Death Wish (2018) - full transcript

Dr. Paul Kersey is an experienced trauma surgeon, a man who has spent his life saving lives. After an attack on his family, Paul embarks on his own mission for justice.

- 911. What is your emergency?
- I just shot my brother!

Help me!

The girl's recovering
from a shooting...

Two teens,
the victims of deadly gunfire...

Chicago will end 2016
with a surging murder rate...

"Sway in the Morning."

We gotta talk about
what's happening in Chicago.

On the line right now.

The problem is,
they don't care about us.

We don't got enough education.

A 17-year-old boy
was shot and killed...

A 12-year-old girl
is recovering from gunshot wounds...

762 murders,
more than 3500 shootings...

The government
ain't comin' for you.

Things are worse than ever before.

We're gonna keep
this topic going

because something has to give
in Chicago.

Squad B-9116,
emergency! 10-1 emergency!

Shots fired at the police!
We have an officer down!

Coming in from South Loop,
we're on Wacker Avenue.

We're heading towards Chicago North.
ETA about two minutes.

Multiple GSWs in his chest.
He's in critical condition!

Have a trauma surgeon meet us
at the ER entrance.

Be advised, officer en route.

Multiple gunshot wounds,
ETA two minutes.

We can do it, stay awake!

Move! Jesus Christ!

Come on!

- Let's go!
- What do we have?

Gunshot wounds to the chest!
Massive bleeding!

Coming through.

Come on, stay with me, buddy!
Don't close your eyes!

Out of the way!

No pulse! No pulse!
Jesus Christ! Somebody help me!

Come on, buddy!
Stay with me, buddy!

- Get ready! Over here! Nurse.
- Come on.

Get Dr. Kersey!
Get Dr. Kersey now!

Dr. Kersey,
you're needed in Trauma 1.

- Chris, switch with me.
- Got it.


Gunshot wounds,
including one to the neck.

- Vest?
- Yep.

- Doc, please!
- Hold on. Thoracotomy tray now.

Five units of O-neg stat.
Five more en route to the ER.

Get the OR ready.

Yes, Doctor.

Let's call it.

Time of death, 12:24am.

Got here in six minutes.

- I couldn't go any faster.
- It had nothing to do with you.

His heart stopped.
He's lost too much blood.

We did everything we could.

- I'm sorry for your loss.
- Shooter's in two, Doc.


Dr. Kersey,
OR 2. Dr. Kersey, OR 2.

What? Now you're gonna go save
the animal that shot him?

If I can.

I think it's running slow.

Maybe it's time for a new one.

- No, I like this one.
- Hmm.

They said nine.

- She's going to get in.
- I know. I just miss envelopes.

This online crap.

Oh, my God! Yay!

That sounds like a good scream.

Sounded like a very good scream.

- Hey, guys, what's up?
- Hey, baby. Want some breakfast?

- Mm-hmm.
- How are you? How you doing?

- I'm good.
- Yeah? You hungry?

- I'm starving.
- Want some eggs?

Yes, please.

Are you excited for your game?
Eh, it's just a game.

I thought I heard a noise upstairs.
Did you hear anything?

Yeah, I thought I heard something.
What was that?

Thank you.
I got in.

I got in, I got in, I got in!

I'm so happy!
I'm so happy, Mom!

- I'm so happy!
- I'm gonna be living in New York City!

I will fly home on weekends
to do laundry, I promise.

OK, OK, good.

I have to text Sophie
to see if she got in.

Our girl is going to college.

I'm happy.

- Really.
- Yeah?

You have to tell that to your face.

Mm, baby.

- Come here!
- Watch the defender!

Go, go, go!

Come on, Jordan.
Let's go, Jordan!

- Jordan!
- Let's go!

I had it in my head that she would go
to Northwestern, some place close.

Yeah. My dad was happy when I wanted
to leave Texas to go to college.

- Well, this is different.
- How is it different?

It's just that now we are the ones
that have to let go.

That's a foul! Hey, that was cleats up!
What the fuck, ref?


I guess I just didn't think
it would happen so fast.

That's a bullshit pass, Brianna!
You know that.

We're gonna see her more than we think
because we've got Thanksgiving,

we've got Christmas,
and we get to go to New York City.

Foul! That's another foul!
Jesus Christ!

You're gonna give yourself
a heart attack.

I wasn't talking to you,
Lake Shore Drive.

No, you were talking to everyone.
Just dial down the language.

- There's kids here.
- Or what?

Uh, Paul, come on.

I would shut the fuck up if I were you.

That's a good idea.
Why don't you do that?

Be me and just shut the...

Think that's funny?

Say it again.

Come on, funny guy.
Say it again.

Now you're quiet, huh?

- Come on!
- Stop. Stop it, hey.

Come on!
Stop it!

Oh, that's right.
Get your wife to defend you.


It's all right,
It's all right.

So then the guy gets right
in Dad's face.

- He starts shoving him...
- Spitting right in my face.

I had to get in the middle of it.

- I was gonna punch the guy.
- Oh, my God.

Why didn't you whup this guy's butt,
like in the old days?

- Thank God your mom came over.
- Wait, Dad, the old days?

- Your dad was a scrapper.
- Yeah.

- Really? You never told me that.
- Back in the day, he would have.

Tell her.
Tell her.

I used to fight with my dad,
fighting all the time.

Screaming and crying in the house.

And guess who was crying.
Me. I lost every fight.

- Terrible.
- I still love you, Dad.

Take krav maga.
You study that.

This way,
when you go to college

and guys get a little too aggressive
with you, you know what to do.

- Don't look at me like that.
- No, maybe I already know it.

All right!

