Death Walks at Midnight (1972) - full transcript

Valentina, a beautiful fashion model, takes an experimental drug as part of a scientific experiment. While influenced by the drug, Valentina has a vision of a young woman being brutally murdered with a viciously spiked glove. It turns out that a woman was killed in exactly the same way not long ago and soon Valentina finds herself stalked by the same killer... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
- Good evening, Miss.
- Good evening.

You're in press photography,
is the stocks story true?

- Is that what the paper says?
- Yes.

- It's not true then!

- She probably hasn't got home yet.
- She's in.

- HiValentina, how are you?
- Fine, and you?

- Doctor Donati and his assistant.
- Nice to meet you.

- Make yourselves at home.
- Thank you.


- What?
- First...

- It's 300 grand.
- Fine.

Isn't that too much?
Won't that be dangerous?

Don't worry, Miss.
My future depends on that.

- Gio, none of my face.
- Relax.

No-one'll recognise you with this on,
come on, lay down.

- Is it right?
- Yes.

Come on.
Not the right arm, the left's better.

- Is it an intravenous?
- No, it's an intramuscular.

- You don't have to watch.
- I won't.

- Put the mask on.
- Yes.

Let's hope for the best.

- Please Gio, no names.
- Don't worry.

She doesn't want to tell us her name,
it doesn't matter.

Profession: Occasional fashion,
comic, top model...

Voluntarily under the medical supervision
of Professor...

- Your name?
- Donati.

Donati, of the University of Milan,
Faculty ofToxicology.

For an experiment
on a new hallucinogen, HDS.

The liquid's just been injected.
Let's see the effects.

- Let's start. How do you feel?
- I just feel hot so far.

Fine. She says that she just feels hot.

- How old are you?
- Twenty-two.

The truth, please...

- Twenty-eight.
- Right.

Listen dear, what are you looking for?

- Where?
- What do you want from life?

Oh, from life...

...a purple ice-cream, just for me.

Valentina's started her trip.

- Gio, no names.
- Of course, no names.

- Valentina, are you okay with life?
- Of course I am.

- What do you like most?
- Music, church organs...

...and red priests.
- Red priests?

Yes, red priests!

Colours, colours...

And you... I don't like you:
You've got a monkey-face!

- A monkey-face?
- Colours, how lovely...

Come on, let's dance!
Dance with me, let's dance!

Colours, colours...

Oh my God! Not the face!

- What?
- Not the face!

What happens?

She... She...

He smashed her face in!

Go on, what do you see?

He killed her. He killed her!

Who? Who're you talking about?
What do you see now?

Stop him!

- Who? What are they doing?
- He smashed her face in!

What did you see?
How did he smash her face in?

A man...

- With an iron glove
- With what?!

With an iron glove!

Stop! Stop! Stop!

It's horrible, Gio, it's horrible!

What did you give me?
My father mustn't find out!

- What else can you see? Tell me!
- Murderer, murderer!

- Don't stop... Who's the murderer?
- Murderer, murderer!

He killed her!

- Good morning, Miss.
- Good morning.

- The Director was looking for you.
- I was going to see him.

- Miss, the Director's asking for you.
- I know.

- Oh, miss, you're wanted by...
- The Director, I know.

- Director, you wanted me?
- Yes. You can go back home!

Damn! Bloody bastard!
Damn him, and the magazine!

The girl who tried
the new hallucinogen speaks...

Valentina on H.D. S:
'I saw a woman being murdered'.

Son of a bitch!

- You mean me?
- Of course! What happened to the mask?!

Be happy, it's all publicity.
I'd to justify the 300 grand.

Why did I trust a blockhead like you?

Because you love me, poor thing.

I had to do a shoot for a magazine
and they threw me out!

Alright, alright... Listen:

I'll take you out to dinner,
and then the night's ours.

- Come on, give me a kiss...
- Keep away!

I'd rather be a nun
than go to bed with you.

Interesting experience!

I'll meet you in the convent, then!

- Are you crazy?
- What's going on?

And this would be the 'doctor'?

- You bloody...
- It's Italy! Accompany her out.

- You'll pay for this!!
- Calm down

Go back to your work.
What a mess...

- Come on!
- Let me go, leave me alone, you quack!

- I must talk to you, it's important!
- Don't bother me!


What's she doing?

Eat this!

- Hey girl, is that any way to behave?
- Wretch!

- Go get a job!
- Mind your own business! Bugger off!

Breakage of a window
by the throwing of a stone.

The act can be seen
as intimidatory to Novella 2000...

- Are you a fascist?
- Me?

- Communist?
- No.

So do you smash windows
for The Glaziers' Association?

