Deja Vu (2006) - full transcript

A ferry filled with crewmen from the USS Nimitz and their families was blown up in New Orleans on Mardi Gras. BATF Doug Carlin is brought in to assist in the massive investigation, and gets attached to an experimental FBI surveillance unit, one that uses spacefolding technology to directly look back a little over four days into the past. While tracking down the bomber, Carlin gets an idea in his head: could they use the device to actually travel back in time and not only prevent the bombing but also the murder of a local woman whose truck was used in the bombing?

Can't believe it. They're right on time.
Let's get these boys to their party.
MAN ON RADIO: It's 10:48 on Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras.
Now let's go back in time to 1964.
The Beach Boys on 105.3 FM,
the heart of New Orleans.
Okay. Take it out wide. Give the pig some room.
My daughter's on that ferry. Please. Please.
Oh, God, my daughter!
Do the other side?
ATF New Orleans, Agent Donnelly.
Listen, call New Orleans PD.
I want all surveillance from the Algiers dock.
Then call City Transit.
I want the Crescent City Bridge surveillance,
westbound between 10:00 and 11:00.
All right, got it.
Hey. Seen an ATF agent around here?
Yeah, he went down below.
How do I get there?
The south side of the bridge.
You Agent Minuti?
Larry Minuti, ATF?
No, Larry's my partner. I'm Doug Carlin.
Paul Pryzwarra, FBI.
- How you doing? - Where's Minuti?
On vacation.
Not anymore. We're calling in half the region on this one.
You can reach him?
CARLIN: I tried. He's not picking up his phone.
Well, try harder. It's important.
What are you looking for?
Anything that doesn't belong.
You want to give me a spot?
Ammonium nitrate, water-soluble.
Fuel oil would have burned off during the blast.
Between the river and the rain, if ANFO was used,
the only place you'd find it would be...
Underneath this bridge.
That's right.
We can't rule out an accident at this point.
- It's not officially a crime scene yet. - Here's a thought.
Why don't we double the perimeter
so we don't have wall-to-wall trailers down there?
ELKINS: No, we're gonna need all our manpower
for evidence control and witness processing.
Now, we need to keep it tight
until we can determine that it is a crime investigation.
It is a crime investigation.
Got a piece of electric blasting cap
and a strand of what appears to be leg wire.
About a million of those blue particles washed up on the Algiers side.
It's probably from a plastic container or a barrel.
Most likely. There was post-blast residue
under the Crescent City Bridge.
The insulation on the leg wire will inform us
of who the manufacturer of the blasting cap is.
Then we go after the switching mechanism
and the bomb's power source.
We probably don't need to wait for the lab to tell us what we already know,
that this is an explosive and a trigger.
And you are?
Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Doug Carlin, ATF.
- Who's in charge? - We're working on that now.
Gentlemen, please.
Ed Elkins. I'm in charge.
- Oh, good, good, good. - Yeah.
You're in charge, then? Okay.
First things first. Where's the coffeepot?
Come on, this is a police investigation, right? Operation.
We gotta have a coffeepot.
Yeah, you'll find it in the back.
- Back there? - Yeah.
[CHUCKLES] He is in charge. Thank you, gentlemen.
See anything?
Hit rewind for me.
Hey, did Larry call?
Still not answering his cell. We left another message.
All right.
- Say, that girl ever get ahold of you? - What girl?
You know, sexy voice, asked if you were tall, dark and handsome.
I gave her two out of three.
Two out of three. That's very good. Hit play.
Thank you.
Hey, Larry, this is Doug. How you doing?
Listen, I know you're maybe still pissed off at me,
but you need to get your behind down here, all right?
- Doug. - Yeah?
Doug, Orleans Parish on line one. It's Sheriff Reed.
They pulled a body out of the water, and they want a profile.
All right, tell him they don't need a profile.
- Just tell him to bag it. I'll call him back. - WOMAN: Okay, got it.
CARLIN: Put this on a candy wrapper?
It's all I had.
Cutting back, huh?
Hold it right there.
Yeah, this is ATF Agent Doug Carlin returning your call.
My cell number is 504-555-0130.
What's that?
KEVIN: Looks like a dude on a bike.
Run it forward a little bit.
Stop right there.
What is he doing?
Going to the bathroom?
Run it forward, run it forward.
- What time does it say? - 10:47.
- That's before the explosion, isn't it? - Right before.
McCREADY: Can I have your attention, please?
Thanks very much for coming.
I'm Jack McCready, special agent in charge of this investigation.
First, let me say our hearts go out
to all of those affected by this tragedy.
Early estimates place the number of casualties
at 543 men, women and children.
Now, Lord knows this city has seen its share of pain,
but unlike Katrina,
this disaster was not an act of nature.
After careful review of evidence retrieved at the scene,
we have concluded this was a deliberate act of terrorism,
and the President concurs with our assessment.
On our end, we have to ask for your patience,
as the investigation will take time.
It's a unique and complicated crime scene.
There's no baggage checks. There's no flight data recorder.
There are maximum casualties,
and most of the evidence is under 100 feet of muddy water.
There are no shortcuts.
- Kevin, where's Doug? - You just missed him.
- Well, his car's still here. - Took the streetcar.
- What? Streetcar? - Hey, don't look at me.
It's part of his process. He says it helps him think.
Sheriff Reed.
How you doing? It's Doug Carlin returning your call.
Hey, Doug. I know you got your hands full right now.
Yeah, that's okay. What do you got for me, Bob?
Well, a couple of kids found a woman
face down in the waters off Algiers Point.
She was burned over 30% of her body.
Right, well, you're gonna see a lot of that over the next few weeks.
We've just set up ECC. Just have Crime Scene bag it for us.
Well, we already done that. The body's at the ME's right now.
Crime Scene's already been there?
Yeah, they've been and gone.
Well, exactly what time did this woman wash up on shore?
Kid called it in at 10:42 a.m.
You mean 11:42, don't you?
No, I mean 10:42. I got the sheet right in front of me,
and I got my reading glasses on.
PHIL: Lmmediately evident is the focal charring of the limbs and torso.
Anterior face, neck and chest are intact,
though swollen from apparent immersion in water.
Hold her hand for me, will you? Right here.
There we go.
Each digit of the right hand has been severed
between the middle and distal phalanges. Thanks.
Angle of shearing indicates a single sharp-force trauma,
possibly caused by shrapnel.
No. No, it's too even to be shrapnel trauma.
Posterior charring gives off a strong odor,
suggesting perimortem immersion in burning fuel.
- Accelerant, maybe? - I don't know.
If she was that close to the bomb,
she probably wouldn't be laying here now.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
You got a UV gun?
Yeah, on the table behind you.
- CARLIN: You see that? - Duct tape.
What's that stippling? You see that?
Adhesive probably retained some substance against the water.
Yeah, go ahead.
I ran down those MPRs for you.
A Claire Kuchever was reported missing this morning.
Supposed to pick up her father from the airport, pulled a no-show.
All right, Phil, I want you to do a full autopsy.
Concentrate on time and cause.
Full spread of lab tests. Everything.
Just pretend like the ferry explosion never happened today, okay?