Seriously, she trains Monday, Wednesday,
and Friday. Watch out.

- Really?
- I found a boxing gym in Tribeca

that all the supermodels go to,
so I'm going to go there.

Uh, speaking of college,
how about your PhD?

That's very nice of you to remember.

Yes, 15 years in the making,
I am soon to be a doctor.

- Cheers to Mom, right?
- How about that? Come on.

Two Dr. Kerseys!
Can you believe it?

- Are you gonna call me Doctor?
- Yes, I'm gonna call you Dr. Baby.

Here's to Dr. Kersey.
Thank you.

How about two Kerseys
that aren't doctors?

- How about cheers to us?
- Non-doctors.

I want to get a big puffer jacket
and UGG slippers.

- How much?
- Two grand.

What, two grand, what?

Hey, I've been convicted of a crime.
It's not like I'm a criminal, but...

This cashmere?

- It's OK.
- All right, thanks, man.

Pauly, thank you.

No worries.

He's got the money, not me.
Hey, thank you so much.

MJ? Bulls fan?

Nah, it's my name. Miguel Javier.

- Ah!
- I know, I know, I know!

- La Bamba at one o'clock.
- Love you!

- It's La Fonda!
- At eight o'clock, OK?

Three o'clock. I got it.
Wednesday, eight o'clock, La Fonda.

I wouldn't forget
a restaurant like that.

- See you guys.
- Bye!

Wow! You look nice.

So do you.

- You like your present?
- Yes. And I love you.


Oh, and who is this calling?

Oh, no!

Hi, Susan!
Yes, he's right here.

You guys ready?

Hi, Susan. I was just trying on
my birthday present.

No, I had worked it out with Terry.

OK. Hm-hmm.
Yeah, see you soon.

Terry has a 104 fever.

- So, no birthday dinner at La Fonda.
- Hm-hmm.

I'll go tell Uncle Frank.

- Sorry, Daddy.
- It's all right.

Had my heart set
on that tres leches cake.

- I know, me too. We'll have it soon.
- All right, baby.

We will celebrate tomorrow night.

Don't worry at all. Promise.

- Try and stay awake.
- OK, I will.

I will. Bye, honey.

- Sorry.
- It's all right.

Hey, Paul.
Happy birthday, old man.

- Oh, come on.
- First base line.

You better be taking me
to that game.

Why can't we Postmates La Fonda?
It's easier.

Our cake is gonna be so much better
because we're gonna make it with love.

La Fonda makes it with love
and we know that Dad already loves it.

- So it's kind of a win-win.
- No, it's his birthday.

He's gonna love knowing
that we actually made the effort.

We did the work.

So we can dirty up the kitchen,
then pretend that we cooked all night.

Honey, we're making the cake.

Honey, could you get me my iPad?
It's upstairs on the nightstand.

- Sure.
- Thank you.

Hi, Soph.

I've narrowed it down to two options.

I'm thinking either Third North
or Seventh Street.

Third North has bigger bedrooms
but Seventh Street's a way cooler area.

Honey. Did you get that iPad?

Yeah, it was in your dresser,
not on it.

Jordan, can you please come down here?
I need it.

Jordan, come down here right now.

Mom, I am grabbing a charger.

- What are you gonna do tonight?
- Jordan!

Oh! Oh, my God, will you calm down?
I said I'm coming.


I'll call you back.
My mom's being a total psycho.



Put the fucking phone down right now.


Please! Please don't hurt her!

Don't hurt her, please!



Now, here's what's gonna happen.

Mom, you're gonna save me 20 minutes
by opening the safe.

Then I'm gonna tie you up
with your daughter

so you won't be calling anyone
till we're long gone.

- OK.
- Do that, nobody gets hurt.

- OK.
- Understand me?

Go on.

- Mom! Mom!
- Don't hurt her.

- Do not hurt her.
- That's entirely up to you.

It's OK, Mom,
do it, just go.

Tie her up.

No fucking games.
We need to move.

Hey. Hey, no fucking games.
What are you, deaf?

Put that thing away.

All right, man, relax.

- Jesus.
- Just fucking watch her.

My husband has two watches.
There's cash.

You can take it all,
whatever you want.

That's nice, thank you.

Where's the rope, girl?

Check the garage.

Don't get amnesia on me.

I'm sorry. I'm not used to doing it
with a gun pointed at me.

Well, get used to it.

You play sports?

You look like you play sports.

- No. No, stop.
- Shh.

Did you say something?
Please don't.


You can do it.

And then we're done.

Goddamn, you're... strong.

That's good.

No, no, no, no.

- Please!
- It's nice, it's nice, it's good.

I got it.

Hey, what the fuck
is your rush, bro?

Don't have time for this shit.

Dude, just give me two fucking minutes,
I'm begging you. Two minutes.

It's not that kind of party, all right?

Why don't you stop being
such a fucking pussy?

- Forget it!
- What the fuck, man!

Fuck, man.

Goddamn it! Fuck!

Goddamn it!
You motherfucker!

No! No!
She cut my fucking face!

She can see your fucking face!

Jordan, run! Run!

Fuck it!

two incoming level ones.

Female, 17, basal skull fracture.

Female, 43, gunshot wound
to the chest.

Dr. Simone, would you mind
closing, please?

Yes, Doctor.

Get two IVs and put her on oxygen.
Jordan, open your eyes.

Open your eyes, Jordan.
She needs to be intubated.

Prepare 100 milligrams of propofol.

Radiology technician,
please report to the Emergency Room.

- Doc, hold up, man.
- It's fine, it's fine.

Listen, Paul, something has happened.
You can't go in there.

- Where are they?
- Paul! Paul!

Where is she?