If Novella 2000 brings charges
you'll be in bother!

Sir, there's a gentleman
who wants to talk with you.

It's Gio Baldi,
a Novella 2000 journalist. Here.

See? Here comes trouble...

- Listen, Lieutenant. Get me a copy.
- Right away, sir

Come in, make yourself comfortable.

Valentina, do you know
it was double-glazed?

- You know each other?
We're a couple. She's jealous...

That stone was meant for me...

Luckily it hit the window!

Anyway, I'll pay.
And no legal action by the magazine.

- May we go?
- Is that true, Miss?

If he says so...

I believe you this time, but...

- Leave windows alone!
- Here it is, Sir.

Just a minute. What's this?

Oh, nothing.
It's a piece I wrote about H.D.S.

Drugs... And this is your girlfriend?

Do you believe that stuff, Inspector?
It's for the masses.

If it were true,
I wouldn't have used her!

- Is it really true?
- Yes... No... It's like he said.

I hope so.
Drugs are worse than broken windows!

That goes for you too, journalist or not.
You can both go.

- Thank you, Inspector. If you need me...
- You?

Come on, love.

Goodbye, inspector.

Giovanni Baldi.
Journalist. 32. Born in Seregno.

- See if there's anything in the archives.
- Right away, Sir.

- Note that he graduated in Chemistry.
- How do you know?

It was on his ID card.

Hi. Welcome home.

Oh, it's you. Hi.

What enthusiasm!
I'll leave you if you prefer.

If you want. Go, stay, do what you want.

That's what you call a warm welcome...

It's not a good day. I'm going.

I'll even leave you the keys
so I won't bother you anymore.

Oh, stop it.

I'd a bad time. Keep the keys and come whenever
you want.

You know, Stefano,
I should have married you.

Of course!

But we'd be having a terrible argument
about that article.

How often you'd have said:
"I shouldn't have married you"!

I should have been wearing a mask
during the experiment!

But isn't it the same thing
with or without a mask?

- What a bore!
- It's still you!

Sometimes you amaze me,
how can you still be so middle-class?

- What?
- I said you're still middle-class.


"The revelations of the woman who tried H.D.S.".

Listen to this...
"I saw an iron fist beating up a woman.

Here are the pictures of the experiment".

What is this stuff?
Your journalist friend's bullshit?

No, it's all true.
You've no idea what it was like.

- No...
- It was my first time...

but there are people who take it for fun.

Someone's brought an urgent note for you.

Leave it there, I can't come right now.


- Miss, I forgot the milk.
- What a surprise...

- I'll go and get it now.
- Fine.

"I saw the article in Novella 2000".

Another one...
"I need you for a new product ad.

Would you come to flat 21
at 10, Via Lanciani at noon?

- Who's it from?
- It's not signed.

It'll be another rip-off.

Via Lanciani is just here,
do you want me to go?

- I'll find out what they want.
- No, I'll get ripped-off.

- What time is it?
- 11:20.

- I've got to get moving!
- Listen... I've got an idea.

- I'll take you out for lunch.
- Don't you work today?

- I'm not inspired.
- And what you do if you'll be inspired?

I'll think a while
and hope it'll go away!

- You joker! I'll be right back.
- I'll wait for you.

Concierge? Concierge?
Not here, as usual...

Can I come in?

Is anyone here?


I'm over here!

Look over here... Please!

Come to Via Lanciani!
Ouickly, I'm in danger! I'm scared!

What're you doing up there?
What's wrong?

What do you mean?
Didn't you see him? He wanted to kill me!

Come down now.

- Who wanted to kill you?
- The man with the iron glove.

- An iron glove?
- You must have seen him!

- There was no-one there.
- What? Let's take a look...

- Are you serious?
- Look what he did with his iron glove.

- It was a lovely door...
- But, as I told you, I saw no-one.

- How did you get in here?
- Explanation.

- The door was open.
- And you didn't see him?

He had black shades.

It's the effect of the shit you took...
Just for some cash.

What were you thinking of?

- It's not for you.
- Why don't you believe me?

When I arrived,
the concierge didn't want to let me in.

He said there was no-one here,
they'd moved out.

There was no-one here?
And where was I?

And who sent me this note?

Maybe it was a practical joke
by your friends,

one of those lovely people you know...

Come on, let's go.

Include my name, Andrea Zamuto.
Never been in the papers!

Well, well. Look who's here...

- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.

- I was looking for you.
- And why here, exactly?

It's the so-called 'scene of the crime'.

- One more word and he'll hit you!
- No... Calm down.

We're partners, aren't we?
There's more money to be made.

- Do you want an argument now?
- I don't understand you.

Next time they try to kill you
give me a call, right? Bye.

