Death House (2017) - full transcript

During an exclusive tour, a power breakdown inside a secret prison known as the Death House sends two agents fighting through a labyrinth of horrors while being pursued by a ruthless army of roaming inmates. As they fight to escape, the agents push toward the lowest depths of the facility where they learn a supernatural group of evil beings are their only chance for survival.

Who prays for Satan?

The original sinner.

I can't move.

Why can't I move?

Please, talk to me.

Somebody get us out of here...
Shut up!

Help! Please, help.



Hmm. Hmm.

You should try this.

Don't hurt me.

- You have to try it.
- Yeah.

What's your name?



You're gonna rape and
murder me, aren't you?

I don't sell damaged goods.

I used to raise plants.

Can you guess what kind?


Venus fly traps.

I was a different kind of...

farmer, back then.

You gotta watch
when they flower.

Flowers drain energy.

They weaken the plant.

You have to nip the flower

as soon as they start to grow.

If you don't stop the growing,

you run the risk of weakening
the rest of the plant.


Hey! You don't have
to worry about them.

You're not going
where they're going.

You're going to a
much better place.


To the farm. Believe me.

It's a much better place
than where they're going.

- Follow the yellow line.
- Do not deviate.

Follow the yellow line.
Do not deviate.

Follow the yellow line.
Do not deviate.

They will fall to the last up there.
Follow the yellow line.

We will fall and rise.

Time to die.



Listen to me.

My gun.

This is our end game.

We had to play this
through, Agent Boon.

The whole time.

You want me alive.

- Follow the yellow line.
- Do not deviate.

Follow the yellow line.
Do not deviate.

You had me wondering right up until
you fired the shot, Agent Boon.

- Follow the yellow line.
- Do not deviate.

I healed nicely,
don't you think?

Follow the yellow line.
Do not deviate.

There's no woman here
to warm your bed, Sieg.

Follow the yellow line.
Do not deviate.

I will fuck you in hell.

Follow the yellow line.
Do not deviate.

Should you wish to terminate
before processing.

Agent Boon.

Welcome to Death House.

It's good to see you
again, Captain Galan.

Victor. You earned the
right to call me that.

Some place.

Does it live up to
what you studied?

Ask me again in 12 hours.

Dr. Fletcher,

meet Agent Boon.

Agent Boon.

Dr. Fletcher, ma'am,

I don't know whether to shake
your hand or to kneel...

Knock knock. Agent Novak.
Good to see you again.

Likewise, sir.


Dr. Fletcher.

Agent Novak.

No, Dr. Redmane?

Oh, you'll meet.

Right now, meet your
fellow graduate,

Agent Toria Boon.

You should have a lot in common.

Your Honors request,
is first order.

What is this?

Your Honors request.

Containment shield lowered.

Jesus Christ.


You son of a bitch!


Free them.

Who is she?

Alma Lin Kinny.

The press named
her, "Leatherlace."

She killed and
skinned her victims

with the help of her lover,
whom she eventually killed.

The video footage is hers.

They found hundreds of hours in
her apartment after her arrest.

Am I seeing your and Dr. Redmane's
tabula rasa research?

Part of it.

God, I don't want to go!


She's been listening to that audio
feed for the last 200 days.

No! I can't do it. I can't.

We then used our
classified compound

to ensure total mind erasure.

Some people here call
it, milk of amnesia.

The hologram footage on
her tube is her father.

It's part of her mental reformat.
As she feared him.

It's like Clockwork

We can reprogram
all new memories,

erase them and put new ones in.

Textbook case, really.


Our goal

is to eradicate evil.

And at long last,
Dr. Karen Redmane.

Hello. Doctor, Agent Boon.

Great to meet you.

Wow, I've read your
work for years.

There'll be a quiz
following the tour. Yeah?

I trust Dr. Fletcher
has been helpful

and charming.

They're all paralyzed
with curare,

and fed a steady drip of
barbiturates through one arm

and amphetamine and LSD
through the other.

The mix creates a brain flush.

But, much like panning for gold,

yields nuggets of truth.

So, you do the scrubbing,

and you do the actual laundry.

Girl power.

Some are dosed with just LSD,

while others are subjected
to electroshock,

sensory deprivation...

all to break down the
subject's personality,

which can then be replaced...


Mental illness is contagious.

Sick people spread sickness
by art, writing, words.