- She's beautiful, huh? - Yeah.
You'll need a photograph for your investigation, right?
There's plenty in the house. Plenty to choose from.
Mr. Kuchever, I'm sorry about this,
but I'm gonna need you to confirm your daughter's identity.
Now, anything that you can tell me
about your daughter's activities over the weekend,
or any time, anything at all, will be helpful.
Well, I don't know.
My flight got in at 8:00 a.m. This morning,
and she was supposed to pick me up, but she wasn't there.
I thought maybe she just overslept,
so I took a cab and I went straight to her house.
Her and Alan's car was gone,
so I thought maybe she'd just finally sold it.
- Who's Alan? - Her fiancé.
Or ex-fiancé.
They broke up a few months ago.
And where is he now, Alan?
- He moved to Montreal. - Okay.
She was too good for him, anyway.
I got a sweater that she left, if you want to take it.
No, that's okay. But if you have keys to her house, I would appreciate it.
Oh, she had a date.
Last night on the phone, she told me that she was gonna meet someone,
but she didn't say who. Her friend Beth set it up.
Beth Walsh. Claire baby-sits her daughter, Abbey, sometimes.
Thank you.
That's good for now.
Somebody'll be in touch.
Agent Carlin?
I want you to take these.
Well, that's...
Just go through them when you get a chance.
- Well, it's really not necessary. - Yes, it is.
See, I know how these things go, Agent Carlin,
and I need her to matter to you.
WOMAN: Monday, 7:48 p.m.
KUCHEVER: Hi, Claire. It's Dad.
My flight gets in at 7:55 tomorrow morning,
so don't stay up too late. Love you. Bye-bye.
WOMAN: Tuesday, 9:44 a.m.
Claire? Hi, it's Beth. Are you there?
I'm sorry to call you so early,
but you said you were gonna call me when you got home,
and when you didn't, I started to get worried.
CLAIRE: Beth, is this a joke? BETH: Oh, hey, hey! No.
Like I said, I was just worried about you, that's all.
I can't talk right now. Someone's here. I'll call you later.
WOMAN: Tuesday, 9:50 a.m.
Tuesday, 10:04 a.m.
Claire, it's Dad. I did say 7:55, didn't I?
I'm here at the airport, waiting for you.
If you're not coming, I hope you're sending Beth or someone.
Call me.
Tuesday, 1:18 p.m.
Yeah, this is A TF Agent Doug Carlin returning your call.
My cell number is 504-555-0130.
WOMAN: Tuesday, 1:18 p.m.
Yeah, this is A TF Agent Doug Carlin returning your call.
My cell number is 504-555-0130.
The blast wave initiated here, hit the bulkhead
and propagated fore and aft along the path of least resistance
until it hits this access hatch.
And that's where it gets really bad.
STALHUTH: The blast wave continues
into the engine room, bursting the fuel tanks.
This utility shaft here acts like a chimney,
draws the thermal components into the engine room,
which ignites the fuel vapor, causing a secondary explosion
of far greater magnitude.
PRYZWARRA: Essentially, the initial device turns the whole ferry into a bomb
and detonates it.
And so our early guess
is that the bomb vehicle was a minivan or SUV.
- Possibly red or tan. - McCREADY: Make and model?
- Take weeks, maybe months. - I got a partial on the license plate.
Check all the SUVs and minivans that are registered in the state.
Anything recently rented or purchased,
anything tied to a theft or a missing persons report.
- Agent McCready? - Yeah.
Doug Carlin, ATF.
Oh, yeah. Oklahoma City.
Right. That's right.
This afternoon, I witnessed an autopsy
of a young woman who washed up off the Poland Wharf.
Heavy fuel burns, traces of PETN on her face.
PETN, that's the base explosive used by domestic terrorists.
She also lost several fingers in what appeared to be blast damage.
That's right. I checked the tide tables against the position of the blast.
For her to have washed up that early and that far upriver,
she would've had to have been killed two hours before the ferry exploded.
She died before the explosion?
She died before the explosion, yeah. Her name is Claire Kuchever.
She washed up before the explosion and against the tide.
- Do you have a scenario? - Yes, I do.
I believe that somebody abducted her in her home, taped her mouth,
bound her wrists, burned her alive, dumped her in the river
so she would appear to be just another disaster victim.
A disaster that hadn't happened yet.
But the PETN tells us
that the bomber came in direct contact with the victim.
You solve her case, you solve this case.
Why this woman?
Good question. Her SUV is missing.
It's a tan and red Bronco.
It could have been stolen to drive the bomb to the ferry.
Oh, one more thing.
The victim called the local ATF office
the morning of the explosion.
- We'll look into it. - Okay.
All right.
Where's Larry?
- What? - Larry Minuti, my partner.
That's his car right there. Is he here?
I thought you said he was on vacation.
Yeah, that's right.
Those cars were brought here from the Algiers ferry parking lot.
They're the vehicles that belonged to the victims.
So he's a former Marine?
Yes, sir. Yeah. Local, too. He's born and bred in New Orleans.
His family still in the area?
Nope. Nothing, really, but his job.
- You like him? - He's smart.
Yeah, I like him, too.
All right. Let's go find him.
Oklahoma City.
- You and Larry were close? - Yeah.
Yeah, you know, close enough to get on each other's nerves.
Doug, I've been put in charge of a newly-formed investigative unit.
The ferry disaster is our first case, and I want you on the team.
Why me?
We've got some unique time constraints.
I need someone who can look at a crime scene exactly one time,
tell us what's missing, tell us what shouldn't be there,
tell us what we can ignore
and, especially, what we need to pursue.
Also, you're local. You know the people and you know the area.
But why an ATF guy?
Why not? It's your shot.
You want to find the guy who killed Minuti, don't you?
Yes, I do.
I guess you've got some questions.
For me to have questions, first I'd need to know something.
Now I do have some questions.
Don't touch anything. We don't need you yet.
Doug, you remember Dr. Alexander Denny.
Where's my audio?
Compensating for audio delay. Just a second.
Compensating for a technical blunder by a tech guy...
Solid stream. Minus four days, six hours, three minutes, 45 seconds.
GUNNARS: And 14 and a half nanoseconds.
DENNY: Okay.
Anytime you want to jump in here, be my guest.
- Me? - Yeah.
What are we looking for?
You know, clues, suspects, anything out of the norm.
- When was this taken? - DENNY: Four and a half days ago.
Gunnars, try the guy with the backpack.
Oh, that's tender.
I wish I had someone. Okay, widen out.
Let's cruise the car deck for a while, see what we got.
How can you change the angle
on footage taken four and a half days ago?
PRYZWARRA: This is a digital recreation.
We're combining all the data we've got into one fluid shot.
Any angle, any view within the target area.
Okay, let's cruise the breezeway,
see what we get there.
PRYZWARRA: It's a brand-new program.
It's called Snow White.
Our primary data comes from seven orbiting satellites,
but at any given time, as many as four are surveilling one area.
It's like having multiple eyewitnesses, each with their own vantage point.
Snow White?
Well, which one of the seven dwarfs
can explain to me how you get the audio?
I don't understand.
