Deadly Nightshade (1953) - full transcript

Escapee switches identities but finds the new one quite a handful.


Whiskey, please.

Yes, sir.

Thank you.

Pine, Joe, please.

Isabelle will do it.

Pint, my dear.


OPERATOR: Operator.

MAN: Police station, please.

Excuse me, sir.


Uh, may I have a glance at your
paper, sir?

Thank you, sir.

You don't really want to look
at that, do you?


You've got one.

Why, I say.

Uh, I didn't notice.

What's the idea?

Uh, nothing, sir. Nothing at

Oh, yes there is. Come on.

What is it?

Well, as a matter of fact, sir,
I was just thinking that,


here he is, Sergeant.

All right, Barlow.

I've got a car outside.

What is this?

You'd better come along quietly.

My name's Matthews, Robert

It's no good.

You're wasting your time, Barlow.

I tell you I am Robert Matthews

of Durrant Cottage, Tolferro.

And the sooner you get it into
your head the better

I shall like it.

If you don't mind, we'll sort
that out at the station.

Come on.

All right.

[INAUDIBLE], Sergeant.

All right.

In you get.

MATTHEWS: It is known that the

made today in the Cannon at Lou

a case of mistaken identity.


All that I can say is it's a
good job you happened

to be around, Inspector.

Yes, it is.

Never mind it's good copy for you,

or whatever you artists use for

I'll say, it's an incredible


How long's he been at large?

Two days.

What was he in for?


Care for a drink?

Well, it'll have to be a quick


Shan't be long, Morrison.

Very good, sir.

Nice place you've got here.

Yeah, it's not bad.


Come in.

Ah, thanks very much.

Hello, Mrs. Fenton.

I didn't know you were still here.

Well, after all you've been
through today, sir,

I thought I'd stay and see you
had a nice, hot meal

- when you come in.
- Terribly sorry.

I couldn't eat a thing.

I had a very good meal in Lou.

- MRS. FENTON: Oh, did you?
- Hmm.

At the expense of the police

Well, I should think so.

Escaped convict.

What next?

I always did say the police were
a bunch of blundering idiots.

I shall never forget the time

Uh, this is a friend of mine,
Mrs. Fenton,

Inspector Clements from Lou.

- He gave me a lift home.
- How do you do?

Least he could do after locking
you up all day.

The inspector didn't arrest me,
Mrs. Fenton.

He had me released.

Oh, did he?

Well, I'm glad there's one with
some sense, anyway.

Quite a character.


She's been in Tolferro for over
20 years,

but she's still a out-and-out
Londoner at heart.

- Do sit down, will you?
- Thanks so much.

And what will you have?


Whiskey, please. MATTHEWS:


Sorry I can't offer you a

That's all right. Have one of

No, thanks.

I never use them.

I wish I could say that.

Must save yourself quite a bit
of money.

Oh, it goes just the same.

Here, try an old-fashioned light.

Oh, thanks so much.

Left-handed, eh?

You don't miss much, do you?

These yours?


Mmm. Good.

Don't know much about art, but I
know what I like.

That's fair enough.

How long have you been here,

About three months.

Wonder why the locals didn't
recognize you.

They're a pretty half-witted lot.

Anyway, I don't go out very much.

MRS. FENTON: There's a telegram
for you here.

The boy's waiting in case
there's a reply.

Oh, thanks.

Excuse me.


Of course.


No, there's no reply.

Very good, sir.

Not bad news, I hope.


It's just in relation to my...
oh, cheers.


It's all right.

There's no reply.

Why don't you get a telephone
fitted in here?

We could have phoned up that wire.

I have an appointment tonight.

Oh, it's a pity about you.

Who's it with, that stuttering
girl again?

Yeah, go on.

Off it.

I like the stuttering ones.

By the time they say no, it's
too late.

Off it.

What are the chances of Barlow
getting away?

Very slender.

I've thrown a cordon around the
whole area.

And with a bit of luck, we'll be

in on him at any moment.

You talk as though you were
hunting some dangerous animal.

I don't know about that.

But he's certainly a man with an
extra-large chip

on his shoulder.