They took your daughter to surgery, Doc.
Your wife's in two.


Paul... we did everything we could.

Oh, Chri...


Our passports,
Jordan's birth certificate,

and $2,000 in cash.

My, uh... Stanford class ring.

Two Panerai watches on the desk.

Can you describe the watches?

One was all black.

That was...

It was a birthday present.
Silver and black.

- Were there any firearms in the house?
- No.

A lot of these guys break in looking
for guns 'cause they're easy to sell.

Had a couple of assholes
break into my house looking for mine.

So you think this was
a robbery gone bad?

There have been a string of break-ins
so we're looking at the possibility.

You said "string."
How many in this string?

Uh, six in the last nine months.

Six? Six robberies?
Did you know about this?

No, I didn't know about it.

You don't think it's important enough
to tell the residents?

We post every crime
on the neighborhood watch.

If it's big enough,
the media reports it, if not...

- These were just burglaries.
- Just burglaries.

Frank, that's not what he meant.

I'm just wondering if it's important
enough now to go on their radar!

- You're not helping.
- It's been a long night.

I think we've got enough to start with.

- This is my card.
- Thanks.

It's got my cellphone number.
If you think of anything else...

Thank you, Detective Raines.

You know, I get that you're upset.
We're upset, too.

But we're gonna get these guys.

Again, I'm deeply sorry for your loss.

Thanks for your time.

Dr. Kersey,
your daughter's out of surgery.

Well, surgery went well.

She's still in a coma but she's stable.

They were able to evacuate the hematoma
and remove the bullet fragments.

I wish I had more to tell you.

So, I gotta take Mom
home to Grandpa today.

Uncle Frank's gonna take over
reading duties for now.

I love you so much.

So much, baby.

I'll see you soon, kiddo.

When Lucy's mother passed,

she turned to me and said,
"Why did God take her so soon?"

All I could say was...
"Honey, I don't know."

I think it's part of His plan.

"And we have to trust His plan."

We used to come up here
and visit her and...


Now here I am,
and I'm seeing something

I was never meant to see.

How is this part of His plan?

How is this part of any plan?

Thank you, Paul,
for bringing her home.

This is where she wanted to be,
with her mom.

One day I'll join 'em.

There'll always be
a place here for you.


Have the police gotten anywhere?

One of the neighbors saw
three repairmen in a white van.

The police seem pretty confident...

Poachers! Come on!

Go! Go!

People rely on the police
to keep 'em safe.

That's the problem.

The police only arrive after the crime
has taken place.

That's like... trapping the fox
as he's coming out of the hen house.

If a man really wants
to protect what's his...

he has to do it for himself.

This is "The Loop."
I'm the Mancow, 7:15.

Good morning, another great weekend.
The City of Death.

Forty-eight people shot over
the weekend; 48 freakin' people shot.

Thirteen dead, and it's getting worse.
The numbers are up.

You wonder how much more of this
we can take.

I'm sorry,
Dr. Kersey, nothing yet.

- Nothing?
- That's not uncommon.

Forensics usually takes a week
or two, same with informants.


Some asshole's trying
to clean my windshield.

Hey, that's enough, go on!

Run 'em over.
Doesn't count as a crime.

I can do that.

- I have someone in my office.
- Hey!

But Detective Jackson and I
are all over this, OK?

We'll get back to you
when we have more information.

- Come on! Give me something!
- Yep.

Fuck you!

Yes, fuck me.

Spare some change, man?
Come on, man!

"Normative economics
and the art of economics,"

on the other hand, cannot be independent
of positive economics.

- "Any policy conclusion..."
- Sophie.

- Hi.
- Dr. Kersey, hi.

- The nurses let me read.
- No, it's OK.

I'm glad you're here.
How you doing?

I'm OK.
How are you?

Doing OK.
Thank you.

What are you reading?

Um, Essays in Positive Economics
by Milton Friedman.

I'm not sure that's gonna
help her wake up.

Yeah, you know,
it's boring.

Um... but it's on
the NYU summer reading list,

and I'm reading it anyway, so...

I thought,
I don't know, maybe this way...

this way she won't get behind.

I can leave if you want.

No, no, stay.

Stay. It'll be good for her.

Dr. Kersey?

- Do you think it helps?
- I know it does.

I can't sleep in our bed.

So I sleep on the couch,
watch TV till I pass out.

Even then, I...
I'm just not getting any sleep.

That's to be expected.

I can prescribe sleeping pills
if it gets worse.

I feel like I'm in purgatory.

I can't go back to work.
I can't be around my house.

When I was a kid, I used to ride
the trains to avoid my father.

And I would even do my homework then
just to stay away from him.


I've been doing that,
just riding the trains...

just to think...

I wish I could say everything I see
reminds me of Lucy,

but everything I see reminds me of them.

The men I've never seen...

The men who came and took her from me.

This is Detective Kevin Raines
of the Chicago Police Department.

If this is an emergency, dial 911.
Otherwise, leave a message.

"was a dream and he might wake up
at any moment."

I thank God for Jordan.

"And as they went on,
hour after hour..."

Straight through.
There you go.

I try to stay strong.
Good clean cut right there.

With as many
as 90 shootings in a week,

violent crime in Chicago
is now at a 20-year high.

It's hard to escape
the feeling that I failed.

Failed to protect my wife,
failed to protect my daughter.

Failed at the most important things
a man does.

- Here you go, kid.
- Thanks, man.

it's not a "u." "E."


Right. Kersey.

Detective Raines isn't in.

- Would you like to leave a message?
- Yes.

This is a process,
and it's gonna take time.

I know it's a process.

I'm just...

starting to wonder about the result,
that's all.

This process
takes a little bit of time.