Why do you gotta look at four days ago?
Why don't you just fast-forward it to the day of the explosion?
We have to wait. It takes four and a half days
to render this single fluid shot.
The only thing that matters
is that we have exactly one look at any one time.
Yeah. We can't go back 10 minutes, you know?
Can't look back and see if there was a second gunman.
We can't watch the agent buying 10 pairs of cargo pants in 1983.
All right? But given enough lead time,
we can look anywhere within the target area, all right?
It's the when that's always constant. It's always four days and six hours ago.
Always. You understand?
It's like a single trailing moment of now, in the past.
Okay. So if you can't move forward or backward in time,
how is it the image keeps speeding up like that?
It's not the image that's moving faster, it's just our shifting point of view.
The passage of time remains constant, but we can shift our point of view
within the data stream as fast as we want.
- You understand? - Yeah. Yeah. No.
Yeah, I know.
So four days from... Well, actually, three days from now,
since it's after midnight, you'll be able to look back
to the day of the explosion, see who did it,
how they did it and what they did it with.
Yeah, you got it.
The only thing is, you need to tell us where to look,
'cause, you know, we could miss it.
PRYZWARRA: Besides, three days could be too late.
He could leave the country, could strike again.
We need to do whatever we can now.
We know he's out there planning this.
We just don't know where to look.
So, Agent Carlin, where do we look?
Claire Kuchever's house.
Address is in range.
All right, match the viewer settings to the signal.
- Signal's solid. - DENNY: All right, dazzle me.
You see, with Snow White we can track through walls.
It's part of the same infrared thermal-imaging stuff
they're using in Iraq.
CLAIRE: Hello. This is 877-504-8423.
PRYZWARRA: We triangulate from four satellites,
pick up the heat signal and reconstruct.
Basically, we can walk through walls.
Claire Kuchever.
ALAN: Claire? Hello? GUNNARS: Did you know her?
We held hands once, but no, I didn't know her.
ALAN: Just checking in, wondering how you're doing.
Montreal's fantastic, but my boss is an ass.
Can you rotate the view, see what she's looking at?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I want you to come visit, though.
The city's phenomenal. You're gonna love it.
Claire? Claire?
- Somebody got that? - Yeah.
Claire, you there?
Listen, I've had a lot of time to think,
and I need you to sell the Bronco as soon as possible.
Or at least pay me back my half. I just really need the money.
I love you, honey. Call me.
- Where's she... Can you follow her? - No problem.
Yeah, I'm coming, I'm coming.
It's Stalhuth, at that house you found. Female murder victim, Claire?
Right. What do you got?
We got some bloody cotton swabs and gauze strips in the bathroom,
some blood in the sink trap. And, oh, hey, Carlin?
Man, when did you completely forget how to investigate a crime scene?
What do you mean?
This place is lousy with your fingerprints.
They're all over the place.
Do me a favor. Just describe what you see for me, okay? Just humor me.
Woman's bedroom. Vanity mirror.
Dressing table with makeup, knick-knacks.
Okay, okay, okay, I get it.
Is there anybody there? Anybody brushing their teeth?
No. Just a couple agents, including Hendricks, who's bent over,
and I have a fine view of the crack of his ass.
Okay, I get the picture. Talk to you later.
You satisfied?
She was supposed to go on a date the night before she died.
I want to get her appointment books and everything brought down here,
you know, her phone records, credit cards, diaries, anything.
I wanna know everything there is to know about this woman.
Well, shouldn't we be concentrating on the ferry?
Well, yeah, it's likely that our guy
cased the ferry first, but we don't know when.
We don't even know what he looks like.
I mean, we could stare him right in the face and not know it's him.
But we will notice a change, even a small change, in her life.
- Hey, Beth. - BETH: Claire.
That guy I've been telling you about really wants to meet you.
Okay. Tell him I'll meet him Monday night.
BETH: How about Sunday if you're not doing anything?
- No, Monday. - Great. I'll give him your number.
No, do not give him my number. I'll go meet him.
- He's not some psycho killer. - Who? Him who?
I don't even know if I can do it Monday. Hang on.
Show me the book.
Monday works.
- Damn! - Shit!
Can we go back?
- No. - Seriously?
No, it's far too much data for any existing storage system.
It's a constant stream. There's no rewind, no second chances.
We can record what we're seeing, but we can't go back
and choose to look at something different.
Okay. You said we can record, though?
- SHANTI: Yes. - Okay.
Tell me, is there any scientific or forensic insight likely to be gained
by spying on this woman in the shower?
Shanti, we're trying to make sure the woman's clean.
All right, why don't you,
you know, look around the rest of the bathroom? Can you do that?
- Gunnars. - Yeah.
- You back? - Sorry.
All right.
Icy Hot, Band-Aids, baby oil.
This woman needs a vice.
What's on the other side of that wall?
Let's take a look.
Hello? Hello?
Maybe there's someone out there. Maybe there's a stalker.
Someone there?
Hey, Ginger.
Does she know I'm here? Does she know we're here?
No, impossible. Strictly one-way.
You sure?
Okay, let's check the perimeter.
GUNNARS: Nobody.
Who's watching her?
We are.
WOMAN ON TV: They will also take up a request for more money for the...
God, thank you for blessing me with this food and with my life.
I know today's gonna be a great day. Amen.
You guys singing? You singing a love song?
You singing a love song to one another?
What you doing?
Yeah, it's been a while.
Everything God has done will remain forever.
There is nothing to add to it,
nothing to take from it.
God has done this so that men should be in awe...
Ex didn't show.
Would you?
MINISTER: Whatever is has already been,
and what will be has been before.
God calls forth the past.
Claire loved music.
There's a church near our house,
and gospel fills the neighborhood.
When she was little, Claire saw a jazz funeral procession.
She asked me that day,
"Why do they always wait until the end
"to play the good music?"
Claire, honey, the music's playing for you now and forever.
Were there four limo drivers or five?
Four limos. Must have been four drivers, right?
Four limos. Must have been four drivers, right?
He was here.
Address is in range.
Palace Restaurant.
They got good food there.
WAITRESS: I'm so sorry for the wait. I really am.
Your table will be ready in a few minutes.
Drinks are on me, all right?
It is gonna be a few more minutes for your table...
Go upstairs and see if Table 45 is ready for desserts.
- All right? - MAN: I will.
Hold on. Hang on. Hello? Hello?
MAN: Hey, are you the lady with the Bronco for sale?
- That's him. - How do you know?
- That's him. - Well, call up the phone list.
Let's see if it's a number we've tracked.
Yes, that's me. Just a second.
Cover for me, all right?
Keep that tape running, too.
I'm gonna want a recording of this conversation for voice analysis.
- I'm here. Can you hear me? - MAN: Well, hello, there.
Let me tell you, first off,
I'm what you could call a real motivated buyer.
I bet you are.
I'm ready to get something right away.
That sounds great. I need to sell something right away.
Your price looks good, model, mileage...
So where can I come by and see it?
Don't tell him.
I'm at 827 Kings Oak, in the French Quarter.
- Need directions? - Now he knows where she lives.
No, no, I'll find you. Is tomorrow night good?