Always tried to make out he was
unjustly convicted.

- Perhaps he was.
- Oh, no.

What happened?

Ran over a man, killed him.



He denied it, but we found out

he'd been drinking heavily for

There was a girl involved in the

Her name never came out at the

but somebody testified afterwards

that she'd given him up, and

what started him on the bottle.


How long had he done?

Two years, five to go.

Get a few more now.

Well, I can't say I blame him.


Those few hours I spent in a
cell were quite enough for me.

If I'd been in for two years,
I'd probably have

done the same thing myself.

Would you like me to clear the
table before I go, sir?

No, that's all right. I'll do

Excuse me, sir, but I'm a
little bit nervous

going out at this time of night
with that fellow Barlow hanging

around. And I was just

Where do you live?

Well, near the Fort Garth Road,

It's only a few hundred yards
from here,

but I would be safer with
someone with me.

Right, I'll drop you.

Oh, that's ever so kind of you,

I was attacked around here one
night as a matter of fact, sir.

Of course, it was many years ago.


Mmm, it was awful.

He said if I didn't do what he
wanted, he'd kill me.

And what happened?

Well, sir, I'm still here.
Excuse me.

I'll just go and lock the back

Well, I must be going.

- Sorry about today, Matthews.
- Oh, forget it.

By the way, as a matter of

you might let me know when you
do get this fellow Barlow.


We'll have him by tomorrow

You seem pretty confident.


I'd like to bet you 2 to 1 and
5 bob that you don't.

That's a sporting offer.

I'll take you on.


Well, I do hope you're gonna be
all right here on your own,

- sir.
- Of course I will.

You hear such nasty stories
about people being

found with their throats cut.

Every time you pick up the

you read about some corpse or

- Goodnight, Matthews.
- Goodnight, sir.

See you in the morning.


Message for you.

Uncle Tom arriving tomorrow night.

Hold on.

What time is the tide on the



That's right.

OK, tomorrow.



It's like looking at yourself,
isn't it?

At least it will when I've got
to clean up a bit.

Stay where you are, Matthews.

How did you know my name?

I saw an evening paper.

I like to keep track of the news,

especially when I figure in it.

I think I ought to warn you,
I'm expecting

a friend here shortly.

He's a police inspector.


I don't think he'll be coming
back tonight.

I reckon this is the last place
he'll think of looking for me.

That's why I'm going to stay.

Oh, no, you're not.

You think I'm going to hide you?


I'm going to hide you.

If you can be mistaken for me,
there's no reason why I

shouldn't be mistaken for you.

Is there?

You're crazy.

Am I?

MATTHEWS: What you going to do
with me?

Now, look, Barlow, put that thing

away and don't act like a fool.

I'm going to tie you up and put

you somewhere out of the way.

It may be a bit, um,
uncomfortable for you.

But it shouldn't be for more
than a week.

Got any rope?


No, there's none here.

Now, look here, Barlow...

All right.

Some sheets will do.

Let's go upstairs.

Come on.








We're just pushing off now, sir.

The Karmania?

Aye, it might be here.

Very good, sir.





Hello, Matthews.

I'm glad you're still up.

Look, a liner's been sunk a few
miles out by stray mine.

You probably heard the explosion.


Uh, yes, I did.

I wondered what it was.

The Karmania.

Some survivors have just been
brought ashore,

and I'm getting the local people
to put them up overnight.

The trouble is, the village is
packed full of holiday-makers.

You'll help out, I'm sure.

Well, I...

It's a question of spare rooms,
isn't it?

How many have you got, two?

- Um, yes.
- Good man.

There's a young girl and a
married couple.

I'll go and collect them.

The inspector will be here in a
minute, sir.

If you'd like to make yourself

I'll see if I can find the owner.

Thank goodness for a bit of
warmth, anyway.

Whole things a scandal.

MRS. SMYTHE: Well, we're safe.

That's one thing.



appear be a measure of fuel

in this part of the country.

Uh, these are two of the people
from the Karmania, sir.

Oh, yes.

Yes, all right.

Oh, very decent of you, sir.

My name's Smythe.

Uh, Colonel Smythe, late Indian

This lady's my wife.