Just fill out this application,
take a seat,

and we'll get to you
as soon as possible.

Hello, sir. Fill out this application,
every single box, please.

- Sir, can I help you?
- I'm here to see Detective Raines?

Do you have an appointment, sir?

No, I don't.
My name's Paul Kersey.


- E-r.
- Sorry about that.

Hey, Dr. Kersey, come on back.

- Thank you. Thanks.
- Buzz him in, Willie.


What about the DNA and the blood
and skin from the guy that got burnt?

We got that test back.
Didn't match anybody in our database.

But we can use it to put him there
when we get one in custody.

Yeah, Raines.

Get a number,
I'll call him back.


Cleared. Closed by arrest.

So all these other ones are open cases?


Most of these are gang related.
Just asshole-on-asshole violence.

Some banger posts some shit
on social media

and they retaliate with an AR-15.

Hmm. Last weekend,
a guy shot up a party.

One guy shoots 14 people,
no one sees anything.

They don't talk to the cops.
That's why these stay open.

The point is,
your wife's case is different.

- Wanna have a seat?
- Thanks.

Yeah, that's three burglars.


I guarantee at least one of them
is shitting himself somewhere.

He's got a friend who's gonna get
picked up on something unrelated,

gonna sell his buddy down the river
for his own freedom.

OK. I've seen guys
turn in their own mother.

What if I offered some kind of reward?

We'll just get flooded with false leads.

Me and my partner are gonna
waste time tracking them down.

What about a private investigator?

A PI's good for cheating spouses,
missing persons, but...

murder case,
they'll just take your money.

They can't get involved
in a police investigation.

It's tampering with evidence,
they could lose their license.

So there's nothing that I can do,
is that what you're saying?

You can have faith.

How did faith work out for them?

Oh, shit! Damn, what's up, baby?
What's up?

Hey, what's poppin', redbone?
Look at you!

Where you going? Can I come?

Look at your fine ass.
Look at them thick-ass thighs.

- Can I get your number?
- Hey!

What the fuck you say, puto?

Just leave her alone!

- Who the fuck you talkin' to?
- Just leave her alone.

- What the fuck is your problem?
- Punk ass.

Who the fuck do you think you are?

I don't shoot to kill,
I shoot to stay alive.

Law-abiding criminals don't exist.

When seconds count,
cops are minutes away.

Come on down to Jolly Roger's.

We've got some bad-ass deals
on our F-1 firearms.

And right now we have a special
on our tactical furniture.

Surprise 'em.

Here's a good one for you.

First gun?

Uh... yeah.

It can be pretty overwhelming at first.

- I'll say.
- I got your back. I'm Bethany.

- Hi.
- Welcome to Jolly Roger's.

Let me show you around.

So, over here we have
all of our bladed weapons.

Behind me on this wall
are all of our rifles.

Each one comes with a free case
and two PMAGs.

And if you follow me over here,
all of our new pistols are over there

and all of our used weapons
are right here.

- Used?
- Oh! Not used in crimes, obviously.

- But, you know, used.
- I don't know where to begin.

Personally, my very favorite for taking
care of business is right over here.

Here we have
the F-1 firearm semiautomatic.

It is 100 percent American made.
We have a lifetime guarantee.

This bad boy will shoot half-inch MOA
groups at a hundred yards, all day long.

If you're thinking more of a pistol,
let me show you this guy.

F-1 also makes an AR
with a ten-inch barrel.

Nobody's getting past this.

It's lighter
than a fucking newborn baby.

Forgive me for asking,
but what is the process for all this?

There must be a lot of paperwork.

Oh, pfft! Don't even worry.

We'll get you set up with
your FOID application right here today.

State Police send it pretty quick.
Then you take a gun safety class, but...

Don't worry, no one ever fails.

Do that any time within 30 days

of the time you're waiting
for your city permit.

Then it's just 72 hours, and you're
cocked, locked, and ready to rock.

Ooh, and we can set you up
with a gun safe.

If someone steals that gun,
those bullets can be traced back to you.

I'm gonna think about it...
then I'll come back.

Great, just ask for Bethany.

Dr. Kersey,
OR 2. Dr. Kersey, OR 2.

- Go, go, go!
- Put him on oxygen!

On my count... three, two, one!

Blood's on its way.
Get an IV.

Get his pants off.

Take it easy, you're OK.

This is the Glock 17,

arguably the most iconic pistol
of all time.

Today, I'm gonna teach you
how to take it apart

and put it back together
by simply reversing the steps.

Put slight backwards pressure
on the slide.

Slide release forward.

Step three, remove the barrel...

Dr. Kersey to ICU.
Dr. Kersey, please report to ICU.

She's had a seizure.

Is she gonna be OK?

The only thing we know for sure
is her odds get less every day.

She's in handcuffs.

My daughter is in handcuffs.

And the men who did it
are out there, free.

Look what these animals did to my baby.

Yeah, man,
she takes all my drugs.

Yeah. So...

Keys, now!

Whoa, whoa!
Come on, man!

- Keep it up, bitch!
- Come on, man!


It's OK. Get outta here!

Go, go!

Move over.

- Our rainy July...
- Tickets are now on sale...

The Chicago Teachers Union...


I didn't know him.
He just came out of nowhere.

He saved my life.

Like a guardian angel.

I heard that girl screaming,
and then I heard tires squealing,

a whole bunch of shots,
and then a crash.

- What about the shooter?
- He looked like a white dude.

He had a hoodie.

It's the same description
the couple gave outside.

White guy in a hoodie.
They called him a guardian angel.

Yeah, more like the Grim Reaper.

Did you see how he stood over
that guy and shot him?

That shit was cold.

