Deadtime (2013) - full transcript

Trapped in the center of a lucrative organ trafficking racket, Claire (Jessica Hegarty) discovers her father runs the grisly global criminal organization. Her sheltered life now shattered and exposed, Claire must work with Interpol to pursue the hidden truth. This journey thrusts Claire into a dark world, forced to fight for her life against a barrage of deadly hitmen assigned to silence her. No match against such organized assassins, Claire's only hope rests on a chance encounter with a protective guardian, Michael (Rody Claude), who is not all as he seems. Her fight for survival reunites Claire with her father, pushing a family's bond to its limits in a tense and desperate showdown. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
I need you to tie up the loose ends.
Terminate operations there.

You know what to do.

No! No!


Claire, what were you doing in my study?

It doesn't matter.

What do you mean "it doesn't matter"?

Let go! You're hurting me.

Is it true?

Is what true? What now?

How can you just stand there
and lie to my face like that?

I'm putting an end to this, Dad.

Who have you been talking to?

You disgust me, you know? I'm not
talking to you anymore. I'm leaving.


You're late, as usual!

Don't you know how important it is
to have these bodies delivered fresh?

Prepare my gloves and cap.

I'm so sorry, Claire.

I never wanted it to end like this.


Shit! She's alive.

Where is the syringe?

It's over there on the
tray. It's on the tray!


Hold her still!

I'm trying! Just
inject her with it!

Come on! Shut up!

Come on, come on, come on!

No, you will not!

- Help me! Help me, please!
- Let her go.

Please, please, help me. Please.

Stay back!

Calm down. Just
take it easy. Let her go.

Stay back! Put the gun down or
I'll slit her throat, I swear to God!

Come on!



Stop. Stop.

Stop! Stop...

I'm sorry, Claire.

Forgive me.

Are you okay?

I'm not gonna hurt you.

I'm gonna get you some
help. Look, my name is Michael.

Is Claire your real name?

Yes it is. Can you
please help me?


Can you give me your hand?
Can you try and stand up slowly?

There you go.

Do I know you?
How do I know you?

I can stand, but I can't feel my legs.

Why can't I feel my legs?
Why can't I feel my legs?

Just rest here. Okay.

Catch your breath.

Look, Claire, I have to call the police.

No. You can't call the police.

I have to call them. I mean, two guys
just tried to kill us, and you need help.

Please don't call them, I-we can't
trust the police. We just need to go.

I don't understand what you're
trying to say. Who was that guy?

I'll explain it later, okay? Can we
just go? Can we please just go?


You'll have to follow me.

Claire, are you expecting anyone else?

Because I think we have a problem.

I think I know him.
Can we go another way?

Okay. Follow me.

One of these guys has got to have a
car outside. We just gotta find the keys.

Look, you can take me home. I
can find someone who can help us.

Okay, but we've got to move fast.

The girl got away.
She might have help.

I need you to be ready.

She'll be going back to her
house, so meet me there.

And make sure you stay
out of sight until I get there.

Thank you. Thank you
so much for helping me.

What the hell just happened?
You're gonna have to fill me in.

I swear, I will tell you everything. I-
I... I just don't know where to start.

Well, maybe you can start by telling
me how you knew that surgeon?


I've known him my whole life.

He's my father's colleague.
They went to med school together.

I mean, but he was always
considered more like an

uncle, even though he's
not my uncle. You know?

I don't understand why someone you've known

your whole life would
want to try and kill you.

I don't know. I can't remember.

Is it really safe to be
going back to your house?

I think going home might
help with my memory.

If we can't go to the police for help, is
there anyone else that we can go to?

I know none of this is making sense
to you. It's hardly making sense to me.

But I promise I will
share everything with you.

Evidently, I'm in some serious danger.

I can't do this on my own.

Please. Please,
will you help me?

Of course I'll help
you. I'm in this now.

I just can't believe what a
day this is turning out to be.

I have the strangest feeling that
I... I know you from somewhere.

