Death Steps in the Dark (1977) - full transcript

An Italian fashion photographer is travelling on the Istanbul-Athens train. A woman is murdered with the photographer's letter-opener so that makes him the main suspect. With the help of his Swedish girlfriend he starts investigating in order to prove his innocence.

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your ticket.

Your ticket, please.

When did this train arrive
in assets? A rough estimate.

I'd say in about three hours.
We're 20 minutes behind.

Thank you. Channel.

Yeah. I can't remember why. What
gets you? What did I going to do?

How's he daddy? Look, come on Ingrid.

Tomorrow you've got a show with the
Papadopoulos sisters and that three days

later, that means Thursday
for that TV commercial.

You gotta be enrolled and on to
Paris for Marlboro cigarettes. Now,

do you remember? Oh yeah, I'd
love if I didn't have you.

I'd have to hire a secretary
and they'd say, Romans are lazy.

Yeah, I'm a Roman and the
direct descendant of Nero,
the original incendiary.

And if you don't stop bugging me, I'm
going to demonstrate just how he did it.


[inaudible] [inaudible] excuse me.

Oh, she did. Oh, how
stupid. I'm sorry. Hey miss.

Don't worry about it. Let me give you
a hand. Pick them up a note. Thank you.

Thanks. Thank you. It did learn your book

out loud. Anyway, we're in a
tunnel. I buy all shit. I know.


Oh my God,

he's dead.

What is that knife yours? Yeah.


How can you deny the facts any Pharaoh
was killed with your letter opener and

when you are practically looking down
our blouse, not denying the facts.

And one of the facts is that I didn't
kill her. I didn't even know her.

Look, inspector, you've
got the wrong man. Hey,

I photograph beautiful women.
I don't go around killing them.

Be that as it may, the murder
weapon is yours. So what?

Anyone could have reached for
that letter opener and used it.

Did you leave in compartment
for any reason before the
crime was committed? Yes,

I did go to the toilet.
No, to stretch my legs.

Along your stretch take about 10 minutes.

Did any of the other passengers leave
the department for the training ended at

the tunnel? Yeah. Now that you mention
it, the priest at salon guy think,

well, I guess that's enough for
now. I hate to tell you this,

but I'm going to hold your passport. What?

You can't do that that they have to
tomorrow. I've got to be enrollment.

I've got work. They're waiting for me.
Sorry, I've got to hold it. That's all.

But the day after tomorrow,
we know more about this case.

No extra loud on his son.
Bulletins express. Go stab the bed.


extra gum out in the
sandbox and get fresh.

A woman murdered on Istanbul.
Athens express killer.

Cut the electric circuits in the washroom.
Crime committed while training. Tony

five suspects are being
interrogated by police.

My bad again. That's a third time.

So what am I supposed to do it
in my bad. It's your fault. Yeah.

Technically a decent restaurant.
Can I help you? Shut up.

I might be a cigarette.

[inaudible] come here a minute.
Give me a tissue. Yes ma'am.


[inaudible] cigarette sticks
of burnt rubber in there.


excuse me. My stomach. What
impressed you about the girl?

I mean, do you remember anything
special? Anything? Any detail?

What most impressed me was her
nervousness. Ooh, you're seeing inspector.

She obviously had something
on her mind all the time.

She never stopped twisting
and pulling on her necklace.

It was no wonder that she broken. No.


Ah, that's better. Now. Tell me,

did you at any time during the trip
leave the department? Yes. Once.

When was that? It was when we stopped
at Salonica to stretch your legs?

No, to buy a newspaper. Ah Hmm.

I must say it's the first time in my
life that I met an Anglican clergyman of

Lebanese nationality. I
spent much time in Scotland.

I was converted there. [inaudible]

you understand Greek speak a
well down to Athens often now.

And then where do you stay?

At the residence or at my
sister's place? 50 Concord square?





Oh, hi. The newspaper.
Yes, of course. I've got,

there's a, there's a picture
of my own thing in it

and I'm not interested in
that. Look at the photos.

The ones connected with a murder on
the train and tell me if you recognize

anyone of them. Just a
moment I'll have a look at it

and then


Yes, of course.

I remember quite clearly as we
met at the chat face to face.

Good girl. What does it mean? Don't
you remember smelling, burning rubber,

whoever cut those wires?
You used a pair of gloves.

Forgive me for asking a rather
delicate question, but during the trip,

did you go to the toilet?
Yes. A couple of times.