Actually, I... Tomorrow night is not good.
- Tomorrow? - I'm going out tomorrow.
He wants to wait for the last possible moment to steal her car,
then it's too late to report it.
How does Tuesday sound?
Got it. 504-555-0147.
I see it. Tracking.
MAN: I think that's gonna be too late.
See, I need the vehicle Tuesday morning.
Is there anyone else there that can show me the car?
- No. Sorry. - He's thinking.
I'll tell you what. There's a K5 Blazer...
A date means somebody's gonna be expecting her
and will miss her if she doesn't show up.
That could ruin his plans. Shanti, I want to see this guy.
No good. It's an outdoor phone booth. Three miles out of range.
CLAIRE: I hope to hear from you.
Can we get someone out there with a goggle rig?
What's that do? Extend the range?
Yeah, it's immediate line of sight.
But we can use it to gather data outside the target area.
Provided there's any data to gather.
How long is this guy gonna be at the phone booth?
Not long.
- Have a good night. - Thanks.
Story of my life.
Yeah, story of my life, too.
All right, now we heard the voice of our bomber,
now we're gonna go after him the old-fashioned way.
Can we get video surveillance on that phone booth?
We can access all surveillance available to any government agency.
Okay, this is from the ATM camera across the street.
All right. Let's fast-forward to the exact time of his phone call to Claire.
Where are we supposed to be looking?
Behind the guy on the left.
Can you enhance it, Gunnars?
GUNNARS: Not enough for an ID.
Wait, go back. Can you rewind it just a little bit?
Stop. What is that on the ground?
Looks like a camcorder bag, maybe.
- We have facial recognition software? - Yeah.
Let's use it on the bag.
Cross-match it to all the bags on the south side of the city
in the 48 hours leading up to the explosion, all right?
GUNNARS: Don't think it's ever been used this way.
Yeah, that's kind of a simple image to go for a match.
Well, we got nowhere else to go.
- PRYZWARRA: Look, same bag. - Bingo.
Okay, freeze it.
Yeah, looks like the same guy, too. Where is this?
Security camera at the Algiers ferry dock.
Okay, when is this?
Two nights before the explosion. Seven hours from now.
Two nights before the explosion is seven hours from now?
Seven hours from now, we will be able to access this point in our time window.
CARLIN: Gotcha.
Kind of creepy, seeing that lady's life go down in flames.
Makes you appreciate life.
I suggest you go home and jump on whoever you got.
- That's what I'm gonna do. - Nobody home.
How'd you let that happen?
Everything you have, you lose, right? Mother, father, gone.
Good looks, Pryzwarra, gone.
Loved ones gone in a second.
That's what this job teaches you, doesn't it?
No matter what,
no matter how hard you grab onto something, you still lose it, right?
Well, we're gonna grab onto this guy in a couple hours.
We're gonna nail this son of a bitch.
What's wrong?
No matter what, we still lose her.
WOMAN ON RADIO: Dot-com for a link to the FEMA Web site.
WOMAN ON RADIO: Dot-com for a link to the FEMA Web site.
MAN: Military helicopters that have served as an emergency force
are leaving the city. Hundreds of thousands of New Orleans residents
have been unable to come back home, and entire neighborhoods...
Did you talk to him?
... are still waiting to rebuild. This while governmental agencies...
GIRL: Oh, no. CLAIRE: What is it?
Mom asked me to say a prayer for David this morning, but I forgot.
- Okay. - Mom is gonna be so mad at me.
She's not gonna be mad at you. Come on.
We'll just say one now, all right?
- It's too late. - It's never too late, sweetie.
We'll just pray that David had a good day, all right?
How about this? You pray for David, and I'll pray for my mom, okay?
- Okay. - All right.
- What's going on? - Give it a second.
- DENNY: Gunnars. - It's rebooting. It's coming back.
- Are we online? - Wait.
- Are we online? - Gunnars!
- What the hell's going on? - Shanti, are we back online?
SHANTI: I don't know. Something broached the field.
- What broached the field? - That broached the field, right there.
That broached the field, right there. That's what broached the field.
Now, you wanna tell me what the hell this thing is?
It's not surveillance, Paul. It's not electronic thermal imaging.
You guys have figured out a way to look into the past. Yes or no?
- No. - You're lying.
- You're lying, and you know it. - I've told you everything I can.
She saw it, Paul. I pointed this thing at her just now,
and she responded to it from four and a half days ago.
- Explain that to me. - All right.
CARLIN: Somebody explain it!
Hit it, Shanti.
For three years, Cambridge has been working
for National Reconnaissance on an R & D grant.
We were attempting to use concentrated bursts of energy
to enhance the sensitivity of optical telescopes.
In the process, we had a breakthrough.
Given enough energy, we could warp the very fabric of space.
I said explain it to me, not talk science.
- They found a way to... - Look, I'll tell you what.
Why don't you guys just keep talking? I'll just sit here
until you figure out what it is you really wanna tell me.
They found a way to fold space back onto itself.
All right, look. We're used to viewing space as flat, right?
- Like this piece of paper. - Right.
To see something from a distance, light has always had to travel
the long way across the flat space in between.
But given what I was trying to explain,
we can fold the space, bring the target closer to us,
create what's known as an Einstein-Rosen bridge,
otherwise known as a wormhole, suspend it via gravitational field.
- That's what we're looking at? - That's it.
What's on the other end of the bridge?
Claire's house.
Basically, we're folding space in a higher dimension
to create an instantaneous link between two distant points.
- Instantaneous? - Well, that's what we hoped for
and that's what we expected. But the electrical force...
We used huge amounts of energy to create this bridge.
All right, how huge?
You remember that little blackout we had a few years back?
- Yes, I do. - New York blamed Canada.
- Right. - Canada blamed Michigan.
Half the Northeast. You're saying you guys...
- Fifty million homes. Right. - My bad.
Well, I still say we blame Canada, but...
Okay, so why can't I see this bridge?
It's not visible to the human eye. I mean, it's real, though.
It's just as real and just as solid
as a cell phone signal or a radio wave.
Right. Well, I don't know how a cell phone works.
I just know how to use it. So how do we use this?
We can look back four and a half days.
- And what, we can look anywhere? - Limited radius.
Right, right, right. Looking into the past.
In a sense, we're always looking in the past.
Even light reflected from yourself in the mirror
takes some time to reflect back.
Let me get this straight.
You're trying to tell me that on the other side of this bridge
- is the actual past? - Yes.
- Wow. - DENNY: Yeah. But look, look, look.
We created this thing by pure accident. All right?
This space and time... This time window is a complete fluke.
All right? And everybody is terrified of screwing with it for fear of losing it
or suffering the consequences of God knows what,
which is why it can only be used as a retroactive tool...
Hey, let me ask you something. Is she alive or is she dead?
- You went to her funeral, Doug. - I know that,
but I think the question still applies. Is she alive or is she dead?
All right. Life, like time and space, is not merely a local phenomenon.
All right!
Am I asking a hard question?
[CLEARS THROAT] Looks like I picked a bad week to stop snorting hash.
All right, I tell you what.
