Deewana (1952) - full transcript


- Yes Madam!

Have you packed
Prince's bags?

Did you pack his warm clothes
too? It must be cold there.

Don't worry!
I've packed everything!

Check the things carefully!

Alright, Madam!

It's time for the Tilak
and Ravi hasn't come yet!

Munshi! Call the station master
and instruct him to hold the train.

He's so indisciplined!

You cheat! You pretend to
love me as you're leaving now!

Please apply vermilion
on his forehead!

His face bears
a special radiance!

That's the reason
he's popular!

I'm late, shall we go?
- You must...

Take care of yourself
on reaching there.

I don't trust you.
Out of sight, out of mind!

The whole house wears a
deserted look in your absence.

In that case I won't go.
I'll cancel the show!

lf you care for your mother,
get married soon!

Brides aren't available
in the market, Mom!

She is a doll as far as
this house is concerned!

When will you bring her?
- During this trip, perhaps.

In a wink!
- I hope so!

But you must promise me not
to faint after seeing her.

I faint!

You take care of yourself too.
- Bye!

Uncle has come too!

Where are you heading to?

To Sundernagar!
Bless me, Uncle!

God bless you!
- Bless me, aunty!

I've got to perform at a concert
there. I take your leave now.

Bless me, sister-in-law!
- Bye, son!

- Yes.

Get those files!
- Sure!

Sister, Ravi is the crown prince!

He has to manage this
huge Empire, right?

But he seems to
neglect everything!

Music doesn't suit
our family, sister-in-law!

Ravi is immature yet!

He will understand
everything gradually.

Moreover, music is
only his hobby.

But our honour is at stake!

Calm down, brother!

You've got to sign
a few documents!

I see!
- These documents pertain to the Jungle!

These are details of the
material we've supplied!

And these are the new tenders
that have been passed recently.

I trust you.
Where do I have to sign?

Please read them atleast once.
- You must read them, aunty.

Else, Papa may transfer all
the property to his name.

It will only prove beneficial,
even if I do so.

Sign here!
- I look forward to Ravi's marriage!

I'll go on a pilgrimage once
Ravi settles down in life.

Then see, how he realizes his
responsibilities automatically.

Wealth is fascinating indeed!

One is never content!
He craves for more and more!

You've involved me too
in this sinful deed!

If Queen Mother learns
of the truth, we'll be doomed!

You know that I fear
death, don't you?

Don't worry, Chintamani!

Anxiety is as good as a pyre!

But I'm making arrangements for...

that old woman and
her son's funeral pyre.

As it is all the properties
are being transferred...

to my son's name, gradually.

Once the formalities
are completed...

Mother and son
will be finished!

I am only her step
brother-in-law after all!

You don't know how one feels
when one is a step-brother.

I've tolerated
all the injustice!

I shall avenge every insult!

I shall ruin the entire family!

And after that, I'll not be
what I'm today...

I'll be " Sir Dhirendra Pratap".

He was the Queen's
faithful servant!

He died an unnatural death!

I think jovial people like you
reside in Sundernagar!

Thanks for the compliment!

But only an artiste can
recognize another artiste!

Are you an artiste too?
- Yes!

I'm Devdas, the all rounder!

I write lyrics and compose
music for them and sing as well.

Hear me folks

You have a sweet voice indeed!

Shall I sing a song for you?

What have you done?
Be careful!

You were playing so beautifully,
I was a bit carried away.

You're great!

If the car had been
slightly on this side...

So what? The show would've still
continued, but of a different type!

Come on now;
let's go to the guest house.

Strange indeed!

I've unloaded your luggage!

I think I must beware of you!

How long will you
beware of me, Sir?

I've transformed my wife
from Paro to Chandramukhi!

Are you a magician as well?

Maidens living here tend to cast
a magical spell on people around!

Are you married? - No! - You
can't escape their clutches then.

What do you mean?
- Don't meddle with these things...

You mind only your business.

You'd better not venture out!

lf you move out, a pretty maiden
will cast a magical spell on you.

Are you explaining to me
or scaring me?

Are you trying to understand
or are you scared?

Amitabh Bachchan too said
the same thing!

I'll come to fetch you
at 7:00, sharp!

You may relax,
I take your leave now!

I'll come at 7:00!

Seven friends
standing in a row

Demanding tickets

I told you that tickets
aren't available!

Kajal! You won't gain anything
by jingling these anklets!

People are quarreling for tickets
as though there's an election!

May you be cursed!
Why do you say so?

She's your only niece, right?
- I'm her only uncle, right?

What's the connection between the 2?
- They're connected.

You claim to be
an influential man,

can't you arrange for
a few tickets for her sake?

Aren't you ashamed?
- Why should I be ashamed?

Do I have to arrange for
tickets to prove my identity?

I said that tickets aren't
available and I mean it!

I can't arrange for the tickets
even at the cost of my life.

I'll kill you!

Hey devil! Have you
taken it seriously?

Calm down! I shall
try my best!

I shall arrange for the tickets
at the cost of my job!

Oh uncle!

I won't hesitate even to resign
for the sake of your love!

I shall form a Drama
company instead!

But promise me, you will
work for me, won't you?

Promise me!
- I suspect foul play!

My name is Chandramukhi,
after all!

And you're the cause
of my miseries as well!

*I'm in a dilemma...
*whether to accept you or not

*Should my heart throb
*for your sake?

*You're the girl of my dreams
*and sweet memories

*l shall certainly find you

*I'm in a dilemma...
*whether to accept you or not

*You're a fragrant flower

*You're a poet's delight

*You bear an innocent face

*You resemble the moon

*You are worthy of praise

*Your looks are bewitching

*You're the epitome of beauty

*I'm in a dilemma...
*whether to accept you or not

*The day I catch sight of you

*l wonder what it will lead to

*l shall hold you in my eyes

*And in my arms as well

*l shall make you
*the queen of my heart

*My heart craves for you

*I'm in a dilemma...
*whether to accept you or not

*You're the girl of my dreams
*and sweet memories

*l shall certainly find you

*I'm in a dilemma...
*whether to accept you or not

Please make way!