There is no coincidence in
the rise of social media

and the rise of social violence.

I rest my case.

Like the old backmasking.

You know, hand the devil by playing
a record backwards, kind of shit.

That was proven in the Nazi era,

And the Jim Jones
halt in Guyana.Ah...

Which was preempted by
congressman Ryan's inspection.

Well, we're not fans of
congressional oversight here.

I see.

What a nice sig
to our next stop.

You'll all be meeting again.

Until then. I look
forward to it.


Yeah, we'll talk more.


Yes, Dr. Fletcher,
I'm on my way.

This is your virtual tour,
take it at your own pace.

I will be available
for questions.

K.O Complex East, Death House.

Begin virtual tour.

The Death House,
established in 1954,

under the Eisenhower

was created in the wake
of operation paperclip.

This facility serves as a federal
maximum security prison,

Medical, psychological and para
psychological research center.

There are nine levels.

With the first dedicated
to prisoner intake

and minimum security

The ninth and final level is
reserved for the five evils.

One mile into the earth.

Prisoners are confined
to virtual environments

that recreate environments
before confinement,

to preserve their natural
surroundings for study.

Each containment cell is
fed a chronic gas mixture,

to keep the prisoners amenable

to the virtual
illusions around them.

Agent Jae Tinyn Novak,

32 years of age.

Honors request granted.

Final advancement
scenario: 108-19-83.

Agent Toria Lex Boon,

32 years of age.

Honors request granted.

Final advancement
scenario: 0917-1967.

Now you both know why
you made it this far.

The ninth level is reserved
entirely for the five evils,

and is also the most
heavily secured.

Hirace Giger, former Nazi-head

of Adolf Hitler's
resurrection program.

Captured June 13th, 1945.

Extradited to the United States

to avoid Soviet acquirement.

Actual age: unknown.

Number of victims: undetermined.

Balthoria. Full birth
name: Unknown.

Date of intake:
December 17, 1966.

Age: Undetermined.

Number of victims: Undetermined.


Alexi Nela. Age: Undetermined.

Deported to United
States in 1994

under U.S.-Russian Psy exchange.

Cannibal, necromancer.

Connected to deaths
of over 700 children.

700 kids?

Crau. Age: Unknown.

Bioweapon, U.S. origin.

Apprehended South America,

October 8, 1983.

Victim count: Unverifiable.

Intelligence: Incalculable.

Thile. Age: Unknown.

Expertise in satanic arts.

Known for crucifixion and for
turning victims inside out.

Number of victims: Unknown.

Predominant number
of victims: Female.

Apprehended: 1984.

Even in this sunlight, I
can see your eyes boy.

Come a little closer.
Have a look.

You can see me?

You were in my cell
because of technology.

This is a great time to
be alive, innit boy?



the real question here is,

why are they showing you me?

You like this?

You like to see it like this?

To get your gun hard?

Or maybe it's the guy that
does it for you. Maybe both.

What the fuck is this?

They blamed your kid
brother for this.

Sent him to camp, right?

When I heard you
were coming here,

I asked for this moment.

Confession if you will.

Do you pray, boy?

I'm not really sure why I do.

Maybe more for them than me.

I don't even know
if there's a soul.

I know there's gotta
be something.

Something more...

Just don't know what.

You've got your blood and
tissue, and all that goes away.

But, I think, perhaps,

there is something more.


Perhaps there is.

They've got some surprises waiting
for you and your girl, here.

They were video glitches.

We've been having
technical difficulties.

Those people... victims, in
those cells, who are they?

You know, I think we've covered
enough for the first session.

Why don't you two take a break?

Yeah, I pretty much live here.

I mean, I did 73
hours last week.

By the way, did you guys fix
that power issue inside or what?


are you guys seeing this?

Looks like we have a bloody
rag here on the barbwire.

I think we have skunks
in the dumpster again.


Central, come in.

Jesus Christ.



They let you kill the guy who
killed your mother, huh?

It was my Honors request.

I took the lives of
two innocent people.

I earned it.


What was your Honors request
for slitting those throats?

Let me ask you something.

Do you ever get deja
vu coming in here?

We're the best of the
best of our class.

Do you really believe that?

I think you do.


What do your birds mean?

I drew 'em.

11 birds...

but I can't remember.

And the girl?

Same thing.

But I don't know why.

I'm the same way. I don't know.