How do you do?

Uh, let me take this.

I'll be back in a minute, sir.

Thank you.

Don't mind telling you, sir,
that the government is going

to hear from me over this.

I'll take [INAUDIBLE].

Oh, thank you.

Allowing that ship to be sunk
when the show's over.

Do you know that my baggage was
on board?

Yes, it's most inconvenient.

I'm sure they'll come to realize

These confounded Germans ought
to be

forced to pick up all these
mines they've

left all over the place.

Yes, well, I'll dry these
things off for you.



Farrington, Mr. Matthews.

How do you do?

Some of the cottagers will help

out with the rest, Matthews.

If you could just find a room
for Colonel and Mrs. Smythe.

I'll... I'll show them in a minute.

I'll get rid of these and...

Well, come and sit down, my dear.

Get yourself warm.

Yes, come along.

Thank you.

Were you traveling alone, Miss


Awful embarrassing, you know,
butting in here

while people are having a meal.

Perhaps Mr. Matthews could find
something for you to eat.

Oh, couldn't manage a thing

Could you, my dear?

I'm not hungry.

If you'd like to come with me,
I'll show you your room now.

Oh, thank you very much.

And thank you, Inspector.

You won't forget to inquire
about my baggage, will you?

I'll look into it at once.

Seven years, sir.

You would have thought they'd have

managed to clear 'em all up in
seven years, wouldn't you?


I shall certainly right to the
Home Office.

The undersecretary's a great
friend of mine.

I was at school with him, you

How's the ankle?

Oh, it's nothing.

It's a bit swollen, but I'm
lucky to be here at all.

That's the lot, sir.

Coastguard seems to think
there'll be

a pretty heavy casualty list.

How many missing?

There are 23.

We'll look in at the doctor's
for you on the way back.

Oh, I'm sure it's not necessary.

Make sure there aren't any
bones broken.

Tell him to come in the morning,
will you, Sergeant?

- Very good, sir.
- All right.

I hope we're not turning you
out of your room, old chap.

That's all right. Is there
anything you want?

No, thanks.

We got everything we wanted at
the station.

- Good.
- Goodnight, old chap.

- BARLOW: Goodnight.
- Thank you.

Awfully decent of you.

I'll arrange transport for
these people in the morning.

This lady seems to have sprained
her ankle.

I'm getting the doctor along.

Thanks for everything, Matthews.

That's all right.


something wrong somewhere.

Is there?


That ship was a transport during
the war.

Carried thousands of troops,
came through without a scratch.

And she gets sunk in peacetime
by a million-to-one chance.

Seems all wrong, doesn't it?

Yes, it does.

Well, goodnight.

Hello, John.


I think you're mistaking me for
someone else.

My name's Robert Matthews.

I'll see if I can find a bandage
for your ankle.

Is it hurting very much?


Excuse me.


Good morning.

Good morning.

Is there anything I can do?

Well, start the coffee if you

I've laid the table for breakfast.

Can you find everything?

Oh, I expect to.

Were you looking for something,


I hear you had some excitement
here last night.

Did you hear that terrible

Yes, I, uh...

we've got some of the people here.

I... I was wondering if we had
any cigarettes.


Oh, no, sir.

You gave away the last that you

Don't you remember?

Oh, yes.

Uh, I'll have to get some, then.

Oh, I shouldn't bother, sir.

Now they expect you to provide
cigarettes for them.

Oh, well, uh, I'll see to the
breakfast, sir.

I, uh, owe you an apology.


Mistaking you for someone else.

Oh, that's right.

I suppose we've all got a double

I've just read about what
happened to you yesterday.

You see, I was to have married
the man you were mistaken for.

Did you know he was in prison?

Oh, yes.

I knew that.

I didn't know he'd escaped.

It's uncanny.

Not only your looks, it's your
voice, your whole manner.

In every way, you...

you are John Barlow.

I'm sure if you saw us
together, you'd realize

he's quite another person.

I wish I could see him.


There's not much you can do
about it right now, is there?

Now that he's free, there's a
lot I could do.

If I could find him, I could
help him.

Would he want you to?

