Death Hunt (1981) - full transcript

Canada 1931: The unsociable trapper Johnson lives for himself in the ice-cold mountains near the Yukon river. During a visit in the town he witnesses a dog-fight. He interrupts the game and buys one of the dogs - almost dead already - for $200 against the owner's will. When the owner Hasel complains to Mountie Sergeant Millen, he refuses to take action. But then the loathing breeder and his friends accuse Johnson of murder. So Millen, although sympathetic, has to try to take him under arrest - but Johnson defends his freedom in every way possible. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Get him! Kill him! Get him!

Come on!

Get him!
Come on! Get him!

It's about time you learned
respect for a real fightin' dog, Hazel!

Get up, you no good
piece of dung!

Get up!

Get up! Get up, dog!

Goddamnit! I'll kill you myself!

You damage my fightin' dog, you're
gonna be nothin' but a sack of guts.

I'll kill you myself,
you son of a bitch!

The dog's half dead.
I'm buying him.

I ain't sellin'.
Not for no hundred.

That dog's worth two hundred.

Two hundred's what I paid.
That dog's worth a fortune.

A thousand!

He's gonna wish he'd
never seen that dog.

We'll cross again.
Nobody steals from me.


- Morning, Sam.
- Howdy.

Them trapper's comin' back in.

Come on! Move!

Damn son of a bitch!

Trap ain't gonna get away with this.

At least he paid you $200 for that dog.

Shut up about that, Deak.


Well, well. Looky here.

Excuse me.

Good Morning.

Yes it is.

Nothin' good about it so far, General.

Can either of you men direct me
to Sergeant Edgar Millen?

Yeah, sure.
You come with us.

We'll take you to Sergeant Millen.

Hello, Hazel.
Who's your friend?

Who goes there?

Edgar, some damn squirrely
trapper stole my best huntin' dog!

Somebody stole my dog!

Go away, Hazel.

That's Sergeant Millen.

What are you staring at?

Are you Sergeant Edgar Millen?


That look on your face could
turn good whiskey into sour piss.

You gotta to do something
about this, Edgar.

Sound off, kid.

Constable Alvin Adams
reporting for duty, Sergeant!

Well, well, well.

Now, look what they sent.

Hell, Edgar, that was
my strongest dog.

You were fighting that dog, Hazel.

And from what I hear,
your strongest dog was

a hair's breadth away from being bait.

That's a damned lie. I got witnesses!

What have you got there?

It's a 2 way radio, sir.
The newest thing.

Kids always got something
new that don't work.

This one works. I was
trained in communications.

This mountie here says that man
should be brought up for trial.

Now, what are you
going to do, Edgar?

I'm going to close my eyes
and pray you disappear.

Never had much luck prayin'.

Hey, welcome, stranger.

Come on in and warm yourself up.

My name's W.W. I ain't seen
you in these parts before.

Where you comin' from?

- Oh, nowhere.
- Everybody has to be from somewhere.

I can tell you ain't one of them fools
that come up here from the south

to get out of them breadlines.

Half of them starve to death
and the other half freeze.

More dead bodies up here in the last
few years than I've seen in a lifetime

and believe me, I've
been here a while.

This store can't hold all the
ammo you got on this here list.

But I'll get you what I got.

Huntin' grizzlies, I expect, ain't you?

If you're heading up to old Curley's,
I can save you the journey.

Skeeters got him last spring.

Ate through his eyelids and
pumped him full of poison.

Curley finally got a gun
and blew his brains out.

That's one way to stop the buzzin'.

Recon so. Think you'll be
needing anything else?


That'll be one hundred and...

let's see... a hundred even.

Rough travelin' at night.

You're welcome to stay.
We could talk some more.

Outpost to base, over.


Your two. And two back.

I'm out.

I'll see you.

Read 'em and weep.

Two pair of kings up.

Hold it.

Three eights.

You black bastard.

Jesus, kid - do we have to
hear that now?

I'll have it set up real soon.

Swell... then we can hear them
pen pushing heroes in Edmonton

giving us orders, eh?

I was thinking maybe we should have
arrested those men for dog fighting,

and that trapper, too.