- Did you see his face?
- Uh-uh.

How about marks on his arms
or tattoos?

- Uh-uh.
- So, nothing that can help us.

It was dark. He was shooting.


- He kept waving his hand like this.
- Like his hand got shot?

I don't know. Watch the video.
You see as much as I did.

- There.
- Yeah.

- It doesn't look like he was shot.
- No.

That is the slide kicking back
and cutting his hand,

because he doesn't know
how to hold a gun.

So we're looking for a guy
who never fired a gun?

Well, not in anger.

Well, he has now.

Natasha, we're gonna need you
to keep this video confidential, OK?

No posting on social media
and all that stuff you guys do.

I uploaded that shit hours ago.
I'm getting hits like a motherfucker.


Who wants gluten?

Oh, man, that's just cruel.

- A little support.
- You know you want a bear claw.

- Hell, yeah, I do.
- Donut hole.

It was a good time, but not
for the grass in Grant Park

after hundreds of thousands
of festival-goers

romped through the area
for Lollapalooza.

It is estimated there
was 300,000 dollars' worth of damage

done to the lawn in Grant Park.

As usual, the concert promoters
are on the hook for paying that bill.

It's been worse
when muddy weather...


The watercooler talk
on "The Mancow Show"

is everybody's watching this viral video

of this guy in a hoodie,
they're calling him the Grim Reaper,

that shot these bad guys,
these carjackers,

according to witnesses.

Right or wrong, I don't know.
Good or bad, I don't know.

I go back and forth on it.

Is he a hero or a zero?

That's the debate.
We got calls coming in.

The phones are lit up
like a Christmas tree.

I say the guy...
Some people are mad at me.

I say the guy's a hero,
he stopped a carjacking.

He is a hero.

Is he a hero or a zero?
What do you think, Chicago?

We wanna hear from you.

He saw somebody about to get jacked,
and a black couple at that.

Power to the Grim Reaper.

Yeah, but I don't know about that.

Maybe that's the question
we put to the listeners.

- OK.
- Is he right

for taking the law into his own hands
or is it wrong?

Give us a call.
"Sway in the Morning" on Shade 4-5.

Maybe we should check on him.

This poor kid
got shot on the way to school.

- Tyler.
- Hm-hmm.

Hi, Tyler. I'm Dr. Kersey.

I'm here to look at your wound,
all right?

I have my little flashlight pen.

Let's take a look.

That must've hurt.

A LeBron fan?

Me? I'll always be a Jordan guy.

He had swagger.

He had style.
He could fly through the air.

Still, LeBron...
might be the best ever.


You got caught in some crossfire?

The Ice Cream Man done it.

The Ice Cream Man?

Can't walk to school
if you don't work for him.

Selling ice cream?


He said next time
it ain't gonna be my leg.

Tyler, you are gonna be all right,
I promise.


I'll see you in a little while.
All right?


The... The cat, Tanisha?

- Word.
- Yo.

That's it, MUBU.

That's what I'm talkin' about.
God, Tanisha...

Pimp out your crib?

That's what I'm talkin' about.
Thank you.

Yeah, brought her up to my crib.
Show him the picture.

Of course I got mine, but show him
the picture, you'll see.

- See that guy?
- Hey, hey, look it. Look here.

You're the Ice Cream Man?

Who the fuck are you?

Your last customer.

- Yo, give me that shit!
- Out of my way!

It was... he was white.
White guy. He had a hoodie.

And that's all I know.

Was he tall, short?
Fat? Skinny?

Not short.
He was, like, taller than me.

I don't know, he was just
some white guy.

- A white guy with a hoodie.
- Exactly. A white guy with a hoodie.

Fuckin' bullshit.
Nine witnesses, one story.

The Grim Reaper.

They say he didn't take anything,
just shot the victim and left.

That's Ray Shawn Core.

Multiple drug offenses,
suspect in three shootings.

- Hmm, real community leader.
- Yeah.

You think it's the same shooter?



Pull up that video.

- Reaper?
- Yeah.

- What hand does he shoot with?
- Hold up.


Could there be
a vigilante in Chicago?

Rumors are circulating after the second
shooting of a known criminal

in as many days.

Police are looking for this man,
the Chicago Grim Reaper,

described as a white male
in his mid to late 30s.


This is straight out of a comic book.
This dude has gotten so bold.

The Grim Reaper
has taken out the Ice Cream Man.

I might as well get a hoodie
and just start fighting crime.

The Grim Reaper isn't the problem.
The drug dealer's the problem.

You're with the Ice Cream Man?

You got a white guy in a hoodie
killing black people.

- You don't have a problem with that?
- This is a drug dealer.

He's making it hard for the people
that live on that very block.

Don't we need people like this

to keep the monsters at bay?

It's a slippery slope, so now everyone's
gonna take the law into their own hands,

kill somebody that they think
is doing something wrong.

If you have any information,
you're asked to call this number

and contact the Chicago Police.

I'm getting calls from Houston,
Detroit, New York.

Everybody's nervous
about a copycat. Where are we?

Well, we assume
the carjacking was random.

And our subject

was in the wrong place
at the wrong time,

but he got a taste for it,
so we were trying to figure out

how he selected the second victim,
the drug dealer.

- Mm-hmm.
- We know he's left-handed.

And we're pretty sure
he's not in the system.

We figured that out
after the first shooting.

He had a lack of basic weapon skills,
to say the least.

Wow. Great, you got it narrowed down
to about a million suspects.

Detectives, get off your fuckin' asses.

He's pissed.

You wanna tell me
where we're gonna start looking for

a white needle in a haystack?

Not where, but when.

I mean, why now?

What, uh, lit the fuse that set off
our Mr. Reaper?