Why not?

Oh, I don't know.

It depends on how much you meant
to each other,

how much he meant to you.

I... I think a great deal.

You think?

I know.

When did you see him last?

Six months ago.

Do you love him?


I love him.

Oh, hello, Matthews.

How are you this morning, hey?

So, is this the casualty?

It's not too bad, Doctor.

A strained muscle, I think.

Now, then, we'll just take a
look, shall we?

Sit down, my dear.

Thank you.

BARLOW: Chair, Doctor.

Thank you.

Mr. Matthews bandaged it up for

Did he?

Oh, quite an expert job.

I thought you told me you
weren't much

good at this sort of thing.

Left-handed men are a bit
awkward as a rule.

I had an uncle who was

always made a terrible drama out
of everything.

Some things he simply couldn't do.

All fingers and thumbs, he was.

Now, no, there are no bones

But you've sprained a ligament
just a wee bit.

Try not to use the foot more
than you

can help for the next two days,
at least.


I did want to get back to London.

You must leave it till tomorrow
or the next day.

Mr. Matthews won't mind putting
you up for a couple of days,

I'm sure.

Now then, keep this bandage tight.

And rub in a... a little

Oh, good morning, Mrs. Fenton.

Good morning, Doctor.

- Sleeping any better, Matthews?
- Yes.

Uh, much better.

Go easy with the sleeping draft.

Let me know when you want
another prescription.

Yes, all right.

Nasty business, that last night.

They say it wasn't a mine at all.

What was it?

Well, they seem to think it was

The explosion took place in the

Oh, that's the rumor, anyway.

And there's never any smoke
without fire, hey.

Well, I must be off on my rounds.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

ANN: What a nice man.


Yes, he is.

What's his name?

Um, Doctor...

That's our Dr. Wilson.

He's a real gentleman.

Nothing's too much trouble,
doesn't matter what you are

or where you are.

Oh, well I'm starting to grate.

Breakfast's all ready.

Just give me a shout if you want

Morning, Matthews.

Good morning.

Wife will be down in a minute.

Afraid we're being an infernal

Oh, no.

No, not at all.

Awfully decent of you to put us
up like this.

By gad, that was a nasty affair
last night.

Believe me, sir, government's
gonna hear about it.

Seven years, sir.

You'd have thought they'd have
managed to clear 'em all up

in seven years, wouldn't you?

Papers arrived yet?

BARLOW: I... I haven't seen them.

Well, what time do they usually


Oh, uh, about 9:00.

Excuse me.

Well, my dear, how's the foot?

Better, thank you.




I'm trying to get some wood to
start the fire.

You haven't got the key, sir?

Isn't that the one?

To one of the other sheds.

I thought it might fit.

I could have sworn I left the one

belonging to this in the lock.

Well, I suppose it'll be around

Well, I've got a few scraps.

I'll just make do.


Morning, my dear.

Good morning.

Clothes a little odd, Hector?

Don't be absurd, woman.

Of course they are.

I must say, you do look rather

I feel funny.

Reminding me of it isn't going
to help

me to feel any other way.

Wonder this fellow Clements is


Yeah, police fellow.

Said he was gonna arrange
transport for us.


- Good morning, Mrs. Smythe.
- Good morning.

Oh, he mention what time to
you, Matthews?


Oh, Inspector Clements.

Um, I think he said about 9

Oh, nearly that now.

Hope he isn't late.

- Are you in a hurry to leave?
- Hurry?

I should say I am.

Can't get away quick enough.

And the first thing I'm going to

is to see my MP... conservative,
of course.

He'll put a few questions through.

Coming back, sir?


I may be back before you leave.

Got all you want?

Yes, thank you. Yes.


If you'll drop me off at the
farm, sir,

I'd like to get a report from

You better extend the cordon as
far as Lou.

I should think he'll be doubling
his tracks by now.

Looks as though he's trying to
break through to Churo.

Aye, it does, sir.

Walk on to Durrant cottage when
you finish, will you?

I'll see you there in a few

Yes, sir.

All right.

Morning, Matthews.

Good morning.

- Care for a lift?
- No.

No, thank you.