It's odd... I

don't remember where...
how I got them... why?

Marigold... the name...

It means something. I can
see it in my dreams, but...

I don't know what it is.

Do you remember anybody
from my class?

Like fuckin' facebook friends?

Like, any of that kind of shit?

You're askin' me if I'm single?

I wouldn't care if you weren't.

My point is.

I don't remember anyone.

Not one person.


like you said, "We're
the best of the best."

Holy Christ.

What the hell happened?
What the...

K.O complex, East, Death House.

Begin virtual tour.

I love being an avatar.

One of the perks of the job.

He will be conditioned.

Mind erased.

Reformatted with proper
morals, compassion,

and obedience for the law.

You will become transhuman.

Better than human,

once the physical
conditioning is completed,

or as you put it, "The laundry."

What's the difference between
transhumanism and brainwashing?

Well, it's a different
process entirely.

And we don't have an agenda.

We instill morality.


Principles concerning the
distinction between good or bad

and, right and wrong.

Whose morality?

I mean, I slit some
fucker's throat.

Am I a candidate
for transhumanism?

Well, what about me?

I killed a man for revenge.

I executed a mother and her
son in the line of duty.

The agent, who
brought Sieg to us,

she did the good thing.

Don't let these
experiments confuse you,

or make you feel otherwise.

We're excising a moral cancer.

Did Sieg ever mention
Death House to you?

Ever any talk of the five evils?

How do we even know if
any of this is real?

What if this is all
one giant VR program?

Dr. Redmane will show you
wardrobe to start the tour.

I'll meet you after.

Bennett, good afternoon.
Ah, hey!

Welcome to central casting.

This is special Agents
Boon and Novak.

Nice to meet you,
Boon and Novak.

Let me introduce you to
my partners in crime.

Please, doctors join us.

Dr. Angela Freeman,
Dr. Logan Harrison.

Hi, nice to meet you.

We would love a behind
the scenes tour.

Ah! A little movie magic.

Right this way.

I like to equate all this to...
Excuse me.

Looking down on an
ant hill, okay?

It looks like chaos.

Quite frankly, sometimes
it feels like chaos.

But each ant has its own job,

and knows exactly what to do.

Everything is recreated
down to the final detail.

We choose our
subjects according to

facial structure, body weight,
eye color, even scent.

What kind of scents?

Hair, cosmetic, body
odor, feminine odor...

Whatever can trigger the
behavior of the prisoners.

Each intake is selected for their
resemblance to a victim profile.

As Dr. Logan indicated,

we dress them, we
style their hair.

Sometimes, we even fix prosthetics
to trigger the proper responses.

Check this out.

Every single person in this room has
taken a shot of milk of amnesia.

What we have here
is very unique.

We have the ability
to tailor our victims

right to the prisoner profiles,

and get full accessibility to
their personality profiles,

as well as brainwave mapping.

Our inmates are studied

on an almost cellular level.

The information is
compiled into what will be

the greatest criminal
database ever created.

Let me show you.

We have breast size, body type.

We fit the victim
to the prisoner.

And as you can see the
results are very impressive.

Look, I know how this seems,

but this really is a service.


All these people out there...

they would have died anyway.

At least here,

they get their 15 minutes.

Assuming they live that long.

Now, all jokes aside,

I'm genuinely proud
of this staff

of make-up artists
and designers.

We should win a few Oscars
in all seriousness.

Do you realize, our
set decorators work

with computer
programmed designers,

to recreate everything
down to the finest detail?

We have a "night stand girl."

That's right.

One girl, one job,
dress night stands.

She gets the perfect picture,

the perfect lamps, the
perfect tissue boxes.

Also, the setting looks as close

to perfect as we can get.

It was spot on.

What about the ones
who aren't cast?

Not my department.

What happens to them?

Well, they're routed to other areas
and used for other purposes.

Nothing gets wasted here.

Yeah, not everyone brought
in here is a victim.

I mean, others are studied in...

different ways.

Anyway, before I bring you
back to Dr. Fletcher,

there's three very interesting
guys I'd like you to meet.

They're kind of my pet projects.

Dr. Bennett, thank you so much.
This was wonderful.

No, you're wonderful. Thank you.


The, umm, homeless woman

that was selected for
your Honor killing

was done so because of her
resemblance to your mother.

She fits Cal Ness's profile.


All right, let's go.


Don't cut the shirt.