You look much better.

Thank you.
I feel much better.

You exercising?

- I do my push ups.
- Hm-hmm. Good.

Getting out, socializing?

Hmm... not so much.

It's like you said, it's a process.
It takes time.

- Whatever you're doing, keep it up.
- OK, I will.

Keep on bagging. Push the O-neg.
Give me the ultrasound machine.

Hold compressions.
Give me the defib.

Charge at 300. Jesus.

I know this kid.


Continue bagging.
Charge again to 300.



Time of death, 9:35pm.

Dr. Kersey.

Dr. Kersey?

Wednesday, eight o'clock, La Fonda.

See you guys.

Hi, this is Detective Kevin Raines,
Chicago Police Department.

If this is an emergency,
please dial 911.


- Scared the shit out of me.
- What are you doing here?

What do you mean?
I can't check on my niece

and her dad,
who doesn't return my texts?

Yeah. Yeah, look, I'm sorry.
It's just been a crazy week.

I'm still getting used to being back.

You sleeping better?
You still look like shit.

Thanks for your diagnosis,
Dr. Frank Kersey.

- Go fuck yourself.
- Let's get a bite, I'm buying.

- What, now?
- Hey, I'm back to work.

Union wages, no less. Come on.

No, no. I got a meeting
with a bunch of hospital staff.

All right. What about this weekend?
We'll get a bite. Yeah?

Yeah, that's better.
I'll call you later, all right?

- What's up with your hand?
- It's a scratch, leave it alone.

Look, do you need something?
Some cash?

What, some help?
Is that what this is about?

- No.
- Frank.

Here, look.
This is the 2,000 I owed you.

Here you go.
It's all right.

I wanted to take you
to lunch, celebrate...

that I can actually pay you back.
It's all right.

- Frank.
- Later, man.

- I'll see ya.
- Yeah.

Hey, hey, buddy,
you can't be back here.

I'm looking for Trebol.

Well, you found him.
Now you can get out.

Miguel sent me.

Who the fuck is Miguel?

He works as a valet at my restaurant.

He's got an "MJ" tattooed on his wrist.

He said you could help me find
a gift for my wife.

He works for you?


At your restaurant?


Yeah, all right, sit down.



So, uh...

is this "Thanks for the years
of service, honey,"

or "Sorry I boned the baby-sitter"?


So you're looking
for something... specific.

Very specific.

How specific are we talking?

Panerai watches.
You got any of those?

Why don't you let me check
the reserve collection because...

I think something here
might interest you?

Drop it.

- Oh, fuck!
- Kick it away.

I want my stuff.

It's in the back.

Keep moving.

- Who's Fish?
- He's just a drop guy.

Yeah, you're the crew that stole
the shit out of my house!

You just described
half the shit in my shop, man.

- And you killed my wife!
- Look... I just know Fish!

- Who are they?
- I just know Fish, OK?

I don't know the other guys! I told you!

- Shut up!
- It's all here, it's all here.

- Shut up.
- I don't organize it by house.

Just take whatever's yours.

Are you gonna talk or are you gonna
tell me where my shit is?

- It's here!
- Where is it?

I'm gonna blow your fuckin' head off.
What is this?

What is this bullshit?

Tell me where it is in three seconds
or your head comes off.

It's all there.

You see this?
You know what it is, don't you?

It was on my wife's arm.

I hope it was worth it, asshole.

If I knew it was your shit,
I wouldn't have taken it, man.

All my love for my wife and my family
is keeping me from putting one

right in your fuckin' mouth.

I'm not a killer, OK?
I don't kill people. It's not what I do.










I didn't shoot her.

I promise I didn't shoot her.


- Who did?
- It wasn't me.

Don't... please!

- Wasn't me. It's Joe.
- What?

- Joe.
- Joe who?

Joe Gannon, the fat, greasy fuck
at the auto body shop.

- Where is Joe?
- It's in my phone.

It's got pictures, everything.
I'll bring you to him.

Stupid motherfucker.

Watch what I do.

You might learn something that could
help you solve your problem.

Grab this drill...

I'm going to drill several holes
around this circle right here.

And when I do that, information
that's inside of this metal box...

Will be a lot harder to access.

Again, FBI, CIA, NSA, Interpol,

this video is strictly made
for entertainment purposes.

Stay out of trouble.

Morning, Paul!

Reap-Reap-Reap-Reap-Reaper alert!
Reaper alert! Reaper alert!

Where's the... Where's the...
Where's the Reaper?

The Grim Reaper strikes again,
this time in the Pilsen neighborhood.

In front of this liquor store,

which was a fencing operation
for stolen goods.

Not anymore when last night,
the Grim Reaper paid them a visit.

I look over and I seen this dude
walking out, this old white dude,

and he's walking with his hood up
looking super suspicious.

Just like...

They're kind of idolizing him.
Man, this dude is all over the internet.

- There's memes coming up.
- Get outta here.

Yeah, there's memes.

Look at this one right here.

Ah, that's too intense.

He's become a folk hero

to people that are being affected

by all this crime in their neighborhood.

As long as it's not
in your neighborhood.

If he didn't just kill somebody,
I don't know what he did.

I still stand by my point that we're
normalizing dangerous behavior.

Should we be policing ourselves
in our own neighborhoods?

I have said we need a guy
like the Grim Reaper.

Are you Team Reaper or not?

Give us a call.
Sway in the Morning.

Shade 4-5, Sirius XM.

Dr. Kersey,
it's Detectives Raines and Jackson.

May we come in?

Of course, come on in.

- Sorry to drop in like this.
- Oh, no.

Something's come to our attention.

We were hoping
you could offer some insight.

