

Now, come on, Come on, oh!

Move toward me.

Show that you feel it, come on.

That's it, that's it.

Get her, Roberto.

Ah that's fine, move.


Move around her, girls, and laugh.

That's good.

Look to your left, Kim.

And keep laughing, all of you.

Remember, you want to be possessed, Kim.

Good, that's it.

That's it.

Keep laughing, good, sexier.

Make it sexier.

Just a few more, then we can stop.

Keep it up, you're water nymphs, have fun,

you're drunk with desire.

Touch her lap, move around more.

Offer yourself, Kim, you love it.

You too, Christine, that's it.


More abandon, let yourself go.

Surrender to pleasure.

Now Kelly, take off your bra.

You think it was a bright idea?

Reshooting that story with Kim?

Yeah, I guess so.

Even if it's not the same thing.

Don't tell me he knows his work,

and Kim's beautiful.

But you are something else.

I'm getting cold in here.

Well don't show it,
you're supposed to be hot.

I can't believe it's been three years.

It's more like a lifetime.

Where's the makeup artist?

OK, come on out girls.



Where's the makeup girl?

I don't know, I guess she's inside.

What do you mean she's inside?

Here I am.

Oh finally, I'm not paying
her to sit on her ass.

Look, the girls' makeup is running.

Do you mind getting to work?

How come your brother always get so mad?

Look, we're losing the light.

Here, let me help you.


Hello Mark.

I'm watching you.

You are?

Yes, I'm going crazy.

If I told you I was playing with it,

would you come over to help me?

Now don't be angry, it's not true.

Don't hang up.

I just have to tell you how
beautiful you are today.

More than usual.

Are you wearing your panties now?

No, don't pull down your skirt.

You don't know how much pleasure
I get just watching you.

Do you want to let me see you in the nude?

I'd be forever grateful.

Listen, Mark.

You've been watching a show
right under your window

that isn't so bad.

Be happy with that, huh?

You're not like those others, Gloria.

You could put out my fire, all right.

You're a sex goddess.

You make my member throb with desire.

It wants to penetrate
your flower and explode-

This is getting boring, Mark.

And you're not very funny.

Outline her upper
lip a little more, here.

Do you have much more to shoot?

Oh, couple of hours.

_ I'd say less.

The light's going.

Come on.

Then I'll go inside and help Evelyn.

You're all staying for dinner, I hope.

Quel dommage.

Kelly and I have to catch a plane tonight.

We have a fashion show in
Paris tomorrow morning.

Sorry Gloria.

Thanks anyway.

Then bon voyage, au revoir.

OK Kim, let's start over here.

Tony, we're ready.



This guy had just finished
making love with a girl.

I'm sorry, he said.

If I'd known you were a virgin,

I'd have taken more time.

But honey, she says.

If I'd known you had more time,

I would've taken my panties off.

You're a riot, Roberto.


As usual the dinner was just perfect.

Ah, what would Gloria do without you?

You're the best at everything.

Now now, don't be unpleasant.

He doesn't have to work at it.

It's a natural gift.

Speaking of natural gifts.

I found a gift for you.

To my darling Gloria.

Thank you.

They're sweet.

Well, after that little coup de theatre,

I think I shall be going.

Good night, thank you.

Good night.

I'm coming with you.

The night is still young.

Good night, Roberto.

Thank you.

Don't be late, Tony.

Tomorrow we'll have to
choose the pictures.

OK, boss.

Do you need a ride, Kim?

No thank you, I'll stay a while longer.

I came with my own car.


Aren't you scared to
go home on your own?

You never know who you might run into.

Just as long as he's cute.

Listen, honey.

There are times when you
and I have the same needs.

I'm going to bed now.

I want to be at work early tomorrow.

The next issue has got
to be especially good,

seeing as you're back with us.

I'm sure it will.

Good night.

See you soon, Kim.


Has it been long since
you took an interest

in the magazine?

