Death Walks on High Heels (1971) - full transcript

After a heist, the notorious jewel thief Rochard is murdered in a train. In Paris, his daughter Nicole Rochard, who is a stripper, is summoned by the police that wants to know the whereabouts of valuable diamonds that her father had stolen. She goes with her boyfriend Michel Aumont and tells that does not know anything about the missing diamonds. During the night, a blue eye masked man breaks in her apartment and threatens her, asking where the diamonds are. Nicole seeks protection with Michel but in the morning she finds contact lens in his bathroom and she suspects Michel may be the masked man. She seeks out her costumer Dr. Robert Matthews, who had hit on her, and she asks him if she could go with in to London. Matthews, who is married, brings Nicole to a house by the sea in a village and she poses of his wife. But soon the masked man comes to England and begins a crime spree. The Scotland Yard Inspector Baxter and his assistant are assigned to investigate the case. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
- Who's there?
- Passport check. We're near the frontier.


- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- So...
- Chief...

you know I work at night
and sleep during the day. Frankly,

I find it quite depressing
to spend my mornings with you.

I'd also rather meet someone else...

- But I accept my lot.
- You're paid too, right?

Couldrt you come alone,
just once, for a change?

We've been living together
for two years now, Chief...

I've already told you that.

Ah, yes...
'In good times and in bad'...

There's this morning's quip...
Where do you find them?

By mixing with bad elements, Mister Aumont.

Thieves, murderers, pimps...

Cool it, Michel. It's not won'th it.

Well... let's get to the point, now.

More than 700 million French francs
won'th of diamonds

have been stolen from the safe
of a dealer here in Paris.

Your father, Miss,
a real specialist in breaking safes,

has been murdered on a train
by someone who evidently tried... get hold of the diamonds.

My father had left the scene long ago.

You don't have a shred of proof against him.

He left because he was tired...
He needed a vacation.

I warn you, Miss. You'd better
tell me all you know.

Listen, I'll say it again:
If by any chance your father...

...has given you those diamonds,
then you're in danger.

He gave me nothing.

The last time I saw my father was long ago.

Maybe... maybe two months before he died.

He was tired... he needed a vacation.

I'm sure you're on
the wrong track, Chief...

No, it is you who's making a mistake.

I only hope that it won't be
too late when you realize it.

Listen... if the sermors over,
I guess we'll be off.

Well, you can go,

but don't leave Paris without
giving me your address.

- Goodbye, Chief...
- Goodbye.

I'm sorry, I don't act as you do,
I like to choose my men...

- Nicole, telephone!
- I'm coming.

- There you go.
- Hello, who's speaking?

A friend who'd like... have a little chat with you.

I must see you privately,
as soon as possible.

Listen, stop breaking my balls.

My performance over here
at the Crazy starts in two minutes,

and I'm naked!

In the meantime, you can go to hell!

- Can you tell me what's that girl's name?
- Nicole Rochard.

Do you think she'd join me at my table?

I doubt it. After this, she has
another show at the Kit Kat.

Why not try and surprise me
by knocking, darling?

You're right, sorry.

- Can I...?
- Yes. Come on in, silly!

- I like you when you're all black...
- Really?

Give me that, I'll help you.

You know what happens when you do it...


- Nicole, the boss wants to speak with you.
- Say I've gone out.

...I tell you, they were huge!

- Jean, call me a taxi.
- Right away, Nicole!

Bye, love.

Wait. Do we have to make out
only between shows?

Listen, darling... Someone
has to work to keep things going,

while you expect to be
offered a position as ambassador...

So in the meantime, it's all up to me.

You're not funny.

Oh, come on, don't put up that face!

- You know I like you just the way you are.
- The taxi's here!

Coming! Bye love,
see you later at home.

- Yeah...
- And try not to drink too much!

- Good evening, Miss.
- Good evening.

Well, you'll forgive the intrusion...

I think I'm messing this all up,
really, that's for sure...

I mean, I wouldn't know
how to go about this, it's awkward...

'Awkward'? How so?
Who are you, by the way?

Well, I'm the one who sent all these flowers.

I'm truly pleased to meet you.

All right, thank you for the flowers.

- Now I have to change, if you don't mind.
- Oh, sure!

I just hope I'll see you again soon.

If you'll let me, of course...

Listen, I do this job for a living,
but that's it.

So, I suggest you don't
waste any of your time.

Would you mind...?

- I liked your show, I'll see you again.
- Really?

- If you don't mind.
- Thanks.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye...

- Yes?
- "If you don't want to end up... your father did,
tell me where the diamonds are".

- But... who is this?
- "Where have you hidden them?".

I don't know anything. I don't know anything!

"If you don't talk, I'll kill you".

"You'll see, you'll recover
your memory very soon".

Hey darling...

You got a light on you... please?

So rude!

- Hi Nicole...
- Hi...

Since you're so good at throwing knives,

why don't you get a job with a circus?

Well, did you wiggle nicely tonight, eh...?

You got them all high.

And you got excited watching
them being so high, right?

Come on, do it for me!
I like to see you shake it!

- You've been drinking again.
- Yeah! On your dough...

You wiggle your ass around
to bring in the money,

and I drink it all to your health!

- To the health of your ass!
- Stop it, stop drinking!

- Oh, please Michel!
- Oh, please Michel...

