Day the World Ended (1955) - full transcript

After a nuclear war, an unlikely group of people, including a rancher, a geologist, a crook and his girlfriend, find themselves trapped in the middle of nowhere while battling an ugly mutant created by Paul Blaisdell. The geologist and the crook also find the time to fight over the rancher's daughter, while the moll fumes.

Subtitles by Renatinha Tankinha

And the elements

shall melt with fervent heat.

The earth's ozone

and the works that are

therein shall be burned up

This is TD day.

Total destruction by nuclear weapons.

And from this hour forward, the world
as we know it

no longer exists.

And over all the lands
and walkers of the earth,

hangs the atomic haze of death.

Man has done his best

to destroy himself.

But there is a force

more powerful than man,

and in his infinite wisdom

he has spared of you.

Down there, let's go.

Kill me. Kill me!

Over there. Come on.

It's no use, Louise.

I'm afraid you'll never
see him again.

No sign of life.

New York, London, Rome,


Honey, check the Geiger counter.

47 range.

It's down another one.

We might live.


Told them this day would come.

I begged them to get ready for it.

Dad, someone's coming.

I...can't let 'em in.

You've got to!

I only planned this for three:

you, me and Tommy. I've only got
provisions for three;

no more.

Go to your room, Louise.

I won't let you do it.

Eh, there's always one way
to get into a place.

It's our lives or theirs, girl.

I'm letting 'em in.

-That was much of a welcome, mister.
-No, you're not welcome.

-Put that gun down.
-Come on, Tony, put it away.

Better give it to me.


Where I go, this goes.

I'll look after you later.

Louise, take the girl in,
give her a fresh change of clothes.

Have a wash. Put some of the
water in the seal jars

Now you.

Go in there, through to my room,

change your clothes and wash yourself,
you want to stay alive.

-You sound like you're
used to giving orders.

That makes two of us.

Yeah, it won't have to be
this good, that one's done for.

I couldn't just let him lie there.

740 rems.

Don't touch him, Louise.

You better go to my room
and change your clothes.

If not too late already.

My brother is dead, huh?

He was only 30 feet from me.

He died and I didn't.

I can't understand it.

You better go and wash now.

22 years old.

It doesn't make sense.

Didn't you hear me? Go change your clothes.

Go on, please, do
what dad says.

You know the irony
of death?

He was studying for the ministry.

He was going to be a man of God.

Come on, son.

Come on in the house, quickly.

I wonder ma'am, if you could make
a place fir me and Diablo over her.

Because it wouldn't hurt to do.

Well, I'm afraid not,

Tie him outside some place and
come on in the house.

You hear that, Diablo?

He's not minding us.

Another one, eh?

Makes seven of us.
Now none of us will make it.

You should have let me stop them.

I couldn't have lived with tha
on my conscience, and neither could you.

You got a pretty good
taste in sports shirts, mister.

Say, honey, quite a snappy-
looking cotton dress.

Stand clear of him, miss.
You lit up like an atomic fire.

Can you pass it on?

I'm not sure, but there's
no use taking chances.

-Why take chances?
What do we need him for?

I'll just put him out of his misery.
- No you won't, give me that gun.

Once and for all, mister,
no one takes my gun.

Tony, look out!

I ain't gonna like you, mister.

I can stand it. Get up.

I'll use my best judgement
and kill you right now.

It'll be alright, captain.

He steps out of line once in a while,
but push him back hard.

and he's alright.

Shut up,

You know, ma'am?

I was thinking that he could sleep
out in the kitchen with me.


He's always used to having
me around him.

Why, he was watching me when I uncovered
that gold there

Gorgeous, just about
that wide, and maybe

maybe a mile hiigh

-Oh, no, I'm afraid not.

Come over here, all of
you, I want to talk to you.

This is a Geiger counter.

reporting 46 roentgens of radioactivity
in the house now.

50 is considered dangerous.

500 fatal.

-it all depends on the individual.

Different people have
different absorption capacities.

When I want an opinion, I'll ask for it.

Now, we may live, we may not.

There's a lot we don't know yet.
Some of us may be dying now.

How long before we can
leave this rural paradise?

I wish you'd never found
your way through a place.