It's over a year now.

Since the day of the accident.

Feel like talking about it?

Why not?

You know, the day you married Carlo,

a lot of people thought
you were only doing it

for his money.

Well don't you believe it.

I married because I was in love.

No other reason.

Never once did he ask me
to stop posing in the nude.

Instead he gave me the chance

to start a magazine of my own.

I was the one who decided to stop modeling

and put all that behind me

because I wanted to be with
him and have his children.

I was afraid I wouldn't
have time for work.

Besides there was Evelyn,

always so efficient and ready to help.

But maybe Carlo and I were too happy

and Fate decided to teach us a lesson.

I'll never forget that day he was killed.

Awind came up and his
speedboat turned over.

He was like a child who
was in love with a toy.

Determined to reach a record
of 200 kilometers an hour.

Well he left me well off.

The magazine, everything.

And the memories of all
we shared in this house.

Now I have to start to
live for myself again,

as well as for Carlo.

You're right Gloria.

I'm afraid I bored you.

Oh no, on the contrary.

If I didn't have to get up
early I'd stay here all night.

You don't have to come
with me, I know the way.

Ah, it stopped raining.

I'll call you tomorrow.
- Bye.



Your blonde model
has just been murdered.

Her body's floating in your swimming pool.

Do you hear me?

You're not very funny, Mark.

I'd much rather hear your vulgarity

than this stupid excuse to phone me.

She was killed with a pitchfork.

Believe me Gloria it wasn't
a pretty site to watch.

Didn't you hear anything?


If you wanted to frighten me, you have.

Now let me get some sleep, please.

Too bad you turned the pool lights on.

I might have been able to
see the murderer's face.

It might have been a woman.

She had long blonde
hair, are you listening?


Do you want me to call the police?

You're not putting me on, Mark.

Oh, no way.

So should I call the police or will you?

No wait, let me go and look first.

Listen Gloria, you'd better not.

You won't like what you see there.

Only a wild, crazed animal
could kill someone like that.

You'd better stay in the house.




I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to scare you.

I just went into the
kitchen to get a drink.

Mark just phoned me.

He said that he saw Kim
murdered in the pool just now.

And you believe him?

That boy's sick, he's sick in the head.

Don't pay any attention to him.

Go back to bed, and forget it.

Nothing has happened, I'm sure.

Come on, I'll bet on it.

Good night, Gloria.

Good night.

Shit on you!

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Good morning.

Yes, the lighting's
good, can you use that one?

I don't know, I prefer this one, look.

Yes, it's got
movement, but so does this.

And I like
the line of her body.

What do you think, Gloria?

Oh they're all good, Roberto.

Tony, I'll know you'll
pick the right ones,

and Kim is marvelous.

OK, let's go with these three.

' Yeah.

Oh, before I forget, Evelyn.

Kim left her lighter
last night at my house.

Will you give it to her?

She'll be happy to
know she didn't lose it.

Why don't you go into the other office

to choose the pictures?

'Cause it's yours.

Well in there I feel
like a fish out of water.

Well then put on your scuba gear.

There's a shark waiting for you.


I couldn't get her out.

She knew you'd come in sooner or later.

And so she waited.

She's waited in there for a year?

No, not quite, but
over an hour for sure.

Come on, find an excuse.

She'll just come back another time.

Ah, and I was feeling so good.

Tear her to pieces, Gloria.

Otherwise she'll tear you to pieces.

Ah, welcome back, Gloria.

And to what do I owe this pleasure?

Are you here for the usual reason?

I'd say suffering has
enhanced your beauty, my dear.

But not my willingness to deal with you.

But why don't you want
to sell me your magazine?

I know there are better things you'd like.

For example?

To live.

You might travel, you
have plenty of money.

Ah, my dear, when I think of how you were

when I saw you for the first time.

You were so provincial,

and ready to do anything for money.

I had to support Tony and my self.

And as you can see, I did it.