- Wait, Stefano. Where are you going?
- What? I'm going.

Come on dear, don't cry,
you'll see him again.

- Were you trying to be smart? You knew...
- What?

That a woman was murdered here
with an iron glove.

- What the hell...?
- A woman was murdered here six months ago.

Six months ago?

Actually murdered?

Yes, and you must explain me
how you saw it the other day.

So that man up there was the real murderer?

I'm scared, Gio.

Me too. I'm scared
you're making a fool of me. You knew...

No! Do you think I'd have come here
if I had known?

- Let's have a drink, tell me everything.
- Leave me alone.

You saw the murderer
kill that woman six months ago,

but your subconscious rejected the reality.

- Self-censorship.
- What?

It's my Director's opinion.

On H.D.S. Your subconscious relaxed
and freed those images.

And he tried to kill me.

He read our magazine
and is afraid you'd recognise him.

- So he had to kill you.
- It doesn't seem important to you.

No, it's not that. I don't believe you.
You made it all up.

Both the murderer description
and the empty apartment.

Do you want to pay me back
for my H.D.S. Trick?


But my Director believes you.

Come to the office for an exclusive.

What does 'exclusive' mean?

That you won't mention it
to the rest of the press.

- And if he really kills me?
- What a scoop for my magazine!

How lovely...

- What'd you like?
- A Fernet for me, please.

And for you Valentina?

- He's leaving, Gio!
- Who?

- The murderer. We can't let him get away.
- He's leaving...

- You mustn't! You're in danger! That drug...
- What?

What do you want? Leave her alone.

There he is!

Over there! Let's go!

Did you see a man with black sunglasses?

- I saw nothing.
- What do you mean, nothing?

- Nothing, nothing.
- The murderer's in prison, don't worry.

In prison?

Just take the money
and don't think about anything else.

- Good evening, Inspector.
- Good evening, miss. Take a seat.

I didn't think you'd come.

You told me someone wanted to kill you...
Just in case...

- Your words are discouraging.
- Nobody can discourage you.

You and your journalist friend
concocted a story I don't like.

- Meaning?
- You take drugs and see a woman being murdered.

that woman was a drug dealer.

- Really?
- The murderer had also taken drugs.

Just a second!
I don't know anything about all that!

You saw it the other day
but it happened six months ago.

- You don't believe me?
- What you say can be true or false,

I'm curious.
Come on, what else has happened?

This morning I got a note...

Oh, handsome journalist!

- Have you seen Valentina?
- Over there.


- Anyone important tonight?
- No-one goes out these days...

That's everything, and I'm scared.
Inspector, your cigar...

But unfortunately, miss,
the police only believe in facts.

- Meaning?
- You told me a lot of facts, too many facts!

Maybe you really took the drug
and it confused you.

- Someone tried to kill me!
- But where are the facts?

An empty apartment, an appointment,
a door and a murderer

who's been in prison for months
trying to break through it.

I'm sorry, but it's all too absurd.

- Anything else you didn't tell me?
- What I think of you...

But if tell you, you'd arrest me.
Goodbye, Inspector.

- HiValentina.
- Hi.

The Director loves your story.

Did you know the victim was in the drugs business?

- And?
- She did 4 years in prison in Hamburg.

The murderer uses drugs
and has been in prison for 6 months.

No, not in prison. He's in an asylum.

Anyway, the Director's ready to pay
to have the exclusive.

- At least someone believes me!
- No, he's just a journalist.

- And how much would he pay?
- At least 400 grand.

I'm in!

- Hi.
- Give them to me, they're quite heavy.

- Consumerism! Now they're using...
- Valentina?

- You're the photographic model, aren't you?
- Yes, why?

I'm sorry, but I read your article
and I must talk to you.

- OK, let's go up.
- No, we won't be overheard in the car.

- Overheard by who?
- It's really important. Please...


She must be mad...

Look at these photos.


- Don't you recognise her?
- No. Who is she?

H?l?ne, my sister.
The woman you saw being murdered.

- No, this isn't her.
- What do you mean?

- She was different, a brunette.
- It can't be, you're wrong.

I'm not!
This isn't the woman I saw being killed.

You could be mistaken,
it happened 6 months ago...

- I'll never forget that poor girl's face.
- And the murderer?

Listen, I took a drug
and I saw what I saw.

But I saw the murderer in person

I won't forget his face,
not even in a thousand years.

- In ten minutes.
- What?

- You'll see him in 10 minutes.
- Where are you taking me?

- To the asylum.
- Where?

It's easy to pass people off as mad.

He was still there close to H?l?ne
when they arrested him.

He was drugged to the eyeballs.