I'm happy to see you.
Have a seat.

- Thanks.
- Thank you. OK, um...

Have you ever seen this man?


Is he a suspect?

Well, his name is Tate Karp.
He goes by "the Fish."

He's a career burglar and we believe
involved in your wife's shooting.

How did you find him?
I mean... what did he say?

Well, unfortunately,
he was killed last night,

before we had
a chance to question him.

But... we did find this ring
at the crime scene.

That's my ring.

Yeah, that's what we thought.

Uh, but this right here is
the break we've been waiting for.

- That's great.
- Yeah.

Now that we have Karp, it's a matter
of time before we have the rest of 'em.

We'll run through his priors,
see who he worked with,

subpoena his cellphone records,
texts, even the phone's GPS.

Great. You need
anything else from me?

Appreciate that.
I think we're good for now.

Uh, I know you've been frustrated,

and I wanted to come by in person
to give you the good news.

Thank you.
Thank you very much.

Told you to have faith.

- Thanks for your time.
- Right.

Yo! We're closed, pal.

You're Joey, right?

Yeah. Who the fuck are you?

Hey, fuckstick,
I said we were closed.

What the fuck?

Let me the fuck out of here.

Get me the fuck out of here, man!
What the fuck are you...?

You're gonna tell me
what I wanna hear.

You don't want this,
but guess what, you'll get some.

This is gonna help ya!

Trust me,
I know where to cut.

Right back here... don't move...

is your sciatic nerve.

The longest, strongest nerve
in the body.



Are you that doctor?

I am that doctor.
But right now, I'm your doctor.

Your friend Fish is already dead.
You can thank him for giving you up.

No. No, no, no, no, no.

- No...
- What I wanna know

- is who else was there?
- Nobody.

- Who else was there?!
- No one, man.

What you're feeling
is a caustic agent...

being applied directly
to a nerve.

In med school, we were taught
that this is the most painful experience

that a person can endure without
possibly going into cardiac arrest.

Please stop it, it hurts!

The bad news is, we got a shit ton
of brake fluid here,

so we might be here all night.

Now, you gonna start talking?

Knox! That's his name, Knox!

Knox? What's his full name?

I don't know anything else, man.

His name is Knox
and he's from the South Side.

Fish planned the whole fucking thing!
I never met the guy before.

Where do I find Knox?

You don't.
He finds you.

- Joe.
- I don't know anything else.

I swear to fucking God.

I have no reason
to protect this asshole.

I don't even fucking know him!
You gotta believe me, please!

I fucking swear it!

I believe you, Joe.

Think you're gonna find
the propofol's wearing off.

Thanks for your help.

You're not gonna kill me.

No. Jack is.

- Damn. Hell of a swing.
- Lefty, no less.

Hey, Frank.

When I asked your supervisor
where you hang out after work,

he told me here.

I thought he was jerking my chain.

Then I looked you up.
You were a legitimate prospect.

- What happened?
- So you want my autograph?

- We just wanna talk.
- All right.

Have you heard of this Grim Reaper fella
that people are talking about?

Yeah, I heard about it.

Well, last night,
he went into a liquor store

and he killed one of the three men
that broke into your brother's house.

Traffic cam caught him walking
in and out.

- White, fit...
- Lefty.

Yeah, he was a lefty.
So, I asked myself,

what streetwise lefty do I know?

Kind of guy that could put word out
he would pay for info.

Would wanna execute our suspects.

A real... do-it-himself kind of guy.

So you think I had something
to do with it, huh?

You should talk to my brother.
He'll tell you I don't pay for shit.

Of course. So, do you mind
if we see your hands?


Tragedy struck earlier this evening
in West Englewood

where police think
a 49-year-old father of three

was killed while trying
to commit vigilante justice.

Police believe this was a copycat
of the so-called Chicago Grim Reaper,

a guy who went out to fight crime
and ended up a victim himself.

Police are looking for the shooter.

- This is Paul Kersey.
- I hear you're looking for me.

That's right.

Come to Blowout, last club off Ashland.
I'll be waiting.

Why would I do that?

Because it's safe, public,

and I wanna tell you
what your wife's last words were.

You have 30 minutes.

Come on, Paul.

Paul, come on, man.

We gotta talk, Paul.

Hey, man.
Are you here?

Hey, man.


Get out.


We're on our way.

Shooting at a club downtown.

Guy in a hoodie pulled out a gun,
then got shot himself,

ran out in the crowd.

Alert all the local hospitals.
Any gunshot wound being treated.

A male, 40s or 50s, give us a call.

They have no one
matching the shooter's description.

One of the victims is en route
to Chicago North.

He says he saw the shooter.

The patient's this way.

How you doing?
Did you see the shooter?

Yeah, I did.

Can you describe him to us?


- Open it.
- Uh-huh.

What are you gonna do,
shoot me too?

What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?
Is this your little war room?

- Don't you judge me!
- I'm not judging you!

I'm worried about you!

You can't do this!

- Paul, you're not a cop.
- Then somebody has to do it!

My wife and daughter just disappear?

And there's no consequences.

I did everything
I was supposed to do. Everything.

I worked hard.
I obeyed the law!

I made a life for my family!

For my wife and daughter,
and what?

Just forget about that,
they're just gone now?

You need to leave now, Frank.
I don't want you to be part of this.

No. Hey, hey, hey.
I'm already a part of this.

Stay, stay, stay.


If it isn't Chicago's finest.

Hello, Frank.

We were expecting your brother.

Yeah, he's out. Dinner party.

- Why? What's up?
- Well, he could be in real trouble.

Believe it or not, we wanna help.

That's so sweet.
I appreciate your concern, Detective.