It's funny, now you're
the one who needs me.

Don't you ever think of thanking those

who lent you a hand in the past?

And who should I thank?

Me, for example.

You never helped anyone
for nothing, Flora.

Don't give me that.

You're too selfish.

But I was the one who
got you started in modeling

or you'd have turned
into a cheap prostitute.

You and your brother Tony

didn't know where you
next meal was coming from

in those days.

Why if it hadn't been for me
you'd be walking the street.

If you hadn't had the
good fortune, darling,

to have known me.

Walking the street, no.

A prostitute maybe.

When there's nothing else,

even prostitution's a
way of keeping alive.

How much do you want?

This is funny, you know.

Here I am the victor,

when you fought off all those men.

Oh, my men.

They never meant anything
more than a Kleenex.

Something you use and throw away.

You're all-so-precious, though.

You know how to hit
someone where it hurts most.


And you?

When I said I wouldn't
work for you any longer

you did everything to ruin me.

You even did your best to
turn my husband against me

with your vile lies.

Well I'm not selling out, Flora.

You better forget it.

Now go.

OK, when you're poor
again and you're too fat

to make outwith men, call me.

You still have some capital.

You know, those pictures
you once posed for.

I'd always be willing
to buy them back again.

I'm sure that you'd
realize a good profit.

Oh, naturally my dear, I
couldn't offer the same price.

Those photographs still have some value.

But, mostly as souvenirs.

There was another souvenir
that you wanted from me

and never got.

And that you begged for.

Be careful, Gloria.

Don't make me change my
feeling for you to hate.

I warn you, the hate of
a woman can be very bad.


You know you shouldn't
drink, it's bad for you.

What's wrong?

I found this under the door.

Oh my god.

Damn her!

Inspector, take a
look at this pitchfork.

I found it in the gardener's tool shed.

Looks like it's never been used before.



I've got a
sample of the pool water.

Take it to the lab for analysis.

Don't think they'll find anything new.

Just playing it safe.

To the lab, too?


' AW Sign of burglary?

No, nothing.

Did you see him?

He looks like anything but a cop.

Because you watch television too much.

They always make us out to
be different than we are.

I'm sorry.

Forget it.

I'm used to it by now.

Since I joined the force my hardest job

is to get people to trust me.

They usually take me for a hood.

Please sit down, Inspector.

I questioned that kid Mark.

He didn't try to hold back.

Told me exactly what he
witnessed here last night.

Appears absolutely
certain he saw a murder.

He's the only witness we have

but I don't think he'll be very useful.

All we know is the murderer was blond.

But there are lots of
blonds, both men and women,

and wigs besides.

But why send that photograph?

And pose Kim's body in
front of a poster of me?

And why was she killed?

Right here, at my house?

If we had the answers
to all your questions

the case would be solved now.

But by sending that
photograph of her here

it looks like it points to me, why?

I don't know.

And that's not the only
thing that's baffling.

It's either a warning or an
attempt to implicate you.

We'll investigate the
background of that model

and find out who her friends-

Inspector Corsi.

Excuse me.

Can I send the men back now?

Your breakfast is served.

You know you shouldn't
spy on your neighbors.

It's not very nice.

Have you finished?

I'll do as I like.

Your father called
from London last night.

But you wouldn't answer, he
said he'd call back today.

Well tell him I'm out.

What about your mother?

She's still on vacation.

Enjoying herself.

Anyway I don't give a good
damn about either of them.

Oh thanks.

Holy god.

The beautiful model's
corpse was found this morning

in a garbage bin on Via Calderara.

Now you are the news vendor
who discovered Kim's body,

whose picture appears on
the cover of this magazine.

Tell us in your own words how it happened.

Well, I'd finished unwrapping

the new issue of Pussycat

and was going to put the
plastic in the trash bin

when I saw her, poor girl.

Then what did you do?

I called the police.

And how did you feel,

what was your reaction'?

Why, I was shocked and sick almost.