...That's enough, Michel.

I implore you, Michel... Oh!

You're a beautiful woman, Nicole.

But I can manage without you,
your money and your ass!

I'm fed up being scorned by all those people!

They say: "Look, it's Nicole's pimp!"...

I'm tired of waiting for you
at home all night!

I can manage very well without you...

I'm fed up to the back teeth, am I clear?



No! No! No!

With this razor,

you won't feel the pain right away...

...but it will leave your body covered
with horrible scars.

What have I done to you?
What do you want from me?!

Tell me where the diamonds are,
and I'll leave.

I don't know! I don't know
if my father had them!

- I don't know!
- So much the worse for you.

Think it over well, Nicole...

The next time,

I'll use the sharp edge of the blade...

Wait here. Have you seen Michel?

Yes, a couple of hours ago. I'm sorry.

Ah, Miss Nicole! I have no intention
of wasting your time,

but it's going to be a perfect day,
tomorrow. I mean, today.

We could take a plane and...

- Sorry, I have to go.
- No, wait, I'm a little drunk but...

...I won't be later, I assure you.
- Let me go!

My name's Robert Matthews,
I'm at the Hotel Ambassador.

If we had breakfast you might
improve your opinion of me...

- Oh, my good friend...
- Yes...

- Call me a taxi for the Ambassador.
- Right away, sir.

You're a genius...

- Michel... Michel!?
- What is it, Nicole?

- What's going on?
- Oh, Michel! After you went away,

a masked man came in. He had a razor,
he wanted to slash me!

- Oh, and what was the film's title?
- I'm serious!

- Once I dreamt I was being hanged...
- It was no dream!

He threatened me...

He thinks I know where the diamonds are...

- He says he'll kill me if I don't talk.
- Well, then tell him.

But you know that
I haven't got those diamonds!

Even if you did know,
you wouldn't tell me for sure.

No... you know I don't have them,
otherwise I'd tell you.

I'm sorry about before.
I drank too much...

...and I'm tired of never finding
the job I want.

And I'm fed up that
everybody thinks I'm a pimp!

It's a fixation, I guess...
But I do love you.

Reservations, please.
This is the Hotel Ambassador.

- Excuse me.
- I'll be with you in a moment.

Yes, I need two tickets for Brussels
from Paris, for Friday.

For Mrs. And Mr. Wright...

Yes, Evelyn and Jack Wright.

Good morning, Miss Nicole.

- What brings you here?
- Good morning.

Don't tell me this is a coincidence,
I wouldn't believe it.

- It's not.
- Even better.

- Shall we have breakfast together?
- Where?

Well, wherever you like.
The only trouble is this wire,

prompting me to go back to London right away.

But the flight leaves at half past three,

so we got all the time in the world...
Choose the restaurant,

and make it one you really like.

Now listen, Matthews. I know you like me... take me with you,
or we'll never meet anymore.

Nicole, what's this all about?

I only want to leave Paris... matter what.

So what do you think?

They're beautiful...

These are the ones you liked, aren't they?

- I was expecting you to ask me questions.
- You take cream?

Thank you. You're the least
curious person I've ever met.

You know, I used to be very curious,

I wanted to know absolutely everything...
about everyone.

But then, I discovered that
every question begged a reply...

...and every reply belied
a disappointment, and so...

So I decided to stop
asking so many questions... That's it.

You don't strike me as
someone who'd take home a stripper.

I'm just a good doctor
who got married in accordance with

the usual bourgeois conventions,
someone who...

...after years of a stupid,
monotonous marriage...

...has managed to find
the first woman he ever really liked.

Who, as it turns out, happens to be
a strip tease artist!

But Robert, I don't understand
why you don't divorce, then.

She's dead set against it.

I might get a divorce if
I gave her back all of her money.

I owe everything to Vanessa's money,
including the clinic.

Her name's Vanessa?
It's a pretty name.

Yes, yes, beautiful...
But let's change the subject, right?

Thank you Robert, for everything
you bought me.

- You're very sweet.
- You're very welcome.

- Rather, do you have any regrets?
- No...!

- I never look back on any decision I make.
- I'm happy...

The first time I saw you
at the Crazy Horse, I said to myself:

"So there's something else in this world.
Wake up, Robert!"

"You must not miss this chance..."

- But you don't know me at all yet.
- What's the difference?

You're here with me, and
I like you very much. That's it.

Isn't that enough for starters?

- Undo my dress, would you?
- Yes, darling.

Robert, would you please
help me take these boots off...

Don't take them off...

I like it all... just like that.

- You mind?
- No...

I don't mind at all...

Come on, think hard, it's important.

Yes, I remember this guy
very well, he was the last to go.

He spoke with Nicole, and
asked for a taxi after she left.

- Anything else?
- He was tall, distinguished...

...and drunk. I'm sorry,
that's all I can tell you.

No, wait a minute! He was going to... the Hotel Ambassador!

It's about 4 miles from here,
Vanessa doesn't know about it.

- You'll see, you'll like the cottage.
- I'm sure, Robert.

The caretaker, Hallory,
is waiting for us at the local pub.

There it is. It's where
all the local gossips gather.

Oh, by the way. Hallory has a false hand.

Pretend not to notice it,
he's sensitive, you know.

One more thing...
You know what small towns are like...