I'll speak slow, so those of you with Ph.D.'s in the room can understand.
It... Here. Look. Here's a monitor, right?
Now the monitor is broken. It's dead.
It is not temporarily transitioned to another state of entropy.
It's dead, right? Now, is she alive or is she dead?
- She's alive. - All right.
Now we're getting somewhere.
All right, now, you said light could go back. What else?
- Nothing. - Something else could be sent back.
Come on, Paul. Something. What? A body? A human being?
- No. - Not a person. Not alive, anyway.
- Why not? - Because you can't beat the physics.
The electromagnetic field. Look, you transition across
what's known as the Wheeler Boundary, all right?
An EM pulse annihilates all electrical activity.
That's your heartbeat, that's brainwaves, that's everything.
So what? You haven't tried a person?
Let's just say that we've done enough tests
to know that it's not even possible.
It's not even theoretically possible. The hamster goes back, dead.
- A drosophila fly, dead. - What about a radio signal?
What about that? We could send a radio...
- A radio signal? - Yeah, a radio signal.
- Won't work. Electrical. - The field would scramble it.
- All right, then a note, a warning note. - No.
- A single piece of paper. One sheet. - No.
- If we keep the mass low... - No!
This could work! It could work.
Sure. We know where the guy's gonna be.
We can apprehend him and put him away
before he even blows up the boat.
- And how do we do that, exactly? - We send it to ourselves!
You send it to me. Yeah, send it to me. Send it to my office.
Send it to my office four and a half days ago,
an anonymous tip, and we can capture this guy before he even meets Claire.
We know he's gonna be at the dock.
Whatever you did, you did it already.
Whether you send this note or you don't send this note, it doesn't matter.
You cannot change the past. It's physically impossible.
What if there's more than physics?
Okay. Something spiritual, right?
- Yeah, something spiritual. - Okay, okay, okay. Look.
Just try to think of it this way.
God's mind is made up about this. All right?
I mean, you know, call it fate, call it destiny, whatever.
But it already happened, it will keep happening,
- and it always will happen. - Maybe.
And why don't we call it fate, since we're calling it something?
Maybe you're right. Maybe you guys are exactly right. I don't know.
All I know is this. For all of my career,
I've been trying to catch people after they do something horrible.
For once in my life,
I'd like to catch somebody before they do something horrible.
All right? Can you understand that?
Address is in range.
Address is in range.
Two L's. "Surveilling," two L's.
Since this is such a tremendous waste of taxpayer money,
the least we could do is get the spelling right.
That's not necessarily true.
Branching universe theory holds that you can do...
- Oh, branching universe theory. - SHANTI: Look, hold it. All right.
- No, no, no. - I'll show you.
The traditional view of time is linear,
like a river flowing from the past toward the future.
But you can change the course of a river, right?
Exactly. Introduce a significant enough event at any point in this river
and you create a new branch,
still flowing toward the future, but along a different route.
Yeah, but that river is the Mississippi,
and we're lobbing what amounts to a pebble into it.
That's a very few tiny ripples in a kind of big body of water, don't you think?
Say we do create this new branch.
What happens to the old one? To this one?
Ask the radical.
Well, it might continue parallel to the new branch,
but most likely it ceases to exist.
The idea is, we cease to exist.
All right? This version of us, anyway.
You know, we never came here. We didn't meet Doug.
We don't remember it ever happening.
Well, that's worth $ 10 billion right there.
Would've been a lot faster if you'd written it yourself.
Right. Then I recognize my own handwriting
and the universe blows up.
We're ready.
All right, third floor, southwest corner. That's where we are.
MINUTI: How'd you get that information?
CARLIN: Good police work.
That's me. I can hear me.
- I don't wanna play games with you. - Where am I?
- I'm not playing games. - Yeah, you are.
- No, I'm not. - There are protocols... Yeah, you are.
- There I am. - Is that Minuti?
- There's procedures... - Yep. That's my partner, Larry.
Look, I know how this job works, you know how this job works.
Jesus, I forgot all about this part.
All right, let's find a nice, happy place to push the note onto.
- That your desk? - Yeah, that's my...
Okay. Line us up.
When I peg a guy on a hunch, that's good police work,
not some conspiracy to keep you out of the loop, all right?
- You know what, Doug? - Okay, kid, start pushing.
Expand the wave past the note.
I can't watch your back if you're holding out on me.
Why not?
If my memory serves me right, we better hurry up,
'cause I think I'm about to leave.
- I need more cowbell. - GUNNARS: I'm trying.
- Okay, well, I... - Good!
Just give me a second.
- Don't talk to each other. - DENNY: Expand.
I'm about to leave.
... another partner? How about that? How about that?
- Everybody relax. - Okay. Yeah.
- Let's go. - I'm working on it.
Prepare for the final power surge. Ready?
- Have a good vacation. - All right. Go, go, go!
Walk away.
PRYZWARRA: What the hell happened?
DENNY: I don't know.
It doesn't matter. Doesn't matter. Pull it back!
- Did it go through? - I don't know! I don't know!
Pull it back.
- There it is. - It went through.
- That's right. - It's through.
PRYZWARRA: It went through! SHANTI: Great.
Whoa, whoa. No, wait a minute. Hang on.
It ain't great yet. I don't come back.
Put it down, Larry. I'm not coming back.
Put it down, Larry.
Larry, don't do it.
- Follow him. - I'm on him.
All right, look, let's... You know what? Let's cut away from Minuti.
The bomber's on his way to the dock. He's due there any minute.
We'll come back to Minuti when he gets there, all right?
All right.
Okay, where is he?
Can we circle it?
We should be able to see him by now.
That's him. There he is. All right.
- Holy shit. - CARLIN: All right.
Move in on him real close. I want to see his... That's him.
That's him.
That's our guy. That's him. At the bridge, the cemetery, the ATM.
That's our guy.
Shanti, see if you can get an ID, facial ID on him.
- Give me some time. - Okay. All right. Take your time.
- There's your partner. - I see him.
CARLIN: Try to move in on his truck.
See if we can get a plate.
- No plate. - Get back on him.
Stay on him.
Where's Minuti?
Federal agent! Turn the engine off!
Turn the engine off!
Tilt back down.
GUNNARS: He's still breathing.
- What can we do? - I don't know what to do.
He's traveling east. He's traveling out of range.
- Okay, what can we do? Anything? - I don't know,
but if we don't do something fast, I'm gonna lose this guy.
SHANTI: We're losing the signal.
We have to boost the signal.
We need to chase him with the goggle rig.
Yeah, well, Gunnars is a little busy right now,
and he's the only one who can use it.
- Where is it? - What, the rig? It's...
- Yeah, the rig. Where is it? - It's in his Hummer.
- Keys in there? - Yeah.
All right, quiet, everybody. It's him.
- Carlin. - Where's he now?
- Is he going east? - Yes.
Okay, he's going east, going up on De Gaulle.
All right, just try to keep him in sight, and keep feeding me directions.
I'll try and track him with this goggle rig.
- Can he do that? - Yeah, if he can catch up to the image
and keep him in sight, that could work.
Hey, how do you turn this thing on?
There's an on-off button on the back of the rig.