Dealer stands pat.

Technically, under the
Commonwealth statuates,

if the man Hazel didn't
want to sell his dog...

Looks like we got to
build a big new jail.

Alvin's going to
arrest the whole town.

Let me give you
a little advice, eh, kid?

Just throw those law books away.

Better to turn your eyes and let
them fight their damn dogs.

It's a damn sight better
than them killing each other.

But you can't let people get away
with that - making their own laws.

The only thing you have to
remember is Millen's law:

You want to stay a mountie, then all you
got to do is keep headquarters happy.

And the only time they're unhappy is when
there's a killing that's not accounted for.

So you account for all killings, and you
live to be an old mountie, just like me.

You got that?

Yes, sir.

Hey, kid...

I ain't a "sir", a "mister", or a "grandpa".

Now, you got that?

This is not going to feel very friendly.


It'll do you a lot of good.

I even use it myself sometimes.

You had the strength to come this far.

I think you're gonna make it.

Hell of a life bein' a mountie,
ain't it, kid?

Yeah, great.

Alvin... you want a piece
of this buffalo woman?

Might help you sleep.

I don't need any help.


Buffalo woman's taken a liking to Alvin.

Probably gettin' tired of old men like us.

Wants some younger blood.

You speak for yourself.

I've still got plenty of fire left in me.

I was speaking for myself.


If you want this piece,
you'll have to come get it.

Come on.

Come on, now.

The least you can do to show your
appreciation for a free meal... to come get it.

Here you are.

Good boy. Come on.

Good boy.

Hot damn! Boy, you sure can shoot!

Not bad.

Pulled your shot, eh?
Got him in the kidney.

If that had been a grizzler,
you'd have been jacked.

Well, it wasn't a damn grizzler,
and I'm not dead.

Millen, don't you ever have anything
good to say about anything?

Well, what do you want, kid,
a shout, a holler and a cigar

for doing something
halfway right for once?

No, I guess not. Your cigars
taste like shit

and you'd probably crack your
face if you laughed out loud.

Clean your kill.

You know, if he didn't like you,
he wouldn't say nothing.

No, he's just in a hurry to
get back to his rotgut.

He wasn't always that way.

Come on, let's skin this
before it freezes, eh?

No normal man lives in
a little biddy hole like that.

What the fuck we gonna do now?

This is the dumbest thing I've ever done.

Oh, yeah? What about Leon?

I'm gonna get my dog.

I thought I asked you not
to bring that up again.

Bring what up?

- Uh, what's his name.
- Leon?

That's dumb.

Yeah. Shut up, Deak.
You're dumb.

If we don't get where it's warm, we're
gonna be nothin' but statues out here.

Couldn't fit no more
than 2 in that hole.

Ain't no way in hell he's
gonna let Tom and I in there.

Well, I sure as hell
ain't goin' up there.

Dumb! Leon!

Yeah? You're dumb!

You're so dumb
I could sell you dirt!

I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that.

I am sorry, okay?
I shouldn't have said that.

Dumb asshole.

Before you two kill each other,
there's something I want you to do.

This is the dumbest
thing I've ever done.

Hazel's dog ain't chained.

We don't want no trouble, mister!

We're real hungry and cold!

You let us warm ourselves
... any spare food...

...we pay you twice the
cost for the trouble!

I'd feel better if you'd
lay those rifles down.

Sorry, mister, but...

...the dog wasn't chained, so...

Don't have any room in the cabin, but

if you want to get warm, you can
build yourselves a fire right around there.

Yes, sir. Thank You.

We do appreciate it.

Make you some food.

Get down.

- There you are.
- Thanks, mister.

Get down! No! Get down!

Get down! Get down!


Help me, somebody!

Kill that goddamn dog!

Kill that goddamn dog!

- Let's get out of here..
- Son of a bitch!

Shot his scalp off!

That son of a bitch
has killed somebody!

Come on, let's go!

We had been married 9 years,
when my late husband left me

to come here and make his fortune.

After a short time, what little
money we had was gone, but

I managed alright on my own.

Now, all that's left to
remember him by is...

...this broken watch...

...and a trapper's license.

And I thank you for
holding these things for me.