Come on, get in.

We're going to your cottage.

All right.

That's funny.

I thought you said you didn't

No, I... I don't very much.

I just fancy one now and again.

Could have sworn I brought mine
with me.

Thank you.

I'm afraid you won your bet,


Yes you hadn't forgotten, surely.

Uh, no, no. Of course not.

Two to one at 5 bobs, I think
you said.

Here you are.

- Oh, thank you.
- May I come in?

Uh, yes.

- Good morning, Inspector.
- Morning, Inspector.


The doctor come?

ANN: Yes, he did.


I called in to tell you the

I'm sending a car to take you
into Lou to catch

the 11:15 for Paddington.

Excellent work, Inspector.

Oh, thank you.

Miss Farrington's staying until

Is that so?

Oh, I'm sure it's not necessary.

It must be very inconvenient for

Oh, no. That's all right.

The doctor thinks that she ought
to rest

the foot for a couple of days.

No news of my baggage, I suppose?

I'm afraid not.

Pretty bad, you know.

I must admit our main concern
has been for the unfortunate

people who are still missing.

Yes, certainly.

I should... quite so.

Well, I think I'll just take a
sniff of sea air.

Coming, my dear?

No, thank you.

I've had enough sea air to last
me for a very long time.

Don't mind if I borrow this, do
you, old chap?

Might see my baggage floating in.

Anything wrong?


No, nothing at all.

Would you like a cup of coffee,

Oh, thanks very much.

Matter of fact, I arranged to
meet my sergeant here.

Uh, if you don't mind, that is.

No, of course not.

Excuse me, sir, but I've looked
for that key everywhere,

and I'm sure I left it in the

Oh, it'll be around somewhere.

We... we'll look for it later.

MRS. FENTON: Very well, sir.


By gad.



Thank you, sir.

I've got a radio message, sir.

They've picked up a man near

They're pretty sure he's Barlow.


We'll be off.

Don't break the cordon till I've
seen him.

Very good, sir.

There you are.

If you'd like to give me a ring
in about an hour,

I'll give you the latest gin.


I'd like to hear it.

Oh, excuse me, sir.


Haven't had very much
opportunity before,

sir, but I owe you an apology.

What for?

For taking you in for this
fellow Barlow.

Oh, yes. Yes, of course.

You're the sergeant who arrested
me in the pub, aren't you?

That's right, sir.

It really is a most remarkable
likeness, sir.

You really might be him.

As far as I'm concerned, Sergeant,

the incident is closed.

Thank you, sir.

Enjoy your walk, Colonel?

I didn't go far.

Bit nippy out on the cliffs.

Oh, uh, Matthews, I found this
in your coat pocket.

Luger, hey?

Thought you might wonder where
it had got to.

One chamber fired.


I, um... I'm pestered with rats
around here.

I always carry it.

I hope it didn't frighten you,

Frighten? Me?

Don't be absurd, sir.

Nice job, the Luger.

Pick it up during the war?


I hope you get the right man
this time, Inspector.

Yes, I hope so.

I'd like you to stop off at the
office and check on that gun.

Number's XY23971.



Just in case.

Ticket, please.

What time will we get to Falmouth?

3:32, sir.

Here you go.

Mr. Pritchard?


I'm a friend of your brother's.

He said you'd be able to help me.

We were together some days ago.

Could we talk somewhere privately?

Come inside.

Pritchard around, Bill?

I'll go see.

You're lucky, Barlow.

There's a ship sailing for South
America on the morning tide.

Skipper's a man I do business

But it's gonna cost you money.

How much?

300 pounds.


Do you think he'll wait until I
get straightened up a bit?

I know he wouldn't.

This sort of thing is cash on
the nail.

It's risky.

I see.

I, um... I may have to wait, sir.

When does he sail again?

Not for several months.

Good day, Mr. Pritchard.

Good day to you, Constable.

What can I do for you?

You better have one of these.

John Barlow.

Haven't they caught him yet?


Still, there's no knowing where
he's likely to show up.

No, I suppose not.

Well, put it up somewhere, just
to remind

- you what he looks like.
- I'll do that.

Good day.