I got things working for

me in Frisco. Big things.

How long before we
can get out of here?

Tell him, Louise.

There is no San Fransisco.

There are no radio signals,
long or short waves

from any city in the world.

You're kidding! No frisco?
I can't believe it.

Alright, that's enough.

Listen to me, now.

The seven of us, in this room,

may be the beginning of a new era.
A new civilization.

I knew the day would come.

I spent ten years
getting ready for it.

Now, if you'll follow me here,

I'll show you why we're still alive.

This is my house.

with its own generatng equipment
and its own food supply.

This here we're surrounding

are full of lead-bearing ore.

They act as a barrier
against radioactivity.

Through these gorges,canyons,

blows a strong, steady wind
with enough velocity

to keep the radioactive contamination
out of here.

By some chance,

each of you was in a sheltered area.

Except the man on the couch.

He got to it too late.

You can see the result.
I don't think he'll live through the night.

As long as the wind blows,
and the rain...don't come too soon...

we may live.

That is if we're not
destroyed by other forces.

What other forces?

Nevermind that now.

Make no mistake about it,

You're not welcome here.
This was planned for three people.

That's how much food we've got.

Divide that among seven of us,

we'll find ourselves walking around
with aching bellies.

I have the key to the storeroom.

I, and only I, will decide when
and how much we eat.

Any argument about that

I settle it with this.

Oh, you're a tough man, alright,
cracking that gun.

Just don't let go of it.

I don't intend to.

You men will sleep in my room,
I'll bunk out here.

Come on, go.

You think he's got it, too?

Maybe, maybe not.
We'll know by tomorrow.

Cute guy like that...

That'd be a pity.

I'm not gonna die.

I thought I was, but I'm not.

-You'll be alright.
-You're my friend.

I won't forget it.

I'm hungry.

I need food. meat. Red meat.

Nearly raw.

I don't know why, but

it'll do me good.

I'll leave your order to the chef.

Meantime, better wash up,
get in some clean clothes.

If this Geiger counter is accurate,
I wouldn't spend too much time out here.

You're no stranger to
all of this, are you?

I'm a geologist.

My field was uranium exploration.

And you'd know that
the real force of the

atom has never been
trully calculated.

I think it reached its fufillment today.

but only to the effects of our
form of life.

You think any other form of life
could have survived that?

I'm only saying that its true firce
hasn't been really truly understood.

You remember the H-bomb test?

that much two...some years ago?

I captained one of the ships.

Five days after the blast,
I told the animal ship I'd target zero.

The world never had a
true account of that test.

What are you trying to tell me?


Lots of game in here now.

Contaminated game, fighting
for life, just like we are.

They started coming in a week ago.

Like this valley was Noah's Ark.

What's the matter, Radek?

There's game out there.

I can tell. I can feel it.

Man needs meat.

But it's...contaminated.

You'd die if you ate it.

You would. not me.

I can't live on this.

That's all your going to
get for a long time.

That's what you think.

It's doing nicely, your
plant of the future.

Celebrates a birthday
tomorrow. Three weeks.

Three weeks.

I thought we'd all be dead by now.

We're not.

Even Radek got out of
bed today.

Gives me the creeps.

Logically, he should have been dead by now.

There's no such thing as logic anymore.

He hasn't touched food
or water for three weeks.

-What'd he live on?
-He says he doesn't need food.

Last night he stepped
out of the house.

He didn't get back until dawn.

I'm afraid he's going out of his mind.

He seems to live in a world
all on his own.

He's a new patient, Rick.
Free from this atomic world of ours.

I'm going out for a walk.

Don't go too far, stay inside the house.

-Because I tell you to.

I'm not afraid.

I like it out there.

Will you go with me?


He's dangerous, Rick.

He shoud be destroyed.

Now, Jim. It's important to us
that he lives.

But why?

I'm not sure yet.

When I am, I'll tell you.

At this spot, I'll
do a few simple dance steps.

For the country...

Did you hear what I said?

Turn off that crummy record.

You only got eyes and ears
for Louise, huh?

Shut up!

You don't like it when she goes
out walking with Rick, do you?

I said shut up!

You know...

I think I am beginning to want to live.

It's taken me seven weeks.

With you


What's the matter?