But I want you all to know...

...that I'm glad I came here.

Because it wasn't until now that

I fully realized

how little I cared for the man...

...that I will not miss him.


Happy 1932.

Oh, you feel good.

You feel pretty good yourself.

Take it easy, kid. Easy.

You've got a lot of potential for a rookie,

but damn, you're ragged.

What do you mean, ragged?

Look, if you're in a do or die
contest with big stakes

you let the other guy
get a head start on you.

Take smaller swigs and
hold your breath, eh?

It looks like it's getting to your head.

When you see it's getting to him,

turn that sucker up
and bust it on down.

then you pray to the Lord you get the
hell out before you fall flat on your ass.

Where did you learn
them high school tricks?

Smooth - boy,
you've got to think smooth.

You're standing on my feet.

Sorry. You want me
to take my boots off?

- Where'd you say you learned this?
- Louisiana.


You know, I used to practice
on my uncle's still.

Damn, I'd drink his whiskey
better than anybody around.

So, my uncle named that whiskey
after me:

Sundog whiskey.

That's a goddamned lie.

That whiskey was called Sundog
a hundred years before you were born.

Go on. Tell them what
your real name was.

Go on.

- I ain't ashamed of it.
- What is it?

George Washington
Lincoln Brown.

Yuck, yuck, yuck!

What's so damn funny about that?

Nothin'. Not a thing, Mr President.

No, but he was a first rate pitcher
with the Negro League.

Then he tried to make
the move over to the majors

by saying he was a Jamaican.

- Or was it Cuban?
- Mexican.

You don't look Mexican.

They didn't want to let me in
the majors and you know why.

Damn right I know why. I must've
heard that story 600 times.

Because I was too damn good.
That's why.

Hell, I'd have pitched that ball
down Ty Cobb's throat,

and made George Sisler
look like a damn electric fan.

They'll never let a Negro
do that to a white fellow. Never.

No shit.

I just kept trying to keep out of the
cold, and that was good enough for me.

Excuse me.

Alvin, she wants to know when
you can be ready for her.

- Tell her soon.
- She says you're a virgin.

She says you walk like you've
got a roll of nickles up your ass.

She says she can wait
for you in the bedrroom.

Well, there's nothing in the book that
says fucking's against the law.

- I'm surprised.
- About what?

- This.
- What?

What about you?

What about me?


I mean...

didn't it mean anything?

Oh, God, woman, please.

Get your hands off me!
Where is he?!

I've got to talk to him now!
Get out of my way!


That crazy son of a bitch killed Jimmy Tom!
The fucker who stole my dog!

And you let him be!

Crazy bastard!

Do you hear me Edgar?!
Jimmy Tom is dead!

I'll take care of it.

Jimmy Tom is dead!

I told you I would take care of it.

Get up!

A friendly fella.

He set right where you are, boy,
and paid for everyting with $100 bills.

Hey, he just wanted some supplies.

Bought two of my best shotguns
and 700 rounds of ammo.

From the way he acted,
he didn't look crazy to me... least not any more crazy
than anyone else around here.

You dumb fuck.
You lost what brains you had.

How the hell was I supposed
to know who he was?

700 rounds of ammo?

Bought it all. He had a lot of money.

Who is this guy?

Ever hear of the mad trapper - the one
who steals gold from men's teeth?

Yes, I've heard of him.
You think this guy's him?

Sure it's him! How else
would he get all that money?

Must have made a fortune in gold.

It doesn't make sense.

Listen here to the high fallootin' expert.
Tell us what makes sense.

I just figure any man who'll
risk his neck to save a dog's life

isn't going to kill somebody for gold teeth.

Wrong, boy. He's the mad trapper, alright.

Deak, I want to talk to you.

What really happened last night?

I told you.

Deak, I have to know everything
about this man we're going after.

I gotta know him so good,
I can taste him.

Now, how did you get a rifle butt
in your face without killing him?

He shot first, Edgar!
Honest to Christ!

Hold this, will you?


We'll get that son of a bitch.


Let's go.

Don't kill me, Albert.

I expect that's you.

Hello, Bill.

Well... what brings you back?

Too damn crowded.