The see her like that, eyes staring at me,

dried blood all over her dress.

after seeing her

so pretty and sexy on that cover picture.

What, hello?

You ought to thank the murderer, huh?

Mark, how can you say that?

The one who killed her did you a favor.

Your magazine's gonna
sell like hotcakes now

with her picture on the cover.

Isn't it?

Now back to our studio

for the rest of the news...

A favor?

Only a sick kid like him

could've come up with an idea like that.

Why do you talk to him?

It's just that I pity the kid.

Who are you calling, Evelyn?

The printer.

Oh Rogiero, is that you?

Good, I was afraid you'd already left.

Listen, I want another press run.

Oh, you'd already figured
we'd need one, good.

Yes, that should do it.

Thank you, I'll talk to you later.

My god Evelyn, do you think

we should be exploiting her murder?

Gloria, you're a publisher,

you can't afford to pass up this chance.

No, it's a mistake Evelyn.

Gloria, I'm always trying

to increase our circulation,

and now's the perfect chance-

I want you to call
Rogiero back and cancel it.

What for?

By doing that do you think
it will bring Kim back?

You know it wouldn't, so why?

Yeah, I think Evelyn's right.

Even though the killer didn't
mean to do you a favor.

How many copies are they printing?

Well, come on.

Here it is, the printer
told me how many they ordered

a little while ago.

Oh this is awful.

Pour me a martini.

Oh, forgive me, Millie.

Isn't it a little early to be drinking?

It's not quite 9:30 yet.

Oh well, my liver's
about to explode anyway.

The photographer said

he should be finished with them by noon.

And you say that Sabrina
says she won't be coming back.

That's right,

she signed an exclusive
contract with Pussycat.

At double the salary that we offered her.

That bitch is getting the best we have.

Sometimes you just hit on
the right idea by accident.

Come on, I'll show you the studio.

Fine, I'm curious.

Here's the set.

Well, what do you think of it?

Like it?

I think it's fantastic.

And this is where I see Sabrina.

Lost and alone in a world out of time.

Haunted by surreal nightmares.

Well, what do you say?

It'll cost me a fortune,

but how can I say no to you?

I knew you'd like it, thank you.

If you'd brought Evelyn,

it wouldn't have been so easy.

That's the reason

I only brought you along.

Oh, I've got to talk to the set designer.

You mind waiting?

How long will you be?

15 minutes.

OK, I'll have a look around.

Hey Johnny,

you shouldn't scare the girls like that.

Yeah, I suppose you're right.

But if she'd seen you without your makeup,

she'd have probably fainted.

When you see the chief
of the other tribe,

you pick up your sword-

Yeah, but don't forget in the last shot

I had the sword,



How are you?

Fine, and you?

OK, let me look at you.

Ah, you're prettier than ever.

Listen, I've got a 10 minute break.

Do you want to talk for
a while, do you mind?

Why not?

I didn't recognize you dressed like this.

I know.

How longs it been?

Over three years, hm?


And it was my fault.

I don't want to rake over the past,

but I want you to know that deep down

I knew you were the right girl for me.

And that if we kept going together

it would've ended in marriage.

And the very thought of
marriage really scared me.

You're born free, eh?

There's a right time for everything.

And what frightens you today, for example,

tomorrow might seem a good possibility.

You mean you're saying
you're a changed man, you?

I could.

Ah, you'll never change.

You'll be a villain till the day you die.

Am I really that bad?

No, but it's very disturbing
for the girl you're with.

I guess with Carlo it was different.

Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't
mean to talk about him.

I don't mind.

After all, if we hadn't broken up

I would never have known Carlo.

I guess I owe you one, Alex.

Ah, well hang on, I'm about
to make you a proposition.

Come on, Alex,

you've got me on pins and needles.

What's the proposition?

Am I supposed to believe

that a leopard can change his spots?

Yeah, why not?

The big bad wolf's been
changed into a lamb

by a very sexy Bo Peep.