Didn't you hear that?

Hear what?

Let's go into the
house, quick!

His bones are still moist.


Footprints. Rabbits.

You think he ate that rabbit?

49 rantion.

Think a man could eat
that poison meat and live?

Yeah.He spent most of his nights
right out here in the woods.

No human could eat it
and live.

He defied all the laws
of man and God.

There may be an entirely
new set of laws, Jim,

that we know nothing about.
-Come on, say what you mean.

I'm only guessing.

We know that even small amounts
of radiation produce change.

But if, for some reason, a

man could live through
complete saturation,

a thousand generation changes
could have taken place.

-It's only a theory.
-My CO tests.

Hmm. What about them?

Nothing. Go on with your theory.

There may be more Radeks

Worse than him.

All of us who have
survived more cumulative

exposure than we ever
dreamed possible.

-You were trying to say we might all
become like Radek?

Stalking the woods at night?
Eating raw meat?

-It's possible.

-What can we do, Rick?

My brother believed the
bible gave strength

and revealed a plan
for everything.

-And I hope I find it,
before I lose my mind.

Go on then.
Listen to this.

" For I am with thee, to save thee,
and deliver thee, says the Lord."

"I will deliver thee out of
the hands of the wicked."

"I will redeem thee out of the
hands of the terrible."

I had enough of the bible
when I was a kid.

Easy to see it had
no effect on you, Tony.

I think you ought to
tell them about the rain.

-Yes, Rick, you're right.

We're heading for rain.

it will be coming down with clouds
facturated with nuclear death.

I'm afraid there'll be
no escaping.

In case the weather clears
and we do escape,

Starting tomorrow, we will
have to go on aberration.

Ha!it's happened and nothing.

if we're still here
when the weather clears,

we start planting.
I've stored seeds and grains

Also, I've got books and materials

on every craft needed by man
to sustain life.

We can all start reading them.

Tony Lamont...farmer.

We're just about out
of water, too.

There's a waterfall,
not far from

the house, going
out the mountain.

I tested it today
and it's safe.

Starting tomorrow,
we may use it.

I have used more water
in the last two

months than I have in 64 years.

Maybe that's why
you're still alive, Pete.


Oh, this place looks spooky
even in the sunlight.

Boy, what I'd give
to be standing back on

Broadway listening
to that traffic.

I didn't realize how
isolated it was here.

Your good look is
country-style clean.

probably that's why Tony goes for you

You're something new to him.

Hey, don't take his eyes
off you, can't see me anymore.

But just don't you encourage him.

Otherwise he'll make a play for
that guy of yours.

and that would be
unfair competition for you, baby.

-I'll remember that.

Tony will come back to mama.
He always does.

What's the matter?

We're being watched.

-Where? I can't see anything.

There's something moving in the bushes.

Oh, it's probably one
of the men.

-The boys will be boys!
-Come on, let's get out of here.

We'll go along the stream
it's quicker that way.

Oh I need a break!

Will you hold it a minute?

I felt eyes staring at me.
I heard it, too.

Hey, cut that out.

Come on.

Radek is not the only
one eating this game, Jim.

When they finish off the
game, we'll be next.

This place is cursed.


We've got to kill Radek.

He's our only chance to find out
what we're up aganst. We can't kill him.

The animals at Mattsuo.
They predicted something like this.

Don't you think it's time you
told me about Mattsuo?

Yes it is. Tonight.

After the others
have gone to sleep.

You think I'm crazy
just like the rest of them did.

I sneak some more sugar
out for you, Pete.

Well, thank you, Ruby.

You know?

He's been trembling

ever since he got here.

He's scared. Things are going on
around here that he don't like.

You know? One of these days
we're going to high sail her down here.

Where will you go?

We've got a gold strike on the
other side of the hill.

Not much use of that stuff now, Pete.

No use, eh? huh, you
aint' got it right, Ruby.

All my life

I've been hunting for gold.

and now that I've found it,

It's up there and I'm down here.'re crazy.

But don't feel bad.
I think we all are.

Thanks for the sugar, Ruby.

You know? Diablo is
just crazy about sugar.

Cut that out,

I know what

you've been doing
with that sugar.

When the next batch of
Moonshine's ready, I want some.