Your face... I don't
know. You're just familiar.

Well, that is strange.

So how did you find yourself on a table
about to be butchered by those guys?

I can't remember much more for the moment.

Okay. Well, tell me more about this Asian
guy, because you seem to remember him.

It's Lee.

Are you sure this is your house?

Well, it's definitely my
house, but it's not for sale.

Okay, we're probably
not safe here, so let's do

what we need to do and
just get out of here. Okay?


What's the date today, Michael?

September 23rd, why?

September 23rd...

The last date I remember is August 19th.

So that means I've been in a
coma for more than a month.

That would definitely explain your
get-up and lost sensation in your legs.

I have to get something out of my room and,

obviously, I need to get
changed. But I'll be quick.

Okay, I'll wait down here.

Michael, is that you?


Alright, girl.

Michael! Michael! Michael!

Ain't no fucking chance in the
world you would do that, bitch.




Claire, we've got to move
now! Claire, come on! Come on!

Where the hell are they?

I'm sorry, boss. The girl
escaped. She has a guy helping her.

He's pretty capable.

Where is James? I told
you guys to wait for me.

Why didn't you wait?
Was it that hard?

This is turning into a bloody mess.

We've got to fix this. We've
got to fix this now. Hurry up.

Get in the car.


Bro, it's me.

Claire is awake. She's escaped.

I need to speak to Bennett.

Can you put him on the phone?

Another problem, Chan?

Is she well?

How did you know, sir?

I ask the questions, you answer.

She's on the run, but she's
got someone helping her.

Sounds like she's still got her memory.

I can't have this mess get
any further out of control.

Affirmative, sir.

I think now Claire could lead
us to the evidence she has.

Do you realize I'm running out of time?

Now, listen. I know where she'll
go for help. This time, intercept her.

Eliminate whoever's helping her.
Get me what I need. Let's finish this.

Chan'll give you the details.

And Lee, do not call me again.
Not unless you've got what I need.

I understand.

How bad is that wound?

It's not that bad.

Just don't bleed all over my car.

You realize I would have died without you?

I don't know about that, Claire.
You seem pretty capable to me.

Mind telling me who you are?

I'm just a security guard.

You're like no security guy I
know. You're more than that.

Are you sure I don't know you?

I'm quite certain we've never met
before. You're not someone I would forget.

But you're right. I wasn't
always a security guard.

But right now, this is about you, Claire.

Is any of this starting to come back?

I almost too afraid to say it out loud.

If we have any chance, you're
gonna have to tell me everything.

This mess is all because of my father.

I vaguely remember bits and pieces,
but I definitely remember him attacking me.

I can remember it all so clearly.

It still hurts to touch.

This is where he hit
me. I can still feel it.

Your own father? Why
would he be trying to kill you?

I can remember everything that
happened that night. It's so vivid.

I was searching through
his files, trying to find

more proof of the operations
that he was involved in.

One day, a man in a
black suit just showed up

out of nowhere and
said he was with Interpol.

He said he had been building a case
against my father and his associates.

And the proof would be in the medical
documents which he keeps in his safe.

At first, I didn't want
to believe this man.

But I found out how to get into
dad's safe and there it all was.

The proof that my father
had been involved in a very

lucrative black market organ
trafficking for many years.

So I started collecting files over a
couple of months and hiding them.

I was going to meet with my Interpol
handler the very next day, and...

That night, before, me and
my father had a confrontation.

Until that night, he had
not suspected a thing.

Until he found me in his study
with more medical documents.



What were you doing in my office, Claire?


What were you doing in my study?

We argued for a while and I
told him Interpol was after him.

He started denying the whole thing,
trying to persuade me that they were lying.

Is it true?

But the evidence was right there.

You'd be surprised what I know of you.

Whatever you think you
know, it's a pack of lies.

How can you just lie to my
face like that? I'm not a child!

I tried to walk away and he
grabbed my arm and we wrestled.

Let go! You're hurting me!

I broke free and the
next thing I remember is...