Oh, Alex.

Bang, bang-


I saw the lights on.

I didn't know you had company.

I'm sorry.

Don't tell me you're upset
because your little brother

found you making love with a man?

No, I'm not upset.

Just a little uneasy.

Hey, give me
some more smoke over here.

Now girls, try to move together, yeah.

Now take that shirt off and get rid of it.

Yeah, get rid of it, that's it, good.

Good, now turn slowly.

Lift your hair up for me.

Lift it up.

That's it.



Now you come out of the
smoke but not too fast.

That's it.

Now the dream starts to
change into a nightmare.

Becomes macabre.

Very slowly, remember.

That's good, like that.

Keep shooting, Roberto.

Now, start undressing her.

Sabrina, you've got to show disgust

and excitement at the same time.

You're being transported.

And you mummies, you desire
her, touch her legs, too.

Open your eyes, Sabrina, more.

That's it.

Now, raise your hands toward her breasts.

You want to feel the warmth of her skin

but the bandages prevent you.

Sabrina, start pushing them away now.

Show you're frightened now.

Now, change your expression
to one of pleasure.

That's it.



Tony just called.

He said the pictures
are going to be great.

I want you to have a look at
the proofs for the next issue.

Has Alex called me?

Here? No.

He's been gone more than a week

and he hasn't even called the house yet.

Maybe he's having trouble
with the phones in Yugoslavia.

I know the problems Alex has.

They're either blondes or brunettes.

Didn't you say he'd changed?

Yes, but I don't know how much.


On page one, a photo of Sabrina.

On page three, answers
to Gloria's letters.

Anne Wolff says she's almost
finished writing them.

Did Corsi call me?

Oh, please don't mention his name

or he might come back again.

He spent days in here asking
us all kinds of questions.

Come on.

Can we go on?


I'm going with Sabrina.

I could see she's the kind of girl

who's not exactly lacking initiative.

I'll see you later.


Yeah, what?

You gonna take her back to our studio?

I don't know.

Enjoy yourself.

It's so hot in here I can't breathe.

The windows are all open.

In fact, I'm beginning to feel chilly.

Come on, darling.

Don't take it so badly.

You know it happens to
a lot of men sometimes.


You must be an expert.

You don't have to be insulting

just 'cause you're angry.

Better to just laugh it off.

Yeah, you're right, I should.

Guess I work too hard.

Hey now, come here.

Let's try again, sweetie.

I'm not the kind of girl

who'd leave a good-looking
guy like you unhappy,

don't worry.



Hotel Grazia?

Oh good evening.

I'd like to speak with Signor Alex Wirth.

He's an actor, he's shooting
a motion picture there.

Oh, there's no one
shooting a film there now?

I'm sorry, thank you.

Good bye.

Let me know if you need me
to pose or for anything else.

Yeah, sure.



Good morning, Tony.


I hear sales are booming.

They should.

Thanks to all the work you've done.

I've been calling Sabrina for days.

She's probably
gone out of town.

Perhaps on a job.

Just like that?

Oh come on, you know how models are.

Yeah, I know.

But I find it strange

because she was expecting
a call from me the next day

to let her know how the pictures came out.

If she was leaving the next morning

why would she ask me to call?

What you're saying is
that she asked you to call

the night you slept together, is that it?

Oh! Oh, no...

Not again.

She was found this
morning by some children.

She was in a pond.

The coroner says she's
been dead a few days.

I was probably the last
one to see her alive.

The last one, no.

You're forgetting her killer.

What's that strong odor
of perfume I smelt on her,

it's strange.

That perfume helped kill her.

Essence of tuberose.

You mind explaining, Inspector?

How could perfume kill her?

It attracts bees.

They must have been infuriated first.

Then, attracted to the
odor on the model's body,

they began to sting her.

It's certainly a devilish way to murder.

What about that photo?

You've convinced yourself

the killer's real target is you, right?