Please excuse me!

What should we do, Kajal?

Don't worry!
I'll do wonders!

I'll kill him!

Oh God! I'm dead!


Who are you?

What have you come here for?

Speak up, else...watchman!
- I'll kill you.

Will you kill me?
- Why did you threaten me then?

What have you come
here for then?

It's a good way
to get an autograph!

l attended your show as well,
but people surrounded you, so...

What's your name?

Is it the kohl women
apply in their eyes...

or the one that's used to
cast the evil spell away?

- Both!?

What should I write?
- Anything nice!


When you come the next time...
What happened?

My leg is sprained.

- It's paining me!

How will I get back home?
- Home!?

I'll take you home!
Come on! Take care!

Take care! Where do you live?

- Where?
- Near the hillock, next to the big tree.

Below Choturam's house and
next to Moturam's bungalow!

My maternal uncle, Devdas'
home is situated there.

So, you're Devdas'
niece, right?

Everyone in Sundernagar
is like that, right?

Like what?
- Foolish!

Shut up!
- Guide me to your home!

I'll get a heart attack.
He was so close!

Now he's gone so far.
- How lucky she is!

*One need not look
*into the mirror

*It reflects one's age

- What's the matter?

What's wrong with my child?
- What happened, Kajal?

Will you have mercy on me too?

Guide me to her room so that
I can lighten this burden!

I'll kill you.
- Don't threaten me!

Show me!
- What should I show?

Her room.
- Follow me!

Please come!
Please put her on this bed.

Please put her on this bed!

Will you tell me
what the matter is?

I went on a stroll to
the hill-top and slipped...

I hope you aren't hurt!
- I am hurt!

You've done what
Vibhishan did to Sudama.

Not Vibhishan, Sudama!

That's what I meant!
- You chat while I serve tea.

Hurry up!

It's your picture!
Kajal is your ardent fan!

She sings songs
composed by you!

You must take good care of
yourself for a few days!

I'll take care
of my reflection.

It's very difficult, dear!

It costs a fortune!
- Is anything left?

What's wrong with me?
My neighbour answers me...

when I question my wife.

And now that I ask Kajal,
you're answering me instead!

Was that a joke?
- No!

Please have tea.
- Did you prepare only one cup?

You may...
- You have it, it's special.

How long do you intend
to stay here?

My mother says that witches
reside in hilly areas.

Hence, I plan to leave tomorrow.
- Not possible.

You may come whenever you please,
but you can't leave as you please.

- Right!
- Absolutely!

Only an artiste can recognize
another artiste, right?

Am I right?

Remember, whenever you look
at yourself in the mirror,...

someone else too
is looking at you.

`You're my desire!'

`l wish to hear my name
from your lips!'

`l wish to breathe through
your fragrant hair'

`And I wish to see my picture
in your kohl filled eyes'

`I've gathered the courage to
write to you now. Yours, Ravi'

`My dear Kajal, you're
the light of my eyes'

`You're the fragrance
of the night...

and the brightness
of the eve'

When will you see me?
When shall we meet?

When will you address me?

I've booked Ravi's ticket
thrice and cancelled them too...

Ravi doesn't seem to
intend leaving the place.

l must say, this place
is mesmerizing.

I too was trapped by you
in a similar manner, right?

May you be doomed!
- Where are you heading to, Bahadur?

- What's all this?

A love letter!
- For whom?
- For Madam!

What nonsense is this?

A fragrant love letter!?
What are you upto, Chandramukhi?

Are you bent on
tarnishing my image?

What nonsense are you talking?
Are you out of your senses?

My reward!
- You want a reward, don't you? Take this.

I'm doomed! My image
has been tarnished!

I'm doomed!
- What are you blabbering?

Why don't you read the letter
first? Who will write to me?

You're right! Hold this!

Who will write
a letter to you?

It's time for you
to get a telegram.

Am I right?

What are you laughing for?
Whose letter is it?

You won't understand!
I'll explain to you.

Where are you, my dear?

My dear child!

Do you love Ravi?

Is this true?

What's the truth?

Who's opened a flower shop here?
- Is it true?

Answer me!

- Why don't you answer me?

I'll answer you, dear!

Ravi loves Kajal!

Kajal too loves him!

But this isn't a suitable pair.
They're rich while we're poor.

I don't approve of it!
- You're so narrow minded.

Only one artiste can identify
another artiste!

Am I right?
- Yes.

I'll kill you.
- I'm dead!


`My songs are incomplete
and so is my breath'

`My life is meaningless'

`l long to see you'

`Please have mercy on me'

My love!


My eyes are filled
with tears of joy.

They're drops of
nectar and not tears!

They're glittering
like the dew!

You're the apple of my eye.

*I expect you and wait for you

*I expect you and wait for you

*Oh beloved, I only love you

*Oh beloved I too sacrifice my life for you

*oh beloved, I only love you

*Now dreams do not come to the eyes

*Now you are settled in my eyelids

*You stay with me every moment

*You have made a house in the heart's world

*l trust your every word

*oh beloved, I only love you

*You are the same for whom I was searching

*You are the breath's fragrance, you are the heart's thirst

*I am your love, I am mad about you

*I am a stranger to the rest of the world

*Dear, I love you a lot

*Oh beloved, I only love you

*I expect you and wait for you

*Oh beloved I too sacrifice my life for you

*Oh beloved, I only love you

What did you ask for, Ravi?

You tell me first.
- You say it first.

You must say it first.

I... asked...

Love knows no religion.

Nor does it crave for words.

I know what you asked for.

You're my present
and my future as well.

I'll follow your
footsteps blindly.

Your destination will be
mine as well.

I grant my love to you today.

- Say it again!

You must address me
by that name always!

lf you address me as Kajal,
I'll think that you've disowned me.

Where had you been
for so long?

I was at home as my leg
got sprained.

Was your leg sprained or your heart?
- I'm saying the truth.

But your eyes reflect a different story.
- What!?

You're in love

It's not fair on your part
to have forgotten us!