Not a thing out there.

-How you feeling, honey?

Where's Rick?

He's out snooping,
he'll be back soon.

I'll go outside and
wait for him.

Don't go too far from the house, honey.

I just want to talk to you.

I haven't said a dozen words

to you since we got here.

Look, what's so bad
about me? Tell me.

I'm not bad looking.
I don't smoke. I don't drink.

I used to give money
to my mother.

Let me go!

-Please, you belong to Ruby!
-I belong to myself.

I got some perfume
in my bag.

Smell nice?

-Stinks. What are you smoking?

Some concoction of Pete's

He makes the brew, too. Don't like it?
-No I don't like it.

You really go for
her don't you?

Nothing like a country girl
who plays hard to get.

She makes me sick.

So do all of these
country clubs.

Ready to come
home to earth?

Still got her on your
mind, haven't you?

-Jealous this time.
-Oh, forget her.

There are bigger things
to worry about.

According to Jim,
there's only enough food for a month.

-Oh, I wouldn't worry about that.
I've got an

idea we're not going to
live that long, anyway.

Four weeks or six people.

How long can two
people live on that?

-Twelve weeks, get it?

Ah, you and me, Ruby. Three months.

After that it should be alright.

Well, how are you going to
get rid of four people?

Five, counting Radek.

Gotta get my hands on that gun.

The main thing is...

are you with
me, baby?

Radek walked through that murderous
vapor like it was jusr plain fog.

Rich, how much do you know about
the matsuo bomb test?

Only some rumors nobody could
actually pin down.

It's time I showed
you something.

As I told you, it was my job
to tour the animal ship out of target zero.

I got the first look at it.

A thousand different species.

Remember, the newspapers said
that they'd all been completely destroyed.

Papers lie, Rick.
Three of them liived through it.

Lived through the H-Bomb?

There was a law against taking photographs.

None against sketching what you'd seen.

They were placed in cages.

Male and female of each species.

That is a chipmunk.

-That was alive?
-It lived for three days.

The third survivor
was a monkey.

Its skin looked like rubber,
but had the feel of metal.

Armor plates.

Nature's answer to complete
nuclear radiation.

Many years of evolution
with one bomb.

They lived for three days.

The time we got back to
the inspection ship, they were dead.

If we could find out why
they died it might help us.

I couldn't figure it out.

Except they would touch
food or water.

New species. The ancestors
of whatever we have out there.

Sometimes, I have a feeling of doom.

All I know is there are two forms of
life fighting for survival in this valley.

And only one can win.
It's got to be us.

You're right.

Suprising how much strength
I've drawn from you.

I planned this whole thing
just to stay alive.

But you've given me a feeling of

responsibility towards
the future of our kind.

Thanks, Jim.

I think I'll turn in now.

I've thought a lot about it.

I'll talk to the girls in the morning.

-The girls?

They should bear children
as soon as possible.

Stop 'em dad! -No, let them go,

Rick will teach him a lesson.

I'm gonna kill you!

-Are you alright, honey?
-get out of my life!

Wind's good.

No sign of rain.

Well, that's it, girl. I speak my piece.
I'm a blunt man.

-I'm listening.
-Are you alright?

Do you like Rick?

-Honey, could you love him?

A sea captain can perform marriages
in an emergency.

I want you to marry Rick.

I...I want you to have children
with him.

There will be no wedding
and no children.

Honey, you've got to
think of the future.

There's to be no future.
-Yes there is, for you.

You have a week to get
used to the idea, huh?

Aren't you listening to me?

-Yes, dad, I'll
marry Rick in a week.

If he's still here...If I am...

What's the matter, baby?

I'm alright.

You tell Ruby.

I'll speak to Tony and Rick.

This is going to open
that storeroom door for me.

Can you imagine ask for the kid?

The whole town is an old lady
with a strip-tease artist.

I wonder what's wrong
with Louise.

She's been in her room of of the day.

Uh, i guess she's going off her
rocker. Maybe we all are.

You still go for her, don't you?

She wants no part of you,
but you still go for her.

All I want is his key
to open that storeroom door.

You and me you say.

But it's her you're thinking of,
you rotten liar.

So I'm a liar.