Gettin' that way all over.

Now, listen to me Albert,
'cause you ain't got much time.

Things are not the same
as when you left here.

They put up a town about 7 years ago.

Just a few hours from here... good weather.

There's a Mountie outpost
there, and radios

and newspapers come in
from Toronto almost regular.

It's different, Albert.

There's a mountie there named
Edgar Millen, and he's coming after you.

I guess he'll bring a whole
bunch of others with him.

But he's the last man in the world

that anybody'd want on his trail.

They're gonna kill you.

Am I gettin' through to you, Albert?

- I understand what you're sayin'.
- Good.

Then you'll also understand when
I tell you to get the hell out of here.

Head south.

I appreciate you coming
over here to tell me that, Bill.

But you ain't runnin', that it?

Got no place to go.

Your father never had
anything against running.

I don't guess anybody ever really
wanted to catch up to him, anyway.

He's gone, isn't he?

He died in a prison hospital.

Where you headed?

Well, I guess I'll head up
into the high country.

Do some trappin'.

- Good hunting.
- Same to you, Albert.

Come on, boy.

See you around, Albert!

Tie those horses up.

Keep that fire goin'.

Yeah... he knows we're here.

Come on. Come on.

You stick with me, kid...

...and stay low.

Switch with me, Ned.
I want a shot at the front.

It's a deal.


This is Edgar Millen of the Royal
Canadian Polce talking to you!

I don't want any trouble

and I don't want to see
nobody else get hurt!

I'm coming in to talk to you!

Now, hear me out!

Edgar, what are you doing?

If he wanted a fire fight
he would have started.

He ain't crazy.

Naw, he ain't crazy.

You're the one who's crazy.

You don't look like a madman.

You look like a mountie.

Johnson, we've got a
bad situation out here.

The dead body over there...

...probably has your bullet in him.

I have a pretty fair idea
what happened out here.

Then leave me be.

I just can't do that.

I have to take you in
and clear this up.

That's the law. I can't change it.

To you, I'm just a name on
a form you have to fill out.

I have a bunch of savages out here

just aching to splatter you
all over the place.

They don't want your side at all..

Now, if you don't come in with me,

that's all the excuse they'll need.

They'll either kill you...

...or get themselves killed tryin'.
I can't let that happen.

You can't stop it.

No, I can't.
Not without your help.

You come in wth me
and clear this up...

...I'll have you back
out here in 3 days.

I'll guarantee your safety
into town and back.

But if you don't come in...

Hold it!

Don't shoot!

Hold it!

You son of a bitch!

You okay?


I can't leave without bringin' you in!

I hope you sons of bitches
can finish what you started.

We gonna wait him out?

We'd run out of food
or freeze before he does.

He's got too much mud on
the cabin to burn him out.

He's cut firing slits
about a foot above the floor.

He'll be on his belly.

Shoot low.

Pass the word.
Shoot low.

Millen says shoot low - aim at the slits
above the ground. Pass the word.

Lewis. Shoot low.
He's on the cabin floor.

Pass it on.

Charlie, shoot low.
Pass it on.

Low. Shoot low.

Fire low, Deak. Fire low.

I'm gonna get his scalp!

- Go get him Charlie!
- Get 'em Charlie!

Break it in!


Holy shit! Let's get out of here!

I'll bury the guy!

Ahhh! I'm blind!

- Get down, Lewis!
- I'm blind!

Get down!

Jesus, I can't see!

Holy shit! Lay down!

- Big fucking pig!
- Stupid bastard!

You haven't fired a shot!

Ow! Owww!

Step on the other spring!

Come on. Let's go.

We got to thaw out the dynamite, kid.
But not in the fire.

If you get popped and you drop that,
you know what happens.

Look at these hands.

Sure have a great pitcher's hands.

My mama, bless her soul...

...always said my hands
were the best part of me.

And your father said the best part
of you ran down your mama's leg.

Hope you can fuck
better than you can play.

I cooked up some fish for you fellas.

What are you laughin' at?

I wasn't laughing.
I was just musing to myself.

Musing? Big, dumb shit.

I'll slice your tongue out.

Try it, asshole. Try it!