Why killing a girl he didn't know?
And why like that?

- Why would I know?
- She was beautiful, full of life...

- I don't feel like going there.
- Beautiful, but unlucky.

- I want to go back.
- Just check he's the real murderer.

You're crazy.

- A word of advice: Don't say that again.
- Okay, okay...

Here we are.

Is it really necessary?

- Anyway, I'm Verushka Wuttenberg.
- Nice to meet you.

This way.

- Excuse me, we're in a hurry.
- This way, please.

Giacomino, if you tire yourself out,
no syrup tonight.

They're like children, very calm.
Be quiet, Giacomino.

Sometimes they get a bit nervous,
they sense the weather!

There, that's Nicola Ravelli.
He's always alone.

Valentina, go and see if it's him.
I'll wait here.


Poor thing. He's like a child.
Drugs have dulled him.

He killed a woman.
She must have been bad, he's so good.

He's always in front of the TV.
Were you looking for him?

- Where is the other lady?
- I don't know. Excuse me.

Alright, Nicola, it's alright.
People are crazy, you know...

- Gorgeous woman!
- Leave me alone!

- Let me go!

Stop it, you fool!

Take him away.

- Stop it!
- Yes Sir.

Forgive them, they're just unfortunates.
May I help you?

- I just want to get out of here.
- That way.

Go first.

It's quicker that way.

- Alright, thank you. Good afternoon.
- Goodbye, madam.

Watch out!

- Sorry. May I make it up to you?
- You almost ran me over!

- Anyway, where are you going?
- Me? Milan.

- Will you give me a lift?
- Sure. Climb in, come on.

- Where in Milan?
- You can leave me at a taxi rank.

You look like an actress, lovely.
Something in you moves me.

- A drink?
- No, thanks.

See how organised I am, miss?
Everything I need's here!

Look at that, darling: A hearse.
Seems they bring good luck.

"For you, Dolores".

- Speed up!
- At your command, my lovely.

- Quicker!
- Relax, they call me Jackie Stewart!

- What's that?
- Either you let me have some, or you get out.

- What?
- Either you let me have it, or you get out.

- I'll get out, then!
- You want to get out! Get out, then.

- Then get out... This way, miss, in here.
- Idiot!

On there.
- Leave me alone!

- See how organised I am?
- Ignorant! Rogue!

- My balls! Where do you go?
- I told you to leave me alone!

Wow! No... fucking hell!

Stop, stop!

- Good afternoon. Something wrong?
- I was in that van...

We overtook a hearse
and behind a man wanted to kill me.

He's following me!
He's already tried to kill me once!

- With the car?
- Did he try to run you over?

- No, with an iron glove.
- See?

I'm not crazy.
Do you know Inspector Seripa?

- Why?
- Call him, he knows all about it.

There's the hearse.

Well, well: The Gestapo.
Alright, alright...

They even break the balls to the dead...

Documents, please.

Here's everything, death certificate too.

- What's up? Was I speeding?
- Don't be cheeky.

- Dolores Jachia.
- The one who jumped under a train.

Was there a man behind you in a car?

- I can't see with the flowers.
- He had big black glasses.

- Alright, you can go.
- You should come with us.

- Where are you taking me?
- To your Inspector friend.

Why did you listen to that grave-digger
and not to me?

Really? The same man with the same face?
Are you sure?

- Yes, yes...
- Alright. Look.

Here's the victim, H?l?ne Grugel, German,

dancer, singer, stripper
and more besides.

Is this the woman you saw being killed?

- No.
- What a pity. She'd been arrested for drugs.

Well then...

Nicola Radelli,
ex-jazz saxophonist, drug-addict,

found in a state of shock next to the victim.

- Is he the murderer?
No, he's not the one I saw.

You're not even warm
on either the victim or the murderer.

That's her! That's her!
The woman I saw murdered!

You sure? This woman here?

She threw herself under a train.
Dolores Jachia.

The one in the hearse.
The man who killed her was behind!

Railway Police confirmed
she put her head on the rails!

If your boyfriend makes you lie
just to sell copies,

I'll arrest both of you
for inventing a crime.

If you want to arrest me,
then arrest me,

but this woman was murdered
and I saw the murderer...

He wants to kill me! Not interested?
Then sorry, Inspector!

You tell me you saw a murder
committed 6 months earlier.

You don't recognise the victim or the murder.
It's not enough.

Fine! We'll just wait
for him to kill me, then!

Ah! Little bitch!

Watch your language!

Excuse me...

That personal file I asked you
to get on that girl, where is it?

On your desk, for hours!

She's from London, lives alone and
has relations with the magazine writer...

Look, man, you mustn't
touch him or anything...