...we'll tell everyone you're my wife.
You don't mind, right?

On the contrary.

Shall we go?

Hello Hallory, hello Peggy!

- Good morning.
- Good morning, Dr. Matthews.

This is my wife, Nicole.
And these are Hallory and Peggy.

- Something to drink, my dear?
- No, thank you Robert.

I'll have a whisky, Peggy.

Well, Hallory. Is everything
all right over at the cottage?

- Yes, sir.
- Good.

I got the keys with me.
We can go there whenever you want.

You like it? It's the only spot on the coast

where the sun comes out... sometimes!

I know I shall just love being here.

- Is that motorboat yours?
- Yes.

But it's too small.
I want to buy a bigger one.

It's beautiful, Robert.
I needed just a place like this.

Good morning, Mr. Matthews.

- Good morning, Philip. How are you?
- Good enough, sir.

- And your fishing?
- I was up at the crack of dawn,

so now I've got the coast's freshest fish!

Now, tell me, which are
the two freshest fish you've got?

- That one, and that one there, sir.
- These two?

- All right. You like them?
- They're perfect!

All right! Put them on my account then.
Arert they great?

- After you, Madame!
- Thank you, Sir!

Must you really go away, Robert?

I'm scared to be here all alone at night.

But there's nothing to be afraid of!

I'll be back from London
just as soon as I possibly can.

Besides, there's Hallory.
He lives nearby, on the hill.

If you need anything, just call him.

His phone number is written
on the address book.

- But he frightens me...
- Who? Hallory?!

He makes a bad impression,
but he's all right. He's reliable.

Anyway, if you feel that
you're really in danger,

then just go over to the fireplace,
push this side and...

you'll be able to defend yourself...
with this.

Believe me, Nicole, nothing
ever happens around this village.

You know, they still think
that tango is a sinful dance!

- Don't stay away long.
- Go back inside, it's cold here.

- Bye.
- Bye!

- Morning, Mrs. Matthews.
- Hi, Peggy.

- Well, I'll be leaving now, madam...
- Goodbye, Hallory.

- Good morning Mr. Matthews!
- Good morning, Philip.

If you want to buy some fish,
now's your chance.

Today, I'm the only one who caught them.

Of course... Fish ask around,
and if they find out

that the nets are yours,
they fight their way in!


Yes, that's right captain.
I want to buy a bigger boat,

my wife will be here for some time,
so she'll be needing it.

- Shall we meet at the pub in...
- Half an hour.

In an hour, all right?

See those two idiots?
I'm sure they're talking about us.

...He never mentioned his wife before!

- Really?
- Sure!

- Greetings, Dr. Matthews.
- Oh, good evening captain!

I want you to meet my wife.
Nicole, this is captain Lenny.

- How do you do.
- Have you brought along the photos?

- Yes, I've got them right here.
- Good, we can all

go over there, we'll be more comfortable.
Shall we go, dear?

Hallory says they make love all day!

I wonder what they do at night?!

If you want a boat,
this one is a real bargain.

It's a really cheap cruiser, look.

...And you don't even know
what they do on the reef!

Is it ready? Are there any
odd repairs that need to be done?

"Good morning, my dear.
Where have you been hiding?"

"I've been looking for you
for a very long time"

I wanted to tell you about the sermon

which will be delivered next Saturday.

- What about the paperwork?
- There's only the registration.

Robert, take me home.

- What's wrong, dear?
- I can't stay here any longer...

- I'll be outside.
- I'll come right away...

Excuse me, I'll have to leave now.
My wife's not feeling well.

Look, I'll be back tomorrow,
we can talk about the boat then.

It's all right. Though,
you really ought to take it...

- Nicole...
- Take me home.

- Take me home...
- As you wish.

I just can't take it anymore, Robert,
take me back to London.

I can't stay any longer
in this house, alone... this small town, which
seems a village of the dead!

Please Nicole, be patient.

I'll ask Vanessa for a divorce,
and then we can be married.

Now, try to calm down...

- You... you really want to marry me?
- Of course.

Why shouldn't I?
You know very well that I love you.

I'll be back tomorrow to discuss
the boat with captain Lenny.

But then I'll have to rush off again

as I got to do a pretty delicate
operation on a poor soul.

I'll be here waiting, Robert.

And... I'm sorry I made such a scene
tonight at the pub.

Forget it.

- Hello Hallory, how are you?
- 'Morning, Dr. Matthews.

- May I help you, sir?
- No, thank you very much.

- Are you staying?
- No, I just came to meet captain Lenny.

But I should be coming back
in a couple of days

to stay the whole weekend, or longer I hope.

- Would you turn around the car, please?
- Yes, sir.



Why didn't you tell me
my wife wasrt here? Where is she?

I don't know. I didn't see her leave.

In fact, I haven't seen her since yesterday.


What happened?

The lady didn't sleep at home last night...

It's no news. We already knew
she wasrt your wife, doctor...

Did you hear that?!

Keep the voice down, if you don't mind.

The village is too small
to hide certain things.

And people like to gossip, which is worse.

The bed was properly made,
evidently she slept outside...

You may learn many things
in ten years, and yet...

...ten lifetimes wouldn't be enough
to understand a woman.

Do me a favour, captain.

I'm sure that Nicole will be back,
tonight or tomorrow.

When she returns, tell her
to call me at once in London.