Whom are you talking about?
- Your guest will preside...

our Annual Function.

And Kajal will dance
in his presence!

That's right.
- I won't dance in his presence.

And why should he
be the Chief guest?

Won't he heed to his
dear sisters-in-law?

Won't our brother-in-law
heed to us?

Where were you?
- I was waiting for you.

Why didn't we meet earlier?
- You never thought of me so.

My eyes reflect your love.

And your face.
- That's a lie.

How can I reside in your eyes?
- Don't you believe me?

Look into my eyes then!
- Oh God!

You're right!
I do reside in your eyes.

What sort of a magic is this?

lnitially, I too was surprised,...

but I realized it the
moment I got close to you.

ln that case, we'll remain
close to each other, forever.

Close, right!?

What are you up to?

Stop! Where are you
heading to?

I won't spare you!

I'm trapped!
- What's the matter?

They're approaching us.
- Who?

My friends are approaching us.
Please don't heed to them.

Please refuse
to heed to them.

She's gone!

Our Annual function is
scheduled for today...

and fortunately,
you're here, so we wish...

that you grace
the occasion.

We'll be honoured!
- Actually...

You know, Kajal will dance tonight..

Kajal will dance tonight?
- Yes!!

She is very good dancer. Didn't she mention this to you?
- No!

Haven't you understood yet?
- How could l?

She dances to your tunes,
doesn't she?

Your darling is about to arrive.

Am I right?

How will I dance without
my spectacles?

I can't see him either!

`One doctor and a
hundred patients!'

We've been eagerly
awaiting your arrival.

You shouldn't have entered
through the back door.

l wanted to meet you all, first.

I wanted to surprise you all.

I heard that you're
a good dancer.

But I thought you made
others dance to your tunes.

Then I consoled myself saying
that one who makes others dance...

will create a sensation
by dancing herself.

Won't you say something?

A restless soul can rest
in peace, only when...

When you cast a magical
spell by your dance!

Look, your anklet
understands my language.

But you fail to understand!

*Oh these anklets!

*Beloved, you're my life

*I want to go with you

*Beloved, you're my life

*Take my hand in your hands

*Beloved, you're my life

*I want to go with you

*Beloved, you're my life

*Take my hand in your hands

*Oh these anklets

*Your anklets make some noise, steal my sleep,
make me lose my senses

*They call me near you, oh my god

*Oh your anklets

*My anklets sing songs with tunes, awaken love

*They call for you to come near me, oh my god

*Oh your anklets

*Your dreams are in my eyes, talks on my lips

*My days do pass but my nights don't pass

*Your dreams are in my eyes, talks on my lips

*My days do pass but my nights don't pass

*How can I tell you about my heart's condition

*I don't even know what month, day or year it is

*The bond of breaths will connect our breaths

*Hey fair one, your anklets are my heartbeats

*Oh your anklets

*My anklets sing songs with tunes, awaken love

*They call for you to come near me, oh my god

*Your anklets make some noise, steal my sleep
*make me lose my senses

*They call me near you, oh my god

*O crazy one, your name is written on my anklets

*Now my morning and evening pass in your arms

*O crazy one, your name is written on my anklets

*Now my morning and evening pass in your arms

* My heart wants to become your anklets

*I want to steal the colour of your fair legs

*I'm scared of such words

* The threads of love are weak

*Oh your anklets

*Your anklets make some noise, steal my sleep,
*make me lose my senses

*They call me near you, oh my god

*My anklets sing songs with tunes, awaken love

*They call for you to come near me, oh my god

*Oh your anklets

*Beloved, you're my life

*I want to go with you

*Beloved, you're my life

Take my hand in your hands

*Beloved, you're my life...

Serve some steaming hot Rotis.

I'm coming.
- Hurry up!

What's the matter, Kajal?

What's the matter, Kajal?

Answer me!
- Did Ravi say something?

He's leaving!

You're responsible for

You don't have a foresight.

Why did he get involved with her
if he intended to cheat her?

How will she live
in peace now?

You consider life a stage too!

You take life for granted.

You don't bother about
the consequences.

l take your leave, Devdas!

I wanted to meet you and thank
you for all that you've done...

before I could leave

I shall be indebted
to you forever!

I'll leave now!
Kajal is not to be seen!

I wanted to meet her too.
- Mr.Ravi!

What more do you have to say?
Have you come to inquire...

about her after
having hurt her?

Have you come to see
whether she is heartbroken?

Why did you make a promise when
you didn't intend to fulfill it?

I didn't expect you to do this.

She has been weeping
the whole night!

Why are you punishing us
for no reason at all?

I'll kill you!

Uncle! Make arrangements
for our marriage.

I shall take Sonu
along with me!

I told you that only an artiste
can recognize another artiste.

You suspected Ravi

There's lots of work to be done. Let's go!
- Let's go!

How would I go without you?

You seem to be
extremely happy today!

*Bangles adorn my hand!

*You must wait for a while, dear

Hello Mom!
- Hello Ravi!

It's so long since you left home.
- I'm fine!

I'm bringing home a gift
which will take you by surprise!

I'm hearing, son!
- I've got a surprise gift for you.

It's a suspense! The lines
are bad, bye!

I know what the gift is!
I'm your mother after all...

no one can understand you
better than me!

Munshi! Prince is bringing home
a surprise gift.

Kajal! My dear child!

My dream has been fulfilled!

Ravi! You must fill my dear
Kajal's life with joy!

Welcome, daughter-in-law!

Madam! Daughter-in-law has arrived!

Don't uncover your face!
- How will I see then?

You may look through my eyes!

I'll shut my eyes then!


May God bless you!

You've filled my life
with happiness, son!

I wish to shower all
the wealth on you?!

Invite one and all. Let people
witness this sight!

Congratulations Sir!

What's all this?
- Prince is married!

You won't succeed in your plan!

You scoundrel! You gladly
announce a bad news too!

What are you doing?
Let him go!

People are watching!

Look dear! I'll immerse
this ring in the water and...

the two of you
must try to recover it.

One who wins this game will
be a winner all his life.