I felt a sharp, splitting
pain in the back of my head.


I'm putting an end to this, Dad.

No, you're not.
You're staying here.


I fell to the ground.

And then I remember him coming
over to me. I think he was on the phone.

That's when I must have lost consciousness.

Evidence? In terms of documents?

Yes, documents.

Tons of medical records, donor
charts, donor profiles that I found in

his office that would put him and
a lot of other people away for life.

My father is a reputable surgeon
working here and internationally.

I'm not proud to admit it, but...

What I found proves his direct involvement
with black market organ trafficking.

Organ trafficking? How
could anyone sell body parts?

My father was probably
hoping I would never wake up.

Look, it will be a lot
clearer to understand

if I show you what's on this drive.

I just need to get this drive to Harry.

Is this Harry someone we can trust?

Harry's been more than a
father to me than anybody else.

I trust him with my life.


It's me. Things are
getting way out of control.

I don't think Lee's capable of
doing this. There's too much heat.

I need you to tie up the loose
ends. Terminate operations there.

You know what to do.
My life's depending on it.

I don't have much
time. You must be quick.

Consider it done.

Oh, you have no idea how
happy I am to see you, Harry.

And I you, sweetheart.

I can't believe you're awake.
When did you come out of the coma?

Well, I-I don't even know myself.

Why didn't anyone tell me?

I woke up this morning somehow
and Chamberlain was there.

Harry, I think he was trying to kill me.

I'm trying to make
sense of it, but-but I know

my father is behind it
and-and I need your help.

Hang on, what do you mean
your father is behind this?

I know about his business.

Interpol are after him and
they told me what to look for.

I didn't want to believe
them, but they were right.

He's involved with black market operations.

And I saw it for myself.

And he's dealing in organs and
I'm worried that's just the start of it.

Quickly. Come
inside. Both of you.

I was really lucky and if
Michael hadn't been there,

I don't think I could have
fought them off by myself.

Look, we're both lucky.

I'm glad you were there.

Harry, I have a huge favor to ask.

Okay. You know I'll
do anything for you.


Take this. When we leave, I need you
to call the number of my Interpol handler.

Do you still have that card?


Right. Okay, well, make
sure he gets that drive.

It's got everything I could compile
to bring my father's operations down.

Can you do that for me?

Of course I can do that. So where
will you go? You'll be safe here.

I know neither of you will
understand, but I have to go.

I have to face him and
I need to know the truth.

Hey, Claire, I don't get this. I
mean, this is way too dangerous.

Why don't you let Interpol handle this now?

I can't explain it, but it
is something I have to do.

Claire, you need to listen to him.

There's nothing more to discuss. Michael,
I don't expect you to come with me, but...

Harry, I need to know where
he is. Is he in Singapore?

Yes. The last time I
heard, he was still there.

Right, okay. Well, that's
where I need to go then.

Can you arrange a plane
to get me there tonight?

Yes, I can do that. I just
need to make a phone call.

Look, I'm in this now. You
know I... I can't let you go alone.

Thank you, Michael.

Yeah, it's me.
Look, I need a favor.

Get out. We're on foot.

Guys, you weren't
expecting anyone, were you?

Shit. It must be Lee. How
did he get here so quickly?

Go! Quickly! Out the back now!

No, Harry, you have to come with us.

Claire, you've got to go now.

- Michael, get her out of here.
- Harry!

Now, get to the hangar! Go!

Wait, the drive!

There's no time for it.
We've got to move. Come on!

There they are.

Now listen carefully, you idiot.

Do not shoot Claire. As for the
other guy, just make it quick. Got it?

Vincent, go get me my bag. Move!

Go! Go on, hurry up!

Claire, do you know this farm well?

The other side of this forest
opens up into the highway.

Okay, come on.

We can't stop here. They-they're
going to be on to us in no time.

Michael, I can't. I'm exhausted.
I can hardly feel my legs.

We can't rest here!

I'm worried about
Harry. This is all my fault.