I might!

Maybe Mr Johnson aught to know
about them pretty little teeth you got.

Maybe I'll go tell him.

No. Deak, please don't.

You asshole.


Well, I'll be damned.

Hell of a way for a man to die -
being blown up.

Yeah - be a good man
to have on your side.

Too bad we got to
kill the son of a bitch.

Johnson would have given himself up
if he hadn't been guilty of something.

Guess I was wrong about him.

Most would have run
if they had the chance.

A piece of ground can be
mighty important to a man.


Jesus, kid.

Alright, let's go.


Follow him.

What's our job in this, Edgar?

Surround the cabin and
stay out of my way.

Let's go!

Come on, baby.

Blew him to Kingdom Come!

The light.

Yeah, right here.

Blew that son of a bitch sky high!

We'll get his scalp this time!

Slow it down, boys.

Come on, slow it down!

Easy, now. Easy.

What the hell you talking about?


Son of a bitch!

Son of a bitch!

He's gone.

He'll be heading North, up to
the snow in the Kruger Pass.

We'll need your dogs, Hazel.

And enough supplies to
stay out a couple of weeks.

Let's go!

Bring Ned and the bodies
back to town.

Can't be no normal man.

No, he's a killer.

Just a man.

Okay, let's go.

Maybe it was his ghost or something.

Huh, Deak?

Big dummy.

Come on, all you guys.
Move over. Get in the picture.

Move over there. Get over.

Would it make any
difference if I wait?

If I left now I'd never know

what it would have
been like with you.

I guess it's up to me, isn't it?

It's been a long time, now.

You're going to have to
kick me out of here, aren't you?

Yeah, right.

Ain't it about time to rest?!

No, it ain't. We got to
push until we drop.

Damn it!

Get away from my dog!

Well then, keep him
the hell away from me.

Cut that out, damn it!

Let's go!

He ain't too far away.

Come on. Atta boy.

Hold the dogs.

These tracks are strange.
The imprints are deeper in back.

What's that mean?

He's got his snowshoes
on backwards.

He's laying 2 sets of tracks for us.

The man is squirrely.

- He knows what he's doin'.
- Damn right.

He ain't runnin' yet. Let's go.

What do you mean, "He ain't runnin'"?

You see anything, Edgar?

Alright, grab my snowshoes.



That's a girl's name, isn't it?

The way I hear it told, Hazel's
mama didn't know if he was

a boy or girl 'till
he was about 15.

She didn't much care a few years
later when he turned vicious.

Yeah. Everyone up here is vicious.

Like my dog.

Ain't that right, Edgar?

Oh, that's right.

And you here.

You're real civilized.

We don't get many pretty
young white boys like you up here.

Only one thing you're good for.

Leave me alone, Hazel.

Son of a bitch!

Stop it!

Well, well, well.

Look who just got uncivilized.

With my plane in the air and my
abilities as a flier, Albert Johnson...


This way. Hold it.

...doesn't stand a chance.

I'm posting a $500 reward

for his capture!

My newspaper will match
that offer dollar for dollar!

That's $1,000 on the
head of Albert Johnson!

Let's go get him!

I hope that bastard
stays alive forever, eh?

Let's go!

It'll be bringing in supplies for us!

Where's Sergeant Millen?

You're looking at him.

I'm Captain Hank Tucker, RCAF.

I've come to bring
the fugitive to justice!

Where's headquarters?

Wherever I'm standin'.

As you can see, he was one of
the Americans' best trained men.

Special Intelligence squad in the war.

These pictures were
taken for security.

Yes, I read, Captain.

He ain't no rookie.

I don't have to remind you,
this is confidential information.

Who the hell we going to tell it to?

Volunteers will be arriving
in a couple of days.

Then send them back.

Excuse me, Sergeant?

You heard me.
I said send them back.

We don't need anymore
misfits up here.

They'll be up here anyway.
There's a $1000 bounty on Johnson.

Now, that's more like it.

Good God, Captain. How could you
let a thing like that happen?

We can use that manpower.

To assist me in cutting him off
before he gets in to that river chain.

You really don't know
what's going on, do you?

He's not headed
into the river chain.