Did you notice anything unusual when
you went to the yes, it was filthy.

I plan on filing a
complaint for this grace

[inaudible] include that?


Do you live up in Athens? I
don't need, during the winter,

my husband and I spend the
summer vacations at all filler.

I'm one of the islands.
I'll be right over.

Well, I gotta come right
away. Kind of a good time.

And then trip someone's
neck to neck. Okay, bye.


you were sitting next to the Italian
photographer, Luciana Morelia.

Is that right?


So you're going to hit no. Oh
no. My doctor made me quit.

You gave me these for my nerves.

Now Murali put the book and the letter
opener on the armrest between you.

Is that correct? Exactly.

Well then you agree that it was well
within the reach of both of you in the

darkness. Either one of you could
have reached for it. We'll tell you,

getting at you in the moment,

just before the compartment went dark.
Did you notice anything unusual? No,

I don't think so. When the pearls
were on the floor, where were you?

Oh, you have to pick them up
like the other state. Your name

Ingrid. Ingrid them on your sweetie. Yeah.

Are you married having,


they say in a of liaison
with flu [inaudible]

down the stomachs and you're a very well
known model and your work puts you in

contact with a wide variety of
people. Now somewhere along the line,

I'm sure you develop the ability to
observe, to know a lot about other people.

They'll tell me on this trip, was there
anything odd or unusual that struck you?

Let me see. I bet. I bet. Well,

what kind of a bag would have
belonged to? I don't know,

but it was yellow with Ronnie.
The handles. I bet too big


maybe Ron can look at that.

Bum Stillman said when I asked
you if anything has struck you,

I didn't mean on the top
of the head. I Sargent,

what'd you get her out of here please?

[inaudible] [inaudible]

[inaudible] [inaudible]


you need that.

When I showed him the bump of my
hand instead of feeling sorry for me,

he got angry. I was shooting
the one who got hit on the head.

I know how heavy it was. Anyway.

Who do you think that it wasn't
anyone behaving suspiciously? Come on.

You must have some idea. Oh, do
I know what the motor looks like?


anybody could have done it.
Even me or no? Town hall.

Anybody come on girls and
she was talking 10 minutes.

I don't want anyone to be late.


she sent me a favor and keep
your big mouth shut. Why?

Because when you're involved in this
kind of thing, elicit the better. Look,

I'm in bad trouble. Cops
took my passport. Oh God no.

Tyler would do what?

[inaudible] [inaudible]

[inaudible] [inaudible]

I don't like to call it first
national bank in Eastern born.

Hello? First national Amaro Fendi.


I need some money. Cable
to your Athens bread.

I had to leave her. Andrew on
urgent business. I'm sorry.

Join me as soon as you
can. I love you Johnny.

Ah, anything new on the French
girl? Yeah, she was 23 years old.

Born in Paris, only child.

The middle class parents ran away from
home when she was 15 or restaurant or bad

contained 220,000 francs and a first
class rail ticket on the Istanbul Athens

express. That's all, huh?

No, not exactly.

I don't think the rest is of
any interest or you tag a here.

Did she have any contact with the other
passengers in the compartment? I'm not.

None as far as we know, but we're
still working on it. Oh, what a mess.

How about the knife for they find
any fingerprints. Fingerprints. Yeah.

There was one right here and you couldn't
stab anyone holding a dagger like

that. Well,

the killer either use gloves or a
handkerchief already wiped off the Prince

intentionally or accidentally.
I don't know. What do you think?

Isn't it the photographer
now? There's not enough proof.

Jordan letter openers is that print on
the letter opener series, but not enough

to incriminating. I don't find any
fingerprints in the fingerprints.

Hundreds of them. There's one
beauty in a smear. Oh shit.

Like somebody wiped his ass
with his fingers and incredible

hold on.

Mess. I think I said that
we got to get a lead.

What does Teodoro [inaudible]
have to say these days?

The old idiots still alive.

What do you believe he commissioned
the sculptor to do ahead of me.

That one made of him. Hey Dan.

There's like love and it's worth $10,000
I don't want any complaints about wear

and tear. Oh no, my baby.

Do you think we'll get it?

It was the $10,000 of course we will away.

What if he doesn't have fine?

Did you call him back? Yeah,
I have to call him later.

Do you think the police will
discover who it is? Who knows?

Maybe make the call now. I know.

I wouldn't like the police
to get to him before you do


hello? Did you get the money ready?