Wait a minute.

All right.



You're supposed to stay in the
cottage, aren't you?

- Something urgent came up.
- Oh, did it?

Nothing so urgent as the job
we're on.

Going back now?


- Yes.
- Oh, come on.

Yes, I am.

Hop in.

I'll give you a lift.

What time you get the telegram?

Uh, I, uh...

CANNING: I expected to hear from
you earlier.

Ran into a bit of trouble
yesterday, didn't you?

Yes, I did.


Gave me quite a jolt when I
heard you'd been arrested.

This job's getting pretty hot
for me.

I'd like to get myself a transfer.

What do you think about it?

Yes, it certainly is getting
pretty hot.

They'll be watching the coast
like hawks after last night.

And doesn't help to get Ferrari


That's the name of our boy.


Were you following me just now?


As this is probably the last job
we'll do together,

I'll tell you something.

Each time you step out of your
cottage, somebody tails you.

I must say you've toed the line
pretty well.


Still, it's been worth it for
the money you've picked up.

You've got a nice piece of
change coming to you,

haven't you?

How much?

The usual.

Did they park anyone at you from
the Karmania last night?

Yes, they did.

But, uh, I expect they'll have
gone by now.

All of 'em?

Except a girl.

Get rid of her. I'll be with
you at 11:00.

I'll drop you at Rick's Corner.

You can walk the rest.

Thank you for the tea, Mrs.

Did you have all you want, dear?

Yes, thank you.

I can't make out what's
happened Mr. Matthews.

Did he mention where he was going?


I do hope he's all right.

He's been under the doctor lately.

Suffers with his nerves, you know.

I think that business yesterday
must've upset him.

He's been acting quite strange.

How do you mean?

Well, sort of, uh, remote, as
though he's not quite with us.

And there's something that
puzzles me about last night.

What is that?

Well, after I left, he must
have eaten

a whole stew, 3/4 of a loaf of

and all his week's cheese ration.

He was probably hungry.

No, that's just it.

He wasn't.

He told me he didn't want anything

because he just had a large
dinner with the inspector.

Well, I don't know. Doesn't make
sense to me.

Thank you very much, dear.

Looks as though you're not the
only double.

Anyone call since I've been out?


I suppose you're glad about this.

About what?


I'm worried about him, actually.

Do you really think he's worth it?

He's a criminal, isn't he?


He killed a man.

Doesn't that make him a criminal?

It was an accident.


Why did you give him up?

How did you know I gave him up?

I didn't.

I just guessed by your manner.

I'm right, aren't I?

I gave him up because I wanted
to settle home.

John was always a wanderer, and
he just couldn't offer

me the kind of life I wanted.

What time would you like
dinner, sir?

Oh, about 8:00, I should think.


Well, that's quite late for you,
sir, isn't it?


But, um, I may have to go out.

Oh, excuse me, sir.

I don't want to worry you about
this key,

but could you force the lock for

You see, I want a few scraps of
wood for the morning.

I'll see it's open by the morning.

It'll be getting dark...

I told you I'll get it open by
the morning.

Very good, sir.

The colonel and his wife wish to

very kindly remembered to you.

They didn't leave till quite
late after...

All right. Thank you.

You know, I think you're a fool
to worry about him.

If he loved you, he'd have
settled down.

He'd have done anything you asked.

Perhaps it was my fault. Maybe
I didn't try to understand.

At any rate, I blame myself for
what's happened now.

When I broke off our engagement,
he started to drink.

I should have known it was an


From me, perhaps.

Mostly from himself.

He sounds like a man with a

Every man has a problem of sorts.

What about women?

And women.

What's your problem?

To find John Barlow.

Suppose he does want you.

He'd have to convince me of that.

Ordinary words wouldn't do it.

Well, you won't find him here,
will you?

Won't I?

John, don't run away from me.

I'm trying to help you.

No one can help me.

What happened to Robert
Matthews, John?


Come in.

Mr. Metcalf, sir.


Sit down, will you?

I only just got your message.

I been over to Plymouth all day.

Sorry to drag you out, Mr.

But it's very important.