He's going to zigzag his way up
the Sunshine Pass to Alaska.

That's impossible.

No one's going to make it through
Sunshine Pass this time of year.

Well, this one's going to try.

If he gets over that range, he's free.

And neither you nor your plane
can do anything about that.

- Will you just listen?
- No. You listen.

We've been hunting a man who
knows how to live off the land

and use the terrain.

He doesn't have to
feed a large posse.

In my plane, Aklavik is
a mere 20 minutes away.

We've been pushing his tail

so he can't stop to gather food,

or build a fire to warm himself,

or fire a shot to give his position away.

Captain... have you ever
flown the bush in winter?

My credentials are impeccable, Sergeant.

They sent for me because
I am the best!

Now, your superiors know what this is:
one big goddamn embarrasment!

You've had your chance, and your ground
maneuvers have been an abysmal failure.

This is page 1 news,
and it looks just awful!

I see. It'll look good for the Air Corps if

one of your fly boys does what
the men on the ground couldn't, eh?

Face the fact, Sergeant.
This is a new era.

The future has arrived.

Well, if you're part of the future...

I don't want to see it.


...if I get to Johnson first...

...I'll give you half the reward.

You get to him first - you give
me half the reward.

That ain't fair. I want half.

Hold your fire, boys.
It's only me, Bill Loose.

I thought you was
the mad trapper for sure.

You shouldn't be sneakin' up
on guys like that, Bill.

- Sit down. Make yourself warm.
- Thank you.

How about a drop for the preacher?

So... want to help us hunt Johnson?

You're one of the best trackers around.

No, thanks.

I prefer to work alone, you know?

You need us, Bill. We're the only ones
left who knows what this guy looks like.

Sure... except Millen,
Hazel, Sundog, and...

...and me.

There's a lot of gold in
them teeth, Clarence.

Gold at $35 an ounce.

What's eating at you, Edgar?

My territory.

Not any more, Edgar.
Things change.

I've seen it happen before.

If anybody's gonna bring
Albert Johnson in, it's gonna be me.

Not some bounty hunter or
fly boy buckin' for promotion.

Why you? Why are you so special?

He deserves me. Not them.

That's Johnson ahead of us.

He's runnin' with the caribou,
trying to throw us off.

His strides are gettin' shorter.
Means he's gettin' tired.

There he is!

I see him!

Alright - we got him!

- I could have had him!
- You're in a hell of a hurry to kill!

He's on the ridge!

He's trapped! We got him!

(engine stalls)

George Washington Lincoln Brown.

You black bastard.

I'll miss you.

- We've got to bury him.
- Don't ever grab me.

If we don't bury him,
the dogs will eat him.

Kill the dogs,
I got a man to hunt.

You got to make up your mind
if you're a priest or a mountie.

Hold it!

I'll shoot any man that
tries to follow us!

Now get back!

Get back!

You've seen what's happened up here!

He'll do the same to you!

Now, stay out of it!

Come on.

You still think you can bring
Albert Johnson in alive?

The pure fact is, he's
runnin' to save his hide.

And every man he killed,
he killed to protect himself.

Well, what about
Hawkins and Sundog?

What did any of them die for, Millen?

Johnson didn't do anything I
wouldn't do if I was in his boots.

And if I thought the killing
would stop here...

...I'd let him go.

My old man warned me
never to trust you.

I'm going in after him.

Back me.

Nail anything that moves...

...except me.


We got him.

He didn't move like Johnson.

Better check it out, but be careful.

Go on!

His face is blown off!

What did you see up there?

Nothin'. Just my eyes
playing tricks on me.

Maybe I am too old, eh?

Well, what about Johnson?

As far as I'm concerned...
that's Albert Johnson,

Now you're in charge.

It's up to you
when the killing stops.

He's dead, alright.

Get away from him.

There he is.

Jesus, will you look at that.
Teeth! Gold Fillings!

Johnson's got a whole
bag of gold fillings here.

He's the goddamn Mad Trapper!

Who shot him?
Who shot Albert Johnson?


Edgar Millen killed
Albert Johnson.

Where is he?

Kneel down there.
That's it. That's it. Yeah!