Good. But I get it. The glove is yours.

I haven't yet decided where. I'll pick
it up. So stay close to your phone.

I'll call you later and let
you know. What did he say?

He has the money and he wants to get this
over with as quickly as possible. When

tonight. Why such a hurry?

He's leaving tomorrow on business.

He said he's obviously
getting out [inaudible].

Are you really going to give
him the glove back? Of course.

After I get the money. Naturally

you're telling me to put it in a yellow
envelope in his letter box like I did

with the other one. I think
you asked it too little.

If he has 10,000 drachmas locked
away at home, it means he's loaded.

Okay. Is worth a lot more. It has a
signature on it. It's his calling card

that let me one devil, no
will of 10,000 is enough.

The game could get
dangerous. Who owns that?

How's it cross the street? I dunno honey.

My slacks, I've got to hurry.
If I'm late to the showing,

the old fool will get upset and then
I'll have to find myself another sugar


Oh. Oh. It's fun testing.
Oh, you are loved.

You said all girl played it,

but still has bad aside from the
autistic working class, by the way,

I'll pay you for it now.

You're really sweet too, though. Only
you can come up with something like this.

Thank you. Nothing for the model.

Really. Whoa.

[inaudible] why did you
commission that hat?

I wanted something that would remind
me of her. As you all know who was


and when Boulez as soon as
[inaudible] get on the other side.



[inaudible] [inaudible]

[inaudible] [inaudible]

[inaudible] [inaudible]

[inaudible] [inaudible]

[inaudible] [inaudible]

[inaudible] yeah, the punch is mine,

but I'd never know who the tickets belong.


based on the lessons,
express is always crowded.

There's no way I could tell you who
had those tickets. Sorry. [inaudible]

okay, thank you.

Oh, this should interest you. Your tiny
photographers just on $10,000 crowded.

The drawer bank account.
Hey, that's marvelous.

Where's the money you're withdrawing?
That's a copy of that withdrawal slip.

Call the DA's office. You're going
to ask for an arrest warrant.

No search warrant. Don't you see a prowl?

Come access was trying to blackmail
the killer and the killers.

Morelli think the Maxus didn't get
the money. Morella got him first.

[inaudible] [inaudible]

Hey, sad here. Yeah. Y'all
[inaudible] I called you a few times.

The dog tell already get. Yeah,
I'm sorry. Something came up.

Is everything ready back? All you
have to deny alleys debt. What's that?

How come they got your picture?
What? I don't get you. No, no, no.

It's some crap about that train. What
did say I'm not so good at Greek,

but I'll try anyway. Once you've
been living here for five years,

what do you think I got done to be a
stone dive work and of course I guess I

know what to do to the taxa. Oh,

that's great. The cops watch yet.
Want me to stick you in jail?

What I do? It's as you
kill someone. That's right,


[inaudible] [inaudible]

[inaudible] [inaudible]

hello? Oh, it's you. Yes. It's a bad time.

Yes. We have visitors here. The
inspector and told his friend.

I don't know what they want. Huh?

I told you to put on a mask. I
don't want you talking to me.

Um, Oh yes. I get it.
Peter. He's my cousin.

Peter. Listen, this is
what you have to do.

Yeah. Don't call me Dolly
idiot and spectral catch on.

Just tell them that I went to this
damn bull. No, not his Timbol Zurich.

Get ahold of him. You make calls
for me weekend, baby. I love you.

Oh, you're adorable. He's like,
he fell in the hands of you.

That's good.

I'm buying style dollars.
Drachmas Sterling. Hey Fred,

do you want to show some dollars?

I'll give you 40 cause I like your looks.

Anything you want. I got it.

Hey, something wrong here. Try again.

Six 30

take a long walk off a short PA
cemetery. Don't be an asshole.

It's me. I got to talk
to you but not here.

Just to remember. Keep your distance and
we'll be okay if anyone sees me with.

Yeah, it might ruin my reputation,
but if you get any takers,

I get 10% probably.




wait, stop walking like
that. What's wrong with you?

You got Springs on your feet. Get out.

You got to help me. Listen. Wait
on what? I've come all this way.

If I wasn't going to help you.
Good. You've read the papers.

You got to hide me off for a few
days, but I don't really say please.

Did you do it? No, I didn't do it.

But they're looking for me and if
they catch me out of habit, you know,

place don't get hysterical.
Hey my grandfather,

your grandfather's an Athens
to add whole families. LVN.