I want you to be
in the open...

Order me another whisky.

- Why not?
- You've already sunk seven. Enough.

Let's dance wickedly close to each other!

- I'm thirsty...
- What do you want?

- Yes, miss?
- Don't listen to him. A J&B, please.

- With lots of ice, she's really gone.
- I'll take care of it.

- Thanks, Sergio.
- Don't mention it, miss.

- Why do you keep following me?
- Look.

Look at this. The man in the asylum.
He didn't kill H?l?ne.

I know because we're friends.
We played in the same band.

- Why don't you go to the police, then?
- You're in danger.

- Me?
- Yes, you. We're all in danger.

No-one knows, no-one realizes.
Be careful!

Everyone to my place!
Come on, you naughty kids, let's go.

- Miss, come on, let's go.
- We're all in danger...

Yes, we're all survivors.
You too, blondie, let's go.

I feel a bit strange tonight.
I feel something inside me.

I fancy women tonight.
I'll go to the doctor tomorrow.

- Have this, dear, you'll get over it.
- I'm better already.

Take this, my love...

- Want a toke?
- No thanks. I don't smoke that stuff.

You're the most famous drug-user
in Italy!

- Who is this shit-head?
- Shut up! It's my favourite model.

Who's that touching me?
You never leave me in peace!

- It wasn't me.
- You bore. Say you like me...

- What are you doing?
- If they catch me here I'll go to jail.

- Oh, no, treasure, stay.
- Let her go. One tart less...

You're vulgar.
Oh, the wig. Valentina, your hair!

- Who is it?
- Valentina.

- Hi Stefano.
- Come in!

If you come here,
it means that something happened. Hi.

- I saw him again.
- Who?

The murderer was waiting for me in the dark.
Thanks mirror...

- Oh, of course... the mirror!
- Why don't you ever believe me?

- What's up?
- Come with me, I'll show you something.

- Who're they?
- The children ofToshiro, a Japanese friend.

He had to go to Geneva for an exhibition.

- And you, when will you have a kid?
- With all my problems...

Maybe in ten years
I'll have some company.

Did you hear what I said?
The murderer's on my back again!

Tomorrow... You're here
because you can't do without me.

Come on little girl, let's go to bed.

Who said you've got to wait ten years?

You'd be sure with me.
I like kids and I'd look after them.

If you had a kid
you'd not waste your life like this.

You wouldn't do so many stupid,
useless things.

What are you doing? Crying?

- What should I do?
- Nothing. Let's just make love...

You'll forget about it...

There, it's ready.

Come on kids, come to breakfast.

- Here, take the apple.
- Sit down.

Good work, little housewife...

Don't you eat? Your egg...

- What's your name?
- Valentina, and yours?

Did you sleep with Uncle Stefano
last night?

She did. I saw them.
They were in bed together.

Gosh, it's late!
I've got the exhibition opening today!

I'd better not go.
In Italy I feel... I'm in my underwear.

No, let's go.
I feel today you'll sell everything.

- Alright.
- I must change my cloths before.

Let's hope for the best!

Look at this. What's his name?

- It looks like a slice of gruyere.
- You're old-fashioned!

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Don't tell me you've sold everything?!
- Those two.

- Really? Who to?
- Two Swiss people.

- Incredible! Oh, this is Valentina.
- Nice to meet you.

- You too.
- Another surprise: A commission.

- A funerary monument?
- What's wrong?

It's strange they chose me.
I've never done one.

Anyway, they left a nice advance, look.

The survey's for today
and an estimate for tomorrow.

- What survey?
- At least take a look at the other graves.

- I'm busy, and then go to a cemetery...
- I'll go!

Take some photos of the graves nearby.

- You'll take measurements too?
- Right, but I want a fee!

- Always hunting for money?
- For you I'll do it for free...

Let's get a move on,
I don't like this place.

- 1.5 by 2.4.Write it down, Pino.
- 1.5 by 2.4.

Now put the notebook away
and take the photos.

So, photograph that one,
those two there, and this one.

- Okay.
- Come on. Make them focussed.

- Have you got enough film?

- You're such an idiot!
- How sensitive you are...

You get everything wrong.

- What are you doing here?
- I'm here for my poor sister.

You! If it were for you
I'd still be in that asylum!

I'm sorry. I couldn't let him find me in there.

He doesn't want me to do that.
He hated H?l?ne.

- He, who?
- Otto, my husband... Professor Wuttenberg.

I'm finished. I'll be outside.
Your bag's near the grave.


What does your husband got to do
with your sister?

If he knew I've come here...

He's a very influential man,
he'd soon lock me away.

He's warned me...
He doesn't want me to think about her.