Here. This is the phone number of my clinic.

All right, doctor.

- Still not even a glimmer, Smith?
- Nothing, doctor...


The treatment is going just fine.

Just a bit longer,
and you'll be able to see again...

- Thanks to you, doctor.

I don't know how to express my gratitude.

Don't move. This will take just a moment.

Here. That's it, all done...

Remember, you must not take
this bandage off for any reason.

Yes, who is it?



- What did you say his name was?
- Matthews, Inspector.

Robert Matthews.
There's his Mrs. Downstairs.

Very well. Let's get to work, Bergson.
Come along.

- Mrs. Matthews?
- Yes?

Baxter, Scotland Yard.
My assistant, Bergson.

You have my sympathy, madam.

Sir, in your opinion...
who tried to murder him?

- Why, my granny, Bergson...
- Ehm...




I beg your pardon, madam.
Is Nicole your first name?

No, Inspector. My name's Vanessa.

Then who could this Nicole be?

No one that I know.

- Hello there Baxter.
- Hello.

Matthews was lucky.

The bullet didn't damage any vital organ.

Thanks, Jack.

All right, go on.

I just heard some footsteps.

A womars footsteps, wearing heels...
Quite heavy steps, too.

You know, it could have been
a man wearing a womars shoes.

Maybe not, maybe...

...maybe it was just a very determined woman.

You know, Inspector,
if you are determined about something,

it's bound to come out in the way you walk.


- Then what happened?
- Matthews asked: "Who is it?".

The reply was a pistol shot.

And afterwards...
I heard again the sound of footsteps,

someone was running away,
the steps were much lighter.

Of course, that doesn't mean a thing,

because when you run
you actually walk on tiptoe,

and so... the steps are
inevitably always lighter.

Did you know that, Inspector?

Yes, Smith. They teach us
many things at the Police College!

How long have you received
treatment under Dr. Matthews?

Ouite some time.

And did you ever hear Matthews telephone,

talk about or make any reference
to a woman called Nicole?

- Nicole?
- Hmm.

No... I never heard this name.

- Inspector? The tapes are ready.
- All right, I'm coming.

"What are you doing?
You want to start all over again?

Yes, yes, I do.
Pull over here a bit...

- Like this? You like it?
- Yeah, yeah... Uh!

- What's the matter?
- That was your heel...

Oh, sorry Robert... You wanted me
to keep the boots on..."

- I brought you your coffee...
- Oh, thank you...

Inspector? I wrote down
the inventory of the dresses...

Ah, Inspector. Wait until
you take a look at this...

Remind me to screen it...

- Inspector!
- Umph...!

- What now?
- Look what we've found.

And who would this gentleman be?

He's French, like the dead woman.

Like more than 40 million
other French, Bergson...

I caught him at Miss Peggy's pub,

he was smashing everything,
even the customers' heads...

Then we shall cool him down a bit.

Take that.
Drink this. Go on, drink it!

Go on...

- Take him outside now.
- To get some fresh air?

No, to throw up, Bergson.

Please, sit down.
Miss Pennypacker?

- Feeling any better now?
- Yes.

He arrived yesterday, and
immediately began making calls.

- Who to?
- I don't know, he was speaking in French,

but I'm sure he wasrt happy.
He began to drink and play cards,

but always going back to the telephone.

- Go on.
- Shall I go on? He went on playing all night

until he collapsed on a sofa,
and I left him there to sleep.

He woke up when they found and
brought in Miss Nicole's body.

He asked what was going on,
so I said that she drowned,

he put his hands around my throat,
shouting like a madman.

- Shall I go on, Inspector?
- No, no, please!

Miss Pennypacker, would you
take her out for some air?

Inspector, he seems a bit more sober now.

That English bastard killed her...

Which one? There are
50 million of us on this island...

His name's Matthews.
Robert Matthews. He owns this house.

I don't know how he did it...

Nicole Rochard was my woman.

We had some problems, like everyone,
but he took her away!

I'm afraid your suspicion is unfounded.

Doctor Matthews is at the hospital,
he was shot last night.

Rather, how come you knew
that this house belongs to him?

- Have you been here before?
- No, never before...

I wanted to come by this morning.

I tried to phone all night,
but nobody answered.

How did you get the address?
Did Miss Rochard tell you?

Well, yes...

She phoned me in Paris
and told me to get over here.

I see. Mr. Hallory, could you
get me a cup of coffee, please?

Please, sit down.

What will you do...
with Nicole?

The body will be taken to London

and submitted to a thorough examination.

Superficially, it would seem
she died during the night,

a few hours before the fishermen
found her caught in their net.

I wonder if she meant to commit suicide.

No, she didn't do that, she was murdered.

Miss Rochard drowned, and there
wasrt a mark on her body.

We found her with a dress on
and nothing under it...

She wasrt accustomed to underwear,
because of her job.

- May I see your passport?
- Of course. It's in order.

I don't doubt it, but
I'll have to keep it for now...

I'm afraid you'll have to stay here
until we settle things.

Don't worry, I won't leave
until I see Nicole's murderer dead.

And now, if you don't mind,
I'll go out for a bit of air.

All right, I don't mind.

- Inspector, your coffee.
- Hallory, you're responsible

for all the house's articles.
Here's a copy of the list.