About this revolver that Barlow
stole from your place

the night before last, was the
number XY23971?

I'm afraid I don't know.

I didn't really look.

You see, I didn't have a permit
for it.

I picked it up in Germany in 1945

and kept it more as a souvenir.

Was it a Luger?


If you showed me, I'm sure I can
tell you it's mine or not.

- Maybe.



Oh, yes.

Well, that's something, anyway.

Well, I'll be over in a few

Very well, Mr. Metcalf.

Thank you for coming along.

I... I'm sorry about this permit


We'll discuss that another time.


Where are you going?

I'm going to try and get the
money for you.

If I go now, I could be back
before midnight.

That's if you still want to get

I haven't much alternative,
have I?

It will be much worse for you
if they do catch you.

You know that.

I'm wanted for murder.

Or I will be, as soon as they
find Matthews's body.

They can't do much worse than

You didn't kill him deliberately.

Listen, Ann, I want you to get
out of here.

Just try and forget that you
ever knew John Barlow.

I want you to go and leave me to
sort this thing out for myself.

If I don't help you, what
chance have you got?

There is a chance.

I can't tell you about it.

But there is one chance.

Now, I want you to go.

Keep telling yourself that you
never knew me.

I'm just a paragraph in a

Promise me you'll do that.


All right.

I didn't want to have it this way,

but why do you think I broke out
of jail?

To see you?

If you think that, you're
kidding yourself.

I broke out because of the side
of me you've always hated...

because I'm a wanderer, because
I could never settle down.

So jail couldn't hold me.

Now get out.

Get out and leave me alone.



- All set?
- Yes.

And Ferrari?

He left on the 6 o'clock from


You heard from Matthews yet?

I saw him this afternoon.

I think we'd better wait at the

Jumpy, aren't you?

A little.

If you're nervous, Matthews
ought to be petrified by now.


He organized the Karmania

- Matthews did?
- Quite a dark horse, isn't he?

- It was murder.
- Sure, it was.

It was 23 murders.

Still, he's getting well paid
for them.

Just for tipping someone off.

He's a smart boy, Matthews.

I wouldn't mind stepping into
his shoes after they nab him.

You think they will?

It's just a question of time.

They'll nab all of us.

Still, if the money's as good as
that, what a time you can have.

No, no. They won't find me.

- You hope.
- Come on.

Let's go.



All right?


Gal gone?

Yes, she's gone.


Ferrari should here in a minute.

Well, have you painted any nice
pictures lately?


Oh, sure.

I don't get much time with other

You don't get much time?

I thought you got plenty.

What other activities, Matthews?

Need we go into that?

Well, I'm sort of responsible
around here.

If you've any other activities
besides ours,

I should know about them.

For instance, you never did tell
me what you were doing

in Falmouth this afternoon.

I had some business with a
friend of mine.

I don't have to account for
everything I do to you, do I?

CANNING: Yes, pretty well.



- I don't use 'em.
- Oh, no.

Of course.

I forgot.

Now, you'd, um, better take this.

400 quid.

Useful, eh?


No use for me now.



Now, the secret to this game,

is to know when to pull out.

You take my advice and follow
Uncle's example.


I'll do that.

How about making some coffee?


Anyway, there are my
instructions from MI5.

- We'd better work fast.
- All right, Osborne.

I'll check into it once.

Take a look at that report.

Police headquarters here.

Will you put me through to the
Tolferro postmistress?


It's very urgent, so please hurry.

If what you say is right, we can
thank Matthews for a lot.

In five years, he's never been
off the coast.

Last November, he was operating
in Comote.

In July, he was in Dunlas.

Always choosing some remote part
of the coast,

ostensibly to paint pictures.

Hello, is that the Tolferro

This is police headquarters Lou

Yes, I know it's very late.

But this is a matter of national

Now, I want you to refer to all

sent to Durrant Cottage.


Now read them to me over the
phone, will you?

That as a pretty neat job you
did last night.


The Karmania.

You've got a nice system,

I'd like to know who you tipped
off in Amsterdam.



How'd they manage to lay the mine?

That's not our business.


They picked an odd time to do it.


On account of Ferrari.