Any friend you had in
the world was me.

Anyone who loved you
was me!

You cheap hodge,

That's for you, lover.

Now leave me alone.

-Must have lost some of its density.
-not enough, Rick.

We won't be able to
go up there for two months.

We're running out of supplies.
A couple of week's all we got left.

Don't touch it.

His feet.
Look at his feet.

The footprints by the water.

Food! They wouldn't give me any!

Are there more of you
up there?

Stronger than me.

Much stronger.

How many more?

Not many, but...
But strong.


Won't be needing any food
now, poor devil.

Look at his head. the bone structure.

The sketches you made at Maxwell.


The same mutated skin
the animals had.

He said there were stronger
ones up there.

Stage two, this one.

Stage three stronger.

Stage four, maybe involnerable.

What about stage one?
You didn't mention it.

Radek is stage one.

Looked like rain.

Something happened to Diablo.

Come in!


Your father told me
you we'rent feeling too well.

-Sorry. -I'm feeling

much better now. -Good.


There's something out there.
You know that, don't you?

We're just guessing.
We don't know.

-I do, tried to talk to him.

Remember I told you
some nights I had a tingling sansation?

Like I was being charged with electricity.

My pulse was pounding and

skipping beats and
then pounding again.

-You were just frightened,
that's all.

It's been coming back
ever so often.

Stronger and stronger.

You don't believe me, do you?

I'm beginning to believe
a lot of things I never believed before.

I'm glad you're
here with me.

You know, he's getting so fidgety,
Ruby, I can't do a thing for him.

You know, I'm getting out of here.
And soon, too.

Pete, I need a drink.

You've come to the right place.


Ruby, you're my friend

and half of that gold is yours.

This is a terrible place.

Thanks for the poison, Pete.

Won't hurt your mind.

You'd like a little of
that snork, too, wouldn't you? hum?


You've been drinking Pete's Shellac again.

I can't stand a boozer.

We've had fights before,
but we straightened them out.

Tony, you and me
belong together.

We're poured out of the same mold.

I wouldn't make fook
on that baby.

I'm turning in.

You followed me the
other night. I saw you.

You went over the ridge.

If you went up there,
you'd die.

I know.

What do you do up there?

There's wonderful things happening.

What kind?

Maybe I'll tell you sometimes.

Wanna tell me now?

I like it out there.

I don't like this house.

Why do you come back here to sleep?

I have an enemy.

He wants to kill me.

So I come here
when I'm tired.

-I will tell you something.

In a little while all of you
will be dead.

You think I'm crazy don't you?

I don't know.

There's no doubt of it.

they're starting to come
closer to the house.

We'll stand night guard.

Both of us.

I'd use Tony, too, but
I wouldn't put a gun in his hand.

I know his kind.
Spawn and builds water.

You keep hoping,
don't you?

Well, we have to keep trying.

You know that somewhere,
somehow,we'll get something.

Hey, Pete, the boat's rockin'.

When am I going out of here?

When I come on,
let's start shouting and whistling.

And after a while, all
you could hear was their breathing.

It used to scare me
the way they breathe.

What's my oration count?

Really daddy?

I was working the follies
when I met Tony.


At about here, I'd start peeling.

Did I get the other wings?

You give me a blue spot.

And then I'd start
to give them the clincher.

Excuse me, Rick.

I must have been dozing

I guess everything's alright.

Here, I'll take over, now.


-What's the matter, Rick?
-Diablo's gone.

-Gone? Maybe he broke loose.

No, he was untied from the tree.

Was Radek on his bed
when you came out?

-Come on, let's go after him

before it's too late.

I don't think he'd come
up here.

Look, the body's gone.

-I wonder what happened to it.
-He was dragged down there.

Here! Over here! Quick!

Radek ate him!

They're scavenging ghouls.

-Might not have been Rdek.
-It was him, alright.

-We've got to find him, Rick.

When we do, I'm going to kill him.


He's gone!

-What's the matter, Pete?

-My burro.
He's gone.

Alright, pop.

I'll help you find him.

I know he's dead.

There ain't no use
of looking for him no more.

No, we've come
this far, Pop.

There's no sense of turning back now.
Come on this way.

-Come on, let's go.
-It's no use.