Well, looks pretty clear I'd say, Inspector.

The girl drops her lover in Paris,
and takes an Englishman.

After a search, the Frenchman
finds her, comes here...

...and drowns her.
- Of course!

And then he decides to stay on
and get completely drunk...

Inspector, a call for you from Scotland Yard.

Bloody hell!


Why were you watching?

You're inquisitive, eh?
What are you looking for?!

- Let me go!
- Tell me everything you know...!

- Let go!
- Talk, or I push you over.

Miss Pennypacker...

- Tell Brown to get himself clean...
- Yes, Inspector.

If the fellow can't hold his liquor,
so much worse for him.

It's not a question of liquor,
it's just not logical.

The girl was killed, and Dr. Matthews
is alive by a miracle.

To my mind there's some connection
between these two facts.

Perhaps. But the Frenchman
should be held up for now.

You know, someone still supports
the notion that

everyone is 'innocent until proven guilty'...

- Miss Pennypacker, call the others.
- Yes, Inspector.

- Get him, we're going back to London.
- Very good, sir.

Mr. Aumont!

- Mr. Aumont!
- That's all I know.

- This is your hotel, right?
- Yes, you're right.

Well, you know where to find me
if you should need me...

And if you should need me,
just call Scotland Yard...

...the number's in the telephone book.
- That's funny...

I shot it myself in Paris...

Nicole didn't even know she had been filmed,

in fact, at that time...
she didn't even know I existed.

Now I just wish she never met me.

Did you know she was living
with another man in Paris?

A certain Michel Aumont.

It seems she left him abruptly
to come over here with you.

I never asked her about her past,
nor did she ever tell me.

Aumont was in the village,
but his alibi is pretty perfect.

But... but how did he
get there in the first place?

Apparently, Miss Rochard phoned
and asked him to come.

That's impossible!
We had decided to get married.

Listen, Matthews...

You can speak freely.
I've seen all sorts of things...

Perhaps you two had a fight...?

No, Inspector... We got along just fine.

Strange, because the next day
Nicole had vanished,

someone tried to kill you
in your clinic, and the blind man

says that the footsteps were a womars.

Can you rule out that
it was Nicole who fired the shot?

- Absolutely, Inspector.
- Why, you saw your attacker?

- No, I only saw the boots...
- It all looks quite simple.

You two have a scene,
so you break with your mistress.

She decides to murder you,
comes to London and shoots you.

But then she commits suicide
in despair and remorse.

That's absolute nonsense!

Maybe, but the pistol
is a French one, as was Nicole.

Impossible! Nicole would never...
We never quarreled, never!

Calm down, calm down!
I hate to upset you, but it's my work.

- Try to understand me.
- You're right, I'm sorry...

Avenge her...?

Why avenge a crazy bitch who tried to kill

the one who was keeping her,
all for no reason?

Don't you dare talk about her...!

Come here... come, or I'll strangle you!

Someone saw you in the village
the night before the murder.

You went to your husband's cottage!

I've never been to that brothel!

- I didn't even know it existed!
- Oh, yes you did!

A woman was seen there,
and she can only be you! You!

- Let me go...! You're crazy!
- Stop it!

Come here.

What's your name?

My name's Aumont. Michel Aumont.
I'm a French citizen.

The report here says that
you beat and threatened her.

- I lost control.
- Aumont, I suggest you talk to me.

I went to see Mrs. Matthews
because someone had seen

an unknown woman the night
before Nicole disappeared.

May I suggest you leave
this sort of thing to the police?

If they can spare just you,
the killer will never be caught!

Since you're so eager to get
things going, tell me

what made Nicole drop you
in such a damn bloody hurry?

We had a fight.

I suppose you had your share
of fighting in two years...

She told me something
the night before she left Paris...

...but I didn't pay attention to her.
She was frightened.

- Someone had threatened her.
- Someone...

It's always 'someone'.

Go back to your hotel and
don't trouble anyone again.

Otherwise, next time I'll put you in jail.

Who told you about the
unknown woman at the village?

A guy lurking around the cottage
the day you came.

He claims to be a former Navy captain.


- Yes, sir?
- Phone Mrs. Matthews, invite her to picnic.

- To picnic?
- Just phone her, Bergson.

Whatever you say, Inspector...

I can't swear to it,

but I don't think it was
Mrs. Matthews I saw that night.

You see, Inspector? It's not wise

to listen to people like this gentleman.

Well, so much better for you, Mrs. Matthews.

I'd like to show you something, if I may.
It's quite nearby.

Mrs. Matthews.

An attempted murder
with a blind man as a witness...

Now, that's unusual.
Maybe the killer was counting on it.

My husband was Miss Rochard's 'friend'.

Maybe he got tired and
she decided to make him pay.

Hmm... After you, madam.

Since it's evident you're
accustomed to this house...

...and its gate, let's get inside
and have a little chat.

Please, open the door for me.

- What do you want?
- I'm Vanessa Matthews.

Mrs. Matthews...

Please, come in.

Take a seat.

The reason for my visit is quite simple.

I'd like you to leave my husband.

You think he's rich. He's not.
All of this belongs to me.

So let him go. I mean,
you're barking up the wrong tree.

There are 5000 pounds here. Take them.

Just take them and be gone!

Once she got paid...

...she would vanish,
I was more than sure of it.