I told you about it one by one. He brought
us all over, man. Is he clear? Well,

what kind of place does he have?
Just waited. You're seeing it.

I know you're going to love
it. It's a fishing shack.

All the comforts of modern living
like random. Is it livable?

Sometimes I get the feeling
you're not listening to me.

What about your grandfather? How he
said the president right now. Hey,

don't worry though. Like never
strikes twice in the same place,

but it's gonna cost you. The price is $200

200 bucks. I don't get mad
at me. Get mad at grandpa.

You rent new shotgun, ya. I'll give it
to him when he gets out. Okay, I got you.

But how do I get there?

You'll get that with yours truly. Come on.

Well that must be a woman some place
crying her eyes out along about it right

now. Work woman, Raul com.
Max's traveling companion.

She's probably a very unhappy young
lady right now. Why are you so sure?

It was a woman who could have been a
man. Well, simple, isn't it? Come on now.

You know what, Chris smoking cut it out.

We found two train tickets in his wallet.

A man doesn't buy another man a first
class tickets from Easton bullet Athens.

Unless he's gay. Wait a
minute. Why is he gay?

Not at all prided himself
on being quite a ladies man.

You better check around that
a group he ran around with.

I think that woman's going to be a very
important piece on a chess board. Okay.

[inaudible] [inaudible]



Hey, what'd you do? Buy a new outfit.

Yeah, I had to shake good police.

He's great, huh? It loves
you. I've changed with,

I was working with a gang called
the police. I think the police,

so they're still looking for
me and how they are. Nice

and cute. How'd you find this?

Salvage [inaudible] grandfather's
fishing shack. Beautiful ass

shit. Have you ever heard from a
Salvatore? No, I didn't. Not today.

What are you doing with
that fish? What do you mean?

What am I doing with I gotta eat? Don't,
I just think of all those bookings get,

yeah. Well, I been eating
fish ball for days. Morning,

noon and night. Roasted
boiled fried fish, fish, fish.

I'm starting to feel like I'm
a fucking CBOE pool baby. No.

What'd you bring, Joe?

[inaudible] did you get the newspapers
at least? Yes. Here's of course


only Italian papers I could find.

[inaudible] and I also brought you a
Greek one so you could be dominated news.

Oh, terrific. You know
I read Greek fluently.

There's a thought to a dead man who
was mad at, you know the blackmailer

grab the bottles and


I hope I don't have to
go through that again.

You know the in fact asked me why you
received the thousand dollars. Really?

What'd you tell him? Was that the
to tell him? No, I didn't know

which is the truth.

He was so rude to me that
I was about to tell him to,

you know what the magic he
even wanted me to tell him.

What kind of bills were the
hundred dollar bills often miss?

What an idiot. I did
food radio. See $10,000


Hey Luciano. What are you
listening to me? You funny,

I spoke to you three times and
you didn't answer. I'm sorry.

I was thinking about
us. Nothing about work.

I want you to tell me if you really
did receive $10,000 yeah, why? But

no, Ingrid, I'm not the killer.
But Jason, you're not the killer.

Why did you get all this money?

You remember when we were here three
weeks ago when I made a deal with Salvador

that he operates on the black
market? Well, he turned me onto this.

Japanese guy knows and I bought
a bunch of cameras and lenses.

They would have cost me
twice as much at home.

Why didn't you tell that to the inspector?

I can't tell the police that you don't
know the trouble it would start. Oh,

that's mad. Must be big
gadgets. Drop it. Okay.

You'd better not say a word.
Most people are dangerous.

You see the way they were experts in
karate and bingo. You think I'm nuts.

Head Ingrid? I said drop it. All right.


she was on the train. We passed.

I'm sure the [inaudible]
was on the train with her.

So what I do try? No, don't do understand.

If all the chomp that you could lead us
to the Keon that man route I boyfriend.

Maybe if he told you who it was,
right? Yeah, maybe. What do you mean?

Maybe you'll freedoms.
Literally. It's fake.

She's the only one who can get you
off the hook. You already think so.

Oh, I'm sure I'll speak to her. No,
no, no. Let me take care of him.

[inaudible] [inaudible]

[inaudible] [inaudible]

sorry, I'm late.

Well, at least you got here. It's
not easy. Tearing you away from,

you'll be love at Island.

I had some last minute
business to attend to.

It's always the same whenever I wanted
to see you. Your work came between us.