It seems to be obvious now.

Look, try not to worry.

And don't look for motives,
because that's our work.

I think from those photos

it's obvious I'm going
to be the next victim.

And when I asked Corsi
he said not to worry.

He'll find the motive, he said.

It's my picture with those dead girls.

If it's not for that, for what?

It's a threat, that's for sure.

But maybe he just wants to scare you.

But do you think that someone

who's already killed two
women only wants to scare me?

To commit crimes like that,

he must be paranoid.

One can't guess what he's thinking.

But there's something else.

There's some detail I
seem to have forgotten.

Madame, may I go now?

Yes, thank you.

What were you saying?

That poster of me with the dead girls,

it's an old picture and only one person

could have the negative.

' Who?


I gave him all those old negatives to hold

that I got back from Flora.

You have to tell Corsi.

I better not.

_ Why?

The police would suspect him at once.

They'd slap him in jail right away.

Two girls, both were models,

and he's gay besides.

He probably doesn't have any alibis

for either of those murders.

How would you know that?

I'm guessing.

You know, he spends the night
going around looking for men.

I didn't want to tell you, stupidly.

A lot of those negatives

and a lot of valuable other stuff

were stolen from my place.

I'd invited around a couple of kids...

Roberto are you trying to tell me

those negatives are in the
hands of the murderer now?


But not necessarily.

It's not absolutely certain

that the negatives the murderer has

are the original ones, Gloria.

That big poster of you in
the shots with the bodies

could have been made from a dup.

Sorry, I don't understand, Roberto.

Technically, there's no problem.

All you've got to do is take
a photograph of a photograph.

You've got as many negatives as you like.

Obviously when you print them,

the quality becomes more grainy.

But once you've blown it
up to six feet by six feet,

it's impossible to tell the difference.

Then we're back to where
we started from again.

Hope you're not too disappointed

to find out that I'm not the murderer.

Oh no, no don't think that,
I never believed it was you.

Don't turn the light on.

I have light.

Because I want to admire you, Gloria.

No, let me go.

Shut up, you'll force me to murder you.

Want it?

Tell me that you want it.

Tell me!


Gloria, it's OK.

It's OK, nothing's happened.

It's just a bad dream.

Oh god, it was terrible.

Doctor Lorenzi's here.

Thank you, you may go.

Hello, Mark.

What are you doing?

I'm taking my daily walk.

Just stretching my legs, Doc.

Keep on treating it as a joke

and you'll never get out
of that chair, my boy.

You quack.

You think I'm enjoying myself,

being nailed to this chair day after day?

No, I know how much you're suffering.

But I also know that your paralysis

doesn't have any physical cause.

That's what you say.

My father, my mother, that's
what you all like to think.

You say there's no damage to my spine, eh?

So you figure all that's
wrong is right here.

In my brain, huh?


It's simply my fault that I'm crippled.

Sounds like you enjoy
playing the victim.

Yeah, sure.

I like being that.

You know what, Doctor?

You're pretty smart after all.

The truth is you don't want to walk.

You have a mental block

because you feel responsible
for Cinzia's death.

Yes, you're right.

If she hadn't been in my car,

Cinzia might still be alive.

And I'd be walking.

And we'd even have been married.

MY god.



The only thing warm
in here is the sauna.

I called Spoleto.

They told me you weren't there,

and that you weren't expected.

That's right.

I went to Greece, because
it's a co-production.

Well the least you could do

is pick up a phone and say where you were.

What's important is I'm here.

Am I important?



- Come!
- No!

No, please!

She work in blue films, also?

Only this one.

But the public seems to have forgotten it.

Gloria's quite respectable now.

Do we have to watch any more?

Leave it alone and sit down.

Good morning.

This must be important
if you called us all here.

I've decided to accept Flora's offer.

You're going to sell the magazine?

I have no intention of
working any longer here

after all that's happened.

It seems the best solution.