Oh, yes.

He's, um...

Atom scientist, number three.

If they keep this up, there won't

be any left in the country. Good
luck to him.

What's eating you?

Pretty big stuff, isn't it?

No bigger than unusual you've been

doing for the last three years.

That'll be him now. Not bad.


There's something you have to
tell us, isn't there?

Yes. It's the name of the

Which is?

Deadly Nightshade.

And I have?

A 10-pound note.

All right, Professor.

Your boat'll be sailing at 0430
hours tomorrow morning.

Heinz will drive you in a

till you get clear of the
three-mile limit.

The ship will pick up about four
miles out.

FERRARI: What time do we start?
CANNING: Right away.

Heinz will take us from Mary's

It's about half an hour's walk
from him.

Oh, you probably won't eat till
you get on board.

Matthews, can you fix him up
with something?

I'll see.

Thank you.

You know, I often wonder what

you birds do these sort of

political or financial?


The world is divided into two
parts, my friend.

It should be united.

With an atom bomb?

The atom bomb is the
scientist's natural weapon

against the dark force of

against the destructive
influence of the power

politician and the little people
of the world

who make it possible for them to
disunite mankind.

And, uh, you, my friend?


For me, it all adds up to the
same thing.

I... I just like to get things in
their right perspective.

I go for the money from scratch.

I'm not interested in the world.

My views are purely neutral.

Let the best man win.

And when the bombs start falling,

I aim to be somewhere else. Same
with Heinz.

Hey, Heinz?

I just love all this paper
stuff they call money.



See who it is, Heinz.

What do you want?

I want to speak to Mr.

He's not here.

Don't move, anybody.

What's the idea, Matthews?

Are you out of your mind?


Stay where you are.

Would you care to explain what
all this is about?


I don't like playing with rough
boys anymore.

I've decided to settle down.

Here's the blood money.

The police had better find it on


Now look, Matthews, you're in
this as much as anybody.

You don't know how much.

Go to the village.

Use the back door.

There's a shortcut across the

Get the police here as quick as

Whoever it is, stall them.

One wrong word from you, and
she'll get this.

All right, Johnny.

We're not kidding, Matthews.

I'll take this.

Keep an eye on the girl.


Over here.


You are Robert Matthews?

- I thought we'd establish that.
- Very well.

I have a warrant for your arrest.

BARLOW: On what charge?

You are charged with
jeopardizing the safety

of the country by aiding and

agents of a foreign power.

This isn't the first time
you've got the wrong man, is

it, Inspector?

I must warn you that anything
you say will be taken down

and may be used in evidence.

Funny how this smoking habit
gets a hold of you, isn't it?

I've been using them since I was

You ought to know me well enough
by now, Inspector.

The trouble is, you only think
you know me.

Don't try anything, Matthews.

All right.

We'll get along, Matthews.

Look out!


All right. Take it easy.

I'm all right.

Get him over here.

It grazed me a bit, honey.

See if you can find some
bandages, will you?

We'll get this coat off.


That the lot?

- SERGEANT: I think so, sir.
- All right.

Take them out to the car. Wait
for me there.

Very good, sir.

What happened to Matthews?

The last I saw of him, he was
taking a trip.

see him off by any chance,

did you?

I suppose someone would have
done it eventually.

Wouldn't we all know that?


Did you kill him?

It was an accident.

You seem to have a lot of bad
luck with accidents, don't you?

Perhaps you'll explain how you
became involved in this.

John was trying to hand these
men over to the police.


Then they made a hostage of Ann
and, well, complicated things.

When did you realize this cottage

was being used as a clearing
house for foreign agents?

Was it while you were talking to

Before you had the accident?


We believe he was getting ready
to clear out.

I must say, if I'd been in
Matthews's shoes,

I would have seen you as a
heaven-sent decoy.

He tried to get you to change
places with him, didn't he?

Then you realized who he was,
and he tried to kill you.

That's the best I can do.


You did a good job tonight,

I'll see that your help to the

is taken into consideration.

Thank you, Inspector.

I'll see you outside.

What made you come back?

I got the money for you.

It's a little too late.


I'll always wait for you.