But I know the man we saw
in the asylum didn't kill her.

Drugs make you unhappy,
but don't make you do this stuff.

At most they make you empty, harmless.

Who killed her and hides himself
knows about me and you,

he's afraid, scared.

- He's capable of anything.
- Who're you talking about?

About the man who killed H?l?ne.

Valentina, come over here.

He's here, did you see, he's here!
He wants to kill us!

Calm down. Maybe it was an accident.

Get out of here. Come on, let's go.
Oh, I forgot my bag.

- I'll go and wait for you outside.
- Alright.

- Where is she?
- Who?

Verushka. She was with you just now.
She's very ill.

- Why are you telling me?
- Because you mustn't believe her.

I know nothing.

- Let me go!
- Didn't she tell you about Hamburg?

Last time too you got in trouble
and you couldn't get out.

So, once again,
the exit's that way.

- Your man left. I'll give you a lift.
- No, I'll walk.

Don't you want to know the truth?
Only I can help you.

- Come on, get in.
- Oh, alright.

- What did he ask you?
- If you had talked about Hamburg.

- Me? Why?
- I don't know.

He also said you were very ill.

Perhaps... Since they killed my sister.

You didn't know her,
but what they wrote isn't true.

I'm sorry. Anyway, I know the woman
I saw being killed.

Or I think saw,
because it seems she committed suicide.

- Her name was Dolores...
- Jachia?

Yes, do you know her?

- Someone's following us.
- Are you sure?

- Yes.
- Slow down a bit.

My nerves are shot,
I see danger everywhere.

- Where are we going?
- To the villa of Dolores Jachia.

I knew her, she was a friend of H?l?ne's.

Something must have happened,
but I'd left Hamburg by then.

- Understood?
- Not really...

You saw who killed Dolores,
the man who killed H?l?ne too.

- What have I got to do with it?
- Only you saw the murderer.

- So?
- I've got to use you to get to the murderer.

- Use me? How?
- Just trust me.

Trust you?!
After the cemetery, the asylum...

I should trust you now?

It'll only take a few minutes. Please!

Just a bit longer,
then I won't bother you anymore.

- It's important for both of us.
- Let's hope so...


You again. What are you doing here?
What do you want?

What did you do to that cat?
Poor animal...

No, it wasn't me.
It was him, the other man...

- The cat scratched him.
- Slitting its throat like that...

Verusha, come here!

- What happens?
- I knew you'd get me in trouble again!

- What?
- There was a man. I meet him everywhere.

Oh, Pepito, Dolores' handyman.
Odd, but not dangerous.

- He had a dead cat, it was horrible.
- A dead cat?

Alright, calm down now. Let's go inside.

- You saw her being killed?
- Yes. But why are we here?

I want to show you something.

Come here, please.

We're all in here:
Family, friends, wives, husbands, lovers.

The murderer's in here too.
Look hard at these faces.

This is H?l?ne.

- It's him! This one here!
- HenriVelaq, her manager.

- Impossible, they liked each other.
- I swear it's him!

- No...
- Yes, Verushka... That's the way it is.

- Henri!
- I killed Dolores.

- You? Why?
- To get revenge for your sister.

- Now I've got to kill you two as well.
- You're crazy!

She saw me kill Dolores, you know it!
I must kill you both.

Be careful, she's going!

Border posts are under control,
they can't get through.

Airports, no chance, they can be excluded.
Trains neither.

Four countries inspect,
but drugs still arrive to Milan.

They both arrive and leave
right under your nose, Seripa!

- Under yours and everybody's.
- Don't we have a Drugs Squad?

Yes. They've arrested a hippy,
the Police Chief's son!

You're my assistant
and you must check everything!

Answer it!

Yes? Who's it? What?

- It's all true, I didn't make it up!
Sure, sure...

She was here in the car
with a knife in her breast.

She got tired of waiting,
took the knife out and left.

I told you the truth!

Yes... The car, the knife,
the half-wit and the dead cat...

- Tell me the truth.
- Inspector, some tire tracks!

There! See?
These are the tracks left by her car!

- Convinced now?
- Yes... There was a car...

In the last few days...

- What's your friend's name?
- Verushka. See her 'V'?

- Yes. And what's your name?
- Valentina.

What's the first letter of Valentina?

Well, Gio Baldi...
Your boyfriend and his your phone number.

I'm not as stupid as you think,
I can recognise a stunt.

- What haven't you told me?
- Nothing!

Don't shout! Your voice's horrible!
I told you everything...

The photo...

- What?
- There's a photo of the murderer, Henri...

- I don't remember.
- He's named Henri... That's everything!

He was the manager of H?l?ne
and he killed Dolores.