But it's not as though you killed them.

But my picture's with those dead girls,

are you forgetting that?

Or doesn't it worry you?

Well it won't help selling the magazine.

If the killer wants you,
it won't solve the problem.

Or are you gonna go somewhere and hide'?

Throwing away all your work and ours

won't stop that crazy.

But if I stay here he's sure to kill me.

. HEY-

What's your hurry?

Oh, what a fright.

Say, what are you doing here?

I came to get you.

Our appointment, remember?

That girlfriend of mine is expecting us.

But how did you know
I'd be coming here today?

I know everything.

And what I don't know I imagine.

Isn't today the anniversary
of Carlo's death?


There we are.

Thank you, much obliged.

Are you really sure you want to do this?

Well, since I haven't
sold the magazine yet,

I thought I'd model again.

Like in the old days.

Hey, I haven't got
anything against the idea.

I think it's great.

I'm coming.


Hi, Tony.

Susan, this is my sister Gloria.

I'm glad to meet you finally.

Tony's always talking about you.

Oh? What does he say?

Oh, he thinks
you're the greatest,

the most beautiful, the most-

Hey hey, come on now.

Tony always exaggerates.

Yeah, this place is perfect.

What's over there?

Children's clothes.

Gee, I didn't know it was so big.

Hey, be careful, she'll see us.

Frankly Tony, I think
you're asking a lot

of personal customer service.

How could I refuse Tony anything?

He's filled the house
with flowers and candy.

Yes, phone calls, caviar, champagne.

You have a very persuasive brother.

What do you think if I posed

with just this wind jacket on?

Ah-ha, good idea.

Or maybe better yet, nude on skis.

While modestly wearing a scarf.

Would you like to visit
the other floors now?

Oh yes, I would.

Pretty good shot, huh?

This is the men's department.

This is still men's clothing.

Men's sportswear, shirts,
sweaters, underwear, slacks,

you name it.

They're as stylish as our
clothes now, aren't they?

Yeah, we do everything we
can to please the ladies.

They're all becoming
more vain than we are.

Oh, you're just jealous,
come here a minute.

Tony, please.

Listen, what are you doing, later?

Maybe we could have dinner, or-

OK, but calm down.

You come on strong, don't you?



Come on, it's beautiful up here.



Come on, you can play with fire later.

You want to leave me alone here, huh?

Come on up now, Tony.

No, no!

Tony, no!

Not you.

Oh, god.

What happened to you, Tony?

it's your turn, Gloria.

You can't escape.

It's your turn to die.


Susan, where are you?


Now it's your turn, Gloria.

You can't escape.

When we went
to the department store

there was no trace of either
Tony or his girlfriend.

They'll probably turn up in a
few days, but who knows where?


Drink it.

Evelyn, would you open the curtains?

It's so dark in here.


Is that better?

It wasn't a nightmare this time, was it?

You have to fight it, Gloria.

We all have to.

I know I have to, Evelyn.

I have to go on living.

I'll go get your pills.

I won't be long.

If you need anything, there's the maid.

I'll be right back.

Oh no.

Oh my god!

Wonder where we'll find the other body?

Yeah, I wonder, too.

Hey, wait.

All right.

Looks like the same killer, all right.

Yeah, I'd say so.

What do you think, Inspector?

Am I going to be the next victim?

Yes, hello?

High Gloria, it's me, Alex.


How are you?

Oh I'm so glad you called.

You finish your film?

You back?

No baby, I'm sorry.

But I'll be in Rome Monday.

Gloria, I miss you.

Hello, who's speaking?

This is Inspector Corsi.

Stay away from that photographer Roberto.

But do you suspect him?

You mean he's the murderer?

I haven't time to explain now.

Just do what I say.

And don't open your door to him.

We're coming right over.

Gloria, let me in.

I have to see you.



Evelyn, Oh!





Gloria, wait!

Help me, somebody!

Why are you running away?


I have to talk with you.