It ain't no use. -Oh, come on.


-Look at these arms.

What killed him, Rick?

Three punctures.

Like steel daggers.

Must be in there soomewhere.

-I'm going after him.
-No, you'll be fighting on his grounds.

-This thing has to be
settled one way or another.

A priest in new cloth.

Defies understanding!

Steel claws, Jim.

Like the surviving monkey
on your animal boat.

I knew.

I knew he was gone.

We should have stayed on
the top of the mountain.

Where we belong.

Come on, Pete. Come on home.

We'll take care of it.

Who killed Radek? You?

Well, he had a
time to tell to tell me he was crazy.

Look at his skin.

I saw it.

What happened to him?

Let's call it atomic skin.
That's what radiation did to him.

How about our skins?

Will that happen to us?

It might. We don't know yet.

Tony. Come on, Take Pete home.

What's the matter, kid?

Didn't you hear it?

Hear what? I can't hear anything.

I must have been dreaming.

Yeah, go back to sleep, kid.

Hold it, Pete. I'm coming
after you.

Go ahead, captain,
if that's what you gotta do.

Come back here. You'll die in there.


What happened?


He went up on the ridge after
his fool's gold and I went after him.

-Into the vapor?
-Now help to the couch.

-Louise is not to know, Rick.

How long were you up there?

Long enough.

I'm going to tell the others
I hurt myself.

It'd explain my being in bed.

Don't worry. Maybe you've developed
an immunity to it.

I should have gone with Pete.

At least he got somewhere.

Well, if it rains now,
we'll all be joining him.

Rick, you've been on the level with me.
I want to know the truth.

-About what?

-Look at that skin!

-What'd the matter?
-it's getting like Radek's.

-Oh, no, it isn't.
-You're lying, Rick.

It's happening.

-Feeling better, Dad?
-Much better, honey.

-You ok?
-I'm fine.

I'm just worried about you
that's all.

I'll be alright, dear.

Where's Rick?

Outside looking around.

I think I'll go outside and look for him.

Someone took one of the knives
out of the kitchen.

You don't say.

-I think i'll go out for some air.
-Let me go with you.

-You stay here. I'll see you later.
-Oh, I hate this place.

I wish we'd never
found it.

Look. Look what's happened
to my skin!

I looked at it ten times already.
There's nothing wrong with it.

Scream and I'll cut.
I mean it.

Now move that way.

Nothing ever comes easy to me.

All my life I had the
claw for things.

-What do you want?

You mean you don't know?

There's something new
in my life.

Haven't had time for your kind of woman.

-Don't touch me! I can't stand you!

-Ah, you won't hate
me when it's just the two of us.

Be no point to it.

Get what I mean?

-Come here.
-Leave me alone!


Let the little girl go.

Get out of here!

Run along honey.
I've got a few private words with Mr. Heel.

You don't know when you're
through, do you?

-The two of us, you said.

But you meant her!
-Yeah, that's right.

Now you know!

The dimestone stuff!
You're cheap!

Didn't know what that
meant till just now.

He hates your guts, Tony.

You're dirt!
Should wish yourself dead, first.

Oh, Tony.

What are we fighting about?

We're like a couple of kids!

I want no part in you.

face it!

Happy landing, sweetheart.

Ruby wouldn't come back with me.

We had this little beef,
so we decided to cool off.

She'll be back when she's good and ready.

I have a little something to
settle with you myself.

In a while, maybe I'm tired right now.

OK! So you can pick me up!

What does that solve?

You'll go near Louise again and I'll...

Kill me.

You? Ha!

I haven't had a good laugh all day.

I think I'll turn in now.

He'll kill you, Rick.

Get him perished now. Get my gun.

Just sneak up on Tony
and empty your gun into him.

I thought you
knew me better than that.

There's a lot at stake.

At least carry a gun on you.

Can you get one out
of the storeroom?

Be ready to use it.

Nothing, huh?

Reminds me of a song.

Ten Little Indians.

Gonna get knocked off
one at a time.

That's the way it is with us.

Four of us left.


Three little...two little..
.no little indians.

How long do you think
before a guy can go up there?

I don't know.

Something to see what's
left of New York or Chicago.