Like I said, when I see him,
I'll tell him.

That was some bullshit.

He's in there.

But we're not arresting the surgeon
without ironclad proof.

Well, the good news is,
I'm not a suspect anymore.

The bad news is,
I'm not a suspect anymore.

Paul, this has to end.

It's gotta end. I don't want
to have to bury you next to your wife.

You're not gonna bury me.

Frank, we gotta figure this out
if there's anything the cops can find.

- There were cameras in the club.
- I kept my head down the whole time.

- And where is your car?
- Near the hospital.

You gotta get it before
the police start checking tags.


Who'd be calling
at 2:30 in the morning?

Let's see.
It's the hospital.


Thank you, I'll be right there.
It's Jordan, she's awake.

Oh, baby.


Hi, Dad.


Dad, they won't tell me where Mom is.

Dad, they won't tell me where Mom is!

Dad, where is Mom?

I wanna see Mom.

Where is she?
Please, Dad, where is she?

Oh, Jesus.

- Hey.
- How's she doing?

Physically, I can take her home
in a week.

Mentally, she just found out
her mother died.

Jesus, Pauly.

It's a miracle, though,
that we got her back. It's a miracle.

It was a miracle.

All that matters now is that...

you look after her.

Yes, of course.

You, though, her father.

I will.

Not this other thing,
not this other guy, you.

It's over.

It's over.


- Sliding.
- Thanks.

Sure you got everything?
Yeah, I got it.

- I got it, Dad.
- All right, I know you got it.

And easy does it.

I can't believe I have to leave in this.
I feel like an invalid.

You're not an invalid.

- Thanks.
- Bye, Jordan.

- Bye.
- You ready?

Yes, take me home.

- Hey, Dr. Kersey.
- Dr. Kersey.

- Jordan.
- Jordan.

I told you we'll call as soon
as she remembers something.

It's OK, Dad.
Um, I wanna help you guys.

I really do.
It's just that...

I don't remember anything
after going upstairs to get the iPad.

Any little detail you can remember
will help us out a lot, Jordan.

I don't remember a thing.
I'm sorry.

OK, maybe over time
you'll remember something.

Either way, we'll keep looking
for the guys.

Thank you.
Thanks, guys.

Dr. Kersey.
We'll let you know.


Well, they seem OK.

Hey, hold that.

Thank you.

What happened to you?

Oh, um... I was in an accident.

I'm sorry.

Are you better?


That's nice.

- You going home?
- Yeah. I'm going home.

Well, I'm going home, too.

Well, what happened to you?

I got shot.

Oh, well... then I'm glad you're OK.

Thank you.

Take care.

I'll see you around, Dr. Kersey.

Dad, who was that?

Not a clue, honey.
Somebody else's patient.

Welcome to Jolly Roger's.
How can I help you?

I wanna buy a gun.

Don't I know you?

Yeah, I'm taking
writing and history.

Mainly just introduction classes.

I'm doing it online
a couple of hours a day

so I don't fall behind
when school starts next fall.

That's smart.

You know, I think
you're the smartest one in the family.

So how's your therapy coming?

You look like
you're getting around better.

It's good, you know, boring.
I'm almost done.

But I just had to teach my body
how to do basic things again.

- It feels good to have you home.
- It's good to be home.

And that's him in the middle.
Him and the girl.

- Good night, Uncle Frank.
- OK, Frankie.

Dad, the kitchen's clean.
I'm going to bed.

OK, honey.

Hey. Can you help me with this?

Move this?
Slide it down.

- Just a bit.
- Why are you moving this?

Because I need you to come over here.
I just saw somebody going by.

What do you mean?
You saw someone run by here?

Yeah, I did.
Get under the stairs.

Why are you putting me
under the stairs?

Call the cops right now.
Take your phone and dial 911.

911. What is your emergency?

There's men breaking into my house.
I think they're coming to kill me.

My name's Jordan Kersey.
I'm at 20 Dorset Road in Evanston.

I think they're here.

Jordan, I'm OK.

Dad? Dad!

Stay quiet.
Just wait for the police.

Do not come out,
stay in there.

Sit down.


I think they just shot my dad!
Dad! Dad!

Jordan, just stay up there!

Is that your little girl?

You ever hear someone burn to death?

- You are in for a treat, Dr. Kersey.
- Dad!

So you're saying
you got both the cut

on your hand that's almost healed
and the shot in the shoulder tonight?

That's your story?

That's what happened. That's my story.

Hmm. And the paperwork
for the pistols and the rifle?

You can call Jolly Roger's
Sporting Goods. Ask for Bethany.

And you bought these guns...

The day my daughter came home.

Just in case something like this
ever happened again.

What about a Glock?

I had one for a while.
Decided to get rid of it.

Gone for good?

Yeah, gone for good.

Well, I got everything I need.

Seems pretty straightforward.

Knox came back 'cause he thought
Jordan could ID him,

and you defended your family
like any man would.

Thank you.

And, Dr. Kersey, stick to saving lives.
You're good at it.

I will.

Thanks for everything.

So... you satisfied?


Now I'm satisfied.

"Sway in the Morning",
Shade 4-5, Sirius XM.

Hey, listen, we finally have some
great news coming out of Chicago.

Violent crime has dropped
for the first time in a year.

Hey, Grim Reaper, we don't know
where you are or what happened to you,

but wherever that is, stay there.

Have I told you how proud I am of you?

Yes, Dad, you've told me,
like, a billion times.

If you need anything,
I'm just three stops away.

I know, Dad.
I've got the number.

- I love you.
- I love you, honey.

Well, you can go now.

All right.
Go be smart.

Bye, baby.


Subtitles: BTI Studios