Okay, I see it.
It's really simple. Wherever you look, the eyepiece will auto-focus,
and we'll see what you see.
Okay, you're live. You're on.
- PRYZWARRA: Try the goggles. - Hang on, hang on.
- He's gone. Out of range. - What?
- Where's he headed? - SHANTI: He's headed toward the l- 10.
East or west?
GUNNARS: I don't know. SHANTI: I don't know.
East or west?
We lost the signal. We're blind in here.
- SHANTI: I don't know. - All right, hang on.
Oh, shit!
What? What happened? What happened?
This is trippy.
Doug, look straight ahead.
We've got the window slaved to your goggles.
We are seeing what you're seeing four days in the past.
Okay, I got him. I got him. He's back in range.
He's going west, not east,
on the Crescent City Bridge.
There he is. That's him. Opposite lane.
- CARLIN: I got him. - That's him. That's him.
I got him!
Watch the traffic.
- What was that? - I think he hit something.
SHANTI: Doug, you've gotta stay with him. You're gonna lose him again.
Doug, what's happening?
I got him! I got him.
All right, all right, all right.
Good. Now stay with him.
Send paramedics to the Crescent City Bridge.
DENNY: Got that?
I lost him.
- I got him! I got him! - DENNY: All right. All right.
SHANTI: That's him.
He's headed for the 10 to the bayou.
I can see him. He's right in front of me.
What was that? What the hell was that?
Doug, are you all right?
DENNY: Doug!
I think it's broken. I can't see anything.
We still have a signal here. You're still transmitting.
- You can see? - We'll talk you through it.
Can you still drive?
Yeah, yeah. Where is he?
Give us a 360 with the goggle rig.
DENNY: There! There he is! Pan the thing around.
- Which way? - To your right.
To your right.
There! There he is!
- He's taking the road to the bayou! - Right there?
The road is blocked.
Take the expressway. It parallels the road.
Go. Go, go!
See him?
Pan right. Pan right!
CARLIN: You still see him?
He's at the end of the bridge.
- DENNY: You hear me? - He's at the end of the bridge.
Keep talking to me.
I don't know what else to tell you. I feel very, very close to you right now.
He took the exit ramp beneath you.
- Take the next off-ramp. - DENNY: Take the next off-ramp!
All right, I'm on the off-ramp.
Go right, then double back on yourself.
All right, I got it.
All right, take another right.
Still see him?
He's heading to the bayou. Take a left here.
Good, good, good.
PRYZWARRA: Take it easy, Doug. He's dead ahead of you.
Okay, okay, okay.
He's slowing down, coming to a fence. Do you see it?
Yeah, I see it.
GUNNARS: Doug, if you're gonna leave the Hummer, take the backpack.
It's the power source for the rig.
It's the power source for the rig.
- Can you hear me? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, we can hear you. We can hear you.
All right.
What's he doing now?
He's pulled around the back of the building.
Looks like a bomb went off.
Really? We see an intact structure here.
- No damage? - No, none.
Looks like a vehicle's inside.
An ambulance. You see that?
No. Nothing.
See anything?
PRYZWARRA: He's dead ahead of you.
Doug, he's pulling Minuti out of the car.
All right, now pan to the right. Pan to the right.
- More right. - DENNY: You got him.
Yeah, he's dragging him out of the car.
Do you see him?
- Yeah. - Yes. Right in front of you.
Boost the audio for me.
Audio boosted.
DENNY: Turn around. Turn around behind you.
- Larry? - Pan back to the right.
- You've got him now. - Where is he?
He's being dragged on the concrete.
What's that sound?
What's the sound?
He's pouring some kind of accelerant over Agent Minuti.
I think it's the diesel fuel, like at the ferry.
He's waking up.
Brace yourselves. I think you're about to witness a murder.
If we hadn't sent him there, he wouldn't be dead now.
No, he was already dead from the ferry. We just changed how he died.
We don't know that.
He could've been standing right next to you,
right until we sent that note.
SHANTI: You'd need a branching multiple universe for that to happen.
DENNY: Oh, come on. We can't change anything.
We didn't change anything. That's what I've been trying to tell you.
I'll tell you what we did.
The suspect used a stolen Blazer to case the dock.
So now he has a truck big enough to drive a bomb onto the ferry.
Now Larry shows up, right?
Larry puts bullet holes through the windshield.
- You want a mask? - No. No, I'm good, thanks.
Larry puts bullet holes through the windshield,
leaves blood all over the back seat, so now our bomber needs a new truck,
you understand? Claire's truck.
You hungry?
Yeah, we changed one thing,
but by changing one thing, we didn't change anything.
What's on TV?
Hey, hey, hey, we got a name.
- Carroll Oerstadt. - WOMAN: What?
- KEVIN: Who is that? - Owner of that bait camp Doug found.
Truck registration, airboat registration, match.
And another property.
5874 Mullie Ave., Ninth Ward, New Orleans.
- Is this a he or a she? - It's a he. Let's go.
CARLIN: Testing, one, two, three, four.
Testing, one, two, three, four.
ATF New Orleans, conducting interview with Carroll Oerstadt.
ATF New Orleans, conducting interview with Carroll Oerstadt.
You've waived your right to counsel, right?
- OERSTADT: Yes, sir. - Okay.
I'm fascinated with your precision.
It's not very often we see that level of expertise around here,
and if it's all right with you, I'd like to use this interview
to educate my colleagues in law enforcement.
- Yes, sir. - Good. Good.
Let's talk about motive.
Why would you use explosives against the US Navy?
- Correction, sir. US Government. - US Government.
It says here that you tried to enlist in the Marines.
You were rejected. You tried to enlist in the Army,
you were rejected again.
Why do you think they did that?
Because they don't want patriots.
The military no longer recognizes commitment and purpose.
They thought I was overcommitted and psychologically unstable.
They didn't want to understand my value.
They understand it now.
I believe so. Yes, sir.
- You're ATF, right? - Yes, I am.
- Got a smoke? - No, I don't. But I can get you one.
- Would you like one? - Yes.
Okay. Anything you want to say, just talk into the mike.
A man can always use more alcohol, tobacco and firearms.
I can think of one more thing.
It's like the Revolutionary War, you know what I mean?
"One man's terrorist is another man's patriot, " isn't it?
CARLIN: Yeah? OERSTADT: Exactly.
- Yeah. - You get it.
- This wasn't about revenge. - What was it about?
You've been asking me about my motives.
- Right. Right. - My methods.
They're all connected.
Everything's connected.
Okay. How was Claire Kuchever connected?
I needed a car.
- And that's it? - No, well, something
- that couldn't be traced back to me. - Right.
I had one ready till that cop showed up.
That cop was a federal agent.
Lawrence Minuti. My partner. You shot him.
He... I was about to burn him and he was waking up, you know?
I mean, I'm not cruel.
Well, why didn't you "do that" for Claire Kuchever?
Well, because I needed her to look like a ferry victim,
- and a bullet would've given it away. - I see.
- And a bullet would've given it away. - I see.
I went to her house on the pretense of buying her car.
I took her from behind, taped her mouth and threw a hood over her head.