Just thought I'd be a good idea.

Try that again and I'll kill you.

Sure, captain.

I know when I've had it.



What's the matter?

-In there.
-What is it?

It called to me.

Oh, now, stop that.

Don't leave me alone!
Take me home!

-Any idea what it looked like?

I didn't see it clearly, but I heard it.

It was only twenty feet from me.
I didn't hear anything.

Take me home! Just take me home!

How is Louise?

She's still pretty badly shaken.

I gave her a sedative. Hope it works.

Did you find out anything else?

She insists that it
called to her.

What about its appearence?

Only that the skin looked
like Radek's and...

-Yeah, go on.

it had more than two eyes.

Sketches of the Monkey at Matsuo.

-Jim, did the monkey grow on the inside?
-No it didn't.

Louise says that this
thing is man-size.

That it's man, not animal.

How can we fight it Jim?
How can we kill it?

You're the one who says we'd find
an answer.

Lives on contaminated flesh.
It thrives on contaminated air.

And killed men nourish.

Things that kill men nourish it.

Keep driving it.

Jim, to kill it
we've got to understand it.

And we know it has fins.

it was close enough to Louise
to attack her but didn't.

It wouldn't follow her into the light.


Sounds like rain out there.





-What's the matter, Jim?
-See if Louise is alright.

She's not in there.

It's got her.

You know how to use an M1 rifle?

Get one out of the storeroom.
it's all set to use.

What's all the noise?

It's got her.
Who with Rick, Tony.

Have her between the two of you.
-Oh, no,

She's Rick's, remember?
You gave her to him.

Now here's your chance
to be Mr. All-American hero.


Of course.

You won't need it.
put it under my pillow.


If there's no other way out.

Use that gun on Louise.


Dawn already.

Well, captain.

Looks like you're ship's falling apart,
don't it?

You've been no help.

Did you look for Ruby?

You can help
Rick find Louise.

You're a low scum.
-You're a coward.

I only fight when I
have to, and on my conditions.

One of them is that I
know what I'm fighting.

Steady, captain.

there are two
men and one gin.

I'd like to have it.


A voice came over.

-No it's not...
-You're a liar.

Did I mention you lie?

You think I don't
know you went after Pete?

That's why you're
so brave.

-That's why you're moving in.
-Moving in?

I'm taking over.

The works.

The house, Louise...
-If she gets back.

I'd make a better father
for her kids than Rick would.

They'll be tough!

Looks like rain.

You'll know soon enough.



The water! He's afraid of the water!

Get back to the house, Louise.

I'm going after him.


Rain, that's good.

How long do you
think we've got to live, captain?

Give me a sample
and I'll test it.

All that action out there, and

A lousy rain's gotta
finish us off.

Get me my Geiger counter.


Just rain water.

Oh, what'd you know?

It's always too good.


It was afraid of the lake.

What was afraid of the lake?

I can't hear it anymore.

Hear what?

The noise.

I'm free of him.

He tried to speak to me before.
He called me by name.

Come on, let's go.
You're soaking wet.

Rick, what killed him?

We'll talk about him later.

I feel so sorry for him.

Strange I feel that way.

Come on. Let's go.

I'll let your father
know we're ok.

Must be signalling they're ok.

Go out and see.

I can see them from the
window when they come.

That's it, alright.

They're getting closer.

What are you doing
with that gun?

I'm going to kill Rick.

In God's name, why?

You know why.
I like Louise.

I think I see
them now.

Yeah, it's going to
be a tough shot.

And she's hanging all over him.

-Get away from that window!
-Shut up!

Pretty soon now.

He was gonna kill Rick.

I had to stop him.

That think out there is dead, Jim.
The rain killed it.

I took a test of the rain.

Found it free
from contamination.

Kept praying that I'd
stop worrying.

I remember the animals on my ship.

How they wouldn't
touch food or water.

I knew why.

That thing was created
to live in a poisoned world.

The rain came
and it was pure.

Man created it,
but God destroyed it.

He brought the rain and fresh air.

He couldn't live them.
Neither could the others of his kind.

There was a voice on
the radio, while you were gone.

There are others out there.

There's a future out there.

-For you two.

I've got to go and fight it.

Are you about ready, Louise?