That's why I can't stand it anymore.

Your decision is irrevocable then vocable
I've spoken to the lawyer already.

We're going to separate first and as
soon as we can we'll get a divorce.

Is there someone else? Oh God. Johnny,
you all the same. You husbands? No,

there is no one else. If there were,

I would tell you the situation is
impossible. So we get a divorce.

I'm sorry, but I did do everything
possible to make things easy for you.

I know that I talked about that with
the lawyer to say, I drive you home.

What did you say? Do
you want to go home? No.

Would you rather be by yourself?
Yes, I've always done it.

You wished now that you made the decision,

I'd like to start the
separation immediately. I'll
stay at the hotel. Diane,

if you need me for any
reason. No, I don't need you.

I can take care of myself as you wish.


[inaudible] [inaudible]

[inaudible] [inaudible]

[inaudible] [inaudible]

[inaudible] [inaudible]

don't make a fuss.

Listen to me carefully or I'll squeeze
your head right off you and I know what

you're talking about.

I don't believe you. And if you
don't start talking right now,

I've got to tell Loverboy you're
not the faithful a little girl.

You pretend to be.

All right. Come to my house
tomorrow morning. Right now.

You're going to change


you go on after the next number tomorrow.


is that your left?

Go right over to my place in the
bottom drawer of the dresser.

There's a Chinese box. You know the
thing that, yes, the black glove.

Take it home with you. Oh,
why do I have to go to night?

Why can't it wait till
tomorrow morning? Go right now.

It's very important. I'll tell you about
it later if you don't go now on those,

the money in that means

don't say a word to anybody
and don't forget my keys. Okay?

Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow. Be careful.

[inaudible] [inaudible]


[inaudible] [inaudible]

[inaudible] [inaudible]


[inaudible] [inaudible]


[inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible]

well, it's the same deal as the
other one except this with VIN.

Drown to kill it. Turn the house
upside down. I'm looking for something,

but what? The object that was used
for blackmail and sounds logical,

but what was it? Huh? You find that
out? I'll make you a commissioner.

What a way to go. You think she was
rail? Come access traveling companions.

All of the black girl, she was as
mistress, a Porter at their station.

Saw them kissing when she got into
the taxi cab, so they worked together.

Yeah. I guess when the black
girl's boyfriend got killed,

she decided on a little blackmailer
herself. This is the result. Yeah,

but brothers, this one for
them? Yeah. I don't know.

She probably knew what was going on
or maybe she was here by accident.

Did the coroner say a black girl died
between four and five o'clock this

morning? The blind about
a couple of hours earlier.

He'll be more precise after the autopsy.

Oh hell. Did you find
out all of these murders?

I got an anonymous phone call from home.

I said an anonymous phone call.

Do you ever get heartburn?
No, we're doing well.

I do when you get me something more. Okay,

and he prints only the black
girls on the faucet anyway. Oh,

you eat spicy food? No,
I've got a bad liver. Boy,

you're lucky.

Who is interrogating the people
at the NAPE level directors,

but he guys come back yet sir.
He hasn't gotten back yet.

I think he must be learning how to
tangle. Finding William. Yes sir.

Hello. This is police so I
can direct is still there.

Put them on the line please.


where'd you get that? Of the
water tank. You never know.

You think I'm a bad buyer. I can get
nuggets. Sells some kind of soda.

Yeah. There's the concierge inspector.

Good afternoon and good
afternoon leaves, huh? Yeah.

I suppose you're usually asleep
between two and five in the morning,

is that correct? Yes sir. How
about last night or this morning?

Did you hear it? Any strange, anything
different? Maybe a scream or something.

Wow. I think I did hear
what sounded like a scream.

Do you have any idea what time that
might've been? No. I'm afraid. I know.

What time did you like the
door last night? At night? No.

Well before you lock the door, did
you see anybody enter the building?

Any stranger? No. Not that I can women.

After you locked the door, what
time do you go to bed? Immediately.

What else do you expect me to do? Nothing

that would rather have
an upset stomach? Yeah.

Let me ask you, well, have you
ever seen any of those people?

No. Not that I remember. No.

Wait, wait.

I've seen this man. Why is she
dressed as a priest? When was that?

She came here looking for an apartment,
but he wasn't vested a priest.

What are you sure? Yes, of course.



darling. Yes. Do you think your wife has
you followed when you come to see me?

I don't know.