It's me, Roberto.

Stop, wait!

Gloria, help me.

I'm sorry.

I can't understand any of this.

Roberto obviously must have hated women.

And especially you, Gloria.

Then why did he kill Tony, he liked him?

It's difficult to know a killer's mind.

But in the department store,

what I clearly remember
had a woman's voice.

No, it wasn't a girl.

The voice you heard at that moment

might have sounded like a girl's voice.

Assuming you're right,

why doesn't the rest of it make sense?

The car that killed him, for example,

why didn't it stop?

I've got to blot it out
or I'll go mad, too.

Who is it?

This is Mark.

I see the police are
there again, what gives?

How does it feel to be
surrounded by death?

Stop calling, you fool!

Our battle seems to have finished.

Though you certainly
were a tough adversary.

I'm sorry my dear, I'm
putting you out to pasture.

You know I suppose I
really ought to thank you.

I'm getting rid of a lot of bad memories.

It's a shame you're so insensitive, Flora.

I would've given it to you for the asking.

Are you so proud of yourself now?



Kio, where's Miss Evelyn?

She's gone, madame.

She took all her things.

She left this letter for you.


forgive me for leaving like
this but I worked for you,

not the magazine.

So what sense would it
make for me to stay on,

regretting what we no longer have?

Good luck.

She must think I have a will of iron.

She wanted me to go on with the magazine

after all of those killings.

Yes, hello?


Oh no.


Dear god, no.

it's your turn, Gloria.

You can't escape.

It's your turn to die.

Come out, show yourself!

Kill me if you must,
I can't take any more!

It's your turn, Gloria.

Now it's your turn, Gloria.

You can't escape.

It's your turn, Gloria.

How would you like to die'?

The police took the
pitchfork I used to kill Kim.

And I didn't have time
to get more killer bees

that liked Sabrina so much.

But I'll think of something.

Maybe on the order of how I did Susan.



It's me.

What's the matter?

Don't you like me?

Don't you like me?

Oh no.

I haven't become a transvestite.

I'm not even very good at that.

But why, Tony?

But Why?

You should know, Gloria.

You're the only one I love.

I've always loved you.

Since we were kids.

Tony, you killed those poor girls.

What made you do that?

You ought to thank me.


That bitch Kim was trying to
take your place as a model.

And Sabrina your place in bed.

And I didn't want that.

That little salesgirl Susan
was trying to trap me.

Even Roberto wanted to betray me.

No Tony, no.

I'm dead, Gloria.

Everyone thinks I'm dead.

I could have run away.

But I figured

while you're alive

I'll never be free.

But first, I want to see
you naked one more time.






Tony, stop!

Help, help!

And now, strip.

My 90c-

For the last time.

Just for me.

No Tony, please don't ask me that.


Do you even know what you're doing?

Oh yes, I do.

You belong to me, only me.

Go on.

I've always loved you, Gloria.

Every part of you.

Your lips.

And your tongue.

And the curve of your white throat.

That leads to the valley
between those rose-capped hills.

Now I want to see them.

Nobody else will ever caress
your body again, Gloria.

Oh, no.

No, no.


Take this off, too.


I said take them off.

Oh Tony!

Is my brother alive?

Yes, he'll make it.

Though I'm afraid he'll need a wheelchair

the rest of his life.

I'm sorry Inspector,
she's still in shock.

She has to sleep.

Yes, I'm going.

I hope that from now on,
life will be better for you.

We'll see.

Get well soon.

You must try to sleep now.

Call me if you need me.

Did I frighten you?

I'm sorry.

I just had to see you.



Gloria, you won't mind
if I phone to tell you

that your beautiful?

More beautiful?

Of course you can, Mark.

Do you know that I'm getting better?

I'm beginning to walk a little now.

_ I'm so glad.

It's good to see you again.

And you, you get better, huh?


Don't forget me now, promise?

I won't.

:: Re-synchronisation ferneiva::