Try you best, son!
- I'll win, aunty!

Are you ready?
- Yes!

What's this? This is unfair!

Alright! You may play now!

Pick it up, daughter-in-law!
Bravo! She has won!


To you too! Welcome!

I'm annoyed with you!
- Annoyed!? With me?

Of course! You've taken
a major decision...

without even consulting me.
You've alienated me, haven't you?

You're annoyance is justified
but Ravi is the culprit!

Bless me, uncle!
- Bless him!
- God bless you, child!

He is your uncle!
Seek his blessings!

God bless you, child!

May you lead
a prosperous life!

I'm extremely happy!

I'm relieved!

I wish brother was alive!

We've endured joy
after a long span!

Let's celebrate!
Let's have fireworks!

*I'm engrossed in your thoughts

*I'm lost in your memories

*I've entrusted my life to you

*I've accepted you

*I've accepted you

*Love happens only once

*l love only you, my dear

*l owe my life to you

*l love only you, my dear

*l love only you, my dear

*l love only you, my dear

I wonder from where the
scoundrel has brought that scum.

But you blessed her too, Papa!

You blessed her with a
prosperous life, didn't you?

One must add fuel to the
fire to keep it burning!

The house can be set aflame
with the help of the fire!

I too have flicked a spark
from that fire!

All I'm waiting for, is
the right opportunity.

All my efforts
have been futile!

I'd planned to ruin
the entire clan.

But they're planning
to continue with it!

Papa! A rotten fruit
is always discarded!

I too shall tarnish her image!

She will be relieved of it
only after death!

I've to send a few
documents to Mumbai,...

you must sign them

Thereafter, I'll visit
the temple.

Do we have to leave at once?
- Yes, I've fixed an appointment.

But I wanted to take
Sonu to the jeweller!

You may take her later!

I haven't stopped you!

I'll take you
the moment I return!

Hello brother-in-law!


Who are you?

Where have you come from?

With whose permission have
you entered this home?

Will you reign this palace?

Will you bear a child?

Will you bear a child?

No one will come
to your rescue today!

You will bear my child
and not his!

This very moment!

Sonu, you!

What happened Sonu?

misbehaved with me.


Till today, no one dares
to see our daughter-in-law...

and you tried to touch
her with your dirty hands.

Ravi, beat him!

Virendra Pratap,
take him from here.

I gave shelter
to this venomous snake.

He tried to misbehave
with our prestige,...

I would have killed him,
if you have not served for us.

Take him from here.

I should not see him
anymore in this city.

Why did you spare this rogue?

Why didn't you kill him?

How will I face the world?

At whom mercy I was
living all my life...

what did you
gave them in return?

Which family do you hail from?

Move! Tell me.
Which family do you hail from?

You scoundrel!
Get lost from here.

Oh God!
How cruelly they had beaten you!

Is this the way
to beat anyone?

It's good that you came on the
right time or else...

your chapter would
have been come to an end.

Chapter is now going
to begin, Chintamani.

Ravi has not raised
his hand on my son.

But he had provoked my anger.

He had sparked the fire
which was doused.

She was about to kill my son,
now I will ruin all her family.

Now you can see
the real destruction.

Please hurry. Now you
are married to me...

it's enough getting ready.

Why are you in so hurry?
Your train is not going to leave.

Take care of yourself.

I will take good care
of myself and her too.

I will show your daughter-in-law
our whole estates...

and will be back before evening.

Don't worry about us.
- Okay.

We take your leave.

Hello mother!
- Ravi!

Mother, I am calling
from farm-house.

Weather is very bad,
it's raining very heavily.

Ravi speak louder,
I can't hear you properly.

I am calling from farm house.

Here weather is very bad,
and it's raining very heavily.

We will be returning
till tomorrow morning.

How is my daughter-in-law?
- She is very fine.

Ravi, I feel very scared.

Thank god, for this weather,
so that she will embrace me.

I will kill you.
- Then, come on kill me.

*Beloved, this style of yours,
*l fall in love with you

*Beloved, this style of yours,
*l fall in love with you

*When you embraced me

*When you embraced me,
*Then my heart found some peace

*Beloved, this style of yours,
*l fall in love with you

*This wet weather...

*This romantic nights...

*Only your name on my lips

*There's a fire within and water on the outside

*My heartbeats have started to go crazy

*Your hair, your fragrance

*Everywhere I see, I only see you

*On this beautiful body

*There has never been so much glow

*Beloved, this style of yours,
*l fall in love with you

*When you embraced me
*Then my heart found some peace

*Beloved, this style of yours,
*l fall in love with you

* Slightly awake and slightly asleep

*This atmosphere is slightly lost

*l had engraved your
*images in my heart

*Come, let me untangle your tangled tresses

*l will love only you,
*and I can't live without you

*Beloved, such a beautiful opportunity

*Has come for the very first time

*Beloved, this style of yours,
*l fall in love with you

*When you embraced me

*When you embraced me

*Then my heart found some peace

*Beloved, this style of yours,
*l fall in love with you

*Beloved, this style of yours,
*l fall in love with you

Tell me one thing, Sonu.

Why do girls take
so much time to get ready?

We men get ready very fast.
Wear shirts and pants and ready.

And why do you girls take...

- No...!

Come on, chase them.

Ravi, are you alright?

Sonu, you please go from here.
I will stop them.

No Ravi, I can't leave you
in this condition.

Don't be stubborn.
- No.- I said go.




Who is there?

Daughter-in-law, what happened?
Where is Ravi?

Why don't you speak?
Where is Ravi?

Speak dear!
I am asking you where is Ravi?

Killed him.
Everyone killed him.


Are you in your senses?
Do you know what are you talking?

Are you in your senses, dear?

No, Ravi.
You can't leave me and go.

You can't!
You can't leave me and go.

Oh god, you can't do this to me.

Don't you feel pity to
snatch a widow's son?

You should bring my son alive.
You should!

She is just got married.

She hasn't seen her
married life.

O my dear!

You sinner! Do you
think that you can escape?

I will say the
truth to the world.