- May I, Inspector?
- Oh, sure.

I'm sorry, but I'd like to know
how did you manage... learn about your husband's
affair with that woman?

Suppose it's not true that
Miss Rochard rang up her ex lover,

begging him to come over to meet her.

Listen Inspector, she called me like I said!

I said I'm only supposing, dear sir.

I think it wouldn't be so difficult to obtain

Dr. Matthews' whereabouts, even in Paris.

The problem would be to find out
where he'd taken Nicole,

but then again, it would be easy
to get to his wife,

and then to rattle her jealousy,

thus finally getting one step closer
to the fugitive.

- That's just nonsense.
- No, madam, I'm only supposing.

- Good evening, madam.
- Hello, Vanessa!

- Hello, Robert!
- I've been waiting for you.

- How are you darling?
- I'm sorry I'm late, but...

...I didn't think you would be home.
- I feel fine now.

By the way, where have you been?

- Inspector Baxter sent for me.
- How so? Something wrong?

Something I haven't told you yet.
For what it's won'th...

I knew about your affair
with the French woman.

- Who told you?
- That's not important.

When I found out I went one evening... that seaside nest of yours,

and I gave her 5000 pounds to have you back.

- And she took it?
- Ever seen anyone refuse 5000 pounds?

- I would have never imagined...
- Oh, Robert...

What happened to you? We were so close...

Vanessa... Please forgive me.

I just... I lost my head to that woman.

I understand... but I didn't want to... share you with another woman.
I don't want to lose you.

Just as you don't want to loose me.

Go to bed, you look tired.
See you tomorrow.

You still want me around?

Well... We'll talk about it
some other time. Good night.

Good night...

- Thank you Liz. Turn that light out please.
- Certainly, sir.

- Good night, sir.
- Good night, Liz.

No! No! No!

Mrs. Matthews? Mrs. Matthews!

- What is it? What happened?
- She's dead! She's dead!

What a butchery! The post-mortem
is as good as done for us...

Jack, take a look at Matthews...

He could use your assistance
more than this poor soul.

Inspector, who do you think
did it this time...?

Sorry Bergson, but I forgot
my crystal ball at home.

Now that's a great help, Inspector...

...considering how many
short sided people are around.

Of course, Bergson, of course...

- Miss Pennypacker?
- Yes, Inspector?

- Take the lens to the laboratory.
- Right away, sir.


Do you know this gentleman?

- Come on, speak up.
- He threatened Mrs. Matthews once,

I even had to call the police...

Yes, I know that.
Did you ever see him before that?

Two or three days before,
he had talked for hours with her.

I remember it clearly.
When he left, Mrs. Matthews went

to her room, she was
very upset and didn't talk.

- Miss Pennypacker, take her out.
- Yes, Inspector... Let's go.

This means... that your
supposition was indeed correct.

Funny, I never guess right.
Well, hardly ever...

Well, Baxter... I've given him an injection.

He's resting now. It was a terrible shock.

- When will you do the autopsy?
- The day after tomorrow,

as soon as I get the authorization.
For what it's won'th...

Remember, doctor: No stone
should ever remain unturned...

Let's go, Bergson...

I'd like to ask you something, Jack...

Miss Pennypacker, don't forget
to send out a wire

off to Paris and check if
the Frenchman wore contact lenses.

Well, I warned you Baxter.

The autopsy was completely useless.

Listen, Jack. I would have the killer, but...

...the night when, as you say,
the French girl was killed,

he spent it in the local pub
with at least four witnesses.

She died no more than 6 hours
before her body was found.

What if you're wrong, by only 24 hours?

Then you should find a corpse
that doesn't follow...

...the laws of medicine.
Part of her body was still soft.

Rigor mortis was only just setting in.
So, she'd been dead...

...six hours at the most.

I don't understand.
This one, I mean Mrs. Matthews...

She's been dead for over 24 hours,
and she's not rigid.

So what? Decomposition
is held up, while in the freezer.

You see, we put all of our clients... on ice.

On ice... I see.

- It's not too far.
- That's good.

How long would it take me to get there?

- Oh, I'd say roughly half an hour.
- Thank you, my angel.

- Always in a hurry?
- Ah, that's the nature of our work!

As soon as I get some
time off, I'll take you out...

- Hey, what did you say?
- I'll phone you! Bye!

We only serve butchers, restaurants...

...many bars, but most of all fishermen.

Rarely private customers,
and then only during the summer.

And you didn't serve
anyone else five or six days ago?

No one in their senses
is going to buy ice with this cold...

Anyway, if you need more information,

you could send your assistant, alone...

He looks so bright and alert to me.

Yes, I'll do just that. Good day, madam...

Is there another wharf?

Yes, on the other side of the house.

Something on your head, Inspector?

Just the hat, Bergson... The hat.

- What are you doing, Inspector?
- Just give me a hand...

Yes, of course, right away.

Hmm. Blocks of ice would
fit here nicely with the body.

You mean... to delay
the process of decomposition?

Yes, exactly. A most ingenious way
of creating an alibi.

Evidently, it was someone
who knew the victim quite well.

Very good, Bergson, bravo!
Now free yourself...

So you spied on her!

You must have been drooling
all over, watching her! You pig!

Where did you get
all this money, eh...? Where?!

You saw who killed Nicole,
didn't you? Didrt you?