That's the only thing
holding him together.


are the three Satans.

We found three prisoners
who hold delusions.

That one is Satan,

one created Satan,

and one is the son of Satan.

What are the chances of that?

Pretty good, actually.

You might be right.

In any case, I borrowed a C.I.A.
playbook from the '60s,

wondering if these
three held together,

would somehow cancel each other
out and cure their delusions.


They're still batshit crazy...

for now.

Hey, you wanna meet them?

Yeah. It's perfectly safe

and so entertaining.

Come on, I love these guys.

Princes of darkness...

I brought you some visitors.

These are special
Agents, Boon and Novak.

They're undergoing
final training,

and they wanted to meet you.

I am Satan.

My straight name is
Arthur Channing Brai.

I created Satan.

I have other names, but
they like this one.

I am Satan.

AKA Michael Devon.

You might recall that
Mr. Devon renovated

an entire three
storey home in Iowa,

into a torture chamber.

He's not Satan.

Satan, 2.0 then?

This handsome devil

is Tyler Campian.

The true son of Satan.

Tyler had a promising career

as an illusionist
and escape artist.

Another David Blaine or Houdini.

That all ended when he gutted...
his mother,

his sister,

and his grandfather.

And stuffed them full
of rosary beads,

before crucifying them
on a church yard.

He then went on to

kill a nursery of
infants of a hospital,

in a search for the
"Christ child."

No one knows how he
avoided detection.

You took my mask.


He's talking about his mask he
used when he was a performer.

And I'm going to keep it too,

until you drop this one.

If you're Satan,

why don't you make those
restraints disappear?

Much too vulgar a
display of power.

Well played, I like that.

I know who I am.

I am Satan.

The AntiChrist.

The beast.

And if I wasn't, I wouldn't lay
claim to anything of the sort.

I know this house is insane.

And I know that you
have to be careful.

Oh, Mr. Devon, please.

Your rash generalization that
everyone in an insane asylum

is necessarily insane,
is highly insulting.

There are people here
who are not insane.

Those two aren't.

Each person is a temple.

Please respect that.

It's not what you take with you,

it's what you leave behind.

Excuse me?


isn't a word,

it's a sentence.

She has to understand
what's going on in here...

I am Satan!

The beast!

And the Creator!

If that's true,

why do you think I brought
you all here together?

Electronic voodoo?


You really should be
more inquisitive as to

why these two were brought here.

You think they're on your side.

Isn't the devil a
master of lies?

You fucking bitch!

You took my mask!

You... You fu...


Going down. Ninth level.

There are some
specific personalities

dangerous to a healthy society.

The passive individual, the one who's
afraid to say what they think.

They stand for everything
and they stand for nothing.

Like the bureaucrats
behind the holocaust.

They personified the
banality of evil

that exterminated millions.

There is a possessive type.

Filled with jealousy,
demanding loyalty.

This type, poses a direct
threat to children.

We're getting an electronic
signal inside of him.

The insecure ones,

mediocrity is their standard.

Afraid to live,
scared to die, they

lived by the
dictates of society.

And they're dangerous
for their need and lust

to have authority over them.

What did they do?

Did they shove his
radio up his ass?

The last type is a psychopath.

This type is the most dangerous

during times of social
and political upheaval.

I think I've got whatever it is.

Here it comes. Here it comes!
Here it comes!

60 minutes auxiliary power.

Containment cell breach.
Red alert.

60 minutes auxiliary power.

Containment cell breach.
Red alert.

60 minutes auxiliary power.

No, main line is all we got.

Fuck no!

We expect EMP's from outside.

We're on batteries.

Facility-wide power outage.

How do you know that?

When that light comes on,
we're in total blackout.

A power failure?

A place like this can have
a fucking power failure?

We were shut down.

By whom?

I think we stopped
below level four.

Are your phones working?


- Containment cell breach.
- Red alert.

We need

to get this piece of
shit back into storage.

How do we detach him
from this shit?

Containment cell breach.
Red alert.

Can't that kill him?

Containment cell breach.
Red alert.

Vacate premises.

You guys didn't plan on
anything like this happening?

Agent Novak,

in 1997, the military
built a stealth bomber

for two billion that
couldn't fly in the rain.

This facility was a
record 3.2 billion

and cost 5 million a
year to maintain,

so, yes, we have a few flaws.