I bound her wrists and her ankles and I drove her back to my place.
I loaded the device into her car
and then I soaked her with the gasoline.
I think you know what happened after that.
No, I don't know. I want you to tell me. You gotta talk.
I mean, you know, come on, hero. What happened after that?
I'll tell you what happened after that.
You killed 543 people. How do you feel about that?
I think that you were a murderer right from the beginning.
Sometimes a little human collateral is the cost of freedom.
To me, those people were war casualties,
but to you, they're just evidence.
That'll do. We got him.
CARLIN: What'd you say?
You think you know what's coming? You don't have a clue.
I know where you're going.
I know you're gonna be away for a long time. I know that.
- This case will never even go to trial. - No?
- 'Cause I seen what's coming. - Did... Have you? What?
What is in this glass? You've seen what's coming, huh?
Okay, what's coming? You tell me.
I told you earlier I have a destiny,
a purpose.
Satan reasons like man, but God thinks of eternity.
Well, I prostrate myself before a world that's going to hell in a handbag,
'cause in all eternity, I am here and I will be remembered.
That's destiny.
A bomb has a destiny,
a predetermined fate set by the hand of its creator.
And anyone who tries to alter that destiny will be destroyed.
Anyone who tries to stop it from happening will cause it to happen.
And that's what you don't understand.
We're not here to coexist. I'm here to win.
So you'd better have some divine intervention, buddy.
You're gonna need it.
You'd better have some K-Y. You're gonna need it.
What am I supposed to do?
- We're shutting you down. - What?
Yeah, we got what we need.
The forensics, the suspect, a confession. We're done.
Sir, perhaps we should continue and watch the actual crime.
- The ferry bombing. - Right. He's right.
I mean, we can't just go on the confession alone.
We need an airtight case. We need to collect more evidence.
Well, collecting evidence would've been fine, Agent Carly.
- You took it a little further than that. - Agent Carlin. Carlin.
My name is Carlin, not Carly.
We had protocols in place. There's strict protocols.
And then you had to push it, and now an agent's dead.
Sir, by one theory, that already happened.
We're done. Power it down. Pack it up. On to the next case.
- What about Claire? - What...
Lookit, charging Oerstadt in the Kuchever murder
is gonna raise too many questions about how we obtained the evidence.
I understand that, sir, but what about Claire?
Are we just gonna drop the case?
We got him on the ferry bombing, we got him on killing a federal agent.
- That's enough to get him the needle. - I cannot accept that, sir.
Well, you know, I don't give a rat's ass what you can accept.
- She doesn't matter. - He's gonna kill her.
- In 12 hours, he's gonna kill her. - He killed her four days ago.
You were at the funeral. What's wrong with you?
It had to happen.
I delayed turning in my report till we caught the guy.
Hey, mission accomplished.
This is a victory, Doug.
Hey. Now, my job is closure.
Your job is to help facilitate that closure.
Then you tell me, what do I tell her father?
We caught the son of a bitch.
We can't save the victims.
It's not our job to make the relatives feel better.
We lose everything that we care about. Those are your words.
Doug, it's not your fault that Claire dies.
Yeah, that's one theory.
MAN ON TV: Lieutenant Junior Grade Dianne Kerry.
Martin Kyle.
Commander Francis Lacey, retired.
Elaine Lacey.
Chief Petty Officer Darren McAndrews.
Lorraine McAndrews.
Electronics Technician Lisa Melville.
Chaplain Rabbi Benjamin Mendelsson.
Denny? It's Doug.
Well, I can't say I wasn't expecting this call.
Look, you know what happens if you try this.
We both know what happens if I don't.
Well, not a lot of guinea pigs volunteer to die in the name of science.
Well, then we have to make sure
I end up somewhere besides the morgue.
Can you help me?
I'll see you when you get here.
Do me a favor. When you finish, turn off the lights.
You do that one more time, you set off every alarm in the joint.
Can't take it.
Gotta keep the mass as low as possible.
You gotta take everything off.
- You can keep your underwear on. - Thank you very much.
Thought you said you didn't believe in changing the past.
Right. Well, I also believe in God.
Just don't tell anyone.
- I'm gonna tell everybody. - Yeah?
You know, when I open up the throttle on this thing...
Yeah, I know. EM field, flatline. I got it.
Thing of it is, no matter how clever we think we are,
the most probable outcome of our little experiment
is that four and a half days ago you get a call from the coroner's office.
"Hey, Agent Carlin, I want you to come down here.
"There's something you should see."
And next thing you know, you're standing over a corpse
and it's you.
Well, you can be wrong a million times. You only gotta be right once.
Besides, I think I'd remember if that happened, right?
So I gotta face out toward you?
Yeah, face out. Just like the note, only bigger.
- You ready? - No.
You don't have to do this.
What if I already have?
DENNY: Doug?
Hey. Hello?
- You okay in there? - Yeah.
- You good? - Yeah, yeah, I'm good.
I'm beside myself.
Am I still here?
For now. You ready?
- Yeah, I'm ready. - All right.
Looking forward to walking up to you four days ago
and blowing your mind, though.
Well, if that happens, maybe you can tell me
what it's like to meet your younger self.
All right, I'll let you know.
All right, remember, the ferry blows at 10:50 on Fat Tuesday, okay?
Here we go.
See you yesterday.
God willing.
DENNY: Good, good.
- You don't have to do this. - CLAIRE: Hello?
CARLIN: Maybe I already have.
Maybe I already have.
NURSE: What the hell? DOCTOR: All right, hold on, everybody.
The reserve generators should kick in. Nobody move.
That was interesting.
- Doctor! - Who the hell is that?
Where'd he come from?
All right, let's get him into Trauma. Trauma 2, Trauma 2!
DOCTOR: This is weird.
- NURSE: Defib. - Clear!
Recharge it again.
- Recharge to 300. - Charging.
Resume CPR. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
MAN ON TV: Thirty-four degrees.
Forty-nine was our low temperature at the airport.
Gonna be at that or just maybe above that for tonight.
Let me show you why. Look, the winds are starting...
...a few of them come back. - I'm thinking about getting a tattoo.
- Whoa! - I'm a federal agent.
I need your keys. I need a vehicle.
There's keys in the truck there.
Which one? Right here? Put your hands down.
Hands on the table. Hold your donut. Hands right there.
Water it.
MAN ON TV: This might be a metaphor for existence itself.
A fish struggles instinctively against an almost formless antagonist.
The fish is a largemouth bass.
MAN ON RADIO: Here's the news at 8:30.
Federal officials are still baffled by the massive blackout
that darkened the entire eastern half of the country early this morning.
Wait a minute. Hey, it's okay. Wait a minute!
Listen. Claire!
I'm a federal agent. Hang on, hang on.
All right, it's okay. It's okay. It's okay.
I'm a federal agent. It's okay. It's okay.
You're safe. You're all right, okay?
I'm a federal agent. You're safe. You're safe. Look at me. Come here.
You're safe. He's gone. All right?
- [CRYING] Get me out of here! - All right. All right.
Get me out of here!
It's all right. It's okay. It's okay.
- Get me out of here. - All right, let me get your feet.