- He killed a woman who committed suicide?
- He confessed it!

Alright. Let's take a look.
Gianantonio, the cars!

Come with me, I'll show you.

Where is it?
Ah, here it is.


But... It's gone...

It was here, I promise you!
He was with H?l?ne.

- Really?
- You don't believe me, do you?

- You see the page is empty.
- Yes, I see the page is empty.

- Why would I have invented it?
- You or your friend must tell me.

- You won't give up...
- If you don't talk, there'll be trouble!

The hell with you!

- You come with us.
- Are you arresting me?

I don't know.
At least you'll sign a statement.

- Close up and come to headquarters.
- Fine, sir.

Don't waste time!

Sergeant, don't drive too fast.

- Wait for me here.
- Alright.

- Excuse me!
- Yes?

- Where's Stefano?
- I don't know. He left, he was nervous.

- Why?
- The exhibition didn't go very well...

- Where can he be?
- Getting drunk. He tried hard to find you!

- Okay, thanks. Bye.
- Bye. Oh, photos and measurements?

I'll send them tomorrow.

- So that means she's mad.
- No, she's just a bit strange.

When she left she was wearing
a blue suit, sleeveless...

- Any news?
- No, sir. Just the usual routine.

- Did anyone ask for me?
- Yes, Sergeant Quagliarulo.

- And we couldn't find Gio Baldi.
I'll deal with it.

- Suede handbag...
- Shoulder bag.

Yes, sir. Suede shoulder handbag.

- Ouagliarulo! Where's Gio Baldi?
- He's vanished, sir.

What? We're the police!
I want him here right now!

The undersigned declares
that his wife's been missing

since yesterday, the day before today".
Is that right?

- Professor, is that right?
- Yes.

- Is Inspector Seripa in?
- Go in, they're looking for you.

- Professor, will you sign, please?
- Certainly.

- Come in.
- Hello, Inspector, how's it going?

- Sit down. I was looking for you.
- Yes, I know, here I am.

- So, what have you got to say?
- What do you mean?

- Nasko, where's Uncle Stefano?
- He didn't come home.

- We're leaving tomorrow.
- Where are you going?

- To Switzerland, to daddy.
- Come on, go to bed.

- Your card was outside the villa.
- So?

Why was it there?

I'm a journalist.
Everybody's got my card.

Bullshit! Your girlfriend's
phone number's written on it.

What's this interrogation about?
What happened?

What did you do in Hamburg
for 2 months 3 years ago?

Hamburg, New York, Rio de Janeiro...
I'm a journalist!

- How can I remember?
- Think about it. Take your time.

We've got all night.

- You're here at last.
- Can't you just shut up?

- I'm exhausted...
- You talk, you don't... no difference.

What are you on about? Come here.

Why have you been drinking again?
That's my business...

- What're you saying?
- You're just like all the others.

- You've not even the guts to be a whore...
- Are you crazy?

All day I've looked for you!
How stupid I am!

I was alone! Who're you with?

- Get out!
- You coward! I won't come here ever again,

you'll have to crawl
and beg my forgiveness!

Hernandez, 29, Puerto Rican
and Krutzer, 32, from Hamburg.

- Never heard about.
- Well-known by Drugs Squads everywhere.

- What's it to me? It's Sunday.
- And for me too.

They've been in Milan for ten days

they're part of a big drug
dealing organisation.

Hello. Are you sure? Okay.

That was the lab.

Dolores Jachia was already dead
when she committed suicide.


Spadea! Maybe that mad girl was right...

- Which girl?
- Yes, sir?

- Have you called Valentina?
- Four times, but no answers.

- Keep trying, Spadea.
- Alright.

- You'll tell me about the girl later.
- Of course.

Those two worked in France,
Hamburg, Istanbul and Karachi

Disappeared 6 months ago,
photographed at Linate Airport.

Hello? ...Hello?

Sir, I tried again. No answer.
Shall I send someone?

- No, no. You can go... Bloody hell!
- Fine, sir.

Yes? Who did you expect then?

What? Alright, I'll be right there.

Shut up!

Could you give me a light?


Let's go.

- A J&B.
- With ice?

Yes, a double.

He was already dead.
It's obvious he killed himself.

Really? Can't you see he was murdered?

Look at the hole: Clean,

no burn marks. We've arrived too late.
We can go.

- Flying Squad.
- Is Inspector Seripa there?

- No, miss, he's not here.
- When will he be back?

- Who knows? It's Sunday.
- Right, thank you.


Do you need the Inspector in person?
Can't you talk to me?

- No.
- Fine. You can sit down.

- Hello?
- How are you? Did I wake you?