You can only say when you can
escape from this palace.

I have just seen my
son's corpse.

This palace has
seen many celebrations.

Many celebrations!

It will face a downfall too.

There will be a disaster.

I will light your pyre.

Take them and lock them.

Virendra Pratap, remember one thing
one can't escape from God.

One day you will pay
for your sins.

You will pay for all your sins.

Pardon me, sister-in-law.
Forgive me.

Forgive me!

Lust of money got me
involved in this sins.

But, they will kill him...

I didn't expect that
they will kill the prince.

What had happened

Hurry up.

Let's escape from this city
before any calamity happens.

Hurry up.

Come on, daughter-in-law.
Come on.

We will go far
away from this city.

Search every nook and corner.

That three lives
shouldn't escape.

Sister-in-law, this big
tragedy had happened...

and you didn't inform me?

What to tell Sharmaji,
Our ancestors palace has ruined.

You trusted
Virendra Pratap blindly.

What would I have done?
Ravi was a child that time.

I thought that he will take
the responsibility when he grow up?

Time snatched my son from me?

Don't worry, sister-in-law.

I will have Virendra Pratap
punish for his sins.

No, brother. I've to protect
whatever I'm left with.

Remember one thing,
that you are not alone.

I am there to help you.

l laughed a lot. See, tears
have come in my eyes.

These are not merely tears,
they are tears of joy...

that are shining like
dew on your cheeks.

You are my life.

Ravi, I am feeling scared.

Thank god, for this weather,
for bringing her close to me.

l can understand your feelings,
yet we have to live.

Why mother, why should we live?


lf you are there with me,
I can live my rest of the life.

Tell me mother, what will I do?
What should I do?

I want to relieve my pain.

What will I do, mother?

It's enough.
Keep faith, my dear.

Keep faith.
Time will heal your wounds.

*I need someone to love me

*I need someone to love me

*I need someone who can die for me

*I'll give my heart and life right then and there

*We'll spend our morning and evening together

*Morning and evening, o my friend

*I need someone to love me

*Someone to love me

*Someone to love me

*I need someone who can die for me

*Someone who can die for me

*I'll embrace that moon like face

*I'll hide that beautiful face in my eyes

*I'll embrace that moon like face

*I'll hide that beautiful face in my eyes

*She won't find a crazy lover like me

*All the way from the earth to the sky

*I need someone to love me

*I need someone who can die for me

*Someone who can die for me

*I don't have a destination nor a settlement

*Friends, I've learnt how to love the thorns

*I don't have a destination nor a settlement

*Friends, I've learnt how to love the thorns

*I'm crazy for love, I'm unaware of the world

*The sky is in my arms, the world is at my feet

*I need someone to love me

*I need someone who can die for me

I'll give my heart and life right then and there

We'll spend our morning and evening together

Morning and evening, o my friend

I need someone to love me

I need someone who can die for me

Someone who can die for me


Are you blind?
Can't you see?

Aren't we human?

What have your
parent's taught to you?

Kajal! Leave him.
Nothing happened to me.

Give way. Why this crowd here?
Leave him.

It's not your job.
It's our's.

Police can't do anything
to Ramakant Sahay's son.

He is a spoilt brat
of a rich man?

He has not seen his mother,
how will he know a women's honour?

Rich people know
to make money but...

don't know how
to maintain their dignity.

Yes, you are right.

Today, because of you,
I was put to shame...

towards that cheap inspector?

You are the sole heir
of my property...

yet you don't do anything
only wiling away your time.

You may perhaps, forget that
you are Ramakant Sahay's son...

but this city can't forget.

I had never demanded your wealth.

Without asking, you
have got everything...

because of that you
are ungrateful and dishonest.

Else you would have
begged for alms...

you would be in the dump.

It would be better than this.
I wouldn't be under your pressure.

What rubbish are you talking?

You listen to everything.
But you don't understand.

This is all destiny.

This is all an event.

This is all an mishap.

That I am your son
and you are my father.

That's all.

Please wait, we'll just come.
- Okay, sir!

Sir, please buy some flowers.

Take it daughter.

Okay Panditji.

Let's go.

Take money.
Come, dear.

Madam, your flowers.
- It's not mine.

Now, don't worry, sister-in-law.

Property is again
gone with Kajal's name.

Now how hard he try.

I will not let a single
penny goes to his name.

lf he acts smart,
law will take care of him.

This is my promise to you.

But, if he comes to
know that we are here...

Don't take tensions about that.

Come, daughter.
Keep here.

No, it's enough.

Live long.

Oh no!
Raja, it's your turn.

What happened, Raja?
Down with Raja.

What happened?

What happened to me?

That's what I want to know
what happened to me.

What calamity has come?

When I am with you all,
I feel to be alone.

And when I am alone,
I want to be with you all.

Raja, you were not
like this before?

Where is that Raja?
- That Raja is dead.

I had buried that Raja.

I had ruined my life
with my own hands.

Do you know her face
always haunts me?

And I always tells her,
no don't follow me.

Go away from here.

But, everytime her face comes
before me like a moon from the sky.

You are my friends, aren't you?

Tell me, what should I do?
what should I do?

You are in love!
Thank to god.

Am I in love?!

Have I fallen in love?!

Raja is in love!

I have fallen in love!

I have fallen in love!

Raja, no!

lf you love her so deeply,
then we will bring her here?

You don't worry.

Tomorrow is holi,
it will be a good chance.

Don't worry.

What nonsense is this?
- I am craving for you.

Leave my way.
- I am in love with you.

But I don't love you.
- But you can't stop anyone from loving.

What should I do?
So that you will be convinced.

Should I lay my life for you?
Should I die?

I didn't say that.

Thanks for sparing me.

*Such craziness

*I've never seen before..

*That is why l...

*Such craziness..
*I've never seen before..