Talk... talk!

Yes... I saw someone.

He was dressed in black,
but I didn't recognize him.

I couldn't see a thing,
it was pouring rain...

It could have been anyone... Even you!

Hey you! Stop!

Inspector, that French son of a bitch
just stole our car!

Keep calm, Bergson, keep calm!

What's this?

- Where did you get it?
- I couldn't resist, Inspector.

I couldn't resist...
After all, I'm just a man.

She would undress at night,
without drawing the curtain...

And so I... used to watch her
with that spyglass.

I couldn't help myself...

She'd wiggle and ride on the floor,
half naked, and I...

...I thought I'd go mad,
watching her move like that.

But I just waited all day
for that moment to come at night.

And then, that night...

I saw her put some money into a box.

She seemed quite upset.

It began to rain, and as I moved
the spyglass, I saw a man.

I couldn't see as well as before, but...

It looked as if he pushed
a cushion down over her face.

By this time, the spyglass lens
was covered up by raindrops,

in fact the rain formed a curtain,

so I just couldn't make anything out clearly.

Some minutes later, that man
got out of the house.

He was carrying her body over his shoulder.

I stood there, by the spyglass.
I didn't know what to do.

Sometime later I saw him come back,

He searched around the house,
as if looking for something.

He went over to the cupboard and opened it...

...then he bent down and picked something up.

It looked to me like a pair of boots.

Womers shoes, anyway...
Then he moved off suddenly.

I tried to follow him with
the spyglass, to see who he was.

But I wasrt able to see, unfortunately.

There were 5000 pounds
in that open and empty house...

I thought..." It's not like
you're stealing it, really..."

It would have been
a huge temptation for anyone.

I took the money meaning
to give it back at the right time.

All right, never mind...
But the man... Who was it?

Can you give us a clue, something...?

It was pouring rain,
I couldn't make out anything.

It was too dark.

The spyglass magnifies things,
but it also reduces brightness.

I've already said this to that Frenchman,

I can make no accusations, I can't testify.
It was too dark.

Was it him, that night?

Well, it could have been even him...

Otherwise, how could he have known
about the money?

From the newspapers, for instance.

- Thank you very much, Inspector.
- A pleasure.

All right, Smith...
We are going to have a little chat.

You can forget the cane,

I'll let you know if there are
any other wallets around...

So, the bird has flown.

- I want the truth, Smith!
- All right.

I'm recovering.
My sight has almost come back.

- Why did you pretend to be blind?
- I was blind!

I just went on pretending I couldn't see!

Then I'll smash your face
and ring up Scotland Yard!

You won't smash my face,
nor will you ring up Scotland Yard!

Listen up, I'm sick of your threats!

Get up.

Who shot Matthews?

I told you already... I was blind then...!


Enough, please... Please!

Please, it's the truth...
Please, I swear it to you!

For a while, I couldn't see...

I had become blind. It was due
to an accident at my work.

- What kind of work?
- It was a blowtorch,

I was working on a safe...

I swear, if I had been able to see

who shot him, I'd have told it
to Inspector Baxter,

even if it would have meant going to prison.

It doesn't concern me.
I just want to know who shot him!

I just... I just heard some footsteps.

They seemed... a womars footsteps.


You're not going to tell
all this to Baxter, are you?

Don't worry...
The less I see of Baxter, the better.

Hallo, Baxter's office.

Inspector, I don't know
who it is, but they say it's urgent.

Yes? Inspector Baxter speaking.

This is a friend, giving you
some advice, Inspector.

If you want to find out more
about Nicole Rochard's death,

keep an eye on Smith, the blind man
Dr. Matthews was treating.

That could be a good idea...
Thank you, mister Aumont.

You're welcome...
Oh, about your car, Inspector.

Don't worry, I'll bring it back soon.
Goodbye sir.

We've just got three minutes!
Hang on, Smith!

If they catch you, I'm screwed too.
Put some light here.

He managed to get me out,
then he put me on a train...

...with a ticket back to London.

Hmm. A diamond robbery in Paris,
a nasty accident...

...and a blind fellow in London,
recovering at the right time.

My friend said that he would contact me,

once the diamonds were safe.

But then, I heard no more of him.

I couldn't search out for him...
without being able to see.

- And who was this chum of yours?
- I'm no informer...

Anyway, that guy took you for a ride...

You're over here in London,
without a penny...

...while he's somewhere with the loot.

I prefer to believe that...

...he will keep his word,
he'll find me someday somewhere.

Anyway, all those diamonds...

...are won'th the risk of a few years in jail.

- Inspector, the telex from Paris.
- Thanks.

You're really in trouble, Smith.

Your accomplice was a chap named Rochard,

Ernest Rochard, and he was
killed on train headed to Spain.

He was murdered by a presumed accomplice...

...who was after those jewels.

Are you trying one of those
'copper tricks', eh?

- Don't you read the news?
- I was blind, how the hell could I?

If it's true, I'm sorry...

I'm sorry for Rochard.
But it wasrt me who murdered him!

That has yet to be proven.
The shot fired at Dr. Matthews

could have been intended for you,
maybe someone wanted

to avenge Rochard's death,
and pocket the jewels.


Maybe it was his daughter...

Nicole... Nicole Rochard.

- Come again? Nicole Rochard?
- Yes.