Perhaps she doesn't, but
I think the party does

not help your Atlantic. Well, they
are and the elections are coming up.

Do you think we should
stop seeing each other?

Don't let me hear you say
that again. Promise me.

I promise. Omar,

I hope you're not going to go run
dressed like a priest all the time.

You never did. Tell me why you came
to Athens dress like that. Well,

because when I was leaving Beirut, I
realize I was being followed again,

a man or a woman, a woman, a woman,

so what do I do?

I went to one of those shops that
cater exclusively to the clergy.

I tried on one of their suits and
had them delivered late to my hotel.

Fantastic. Then I went
around some large shaft,

went down by the waterfront. After an
hour or so, I went back to the hotel.

Okay. Then my new crease there.

Then when I left against
you didn't even notice me.

It makes me laugh when I
think of how easy it was

and now what? I can't
go out with a priest.

You know it would be in back.

So what's so embarrassing about
it? Pretend you're my niece anyway.

I've already told you. Nobody
looks twice as embraced.

Omar, this is you. I had
hoped you wouldn't see that.


yes, my feet hurt. My shoes
are too tight. I'm trying to,

you're looking so wet where you can cut
the shit and he got anything new to tell

me. I've got some very good news for
you. What? They got the killer? No,

I've got you a big, big Oh shit
Ingrid. Who cares about food?

I got to get out of this
hole. It's driving me crazy.

Did you bring the rubber
mask and the latch bites? Oh.


you know what the papers say?

Oh that that black girl
was having a lot of fun.

Not see a big shock. [inaudible]
especially that man, their dog,

they adult, whatever his name is.

What's her bad or what are you screaming
at? You don't look like King Kong. Oh,

please take it off Luciano.
It really doesn't suit you.

I just got a great idea how we can
discover who the killer is. Oh,

thank goodness. Well that go channel.

You'll be able to stop eating
in restaurants. You've got
to do something for me.

You've got to go to Ollie's,

LeBron and make believe you're
a Swedish journalist. I do.

I have to find the killer. All you do
if you want me out of here. Oh yes, I,

well I have to do what do I have to do
that to get them to lend you the head

here. Don't ever hurt

there she is my beloved or not. When she
went to Stockholm, she always did well.

I know that's the reason my newspaper
and hearing the news of had tragic death

sent me down here. I understand,

but I can't help and we'd only want the
head for two or three days at the most


But you see I'm far too upset
to allow it out of my house.

Even for an hour after I
closed the club at night.

I come in here and talk to her. It's
almost as if she was still here.

Still loving me. It helps
me to hear you understand.

Perhaps we can do it with the picture.


[inaudible] why don't you try Baney
nose bone journal. The channel.

Oh, I must say young man
is gifted Allen. Yeah.

Yeah. YouTube inspector.
And uh, I've got to admit,

I have a great admiration
for you and I'm stunned away.

Yeah, you do things.

How will you speak my language and
just how intelligent you are. I mean,

it's really beautiful.

I would think you could win
the international prisoners
art festival. That is,

listen, inspector, I'm in it, you know,
everybody says that some of them are.

That's true. Although I have in my
pocket a warrant for your arrest.

Signed by the judge.

Yeah, he was oil or
tempera tempera in Greece.

You know something about prisoners
are by the sea. It's lovely.

You'll have plenty of time. We
will temporize your life away.

You listen to me in spectrum. I'm onto
something and I can clear my myself.

Just give it three more days, three days,

and I promise to handle over the
killer wrapped up like a salami. Hey,

I got some hash, some Coke,
some Coke, shit. You know,

get it while it lasts. All right,
I'll take all of it. How's that?

You're going to be thankful.
These handcuffs are busy.

I'll give you 28 hours. All right.


I haven't here. I haven't really come
and got it from me. Achilles helmet.

I for days. Yaks Napoleon's bottled
jacket, pipe, stucco pedal cars,

products from the battle
of Thermopylae. I'll

give you 500 bucks for a bar and
a decent heck. So he just got him.

I need him to a wreck scene.

Come on in. So close to the door.

I'm going to keep an eye on
the merchandise you can't
trust nobody nowadays.

All right, tell me about it. What
kind of, what kind of wardrobe is it?

Wardrobe. What are you talking about?
I you're still wet behind the ears.

The safe. Oh, I checked it out.

It's a security's 1970 you
know what you're talking about.

A baby happens to the best safe in a
world that no bunch of biometrics is going

to crack it. Yeah, you need battle
baffle. Who's that? The wizard.