*I've therefore, my beloved

*Named you as crazy

* Yes, named you as crazy

*Named you as crazy

*This is my blessing that my lover

*Laughingly and with love

*Has named me crazy

*Yes, has named me crazy

*Beloved, at the first sight itself

*You stole my heart

*Beloved, at the first sight itself

*You stole my heart

*I became a stranger to the world

*And I made you mine

*Now I don't find peace without seeing you

*Now I wait for you all the time

* I've never seen before such craziness

*I've therefore, my beloved

*Named you as crazy

*Yes, named you as crazy

*The moonlight of your love

*Has settled in my eyes

*The moonlight of your love

*Has settled in my eyes

*The fragrance of your body

*Has settled in my breaths

*You're my desire, you're my faithfulness

*Now we'll never separate in life

* I've never seen before such craziness

*I've therefore, my beloved

*Named you as crazy

*Yes, named you as crazy

*This is my blessing that my lover

*Laughingly and with love

*Has named me crazy

*Yes, has named me crazy

*Has named me crazy

*I've therefore, my beloved

*Named you as crazy...

Listen to me.

I want to say one thing
in this holy place.

l swear on this Goddess,
I love you very much.

And I want to marry you.

Leave my hand.
l said, leave my hand.

What do you want?
Why do you follow me?

What do you know about me?

Will you be able to listen?
Do you have courage?

Stop thinking about me.
I have a past...

I am a widow.

Kajal, what happened, dear?
Why are you weeping?

What happened?
Why don't you speak?

What happened?
- I don't want to live.

I want to die.
Why doesn't death beckon me?

No, daughter.
Don't say like that.

Calm down!
Calm down!

I wish that Sahay industry
to be No.1 in steel industry also.

Urgent meeting is going on.
Sahay sir is very busy.

Why don't you
try to understand?

Yes, son.
- Dad, I want to speak to you.

Tell me, what do you wish to say?
- I want to get married.

Don't you know that a girl
is necessary for a marriage?

l know that, dad.

l have chosen a girl,
she is very nice.

But, she has been oppressed.

In such a young age
she became a widow.

Are you in your senses?

Are you aware what you were saying?

Tomorrow the headlines will be that
Ramakant's daughter-in-law is a widow.

But I love her very much.
I am madly in love with her.

Okay, okay. She is the same
girl for whom you went to jail.

But, dad...

Don't put our prestige at stake
by marrying an indecent girl.

Are you aware that you
were talking about your...

daughter-in-law to be?

Listen to me, I will not
approve of this marriage.

Then you also listen to me.

I will marry only that girl.

No one in this world can
stop me from marrying her.

Not even you!


Before this sparks gets into
fire, drive that girl away.

- Mother!

Leave me!


Let's escape!

Who sent you?
- Sahay sir.

Everyone knows Ramakant Sahay. He's
a big industrialist of this country.

He gives lacs of rupees in elections
and gets it back with interest!

And today, he's done a great job!

His thugs attacked a poor woman
and her widowed daughter-in-law!

Their crime...

his son wants to marry that girl.

I'm coming!
I'm coming to you!

You've chosen a nice place.
You're insulting me before everyone!

We could talk
about this at home.

Home? Do you know it's meaning?
You destroy the homes of people!

Don't forget you're
insulting your father.

If you knew what a father is...

you wouldn't destroy
your son's happiness!

You're crossing your limits!

You can behave in this manner.
You're like a bubble in water.

Your father, Ramakant Sahay
makes and destroys lives!

So today I end this father and son
relation! They are all a witness!

l reject your name, fame and wealth!
And remember one more thing...

after today if anyone
even looks at that house...

I won't spare that person!

I have left everything mother!

I've left that world!

That name, wealth, property!
That father!

I've left everything and come to you
mother. I'm begging you for Kajal.

But son, you know that Kajal is a...

I know mother. But what is her fault
if she's a widow?

lf you want to blame,
blame that God.

Even after knowing everything?
- Mother...

But son, she...

Mother, give me Kajal.

I want to give her the happiness of
the world and settle her life.

I love her mother!

Mother, I can't live without Kajal!

Please give me Kajal.
I've come to beg you for Kajal!

Please give me Kajal.

Child, I've lived my life,
suffered my share of sorrows.

How many days more will I live?

Which mother can ask her
daughter-in-law to forget her son?

Yes Kajal, I'm saying it.

You have to live your whole life.
Didn't you see in your small life?

Here men wander like hyenas.

Every man is waiting for a chance
to meet a woman who is alone.

Raja has come like an angel in this
house. He has come here as a son.

And he loves you.

This world is very bad,
it won't let you live.

It didn't even spare mother Sita
and then you are...

Mother, I'll pass my life
with the support of his memories.

I beg of you please don't
separate me from his memories!

Else I'll die mother!

Enough child!

When I see you in this white attire,
I realize my son is dead!

If I'm suffering each day and
living, it's only for you.

But I won't be with you forever!

Today this boy has come,
leaving everything...

rebelling the whole world,
to settle your life!

And you say you won't
do this marriage!

You'll have to marry!
- No mother!

For my sake! For the sake of my love!
- No!

lf you don't do this marriage, you
will see your mother's dead face!

Stop child!

Come forward Raja!

Before this world puts any obstacles
with it's traditions, marry her!

I'm telling you son! Marry her!

You are my first and last love.

I've never loved anyone before you
and will never love anyone after you.

Every moment of my life is yours.

My every heart beat is in your name.


I know...

I know in you have someone else's
memories in your heart.

And this...

And this wedding night is the union
of two souls, not just bodies.

And till I don't color your heart
with my love...

I won't touch you.

Move side!
Leave me.

Don't trouble me.
Move aside.

Now he's become a decent man.
- Don't trouble me. Shut up.

Hey bridegroom, how did you
like our sister-in-law?

You fatso! Why are you all
troubling a poor man.

Poor man? Look at the face
of this poor man. Oh God!

Don't touch me.
Now I'm a family man.

Now I have a wife, a mother. The
most wonderful mother in the world.

I have to earn something for them.

Friends, you know,
I don't know any work.

I mean...
- Leave the meaning.

My father has a garage,
which is closed since a long time.

We all friends can open it.

First we used to break cars,
now we'll repair them.

Take this mother.

May my son proper day and night.