I'm so sorry. I got you into
this mess. I'm so sorry. I-I-

It's hopeless! Just leave me.

Hey, look at me.
This is not your fault.

We're gonna have to be strong
if we want to get through this.

And we will get through this, okay?


Here, give me your hand.
We've just got to keep moving.

Good. Give me the bag. Let's go!

I'm bleeding pretty bad, man.

Stop your complaining and tie that shit up.

Please, stop!

Have you got something in that bag
to stop the bleeding? I need your help!


What are you doing, man?

Listen, let Claire go and
no harm will come to her.

You know that's not going to happen.

Stop this, Claire. This all
has been a misunderstanding.

It wasn't supposed to happened.

Chamberlain, he lost control.

I know you'll say
anything just to get me out.

I know what this is about. You want
me dead so you can have the evidence.

Do you have it with you?

It's safe!

Don't expect to get your hands on it.

This is ridiculous, Claire.

Your father just wants a chance
to explain everything to you.

Please, come out and
I'll take you to see him.

That's a lie. My father was
the one who put me in a coma!

So what is it gonna be?

Claire, I've only got two
rounds. You've gotta trust me.

You've gotta run,
okay? You've gotta run!

Run! Run!


What the hell is that for?

You're a smart girl. I thought that
you would've figured this out by now.

Figured out what?

We wanted you, not just for the
evidence, but for something more valuable.

What do you mean?

Of course, we would like to bury the
evidence that you have discovered.

But we figured, if you were dead,

those documents will not
surface to incriminate him.

So keeping you alive came to seem viable.

You are more valuable dead.

My father wouldn't want me dead just to
bury some documents and save his skin.

You're right.

You're absolutely right.

He wanted you dead
because of your healthy lungs.

It's no news that your father
has been sick since you were little.

He's had a couple of
transplants over the years,

but they didn't go well, as expected.

His body rejected the new
organs every single time.

His doctors warn that his body
will not take it for too much longer.

So you see, Claire, you
were born out of necessity.

And being his daughter, you are, of course,

a perfect candidate
to ensure his longevity.

That is absurd. You can't
expect me to believe this.

You're sick!

I'm sick?

The reason why your father got
into this business is because he's sick.

And the reason why he's alive
today is because of this business.

He would have been
dead many times over if he

waited his turn on the
organ transplant list.

He's an entrepreneur.

He saw a way to save
his life and make a fortune

offering an alternative to others in need.

It doesn't matter how you spin
it. What you're doing, what you've

created does not justify trading in
black market organs. It's disgusting.

It's illegal. Do you not
have a conscience?

You certainly are your mother's daughter.

She could not come to terms with it either.

Of course. She would've despised this.
How dare you presume to know my mother?

Do you really still believe that your
mother was killed in a car accident?

Your father is more ruthless
than you can ever imagine.

Before I do this,
Claire, I want that drive.

Tell me! Tell me where it is!

Tell me! Tell me where it
is! Where is it? Where is it?

I... I don't have it. I don't-
I don't know where it is.

Don't you lie to me!
- I'm not lying. I'm not lying.

I lost it. I must've
lost it or something, I-

Little bitch!

I don't know where it is.

Tell me!

Tell me where it is!

Tell me...

Where is the drive?

- You little bitch!
- I don't. I don't, okay? I'm sorry.

- I know you have it.
- I mean it. I don't know. I don't know.

Where is it?
- I swear I don't.

- Where is it?
- I don't know where it is.

Please don't kill me.

Where is it?

Tell me!

Were you the one who killed my mother?

Your mother is... past tense. I'd
be more worried about her Harry.

Shut up! Shut up!

Is he alive?
- I'm not gonna tell you.

You won't do it.

You won't do it, you little bitch.

He's not worth it, Claire.

He's not gonna make it anyway.

Do it. Finish it.

Don't, Claire.

Do it.

Give me the gun.

Give me the gun.
Give me the gun.

Now let's get to this highway.

What, there's more of them?

How many men does your
father have working for him?