Who's the at your
brother-in-law? Why his ass?

I'm talking about the wizard
with the magic thinkers. Gosh,

it'll cost you a little loose change
a little something from nature wisdom.

But what if something goes wrong? Like
the poet says, if you don't got the bail,

you stay in jail.

You lose usually for breaking and Andrew
NG a send your wave two years minimum.

You'll love it. Huh?


why don't we waiting donated Rob
did ain't good policy one cart

20 more. [inaudible] what do you got?

Real flush. Oh God dammit.

You must have stepped in shit when
you woke up this morning. Excuse me,

mr Boffa, what?

I want to talk to you about that little
job and Salvatore mentioned what? John,

I'm baffled. Oh, uh, yeah,
she's Buffalo. She's my aunt.

My father's sister at my
grandfather's dog. Too much.

He doesn't give a shit about
the family business. No, no.

It really is very interesting as hell.

But Tony started to tell me while
you were Salvadorian that nobody,

I'm the boss around here is the
truth kid. She's the boss on nobody.

I already know what you need.
It cost you a couple of grand,

but I don't. I know, I know you're
a friend. It's because of that.

You're getting a good deal. Tell me
you know how to whistle like this.

Sure. But what's that got to do with it?
I want you to be the lookout tonight.

10 o'clock. Don't be
late and dress in black.

Oh wow.

What'd he say? It's Greek means asshole.

How much longer? About five seconds.

Is she buying? Jet
precise is a Swiss clock.

Bob was not too thrilled
about people being light.


okay, let's get going. Uh,
who are you little backbone.


Cantenilla baffles daughter.
Ah, ah. Where's your mother?

She couldn't come. So she sent me,

she said the time had come
for me to get my feet wet. So

we're all gonna end up in jail.
[inaudible] Oh, let's not worry about it.

It's just good as a
mother, for Christ's sake.

It's a classic case of the Stony
taken over from the master.

Now let's not forget that she's my
cousin. Hey. Huh? Yeah. That the beds.

Just what we need. Do you know anything
about science? Are you kidding?

It's all in here. Uh, eh.

Tell me a little Bifo did you
ever crack a save? I'm never,

no. Oh God. So you sure
this is gonna work?




[inaudible] Oh no.
China, the main doorway.

You're telling me I sketched it 10
time to remember all the details.

Do you have the keys out?

It don't need them at the beginning
stuff. Oh, sure. We're all experts, right?

Uh, you gotta have faith.

You a little Bifo your job is to crack
the safe and Ingrid dirty assistant and

little channel. You're on lookout.
All right. What about you? Oh mate,

eh, I got the most difficult job. I've
gotta sit in and keep the motor running.

You're beautiful. Okay, let's go.

Don't forget if I shout when it's
raining, it means cops go on.

Give me the scaling. What's does
skinny? The Skelly, the past King.

Do you know the thing you
opened the door with? Hey.

Oh, Jesus. That's the monkey rash.

No. Whoa. It's easy to see. You're
new at this business. You're useless.


Does he express to Salonica? Go by
him express. That was the angle.

French supersonic plane. The Concorde. Ah,

the great voice. Hey,

it's raining.

It's raining. Oh, okay.

What are you doing out here? Why didn't
you go in? I had to get the umbrella.

You said it was raining? No. What the
hell is going on? Come on. Hurry. Come on.

[inaudible] [inaudible]

[inaudible] [inaudible]

okay. Okay. I'm doing my best.
Just relax and be patient.

There is no lock we can beat.
Wonderful. Will you come on.

He's the sh. Okay. Go get your feet wet.

God sakes. Don't make too much noise.

I was the patient doctor. Well,
there aren't any clocks or gadgets.

It's child's play, punch,

Ammar and so all at once. No
hammered. Punched, burst. Oh,

that's what I thought. Oh.

[inaudible] [inaudible]


what? Do you want it in the center? Yes,

but all the patch type with two
hands or don't slip on the steel.

[inaudible] my fucking finger.

Where's the flashlight? Here he is.

God damn just what we needed. No
lights. They said kids. No lights.

No song. What should I
call the electric company?



okay. In the bottom. What are we
going to do now without the saw?

What about this? If you
don't to shut your mouth.

I'm gonna bound it. What's that?
You saved crackers manual? No,

some might this way I
don't boot. No. Listen,

the popular guy for burglars and PIP Mark,

it's my grandfather wrote it
based on his own experiences. Oh,

he must've been a great
guy. He was the Cray.