This place has to be like NORAD.

So far down that an external
EMP hit wouldn't do anything.

Shield it.

Well, apparently, no one
thought of an interior attack.

What's the exit strategy?

Well, we have an hour of
battery with generator backup,

but we're not moving and I don't
hear the generators, so...

Why isn't the
elevator on backup?

In a situation like this, all
the focus is on containment.

If we lose all the power,
the shields go down,

the gas stops and everyone
comes out of their fog.

Well, then, there should
be a kill switch.

I mean, you've got gas
flowing everywhere.

Don't you have something
special lined up

to kill everybody inside
this fucking hellhole,

in case there's a
doomsday scenario?

We have one.

But we're pretty insulated
in here for right now.

They'll be looking for
an escape, not for us.

The ones below are
going to decide

that this shaft is a
shortcut to the top.

What about the five evils?

When we get power back on,

we'll get you to a medic,

and get those taken out.

Are you just going to stand there?
Help me.

Jesus Christ, is that below us?

A design flaw got us in here,

there's gotta be
one to get us out,

if not, we get to
the kill switch.

We have a two man rule

to prevent any single person
from activating the death gas.

If power isn't restored
within the hour,

the commanding officer will order
two officers to activate the gas.

The ninth level is different.

The gas doesn't reach that far?

It reaches... it won't work.

Facility sealed.

Facility sealed.

Facility sealed.

Fucking die!

Containment force
shield breach imminent.

All staff vacate premises.

Containment for shield
breach imminent.

All staff vacate premises.

Shock one... Tango.

Where the hell is the gas?

That's it. Here we go people.

Can't see them. Where
the fuck are they?

Deploy shields.

Yeah, yeah!

They're out.


Listen to me.

So, would anybody
else like to try?

Huh? Anyone?

I didn't think so.

We all know what lies at
the bottom of this place.

We all know "they"
are down there.

The way out is not that way.

It's down, to them

with me.

I'm new here.

Fresh fish.

Isn't there a rule about

taking on the biggest guy in
the prison to send a message?

I will follow you to hell.

Just the place I'm going.

Come with me if
you want to live.

Do you ever take
your job seriously?

Oh, come on, I gotta lighten
the mood a little bit.

Dr. Fletcher...

Great. Pull. Pull.

Thank you.


Only two lights here.

That, and them.

Oh, and this.

You better know your
way around this place.

What am I looking for?



I highly doubt we're going to
be better off on any floor.

If they see him, we're done.

Whoo-hoo! Here's Johnny!

Don't worry, we're going
to have fun right now.

Come here, little guy.

Damn it, you smell good.
What is that lavender?

Goddamn, you smell...

Up kitty!

So cute when you're mad.

Oh, yeah.

Well, the harder you fight me,

the harder I get.

My turn, bitch.


I'm tellin' you, I
think I'm in love.

I know you felt it too.

You special.

I'm not sharing you with nobody.

I don't care how
many secrets I get.

Don't go looking in my room, with my own
comfort. You ain't going nowhere, bitch.

Come on! You fuckin' want it?

You want it, too? You'll
get it motherfucker!

I'm going take these
fucking pants off.

I'm gonna fuck you so hard.

- Oh, God.
- Check these bodies.

Flashlights, guns...

You think the
batteries will work.

They should.

I can't see anything.

Oh, my God.


Oh, my God! AGENT NOVAK: How
many inmates are on this level?

39 after him.

But maybe less. It's
so hard to tell.

But there're labs we
can use for shelter.


We gotta find a way up...

We forgot to close
the elevator shaft.

Fucking run!



You want penetration?


Listen to me.

Listen. AGENT BOON: Oh, God!


We gotta stop.DR.

Okay, the stairs
go to more cells.

This way leads to the
experimental chambers.

What's the difference?

DR. Less run-ins. AGENT
BOON: Where are the guards?

Alive or dead? AGENT NOVAK:
They fuckin' ate 'em.

They're going to BE on us soon.

You know something?

I know everything, Novak.

Get it together.


Come down and eat with us.

Let's go. Move it! Move it! Go!

What the fuck?

Where? There.

Okay, we're going in.

We have no choice.

Novak, get the door!

Keep the lights low.
Stay by this door.

I know this cell.

We no longer wish to be here.

Are we alone?

Don't come closer, or I'll
take you out of here.

There should be nine of them.

Nine of what?