It's all right. It's all right. It's all right.
Hey, look at me. Look at me.
I'm gonna get you out of here, okay?
All right.
How'd you know there'd be keys in this truck?
That's a good question. I didn't know.
- He's a terrorist? - Yeah.
His name is Carroll Oerstadt. I'm a part of a special surveillance unit.
We've been tracking him.
He's planning on blowing up the Canal Street Ferry today at 10:50.
- So we're going to the police? - No, it's too complicated.
By the time we get them up to speed, the ferry will be gone.
We gotta go straight to the Algiers dock.
I don't think you're gonna make it. You're losing too much blood.
No, I gotta make it. I only got an hour and 40 minutes to catch up to this guy.
What if you don't make it? What happens then?
If I don't make it...
Your house is on the way.
We'll go by your house, and I'll get cleaned up.
- I'll drop you off. All right? - All right.
Hey, Ginger.
She hates strangers.
You need anything?
You get cleaned up. I'll take care of this.
- You sure? I could bind that for you. - No, I'm sure. You go ahead.
I'm gonna need to borrow one of your boyfriend's jackets, though.
Hey, listen.
- You shouldn't wear that. - What?
Why don't you put on a different one?
The blue and white one. Anything. It's just...
Just trust me.
The victim wore a dress like that and it wouldn't be good.
- Okay. - Trust me.
All right, I'll go change. I'll be right out.
Stop right there! Don't move!
Don't move. I'm calling the police.
- I am the police. - No, you're not.
- Yes, I am. - No, you're not!
You didn't ask me any questions. You didn't take a statement.
And you knew where my house was, what's in my closet.
- Who are you? - I'm Doug Carlin. I'm an ATF agent.
I'm part of a special surveillance unit that's been tracking the man
- who was trying to kill you. - How do I know that?
I had a hood over my head. You could be him.
Just think about it, Claire.
Look at my face. You scratched the man's face.
Do I have a scratch on my face?
- You scratched him, didn't you? - Get on the floor.
Now! Get on the floor!
All the way!
ATF New Orleans, Agent Donnelly.
Yes, is there an Agent Douglas Carlin working out of that branch?
Yes, there is, but he's not here right now.
Would you like to leave a message?
Can you describe him for me, please?
How tall, skin color.
I don't know. He's 6'3", black, not bad-looking.
Okay, have him call me back
at 877-504-8423.
Okay, wait. My phone pad's empty.
All right, got it.
Get up.
Are you gonna tell me the truth?
Are you gonna tell me why you're here, why this is happening
and none of it makes sense? None of it.
What if you had to tell someone the most important thing in the world,
but you knew they'd never believe you?
What would you do?
I'd try.
You never know what someone might believe.
I don't understand what's... What's happening.
I gotta hurry up and get down there.
Why are you the only one who can stop him?
Well, because I'm the only one that knows his plan.
I'm the only one that knows where he's gonna be
and exactly what he's gonna do.
How do you know that?
I mean, how'd you know those things about me?
Well, for the sake of argument,
let's just say that the government has a special device
that allows me to know what's gonna happen ahead of time.
Then how come you didn't know I was gonna pull a gun on you?
I did. No, I didn't.
- Is that okay? - Yeah, it's good.
One second.
- I think that's gonna stay. Is that okay? - Yeah, it's great.
- All right. I'm not very good at this. - You're very good.
What's the matter?
I haven't changed a thing.
I gotta go. And you gotta go with me. Come on.
- I thought you said I was safe now. - I was wrong. I was wrong.
You gotta go with me now. Right now.
Wait, wait, wait! Don't answer it.
Don't answer it. I'll prove it to you.
That's your friend Beth calling.
Let the machine pick it up. She's gonna say,
"Hi, Claire. It's Beth. Are you there? I'm sorry to call you so early,
"but when you didn't call me last night I got worried."
Claire? Hi, it's Beth. Are you there?
I'm sorry to call you so early,
but you said you were gonna call me when you got home,
and when you didn't, I started to get worried.
- Beth, is this a joke? - Oh, hey, hey! No.
Like I said, I was just worried about you, that's all.
I can't talk right now. Someone's here. I'll call you later.
Believe me, the only one you're gonna be safe with is me.
- Okay. - Let's go.
I don't understand.
Why not just call the police and have them arrest him at the dock?
He'll set the bomb off right there on the spot.
He can't know he's been compromised
until it's too late for him to do anything about it.
He'll set the timer, walk away on foot, get on his motorcycle
and ride to the Crescent City Bridge to watch.
Okay, then what? You defuse the bomb?
Then I defuse the bomb.
There's my truck.
- All these people. - There he is.
You see the military jacket coming this way?
It's just what you said.
All right, you see those officers behind you?
- Yeah. - When the ferry pulls off,
I want you to tell them about the bomb, all right?
- They'll believe me? - They better believe you.
- Come on, they'll arrest me. - They won't arrest you.
They'll take you into custody. You'll be fine. That's a good thing.
Don't turn around.
Be careful.
MAN ON PA: Your attention, please.
Passengers are not allowed on the car deck
when the ferry is in motion.
Sir! Sir.
Excuse me, sir, you're gonna have to move to the upper deck.
- Passengers aren't allowed here. - Okay.
Can't believe it. They're right on time.
Let's get these boys to their party.
Excuse me, sir? Sir!
There's no passengers allowed on the car deck during transit.
No passengers allowed, sir.
Let's go! Let's go!
It's destiny, Oerstadt.
Satan reasons like a man, but God thinks of eternity.
What did you say?
I'm saying it's gonna take a little divine intervention here, buddy.
I'm coming out.
What'd you say?
I thought you were a patriot.
Oh, I am.
Patriotism requires sacrifice.
- I'm willing to sacrifice. - Yeah? Who? Her? Me?
You're willing to sacrifice others, but not yourself.
The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
Sometimes a little human collateral is the cost of freedom, isn't it?
Who are you, Oerstadt?
Who are you?
It's not supposed to be this way.
You all right?
- I killed him. - No, you didn't. I did.
MAN ON RADIO: It's 10:48 on Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras.
Now let's go back in time to 1964.
- We're gonna die. - No, we're not.
... on 105.3 FM, the heart of New Orleans.
Hit the gas.
Hit the gas!
Put your hands in the air and step out of the vehicle now!
We get out now, everybody dies.
You have until the count of three!
Hit it.
But my daughter's on that ferry. Please. Please.
Oh, God, my daughter!
WOMAN: Chrissie!
- Oh, Chrissie! Chrissie! - It's my mom!
Ma'am? We're gonna need you to stay right here.
Someone's on the way over to take a statement
and ask you some questions, okay?
- Bobby. - Doug.
- How you doing? - All right.
Got a live one over here. Pulled her out of the drink.
Somehow involved in all of this.
- How you doing? - Doug?
That's right.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Have we met?
Yeah. Yeah, we have.
It's okay. Come on.
Come on.
- You okay? - Yeah.
- You sure? - Yeah.
Okay. I'll get you warmed up.
What is it?
What is it?
What if you had to tell someone the most important thing in the world,
but you knew they'd never believe you?
I'd try.
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