Isn't it okay?
I put 4 spoons of sugar.

Yes I can see that.

Have you got a lottery?
- No. You're my lottery, mother.

See, what I've bought for you.

How do I look?

l don't know to choose a sari,
so I bought what I got.

And this is my first salary.

Your first income, for me?

Yes, my first salary
for my lovely mother.

You have given a mother her son.
May God give you prosperity.

Mother, you just keep your hands
on my head and bless me.

You'll see, your son will bring the
happiness of the world at your feet.



Please come.
Have a seat.

Thank you.

l had come to the city,
so I thought I'll meet you.

After all, you're the solicitor
of our family.

Thank you for remembering me.
Tell me, what can I do for you?

l feel, I'll have to go
to the supreme court.

Why? What happened?

High court has refused
to accept Laxmidevi's that will...

in which she had given
half the property to my son.

Now my son is no more and
there is no other legal heir.

What problem does your government
have in giving me the whole property?

The thing is, the court takes
into account only the proof.

And till today...

the dead bodies of Laxmidevi,
Kajal and Ravi haven't been found.

That means you want me to search
their dead bodies...

and bring them before the court?

By now the vultures must have eaten
those dead bodies.

You're right.
But, the court needs the proof.

If I don't have a proof
that they are dead...

what proof does the court
have that they are alive?

Proof? There is one proof.

But a little vague one.

You're giving life to dead people.

Please don't misunderstand me.
Look at this.
- What's this?

Lakshmidevi had made a new will
before her death.

ln this, her entire property is in
the name of her daughter-in-law...

and to be born grandchild.

This is just the Xerox, the real
papers are in court's custody.

And if no proof is found
in the next 6 months...

the government will seize
the entire property.

You told me a part of the matter.
- And the rest you can find yourself.

Three persons have disappeared
in the shadow of death.

They have a faithful solicitor
named Sharma.

Your work is to watch
Sharma day and night.

Where does he go?
Who does he meet?

To fulfill my demand,
you may have to kill many people.

In return I'll give you
lots of money.

A token.

The gear was done,
check it.

Hi Raja.
- Hi.

What's happening?

How are you?
- You've come now,
I've repaired the car.

Give the keys, I'll test drive it.

There's a problem is starting.
- I checked it properly.

Yes, now I'll test it.
- While going check the gears.

Sister, I'm Danny speaking.
- Yes tell me.

Raja had taken the jeep,
he met with an accident!

Where are you going?
What happened?!

Doctor, don't put this bandage,
my mother will get worried.

You're acting like a child.
Don't worry.

I'm young but my mother
is like a kid. Carefully.

I'm all right.

Kajal, I'm fine.

Come on.

What happened?
Where did you go without informing?

Why doesn't anyone tell me?

Yes, ask her. Now tell her,
where you went and what happened?

Yes child?


How did you get this
bandage?! What happened?!

Now you are worrying. Nothing
happened, it's just a scratch.

I was going in the jeep.
- Okay.
- I was going so I was going.

And just like that while driving
the brake failed.

What! Did you get hurt anywhere?!

Mother, nothing happened.
I'm standing in one piece before you.

Ears, nose, eyes, everything is fine.
She too didn't listen to me.

That's why she ran that way.
I was so worried.

She didn't even eat or drink anything.
She's fasting today.

- Today is `Karvachauth' fast, don't you know?

You... you women are strange.

You treat a man like God.

You know, today I've got you.

Yes Raju.

What did you say?

Say once more.

No one called me by that name
till today.


My Ravi.

What are you saying?
Ravi is alive?!

- Did you mistake
someone else for him?

A mother's eyes can never
do that mistake.

But the sad thing is, I found
my son and lost him again.

Maybe even he's searching for you.

If he finds us,
he'll lose what he finds.
- Sister-in-law...

Ravi will know about Kajal
and she'll know about Ravi.

What else do we have to see
in this time?

Everyone is helpless before time,
so leave it on time.

lf Ravi is in this city,
I'll find him.

It's been long since Sharmaji
shifted his office from here.

Do you have his new address?
- I don't know.
- No?

Look where you're walking!
You're not in a garden!

Put some butter.
- Butter? - Yes.

Look, our prey is coming.

Come... come.


Take out money!

What are you looking?!
Take out the money!

Give that ring!
- No this is the gift of my love! I won't give it!

I won't give it! No... no!
I won't give it!

I won't give it!


The wound is deep but no need to
worry. He'll be conscious by morning.

What's your relation with him?

Even I don't know doctor,
but there must be something.

You? When did you come?

After the moon hid in the skies
and before the sunrise.

My dear, can I ask where you
were for so long?

Yes, you can ask.
I was coming home...

when on the way I saw a man
surrounded by some thugs.

He was alone so I too jumped in. I
helped him, there was a small fight.

And I've just left him at the
hospital and come home.

When did you learn
to fight for another person?

Who knows, there must be
someone of our own among them.

Now how is he?

He was unconscious. The doctor said
he'll be conscious in the morning.

He's in the hospital and
his family is not aware of it.

Poor thing.

How are you feeling now?

I think you are Raja.
- Yes.

l... I'm grateful to you.
- Take it easy.

Now tell me about your house
or some relative who I can inform.

l have a mother, but her address...
I'm new to this city.

I feel this city isn't lucky for you.

Life itself is unlucky for me.

I'm sorry, I didn't
mean to hurt you.

No I'm even immune to pain.

Can I share your pain?

You saved my life,
I'm grateful to you.

I have no wish now.

Death came and passed me by.

What does life want from me?

There must be some unfinished work,
which you will complete.

Believe it.

Okay, we'll see that also.

Uncle, did you see?
Mother seems lost these days.

Her mind is somewhere else.
Isn't it?

What happened mother?
- Nothing.

Are you fine?

lf you permit, I'd like to celebrate
your birthday in a grand way.

And if I don't permit,
then too will you celebrate it?

Yes, I will.

Then why are you asking?
- Only to please you.

I know. But why do you have to
celebrate it in a grand way.

We must cherish whatever moments of
happiness we get in life.