Prisoners and homeless.

We have yet to explain
what happened in here.

Fuck that.


We no longer wish to be freed.

How are they still alive?

We don't know.

We stay in here until they've
lost interest out there.



Wait here.

So many things I
want to do to you.

There's no time.

Like rape and kill me?

Very original.

You really are a legend
in your own mind, Doctor.

Is this the third one?

He's the one you want.

Get up.

Here's his mask.


We no longer wish to be freed.
We can't just sit here.

We need to get out of here.

Clear the door.


You sure you can do this?

You've earned your mask.

Homeless, kept in storage.

What does this have to
do with the kill switch?

The kill switch is a gas

that disables the
immune systems,

allowing your own body's
bacteria to eat you alive

which results in this.

No human remains.

Why does this only
happen to some of them?

If we can target one,

We can target the
whole facility.

Even through intake?


All in the name of science.

How are we going to get them up there?
No power.

Hook 'em anyway. We'll
string 'em by hand.

No drugs for you.

You get the full experience.


We got us a lab coat.

What about the others?

Fuck 'em.

We got somewhere to be.

Freedom. Freedom!

She's coming. She's gone.

We gotta see.

I think they're
going down in them.

Dr. Fletcher?

Dr. Fletcher...

The kill switch?

DR. Ask them. AGENT
BOON: Ask who?

No, no!

Come on, get up.

They're opening the side doors.

Only way up is down.
Is this your plan?

Free fall, drop to the bottom?
Drop and shoot.

Is that the best you got?

Get your hand wrapped up.

Hey... It's okay.

It's bad. Oh, shit.

Fuck it, I'm fine. I'm fine.
All right.

What do we do when
we get to them?

I don't think they're
capable of mercy.

There they are.

They're right there.

Let's go.

I am God,

the great and terrible.

Stay with me.

We're almost there.

Not that easy.

You've come for us.

We have always been with you.

What do you want?

We want to get the
fuck out of here.

Figured you were our best bet.

Why didn't you just pray?

Do not pray to us.

Do you believe

that we give you a better
chance at being saved than God?

You shot yourself.

You freed me.

God is a supreme sadist.

Evil is God's lie

to maintain slavish
obedience and conformity.

We are the messengers of freedom

from a vain, selfish,
irrational God.

You have no idea, the
atrocities you committed.

Only they would wipe them
with their programs.

They trained you.

They made you into their slaves.

We are here to free you.

You are here to free us.

I never saw you. But you have.

They selected the
memories that you carry.

We let you see through the fog.

You're part of a
brave new world now.

There is no evil.

Evil faces extinction.

Well, what about him?

We just gave him
what he asked for.

He wanted you to know.


Tell us what you see.

Take me.

I will see you soon.

What you see in this facility
is not contained here.

There are other Death Houses.

They threaten both
good and evil.


Technology is the new God.

Software is the new dogma.

Their using it to try
and create a race.

It is neither good nor evil.

It will just be.

The world needs us.

We need to be freed into it.

You need to pursue us.

Every killer secretly
wants to be caught.

Without us, there is no evil.

Without evil there is no good.

True hell is nothingness.


We were imprisoned here,

because we are a threat to
the likes of Dr. Fletcher.

People who think that humans can
be transcended above their flaws,

above good and evil.

The universe was not
designed for that.

My crimes have never
been deemed acceptable.

Yet, what you saw out there,

children being used and abused

for the sake of progress

that transcends evil,

disguised as good.


You know my name.

I followed all of you.

I've connected with what
has made you immortal.

I've had communion with the power...
I've studied.

You followed!

Yes, everything.

Now, I'm one of you.

You hear that?

I brought them here.

They followed me here,

knowing how long you've
been imprisoned.

You were always a
part of our plan.

What plan?

Our escape plan.

I am your servant.

I've learnt so much.

We know you.

We studied you while we slept.

You disgust us.

Listen. Listen to me!

I am immortal.



A clean slate...

free from original sin.

Welcome to the world, boy.

Facility back online.


What now?

We go find him.

Bring him back.

We reboot the game.

We don't even know what we are.

Who we are...

Let's go find out.

Work to do.

What's your name, sweety?

My name is Linz.Linz.

Well, Linz, welcome to the farm.

Hey, Hana, I got the stuff.

Oh, shit. I got the wrong box.

All I got was this mask.

Can you use this?