They only caught him because
he had a scar on his forehead.

Did they call him Scarface?
No, the fuck here. Oh,

I suppose he slept on nail
thrive. No. No. Ate them before.

He went to jail along with razorblades
chains and all of each other.

So they just had to take him to the
infirmary. Why was he seeing, I mean,

what did he do when he had to
go to the toilet? No problem.

Instead of toilet paper, he
used a magnet. Oh, right.

All right, but what would your
grandfather do now? Wait a month

if the electric saw for whatever reason
doesn't work, do use the ballet dancer.

Sure. At the ballet dancer? Yes. What's
the ballet dancer? How should I know?

Don't you know? Listen, I
gave your mother 500 bucks.

That grandfather was a
bad kid. You're hopeless.

Is a brain trans man. I can
help you at this point, Ingrid,

like, yo, what are you doing? You
got a bottle to call him mama.

What are you crazy? Well,
it's a lot quicker to phone
than to go back home here.

Do you want to talk to her? He did.

You can't on the phone. Oh.

Oh shit. Stupid dumb Brad. It's fantastic.

I was just like her don't leave
the money where it is in the Bible.

We didn't come here to
steal. I just kept it this

[inaudible] [inaudible]

[inaudible] [inaudible]

[inaudible] let's get outta here,
but what you want your throat cut to?

Oh shit. Wait. Just don't
find your brother. Oh.

[inaudible] [inaudible]

[inaudible] are you
father Omar Fendi? Yes.

What is it? In order to leave the country
or we should worry here. Read this.

You were invited to attend a fashion
show given by ms Ingrid Stellman and

tonight at nine do not fail to attend as
it will be very much to your advantage.

Inspector Kennedy lists. So they
invite the clergy to gargly.

So are you going? Of course
I am. I'm a modern priest.

I'm coming with you. Okay.

[inaudible] [inaudible]



[inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] hi.

What are you doing? I
received this invitation.

[inaudible] [inaudible]

[inaudible] [inaudible]

[inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible]


No thing. No men of the
church may not smoke.

[inaudible] [inaudible]

your sister

[inaudible] [inaudible]

[inaudible] [inaudible] let's go

[inaudible] shall I stop? Is the show

[inaudible] [inaudible]

Luciana lousy mass.

It cut into my bar head. Luciana. Do you
think I'll be scarred like grandfather?


well, as you can probably tell by now,
I don't always follow the regulations.

Oh, I didn't arrest you.
I knew you were innocent.

Why didn't you tell me
that in the first place?

And you wouldn't have come up with that
great idea of I'm mass Parul his head.

I mean, it got the killer by surprise.
She gave herself away. I figured that.

I just can't figure out
the motor pool that simple.

He was married to a weak man, ordinary.

He gave her a decent life and nothing
luxurious. And she loved luxury.

She traveled in a set of friends
where money was indispensable.

And also she traveled in a circle where
certain goods were bought and sold

drugs. That's right. Excuse me,
inspector. May I have my passport back?

Please come to my office tomorrow
morning. Take that outfit off.

I'll see you tomorrow. Now the trouble
with either way, she got greeted,

she wasn't content with the percentage
of the tape. Do you want it?

The whole thing? The little
French girl on the train.

Find out what she was about.

She was on her way to Athens to report
to a [inaudible]. Right. You know,

he closed the boner and the
black girls. Oh, this is mr Ben.

I'm a kina the Lebanese narcotics Bureau.

Um, thought that

Oh, the murder on the train killer
makes a mistake, drops their gloves,

then blackmail and the murder of
the blackmailer rock and access.

But the blackmailing continues
so that the killings,


does your friends started,
I don't know. Maybe.

Maybe the shock affected a
voice. Why was Teodoro killed?

Because he too was blackmailing the killer
and for two reasons to forestall her

drug plans and to protect Oola he loved

girls better. Now I'm telling you,

Bob, Bob, Bob,

well, I'll inspect your, I'd like to
thank you for having faith in me. Listen,

we'll get together before you leave.

I've got a little house
in Paris and I'm Marla.

Spicy recipe for fish and that's quite
all right. I'll stop the rain. Check

by dancer. Luciano. I
founded it last. Listen,

ballet dancer means small explosive
charge. Used to blow out safe doors.

Next time we'll know what to do. No,

not in front of the cops in the bottle.