As we don't know in future we may or
may not get this moment or happiness.

Don't I say good things these days?
- It's because of my company.

How is your friend now?

I never thought a stranger will be
such a good friend in just 2 days.

You talk about him so much,
even I'd like to meet him.

Today evening I'll invite him
for the party.

Can I say something?
- Yes.

Mother seems restless
since yesterday.

She gets startled as if
her mind is somewhere else.

No problem. She'll feel nice
today evening.

She'll be happy to meet my friend.
She'll feel she has one more son.

Now can I take your leave?

I look forward to this evening.

Can I go?
- Yes.

Are you sure? - Yes.
- Very sure? - Please go!
- Okay.

What are you thinking?

I was thinking about
the rest of my life.

You're fine now.
Everything will be all right.

What can you expect from me?
I'm just a shadow.

I have a heart but
can't feel the heartbeats.

I'm living for the sake of living.

You know Ravi, I've never done
anything in life. I was useless.

But I'm lucky that love
has given meaning to my life.

Ravi, I want you to meet my love
and my mother...

who has bestowed me
with her precious love.

l don't want to refuse you, but...

No buts! Today is my wife's birthday
and you'll have to come to my house.

Today is your wife's birthday too?
- Yes.

Then I'll definitely come.

Come Ravi.

You've done us a favor by coming.
I'll introduce you to my mother.


Mother, he's my friend Ravi.
Ravi this is my mother.

My happiness is at her feet.

Son, embracing you has
given this mother peace.

Heaven is at your feet mother, even
the wanderer gets his destination.

Ravi, come here.

I'll introduce you to my love.

But be careful, you might be struck
by her beauty.

So, what do you think?

What you said was true,
I've lost my senses.

I knew it. Just a minute.

Come lets cut the cake.

Hey! Salim, go down and see what's
wrong! Someone check the fuse.

- My son Ravi!
- Mother, how did this happen?!

I'll tell you everything!

Kajal was living the life of a widow.
There were problems at every corner.

There was no support.
Then Raja came as a son...

and on my insistence Kajal
compromised with circumstances.

But where were you my son?!

I don't know mother.

Fate wiped out many days,
months from my life.

He is saved!
- The flow of time swept me to an unknown place.

Some villagers saved me.

It was only due to your prayers
that I was saved.

My life was saved but
I wasn't conscious.

When I gained consciousness,
I remembered you both.

When I remembered you,
I went to the mansion.

The silent mansion was
telling the tale of sorrow.

Who is that? Kunwarji you!
After the news of your death...

Dhirendrapratap tortured them a lot.
I don't if they are alive or...

And now that I've met you..
- I've done such a big mistake!

I've done such a big mistake, son!

Stop crying son. Come.

Come mother.

The lights have come.
- Yes, the electricity has come.
- Yes.

It's the occasion, say something
about yourself and we'll listen.

*My heart remained inhabited with your pain

*My heart remained inhabited with your pain

*Some memories have faded
*and some are alive.

*My heart remained inhabited with your pain

*Some memories have faded
*and some are alive.

*What has my destiny done

*It has united us in such a weird situation

*What has my destiny done

*It has united us in such a weird situation

*The flowers of our love
*couldn't bloom.

*I couldn't meet you even after meeting you

*How can I bear the pain of my heart

*How can I stay far from you

*Your sorrow was with me even after you left

*Your sorrow was with me even after you left

*Some memories have faded
*and some are alive.

*My faithful beloved, what should I give you

*My heart is saying to give you blessings

*My faithful beloved, what should I give you

*My heart is saying to give you blessings

*There is no wish,
*the dreams have faded.

*I'm dying each moment and living.

*l have lost my senses.

*I've been seperated with you once again

*The world of love remained destroyed

*The world of love remained destroyed

*Some memories have faded
*and some are alive.

*My heart remained inhabited with your pain

*Some memories have faded
*and some are alive.

*Some are alive.

This one word has separated us.
Isn't it?

The world has taken the right
from me to call you Sonu.

Can you tell me whose fault is it?

My fault, yours or destiny's fault?

I always stood like a silent doll.

You came in my life like happiness
and went away in death.

But I always called you
standing between light and darkness.

But I'm a woman, how could I take
a decision for myself?

Look at my destiny,
even after dying I couldn't die...

and I'm living without living.

Death comes and passes me by.

Circumstances have brought me at
a cross road.

Now you make the decision, Ravi.

I'm not a God.

Maybe now I'm not even a human
being. I'm just a shadow.

I can't change the past.
I wish you well for your present.

Come mother, lets go.

Yes son, this will be right.

Be happy and proper my child. May
you get the happiness of the world.

Come son.

Raja my friend, don't try to change
the law of nature.

You can't change it, no power
in this world can change it.

I'm the bygone past,
but you're Kajal's present.

The past can never change to present.

Come on.


You don't know, Dhirendrapratap...
- He has lived his life!

I won't spare him now.
He has hurt my dear ones.

And even I have to do something
with my life.

Who are you?
How did you come in?

I've brought a message
from Dhirendrapratap.

Hey! No need to act smart.
- What work...

I'm so happy to see you alive.

Son Ravi, I really feel like
embracing you.

Where did you go, leaving me alone?
You couldn't even die!

Why do you make me commit
this sin again and again.

Where is Kajal and Raja?

What's the hurry, child?
Have patience.

I've waited my whole life
for the property.

you'll have to sign on these papers.

This is a small price
for the death of my young son.

First we want Kajal and Raja!

Leave the innocent children!
I'm ready to sign!

Did you see? My sister-in-law
is very understanding.

She always listens to me.

For the world,
dead people can never come alive.

Else life itself would be confused.

This seems to be the place.

Where is Kajal?!
- Speak up!

Are you saying or else...!
- I won't tell!

Tell, where is Kajal?!
- Tell!

I'll die but I won't say!

You won't say?!

- No... no!

I'll kill her!

This girl will again become a widow!

You wanted to embrace me, uncle!



The bodies will change
but the soul remains the same.

I'll come again in some other form.