- Where are you?
- I'm having an aperitif.

- The killer's in the flat opposite here.
- What?

- I'm scared. When will you get here?
- One minute. I'm here.

- I'll be right down.
- Have you called the police?

- Yes, but Seripa wasn't in.
- Fine. I'll come and meet you.

- Good, let's go.
- I don't want to come, I'm scared.

Why? You're with me!
Come on, let's go.

Here's the key,
but I'm doing something improper.

Just two minutes please.


- Where was he?
- There, on the terrace.

- Let's have a look.
- No! I'm sorry, I'm scared.


There's no-one here.
It's time to tell me everything.

I swear they were there on the terrace!

Stop this farce.
I've also been to the Police.

What's that? Verushka, Dolores, H?l?ne:
All women, dead.

Who was H?l?ne looking for in Milan?
Who else's in the gang?

What gang?
Gio, you don't believe me...

No! Tell me. How I can I help you
if you don't tell me?

- Idiot!
- Alright, I'll tell you everything...

You're a bastard!

If I'm not mistaken, we can leave.

- Got a light?
- I don't smoke.

Give me a light, and another whisky.

- Double?
- No, triple.

- Miss?
- Yes?

- I couldn't get the milk.
- It doesn't matter, thanks.

- I'll get some as I finish here.
- Fine.

Miss, I get you skimmed?
I'll bring it in 10 minutes.


Give me the knife.
It's got to look as if they fought hard.

Catch her! Where're you going?

Open your mouth! That's better!
Move on!

Be quiet!

And now we'll put some music on!

Oh, Stefano, at last!

Why haven't you killed her yet?

It was impossible,
the concierge was just outside.

He'll be back with the milk soon.


Behave yourself!

As the concierge brings the milk,
you'll hang yourself...

in remorse for having killed that man.

Modesty aside, it was my idea.
Not bad...

Would you prefer him to hang you?

Answer me!
Would you prefer to do it yourself?

Your prints on the knife,
this packet of drugs on the bed,

just guess what the police will say...

Poor woman.
What did she have to do with it?

- I don't know.
- Think. You must have an idea.

- She's just a victim of the situation.
- Tell me everything.

I followed them after they killed her
but they vanished.

- Where did you meet Verushka?
- In Hamburg 6 years ago.

Six years ago I lived with a girl
in Hamburg. Don't move!

I'll tell you why you're going to die.

That girl was a striptease artist, her name was

H?l?ne had a friend, Dolores.
She and her partner, Otto,

were the bosses of a drug dealing gang.

Dolores and I came to Milan
to set up a new organisation.

Do you want to know
what happened in Via Lanciani?

It's not by chance
that your flat's right opposite it.

It was really useful having the keys to this

because I could watch
and keep an eye on them both.

I didn't mind that
Dolores was in love with Nicola,

but my rival
distributed drugs in his own way,

into his own pockets.

Who did I meet one evening
in a Milan bar?

It was her, H?l?ne! What could I do?

She'd have reported me.
I took her to Via Lanciani

and made it look like the crime of a sadist...

The police found Nicola there
and charged him with the crime

Then I made a call...
Being careful to disguise my voice,

I told H?l?ne's manager
she'd been killed by Dolores,

out of jealousy.

I got what I wanted: He killed Dolores...

Hurry up! Take photos
and do whatever you've got to do.

Hey, sir! Seen this? Look at this...

This is where
the 30 kilos of heroin ended up,

- And the drugs travelled around the world.
- Sir!

The sculptor can't be found.
Do I get someone to keep guard?

- Yes.
- Alright.

Take him to headquarters.
Let's go to Via Lanciani.

They took care of Otto, Dolores and the one here.

Shut up...

Miss, the milk!

Answer, if you don't want to end up
like H?l?ne and Dolores!

The milk!

Careful... and no tricks!

Leave it outside the door.

Got a light?

I'll get some matches.

Come on, darling,
it'll be over in an instant.

There's only one regret:
I won't make love to you again!

Open the door, Valentina!

Open up!

I'll break the door down!

Open up!

It's me! Open up!

- Oh, I'm sorry. You're here...
- Can I help you?

No, I wanted to talk to Valentina.

I'm sorry, she's taking a bath.
I'll call her if you want.

No, leave her in peace.

- Got a light?
- Yes.

Some advice:
Catch me or you'll be in trouble.

Let's go! Hurry up!

- That way!
- Ok!


You're always in the way!

- Don't move!
- Wait! Leave it to me!

- Call a squad out! Come with me.
- Yes, sir.

Not laughing anymore?

Stop! That's enough.

You've had your fun.


Sorry, have you got a light?

You smoke too much, young man.
It could do you harm.