But... As I agreed with Rochard...

...she had to keep all those diamonds!

You pig!


- Bergson, search the Frenchman.
- All right, Inspector.

Don't try anything smart.
We got you, eh, Frenchie?

You had your fun stealing
our car, didn't you? Now what?

Speechless, eh?!

Mister Matthews... forgive me.

I can't help it...
It's a vice... Avice!

- Go change yourself.

Let's see what you've got
in your pockets. Hands up now...

- Brown. Have him change his dress...
- Yes, Inspector.

You're not so smart now, eh?

Leave me alone. I am... innocent.

This is all there is.

Now, what have we here...?

Hmm... Interesting.

There's your proof, Bergson.

We certainly don't need
any more evidence than this.

- Put the cuffs on him.
- Right away, Inspector.

- Nicely done, Inspector!
- Funny... it would be a first.

- Ah, Brown...
- Yes, Inspector?

Handcuffs for the gentleman.
And then take him outside.

Come on, let's go.

Inspector. Inspector!

Magnificent! Just look at them,
see the sparkles...!

Just as we had agreed,
Rochard had hidden them inside

his daughter's necklace and bracelets!

I knew the old man would have kept his word.

That seems to settle it...
doesn't it? And now,

- a cup of coffee wouldn't be a bad idea.
- Certainly.


What an incredible story, Inspector!

It took Michel quite
some time to find the girl.

When he did, she still wouldn't talk,
so he killed her.

After which, using a flash of genius
and two slabs of ice,

he managed to fool the coroner
as to the time of her death,

thus creating an excellent alibi.

And let's not forget that
he murdered your wife, who had

started to get suspicious
since their first encounter.

Then he tried to kill Smith,
and very nearly killed you...

All the same, Smith was right:
Even men can wear high heels,

if they have to, at least sometimes...

I don't want to come back here ever again.

It may be over for you,
a case among many... But for me...

Good morning, Mr. Matthews!

- How are you this morning?
- Fine, and you?

I have some wonderful, truly fresh sea bass,

so you won't be needing
all that ice you used last time!

There are 5000 pounds here... Take them.

Just take them and be gone!

Listen, I certainly don't need 5000 pounds.

Fine... Then I'll have to tell you

something that you'll find rather unpleasant.

Go ahead.

Your father... and my husband...

...were business partners.
You know what I mean, right?

They have worked together for many years...

Brains and brawn.

Robert conceived the robberies,
and Rochard executed them.

It was Robert who worked out
the Paris diamond robbery...

and he was the one who
murdered your father to get them.

He'll murder you too...
to have those diamonds for himself.

And I did... I had no other choice.

I got rid of Rochard on the train,

but he didn't have the diamonds with him.

Smith didn't know me.
I lured him into my clinic by offering

to treat him for free,
but I couldn't get anything out of him.

I wrapped some slabs of ice
around Nicole's body,

and I threw her into the freezing sea
to delay decomposition.

Then I went back to the cottage
to look for the diamonds,

but I couldn't do anything,
that damned Frenchman was there.

He was looking at a pair of boots
I had bought for Nicole.

They were just like a pair
I had bought for Vanessa.

I fancied them...
I liked my women to wear them.

I didn't go back that night.

I planned to return after
Nicole's body had been found,

and I had established
an utterly foolproof alibi.

But I hadrt taken into account my wife.

First of all, she tried to buy off
Nicole with 5000 pounds,

then she tried to kill me
and take over the situation.

But she missed. And when
she merely wounded me,

she botched her plans, complicating matters,

at the same time handing me
an unexpected, iron-clad alibi.

So you recognized your wife
as the would be-murderer?

Of course, from the boots...
And although she didn't know

I recognized her, I had
to kill her, otherwise

she would have blackmailed me
for the rest of my life.

Well... since they won't be
of any further use to me,

I might as well hand over
to you the real jewels.

- The realjewels?
- My dear Inspector...

Do you think I'd kill Nicole
before I got hold of them?

The diamonds you found are fake.

I replaced the real ones
some days after Nicole's death.

So where's all the good stuff, then?

Over there, in the fireplace.
They're in a secret drawer.

- Would you like to see them?
- Certainly.

I put them here...

...for safekeeping, until
I could retrieve them for good.

Here they are, Rochard's diamonds!
Get up, Inspector!

- Don't be a fool, Matthews.
- You're the fools!

Take your handcuffs
and lock yourselves together! You too!

Go on, hurry up...
Don't waste time.

Hurry up!

Goodbye, Inspector.
I hope we shall never meet again.

Try and get up, Aumont! Come on!

I'm afraid I have to apologize,
but when I saw those lenses

I was ready to bet
my 'family jewels' on your guilt!

In Paris, that same morning
when Nicole disappeared,

I saw those contact lenses
while I was shaving.

I realized that Nicole's story was true,

Matthews had planted them there,
to make me look guilty.

Yes, and he managed
to convince us like that as well.

- You did your best, Inspector.
- Oh, a pretty poor best...

Mister Aumont!
Hurry! Come on, come on!

- Well, go... Goodbye!
- Goodbye, Inspector!

- So long, boy!
- Goodbye!

Hand me a lighter, Bergson.

And now, let's be modest
with our senior officers...

...let's make sure they see
it's we who solved the case!

All right, don't worry Inspector!