I don't know.

Okay, we're gonna have
to run again. Are you ready?

- Yeah.
- Alright, go!

Good, it's you.

Get me out of here.

Where's the list?

I need the updates for the
Asian and European operations.

Why is it, with all these
people working for me,

I have to do every fucking thing myself?

For my readers to
appreciate the gruff V12 power

and literally feel each individual
hair on their skin rise to attention,

commanded by its 470
horsepower, one needs to stretch the

legs of this beast on a road
unimpeded by distractions.

It deserves a road
without nothing in its way

but more road. Miles
and miles of open road.

About that...

What have you got here?

Shit. Shit!

Get out. Get out!

I'm getting out, alright?
- Sorry, bro. I need your car.

It's not even my fucking car!

Fuck's sake. What am
I supposed to do now?


Thank God! These
punks just stole my car.

They hijacked it.

What the fuck?

What-what the fuck is going on?

Are-are you with them?

Oh, fuck this. I'm
calling the police.

Oh, okay, I'm not calling the
police. No? Now, don't-don't shoot!

Now don't shoot! Don't-don't-don't shoot,
please! Don't shoot! Please! Don't, please!

I feel sick.

You've been through some
pretty horrific things today.

It's a lot to take in.

I just... I-I can't get that
cop's face out of my mind.

I killed a man today.

Will his face ever go away?

I don't know. I don't
know if it ever does.

Are you sure you want
to go through with this?

You can always leave this to Interpol.

No, I have to hear it from
him. I need to know the truth.

After what Lee said about my mother's
death, I... I just need to know the truth.


You should know, Lee has a twin.

Are you kidding?

His name is Chan.

For as long as I can remember,
he's been by my father's side.

He's not going to give us
much of a warm welcome.

Good afternoon, Miss
Carter. Welcome aboard.

Please, right this way.
Everything you need is on board.

Thank you.

Does anyone know where
my fucking daughter is?

Do they get the flash drive?

I don't have time for this.

First Chamberlain,
now this. Leave, now!


Are you ready?

Let's do this.

Go find your father.
I'll take care of Chan.

Going up.

42nd floor.

Tell me where Bennett is!

Claire, what were you doing in my study?

It doesn't matter.

What do you mean "it doesn't matter"?

Claire, stop now.
Please understand.

Understand what?


Understand that you took
my mother away from me?

What, understand that I was
born out of your selfish necessity?

Is it true? Is it?

Please, put the gun down.

Is it true?

Yes, it's true.

I want you to tell me everything.

What more do you want from me?

Can't you see what you've already done?

My life... my life's
work is in ruins.

My business is gone.

Can't you see the lives of
people that you've jeopardized?

People that needed the organs
that my business provided?

I saved lives.

You're delusional, you son of a bitch!

Tell me the truth about
my mother or I'll put

a bullet straight through
your fucking head!

Claire, don't be ridiculous.
Put the gun down.

Tell me!

Okay, it's true. I
killed your mother.

I had to.

You had to?

She discovered what I was doing.

What are you doing here?

No! No! No!

She... she could
have kept my secret.

And she'd still be here.

And me? What about me?

I am a very ill man, Claire.

I need these transplants to keep going.

I have a right to live, like everyone else.

I had no choice.

Yes, you were born as my failsafe plan.

My body's rejectin the
organs. I had no choice.

I do love you, very much.

I wish you'd ne-never
discovered my... my demons.

Please, put the gun down.

What are you doing?

Claire, what are you doing?

You can burn in hell, you bastard.

No, stop this.

You okay?

Is it over?

This was so much easier
when they were chasing us.

I can't believe it's over.

I will miss you.

I have to go now.

Don't go, Michael. Don't go.

Hey, it's okay. It's all over.

Please stay. Don't leave me.

Claire, thanks to you we've
just arrested your father.

What are you talking about?

I just killed my father.

Most of them will never see the
light of day, Claire, but you will.

Michael, why can't you hear me?

I know you will come out of this coma.